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#idk i want it to be tomorrow night after both my exams so i can be freeeeeee
burnedbyshoto · a year ago
house sitting & concupiscence
Tumblr media
— In which Endeavor asks Shouto for a favor, and Shouto decides to take his payment by fucking you on his bed. —
pairing: todoroki shouto x fem!reader
warnings: cursing, 18+ smut, dom!shouto, masturbation, toys (spreader bar, bondage, vibrator, collar, leash, gag, & fuck machine), master kink, spanking, temperature play, marking, pain, choking, torture punishment, overstimulation, voyeurism, slapping, oral (giving), hair pulling (receiving), semi-brat taming, anal (receiving), breeding kink
word count: 18,631
a/n: i know its long, but,,, please read LMAO. this took me a full ass week to write. im exhausted, im buzzing because idk how this went LMAOOOO, let me know what you think! please carefully read the warning, I will not be addressing anything about anal in my askbox (unless youre roasting me, which is understandable because lmao)
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“Why are we going to your dad’s house?”
Tonight was supposed to be your date night with Shouto, and given that for the past two months, the two of you had been busy every day and night adjusting to being working adults, the two of you had been excited to go out. Next week would make two years, but it seemed the two of you would only be able to celebrate it during the dead of night. So, with a kind smile and a gentle kiss, you convinced Shouto that the two of you could celebrate the week prior. After all, it didn’t matter that it wasn’t quite two years; you both loved each other plenty enough to overlook the actual date.
Like for any celebration, you found yourself sitting in front of your vanity mirror as you applied your makeup. Your hair was done up in the most elegant style you could muster on your own, and you wore a simple yet gorgeous little black dress. Your head tilted in the mirror as you looked at your reflection. Your legs were shapely and smooth from the increased physical work you were doing, and the heels you paired with the outfit hung from your fingers.
You thought you looked hot, to say the least. What you didn’t expect was for Shouto to step into your shared room with his nostrils flared and eyes cold. Your eyes widened as you turned toward him, but the anger in his face disappeared immediately as he took you in.
His eyebrow quirked; a natural smile pressed into his face as his hands shoved into the pocket of his slacks.
“Don’t you look beautiful,” Shouto comments as he strolls up next to you. The steps were so casual, it was as if the two of you were strangers flirting in a bar, and not lovers two years into a serious relationship. “Who got you this outfit?”
Biting your lip, you chuckled, your arms wrapping around his neck, and you relaxed as he locked his around your waist. Your fingers rose to brush his short hair, the undercut was new, but it was a look you very much enjoyed on him.
Rising up onto your toes, you smile, seeing the way he leans towards you until your ruby painted lips brush against his earlobe.
“Your brother,” you tease, laughing loudly as he moves away, mock disgust and jealousy on his face.
“My brother? I’ll teach you to accept such pretty things from people who aren’t me,” Shouto warns as his fingers slip under the hem of the dress, eliciting a shout from you. He doesn’t seem to be deterred as his fingers hike the skirt of the dress further up until your cheeks turn red, and your protests are nothing but stutters.
“T-The reservations, Shoucchan,” you manage to get out as his lips press against your jugular vein.
“What about them?” Shouto mumbles against your skin as he backs you towards the bed.
“They’re s-soon,” you gasp as his teeth skim your skin, and his hands massage slowly against your ass. “We can’t miss it.”
Two months of hardly seeing each other also meant two months of not having sex or any sort of physical contact, and your actions exposed your need quickly. Your heels dropped with a loud clang, and you let Shouto do as he pleased.
To your dismay, however, the clatter of your heels on the floor caused Shouto’s ministrations to cease. Your eyes blinked as you focused back on him, your chest hammering and lust scorching your skin as you tried to concentrate on your boyfriend.
His eyes were once more consumed with the irritation and annoyance that had plagued him before you two interacting. Groaning loudly, you did not miss the way his eyes rolled before he focused back onto you.
“…we have to cancel the reservation.”
So, there you sit in the car, still dressed up with Shouto to your right driving, his hands clenching so tight around the wheel that his knuckles are white.
You sigh and tug his arm towards you. The way he attempts to jerk his arm away doesn’t escape you, but you still clutch his arm and lace your fingers with his. You place a soft kiss to the back of his hand and smile when you see him relax. It’s a small victory, but a victory nonetheless.
“Are you going to answer my question, or are you going to leave me in the dark?” You ask again, stroking the back of his hand with your thumb.
Shouto sighs and looks over at you. His face is still set with annoyance, but his eyes brighten when he looks at you, and his lips quirk into the smallest of smiles.
“You’re annoying,” he says, and you scoff in protest. He smiles broader and brings your hand to his mouth and presses a gentle kiss to it.
Shifting in the leather seat to face him a bit better, you stretch towards him, your eyes wide with curiosity. “Answer my question, brat!”
Shouto sits there for a bit, gathering his emotions before he sighs, annoyed once again. “He asked Fuyumi-nee to take care of his house for tonight.”
Your eyebrows scrunch. You know that Fuyumi has a vital interview tomorrow for her job, and knowing the hero’s life, she would have to stay there late into the night. “Doesn’t she have the—?”
“Yeah, so she said no,” Shouto sighs, his hand in yours tightening. “Natsuo also has a lot of exams, and he and Endeavor aren’t on good terms still, so… that’s why he couldn’t take it. So, Endeavor called me and pulled a ‘you owe me a favor’ card from our second year. Didn’t fucking care that I had plans.”
“Why does he need someone to take care of his house?” You ask, trying to keep Shouto from hyper-fixating onto Endeavors’ ignorance detail. “He lives there alone?”
“He’s paranoid about some low-class villains going to his door when no one is there since his address was exposed,” Shouto rolls his eyes as the two of you pull into the driveway of Endeavors Residence. “Some fucking number one hero he is.”
“And he wanted Fuyumi to watch the house?!” You gasp, your eyes widening. Shouto nods his head as he unbuckles his seatbelt, and he’s out of the door before you could finish asking your question. You sigh and unbuckle your belt, knowing how infuriated Shouto is.
Your brush your hair out of your face, and the car door opened. You looked up with a small grin as Shouto offered you a hand.
“If I’m being forced to spend our anniversary here, I’m going to do it correctly, as if everything was going according to plan.”
Giggling, you let Shouto help you out of the car, and you couldn’t help but bring your exasperated boyfriend in for a gentle kiss. The kiss lasts less than a few seconds, but as you pull away, the irritability on Shouto’s face is gone as he smiles.
“I love you,” he says, closing the car door behind you.
“I love you too.” You smile like a lovestruck idiot as he begins to lead you to the front door. “We should have brought our costumes; surprise a few lowlives with our signatures.”
“Are you suggesting we let them rob Endeavor?” Shouto asks as he unlocks the front door.
“I just might be!” You laugh as you step in and remove your shoes.
It was currently five in the evening, and thus your date night commenced.
After two hours, you found yourself curled up on Shouto’s lap. You busied yourself with shoving popcorn in his mouth as you two watched Avatar the Last Airbender. The two of you had been watching it together since Shouto finally confessed that he had no idea why he was always compared to Prince Zuko.
Months of watching a few episodes every occasional night when you two had time lead you two to the finale now.
“I see the comparison now,” Shouto admitted with a mouthful of popcorn, and you hushed him again.
“Zuko may die!” You cried as on the screen, Zuko faced off with Azula, “He can lose, and you finally getting the comparison to the hottest man in the world is not a good excuse to distract me!”
“We can use fire, a scar, and a horrible father,” Shouto continues talking despite your attempts to quiet him as fire and lightning roared on the screen. “I was never the bad guy, was I?”
“You were a complete prick in the beginning, like Zuko,” you point out as you still focus entirely onto the T.V., “I mean, you did threaten to kill someone when we were fifteen. Talk about edgy! Plus, you didn’t want friends until Deku destroyed half of his body for you!”
“You’re an asshole,” Shouto huffs as he pushes you off of him, and you groan as you watch as he stands up.
“Where do you think you’re going?” You call after him as you sit up onto your knees, you faced him as he walked out with his cellphone raised for you to see that he was getting a call from Endeavor.
Your mouth drops, and you nod as Shouto walks outside to talk with his dad. You settle back down onto the couch and grab the remote, pausing the show and sinking into the sofa. Your fingers brush against your dress as you wait for Shouto to come back.
It felt like an eternity before Shouto returned; the front door slamming behind him, causing you to wince. Shouto stormed over, his eyes blazing with fury, and he clenched a case in his hand as he glared in your direction. It would have been unsettling had you not known whom his anger was directed at. He stops a few strides away from you, clearly not in the mood to finish up the Avatar series.
“What happened, baby?” You ask, standing up. A soft scoff escapes his lips as he shakes his head.
“He thought I was here alone,” Shouto explains, his head low. “He makes me come take care of his house, knowing that I had plans tonight, then he expected me to be here alone?!”
Your eyes widen as a chill runs down your spine. Endeavor was not a people person, that was a given, and there was no saying whether or not he liked you being Shouto’s girlfriend, but for him to not like the idea of being here was a bit off-putting.
“Do you need me to leave?” you find yourself asking as you walked over to Shouto with short strides. You knew that their relationship, while it had vastly improved since three years ago, was still rocky. You wanted Shouto to be as comfortable around his dad as much as possible, even if it meant you stepping away when needed. “I can get—”
“No,” Shouto snaps, his nostrils flaring, a furious fire flashing in his eyes, and his lips curling into a wry smile. “You’re not leaving.”
“If Endeavor doesn’t want me—”
“Fuck what Endeavor wants,” Shouto growls as he lets you pull him into a soft embrace, but he’s tense and doesn’t melt into your touch like he usually does. “I want you, y/n, and he ruined our night. He doesn’t have the damn right to tell me what I can or can’t do when I’m happy.”
You nervously licked your lips as you stroked his back gently in hopes of derailing his palpable anger. There was just no use in having Shouto getting worked up about something that Endeavor wasn’t going to be able to change in the long run anyway.
“It’s okay,” you whisper as you pull away, your eyes trying to shine brightly as you press a gentle kiss to his mouth. “I won’t leave!”
There’s a harsh stream of air that escapes his nose, and he’s stiff against you, his lips unmoving, but he returned the kiss nonetheless.
“This is our night,” you whisper against his mouth as your lips press against his jawline and pepper slow kisses down his jaw. He seems to have an internal battle of remaining angry and caving to your touch. “You have a room here, it’s just us two, let’s have some fun! Come on, forget about Endeavor.”
As a hero, there were moments where you could feel impending danger or something on the horizon. Be it a sixth sense, or just fantastic gut feeling, but the moment those words left your mouth, they hit you in the gut. Pulling away, your eyes focus on Shouto, whose eyes are shut tight, and you watch as his jaw muscle flares before his eyes open.
Todoroki Shouto was no longer his younger self. While still prone to acting solely on his emotions, he was in control. The last time you had seen the pure rage in Shouto’s eyes was long before the two of you had been together, and something crawled down your spine as you attempted to speak, to understand what he was thinking about, and to stop whatever he was planning.
But then he let out a dark chuckle.
And you were too slow.
His mouth slams against yours, and your body goes back with the collision, but he doesn’t let you free. His kiss is hot, drowning, intoxicating, and full of burning energy that you didn’t realize he had in him. His free hand presses into your lower back, keeping you pressed against him as his mouth tries to get you to break. Your hands press against his shoulders in an attempt to slow him down, but it doesn’t seem to have the effect you were hoping for.
His hand leaves the bottom of your back to tangle into your hair, your resounding groan of both pain and pleasure resonates through you, and it clouds your judgment. Your hands — against your better sense — wrap around the back of his neck, drawing him in closer. His hot tongue swiped at your bottom lip immediately.
Not wanting to give in to his insistence, you purse your lips against his harsh kiss. He didn’t seem to agree with you. The hand that held the black case smacked against your ass, and you gasped at the stinging pain as the case rattled.
His tongue invades your mouth in an intense affair, and your mind spins at the way his tongue drops in temperature before warming up. It sends a pleasant and dull throb through your body, and you moan into his mouth. Were you really going to let Shouto fuck you in a house that wasn’t yours? The two of you had fucked in places that weren’t your house, but it was never a family home, much less his dad’s house, but his tongue curls to tease the roof of your mouth, and it sends an uncontrollable shudder down your spine.
Your cheeks glow with embarrassment, and your eyes are wide in shock. “Shouto’s really going for it,” you thought. His lips are scorching, but it’s his eyes that make your thighs tremble. His eyes are nearly glowing with lust and desire, there’s still that animosity in his eyes and a sense of arrogance that made you want nothing more than to retaliate.
“I hope you’re ready for what’s happening tonight,” Shouto smirks, and you pant trying to control your racing heart.
“You know I am,” you lie confidently, despite the tremor in your voice and the weakness in your knees.
His hand moves to your cheeks, and you feel a growing heat from his hand as he places yet another ardent kiss onto your slowly bruising lips. Shouto’s lips are magnetic against yours, continuously pulling you in, sucking you in until you were gasping for more. Then he would move to nibble on your senseless lips in your overwhelmed state.
Low and soft pants with intermixed gasps begin to leave your mouth as you try to calm down, this kiss was so unlike his typical embrace, but you fucking loved this dominant persona that he dons. Your arms wrap around his neck, drawing him nearer, eliminating the space between you so that nothing could dare to come between, but your hips have a mind of their own, and you feel yourself grinding your crotch against his.
A low and nearly angry hiss leaves his lips, and your breath hitches as his mouth leaves yours. In a fashion similar to yours earlier that day, his mouth presses multiple kisses against your jawline, but they’re sturdy, intense, and full of teeth. Your mouth drops as you let out a curled moan at the feeling of his teeth sinking into the skin below your jaw.
It wasn’t a typical love bite; this was marking. You could feel his intent to break your skin with the mark, and the heat between your legs flared as he took a step forward, and with that, you made a step back.
You’ve only been to this house a few times, and most of the time, you only come here for Fuyumi’s sake of keeping the family close. Awkward yet lively dinner conversations had led to Shouto showing you his childhood room that hadn’t been touched since he was fifteen. Sure, the two of you were nineteen, but a bedroom that hadn’t been touched in four years was something sinisterly haunting.
Shouto’s bedroom was the closest to the master bedroom — Endeavors room. That you knew because the grandest and most intricately beautiful door in this house belonged to Endeavors’ room.
Imagine the horror that sank in your when your lust hazed vision watched as Shouto’s childhood room passed you and your back hit a door.
“Shouto! This is—”
“I know,” Shouto growled against your burning neck. He had left enough bites on your neck to hurt, but the throbbing pain only added to the throbbing heat of your core. “You deserve to be fucked on a good bed, not my childhood one.”
“But Endeavor!” Pathetically you try to get him to move off you, but Shouto opens the door, and the two of you stumble in. “We can’t—!”
“Don’t worry,” he chuckles as he pulls away from your marked neck, “he won’t know.”
Your eyes widened as he lets you go, and you hesitated in moving towards the enormous bed before you. This was too much, you couldn’t let Shouto fuck you on his dad’s bed! That would be so disrespectful! Blatant and honest disrespect! Even if Shouto was in a “fuck his dad” mood, you couldn’t let this happen.
Turning to face your boyfriend, the release of him on your body, allowing you to think logically, you were ready to stay firm in your decision.
“What are you doing?” Shouto asks as he walks to the bed, placing the black box onto the bed with a quirked eyebrow. “Get on the bed.”
“N-No,” you wheeze out. Wow, go confident you! “We can’t fuck on Endeavors bed! T-That’s going too far! I… I can’t do that!”
Shouto blinked slowly, once, twice, and then returned his attention back to the case as he released the clasps.
“Don’t worry about it,” Shouto says as he lays out a few things from the box, and a nervous shiver goes down your spine as you see what he brought.
A collar, leash, vibrator wand, ball gag, a spreader bar with bondage cuffs, so much lube, and a fucking machine.
Your jaw drops as he lays them out neatly, his eyes turning back towards you, and there’s a silent moment where the two of you simply stare at each other.
“That’s going too far,” you squeak as you pull at the hem of your dress, the nerves hit you as he shifts to look at you directly. “I can’t… if Endeavor found out, he’s going to kill us!”
“Endeavor isn’t going to find out,” Shouto’s upper lip curled into a snarl as his eyes flashed dangerously. “We’ll wash the sheets, whatever the hell makes you convinced he won’t find out. But right now? I fucking need you the way I was planning on having you.”
His words fall almost alluringly in your ears, and goosebumps flash across your skin; butterflies fly in your stomach as you moan at the thought of what his intentions were for tonight. You chewed nervously on your bottom lip as you thought it over, trying to figure out what exactly you needed to do because there was no getting out of this. You were beyond horny now, but it didn’t take much to see the danger in doing this.
But no, you couldn’t do this!
“Shouto, let’s — oh my god!”
Shouto, while you were lost in your thoughts, had begun to strip off his shirt. His toned and scarred torso ridiculously defined in the lighting of the room, and he stared at you dead-on as he ran a hand through his falling locks. Your breathing turns into a frenzy as he walks over to you, his hands slipping into the pockets of his slacks until he’s centimeters before you.
Your eyes struggle not to scour your boyfriend’s body like some hormonal fangirl, you recited the Pro Hero Guidebook in your head as you fought off the urge to just jump him. Were pheromones a thing for humans? If they were, he was definitely putting you under some spell that was making you succumb to his own lusts.
“I know what I want,” he whispers as his lips brush against your sore neck, and a voluptuous moan resounds loudly from you. Your breasts rise and fall quickly as your hands press against his warm skin, and your eyes flutter closed as his lips press heavier against your skin. “I know what I need. I need you more than life itself, and I only want you, y/n.”
Not daring to open your eyes in fear of having this gone too soon, you feel yourself nodding.
“Fuck me right then…”
A chuckle deep in his throat reverberated against you, and then you felt his lips back on you.
Hot, fast, dangerous.
You struggled to keep up as Shouto tossed you up, and your legs automatically went to wrap around his waist.
Hunger, desire, need.
That was the way Shouto kissed you right now, his lips downright eager, yet it wasn’t the right word to use. You could feel his hard-on pressing against your ass as you drew him in closer. Hands pressed against his neck, clawing at the bare skin as you wanted more from him — you craved more from him.
It was when you pressed your chest into him that caused a small yelp of protest to escape your lips. In your impassioned drunkness, Shouto had been holding your ass firmly in his grip. His fingers digging into your soft flesh under the hem of your dress until he seemed to be sick of it.
The sound of ripping fabric echoed in your ears as you pulled away from Shouto’s luring mouth. The dress fell loose around your body as you watched as he pulled the remains of your dress from between the two of you. You slammed your hands against his chest in protest as Shouto took the destroyed material and tossed it onto the floor.
“It was in the way,” Shouto chuckles as he ignores your protests as he brings you back in for another kiss. “I’ll buy you a new one, I’m the one who bought it after all.”
Your eyes twitch as his fingers trace the lingerie that remained secured on your body; the anger you had vanished quickly the moment he brushed his thumb over your clothed nipple. Yes, there were apparent problems with knowing everything about your partner’s body, as in times like this, your anger flew out the window as his thumb and forefinger pinched your nipple.
You reacted with a shrill mewl as your hips automatically ground against his, and your head slammed against his shoulder. You felt his cold fingers press the bra down, and your mind nearly went blank as his calloused fingers made contact with your sensitive nipples.
“S-Shouto,” you stammer as you feel your neck blushing as his teeth nip at your earlobe, tingling pleasure scorching your body as he does it a few more times. Low and sultry moans escape your mouth as the heightening bliss of this interaction was getting to you.
“Fuck,” Shouto chuckled as he began moving towards the bed, and you tremble as the friction between your crotches increase. The pressure of his clothed cock sends your mind spinning against your barely covered core. “You’re so gorgeous, love.”
Panting in agreement, your hips bucked weakly against his as the pleasure of him biting your earlobe, his fingers pinching, pulling, and rolling your nipple, and the way his hips met your grinding hips.
Low and pounding heat grew in your stomach, and you whimpered as his hand groped your breast.
But then it was gone, and your body was tossed against a soft bed.
The coolness and freshness of the sheets once more sent a memory of whose bed this was. And the consequences for your actions.
“Shouto!” You squeaked as Shouto climbed onto the bed, his hands holding the lube as his eyes glanced at you.
Lust, amazement, love, and confusion.
“What is it?”
“This is Endeavors bed,” you find yourself repeating, although you were past the point of caring. It just came back up like word vomit.
“Fuck what he says,” Shouto snaps as he drops the lube. His eyebrows were scrunched together in his annoyance and anger, and you could see the muscles flaring in his jaw. There’s a cold laugh that leaves Shouto’s mouth as he grabs the spreader, and you feel your heart stop. “I don’t like it when you’re saying other trash names when I’m about to fuck you, princess.”
Your eyes widen as Shouto is by your feet with the spreader, his head down, and his hair falling to cover his dark eyes.
“I think you need to prove to me that you deserve to let me fuck you.”
Before you could ask, before you could question his actions, Shouto tore your panties from your hips and held them in his fingers. His eyes widening as he sees the soaked thin fabric between his fingers.
You sat up straight, trying to grab for your panties, embarrassed by how wet you had been even though practically nothing had happened. But Shouto was faster and far stronger. With a heavy hand, he shoved your shoulder back, and you fell back onto the mattress, and as you collected yourself, something tight wrapped around your ankles.
On your ankles sat the spreader bar, the black steel shining dangerously at you as you stared up at your boyfriend, who placed your panties into his slack pockets.
“You’ll get those back if you behave,” Shouto hums as he sat down. “Now, if you want my cock, you better make yourself cum.”
“I’m not masturbating,” you snap embarrassed as you felt exposed. Your legs were wide open, your slick essence already coating your inner thighs and the smell of your sex filling your nose as you tried in repetitive failure to close your legs.
“Fine,” Shouto says coolly as he stands up from the bed. “Have fun letting Endeavor see you like this. Cunt wet and exposed like a filthy fucking whore.”
You’re stunned into silence as you watch as he walks towards the door, his eyes unamused yet challenging as he places a hand on the knob.
“But you would like that, huh? You’d let other men fuck what’s mine? Is this what you wanted all along?”
Shouto lets out a dry laugh as he dares you to not do anything, but the pure stupidity behind his words makes you angry. It boils in your stomach as you lay down, your eye contact not breaking as you pull down the other bra cup. Then your fingers trail from your collarbone down to your breasts, teasing your pert nipples.
Electrifying pleasure rolls through you as you play with your breasts. Each tug, pull and turn making your knees slam together in an attempt to get friction to your cunt.
“Come on,” Shouto smirks as he rests at the foot of the bed. His arms are crossed against his chest, and he’s drinking you in. “Put your fingers where you want me.”
“I’m not putting my fingers up my ass,” you grin, your bottom lip captured between your teeth as another building pleasure slams through your body.
Shouto doesn’t say anything, his eyes only getting darker as you bring your fleshy mounds to your mouth and take a playful bite.
Eyes were powerful, and Shouto had some of the most intense eyes you’d ever known. So the way he gorged your figure as your hand flattened against your skin while trailing down your navel to where you were desperate for attention set your skin on fire.
Your legs trembled as the nail of your middle finger teased the middle of your lower lips, and you felt like you were choking at the way he zeroed in on your teasing fingers.
“Give me a show.”
Groaning at the way his words clung to you, your fingers pressed against your throbbing clit as your eye contact was broken by your head tossing back. You were so turned on that this gentle pressure felt overwhelming as you cried his name.
Your other hand dropping your breast and pressed against your inner thigh, your other fingers moving from your clit to your cunt.
In went one finger, the initial tightness making you sigh as you pumped your finger with no intent in mind. Then went in another finger and another. Your inner walls clenching around your intruding fingers, making you gasp at the velvety warmth of it all. Eyes fluttering open, you move your wrist, and your fingers move fluidly within you.
“Doesn’t that feel good?” Shouto groans as he watches your movements like a hawk, his eyes burning themselves into your exposed cunt.
But it made you feel so good.
With a single heave, your pumping fingers increased in their speed and intensity. Growing so much, your walls squeezed against your moving fingers. Your fingers pounded into your wet core, the sounds of the entering and exiting appendages, making you whine as your free hand pressed against your clit. Your hips bucked up against your moving fingers in an attempt to further increase this intense desire.
Your fingers continued to dance against your needy clit as you shook.
Hot fire slammed to your toes as they curled in your overwhelming pleasure. Your eyes clenching closed as you rubbed hard and fast circles into your desperate clit. Your back arching off the bed multiple times, almost ending with you falling onto your side due to the imbalance caused by the restraint bar.
Faster and hard, faster, and harder.
The squelching of your soaked pussy and pistoning fingers were heavy in your ear as you shrieked. Your legs were spasming, kicking, and your hips thrusting as your end was nearing fast. Shouto’s name continued to be cried from your mouth as you curled your fingers in you, and your fingers pinched your clit, and then an idea slams through you.
Use Endeavor’s name.
And as your orgasm crashed through you, a pitched scream sounded in the room as it all clashed within you.
His name was used.
Your body trembling as you lay on the bed, your fingers still knuckle deep within you as you pant. Your slick essence coats your hands as you manage to sit up, out of breath, and staring at Shouto in a challenging way as you removed your fingers from within you.
There’s a scoff, a sound almost similar to a snarl, and you watch as Shouto shakes his head.
“Aren’t you being a fucking slut.”
Blinking slowly, you heard his pants hit the ground when the belt clacked against the wooden floors. Then you saw that he was by your legs, his cock erect and pressing onto his stomach, the head already beading. Pre-cum dripped from his tip, and you feel victorious at the way he was so turned on.
But it seemed that the dress wasn’t the only thing being destroyed today.
His left hand held onto the fabric of your bra, and you watched in heated horror as he reduced the lingerie to ash.
“Shouto?! What the fu— mmph?!”
Shouto shoved your cum slick fingers in your mouth, and you mewled at the taste of your sweet essence on your fingers.
“Suck it all off,” he practically hissed as he moved your wrists, emulating a blowjob as you groaned against your fingers. “You don’t deserve to be fucked like a princess, do you?”
Your protests against your fingers were ignored as he pressed you against the bed, and you choked as your fingernail stabbed the back of your throat. But it didn’t matter to Shouto, no, not at all.
“If you want to be saying Endeavor’s — fucking scum’s name in bed, I’ll treat you no better than a fucking whore.”
There was a moment of silence as he watched you gag against your own fingers, his weight keeping you locked onto the mattress. But then it was over, and his hand grabbed the bar between your ankles, and he yanked it up.
Your teeth lock around your fingers in your surprise, but he lets go of your wrist, your eyes lock on his as your knees rest beside your chest, and you blink in confusion as he glares down at you.
“Hold it,” he commands as your hands move to hold the bar. It’s cold against your fingers, and the areas that are coated with your saliva make the bar slippery and wet.
“W-Why?” You hoarsely ask, your throat thick from the continuous stabbing of your finger. Typically when the bar was used, Shouto always held it.
“I told you you were going to be fucked like a whore, right? That makes you easy. I don’t need to work hard for someone who does this daily. But that means you should be good at this, so see that clock? In ten minutes, if you cum more than three times, you’ll get punished.”
Your mouth opens to respond to him, but Shouto presses his hands against the bottom of your thighs and, with accurate precision, thrusts wholly into you.
Your grip on the bar almost weakens entirely as his cock fills you completely, your words of protest become gasping pleas as the tip of his cock presses against your cervix, and you feel dizzy, your fluttering walls adjusting. His cock was thick, and it was lengthy; your inner walls ached against him as you adjusted, but regardless of how tight it felt, you could sense your essence spilling from you as Shouto sighed.
He shifted, and in a matter of seconds, you watched as his hips snapped backward before thrusting back into you.
The stretch of your legs makes you feel as if you weren’t breathing correctly. Each breath was short and raspy as you clung to the metal bar as Shouto repetitively slams his cock into your cunt.
“Shit, such a pretty cunt you have,” he rasps as your walls spam against him with his wild thrusts. He moves his hands further up your legs so that they press against your knees, pushing you into the mattress, increasing the angle of which he drills down into you.
Pathetically, your hips attempt to rise up in meet him, to increase this brutal force he was using as you crave even more. It was too much.
The sounds of his cock slamming into your sopping pussy created loud wet noises that you cried in embarrassment, but Shouto found it as an excuse to speed up. His rugged grunts are music to your ears as his cock hits your walls every time. The stretch he gives you was boggling, and you were progressively less cognitive aware as he drilled in harder. His slams were so hard that the sound of his thighs hitting your ass let out a continuous and loud slap.
His fingers gorge into your skin, and you cry his name like a hopeful prayer as he is fueled by your appraisal.
Your hands are weak against the bar, and it feels as if it’s slipping the moment he releases his right hand from your leg. You cry as the angle of penetration lessens, but his ramming continues at the same pace, and his fingers land on a puffy and sensitive bundle of nerves. The simple action set you enflame as you wailed his name, and Shouto bit your inner calf as his finger cooled dramatically against your clit.
The difference between your body that felt like it was on fire and the bitter ice of his fingers made your body spasm uncontrollably. The bar was being pulled in by your forearms as exploding pleasure slams through every vein in your body. But your thrashing and wailing do not stop Shouto, nor do they lessen the pace and the force he’s settled in as the bed begins to sway with every powerful thrust.
“I needa— holy shit, r-right there!”
“What? Do you need to come already?” Shouto mocks against your calve, and you whimper as he bites it again.
Your eyes can no longer stay open as the only noises leaving your mouth are whines and begs for more. You forcibly clench around him in an attempt to stir a reaction from him, but all he does is curse loudly as he continues his rutting force. The pounding is rhythmic. The feeling of Shouto’s cock entering and leaving you draws your eyes to the back of your head as you whimper his name, his thighs hitting your ass at bruising force, only adding to your pleasure. His finger getting colder by the second as it simmers against your burning clit. Your heart hammering in your ears as you heard Shouto snap at you.
The orgasm that had been surging within you crashed through you in a fiery white heat as your jaw slacks in a silent scream. Your body convulses against your hold and his, but Shouto doesn’t stop, not even when your toes curl, not even when you sob.
He pulled out then, his pants heavy in your ear, and something ripped through you as the weirdest sensation floods through you. Your cunt throbs uncharacteristically harder as you softly sob Shouto’s name.
You had squirted.
It was all over the comforter; there was even some on Shouto’s lower abs that shone in a mixture of sweat and you.
Your head slams back into the mattress as you can feel your heartbeat in your cunt, your chest heaving at the experience you just had. You’ve never squirted before, and your body felt like it was short-circuiting as you remained on your back.
“Look at that,” Shouto mused as he unfastened the restraints on your ankles, and your thighs crashed together, an inevitable soreness throbbing within as you lay speechless. That had winded you. “For someone not wanting to make a scene on his bed, you just wet a whole portion to it. I don’t think you even care if he finds out I fucked you on his bed, y/n. A little whore like you, you probably want the entire neighborhood to know.”
“I don’t,” you gasp as you struggle to find your breath still, and Shouto hums as he turns you over onto your stomach.
You’re not sure if it was a forcible push or something gentle. All you know is that your body burned where he touched you, and your thighs ached as you settled on your stomach.
“How the fuck am I supposed to fuck you like that?” Shouto snaps at you, and your eyes widen as you shift your head to look at Shouto’s whose cock is still erect, and you realize in a dawning horror that you had come twice now, and he had not.
Then there was the challenge, he only had to make you come three more times to do whatever insidious things he had planned. Your fingers fisted in the sheets as you groaned loudly. His body heat radiated onto you, and you rub your thighs together at the thought of Shouto gripping your ass as he drilled into you from behind.
You needed to get him to do that, but to make sure you didn’t come.
“I don’t want to,” you stall, hoping that in moments like these, it would help in your favor.
“Let go of the sheets,” Shouto ignores you as he gives a pointed look at your hands that clutched the sheets.
The heat he provided was suddenly gone, and your eyes widened as a closet door creaks open. You watch as Shouto stands by a closet, a hand on his hip as he studies the closet before him, and you let out a strangled noise as you can already taste what he’s getting out.
“Shouto, do not!”
“Don’t what?” Shouto asks as he pulls out four brightly colored ties that Endeavor owned. “They’ll get cleaned up and put away, I mean look at the mess you already made, this shouldn’t concern you.”
Your cheeks burn in embarrassment as you look at the stained sheets below you, and you sit on your knees as you cross your arms.
“Using Endeavors clothes as bondage is going too far!”
Shouto looked at you, his eyes annoyed, angry, and uncaring, then he shrugs. He takes a few strides, and he’s back on the bed.
“He should have thought of that before being a dick.”
There was no time to react as Shouto grabbed your wrists in his hand and tugged you towards him. Before you could attempt to pull back, to resist ruining more of Endeavors’ personal belongings, the tie is properly looped around your arms, and you’re locked in place.
“Now on your hands and knees like a good slut,” Shouto directs running a hand through his sweaty locks while rising to his knees. The tie is almost uncomfortable with how tight it is, and you remain stagnant, staring at your boyfriend, who was insistently becoming more of a dom than you had ever seen him as. But with your lack of action, his expression sours, and he grasps your cheeks in his hand. “Are you fucking deaf?
You gasp loudly when Shouto’s hand brings your face to the mattress, your back curved, arms pressed into your breasts.
“I thought whores had better form than this,” Shouto sneers while pressing a heavy hand against the center of your spine. You adjusted immediately under his force, your back arching with your pert ass in the air. “Much better.”
The mattress pressed against your chest in a suffocating way, your heart hammering as you realized what was to come.
“Shouto, please,” your voice pleads again; his hands roam your ass and hips, whispering nasty sweet things to you while the tip of his cock presses against your still wet cunt. “Don’t make a mess of me, not on Endeavors bed.”
There was a moment of silence while his hands disappeared from your skin. Licking your lips, you turned your head to see what exactly his expression was. But you were too late.
He slammed his right hand against your ass cheek, causing you to shriek while your skin throbbed in his wake. The pain made your legs buckle, a hot pressure reigniting in your core, and another loud slap repeated on your opposite cheek.
Fisting in your hair, you yelped loudly when Shouto yanked your head back. The arch in your back was dramatized by this action; your back ached as another heavy slap echoed against your troubled skin. His dense, almost wild breathing hits the shell of your ear, and chills shoot down your spine when he snarls.
“Who the fuck matters to you right now?” He hisses in your ear. “Is it Endeavor fucking you on this bed right now? No—” his hand comes down against your ass with every word, ignoring your growing sobs— “I’m the one fucking you. The only man’s name you should be uttering is mine. Do. You. Understand?”
The next spank that comes across your ass nearly sends you tumbling over at the strength and power behind it. Your arms buckle under you, the weight and struggle to keep yourself upright was a challenge as Shouto abused your ass.
“Answer me, whore.”
There was no stopping Shouto’s heavy hand against your pert ass, and you could not think of anything but how your cunt throbbed for the man behind you. Your sobs of pain had long ago become those of pleasure, and you could feel the raised prints of his hands on your sore cheeks. It delighted you.
“Y-Yes, sir!” You pant, your body trembling in your excitement and need for more.
“You like this, don’t you,” he sneers while he rubs circles against your heated skin. “You’re trembling with excitement as you try telling me you don’t want me to fuck you here. Do you want me to leave you here? With no clothes, no way back home? Count the number of times I spank you, I want to hear you counting and thanking me every time.”
“One. T-Thank you, sir.”
Your words were barely above a whisper, just enough for Shouto to hear you thank him as you trembled like a leaf before him. His upper lip pulled back into a sneer as he let go of your hair, throwing your head into the mattress, and his fingers go and pinch your nether lips, and you cried loudly.
“I know you can fucking scream louder than that, don’t make me ask again. From the top.”
The words were like honey to your ear, and you shifted in an attempt to ease the growing lust between your legs.
“One! Thank you, s-sir!”
Your mind reeled as Shouto continued his conquest against your ass. You could barely remember the number you were on by the time he was done with you, the added sensation of his alternating heated and chilled hands increasing the desire in you to find you as you were now. Ass bright red and in the air, back arched further than you had ever gone, and saliva and tears seeping onto your bond arms.
“You’re so fucking wet,” he observes as two of his fingers slide against your wet slit, and your ragged moans fill the area at the need of more. He continued petting you, and while feeling finally returned to your abused ass, your hips began to buck against his wandering hands, trying to get them to slip between the folds. “Such a greedy little slut.”
His chuckle is barely heard by you, for as he said that, he pressed the head of his cock into your cunt. A sharp whine slams from your throat as the emptiness of this action makes you crave more. You shift your ass back, the action full of temporary regret as soring pain flashes through your lower body. He did not hold back.
Gritting your teeth, you continued pushing against him, craving more.
“Is this not good enough for you?” Shouto chuckles, but there’s no light humor to his laughter. “Good.”
At that phrase, Shouto slams into you at full force again, causing you to bite down hard against your saliva-coated and bound arms as you feel his cock twitch within you. Your breathing is harsh as you focus on the nightstand and see the clock. It’s felt like an eternity, but only three minutes had passed since the bet was made. If you won, you’d move this fuck feast into his bedroom.
“Seven minutes,” you choke against your skin, not wanting to show how turned on you were.
The instant you were done chiding him, you regretted telling Shouto the amount of time he had left. The bed shifted by your knees, and you could only imagine what was happening as you could feel his cock moving out of you and slamming back into you.
The angle and power behind these thrusts were different than what you were used to from the standard doggy style. With each hypnotizing slam of his hips, shrill moans of pleasures ripped from your throat, and you preened your head to look at Shouto.
Sure enough, Shouto was positioned on his feet, his knees bent as he dropped into your awaiting cunt with such savagery your eyes rolled back watching him. Sweat dripped down his neck, his hands gripping your bruised and battered ass like some type of life support, and the squelching noises of your slamming sex were making your body weak.
“That feels so — fuck — do that!”
“Who—” slap— “Are—” slap— “You—” slap— “Addressing?!” Slap!
“Y-You, sir!” You scream, your hips buck against his slamming hips. It was so raw, so rough, and you were enjoying every passing second.
Shouto chuckles at your praise, all while he continues to fuck you roughly. He was in a zone, his concentration like steel as he pounded into you again and again. Your inner walls clenched and spasmed against his penetrating cock, and the heated pressure had built up all over again.
His cock twitched within you, it knocked the breath out of you; his fingers twisted into your hair.
“Fucking cum with me,” he demands, jerking your head back towards him again, and you sob as your legs tremble against his increasing power.
You feel your eyes cross, screaming out his name as your walls clamp down fiercely against his length. Shouto curses loudly, pulling out of you while your cum drips from your folds. But a hot and sticky substance hits the curve of your ass while Shouto lets out a string of curses, and you moan knowing that he came on you.
“That was two,” Shouto reminds you as you groan into the sheets.
“That was two,” you mock hoarsely, but you’re unable to move, your body locked in the way he had fucked you.
“Look,” Shouto says, ignoring your disrespect, for you can hear the prideful smirk on his tone as he forces you onto your side. “You made another mess.”
“You’re cleaning up Endeavors bed when we’re done,” you whimper, making no attempt to sit up, your body screaming in pain when you lay still.
“You really can’t seem to get his name out of your fucking mouth, can you?” Shouto barks while he moves to sit against the headboard. “What do I have to do to get you to fucking forget him? Choke you until you pass out? Break that pretty little mind and pussy of yours?”
There is no time to argue, Shouto grabs your legs and drags you over to him, your sensitive ass burning against the cum soaked comforter until you were at his side. Your pained breaths still as Shouto glares down at you, his left hand undoing the saliva-coated tie around your wrists, leaving the fabric slightly burnt while he tosses it to the side. Your arms throb as blood rushes back through it.
But before you could relish the feeling of your arms back, Shouto has his chest pressed against your back, and his right hand angling his once again hardening cock upwards.
“Since I mean nothing to you, make yourself cum.”
With that, he dropped your aching pussy onto his dick.
The feeling of his cock wholly sheathed within you, mercilessly slamming against the wall of your cervix and staying pressed tightly there. The delirious sensation made your head crash back against his shoulder, and your legs kicked out in response. Loud and low moans reverberated from your lips while adjusting to him buried within you again.
Your mind reeled while you adjusted, and Shouto angled his knees up, his scorching and robust grip moving your legs outside of his, causing your hips to spread against him.
“I told you to move,” he snaps, his fingers twisting your sensitive nipple harshly, your resulting wail muffled by you burying your face into his neck. “I didn’t pay for you to sit there.”
Puffs of air escaped your mouth quickly, and your feet shakily pressed into the mattress. You needed to move for him. But you were too slow, and a sharp and icy cold slap hit your clit.
Your body impulsively arched forward, your body rising up from his cock before you collapsed back down. But the sensation of his cock hitting your cervix made you shudder.
So you began to rise and fall against his length, his hot breathing fanning against your sweat-soaked skin made your body shudder against his. His fingers found a place on your hips to hold, and you moaned at his bruising grip.
Your thighs burned with every bounce of your body, your head lolling to the side, stammering Shouto’s name as your walls clenched and squeezed against his hard cock. You wanted more of him. You needed more of him. Choked out screams rung from your throat as your hand gripped onto his knees, your body trying to support the numb ache that was shooting through your body.
“Shouto,” you puff, his fingers digging into your flesh, making you gasp.
“Why don’t you follow fucking instructions,” Shouto gnashes his teeth, and his left-hand moves from your hip to your clit. A jolt of massive arousal shoots through your body, a warm presence pressing into you as he teases your clit, causing you to roll your hips against his. But it grows hot, hotter, and hotter. It’s too hot, and his movements are painful yet disgustingly pleasurable. Pained and animalistic sobs pouring from your mouth while he deliberately abuses your throat. “What are you supposed to call me?!”
“S-Sir!” You weep, slamming your hips back down against his in pathetic attempt to lose his hold against your puffy nerve. “I’m supposed to c-call you, sir!!”
“Then why haven’t you been?!” Before you could attempt to respond, Shouto’s right-hand leaves your hip and slams to your throat, choking the response from you. “I don’t want to hear your answer.”
His hand remains heavy and tight around your throat, his hold barely allowing oxygen to travel through to your lungs. Your vision fuzzed, and you could feel your heartbeat in your head, but your core shook with Shouto’s now reciprocating and rhythmic slams.
Choking, clit stimulation, his cock pounding into your cervix, his fingers hotter than coal, and Shouto chuckled into your skin. His thrusting hips were becoming more precise, angling into you in a way that made you audibly choke when you needed to gasp. Maybe it was the lack of oxygen to your body that was making you delirious, or perhaps it was the fact that he was slamming into you with the strength of rearranging your guts, but your hips began to swivel at an inhumane pace. Your cunt held a vice grip around his cock, yet it did nothing to slow Shouto down, but the growing heated pit in your lower belly was making your legs tremble against his. Still, you tried to keep up with his rough and cruel pace, and Shouto enjoyed knowing that detail.
“Such a fucking tramp, you’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” He sneers, his teeth biting down against the curve of your shoulder. “You enjoy being choked?”
Your head nods, “Y-Yes, sir!”
“Do you need to cum?” There was no reason for Shouto to ask that; the answer was obvious enough. “Good.”
If you thought Shouto was rough, as soon as that word rolled off his tongue, he only got worse.
His hand against your throat tightened, and black dots littered your vision; the coldness of his ice burned against your skin. His teeth sunk far into your skin, enough for you to feel your skin breaking as his tongue moving in cold and heated strokes to calm your now irritated skin. Then there were his nimble fingers running against your clit, and entering your cunt between your spastic walls and his hammering and throbbing cock. But your bouncing held no value anymore, Shouto’s hips snapped upwards fast enough and powerful enough to overcome and overwhelm you. The only thing you could tell was that along with the tip of his cock hitting your bruised walls, the sounds of your sopping wet pussy crashing against his forceful hips rang in your ears in a primal yet excited fashion.
Despite his hold on your neck, nothing was holding back the scream that left your mouth as you orgasmed.
White stars filled your vision as Shouto ripped his cock from you, and that same sensation of peeing bewildered you as he held your body up. You had squirted again, but your ragged and shallow breathing had only increased, and there was something warm and wet painted on your back.
“That was three,” Shouto whispers into your ear, his teeth tugging at your earlobe, and you shuddered. “I should get extra points for making you squirt.”
To that, all you could muster was an embarrassing moan as your dazed eyes focused on yet another wet stain on the bed. Three minutes left, that’s how much you had to endure to win.
Three more minutes.
Unfortunately for you, Shouto was well aware of this, so he wasted no time.
Once again, he shoved you to the side. Your body crumpling onto the mattress, aching and sharp pains flooding your body as you lay there. Your clit throbbed in time with your heartbeat, and your inner thighs were coated entirely with your cum — both new and old. Maybe your body would be incapable of cumming at this point now? You sure hoped so… or not.
“Up,” Shouto commanded but gave you no autonomy since he grabbed your hair by the roots and tugged you onto your knees. You whimper in your throat at the stabbing pain settling in your lower body, you were still recovering from him rearranging your guts. But you caught sight of the cum he had released onto your back pressed all over the covers, and your breathing stopped.
“Shou— ack!!”
A collar locked around your throat, and you wheezed loudly; you hadn’t managed to catch your breath still. Your body swayed forward into his hold as your head spun due to the lack of oxygen, but Shouto seized you his eyes wide and worried as he stared at you.
“Shit, baby, are you okay?”
You nodded your head, oxygen slowly spreading back into your body.
“Sorry,” you hoarse, pushing away, your face burning with embarrassment. “You just surprised me.”
Shouto seemed unconvinced as his hands held onto your cheeks, his fingers stroking your sweat plastered hair out of the way, tracing your bruised lips and against the marks and bites on your exposed skin. The delicate touches are long forgotten on your skin, your lips sighing while he sends warm pulses from his fingers to the aches of your joints.
“You sure?”
Rolling your eyes, you shoved Shouto away, “I’m fine! You just made me spread your cum on Endeavor’s bed!”
Just like that, your loving boyfriend died, and the man who had been fucking you this entire day was back. His hands locked back to where the collar was, and your eyes nearly boggled out of your sockets when he tightened it more until it burned to breathe. But you remained calmed as a black leash appeared from seemingly nowhere and attached to the collar.
“Since you liked being choked so much, I might as well give you what you want without straining me.”
Your eyes widened, your ability to talk back removed.
“Now, ride my cock again,” he grins with the slightest hint sadistic, and as you move to do as instructed, he yanks at the leash. Falling onto your hands, your eyes widen while you stare at Shouto, who merely raises a cocky brow at you. “You have two minutes to make yourself cum.”
“I’m not going to,” you strain, the choking of the collar and the simple manipulation of your body already making that all too familiar heat spread upon your loins.
“You don’t have a choice,” Shouto mocks, his hand moving to grasp the leash centimeters from the collar and yanks your face close to his. But the movement is sharp and rough, the collar strangling you. You scramble on your hands and knees to get closer, stopping when his lips ghost over yours. “And you won’t have one until you’re begging me to fuck you into a puddle, not until you’re nothing more than my cum slut, and until you no longer care about dirtying Endeavors bed.”
The words are fire on your skin, and bubbling lust grows in you again.
There’s nothing to say except give a doe-eyed nod, but Shouto appreciates this submission as his lips take yours. They’re hungry, possessive, and ardent, moving against your mouth with fervent intention. Your mind slips when you straddle him, your soaked core brushing against his tip, and Shouto guides you back down onto his cock.
Your abused pussy had been through a lot, and a loud hiss passes through your teeth as you sunk all the way on him. Your teeth biting onto Shouto’s lip to control the pain-filled pleasure that corroded your body at the moment. It still felt so crazed, the sensation of your heartbeat in your inner walls shifting and hugging Shouto’s still throbbing head,
But the slowness is gone when Shouto pulls away. His hands on the leash as he yanks the cord up and back down.
“Follow my actions, “ Shouto warns, and you weakly nod.
His hand moves the leash back and forward, and the soreness of your cunt bleeds into your actions as you imitate him. Your rolling hips are slow, your hands pressing against his shoulders as you roll your hips against him. There’s a dark mutter from Shouto’s mouth when you lock eyes with him, and his nostrils flare. His hand suddenly grabs onto your waist, making you freeze in your decent back down onto his cock, but he beats you too it, for his cock rams into your dripping cunt. A shriek ripping from your throat as he pounds into you. Your fingers digging into his shoulders to hold onto for support.
“SHOUTO!” You shriek as he ruthlessly slams into you. His hips coming up so fast your body bounces with every thrust. Your moans tumble out in chokes, your face turning red as oxygen fails to fill your lungs. The thrusting is intense, and your hands on his shoulder are more of a lifeline; the bed is quick to move with your movements, the considerable bed groaning under the harsh actions. Its squeaks and tremors are loud in your ear alongside his insistent pounding.
“What’s that, whore?” He growls, his hips hammering into you at mind fogging speed. The leash on the collar being yanked to pull you closer; your bare and sweat-slick skin pressed against his. “What’s my fucking name?!”
“Sir!” you shriek as your pussy throbs around his pounding cock. You’re unable to even twirl your hips in rhythm with him. You were stuck to the lap, only able to feel his cock entering you at toe-curling speeds. “Oh my god, FUCK, please— I —shit!”
Words failed you miserably as Shouto’s hot and sweet tongue drags against your collarbone, his teeth burying into your primed skin as your eyes roll back.
Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm. One more minute.
“You take my cock so well,” Shouto grunts as he releases one hand from your waist and runs it down your navel to press against your clit. Your head throws back, your back arching further into his chest as you scream again. Your pussy clenching with no remorse around his cock. “Your pussy is so fucking tight. Do you want to come now, slut?”
You can only shake your head, you didn’t want to cum; the pressure continues to build and build.
“I need to hear your words.”
“I don’t need to cum,” you sob out as your body trembles under his thrusting, you’re so close you see stars. “I don’t need to — sir, please, I can — oH SHIT!!!”
Shouto growls as his hand wraps around the leash, wrapping it around your bruised neck as he tightens the chokehold on you. You’re being strangled, and the air feels like its burning as it goes down your tightened passage, but your cunt throbs in excitement when he presses his mouth to your ear, “I don’t give a shit if you don’t need to cum, you’ll do it regardless.” Your mouth dropped open, your eyes crossing, and a loud whine emitted from you when his hand moved to pinch your nipple, and his mouth found a place on your sensitive nipple.
That’s all it takes, and you come hard around his dick, his name ripping through your abused body as he groans. His tongue lashes against your nipple, his teeth tugging at the pebbled skin all while he continues pummeling into you. Chasing after his own orgasm now.
You pant harshly, moving your hips against his own. Your pussy still twitching around his throbbing dick. You hear him expel a wavering sigh, and you can feel him come within you. The heated fluid fills you up, and he lets go of your sore breast; he collapses onto the bed with you landing on his chest.
“You lost,” he whispers after a moment of silence. Your breath picked up in a panic, you were fucked. “On your knees.”
You groan loudly when Shouto sits up, lifting you up with him, and you can feel the intermingled cum dripping out of you, falling onto your thighs. Your eyes flutter when Shouto kneels before you, his face victorious and poised as he undoes the collar against your throat. Although you took a full breath of air with every, inhale, your breathing is finicky as you’re terrified of what’s to come. You’re silent while watching Shouto make his way make to the no longer neat line of sex toys.
He grabs two things: the vibrator, spreader bar, and four of Endeavors’ ties.
Shouto rises to his feet as he walks back towards you, and while you hated doing this on Endeavors — now filthy — bed, your mouth opened.
“Close your mouth, whore,” Shouto chides, his arms above his head tying the colored fabric to the fan blades above the bed.
“What are you—?!”
“You care too much about making a mess for some selfish pig,” Shouto shrugs, he falls into a squat after securing the ties to the fan. There’s a dark and almost amused glint in his eyes when he stares at you. “Now, I’ll give you a reason to worry.”
Before you could protest, pull away, or scramble from the center of the bed, Shouto grabs your right hand and secures the tie around it.
“Shouto!” You panic when he succeeds in capturing both your wrists. Breathing sharply, you looked up at the flimsy blades that curved under the weight of your arms. If you moved to harshly, if you struggled against this punishment or collapsed too early, it would break. Oh, no… snapping your head behind you to where your boyfriend was relocking your ankles into the spreader bar. “Please, baby, I can’t do this!”
Shouto ignores you, and cold sweat runs through you at what’s to come, you wouldn’t be able to resist bringing your elbows down if the vibrator was pressed into your clit. How were you supposed to not wholly destroy Endeavors’ property?!
“S-Sir, think this through!” You begin to word vomit in your desperation while Shouto presses the vibrator against your right thigh, the smooth head holds against your clit, and he uses two more ties to secure it into place. “The bed is already a-a mess, I squirted! Twice! You came two times on the bed! Not to mention my saliva and the cum that’s dripping out of me! I can’t — we can’t break his fan!”
Shouto is unconcerned, his tongue tracing his teeth while mocking concern, “Then I guess you’ll have to work extra hard not to ruin more things in his room. Considering you care about that shit still.”
Your mouth opened to argue again, your body feeling like you needed to fight this because there was no way you were going to be able to last with your arms above your head, legs unable to come together, and a vibrator pulsating into your cunt. But as soon as you made your initial noise, Shouto turned on the vibrator to low.
The low buzz of the vibrator filled the room, and your mouth dropped in a silent scream. Your body was half numb already, having cum multiple times within the past hour was causing your body to convulse on occasion, but now with the vibrations being sent straight to your core, you felt on edge once again.
Trying to control your visible reaction, your hands gripped onto the cloth ties, your arms quivering as you try to keep from pulling down, and your hips thrusting subconsciously to the vibrations.
“S-Sir!” You sob as the slow and steady build in your belly was already growing. Your eyes locked on Shouto, who was a length away, his eyes gleaming in sadistic joy as his hand ran up and down his once again hardening cock. “P-Please, tie me to the bed! Not to Endeavor’s fan.”
The glint disappeared.
“You just won’t let me enjoy my fucking victory, will you?!”
You sucked in a harsh breath when you shifted your hips, the head of the vibrator brushing deliciously against your softly throbbing clit. You thrilled at the feeling of the vibrations on your clit, and your toes curled as your head fell forward. You needed to keep vigilante, you had to continue complaining so that Shouto would cave.
But you had completely forgotten about the ball gag.
“Open up.” Your head shakes no when Shouto holds the ball gag against your lips, there’s a warning noise. A dark growl emitted from his throat, and you feel your heart rate spike when his other hand roughly pinched in your cheeks. Your mouth opens against your will, and you splutter when his fingers shove into your mouth. You try to bite down on his fingers, but Shouto’s fingers turn ice cold making your mouth widen further, so then the gag was placed behind your teeth pressing into your tongue. You feel him lean against you, his lips by your ear as he whispers, “I don’t fucking remember asking.”
His hand lowers, and he amps up the vibration of the vibrator, and your body stiffens under the powerful waves. Being gagged was the worst, first drool always seeped past your lips with this particular gag on, and the uncomfortable pressure on your tongue sent your gag reflex flaring. Staring up at the ceiling, your noises were muffled at the source, staggering pleasure shooting through your veins as the medium vibrations made your long-abused cunt weep.
Your slick coated the head of the vibrator, and soaked you inner thighs, soaking the tie where it held contact with your skin. Your body spasmed as you sobbed in pleasure, your mind reeling and short-circuiting when your head dropped.
Focusing onto Shouto, your legs nearly gave out at the sight of your sweating and smirking boyfriend, his ears tinged with blush, and his fist stroking his huge cock. You wanted to have him slamming into you with the vibrator pressed into your clit, not this.
“Aren’t you having fun,” he pronounces slowly, his eyes — still dark with excitement and lust — dropped to your soaked thighs. “You look fucking delicious right now, princess.”
You clenched your core, the feeling of the vibrator only intensified, and you gagged when you tried to cry out. The feeling of your saliva pooling from your lips mortified you, your body twitching as Shouto only laughs again.
“I think we should go higher,” Shouto groans, his eyes momentarily closing as you assume a particularly gratifying shiver crawls down his spine. The muffled sounds of your disapproval only make his smirk more sinister when he abandons his own length and moves closer to you. Your eyes are wide, body attempting to shift away from him, but there was nowhere to go.
Air passed through your nose are heavy and sharp breaths, your chest hammering, and your puffy nerves throbbing while the vibrator continued powering into you.
“You’re so messy,” he drawls on his knees before you, his fingers touching the saliva coating your chin, and you sob in anticipation of what’s to come. He trails his fingers down your throat, the slickness of your saliva cold against your raw and bruised neck. “Maybe you don’t really care about fucking up scums bed, do you?”
You make a disapproving noise, your will holding on to a thread, and you vigorously shake your head. Shouto hums, his upper lip curling before his hand flattened and smacked your breast right on your nipple.
There was a loud crack when your arms pulled down, and you shrieked, your eyes trying to choose between focusing on Shouto and the fan blade you very much could have just broken. You whimper, your body twisting in an attempt to show submission, but Shouto isn’t done.
With an icy cold hand, he hits your aching and hot breast again and again and again. Your pained and pleasured wails muffled while you choke against the ball, and saliva pours from your mouth, your body trembling with excitement.
“Shut up,” he hisses, bringing his other hand to your face and striking you.
Your head slams to the side, the throbbing of your cunt intensifies with the burning of his handprint. Why did you like being slapped?! Saliva dribbles from your lips when you straighten back up. A now unignorable ache fills your arms from being in this tiresome position for a while now.
Everything felt like it was burning, sensations, and wantonness flooding your senses galore.  
“I forget you like this,” Shouto groans as his hands grope your breast. Pulling, kneading, gripping and pinching the soft and moldable flesh in his hands, Shouto grins at your whimpers and the soft groans of the fan above the two of you. “Break the fan, I dare you.”
Your eyes slam shut at those words, and they remained closed as his hot and cold hands trail down your torso, leaving a trail of goosebumps in their wake. Your lips twitch, the involuntary action to bite down on your lip prohibited by the gag. He must have seen considering the teasing pinch to your ass.
It was then that you froze. He was flushed against you, and the feeling of his cock pressing into the bottom of your sternum. Shouto’s right hand snaked behind you, those fingers playing with your dripping sex, and his left hand skimmed down your right inner thigh, resting onto the switch that changed the vibrational power.
“Don’t worry, princess,” he speaks in a low tone, an arrogant tone to his voice, “I’ll make you cum again.”
There was no time to contemplate his actions, for the vibrator was turned onto the highest setting and pressed into your clit, and his fingers sunk into your sopping wet cunt.
Even with the ball gag, the shriek of being overstimulated was as loud. It was as if you didn’t have the gag on at all. Your arms lurched forward against your will, the fan creaking loudly as you fell onto Shouto. You trembled more than a leaf in a storm, his fingers pumping deliciously and savagely into you, leaving behind the squelching noise of your wet core. The buzzing of the vibrator clear and steady and his cock twitched between the two of your bodies.
Sobbing and drooling moans escaped the gag, and Shouto relished in his ability to manipulate your body like this. His teeth leaving nipping kisses against the broken skin he left minutes before.
But the feeling of his teeth against your aggravated skin, the sensation of the powerful vibrations against your clit, and how he was still so responsive to you was nothing against his pistoning fingers dragged against that particular spot in your walls. His fingers scraped and slammed against your g-spot, and you felt your vision give way as a powerful force crashed through you.
You had squirted again, only that it seemed to last forever this time. Your lower body throbbing in its wake.
Your head collapsed against his shoulder, and when your vision came back, it was hazy and swam in your eyes. Whether Shouto had noticed or not, he still was slamming his fingers within your cunt with such intensity that — alongside the still buzzing vibrator — pressure built again within you. Heat seeped through you, and tears fell from your eyes when you came again.
Everything felt lethargic when Shouto removed his knuckle deep fingers from your sopping cunt, his tongue lapping away any of your essence remaining on his fingers. With a long pause, he finally turned off the vibrator.
Your breathing was shallow, your head spinning while he removed the bondage from your wrists and ankles. Collapsing onto your face, you felt your slick running thick on your thighs, mixing with the sweat that soaked your skin too.
Good god, were you exhausted.
“You broke the fan,” Shouto murmured.
Shrieking against the gag, adrenaline shot through your veins as you looked up. The fan blade had visible cracks in it, and your jaw dropped further.
Oh, fuck!
“Still haven’t learned,” he sighs, shaking his head. “That’s okay, you’ve always been a stubborn bitch.”
You whimper in agreement, your leg shifting so that you could feel the wet puddle you had made this time around. However, there was no time to relax.
Shouto grabbed you by your armpits and dragged you to the edge of the bed. Choking, you stared at him startled. There was no use in asking what was happening; Shouto bent your knees and wrapped two ties around each leg. One holding your ankle and upper thigh together, and the other one near your knee.
“Good,” Shouto approved, walking back to the side of the bed where the toys lay. Though soreness struck your body, you rose to your elbows and watched Shouto grab the fuck machine before returning to the bedside. “Because you squirted.” He says with a coy smile, lining the dildo to your exposed pussy and thrusting it in.
Your body slammed back down against the bed at the slickness of the dildo. You were so used to Shouto’s cock that the dildo was foreign as it buried within you.
“Now,” he sighs as he turns on the machine. Immediately the fuck machine blows into your tight and slippery cunt, your eyes rolling backward at the mere sensation of the speed it was at, and a loud mewl leaves your throat. His fingers snuck behind your head, unfastening the gag, and is removed with a saliva string, and a sob croaked through your voice as your mouth was finally free. “Suck my dick.”
With your head past the edge of the mattress, and the height lining you near perfectly to Shouto’s cock, he slides his cock into your sore throat. But ever so eager, Shouto wastes no time starting his conquest.
You try to keep up with the momentum of the toy and his viciously thrusting hips, your hips snapping against the toy despite its insane speed. Your breasts bounce with every thrust, and you choke against his cock. Shouto chuckles, his hands kneading your breasts, his moans tight and low, it had been a while since the last time he came.
“Look at you, so desperate,” Shouto chuckles, his fingers tweaking your hard nipples. “So fucking needy.”
The words ignite a fire within you, and your legs tremble in unspoken glee. You wanted him to fuck you until you were nothing less than a mess. You needed him to give you his cock instead of this stupid fucking machine — wait…
Your eyes widened when you realized the extent to your thoughts.
Fuck Endeavor, you thought, a shiver rolling down your spine. Your boyfriend was giving you the best dick down of your life, and you were too preoccupied with foolish worry! Shouto promised he was going to be cleaned up. You wanted Shouto, you needed him. Maybe you were whipped.
Your arms shot out, gripping the back of Shouto’s thighs as you willed him closer. Your jaw widening; you let hot breaths of air expelled from your mouth. You could feel Shouto peering down on you, but rolling your hips against the machine that was making your stomach bulge with every slam of its rod, your tongue lashed against his swollen head. Shouto’s thighs clench when your mouth sucks against the head of his cock, your tongue pressing flat against the tip.
“Did someone finally fucking wake up?” Shouto grunts, his hips moving with more unrestraint into your mouth.
Making a pleasant sound, you hollowed your cheeks out and tasted the saltiness of his pre-cum. Delighting at the harsh curse, you guided him further in.
One of his hands is soon braced on the fuck machine between your legs, but the other is tangled in your hair, pulling it and twisting it as he wishes. He’s pulling hard enough to hurt, enough so that you can choke against him, the angle and the position on your back already increasing the likeliness of that happening.
Shouto’s grip on your hair tightens, and he realizes that you’re keeping up impeccably. His dance between aggression and concupiscence is too much for you to keep up with. You don’t have time to tease his length with your tongue; he steers his cock further down your throat. You don’t bother to hide how satisfied you are by his action as you relax your throat and hollow your cheeks against the length of his snapping cock.
“Fuck,” he hisses, his hips bucking forward, he can’t stop himself from demanding more. You don’t mind; you open wider to take more of him in, and his cock thrusts further down your throat. He’s now panting, in his desperation, judging from the strangled sound he makes as you take him even deeper. “You take my cock so good, princess.”
He was doing this for you, despite everything that could happen to him after this night was done. Shouto loved you enough to tarnish his dad’s room with you. The thought makes you moan, and you wiggling trying to take him deep enough now that he must be able to feel the vibrations from your throat because that makes him hiss out another curse. He’s shaking with the effort of slamming his cock down your throat and holding the machine.
The raw, primal, and wet noises of his cock entering and leaving your throat are maniacal, added onto that is the dildo penetrating your sopping cunt again. The pressure is back, and it’s settled deep in your lower belly, and you want to cum more.
He’s underestimating you, however; you could take him in all power and length he could muster. You know that as you begin bobbing your head despite the backwardness of your position. Digging your fingernails into his ass, you silently letting him know that you’re okay, and he understands.
Shouto grunts, bending his knees as he begins to face fuck you with no remorse. It’s savage, uncontrolled, and brutal. Your choking noises music to both your ears; he doesn’t let up, only snapping his hips faster, harder, rougher. Your eyes begin to roll backward at the force, his balls slapping you in the face with every slam of energy.
But you like — you lust — the sensation of the raw and primitive fucking he was giving you, and you felt your hips rising off the bed when your walls begin to clamp against the insanely moving dildo. Yet, when you shifted higher, his hands slammed down against your hips, keeping you down, and you cry around his cock.
“Take my fucking cock like the slut you are,” he snarls, taking giant thrusts until his cock is completely buried in your throat, your nose pressed into his balls. Your tongue still revolves around the veins in his cock while you grip his ass. You choke against him, the noise music to his ears, while your legs spasm as your orgasm is hitting you.
“Y/n,” he manages to get out through gritted teeth. “Fuck, y/n. You—” He cuts himself off with another groan as the tip of his cock hits so far down your throat you feel your neck bulge.
There’s a brief moment of panic as you struggle to breathe. The force a but more than you expected, but you relax, getting yourself to calm back down. But then you inhale through your nose and force your throat to rest until you can take him all in, the oxygen burning as it made its way past his cock in your throat. Not long after that, Shouto lets out a long, loud groan when his seed shoots down your throat.
It burns, and to your horror, you find yourself unable to take the sheer force of his load and the fact that he just seemed to keep unloading within you. Uncontrollable panicked coughing and choking rattle your throat while Shouto is still balls deep in you. The second he removes his cock from your throat, you shoot up, your core throbbing, and your airway burning as cum drips out from your nose.
You continue hacking, the bitter taste of cum scorching your throat, and you continued to rub cum from your nose. It burned and hurt to breathe. Turning your head towards Shouto, who turned off the fucking machine, his eyes were locked on you already, a grin on his face while he ran a hand through his hair.
“That was hot,” Shouto rustles, running the flat of his thumb against your upper lip, smearing his cum against your skin.
“That fucking hurt!” You snap, throwing his hand off your face, a fire exploding under your skin because you were more embarrassed than anything. You enjoyed the feeling of his cum coming out of your nose, but you weren’t about to admit it!
“I don’t care,” Shouto perversely informs you, his hands taking you cheeks and twisting you towards him before his lips press against yours.
His lips are libidinous against yours, his mouth opening as he coaxed you to join him in this affair. His kiss was bruising, his teeth knocking against yours when hot and breathless puffs of air exchanged between your mouths. The heated pressure does nothing to ease the burning in your throat, only intensifying the pain while you dig your fingers into his back, leaving crescent marks and bloodied tears behind. The pain does not deter Shouto, not even a little bit. There’s an approval growl emitting from his throat and his tongue soon pressed against yours, and you resisted the sharp moan threatening to leave while his muscle danced with yours.
“Stop holding it in,” he grunts, “make everyone know that you’re being fucked.”
The next noise to escape your mouth is a loud mewl when Shouto sucks against your own tongue, his eyes ablaze while he stares down at you, victory and lust in his eyes.
“Where should I fuck you next?” He asks, his body pressing you down into the mattress, ignoring your pained hisses for your legs were still bound. His fingers dig into your breasts, pinching at the edges of your areola instead of your nipple. Your fingers dug deeper into his skin when you sob at the teasing. “How does that filthy little cunt of yours want to be ruined next?”
“In his chair!” you cry in gluttony, your body thrashing and reaming against his touch. “Fuck me in his chair, sir!”
“Look at that, maybe the slut can learn,” Shouto grins into your skin, the tracing movements salacious, and he stands. You’re weightless when Shouto scoops you from the bed, his hands supporting your tender ass. Mindlessly, your mouth nibbles against his throat, leaving purple hickies in your wake while he collects more items.
The taste of his salty sweat invades your senses, your tongue lapping, and circling against his skin while Shouto gave no attention towards your actions. He merely dumped you onto the cool leather of Endeavors desk chair, and you arched in pain.
“Now, now,” he ruthlessly grabbed the ties on your legs. He slides them off with such amoral strength your skin throbs in his wake. Your legs, finally free, slam to the ground, and you let out a fervid noise as you stare up at your boyfriend, whose stomach is taut and sheened with sweat. “I thought you liked pain.”
“You haven’t been giving me any,” you sneer, your tongue dragging against your bottom lip.
Rage fills his eyes, and he chuckles depravedly, “Okay, brat.”
Grabbing your hips, he drags you on the chair so that your ass barely remains on the cold leather. Shoving you down by your chest, the wind is knocked out of you, and you heave when he grabs onto your ankles. With a familiar tightness and the strain of having your knees under your shoulders, the spreader bar is placed behind the chairs back, keeping you trapped to the chair.
You’re folded in half, and his hand pressed onto your stomach before he began to tie your arms and thigh down. Two ties to secure your wrist into place, two ties to secure your thighs into place. The position — being placed into an ‘L’ shape — prohibited you from breathing correctly as your inflexibility flashed through your muscles.
“Oh my god,” you breathe while Shouto presses the back of the chair into the desk for additional support. Your wrists throbbed with the loss of blood circulation, and Shouto stood before you, his hand fisting himself.
“Hard to breathe?” He mocks, his cock now fully erect again.
“Make me stop breathing, pussy,” you challenge unwavering.
“God, I was hoping you’d say that,” he smirked, grabbing the top of the chair, and placing his feet by the side of the bed, he rammed himself into your cunt.
There was nothing for you to do except pathetically howl when he slammed into your cervix, your body tied so tight to the chair any other action was stopped.
“You’re so fucking tight like this,” Shouto hisses, but you could hardly tell the difference with the way he pummels his cock deep within you. Perfectly hitting the back of your wall every time.
His girth was stretching you out far more than you could seem to remember, his thrusts were urgent as they were voracious, slamming deep into you with every second, scrambling your mind with every shift. But, he didn’t gag you, and you weren’t one to give in.
“It’s because you n-never fuck me r-rIGHT!”
His left fingers slammed into your mouth, his fingers touching the back of your throat as you choked against him in your surprise. Tears watered in your eyes, and his fingers dug into your spongy muscle, making you gag even more laborious.
It already hurt to breathe, with the sensation of his cum still falling from your nose, the angle of which you were tied up, and his finger in your throat, you began to panic. Your eyes close, your throat relaxing immediately to let things be okay. But as soon as you regain your breath, you feel your core throb in how much you liked that. Tears flow down your cheeks, your eyes locked on Shouto, who’s scorching you with his sight.
“I thought you were going to tap out,” he taunts, and your tongue pushes up against his fingers, your throat humming lowly to control the insistent gag at the back of your throat. “You’re crying, and yet you’re still so defiant.”
You tilt your head up, alleviating the pressure of his fingers in your throat, and still looking like a brat.
But his cock brushes against your g-spot and your eyes nearly bug out in ecstasy for his right-hand wraps around your neck. His cock still slams into you with speed and power, the oxygen in your body being denied with his tight grip around your neck, his fingers beginning to thrust within your mouth emulating a cock, and the chair starts to squeak with every movement.
Your ass pathetically rises off the chair, a desperate attempt to move in time with his drilling cock. Both of you delirious under your overstimulation and refusal to stop until there was evidence for years that the two of you fucked in Endeavors’ room. His grip around your neck soon became bruising, where his fingertips were burned you, but you cared not. His cock was stretching you out in shameless thrill, the angle only increasing the pleasure buzzing through you. Your eyes cross over in your elation, and you splutter when his fingers leave your throat, moving to press cold and wet figure-eights onto your clit.
“Fucking take my cock,” he growls.
Your head nods, the heated pressure in your belly scorching. Your walls clamp down against his hammering cock, but it doesn’t slow him down, only encouraging him to increase his speed and strength until the chair creaked against your weight. The sopping noises of your meeting sex filled your ears, and you moaned loudly, your teeth biting down onto your lip.
It takes his cock brushing against your g-spot for your legs to slam forward, your arms nearly succeeding in destroying endeavors ties as you try sitting up as your orgasm slams through you.
“Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” You scream hoarsely. Your scream only increases in great thrill when you feel the chair snap under the force of his fuck. But Shouto ignores it, his hips continuing to drill into you, his hand clamping tighter against your neck, cutting off your voice. Shouto isn’t done yet, after all.
His hands move to grip the exposed back of your thighs, his grip bruising your supple skin. He slams into you faster, his cock continuing unaffected by your convulsing walls. There are no other noises except your wet cunt meeting his cock, your shrieks of approval, and Shouto’s heavy breathing as he continues to drive into you. His body is giving you unreplicable sensations, and your body only making Shouto stammer and curse loudly.
His lips find yours, and there is nothing to say, the kiss is messy, more teeth than anything. Saliva passed between the two of you without care, as he chases his orgasm. His brutal pace continues, your name growled from your throat, until one last thrust and one final clamp from your cunt sends him over.
He pulls out as soon as he cums, his seed slipping down from your slit, tickling your tight ass and dripping onto the chair and the floor.
Your eyes are barely opened; you try to peer at Shouto, who is pressing his right hand to his forehead.
“You cheat,” you rasp, knowing that he had successfully cooled his body down.
He smiles at you wickedly, choosing to ignore you before walking back.
“Look at that,” Shouto whispers, bending down so that his face is level with your cunt and ass. “Can’t have anything not falling onto Endeavors things getting out of you…”
His finger pushes his cum back into your sore cunt, and you sharply breath when he pats your cunt.
“You want me to have your babies,” you tease, and he remains silent, dragging his fingers down the center of your pussy. His breathing teases your sensitive flesh, and you feel yourself clench when he pulls his fingers lower than where he usually goes. Soon, his fingers trace around your puckered asshole.
“S-Sir,” you pant, your chest rising as far up as you could in this position, and your eyes widened when he looked up at you.
“Have you ever wanted to try anal?”
Your mouth drops when the pad of his finger teases your other entrance, and your thighs shook while you remained silent.
His opposite hand struck your ass sharply, your body thrashing as it stung against your unprepared skin.
“Answer me.”
“Yes, what?!”
“I want your cock in my ass!”
Your boyfriend’s quirk did not involve speed; in fact, without his quirk, he was not that fast. Sure he was athletic and adequately trained, but in comparison to those on the Hero field, if you took away quirk usage, he was barely above average. But there were times that you believed he was incredibly fast, and this was one of those moments.
You found your face, chest, and knees buried back into the mattress, your back arched so much you swore you would need a spine replacement after this, and the ties and spreader bar were gone.
His fingers slide between your folds, lathering in your essence. A low groan left your lips at the feeling, and you quivered when Shouto’s hands spread your ass cheeks.
“B-Be gentle,” you whimper when he presses the pad of his forefinger against your pert hole. Your ass tightened instinctively, and Shouto huffed but pressed his finger in. A weird full pain shot through you when the tip of his finger entered your rectum, your ass squeezing against his finger, trying to deny him entrance.
“Fuck,” he mumbled, his other hand massaging your ass cheek, trying to calm your instincts to let him in.
Your fingers dig into the comforter, the still wet fabric from your multiple orgasms was cold under your heated fingers. But something cold splashed against your ass, and you shook, demanding to know what it was.
“Lube,” he answers, a smirk evident in his tone as his fingers leave your asshole. A soft groan exhales from your breath at him exiting your ass, and soon enough, his finger returns to your puckered tight hole. The feeling of his fingers pushing in you to his first knuckles sends your ass flying backward toward him, a desperate and idiotic way of getting him further in.
It was a weird feeling, almost reminiscent to the first time you had sex, only completely different. It made your head spin in a frenzied way and felt backward but in a way where you needed more.
“You like this,” he laughs, his lips pressing against your spine. Your head nods, you’re unable to speak as his fingers push into you and pull back out. It’s a slow and chilling movement that fills your asshole and makes you dizzy.
“Shit,” you breathe, your body rattling, your ass rolling against his fingers.
“Are you ready for my cock, whore?” He asks, and you whine in response. His hand grips your ass, and his finger curls within you. You loudly call out his name, feeling your body turning weak as you lay there, a slave to his manipulation. His manipulation of your ass sends warm liquid falling down your thighs, shining against your skin as his hand smacks your inner thigh, and he relishes in your high pitched squeal. “You finally cave to anal when I’m fucking you here. Is this what you wanted all along?”
Your eyes clamp shut as his fingers exit your ass, and you only manage a panting groan in response. There’s a soft ripping noise before a package hits your face.
Your eyes open to see a condom package sitting by your face, its empty, and you shift your head to stare at Shouto who’s unraveling the condom on his cock.
“You haven’t used those in a while,” you remark snidely, your eyes glowing with amusement as he locks onto you, his eyes rolling.
“I remember a certain someone begging for me to put it in her raw,” he smoothly states, lube in his hands now, and he applies a lot on the smooth condom. “Besides, you want my cock up your ass, you don’t get to play that card right now.”
“Yeah, well — oHMY GOD!”
Shouto, without warning, presses the head of his cock within your asshole. It stretches you out disgustingly, sharp pain throbbing in your ass and cunt as he settles within you. Despite his cock halfway buried within your ass, it’s your pussy that weeps. Your slick runs rampant down your inner thigh, falling onto the bed top. Shouto’s fingers dig into your waist, the both of you breathing heavy at this new feeling.
Slowly, his fingers move to your breast and your nipples, and with the smallest nod from you, he begins.
In and out, he moves, his hips moving faster than a manageable speed, and your eyes welled with tears at the constipated feeling in your asshole. His fingers tweak and pull at your clit and nipple, savagely teasing them, uncaring that your cries left drooling puddles on the bed. His thrusting movements became quicker, harder, and more solid until a familiar sensation of his balls slapping your skin burned your mind.
“More,” you beg against the sheets, drool coating your cheek, your body nothing more than his fuck toy. “Fuck my asshole harder.”
Shouto merely growls, the pinch on your clit, making your hips buck against his cock, and he began to barbarically slam into you. It was as if it was your pussy and not your ass he was drilling into.
Your body shifts with his every movement, your slick pouring from your cunt, and he let go of your nipple. In your crazed state, you sob at the loss of contact, but his hand strikes against your soaked cunt with a loud sound. The force alone nearly sends your eyes flying open, your vision blurring when his finger dive into your sex.
His fingers work at double the speed of which his hips slam into you. His fingers pushing the limits of your velvet walls; he curls his fingers against your walls, dragging them deliciously against your clenching heat. Then there was his cock, and at times the thin walls that separated his fingers and his cock brushed together, sending you into a new frenzy while you sobbed his name.
Begging for more, begging to come.
“You already need to come?!” He snaps, his hips not at all weak, and you moaned loudly, knowing that he was nowhere close. “Then come you, filthy bitch, I just started, and you need to come!”
“I-It feels so fucking good,” you garble, your jaw unable to move for its slack against the mattress, electrifying pleasure singing your nerves, and with a loud smack to your pussy, you come hard against his fingers, splashing against the bed top.
There’s no time wasted; Shouto pulls himself from your ass and shoves you onto your back again. There’s no fightback, no attitude, from you. Without being forced to, your legs are brought to your chest while Shouto discards the condom onto the bed.
“Aren’t you so fucking enthusiastic, getting all ready for me without asking,” Shouto grins, his hands grabbing your legs right below your ankle. “Do you know what I’m going to do to you right now?”
“Y-You’re going to fill me up with your cum,” you stammer for he pushes your legs slowly towards you, the stretch in your muscles overwhelming for your sore body. “You’re going to give me your babies.”
“What else?” He taunts, the top of his cock rubbing against your clit.
“B-Breed me like the bitch I am, sir!” Your cry, wanting nothing more than his cock to bury all nine inches in you.
“Come for me one more time, and I’ll make sure to fill you until you’re dripping with my semen for an entire week,” Shouto promises, and his hips slam within you.
Your knees are buried within the mattress by your head, your feet curling and pressing against each other.  Shouto lays on top of you, the penetration deep, and his hands gripping yours. The weight of having him on you is exhilarating, and for the first time this night, his lips press hungrily against yours while ball deep within you.
His cock slams against the wall of your cervix repetitively while his lips overwhelm you. Each slam into you is massive and powerful. Powerful enough to have you sobbing into his mouth while he kisses you, his hands clutching your smaller ones in his.
Again and again, he slams into you. His thrusts knocking the wind out of you until you release his hands and find yourself digging your fingers into his back, crying out his name desperately while his teeth find a home on your neck, sinking into flesh he had long ago broke. The powerful pounding of his cock makes you keen, your hips jerking up to meet his, but you’re useless against his downward thrusts.
“Impregnate me, sir,” you gasp, your eyes rolling back in pleasure, “breed me, please!”
“You’ll be full of my fucking kids in no time, your cute belly will be round with my kid,” he snaps, his cock throbbing within your pussy, and loud echoing slaps fill the room. Your nails claw at his back, marking him in multiple places with clean four red lines.
You couldn’t take the feeling of how his body moved perfectly within you, the strength and power behind his every move were almost too natural as if this was an everyday thing. You let out noises reasonably similar to a purr, grinding your cunt against his conquesting cock and laughing breathlessly at his low groan.
“You like this, whore?” Shouto nips at your throat, his thrusts making you shriek out his name as he buries you further into the bed, your nails digging into his flesh. “You like the way my cock fills your pussy the same way it did that pretty little ass?” You nod rapidly, your eyes closed, your mouth open, your pants tumbling from your mouth. Your sanity was lying on a string, his actions the reasons for your downfall.
His leverage was small, but every thrust seemed to have his cock being pulled out of you nearly completely. Before he drilled back into your pussy. The noises of your connecting wet sex left loud echo with your squelching pussy around his hot cock.
The muscles on his back seemed to flare dramatically, your screams turning silent due to your approval of this.
“You like the way I fuck your pussy? The way that I’ll fill you with my seed for days to come?” he growls into your ear, his hips inhumanly slamming into you.
“I need you to breed me,” you sob, the fire in your face as bright and hot as the one between your legs. His sweaty forehead pressed against yours, and his lips recapture yours.
Your mind goes blank when a mighty crash goes through you. But Shouto must not have felt the familiar spastic clamping of your inner walls as he continues pistoling his hips into you, hitting your cervix, and pushing it further up with every slam. You cry against his mouth, your hands shoving at his shoulders as the feeling of your orgasm was too strong to deny, and he slips out of you.
You squirt wildly, your juices going everywhere, wetting his groin area, and splashing against the bed.
“Fuck, you’re so beautiful,” he growls, and once again slams into you.
Your scream is silent, your eyes rolling to the back of your head, your fingers digging into his neck, and your toes curl. His hips are driving, persistent, and have a goal in mind. You can barely keep up with him, your long overstimulated body wanting to collapse at the seams, but he doesn’t stop.
The bed creaks loudly under you, headboard crashing into the wall, over and over again.
“Cum, sir,” you beg, your hips wildly thrashing against his. “Please, fill me with your seed!”
That’s all it takes, and a hot and heavy load shoots through you, and Shouto collapses onto you at the same time the bed falls. Neither one of you reacts as gravity shifts you both slightly downwards, but your mind is too full of Shouto to care. His body twitching while his cock remains hard within you, the feeling of his cum swimming in your cunt, making your head spin with euphoria.
Drowsiness hits you quickly, and Shouto’s body heat is quickly putting you to sleep.
He pulls out of you gently, and the feeling of his cock no longer in you makes you whimper, your nose burying into his neck as he flips the two of you over so that you’re laying on his chest. His hands send warm and cooling waves through your body, helping soothe the aches in your tired body.
Who knew Endeavor was the key to making Shouto lose control. Maybe you needed to get him to fuck you on this bed more often now.
You can feel the cum seeping from your cunt, and Shouto must have too, for he scooped it back in with his fingers, and you chuckled at the feeling of his warm fingers against your seizing cunt. This was nice, you loved this.
“I didn’t go too overboard, did I?” He asks, his voice small given that he saw the blood that trailed down your neck and the raised handprints on your ass.
“No,” you say, your hands running down his muscled sides. “Not at all, I really enjoyed this, sir.”
Your words are teasing, and the two of you chuckle as silence overtakes the two of you.
“I love you, y/n,” he whispers, his lips pressing a gentle kiss to your cheek.
“I love you, too, Shouto,” you mumble, your eyes fluttering closed, sleep consuming you.
You don’t remember anything else, only that you woke up the next morning in your bed, your body is strewn with purple bruises, red hickies, and handprints on your body, wearing nothing but Shouto’s shirt and your panties.
“Good morning beautiful,” his voice greets you, and you sigh, soreness rampaging your body.
“Good morning, my love.”
Endeavor walked into his house at three in the morning, the strains of a late night at work had truly exhausted him.
Shouto, who he had asked to take care of his house for only two hours had stayed much later. His son had informed him that he left ten minutes before he arrived. It was too bad, Endeavor thought, he wasn’t able to get back on time to see his son and girlfriend. Tossing his case to the floor, Endeavor was ready for bed.
Trudging through his house, he was quick to realize how humid the house was when he neared his room. His eyebrows scrunched, his attention on alert as he threw open the door, the lights and fan turned on by mistake.
Endeavors’ eyes widened at the sight of the cum-stained bed, the ruined sheets, the slanted chair, and his bed being held together by ice. His eyes locked on the fan blade that fell from its place; it was cracked entirely in the middle. There was no denying that his room was wholly and disgustingly used, and for what?! His stupid kid didn’t ever need to stay!
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honklore · 7 months ago
hello! i just found ur blog and omfg i’m in love with your writing style! may i pls have some soulmate au hc’s for a reader who’s an artist? (i’m indecisive so you can choose who the hcs are with!) so like (insert cc u write for here) has got paint stains on his hands and like assorted sketches and stuff on his skin all the time from his soulmate. ty so much!! :]
masterpiece | quackity
(gn reader, quackity is the loml, reader is so talented but v messy, chat teases q to no end, quackity is the biggest softie in the world but refuses to acknowledge it, plantain slander)
listen to: rainbow connection (cover) by sleeping at last
Tumblr media
sweet quackity :((
it starts when he’s eighteen, and it happens like almost immediately
he got these splotches of purple on his hands and his mom was like ?? are u getting into fights ?? are you okay???
and q rlly doesn’t mind aside from the weird questions when the colors are a little too close to red or purple
but!! nowadays mostly you just sketch w a pen
it’s during your classes usually,,, ur an art history major and you need something to occupy your hands (which is actually why you started drawing in the first place)
so during the day quackity will acquire lil sketches of famous paintings,,, or sometimes originals,,, but they’re always washed off before the day is done
sometimes random art facts/theories/studies but he has no idea why someone would write him about van gogh’s use of color
*cue u aggressively scrubbing your skin in the shower bc you always forget how permanent the ink is*
quackity is sort of... hesitant when it comes to writing on his skin. esp with streaming, he’s scared that fans will react badly ,, that negative thought keeps him at bay most days
but sometimes he writes lil notes on his legs,,, where chat won’t see anything ,,,, and they’re always either rlly sweet or rlly weird
(hope ur having a good day)
(hey bestie :P )
(soulmate my beloved)
(will u be the howie mandel to my dr. phil)
that last one made you genuinely worried for your future
badly drawn picture of a duck holding a briefcase (this is me)
which confuses you but as he draws more, you begin to associate him with ducks, and sometimes the duck wears a tie, and sometimes a beanie, and one time he had a giant blue axe which kind of concerned you
but you digress
when you get stressed u finger paint
and it’s just a way to create chaos and feel the cold paint on your skin like idk it’s relaxing yknow :)
quackity is streaming
and he doesn’t realize what’s happening. he’s reacting to attaway general,, and he’s kind of invested
it’s only when he pauses it to make a point that he notices
and he tries to hide it but chat notices right away
it’s not that he doesn’t trust chat he just knows things can get negative quickly and he wants his space to be free of that
but someone donates “artist q?”
and quackity lets the joke run
he stands up and pulls the mic super close to his mouth
“i’m in my artist arc chat! nihachu watch out >.>”
it’s literally so silly bc q knows that chat knows but they’re letting him do his bit
and later that night he checks twitter and artist q is trending, but quackity’s soulmate is also trending
it’s all mostly supportive, and there’s already some rlly endearing fan art of quackity with paint all over his hands
quackity private tweet: ❤️❤️❤️
and he gets a lil confidence boost after that
answers questions abt u on his alt
tells the story of his mom thinking he was getting into fights
“guys paula is still my number one and my soulmate will just have to understand that”
“we already agreed we would both reject each other for taylor swift chat it’s fine”
answers donos and doodles on his hand
which he can do now bc chat knows!!!!
(you’re so talented your honor)
(have you ever seen attaway general?)
(charli d’amelio is in it)
(charli d’amelio is in it shit dixie sorry)
and you’re like !!! it’s on my hand !!!! it’s not hidden at all !!!
this image is so endearing to me like you’ve got paint stains all over your hands and quackity’s scrawl is filling in the empty spaces like he didn’t want to interrupt your work
duck with a beret, a mustache, and a paintbrush (this is me now)
ik he is going to share the most mundane things in a way of showing his love
(i listened to this song the other day)
(i bought a literal plantain today those things are big as shit)
(update: not good :/)
(i’m writing lore)
(i have an exam tomorrow)
just :(( sweet quackity wants u to know every little detail abt his life bc he wants u to know him
and you reply when u can
(added to my playlist!)
(i like plantain chips but i’ve never had the fruit alone)
(rip buddy :/)
(lore? like fnaf?)
quackity finds out you know extensive fnaf lore and the two of you stay up arguing about which is worse: the bite of ‘87 or the bite of ‘83
both of your legs look like newspapers that night and it takes a lot of scrubbing to get all of those off
one day you’re painting smth and quackity randomly gives you his discord
(add me and we can watch game theory together and see who is right)
the two of you end up watching it and getting in call with each other
when you hear his voice it’s like everything falls into place
he fills in all the empty spaces,,, answers all the questions you didn’t realize you had,,,, and he’s so wonderful that you find yourself missing him dearly whenever he’s not on call with you
you join him in calls on his streams sometimes like for jackbox or when he’s cooking
you stop joining him on calls on his stream /s
but chat loves you and always takes ur side over q’s
you get tons of followers on your art account and you even get to sell some of your paintings!!
ur new favorite colors to use are blue and yellow i don’t make the rules
but everyone starts to catch on and they find it really sweet
you catch up on quackity lore solely for him and declare yourself a c!quackity apologist
you’ve definitely retweeted the meme that’s like “if villain bad why hot”
when u guys meet quackity kisses your forehead :((((
when you
a drawing of two ducks holding hands (this is us)
thank you for the kind words and for requesting !!!
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noteguk · 11 months ago
for science | jhs | m
— summary; in which Hoseok hears through the grapevine that you give one of the best blowjobs ever, and he needs to test it to be sure. 
— contents and warnings; blowjob (duh), dirty talk, praising and stupid pet names, cum eating, deepthroating (the oc has no gag reflex), Hoseok finds heaven, kind of crack? Idk don’t take this seriously, college!au, hoseok x reader (with a mention of past Jimin x reader), studying sessions being interrupted in the name of science 
— words; 5,1k
Requested by anon! 
Tumblr media
Hoseok could be kind of clueless when it came to some science-related things (and his high school biology teacher could attest to that), but one thing he knew very well was the scientific method. All that hypothesis-testing-stuff, or whatever the hell that was (okay, maybe he didn’t know it that well) had taken him out of some trouble in the past. It helped him see some of his decisions in a more experimental light, avoiding the terrible Olympic-somersault-into-conclusions that had gotten so many of his friends into awkward situations. And it shouldn’t even be said that he took quite a bit of pride in that — it made him feel very intelligent and he would take any stroke to the ego that he could get. 
So, when Jimin got a bit too tipsy and started babbling on about how you gave him the best blowjob of his life, Hoseok was, at the very least, cautiously skeptical. 
“You’re such a drama queen.” Hoseok rolled his eyes before chugging down a bit more of his beer. He was nowhere near as intoxicated as Jimin was, and he wasn’t planning on changing that. It was a Wednesday night, for fuck’s sake. He had to leave some thrill to the end of the week. “It probably was like… alright. Good, even. But the best one ever? Please.” 
“It was so much more than alright, dude.” Jimin threw his head over the couch’s back, looking like he just got washed up on the shore. His hair was a mess of clear strands, exploding on his head like a failed science fair experiment. “It was the best suck of my liiiiife. I wish she didn’t hate me so I could have that again.” 
He scoffed. Hoseok had enough filter left in him to avoid telling Jimin that the reason why you hated him was entirely his fault — what did he expect from three weeks of ghosting? Besides, if the head was that good, he would surely stick around for just a bit longer than two months. “Sure. Like the time that you almost died riding a roller coaster.” 
“Hey. I almost did.” Jimin’s eyes opened, presenting his friend with a dazed-out, unfocused brand of frustration. He was getting tired of not being taken seriously — didn’t Hosoek know that alcohol makes you more honest? He wasn’t making things up. Not when they were as serious as the well-being of his dick, or actual death. “It was some Final Destination bullshit, I’m telling you. Pieces of metal flying and everything.”
“Yeah, yeah.” He waved it off, leaning closer to Jimin so he could take the almost-empty can of beer from his clumsy hands, and placed it on the center table. “I think you’ve had enough alcohol for tonight, man. You have a class at ten tomorrow.” 
“I’m serious, dude,” Jimin pressed on. It was past eleven and Hoseok only wanted to sleep, but the other boy was clearly clueless about the lack of mutual interest in that conversation. “Aren’t you two friends or something?”
“Kind of. It’s weird,” Hoseok answered. You two had lingered in a hazy friendship space for a long time now, and he didn’t know exactly how to explain your relationship. He didn’t really consider you two close by any means, but you weren’t strangers or casual friends either. To be honest, he hadn’t thought too much about it until that very moment. “Why? What does that have to do with anything?” 
Jimin sighed, fumbling against the sofa. Much to Hoseok’s delight, he was starting to get sleepy as well. “You could ask her to suck you off,” he mumbled, “then you can feel it for yourself.” 
He laughed at that, unable to believe what he was hearing. “Jimin, you’re out of your mind if you think that’s not gonna backfire.” 
He blinked heavily. “Hm? Why?” 
Hoseok blurted out the first thing that came to mind. “We aren’t that close, and we haven’t done anything remotely sexual before this. It would be super creepy.”
“That’s not true,” Jimin spoke lazily, as if the words were starting to get hard to find. There was a pause so long after his sentence that Hoseok thought his roommate had fallen asleep. “I know you guys made out like at the beginning of the semester. Taehyung told me so.”
He was going to murder Taehyung. “It wasn’t like that. We were both drunk and it was super awkward afterwards.” Hoseok got up from the couch, leaving Jimin to groan and spread out his legs over the cushions. “Listen, I’m glad you two had fun, and I’m sorry you ruined it. But I’m not gonna ask ____ to suck me off just so I can know if you’re being dramatic or not.” 
Jimin smirked wickedly — or at least tried to, because his lack of facial control wasn’t doing him any favors. “Whatever you say,” he teased, “but I think you’re curious.” 
Truth was: Hoseok was beyond curious. The cogs in his head had started to move, and his brain was evoking lewd images of you so fast that he could barely follow. He would be pretending if he said that he never saw you under that light before, but, after the mess that was your makeout session, he had forced himself to jump into the friendzone before he managed to make things worse. 
Hoseok liked you very much, even if you two weren’t particularly close. He enjoyed spending time with you, he found you funny, smart, and way out of his league. But he wasn’t delusional enough to believe that you would actually say yes to sucking him off, especially so out of the blue. 
“I’m not curious,” Hoseok lied through his teeth, and he wanted to change the subject so much that his head was starting to hurt. “You’re gonna sleep here?” 
“Hm… yes… the couch is very comfortable.” Jimin closed his eyes and adjusted his body on the furniture. His baggy shirt was already halfway through his stomach and his pants had ran up to his waist, but the man didn’t seem to notice. “You don’t know what you’re missing out on.”
Hoseok rolled his eyes, moving towards the door. He needed to get Jimin some blankets, because the other was surely not getting up for the rest of the night. It was bad enough to babysit him for those few hours of intoxication, but infinitely worse to make him chicken soup if he got sick. Been there, done that. “I’m sure the couch is great.”
Jimin’s voice was soft and sleepy when he spoke up again. Hoseok was already in the corridor, and he almost didn’t hear him when he said, “I’m not talking about the couch.” 
Hoseok went to Jimin’s bedroom and grabbed his pillow and the blanket from his undone bed. Meanwhile, scenarios ran wild inside his head, having you as the main star. He didn’t know what was taking over him, but he wasn’t so quick to ignore Jimin’s story. Hoseok was faced with a fantastic scenario of a perfect blowjob, and the idea that it was so close to him was making his pulse quicken. Again: it would be absurd to ask you to do that, regardless of the motive behind it, and he knew that it would be awful for your already-strange friendship. 
No, he could never do that. He would not. 
But like… what if it worked, and you magically accepted his request? And what if, by some wonderful moment, some millennial alignment of planets, Jimin wasn’t actually being hyperbolic and you actually had the ability to give incredible blowjobs? Could he really let it pass without giving it a shot? 
He could see it as a scientific experiment, Hoseok thought, as a way to prove a hypothesis. It couldn’t hurt if he just— 
Oh my god, dude, shut the fuck up and forget about this. 
Coming back to his senses, Hoseok strutted out of his roommate's bedroom and walked toward the living room. By the time he came back with the blanket and the pillow, Jimin was already deep asleep.
Against his best efforts, that conversation remained stuck to the back of his mind for the next two weeks. Hoseok would find himself going back and forth on the idea of you having some strange, Marvel-worthy superpower when it came to sucking dick and, worst of all, the idea that his skepticism was making him miss out on it. Jimin was exaggerated when it came to, well, pretty much everything, but that didn’t mean that he would be wrong about that specific subject. That would be a logical fallacy, and that was also something that Hoseok knew very well. Bless his late nights on Reddit for that. 
Yet as the days moved along, and his curiosity was slowly turning into desire, he was forced to revisit the infamous night between the two of you, the one that Jimin had so mercilessly mentioned. Thinking back on it, it wasn’t surprising that your overconsumption of alcohol, added to the way that you two had grown close (both physically and mentally) had ended up with Hoseok laying on top of you, kissing the soul out of you and fondling your breasts in the middle of a party. It wasn’t the most dignified moment of either of your lives, but, well, it happened. 
One way or another, the night didn’t move forward. Even if Hoseok already had a tent in his pants, you two were far too intoxicated to consent, and were quick to fall asleep before the situation could escalate. Bottom line: Hoseok woke up with your tit in his hand, a nightmarish hangover, and the decision that the You-Subject would have to stay on hold for some time. 
And on hold it stayed. For an entire semester. And it would’ve remained that way if Jimin’s stupid mouth hadn’t started talking. 
So after two weeks of self-inflicted psychological torture, Hoseok slipped a hangout invitation amidst your texts. If you saw any second intentions behind his “haven’t seen you in awhile, wanna hangout? ;)” you didn’t let it show. The problem was that you weren’t really in the mood to go out, especially since you had a big exam coming up, so Hoseok ended up convincing you that he would stay quiet if you let him go over to your place. 
It was a bit harder not to notice the desperation in his proposal that time, but you ended up agreeing. Your thought process was that the boy would eventually realize that his hangout attempt was ridiculous and that he would leave you to study by yourself, and the two of you would reschedule that odd friendship session to when you weren’t drowning in textbooks. 
The problem was that you had been stupid enough to believe that your friend would actually keep his mouth shut. 
Hoseok was seated on the edge of your bed for so long that he was sure that his asscheeks were permanently imprinted on your sheets. Because he hated himself, he kept eyeing the digital clock to your right, and he was certain that he had spent the last fifty two minutes and thirty three seconds staring at the back of your head and trying to come up with a casual way to ask for a blowjob. 
He had tried a few times already, and each one constituted of him being unable to finish his sentence, instead looking at you like BooBoo The Fool until you turned back around to face your disorganized desk, sighing and trying to concentrate on your work. 
All things considered, he couldn’t actually believe he had escalated Jimin’s sailor tale to that point. He was out of his mind, that was a fact, and he had absolutely no clue how you would react once he (if he) found the words to ask you to sacrifice your mouth for science. 
God, he was an idiot. 
He cleared his throat and got ready to try one more time. “So… I…” 
You sighed heavily and turned around on the chair. “Hobi, this is the fifth time you’re starting a sentence and not finishing it,” you said, annoyed. “Can you tell me what the problem is? I have a test in two days and you promised you wouldn’t interrupt me if you came over.” 
“I’m sorry,” he didn’t like feeling like a kid being scolded, even if he kind of deserved that. Hoseok guessed it would be better to just take off the band-aid before he made an even bigger fool out of himself. “Let me just, like, explain the context of this. Otherwise it’s going to be even more strange.” 
Dropping your pen, you fully swirled the chair around, crossing your hands over your legs. He wasn’t expecting your complete attention anytime soon, and the seriousness in your stare made his courage falter for a second. It was such a stupid idea, you’d just end up hating him like you did Jimin. “As long as you make it quick,” you told him.  
Hoseok hesitated, running one hand through his hair. “Yeah, okay, so… like, a few weeks ago I was talking to Jimin,” he started, watching your face for any signal of an expression — confusion, disgust, anything. But he found nothing. “We were drunk, and he started talking about the time that you two were together. Like, sexually.” 
You blinked, unfazed. “And?”
“And… he told me that you give, like, the best blowjobs in history,” the words left his mouth before he could fully digest them. This time, he got a reaction out of you — a light raise of your eyebrows. “And, no offense, but I didn’t believe him. You know how extra he is about some stuff. Most stuff.” 
There was a moment of silence as you waited for him to go on, but Hoseok was too busy swallowing his thoughts down and feeling like he would collapse at any given moment. You sighed. “So what? You wanted to tell me that you don’t believe in my blowjob abilities? That’s all? Can I go back to studying now?” 
“No, that’s…” Now, things were starting to get complicated. Just take off the band-aid, Hoseok, don’t chicken out now. “I wanted to know if you could show me. Like, if you could suck me off. So I could... confirm that hypothesis.”
Every part of his brain was suddently hyperaware of how fucking stupid he just sounded. He had expected that another thick silence would follow, but his heart almost leaped out of your chest when you started laughing at him — like, full-chest, eyes closing, head rolling back laughing. “Are you serious?” You asked, taking one hand to cover your mouth before, at last, bursting out again. He felt like his ego was being stabbed with a rusty nail. “I can’t believe you, Hoseok. Took you all this time just to ask me if I could suck you off? For science?”
His mouth felt like it was full of cotton and he had to clear his throat before he found the force to answer you. “Yeah, I mean, only if you’re comfortable with it, of course,” he struggled to say, each word morphing into the next. His stomach had frozen up and the flight or fight response was starting to kick in. Had he really been that much of an idiot? When did his cock start dictating his words? “I… I know this is like, super creepy. I’m sorry. We can forget this ever happened and I’ll never talk to you again. I shouldn’t have said anything.” 
Suddenly sad, he waited as you settled back on the chair, wiping a small tear from the corner of your eye before you stared at him. There was still a smirk crawling up your lips, and he felt like the world was collapsing all around him  as the silence expanded around the two of you. He looked at the digital clock: it had taken him precisely three minutes to ruin everything. 
He sighed, shoulders falling. “Do you hate me? Why are you so quiet?” 
You bit down on your lip, your eyes narrowing as you took his form in. Hoseok was hot: point blank. He was also nice, and respectful enough to realize that he might have overstepped a few lines with his request — and, even if you couldn’t really understand it, you also weren’t bothered by it. And you certainly didn’t hate him. In a way, you were almost flattered. You would’ve been more if the comment had come from anyone else but your Danny Phantom ex. But that was a different story. 
The entire situation was just too funny to let it go. And, besides, you really wouldn’t mind sucking Hoseok off. It wasn’t as if you had never thought about that before. 
“I’m... considering it,” you told him, watching as his face lit up in a mixture of confusion and joy. He looked like a kid seeing Santa for the first time. “If you promise to shut up and let me study, I’ll do it. And if you agree to never talk about it again.” 
Hoseok blinked profusely, his mind short circuiting. “For real?” 
“Yeah.” You raised from your chair, walking closer to your bed. Hoseok swallowed hard and leaned back, placing his hands on the mattress for support. “But do me a favor: if it’s not that good, don’t tell me. It’ll hurt me.” 
“Yeah, alright.” He swallowed dry, every neuron in his brain trying to grasp what the fuck had just happened. His mind was the Spongebob office being set on fire, and he suddenly didn’t know how to deal with the anticipation booming in his chest. “I’m... not hard yet, though.” 
“It’s okay.” You kneeled in front of him, placing your hands on his inner thighs and slightly pushing them apart. Hoseok quickly got the cue, and opened a bit more so you could comfortably place yourself between them. “Just... relax,” your voice was almost a whisper then, and he felt his soul trying to leave him. That was insane. “Let me take care of you.”  
Your words managed to make him relax a bit, then he tensed all the way back at the feeling of your hands fumbling with his button. His breath hitched as you pulled the zipper down, fingers hooking on the edge of his pants before tugging them down his thighs. 
He felt exposed as his pants fell like a puddle around his ankles, his tongue coming out to wet his lips as you leaned in. Hosoek felt like he was dreaming when you started nibbling at his skin, kissing and licking his inner thighs as you slowly made your way closer to his aching member. 
“I can’t believe this is happening,” he barely got out before sighing, the tingles of your caresses on his skin shooting directly towards his cock, already semi-hard. 
You flicked your eyes up at him, humming against his thigh muscles. You were now so dangerously close to his underwear that he thought he would lose consciousness. “Were you daydreaming about it or something?” You teased. 
Maybe in a different position, he would’ve lied about it. But the truth came out before he could hold it back. “Ever since Jimin told me that, yeah,” he said. 
“Hmm… hope I live up to the expectation, then,” you purred, looking up at him with those doll-like eyes. Hoseok suddenly felt like he was losing his balance, his entire body burning in desire and expectancy. You looked like another one of his horny daydreams, but you were kneeling right there, in arms reach, and he didn’t know how he would deal with what was about to ensue. 
Your mouth was hovering above his clothed cock before he could notice and, delicately, you leaned down to place a kiss on it. The touch was tender, almost numb with the fabric standing between you two, and yet Hoseok shivered, biting down on his lip as one of your hands enveloped his erection. He watched, mesmerized, as you started lazily stroking him through his underwear, leaning your head to the side so you could place heavy kisses on him, at times giving his tip a few kitten licks until it was covered by a thin layer of your saliva. 
The sensation left him on edge, silently begging for more. By the time you moved back so you could undress him, Hoseok was a mess of shallow breaths and heavy swallows; his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down as pleasure started to build up at the corners of his perception. Biting back a moan of relief, Hoseok raised his hips as you slowly pulled his underwear downward, allowing for his cock to spring free from its confinement. You had done a good job teasing him, because it was already fully hard when it bounced against his abdomen, red-tipped and leaking. 
His gaze oscillated between your face and his cock, watching for any reaction as you took one hand to his length, squeezing him firmly. “Fuck,” he let out a grunt, his overwhelmed body responding to the smallest of touches. 
You smirked at his reaction, taking a quick glimpse at his devastated features before moving back to what you were doing. Hoseok was so cute, you thought, liking the way he was so responsive. 
A shudder ran up Hoseok’s body when your tongue came out between your lips, placing delicate licks on his base. He loved the feeling of your warm muscle against his hardened member, his mind growing eager as you began tracing a path upwards, flattening your tongue against him. His breathing was ragged by the time that you reached his crown, a hum escaping your throat as you lazily swirled your tongue around his tip, covering him with your saliva. 
You took your time caressing his slit with your mouth, waiting until he was cursing and panting before you finally wrapped your lips around him. At first, you only took his tip in your mouth, sucking so slowly that Hoseok whined and buckled his hips from the bed, trying to make you move faster. 
Wordlessly, you simply placed your palm against his thigh and pressed him back down. Even if that was the last thing he wanted to do, Hoseok accepted your order and settled back against the mattress, grunting as you continued to tease him. 
“Please, put it all in,” he begged, starting to lose his trail of thought. “This is torture.” 
And maybe another day you would have taken a bit more time torturing him, but, that afternoon, you were kind of in a rush to finish studying. So you complied. 
“Oh, fuck, fuck.” His eyes shut and his head was thrown back as you fully sank down on his cock, your tongue flat against him. Before he could stop himself, his hand flew to your hair, yanking at the strands as you moved back up, your hand pumping the parts of him that you couldn’t reach. 
“God, your mouth feels so great…” He moaned, back arching as you reached his tip once again, licking it before sinking back down — you took him just a bit deeper that time, and the motion didn’t pass by unnoticed. He was really starting to believe Jimin, and he wondered if maybe he should’ve been more worried about the entire rollercoaster situation. “Ah, that’s it. Just like that.” 
You moaned around him, the vibrations making him cry out, desperate. Hoseok couldn’t hold himself back from moving closer to the edge of the bed, his other hand clenching your bedsheets between his fingers as you continued to swallow his cock like it belonged in the hot confinement of your mouth. 
“Oh— oh my god, baby,” he grunted, pulling at the strands of your hair. His mind was starting to get hazy, his chest fluttering in a mess of sighs and heavy breaths every time that you sank down on his member; every time you flicked your tongue against his sentitive slit or pumped his base. “That’s really good, you take my cock so well.”
You looked up just to see the mess that Hoseok had turned into. With his mouth parted and eyes glazed over, he looked like he was about to fall apart at any second. He was watching you in complete awe, his eyebrows falling to form a beautiful frown of concentration; tongue coming out to lick his lips. He was so fucked out that you felt yourself getting riled up by his image, a pool of wetness accumulating between your thighs. 
“You look so pretty like this.” He exhaled, unaware of his own words. Hoseok was too busy following your swollen, redden lips as they wrapped around his member, your cheeks hollowing after you sucked him with all that you had. Even the small amount of droll around your mouth was enough to make him throb in your hold, a grunt escaping him. “With these — fuck — those pretty lips around my cock, shit. I could watch you forever.” 
You hummed around his member again at his words, the vibrations shooting directly at his core, where a rising heat had dangerously grown stronger, signaling his upcoming orgasm. Hoseok loved the way you actually looked like you were enjoying yourself, moaning and whimpering around his cock as you took all of him in your mouth, eyes closing every time he throbbed inside you. The eagerness in which you took him in, like you were starving for his cock, was one of the filthiest images that Hoseok had ever seen, and it was one that he knew would haunt his dreams for the years to come. 
When you removed his cock from your mouth with a dirty wet sound, Hoseok was about to complain before he saw you licking down his length, one of your hands holding his cock away from your face as your tongue started to play with his balls. It was an odd feeling, but not an unwelcomed one, and it kept him on edge for a little while longer while you played with him. 
With a timid whimper, you looked up at him as you licked your way back up to his tip. The image was so hot that he almost fainted, a deep moan escaping his throat when you took him back inside your delicious mouth. 
And the truth was clearer than Hoseok had ever expected: Jimin was right. 
“Fuck, babe, how did you get this good?” Hoseok grunted, trying his best to focus on the picture-perfect image of your lips wrapped tightly around his throbbing cock. He could tell that his release was starting to build up at an alarming rate, his thighs growing weaker every time you took him inside you. “Oh my- Ngh! Fuck! Oh my god!” 
Hoseok’s mind was wiped clean when he felt his tip hitting the back of your throat, his hips buckling up as your throat clenched around him. He was pretty sure he was in heaven then — if he focused, he could hear angels singing all around him — , his pleasure overtaking every cell of his body as you continued sucking the soul out of him. 
“Holy fuck, do that again,” he begged, his voice much higher than before. You didn’t need to be asked twice, because, within a second, he was crying out at the feeling of your throat wrapping around his cock one more time; his hands holding tightly to the roots of your hair. The only reason why Hoseok hadn’t started fucking your mouth yet was because he wanted to have you in control, giving him the best head of his life without any interruption. “Fuck, fuck— Baby, you’re so fucking good at this, fuck.”
There was a vague raising of his hips to meet your movements, making him hit the back of your throat again and again, the lewd sounds you were making filling the room. Nothing in his life had ever compared to that instant, he had ever felt a pleasure as great as he did at that point, and he knew it was about to snap. 
“God, I’m gonna cum,” he sobbed, finally closing his eyes and letting the pleasure take over. “Fuck, you’re so good, I’m gonna—“ 
Hoseok filled your mouth with his cum, dripping down your throat when you swallowed around him. His head was spinning and his muscles were trembling, and that time he was unable to hold himself back from thrusting up against your mouth, trying to prolong that divine sensation for as long as he could before, at last, collapsing against the mattress with a final, shaky moan. 
He barely heard you when you got up to your feet, his mind floating above his body as he tried to get himself back together. With the little force that he still had inside him, Hoseok leaned on his elbows and stared at you like you were made of gold. “Fuck, ____.” He breathed out, and the only thing he could say was, “What the fuck?” 
You giggled at his reaction, thumb cleaning a bit of cum that had painted the corner of your mouth. “I appreciate your feedback,” you teased, pointing over your shoulder, to where your desk stood, forgotten. “Now that you have your answer, can I study in peace?” 
“Y-Yeah, sure,” he struggled to say. “I’ll... stay quiet.” 
You smiled brightly. “Thanks!” 
He thought about thanking you right back for giving him the best orgasm of his life, but he thought that would make everything much more pathetic. So he didn’t. 
Hoseok eventually found the motivation within him to put his cock back inside his underwear, clumsily pulling his pants back up. He found himself in the same position he was before everything went down: dumbfounded, staring at the back of your head as you worked on your textbook. The red numbers on the clock told him that just ten minutes had passed, and yet his life had completely changed. 
All that he wanted was to return the favor — it was the fair exchange, after all. Hoseok sat up at the edge of the bed and spoke up, filled by a newfound courage. “Wait. Don’t you want me to take ca—”
“Shut the fuck up, Hoseok.” 
His mouth fell shut and his courage deflated just as quickly. Maybe another time.
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h2bakugou · 10 months ago
hey love 💓 i have a request for sumn really fluffy with kaminari! maybe y/n is alone on a friday night so she invites her best pal denki over to hang out and he immediately comes to her rescue. i'm thinking mutual pining that leads to the confession of feelings??? idk do whatever you think works!! i just really like cute kaminari content lmao
a/n: hey hun! oo yes fluffy kami content i am here for it!! i might do a mini-series for him, don’t know what it’ll be abt but i’ve been thinking about doing lil mini-series for some characters
summary: a boring friday night in your dorm leads to some confessions with your best friend and crush, denki kaminari
key: (y/n) - your name / (f/n) - first name / (l/n) - last name / (e/c) - eye color / (h/c) - hair color / (y/q) - your quirk
warnings: swearing, fluff
word count: 1.6k
;cut for length;
»»————- ★ ————-««
Tumblr media
»»————- ★ ————-««
Class had been over for hours, and now you were sitting on the floor of your freshly cleaned dorm room, bored out of your mind. Debating on starting up a movie and heading to bed early or playing some game on your phone, you let out an audible groan, frustrated from the lack of entertainment.
It was Friday night. You should’ve been asking if any of the third years were throwing some sort of party that you’d debate going to or up in the common room kitchen making food.
But now your fingers were typing away at the keyboard on your phone to 'Kami’ in your contacts, asking if he’d be down to stop your boredom from becoming fatal.
And in a matter of exactly four minutes and twenty-seven seconds, he was at your door with snacks and his own game console so you could play Mario Kart.
“You are an actual life saver.” You hug him quickly and pull him into your room, admiring the choice of outfit. It was most definitely his pajamas, a pair of loose grey sweats with a graphic tee that had some sort of video game reference on it.
“Anything for you, plus I was getting bored too.” The tone in his voice made your heart flutter. And the three words - anything for you - made your face burn. He was always so suave, even in the times that his charm was more comedic than it was actually charming.
“What should we do first?” You ask, sitting beside him, knee touching knee as you glanced at him and then back to your tv.
“Maybe watch a spooky movie.” Kaminari wiggled his fingers at you, leaning in and tickling your sides as you tensed and started laughing.
“Okay okay! We’ll watch a scary movie. You just want an excuse to cuddle me when you get scared.” You teased him back for tickling you. Kaminari rolls his eyes and shakes his head.
“You’ll be scared during this one, it’s just come out, and the trailer had everyone going crazy.” Kaminari explained while he helped you find the movie. Turning off the lights, you returned with a blanket and tucked the two of you under it nice and cozy.
It had never felt weird between the two of you, like when you held hands or cuddled. You’d been Kaminari’s friend since entrance exams, and you’d been best friends since the first week of school.
And now that your heart longed to be more than just a friend or a best friend, holding his hand or cuddling with him filled that sort of odd space in your heart.
And Kaminari was the same. He enjoyed feeling your hand in his, or having your arms wrapped around his waist while you laid exhausted in his bed after a day of training in the gym.
He’d been crushing on you since day one, you were the one girl that never pushed him away, or dodged all his advances, you were sweet but tough, kind and sharp, you were everything Kaminari loved. 
Slinging his arm around your shoulder, he pulled you closer to him so he could rest his head on yours, his eyes flicking from actually paying attention to the movie to paying attention to you, to the way your fingers with chipped nail polish would reach for some popcorn and then retreat back to laying over his.
Whenever a jumpscare or scary part of the movie appeared, you’d both huddle into each other, too scared to try and make a witty remark about the both of you being wusses.
And finally when the movie had come to an end, an hour and a half had passed. You sat in the darkness while the credits rolled, giggling about the funny parts of the movie.
“And when the slasher was actually just walking and he still killed them, come on now! It’s not that hard to survive.” Kaminari groaned, frustrated that the plot had been so predictable.
“And you would survive one of these scenarios?” You smile, calling Kaminari out on his bullshit.
“I know I would. Because I would have you on my team.” Kaminari hums, flicking the tip of your nose. Your face scrunches up from the sting of impact. You shove him playfully and he pulls you over on top of him.
You sit on his lap and sigh.
“I mean If I wouldn’t die I guess I can’t let you die either.” You laugh, staring into his golden eyes.
“Have you had your first kiss yet?” Kaminari asked blindly. You’re taken aback by the question, it had come out of nowhere.
“I haven’t. But please don’t make fun of me because have you had your first kiss?” You raise your eyebrows, praying he hadn’t.
“I have. I’ve kissed lots of people.” Kaminari lied, trying to seem cool. He was shitting himself, he had the chance, the opening, the timing, it was all perfect. You were sitting in his lap, your fingers playing with the collar of his sleep shirt, all he had to do was lean in and kiss you.
Surely it wasn’t that hard. It was a kiss. He’d seen people do it in movies several times, countless times, and he’d heard from Mina that kissing was super intimate even just little playful kisses.
Surely he could do this.
“Are you listening to me?” You pull Kaminari out of his thoughts but he’s quick to answer your question, pressing his lips to yours. It’s short, very short, and a bit awkward. His lips fit against yours, and right when you go to kiss him back, he’s gone, pulling away from you to grin at you.
“Kami did you-”
“Was it good?” Kaminari asks, beaming with excitement. You smile and shake your head.
“It lasted for like three seconds, if you’re gonna kiss me, kiss me like you mean it dummy, like this.” You lean in and press your lips to his. You were new to this, and judging by that kiss, you knew that he’d lied. 
You guided his lips with your own, going off of what just felt right. Kissing wasn’t rocket science, it was a discovery, a journey, you just had to know how to lead and follow.
Pulling away when you needed to breathe, Kaminari was breathless, literally and figuratively. He stared at you with pink cheeks, awestruck by the kiss he’d just had with you.
“I thought you said you hadn’t kissed anyone!” Kaminari wasn’t upset, but he was curious as to how you’d kissed so well.
“I haven’t.” You were telling the truth, letting your arms rest on his shoulders you rested your forehead against his.
“Then how-”
“I don’t know.” You cut him off, laughing. Kaminari sighed and pressed another gentle and shy kiss to your lips, still unsure of how to really kiss you. It was sweet, but you reassured him that it wasn’t all that hard. You moved his hands to sit on your hips as you kissed him back, leaning more into the kiss.
Kaminari sat up some, taking the lead and finally showing some confidence. When he pulled away, it was your turn to be flustered. You looked away, trying to hide your red cheeks from him but his hands were quick to deter your movements.
“Please tell me that you like me back because-”
“I do.” You cut him off once more, finally looking back at him. Kaminari sighed and leaned back against your bed, happy to know that his feelings were mutual. You giggle and tug on his hands to pull him back up.
“Everyone already thinks we’re a couple ya know.” You tease, rubbing your thumbs over his knuckles.
“I know, believe Sero and Kirishima both keep telling me to make a move already and well I have now but I’m glad I did because god you are just so perfect and I was so scared that you didn’t like me and that I was just stuck in the friend-zone.” Kaminari pouted.
“Are you kidding?! I thought I was being friend-zoned! You’re always so flirty I was just like ‘oh my god he’s gonna reject me if I ask him out.’“ You laugh at your past thoughts, finding it funny that had you just trusted your heart you would’ve been together sooner.
“Why on Earth would I reject you?! You’re smart, funny, beautiful, pretty, beautiful.” Kaminari’s eyes are wide with admiration as he stares at you, a goofy grin on his lips as he holds you closer to him, letting you lay against his chest.
“You’re pretty too, Kami.” You compliment him, kissing his cheek delicately before resting your head back on his shoulder.
“Awe, thank you. No one’s ever called me pretty before.” Kaminari’s hands rub your back, tracing little shapes on your shirt as the two of you talk.
“Well you are beautiful so now you have.” You smile.
“Can I take you out tomorrow?” Kaminari asks, he didn’t have much money, but what he did have, he would most certainly use to at least take you to get a drink at a café or something.
“Of course.” You hug him, embracing the comfortable warmth he was radiating.
“Wanna watch me beat some bad guys on my new video game?” Kaminari offers some more entertainment and you’re quick to respond, hopping off of his lap so you can watch the screen. 
You lay with your head in his lap, his hands playing with your hair whenever his screen was loading or during a cutscene.
You eventually fell asleep, Kaminari managing to turn off the console shortly after to doze off with you.
The next day would bring more laughs, more kisses, and more time with Kaminari, and a few congratulations from your classmates who had seen the relationship coming from miles away.
»»————- ★ ————-««
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knight-queen · a year ago
Vandead Carnival – (A present from Sakamaki)
Tumblr media
This is a present for dear @uzi-boozii​ >V< I have been really enjoying this and it was quite funny. Idk you’ll like it or not, but I still wanted to because you mean so much to me and tysm for being my friend. <3
Place: 教室 / Classroom
Tumblr media
Physician: 一 一 Here you go. With this, your examination is finished.
Yui: Thank you...phew
(Umm...Because they’re suck blood these days, I am losing so much weight.)
(I have mixed feelings... with both happiness and misery.)
Physician: What’s wrong?
Yui: No, not at all. Here’s my body examining card.
Physician: Yes, I received 一 一 Oh
Yui: ….? Is there anything I missed?
Physician: Nope, it’s not what I mean.
I just noticed in your date of birth column. Tomorrow is your birthday, right?
Yui: Ah, speaking of it…
Physician: It’s early but, congrats!
Yui: (I didn’t expect to change my residence in this town and celebrate my birthday here.)
Thank you so much. I am so happy 一 一
Tumblr media
Laito: Nfu, Bitch chaaan! I have come here to take you home! 
Yui: Laito kun…!
Kanato: Slow. What are you doing here? You are really an inert.
Yui: K- Kanato kun too…
Yui: Sorry for making you wait. I am already done so I am coming.
Laito: By the way, Bitch chan, what did you just hand over to her?
*Grabs that paper*
Physician: Eh, Ah 一一
Yui: Laito kun! D- don’t take it!
Laito: Ahh~ It was just a body examining paper.
Yui: I’m begging you, don’t look at it…!
Laito: Hm….?Oh my, oh my, this is….hm~mm…
Yui: Laito kun, please…!
Laito: Well, I don’t have any interest in it, so I won’t hesitate to give it to you. More important, hurry up! We gotta be going!
Yui: (It’s good. I get it back…)
U, Um...what about Ayato kun?
Laito: Truth - Is - That~...He got a bad score in the quiz this morning and
The staff called him and he’s still there.
*Ayato approaches*
Ayato: ….what?
Tumblr media
Laito: Ah, great work for hearing the lectures~! Right now, we were talking about you.
Ayato: Tch...what the heck. Guzzling just for getting a low score in a quiz.
Kanato:  Zero work, zero result. It would be good if you were smart like us, so pathetic right.
Ayato: Aaah!? You guys are also the same, aren’t ya?
Laito: Eh~~ No, we aren’t.
Kanato: You were the only one to get punished, right? We are definitely not the same.
Ayato: Tch….
Yui: A- Ayato kun, don’t be so depressed…
Ayato: Shut up! Chichinashi, let’s return home now!
Yui: Yes…!
Place: 車内 / Inside the Car
Tumblr media
Reiji: Haah...honestly, because of your fault, it’s been so late.
Yui: (Uuuh...Today, I had a physical examination...I told him before school though...)
Reiji: To begin with, you can’t do things on time in a normal situation, not even in your everyday life 一一
*Ayato gets closer*
Ayato: Oi, Chicinashi. Lemme suck you when we get to the home.
My throat is dry and it’s irritating. I’ll get all of you.
Kanato: Why are you saying those selfish words?
*Ayato backs off*
Kanato: I am being irritated because you made everyone wait.
When we’ll get back, the very first one, who will get her blood will only be me. Right, Teddy…?
Ayato: Ah? What you say…?
Tumblr media
Laito: Nfu♪ Bitch chan’s  blood is so good. Since I’m hungry too, what ‘bout if three of us suck from 3 different parts?
Reiji: ...Haah...Why don’t these people don’t listen to my words.
Shu: ……… *Sleeping*
Reiji: ….Saying about that, is it better to sleep in such a place without listening, huh…?
This ‘good for nothing’...!
Yui: (Re- Reiji san…)
I- I am sorry. It was my fault for being so late. I had a physical exam…
I had anemia, so it took a little bit of time….
Subaru: Nh...oi. Was it really anemia?
Yui: Yes…
(Could it be that Subaru kun is worried for me…?)
Tumblr media
Subaru: I don't care about you but….it’s a trouble if there’s lack of blood. You gotta make up for that blood.
Yui: M- mhm…
Reiji: He’s right. You are worthy only because of your blood.
(That’s right. In this household, proof of my existence is only my blood.)
(They aren’t even a little bit worried for me….)
Yui: (I knew it’s somehow so lonely)
*Everyone goes away*
Laito: Nfu♪...
Place: 主人公自室 / Main Character’s Room
Yui: Phew...I am exhausted, I think….
Tomorrow is a holiday, so I’ll get to bed early, so tomorrow, I can spend as much time as I want.
Tomorrow is my birthday, right...I wonder if I can go somewhere….
Place: リビング / Living Room
Laito: Here, here~ thank you for being gathered in  my meeting.
Ayato: ….Fuck, what’s so suddenly.
For the time being, I was thinking about getting her blood really quick.
Kanato: You snatched a stuff that belongs to teddy…! If it’s an absurd conversation, then I won’t forgive you!!
Subaru: Tch….
Shu: ...Fuwa...I am sleepy.
Reiji: ...It’s rare since you and Subaru are also here.
Shu: Nope...While I was sleeping, I just came here as you guys summoned…
Laito: Nfu♪ Isn’t it a smart gathering?
Reiji: ...If it’s you who summoned us, then I can guess pretty much, Laito.
ーー Then , what the heck do you want? Don’t make it longer, and finish up the business that you have with us.
Subaru: You bastard, if it’s a nonsense, then don’t say it!
Mm~Thanks for your comment, Subaru kun. But it won’t be a waste, y’ know?
Kanato: Then, what do you want to say!?
Laito: The truth’s that, tomorrow is Bitch chan’s birthday~
Ayato: Ah, birthday?
Laito: Yes! That’s right!
Laito: For this, I wanted to make a surprise birthday party for her!
Subaru: Ah!? How stupid, why do you have to do such thing!
Laito: Isn’t it fine~, because we’re always receiving delicious blood from her.
Ayato: You receive blood or whatever, she belongs to great me.
Laito: Well, but now, don't speak such things!
We should be thankful in a while, so I think we should make something surprising for her, how’s that?
Kanato: Surprise, birthday party………
Tumblr media
Ayato: Khh, we don’t have to be thankful, right? She’s merely just prey after all!
Laito: Eh~~~! I thought it’s gonna be interesting. Whatever, if everyone opposes it, then I will give up on this.
There will be enough sweets and takoyaki for food, right? It's a birthday party, y’ know.
Ayato: ……..
Kanato: ………
Laito: If no one support my idea, then let’s forget about it~
Kanato: Wait a moment. If there will be sweet stuff, then there’s no way I won’t participate.
Ayato: Me too me too! Let’s celebrate the birthday party by making a lot of Takoyakis!!
Laito: Nfu...♪As I thought, a celebration should be like this.
Reiji: Haah...Me being their brother is so shameful….
Shu: ….I don’t care. Do whatever you want….
Ayato: If I don’t participate, then it’s a mess. And also, there’ll be only my food so I got no other choices.
Kanato: Same. Subaru, won’t you participate?
Subaru: I won’t participate in these shits!
Laito: Hm~ I possible, I wanted to have every brother to join. Don’t you also want to, Reiji?
Reiji: Obviously, I don’t want to participate in useless celebrations, howeverー
Tumblr media
There’s a fact that we are taking her blood all the time.
More than anything, if you 3 are being motivated to participate, then it’s no good.
Worst is that, If the house gets exposed….then it’ll be a great problem, so I have to keep guard about these things.
Ayato: Kh...seems like just everyone’s just refusing.
Laito: Well,  let’s celebrate with 4 of us then.
Reiji: Wait up. I can’t monitor three of you all by myself.
Laito: I don’t think it’s important to monitor us though~?
Reiji: I won’t get deceived with only those words of yours.
As it’s my authority, participation is compulsory for everyone.
Subaru: Haah!? Why’s this!?
Reiji: You, how much do you think you have indebted to me on a daily basis.
Subaru:  Aah!? I don’t know!! I mean, no one has even asked to do so I’ve no intention to put so much trouble out of nowhere!!
Reiji: That human is not aware of anything…. That ‘good for nothing’ will be a great example for this.
Shu: *Sleeping* ………
Reiji: It’s too late to take precautions after something happens. Please protect this mansion by laying a hand on monitoring with him.
Tumblr media
Shu: Ah….How troublesome. I roger that so be silent….
Reiji: Good. Then Subaru, are you fine with that you?
Subaru: No, I am not.
Laito: Well, isn’t it fine. You also guard, Subaru kun, since it would be pretty nice y’know?
But if you still refuse then……
Nfu♪, We’ll hold the party in your room?
Subaru: Haah!? Of Course you can’t !!
Laito: Alright, then we’re all ready for the party!
Subaru: Oi, don’t decide all by yourself!!
Laito: Eh~~then, is it okay Subaru, if the party is in your room~?
Ayato: Oh, that Subaru brat. Didn’t he say that he made a gap in the wall by snapping ?
Shu: Kukuh...even if I sleep in the night breeze….
Subaru: Don’t go there to sleep….
….damn….! Don’t make me annoyed.
Reiji: Anyways, let’s settle this conversation. What should be prepared? But….talking about the essential things…
Atyato: Takoyaki!
Kanato: I want to have a cake with plenty of whipped cream and strawberries.
Reiji: Then, there won’t be any other food except those. You should also consider her choices.
Ayato: Ah? What are y’ saying? Only we’re celebrating so that should be enough.
Laito: Main point is, you have feelings, right?
Tumblr media
Reiji: Unbelievably, your unbelievable mouth has just spitted an argument-causing words right now.
Kanato: Then? What can you do for her concerns so that I can also eat my strawberry cake?
Subaru: For some’s not the main point, right?
Laito: Wait, wait. Who said at first that it’s worthwhile to celebrate the party?
Oh, that’s right! Let’s go shopping to buy your favorite things!
Kanato: I don’t mind but if they are not tasty, I won’t forgive you.
Subaru: Then go by yourself!
Kanato: I will go shopping? Why did you just say something bothersomeーー
Oh that’s right….In a book from long ago, there was a guideline about how to make a handmade party cake.
I will use plenty of white creams and decorate that with a bunch of strawberries….fufu, the cake that will be only mine.
It looks delicious only by imagining….I make up my mind to cook a delicious cake.
Reiji: I reject.
Kanato: Why do you have rejection? If I have decided to bake the cake then it’s decided already.
Oh, that sounds interesting! I am gonna get ready to make my takoyaki!
Reiji: You just say it so easily….You can’t do it, right?
Shu: Haah. Everything seems to turn out bothersome….
Laito: Nfu! Handmade huh. Looks like everyone’s wanting that.
Reiji: Laito, why are you taking it like it’s everyone’s interest?
If it’s who said it then get ready for gathering every stuff at once.
Laito: Ehh~~, but aren’t they your work though.
Ayato: ...what’re we gonna do other than that?
Tumblr media
Kanato: Don’t say that, the rest of the works can’t be up to us.
Reiji: Of course. Before that…
I never heard of a birthday party just with takoyaki and cake.
Ayato: Hah? What’s wrong with that?
Reiji: To humans, it’s a special day to celebrate in their short life after all.
There’s usually a banquet or ball dance with a little bit of gorgeous goods and eye-catching things.
I remembered about a stupid scene of ball-dance. However, I don’t particularly have any interests other than cake.
Reiji: …...Hah. You are just thinking about enjoying yourself. Really, it’s likely you.
Ayato: But, Ya know, Chichicanshi won’t have fun if we don’t enjoy ourselves!
Subaru: stupid….
Reiji: Seriously….I got no other choices, I'll go with cooking main items and….
Laito: I may join Ayato kun for laying a hand. Cooking takoyaki sounds so fun♪
Shu: the end, it seems like I don’t have to do anything….
Reiji: This deadbeat’s work is to guard her room, so that she won’t come out.
It’s a perfect job for you, isn’t it?
Shu: ...jeez….bothersome….
Subaru: Do it as he wished. 
Tumblr media
Reiji: Subaru, I’ll assign you some work too.
Subaru: Haah!?
Reiji: I can’t count on Kanato to cook all alone. Please watch over him.
Subaru: WHy me!
Reiji: You are the only one who’s left, right.
To make sure that the kitchen won’t get exploised, we have to give all of us to keep it safe.
Subaru: Shut up…
Laito: Alright ♪ Let’s get going ー!
Place: ショッピングモール / Shopping Mall
Tumblr media
Ayato: Oi, Reiji! Move back! Great Me is the one who should walk ahead!
Reiji: Please keep your mouth shut, Ayato.
Kanato: Honestly...I also hate noise. Teddy also thinks so, neh, Teddy?
Subaru: We are not children, so everyone shouldn’t go good.
Laito: Isn’t it fine in a while? Shopping and talking with everyone like this~
Subaru: Tch….don’t take this so friendly.
Reiji: … Wait a little.
I am not seeing Shu?
Subaru: Haa? I bet he’s sleeping somewhere.
Reiji: Good grief...I thought we managed to come here nicely but, such a selfish action….It’s aggravating….
We have to get back the mansion before she gets ーー
Ayato: Aah! I see takoyaki!! Laito, let’s go there!
Laito: Huh~, but I think we already have takoyaki at our home, right?
Ayato: Ah? Are you sure ‘bout it? Also it will take effort to search.
Laito: You got a point though. Then, let’s go there!
Reiji: Wait up there! Necessary shops comes first according to the sequence ー
Tumblr media
Kanato: Further, it’s impossible to tolerate these noisy behaviours.
I’ll go wherever I wish so, if you want to then go searching for them.
*Kanato walks away*
Reiji: Shit! Where are you up to, Kanato! I won’t forgive that!
*Shu appears*
Shu: Fuwaah... wherever I go here, I can’t be in a silent place….
Reiji: This good for nothing...Now, he is the one who shamelessly appears huh…
Shu: hn….I am on that bench, when you’ll be done with shopping, wake me up slowly…
Reiji: I am overwhelmingly shocked by seeing your such a lazy attitude.
Shu: Whatever….I’m sleepy….
Reiji: He’s such a man who doesn't care even if you scold….
Subaru: Hah...what’s going on. Let’s go home…
*After a while*
Tumblr media
Ayato: Oi, Laito. What could be the ingredients for takoyaki?
Laito: Since, there’s an octopus in its name, so first we need is an octopus, I guess? ((Tako means octopus sooo...xD))
Ayato: I know that!
I am making takoyaki for the 1st time in forever now!
I’m gonna cook so many takoyakis that it’s gonna reach the ceiling!
Laito: Nfu~ It’s likely you. Then we gotta buy a bunch of ingredients.
Ayato: Yea! Looks like there’s a lot of carriage out there.
Laito: If you just make it anyhow, then it will be boring, right….Ah, how about it?
Ayato: Wasabi? What’s that?
Laito: Fufufuh, it is said to be an enjoyment in a party. (2)
Ayato: This one and this one too. Oh and that one over there too…
Laito: It all goes into the shopping carriage! So fun, isn’t it ♪
Reiji: Good grief...that 3 brothers just went there without letting me know….
Subaru, wait here. I will call those three brothers here.
Subaru: Haah? Me….you say? Oi!
*Reiji goes away*
Subaru: …...Hah, what kind of shopping is this.
Shu: ……...Zzz
Subaru: This guy’s sleeping in even such a place so peacefully…
Tumblr media
Shu: Loud...I am still awake.
Subaru: What the fuck! Are you seriously awake….
Shu: Haah...It’s such a pain so I didn’t want to move...that’s it.
Subaru: It would be best, if we wouldn’t come here from the very first…
Shu: Exactly, for this… You should return...fuwaa
Subaru: Jeezh….
*Subaru starts walking*
Shu: ….are you returning home?
Subaru: Shut up. Leave me alone.
*Walks away*
Shu: …….*giggles*
*After a while*
Subaru: ………..*Sighs*
Kanato: Aah, just in perfect place, Subaru.
Subaru: Who’s he to me to return home, how irritating.
Kanato: Subaru?
Subaru: I don’t wanna be his guard either, tch. I’ll go home on my own will, not for his order.
Kanato: SUBARU!!
*Kanato pulled him*
Subaru: Why doin’ this, you bastard!
Kanato: How many times will I have to call you to come here! Are those ears of you just for showing off or what?
Subaru: Ah? I can’t hear the earsore voices of such brats like you.
Why are you calling me?
Kanato: I have selected the ingredients for the cake. Follow along with me by carrying those bags.
Tumblr media
Subaru: HAH? Why do I have to carry the carriages or shits like that! I am going home already!!
Kanato: What do you mean? You are in charge for me and my cake. So, it’s very obvious to help me out, isn’t it?
Subaru: You’re the one who wanna cook. Then don’t you have strength to carry them?
Kanato: There's a teddy in my hand. I can’t carry, right?
Subaru: AAH!?? Imma knock you out, you shit!
Kanato: Knocking me out? You will knock me out where you are supposed to guard me…? You were doing nothing but standing there?
I was thinking a little to express my gratitude but you just smashed those feelings...WHAT the HELL are YOU PLANNING!!
If you don’t get it, then knock out your head, on your own. Hurry up and show me by hitting.
Subaru:’re loud. I get it! I have to carry the bags and I’ll do it.
Kanato: should have been obedient from the very first. Right, Teddy…?
Subaru: Shut up! I said I’ll go, so just lead the way quietly!
Kanato: Fufu, it’s this way.
Subaru: ...Shit...I better didn’t come here...damn.
*They starts walking*
Reiji: ….He’s ….kh!
Subaru : ..........
Reiji: Subaru. Why are you here?
I told you to wait at that bench, but you didn’t.
Subaru: Aahh, it’s just getting annoying! Now, it’s all my selfishness huh!!
Tumblr media
Reiji: Hating everything, don’t you think it’s your bad for not to explaining everything clearly at first before blaming? Good grief, this is why youngest children are very...
Subaru: Oi, stupid, what ya’ just said!
Reiji: I just split the truth. Anyway, how come are you here?
You said it was annoying and all you were doing was just standing, so I counted on you for waiting there.
Reiji: Look carefully! I brought Ayato and Laito with me.
Ayato: Haah?
Laito: Nfu, we are looking shopping carriages~
Subaru: You know it!! It wasn’t my determination. If you get complaints then say those to Kanato!
Kanato: I was going to buy these ingredients. You are an incredibly bad person to blame me for this out of nowhere….
Reiji: Gh……
Ayato: Oi, citizen glasses.  We’re done with shopping so take out the money. (3)
Reiji: Until now, you just did whatever you wanted. Now, all is left is to demand the money. Do you think I will allow it!
Ayato: Ah? Why’re  ya’ being so mad, narrow minded citizen-glasses?
Kanato: Just as Ayato said. What about making decisions with a little calm temper?
Laito: Nfu, maybe it’s for insufficiency of calcium….?
Reiji: … …….*Angry sighs*
Subaru: … … ..
Reiji: ….Alright, please buy these things. However, I am not giving you a single yen for this, so please be mindful.
*Reiji walks away*
Ayato: Ah! Oi, wait!....D- Does someone have money?
Kanato: Ayato, are you stupid. Do you really think I have?
Subaru: Oi, what are ya gonna do?
Laito: It’s Ayato’s fault, right? Go and apologize to Reiji.
Ayato: Why the great me has to apologize?
Kanato: It’s for a very simple reason. It was all your fault, Ayato.
Ayato: Haah!? You were also opposing Reiji!
Laito: Then, please you and Kanato apologize
Kanato: Why are you trying to escape who accompanied Ayato a little while ago?
Ayato: I ain’t apologize by no means!!
Laito: You two go.
Kanato: I won’t go either!!
Tumblr media
Subaru: Ah, STOP SHOUTING ALREADY!! You three go there to apologize!
Ayato: Why me!
Laito: Eh…
Shu: You are loud….Your screamings are being noticed everywhere in this shop…
Fuwaa...nevertheless, aren’t you done with shopping…?
*After a while*
Subaru: — I mean Reiji, please cut this out.
At this rate, we can’t go back home even in forever….
Reiji: ……
Even if you say it, I won’t give up on it.
Subaru: …………………
Reiji: —— But, that’s right… …Let's get rid of it with a tolerant mind. I didn’t hear any apologies but
Ayato: What did he say, that citizen- glasses.
Reiji: If you call me by another name, then you can go home right now.
Ayato: Tch……..
Reiji: Hmp…
Subaru, I will go to see the shopping stuffs of these 3.
Tumblr media
You please search Shu and buy the ingredients that I selected.
Subaru: …...Ha? You can buy them on your own, right?
Reiji: How hard is it to buy the re ingredients with these three persons? Think it carefully then it will make sense.
Reiji: More than that, I will also get that good for nothing to move a little for the work.
Subaru: I don’t get it. I won't move.
Kanato: Why are you being so mean?
Ayato: Yeah, everything’s gonna ruin just for you.
Laito: We put so much trouble in getting Reiji’s mood better. This time, are you gonna mess up everything?
Subaru: Damn...what about it then!?
Laito: Very simple. Reiji won’t take out his money and —
We won’t be able to buy the stuff for Bichhi-chan’s birthday. Aaah, I thought it was gonna be fun.
Subaru: ……..
*Reiji passes a paper*
Tumblr media
Reiji: Great. Necessary ingredients are written on this paper.
Subaru: ……...He got some nerves.
Reiji: It will be troublesome if you can’t buy anything. So please watch out your words.
I’ll pay the charge all at once, so let’s see you in front of the cash register.
Subaru: ……..Hmph
*After a while*
Subaru: SHUU!! Get up!
Shu: No way I can sleep. You guys are really loud….
Subaru: I had to face all the problems only cuz’ you shit were sleeping. Get up and WALK!
Shu: Hah...It can’t be helped. I’ve heard most of it, so now it’s time to work…
Hm?...then what we have to buy…?
*Subaru Passes a Paper*
Subaru: It’s this.
Shu: Haah, there’re so many...Subaru, carry the carriage and come.
Tumblr media
*Screen black*
Tumblr media
Yui: Nh…
(When did I have so sound sleep)
(Whenever I sleep, someone just come ask for my blood ——)
*A giant sound*
Place: 主人公自室 / Main Character’s Room
Tumblr media
Yui: W- wha- What!?
(The sound right now….it’s not a dream)
Yui: A- again!? And also, I smell something burning…
(I- I hope everyone’s fine...Let’s go and see what’s wrong…)
Place: 廊下 / Hallway
Tumblr media
Shu: Zzz….
Yui: Sh- Shu san, what happened!!
(Why is he lying in the middle of the hallway…!?)
Yui: Again that explosion sound….!?
Shu san, please wake up….Shu san!
(What should I do….he’s not waking up, not at all. Is he really in a bad condition…)
Umm, Shu San……! Wa- wait a little. I am calling someone right away.
Shu: It’s noisy...what, it’s you huh.
Yui: Shu san…!
(W- what a relief, he was just sleeping…)
Shu: body hurts….
Yui: Because you were sleeping in the hallway. More importantly, why are you here?
Shu: Ah...I had no choice….I am here for guard…
Yui: ……..?
Tumblr media
Shu: Nope, it’s nothing.
*Screen shaked*
Yui: (……!!)
Um...I am hearing some explosion sounds for a while, why’s that…?
Shu: Nh? was your imagination. Hurry up and go back to your room —
*Screen shakes*
Shu: ………
Yui: Again this sound….!!
Shu: At this state...looks like they haven’t used the kitchen in forever….
Yui: What did you just say……..?
Shu: No...well, you should just sleep without being worried.
Yui: E- Even if you say that….
Shu: Sleep at once...if you don’t then those noisy guys’ll….
*Reiji appears*
Shu: ……..Was I close?
Yui: Ah, Reiji san…!
Reiji: I didn’t think that you would start playing your own role. I come here to predict the outcome but…
Yui: (Role? What kind of conversation is that…)
Tumblr media
Reiji: You...woke up from sleeping huh.
Yui: Umm...What’s wrong actually? From the beginning, I have heard something like explosion noises.
Reiji: No, it’s not something terrible. You, please go back to your room.
Yui: But, I am worried about others...
Reiji: You don’t have to worry about vampires. Please go back to your room at once.
*Giant sound*
Yui: A- Again!? Reiji san…
Reiji: …...hah...seriously…
*Screen black* / *On the other side*
Tumblr media
Ayato: Uwaaaaaaa! What’s up with this!? Do something ‘bout it!!
Place: キッチン / Kitchen
Laito: It’s fire, Ayato kun! 
Hurry up, turn off!!
Ayato: You do it!!
Laito: Well, I am on it!!
*Splashes water*
Tumblr media
Ayato: Oi!! It’s cold!!
Kanato: What are you doing!! Teddy was about to get hit!!
Ayato: Not me, scold Laito!
Laito: Ahahaha, sorry sorry. My hand just shaked a little.
*Drops Something*
Ayato: H-h-h-h-hot!!!! Oi, it’s really hot to touch!!
Subaru: Oi, are you stupid!! It’s obviously hot!!
*Breaks something*
Kanato: Why are you just interrupting me all the time, Ayato!!
Ayato: I didn’t do it willingly!
Kanato: Then just get lost out of there! You are trouble!
Laito:’s just getting terrible and terrible. Don’t you feel like there’s no sign for improvement?
Subaru: Don’t say it so easily! You do something!!
Laito: A~ impossible. If everything gets exploited, then try it over again.
Kanato: Don’t kid around! Do you even have any idea about how much I faced trouble to cook this far!
Ayato: No go! At this rate, everything will get blust ‘gain!!
Tumblr media
Subaru: Oi idot!! Don’t fukin’ bring it ‘ere!!
*Screen black*
Subaru: Darn it ———kh!! Who!! Come up with this shit idea!!
Place: 廊下 /Hallway
Tumblr media
*Explosion sound 2 times*
Yui: (It’s out of my reach but I’ve heard Ayato and other’s voices. I’m sure they are the ones who are causing this explosion sounds…)
(I don’t have any clue about what they are doing, but looks like the house is gonna collapse immediately.)
Reiji: ……
Yui: (Reiji san’s side hair has been trembling...He’s really getting angry…) there anything I can help.
Reiji: ...Nope, it’s fine. I’ll deal with that….
Yui: I- is that so…
(Perhaps the fire is blazing up. Everyone’s screaming is also not stopping….)
Reiji: Shu, how long do you want to sleep in the middle of this disturbance?
Shu: Shut up...I am awake. I am performing the duty of being in charge….
Yui: Being in charge….?
Reiji: Oh….it’s something that’s not your business.
Until I come here to call you, don’t you even think about getting out of your room.
Yui:  Eh? U- Um….that’s…
Reiji: You get it, right?
(I- I am scared...Is that all I have to do?)
...I understand…
Tumblr media
Reiji: Then, listen good-for-nothing. Since, I have just alternated your mission, moving into the kitchen will do for me.
Shu: Haa….Bothersome…
*They walks away*
Yui: (...What the heck is going on in this mansion?)
(But Reiji san strictly said that...I have to go back to my room)
Place: 主人公自室 / Main Character’s Room
Yui: (As he said, I entered my room…)
*Screen shaked*
Reiji: Ayato! Do what I say! What the hell are you planning to do!
Ayato: I was just…!!
*Crushing sound*
Ayato: Uwaaaah!! It has blown up again!!
Yui: (D- Don’t worry, I don’t have to worry….)
Subaru: Uwaaah! Wh- what are you doing Kanato! Don’t bring the explode-stuffs this way!
Kanato: …. ….Fufufuh, the result of discussions with Teddy says that Ayato forcefully took that.
Laito: Then just hit Ayato, not….Uwaaa!!
*tablewares break*
Yui: (take it normally...take it normal…)
Kanato: Ayato! Focus on applying it!
Ayato: Who’ve applied it before!
Laito: Ooh~ That was a nice catch. Ayato kun, if I put this in water….
Ayato: Kanato! You do the out-pouring part!
*Another sound*
Yui: (....Hah, I feel like it’s getting worse than before…)
(Speaking of...Shu san, I can’t hear his voice. I hope he isn’t there?)
(Even though he is a vampire, he can get injured…)
Yui: (More than anything, it’s very unusual to see them working on something by gathering together.)
(U-mmm...I can’t even imagine that)
*After a while*
Yui: .... ....
Tumblr media
(Finally, it has gotten quiet, but Me on the contrary is worried now….)
(I was told not to get out of here but…)
(But it doesn’t hurt if I get put just for a bit, right…?)
*Door opens*
Place: Hallway / 廊下
Laito: Ayato ku~n, wait a bit.
Ayato: It has come out reluctant!
Yui: (Huh...looks like they’re still doing something)
Kanato: Subaru is dirty. It’s an eyesore so I’ll manage to get him out of my sight.
Reiji: Apparently, you are in an awful condition. Everything’s fine here, so have  a shower.
Subaru: Don’t command me! I’ll go even if y’ don’t tell me, y’know.
Shu: ...Then I will also go with him. That place seems to be quieter.
Yui: (From the right back of the corridor, Ayato and Laito kun are…)
(Kanato kun, Subaru kun and Shu san‘s voice is coming from the left…)
(I am wondering about their state but I am really having concern …)
Tumblr media
Right / 右
 Left /   左
♡ If you choose Right (Ayato & Laito) 
Yui: (Let’s go to the right)
*After a moment*
Ayato: That Reiji, who’s that guy to assign such pushing works.
Laito:  Aah, wasting our fun time carrying these’s your fault, Ayato.
Ayato: Aah!? What did you say!
Laito: Because, you’ve caused a countless number of explosions that you were even kicked out from the kitchen.
Ayato: I- it was just a misfortune for someone who has only the habit of eating, not cooking.
Laito: But causing such a mess….
*Foot steps*
Yui: Ah, Ayato kun! Laito kun!
Ayato: Wha!!?
Yui: kh…!!
Laito: …...It’s, Bichhi can?
Hey, Ayato kun, keep quiet!
Ayato: ...tch…
Reiji: Neh, Bichhi chan, didn’t Reiji tell you to be in your room?
Yui: Yeah, he did. But I ended up being worried and…
That exploded sound and…
Ayato: Ugh…
Yui: And many things were breaking…
Laito: Ah~ Hahaha……*nervous*
Yui: And everyone’s screamings and so on.
Ayato: …..So, did you come ‘ere to clear those facts?
Yui: Yes...but where should I start, I was worried that everyone may have gotten injured.
Laito: Nfu, as expected from you. As you can see, we are just fine.
Yui: (Certainly….I don’t see them in that state)
Laito: Aight, then. Stay in your room once again, ‘kay♪
Yui: B- but…
If there’s anything I can do, please lemme know.
Ayato: There’s nothing a brat like you can do, y’know!
Yui: I- I see...
Laito: Nfu ♪ Without thinking about anything, just spend your time relaxing in your room.
Yui: ...Got it…
(There’s nothing I can do….)
(I am caring for them but there’s nothing I can do here. I should go back to my room…)
Ayato: Oh, that’s right Chichinashi. I’ll give it to you, here.
Yui: ……?
(A beautiful wrapped box…?)
Ayato: Reiji told me to give it to you.
Yui: I- I see…
(Reiji san did…?)
(And he told you to open it in your room)
Yui: (In my room…?)
(He also told me to be in my room but, even right now…Why?)
Ayato: We’ll be going ‘cuz we’re busy. Open that box and see what’s inside that at your room, ‘kay?
Yui: Understood, thank you Ayato kun.
(’s no good...anyway, let’s get back to the room)
*Door opens and closed*
♡ If you choose left (Subaru, Shu, Reiji & Kanato) 
Tumblr media
Yui: (Let’s go to the left)
*After a moment*
Yui: (I don’t see anyone here…)
Subaru: …...Tch, because of those idiots, my whole body got dirty.
Yui: (Ah, Subaru kun! Looks like he isn’t wounded…)
Subaru: I’ll punch them one day. Of course I’ll punch them, no matter what, I’ll knock them out.
Yui: (He didn’t get any hurt but he’s muttering really terrible words…)
(What happened…)
Umm...Subaru kun….?
Subaru: ...Ah? What, it’s you huh.
Yui: Kh…! What happened, you're in such appearance!?
(His clothes are so dirty…)
Subaru: Don’t talk, shut up! By the way, why are you here?
Yui: To see if everyone's safe...there was no much noise, so I thought probably everyone’s got injured and that’s awful.
Subaru: Injured? Now way.
Yui: (I’m glad but...why is he looking crumbling…)
Subaru: Oi! Don’t just stare!
Yui: S- sorry...but what was going on exactly?
Subaru: These are the wreckages of takoyaki that were blown up during cooking and got scattered.
Yui: T- takoyaki? You all were cooking takoyaki? 
(Even so, it was terrible. Such a damage just for takoyaki…??)
Subaru: Oi...don’t get shut everytime. You don’t have to think ‘bout it so deeply.
Yui: S- sorry. I understand, I will forget about that.
Reiji: Wait, Shu!
Shu: …...Haah
Yui: Shu san?
Shu: You and...Subaru…?
Subaru: Having a discussion despite being so dirty...what a shame.
Subaru: AAahh!? I wasn’t willing to get dirty!!
Shu: ...Don’t shout, be quiet. Even if you say that, you can’t help it…
Subaru: Shut the fuck up!
*Punches the wall*
Yui: (Aah...he hits the wall)
Shu: … ...So, why’re you here?
Yui: (I was being worried for everyone…)
Tumblr media
Shu: Hmm...but don’t you think you should go back to your room?
Yui: Eh…?
*Door opens*
Reiji: Subaru! For now, don’t load me with work anymore!
Yui: (Reiji san…)
Reiji: Hurry up and get clean from this dirt!
Subaru: ... Hmph!
*Walks away*
Reiji: Good grief, I am constantly struggling for these troubles.
By the way, Shu, why are you here?
Shu: Haah, bothersome….
Reiji: How about having a little bit of motivation for laying a hand?
Kanato: Reiji, we’re done with our work.
Reiji: I get you. I am going there right away so wait.
Shu, you also go with Kanato.
Shu: Haah…
Yui: (He just said he’s done? What is that about…?)
Reiji: Anyway…
Reiji: What’s the reason you are here? If you would stay in your room like before…
Yui: Sorry for leaving the room without letting you know. But I was just having concerns for everyone…
Reiji:’s fine though. By the way, take it and get to your one more time.
*Passes something*
Yui: (A beautiful wrapped box…)
Umm, what’s this…?
Reiji: Shut up and take it.
….okay? In your room, open it slowly.
Yui: ………
Reiji: Your response?
Yui: U- understood.
End of Choice ー
Yui: (Um...what it could be, let’s open it.)
This is…?
Massage card and party hat…?
Tumblr media
(It says…. “Put on this hat and come to the living room”?)
(I don’t get it but, anyways let’s put this hat on and go to the living room as he said…)
*Puts on the hat*
Yui: ….Done. Now it’s time to go there…
*Door opens*
*Screen black*
Yui: H- huh? Now go straight….Where’s everyone?
(What’s this...sweet smell and…..sauce?)
Yui: Ex- Excuse me ー
*Some kind of firework*
Yui: …...Kyaaa!!!
*BGM Changed*
*Fades to CG*
Yui: …….You guys….!? Why are you dressed like this…
(And also….there’s strawberry cake. Over there is a huge stack of takoyakis which looks like a pyramid…?)
(There are many others….!)
Laito: Bichhi chan, it’s your birthday today, right? We wanted to make it a surprise.
Yui: Eh….ah!
(That’s how it was!)
Ayato: Aight! Since Chichinashi’s  also ‘re, I can start eating takoyakis, right!
Kanato: I am exhausted. Neh, Teddy, let’s eat the cake together.
Shu: Fuwaa...I am tired than usual. Sleepy.
Reiji: Anyway, have a seat.
Subaru: Tch, annoying……
Yui: ………
(They have managed a celebration like this. I thought, this year I will spend my birthday all alone….)
(And there were so many explosions because of their cooking…)
Ayato: Nh? Oi? Chichinashi? What, you’re spacing out.
Laito: Huh? She has frozen. Oiii, bitch chan~?
Kanato: Why….? If you don’t sit right away, then there’ll be nothing to eat.
Tumblr media
Subaru: O- oi. You are crying…?
Yui: ...Uuh...because it makes me so happy….uuh…
Shu: ….kh. First of all, if you don’t sit, we can’t start.
Yui: yes…
Reiji: Good grief, use this hand-ker-chief.
Yui: t- thank you so much.
(Make sure that I won’t cause any trouble...but I am so glad that...tears won’t stop…)
Ayato: Look, Chichinashi, these grand candles! The great me has choses them!
Laito: Eh….? But I see you got only that candle. Didn’t you buy anything other than that?
Ayato: Ah? What do you mean? Great me likes it the most, that’s why I got only one. ….kukukh, cool right!
Reiji: That candle, it’s basically for a ten years old child, right?
Ayato: ...Ah? ...Thats…
Subaru: Hmph, you’re really shameless…
Ayato: Aaah!? Subaru, try to say it once ‘gain!
Shu: Silent. It’s just a candle, so either way is fine.
Kanato: That’s right. It’s a thing just for handling fire.
Yui: Fufuh, I am fine with this. Ayato kun, thank you.
Ayato: See! Chichinashi also said it. As I thought, the great me is the best.
Kanato: Fufu, that cake looks so delicious. I can eat it, right?
Reiji: Not yet, Kanato. Wait a bit…
Since it’s a  special day, turn off the candle and start celebrating the birthday.
Yui: Waa...Thank you for everything.
Reiji: Happy birthday to you. As a lady, grow up to an adult as independently and peacefully.
Ayato: Here, Chichinashi. Eat this takoyaki! I have prepared it for Chichinashi!
Kanato: Happy birthday. Fufu, Teddy is also celebrating.
Laito: Happy birthday! Bichhi chan /``~ You have being 1 year older.
Subaru: ...Well, that’s it. I had intention to celebrate your birthday, this much is enough, right?
Shu: Well, don’t spend time or have fun like usual.….do it silently.
Yui: (Everyone…)
Really thank you…!
Ayato: It’s fine so hurry up and eat this takoyaki!
Laito: Ahahah, Ayato kun’s takoyakis disappeared because of that giant explosion. So, take these as precious ones.
Ayato: Shut up! Don’t care so much about details.
Yui: Yes, thank you. I’ll take it!
Laito: Nfu /` He~re, eat it, everyone.
Subaru: I hit everything I got, so I’m starving. Give me a lot.
Laito: Here it is. Nfu, each of them are delicious, so take as much as you can.
Yui: (Laito kun seems to have a lot of fun suddenly. Why…?)
Subaru: Ah...this takoyaki is the reason I had to encounter severe moments. I’ll chew all of it.
Yui: Su- Su baru kun. I think foods are innocent.
Subaru: Hmph…*eats* Ahh!? Wa-...wat...water….give me water!!
Yui: What’s wrong…!?
Anyway, here you go, Subaru kun!
(H- he is drinking so forcefully but why…?)
Subaru: *drinks* … ...HAAAH. Oi, Laito! You idiot, what did you put in takoyaki!
Laito: Eh~ Why telling me? Ayato also cooked with me.
Subaru: There’s no one other than you who can cook such pestering handmade takoyaki!!
Laito: nfu, I made you mad. It’s because I thought it’ll increase the excitement in the party.
Yui: La- Laito kun, what was inside takoyaki?
Laito: Some were inside it and some were not. In short, it was Russian roulette.
Yui: Russian roulette….
Laito: That’s right! This kind of thrill is supper fun, right? There were Japanese horseradish and pepper and~
Ayato: Ewwwwww! Water!! Gimme water!!!!
Reiji: Haah...I can’t deal with this. Skip these takoyakis.
Yui: B- but, is that okay?
Kanato: It’s okay. More importantly, let’s have a taste of the cake.
Yui: Okay then, I’ll distribute it for everyone.
Shu: Why will you cut that. You are the main guest. Leave it to Reiji?
Reiji: Why do you have to give commands?
Shu: ...Then, are you gonna leave it to her?
Reiji: That’s —
Kanato: Why…
Tumblr media
Kanato: Why are you not cutting the cake!! Too late. I’ll do it!! Reiji, pass me the knife!!
Reiji: kh...It can’t be helped...Kanato, it’s risky so don’t hit the table. I’ll cut it right now.
Give me the plate.
Yui: H- here…
Kanato: This is my prepared cake which I was waiting for so long. Looks so delicious, right?
Yui: It looks so wonderful and delicious!
Kanato: Fufuh, very obvious, neh Teddy.
Yui: (For some reason, I’m also happy for my birthday…)
*CG Fades*
Tumblr media
Yui: (I did not think that they’d celebrate birthday like this…)
Laito: By the way, bichhi chan?
Yui: What is it?
Laito: For your birthday celebration... Who do you want to offer your blood?
*BGM stops*
Yui: Eh…!?
Laito: Because today is one of the precious days, your birthday, right? So I want to hear from the Bichhichan who loves to get sucked…
Only for this short time, I thought to let you choose who you want to be sucked, y’know?
So...for the time being, we also wanted to receive present from you /-
Laito: If you choose me~, then I’ll wrap you with a ribbon and suck you romantically/-
Yui: Umm….
Ayato: Oi Laito. Why are you taking this advantage of credit all alone!
If that’s so, choose me, Chichinashi.
It ya’ do that, then I’ll make you excited and receive your blood giving an ultimate surprise.
Yui: Suck my blood with an ultimate surprise……?
Ayato: Kukuh, you enjoyed today’s party, right?
Like that, I will suck you into giving a surprise. Details are….not decided yet.
Yui: (W- what should I say…)
Reiji: Good grief, why are there only such lower-classes?
If it’s me then, I’ll suck your blood by dressing you up.
By putting on a necklace made of pearl, I’ll get my fangs on that neck.
Yui: (R- reiji san too…)
Kanato: I will dig my fangs just like I do with strawberries. More than one time in the same place ….fufu.
Yui: (Can’t I get escaped from it?)
Subaru: Are ya all idot!
Yui: (Subaru kun…!)
Subaru: Is there any rule or something to suck the blood? Suck it as usual.
Yui: (I knew...he’s going to suck too…)
Shu: Haah, troublesome…
Tell me your favorite place. Just for today, I’ll drug your favorite fangs into your favorite spot.
Yui: Such…
Ayato: Oi Chichinashi, hurry up and choose! I’m impatient.
Shu: Hurry and choose…
Yui: Eh, even if you tell me to decide…
Laito: Neh, bichhi chan, you want to be wrapped~aren’t you?
Ayato: You like surprise, right?
Kanato: Strawberries are no good, right?
Reiji: What do you say? It’s obvious that you want to look pretty.
Subaru: How stupid…
Shu: I’m sleepy however….I’ll be awake until I get an answer.
Yui: (What should I say...I am being forced by them, no good)
Sorry. I can’t choose anyone to suck my blood!
Ayato: O- oi wait, chichinashi!
Laito: Wait, Bichhichan~
Kanato: kh…!! Why are you escaping!!
Subaru: Wh…!
Reiji: You…!
Shu: Fuwaa…
Place: Main character’s room
Yui: (They arranged the surprise with so much effort but, I ended up escaping…)
(I’m sorry for them. I have no choice but to run if they force me like that…)
*Ayato grabs her*
Ayato: I caught you, Chichinashi.
Yui: A- Ayato kun…!?
(Also everyone…)
Kanato: That was the best I could offer but, won't you choose me…?
Yui: Such…
Ayato: Kuku, Chichinashi ain’t choose other than great me, right?
Because, you blood it something that can satisfy only my thirst.
Yui: W- wait…
Shu: Haah...bothersome. If you can’t choose then choose me.
Laito: Nfu, I wonder. Shu is like, gets out of nowhere and drops a bomb suddenly~
Reiji: Although, you were able to drive her to the corner of the wall.
Yui: U- um…
Tumblr media
(What should I do, there’s nowhere to escape…)
Subaru: Hey...Oi, was today’s main goal to track her down?
Laito: Ah, that’s right. Our main target is to celebrate with her.
Um~ Well, it can’t be helped.
Laito: I can warp you when my birthday will come.
Yui: (Finally!)
Subaru: Damn, it comes out like this ‘cuz you couldn’t choose one of us.
Yui: (M- my fault..?)
Subaru: What…?
Yui: So- sorry…!
(I apologize automatically but he’s the one who helped me.)
Laito: Then, to restart it again, I’ll give you a birthday present.
Yui: …...Eh?
*Laito gets closer*
Laito: *blushing* A birthday kiss in... Bichhichan's cheek….*kiss*
Ayato: Ah! What have you done, Laito!
Laito: ‘What?’ It's a birthday kiss. Isn’t it okay that much~
Kanato: fuh...If so then, me too…
Yui: Eh, Ka- kanato kun?
Kanato: Can I get your hand really quick? Honestly, I am an artful person….*kiss*
Yui: Why ….!?
Kanato: Is it necessary to tell you the reason?
Ayato: Why will we have to give her a present?
If you want a gift from great me, then I have no choice. I’ll also give it to you!...*kiss*
Yui: Wa- wait, Ayato kun…!
(He gave it to the cheek that Laito didn’t…!?)
Reiji: Fufuh, Then from me too. Nh...never forget this. It’s a present from me.
Yui: (…!?)
(The other hand that Kanato didn’t…!)
Subaru: ...Tch, why everyone kisses a single woman. For this, I won’t do it.
Yui: Umm...Subaru kuーー
*Subaru blushes*
Subaru: But, it can’t be helped so I’ll give too...nh…
Yui: (In forehead...It’s very embarrassing that the whole body is getting hot!)
Shu: Hah...Troublesome’s because so that you won’t forget me...nh
Yui: (In the head…)
(I’m very surprised and embarrassed for these kisses but…)
(It’s a celebration from their own way…)
Really thank you so much, everyone!
Tumblr media
ーThe END ー
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Take My Hand ~ Lucifer x Reader
Tumblr media
For so many, even those who know him, Lucifer is an enigmatic riddle that will never be solved. A question with no answer. A blank, white puzzle.  He keeps his stoic facade at all times, overworks himself on anything Diavolo gives him, and if he runs out of work, he finds more, from somewhere that nobody, even the young Prince, has no idea.
He’s always so strict and proper, dresses royal and there is seemingly no imperfection to him. Hell, even Asmo, the most narcissistic brother, is not-so-secretly jealous of his beauty and dominant and mysterious aura that engulfs him, that makes him even more enticing than one could think.
So what is the mysterious of this overly strict Fallen, the one that God loved the most, the one that led the Rebellion of the Celestial War aeons ago, actually hiding? What emotions is he so desperately trying to hide behind those sharp, ruby eyes of him that read into you like infrared?
What kind of fragility is trying to hide being that frozen block that became his heart that aches and burns harder than the Sun itself?
Perhaps that is something that only someone with a fresh perspective shall witness, someone who walks around like a ghost, unnoticeable, yet her eyes are wide and attentive, that can peer right into the depths of anyone’s soul.
They are complete opposites, and yet, they are more alike than anyone could even begin to realise - That is, if they are so adamant to be ignorant, as they’ve always been.
Apart from Solomon, not one, but two other humans were brought into Devildom, and that is because fate made it so that Lucifer chose a girl that had a sister.
A twin sister.
So of course, you cannot separate twins, so Diavolo was okay with bringing both of them, thinking it would be reminiscent of the 6th and 7th brothers, especially for their personalities are like light and day, like the Sun and the Moon, both of them beautiful, yet completely different.
And that was quickly made obvious once they arrived, for the brothers quickly swamped all over the younger sister, since she was a lovable, social butterfly, an extroverted free soul who loves to fool around and bend the rules to breaking point.
The older sister, however, was an introvert of few words, yet all of them were meaningful. She was incredibly diligent and hard-working, studying since the first day in RAD, she was much too busy to even bother going out of her way to break the rules, and had to do everything in her power to get her sister out of trouble, including doing her homework, to avoid detention.
The eldest brother, the most attentive, was quick to realise that all the brothers were attracted to the sunshine like moths to the fire that they didn’t even bother approaching the zircon wrapped in a velvet handkerchief.
He was, however, completely drawn to her...Or maybe it was the mystery surrounding her that he was interested in? He read once, in a human book, that the most intriguing is the journey, not the destination, yet he couldn’t help but wonder if it was similar to going to one’s soul.
Y/N’s soul was pure, it was bright, it was beautiful and tempting, which went in complete anti-thesis with the facade she pulled for everyone - And just like twins are, like Yin and Yang, she was truly the complete opposite of her bright sister that held a dark soul.
But days began to rapidly pass by, and with each day, countless of problematic events happened, that made Lucifer, and not only him, pissed off beyond belief, at the younger sister, and the older one was forced to bare the consequences and solve the problem..
These continuous occurrences started eroding her soul, bit by bit, darkening it, overshadowing her light, and it was beginning to concern the raven haired man, for, in the end, it was still his job to make sure the humans are okay and comfortable in Diavolo’s Kingdom.
Exams were coming along, and Lucifer could see Y/N was beginning to become much paler and less talkative. He didn’t see her as often outside of the classroom, and even to meals that they would always share together...And he began to worry.
He knows very well that humans are very frail, weak and sensitive creatures, that constantly needed to be taken care of, and he knew very well that she wouldn’t have much until she’d collapse.
“Does anyone have a pen, please? All of mine have been completely used up, and I need to urgently finish an assignment.” 
Speak of the devil, Lucifer thought, as his D.D.D.’s notification sound popped on his study desk, where he, himself, was also working on his own assignments, and he chuckled at the coincidence, and pondered over if he should tease her a bit, to provoke her, or not.
Something that Lucifer always loved was to push someone’s boundaries...Not some pushover like Mammon, clearly, but strong, dominating people, much like Satan, much like himself. He wanted to see how far can he push someone until they get angry, until they lose their composure, until they show their true face, until their facade crumbles, and they are no longer the self they show to everyone.
It’s satisfying seeing others step on their pride...
Since he would never do that, clearly. He isn’t the Avatar of Pride for nothing.
Asmo: Nope! I only have my personalised, engraved pen, and I can’t give it to everyone! Beel: Sorry, I accidentally ate all my pens while trying to write my homework. Belphie is sleeping. Levi: I don’t have pens, I write everything on my laptop. Satan: I always misplace mine. I only have the one I keep in my notebook. Mammon: Lol, you’re doing homework? Hah, what a dork! Sorry, I ain’t using Goldie to buy pens! Why not ask your sister? Anyka: You bought 10 pens barely 2 weeks ago, how the hell did you even finish them? Y/N: I have a lot to do. Do you have any spare pens? Anyka: Lol nope x Ask Lucifer or idk Barbatos??
The opportunity is shining, so...Should he start provoking her? Or would that break her even more? This should certainly be interesting... And if anything happens, he always knows when to put a stop to this charade. “I have a spare fountain pen, if it would do.” he sent her a DM, waiting for an answer. “Perfect. Are you in your study, or your bedroom?” she sent an immediate answer, which made him smirk. “Study. If you beg me nicely, I can also give you the ink for it.” he was playing with fire, and damn, was it exhilarating. “You...Want me to...Beg? For a pen and ink? To do my assignments? I don’t think Diavolo would be pleased to hear that.” she typed after an obvious few moments of hesitation. “Sometimes compromises must be made in order to achieve your goal. You are aware, I am sure, that if you do not finish your homework for tomorrow, you will receive detention.” this was getting very interesting, and he couldn’t wait to see what her next step would be. “Fine. I will ask Barbatos then. Thanks for the offer. Have a pleasant night.” she cut him off with clear acid in her words, which made Lucifer chuckle in satisfaction.
She was though, and entertaining. What an adorable little lamb.
And it was true, she asked Barbatos, who told her that he couldn’t go over to the House of Lamentation, for he has to take care of Diavolo, and he refused to allow her to leave the dorms without someone by her side to make sure no stray demon attacks her.
That was a true bummer.
So...She had to step on her pride to get a stupid pen to finish her assignments.  It wasn’t even homework, but she still had hours of work she had to do. It was barely midnight, she couldn’t even attempt to go sleep now.
Going to sleep means obvious overthinking, which means lack of sleep, so better be productive and work, then destroy yourself more than you already are, doing nothing, while staring and cursing the ceiling.
Y/N sighed, breaking the pen in two out of anger, and wobbly got out of her study chair, making a bee line to Lucifer’s study and knocking on the door, waiting to hear the approval word to enter the room. She barely opened the door, walking in front of the seated form of Lucifer, who held his spare fountain pen almost mockingly in front of her.
He was watching her like a hawk, every movement analysed as if under a microscope, almost as if he was carefully searching for any flaw or mistake she would make. However, he could see she wasn’t well. She was sleep deprived, her complexion was much paler than normal, she had dark bags under her eyes...And her posture was slouched, almost sloppy. Lucifer knew she has always been a diligent person, so the homework couldn’t possibly be long overdue. She would have done it in the day it was given. So...What was the urgency? Could it be that...She was...Just like him?
“I’m not sure how I’m supposed to beg for a pen, but, Lucifer, may I please borrow your pen? I promise to return it to you tomorrow, buy a new ink, to your preference, as soon as classes are over and I can go to proper shopping.” her voice was tired, just like her mind and body. She held no emotions in her words. It was almost as if she was intentionally damaging herself to make up for-
Perhaps she wasn’t as different from him as he thought she was, and now, at least, he can better understand why she was deteriorating as fast as she was.
“You can keep it, I don’t mind. However, as the head of the student council, and the one who has to overlook this exchange program, I would have to advise you to take better care of yourself and rest, instead of overworking yourself.” Lucifer told her, with a less condescending voice, only to receive a sarcastic scoff, which confused him. “Tell me that when you’re going to follow your own advice.” and she left.
A chuckle escaped his mouth as soon as the door was closed, and for the first time in ages, he actually went to bed early...For his standards. He had to be very attentive of this one, however...She was much more interesting than he believed.
And the first thing he saw in the morning, as he stepped in the classroom, he saw Y/N handing a file to her sister - A file with all the homework for the whole week, that is - And now he could understand why she was overworked. She was going about life in all the wrong ways...Not that he should be one to talk. He knows his own faults, but admitting them to another is a complete different matter.
But things were going to take a horrid turn for the worst, beginning with Diavolo calling everyone for the Student Council meeting, only to announce that the exchange students were going to have a lowered pass/fail line anymore, but will have to work and achieve the demons’ standards and rise to the challenge given.
“If you’re going to control a demon’s powers, you need to have a proper understanding of them and how they should be used.” Diavolo said, which made him realise that the twins, somehow, managed to make pacts with all of the brothers...All of them, sans one. That one being himself, of course. “Hey, whoa, that’s a bit sudden, don’t you think? Exams are just around the corner!” Anyka protested, obviously shocked. “RAD exams are surprisingly tough.” Belphie nodded in agreement. “I’m sure both of you are going to do great, especially if you’ve studied a little bit throughout the semester.” Diavolo smiled, as usual, and the older twin mimicked no emotion on her face. “But...! But I haven’t! I had fun with the brothers all this time...What am I gonna do?! Y/N, say something!” the younger twin shook her sister, waking her up from her trance. “Hmm...? What should I say? He’s right.” she shrugged, not bothering to look at anyone. “I’ve already considered that, and I have a plan. Satan, you are going to be tutoring Y/N and Anyka up until the day of exams.” Lucifer dumped the responsibility on the blond brother, who was barely able to say anything from the shock of being put on the spot. “Oh, that’s perfect! Thank you soooo much, Satan! You’re the best!” Anyka jumped on the 4th born, who chuckled awkwardly. “Thanks, but I can do this by myself. If this was all, then I’m going to see you during the exams. Bye.” she gave a brief peace sign, before leaving to her room, no doubt continuing her studying.
Obviously, Lucifer knew she had it in the bag if she focused. She’s a smart girl, she won’t have any problem...If she stays healthy, that is.  There was something about her that made him want to approach her, to hold her face, to look her in the eyes and tell her to stop doing this to herself. There was something about her innocence and heart that made him want to protect her at all cost, even if that meant protecting her from herself. He pondered offering to tutor her, but what could he even tutor her about, when she clearly knows everything there needs to be learnt about the exams?
He wanted to kiss her hands and reassure her that everything will be okay, and he wanted to hold her tight and help her fall asleep without having running thoughts through her head all the time.
But he can’t do that, can he? If he were to approach her, she’d run away, like a scared little baby fawn trying to find her mama, while being chased off by a hunter. He had to be gentle with her, delicate, to lure her into a sense of security and safety...A warm haven by his side...
But can he really manage to do that, when he’s supposed to be the Big Bad Scary Wolf who punishes everyone and doesn’t allow happiness in the dorms, as per so gracefully described by his lovely brothers?
The first day of the exams came much faster than Y/N realised - She had no idea how time flew by so fast, it felt like she just blinked and bam, exam days - So here she was, drinking her 3rd coffee for the morning while writing her answers for the exam.
Caladrius Blood was the third ingredient for that famous ancient elixir that required Powdered unicorn hood and bittergrass root, for the Magical Potions exam from that morning...
A forest, what covered the surface of Devildom shortly after it came into existence, the answer for the History exam from the afternoon...And a three-legged crow being the relief sculpture at the entrance to the Devildom royal tomb...
Yes, these were all incredibly easy questions, she had no problem, clearly. And that was the same for the 2nd day, with the hexes and curses... And then came the practical exam...Seductive Speechcraft test.
She looked around the classroom with a frown, knowing she had to pair up with someone, but all the brothers were crowding around her sister, and she could only sigh, looking down with her arms crossed, not knowing what to do.
“Would you like to pair up with me, Y/N?” Lucifer’s voice rang soothingly in her ear, making her turn around, her eyebrow raised in confusion. “You...Want to pair up...With me?” she asked in a slow, unsure voice, which made him smile and nod. “Yes, is something wrong with that?” he bent down slightly, getting closer to her face. “No, of course not. I was just...Surprised that anyone wanted to pair up with me. Anyway, we should get started.” she nodded, looking away from him and guiding him to a more secluded part of the classroom. “You have to be the one doing the seducing. I am really curious how you are going to proceed. Could you, perhaps, be...Scared?” with his infamous smirk, he looked smugly at how her otherwise unfaltering facade began to break slightly. “No...It’s just...If I knew I was going to be the one doing the seducing, I would have put on some make up this morning, so I wouldn’t look like I just woke up from death after being buried for 100 years...No, make that 1000 years.” she corrected herself after taking a quick look at her reflection on her D.D.D. “I can assure you, your appearance, for us, demons, won’t change a thing. It’s the words and gestures that matter.” he let out a soft chuckle, watching her nod in acknowledgement. “Okay, if you say so, then I will have to believe you. Can you promise me that you won’t attempt to kill me...Again...No matter what I say or do? Trust me, I want top grades, and I’m going to do anything in my power to snatch them.” her voice now was much firmer, and it sounded clearer, more confident. It was clear that her pride and ambition were on the line, and he wanted to see how she was going to seduce him. He could feel electricity running through his veins from the excitement. “Yes, of course. I won’t do anything to you. In fact, I will be the human, and you will be the demon. You have all the power now. Amaze me, Y/N.” he watched her turn to the side slightly, as if preparing her A-Game face - He was expecting her to try out an impersonation of a succubus, since they were plenty in Devildom, but what she did...Was beyond Lucifer’s power of comprehension.
Her eyes held a glimmer of innocence and pity, her soul somehow seemed to glow with purity and light, just like it was when she first arrived. Her demeanour wasn’t assertive, confident and mysterious, but held a tint of submissiveness and glowing affection, as if she wanted to touch him, but she was too afraid to approach a deity.
He thought that, as he gazed with interest at the girl in front of him, only to be shocked completely by how sweetly alluring her voice could sound, and he almost felt the need to have her cup his face so he could melt into her warm, soothing caress.
“Lucifer...Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? Have you noticed how your health is starting to decline? I know you are a demon, and a few hours cut off your usual sleeping schedule won’t mean much for you, but you are exhausted, Lucifer. I hate seeing you like that...Overworking yourself...Finding more work to get piled under, even if you’ve already finished your assignments. I worry about you, and your health...But more...I worry about the reasons for your overworking. I know you’re trying so hard to keep away all the intrusive thoughts that keep plaguing your mind...You think that working to exhaustion is going to keep your mind busy, so you’ll sleep without having to overthink.” hearing those words, Lucifer truly wondered if she had veela or succubus genes in her family, or if her tongue was laced with the sweetest poison there is. She slowly approach him, gingerly holding both of his hands, looking down, imitating a timid kitten, and guiding him to the nearest chair behind him, so she could be at his height...Just a little above, creating the perfect angle to change from a submissive expression, to a more dominating, seductive gaze.
“You’re always so concerned about your brothers, wanting to make sure everything goes perfectly, to the plans that you create, because if things go out of control, you are afraid they will have to suffer...Just like it happened when you led the Rebellion. You still feel guilty for what happened. You are afraid that they regret following you...And so, you are purposely hurting yourself...And this self-inflicted pain became your own sense of comfort and defense. You are afraid that, if somehow, you indulge in your pleasure and the pain disappears, things are going to go out of control completely. You are afraid of the unknown and what it could bring...But trust me, Lucifer...I promise you...They love you. They love you, just as much as you love them. They don’t regret following you. You are a family, and they are happy and content staying together, all 7 of you, together. You deserve to be happy too, Lucifer. You deserve to allow yourself a day off from all this mess, and indulge in your pleasures.” she was so close to him, whispering in his ear, then crouching down, holding his hands, keeping them together and kissing them softly, sending shivers down his spine...But more, he froze completely on the spot. He was shocked...His mind was almost completely blank...Because...How could she possibly know all of this? How can she speak like that? She’s just a human...So...How...? Surely, his brothers had no idea, so how could she, a mere human who came by less than an year ago, understand and know him so well? His heart was beating fast, and it was in pain. It was expecting...It was conflicting everything he ever stood for. A day off? A day for himself? A day of self-care? A day...With her...?
“Won’t you allow me to take away the pain, just for the night? Allow yourself to feel something else other than pain and misery. Allow yourself to be happy. To feel emotional pleasure. Allow yourself to be yourself again, only for a night, because Lucifer, you are not a robot, or a machine, you are not programmed, wired, or running or petrol or gasoline. You have a beautiful heart that feels so much, but you are afraid of the myriad of unknown emotions that are desperately trying to burst out and scream at you to let loose...Because you can. You showed me that you are capable of letting loose, when we were stuck in Levi’s game. Do you remember, Lucifer? We were up on the roof, you had your hair in my lap, and I stroked it gently...You were smiling so beautifully...So carefree...Because you had no worries on your mind or heart. You were yourself. And you were happy.” she put her forehead to his, speaking softly, barely above a whisper, but despite her tone, her words spoke loudly, strongly, into his heart, making it pump faster and faster, energy shooting through his every nerve, vein, artery and capillary...His mind was completely captivated, and his heart was captured. Without even realising, his lips were parted and his eyes were wide from the shock, imagining himself in this utopic paradise that she created merely with her words.
“All you have to do is take my hand and follow me. It’s simple. You can do it, Lucifer. Let yourself feel. Let yourself be...What do you say?” she was perfect. She didn’t break her act for not even a split second. The sparkle in her eyes was there from the beginning to the end, and he could feel her fast-beating heart - It was regular for her, as she had the heart rate of a rabbit - It almost seemed natural for her to persuade and sweet-talk anyone like that. Without even realising it himself, he took her hand, looking at her eyes with an expression of wonder, awe and complete fascination...Until she gave him a devilish smirk, and her eyes started glinting with mischief, which made him frown slightly in confusion.
“I won.” was the last thing she said to him before pulling away from him completely, retorting to her bland and pained, exhausted demeanour. “If I made even Lucifer look at me with glazed eyes and made him take my hand, to take him to some dreamland oasis, then I’m sure I deserve the highest mark in the class.” she chuckled with a deadpan expression on her face, not looking at him. “How...Did you do that?” he asked in a low voice, almost not believing what just happend. “Oh, that was possibly the easiest thing I’ve ever done in a long while. You see...I hold great pride in being incredibly intuitive, perceptive, detail-oriented and being able to properly read people...And their hearts. If I had Asmo, I would have told him that he has an amazing personality, and he’s not just all-looks. If it was Mammon, I’d have showered him with praises. If it was Beel, I would have played the family, Lilith and guilt card...And the list goes on. If you, however, are asking how I managed to say all the right words to you...Well...It’s a bit different...And personal.” she spoke, looking at the teacher with a half-smirk as she was given the highest mark, and rightfully so. “What could be so personal that you managed to speak to me as if you are some ancient demon who has been luring people for aeons with her sweet words laced with acid?” he stood up, looking down at her with a stern expression, yet his mind and heart were fighting a war of conflict. “...I told you everything I would have liked someone to tell me all this time.” the raven haired man could see sadness clouding her face, before leaving to her room.
That was a true experience for Lucifer, he couldn’t deny that to himself, and more, for the whole day, no matter how much he tried to work - Her words kept haunting him, and as soon as he picked up the pen, he immediately thought back at the exam and threw it back on the desk.
He tried taking a hot bath, tried listening to that TSL soundtrack, but she was the one to give it to her, after she spent a fortune on Akuzon for his birthday present, but of course, he thought back at her, and he had to stop the music altogether.
Everything he did, he was reminded of those words that held the flavour of the Poison Apples he eats so often, and it was driving him insane. He could feel his brain overheating, and the pressure on his chest was so great that he wanted to dig his nails into his chest and rip apart the flesh, take out the heart and stomp on his heart, because he couldn’t take it anymore.  He was a demon, and he was a heavy sinner - He NEEDED to grab her hand and escape the horror of reality. He needed to feel that he wasn’t bound by space, nor time, a body or a brain - He needed to be just one soul, bound to another, to feel no more pain, no more reality - Only euphoria, content, happiness, pleasure.
He couldn’t believe he was so willing to give in to his desires, and it was only because of her. It was HER fault. And yet, her last words before her departure from the classroom kept echoing constantly - 
“I told you everything I would have liked someone to tell me all this time.”
He was right all along.
She truly was like him. She was the only one who could properly understand him, and likewise, he was the only one who could take her pain away.  Maybe it was his guardian-complex, having to constantly look after someone, needing to be useful to someone... He needed her, as much as she needed him... Because, unlike him, she could easily waste away, as she is nothing more than a human resembling the first Snowdrop in Spring. He could resist until the end of this world, just as he has done until now, but she couldn’t.
The endless train of thoughts was interrupted by yet another knock on his door, that proved to be the same person that plagued his mind - The little lamb walked into the wolf’s den, almost as if summoned, out of her own accord.
To bring him back his fountain pen, along with the promised high-quality ink...It made him chuckle at how adorable and thoughtful she was being, without realising.
“...You are troubled by something. Do you...Want to talk about it...Or should I leave you alone? I did say some pretty heavy words today, I understand if you wouldn’t want to stay in the same room as me for a while.” she gingerly put the items on his study, not looking up at him. “How come you never looked me in the eyes until then?” he asked, looking at her from the office chair. “I...Was never able to look anyone in the eyes, in my life. Now even my sister or my mother. It makes me start panicking...I get intimidated and scared...So I look away. I forced myself to behave the way I was supposed to, but it was the last thing from comfortable. Don’t take it personal.” she chuckled awkwardly, stepping back. “I was surprised that your words had such an impact that I was ready to follow you...But would you follow me? Would you be able to do the very thing that you told me just today? Would you be willing to strip away that facade of yours, take care of yourself, and allow your heart to feel again?” he asked, stepping slowly in front of her, almost resembling a predator prowling to its prey. “...I don’t want to break down and cry, because if I do...Things will only go downhill, very fast and very hard. I’m...Usually on a downward spiral, but when the wave hits...It takes a long time to swim back to the surface...And I’m sure for how many more times will I have the strength to move and breathe.” she muttered, shuffling on her feet, and Lucifer could understand very well. He could see how frail she has become, and it was all because her brain was working against her so heavily, for whatever reason that was eroding her so badly. “If you promise to stay by my side, I will be here to hold your hand and pull you out of the stormy tides. I will walk next to you for your whole journey, until you get tired of me. You just have to take my hand and let yourself be...Let yourself feel. Let out all the pent up emotions, then smile at me, because you have a beautiful smile, and I haven’t seen it in ages. I know you are afraid...It is frightening walking alone, in the dark, with so many monsters around you, ready to gnaw and maul at you...By I will be there, waiting for you, guiding you with a flashlight, ready to hold and protect you...So...What will you do, Y/N? Do you seek salvation and happiness, or are you ready to give up on yourself and want to succumb to the bottomless pit of the abyssal ocean you were thrown into.” he mimicked the way she talked, the way she moved, the way she articulated her words, as he took his gloves off, touching her face and softly caressing it, bending slightly to peer into her eyes.
He could see that she was afraid - She was beginning to tremble, her eyes were glossy, brimming with tears, her bottom lip was quivering and the conflict of good and evil was obvious inside of her - Her hands were in the air, ready, but not entirely, to grab his hands...
“All you have to do is take my hand and follow me. It’s simple. You can do it, Y/N. Let yourself feel. Let yourself be...What do you say?” he mimicked her own words, wanting to see if it would be enough of a push for her 
Choosing was truly a mortifying experience, but she was strong, he knew that - And that was made obvious when her shoulders finally started shaking, her breath becoming ragged....
And she threw her arms around his torso, letting rivers and rivers of tears fall down her already exhausted face. Her body was so small compared to his, so small...And so cold, in his warm arms...He couldn’t help but hold her tighter, stroking her hair soothingly, putting a kiss on the top of her head.
“Please take care of me, I don’t know how much longer I can do this. I-I don’t want to leech off of you...I’ve always been everyone’s therapist...And I know how much it sucks...B-But you’re the only one who ever bothered to show me any kindness and understanding. Please, Lucifer, don’t let me drown...I’m so tired of swimming...I can’t go on.” her sobs were so pitiful and broken that it shattered his heart and resolve, and all he could do was guide her to the bed, knowing she was too weak to sit up for too long, and started rocking her gently, as he would do with his brothers long ago, in the Celestial Realm, whenever they were upset or had a nightmare.
“Don’t worry, Y/N, I’m here, and I’m not going away until you tell me to. You won’t drown...You grabbed the lifeline the second you took my hand, and I’m going to make sure you keep floating above the sheen of the water and have no problem breathing.” he reassured her, knowing very well how hopeless it feels being in that situation...But now they could at least cling onto each other for help, support, love brightness.
“How...? How did you know everything...?” she asked, clutching on his shirt, almost as if the harder she pulled, the better the chances of survival. “Because the very words you told me are what you needed to hear the most.”
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oikadiors · a year ago
fluffy scenarios of kita, akaashi, and iwaizumi staying up with their fem s/o because she's studying for a big exam please & thank you
im serious when i tell u i couldnt stop smiling when i wrote this, thanks for requesting anon <3
Tumblr media
kita, akaashi and iwaizumi staying up with their fem s/o because she’s studying for an exam.
Tumblr media
—kita shinsuke.
kita is 100% the type of person who has a consistent sleeping schedule
like bitch will sleep at 10pm and wake up at 5am bright and early and fucking gorgeous
you’ll never catch this guy slippin’ (the inarizaki vbc will upvote this statement)
the latest he’ll stay up is midnight which means that hes going to take more of the afternoon and evening to study
you’ll be studying with him in his room and kita will make sure the surroundings are peaceful enough for you to study effectively
he never hesitates to help you with some topics you don’t understand for the classes you both take
sometimes gives you studying tips that are really helpful
you check the time just to see how far you’ve come- its almost 10pm
youre worried about kita because bby has to sleep and you don’t want him to stay up for you !!
“kita?? kita where’d you go?” you’ll call out, thinking he’s already getting ready to head to bed
but you find him in the kitchen and you smell... noodles??? you watch him pour them into two separate bowls huh?
“i know you’ll be staying up late so have some noodles to regain energy.” he’ll carefully glide the bowl over to your side of the table, his black-dyed hair tips were still damp from taking a shower earlier
oof sis were u that focused on ur work that you didn’t realise he went down to cook you sth??
you have your notes in your hands, walking over to the table and sitting down “you’re not heading to bed yet? you don’t have to wait for me yknow.”
he turns the stove off, bringing his bowl of noodles to the table. “don’t you still have a few topics to cover? let’s continue.”
your face goes :O but your heart goes 💓💓💓
unbeknownst to himself, he’ll casually play with your feet under the table while he asks you questions to answer omg :( hes so cute tf
youre basically having a midnight study date with him
he’ll also compliment you when he feels like you’re running out of energy because he knows it gives you energy boosts :”)))
—akaashi keiji.
i firmly believe that this bby is a master at all nighters and does them when necessary
so when 9pm or 10pm hits, you both are in the kitchen making coffee because you know you still have much more to study
you love watching keiji make coffee like sometimes you stop stirring your own just to watch him and when he notices hes like “😳😳 what”
and you just shrug “you’re cute”
i guess keiji’s not used to your random compliment bursts so he just //blushes//
and then u give him a kith because his cute face deserves it
youre also wearing his sweater because he has an abundance of them in his closet and you totally raid it every few days
you guys head back to his room and begin studying again
the night is tranquil and the house is silent, it truly feels so serene when you put aside the thought of your final exams
then you remind yourself of the reality and it feels like shit all over again
akaashi obviously senses your distress so he put a hand on your outstretched leg. the warmth plays with your cool skin, relaxing your nerves a tad bit
it was the little things he did that made u feel better and maybe if you squint a little harder, you’ll know he’s telling you “i love you”
akaashi’s gonna be finished with his coffee within five minutes LMAO hes a fast sipper
youre wondering how hes able to pull this off every few months but i guess everyone has their own secret super power no?
at some point you find yourself dozing off at 1.30
“you ready for tomorrow?” “absolutely not” pfft. akaashi’s gonna think. he’ll drag your ass to his bed so you can sleep properly and avoid straining a muscle
“get rest, love, you should at least be awake for the exam.” is the last thing hear before you fall asleep on his comfy sheets
—iwaizumi hajime.
lots of chaos in the beginning and thats because you two made a stupid joke about godzilla and now you can’t stop laughing like a dumbass  every time you look at iwa
“y/n look at me-” “PFFFTTT” its literally the middle of the night and youve probably awoken the dead 🤷🏻‍♀️ no biggie tho
lowkey makes it easier for you to study because you’re awake awake yknow?
iwa defs likes to take care of you. he’ll pass you a drink to sip on whenever it looks like youre about to lose concentration and asks you from time to time if you feel like youve studied enough
WILL GIVE YOU A MASSAGE but you tell him no because that’ll only make you sleepier
asks you questions about your exam material. he sometimes gets confused by the question because he doesn’t take that class
he actually finds it cute when you have to shut your eyes to think of the answer and when you open them, hes staring at you fondly
its like “😳 is there something on my face you porcupine”
this will lead you two into tickle fights and iwa convinced (not really) you that you should have regular tickle fights because ENERGY and BRAIN AWAKE 👍🏼
“call me a porcupine one mo-” ok this is cute because he tickles a spot that is super ticklish for you and you look- omg- you look so adorable all smiley
back to the studying part haha oh no youre starting to get sleepy
but you don’t wanna sleep yet!! you barely covered enough but iwa’s been watching u study and hes pretty sure you’ve covered the entire book since you started earlier this morning
idk i just feel like it would be nice if you laid flat on his lap and he just asks you questions and you try to answer them
his touch is just very nice and makes you feel safe yknow :)
you end up dozing off most of the time but you do try your very best to stay awake pls stop ur making iwa combust
after fifteen minutes of questions, you’ll surrender, exhausted
“tired?” you’ll hum in agreement and he’ll flip you over just to carry you into bed, tucking you in
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khaleesiofalicante · 2 months ago
OH MY GOD! ITS HAPPENING! Its only the summary and I’m emo 😂 I should be studying for my exams, but I have tomorrow for that ;)
Ok, lets do this:
"He preferred to hide his heart away. But he couldn’t hide David. He didn’t want to. David deserved to be seen." Like father like son. Both speeking poetry about their love ones. (and no, Idk which father I'm talking about 😂)
“I don’t think they are fake dating,” David hummed from the other end. “You don’t talk for hours every night if you are just fake dating.” (THANK YOU DAVID! SOMEONE THAT ITS NOT BLIND)
"They like doing chores. Let them do it. They fight demons all day and then come home and do chores. I feel like it’s their form of therapy. They need this.”“So, by not helping them, we are technically helping them?” Bapa had asked and Max had nodded with a grin. “Shadowhunters are weird.” “True dat,” Max had laughed. They were all weirdos. But Max loved them anyway. He loved his weird shadowhunters. (The domesticity lf this is killing me in a good way🥺)
“Will you on a date with me? Tomorrow?” Max asked then – because why the hell not. (Hell yeah Max. Go big or go home babe😎)
“This date is going to be the best first date in the history of first of dates.” In retrospect, he really shouldn’t have said that. (I'm already feeling his chaotic ass will do something like Magnus did, but lets keep hope)
"Maybe Lexi and Liv would probably enjoy a date – a fake date - in the arcade." Could I be more in love with both of them?? Is that physically possible?? 💙
Elyaas giving Max dating advice!! Lmaooo 😂😂
"His parents would not be pleased if they knew Max was summoning demons for relationship advice. But they had also encouraged Max to make friends with everyone regardless of their identity. So, technically this was their fault. They gave him very mixed messages."  YOU LIL SHIT. YOU ARE NOT WRONG THO...
FUCK. An attack??
You lil shit Max.
Yep, Rafael has to deal with it everyday 😂
"So, when he got tired, he would simply fix the problem by eating. It was a win-win to be honest." I feel like I should say something, but tbh it makes sense
Ok, this fight is intense
Wait. Anjali is there???  What?
Oh ok, it wasn’t
“Say the thing!”Rafael groaned and raised his hands, the alliance rune lighting up.“I’m not just a shadowhunter,” Rafael said through gritted teeth. “I’m Magnus Bane’s son.” I'm dead 😂
“Well, demons are stupid,” Max pointed out. “Yeah, that makes sense,” Rafael said with a mouthful of food. “You are half demon after all.” “Asshole,” Max laughed and punched his brother.
“Text dad we are okay,” Rafael said, slowly recovering. “They will worry.”Max nodded and did that. (This just summ up sibling relationships so well *chef kiss*)
“It can be hard, Max. Bapak and dad…Sometimes I look at them and feel like I will never have what they have.” YUP. THEY HAVE SIBLINGS DYNAMIC. ALSO RAFAEL IS JUST 🥺🥺🥺
David got wounded???
Oh ok. False alarm.
Rafael sat down next to him and put Bapak’s head on his lap, gently massaging it.
“Are you okay?” dad knelt down next to his husband. “Just a little tired,” Bapak replied.A little tired. Max knew Bapak was fucking exhausted."  "Bapak never showed it. He never complained. Max wondered what else he hid away from everyone else." “Okay,” dad whispered and kissed his husband on the head. “Get some rest, my love.” Bapak nodded and closed his eyes as Rafael hummed something softly. (Well, now I'm crying 😭😭)
" His niece found an herbal medication that helps with the pain.” ANJALI!! I LOVE HER💙💙
"Dad finally smiled and went out to the balcony, phone in hand. He seemed to hang out in the balcony a lot lately" No no no. I dont like this. Babe find a better copying mechanism!!
"Bapak smiled then. A brilliant grin. The one dad probably fell in love with." jsyeihdiej I cant🥺💙
"Bapak sniffed when dad sat down next to him and gave him an odd look. But he didn’t say anything." Magnus tell him something. I dont like where this is going😭
“Does that mean Bapak is a capitalist?” Max asked. “Do not drag me into this!” Bapak protested and dad laughed at that" Ahh yess. Typical family discussions 😂
"David: Mr Herondale yelled “Yes! Two out of three!” (😂😂 I HONESTLY LAUGHED WAY TO HARD!!)
“Well, no! I don’t want drama. But I want you to be dramatic so I can tell you not to be dramatic!” I would like to say WHAT? but I honestly get it 😂
“Also, we all know you had an embarrassing crush on Uncle Jace growing up,” Rafael snickered. “And you definitely still have a crush on Uncle Jem.” Oh god 😂😂 but I mean... Who doesn't have a crush on Jem?
“Oh yeah?” Max demanded. “Well then let me explain your type. You are probably going to fall for someone who is like a combination of Aunt Izzy and Aunt Lily! Some femme fatale type who is a heartbreaker and looks like a supermodel and-” Boy got it right huh? 😂
“You two are dating?” dad demanded. “Since when? Who else knows about this? Why didn’t you tell us before? Were you dating when you were in London? Magnus, did you know about this?” “There you go!” Max yelled triumphantly. “That’s the dramatic reaction I was looking for. Thanks, dad!” lmaooo 😂😂
"And that’s how the next hour turned out to be the most painful and most embarrassing hour of his life." I. I have no words
“I’ll have you know this conversation utterly traumatized me. I demand financial compensation.” “Not happening,” dad said into his coffee, and Max groaned before walking back into his room. (THAT FAMILY 😂😂)
" I tried to hurt your father once.” OH no, the angst is coming
" He didn’t know about this. He knew about their story. Everyone did. The accords hall kiss. The fight in Edom. The changing of the law. Their love was legendary. Not this!" THIS IS BRINGING BACK SO MANY FLASHBACKS
“All I know is that I was terrified. I love your father. I love Magnus more than anything in the world. And I didn’t want to lose him. And I didn’t know what to do.” 😭😭 NOT AGAIN!!
"When you love someone so much, sometimes you do crazy things.” THIS
" Love had made a fool out of them. Love had made them blind." Yup. tsc: a summary
"When you love someone, you have to be honest with them" And THAT is character development!!
"They called it The Jem effect." I'm using this from now on 😂💙💙
"Uncle Jem was wearing a tank top and and ripped jeans." So its time for SIMP over Jem Carstairs? Okey then.
"In fact, he used to have a crush on both Tessa and Jem. It’s how he had found he was bisexual." Same here 😂
“In my defense, I was busy!!” “Oooo, someone has been getting busy!” Mina WINKED. (You lil shit! I love her 💙)
He didn’t know he could blush!!!
" They had gone to hell and back for Roman. It wouldn’t have been possible if not for Catarina. She was, and always has been, a miracle worker." Again, I love my queen💙💙
“I believe in Mavid supremacy.” ME TOO
"There is something so queer about Ferris wheels!" Someone needed to say this
"They had their own space in the spiral fucking labyrinth. These fucking legends." I BELIEVE IN WARLOCK TEAM SUPREMACY
"But Ragnor had always had a soft spot for Rafael." 🥺🥺
I love my warlock squad so much I cant-
Ragnor is so done😂
“I don’t want to lose him,” Max said it out loud for the first time. “But you will, Max,” Catarina said gently. “Everyone loses people they love. Every day. It’s how life works.” (its to early to be crying)
“Yes, we do,” Ragnor replied. “But it also means we fall in love over and over. Century after century. It’s our blessing.” (these warlocks are just to perfect)
“And that love is going to last for a lifetime,” Tessa said softly. “Can you imagine that? Someone loving you for centuries. Someone remembering you for eternity. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?” 🥺🥺
David deserved to be loved like that – endlessly and impossibly. (OK BUT THE PARALLEL)
Tessa should definetly write a guidebook
“Je t’aime à la folie,” Max said.David’s eyes widened. “Vraiment?“ "Je t’aime. Je t’aime de toute mon âme. Je t’aime pour toujours.” ( I literally screamed and woke up my sister, I just love them so much!!!)
"David smiled. The smile Max fell in love with" 🥺🥺
“I know I am not your forever and I am okay with that.” Max bit his lip. “Okay.” “But you are mine,” David said. “You know that, right?” (ksidjdldk its just all this was beautiful!)
“I got it all planned,” Max said – for someone who had no idea what he was going to do." (Me as I should be studying 😂)
" And you were just scared. You were just a kid." “I just…I just realized you might not have had that when you were growing up – that there might not have been people you could talk to about these things.” THAT!! LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK!
"Max pulled him closer and kissed him again. Every kiss a promise. A promise to love. A promise to fight. A promise to survive" I would die for this two
OMG he took him to the Celestial Palace!! Thats so perfect and 🥺🥺
“Oh mon dieu! Ceci est incroyable! Il y a tellement de livres! Oh mon dieu! Je l'aime tellement!”💙💙 Idk how you manage to make me love David even more
“Of course he doesn’t hate you!” Max chuckled. “But he did say he will put your nerd ass in the silent city if you don’t bring me home by 11.” David blinked. “You’re joking, right?” “Of course,” Max grinned. His father had actually said that but there was no need to scary poor David any further. (😂😂 Imagine having the Consul as father-in-law, poor David)
“Yeah, not good with words my ass,” Exactly!! They say they are not good with words and procede to recite poetry of their love one??!!
Ughh I love this chapter so much and I loved how they deal with the inmortality thing! I just love when people comunicate and talk to each other! THATS A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP! And how they didn't repeat Alec and Magnus mistake. I just love it! *chef kiss*
Anyway, this was really long and it took to open notes to fullfill, so i'll just leave💙💙
Bro I just felt like I read the whole chapter again and I am feels. I AM FEELS SEND HELP. Not me catching feels over my own shit lmaooooo.
Thank you so much. I have some work to do and I was like meh and now I have some energy to do it lol. I hope you spend tomorrow studying! You better!! Good luck!
ps - I love you notice the parallels and references. It makes me lil heart go boop!
also why do I feel like y'all are eternally doing exams????
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minthysugamon · 11 months ago
Why'd you only call me when you're high? (J.JK x Reader)
Drummer! Jungkook x Manager's daughter! Reader.
Tumblr media
Warnings: Mentions of sex,drugs and alcohol. Usage of foul language (like in most of my writings bc i talk like a roadman). Friends with benefits type of relationship. Kinda angsty but also fluffy if you search for the fluff with a magnifying glass.
Word count: 2222 (hehe,angel number go brr)
A/N: I promise,i will try to do some smut but i don't feel comfy enough to write it bc idk...i just cringe when i see my writing. So sorry if it isn't what you guys expect...
3:03 am
Your phone buzzed once again. It was for the 6th time tonight in a row,so even without looking at the device,it was safe to assume that the rockstar your dad managed was probably at some pub,hammered and not even being able to call a cab for himself so he called your number. Like usual. 3:04 am. It rang again. "What? It better be an emergency cause i swear to god if you're calling because you're dru-" his laugh was as intoxicating as the liquor he had sipped on some minutes ago. "Doll,listen...i need a ride...and since your dad is our manager,it would be greatly appreciated if you came for me..." a sigh left your lips as you hang up on him.
But Jungkook didn't stop pestering you. The drummer of V2J was a pain in the ass. As shy and awkward he was in his sober times,his horndog behaviour was equalising if not surpassing his normal behaviour when he was thrashed.
You picked up the call one more time when the familiar ringtone went off. "Hey,why are you so rude,dollface? Don't you know hangin-" your words cut off his as soon as he was trying to do his monologue. "Jungkook. Like how you said it so cleverly,MY DAD is the manager. Not me. Pester him at 3 am if you have some difficulties to go home,not his daughter. Thank you. I have an exam in two days, i have to study tomorrow. Or today because at this point of the night i can't say tomorrow,so let me get the 2 hours of sleep i could still get tonight if i go to sleep in less than 10 minutes.. Leave me alone. Call Taehyung or something,i don't care. Now please don't call me again. Thanks." Then the tune of the "Hang Up" option resonated in your room once again.
Truth be told, if it would've been the first time he calls you and asks you for help at 3 in the morning,you would've helped his dumbass out,but it wasn't the case. Whenever Jungkook had some nightly problems, you were the first target in his contact list. It wasn't the first time he called you to pick him up from somewhere or to let him stay at your place for the night because he lost his keys to his appartment after a wild escapade with his bandmates to the nearest club. And it never ended with him only sleeping on your couch. It usually started at the front door and ended with him sleeping an arm around you after fucking your brains out. If he had been serious about this whole weird relationship you had, it would've been official for more than a year now,but he has to keep his rockstar persona intact. So of course,you were nothing more than the daughter of his manager who was good enough to be fucked when he was drunk or high.
At 3:36,someone rang at the interphone of your home. When you got up from your bed with a huff,you were already seeing the tatted up boy's smirk on the camera in a mental image. And you weren't wrong. His smirk was present as soon as the little screen had lit up with his face so close to it,you though he was a toddler seeing an interphone for the first time in his life. "You really came here at 3 and a half? Jeon,for fucks sake. If i get down there,i'mma beat some sense into you,so you better start running now." He simply laughed,a noise of exasperation leaving his throat. "Aw...come on (Y/n)...let me in,i lost my keys..."
You pushed on the key button,you let him in again. At this point it was exthausing because you knew what this meant. And even if you wanted to deny it,your brain wanted this to stop,but your heart was yearning for him. "I swear to god Jungkook,if you come here again at 3 am,i will stick a pipe up your ass." You unlocked the door for him and let him enter your home.
Fatal mistake because he didn't even answer,he simply pushed you against the wall and looked into your eyes,foreheads touching. "And why would you do that sweetheart? Hm? I thought you liked when i come here...for you." You can't deny it,you fell for him over the months,you fell for this idiot who liked banana milk more than anything else,who drank whisky with more cola than he should because he hated alcohol but wanted to keep his bad boy persona. But the smell of a woman on him made your heart sink. "Jungkook,please...just go and take of your shoes,i will bring you a blanket and a pillow so you can sleep on the couch."
He took your words in a hurtful way,his expression changed from flirty to genuinely hurt. "So...we aren't sleeping together like always?" You scoffed and got out of his grip. "I don't even know why i let you in. If you wanted to get your dick sucked again,you could've called one of your groupies." You disappeared in your room to search for a blanket and pillow,not that you deemed him deserving of such comfort,but he was also keen to be shivering at night without a blanket so it would be better for him to get some warmth during the dark hours. With a shaky breath,you went back to the living room and placed the pillow and comforter on the couch. "(Y/n)...what's the matter?" No answer. You didn't want to answer his question,he wasn't worthy for an answer,but his insistance was made clear when he took your hand into his and brought you closer to him. "Please...(Y/n)...answer me,i'm getting worried at this point,what's the matter?" Inhaling some fresh oxygen as the lump in your throat was only getting tighter,it finally dawned on you. You were in love with him. "Why'd you only call me when you're high?" The tears started to sting in your eyes,the drummer looked at you with a questioning expression. "High? What do you mean?" "Why'd you only call me and come here when your high?" After repeating your previous question,your voice cracked and all tears were let to flow down on your cheeks. "What? (Y/n) i really don't understand what you're talking about." "Why are you only showing interest in me when you're drunk and need to empty your balls. Is it more clear like that?" Jungkook's heart cracked at the sight of you crying because of him. He didn't want you to fall for him,not when he's at the peak of his career,but it would be a lie to say he didn't feel something for you.
"(Y/n)...come on,you know i can't be with someone. I thought that we both made this clear." His tattoed arms were still securely wrapped around you,stroking your back in the hopes of the action giving you some comfort,but as soon as you looked up to him with teary eyes,he couldn't help but let his waterworks flow too. Truth be told,Jungkook hated to see you sad,as awkward as the situation was right now,he hated seeing the one he fell for sad. "No,you made it clear for yourself. You're always acting nice with me,always closing any distance we had between matter how hard i try to stay away from you,you suffocate me...if it was with hatred,it would be better,but it isn't. You're always here to fuck me up then rebuild me once you're sober. I fucking hate you for making me fall for you but i hate myself more for letting myself fall for you."
Your words were stinging. Even poisonous to his ears. Did you really hate him? And as much as it hurt him,it hurt you the same. You never really saw someone else in the hopes of being his one day,you won't blame it on him because you were the one in control of your own life,but every step you declined from someone else was to aliment the hope of being his one day. "I'm sorry...(Y/n)...i...i know you like me...but it won't work out. I do see you as more than just a friend with benefits,i do like you too...but...i can't be with you when i don't even know what tomorrow is made of." You tried to get out of his grip,but it only tightened and he brought your chin up with two fingers. "Listen,don't think i don't like you...if i didn' wouldn't be the first one i call to help me,fuck,i know i sound like an asshole for saying this but i do like you...i just..." he was getting ridiculous at this point and he knew it. "You just what? You don't want to miss out on someone else. I get it. You want your target list to be finished then crawl back to me when you're done."  "(Y/n) it's not like tha-" you finally got out of his grip. "No. Don't say anything. I get it. But i won't be a second choice to anyone. Let alone you. Good night." You quickly wiped your tears away and went to your room,closing the door behind yourself,leaving Jungkook alone,in the dark living room.
He was tossing and turning for more than an hour now. You could hear it from your room how he was walking up and down the hall. 'I really fucked up.' he thought to himself and he wasn't wrong. You were probably the only person who would really go to hell and back for him and you were the only person he would do the same for. Then why was he acting like an asshole towards you now? Now that he was sure of your feelings,why did he have to break everything he tried to build? It couldn't end like that.
He softly knocked on your door,even if you told him to go away,he opened the door and lied down next to you,taking your body in his arms,nuzzling his face into the skin of your neck. "I'm sorry..." his soft lips placed a kiss on your neck and hands grabbed yours. "Sorry for what? For at least telling me the truth?" "(Y/n)'s not like that...i just don't want to fuck things up. I prefer to fuck it up now than once we're together. I...i do love you...i heard the bells and the fireworks as soon as i saw you...but i don't want to fuck this up. Simply because i know how fans are,how groupies are. I prefer you seeing my fuckboy image than the real me,as much as i hate it though." You turned around,facing him,still in his clutch. "Well too late dumbass,i fell for the awkward and nice you,the one i see during studio hours,during practice,not this...whole flirty fuckboy persona that i get to see at every thursday at 3 am." He inhaled then kissed your forehead,bringing you closer to him. "It's too late for me to ask you to be my girlfriend...right? I don't want things to end...and,if the only way for me to stay with you is to put that image aside,i'm willing to do it."  You sighed. He was still in the wrong. You didn't want him to change for you,but for him. To be himself again. "Jungkook,you don't understand...i want you to be you. I don't want you to rush into things because you don't want to lose me. Plus,you might not like a relationship,so if you don't want one right now,then leave me alone and don't make me fall for you more."
He shut you up before you could go on your monologue with a kiss. Not a rushed one like usually. But a soft one. One that tasted like cigarettes,monster,alcohol and love. "I love you...and starting a relationship now...or in 5 won't change matter what i think now. I...after thinking about it...what you're right. If i don't jump in right now...what will it change in 2 or 5 years? Nothing...i will still be the same if i don't change now." His frown turned into a small smile when he felt your nose in his neck,a light peck on his skin and your hands on his back. " really want to start something with me...out of love and not out of pity?" He smacked the back of your head,out of habit but also out of outrage,he didn't want you to think he was doing this out of pity. "You dumbass,i want to be with you. I really want to. Out of love. Not because i pity you. You are probably the only person who would accept my headassery...and i love you. So please...don't ever think i would do this brcause of pity." You simply laughed,still sniffing a little bit and cupped his cheeks. "Good,because...i love you too." He kissed you first,again. Now with more passion though. His hands roaming around your back and ribcage,then on your waist,he couldn't help but pull you closer,until it couldn't be done anymore. "I know you't we sleep..? Because it's half past five...and you have to wake up at 10 so you can study..." You kissed his neck once more then placed your head on his chest. "It's already almost 6..might as well watch some cartoons and eat breakfast,no?" Jungkook's face lit up like a child's at the candy store. "Now i know why i heard the bells and the fireworks when i saw you."
I hope you guys enjoyed this,i kinda made it longer than most of my writings,but i still hope it's okay!
My requests are always open,so please,if you have something to request,i am more than happy to do it!
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hvllevator · a year ago
love me |
pairing: na jaemin x female reader
genre: angst, hanahaki!au
words: 3,1k
warning: mentions of throwing up
summary: he made flowers grow in your lungs and although they are beautiful, you couldn’t breathe.
a/n: that is my favorite quote ^ i have mixed feelings about this idk if i like it or. pls dont ask for part two because its meant to end that way! i couldnt find anything about jaemin’s favorite flower so i used his birth flower instead!
Tumblr media
You always told yourself it wasn’t real, and that you simply took his kindness the wrong way. Another cough left your throat along with a flower petal, a Gladiolus to be exact, his birth flower.
“Y/N!” Jaemin called out, walking towards your way with a huge grin on his face. You returned his enthusiasm.
Jaemin has been your best friend ever since his parents decided to move in the house next to yours. Your parents were close to one another, which gave you and Jaemin the opportunity to get to know each other. He was always someone you can count on, someone you can lean on whenever you had problems, and someone who was there for you when you needed him. Everyone was fond of your close friendship, often hearing how perfect you were for one another. Some were shocked to find out you weren’t dating especially since they consider the two of you as soulmates which you only laughed upon.
“Hi Jaemin.” You greeted him as he took a seat on the empty chair beside your desk.
“Last year of high school, can you believe it?” He laughed, feeling quite elated that he was finally leaving this hell hole after many years.
“You’re saying it as if we’re graduating tomorrow.” You groaned, placing your head on your desk. Not wanting to deal with the rest of your surroundings for the whole day.
“Yeah, but it’s only ten months. I bet this will pass by in a blur.”
Jaemin was right, you barely realized that it has been three months since the first day of school. You were somehow surprised that you managed to get through the countless schoolworks that was given to you, of course with a little help from Jaemin and his friends. You were close with Jaemin’s friends, not as much as you were with Jaemin but you often hung around them since they were kind and Jaemin liked them.
You were having your weekly movie night at Renjun’s since it was his time to host. You were seated between Jeno and Jaemin, the rest of the boys around. You couldn’t help but feel droopy halfway through the movie, your head slowly started dropping on Jeno’s shoulder which Jaemin noticed. He shifted uncomfortably as he saw you get settled on Jeno, something stirred inside of him and he didn’t like it.
“I’ll take her.” Jaemin mumbled, placing a hand between your head and Jeno’s shoulder before moving it so that you were leaning on him instead. Jeno didn’t really pay attention to his actions since it was something he would usually do when it came to you.
You woke up shortly after, seeing how you were now laying on Jaemin’s chest and his arm was loosely wrapped around your waist. You cursed your heart for starting to beat fast at the way you were positioned. You glanced around the room to see the rest of the boys fast asleep. So, you didn’t make any efforts to move and you went back to sleep in Jaemin’s arms.
You didn’t know when it started, you didn’t know why it started. But whenever Jaemin was relatively close to you, your heart just decides to panic and thump against your chest. You shrugged it off most of the time, thinking that you were probably just flustered due to your lack of romantic interaction that even the simplest of gestures got your heart racing. However, it somehow felt different with Jaemin, like you were craving more from him.
“Y/N, guess what?” Jaemin suddenly came out of nowhere which made you jump in your seat. You were in the library studying for your upcoming exams and you glared at him for being too loud in a place where silence was observed.
“What?” You whispered back, not wanting to disturb the people around you as you tried to continue reading the words on your textbook.
“I told you to guess!” He frowned, ready to pull your book away from you, which you only slapped his hand away.
“I’m terrible at guessing.” You rolled your eyes, turning the page of your book.
“True. Okay so, Na Jaemin has a date.” He boasted. Your breath hitched, actions halting when you heard his words. Why were you so affected if Jaemin goes on a date? You were too scared of finding the answer out.
“So we’re referring to ourselves in third person now?” You dully responded though your head clouds with thoughts.
“Did you hear what I just said?” This time he succeeded in peeling your book away from you.
“Congratulations someone finally said yes to your ugly ass.” You remarked, collecting all your belongings and getting ready to leave since you couldn’t handle being in front of him right now.
“Excuse me according to the ladies, they would die for me.” He wiggled his eyebrows, and you mentally curse him for being so attractive.
“That’s stupid.” You mumbled, not wanting to hear more information about his date.
“Stop.” He whined, grabbing hold of your wrists which made your heart, once again, race at the thought of being so close to him. “Be happy for me.” He pouted.
“I-I am.” You let out before shaking off his grip and sliding your bag on your shoulder. Mumbling a small goodbye before leaving him alone in the library which had him question why you were so hastily of leaving.
After Jaemin went on the date, it was all he would speak of. Telling you how cute his date looked when she giggled or how beautiful she looked when she smiled and quite frankly you were getting annoyed.
“Jaemin, that’s great but can we please talk about something else? At this point I feel like I was the one who went on a date with her.” You rubbed at your temples, not meaning to sound rude but you just couldn’t help your mouth.
Jaemin’s smile fell off his face. “Oh, I’m sorry.”
“It’s fine, just, it happened three days ago and my ear is about to fall off if I hear one more thing about how she talked.” You were both lying in your bed, your head dangling off the edge with his body beside you. You felt heated whenever his arm would brush against yours and you’re practically laughing at yourself for setting the bar so low that even the simplest touch had you blushing.
“I get it. So, uh, how are you?” You almost scoffed at the way his sentence tumbled out of his mouth. Why was he suddenly feeling awkward?
“I’m fine. Thanks for asking. Our exams are coming up soon, aren’t you worried?” You turned your head to look at him.
“Nope.” He smiled, which made you relieved to see he got his charm back. “Because I have you beside me.”
You knew he meant it in a —let me copy off of you— way and you blame yourself for assuming his words meant something else.
“Yeah.” You cleared your throat. “I’ll always be.”
Jaemin finally asked the girl he is dating to be his girlfriend and your stomach felt uneasy when you found out. You showed him the reaction he wanted, which was to be happy for him. Of course you were happy, you just couldn’t help the displeasing pit that was forming inside you. You realized that you indeed have feelings for him and you would be lying if you said that finding out he has a girlfriend didn’t smash your heart into pieces. You loathe yourself for only realizing how you felt towards him when he was finally with someone he likes. You would never ruin his happiness, so you made no efforts in telling him how you felt. You often witnessed the two be all lovingly together, and it made you sick, literally, your throat felt itchy whenever they held hands or whenever she would cuddle up against him. The boys also noticed how you started to lose weight, and how your lips were often chapped. You were also worried for your well-being since you didn’t have a clue on what was happening until one day.
You felt bile rush up your throat, making you run to the toilet and puke all over. Except it wasn’t the food you ate earlier, it was petals of Gladiolus. Panic seeped through your veins at the sight of the petals in the toilet. You knew what they meant, everyone does. You screamed in pain, cursing yourself for forgetting something that was crucial in your life. Tears slipped from your eyes, flushing the toilet so that you wouldn’t see the mess you created. You cleaned yourself up before climbing in bed. You sobbed that night, feeling incredibly stupid for not preventing the situation earlier. You didn’t know what to do, you didn’t want to tell your parents about your reckless choices, yet you can’t keep suffering because of it.
You ended up seeking Jeno for advice, along with the rest of the boys. You told them about what was happening and what you were feeling. Pity flashed in their eyes as they watched you speak, genuinely feeling sorry for what you’re going through.
“Y/N... you know what that means right? You won’t get better unless...” Jeno trailed off, not really wanting to finish his statement.
“Unless he likes me back, I know.” You groaned, your hands running over your face.
“Or-“ Chenle started but you cut him off immediately
“No.” You sternly said, almost glaring at him.
“I haven’t even-“
“I know what you’re going to say. I won’t get surgery.”
“But Y/N,” Chenle sighed, careful eyes on you.
“I can’t and I won’t. I would rather live with loving him, rather than never being able to love him.”
You stood by your words, though you weren’t feeling any better. In fact, you grew even more weak, and Jaemin noticed that. You barely showed up in school due to you staying at home and coughing up a storm. Your parents eventually found out about your condition and even offered to talk to Jaemin’s family about it but you wouldn’t let them. You were having difficulties in breathing, the flowers scratching up your lungs. It hurt you, quite a lot. Yet you were too stubborn to give up your feelings.
Jaemin visited you unannounced, making sure there were no traces of flowers anywhere before letting him in your room. He saw how skinny you got, how your eyes looked like they lost life.
“What’s going on with you? Are you sick? Do you need to go to the doctors?” He asked the second he laid eyes on you. You shook at his words before giving him a reassuring smile.
“I’m fine, Jaems, just a fever.” Your throat was betraying you the longer you looked at him, wanting so bad to cough up another petal or so, but you swallowed it in, not wanting him to suspect anything. He seemed like he believed your words, deciding to drop the subject since he might offend you and offered to watch a movie. Feeling bad for turning him down, you agreed to watch a movie. The rest of the night dragged on awfully slow and your throat was on fire. You were sure that a bouquet was ready to come out of your lungs, Jaemin being so close to you didn’t help your condition not one bit, especially when he offered to cuddle but you turned him down, not knowing what would happen if you let yourself be vulnerable knowing he was in love with someone else. Excusing yourself, you rushed to the bathroom, ejecting every bit that was stuck in your stomach. Your eyes widened at the sight of a full flower laying on top of the petals. You were getting worse.
Jaemin ended up leaving that night earlier than expected due to his girlfriend constantly ringing his phone. He apologized countless times before leaving you alone, with petals surrounding yourself once again.
“I-I can’t be friends with you anymore.” Jaemin dropped all of a sudden and you had to stop your jaw from actually dropping. You stared at him as if he had three heads.
“What?” You frowned, shocked from his confession.
“You heard me.” He bit on his lip, his eyes looking everywhere but at you.
“I hear bullshit.” You snickered, ready to forgive him for his stupid joke.
“I’m serious.” You scanned his face for any emotions yet he looked dead serious, this wasn’t the Jaemin you knew and loved.
“Is it because of her?” You scoffed when he failed to respond to your questions. “Wow, Jaemin.” Huffing, you crossed your arms against your chest and stared at him in disbelief.
“Don’t bring her into this.” He argued, making you even more agitated.
“You’re willing to throw out friendship away because your girlfriend told you?”
“It’s not like that.”
“It is. Whatever. Fuck you, Jaemin.” You turned your back to him, getting ready to walk away.
“She’s sick, Y/N.” He let out when you began to walk.
You halted in place, turning to face him once again. “Oh? And what does that have to do with me?” You raised your brow at him.
“She told me she was puking flowers.”
You felt like the wind knocked you over because your knees felt like jelly when you processed his words. “W-why would she? Don’t you love her?” A glimmer of hope shined inside you.
“I do.” Glimmer of hope ruined. “And she said she’s sick because she assumed that I had feelings for you instead of her.”
“Do you?”
“N-no.” He shook his head. That was the last straw for you.
“Well then, I hope you’re happy with her.”
You sat on the hospital bed, cladded in the usual white gown that you hated. You were preparing for surgery, more like your parents forced you but you didn’t spare no effort into arguing anymore. Jaemin’s intentions were very clear and you couldn’t just stand hurting yourself over someone who wouldn’t see your worth. You talked to the boys before you got admitted, and you made them promise to never tell Jaemin about your condition, which they agreed upon. You closed your eyes, waiting for your name to be called so that you could end your suffering.
“Babe? You okay?” Jaemin’s girlfriend asked him, seeing as he was out of his thoughts.
“Hm?” He looked up to face her. “Yeah, how bout you? Still coughing up... petals?”
“Oh! Not anymore.” She shook her head and brightly smiled at him, a sight that Jaemin used to love but now seemed unaffected by it.
“May I ask what kind of flower you got?” He watched as she hesitated before speaking.
“Uh, roses.”
Your surgery was over before you knew it. You were glad that you no longer felt the heavy feeling on your chest. Your mind subconsciously drifts to the fact that you’ll never be able to look at Jaemin romantically ever again, the thought bringing sadness but you pushed it aside anyways.
Jaemin asked you to meet with him, at the playground you two often hung out in. You agreed, meeting at the planned location. Seeing him on the swings, deep in thought. You crept behind him before suddenly placing your hands on his shoulders, making him jump in fear. Laughing, you sat down on the swing beside him.
“I’m sorry I was a terrible friend, and I have no excuse for the way I acted except for the fact that she manipulated me. I missed you.” He admitted, turning his head to you.
“I missed you too, Nana.” You smiled at him which he returned when you called him by his infamous nickname. Willing to forgive him since you didn’t have it in your heart to hold a grudge against him, to hold anything against him really. His stomach churned at the sight of you brightly smiling at him. “What’s on your mind?”
“She lied to me.” He bluntly responded, kicking at the pebbles in front of him.
“She was never sick. She told me her flower was roses.” He hung his head, not daring to face you. “Roses! I don’t even like roses.”
“I’m sorry, Jaemin.” You frowned, wanting to reach up to him and comfort him.
“Don’t be because. I realized who I really love.”
“No...” You whispered, watching as he stared at you like you were the most precious thing in the world. You were dreading his incoming words.
“I love you, Y/N. I’m so stupid for only realizing now but I feel like I have known for quite some time and I never plucked the courage to tell you.” He smiled at you, not noticing your troubled expression
“Jaemin,” You shook your head, standing from the swing as tears began brimming in your eyes. “I can’t love you.”
“W-what? Why not?” He dropped his smile, standing up to face you. His height completely towering over you.
“Because you made flowers grow in my lungs.” You stared at him through your tears. A sudden breeze embraced your skin, adding more tension in your body. “A-and I underwent surgery just to remove it.”
“How long?”
“A couple months.”
“And you never told me?”
“You were in a relationship, Jaemin.” You defended.
“But I would’ve dropped it for you!” He gestured his hand in exasperation.
“How was I supposed to know?!” You argued back, fully aware of the tears streaming down your face.
“That’s so unfair, Y/N.” He glared at you though he was anything but mad at you, in fact he was more livid at himself for not noticing. For not noticing the way you would frown whenever he talked about his ex girlfriend, for not seeing how weak you grew the past few months because he decided to turn a blind eye.
“I didn’t know. I’m sorry.” You went to reach up for his arm but he retracted before you could even graze his skin. He ran his hand through his hair before covering his face.
“Can you go? I don’t think I can speak to you right now.”
You felt sorry, you really did. Not thinking of how your decision would affect both parties. You listened to his words, leaving him alone in the playground that used to be so lively but now just seemed empty.
Jaemin let out sobs that were choked back, screaming loudly which startled the birds around him, even kicking on the swing set which just hurt his foot but he could care less. Especially when he felt like something was clawing up his throat. He gasped for air before hunching over and hurling.
There laid on the ground, petals of your favorite flower.
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spidernerdsblog · 11 months ago
Hey odd request, can we get just a friendly night out with Haz? Like no romance, just some good friendship time? Idk I'm just really in the mood for done friendship love 👉👈
A/N : Quite an unique concept I must say thank you for requesting. Hope you like this.
Pairing : Harrison Osterfield x Reader
Warnings : none
Tumblr media
Harrison and you were the epitome of friendship to people well the bonding goes back to your moms though. Your mothers were BFFs even before the word BFF came into existence. Born just one month apart you both were practically raised together and since then you two are inseparable. Be it going to the same play school or high school or ending up in the same college though he was a drama major and you were a pre med you were still together.
Most of the time people misunderstood you two as a couple, even at some point of time your parents thought you might end up together. But the relationship you both share couldn't be described in words. You had this connection between you that the other never had to say much but you understood each other so well. You had your fair share of silly fights though but c’mon fights makes friendships grow more stronger.
It was late at night when you were in your room getting ready to ring in a very dull and boring new year due to your mother’s newly imposed night curfew. When you heard a light tap on your window. You went to check and found your best friend. 
"What are you doing outside my window?" you seeth.
"To take you to the New year’s party."
"I can't, mom has said no late nights."
"Really? You want me to buy that?" He raises an eyebrow.
"I can’t sneak out the backdoor. Mom is still awake and this isn’t the college dorm Haz, mom will kill me if she comes to know I sneaked out. Plus I need to prepare for my exams so no more distractions. 
"C’mon don’t be a swot. I can’t go alone please Y/N." He pleaded to you with puppy eyes. You sighed giving in though you yourself were willing to go anyways.
"Okay give me ten minutes to get ready." 
"Wear something sexy." He joked.
"Shut up." you sneered meanwhile Harrison scaled down your roof as he had climbed up and stood on your lawn waiting for you. After sometime you threw your boots out of your window on the ground below before cautiously stepping out of your window on the sloping roof. You slowly sit down on the cold surface and hang your legs from the roof. The night was freezing cold but the stunt you were about to perform, you were literally sweating in anticipation. The height of the roof was not too much but you were nervous.
"I'll surely break a leg for you tonight." You whisper.
"Nothing will happen, just jump. I got you." He reassures you.
"Well that is what I fear, you got me.'' You let out a squeal before jumping off the parapet. Harrison caught you in his arms before putting you down and steading you on your feet. 
"See that wasn't so hard? Now c'mon let's go." 
"The things I do for you." You roll your eyes putting on your boots and got into his car.
Reaching the club you were literally feeling like a rebel who just defied her mother’s orders. You ordered your drinks and were checking out the guys in the room. A particular guy caught your eye as you eyed him up and down.
"Fuckboy alert." Harrison remarked in a sing-song manner. You were broken out of the train of thoughts. 
"How are you so sure?" you scoff.
"I am a guy, I know better than you." 
"Then what about that cute red hair." 
"Not your type."
"You never approve any of my choices!" you complain.
"Because you are mostly attracted to jerks or weeners." He quips.
"I’m going to end up alone for sure." you groan.
"Don’t worry I’m in with you." He chuckles.
"Okay let's drink to that. Harrison proposed. To another year of our perfectly single lives." He raises his glass.
"To another year of our perfectly single lives." You clink your glasses and gulp down the drink and hit the dance floor, dancing away the night laughing and having fun like all times.
"10,9,8..." the new year countdown started as the crowd screamed, you both joined in too "...3,2,1!!"
"HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" Everyone screamed.
"Happy New Year! Darling." 
"Happy New Year! Haz." you hug each other. After an hour you exited the party and went home. You were trying to sneak into your house through the kitchen door hoping your mother would be asleep by now.
"Tonight was fun though." You giggled drunk.
"Told ya." Harrison agreed.
"Y/N Y/L/N. Where do you think you are going?" you swallowed hard hearing your mother’s voice from behind. You turned back with wide eyes.
"Mom I-I can explain." you stutter.
"Yes you’re going to explain after you get inside the house" she says sternly.
"And Harrison I'm gonna talk to your mother tomorrow."
"What! No, aunt Y/M/N. Please." He looks at you mortified.
"Don't look at me, it was your idea."
Tumblr media
Requests are open.
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teamsladsandgents · a year ago
The Detective and the Teacher
A/N: This idea kinda came out of nowhere, but I needed to get it out of my head (like most of my stories). It’s a two-parter, and I’ll post part 2 tomorrow. If people are interested, I could make it into a longer series, but I also am kind of ok with it being short. Also, idk how to write dates, sorry
Tags: None for this part, next part will
Words: 3k+
I have a meeting with a cute guy in my class. You should come, meet him
You rolled your eyes at the text your friend sent you. She was a professor at Fordham University, teaching Risk and Crisis Communications to undergrads and graduate students. She, however, was happily married. But that didn’t stop her from finding cute guys in her class and trying to set them up with you. “They’re college students; they’re going somewhere in life,” she would argue. Besides, her idea of “cute college guys” wasn’t totally off; the main problem was waiting for someone around your age to be in her classes. You were a teacher yourself, in your early 30s, and most people taking her classes were right out of high school; way too young for you.
It was the beginning of summer in New York, so you didn’t have classes, instead volunteering at the library. Your friend, Professor Stafford, was teaching night classes this semester; sometimes she stayed after class to help a student if they asked…and they couldn’t make her office hours. So, it was 8pm by the time you were walking the halls of the University, a coffee in your hand—an excuse to meet with a friend. It was her idea; if there was a potential date for you, she’d text you, you’d come to the University with a coffee or food to deliver it to her before the meeting, then casually “bump” into the student. You made it to her classroom, handed her the coffee.
“So, what’s his name?” you asked, grinning.
She took the coffee gratefully, taking a sip before replying. “Andrew Wise. He’s one of my top students; I think you’ll really like him.” She gave you a playful wink and you rolled your eyes.
“You said that about the last three guys, and they were all snobby jerks,” you laughed.
She opened her mouth to respond when there was a soft knock on the door, a man poking his head in. “Uh, Professor Stafford? Should I wait outside?”
“No, no Andrew. Come in. This is just my friend, dropping off some coffee,” she said, beckoning him in.
You looked Andrew up and down briefly; he seemed nice, and there was nothing really wrong with him, but just the vibe he gave off had you instantly thinking, nope. You gave a smile and wave to your friend before heading out, letting them have their meeting. You didn’t feel like waiting, like trying to come up with a reason to wait, to talk to Andrew after his meeting. Instead, you wandered through the hallways, looking out the windows to the trees, the sky darkening. The sunset was slowly fading, the sky changing from the bright pinks and oranges to the pale blue of evening. You were so engrossed with the picturesque beauty of it all that you walked face-first into another person, the side of your face fully connecting with their flat, warm chest.
“Oh god, I’m so sorry,” you said, pulling back to steady yourself, looking towards whoever you had just stumbled into. You looked forward and your eyes met chest, covered in a plain, Fordham U shirt. Your eyes travelled upwards into his face and you had to stop yourself from staring; he was, well, cute.
“It’s fine, really. I shoulda been watching where I was going,” he replied back, a small smile pulling at the corner of his lips. His dirty blonde hair was slicked back, his brow was furrowed, though his bright blue eyes hinted at amusement.
You smiled up at him, and he returned it, a goofy grin pulling easily across his face. “No, I was definitely admiring the view,” you gestured out to the landscape. You noticed the backpack slung over his shoulder, “and now I’m holding you from your next class.”
“No, no, I’m done for the night; just heading home actually.” He readjusted the backpack, as if your gaze had shifted it. He glanced over the balcony and towards the sky. “It really is a pretty view, huh?”
Your eyes never left him as you agreed. God, you’re acting like a teenager in a shitty romance novel, you thought to yourself, trying to snap out of whatever trance you were in.
“So, uh, do you go here?” he asked, eyes sliding back to you.
You shook your head. “I don’t, no. Uh, Professor Stafford is a friend of mine. I was just stopping by to say hi,” you explained.
“Professor Stafford? Hmm, doesn’t ring a bell. I dunno if I know them,” he said, contemplating. At some point during this conversation, you both fell into step next to each other, both heading towards the parking lot.
“Are you taking any Communications courses?” you asked.
“And that’s why I haven’t heard of them; I am not,” he grinned. “I’m a law student.” You nodded in understanding; while you thought Communications could be beneficial to a law student—to most students, if you were honest with yourself—most people didn’t take classes outside of their majors. Especially in a field that was so dependent on passing an exam.
“Well, if you ever need an elective, I highly recommend her class,” you smiled.
He chuckled. “I’ll keep that in mind.” You walked in silence for a moment. “My name’s Sonny, by the way. Sonny Carisi.”
It had just hit you that you never introduced yourself; with the shock of literally walking face-first into someone, then the easy conversation, it had completely slipped your mind. It was like you were old friends already. “Oh, [Y/N] [Y/L/N]. Nice to meet you, Sonny.”
“Pleasure’s all mine,” he gave you that goofy grin again, and you swore that you swooned right there. How did he do that with just a smile? You made it to the parking lot and found that you were parked semi-close to each other. He followed you to your car, something that you initially thought should raise alarms in your head, but something about him was calming, unthreatening.
“So,” he started as you unlocked your car. You opened the driver’s door, then leaned on it, him standing near the front of your car. He suddenly looked nervous, bashful, and it made him look even cuter. “Can I maybe buy you a coffee sometime? To, uh, make up for running into you,” he quickly added.
You felt your face grow warmer as you blushed, your heart fluttering. Did he just ask you out? “Uh, yeah. I’d like that,” you replied, unable to stop yourself from grinning broadly at him.
He smiled himself, seemingly happy that you agreed. “Great! How about tomorrow, say 10am, Cuppa Beans on 6th street?”
You quickly thought through tomorrow, made sure you had nothing scheduled in the morning. “That sounds perfect. I’ll see you there, Sonny.” With that, he made his way to his car while you got into yours. Once he was out of your line of sight, you flailed your arms in disbelief—you got a date with a super-cute law student!
You woke up the next day early, wanting to shower and pick out something cute to wear. While you got ready, you thought back to the information you had found last night. You weren’t stupid enough to go into a date blind; you googled “Sonny Carisi” the first moment you could the night before. And when that came up with nothing substantial, you asked Professor Stafford for help. Turns out, Sonny was a nickname; his real name was Dominick. With that knowledge, you were able to find that he was a detective for the NYPD, specifically for Manhattan’s SVU department. That gave you a little bit of a pause; you couldn’t imagine having to deal with those kinds of cases, what kinds of things Sonny had probably seen on the job. You wondered if that did anything to his mind, weighed on him at all. You hoped so; someone would have to be a monster for it not to. Maybe that’s why he was a law student, maybe he wanted out. Maybe he wanted some sort of revenge against the predators that he couldn’t get as an officer; some sort of control by being the prosecutor tasked with sealing them away rather than seeing the crime scenes.
You pushed the assumptions out of your mind; you didn’t know this man, not yet. You had met him less than 24 hours ago, had a small chat. He seemed nice enough, and he was definitely attractive. You resolved to judge him based on what you gained from first-hand experience, and to shove everything you learned online, all the conjecture out until you knew more.
Cuppa Beans was relatively close to your apartment, and it was a bright, sunny day in New York, so you opted to walk. Besides, you loved the fresh air of the city, the warmth of the sun on your skin, the soft breeze playing with your hair, the cacophony of sounds that others most likely found annoying or monotonous. You wore a simple, navy blue sundress that had a white tie around your waist, a big, white bow on your hip. You made your way through the crowded streets, full of people hurrying to whatever their destinations might be. You were early; you always were. But you didn’t mind; Cuppa Beans was set up for either those who wanted a coffee and to move on with their day, or for those who wanted to sit and relax, a shelf of books on their counter for anyone to read while they enjoyed their beverage. You ordered then sat, skimming the worn spines of books until a familiar one stood out to you. You picked it out, looking at the familiar cover. Remembering one of your favorite scenes, you opened the book, flipping the pages until you found it, then you quickly got lost in the text while waiting.
“[Y/N],” a happy voice greeted, pulling you out of the book.
You glanced up, Sonny standing in front of you, his trademark grin on his face. He pulled out the chair across from you as you closed the book, putting it back on the shelf.
“Hey Sonny,” you smiled. Right then, the barista brought you your coffee and you thanked her.
“Ah, I thought I was going to buy you a coffee,” Sonny said, jokingly offended.
Your smiled widened. “You have to order something to sit here, sorry,” you explained, taking a sip. Sonny ordered his coffee, and the barista left to make it.
“It’s fine; maybe I can convince you to let me buy you lunch instead.”
You raised an eyebrow, amused. “Are you asking me out on a second date before we’ve even had our first?”
His cheeks reddened and his eyes widened slightly. “Well, it doesn’t have to be…I mean, it can be an extension of this one?” You laughed, and he tried to switch the subject. “So, what were you reading when I got here? You seemed really into it.”
You nodded, grabbing the book once more. “It’s called Wind from an Enemy Sky by D’Arcy McNickle. It’s very good; I’m thinking of using it in my class next year.” He furrowed his brow at this. “Oh, I’m an English teacher at Townsend Harris High School…I know, I’m not a college professor at Fordham like my friend, but I like teaching high school.”
“High school, huh? I couldn’t imagine trying to teach a bunch of teenagers anything,” he smirked.
You nodded; that was most people’s reaction. But it was also that reaction that made you want to teach high school more. “It’s not as bad as people seem to think. They are people, you know. Just treat them with respect, and they’re pretty receptive. I mean, you’re going to have those class clowns, but you just have to know how to deal with them. Stimulate their minds in other ways,” you explained.
The barista gave Sonny his coffee, and he sipped at it appreciatively. “So, what’s the book about?” You started off slowly, explaining the main plotline of the book; how it followed Bull, the leader of the Little Elk tribe, and how it talked about how homesteaders came into the West, encroaching upon their land. But you couldn’t stop yourself from diving in, talking about the inherent cultural appropriation that the main antagonist has, how from the first page, you know how the story will end in tragedy, how the ecocentrism worked, and ending with how important it was for teenagers to read and understand books that were written like this; from the other side, from people other than white men.
By the end of your monologue, Sonny was blinking at you, a dazed look on his face, though something else underneath, something that looked a lot like admiration.
“I’m sorry; that got a lot more in-depth than I thought it would,” you said, cheeks turning red. Sometimes, you couldn’t stop yourself from getting into a text you really liked. Your students usually picked up on that and took advantage of it; many classes ended without the students talking because you had steamrolled over the conversation.
“Hey, don’t apologize for your interests. You just know…a lot more about themes and novels than I do,” he smiled.
You sat up at the praise but were still feeling embarrassed at the word vomit that had occurred. Taking a page out of his book, you decided to switch topics. “Tell me about yourself; how is it working as a detective and being a law student?”
Sonny’s brow furrowed, “how’d you know I was a detective?”
You face felt even warmer, and you knew you were fully red now. “I, uh, googled you last night…nothing personal, just wanted to make sure you weren’t, you know, a serial killer or something,” you laughed nervously, and he smirked.
“No, I get it, that’s smart, really. Can never be too safe.” He took a sip of his coffee. “I’ve wanted to be a lawyer for a while, now, but the timing just never seemed right, ya know? So, after high school, I just kinda went into the academy; I knew I wanted to help people, and I figured that was a good way to do it. It wasn’t until recently that I figured ‘why not’? So, now I’m taking the night classes to try and get my license, pass the bar.”
You nodded along with his story; you yourself changed your major a couple times before settling into where you were. It was definitely normal, and you believed wholeheartedly that anyone could go back to school at any point in their life, learn anything they wanted to.
“Are you going to switch out of law enforcement when you pass the bar, then? Become a prosecutor? Or are you just taking law classes to help you in your detective work?” you asked. The idea occurred to you while in the shower; knowing more about the law could help in the interview rooms, when he interrogated suspects. You knew he said he wanted to be a lawyer before, but that didn’t mean he was going for it.
“I’m…not quite sure, yet. I really like being a detective, ya know? I like helping people. I guess at this point, I just want to pass the bar; that’s where my focus is…when it’s not at work,” he explained. “I can figure out where to go after that.”
You nodded again. “I couldn’t imagine trying to work full time in…that department, and then also take college classes,” you commented. You shuddered remembering your time going to school full time and working retail at the same time.
“It can be…taxing sometimes. But at the end of the day, it’s nice knowing I’ve helped somebody.” There were unspoken words in the air, and you could hear them as if he had said them. You noticed it in his eyes, the flash of sadness as he thought about the ones he couldn’t help. But the moment passed, and his bright blues were clear once more.
That answered your other question; some cases did hit him hard. But, as you had also decided, that was a good thing; cases like that should pull on heartstrings. You noticed he had a hand on the table, and you reached up and slowly, so slowly, put your hand on his in comfort. That goofy grin reappeared on his face, and he interlaced his fingers with yours.
You both finished your coffees, then left the shop together, Sonny holding the door open for you, his hand never letting yours go. By some unspoken agreement, you both started walking down the street, hand-in-hand, arms swinging slightly. You asked Sonny about his semester and listened as he rambled on about some theory he had to memorize, or some law he had to apply to a fake case for a class. You realized that you enjoyed listening to him talk; he was very animated, dropping your hand to gesture in front of himself, then taking your hand again, before dropping it to gesture again. You smiled, then laughed as he described one of his professor’s insane expectations for how much he expected his students to read and write, wondering in awe how Sonny managed to juggle all that schoolwork plus his job.
“Do you sleep?” you finally asked, causing him to chuckle.
“Some nights,” he replied, and you couldn’t tell if he was joking or not.
Maybe because you were feeling bold, or maybe because he did already kind of ask you on a second date, but you replied with, “maybe I can help with that sometime.”
He stumbled a step, his hand gripping yours tighter as he struggled to stay standing, and you giggled. His cheeks were red, and he opened his mouth to say something, but then his phone rang. He dug it out, answering with a terse, “Carisi.” It was interesting watching him go from a flustered mess one moment to focused detective the next. He nodded against the phone, even though whoever was on the other end couldn’t see him. “Yeah, alright Lieu, I’ll be there in 20.” He hung up then gave you an apologetic look.
“Duty calls?” you asked.
He nodded. “Yeah, just got some new…developments on a case I’m working. I’m so sorry about this—”
“Don’t be, I get it,” you cut him off, giving him an understanding smile. If you wanted to try and continue seeing him, then this may become a habit…and you did want to try and see him, even though you’d only been on one date. You already felt a closeness to him that you couldn’t quite explain.
“I parked over at the coffee shop; I can walk you back there,” he offered, extending his hand back to you. You took his, interlacing your fingers once more, and hurried back towards the shop. Before he left, he handed you his card—you struggled not to laugh at the fact that he carried these around on his day off—and you put it in your purse, vowing to text him later that night, to set up that lunch that he offered to take you to.
“So, you do want a second date?” he asked, hopeful. You smiled; he was all in a hurry to head to the station, to get into whatever work awaited him, but he had stopped dead in his tracks at the prospect of another date.
“Of course. I had a great time today, Sonny.”
He grinned back at you, making your heart flutter in your chest. “I had a lot of fun, too. Hopefully our next date won’t be cut short.”
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phoenix-oasis · a year ago
Could you write some smutty story with Minhyuk of Monsta X as fem readers roommate? Like stupid habits around the house get under each other’s skin, so they’re kinda bickering with each other? Once they reach an understanding however, they see how compatible they are for each other, and the just fall into a habit of fooling around when things go right? Idk. Smutty, pouty, saccharin goodness plz?
Hey lovely!  Admin Oasis here!  I loved writing this, and it might have gotten a little more serious than I originally intended, but I hope you like it anyway!  Just a warning, there is mention of possible sexual assault.  It doesn’t happen, but just in case, if situations like that are bad for you, don’t read this.
Genre: roommate to lovers!, smut, fluff, college!
Pairing: Minhyuk x female Reader
Summary: Minhyuk is was looking for a roommate, and when he finds one, it’s not who he expected, and turns out everything she does annoys the hell out of him.  When she needs him one day, he sees her in a new light.  Maybe they can become friends, or more than friends by the end of the semester.
Warning: fluff, angst, mentions of attempted assault, and smut at the end.
Word Count: 3715
The Roommate
Tumblr media
Minhyuk looked at you, as he debated whether or not to accept you as his roommate.  There were some causes for concern.  The first being that you were both in college, and both worked, and he was afraid that there was going to some conflicts on each other’s schedules.  The second, and probably the most pointed concern, you were a female, and he was a male, and there were no other roommates in the apartment.  
“I know what you’re thinking,” you said, holding your hands up.  “I promise I’m not a pain to live with.  The only reason I had to look for a new place was because I transferred and procrastinated on getting a new place.”
“Ok,” Minhyuk said, nodding. “I am just going to accept this explanation, because I really need to get somebody before the end of the month. Let me show you your room.”
You followed the very good-looking man through the living room.  There was a red couch, a matching chair, and coffee table with a glass top. There was a huge bookcase in the living room, filled with manga and graphic novels, which you furrowed your brow at.  The kitchen was small, a three burner stove, a rice cooker and a microwave, all in white. The cabinets in the kitchen were also white.  Three stools lined the counter on the living room side, which was the only eating surface in the small apartment.  A door adorned with a name plate reading “Minhyuk’s Domain.”  A door right next to his was your door.  
The room itself was very simple, not decorated at all.  There was a loft bed, with a desk under the bed.  There was a wardrobe and a window seat with a very nice view.  You smiled, and turned to look at Minhyuk.  You caught his eyes moving from your feet up to your eyes.  He returned your smile, and nodded.  
“I’ll leave you to it,” he said, grinning.  “Welcome to the apartment.”
Three months later and Minhyuk was regretting you as his roommate.  He was right about your conflicting schedules, as when you were up and about he was studying, or trying to sleep.  When you were sleeping, he was running around the apartment, or trying to study.  You and he worked at the same time, which meant that you and he were always getting home at the same time, and then it was another argument as to who was going to get to use the kitchen first.
Minhyuk walked into the bathroom, and sighed in frustration.  Your bras and panties were hanging on the shower curtain rod, and he opened the door.  
“Y/N!” he shouted.
“What!” you shouted back.
“You’re goddamn bras and underwear!”
“Just put them in the sink!”
“They belong in your damn drawer!”
“Minhyuk!  I’m busy, I’ll put them away later!  just put them in the sink!”
He returned to the bathroom, took your unmentionables, and tossed them on the floor.  At this point he didn’t care if you got angry or not. He then hopped into the shower. Afterwards, he got out, stepping all over your underwear, and then he walked to this room, wrapped in a towel. He had just finished getting dressed, when you screamed.
“What the hell!” you shouted, before you opened burst open the door to his room.  You had your underwear in your hand, and you were livid. “Why did you throw them on the floor, and then proceed to step all over my CLEAN underwear!”
“Why did you leave them in the bathroom?”
“Because if you wash and dry bras and panties in the washing machine and dryer, they warp and then don’t fit right.  You hang them to dry so they keep their shape!”
“Then hang them in your room!”
“I don’t have anywhere to hang them in my room!”
“Don’t leave your underwear in the bathroom!”
“I pay half the rent! I can leave them anywhere!”
“Then because I pay half the rent, I maintain the right to toss them on the floor and step on them when I’m, in the shower, got it.”
“You’re an asshole. All I said was to put them in the sink. You didn’t have to step all over them. I had just washed them.”
You turned away from him, and walked into your room.  Minhyuk actually stated feeling bad.  Maybe he had gone too far in walking all over your clean clothes.  He sighed, closed his door, and went to lie on his bed.  
When he came home from work that night, you were already at the door, punching the code into the door. You turned to look at him, and sighed. The door opened, and you threw your bags onto the couch.  You started to walk to the kitchen, when Minhyuk cut you off.  You shook your head.  
“I haven’t eaten all day,” you said, glaring at him.  “Let me make something to eat.”
“I am hungry now, and I don’t want to wait to make food,” he said, letting his head fall back.  You furrowed your brow as you took in his exhausted form.
“Whatever, go ahead,” you said, shrugging.  “I’m going to go and change.  I have to study for my test tomorrow.”
Minhyuk did make a ramen, and he ate to his heart’s content.  He turned to look at you, and noticed that, even though he had unoccupied the kitchen a while ago, you had yet to make something to eat.  You were pouring over your notes, seeming to get more frustrated as the minutes ticked by.  With a shrug, Minhyuk took his dishes to the sink, washed them, and then went to his room.  
The next morning, he found you right at the table, where he’d left you the night before.  In the kitchen, he didn’t see any evidence that you had made something to eat.  With a sigh, Minhyuk walked into the kitchen, and started to make food, enough for the two of you.  Once that was done, he went back to the table to wake you up.
He shook you softly, making you mewl and whine.  He smiled, chuckling a bit, but he shook you again.  You whined, but you woke up, and glared at him sleepily.  He took your books, and your laptop and put them aside. You whined one more time, reaching for your books.
“You didn’t eat last night,” he said, as he went back to the kitchen.  He brought a bowl with food for you, and put it down on the table in front of you.  “Eat. You can’t study if you’re on an empty stomach.”
As you ate, Minhyuk looked over your notes, and smiled.  Your notes were very organized, unlike his.  Minhyuk looked up at you, taking a spoonful of food and eating it.  You were eating contentedly, smiling and humming in satisfaction.  Minhyuk smiled.
You got up off the chair, and took your plates to the kitchen.  As you passed Minhyuk, you gave him a kiss on the cheek.  His eyes widened, and his mouth fell open a little. A light pink blush started at the base of his neck, and traveled up his face.
“Thank you, Minhyuk,” you said, as you moved into the kitchen.
After that day, it seemed that Minhyuk’s attitude towards you changed.  He stopped seeing all the little things that you did as less annoying and more like your little quirks.  You started seeing Minhyuk in a different light too, more like a sweet man who tried to hide it with robust sarcasm.  It didn’t work on you anymore.
Today you and he were in a party, celebrating the fact that you and he had both aced your final exams of the semester.  You two had gone your separate ways, once you arrived at the party that is, but he never really lost sight of you.  He laughed and drank and conversed with his friends, but he always made sure to keep at least one eye on you.
“Yah, Minnie!” one of his friends called his attention, as he turned his attention away from you.  “Why don’t you just go and tell her you like her.”
“She’s my roommate,” Minhyuk said, he said, turning back to her.  He furrowed his brow, feeling the anger rise in his gut.  “What the hell?”
Minhyuk got up, rushing to your side.  There was a drunk frat boy putting his hands all over you, and you were trying to push his hands away.  Minhyuk grabbed the man by the collar, pulled him away, and placed himself in between and you.  
“Back away from her, man, she doesn’t want your attention.  I suggest you leave her alone.”
“What are you, her boyfriend?” he slurred, and Minhyuk tilted his head to the side.  
“No, but I am her friend. I’m not going to let you get anywhere near her.”
He felt your hands move around waist, and your body trembled against his back.  “He was trying to drag me upstairs,” you whispered, and Minhyuk got angrier.  He grabbed the man by the collar and growled audibly.  “Minhyuk, please,” you whispered, and that seemed to cut right through the anger.  He shoved the man away, who stumbled before falling to the floor, and turned to look at you.  “Let’s go home, please?”
“Yeah, let’s go home.”
The drive home was quiet, with the occasional shiver from your body reminding him of what almost happened.  Once you two got home, and moved in through the front door, he turned to walk into his room, but you took his arm.  He turned to look at you.  Still a little jittery from the encounter at the party, you looked down.  
“Can you stay with me tonight, please?” you asked, hugging yourself.
“Are you sure?”
“Please,” you asked, nodding your head.
“Yeah, let me just change into my sleep clothes, ok?”
You nodded, moving into your room while he went to his room to change.  Usually he slept in boxers and shirtless, but since he was going to sleep in your room, with you, he decided to wear pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. Truth be told he was a little nervous, as he wasn’t sure how you were going to feel about him being in your bed in the morning.
“Minhyuk?” your voice called to him, and he hated how small you sounded.  It wasn’t at all how you usually sounded.  When he appeared in the living room, you were in a long t-shirt, and you were looking down.  “You don’t have to stay with me if it makes you uncomfortable,” you said, your voice barely a whisper.
“I’m going to make sure that you make sure that you feel safe, Y/N, I promise.”
He took your hand, and led you back to your room.  You lied down in your bed, and Minhyuk lied down behind you.  He put his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him.  You two didn’t move the entire night, waking up just as you were when you fell asleep.
You woke up the next morning, wrapped tightly in Minhyuk’s arms, and you blushed.  You couldn’t believe that you asked him to stay with you, even if nothing happened with that jerk, or despite the fact that you and Minhyuk hadn’t always gotten along.  He was being so sweet, and you couldn’t help but feel grateful.  
Dislodging yourself from his arm slowly, so as not to wake him, you got out of bed, and went to make your favorite breakfast, enough for you and Minhyuk.  You turned on the television, and or the first time since you moved in, took his rest into consideration, and kept the volume low.
You hummed, taking eggs, flour, and milk out of the refrigerator.  Dancing a little as you cooked, you made sweet and savory pancakes. You made several sides, and then put out everything onto the counter, ready to eat.  Still shimmying and shaking your hips, you dipped a finger into the dipping sauce, and hummed in appreciation.
That’s how Minhyuk found you.  You were in your long t-shirt, dancing as you tasted the sauce for the pancakes.  He smiled, liking the fact that last night’s events hadn’t lingered on your mind.  He leaned against the doorway of your room, and sighed.
“Tell me that you are a good cook, at least?” he said, startling you.
You squealed and turned to look at him.  Crossing your arms, you playfully glared at him.  “Keep talking like that and you won’t get any breakfast.”
“I take it back,” he said, chuckling and taking a seat.
Breakfast was a very casual affair.  You and he talked, and joked, and then when some of the sauce was on your lip, he reached out and cleaned it with a napkin.  You blushed, looking down at your plate, and taking your napkin to clean the rest of your mouth.  He sighed and got up, after he’d finished eating.
“I have to get ready to go back home,” he said, with a shrug.  “I’m not looking forward to it.”
“Lucky you,” you answered, taking your dishes to the sink too.  “It’s too far for me to fly back between semesters, so I’m staying here.”
“Hmm,” he said, before he turned and walked towards his room.  
A week later, you were alone in the apartment, because Minhyuk was on a plane flying home.  You sighed, pulling the blankets over your head.  You had never been one to like living alone, and it’s why you found an apartment with a roommate as soon as you got into town.  You hated sleeping in a house by yourself.
After a few minutes, you were hungry, and with a frustrated groan, you kicked off the blankets and went to the kitchen to make food.  As you were cooking, once again listening to the television on some music program, you were dancing.  You didn’t hear the door open, or it close, but you did hear the chuckle come from the doorway.  Startled you turned to find Minhyuk staring right at you.
“You are supposed to be flying home!”
“Like I was going to leave you alone, in this apartment, after…”  He tilted his head, staring at you.  
You smiled, walked up to him, and put your arms around his neck, up on your tiptoes.  Your t-shirt rode up your legs, barely covering your thighs, and Minhyuk’s arms moved around your waist.  He sighed, resting face right into the crook of your neck.
You moved back a smidge, looking up at him, and he looked right back down at you.  It was there, the crackle of something, and something in his eyes shifted.  He leaned down, locking his lips on yours, his arms tightening around your waist.  As his arms tightened, he lifted you off your feet, and your legs wrapped around his waist.  He took several steps into the apartment, until he was at the counter. There he sat you down, deepening the kiss.  Once he sat you down, his hands moved down to caress up your thighs, taking the hem of your t-shirt up your thighs too.  
“You are so beautiful, Y/N,” he whispered, your lips ghosting on yours.  
His hands fisted at your waist, holding your shirt in his hands, as his lips settled on yours.  Your hands reached under his shirt, caressing the planes of his stomach and he moaned softly.  His lips moved to your ear.
“I love your hands on me, princess,” he whispered, as his hands lifted your blouse up over your head. “My turn to feel you.”
His hands touched your waist.  His hands were warm, and your skin was super soft under his hands.  His fingers moved up your sides, his thumbs caressing up your stomach, touching the bottom of your bra.  You mewled softly, and he smiled.  His lips touched your nose, before he moved back slightly.  He looked down at you, his eyes soft.
“Do you want to do this with me?” he asked, his hands moving down your back.
You sighed, closing your eyes, loving the feel of his hands on your body.  You opened them, looked at him, and nodded.  He kissed you then, softly, lovingly.  His hands moved up your back, finding the bra clasp and undoing it.  You felt your bra loosen, and you dropped your arms, letting it fall to the floor. His thumbs caressed the sides of your breasts, as his lips moved down to your neck.
“Take off your shirt,” you whispered.
Once he was bare chested, you moved forward, and kissed his chest, as your hands caressed down his stomach. You wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him closer to you, your hands moving around his waist to his back and caressing his back softly.  His head fell back, releasing a soft moan, before looking down at you.
His arms moved around you, picking you up off the counter.  Turning, he went to his bedroom.  There, he lied you down, undid your jeans, and lowered them and your panties.  His eyes took in your form hungrily, and you became embarrassed.
“Don’t stare,” you whispered, and he shook his head.
“That’s impossible,” he answered, his lips kissing your right leg, then your left.  
His hands followed the trail of kisses he left on your legs, before gripping your knees to open them wide. His fingers caressed up your thighs, right to your apex.  His fingers separated your folds, and he moaned just looking at your juicy, pink flesh. He couldn’t wait to taste you.   His tongue came out to touch the tip of your clit, making you gasp.  Then his lips closed on your most sensitive area, and he suckled on it.  The pleasant ripple that tore through your core made you moan loudly, you hands tangling in his hair.  
The musky smell of your core surrounded his senses, as his tongue moved over your clit, making your body jolt as you moaned out his name over and over.  He felt your body tremble, and he moved back away from your core, using his fingers to keep the stimulation going.  He wanted to look at your face as you climaxed.  Your body jerked as soon as his fingers moved over your core, and your eyes closed.  Your face turned red, the veins in your neck popping at your moans became louder, turning into screams of pleasure.  Seeing your pleasure erupt from you that way had him painfully hard in the confines of his jeans.
He moved over you instantly, kissing you deeply, passionately, even desperately.  He undid his jeans, pulling them down, and then kicking them off.  Instantly, your hand circled around his member, and he groaned into your mouth. Your hand moved up to the tip of his member, picking up his precum, and then coming back down his rigid shaft.
He mumbled incoherent curses, as his face landed on your shoulder.  His arms were shaking with the effort it was taking to hold himself up off of your body.  You moved down and bit his shoulder softly, as you continued to pump his member.
“Please,” he groaned into your shoulder.  “Please, please, please.”
You nodded, guiding him to your entrance.  His large member pushed past the resistance of your core, and started to stretch you as he moved inside.  You forgot how to breath, and he let out something between a moan and a whimper, as he sheathed himself inside you.
“You feel so damn good, sweetheart, so tightly wrapped around me,” he whimpered, his hands traveling to your chest, cupping your breasts.
He pulled his hips back, pulling his member out, then thrusting back in, sending an insane pleasure through your core.  You moaned, arching your back, clenching around him.  He let out another string of curses, before his lips found yours.  He thrust in and out of you at a steady pace, his fingers playing with your nipples.  You moaned his name out, the intensity of his thrusts setting you ablaze. Now it was your turn to beg.
“Please, please,” you begged, breathing hard, heart pounding.  “Please, please, make me cum, Minhyuk, please!”
He nodded, moving back on his knees, gripping your knees, and pulling them apart more.  He thrust hard and fast into you, his hands caressing up your thighs, to your core.  His thumb moving over your clit over and over in small circles.  The speed of his thrusting had the volume of your vocalization increasing.  Soon your body was shaking, like it had before, and then you were screaming his name over and over.  You squeezed his member, causing him to gasp as he stopped moving.  He wanted you to come back down, before he reached his climax. You convulsed around him, pulling him down for a kiss, your fingernails scratching down his back, and he pulled out, ejaculating on your stomach.  With each spurt, he grunted, resting his forehead against yours.
Minhyuk collapsed onto the side of his bed, reaching for a box of tissues that he had there.  Taking several deep breaths to control is breathing, he cleaned off the evidence of his climax from your stomach, and then he lied on his back.  You turned onto your side to face him, and just took in his appearance.
He looked so sated, and sleepy.  With a smile, you rested your head on his chest and he chuckled.  You felt his arm move around you, as he planted a kiss on your head.  With his free hand, he reached down for the blanket, before covering you both up. Sighing, he started drifting off to sleep, right along with you.
“We should have done this long ago,” he said, his voice drowsy.  You hummed in agreement.  “After we sleep, we should go out and get something to eat.”  Again you hummed in agreement.  “I’ll pay, since you’re my girlfriend now,” he finished, hoping to get something other than a hum from you.
“I am?” you answered, just as drowsy.  
“Yes, you are,” he replied, pulling you closer.
With that thought in mind, you and he fell asleep.  You liked that you were now dating Minhyuk, because you’d always liked him, since the beginning.  With a smile, you snuggled into his arms, drifting off in slumber.
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peaches-writes · a year ago
october snow
prompt 16: Well, I can’t adjust for you so put this damn jacket on.”
member: minho  wc: 1.1k genre: fluff, mythological / fantasy au, rivals to something else (?) au idk yall just squint really hard warning: explicit language note: this goes on record that sugar a little snow fairy was my comfort anime when i was a kid + same universe as neighborly presents! + i dont know how to end this i have a presentation for a class tomorrow lmao
You lean forward and extend your hand out in front of you with a sigh, some of the falling snowflakes slowly landing on your palm after. Glancing upwards, more grey clouds begin appearing out of nowhere in the previously clear afternoon sky until the sun becomes fully hidden, blanketing the entire city beneath the hill with more unexpected snow in the middle of October.  
“Like it?” An all-too familiar voice asks from over your shoulder, walking up to you after with his hands in his pockets and a smug smile on his face. “I’m thinking of showing this to our mentor in a while.”
“It’s October, Minho, and the snow’s falling too fast.” You roll your eyes, turning to his side to flick his forehead. “You’ll get a failing grade if you submit this.” 
“Long time no see to you too,” He rolls his eyes back, rubbing the spot your fingers hit before flicking your forehead as well. “and who said anything about submitting? I’m just passing this for consultation, dumbass. I scheduled my final exam on the last week of November so I’m trying to get as much consultations as I can before then. You probably should, too, especially with that mediocre rain shower the other day—” 
“Last week of November?!” Your eyes widen and your mouth falls agape before Minho could even finish his sentence. “Ya, I told you I want that week!"
The snow fairy only shrugs and sticks his tongue out at you in response. “So? It’s the perfect week to manipulate the weather. Maybe if you didn’t laze around and talked to Professor Yoon before you left to help Felix then maybe you would’ve gotten that schedule, I guess.” 
“Ugh! Lee Minho!” You groan in frustration, raising your hand up to smack him before shakily and reluctantly putting it down to cross your arms tightly in front of your chest, the snow right beneath your sandals thickening and the air growing colder around you. “I was gonna schedule! I wasn’t lazing around! You know how much I got caught up helping Felix with his cousin’s sprite wedding in the last two weeks! Couldn’t you have scheduled the week before or after?” 
Stubbornly, Minho shakes his head, snow falling off of his orange hair as he does so. If you weren’t suddenly so frustrated with him right now, you would’ve made another one of your dandruff jokes that he hates so much. “Nope, the before week would cost me points with the ‘naturality’ of the snow and the week after already has a higher chance of having actual snow fall.” He argues in his defense, eliciting more protests from you. “What if you just scheduled the week before or after, anyway? You’re taking an exam on rain-making, that doesn’t rely too much on timing. You’ll do fine on any given week!” 
“But the last week’s my only free week!” You exclaim with a huff that forms a light cloud of smoke right in front of your lips, completely missing how he complimented you towards the end. Your arms tighten in front of your chest at the lowering temperature, your lips quickly drying up. I’ve already told this guy to slow down his weather! What the fuck?! You groan internally, furrowing your eyebrows at the quick build-up of snow around you. “The actual wedding’s on the third week and then there’s another festival on my village h-happening right on the first week of Decem—y-ya, can you stop this snow for a second?! It’s getting too fucking cold and my teeth’s chattering too much!”   
“Well, I’m busy with my own things until December, too, and no, I have to let this fall longer before showing it to Professor Yoon.” He insists with another shake of his head before suddenly shrugging off his coat with an awkward cough. “Here, put this on. So, as I was saying—“
Your eyes widen at the beige long coat that’s then carelessly thrusted in front of you as Minho rambles on about how he’s already cleared his other important schedules for that last week you’re both fighting over. “Dude, come on, gross, I’m not taking your coat.” 
“Well, I can’t adjust for you so put this damn jacket on, we’re not done arguing yet.” He only says, throwing the coat over your head when you won’t receive it. “And stop talking for a second, I’m getting off track! Anyway, I’ve already moved everything I’m supposed to do on that week, including a visit to my parents and helping Chan move to his new house! My mom’s going to have my head if I give up that last week of November for you then reschedule again with her! You know how she hates it when people keep messing up her time and everything—“
You remove the coat from your head while Minho proceeds to lecture you on about schedules and responsible time management. When you try to give it back to him, however, he only pushes the jacket back to you—this time taking the liberty of swiftly wrapping it around you and holding the opening shut with his own hands, all the while continuing his rambling.
“I already told you to stay still, I’m not done with my rant yet and I can’t have you dying on me before I get my point across.” He scolds you irritably after, brushing snow off of your hair with his free hand. “Now, where was I? Ah, right! See? I told you, we may have mutually agreed on being rivals throughout this whole apprenticeship but come on, Y/N, this is the final exam at least be a little more focused and responsible with your time so just stop complaining and take the damn third week of November because I’m not giving up that position...”
You can only sigh and lift your hand up to your face from the strict confines of the jacket wrapped around you, smacking your forehead in frustration as you give up trying to interpret his mixed actions and letting him ramble on. “Ah, seriously this guy.” You mumble under your breath before clearing your throat and loudly saying, “Fine, fine, fine, take the damn last week of November just let me out of this jacket.” 
Minho immediately stops rambling at this and raises an eyebrow teasingly at you. “Really?” 
“Yes. God, you’re so annoying.” You groan, twisting and squirming around the jacket. “Now let me out and clear the sky, we’ll drown in snow at this point.” 
“Okay, well...that was fast. Don’t take that back now, okay?” Minho chuckles before reluctantly letting go of his coat but not without closing the front buttons. “You still need to wear the jacket, though, since I still need a few inches of snow on the ground.” 
“Minho!” You protest, sliding your arms into the coat’s sleeves anyway as Minho makes the snow fall harsher and the air colder. “Seriously, you’re going to cause city-wide hypothermia!” 
on a night much like tonight (drabble game)
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apathycarestostudy · a year ago
Any studying, motivation and procrastination tips please? Desperately in need of some before a new academic year starts.
Hello hello! Yes! I’m sorry I took a bit to get back to you with these - I just wanted to give you the best I got. So here ya go, I mixed up everything you asked for in a couple of strong tips. I’ve divided into preparing for the new semester, study tips, and then procrastination tips with a sprinkle of motivation all over it.
Sooo the academic year is right around the corner (or dreadfully yet, already here), and you need to shift to get with the times. Fixing your sleep schedule? Getting your syllabus ready? That’s all important and good, but how do you keep the determination strong as the first few weeks go by? How to prepare better?
make a lessons learned note
I learnt this from my internship. It’s a good practice that after a project, you take some time to review what happened during the project and create a final report, concluding it with a couple bullet points of the lessons you learnt from it. If you need a feel of what that looks like, here’s my lessons learned from last semester:
Using OneNote is a waste of time
If you don’t keep up in the beginning, you’re going to show up for attendance and give the bare minimum to move on
You need to learn how to speak up during class - you know the answer, what’re you so nervous about?
Don’t fear marking up your books - it’s yours??? You paid for it??? Using highlighters are useful if used appropriately
Be careful about helping people - you’ve been caught four times helping friends while they kept stuff from you and got ahead
Y’all I had to stop myself lol. I planned to write my top three, but then kept clicking enter again and again. Well. Now you know my concerns. 
Getting back on track though, you should take some time to write down the stuff you learned from last semester’s experience to know what you’re going to take with you, and what you’ll quit doing. It’s a strong, positive start, and it prevents you from making the same mistakes again.
delete/move stuff off your phone + organize your laptop’s folders
It’s better to keep our phones clear and ready for the new semester’s mess, right? I have a bunch of screenshots, and files, and notes on my phone that I don’t need to keep anymore, but I’m a bit of a hoarder :))) I like to keep stuff in case I wanna look back, be that girl people just know has something they’d need, or hell if I need to retake a class (it’s happened unfortunately). Maybe you got a junior you want to pass your stuff along to. So what do you do? Move it to your laptop of course!
Well, that’s what I do. If you don’t have a laptop, you can upload it somewhere (google drive etc.), attach them on emails, anything that works for you! There’s always somewhere you can put your stuff that’s private and safe.
That goes into my next point - be sure to take the time to reorganize your spaces now. Since I put it on my laptop, I organize my folders to my liking, make sure everything is where it should be with older ones, and create new ones for the coming semester. Just pop on some music, sit down and get cracking. It gives me a pleasant feeling after I look at everything when I’m done.
set up your calendar/planner!
This is a recurring tip that I think is good enough to reiterate. Whatever method you use to keep track of stuff needs to be updated, upgraded, and ready to go! If you’ve used something that failed mid-way through last semester, or you didn’t like but had to keep with it because you were in too deep, put that in your lessons learned record. Here’s your chance to change to a better system. It’s fine if you already started your new term - it’s still early enough to switch/set up a new one!
Make sure you don’t overdo it though. The point of this is to keep track of, say, assignments and quiz dates, not spend an unnecessary amount of time organizing and stuff and falling into the pit of preparing to study. If it works for you and has been working for you - keep going! But if it’s taking time and having any negative correlation to your performance, it’s better to do away with it than to keep going and have it be another lesson learnt next semester. I’ll be the first to say that I tried setting up a bujo for myself - bought markers and washi tape and all - and I gave up after three days of using it. And I set up an entire month and then some. It hurt my soul to admit that it was a waste of time for me, and not keep beating at it, but I did, and now it’s sitting here mocking me everyday. But I have time to watch it mock me ;) 
My go-to organizational system: Microsoft To-do (not sponsored :((), phone’s calendar, phone’s notepad. That’s it.
create a night routine
People usually say fixing your sleep schedule and having a night/morning routine is good, but in my opinion, a night routine is stronger than both. For some reason, for the life of me, I can’t get my sleep schedule right unless some force stops me from staying awake. I tried getting in bed early and throwing my phone across the room - but I’d lay there for hours thinking about the next day so I don’t bother anymore. The morning routine just ruins my mood because I’d either fail miserably and feel worse, or feel overwhelmed. It’s better if both happen either circumstantially or organically for me. 
Night routines set an easy-going mood, and it’s full of potential because it also sets the scene for the next day. By night routine, I don’t mean what you do before you sleep, I mean the consecutive things you do every night. For example, I play a round of games with my siblings (card games and board games), then shower, do my skin care routine (wash-toner-moisturizer that’s it lol), watch a video as I’m combing my hair (and then watch a couple more), feed my turtle, and then see what I want to do. Sometimes I sleep right after, other times I’m on my phone or reading a book. But just this set of recurring events calms me down when my life is chaotic, and it’s easier and more doable than morning routines for me.
Now we’ve set the scene, so it’s action time (I’m so lame). 
don’t let work pass you by
In regards to studying, this is the - BIGGEST - tip I can ever give you. The ironic thing is, it’s still going to happen no matter how much you try, and that can damper your mood and your drive, but here’s my tip: MILK IT FOR ALL IT’S WORTH!! 
If you know it’s going to happen eventually, don’t let it affect you - focus all your efforts not in doing it everyday, but maintaining it for as long as you possibly can. Don’t let your studies pass you for even a second. Work it like you work a job as long as you can, and you’ll end up surprising yourself on how much you had completed when you gotta review for quizzes and exams. 
You know how they say exercise and earn your shower everyday? How about study and earn your play time everyday :)))
if it does, work backwards
So we’re here. You’re behind by two weeks. Like I mentioned up there, we knew we were going to end up here eventually (and if you didn’t, share your ways lol. no matter how much I cred myself with studying and getting shit done, I still don’t know what’s going on), so now what do we do? Work backwards. The prof/teach is at point S and you’re still curling the bottom of J? Start from S and go to R, then Q, then P....while maintaining the new stuff you’re learning after S. Pinch it in. We should aim to follow the class as much as we can so it’s more effective to study backwards and keep going with it. It’ll also help killing the thing that’s refusing to let you go faster with the beginning stuff, and you’ll be reviewing what you learnt in real time along with the class. 
Don’t know why I said the previous tip was the best I had to offer when we both know that this one is the real G.
pathetic notes are still notes
This one is a weird one - I had an issue with notes for a beat. I have this belief that you should always make notes every class, no matter how much new stuff you learn, but then there’ll be days where I write three lines and it just hurts my soul for some reason. I guess it’s the incomplete page? The three lines I’ll add tomorrow and face this again? Not sure. But whatever it is, do not stop writing notes! If you learn something new that’s not written anywhere, or hell you just wanna jot it down somewhere more accessible, always write it down, no matter how pathetic your notebook’ll look. I had to get over that, so I thought it would be good to mention. Always. Take. Notes. Nothing is too much information on the race to securing your livelihood.
If you can’t get over it, maybe try printing the slides and making your notes on the borders. I started doing this for more technical courses that don’t get a lot of notes, and it works really well having it in one place.
(I should pin a picture, idk, I’m really proud of it.)
starting strong is good, consistency is even better
In the end, that person who walks in stronger than last semester are plenty, but the one who wins in the end is always that one person - what makes them different? They don’t watch the ones who’re running strong in the beginning and mess up their pace by either trying to keep up with them, do more, or discourage them. They maintain a consistent effort and benefit in the end. It’s the story of the hare and the turtle - consistent, slow effort beats rushing and getting out of fuel in the last stretch. 
There was this one semester where it seemed like half my class decided that they were all going to be on all of a sudden, and it threw me off, made me insecure, and then I started comparing myself to them. The only thing that saved me was that I kept my consistent effort in the meantime because I had consequences if I didn’t perform - so at the end of it, it didn’t matter how hard they started. Only two out of the thirteen elevated their rank. And I was where I needed to be, so that feeling was wasted.
Well, not completely wasted now since I’m telling you. Focus on yourself. Stay consistent. It’s good to be aware of where everyone is, and use it to motivate you, but no negative feelings that’ll hold you back. Release it.
(also pro-tip: teachers don’t care about the loud ones, they care about the consistent ones)
Now we got the ball rolling - how to avoid this monster? Also, if you still haven’t gotten the ball a-tumbling,
what do you fear?
Oftentimes it’s the fear of something that hinders us from starting. My common fears that keeps me procrastinating are fear of failure, fear of taking too long and wasting time, fear of finding out how little I know of the thing I haven’t learnt yet - I could keep going forever. It’s easier ignoring it and treating it like it’s not there than to face it, I know. But we wanna be better, so how can we?
Write down what you feel, get it out, and then study. A lesson I learnt from last semester was that journalling before I studied helped immensely. Just try it for a session - get out what you’re thinking about, and end it with an action item (I’m going to do xyz now) and then do it. It’s like a weight being lifted off of you. I’ve never felt so light studying in my life, I feel. 
do, don’t tell yourself you will, do
shameful self plug: read this to see what I mean (specifically the you don’t need a lot to get started ramble) 
don’t take on more than you can chew
Something that can kill your grind is if you overwhelm yourself by tying yourself down to things you know you won’t be able to handle later on. It kinda plays off the doing too much in the beginning - you’re setting yourself for failure if you don’t think through your decisions, and then fall into procrastination with the things that’d breed the most consequence. So be careful.
I’m not saying don’t apply yourself - it’s really good to get as much experiences (fun and useful) as you can. But don’t let it be at the expense of what matters. Your health, your faith, your studies - all these things matter more than....insert something here....yeah.
start everyday intentional, end every night with intentions
I’ll end it with this. Start your day intentional on getting stuff done, and you can cleanly avoid procrastinating. End it with good intentions for the next one, and you’ll keep this habit going. Whatever that is, finding your happy place, making a to-do list, praying, journalling, talking to someone - always try to wake up with the mindset that this’ll be your day, and end it with a pat on your back and a promise to do better - if you managed or not. Everyday is a new chance. Every midday is a chance. Now is your chance. It’s just a matter of being hungry and taking it.
Ooof I took water breaks writing this, and it still felt like I had more to say. Sorry for the length lol - I hope this helped in any way. And good luck! New semester, same you, new mindset, better results ;))  (I’m so lame lol).
By the way y’all, if you happen to be loud and consistent, share those tips also lol. 
Here’s to our collective success!
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sweetener - [twelve]
Tastes of Freedom
Pairing: Tom Holland x Female Reader - uni AU
Word Count:  5913
Warnings: studying, exams, fluff, smut, food mentions
A/N: only a 7 week break between updates this time!! getting better!! maybe?? idk im sorry lmao. as always pls pls let me know what you think i literally live for comments and feedback even if its just a keysmash and some emojis!!
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Updates: listen i am not in control of this don’t ask me 
Tumblr media
This is what happens when i’m left unsupervised
Tom laughed under his breath as he read the caption of your Snapchat - a picture of a pile of flashcards on your bed, a cup of tea in your hand in the bottom right corner of the image. He just replied with an eye roll emoji as he tossed his bag into the passenger seat of his car, setting his phone down on top of it before he started to drive home.
He’d gone to the gym in an effort to take his mind off revision, but he’d had to put his phone on airplane mode because he kept stopping to text you and not actually doing anything. Which, normally, he wouldn’t have minded, but he’d driven all the way there so it seemed a bit pointless if he was just going to go in, text while walking on the treadmill, and then go home. And besides, he hadn’t been exercising a lot lately, besides a run or two with Tessa over Christmas, and rugby training would be starting back up again soon so he figured he had better get back to it. Plus, he did actually enjoy it; it made him feel good about himself, stronger, more refreshed - physically and mentally, which was something he definitely needed after all this studying.
So, once he’d actually gotten into it he’d had a good workout, and was feeling pretty good. His first exam on Monday had gone well, and he only had one more to do on Friday morning. You were also halfway through, having sat your first paper that afternoon. You were supposed to be taking the evening off to give your brain a break before your next and final exam on Friday, just giving yourself a rest really. It didn’t seem to be going that well though, judging by the texts you’d been sending wondering if you shouldn’t just go over some flashcards or just read over your notes or just something, and without Tom replying telling you to just chill out you’d apparently decided to go with flashcards. Which was fine, if that was what you wanted to do, but you’d said quite a few times that you were going to take the evening after your first exam off so you didn’t overload your brain, so it seemed to Tom like studying flashcards wasn’t really how you wanted to spend your evening.
The thought played on his mind as he drove off campus, and he wondered if maybe your message was your way of asking for supervision. He could do that - plus, the protein shake he was drinking wasn’t really cutting it in terms of satiating his appetite, so perhaps he could convince you to get a takeaway or something. So, after a quick check in the mirror to see how sweaty he looked - not too bad, considering - he drove to your house instead of his own.
It occurred to him as he was hovering outside to your front door (after spraying himself liberally with the deodorant he kept in his gym bag) that your bedroom was on the top floor, and judging by your Snapchat that’s where you were, so it was unlikely that you would be the one to answer. He debated whether to text you and say he was outside, but it was too late for that now, he’d already knocked, so all he could do was hope that whichever one of your housemates answered would recognise him. If they didn’t, what would he say? He took another big gulp of his protein shake as he waited - just for something to do more than anything - swallowing harshly when the door swung open.
Thankfully, it was Liv who answered - and he knew she would recognise him, seeing as she was always in his house. Not that he talked to her very much, but he saw her often enough when they crossed paths on the way to/from the bathroom. She looked a bit more… frazzled than she normally did though, her hair escaping from a messy bun that had migrated from the top of her head to somewhere near her ear, and an enormous fluffy dressing gown engulfing her entire body.
“Oh hey,” she smiled tiredly, stepping back to let him in. “She’s upstairs.”
“Thanks,” Tom murmured, trying not to hit her with his gym bag as he squeezed past her into the hallway.
Liv just nodded in reply before going back into the living room, and Tom thought he heard her say his name just before the door swung shut behind her. As he made his way up the stairs to your room, his calves beginning to burn by the time he reached the second flight, he wondered why you complained about his house being so cold - yours was just as bad. No wonder you wanted to steal his hoodies.
Tom knocked on your bedroom door once he reached the top floor, pushing it open after you answered with a rather distracted sounding ‘ yeah?’. He was greeted by the pleasant, if a little overwhelming, scent of vanilla coming from the candle burning on your bedside table. Your room was also considerably warmer than it was out on the stairs, he noted as he entered the room, so maybe he took back his previous comment.
You were sitting cross-legged on your bed, leaning back against the headboard and looking down at the cards in your hands, not bothering to look up to see who was coming into your room.
Your head jerked up at the sound of Tom’s voice, your emotions showing plainly on your face - confusion, then recognition, then confusion again. You smiled as you sat up straighter, lowering the cards in your hands onto the bed.
“Hello?” you watched him as he dropped his bag at the foot of your bed and shut the door behind him. “You...what?”
Tom smiled as he sat down on the edge of your bed beside you. You looked very cute, wearing a pair of sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt with a pair of fluffy socks on your feet, and he would very much like to kiss you. Were you at that stage, he wondered? A hello-kiss stage? When he sat down you had sort of leaned towards him, so he took that as an opening.
“Thought I’d come and supervise you,” he twisted to face you more as he spoke, leaning across your crossed legs.
“Oh,” you smiled against his lips before they met yours softly. “Okay. Hi.”
“Hey,” Tom murmured between kisses, pulling back after the third (or maybe it was the fourth, he wasn’t counting). “How’s your night off going, then?”
You both looked down at the pile of flashcards between you as you sighed.
“It was going okay -” You broke off when Tom looked at you skeptically “- it was! But Liv and Mads started revising in the living room ‘cause they’ve got an exam tomorrow and it was stressing me out so I came up here to try and chill…”
You gestured to the candle on the cabinet and your laptop beside you on the bed, the screen dimmed on the Netflix homescreen, sighing. “...and then, I dunno, I just keep thinking how annoyed I’ll be if like, something comes up and it’s like ‘oh I was gonna look over that but I couldn’t be arsed so I didn’t’, you know?”
He did know, sort of anyway, so he nodded.
“Makes sense.”
“I’ve still got all day tomorrow and Thursday though, so like I want to take tonight to do nothing, but I got bored and…” you trailed off, lifting up a flashcard in lieu of finishing your sentence.
“I see,” Tom nodded. “Well, do you wanna watch a movie or something? Or I can go - sorry I should have asked before coming over-”
“No!” you reached out and put your hand on his knee, stopping him from going anywhere (not that he was really that set on leaving anyway). “No, you’re fine - it’s fine. Stay.”
“You sure?”
“Mmhmm, yeah. Movie sounds good. Though, actually…”
Tom raised an eyebrow at you questioningly, humming for you to continue.
“Would you mind testing me on some stuff first?”
“Sure - these?”
You nodded when Tom gestured to the cards scattered across the bed, so he gathered them up into a pile while kicking off his trainers.
“You’re not allowed to laugh if I pronounce stuff wrong,” he warned, lying back on the bed and holding the cards above his head.
“I promise.”
You ended up going through pretty much all of your cards - or at least all the ones you had out, Tom wouldn’t have been surprised if you had more stacks elsewhere - and you knew everything on them except for a few tiny little details, so why you were even stressing was beyond him. You were all huffy and frowny about anything you didn’t get, which was cute, reaching out to take the card from him to read it over before asking him to put it to the back of the pile to come back to at the end. After a little while you lay down too, your head resting on his stomach and your feet propped up on your pillows, which meant he could peek under the cards at you when you scrunched up your face while you thought about his questions, staring at the sloping ceiling like it held the answers. It wasn’t exactly what he’d had in mind for coming over, but it was nice to spend time with you all the same - especially having you lying on him like this. The only trouble was he was getting hungrier and hungrier, and his stomach was not being quiet about it.
“Yep, I think you got it all - sorry,” he groaned, cringing when his tummy rumbled for the third time in the time it took to go through your last two flashcards.
“S’okay,” you looked up at him as you spoke, laughing softly. “You hungry?”
“Yeah, sorry, haven’t eaten yet.”
“Me neither,” you shook your head, yawning as you sat up. “Can’t be arsed making anything though.”
Tom sat up too, propping himself up on his elbows and setting your cards down on the bed.
“Wanna get a takeaway?”
You looked over your shoulder at him, your eyes practically shining as you grinned.
“Is that a yes?”
“Yes please,” you nodded enthusiastically, until your eyes went wide and you gasped. “Oooh or we could go to McDonalds?”
“Drive through?”
Tom considered your proposal for approximately 0.003 seconds before he nodded back, sitting up. “Sounds good to me.”
With that you got up and grabbed a familiar looking hoodie off the back of your chair and pulled it on, shoving your phone and purse into the pocket. You tried to put a pair of trainers on while Tom did the same, but unfortunately they didn’t fit over your fluffy socks, so you were forced to change to a much less cosy pair of regular trainer socks, and less than five minutes later you were in the car on the way to 24 hour McDonalds (after running back up the stairs to blow out your candle).
You talked the whole way there, pausing only to order and pay (Tom tried to pay but you leant over and tapped your card against the reader before he had a chance). You talked while you waited for your order, you talked while you parked up in the almost empty car park (10:30pm on a Tuesday was clearly not their prime time), you talked while you ate - about exams, about your night out plans for Refreshers week next week, about Tessa (Tom’s personal favourite subject), about anything and nothing and everything in between. You talked on the way home (after a second trip through the drive through because Liv texted you while you were eating so you had to get a McFlurry and a Happy Meal for her and Madison), until you were parked up outside your house and Tom had to regretfully decline your invitation to come back in. He wanted to, he really did, but he knew he’d fall asleep and he had work in the morning - he’d managed to get most of his shifts covered to give himself time for exams and hangovers over this week and next, except this one - so he was forced to bid you goodnight after a goodbye kiss (or five or six goodbye kisses) in his car.
The next two days went by in a flurry of cramming and stressing, but before long Friday afternoon rolled around, bringing with it the sweet relief of freedom - for both you and Tom. Exams done and dusted, gone in a matter of hours after weeks of work, the plan going forwards for this: chill, go for a celebratory Nandos, possibly nap (definitely nap), then get ready and go out to the End of Exams party at the SU. Step one (‘Chill’) was well underway - for Tom, at least, who was lounging quite comfortably on your bed while you shoved your revision notes into boxes and files so you never had to look at them again.
“My back is killing me,” you groaned, sitting up straighter in your desk chair and rolling your shoulders back until they clicked. “Might go for a massage as post-exam treat.”
“I could give you a back massage?”
You laughed but didn’t reply, just turned back to what you were doing at your desk.
“No seriously,” Tom continued, looking up from where he was scrolling aimlessly through Instagram on his phone. “If you want - I mean I’m not a professional but I’ll give it a go.”
You laughed again, but spun your chair around to face him this time. “Okay, sure.”
Tom moved to let you sit down on the edge of the bed, setting his phone aside and kneeling behind you once you were settled. He wasn’t really sure what he was going to do, but like he said, he’d give it a go. Sitting back on his heels, he began to rub your shoulders, working your muscles with the pads of his thumbs. You rolled your shoulders back again as he massaged them, cracking your neck to each side with a sigh.
After an indeterminate amount of time - time had a weird habit of going both too fast and too slow when he was touching you, Tom had come to realise - you twisted your arm behind your back, gesturing between your shoulder blades with your hand.
“Can do you like, this bit?”
“Sure,” Tom thought for a moment, paused, then swallowed harshly before continuing. “Probably easier if you uh, lie down and like...takeoffyourbra.”
“Oh you think?” you laughed, looking over your shoulder at him.
“Just a suggestion,” Tom shrugged, putting on his most innocent smile.
You sighed as you rolled your eyes, reaching behind you to unhook the clasp of your bra. Watching you intently as you wiggled out of your bra without taking your top off like some sort of circus performer, Tom shuffled down the bed to give you room to reposition, kneeling beside you once you lay down on your front. His fingers brushed over yours as he helped you push your t shirt up to expose your back.
“Do you have any, like, I dunno-” he began as he ran his hands over your back, stopping when you cut him off.
“Are you about to ask me if I have any massage oils?”
You looked at him out of the corner of your eye, your cheek pressed to your pillow as you lay with your head to the side. Tom didn’t know quite what to say, feeling his face heat up as the seconds ticked by.
“Why would I have massage oil?” you laughed, shaking your head (though your head movements were pretty restricted given your position).
“I dunno…” he shrugged, laughing too when he thought it through, hearing it how you would have heard it and realising it was a pretty bizarre think to ask. What did he think you were, a masseuse?
“I have body lotion on my dresser though?”
“Right, okay, that works.”
Scrambling off the bed, Tom made his way over the chest of drawers on the opposite side of the room. He scanned over the bottles and tubs sitting on the surface, trying to decipher which one might be most appropriate. After a moment he settled on one in a rather large bottle with a pump dispenser, ‘Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Milk’ printed on the front along with a picture of a milkshake - or perhaps it was a smoothie, given the name of the product. Either way it seemed like it would do the job, and according to the label it had an “irresistible scent” so that was promising.
Definitely not noticing that he could kind of see the outline of your underwear through your leggings now that your top was no longer covering your bum, Tom climbed back onto the bed and set your moisturiser down on your bedside cabinet. He knelt by your side for a moment, before deciding to just go for it and swing one of his legs over yours, careful to support most of his weight as he sat atop your thighs. Reaching over, he pumped a generous amount of ‘body milk’ (which now he thought about it didn’t really sound all that pleasant) into his hand, rubbing his palms together to try and warm it up a little before he touched you.
“Sorry s’cold,” he murmured as he started to rub it into your skin, hearing your breathing hitch slightly.
Your voice was a little muffled, your face pressed more firmly into the pillows as your body relaxed, but he heard you well enough. He started to massage the area you’d asked him to do, varying the pressure of his fingers and thumbs as they worked your muscles, sliding smoothly over your skin. You sighed contentedly as he continued his work, moving up to your shoulders, then back down to do between your shoulder blades again, until the majority of the lotion had been absorbed into your skin.
Tom was trying very, very hard to concentrate on what his hands were doing, he really was, but the thing was that your skin was very soft and warm, and the scent of the body lotion really was quite nice. He wasn’t sure if he’d go as far as irresistible but it was sweet and comforting - almonds, oats, and brown sugar, apparently, he saw when he squinted to read the label. In any case the whole experience was quite pleasant, and your thighs were warm and firm underneath him, and then he moved his hands to massage your sides and accidentally-maybe-a-little-bit-on-purpose touched the side of your breast, and he became rather more aware of other, lower parts of his body. Oh no.
His eyes flicked to your face to gauge your reaction - if you didn’t react, or looked uncomfortable, he’d stop and go back to your shoulders. He could only see the side of your face, and your eyes were closed, but he was fairly sure there was a flicker of a smirk on your lips, so he figured he could test the waters a little. You must have known this was a possibility though, surely? Surely it had occurred to you that a backrub might not be 100% innocent? Not that that had been his intention, but still, he was only human.
Tom’s hands moved down to your hips and then inwards, his thumbs working into the small of your back. You hummed appreciatively, which was encouraging, so he shuffled further down your legs as his hands traveled lower and lower until they were on your ass, and he could have sworn you pushed back against him. Tom squeezed your bum, gently at first and then a little firmer, his thumbs tucked under your cheeks. You hummed again, but this time there was definitely something more than just appreciation for a good back rub in there, so he leant down and pressed a kiss to your bare shoulder, then another to your neck, nudging your bunched up t shirt aside with his chin. He watched your face as you smiled, sighing. You began to shift beneath him, his hands moving to hold your hips loosely as you turned onto your back.
“Better?” he mumbled against your lips before you kissed him, your fingers weaving into his hair as you pulled his face down to yours.
You just hummed into the kiss, so he took that as a yes, and moved one hand up to your breast. Slipping beneath your t shirt, his hand kneaded your breast firmly, feeling your nipple hardening beneath his palm. You whimpered softly into his mouth when he pinched it between his fingertips, his tongue dipping into your mouth as your jaw slackened.
Grinding against you as you kissed, Tom moaned at the sensation of his hardening cock rubbing up against you, even through his clothes. His lips left yours as he moved to kiss down your neck and chest, pushing up the front of your top to expose your body.
He sucked your right nipple into his mouth while his hand continued to play with your other breast, rolling his tongue over it until it was firm between his lips. You whined, and he was very thankful that he managed to open his eyes and look up just in time to see you biting your bottom lip, your eyes fluttering shut. He switched his hand and his mouth then, his fingertip tracing small circles over your damp nipple while he covered the other with his tongue, sucking it into his mouth until you whined again, tugging on his hair.
Scattering kisses across your stomach as he went, Tom continued his way down your body, his hands tugging down the waistband of your leggings and underwear together. Pulling them down, he moved down the bed until he was at the foot of your bed, helping you wiggle out of the tight material with a breathy laugh when it caught on your ankles.
Your leggings finally cast side, Tom knelt between your legs as you spread them open for him. His t shirt soon joined your leggings on the floor before he lay down, his fingertips brushing over your inner thighs as he pressed kisses to your hips. His hands and lips travelled down over your body, his middle finger slipping inside you as he sucked hard on the soft skin at the very top of your thigh. Searching for the spot he found last time, Tom twisted his wrist, curling his finger - and judging by your sharp intake of breath, he found it. Adding a second finger and crooking it at the same angle, he couldn’t help the satisfied smirk that spread across his lips - but with his face buried between your thighs, you wouldn’t have seen it anyway.
Your fingers toying gently with the tufts of hair at the nape of his neck as he worked, Tom took his time; flicking his tongue in firm circles, tracing long lines up and down, sucking and licking your clit while his fingers alternated between slowly pumping in and out of you and curling to stimulate that spot inside your walls. He savoured all your little moans and gasps, the twitching of your thighs, the tightening of your fingers in his hair, until:
“Oh fuck-”
Between your whimpered curse and the tension in your body, Tom knew you were about to come. He moved his hand faster, fucking you with his fingers until your back was arching, your hips jerking up as you squeaked out a moan, your walls clenching around his fingers as you came. He’d learnt by now that when he thinks he should stop he should actually keep going (and then stop), so he kept on moving his tongue in firm circles over your clit even once you stopped grinding against his mouth, your nails digging into the back of his neck as your orgasm continued to shudder through your body. He only slowed his fingers down once you began to relax, your hands leaving his hair as you let out a long, deep breath. Tom tilted his face to the side, kissing your thigh softly as he looked up at you, your eyes just blinking open and your teeth releasing your bottom lip from between their grasp.
Your hands rubbed his shoulders as he moved back up your body, giggling when he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand before he kissed you. His arms bracketed your head as you kissed, supporting his weight over you as he lay between your legs. You cupped his face with one hand, the other trailing down his torso to undo his jeans. Tom sighed in a mixture of pleasure and relief when you pulled his boxers down enough to free his cock, your hand beginning to pump his length. Your thumb brushed over the head with each movement, his sensitive skin tingling beneath your touch. He tilted his head to the side as you moved to kiss his neck, sucking just hard enough to leave a mark just below his jawline. He had just about been able to stop himself thrusting into your hand up until then, but if you were going to be doing that, or nibbling on his earlobe, or moving your other hand from his cheek down to squeeze his ass, then he could hardly be blamed if he pressed his body closer to yours, your fingers tightening around his cock as he thrust into your hand. Your hand on his bum was pulling him closer to you anyway, so he didn’t have a choice, really.
It wasn’t long you both wanted, needed more, though, so with swollen lips and heavy breaths Tom off you to take his jeans off, pressing one more firm kiss to your lips before he did so. You sat up and took a condom from your bedside cabinet while he discarded his jeans and boxers, passing it to him once he was back kneeling between your thighs. He always felt like he had to fight the urge to say thanks when he took a condom from you, which didn’t really make any sense, like you needed it as much as he did? But anyway, this was not the time to ponder the proper etiquette of receiving condoms - you had one, it was now in situ, so he had more important things to think about.
Tom groaned as he eased into you, kissing your neck as you lay with your head nestled among the pillows, your legs spread open wide. He pushed into you slowly, gradually getting deeper with each thrust in and out until he was about to bottom out inside you. Looking down between your bodies to watch, he pulled out almost completely then pushed all the way back in, feeling your breath hot on his skin when you moaned.
Your fingers threaded through his hair once he was settled over you again, pulling him closer. You kissed his neck as his hips ground against yours, moving to suck just above his collarbone when he began to thrust steadily into you. Your teeth nipped at his skin, your tongue soothing the sting as his cock hit deep inside you with each jerk of his hips.
Squeezing your breast with one hand while the other held your waist, Tom dipped his head, burying his face in the crook of your neck. He started to kiss your neck, but you all but panted his name in his ear and tugged on his hair, so he ended up kissing your lips instead. All roaming tongues and smacking lips, you kissed messily, you whimpering into his mouth when he shifted the angle of his hips and hit deeper inside you. Your bodies weren’t positioned quite right for him to carry on hitting that angle, though, so he was forced to pull away from your hungry kiss and get to his knees (glancing behind him as he went so he didn’t hit his head on your stupid slanted ceiling).
Your arms fell either side of your head as it dropped back into the pillows, bending your knees to adjust to the new position, his legs slotting into place under your thighs. His hands gripping your waist, pulling you down onto him to meet each thrust of his hips, Tom looked down at you through heavy lids, watching your face, your body. Your mouth hung open slightly as you gasped out quiet ohs and fucks each time he thrust into you, your brow furrowed in pleasure and your breasts bouncing under your t shirt with every jolt of your bodies, your back arched as you gripped the pillow behind your head. Every now and then he reached down, his thumb brushing back and forth over your swollen clit.
“Oh my god,” you moaned, your pussy pulsating around his cock as he rubbed your clit.
He was close, he knew, but thankfully he knew that you were too. You bit down on your bottom lip and looked up at him with almost pleading eyes as you lifted your legs higher still, bringing your knees closer to your chest as Tom shifted to lean down into you more. His fingers dug into your thighs as he held your legs up at your sides, one of your hands reaching down between your bodies to replace his, your fingers working your clit. The bed creaked under you as Tom thrust into you hard and fast, forcing himself to keep his eyes open to watch you come apart beneath him. You released your lip from between your teeth as you came with a heavy moan, your thighs shaking under his palms and your walls clenching around his cock - and that was it, he couldn’t hold out any longer. Eyes squeezing shut, he groaned as he came, slowing down his thrusts to a steady grinding inside you to try and draw out both your highs.
Doing his utmost not to collapse on top of you, Tom shifted to rest his weight on his forearms as he kissed your neck, breathing heavily. You wiggled under him, lowering your legs slowly either side of his hips as you smoothed stray hairs back away from your face.
“What?” he mumbled against your shoulder when he heard you breathe out a laugh. Tiredness tugged at every one of Tom’s muscles, but he mustered up the strength to pull up and out of you, falling down onto his back once you’d shuffled to the side to make space on the bed beside you. “Why’d you laugh?”
“Just thinking- ” you mused, turning your head to look at him. “- interesting type of massage.”
“Yeah, well,” Tom chuckled, shrugging as he sat up. “Special clients only, you know?”
“I feel very privileged,” you smirked at him as he stood up to get rid of the used condom and its long-discarded wrapper.
Tom looked over his shoulder at you just as you were sitting up, pulling your t shirt down over your stomach and looking at the floor around your bed, presumably in search of your underwear.
“What sides are you getting?”
“Huh? Oh,” It took Tom a moment to catch up with the sudden change of subject, slightly preoccupied with cleaning himself up with a tissue at that precise moment. Truth be told, he’d kind of forgotten about your plans to go to Nandos. He was pretty tired anyway, after being up late last night cramming and then up early for his exam this morning which in itself was mentally tiring, and now this exertion of physical energy was more than enough to push him over the edge into nap territory - especially if he was going to go out tonight. But, you had been very excited about it, and he was quite hungry now that he thought about it, so he supposed he would make the effort. And now that he was thinking about it, he came to a decision as to which side dishes to get pretty quickly. “All of them?”
You nodded, seemingly satisfied.
“Good choice.”
Tumblr media
Tom just about made it through driving to and from Nandos and eating without falling asleep, though driving back was significantly more taxing. On the way up to your room he grumbled internally about the decision to go back to yours - there were just too many stairs between the front door and bed for his liking - though he supposed it did make sense for both of you to get ready at yours. He’d only needed to bring like four things with him, whereas who knew what manner of equipment you’d need to get ready. And, as you were saying as you finally made it to your bedroom, you didn’t even know what you wanted to wear yet.
“What are your options?” Tom stifled a yawn as he took off his jacket, sitting down on your bed and kicking off his shoes.
“Ugh,” you sighed, throwing your own jacket on the back of your chair and opening your wardrobe. “I think these?”
You took out three dresses on hangers, holding each one up for him to see before tossing them onto your bed - or at least, he assumed they were dresses, but who knew, honestly. They all looked nice enough to him, and you always looked good anyway, so he asked what he considered to be the most sensible question:
“Which one is comfiest?”
You hummed, thinking for a moment before replying. “The black one.”
“Wear the black one then.”
You looked from the dresses (?) to Tom, then back again, then nodded.
“Okay,” you said decisively, bundling the clothes up in your arms and dumping them unceremoniously on your desk chair before wiggling out of your leggings. “That was easy, thanks.”
“No problem.”
Tom struggled to hold back another yawn as you closed your blinds, blocking out what remained of the daylight trickling through the window above your desk. Taking off his jeans and kicking them off the end of your bed, he shuffled over as you pulled back the duvet to get into bed beside him. Turning onto his side once he’d joined you under the covers, Tom smiled sleepily as you lay down facing him. He was pretty sure you smiled back, equally sleepily, but he hardly saw it, his eyes already closing without his consent nor permission. He felt like he was about to say something, but he couldn’t remember quite what it was, and he was falling asleep now, quicker than even he expected. Never mind, he resolved, if it’s important it’ll come back to me later - later...later! That was it, he was thinking should probably set an alarm so the two of you didn’t sleep too late and miss predrinks or something disastrous like that.
“What time-”
Tom opened one eye to see you shaking your head, your eyes closed even as you reached out to blindly press a silencing finger to his lips (well, his nose first, but it was clear you were going for his lips).
“Nap now, words later.”
Okay then, he closed his eyes again, already feeling sleep pulling at his mind and body, nap now it is.
Tumblr media
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afewmarvelousthoughts · a year ago
My Only Comfort
Master List: @afewmarvelousthoughtsadmin​
Pairing: Bucky X Reader
Summary: Periods can suck. Supportive partners, less so.  (This is in the “Only For A Moment” universe but can be read as a one shot.)
Warnings: None just FLUFF
A/N: This is purely self service. Idk if anyone will even care to read this. BUT my period had been brutalizing me for days and I just wanted to write a quick little fluffy bit to make myself feel better. Maybe you need it too! 
Tumblr media
It’s funny how easy it is to forget the little things over the years. Like how you loved the cherry blossoms in Brooklyn. Or how costume storage often smelled like mothballs and vodka. Or how much being on your period absolutely sucked. 
When you had your first full medical exam in Wakanda and they asked when your last cycle had been you honestly couldn’t say. It wasn’t something you spared much thought to. Until then you hadn’t even thought much about birth control or any other form of contraception. For a moment you’d felt a little surge of panic. 
Turned out you were worried over nothing, at least as far as getting knocked up went. 
You almost laughed when they found that Hydra had sterilized you. For years you’d fought to get your tubes tied or any other kind of permanent birth control - the last thing you needed or wanted was to bring a kid into the world - only to be constantly denied due to your age. For once, Hydra had done something you’d actually appreciated. 
Your lack of a menstrual cycle could be pretty easily chalked up to them likely controlling it with hormones when they had you and the time after to constant stress. No big deal. 
Except, being in Wakanda had taken away a massive load of that stress. No longer were you afraid to be found daily, living a false life, always ready for the next fight. Now, you were rebuilding your life, both of you were. It was almost a dream. 
Until your uterus made you dream of being stressed enough to shut her up again. 
Your first period had been pretty light, nothing to really complain about. This one though… Maybe Hydra had actually replaced your uterus with a tiny angry monster that was going to claw its way from your body Alien style. 
Around 3 a.m. you wake, your entire lower body screaming literal bloody murder. 
Slithering from the bed you’ve only one thought on your mind - hot, steaming, scalding water. Quickly you rid yourself of your wrecked underwear and turn on the shower. Leaning your head against the tile wall you let the water pound against your throbbing back, silently praying your body will stop this mutiny so you can get some sleep. 
 Tomorrow was a full day with classes and drills with the Dora Milaje, none of which you wanted to miss. There wasn’t time for this bullshit. 
Sighing you open your eyes, turning to face the water and catch a figure outside the steam covered shower glass. Logically, you know it’s Bucky but your tired foggy brain still sends a startled gasp tumbling out of your mouth. Some warrior you were. 
“Holy shit, Buck!” You exclaim, opening the door enough to see him. 
“Sorry!” He holds his hand up, face looking a little pale. “There was blood and - I just, I didn’t think.” 
Guilt and just the slightest bit of embarrassment flood you. In the grip of the pain, you hadn’t even thought to check the bed. Of course, his mind would go to the darkest option first upon seeing blood. 
“No, it’s ok.” You move to turn off the water, “I’ll deal with it. Sorry.” His hand stops yours. When you look back that kind smile is on his lips, it always sucked your breath right from your chest. 
“There’s nothing for you to deal with. Take your time.” He must read the defiance in your expression. “If you’re not in this shower for at least 10 more minutes I’m dragging you back into it myself.” 
“That sounds like a challenge,” you quip before a stab of pain makes you groan. He kisses your knuckles and leaves you to the steamy room. 
When you finally turn off the water, a little pruney but feeling a bit better you find one of Bucky’s shirts and a fresh pair of underwear on the counter. This man. Toweling your hair you step out to thank him only to see him remaking the bed with fresh sheets. 
“Babe,” you protest, “you didn’t have to-”
“Hush.” He gestures to a steaming mug on your bedside table. “It’s the tea Okoye gave me, the relaxing one.” Before you can say anything he reads your mind, “I know you hate tea but drink it anyway.”
“Just hot leaf juice,” you grumble with a smile on your face as you lift the mug to your nose to smell the contents. Earthy and slightly floral. 
“Coffee is technically hot bean juice,” he says, putting a pillow back in its case. 
“Blasphemy! I demand a divorce.”
He rolls his eyes, “Maybe when the sun’s out. Get in bed.”
“But my hot leaf juice,” you say in a false whine. He settles his back against the padded headboard, arm held out. 
“You can bring your leaf juice, just come here.” 
With a sigh, you crawl into bed. Bucky holds you tight, your back to his chest. You sip your tea, begrudgingly admitting that it wasn’t the worst and seemed to be coaxing your tense muscles into submission. 
“Thank you for changing the sheets,” you say, voice groggy. 
“Of course, doll. Anything else I can do?” You shake your head, tucked under his chin. “Here,” he plucks the half-empty mug from your hands, setting it on his nightstand. 
He scootches you both down into the warm fresh bed. Your head rests on his chest and unerringly your right-hand finds it’s way over to the steady beat of his heart, the feeling of its rhythm under your palm always soothing. 
Before you drift off you hear him whisper, “Sleep well, sweetheart.” 
Your alarm is an unholy sound scant hours later. 
“Not yet,” you grumble - hand flopping to turn it off. 
“Not at all,” Bucky says, his own voice still thick with sleep. 
“I have to-”
“You ‘aveta’ nothin’,” a bit of that long lost accent slips out. Even in your exhausted state, it makes you smile. “You need to rest.”
“Bucky,” you sit up, “it’s a period, not the flu I will be-”
“Staying home. Glad we agree.” He hooks his arm around you tugging you to him.
“I need to at least let Okoye know-”
“I told her last night. Now. Sleep.” 
You do. Hard and deep. When you awake it’s to the familiar smell of bacon and the sound of Bucky, singing softly along to the Beetles in the kitchen - the words to “Hey Jude” clear.
The only dark spot on the otherwise perfect moment was the feeling that you were still being torn at from the inside. Quietly you swear that this is the last time - whatever you have to do you’ll do it to keep this beast at bay moving forward. 
Before going to the kitchen you fist one of Bucky’s flannel button-ups from the closet and slip it on over your tee. The familiar scent so soothing. 
“Morning gorgeous,” Bucky beams at you as you walk into the kitchen. 
“Haha,” you say. You’d seen yourself in the mirror. Shit was rough. 
Turning from his pan he catches you before you get your mug. His blue eyes glitter causing your heart skips several beats. When he kisses you he tastes like coffee and love and home. 
“You are always beautiful to me, Y/N.” 
You smile so big your cheeks hurt, “Sap.” Batting him away playfully you pour a mug of coffee. 
“Go on and have a seat,” he says pulling the bacon out. “The eggs’ll be quick.” 
You perch cross-legged at the little two-seater table, unable to hold back a contented sigh.
Eggs plated he brings the food to the table. Your heart swells, as it does any time he makes you breakfast, always reminding you of the first morning you spent together. 
“One more thing,” he heads back into the kitchen and pulls out something from the oven, covered in foil. 
“Pancakes?!” You stare in mouthwatering wonder. 
“Yup,” he says smugly, reaching into a cabinet to produce syrup. He tops off your coffee before settling down.
“I say we eat, take a nap, eat again, maybe watch something. I’ll cook dinner, and-”
“You’re going to cook dinner?” You ask, more than a little surprised. Bucky was pretty confident in the breakfast realm but dinner was a different thing. 
“I’ve been learning!” He protests. It was true, he often joined you in the kitchen, though he tended to be a bit frustrated by your inability to give clear instructions. His face softens as he reaches his hand across the table to stroke the back of your hand. 
“Let me take care of you.” It’s not a question. He’s learned that sometimes he has to match your stubborn self-sufficiency with his own immovable will. And for your part, you’re learning that it’s not so bad to let someone take the wheel from time to time. 
You smile and nod, surprisingly happy to let go and bask in the comfort of his care.
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inmyarmswrappedin · 7 months ago
Episode 17, and I’m just like... Is this a really good show or have I just lost all my critical viewing skills? Because I just really enjoy it. 
Okay, so let me get this out of the way first. Aisha and Emrah are totally an evak remake!!!! I’ve been saying that since episode 1, but I didn’t think it would get so real lol.
When Aisha wakes up, Emrah is in the kitchen, talking to Ibo on the phone about pranking a friend of his back. He recounts a time when Abdi fucked with him, so Emrah in turn put hot sauce in his burger. Aisha is greatly amused by this.
They go back to his room. Emrah explains he talks to Ibo every day, but he doesn’t go visit him all that often. Aisha tries to ask about that, but Emrah changes topics and asks her how she’s doing. She admits things aren’t good at home. She feels like a prisoner. She thought having Yusuf around would help, because he’d support her, since they’re both in the same boat. Instead, he’s controlling and he’s probably told their parents about Aisha and Emrah. 
Emrah says her parents are going to be super proud when she’s a judge, and Aisha says she doesn’t know if she wants to be a judge anymore. She’s not even studying law right now. And she has a math exam in two days (finally we know what the countdown is counting down to!) but like... we know how that’s going.
Emrah says that when he first met Aisha, she told him she wanted to do law. So regardless of what her parents want, if she doesn’t go to uni for law, she’ll only be hurting herself. Then, I assume in order to comfort her, he says he’s going to the grocery store to get supplies to make the world’s best breakfast. He somersaults back out of the couch/bed/idk and sticks his head out  from the doorframe to repeat: “World’s best breakfast!” I love that Emrah retains a bit of his class clown persona, I think it’s really sweet that he doesn’t bother playing tough guy with Aisha.
While Emrah is out, Aisha checks her phone. (Emrah had mentioned it was pinging all night.) She has at least a message from Yusuf, but she doesn’t check it. Just then, Emrah is back and he’s fuming. He’s convinced that people at the grocery store thought he was some sort of criminal because he paid in cash, rather than with a card. Aisha tries distracting him by making fun of his passport photo, but Emrah only gets more overwhelmed and upset. There’s clearly something else going on, because Emrah has been treated like a criminal for the whole season, and he’s never been so stressed out.
Someone knocks on the door and Emrah fully freaks out. He starts drawing the curtains in every window, and he wants Aisha to be quiet, but she won’t stop asking what’s going on. 
It turns out the person knocking is the drunken neighbor from the other day, who turns out to be a junkie instead. They again mixed up the apartment number, and another neighbor tells them off. Emrah tries to make a joke out of it, but then someone else knocks, and Emrah grabs a huge knife and hides with Aisha in the bathroom.
Emrah is clearly struggling to breathe, and Aisha is upset because she doesn’t know what’s going on. She walks past him and opens the foor to the apartment. Yusuf comes in and is like, “okay, let’s go.” Aisha demands that he help her. Emrah at this point is laying on the bathroom floor. I think he’s having a panic attack. Whenever Aisha tries to touch him, he shoves her hand off. After a while, Emrah manages to crawl enough that he can put his head on Aisha’s lap, as Yusuf watches on from the door.
I feel like other times we’ve seen characters in Skam-type shows have a panic attack, other characters knew immediately what to do. Noora and William, as well as Axel and Mia, come to mind. I wonder if the fact that Aisha obviously didn’t know what to do, is supposed to mean she never had access to that knowledge or no one taught her.
Anyway, Yusuf and Aisha are in Emrah’s room later. Yusuf asks Aisha what she thinks should happen next. Aisha says she doesn’t know. She supposes their parents are right outside waiting to drag her away. Yusuf admits he didn’t tell their parents about this, or Aisha and Emrah. He came into her room in the middle of the night to apologize (aw), and freaked out when he realized Aisha wasn’t there. He’s been looking for her all night and day. 
At this point, Emrah comes in wearing different clothes. He seems kind of sheepish about what just happened. His body language makes it seem as if he’s going to apologize, but in the end he doesn’t. He says he’s tired, and that he’s okay, and Yusuf takes that as their cue to leave. I feel like Emrah is probably tired and does need to rest, but also that he feels embarrassed and/or ashamed, and he wants space. Aisha hugs Emrah, and Emrah hugs her back, and I can’t take this, they clearly find so much comfort in each other. 😭😭😭 Let them be together! 
Aisha makes Emrah promise a couple times that if he needs anything, he’ll call Aisha. Emrah smiles and agrees he will, but will he? Idk about that. 
Once they’re outside, Yusuf asks Aisha again what she thinks should happen now, and she again says she doesn’t know. There are two episodes left, tomorrow’s episode is 14 minutes long, and the finale is 26 minutes.
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hunterxfics · 7 months ago
I swear Tumblr is messing with us.
Awww he feels the same for you! You're his rock and light in the world. I will. Luckily I know what to do and what j need when th super bad ones hit. I just wish it would come and go already. It's been two weeks without a bad migraine! I'm excited about it. Awww he appreciates the comfort. He knows he can wake you up and will if he needs you. Usually he will cuddle and want to be in your arms. He loves feeling so safe and protected. When he's super scared or upset pull see his eyes glow red but he calms down when you hold him. He melts in your arms and just feels so so safe. He might vent a little if he needs to talk but usually he wants to cuddle and listen to your heartbeat. If you stay up all night with him he's so happy but also worries cos he wants you to get enough sleep. He'll make sure you both get some rest during the day too. Awww he's so happy you think that of him! Kurapika loves you too! You're the best person in the world for him! Awwwww he loves giving you all the affection. He'll hold you close and play with your hair can cover you in kisses! It took some concern cubg for him to take a break but as soon as he could spend time with you it made him determined to relax with you. He's soft for you its so precious! Aww yes! Awww as soon as you start kissing him he’ll blush and smole more and giggle. God he's so precious!
Ikr! Like it's my body if I want a tattoo ill get one. Awesome! Thank you so much! Eartha was so happy to see her! She kept rubbing her head against Melody and it was so sweet! Melody loves her so much. Exactly! This week is so long! I know exactly what you mean! It's been such a long year but I also can't believe it's ending. You've got this cam! Melody Kurapika and I all believe in you! That is true and I always take breaks if I need them. It's so easy to forget sometimes though. Thank you! No problem! That's good! You're so close! How are you and Kurapika? (hope Tumblr doesn't eat this one)
IT IS I SWEAR!!!! >:( 
🥺🥺🥺🥺 eeee I love him so so much!!! AWWW MY HEART HE JUST IS MY ENTIRE WORLD I LOVE HIM WITH MY EVERYTHING!!!! That’s good!! Hopefully when it does hit it’ll be on a day when you’re not busy and all. OOOO NICE!!! I bet that’s been really helpful with school and all, taking away at least one stressor from your weeks. AWWWWW HE IS SO PRECIOUS🥺 I’m so happy he feels so safe and loved and protected with me!!! He makes me feel the exact same!!! Awww I’ll just hold him close and play with his hair, kissing him softly until he feels more relaxed. If he needs to vent I’ll always listen, but if he just needs to be held I’ll hold him close and remind him he’s safe with me always!!! I just want to give him the world!!!! Awwww he’s so sweet always looking out for me🥺 I remind him it’s okay, that I wanna take care of him and will be able to nap with him tomorrow if he needs me now! AWWWWWWW I’M BLUSHING PLS YOU’RE SO SWEET THANK YOUUUU🥺🥺🥺🥺!! I love all his sweet affection eeeee my babyyyyyy!!! AWWWW YESS YESSS I LOVE WHEN HE DOES🥺🥺🥺 it makes my heart so full and happy!!! AWWWW HE’S SO CUTE🥺!!!! I love getting to spend time with him and helping him relax!! EEEEEE I LOVE HIM SO SO MUUCH!! AWWWWW YESSSS HE’S THE CUTEST EVVVVER IT JUST MAKES ME WANNA KISS HIM MORE AND MOOORE!!!
EXACTLY!! You get to decide, not anyone else. Awwww Eartha🥺🥺 the sweetest baby ever!! THAT’S SO PRECIOUS AWWWW!!! They’re so adorable!! It really has like ugh thank god today is Sunday haha. RIGHT RIGHT!!! Like it has felt like AGES but at the same time yesterday was just March? THANK YOU SO MUCH🥺🥺 YALL ARE THE BEST EVER I SWEAR!!! That’s good!! It really is, especially when your mind tricks you into thinking you need to work nonstop and all. I really am ahhh it’s crazy!! Around like noonish on Wednesday I’ll be all done ahhhhh it’s so exciting but also I’m absolutely terrified for my oral exam on Wednesday!!! 
We’re doing good!! We met up with the rest of the gang yesterday at Dave and Busters which was so much fun!! Killua and I are SUPER completive so we ended up playing the bulk of the games, until he ran off with Gon haha. I showed Kurapika how to play my fav game (idk it’s name but you like stack blocks that move super fast haha) and it was so cute🥺🥺 He never had played arcade games so it was exciting to show him all the fun ones I grew up on!! It was especially nice to just have a full day of fun and movement after this week. Hbu and Melody? 
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