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#idk i just woke up
welovehitcharoundhere13 days ago
I am completely convinced that at some point in Sprout and Hitch's lives, they've called each other gay as a joke, until they both slowly realized they were gay and stopped joking about it at around the same time.
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tortilla-of-courage3 months ago
Tumblr media
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maybeimamuppet25 days ago
i love that almost all of my mutuals are also mutuals with each other and we all post in the same circle bc it makes me feel like a tumblr archaeologist
like i scroll through my dash and am like 鈥渙k this post is here a lot where did it originate and when鈥 and then i get to go hunting for the first reblog
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eggicupa month ago
Just woke up, there's 65 notes I have to read hold up
I just read everything-
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limelocked6 months ago
Do you believe there are any "irredeemable" characters in fiction? I personally think that every single character can be redeemed, no matter what has happened or what they've done. Not to say every character SHOULD be redeemed; just that there are no truly irredeemable characters. What do you think?
Honestly? Dsmp has made me realise that redemption is a flawed concept in general, something that鈥檚 so inherently Christian and we just don鈥檛 question it because that鈥檚 how the cookie crumbles on that bitch of a religion
I think it depends on the show if a character will be viewed as beyond betterment like... Harry Potter as a media believes that Voldemort is beyond betterment. Some villain/antagonists are written in such a way where you鈥檙e not shown the path they got to get to villainy and even more often they鈥檙e written in a way where we don鈥檛 see signs that it would be a useful time sink to try and better this person
In terms of dsmp there are no characters that can鈥檛 get better I think and it鈥檚 because the world is so small and for other media... idk it would take a lot of time and effort but in theory yes there is no character that couldn鈥檛 be helped to be better, the question is just if the narrative would allow it which it usually doesn鈥檛
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stuckonspidey2 months ago
good morning callum is still in the car and now p3 for his class!!!!! also im p sure he is slowly biting at the gap to p2?
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x-bubble-bubble-x14 days ago
Hi! I recently saw your art about aphantasia. I have aphantasia too, and seeing your art was the first time I ever really felt seen. Especially for me as a writer. Everyone else around me could never comprehend it, trying to explain it was frustrating. As much as aphantasia sucks in some ways, I just wanted to say thank you for that comic and helping me feel seen as well.
Ay no problem!
I found out about it a couple years back and have been kinda keeping it to myself because it didn鈥檛 make sense how anyone could SEE things in their brain, like??? How???
The comic was more of a 鈥淚 have this and I鈥檓 not ashamed anymore鈥 kind of thing, and it makes me really happy to know my experiences resonated with someone qwq
It鈥檚 also neat how many aphantasiacs(is that a word? Well it鈥檚 a word now) are in fields where creativity and imagination are a main focus. May irony never defeat us
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adammilligana year ago
What do u think a Human!Midam AU would look like?
someone: you鈥檙e in love with adam aren鈥檛 you
michael: absolutely not
someone: then why do you write M+A everywhere?
michael: it stands for madness and agony
someone: hey! how are you?
adam, internally: mom told me not to fall for any old asshole on the street. so, what do i do? i fall for the asshole with daddy issues in the apartment next to mine. great. wonderful. i have a ten-page paper due tomorrow morning i don't have the TIME for this
adam, externally: i'm alright! you? :)
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incorrectqusa year ago
Ok listen...You know how basically in every comicbook or tv show or movie or wherever it鈥檚 always Earth that has some amazing power source or artifact or stone or whatnot. Well hear me out. What if the bad guy went to Earth for this all powerful relic, but then after defeating all the good guys he鈥檚 like 鈥淥h shit! This is Earth, not Eart?! Sorry guys really this was my mistake Eart is two galaxies that-a-way鈥 and then the villain just proceeds to leave without another word.
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kadeelecrica year ago
Okay but what if angels taste like candy
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sanitizedsubject8 months ago
//when pistachio first started falling for that inkling girl she probably tried to be poetic and was like 鈥渂e still my Beating heart!鈥 And everyone was like 鈥渨hat beating heart鈥
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nekoazumiea year ago
Rules: using only song titles from one artist/band, cleverly answer the questions and tag 10 people.
Tagged by @jd-sammy thank you for tagging me this looks super fun!!! I'm gonna do Green Day!!
What鈥檚 your gender? Reject
How are you feeling? Somewhere between FOD, Give me novocaine and Misery
Favorite mode of transportation? On the band wagon
If you could go anywhere? East jesus nowhere
Your best friend is...? No one knows
Favorite time of day? Nightlife
If your life was a TV show? Ordinary world or working class hero
Relationship status? Dont wanna fall in love
@crystaalpeaches @avocadodreamboat @squid--inc @harpsylvia @honeyyoubetter-believeitsbutter @kingscrown666 @emo-fish-thatcantswim @lynxsans @just-band-obsessed @curlylemonhead
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marcosllorente11 months ago
Leah is playing so well馃コ馃コ馃コ
as always x
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pumpkinsouptual11 months ago
*to the tune of justin timberlakes suit & tie* 馃幍as long as i鈥檝e got my soup and pie 馃幍
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remusrosesa year ago
When you get this you have to answer with 5 things you like about yourself, publicly. Then send this ask to 10 of your favorite followers. (Non-negotiable, positivity is cool!!)
my eyes
my lips I guess
uhm I like that I can care well for my friends
my writing?
*something else*
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goodupstandingcitizena year ago
So that makes us all clowns Citizen. At least it鈥檚 a clown world so we needn鈥檛 feel out of place.
We are all global citizens of clown world
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gold-sunna year ago
Whys the dteam fandom so quick to turn on dream
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societal-hazarda year ago
i had a thought
When Roman comes back in DWIT he starts bickering with Remus until he leaves
In the beginning of the show, he would bicker like that with Virgil
That was probably just how he thought dealing with dark sides like that went, because he assume Virgil was like his brother.
it would also make sense as to why he doesn鈥檛 do it with Deceit, because a) Deceit doesn鈥檛 really give him much room to, and distracts him (for example in CLBG Roman acts with disgust,聽鈥淗owever he is very kind鈥 And Deceit compliments his outfit. Presumably hes done that before because of Roman鈥檚 comment)
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panicattheeverywhere132 years ago
Ok so I was reading @limitededitionsanderssidesblog 鈥榮 Virgil theory, which is amazing detailed and thought out btw.
And I noticed one line:
Tumblr media
I myself have thought of this on multiple occasions but when I heard the last part, 鈥淒o no evil.鈥 I had an idea,
What if the last dark side is Truth? Or something similar?
Usually, doing no evil kinda goes hand in hand with truth, so imagine if this new side comes up and all of a sudden everyone could not lie?
And yes I know people talk about Patton being truthful and he definitely is, but his truthfulness is more under being morally correct.
Imagine this 鈥淭ruth side鈥 comes out, and makes everyone tell their own secrets, like how Logans been feeling left out/ ostracized in the recent videos, or how Roman鈥檚 鈥渂ad feelings鈥 are getting worse.
But when it gets to Virgil he begins to panic, he gets so worried about telling his secrets he doesn鈥檛 notice Deceit has appeared, and he tells everything, including Virgils past.
Then they all break.
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nauticalleedsa year ago
is this harry鈥檚 way of telling us he is transforming from a frog to a fish
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