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#idk anymore

Someone: Cow, do u talk dirty or kinky??

Me: ew- no!

Also me: looks at my online friend, of us talking about glowing um-: Winks then looks back at them* 

Don’t know what u talking about-

Trust me- im ok with adult talk, as long as someone don’t talk about me, weird-

But i ain’t ok

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Me at winter: lays on the furnace*

Error: cow- wtf are u doing? 

Me: curls in ball* fucking cold..

Error: then why don’t u put on your goddamn coat?!

Me: if i move, i lose heat..

Error: oh my god..

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i used to think it was just my anxiety blowing my relationships out of proportion, but it just fucking isnt. all of my relationships are like this now and it hurts so much

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