#idk i feel like that since he is the youngest
cryingtearsofjamjam · 9 days ago
Felix: I've been your age but you've never been mine so listen to me.
Agustin: I've been your height but you've never been mine so I do what I want.
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modernday-jay · a month ago
watch me make the uk bros look different every single time i draw them because i cant decide how they look
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britneyshakespeare · 11 months ago
not to be “oh you all have to know about my life” w my followers but it looks like my grandmother is finally going to pass away
#she's had an incredibly scary couple of months so in a way it's just sort of a relief #i know from being my grandfather's caretaker in his last month how it can be easier once someone has gone #just because they don't have to suffer anymore. they can pass on to... whatever lies beyond. #if that's dirt or heaven or something in between i don't really know. i don't care to even ponder my opinion on the subject when it comes #to things like this bc the immediate thing that concerns us mortals is how to fill the gap left behind by that person. #what happens after death to the dead themselves is a philosophical question. what happens to the family is a whole different ballpark #and im up next to bat. #she had a good life. she had everything she could've wanted. she really did. #raised 7 beautiful children into adulthood. 19 grandchildren. many great-grands (w only more to come on the way) #all of her children had her into their 50s and 60s. some of her grandchildren had her into their 40s. #as the youngest grandchild im incredibly privileged to have gotten to know her as a grownup and spend time w her at 21. #my dad got a text a couple of hours ago. he went down to their nursing home. he hasn't been allowed since bc of covid but it's hospice care. #that's his mother. he got word she was getting cold. and that was around noontime. i don't even know what's going on now. #i'm kind of hanging by a thread. i almost wonder 'what if this isnt it?' bc she's had so many scares even in the past few weeks. #it sucks. it all sucks. it's necessary and beautiful and fair but it sucks and it makes me wanna cry. my poor little father. #my poor little grandfather. he's been married to this woman since he was 23 and he's 92. #idk i have a lot of feelings. i don't really need to talk about it WITH someone if you're worried about me (if anything it might make it #harder for me to explain everything about her that i wanna get off my chest to someone who didnt know her. but i love you all.) #i just need to say this all here. in the tags as is my usual mode of contemplation. #tales from diana #i talked to my brother on the phone for a second. that was nice. i didn't really have anything to say. #he called mom when she got home from work (well. mom called him but he told her to call him when she could) #i asked if i could speak to jon. i didnt really have anything to say i just wanted to hear his voice and tell him i love him. #i kind of forgot to when she handed the phone over. i said 'hi jon.' 'hi.' and then there was a silence over the phone bc i was thinking #and he said i love you and i was like 'oh yeah i love you too.' 'how are you?' 'oh... you know. same as you.' #and he laughed the saddest little laugh and said 'yeah.' cuz that's his grammy too. i love my brothers. i hope theyre okay #i gotta check on dan. i also can't wait for kaily to come home. she's been at work and not to snitch on her but she was having a bad day #from when she woke up this morning. i love my sister everyone be nice to my sister. #i love my siblings... and my family... alright goodbye have a nice day
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astrolanguini · a year ago
two of my siblings and i are gonna b at home w/o our parents this week till like sunday and it’ll be fine prolly but i have to say i am Nervous
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themarklee · a year ago
I feel like Yuta finds Haechan annoying and treats Mark more like the youngest
Tbh I’ve felt this way too sometimes watching their content, but I’m not entirely sure how everyone is when cameras aren’t around lol we only see a glimpse into their lives
In my opinion, I just think Yuta and Mark vibe more, and since Yuta is older, he treats Mark like a cute little brother. 
In terms of being treated like the youngest, hmmm I feel like Mark just has this I-must-protect vibe?? Idk if that makes sense, but Mark and Haechan are cute in different ways I guess. Mark is like that pure, innocent type of cute or like a docile little brother that is quite caring and kind. Haechan likes to tease and have fun, like you would play games with him all night and it would be a great time. Not to say Haechan isn’t kind or caring--he has shown, on multiple occasions, his love and affection for the members! They both have their own charms as the two youngest in 127, and I think both get lots of love from the members. 
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lesbianstarlightglimmer · 5 months ago
#meows #so long story short bc my summer class didnt end until tomorrow i ended up not going on vacation with the rest of my family #which apparently i dodged many many many bullets there bc my f*ther was being a whiny asshole the entire time #there must be some thing idk about where theres insufficient workers in tons of places both where my family went AND HERE #(bc the closest sonic was drive thru only bc they had near no staff meanwhile the place we usually eat on wed/thurs #was closed all week bc no staff and similar to places where my family was) #and my youngest brother did nothing the entire time bc he only wants to play video games or watch basketball #and all they really did was go to the beach a billion times and like one or two museums and an aquarium and a swamp tour #and since i had class they ate dinner w/o me and it was pizza which i had for most of the week bc i hashtag feel overwhelmed cooking #in their kitchen lol! so my mom took me to a diff sonic that wasnt so backed up and on the way there she was like #so its just the two of us anything you wanna talk about or tell me that happened while we were away without you?? #only for her to talk THE ENTIRE TIME about how my f*ther was using primarily her for his outbursts #and saying 'oh well he only does that [to all of us but mostly her] bc he doesnt trust most people so he bottles it up and explodes on us' #like really casually to. anyways he loves the beach for some reason and like i said they spent most of their time there #and he STILL complained on the few times they werent there. or if they were in the hotel too much bc the places they went to #had basically nothing there. and then for whatever reason his dumb ass bought my youngest brother a mini basketball n hoop #and were shooting it around in the hotel???? and when my mom said that was inconsiderate to others #my f*ther snapped how 'well ig we just wont have fun then ever again!' like he is such a big ass baby omfg #so anyways the semi freedom was fun while it lasted ig :)))))))) #now im back to being isolated in my room not eating or drinking freely and pretending to always be doing something important #to justify not being at work every day all day #and assuming i get this new job i might be here more often which is NOT going to go well w my mental health #anyways ive sufficiently worked myself up now at 2:12 am so uh. goodnight?
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words-writ-in-starlight · 3 years ago
Prompt 1 ("it's mine now") for Animorphs with a Serious Injury Underreaction? Or any prompt with that really (my poor kiddos reacting to injury with "oh nooo, I liked this outfit, RIP my favorite sweater," while bystanders and/or whoever stabbed them in the first place watch in horror is my Pain Jam)
This is post series and consequently includes spoilers, and is an AU of canon, specifically that Ellimist Ex Machina AU I keep talking about writing, so if characterizations are off from the end of Book 54, that’s why.
1: “No. You buried your knife in my stomach, which means it’s mine now.”
Things Sargeant Vic Santorelli agreed to when he signed up to be part of this groundbreaking military training unity:
Learning how to turn into an animal
Things he did not agree to:
Being handed a knife by a girl younger than his sister and told to stab her in the chest
“Um,” Vic says, looking at the knife she’s handed him.  His fellow students are all too well-trained to actually blurt out what they’re thinking, but he sees them stare, flick glances at General Berenson in the corner.
(”You can just call me Jake,” their teacher said the first time they met.  “The title’s ridiculous and we all know it.")
(”Yes, sir,” Berenson’s new students chorused obediently, and proceeded to never ever address him as Jake, because the title’s not ridiculous and they all know it.)
Berenson looks almost bored.  He certainly doesn’t seem concerned that his cousin might be getting stabbed herself with a Marine’s combat knife.  Berenson usually has about the emotive range that you’d expect from a hardened veteran--it’s hard to remember that he’s only eighteen, a full two months younger than the blonde staring Vic down--but he focuses like something predatory when he wants to, and apparently he doesn’t care to right now.
“I’d rather...not?” Vic finally says carefully.
Rachel scoffs, thrusts the hilt of the knife at him again.  She’s dressed in a leotard--a plain black one, not the official-issue morphing uniforms they were given at the start of this training.  “Don’t be a weenie.  Stab me with the knife.”
“Is this...part of the lesson?”
“Yes,” she says, narrowing her eyes.  “Come on, Sargeant, free shot.  Try and avoid any arteries.”
“Soldier,” Berenson says in the corner, his arms crossed, leaning back against the wall, scowling.  He looks almost like a sullen teenager, except for the tired look in his eyes.  “She’s the boss of you.  Stab her, or I’ll do it.”
Vic reluctantly takes the knife and Rachel tosses her hair, mocking.
“Oh, sure,” she drawls.  “You’ll listen to the General himself.”
“Come on, Rachel,” Berenson says.  He sounds--annoyed?  Impatient with her, maybe?  That doesn’t seem quite right to Vic, especially since Rachel’s hard, superior expression softens minutely around the eyes.
“Fine,” she sniffs, and rolls her eyes at him.  Berenson straightens up a little bit.
Vic is still holding onto the knife hesitantly when Rachel spreads her arms and beckons him forward.
“Come on,” she says.  “Take your best shot.”
Vic has to close his eyes, but he does it, and he hears a little huh as her breath is forced out, blood slicking his knuckles as he stumbles back, leaving the knife in place.
“Okay,” Rachel says on a hiss, pressing one hand around the place where the knife juts out of her ribs.  There’s blood spilling over her hand, around her fingers, and Vic thinks blankly of the fact that she’s begun to be called Bloody Rachel.  
(Vic wasn’t a Controller, but his aunt was, a survivor of the bombed-out Pool, and she had smiled grimly when he told her that he was learning from Jake Berenson, and that his cousin was helping him.)
(“Good,” his tia said.  “Bloody Rachel will teach you how to kill anyone who tries to hurt us again.”)
“So,” Rachel says while her hand turns red and glossy and she doesn’t seem to notice.  “What did you learn, Santorelli?”
“That you’re fucking terrifying, ma’am,” he blurts before he can think twice, and she grins at him.  The knife, sticking out of her side, must have punched through a lung, because she coughs before she speaks again and her teeth and lips fleck red.
“No,” she says.  “Who else learned something?”
The room is dead silent, except for the faint rattle of Rachel’s breathing.
“Tell them the answer,” Berenson says after it becomes clear that she’s not going to get one, and Rachel nods.
“What you learned is that you just buried your knife in my chest,” she says, and pulls the blade out in one swift motion as black hair begins to sprout from her hands.  “It’s mine now,” she says before her vocal cords start to warp.
Chimpanzees aren’t especially large--a little taller than waist height on Vic--but Rachel bares all her teeth at them and gives the knife an expert flip in one of the big, dexterous hands.
her voice says in their heads, she adds, using the knife point to gesture to herself. 
“Do you understand today’s lesson?” Berenson asks, and Vic isn’t sure when he stepped away from the wall, standing in front of them with his hands in his pockets, Rachel at his side.
“Yes, sir,” the other murmur.
“Good,” Berenson says while Rachel demorphs.  “Everyone go get a knife.”
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planetsxmore · a month ago
ᴘɪᴄᴋ ᴀ ɢɪꜰ ʀᴇᴀᴅɪɴɢ:
ʏᴏᴜʀ ꜰᴜᴛᴜʀᴇ ꜱᴘᴏᴜꜱᴇ'ꜱ ꜰᴀᴍɪʟʏ ᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀꜱ :
Tumblr media
The following pick a card/gif reading is for entertainment purposes and it may or may not resonate with you. This is by no means your final destiny. Keep in mind that this is a general reading. If you are attracted to more than 1 gifs,then feel free to read them both as they can be messages in both of the piles for you.
How To Select A Pile:
Take 3 deep breathes and close your eyes. Focus on grounding yourself and let all your tensions drift away from you. Just focus on the words "future spouse's family". Open your eyes and look at the gifs, which ever one attracts you/calls you out the most is probably the best pile for you. Take a look at all the 3 gifs, before choosing.
𝑰'𝒅 𝒂𝒑𝒑𝒓𝒆𝒄𝒊𝒂𝒕𝒆 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒂𝒍𝒍 𝒓𝒆𝒃𝒍𝒐𝒈𝒈𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒍𝒊𝒌𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒑𝒐𝒔𝒕. 𝒀𝒐𝒖 𝒄𝒂𝒏 𝒂𝒍𝒔𝒐 𝒍𝒆𝒂𝒗𝒆 𝒇𝒆𝒆𝒅𝒃𝒂𝒄𝒌!
ᴛʜᴇ ᴘɪʟᴇꜱ:
Pile 1 to 3 is from top to bottom.
*All the GIFs and Quotes used in this post are not mine and are taken from the web.
Pile 1 :
Tumblr media
Pile 2 :
Tumblr media
Pile 3:
Tumblr media
ᴘɪʟᴇ ᴏɴᴇ:
Your Reading 🦋 :
Hey Pile One 💞
With your cards, I can see that there is a high chance that your fs is the only-child in his family. His parents had alot of complications while having him/her (apply gender to your own circumstance),so they were kind of a spoiled brat of their family lol. He'd get what he'd want. All the attention. All the rewards. His parents loved him and still loves him alot .
But for some odd reason, your fs values his friends more than his parents. His only family. Honestly,this was saddening to write and interpret,but that's whats in their cards. He is attached to his friends. Especially one of the friend.
The friend isn't toxic. Infact, they love him too (in a perfectly friendly way lol don't worry) but your fs needs to give time to his parents too. Idk why he has developed this attitude for the time being and I hope it goes away soon.
He gives them time,but it's like only on alternative Sundays. His father has recently retired,I can sense. They feel lonely at times but your fs is mostly busy with work or friends.
I don't sense a super duper rich family. They were a happy little family enjoying picnics and road trips together. His father earned enough for a comfortable life. His mother might have a small business maybe, online . Or for some of you, she didn't work .
Basically,I see your fs is a hard working person and student. Despite being a very pampered child, he did work hard and is still working hard towards his dream goal. His parents always supported him. Also,this family can be religious or spiritual in a way.
Family Quote:
" Time together as a family--is a gift "
ᴘɪʟᴇ ᴛᴡᴏ:
Your Reading 🦋 :
Hey Pile Two 💕
With your cards, I can sense a fun loving family. Just the energy of them makes me wanna laugh for no reason 😂 They're very humorous and extremely sweet. They're complete in their own way.
I can sense a very jolly father or father like figure here. You'll honestly enjoy their company. I can see that your fs shall have sisters. Mostly I can see younger siblings and your fs might be the eldest one. Can't sense any brothers.
Your fs is like their father. He's jolly and fun loving, himself. He also is respected by his siblings but together they share a very cute bond. I sense that your fs, just like all brothers👀, likes to tease his sisters alot lol. It's a cute little war between them and bantering at times.
Honestly,I don't see that the mother is a big part of the family. Since it's a general reading,it could mean anything. Maybe she's deceased, divorced, separated or could give their family less attention. Maybe she's obsessed with her job etc.
I can see that one of the sister is very attached to your fs ,and so is your fs. Maybe she's the youngest one. Your fs is very protective about her.
Tbh, this is such a lovely pile. Because the family is united.
I sense a good earning family here. Maybe even a family business. You'll be happy to be a part of this family. And they'll surely welcome you with open hands. 💗
Family Quote:
"Family gives you the roots,to stand tall and strong."
ᴘɪʟᴇ ᴛʜʀᴇᴇ:
Your Reading 🦋 :
Hey Pile 3 💓
With your cards, I can see that currently your fs is away from their family. Could be because of the job,the business or for academics. Maybe he's out of his native country or city at the moment.
From what I can see he might be a middle-child of the family but he's extremely talented. He maybe the most brainest in his family or among siblings. There is some toxicity among some of his brothers. They may be jealous of your fs's life.Since it's a general reading I can't pinpoint the exact number of brothers he has, maybe 1 or 2. He could have sisters too,for some of you.
He seems very attached to his mother as well. I can sense a traditional family though. His father seems very strict but he's proud of your fs. Your fs talks to his mother everyday. It's a habit he can never change. Sweet 🥺🥺
Your fs respects his family alot. I also can feel through the cards that currently he misses his home but he knows he has to do this for a brighter future 💗
His mother is a gentle soul. I feel like you'll bond with her alot. His brothers on the hand, don't give me nice vibes 👀 kinda jealous from your spouse. Maybe from his looks or finances or talent.But they try to control it,so don't worry. If he does have a sister,then she's pleasant natured too.
Your fs's family attends alot of family gatherings as well. It's almost like it's their duty to do so. Although,your fs dislikes family gatherings at times 👀
Overall, it's a financially stable family,but your fs works very hard because he wants to be a self made person. He values independence.
Family Quote:
" Happiness is Home-Made"
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soap-bubble-nebula · 20 days ago
crush. || Steve Rogers x Reader
Tumblr media
Requested by anon: Idk if you still take requests but I love your Bucky imagine with the age gap and it would be super nice if you would do the same with Steve and she‘s really cute and he thinks it‘s wrong but got a crush on her anyway and the team tease him a little about it and just a lot of fluff and like the Bucky one💕💕
Word Count: 4K
Warnings: age gap (reader is legal)
A/N: thanks for requesting! sorry this took so long, i’m going back through my requests now :)
Being part of a world-saving team while only 19 was tough. It would have been expected to take a toll on you, but with the continued support of the avengers, you felt like you could take on anything the world threw at you. You were super close to Steve and you had no idea why he hung out with you a lot, but you didn’t question it too much in fear that he’d start to question it himself. Little did you know that the eyes of the super soldier were not always full of innocence when they fell on you. He found your sweet nature so magnetic, and the way you smiled at him made his heart beat faster. 
He felt so wrong, but he didn’t think he wanted to be right. He had a crush on you, and he needed to accept it; he just didn’t know if anyone else, including you, would. Some of the things you did with innocence made him go crazy, the way you’d press up against him when you were showing him a funny video on your phone, as he listened to your soft giggles fall out of your lips and the breaths reach his neck while he could feel the curve of your chest against the bulk of his bicep... It sent him spiralling. He didn’t think that he could have fallen for you, especially since you were the second youngest on the team, only a year older than Peter, but he almost liked that he liked you; it made him feel good about himself. You made him feel good about himself. 
You looked at him like there was no one else in the world, with such admiration in your eyes that he wondered if you felt the same, or if you just respected his position. He let himself believe it was the former just so that he could experience those butterflies that you gave him when you did something like that. He liked the way you made him feel, almost overshadowing the guilt that resided next to it. Almost.
In fact, it was the guilt that was keeping him from making a move. Although he had accepted that he had a pathetic crush on you, he also accepted that he couldn’t do anything about it and chose to take solace in the fact that he could love you from afar. As these thoughts raced in his head, your voice broke him out of them.
“Steve! Look at this!” You said and walked over to where he was sitting with a smile on your face. You did that same thing, pressing up against his side and sitting on the couch with your legs tucked under you as you played a video. It was of you on the last mission and it had gone viral. “I’ve never gone viral before!” You said excitedly as you squealed, looking at the comments of the video. “Does this mean I’ve made it?” You asked, only half-joking. He chuckled and shook his head, looking at the video. He took in your curves in that tight suit as you showed some bastard who’s boss, and his breath got caught in his throat. 
“I think you made it the first time you saved the world.” Steve replied jokingly and you rolled your eyes, “Oh, come on. But no one knew about that one!” You teased and he chuckled. Nat had entered the room, seeing both you and Steve chatting it up. She noticed how close you and Steve had been lately; mainly how your time was mostly taken up by hanging out with Steve and she eyed the two of you. “Hey, Nat,” You smiled at her and she patted your head as she passed. 
“Steve are you still down to get coffee?” You asked him as you looked up from your phone. “Yeah, sure. I’m ready whenever,” He said and you nodded. “I’m gonna go put my shoes on. Do you want me to drive?” You asked and Steve shrugged, “whatever makes you most comfortable.” Steve grinned at you and you smiled softly back, hopping off the couch and bounding off to your room to get ready to leave. 
Nat sighed as she watched from the kitchen. Steve turned to look at her just as Bucky entered the room. “What’s wrong, Nat?” Steve asked and Nat stared at where you had just left from. “Nothing. I’m just worried about Y/n.” Nat voiced and Bucky and Steve looked at each other, neither one of them having noticed something strange going on with you. “Is she okay?” Bucky asked as he grabbed a snack. 
“I think so... I just think she spends far too much time in the tower.” Nat said and Steve cocked his head to the side. “I don’t think that’s true. We hang out in the city a lot.” He said and Nat groaned. “That’s just it. It’s not just the tower, it’s the bubble of the tower. She needs to hang out with people her own age, go out, have fun, date someone.” At Nat’s words, Steve’s breath caught in his throat. He was fine loving you from afar, but that didn’t mean he was fine with you dating someone else. That was a whole other ball game. 
“It’s not healthy. She’s hanging around you 24/7,” Nat pointed at Steve. “Hey, what’s wrong with her hanging out with me?” Steve wondered, defensively. “Nothing, Steve. But she’s young! She has to go explore and learn and have her own friends and her own life. We can’t let the tower consume her whole being. I want her to meet new people her age.” Nat was making a good point. Even Peter had his friends and his girlfriend MJ, but besides Peter, you didn’t know anyone else your age. 
Steve sighed, seeing her point but not liking it. “I’ll tell her,” Steve said as his shoulders slumped slightly, not going unnoticed by Bucky. “Thank you,” Nat said and left the kitchen just as you entered. “Hey, Bucky!” You smiled and he grinned at you. “What’s up?” He greeted and you shrugged. “Nothing really. Steve and I are going to get some coffee, do you want anything?” You asked and he shook his head. “Think I’m good, thanks. Take care of the old man,” Bucky joked and you rolled your eyes. “I will,” 
You and Steve left the tower, deciding on letting Steve drive the two of you to the cafe. "Shall we order?” You asked, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear and tilting your head to the side as you looked at the menu. Steve gave you a soft smile. “Sure, let me just use the bathroom real quick.” Steve put a hand on the small of your back as he started to leave. “If I get up to the front before you make it back, do you want your usual?” You asked, your eyebrow raising slightly as the words fell from your lips. Steve loved the romantic feeling of that; the fact that you knew his order at the cafe that the two of you frequented, with his hand on your back telling you he’d return soon. 
It was enough to make him blush as he looked down at you from where he was standing, your eyelashes batting every time you blinked. “Yeah, the usual works.” He finally said as the knots formed in his stomach. He had to resist the urge to end the sentence with some sort of pet name as the warmth of Steve’s hand left your back. As soon as he was gone, you facepalmed, trying to hide the heat that was rushing to your cheeks. He was far too attractive for it to be okay. 
Steve went into the bathroom and closed the door with a sigh. He looked at himself in the mirror and swallowed hard. You can’t do this. She’s not even 20 years old and you’re ninety-something? How could you let this happen, Steve? This is not who we are. 
Steve shouted at himself in his head before finally using the bathroom and leaving to find you. When he returned, he saw you talking to another guy in line, he seemed to have said something that made you laugh and you looked away shyly. He knew that look; it was the thing that he did with you. He felt his heart wrench in his chest as he eyed you during the interaction. The guy clearly seemed around your age; perhaps only a year older or younger, and he was a bit taller than you. Steve watched with pursed lips as you pulled out your phone, allowing the guy to put his number in. 
He gulped and looked at the ground, almost in pain, as he collected himself and approached you. “Hey,” He gave his best attempt at a smile and you looked up at him, your face lighting up. Steve almost couldn’t handle it; the smile you were giving the guy in front of you could not even hold a candle to the look you gave him now. 
“Steve!” You greeted. “This is Daniel. I’ve spoken to him here a few times before. Daniel, this is my friend Steve.” You introduced as Steve extended his hand for a shake. Daniel looked terrified as he realized who Steve was, but he shook his hand nonetheless. “How are you?” Steve smiled kindly and Daniel looked starstruck. “U-uh, I’m good, sir. I was just going to invite Y/n to hang out with me and some friends tonight,” Daniel said and Steve nodded. “Yeah. I was just telling him I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it,” You explained and Steve looked at you.
“Why not?” He asked, thinking back to Nat’s words. “Oh, we were supposed to be watching a movie tonight, weren’t we?” You replied to Steve and he shook his head. “You should go. We can watch the movie any other time,” Steve said and you gave him a look, confused at his behavior. “Are you sure?” You wondered and he nodded. “Yeah, you should hang out with other people besides us,” He chuckled and you smiled slightly. 
“Okay, then. If you say so,” You turned to Daniel, “Looks like I can make it after all.” You said and Daniel nodded. “Great! I’ll text you the details.” He smiled and waved as he left. You then found a seat with Steve and waited for your order to be ready. “So. Why didn’t you want to go with your new friend?” Steve asked, hoping your answer would be that you’d rather stay with him. “Well, I already had plans with you. I’m a woman of my word.” You explained as you slipped off your jacket and put your bag down. Ah. That was it. Steve was slightly disappointed at that realization. 
“Also, ‘new friend?’ Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here,” You joked and Steve smiled, almost sadly. You spent the time with Steve, noting that he was not the same as usual. He seemed withdrawn; as though he was thinking about something with that far off look in his eye. Even when he was looking at you, it felt like he was looking right through you.
The two of you went back to the tower and you said goodbye to Steve, going to get ready. Steve watched you go, realizing that he’d become more attached to you than he thought. He knew there was nothing wrong with you going out with people your age, but he recognized the look Daniel was giving you. Daniel liked you, or at the very least, thought you were attractive. That’s what he was most worried about. He didn’t want Daniel to take away his chances with you, even though he knew those chances were probably almost nonexistent because of the age gap.
“You’ve got it bad, don’t you?” A voice called and Steve turned around to come face to face with Bucky. “What?” Steve asked and Bucky raised a brow. “Don’t ‘what’ me. You’re into Y/n, aren’t you?” Bucky wondered and Steve looked down, sighing. “Yeah,” He hesitantly said. “I’m crushing on her like a little boy, it’s ridiculous, Bucky,”
“Why?” Bucky’s brows furrowed. “Because I’m 90-something and she’s barely even 20!” Steve said as though pointing out the obvious. “So? Do I need to remind you, you don’t exactly age like a 90-something year old?” Bucky asked and Steve shook his head. “It’s not the same. But... I just can’t help it. She’s sweet and mature and she knows how to handle herself in a fight and... she’s beautiful,” Steve looked off to the side, listing off the reasons why he likes you. “I don’t understand why you’re torturing yourself,” Bucky said with a shake of his head. “Because it feels wrong,” Steve said and Bucky pressed his lips together.
“Steve, she’s an adult. It’s not wrong.” Bucky reminded, as though trying to soothe his best friend. “Buck, if this got out, it would be a PR nightmare,” Steve seemed to be looking for reasons to justify his abstinence. “Steve, you’re Captain fucking America, the only reason it would be a PR nightmare is because you’d no longer be single, not because you’re with a younger girl.” One by one, Bucky thwarted away Steve’s reasons, proving to him that what he was really afraid of was the rejection he would face from you because of the age gap.
“Y/n’s a go-getter. She doesn’t strike me as the type to care about how old you are if you care for her and she cares for you,” Bucky shrugged and Steve seemed to think about it for a while. “And if she does, then at least you’d know and you can move on.” He added and Steve looked at him, knowing he was right. “Okay. I’ll talk to her when she gets back from her outing tonight,” Steve said hesitantly and Bucky clapped him on the shoulder. “Atta boy,” He said and then exited the room, leaving Steve to his thoughts.
He looked up at the ceiling in wonder, trying to think about how the hell he was going to admit to you that he had a crush on you. He had hoped not to word it like that, in an effort to avoid sounding pathetic, but he wondered perhaps if he could find some type of romantic gesture. 
Steve retired to his room, trying to think about what he wanted to do for you, and decided to pass the time by watching some TV. He had no idea when you would be back, but he would wait for you until then, having FRIDAY alert him when you did make your way back to the tower. It was several hours later that his phone started ringing, and he felt around for it, eyes not leaving the TV as he lifted it to his face. 
His face fell into a small smile as he saw your name on the caller ID, answering it as soon as he saw it and lifting the phone to his ear. “Hello?” He called and there was a pause before he heard your voice come over the phone. “Steve?” You whispered and he felt that something was wrong if you were whispering. His mind started racing with all the possible scenarios. Were you hiding from an attacker? Was someone coming after you?
“Y/n? What’s going on? Are you okay?” The words spilled from his mouth and he heard your soothing voice reply, “I’m fine, Steve. I just... Wanted to talk to you,” You said and Steve sighed in relief. “Okay, good. I’m glad you’re okay. How’s your outing?” 
“I’m glad you asked actually. Listen, can you pick me up?” You asked and Steve furrowed his brows. “Is everything alright?” He worried again and you swallowed hard. “Yeah, it’s just...” You started and then your voice dropped down into a whisper again. “These people are really boring.” At your words, a slow smile spread on Steve’s face, almost a smirk as he pressed his tongue against his teeth in amusement. He really did have nothing to worry about. 
“What?” He asked, his smile evident in his tone. “They’re really boring, Steve!” You yell-whispered as though annoyed he was not taking you seriously. “Why?” He asked through a small chuckle and you sighed. “Well... People my age don’t really save the world. They’re not part of the avengers. They’re just college kids who have normal lives.” Your tone was not sad, but your words almost were, as though you were saying you weren’t normal. “I can’t relate to them and they can’t to me so... I’ve been feeling left out,” At this, Steve’s face fell. He could completely understand what you were going through.
“I’m sorry, Y/n,” Steve said and you stopped him. “There’s nothing to be sorry about. Being part of the team makes me more mature than them. You should hear their jokes; they don’t compare to my immaculate humor,” You switched gears as quickly as you could, so that Steve didn’t worry about you. He chuckled, a fond smile returning to his face. “They haven’t been purposely leaving you out have they?” He asked. “I honestly don’t know. When I first showed up here, they all just said they were big fans and they wanted to talk about was the team. I kept changing the subject to what they do, and I just can’t understand them,” You said and Steve took some comfort in knowing that they probably didn’t mean to leave you out.
“Okay. I’ll come get you. Where are you?” He wondered and you gave him the address to the restaurant. “Is there anything in particular you want me to say when I get there?” Steve asked and you hummed. “I don’t know. Get creative.” You joked and he laughed. “You know me,” Steve said and you giggled. “Can’t wait to see what you come up with,” 
After hanging up, Steve put some shoes on and grabbed his car keys, trying to think of a scenario that would get you out of there but would also be kinda funny. As these ideas spun in his head he finally made it to the restaurant, parking his car outside as he stepped out of it and walked in, looking around for you before eventually finding you sitting with Daniel and four other people. You were sitting in the back corner of a booth, trapped next to two other people on your left. “Y/n!” Steve called, pretending to be frantic. You all looked towards him and you feigned innocence. “Steve?” You called, as though confused.
“What’re you doing here?” You asked and he panted a little, looking grave. “New mission. We need you.” He started and your group looked around at each other. “What happened?” You wondered. Steve sighed and put his hands to his hips. “Someone stole Tony’s arc reactor. We think they took it to Ukraine to power a weapon. A 100 kWh lithium ion with a front and rear motor combined output of 615 kilowatts.” Steve said gravely and you wanted to laugh so bad that you slapped a hand to your mouth. Steve pursed his lips as the group looked between one another, trying to discern what the hell he just said.
“Sounds serious,” Daniel said and you nodded. “Sorry! Gotta go!” You said, jumping onto the table with fake urgency and hopping off on the other side, you and Steve running out of the restaurant. Once the two of you were outside, you stopped and looked at each other, turning back at the same time to look at the restaurant before your eyes found each others again, the two of you bursting into laughter. 
“Tony’s arc reactor got stolen?” You repeated and Steve nodded through his smile. “To power a Tesla in Ukraine?” You laughed and Steve chuckled again, enjoying your reaction. “Stop, that’s so funny,” You said breathlessly as you rubbed your eyes. Steve smiled to himself, enjoying your amusement. “There aren’t even Teslas in Ukraine, for the love of god,” You giggled as you reveled in the moment.
“You think they bought it?” Steve asked through a smile and you looked over your shoulder at the restaurant. “I don’t think it would’ve mattered what you said. When Captain America calls, I answer.” You smiled at him and he pressed his lips together, looking away bashfully. “Come on. Let’s go home,” you nudged him and started walking, but against his better judgement, he reached out and grabbed your hand in his own.
You stopped short, turning towards Steve, surprised at the affectionate gesture. You moved your hand to hold his more comfortably. “Y/n, I’m glad you called,” He said and you raised a brow. “Who else would I have called?” You asked and he shook his head. “That’s not what I meant,” Steve shook his head as the cold air caused a tint in his cheeks. “I’m not gonna lie to you, I was a little worried,” He admitted and you tilted your head to the side. “What about?” 
“Well. Nat hounded me about you hang out with other people your age instead of hanging out with me and when you were talking to Daniel at the cafe, I was a little...” Steve trailed off, trying to figure out your reaction, “jealous.” 
“I don’t understand. Why would you be jealous?” You asked and he sighed. “Because I like you, Y/n.” He finally said and you blinked a few times. “Wait, what?”
“I like you.” He took a step towards you, towering over you with sincere blue eyes. “You do?” You asked, as though trying to confirm what you were hearing. “Yeah... I have pretty pathetic crush on you,” He smiled through his words and you giggled at his wording. “It’s not pathetic,” You squeezed his hand reassuringly, hoping that would help your words. “It’s not?” He wondered and you shook your head, your eyes flicking down to his lips. “I have a crush on you, too,” You said and he smiled. “Really?” He asked and you nodded.
“You know how hard it is to hang out with you everyday and look at you, being you, and think that I could never have you because a) you’re captain america and you can have any girl you want, b) I’m just Y/n, the girl who people forget the name of and the team just tolerates and c) you’re a bit older than me,” You listed off the reasons you kept your own mouth shut and Steve’s face contorted.
“No, doll. First of all, the only girl I want is you. Secondly, the whole team loves you very much. As for the public, they don’t know what they’re missing,” Steve said and you smiled, leaning towards him, he leaned his head down, pressing his lips against yours as his hands made their way around your waist. Steve’s hand reached to cup your cheek, guiding your head to move with his as his heart fluttered and yours skipped a beat. 
Once he pulled away, his lips hovering over yours and your noses touching, Steve whispered against your lips, “don’t tell Nat,” He joked and you laughed, pulling him by the arm so that the two of you could go home and watch that movie you were planning for.
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[ part nine of a new series called: ‘clips with context’ - feel free to request your own! ]
it’s no secret how much your boyfriend wanted to start a family, with his life so busy it seems more like a distant hope than anything. but what happens when the whole world slows down and all you have is time.. // explicit. requested. 1.1k words
warnings: unprotected sex, it’s lowkey kinda romantic... oral sex (f. receiving), secret relationship... idk this is just real sweet :((
“namjoon wants to knock you up.” jimin says in a singsong tone as he enters the dorm's living room. you're shooting your boyfriend a wide-eyed expression at the end of the younger member's words. a look that he ignores as he plops down on the couch beside you, easily lifting your legs off of the floor to drape over his lap.
his large hand rests on your knee, long fingers drawing shapes into the bone. “don't listen to him. it was just a question we were asked today,” it's been years since you and joon first got together. met him back when he was twenty and still refusing to take his sunglasses off.
you had a crush on him even back then, made a fool out of yourself in front of him so much that he finally decided to just give you a chance. and here you were five years later and madly in love. there was no doubt in your mind that namjoon was going to be the man you would spend the rest of your life with.
and you knew he felt the same way, would confess how badly he wanted all that with you... making promises to deliver once his life settled down. and of course you believed him, 'somewhere in the future' there was kids and a house, the whole nine yards. the future, which is why you're confused it's coming up now.
“wait. they asked if you wanted to get me pregnant?” jin is snorting out a laugh, mouthful of cold pizza as he plops down on the couch opposite the two of you. “how? nobody knows about you.” he laughs, the two youngest joining him in his laughter.
you're rolling your eyes, two seconds from offering a snarky remark of your own when joon's voice is bleeding through. “they asked what we wanted to be or something and i said i wanted to be a dad,” he clarifies, eyes shifting to stare at the tv screen as hoseok scrolls through the movie options.
“oooh,” the word's drawn out as the pieces fall into place in your mind. “you can,” you encourage, hand reaching down to pat against the one he holds on your knee. he's offering you a small smile just as yoongi is perking up from his spot beside taehyung. “that's what i told him,”
the whole 'dad' conversation came to an end after that, the eight of you getting sucked into whatever movie was playing that night. you've nearly forgotten about the look of longing on joon's face as you talked about it, so busy the topic seemed to somehow slip through the cracks.
he's busy promoting his new album and getting ready for tour while you're doing your thing, there was no time to talk about the and's and what if's of the two of you starting a family. that is... until the pandemic hit. the entire world coming to an abrupt stop and now all everyone has is time.
joon's home and you love that, he needed a break, although you can tell he didn't exactly want one. antsy sitting at home all day, not being able to do what he loves. you try to help, ease his frustrations. get him to busy his mind until things are able to go back to normal. it works, slightly, but you're quickly running out of ideas.
it comes out random one night, the television playing on low and his head resting on your stomach. your fingers card through his hair, rubbing gently at his scalp – he had said he had a headache. “should we have a baby?”
he doesn't miss a beat, nodding his head instantly to your words. “yeah. i want two. a boy and a girl. the girl first so little dude can have someone smart to look up to,” the smile that spreads across your features is almost wide enough to split your face. of course, he would've thought of something like that.
“no, i mean... should we have a baby. like right now. let's make one,” you count the seconds as your words sink in. nine full seconds where he just lays there blinking, staring ahead. then he's shooting up, staring at you with wide eyes. “you're serious? you want me to put a baby in you?” he's grinning just as wide as you now.
a soft giggle falls from your lips, hands reaching up to rest on his cheeks. “yeah. you've been saying how quickly the world can change and how we never know what tomorrow's gonna be like. i want to start a family with you today, do you?” he almost feels like he could cry. no telling how long he's been waiting to hear you say those words.
yet, he can't think of what he wants to say back. so he kisses you, hand clasping the back of your neck. he kisses you with every ounce of love and adoration he has for you. and he doesn't let up the entire time he's undressing you, mapping out your body with his hands and his mouth.
namjoon had a way of looking at you that never failed to have a softness settling in your chest. and nothing could top the way he was looking at you right now. laid naked before him, legs spread and ready. ready to start a family with him, to be attached to him forever. it's enough to drive him mad.
his face finds its place between your legs, cheeks nuzzled against your thighs as his tongue pushes its way between your folds. breathy moans fall from your lips, filling the room as you reach for his long hair, holding him against you with the grip. two strong arms wrapped around your thighs, holding you still as he suckles your clit into his mouth.
low groans hit your core, growing more desperate the closer he brings you to release until he's full-on whining against you. hips managing to move even under his grasp, pussy grinding onto his face in the most pornographic way. you're cumming with a loud cry, the band snapping inside of you.
the smile that he shows off tugs at your heartstrings. head lifted between your legs, lips, and chin glossy with your arousal. cute dimples on full display. joon slowly lifts himself up toward you, moving almost teasingly until the tip of his nose is brushing against yours. his tongue tastes like you, the heaviness of his cock probing against your entrance pulls a moan from your lips.
he takes his time with the way he fucks you, wanting to do it right to make sure he knocks you up. he doesn't pull out right away either, holding himself there to keep any of his potential kids from spilling out. and he kisses you the entire time, whispering just how much he loves you between each one.
Tumblr media
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i-am-distressed · 7 months ago
JJK Boys getting hit 'where it hurts' by their kids
Characters: Megumi, Itadori, Yuta, Noritoshi, Nanami, Toji, Naoya, Geto, Gojo and Sukuna
Warnings: w e l l, the guys getting hit in the balls, guys grabbing their crotch because pain, emotional distress due to being deeply wounded and betrayed by their own spawn, laughing children, children laughing at pain, children, idk what people think about parenting these days so in Sukuna’s you guys are dealing with a 2 year old, Naoya + Sukuna (I change them for my own convenience), idk man, I just get a kick outta writing these ones
**The boys are (aged up if not already) married with kids, if you don't like the number of kids I gave them, this is just my opinion😌**
Fushiguro Megumi:
You were going out with some friends tonight, so naturally your husband was left to babysit your children.
Which wouldn’t have been a problem, he’s a good dad and more than capable of caring for his kids.
...Except for the fact that Gojo had decided to spend the day with them, and in doing so made sure to fill them up with sugar and excitement before dropping them off and going home with a ‘Have fun with that Megumi~’ because he’s awful.
So now, here Megumi is, his middle son hanging off his back, his youngest daughter in one arm while he wrangled with his oldest son to put his pajama pants on.
“No! I’m not sleepy yet!” His 5 year old son loudly said, along with the oncoming headache Megumi could swear a tick mark had just appeared.
“Too bad, it’s already an hour past your bedtime, you’ll be tired once you put these pants on and get in bed!” He almost had your son, but alas, he slipped out of his grasp at the last second, the sudden movement causing your 1 ½ year old daughter to start crying.
Megumi took a deep breath, shifted so that his daughter rested more on his hip so that he could just barely use his hands and “Demon dog!”
Before his son could react, demon dog had already picked him up by the collar of his shirt, bring him right to Megumi who was able to get one of his sons legs in the pants.
But when he did, his son squirmed, and his little foot came straight up in between Megumi’s legs.
“uGH-” Fighting a cry of pain, megumi finished getting his son dressed, kneeled so his son could slip off of his back and set his little girl down on the couch, before hunching over and just...sitting there for a bit..
Itadori Yuji:
You and Itadori had 2 rambunctious twin boys.
2 rambunctious twin boys who took a lot after their father, and not just in their looks.
They were sweet, fun, lovable kids. But they also had endless amounts of energy and didn’t always look before they leapt. So keeping an extra eye out on them in public was necessary.
Itadori was in the backyard, playing football (The throw kind, not kick kind) with the twins. You had specifically told him to be careful, and he said he would be so you weren’t too worried.
But you sat on the porch while they played, just in case.
Your 2 boys, Junto and Kentaro (😥), were natural athletes, and even if they were only 7, they were no doubt a force to be reckoned with.
They were a good match for Itadori, but I wouldn’t call the game even. Even with the twins vs Itadori, you could tell the twins were going to be tired tonight (not like you’re complaining, at least they’ll actually go to bed on time tonight).
Junto had the ball, he sprinted across the yard, doing his best at ducking and dodging Itadori’s attempts at grabbing him.
The 7 year old was so close to freedom, so close to him and his brother winning the game.
When seemingly out of nowhere his dad came sprinting up behind him, grabbing him from behind and lifting him into the air, your child’s squeals and laughter ringing through the air as your other son came to ‘help him’.
So now, they were where they usually ended up when they played games like this, Itadori with both of his children hanging off of him as they laughed and rough housed.
Itadori is strong, strong willed, strong in character, high levels of endurance. But all it took was one wayward heel to his crotch to bring him to the ground, on his knees as he just sat there, whimpers of pain escaping him.
Your sons scampered off, still laughing while you came to rub a hand up and down your husband’s back while he went on about the pain of their betrayal.
Okkotsu Yuta:
You, Yuta and your 2 kids were sat on the couch, watching a movie together on a Friday night.
It was raining outside with a 65% chance of a thunderstorm, which wasn’t too bad since you guys were inside.
But it wasn’t great since your oldest, your 4 year old daughter Emiko was terrified of storms.
She was sitting in between you two, sitting tucked snugly into Yuta’s side while his arm rested on the back of the couch, you sitting on her other side with your 2 year old son Yuki.
You were about ⅔ of the way through Princess and The Frog, when all of a sudden the lights cut out.
Your little girl screamed and ducked into your husband's side, Yuta in turn held his arms around her and kissed the top of her head, gently shushing her and telling her everything would be okay.
“Yuta?” You could see the shadow of your husband as he stood up, “I’ll be right back, gonna go check the breaker.”
He turned to go check the electrical box when he felt a tug on his sleeve, squinting as he looked down to see the silhouette of his little girl in the dark, quivering from fear.
“Hey, it’s okay Emi, I’ll be right back, but daddy has to go see if he can turn the lights back on.” He watched as she shook her head, grip on his sleeve tightening as she shifted closer to him.
“P-please don’t go...daddy I'm scared.” Yuta sighed, he could feel her shaking.
He knelt down to where she was standing on the floor, about to try and convince her to let him fix the lights, when the living room lit up from lightning, and a boom of thunder sounded throughout the house.
Screaming again, your daughter launched herself at Yuta, throwing her arms around his neck, that he was ready for he knew how much she hated thunderstorms.
What he wasn’t ready for was the swing of her legs bringing her left foot directly to his crotch.
You, who was still cradling your son in your lap (your son took much more after you, so the dark and storms never really bothered him all that much), watched as your husband was now knelt on the ground, shaking as he held your crying daughter.
“I-it’s okay Emi...d-daddy’s *gulp* daddy’s not going anywhere.” As your husband painfully got through that sentence, you could hear the octaves of his voice getting higher and higher with each word.
“...Yuta...are you okay?” You asked, confused as to why your husband sounded like he was in an incredible amount of pain.
All you heard was a weak ‘Mhm’ as he continued to hug his daughter, who, in the arms of her father, was feeling much better.
Just then, the lights switched back on, and there you could see Yuta slumping down further when your daughter let go and hopped back on the couch, burrowing into your side.
“...baby? Are you sure you’re okay-” “i’m fiNE.” Now that the lights were back on, you could see that one of his hands were lower, when the realization of what happened hit, you couldn’t decide whether to comfort him or laugh.
You settled on doing both.
Kamo Noritoshi:
Today, Noritoshi would be teaching your 3 sons how to use a bow and arrow.
You weren’t...too worried, I mean your husband was an expert with the weapon and he was an excellent father but.
They’re still your babies, and they’ll still be handling a dangerous weapon, so you made sure beforehand to remind your husband to be extra careful.
Your sons were 10, 8 and 6. He would have taught your daughters but they’re only 4, and you had to put the age limit somewhere.
You sat with your daughters on the porch, setting out the newspapers and setting the canvases down on top of them. Father’s day was coming up, and you knew Noritoshi would love nothing more from his little girls than pictures they had painted for him.
After you got your daughters started on their paintings, you walked to the other side of the porch to watch as Noritoshi talked to your sons, showing them the proper stance to have and how they should be holding the bow.
You smiled as you thought back to when the two of you were still dating, it had been about 3 months since you two had gotten together, and you remember it had been a day-date the two of you had, where he was teaching you how to use a bow. Long story short, he may have used the excuse to teach you how to use the bow to have your first kiss, but you still remember how fun it was to learn how to use it.
You also may or may not have been admiring how nice he looked using a bow. Now that he was older Noritoshi had let his hair grow longer, today it was kept in a low bun, he was also wearing a tighter fitting t-shirt.
You smirked as his eyes caught your own, you being less than obvious about checking him out as he shook his head, suppressing a laugh as he continued to teach the boys.
He snuck a glance at you, a single glance, wanting to admire his wife’s beauty, but that one glance was enough time for his middlest son, who he left in possession of the bow, to swing around and catch him right in his crotch.
Your jaw dropped and your hand came up to your mouth as you gasped, watching your first-grade powerful sorcerer husband bend over with his hands clamped down on his knees, your sons gasping before backing away.
You made your way down to Noritoshi, softly calling his name before your resolve cracked and you started laughing.
You wiped the tears that had started to slip out of your eyes as your laughter died down, only to start laughing again when your husband glared at you saying ‘You raised them that way’ as he tried to steady his breathing.
Nanami Kento:
Nanami was standing with all the other mom’s and dad’s who were waiting to pick up their kids, texting you that he was there and asking for the grocery list since he’d go ahead and get the groceries on his way home.
You were at a doctor’s appointment for a checkup, you were 4 more months away from having your 2nd child, so Nanami offered to leave work a little early and pick your 3 year old daughter Kumiko up from preschool.
It wasn’t long until the school bell rang, the preschool teacher leading the students out of the building.
Nanami slipped his phone into his pocket, eyes sifting through the crowd of kids to find his little girl.
Once he saw those familiar pigtails bouncing towards him, he smiled, patting her head when she ran into his leg and hugged him.
He gently took hold of her hand and they made their way to his car.
“How was your day sweetheart?” He smiled as her face lit up, her recounting her day and telling him all about her friends and the things they did in school.
Usually you’d be the one to pick her up from school, but due from now on Nanami would be taking her to and from preschool.
Which was no problem he didn’t mind, he just had to remember to put her car seat in his car.
“Wait here, I have to get your car seat.” He shook his head with a small chuckle when she responded with an enthusiastic ‘Okay!’ as she looked around while he got her seat out of the trunk.
While he was fighting to get it free she was getting a little antsy cause...backpacks at that age are heavy man.
She had it sitting on her elbows, little huffs coming out as she resisted the urge to let it drop to the ground, knowing full and well that wouldn’t fly with her dad.
Nanami lifted the seat out of the trunk, closing it and walking back around to the back seat, his view was unfortunately blocked by the seat, so he didn’t see how his daughter was swinging her bag back and forth.
He was one step away from being able to put the seat in the car when his daughter turned exceptionally fast, her bag and all the weight carried with it being swung right into his crotch.
His daughter gasped and turned back around when she heard her dad quietly shout in pain, the car seat being ‘gently’ set on the ground as he bent over, groaning as his daughter stood there, little hands covering her mouth, and also her giggles.
“There’s no doubt about it, she’s your daughter. Not only was she not paying attention, but she also laughed at me when I was in pain.” You threw your head back in laughter as your husband pouted as he rolled away from you towards the other side of the bed, you rubbing his back with a ‘Sorry honey~’, both of you knowing that you really weren’t😌
Fushiguro Toji:
**In this, for his/your kids imma just stick with 5 & 6 year old Megumi and Tsumiki cause it makes sense :p**
Toji had gotten home late last night from a mission, and after a shower and a quick meal he crashed the moment he hit you guys’ bed.
It was now approximately 10:30 am the next day. Toji had woken up earlier, but not even the dark roast black cup of coffee he had could stop him from taking a long nap on the couch.
He had no problem with sleeping the day away, his kids however, they had quite the problem with it.
“*Sigh* Mommy...when’s daddy gonna be awake? Our favorite show is gonna come on soon and he’s taking up the couch.” You turned away from the sink where you were washing the dishes to see Megumi and Tsumiki standing by the counter. Normally you’d encourage them to play with their toys or outside instead, but they had been very well behaved this week and your husband needed to wake up some time.
“Probably soon, he came in late last night, so he’s really tired.” Megumi gave you one of his ‘looks’ while huffing, “Mommy, daddy’s always tired, is it okay if we wake him up?”
You turned the water off as you turned to face him, eyebrow raised as your arms crossed over your chest.
“Are you going to hit him?” “No” “Are you going to pour water on him?” “No” “Are you going to use your shikigamI?”...”Megumi?” “*sigh*...no” Shaking your head you failed to suppress a smile, “Be nice”.
So, your 2 children set out on a mission, mission ‘get dad off of the couch so we can watch cartoons’
It was a solid plan really, although you had removed several options on how they would be able to do said plan, but alas Megumi was a resourceful child and really wanted to watch his cartoons.
Toji had briefly woken up, he was laying on his back, and one of his arms was slung over his eyes, trying to block out the sunlight.
He could hear the sounds of the water running and dishes being moved, along with the light thuds that no doubt came from his children running around and causing chaos.
He was just about to doze back off, just about to get more sleep, when “ATTACK!!” Before he could so much as block his children came hurdling over the side of the couch, Tsumiki landing on his legs while Megumi landed right on his abdomen.
Or rather, meant to, his aim and perception of his father’s height was a little off, so his knee landed a little lower than he would have intended, not like he really thought too hard about it beforehand. Megumi had cartoons to watch and his dad was just an obstacle😞💅.
Toji, who was now wide awake, sat up, hands clutching at his clutch while he stared wide eyed at his children who were nonchalantly sitting on the now mostly available couch, turning the TV to the right channel.
“W-how-why?! You tryin’ to kill me?!” Megumi looked at his father with boredom, shrugging his shoulders with an ‘I dunno’ before turning back to his show. Toji getting up to slump around your shoulders as you broke out in laughter when he told you what happened.
Zen'in Naoya:
People could say what they want about Naoya, that he was stuck up, acted like he was too good for this world, and your personal favorite that he must be a terrible father because he was Naoya Zen’in.
But here he was, dodging his laughing children as they ran around, trying to tag him as he smiled, dipping right at the perfect moment so they couldn’t quite catch him.
You shook your head, leaning against the railing as you watch your husband play with your son and daughter, a smile present on his face as his lightly colored hair swooshed around him.
It was good to see how truly happy he was nowadays, no longer being put up on a pedestal, no longer under the heavy pressure that came from being in the Zen’in clan, and out of the watchful eyes of his family. It was good to see him being himself. Could he still be a jerk? Absolutely. Did he ever dare act that way towards you or your babies? Absolutely not.
“Close, but not close enough.” Your son furrowed his eyebrows as he faced his dad, “That’s not fair! You cheated!” Your little girl echoing his pout as her hands sassily placed themselves on her hips.
Naoya laughed, hand coming up to his chest as he leaned down in front of his children so that his hands were resting on his knees.
“What? Cheating...why would you go and accuse me of that?!” You could tell he was fighting a smile, the way the corners of his lips kept tugging upwards as he struggled to maintain a face of confusion.
“You know what you did dad! You used your speed! And that’s cheating!”
Naoya shook his head, “I would never, right Y/n? I’d never betray my own flesh and blood-” Just as he had turned around to face you, his son had taken a step forward, braced himself, and swung his leg up right in between his father’s and right into his balls.
Shrieking Naoya fell the the grass shaking as he stayed in a modified version of the fetal position as his oldest son ran with his arms raised in victory and his daughter crouched down next to him, poking him asking him if he was dead.
You were still on the porch doubled over in laughter.
“Y-you might not betray your own flesh and blood *wheeze* but they sure did betray you!”
Choso and you had taken your 4 year old daughters to the park.
Your guys had 2 wonderful little girls, and even though they were fraternal twins they were still incredibly similar, both in looks and in personality.
As soon as you guys got to the park your girls took off with their cousins (Itadori’s kids cause obviously, it was a play date<3) to go play while you, Choso and the remaining Itadori’s went to sit at one of the pavilions.
You guys had been there for just about an hour when your kids came running back, asking if you guys could push them on the swings.
Choso took one daughter while you took the other, Itadori and his wife doing the same with their sons.
Choso couldn’t keep the smile off his face watching his family, and his extended family being all in one place, all having a good time. He almost shed a tear at how whole he felt, at how fulfilled he felt.
“Daddy! Higher!” Choso smiled wider, “Okay, but you have to hold on! Don’t let go!”. And so, using his big muscles, he (responsibly of course, he’s a good dad and you were right there.) pushed her higher and higher.
Memories of doing this with his own brothers flashed through his head and he couldn’t help but sigh with bliss as he thought about little Yuji doing the same thing.
“Higher!” Not quite thinking, he obliged with his daughters request, the action not quite resonating that he’d need to take a good step back because she was going higher, and also coming back further.
Just when his daughter came swinging back, he realized he was a little too close, and he would’ve been fine, except for the fact that as she went back, her legs curled back, her heels catching him right in between his legs.
Choso could feel his soul leave his body, his body freezing as his daughter gasped, stopping herself as quickly (and as safely since you came over to help her) as she could so she could hop off of her swing and turn to her dad, tugging on her sleeve with worry in her eyes.
This of course attracted the attention of his other child, nephews and most unfortunate of all, his brother. Who when he learned what had happened, burst from the seams of laughter watching his older sister stay kneeled on the ground in pain.
Gojo Satoru:
Gojo didn’t get a lot of time off.
Not only was he a full time teacher, mentor and the strongest sorcerer alive, but he was also a husband and a father, and somehow he managed it quite well to be honest.
You can imagine he was pretty busy, hence he didn’t get a lot of time off.
But when he did, you better believe he spent it with his family.
You guys had 3 boys (I just feel like he’s one that would want multiple kids, so when he is gone, no body’s left alone🥺),and he was always sure to spend time with all 3 equally, being careful never to leave anyone out.
At this particular moment, he was with your 8 year old, your oldest son.
They were playing with swords, and it came as no surprise to you that it was your husband's idea in the first place to play with said swords.
“En garde!” You watched from the doorway as your husband and oldest son fought with the swords, your husband had obviously turned off his infinity to ‘level the playing field’, even though you both knew that wouldn’t do much.
But to his son, it was all he needed to take his old man down.
“Whoa there, you tryin’ to kill me little guy?” Gojo said as he narrowly avoided his eye being poked out by the sword. “Yeah, be careful baby. Those eyes are his only redeeming feature.” Gojo sputtered as your son giggled as you smirked, kissing your son on his head and ruffling his hair before doing the same to your husband who pulled you down for a kiss on the lips.
Being *disgusted* by his parents actions, your son turned around to continue practicing his swordsmanship, completely oblivious to you leaving the room and Gojo walking up behind his son.
Deciding he had mastered his new ‘technique’ his sons eyes lit up, and with his sword ready he turned round ready to show his dad his new trick.
“Hey dad! Check this-” As soon as his upper body had spun around the thick foam sword he had been wielding thrust itself directly into Gojo’s crotch, causing the man to slump to his knees, then to his side, hands still guarding his lower region as he shook.
Your son then got up, eyes wide as he slowly slipped out of the room, telling you ‘Dad’s down….I think he’s gonna be down for a while.’ when he passed you in the hallway.
Sukuna Ryomen:
You and your husband Sukuna’s son had just turned 2 a couple of months ago, and so far the so called ‘terrible twos’ had been far more than terrible, and you were starting to think it was genetic…
“I- what do you mean no?! You like carrots!” You sighed as your fingers massaged your temples, watching as your husband fought with your toddler to get him to eat his lunch.
“No, I don’t like them daddy.” Your son huffed, his dark brows drawn close together as he returned the glare Sukuna was giving him.
When this started happening, you had obviously stepped in, and your son would eat his vegetables and what not when you told him to. The problem came when Sukuna asked him to, and that’s where the problem stemmed from. The real problem at hand being his ego.
“Well, that’s too bad. Carrots are good for your ears or whatever, and if you want to be big and strong like daddy, you have to eat those carrots.” Your son crossed his little arms over his chest, turning his head away and refusing to look towards his father.
You sighed, standing up and walking over to where your husband sat, slowly rubbing his shoulders and back until he was no longer seconds away from exploding. “Honey, take a breather, he’s just being difficult again you know this.” Sukuna huffed, grumbling as he took an angry sip from his coffee.
“Still...he does it when you ask...just not when I do it..” You knew this had little to do with his son not eating his carrots, and all to do with his son not listening to him, which he of course equated to his son not liking him. Which truly wasn’t the case, the twos are just not a good time for toddlers (parents…).
Putting on your sternest mom expression, you walked in front of your son, “Ryosuke. Your dad’s asked you several times to eat your carrots, you need to eat them baby.” Your toddler grumbled before turning back to his plate and eating his carrots, your husbands jaw dropping as you walked past him and softly patted his shoulder.
When your son finished his lunch, you had gone to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer, so you weren’t there to let him out of his high chair. And as much as he didn’t want to associate with the enemy aka dad…
He uh...kinda needed out of that chair :p
Putting aside his toddler pride he stuck his arms up, “Daddy...get mommy...I wan’ out.” Sukuna raised an eyebrow, looking at his son with a gaze that said ‘really?’.
“I’m right here, your moms busy but I’ll let you out bud.” Your son pouted, trying his best to glare at his dad, but even the fiery gaze from his own flesh and blood didn’t stop the king of curses from getting out of his chair and walking around to the high chair.
Undoing the straps and latches he lifted his squirming son out of the chair, immediately having to adjust his grip so he didn’t drop him.
“Hey! Ryosuke stop kicking me! You’re going to fa-” Just then one of his sons legs went flying into Sukuna’s crotch. Just then you had walked out of the laundry room and into the kitchen/dining room, watching as your husband clumsily set down your son who ran but more like wobbled over towards you.
You just watched as Sukuna tightly gripped the table, his form still shaking as your son wobbled off to his playroom while you walked over to your husband, who was trying to dull the stinging pain of being brutally betrayed by his first born.
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ak1loids · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
💌 FROM AK1LOIDS: lmfao idk where i got this idea from... jus' thought it would be cute since they canonically have younger siblings. enjoy <3 oh and tysm for 130 followers ily all !!!!
Tumblr media
"AHEM." standing in front of you while you waited on the matsukawa couch for your boyfriend, was the littlest, ichiro. a carbon copy of his older brother, he was often weird around you in your opinion. he didn't like talking that much, a bored look in his half lidded eyes once spoken to. just like issei's but without the playful twinkle in his. so, imagine your surprise when he shoves a picture of  what you assumed to be you and him. you were taller than him (which was the most realistic part of the scribble) while he was in a tux, holding your hand. there was even hearts in between you, and a misspelled version of your name and his on the top.
you giggle with shocked eyes, looking at him as he crossed his little arms, holding out a lollipop. your heart melted at the obvious bribe. "you're sweet, ichiro, but i'm way too-" "the hell is that?" mattsun finally came out of the bathroom, peering over your shoulder. ichiro hurried and sat next to you, kissing your cheek. a loud laugh left your system and mattsun simply plucked away the child, shooing him off who kicked his calf in retaliation. the scuffle continued as ichiro even proclaimed that he would protect you from 'big, bad, issei.' in the end, you had both issei and mini issei glued to your side while watching movies.
Tumblr media
"EW, Y/N, MY BROTHERS SO GROSS. WHY DO YOU LIKE HIM." raya sticks her tongue out at rintarou who flipped her off. slapping your boyfriends hand, you shrug. "he's cute and funny. and nice to me." readjusting the crown on your head and saying simply. raya huffs, pouring you more imaginary tea. "yeah." rin agrees, mocking her. raya's eyebrows furrow, anger all over her face. "well...well... i want y/n too!" she declares, dropping the plastic tea kettle and hugging your arm stubbornly. you stumble a little, stroking her hair. albeit confused, you knew that this was simply a sibling rivalry while you were caught in the cross fire. "oh no you don't brat. y/n's mine. mine, mine, mine." rintarou childishly mocks her even more, making the girl pull out a folded piece of paper. "yeah?! well, i made them this! pick me, y/n!"
unfolding it revealed a bunch of hearts and balloons, with a big 'y/n's the best!' its rin's turn to huff, snatching it and crumbling it into a ball. at this, raya bursts into tears and you console her. "don't cry, honey! i'll get you some ice cream how about that?" raya sniffles and nods, hugging you, sticking out her tongue at her older brother while over your shoulder.
Tumblr media
YOU LAUGHED as eita kissed your neck, squeezing you closer to him in the safe confines of his bed. "sem, isn't your little sister home?" you muse, eyes drifting to the cracked open door. his hair flops on his forehead adorably when he comes up from your neck to look at your face, narrowing his eyebrows. "and? she's in her room. she never comes in here anyways." he reassures you, continuing to bury his head into your neck, you glance towards the door and shake off the uneasy feeling that someone was just about to burst in. eri, the youngest semi, walks past your door and stops at her brother on top of you while you giggle underneath him. cheeks burning red, she bursts in just as you expected. "e-eri!" you say, shooting up and promptly pushing her brother off of you. "what do you think you're doing! leave y/n alone!" eri says, climbing up and punching her small fists into her eitas chest. "or what?" eita smiles, amused as he is shocked. "or else! me and y/n are gonna be married in a big castle and you're just getting in the way!" both of your eyebrows furrowed before the small girl pushed a piece of paper in semi's face. he took one look at it and gave her a blank stare, all of the pink and hearts on the paper making his eyes hurt. "you're 6, eri. y/n isn't marrying you." "they will! i'll just grow up!" eri proclaims and you let out a shocked laugh as she stomps off to her room. your laugh contorts into a fit of giggles, looking at your boyfriend. "looks like you've got some competition." you tease. semi tuts, standing up to close the door and then locking it. "if anything you're marrying me." semi smiles, tackling you down on to his bed, enjoying the squeals that leave your mouth. mean while, eri sits in front of the home computer typing into google. 'how to grow up.'
Tumblr media
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mistertiberius · 2 months ago
Wait omg I have a cute ask I just thought of😭
Could you do something with the Sinclair brothers where y/n finds make up and like a pretty dress(from somewhere in town of from a victim) and gets all dressed up and goes and shows all the brothers? Idk I’m in the mood for fluff and that just came in mind :)
My Love Is Everywhere You Are
Sinclair Brothers x GN S/O
Warnings: Depending on what gender is reading this, it could be classified as cross-dressing???
I sort of threw some uh...angst in there. Oops. And I tried my best to make it as vague as possible gender-wise because I wanted everyone to be able to enjoy it (because I personally don’t have anything against a man in a dress or makeup). But, ngl, I wasn’t sure if I could write this in a way that was gender neutral, but I think I managed.
Tumblr media
You stared into the mirror, observing the strange person that stood in the reflection. You had a hard time comprehending that the foreign entity in the mirror was you, that you were indeed the one wearing a pretty dress and makeup that you’d purchased on a whim when you had gone to a neighboring town with Lester the day before.
You...didn’t know how to feel.
You looked nice -really nice- but it had been a good long while since you had last worn a dress or even makeup. The last time that you could remember doing something like this was a few days before your road trip that landed you in Ambrose in the first place, though it felt like it had been years since that fateful day.
A light tap on the bathroom door pulled you out of your head, turning to blink at the wooden barrier. “Y/n? Ya’ve been’in ther’ fer a while…” Lester’s tentative voice filtered through the door and you grimaced, apparently you had been lost in your staring for far longer than you’d thought.
“Just...thinking.” You reply lamely, unsurprised when you heard the knob turn with a creak before the door opened and Lester popped his head in with a worried frown. His concern melted into shock before finally settling on amazement once he got a good look at you, his smile so big and bright that you were suddenly hit with the urge to squint.
“Ya gonna wear that ta dinner?” Lester eagerly asked, stepping into the bathroom and closing the door behind him to maintain a sense of privacy. “I...probably not. I look ridiculous.” You sigh, jolting when Lester shakes his head with a noise of avid disagreement. “Ya look amazin’ an’ th’ twins'll think so too.”
“Wait, Lester-” Your weak protests went ignored as the youngest Sinclair eagerly snagged your wrist, leading you out into the corridor. “I can’t go down there looking like this!” You object, stumbling after Lester as he insistently towed you along. But you would be lying if you said that you weren’t the least bit curious about how Bo and Vincent would react to your appearance.
You’re unceremoniously dragged out of your head when Lester enters the dining room with a cheery greeting that draws Vincent’s attention, the masked man making a choked noise when his gaze comes to a screeching halt on you. The sound makes Bo look up, the man fumbling with the bowl of mashed potatoes that he had been carrying to the table.
“Well shit, Darlin’. Ya sure know how ta make a man feel underdressed.” Bo’s face was bright red and he couldn’t seem to look directly at you, busying himself with putting the mash potatoes next to a sauce boat that was filled with gravy. You fought a smile at their adorable fumbling, sharing a knowing look with Lester before he released you.
While Bo made it his personal mission in life not to look you in the eye, his twin had no such intentions. In fact, Vincent kept sneaking glances at you, his lone wide eye jumping from the tablecloth to you every few seconds. They were both so flustered, unsure of what to do just because of a dress and some makeup.
It was endearing.
Lester sidestepped you and walked over to the table to pull out your chair, grinning like an idiot as he gestured to the cushioned seat. You snort at his theatrics, thanking him as you sit. Lester even pushes you in, winking at you before scurrying around the table to make himself comfortable in his usual seat beside Vincent.
As always, Bo occupied the chair at the head of the table, still valiantly trying not to glance in your direction. You could tell it was a losing battle though, the man’s keen gaze kept sliding over to your empty plate before he’d remember himself and redirect his eyes elsewhere only for the cycle to repeat.
A subtle movement in front of you pulled your attention to Vincent, who was hunched over his sketchbook and drawing like his life depended on it. You had an inkling about what he might be drawing, especially since Bo didn’t command the masked man to put the book away like he normally did if Vincent tried to sketch during dinner.
“So...you like it?” You asked, calmly accepting the basket of rolls that Lester happily passed to you. “I saw it and figured why not, but I can return it if-” You were interrupted when Vincent’s head snapped up, his free frantically signing no until you nodded with a laugh. “Okay, okay! I’ll keep it.” You conceded, smiling as you passed the rolls to Bo.
The man leaned toward you to take the basket, his fingers brushing against yours as your eyes met. “Ya look real nice, Y/n.” Bo mumbled, so quiet that you almost didn’t catch the genuine praise before he was moving away, straightening in his seat and depositing three rolls onto his plate like nothing had happened.
Your lips pulled into a soft smile, asking Vincent to pass your preferred condiment for the chicken. The masked man did so distractedly, briefly looking up from what he was working on to make sure you had the sauce in your hand before he let go and his nose dove right back into his sketchbook.
You weren’t worried about Vincent working for too long because Bo was already drilling a hole into his twin’s head with his eyes, a disapproving frown on his face. “Alright, I know what'a rough sketch looks like. Your done for now, finish it later.” The man barked, Vincent glancing at Bo in a pleading manner that was met with gentle apathy.
“Eat, Vincent. Your drawin' will still be there afterward.” Bo watched his brother moodily close his book, setting it aside with a huff before obediently filling up his plate with food. He pulled his mask off -carefully setting it on top of his sketchbook- and dug into the meal with gusto.
Lester was already on his second plate, inhaling the meal like he hadn’t eaten for a week. But it could’ve been because Bo’s cooking was just that good, because it most certainly was. He may be an asshole even at the best of times, but feeding his family was how he either expressed his love, or apologized for whatever dickish thing he did earlier that day.
The time and care that Bo put into his cooking was how he gave voice to what he could never bring himself to say aloud.
And you knew for a fact that both you and his siblings heard him loud and clear.
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k1ng0fn0b0dy · 2 months ago
aaaaaa so I read one of your prince!eret posts and I had an idea! (I would've wrote it myself but I wouldn't have done it any justice)
but what if Prince!Eret had a little brother? and that was reader?? maybe reader is a little rebellious and sneaks out into the villiage or smth and meets the bench trio who don't know reader is the youngest prince? so they just kinda of spent the whole day together doing stuff until Prince Eret and maybe some of the Knights find them?
idk have a wonderful day/night :)
This came out a lot angstier than the first draft had been ahskfj
Little Rebel Prince 💛
[He/him pronouns]
[3000+ words]
Description: After an argument with your brother, King Eret, you sneak out of the castle. During your adventure you meet three odd, wonderful boys. (Platonic Eret + Benchtrio x M!Reader)
[Read the rest under the cut]
Eret sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose between his fingers. His quill (how old school) is dropped to the side, staining a random piece of parchment and the edges of his sleeves. "For the last time, Y/N, you cannot attend dinner with King August."
"Why not?" You asked, not for the first time.
"Because you're too young. We're trying to discuss a peace treaty and I can't trust you not to ruin it." Eret is blunt, finally pulling his sleeve out of the wet ink splotch and grimacing. They look into your eyes, an uncomfortable feeling really, and their expression softens. "I really wish you could be there but this dinner is not a thing we can risk. Our borders are being contested so if we want this to end peacefully-"
"I can't be around to mess it up," You cut in blithely, managing to keep a smile on your face even as your brother's fell. "Got it. Well then, I'll be in my room, making no noise and pretending I don't exist."
Eret looks older suddenly, more exhausted as they lose their words before they can even grasp them. It leaks out of every pore, staining his stare blank and deepening the bags beneath his eyes. You've never seen a person lose so much life so quickly, nonetheless he doesn't say anything as you turn. Even as you linger in the hallway, the door stays shut and so you don't let the stares of Raven and Katrina weigh you down even as every step feels like a mile.
You want some sweets. Not the ones in the castle, salted more than sweetened since that's what Eret likes, but the ones from the outskirts of the kingdom where the best sweets are smuggled from "L'Manchildburg". Normally, you'd just ask Eret to send you off with Sara or Kori but for obvious reasons you refused to do so.
In vindictive anger, you stepped out of your room despite whatever wordless promise you had made. There were no guards, an oversight really but it was an oversight that would be saving you some trouble. With quick hands, you push the large painting on the wall to the side and pressed your thumb to the sharp pointed thimble.
Blood dripped onto the metal and soaked into it, glowing a faint gold glow. The walls shifted, opening to long, large corridors of stone carved to perfection. Simple cracks layered the sides and you traced where Eret had carved both of your initials as a marker, running through the halls with you, getting lost and trying not to cry. You pulled away, something bitter lodged in your throat.
The labyrinth was made by your father as a gift for Eret's obtained kingship. Herobrine was not an amazing father but no one can say he does not try.
Quick steps forward, ignoring the way the walls shift in place as they read your intentions, making way to the capital. More specifically it seemed, a dimly lit alleyway with a knocked over trash can resting at you feet. The wall clicked shut behind you, lines smoothing away and melting back into brick walls.
The road was slanted, an odd sort of tension to going down and a struggle to walk up but you've walked it so many times that getting the perfect footing was practically automatic. The restaurants littering the sides were fairly loud for the daytime, doors caught wide open for any customer to step into. You distract yourself with catching the new prices for entering, a few dollars up for the steak-house but three dollars down for the pub. Easily enough, you're standing at the top.
This area is flatter, easier to walk, but it goes down long enough that you'd end up going in circles for hours and still not seeing everything it had to offer. A passing street musician plays a bit louder for you but you step past quicker, they'd never stop bothering you if you showed any interest, though you admit that they had an excellent voice.
Turning a corner, you stepped into a familiar café. A red-tie* owned sweets shop ran by Niki, a nice lady who had dual citizenship somehow. It had a nice atmosphere despite that, soft lighting handing from the ceiling with vines tangled with the cord. High top tables pushed against the wall, beanbags pushed into a corner near some plants, a front counter wide enough to sit and eat at.
It's nice, not overly colourful but with enough plants and throw pillows to break up the monotony. You took a seat at the counter, brushing off a few crumbs leftover by a past customer. "Niki! You here?"
A soft laugh from behind you, "It's my café of course I am."
You spin the chair, leaning back against the counter. "Just thought I'd ask," You spin again as she steps behind the counter. "Are you still serving (f/s)?"
"Of course," Niki laughs again, a teasing little smile on her face. "I wouldn't be your favorite cafe if I didn't."
"Mighty confident there, Niki," You press your lips together but it can't stop your smile from growing. "What if I liked that one café on Oreli street better?"
Niki gasp, exaggerated and scandalized. "You wouldn't dare."
"Oh but I would," You are openly smiling now, a bit of an ache in your cheek that's not really helping. "Maybe I should go there now—"
"Enough teasing," Niki rest her hands on her hips, still smiling. "Do you want your (f/s) or not?"
"I do, thanks Niki," You shamelessly laugh. "As many a you've got, actually."
"You're going to dry out your pockets before the festival even starts!" The reminder makes you brighten up, even as Niki shakes her head fondly. Racking her knuckles across the kitchens shared wall, she calls out. "Ranboo, we need (f/s) please."
A small crash sounded from the kitchen, followed by skidding as the door was cracked open the barest amount, a half-white half-black enderman staring blearily at the ground. With a lighter colour face, they blurted out an vague noise of agreement and ducked back through the door.
Niki looked over at you and you looked at her. After a comically long time, she sighed and wiped her hands on a towel. "I have to go check on him don't I."
"It is your café," You nodded along, tipping your chair back a bit. "I will just wait here and—!"
Niki reached over and strong-armed you over the counter. "Nope, if I have to deal with it, so do you,"
You grumble as she let's you walk around the counter. Glancing at each other, you take the first step in.
The organized neatness of the café is ruined by the disaster that was the kitchen. The counters were cluttered with messy pots and pans, cartons of milk tilted and spilling onto the floor with egg shells broken into hundreds of tiny pieces beneath your feet. Dishes were pilled high in the large sinks, including some extras sat in relatively neat stacks by the spilled milk. A pile of mud sits on a plate, smudge marks that were probably made by someone liking it. You really don't wanna know.
"Niki, I know what it looks like," The ram-boy says slowly, backing into a taller but more scrawny avian-boy. "But I have a good reason for what happened."
"Oh yeah," With her hands on her hips and raised brows, Niki briefly entertained the ram-boy. Mistake number one. "Okay, what happened?"
"Uhm, DISTRACTION!" They screamed, immediately sprinting for the back door. At the same time the avian boy screeched incomprehensible noises with garbled curses and uselessly flapped their wings to the door. With a startled gasp, Niki accidentally pushed you towards the half-white half-back enderman hybrid who startles a yelp and everything twists.
You fall to the floor, head fuzzy with black dots like flickering lights. Someone cursed above you, reaching down to pull you to a stand. "Look what you did, Ran—bow."
"It's Ran-boo," Another voice, deeper and squeakier than the other voice at the same time. "But they fell onto me!"
"No one's allowed to fall for you except me!" A third voice said indignantly with a small air of humour, a large stomp like a tantrum knocking you more on whoever picked you up. "We should just leave them here before Niki finds us."
"She'd be even angrier if we left her friend here alone like this," The deep voice said, attempting to reason with the angry voice. The person holding you tightens their grip at the thought, holding you up a bit more. "So please, can we not."
"Fine, for Niki," The angry voice pouts, loudly dropping to the floor. "Can I draw on their face while they're asleep?"
"No, Tubbo, you can't draw a penis on their face." Deep voice guy sighed, sounding like your brother whenever you prank Lord Dream (as if you don't do it everytime he visits).
"Aww man."
You blink, murky colours still flooding your visions but focusing more with every blink. You're leaning against a tall blond in a red and white shirt, his bony shoulder digging into your cheek as you lean against him. "What's going on?"
Your attempt at comprehensible words was mediocre at best, but you'll suppose it's good enough. Looking at the hybrid who teleported you there, a second wave of nausea comes tumbling out of your mouth.
As everyone scurries back, your yanked by the avian hybrid who had yet to let you go. Bringing your hand upon to wipe at spit and your half-digested lunch, you finally feel normal again. Pulling away from the avian, who happily let's you with a grumbled "Ew," at your throw up trail, you stand up tall and try to regain any respect your sickness had thrown away. "Well that was kind of rude."
You cringe, the voice of your brother reprimanding you in spirit. But the avian and ram start giggling to each other, making deep mocking voices of your words at the enderman hybrid. "C'mon guys, I already said it wasn't my fault!"
When he turns to you, he bows his head low, "I'm so sorry for teleporting you. Tubbo's told me it really sucks when you're not an enderman. I'm really sorry!"
"It's... fine," You shrug, grimacing at the taste of your own stomach fluids coating your teeth. "I mean, it wasn't intentional so no harm, no foul."
"See, Boo, you're fine!" The ram pats their shoulder with a bit of difficulty—you think their name is Tubbo so the other would be Ranboo— and dusting off their pants as they stand up. "I'm Tubbo!"
"I'm Y/N," You take the offered hand, trying to replicate your brother's strong handshake. Tubbo giggles despite the effort, his grip turning into Iron as well. It's almost a contest between you two. Who has the stronger hand grip?
Sadly, you've come to a loss and Tubbo whoops with victory. Turning to the avian, you stick your hand out. "Nice to meet you, chicken boy. I'm Y/N."
"I am not a fucking chicken! I don't even look like a chicken!" If he was an actual animal, you'd imagine it'd look like he had rabies. Foaming at the mouth with anger, chittering aggressively and non-stop. "Fuck you man! I'm not a chicken."
"Alright, alright, my bad." You backtrack quickly, hands raised in a placating motion. "I would like to know your name though chi–regular boy."
The avian gave you the stink eye, "The name's Tommy Innes! And don't call me that either." They set their hands on their hips in a close imitation of Niki. "You're a right prick."
"I prefer the words 'difficult to handle', it's a lot easier to read on your report card, ya know?" Suddenly you cringe again, the reminder of your brother's face when you did read it to him coming back to haunt you. Fixing your posture, you stick your hand out again after putting it down. "Nice to meet you."
Tommy takes your hand, his hands surprisingly calloused. "Your introduction was shit."
You don't exactly remember why you followed them or why they let you follow them, all you remember is the exciting feeling of truly enjoying yourself, feeling light with every step, your face aching from smiling so hard and your stomach twisted with laughter. It was nice, so incredibly nice.
All good things must come to an end eventually though and the sound of trumpets sounding in the streets scare the shit out of you.
"Fuck," You curse through a handful of marshmallow Tommy had given you. "Fuck, shit, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuck."
"What's wrong?" Tubbo asks, strangely concerned. "Are you okay?"
"The King is on his way," You say as you try chewing quicker. The taste of too many marshmallows stick to your tongue, the taste stuck between your teeth and caught in your throat. It tastes like air now. "He's probably already here."
"What's wrong with that?" Tommy asks, face serious and lips drawn to an aggressive sneer. "Is he bothering you? I swear if he's messing with you—"
"No, Prime no," You say, louder than planned. "He's not, it's just, I can't be found by him."
"Are you sure—?" Ranboo starts, cut off by the noise of clattering metal and horse steps. Whirling around quickly, you're already done for. Too many soldiers to evade surround you, practically boxing you into the bench you're sitting at.
"Your majesty, we've found him," A soldier calls out, one hand resting on their holster as they watch you all. "Three unidentified subjects around him, all equipped."
You whirl back to look at them and wow is it a sight. Your new buddies, the practically harmless friends you've made—Tubbo cried when he killed a bee— are all wearing full netherite armour, sharp blades than you've ever wielded in their hands. "Guys...?"
"Y/N, get behind us," Tubbo says, eyes hidden by the helmets shadow. Something about his voice frightens you, but yet still being near him isn't scary. You aren't scared of him hurting you. For some reason you trust them all not to. But still...
Your brother steps up and you sink a bit, following Tubbos directions and hiding in hopes he somehow magically forgets about you in the next three seconds.
"Y/N, you said you'd be in your room." Eret says with an infuriatingly level voice. It is like the moon is dipping the sunset, cusping their back just enough for the light to shine down and flare around your brother, truly a king fit to rule the world. "Honestly I don't know what I expected from you."
You feel embarrassment claw at your throat, fighting with the rage in your stomach and suddenly you feel the urge to hurl. Tommy is at your side, one hand holding their sword up and the other offering a sort of protection for you. The consequence though, that is what paralyzes you.
"Your royal highness, please end this foolishness. We do not wish to harm your friends." A soldier calls, a beckoning hand outstretched as if you're a frightened animal awaiting rescuing.
Another wave of anger bubbles over you, pushing your embarrassment to your heels to be dragged with. "You dare threaten my friends. They have done anything you didn't force them to."
"Those are Mud Trackers**," Eret spits out, though the words don't surprise you. "Tommy Innit, Tubbo Underscore, Ranboo Beloved, all of them fought against us."
"You were one of them once too," You yell back but still there is a disconnect when Tommy flinches next to you. The truth is out. You are royalty and they are the tentatively neutral country, enemies forged through blood. They could have killed your brother and your brother could have killed them. You don't know whatever history that is hiding in Eret's anger but neither side are taking it well. "Stop taking your anger at me on them! If you're gonna fight anyone, fight me!"
The thought makes your brother step back, face falling into the first emotion you've seen on his face. Guilt. "I'm not going to fight you, and if you return I'm not going to fight them either."
"What if I dont," You say and there is a clenched hurt that comes with those words. "Will you kill them?"
"No, you know I wouldn't Y/N," Your brother says and it is softer, quieter. Eret sighs, crown tipped and without the sunlight he is just as inhuman as you, pain written into the curve of his frown.  "Please just come home."
Tommy looks over at you and they are still angry even as they put their sword away. "Go fix this. If you need us, you know how to find us."
Not-quite-relief washes down your throat at Tommy's words. Ranboo and Tubbo keep their weapons but they too step back. Looking over at your brother, you walk with all the grace embued in your lineage, chin held high. As you greet Eret, he pulls you into a hug.
"I was so worried, Y/N," he mutters, arms wrapped around your shoulders as you burrow into his chest. "I'm sorry for being a dick. Please never do that again,"
"Okay," You manage to say, muffled in your brother's shirt. "But you are still kinda being a dick."
"Okay, I'll do better," He says, quiet and true. "Let's go home."
Before he can stop you, you pull away. Turning back to your friends, you wave, "I'll see you again soon, bye."
Ranboo waves back but Tommy and Tubbo look at each other and just nod. "Bye."
Eret doesn't say anything to your friends but there is something horribly sad in their smile. Maybe they had more history than just fighting, who knows. He turns to you, outstretched hand waiting for you. You take it easier than before. It isn't great, but it's something.
*red-tie is a neutral term referring to L'Manburg citizens
**mud trackers is an insult to L'Manburg citizens based on their usually dirty appearances and lack of advanced equipment early in the war.
[YOOOOOOO I FINALLY FINISHED THIS HOLY COW! This took way longer to do my horrible procrastination finally stopped today (ngl I wrote like 1k words in a panic today) I'm so sorry this took forever but in my defence... yup]
[I do have a date for Distance btw, Nov 13 is when the first chapter shall come out. Go self-care drink water eat food and sleep if it's later than 11pm byeee]
[L0v3, k1ng]
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thinkabtriki · 4 months ago
enhypen with a shorter but older s/o!!
requested:yes, wc: , gn!reader x bf!enhypen, genre: fluff, crack
a/n: this is similar + inspired by my enhypen with a short s/o but i tried to switch it up a bit but i hope you enjoy! not really my best work tho :/
members below the cut!!
at first when yall first met, he thought he was older than you so he would baby you
and you were like...does this giant not know how old i am
but when you told him you were the older one he was so shocked.
kinda just stared at you for five minutes straight
BUT HE TEASED U SM he was like "at this rate people are gonna start thinking im your dad even tho ur older"
but he still thinks you're adorable and he loves squishing ur cheeks bc ur so cute
in general, weather or not you're older he just loves teasing you for your height
until you fight back using the "im older than you stfu" card
AND HE JUSt GOES well you don't look older shortie
but he's mildly terrified of your parents so he shuts up
sometimes its weird for him bc he's one of the oldest members of enha but he likes it
i can see him walking up super close to you just so you would have to look all the way up just to make eye contact
talks about how even tho ur older he's taller than you ALL THE TIME
leans on you all the time
"since your older than me you should be able to support my weight"
bends down to match your height subconsciously a lot
but i feel like he really looks up to you and admires you bc jake best boy <3
would also walk up close enough to you to make you look straight up while he laughs in your face
then he says he's more mature than u and that he should be the older one of you two
rests his head on top of yours then takes a photo of it bc he wants to see how short you are
teases you about being old and calls you an old person
so he'd carry your bags and hold open doors for you
but he does it to feel manly :o
dont baby him tho bc he's gonna make so much fun of the short person trying to baby someone taller than them
bc he's the shortest member of enhypen he loves teasing you
loves it when u wear his stuff bc it makes u look smaller than u alr are
omg y/n noona/hyung i cant believe your so small "sunoo stfu i see you on your toes trying to look tall
randomly remember how your older but shorter than him and just goes :DDDD and pats your head
takes photos w u a lot to look at the height difference pt2
idk i feel like he'd ask you for advice and stuff a lot if ur older than him
teases you, but like subtly
"oh let me get that for you i dont think you can realize that" but like in a way that its too nice to be real ykykk
but bc he is best leader he also takes care of you sm :((
tbh he doesnt really care that ur older, i mean like he's one of the youngest members in enha anyway
i can see him going from like hugging you to teasing you in like five seconds tho
esp bc hes one of the shorter members of enha he kinda loves it
this lil mf will not shut up
ALL the time
will not stop teasing you and does stupid stuff like hide your phone on like a high shelf or smth so you cant reach it
plus ur being older makes his ego sky rocket idek why
so he's gonna be all boasting and stuff
and then he acts really mature because "he looks older"
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lesbianstarlightglimmer · a year ago
me: wow i don’t feel great today :(
brain: you know what would make you feel better? a sudden burst of sadness that fireballs gone! ya know! dead! never coming back! *magica voice* he gone!
#me #meowz #animal death #growls #im in. a fucking mood. #customers were stupid as shit AS PER USUAL and that one irritating coworker gave me shit for not taking out the parked order #she basically shoved into my hands right in the middle of me putting together a large food delivery app order all while a large #family came in followed by another guy (who was then followed by another guy!) and then ofc the sonic by my work wasnt #taking mobile orders again for some reason and since it was past happy hour i didnt wanna pay full price so i went to the one further #up that street in the next town over and it took them forever too which ig was fine but then when i got home i was so tired i went #straight to the shower and when i took my pants off it hurt my leg and idk why but when i looked i had a huge whelp-y red mark #on my leg that hurts even when soft material goes over it like pj bottoms or blankets (my f*ther thinks it may be shingles) #and like i REALLY wanna pressure stim w my blankets but. it hurts for even feather soft touch on my leg rn #and to make things worse i was already bad bc of the gloves i wear at work feeling like they were becoming one w my skin #but then not long after dinner my gma and gpa decided to come over bc ig they could sense i needed to be alone and rushed on over #to make sure that didnt happen! and then they wanted to sit outside and my youngest brother decided to get in the pool #and he kept purposefully splashing near me to get me wet and there was a shit ton of mosquitoes and all i wanted to do #was be in my room in the dark playing acnh and/or drawing turts but noooo i gotta entertain my family #and this site running slow as shit is just the fucking icing on the cake #dont mind me #edit: forgot to mention the guy that came behind the family only had a $100 and it was still p early so i had very few bills #bigger than a 5 so it took forever w him too just bc i had to wait on my manager to shuffle to get me some $20 bills.......... #customers refuse to have anything less than a $20 and also hate having change like sorry bud! im already being forced to be nice #to you and like hell will i do math for you! fuck ooooffffff
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softyoongiionly · a year ago
Tumblr media
based on the time Jungkook said he needed someone to scold him so he’d remember to put lip balm on.
Jungkook’s had a really long day and the only that can make it better, is seeing you. 
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Word Count: 5.8k
Genre: fluff, smut, established relationship, jungkook has a man bun idk what else I could possibly want
Warnings: language, explicit smut (18+ only plz), oral (male receiving)
A/N: Hello yes, I am mess. I wrote this in like four hours and it’s unedited but wow wow wow wow I am GOING THROUGH it for Jungkook. Anywayz, I love u. here u go
Jungkook is in a bad mood today.
He’s been awake since 6am, he hasn’t eaten since mid-morning and, he’s been practicing for over 12 hours.
Worst of all, everyone else seems to be in a good mood.  
It’s not that he hates when his hyung's are happy, it’s just that when you’re in a bad mood-  sometimes the shriek of someone’s laughter can feel intrusive.  
“Alright!” Hoseok’s voice hits the practice mirrors and with Jungkook feeling oversensitive, he cringes at the sound of it, “Let’s go again from the top!”
Jungkook sighs through his nose, stretching his sore back for a moment before getting back into formation.
“Jungkook-ah! Push a little harder in the second half ok?!”  
Hoseok is in dance-mode and therefore he has no idea how loud he’s being.
Jungkook purses his lips and nods, taking a deep breath before shaking out his hands.
“Yah! Jungkook?” Hoseok calls, facing the mirror, his eyes searching for Jungkook at the back of the practice room.
“Yeh.” He grunts, barely looking up from the floor.
“Did you hear me?”
He nods, his hands fumbling around in the pockets of his sweatpants, “Push harder in the second half...”
The rest of the boys seem unphased by his uninterested demeanor. They are no stranger to exhaustion.  
“Alright- let’s go.”
For what feels like the 100th time today, Jungkook moves through the routine as if it were second nature. The movements feel robotic and the muscles in his arms are beginning to turn to Jell-O. The strands of his hair are covered with sweat and, he’s thankful for his newly procured undercut for lessening the amount of heat he’d normally feel after working out this long.  
He feels gross though.  
Normally, he enjoys working this hard but today he isn’t feeling it. In fact, the strain between his brows is getting a little painful as he really tries his best not to frown.
The new choreography is intense and as much he likes the challenge- after the 100th time of running through it, he’s starting to get frustrated.
Panting through his nose, he holds his position at the end of the routine before Hoseok finally calls it.
“Yahhhh! That was a lot better huh? You guys did good.” He praises, clapping his hands, “Now go get some water and then we’ll run it again...”
Jungkook sighs hopelessly, letting his head fall back on his shoulders. He cringes at the feeling of sweat collecting on his skin, wanting nothing more than to make it back home to his shower.
Amongst other things...
Grabbing a bottle of water off of the table, Jungkook has to work very hard not to crush the bottle in his hands as he eagerly gulps down what he can. He finishes the bottle in record time and as he reaches for a second one, he pulls his phone out of his pocket to check it.  
Tweety: hiii I hope you’re having a good day! Do you want to takeout tonight? I got caught up at the school and, I didn’t pull anything out.
Jungkook feels his tight chest loosen up a bit as he sees your text come through.
You made a comment one day that he ‘gives off bugs bunny vibes’ and he responded by comparing you to Tweety bird.  
Needless to say, the nicknames are dumb but you guys think they’re cute.  
Bugs: takeout sounds good. I’ll be there late tonight though :/ I hope you had a good day too. Miss u.
Jungkook has just enough time to respond to you before he is wincing at the sound of Hoseok corralling everyone back to the practice floor.
Again, again, again, again, and again...
He’s so tired by the end of the circuit that he’s starting to feel throbbing in his temples. Headaches are a common side effect of over-exertion and just as he is getting ready to beg to go home, they are calling it.
“Ok ok- good job! You’ve worked hard everyone. Let’s rest for a day and then resume on Sunday.”
Jungkook feels his entire body deflate with relief at the last words parading out of Hoseok’s mouth.  
His day is finally over.
He reminds himself to never wear new boots to rehearsal again because he can’t feel the tips of his toes and his fairly certain there are blisters on the of his ankles.  
“Are you riding with me?” Jimin asks him on the way out of the practice room, his voice decorated with exhaustion.
Jungkook doesn’t fully pay attention to his question, his eyes already trained on his phone.
“No, I’m getting my own car.”
Jimin looks confused for a moment before a small smirk comes over his face.
“Are going to see her?”
Jungkook doesn’t respond quick enough, his mouth parted slightly as he types out his message to you.
“Aren’t you worried what people are going to think? You’re over there a lot...”
Jimin isn’t being judgmental with his questioning and Jungkook knows this. He can hear the genuine concern in his voice and understands that his hyung is merely looking out for him.
“I don’t really care what people think anymore.” He answers honestly, ensuring that he keeps his tone as polite as possible.  
Jungkook’s had to worry about the opinions of others since he was 15. As grateful as he is for his career, he is growing tired of being unable to make his own decisions. His gaze hones in on the tattoos covering his fingers and forearms and remembers a time not too long ago where he was required to hide them. Putting a band aids on his own self-expression didn’t feel good and he sort of promised himself that he wouldn’t allow the expectations of others to stop him from doing what he wanted.  
Or seeing who he wanted...
“You’re getting bolder with age.” Jimin notes, somewhat proudly as his eyes flicker over to him, “You really like her, don’t you?”
Tweety: miss u toooooo. I ordered ramen
Bugs: I just got out. I should be there in 20 minutes. I’m so hungry
Jungkook feels his cheeks heat up at Jimin’s question and rather than answer him, he just kind of shrugs, his mouth turned up in a small smirk.  
“Yah, don’t hold out on me-”Jimin bumps his shoulder, tilting his head in an attempt to get him to look his way, “We’ve known each other for how long?”
Jungkook slips his phone back into his pocket and adjusts his bag on his shoulder.
“I think the answer is obvious hyung.”
Jimin rolls his eyes playfully, “If it’s so obvious then why don’t you just say it.”
The two of them lean against the wall of the lobby, waiting on a notification from their drivers that they are outside.
Jungkook bites his lip, in an attempt to reign in the grin that threatens his face.
“I like her.”
Laughter trickles out of Jimin’s lips as he bumps his shoulder, “Why are you shy all of the sudden? Is there something else I don’t know?”
There was something else Jimin didn’t know.  
Jungkook hasn’t told a single soul since it happened.  
He’s so incredibly private and after meeting you, he only has more of an urge to keep things to himself.  
“There’s nothing.” Jungkook mutters, his eyes eagerly looking checking his phone for the driver notification.
“You’re lying to me.” Jimin calls him out, “What is it?”
Jungkook shakes his head, tucking a bit of hair behind his ear. He licks over his lips and immediately regrets the fact that he forgot his Chapstick.
How’s he supposed to kiss you, if his lips are chapped?
“Jungkook-ah, tell me-” Jimin whines, tugging on his sleeve.
He merely snickers finally and shrugs him off, shaking his head, “There’s nothing to tell. Why do you think I’m hiding something from you?”
“Because I’ve known you for almost ten years and I-” Jimin begins before a knowing smirk comes over his face, “Wait- you’ve slept with her haven’t you?”
Jungkook’s eyes widen a bit, taken aback by his bold statement, “Someone’s going to hear you, why are you asking questions like this?”
His hyung giggles, deeply satisfied with his discovery, “You have, haven't you?”
Jungkook feels the threat of a smile come over his face again, “Why do you want to know? It doesn’t matter.”
“It matters-” He shoots him a pointed look, “Because we’re best friends? And I want to know. When did it happen?”
Jungkook is feeling a little bit bolder, unable to help the pride he feels that he was finally able to experience an intimate relationship, “Which time?”
Jimin’s eyes widen before he slaps Jungkook on the arm, “Which time??? You’ve done it more than once?”
“Shhh-” Jungkook whisper yells, his brow furrowing, “We’ve been seeing eachother for 6 months. Why do you look so surprised?”
Jimin chuckles this time, glancing behind him, “I just- I don’t know...it was your first time, wasn’t it? I just thought you’d make a bigger deal of it.”
He shrugs again, a smirk still lingering, “It was a big deal- to us. I thought you guys would just figure it out eventually.”
Ever the nosy one, Jimin slinks a little closer to him, a bit of mischief in his eyes, “It’s fun huh?”
Jungkook just rolls his eyes, brushing him off playfully, “I thought I was supposed to be the youngest.”
Jimin ignores his comment and just looks at him expectantly.
Giving up on holding out, Jungkook finally gives him what he wants and replies.
“It was fun.”
Jimin offers his signature bit of laughter again but before he’s able to interrogate him any further, Jungkook finally gets the notification that his driver is here.
“I’ll see you Sunday, hyung.” Jungkook gives him a short wave before adjusting his bag on his shoulder.
Jimin smirks and flutters his fingers in his direction, “Have fun.”
Jungkook just shakes his head, groaning to himself as he finally leaves the building.
Slumping into his seat, he shuts his eyes for a moment and tries his best not to fall asleep. Thankfully, his desire to eat his weight in ramen paired with his desire to see you keeps him from passing out.  
You and Jungkook have been together for a while now and although the initial nerves surrounding seeing him have lessened slightly, you still want to look good for him. Thankfully for you, when it comes to impressing your boyfriend- less is more.  
Slowly but surely, he has revealed his preferences to you but they have slipped out casually. He doesn’t ever want you to feel like you have to look a certain way for him.  
But you do know he likes black.
And you do know he likes when you wear oversized pieces.
The harsh bit of winter also makes dressing in gigantic hoodies and thick socks a lot easier anyhow.  
So you opt for something along the lines of cute but comfy and tend to your hair the easiest way you know how.  
Jungkook also loves it when you don’t wear any makeup. But he’s never told you directly, you’ve just figured out based on the way he gets all starry eyed every time you wash your face at night.  
The ramen is all set up in the living room and you’ve got one of the Christmas movies the two of you started the other day, ready to play.  
By the time you hear a knock at your door, everything is ready for a cozy Friday night with your boyfriend.
Upon opening your door, you are met with the sight of Jungkook- sweaty, soft and slightly sleepy standing there in all of his glory. He’s dressed in grey sweats and a big white t-shirt, his hair tied up messily atop his head. Along with the smell of sweat, you can faintly make out the remnants of his cologne and it stirs something deep inside of you.  
Jungkook’s eyes scan over you briefly, offering a small smile as he leans in to peck your cheek, “Hiiii...”
He sings the greeting, patting your hips as he quickly steps into your apartment.  
“Hello,” You sing back, giggling a bit, “Did you guys just now finish up practicing? Didn’t you start at like 7?”
Jungkook winces as he begins slipping off his big clunky boots, leaning back against your front door, “Yeah. I really thought they were trying to kill me- I did the new dance so many times, I lost count.”
Pouting your lips, you take his bag off his shoulder and hang it up on your coat rack.  
“I’m so sorry.” You murmur, shaking your head, “Did they give you tomorrow off at least?”
At this, Jungkook grins, nodding as he does, “Yeah, I was going to ask you what you were doing tomorrow cause I thought maybe you’d want to hang out. Our night was supposed to start a lot earlier...”
He looks regretful and even slightly annoyed.
He’s been having this issue a lot lately where his prior obligations and engagements seem to mean nothing to his directors, which never used to be a big deal but, now that he has you in his life- he never wants to let you down.
“I’m free all day-” You reply happily, before narrowing your eyes at him, “I have one condition though-”
Jungkook looks intrigued, cocking his head as he steps forward, “What’s your condition?”
“I need one of these...” Pointing to your lips, you pucker them and make grabby hands at your boyfriend.
He laughs softly, shaking his head as he closes the space between you, “I just got here and you’re already using kisses as collateral now huh?” His voice gets a little lower and before you can reply, his gently places his lips on yours, sighing out through his nose as his flutter shut.
Once he starts kissing you, you aren’t really able to think of a coherent response. Leaning into him, you hum lightly in your throat, tucking your lips between his.  
However, when you attempt to slide your hand up the exposed skin of his arm, he winces and pulls away.
Groaning, you can’t help but giggle, “I know- I know... ‘babe, I’m too sweaty. Let me just shower really quick and then I’ll promise, I'll kiss you so much better’...”
At your attempt to imitate his voice, Jungkook starts laughing- cute nose scrunched up with delight.
He kisses his teeth, “You know me too well. I’ll be right back.”
Jungkook leans in again and kisses you on the cheek before disappearing into your bathroom moments later
After his showering, he comes out in a baggy t-shirt and some sweats, his hair freshly blow dried and piled up on his head in a messy bun.  
He scarfs down his dinner in record time before the two of you settle back against the couch.  
You can feel him looking at you as you giggle at the TV but he doesn’t let his eyes linger very long. He just kind of stares for a moment before simply tightening his grip around your shoulders. He feels so warm beside you that you seriously wonder how long you’ll be able to stay awake with him being the human equivalent of a weighted blanket.  
When your laughter erupts again, Jungkook leans in to pop a kiss on your check, which broadens your smile that much more. It’s only for a moment before he turns back to the TV, seemingly satisfied with his actions. However, you decide to return the favor and smoosh your lips against his face, eliciting a snicker from his throat.  
You snuggle into him more, grabbing his arm that’s resting on the couch beside you and wrapping it around so that his hand is resting your lap. Leaning your head against his chest, you slowly began tracing over the markings on his skin lightly brushing your nails against each unique line. Jungkook’s eyes are trained on the TV and despite his blank expression, you can see the goosebumps forming on his skin.  
Regardless, you just keep going, allowing your fingertips to trace over the letters adorning his hand. Using your nails, you trace between each of his fingers, before interlocking them your own. Once you’re holding hands, Jungkook squeezes slightly, brushing his thumb along your skin which then prompts you to finally to turn to the side and look at him.  
He grins softly, still not glancing your way but choosing to offer a playful comment instead, “You’re not watching the movie...”
You laugh softly, reaching out with your free hand and tilting his face towards you.
“We’ve watched this movie four times-” You retort, “Besides I’m pretty sure I remember you promising me that you’d kiss me properly once you were out of the shower.”
Jungkook’s grin broadens, his doe-eyes alight with defiance, “I’m pretty sure you promised yourself that for me- I don’t remember agreeing to it.”
You scoff in mock offense, “Damn ok. So it’s like that huh? I buy you ramen and yet this is how I’m treated. I’m calling the UN...”
Jungkook laughs a little harder now, the sound a little sharp but intensely endearing, “It’s that serious for you?”
Pouting, you nod, “It is that serious.” You’re about to say something else before you brush your thumb over his lips and notice the dryness there, “Did you remember to bring your chapstick today?”
He immediately sucks his lips between his teeth and given that his ability to speak is no compromsied he simply nods, his eyes wide with false innocence.
“Mhmmm.” He lies
“No you didn’t!” You exclaim, laughing a bit as you press your thumb against the thin line of his mouth, “Babe, it’s so cold outside- your lips are going to start cracking.”
Unfurling his lips, he lets his head fall back on his shoulders, “I know, I know-” He whines playfully before his head snaps back up to yours, the same glint remaining in his gaze, “You have some right?”
You roll your eyes, “You know that I do.”
He snickers, quickly leaning in to kiss your cheek, “Can I have some then?”
Playfully shoving him off, you rise from the couch and shake your head, “I’m giving you one to keep in your rehearsal bag,” You shuffle over to your bathroom, “You better use it!”
He laughs as he hears your demand echo down the hallway before calling back, “Hurry jagi! They are so dry- I can feel them! They are so close to cracking!”
Seconds later, your hurling one of your many lip balms into his lap which he catches just before it hits him.
“Put it on...” You demand pointedly and he shakes his head.
“I don’t think I can-” He sighs dramatically, holding the lip balm out to you, “You have to do it- all of the moisture in my body is slowly fading away...my lips are trying to suck it all up.”
Giggling, you cross your arms, shaking your head, “That makes absolutely no sense.”
“Y/N! Please!” Jungkook chokes out, “Before I waste away...the winter-” His eyes bug out of his head, as his hand clutches his chest, “the winter jagi- it's going to dry me out completely.”
Finally snapping, you grab the Chapstick out of his hands before asserting yourself into his lap. He laughs, resting his head against the couch cushions whilst his hands sneakily find their way to your hips.
“You’re so annoying...” You grumble, still giggling yourself as he puckers his lips dramatically.
“I’m only following your recommendations.” He insists, making kissy noises at you, “Balm me up baby.”
Uncapping the chapstick, you press your chest against his before starting to drag it over his lips. As you get to work on helping him, his mischievous gaze slowly softens until he’s looking up at you with stars in his eyes. Carefully, you make sure every inch of his mouth is covered with balm, paying special attention to the corners and his lower lip. As you finish up, you put the cap back on set on the couch cushion.
He rubs his lips together, humming in satisfaction.
You smirk, “Better?”
Jungkook nods his Adams’ apple bobbing in his throat as he feels you shift on his hips.  
“Make sure.” He murmurs, puckering his lips, his eyes starting to swim with arousal.
You lean in, unable to refuse him before capturing his mouth in a kiss. Rotating your head, you slowly deepen the connection between your lips, drawing a sigh from the boy beneath you. You can feel his thumbs rub ever so gently against the back of your hips as he leans fully back so that your chest is resting on his.
He nudges your nose, allowing his tongue to brush against the bottom of your top lip, requesting entrance into your mouth. You accept him, licking along his tongue, a shiver running up your spine as he sucks slightly on the top of you.  
Jungkook really is a filthy kisser but you’d never guess by just looking at him.  
He’s quite sure his face is growing numb, his only focus on the way you’re making him feel and a somewhat annoying pain on the back of his head. His ponytail is digging against the wall, causing unnecessary discomfort to wash over him. Still kissing you, he reaches behind his head to pull the hair tie out, allowing his hair to fall freely around his face. You take the opportunity to slide your fingers between the strands, scratching gently at his scalp and causing a slightly shaky breath to leave his lips.  
He loves when you play with his hair.  
You use both hands now to tuck it behind his ear before using them to slide down the length of his arms. Finding his hands on your hips, you lace your fingers with his and bring them back up so they are pinned against either side of his head.  
The making out didn’t get him fully hard but as soon as he feels his hands pinned against the head of the couch, he feels his dick twitch almost painfully in his sweatpants.  
Smirking into his mouth, you delight in the sudden halt to his breathing. Subtly, he pushes his hips up a bit when you start kissing your way down his chin and throat. Jungkook summons all the resolve he has and goes perfectly still when you start placing soft kisses along the expanse of his throat. You feel the ache between your legs worsen when you feel his fingers tightening against yours. Jungkook is a very sensitive person, both emotionally and physically. Over the time you’ve become intimate, you’ve slowly uncovered all the little spots that drive him crazy.  
And you’re determined to kiss every single one.  
“You had a hard day huh?” You murmur sweetly, kissing up the right side of his neck.
All he does is nod, his eyes falling shut as he feels your lips getting closer to his earlobe.  
Placing another kiss at his hairline, you slowly kiss along the bottom half of his ear before capturing it between your teeth.
His breath immediately leaves his lips in a shaky mess, his eyes squeezing together as the grip on your hands tightens.
“I think I should help you relax after you’ve worked so hard don’t you?”
He has no idea what you plan to do to him but, he honestly couldn’t give a fuck.  
He’s too hard, too wound up and too into to you to ask any meaningful questions.  
Jungkook merely nods, not trusting his vocal abilities at the moment as he waits for your next move.  
A smirk comes across your face as you suckle lightly on his earlobe, knowing how much he likes it before using your lips to descend back down his neck.  
You lean away from him to get a closer look at his expression. Smoothed out in pure pleasure but also tightening slightly at the discomfort brought on by his throbbing dick.  
His eyes are still closed as you release your grip on his hands and he keeps them that way even as you move to grip the hem of his t-shirt.  
“Are you falling asleep on me?” You tease and he merely grins, shaking his head.
“Then why are your eyes closed?”
He doesn’t open them and instead allows a breathless bit of laughter to leave his lips, sound almost exasperated.
“I feel dizzy.”
His simple responses elicits another desire within you that intensifies your goal to make him feel good.  
“In a good way?” You check, playfully pinching his stomach as you slowly pull up his t-shirt.
He goes back to nodding, his hands coming down to assist you with your task. His hair flops haphazardly as the material of his shirt messes with it. You take a moment to admire how incredibly beautiful he is when he settles back against the couch, your mouth going dry at the sight of him. Flushed face, pouted lips, defined muscles and hardened nipples lay before you, and you are a little unsure of where to put your lips first.
Although it doesn’t really matter, your destination is the same regardless.  
Deciding on another spot that drives him crazy, you allow your fingers to brush along his ribs before leaning in to kiss over his defined chest. Jungkook’s hands are laying limp against the couch but when he feels your lips nearing his nipple, he turns them so they are able to grip the edge of the couch. Sucking his nipple into your mouth, you let you tongue rub against the peak of it. Jungkook sighs loudly from above you and you can’t help but smirk as he still doesn’t allow himself to moan.  
It’s a quirk you’ve noticed and you feel like it’s likely left over from the long-discarded idea that Jungkook has regarding his masculinity. No matter how often you tell him that making noise is perfectly ok (and really hot) he still waits till he can’t help himself.  
And to be honest, you’d be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy pushing him towards that point.  
After you finish kissing his chest, you begin trailing your wet lips down the middle of torso, taking a moment to suck over the soft skin of his not so softly defined stomach.
“All those hours in the gym are really paying off-” You mumble against his skin, brushing your fingers over his abs, “You look so strong...”
At your compliment, his lips part, one side of his mouth turning up in a slight smile.
“I wanna look good for you.”
It’s quite a ridiculous statement really.  
Jungkook would look good no matter how many visible abs he had but you know he likes the praise none the less.  
So you shower him with it.
“You always look good for me.” You assure him, kissing along the band of his sweatpants now, “I’m proud of you for working so hard.”
He grins a little more, leaving his eyes mostly close but allowing them to peak open a bit to watch you sink to your knees.  
“Thank you.”
He swallows back the threat of hyperventilation as he feels you spread his legs, his eyes closing completely once again.  
If you weren’t able to make out the sound of his breath picking up, the movement of us chest certainly would have given it away, his pecks heaving a bit as he tries to relax.  
But as you begin gently massaging up his legs, Jungkook realizes relaxing might not be possible.  
At least not at the moment...
He’s stained the seam of his sweatpants with precum which would upset him if it were any other substance but with his dick being so hard, he really can’t find himself to care about anything else.
Tucking your fingers beneath his sweatpants, you begin tugging them off of his hips, relieved that he isn’t wearing any underwear.
Jungkook takes another deep and shaky breath through his nose, tilting his head back again as he tries to center his thinking.
But you’re kind of driving him insane.  
Starting at his knee, you kiss all the way up his inner thigh, taking in the scent of his body- indescribable and mouthwatering, just like him. You stop just before his dick before repeating your actions along the other leg.  
Jungkook’s stomach is caving in at the teasing but he does absolutely nothing to urge you further.  
He likes the torture.  
“Is there anything you want me to do while I'm down here?”  
Jungkook bites his bottom lip at your question, knowing that you’re going to make him ask for it but feeling shy regardless.
“Yes.” He breathes  
You brush your fingertips over his balls, his hips only slightly twitching at the sensation.
He’s trying to stay calm, not wanting to get so ahead of himself he blows his load before you’ve even started.  
“What is it that you want me to do?” You murmur, leaning in to breathe against his length.
You’re expecting him to stall and use every other word to ask for what he wants but instead, he surprises you.
“Suck on it...” He whispers, taking a deep breath before exhaling on the word, “...please.”
Smirking to yourself, you wrap a hand around him- feeling him throb within your grip before kitten licking over the tip of him. After ridding his dick of all the precum, you decide to end his descent into madness and suck him into your mouth.  
You start slow, licking up and down the length of him, your core aching at the taste. Jungkook’s nails are digging into the couch cushions as he feels your movements, his teeth starting to chew on the inside of his bottom lip.
Bringing your hand into the mix, you guide a flexible grip up and down up, using your lips to suck on the tip of him, your tongue tracing the curves of his frenulum.  
Jungkook’s lips part in awe as he feels the combination of moves on his dick, his toes curling against the shag carpet. He knows that his vision will be swimming but he wants to watch you so badly, he decides to finally open his eyes.  
As he predicted, his vision is spotty and the dizziness he felt earlier is nothing compared to the way he feels now.  
It all becomes irrelevant though when he locks eyes with you. Your boyfriends normally innocent gaze is completely glossed over with lust, his mouth hanging open as he stares down at you, the same smirk slowly returning to his lips.  
Sucking off of him, you use your hand to jerk him off as you address him, “Does it feel good?”
He bites his lip, his face and chest decorated with the flush of arousal as he nods.
“Why are you so quiet then?”  
For whatever reason, your question tickles him and drunken giggle bubbles up past his lips,
“’ss too good.” He explains, shaking his head at you, “I don’t know how to say anything...”
Logically, he understands that you aren’t talking about him necessarily saying anything but more so referring to the lack of noise he’s making. However, he knows very well that he’s going to be moaning for you soon, especially when your mouth returns to his dick a second time.  
When he feels you palm his balls, his eyes fall shut again, his hips twitching all over the place when you resume both sucking and jerking him off.  
Jungkook knows he’s biting his lip really hard when he starts to taste a bit of blood but he doesn’t care, the pleasure he’s experiencing overpowering any semblance of pain.  
“Y/N” He whispers, “I’m getting really close.”
His warning makes you swoon because he sounds so desperate and yet he’s being considerate, not wanting to intrude your mouth with the taste of him.  
Despite the fact that, that’s all you want.  
You merely moan against his length, signaling for him to let go whenever he wants, your speed increasing all the while.  
“Fuck...” He whispers again but the word sounds like it got caught in his throat, “Fuck...fuck...fuck.”
Hearing him swear makes the wet disaster in your shorts much worse but you wanna make him cum so badly, you ignore it completely. The sound of him nearing the edge is enough to take him all the way in your mouth, hollowing your cheeks as you suck him harder.
Finally, he breaks- a whimpering skipping past his lips, one of his hands coming up to cover his mouth. As much as you want him to moan for you, you don’t want to stop your motions long enough to tell him.  
He throws his head back against the headrest, his eyes opening wide as he stares up at the ceiling in amazement. His body jerks as the first wave of his release hits your tongue and rope after rope, you swallow everything he gives you, sucking him through his orgasm and until the sensitivity becomes too much and he starts squirming beneath you.  
You suck off of him, allowing his softening length to rest against his lower stomach, which is now trembling with his heavy breath.
Jungkook pants, still staring him at the ceiling and while he’s coming down, you kiss along his hips, letting him take his time. Whilst you’re kissing up his happy trail, one of his hands reaches out to brush over your face. Its then you notice that it’s clammy and a bit shaky so, you take a moment to press a kiss over his knuckles, trying to encourage him to look at you.
“You’re shaking.” You whisper and before you know it, you can hear that same drunken giggle coming from his lips again.
Your boyfriend looks down at you, a deep sense of amazement in his eyes as he laughs still, a bit delirious.
“Yeah well-” He shakes his head, still trying to get his wits about him, “You should have a talk with your mouth about that...”
You giggle now, resting your chin on your hand as you admire how fucked-out he looks. His hair is a mess and he is covered in a light layer of sweat and if you’re being honest, you really want to jump his bones all over again. But you know he needs a minute.
“I just wanted to help you relax.” You claim innocently to which he just shakes his head, gesturing for you to get on the couch.
“Come here.”
You scramble up towards him, sitting beside his exhausted body and before you know it, he’s pulling in for a kiss, his smile creeping back when he feels your lips.
“You’re amazing.”
He sounds silly but sincere all at once, kissing softly at your lips before nudging your nose.
You smile back into the kiss, mumbling something of the same nature to him.  
The two of you kiss one another for a moment until Jungkook is pulling back, allowing his dark gaze to scan over your face, eyes suddenly full of determination.
“I think it’s time you relax too now, don’t you think?”
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watchmegetobsessed · 9 months ago
Hey Daddy - Bucky Barnes
a/n: so this one is a little more... lighthearted? idk but it was based on THIS request!
pairing: Bucky X Reader
word count: 1.9k
summary: You join Peter and his friends for a game of Truth Or Dare but you wish you stayed in your room when MJ challenges you to do a task that will definitely out your secret relationship with Bucky.
Tumblr media
You totally forgot Peter would have his friends over for the night, so you’re slightly surprised when you find him with Ned and MJ in the kitchen, but it’s a pleasant one. You’ve been spending a lot of time with him, being the youngest of the adults in the tower, you developed a great friendship with the youngster and his friends.
“Oh, hello guys! Good to see you again!” you beam at the three of them, Ned greeting you with a little wave and a stunned smile on his face. Peter has recently revealed that Ned might have a tiny crush on you, which you find cute. Though you’re more than a decade older than him, you find it endearing he is crushing on you out of all the amazing women on the team.
MJ nods in your way as she munches on her sandwich, if you didn’t know her better you’d think she is annoyed by you judging by the look on her face, but you’ve learned by now that this is her default expression, almost a happy one.
“Hi Y/N!” Peter greets you smiling. “How was your day?” he asks lightly. He is such a good kid, knows his manners and cares so much for others. The men in the tower like to tease him about his soft behavior, but you think it’s such a great trait.
“A little tiring. Training kicked my ass today, but it was fine. What are you guys up to?” you ask, grabbing yourself a canned soda from the fridge.
“MJ wants to play truth or dare, but only because she wants to make us do embarrassing stuff,” Peter huffs looking at the girl who just smiles with a shrug.
“Oh, I love that game! Used to play it a lot at parties too!” you smirk, remembering the times you played with your friends in the basement of your mom’s house.
“You want to play with us?” MJ offers.
“If you don’t mind…”
“Not at all!” Peter smiles, happy to have another person join their little group. Glancing at Ned you see that he is now blushing, the tip of his ears turning red as he keeps his eyes fixed on the screen of his phone. Poor kid will have to learn how to function around women sooner or later.
The game starts out quite innocent, it’s not even the wild version where you’re drinking, though it popped into your head to pour yourself some wine. But then you decided to keep it PG rated for the kids’ sake.
But as more and more rounds go down, the tasks and questions are getting a little… spicy. When MJ turns to you and asks you the question of the game and you answer before you could even think about it, you know you are in trouble.
“Dare,” you answer and want to take it back right away, but you don’t want to look like such a pussy. But then MJ smirks at you devilishly and you consider just walking out before she ruins your whole life.
“Alright, text all the other Avengers ‘Hey Daddy’ and read the responses out loud.”
The boys gasp as you press your lips into a thin line, knowing well it won’t end good on your side. Especially because there is one person whose response you would rather not read out loud.
You’ve been close to Bucky since day one and though you both were a little ignorant towards your feelings, a few months ago you finally moved your relationship a little further than just being friends. However you both agreed it’s better kept as a secret, at least until you figure out where you really want to head together as a couple.
Now, if you text that message to Bucky there’s no way he won’t write back something that would bust your asses right away, but you can’t back out now, you can only hope he is busy doing something else and won’t pay attention to his phone.
Pulling your phone out of your pocket you lean onto the kitchen island as the kids start cheering for you being a badass and accepting the task.
“Just hey daddy, that’s all?” you ask as you open your contacts.
“Maybe add a winking face,” Ned suggests and you shoot him a glare that immediately turns his face red as he shuts his mouth.
“The winking face is a good idea,” MJ nods.
“Thanks, Ned,” you mumble under your breath as you start opening the text threads, sending them all the same message. Tony, Nat, Steve, Banner, Clint, Sam, Strange, even Rhodey and at the end of the list… Bucky.
“And what, now we wait?” Peter asks.
“Place the phone here so we see when you get a reply and you’ll read them, we can move on until then,” MJ tells you, bossing you around like you’re not even a highly trained special agent who could take her out in a blink of an eye.
The first reply comes from Nat who just asks if you’re drunk. Then comes Banner, who sounds offended that you think he could be your father, totally missing the point of the text. Tony teases you about always knowing you had a thing for him, Steve kindly tells you he only sees you as a sister, Clint just reads the text and doesn’t reply. Sam just sends a simple “control yourself” message back while Strange threatens you to block you if you send another text like this again. Rhodey doesn’t even reads it.
You start to feel relieved when about twenty minutes pass by and no reply comes from Bucky. The game moves on and you almost start to forget about the whole task when your phone lights up again and your breathing hitches when you see Bucky’s name appear on the screen.
“Oh, another reply!” MJ beams as she urges you to unlock the phone and read the reply. When you do so and see his text, you almost just hop off the stool and run out of the kitchen. You consider saying something else, pretending like he didn’t write what he did, but MJ doesn’t take the bullshit and her patience runs short so she simply snatches your phone out of your hand and reads the text herself.
“I specifically remember you saying you’re not into that stuff. What else are you keeping from me about our sex life?”
You let out a long and tired sigh as the room falls silent and they all just stare at you in confusion before MJ slowly slides the phone back to you.
“Our sex life? There’s… there’s a you and Bucky?” Peter asks quietly, not sure what to do with the new information. An anxious chuckle slips from between your lips as you try to find a way to get yourself out of this massive trouble, but nothing comes to your mind. You’ve fought aliens, assassins, you were captured, tortured, went on a hundred mission in your life, yet now three kids defeated you with a game of Truth or Dare.
“Well, um… It’s a funny story, you know—I don’t… fuck,” you mumble, scratching the back of your neck.
“Are you like… together or is it just a friends with benefits thing?” MJ question, shooting you a curious look.
You don’t get to answer, because just as you are about to open your mouth, the man in talk walks in, a puzzled look on his face, phone in his hand, probably still dwelling on your latest message. His eyes spot you first, but then he realizes that you’re not alone and he freezes. It’s not that Bucky doesn’t like Peter or his friends, he just feels so far away from people these days, let alone teenagers who are about a century younger than him.
“Oh,” he breathes out, slowly walking closer to you. “Hello guys,” he murmurs shyly, trying to put the picture together as his eyes fall back to you and he sees how uncomfortable you are. Before he could get another word out, MJ speaks up and just as always, her raw style doesn’t disappoint any of you.
“Don’t worry, your girlfriend is not really into the Daddy stuff.”
You almost choke on your own breath as you turn to shoot her a glare, your hand moving to grab Bucky’s arm gently, sensing him growing more and more anxious with each second.
“MJ, I don’t think Sergeant Barnes is the right person to joke around with,” Ned mumbles, avoiding to even look at Bucky as you let out an airy chuckle.
“G-Girlfriend? We are not—“ Bucky starts, but you cut him off.
“No use to deny, Buck. They know it.”
Bucky huffs, closing his eyes for a moment before he moves closer to you, his hand coming to rest on your lower back. Despite the absurdity of the situation, this small little gesture makes your heart pitter-patter in your chest.
“Is there any chance this could stay between us, kids?” you ask with a charming smile, turning to the three troublemakers.
“I don’t know, what do we get out of keeping it a secret?” Peter purses his lips, pretending to have the higher ground, but you already know what’s about to come.
Bucky’s vibranium arm snaps to the counter top as he shoots a death glare over to the poor kid and though he definitely looks like he is ready to kill any moment, you know that it’s all just an act.
“How about I don’t rip your guts out, kid? That enough?” Bucky growls and while all three of them take a step back with wide eyes and dry throats, you just shake your head chuckling, placing a hand to his hard chest.
“Buck, no need to go all winter soldier on them. They’ll keep our secret, right?” you ask with an innocent smile and all three of them start nodding wildly, as if they just saw a ghost.
Seeing their reaction you realize it’s better if the game ends here and you let them be on their own. You thank for the fun time before grabbing Bucky’s arm and pull him out of the kitchen, heading up to your rooms.
“You shouldn’t have scared them that badly, Buck,” you scold him, but you still actually find it kind of funny, seeing their pale faces and fearful eyes at your boyfriend’s tough guy act.
“Well, they scare me too sometimes,” he mumbles shrugging. “Especially that MJ girl… she is just… weird.”
You can’t help but laugh at his words, a six feet tall super soldier with a metal arm being scared of a teenage girl with a big mouth, that’s quite an interesting concept.
“Hey,” you stop him before the two of you would part in the hallway. He turns back and his blue eyes soften on you. “Do you want to… sneak into my room?” you ask, biting into your bottom lip as you smirk up at him, sliding a hand up his chest, cupping his cheek in your palm. “We could have some fun… Daddy.”
“Wait, are you really into the daddy stuff?” he asks with wide eyes, making you cackle with your head falling back.
“Just shut up and come to my room,” you chuckle, pressing your lips against his as you pull him into your bedroom, shutting the door closed behind you.
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forestlingincorporated · 10 months ago
I wanna talk about Janet Drake
I’m not against exaggeratedly evil versions of Tim’s parents, tbh. It’s fanfiction, if we can depict an Exaggeratedly Good version of Bruce (which we can, and I do, and I love) then we can depict the Drakes as Exaggeratedly Bad. As someone who personally identifies with Tim, and his brand of complicated parental abuse in particular, I find it cathartic to uncomplicate that abuse and rescue him from the Obviously Evil Bad People. 
That said, since much of comics lore is passed down word of mouth, the oral tradition surrounding Tim has developed this idea of Janet as The Worse Parent between her and Jack that was never really present in the comics. We see much LESS of Janet, and we have 20 years worth of comics depicting Jack as a neglectful hotheaded idiot who ultimate does love his son. More importantly, Jack isn’t very much LIKE Tim, so there is a habit to attribute Tim’s traits to his mother... and, as someone who really really identifies with Tim, Tim has... some negative traits. Tim can be a bitch sometimes. He’s fiercely intelligent and sweet and kind, with a strong sense of justice, but he can be cold and judgmental and unthinking - he fights those traits, but he does have them. 
And it is perfectly fine to depict Janet that way. I’ve enjoyed depictions of Cold Calculating Janet Drake, but it’s not the ONLY option, and I want to challenge fans to consider different avenues. Tim could pick up these traits from anywhere: a nanny, Mrs. Mc Ilvaine (”Mrs. Mac”), a teacher, tv, Sherlock Holmes novels, Bruce Wayne himself. Tim is capable of not being like EITHER parent. 
So, what do we KNOW about Janet? (I’ll also touch on Jack, but only in scenes he appears with Janet.) 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
When Janet was first introduced she was depicted as a gentle but “modern” woman. This was written in 1989, told by a 13 year old Tim, so this theoretically was meant to take place in 1979. I’m not here to give a lecture on the history of sex discrimination in the united states, but much of the legislation protecting women in the workforce or surrounding women’s bodily autonomy would have been very very new in this initial depiction. 
Here, Janet is shown to be encouraging, emotional, maternal, and projects her own feelings onto Tim. Jack is shown to be slightly sexist, possibly discouraging, but not overbearing. And the artist is shown not to know how to draw children. 
To insert some speculation, I think it’s important to note all the Drakes witnessed a terrible murder/accident that day. I point this out, because this is the last time Jack and Janet are depicted this way. It’s possible they changed as a result of this event specifically. 
However, this is also a story being told by Tim. It’s also possible these events aren’t really “real” at all, and Tim is misremembering what his parents were like as a three-year-old, possibly projecting a more palatable version of his parents into the narrative. This is entirely up to personal interpretation. 
Tumblr media
In fact, the Drakes are shown in Legend of the Dark Knight attending Haly’s Circus, and the artist knows what a toddler looks like and they’re depicted as already having a slightly strained relationship. Jack is clearly on the defensive, and Janet seems to be passive-aggressive, though she could just be attempting to explain the situation to her toddler honestly. The intended tone isn’t especially clear. 
I do want to point out, in this depiction, Tim isn’t being carried like he was in the previous one. He’s walking ahead of his parents, which isn’t a terrible horrible crime, but could be dangerous in a crowded place like the circus. Might be a subtle hint to his parents overall neglect. 
Tumblr media
Back to A Lonely Place of Dying, in Tim’s memories of the night he discovered Robin and Dick Grayson were the same person at nine-years-old, his parents are home, and watching TV together while Tim played... trucks, idk, in the living room with them. (This is semi-interesting, because you could say “oh, Tim liked vehicle toys as a kid” or you could extrapolate that this is another subtle indication of Jack’s sexism, providing Tim with appropriately “boy toys.” Either interpretation is valid. If Tim was assigned female at birth, would they have been given “girl toys,” or allowed to play with whatever they wanted?) 
This is, to my knowledge, the only panel of the Drakes when Tim is between ages 3 and 13. They’re all together, which might indicate that the Drakes were home more often when Tim was 9, only later going on business trips when Tim was “old enough” but... 
Tumblr media
This is Tim’s boarding school when he’s 13. While most boarding schools in the US are for grades 9-12, Tim is clearly not a freshman at age 13; look how much younger the other kids in this panel are. In the US, the youngest you can attend most boarding schools is 7. 
That means Tim could have begun going to boarding school anytime between 7 and 13. He most likely spent all of middle school in boarding school, at least. There are an almost infinite number of possible ways the Drakes handled having a business that required lots of international travel, an archeology hobby, AND a very young child. Janet staying home until Tim was 7, 11, 13, is equally possible as the Drakes having a nanny until 7, 11, 13. Tim just doesn’t talk about that period of his life very much.
(”What about Mrs. Mac?” - it is unclear when Mrs. Mac begins working for the Drakes. We only see her when Jack comes out of his coma. She could either be a long standing staff member, or a recent hire.) 
Note: I’ve seen it said that it’s canon that “According to Tim, when his parents were home, they made a point to try and include him in their activities, bringing him along to events that were normally adults only.” I have never seen this panel, or I don’t remember it, so I cannot confirm, but I also cannot debunk this because... comics. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
By the time Tim is 13, Jack and Janet are away on business trips a lot, with limited communication, and no firm return date. If I’m feeling generous, I’d say it was harder to communicate internationally in 1990 than it is today. If I’m not feeling generous, I’d say the Drakes are extremely wealthy, and international communication was easier than ever before in the 80s and 90s. They’re not even going home to see Tim in a week or two, they’re going home and calling Tim at boarding school in a week or two. 
Even Bruce thinks its weird, though he doesn’t say so to Tim’s face. It’s written almost as if Tim’s parents’ neglect was meant to be a plot point that just got forgotten about. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tim’s parents are fighting at this point (their poor assistant), but Janet still goes with Jack on these business trips. And she’s clearly involved in the business, somehow, but the comics never SAY what Janet’s JOB is. We’re told Jack is the exec, but Janet is ONLY ever referred to as Jack’s wife, though they’re later described as the “heads” of the company, plural. 
Just to be clear, this is Jack’s business. There’s a perception that Jack is a bad business man because he and Janet fight over company decisions, and Jack looses the business after Janet dies, but Jack looses the company YEARS after Janet dies, and maintains it for about a year after No Man’s Land at that. We’re not told how Jack looses the business, but he’s got to be doing something right. Janet isn’t necessarily the “real brains” of Drake Industries. 
And I’m not... gonna... touch the... exploitation and racism because... I’m not qualified to do that. But, here’s the panel. The Drakes sure seem exploitative and racist in their business decisions. Someone else can... analyze that with more nuance. 
Tumblr media
Regardless how how long they’ve been fighting, when their lives are in danger, the Drakes fall back into a loving husband and wife. Their marriage may be falling apart, but they do care about each other. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I want to show these panels because it shows that Tim and Jack do have things in common. They’re both level headed in a crisis and can be somewhat cold in their practicality. Janet meanwhile and silent. Jack is later willing rant and rave at their captors, but Janet remains silent. 
Tumblr media
That is, until they’re alone, and she finally lets herself fall apart. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
God, Jack can be obnoxious. Janet just looks miserable and resigned. I actually think Tim takes after his parents in this respect in equal measure. Tim can have a temper, but he can also be fairly melancholy and defeatist. 
Jack keeps reminding Janet to be strong and in control, which could be period typical sexism? But Jack seems so practiced and ready with the words of encouragement, and with Tim’s history with depression, I wonder if Janet has an inclination towards it as well. 
Tumblr media
As the end approaches, when Jack brings up Tim, Janet seems to have a lot of regret. She talks about “wasting” the good things, and I don’t think it’s too big of a stretch to assume she’s talking about time spent with her only child. 
Tumblr media
From this point on, Janet is at times spoken of, but not seen. Like here, when Jack says Janet wouldn’t approve of him and Tim being so “far apart.” He says this after he tells him he takes back his threat to send him back to boarding school, which might imply Janet was against the idea of boarding school? Though she obviously lost that argument when she was alive. 
Jack will of course renege on this later, but that’s Jack Drake for you. 
Tumblr media
Or here in Tim’s illness induced dream, where he gets everything he wants. Though, since this is a fantasy of Tim’s, where his father and girlfriend are both more accepting and understanding than they are in real life, I would take this depiction of Janet with a grain of salt. 
Tumblr media
After loosing Drake Industries, Jack thinks about Janet (though, they call her Catherine/Cathy for some fucking reason) during his depressive episode. And... uh... 
Tumblr media
Hallucinates a Valkyrie???? Is this symbolic of suicidal thoughts, or is she... real? Or is he seriously hallucinating? 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Anyway, we’re not here to discuss Jack’s mental state, the fact that he forgot Tim’s birthday, or that concerning “I was going to knock some sense into you but you’re still bigger than me” statement from Tim, we’re here to talk about Janet. And even though this entire arc is about Jack mourning his first wife, they don’t SAY anything about Janet herself at all. I mean, they don’t even get her name right, so I guess what was I expecting. 
Tumblr media
Then there’s Origins and Omens, which also doesn’t say anything about Janet, except that Tim’s memory of her is faulty - Janet was poisoned, her assistant Jeremy’s throat was slit on television, but Tim seems to have conflated the death he did see with the death he didn’t. 
Tumblr media
The only piece of canon to suggest that Janet might be cold, is Tim compares her to Thalia. And even then, he’s really just saying Janet was protective of him. It’s kind of a scary look to make at your kid, but Bruce does the same thing, so. 
I do want to say... it’s not 100% clear if Tim is even talking about Janet. He could be talking about Dana. Dana was observably protective of Tim, though I don’t think he’s ever called her mom. He PROBABLY means Janet. 
Tumblr media
And finally we have Tim visiting his mother’s grave (in a duel Christian/Jewish cemetery, make of that what you will), where Tim says she was “a little religious.”
And that’s it! That is all we know about Janet Drake in New Earth. Hardly the Mom From Hell, but she isn’t perfect. I’d be interested in seeing some alternate depictions of her within the fandom. 
I’m still gonna eat up Terrible Parents From Hell like a starving puppy dog, though. Just some food for creative thought. 
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siriusmydeer · 9 months ago
Sirius x twin!reader where he runs away and doesn't say goodbye or anything, and they've always had a bad relationship because reader is like regulus and sirius is, well, sirius. baso angst where the reader is now ignoring sirius at hogwarts and sirius is trying to talk to her which is strange because before it was the other way round. she snaps and tells sirius how he knew what would happen if she ran away, and it was that she would get twice as many bad things to make up for sirius not (1)
the forgotten sister
sirius black x fem!twin!slytherin!reader
summary: sirius leaves you with aching despair the the faults that comes with being a black heir.
word count: 2.7k
warnings: child abuse, arranged marriage, angst, mentions of being imprisoned, mentions of death, mentions of violence, being disowned, mentions of death eaters, bad mental health, insinuation of depression, insinuation of a panic attack and bad sibling relationships
a/n: rate this cuz idk how to write angst but this has been sitting in my inbox for so long i’m so sorry
Tumblr media
it was clear as day in your thought-stricken mind, without a second thought it ran thickly through your families veins for generations. every single heir of the noble house of black had the one ranging emotion of anything in a malicious, loathsome, vile and horrid context.
brothers, they were suppose to protect their siblings, love and nurture them above anyone else. they were suppose to kiss your forehead when you were sad, play with your barbies till they wanted to rip out their eyes because you had nobody else to play with, they were suppose to show another emotion than trepidation.
twins, the bond shared between them in unmatchable to any other sibling, they shared a womb for nine months, a direct bond, no seperation for nine months, thirty nine weeks, two hundred and seventy three days, a total of six hundred, five thousand and seventy hours together. a bond that should last a lifetime, of happiness, absentminded chuckles, homeliness, and love.
that’s what it should have, that’s how it should look in the peering eyes of anyone who had looked upon the similar featured siblings.
sixteen years, the only thing you had receiving in attempts of happiness, absentminded chuckles, homeliness, and love; but not everybody got what they wanted, in return you had received the raw sickly end of despair, dejection and guilt. what could such a young girl do to upset her brother from the very second her life begun? since the first weep that left sirius’ mouth, it almost felt like a duty ringing through your brain like a recurrent lullaby rather than a curse to be ignored by your family, and to only serve them when they deemed necessary for your forgotten presence.
rather than the lullaby on how a spider ran up a web, the only word familiar words in your brain since the ripe age of six was ‘crucio.’ the red tinging flare that sped across your living room like a jolt of lightening from the sky had just become a familiar sight to see at while your panic stricken figure strided through your house for just a few seconds more of peace.
dense words could be shared with your twin, not even a ‘good morning’ on most days. maybe a subtle nod when he first saw you as you both woke from your slumber if you were lucky, maybe even a sparing glance once or twice throughout the day. the first and last born female at the hands of walburga and orion black was simply ignored, a nobody, absolutely and completely nothing.
atleast sirius was there, he may not have spoke to you, or even looked in your direction but his presence in the dreadful household could’ve been enough, enough to put your blearing mind at ease for the night. that you had survived another day, that the next passing day his presence still comforted you because he was still there, that even though he didn’t protect you; he could protect regulus when he deemed fit, and as much as it put you in a absentminded agony, you appreciated his efforts to your youngest brother.
the following morning you woke up, his presence was diminished. his aura had vanished, the pungent smell of nicotine had left no trace on the stygian walls, the husk smell of expensive leather no longer enveloped in your ventilation and the irritating scent of his nose itching cologne was in absentia.
twin-tuition the muggles muttered, when two siblings who shared a whom could know almost everything and anything about each other without a second blip of thought. the walk to his room was excruciating, because in your heart his comforting presence had fled. the pink floyd and beatles posters had been torn from the walls, the mahogany wood from his drawers had been completely dismembered and his closet had been utterly ransacked.
he had left; he had left you.
that was the feeling of despair.
not even a note in his absence, not an explanation, not a second thought, sirius was gone; and sirius was not ever coming back.
the duration of the winter ‘holidays’ had seemingly passed slower than usual with the absence of your brother, the dismembering two weeks had finally been put on hold on your mind. finally finding the will to get out of your bed and put your mental health back to where it could’ve functioned at a less than normal way, the usual way. except you were sent back onto the hogwarts express only clinging onto the younger brother you had left, mind you he would’ve went off the second he stepped aboard but three seconds with your brother could’ve put you off for nine hours.
there was no will to try, no persuasive black ‘i get what i want’ attitude left churning in your system, the feeling of disgust trembling through your veins that your family would never accept you as long as you remained ‘y/n’ and not ‘y/n black,’ so you had to do what was right to protect regulus. because even though his nurturing feelings were inattentive, you would still do what was necessary to protect him.
if you weren’t the keen resemblance of your family you could’ve believed that you were adopted, having no will to become a follower of the dark lord, and no will to produce dark magic.
yet, you did what you had to do, an action that in no way would have been thought about for you; but you had what the other noble heirs lacked, compassion.
every corner you turned you had no will to search for the gryffindor brunette, your eyes didn’t erratically search for his searing silver irises, you didn’t attempt to decipher the red and gold colours from the green and silver that could’ve been crowded amongst the library, or the great hall. any will you had left for the receiving end of love from your family had utterly vanished.
that was the feeling of dejection.
sirius knew that prior years to hogwarts that you had rapidly searched for him in every single corner, mind you even there was a possibility he wasn’t there; you never faltered, you still gaped intently. it gave him the slight aching pain that he carried with himself, but the viridescent green you wore had him believing that you were simply no better than lucius malfoy or evan rosier.
it began to itch at his neck that you no longer had the need to know if he cared, if he was in the same room as you, if you even had the decree to call him your brother anymore. seemingly, you were always in between the walls of the library, a vermillion, maybe amber hued book sturdy between your hands in your grasp as you flipped the pages.
if you hadn’t shared the infamous last name, people would have never believed the two of you were what you called siblings, twin brother and sister. the epitome prankster, outgoing, and womanizer of hogwarts, the timid, skittish, quiet pureblood slytherin; and they just happened to share the same blood.
the female twin adorned reading, not because each book had different words carved upon its ivory paper, and not because there were hidden messages upon the words she so happen to enjoy deciphering but she loved reading partially because it allowed her to cry over someone else’s sadness when she could no longer identify her own.
her heart left sunken, submerged into somebody else’s misery because her own feelings enough weren’t able to bare.
he was silent for once, his mouth not barking up a laugh with his mates, he wasn’t sauntering around like he owned hogwarts himself, he was timidly walking into the depths of the library that were hidden from students. he was suddenly thoughtless, but his mind was not clear, and now face to face with the ghost of his sister; someone whom he had no intention to know, but now the wave of empathy ridden into his bloodstream as he saw the sudden tears glaze her eyes.
“you— you don’t look for me anymore. i noticed that, you don’t try and, try and look.” he started almost rudely, the first sentence he had ever uttered to his sibling was assumably how she didn’t care for his presence anymore. he was unable to produce many words at his shock, his nimble fingers anxiously shoving themselves into the grey slacks he had boughten for this years semester.
“i tried, at first. but you’re not worth a look anymore, sirius, because everywhere i go, the shadow of you is all i see.” as you contributed your words they only continued to be more broken, and stammered. the whimper in your tone clear as day as you spoke to someone you once called family, and now a sudden stranger.
“you left sirius, you left your sister, you left your brother. you left the people that needed you most because you’re selfish, you were thinking of you, not of us. so you don’t fucking deserve to be considered anymore, you don’t earn my respect on being thought about, sirius,” you were tired, achingly tired of fighting. you were tremendously exhausted of trying to fight for just a tinge of acknowledgments from your family members.
“you knew if you ran and you didn’t take us with you it would get worse, and you did it anyway. that makes you a coward, i guess the sorting hat does make mistakes after all.” you concluded, now wearied from your brother suddenly giving you the time of day when you don’t care to yearn for it anymore. his decisions affecting you single-handedly the most, your emotions no longer considering his aching feelings as his sister dismissed him at the similar treatment you had recurrently received.
“now i’ve got this penetrating, life altering ink on my wrist, because of your foolish actions. i have to pay for it, and a husband awaiting me. so now that you’re going all cry baby on me because i don’t try and find you anymore, you can stick your dreary where it came from because your damage is done.”
he had no thoughts, no words, completely ambushed. his older twin sister, someone whomst he adorned as his role model as a young boy, something he would never admit to as a child due to his stubborn nature, was now a death eater and profused in an arranged marriage because he couldn’t give a thought about his despairing twin. but now sirius had finally revived the raw end of the final emotion,
he had felt the emotion of guilt.
because even though he was trying to scoundrel some effort of empathy towards you the only thing displayed in front of him was the way your eyes spoke a thousand words but no one ever took the time to read them.
he never took time to read them.
“you need to leave— you need to run! w—why are you still there?” he started to hastily question as he peered at you erratically. his mind suddenly starting to boggle with questions as to why you would keep yourself in such a harmful situation, why you wouldn’t just run like he did.
it was simple to you, you weren’t selfish, you weren’t sirius.
“because i cannot leave regulus in that god forsaken house, the dark lord and his pesky followers would find me, and our parents would torture me, and murder me without remorse.” you finished, saying it too him like you had scribbled it upon a paper and practiced reading it every night like you were preparing for an exam, as if you would be questioned and persuaded to leave under the hands of your parents.
“i heard you— with regulus, you wanted to take him but not me. you almost brought him with you to the potters,” you revealed to the gryffindor, finally having the will to tell him clearly, on how he had wronged you in life and that there was absolutely nothing he could do to fix his actions.
“why do you never pick me sirius? why do you not want me as your sister? ‘ve always tried to protect you, why haven’t you done the same?!” at first your tone was monotone, almost dead but as your words continued your patience grew shorter and your rage grew larger.
your hand further having to clasp over your mouth by the end of your sentence before your classmates would’ve have gotten curious, and nosy at the altercation that was happening between the death eater and the disowned behind the shelves.
“i don’t— i don’t know, i just, s’different.” he was left thinking in confusion as to why he treated you differently, maybe it’s because you were the eldest, maybe you were female and in his eyes you possibly resembled his mother, maybe he had absolutely no idea as to why he treated you different.
“you dont— you don’t know? suddenly when i don’t give a shit about you, your yearning for your older sisters love. well guess what sirius, you’re not going to get it. your damage is done and there’s nothing to reverse it; so bugger off with your gryffindor mates, and your new family. if you want regulus to have a decent life from what he can live left, take him now before they take him too.” you concluded,
your first and last conversation occurring with your brother, several words left unsaid as you left him dumbfounded in the library, feeling the shoulder on shoulder collision as you left.
breathe in, breathe out. simple, again, again, again. the valley of tears were almost screaming at your waterline to let loose, to cry, to scream, to do something, anything. perhaps instead, you stood astonishingly still inside the girls lavatory, thinking, just thinking.
‘what did i do in my past life to deserve this now’ it was a simple and clear question, one that could never be answered, one without an explanation.
but yet you yearned for such a simple, yet complicated answer, maybe in another life sirius had the will to know you, your parents had the decree to love you, and maybe you weren’t sent down a path of affliction.
but that was another life, it wasn’t yours.
time went by, seconds, minutes, hours, weeks and years. they flew by, and now you were no longer that sixteen year old girl. you were eighteen, dressed in ivory with a small train at your feet, makeup painted on your eyelids, a small veil placed onto your head and your hands throughly squeezed in another’s; with the dreadful matching injected ink into your inner left fore-arms.
as the years had flew to that moment, lost was a lovely place to find yourself, but it simply wasn’t enough; it would never be enough. you had to wear the mask, ever noble heir of black had their own personal one, the one that covered every detailed flaw of you.
because after watching both of your brother’s, your supposed nurturers, your protectors, the ones that were suppose to love each and every bit of your aching soul left, you never realized how strong you had to be until being strong was your only choice that remained.
because in essence happiness is just blissful delusion, that esentially wouldn’t last forever no matter how exceedingly much you pleaded to merlin for it too last a second, maybe a minute if you were lucky.
but noble heirs of black weren’t lucky, they were cursed. and now you were finally brought upon to carry the tradition your children would be barred with, now carrying the last name of ‘dolohov.’
still remembering clear as day, like the sun was beaming into your viewpoint that one conversation you had shared with sirius in the library. the despairing love still left in your heart for your brother, your brother who stood up for regulus.
no matter how much they dismissed you as their protector, as their sister, as someone who loved them, you would always carry love for them in your trembling heart. after the amount of curses you took in their place, the screaming threats, the weeps from both of your brothers that stained your clothes, the times you had to face your parents in their absence.
you still had love for them, even if it wasn’t returned.
perhaps someday when you found the courage you crawl back home, beaten, defeated, maybe half dead. but not as long as you could remember the mark of family embedded into your heart, and your arm.
the noble heir’s of black, imprisoned, dead, and married off.
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