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gorctzka · 2 days ago
Could you write something where you've known mason since you were a kid through your brother and he's always had a crush on you and you haven't seen him in a while and now you're both older he confesses and makes a move. Thank you! I love your writing! :)
thank you so much anon!! hope it meets your expectations <3
secret admirer - mason mount x reader
notes: i kinda wrote more verbatim speech this time and less details? so idk if that’s good too,, we’ll see i guess
word count: 1.2k
Tumblr media
“Oh my God, Y/N?” someone said near you as you visited one of the bakeries in your neighbourhood, as you had done every morning since you were little. It became a kind of routine to get the same coffee before you went to work - or to school when you were younger. When you looked up, you caught sight of your brother’s old childhood friend, “Mason?”
“I never thought I’d see you again!” He beamed as he sat down across from you at the small table. “Damn, you’ve changed so much I almost didn’t recognise you” laughing at the fact that he met you in the same bakery you went to together all the time many years ago.
“Didn’t think you’d remember me”
“Oh, come on, as if I could ever forget a face like that.” you blushed slightly at his comment, thoughts of him as a child running through your mind, as well as all the times you went to school together or when you were at your brothers and Mason’s football practice, always cheering them on. And because Mason was one of your brother’s best friends, you also became something like friends, although you never had a real connection, the only one being your brother.
“You’ve changed a lot too, I mean from the little boy with the long hair and braces to this,” you said as you motioned him up and down, eliciting a shy laugh from him. “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” asked Mason with his usual grin, which you recognized immediately as it didn’t change at all.
“Definitely a good thing” causing him to raise his eyebrow at you and making you question what you’ve just said, “Not that you didn’t look good then, but I mean— you look older now, out of puberty” mentally slapping you for acting so awkward in front of him, instead he thought it was cute to see you blush and get nervous, like he always had thought. You always had this special way about you, just being different from everyone else, but in a positive way. And he couldn’t help but see in you the girl he stupidly had a crush on years ago, as your smile was the same one and still made his eyes light up.
“Anyway, what are you doing here? My brother mentioned that you moved away?” You take a moment as he speaks to sip your coffee and sort out your thoughts. “Oh yes, I did, though not far away. And I’m here to visit my parents, so I thought I’d bring my mum this cake she loves so much.”
“She still does?”
“Absolutely, wants it for every fucking birthday of hers.” which pulled a laugh from you as you remembered that he never liked that specific cake his mother always got when they visited. “Shit, I already have to go, can’t be late for work..” you said with a quick glance at your phone, only now realising that you had been sitting in the bakery for far too long.
“Oh... where’s your workplace?” Mason asked you, not wanting to end the conversation yet as he got up and pushed the chair back under the table while you put on your jacket. “Basically just down the road, have to walk for about 20 minutes.”
“Yeah, I can’t afford a car yet, but it’s actually nice to walk there, it gets me moving a bit.” you smiled as he still looked stunned to hear that you walk to work every day.
“Not today. I’ll drive you there, just give me a minute to get the cake for my mother” Mason went over to the till and ordered everything he needed. “I’m fine with walking too, you don’t have to do that.”
“But I want to. If you want that too?”
“Sure. Thank you” sending him your lovely smile as he opened the door for you and let you walk past him, out of the bakery and away from the sweet smell of pastries. “No problem”
“Soo, I guess that car over there is yours?” pointing to the only clean and prosperous-looking car on the road. “Wonder how you could have guessed that” he grumbled as he opened the car and you both got in.
“How does it feel?” you murmured, which made him furrow his brows as he started the engine and signalled you to enter the address. “How does what feel?”
“Having thousands of girls on their knees for you” pulling a snort from him, “You say that as if I didn’t have them in my final year of Secondary School already.” Mason laughed in the same cocky tone he had back then.
“I certainly didn’t have a crush on you,” you looked over at him instead of looking out the window and saw his lips tilt up slightly, “Oh, as if.”
“Listen, Mount, not every girl in this world fancies you.”
“I did”
“You did what? Fancy yourself?”
“You—” he said as his voice broke with embarrassment and his cheeks flushed, somehow wishing he had kept his mouth shut but his ego was bigger than that. “I had a crush on you.” his statement made you gasp overdramatically but your insides burned with excitement because you couldn’t lie that he looked ridiculously hot and was apparently still the polite guy you knew, which you always appreciated about him. “No way, seriously?!”
“Of course, I mean, have you looked at yourself? I’d be an idiot if I didn’t have a crush on you.” he stopped at a red light and gave you a look that made you bite your cheeks to suppress the feverish smile when he did. “Anyway. How’s your life going in general at the moment?” Mason asked as he looked back down the road and quizzed you about your life for the rest of the ride.
“Thank you so much for driving me.” you thanked him after he parked the car in front of your workplace and you reached for the car door. “Wait, wait, wait” Mason said as he got out of the car, making you stop your movement. Chuckling to yourself as he walked over and opened the car door for you, “What a gentleman”
“Oh, and here...” he handed you his phone, on which a new contact was opened, named after you, before telling you to enter your number. “There you go.” you said after handing him back his phone.
“Thanks. We could meet up later this week if you want. I don’t know we could get something to eat… watch a movie...”
“A date?”
“Yeah, I mean— if that’s what you want, of course, otherwise we’ll just skip the movie part.” he muttered to himself, which made you grin, because you had that effect on him that made him nervous, and that certainly didn’t happen often. “I would love to go on a date with you”
“Great!” letting out a nervous laugh, trying to hide his excitement, “I mean, okay. Cool, I’ll text you then.” he corrected himself before pulling you into a hug and saying goodbye to each other, a grin on his face for the rest of the day as he was about to have a date with his teenage crush.
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suguruwrx · a day ago
Can you do a scenario where the girl is in the same store and same time Megumi is running his errands but he develops a crush on her when she sees her and he doesn’t know how to find her so he somehow asks Yuji for help. They find her and Megumi asks her for help with something minor just to start a connection with the girl he has a crush on🥰
I’ve been wanting to ask but I wanted to think of a cute/nice scenario and since is Megumi (a guy that isn’t too open or extroverted) I thought it had to fit his style a bit😅
Sorry for the long Ask, but thank you for your work, I appreciate it🌸
NONNIE! THIS MADE ME HAPPY!!!!! Hope I did okay with this !
Tumblr media
Book Smarts
¥ pairing: Megumi Fushiguro x F!Reader
¥ genre: fluff
¥ wc: 1,302
Tumblr media
Megumi loved to read. Lately, he’s been out of it, as well as not having anything new to read. So he decided to stop by the newest bookstore that opened up to check out what their selections consisted of. Megumi is always quiet when it comes to his personal life; not letting people read him like an open book. He usually likes to read non-fiction books, but he thought maybe he should expand his options and explore different genres of books and stories, to possibly clear his head from the school stresses he’s enduring.
He arrived at the new store, stopping at the door to take note of the features of the building. Small, rustic, and comforting. Megumi was really good at judging establishments based on how well the outdoor aspect was taken care of. The more aesthetically pleasing the place, the better the selections they had to offer. With a soft exhale, he gently pulled on the door, a quick breeze pushing through, before the door separated the quiet from the loud outdoors.
The building looked small on the outside, but Megumi was quite surprised at the floor-to-ceiling shelves it showcased full of all kinds of books. He wouldn’t admit it, but the aroma of the place was very calming. A combination of book pages, essential oils, and flowers. A gentle smile crept on his face, glad that Yuuji and Nobara didn’t tag along with him. If they found him happy like he is right now, they’d never stop teasing.
“Rand, Rand…” He whispered to himself as he scoured the many shelves looking for this author’s name. When he arrived at the shelf labeled “R” he scanned for the name until he found the book he was looking for. As he began reaching, another hand, though much smaller, also reached out to the same book.
“O-Oh! I’m sorry! You can take the book if you want! I’m sure I can find something else…” A sweet and kind voice spoke up, making Megumi’s face heat up. She was beautiful. Her hair looked smooth, like she took great care of it. Her outfit was very comforting, like she dressed to stay covered, but light enough to stay cool. Her face was starting to form a red tint, which caused Megumi to mentally curse himself for not speaking at all.
“H-Here. I wasn’t sure i-if I’d buy it…” He gently hands her the book, looking away with a blush on himself. “I can get it later or something..”
The girl blinked, taking the book from his hands, and before she could catch his name, he was already gone.
Megumi hated how nervous he got when meeting someone new, especially a really cute girl. He was quick to exit the store, blush still radiating on his features, as he pulled out his phone to text the one person he felt would be of help.
‘Yuuji, I need help.’
‘Huh? You?’
‘It’s a girl. She’s really cute. Idk how to approach her.’
He hated admitting his failures to others as well, so when texting Yuuji his dilemma, he couldn’t help but feel more embarrassed.
Over the course of a few days, he and Yuuji would visit the same bookstore in hopes of seeing her, but she was nowhere to be seen.
“You sure it wasn’t some curse?” Yuuji asks quizzically, almost laughing as if it was a possibility with the Fushiguro.
“No. She wanted a book I also wanted. I gave it to her.”
Sighing to himself, he and Yuuji leave the store, feeling a little defeated. ‘And I let her get away…dammit Megumi.’ He thought to himself, mentally regretting not manning up and asking her name or anything. Once they both returned back on campus, Megumi made a note to himself that he’d go by the store one last time tomorrow, hoping, pleading, that she would be there.
And that day came.
After his classes, he made the trek to the bookstore, and once inside, he wasted no time to look at the shelves for the same book he’s been wanting. As he made his way, he saw books that piqued his interest and made him stop to examine them, until a new book made its way into his peripherals.
“H-Here you go.” A soft and kind voice spoke up to him, and when he looked over, it was her. The girl who he’s developed a small crush on by only ever seeing her once. “I found another copy in the back, and held onto it, hoping you’d come back.” She looked away, her blush evident still even when not in direct view.
‘Hoping I’d come back?’ He replayed her words in his head, shocked to hear that she waited for him to return. He took this moment to really look at her features, really take note how she looked. She wore a pastel pink shirt that had small bunnies all over. Her pants were a dark blue color that fit nicely on her body, not too big and not too tight. She had her hair half way tied back, with a black bow clipped where it’s tied back, which Megumi thought looked beautiful on her.
“Thanks. But uh…” his voice was quiet, almost wavering with nerves as he couldn’t find what to say. “Y-You work here?”
Her face started heating up, before giving him a smile that made his heart speed up. Her smile was so pretty that it could cast light in the darkest of shadows in his life.
“Yeah…I kept hearing my coworkers mention a boy with dark erratic hair coming in everyday, and I hoped it was you…” She shifted her gaze to the bookshelf they stood at, recognizing it where they first ‘met’. “I’m glad it was. I was hoping I could talk to you about the book you wanted.”
Megumi blinked, heart hammering in his chest as he listened to her smooth voice, watching her reach up to grab the copy she had grabbed that day. “Y-Yeah. I heard about it online and it seemed interesting.”
“You like dystopian novels?!” Her gaze was brought back to Megumi, eyes beaming with happiness, only to quickly look back at the shelf in embarrassment of her excitement.
He couldn’t help the small smile forming on his features, her excitement over books was calming, as he found someone he could hopefully talk about books with. And hopefully grow as a person with.
“I’ve recently enjoyed the concept.” He muttered, looking down at the book she saved for him. ‘Anthem’ by Ayn Rand. He’s read about the book online, and was drawn in by the way the story is written differently. “From what reviews I’ve read, it seemed like a good book.”
“I was happy to see someone reading the book I like a lot.” She mentioned, smile grazing her lips once more. “W-would you maybe…like to talk about it sometime?”
Megumi’s face blushed at the way she asked him. It sounded so cute and innocent, and he was loving it.
“I-I’d love that. I’ll read it with you too, if you want-“
A gentle giggle escaped her, as she nodded her head and turned so she looked like she was working. Megumi couldn’t help but admire her once more, wondering how he got lucky to catch the attention of someone like her.
“I know of a nice quiet coffee shop we can go to and stuff…?”
“I-I’d like that.” Her gaze met his, only to scrunch when she realized she didn’t know his name.
“Oh, It’s Megumi.” His face steady red, eyes darting over her face and back to the shelves hoping to not be obvious.
“Megumi…I like that.” Her smile came back, before she handed him a piece of paper with her number on it.
“Y/N. Thank you for coming back.”
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anqrymom · 20 days ago
dolores: [sneezes]
bruno from the walls: bless you, child.
dolores: … God?
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harrylouis · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
dancing queen
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jinnto · 11 months ago
me: i feel like absolute shit i've been sick for 6 months and now that i have a little free time i want to go somewhere or else i might lose it
my friends: but weather sucky :(
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oattdustt · a year ago
Bitches will be like "oh why don't u wanna hear why i LOVE trung he's so good now I'm going to be so fucking mad at you for wanting to rest and not talk about pxlitics fuck you" and expect me not to get upset . My mom is bitches
#LIKE. UGHH!!!!!! GO GET SOMEONE ELSE TO FUCKING VENT TO!!!!!!! #i couldn't give A RATS ASS!!!! about why drump is good he sucks shit!!!!!! #get the FUCK out #ubf....god im sorry but i cannot stand this woman i literally cannot #i dont have it in me to CARE about thos fuck. i already dint gjce a shit and i actively hate him #so. like. fuck you #ughhhfbfn gos it makes me so mad shes so fucking selfish likr 'oh h did so many good thijngs :)' yeah well ALSO #i jusy. huf. man. im so tired #i woke up from like. the worst nightmare ever #and right away i had ti listen ti my mom talk aboht pxlitics #and now her stupid routine stars . she gets a Pepsi. turns on her stupid british or englsih soap operas #and sits there doing nothing for the rest of the day #she doesn't even make a real effort to talk with me. so why should i when dhe doesn't care #and i know ill be brushed off and ignored if i talk to her. shes 'too busy' watching her shoes until SHEEESSS decided shes done #same with my dad. hes just always downstairs drinking a beer on his computer. basicslly my brother too but no beer #i just wish i could hide away in my room forever. if i could separate my room from the house and shoot it into space #that would be preferable. #im so Tired of this family man i just want to live on my own already #then again idk how much i trust myself not to off myself at the first chance i get #but we'll see. ive been getting better kinda. i dont wish i could dxe as much. i just wish things would get better. #vent #delete later #sorry!! i needed to get this out before i went to sleep upset
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15megapixels-mlb · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
If Adrienette becomes canon and they’ll be going on a date fo realz
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the-twerking-angels · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
My contribution to the clownery
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yutadori · a year ago
#i feel like today was such a mess oh my god #like it was a mess but everything felt toned down ? unreal ? idk how to describe it but hhh #it sucks that i'm still thinking about it like ig i need to get it out of my system so sorry if you already saw this briefly on twt gjkdfhgf #but hhhhh i went in for a consultation with a (potentially) new therapist and it didn't go.... well #it wasn't Bad at all but she just was not the right fit for me ? #i really forgot just how difficult it is to find a therapist that suits me #like they could be perfectly fine but if we don't vibe it's like :/ i tried to like . disregard that bc i feel like i'd waste a lot of time #trying to look for a therapist that i get along with? like what's really key is that i find someone who can tend to my needs #but hhhh we just didn't click and like i felt sort of awkward ? like i didn't feel comfortable ? felt v detached like i was able to tell her #a bit about my problems but i just ??? did not feel anything at all ! we love the dissociation ! #and like i think that's partly due to the fact that i'm not like . that i haven't moved past the fact that i can't see my current therapist #anymore bc of $$$ (: i THOUGHT i was past it and ready to look for a new therapist to work with but i guess NOT bc when i briefly talked #about her i  IMMEDIATELY teared up and started to cry GFDJGK LIKE GOD...... #and she was saying stuff like 'aw you worked with her for so long and built a good relationship with her so this must be really hard' #AND I WAS JUST LIKE GJDFKLGJ STOPPP IM CRYING HHHHHH #idk i don't know if i can do this yet??? idk if i can continue going out and looking for a new therapist to work with? bc also i realized #today that like . since i haven't fully come to terms i felt more closed off.... like not as willing to work on my problems ? and i felt v #disconnected like the dissociation kicked in real hard today and i just felt nothing while telling her my personal problems like ??? idk and #like the thing is my current therapist really wants me to find a new one so i can work through my mental illnesses and heal but i don't know #i just CANT right now and i feel bad telling her that? bc she's really rooting for me ): like i feel like if i told her i can't she'd tell #me to keep trying. which isn't bad but i .... sort of don't want to and don't feel like i'm at the place wher ei can do that yet? i don't #know... i guess i need more time. aaaaa and also i want to save money.... ))): hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the rate this therapist offerred was p low #but still when i totalled the amount for the month it was like.... ah . idk . im okay with not going to therapy for a while . i think i'd be #okay. not amazing but i'll manage? though idk if she'd take that as an answer bc i know she wants the best for me HHH IDK what to do ! #T_____T i don't want to disappoint her ))): #sun texts
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brianmayonnaise · 2 years ago
Roger: How’s it feel to be the worst guitarist ever, huh?
Brian: Shut up, your mother buys you Mega Blocks instead of Legos.
Roger: ...
Roger: You bloody take that back!!!
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moonlight-at-dawn · 2 years ago
Anyone here got any experience or beloved resources on growing vegetables and maybe berries? I think I’ve got the basics but there could always be little tips or things that get forgotten in the bigger picture that I missed, so I always like to ask people directly if they’ve got experience, if there’s anything that I should be on the lookout for :D
-When it comes to construction of it, I’m definitely enlisting my husband, but I’d *like* to be able to manage it primarily on my own after that. Noting that I’m disabled with chronic pain but exactly what can and can’t move can vary greatly because of the nature of my pain. I already know that gardening is kind of a physical pursuit, so if there are tips on gear to reduce impact, I think that may be what I can best ask for :D
-When I say “construction” I mean that I definitely intend to make raised beds. The ground is too heavily packed and there’s lots of rocks cause we’re kinda in the side of a mountain. My understanding is they should be 12 inches deep for best use.
-I think zucchini would be a great start since those things are supposed to grow like crazy and they’re fucking delicious and versatile as fuck so hell yeah zucchini
-We have rabbits, blackbirds, sterlings jays, robins, hummingbirds, mourning doves, neighborhood outdoor cats, and there’s one raven i’ve started seeing just the past 2 months or so. Who do I watch out for!? Is the rabbit a non-issue with raised beds? Are there flowers I could/should plant among the vegetables to prevent these guys from mucking about with them? I have no idea what kind of insect pests I have to worry about with vegetables. I know we have a fuckload of boxelder bugs
-Sub-alpine, US pacific northwest. My backyard only gets truly direct sunlight from about 7am to 11am. After that the sun is in front of the house, and comes in at more of an angle. It’s fully shaded after about 4pm. (Going by about this time of year’s standards). The sun might be one of my greatest concerns, but I think the light will be good enough, if I build further back in the yard instead of closer to the house. That will allow the light to last on it longer before the house fully blocks the sun from the yard.
-Ordering seeds? !! I assume the answer will be a pretty emphatic “yes” but I think it’s still worth it to ask- Should I order seeds even as a beginner? Perhaps especially as one?
-I know we’re already getting late into the year am I too late for something like zucchini though??? Okay, this one I actually just have to look up, I just realized I forgot to research planting and growth times, I was busy looking at garden construction foremost. But I’m gonna leave this here ‘cause this... this is where I’m at with it I guess XDDD
-How big of a garden should I start with!? I was kinda thinking maybe a 4′x2′? Is that gonna turn out to be *huge* or would that be good? Hmmm....
-Garden beds!! Favored construction materials? Concrete blocks? Wood? Untreated wood, right? Might be more maintenance but is way better for soil health, right? If I’m gonna eat this food, I’d like not to put weird wood preserving chemicals into it, rightright??
#misha rambles #gardening #i would definitely love to expand the garden to have things like kitchen herbs and some other stuff too #when i say 'berries' i assume blue- and straw- because those're what i know grows in this climate #uhh with the wood i did glance at a thing that said 'untreated is better for edibles' so i assume that my train of thought on that is accur #ate but i'm just making a loose guess not a particularly well educated one #i think my lot is a quarter acre which would make my yard about half that? #i'm guessing idk i'm not looking at things and i could be off #i would say for space that i can easily and happily turn into garden space is abooouuuutttt #15' x 5'? #actually if i reappropriate the slanted back #since i'm already planning on building *raised planters* i can make use of the slant #then i could get even more space #OH YEAH #i've seen someone in my neighborhood grows pumpkin and corn!!! #........maybe i should get over myself and my anxiety and walk down there and be like #'HI I LIVE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD I LIKE YOUR VEGETABLES CAN YOU TEACH ME' #lmao #...oh and i definitely missed several of the types of birds that hang out in our yard #cause there's more lol #i think one of them is called 'red tipped' or 'red winged' something #it's black with red spots on its wings #and at least one red tailed hawk calls the neighborhood part of its hunting territory #and there's little songbirds that i don't know the names of but like 3 different varieties of those i think #hopefully i'm not just mixing up the boys and girls and juvies tho lol
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kawaiinekokatie · 3 years ago
imagine Shiro and Adam fighting the galra on earth, realizing it could be their last chance to get married and telling someone to marry them (maybe coran ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) like Will and Elizabeth from PotC
Tumblr media
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ohmygoddude · 2 years ago
Muse’s Characteristics
tagged  by: @goddamndogs
tagging:  @marjorinetenorman @askmarjorinetenorman @lcvebctters @lil-roller @telepathicdread @badnewsboy @wolfshirtwonder @scott-bootyson @douchebag-vigilante @stxic @faithborne @hbicbebe and anyone else that wants to do it  💖
eyes:  blue.  |  green.  |  brown.  |  hazel.  |  black.  |  grey.  |  red.  |other |  golden  &  grey
hair:  blonde. |  medium  brown.  | black.  |  red.  |  ginger.  |  grey  / white.  |multi-color.  |  green.  |  none.
body  type:  skinny. | slender. | slim. |  built.  |  curvy.  |  athletic.  |muscular.
skin:  pale.  |  light. |  fair. |  freckled. |  tan.  |  olive.  |  medium.  |  dark.  | discolored.
gender:  male.  |  female.  | trans.  |  cis.  |  no  gender.  |  agender.  | demiboy.  |  demigirl.  |  other.
sexuality:  heterosexual.  |  homosexual.  |  bisexual.  |  pansexual. |asexual.  |  demisexual.  |  other.
orientation:  heteroromantic.  |  homoromantic.  |  biromantic.  |  panromantic.  |  aromantic.  |  demiromantic.  |  other.
species:  human.  |  undead  /  vampire.  |  shapeshifter.  |  demon.  |  angel.  |  witch /  wizard  /  sorcerer.  |  incubus  /  succubus.  |  grim  reaper.  |  other.
living  situation: lives  alone.  |  lives  with  parents  /  guardian.  |  lives  with  significant  other.  |  lives  with  a  friend. |  lives  with  siblings.  | drifter.  |  dorming.  |  homeless.      [Depends on the verse]
parents  /  guardian:  mom.  |  aunt.  | dad.  |  adoptive.  |  foster.  | grandparents.  |  family  friend.  |  orphan.
relationship:  single.  |  crushing.  |  dating.  |  engaged.  |  married.  | separated.  |  it’s  complicated.         [Depends on the verse]
i’ve  been:  in  love. |  hurt.  |  sick.  | abused. | killed.
i  have  a  (  n  ):  learning  disorder. |  personality  disorder.  |  mental  disorder.  |  anxiety  disorder.  |  eating  disorder.  | substance-related  disorder. |  n  /  a.
things  i’ve  done  before:  drank  alcohol.  | smoked.  |  done  drugs.  |stolen.  |  self-harmed.  |  starved  myself.  |  had  sex.  | had  a  threesome.  |gotten  into  a  fist  fight.  | gone  to  the  hospital.  |  been  arrested. |  gone  to  jail.  |  used  a  fake  id. |  gone  to  a  rave. | killed  someone.   [Depends on the verse]
positive  traits:  affectionate.  | adventurous. |  athletic.  |  brave.  |  careful. | charming.  |  confident.  |  creative.  |  determined. |  fearless.  |  generous. |honest.  |  humorous.  |  intelligent.  |  loyal. |  modest.  |  patient. |  selfless.
negative  traits:  aggressive.  |  bossy.  |  cynical.  |  envious.  |  fearful.  | greedy.  |  gullible.  |  jealous.  | impatient.  |  impulsive.  |  insecure.  | irresponsible.  | possessive. | sarcastic.  |  self-conscious.  |  selfish.  | unstable.
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chocolate-strawberries · 11 months ago
Leaving the zoom meeting like
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cynamyngirl · 7 months ago
bf!eren headcannons or smth
Tumblr media
pairing : eren yeager/jaeger x fem!reader
warnings : cursing, domestic eren, petty eren, fingering, face sitting, penetrative sex, breeding (?), oral sex, eren is a whiny needy bitch (and so are you), public sex
summary : i promise this was supposed to be completely fluffy domestic eren which it partly is, but i got hornknee along the way. also idk why this is the first thing I decided to post lol.
He literally does not care how tiny or fragile you are, he’ll see you lying down on the couch on your phone or smth and will proceed to climb on top of you and wrap his legs and arms around you
I’m sorry but this man can not cook anything other than noodles and basic breakfast foods like eggs and bacon
Y’all either get take out or you’ll cook together which is mainly just you doing the work and giving him small tasks that he can handle without burning the kitchen down
literally does not give a single flying fuck about what you choose to wear
Definition of “wear what you want, i can fight.”
he even helps you shop sometimes, like picture you just lying in bed and both of you are on your phones and every once in a while he’ll peek over and you’ll ask for his opinion on a miniskirt and he’ll be like “yeah it’s cute, get it”
he thinks you’re so hot and pretty and won’t hesitate to tell you that he thinks that in the most blunt way possible
“your ass looks great in that skirt btw”
in FACT this man full on loves knowing that people practically drool over you in your little outfits
like just knowing that even his friends can’t help but steal glances from you and your exposed legs and peeking cleavage while you’re all his and they can’t get a single piece of you gets him off
he’s so smug about it as well like “mhmm y’all wanna fuck my girl so bad”
a simple ass man in terms of like everything
he’s probably that guy that puts absolutely no effort into his skincare just washes it with cold water and soap but his skin is still clear and smooth af
he’d let you put all your oils and serums and all your extra skincare shit on him every once in a while after you practically beg him to
so he’s just sitting on the toilet while you use your gua sha on him and he’s just like “why the fuck are you rubbing a flat rock on my face”
he notices immediately when you feel off or aren’t acting like yourself
call him stupid but he can just tell by looking at you, like your eyes or missing that little spark
you could literally be in the middle of sucking him off, knees planted into the carpet with his whole dick in your mouth and he’ll be like “is something up, you seem kinda off”
follows you around the fucking house
like he doesn’t understand why both of you shouldn’t be in the same room at all times
bro would get so offended as well, let’s say he’s laying across from you on the bed scrolling on his phone while your working on your laptop and it’s running out of charge
so you get up and go to the living room where the charger is and sit down on the couch and continue doing your work
not more than ten minutes later he shows up like “and you couldnt bring the charger to the room because...🤨?”
okay i know everyone has already seen this being head cannoned like a bajillion times but it truly fits him so well-
your shoulder, your neck, your cheek, even your ass when your laying down on your tummy
it’s an act of love okay those horrendous teeth marks hold a lot of meaning and affection
has a fucking attitude when he wants to
idk why but i don’t see him as someone who yells or shouts in arguments
he’s more of the “oh really?” “when did i say that?” *scoffs* *rolls eyes*
no like he can be so infuriating sometimes, you’ll be arguing about something dumb like who left the stove on and you’d be like “why would i do that?” and this mf would be like “idk why did you?”
as much as he’s a petty fighter and gets a little too carried away in the moment as soon as things go quiet or you go to another room he will instantly regret it
he goes over how he was acting in his head and questions why he would even act like that over something small
thinks it over and let’s you cool off, before coming up to you and telling you that the whole thing was stupid and he shouldn’t have let it become a big deal
he loves when you squish your face into his neck but loves it even more when he puts his in yours
he really loves the way you smell and overall just makes him feel closer to you
the best/worst person to sleep with
100% puts his leg over yours
can not even be away from his arms for more than five minutes
it’ll be in the middle of the night and you turn away from him to get more comfy
and he’ll proceed to grab your waist and push you into his chest again
makes fun of you for being clingy like he isn’t the most needy clingy fucker ever
nsfw time for my fellow whores <3
service dom service dom service dom
idk i just feel like he thinks it’s essential for you to be enjoying sex as much if not even more than he is
will satisfy your needs when you want him to
his back pressed to headboard while yours rests on his chest and your legs are spread and placed outside his own to stop you from closing them while he fingers you into fucking oblivion
eats pussy like a fucking fiend
is not satisfied unless your fucking squirming and shaking and can’t process anything in your head other than him and his tounge
mannn picture you sitting on his face, a dumb crying squealing mess, your hands buried in his hair while he absolutely fucking ravages your pretty cunt
and it’s so intense cause he’s been at it for what feels like forever to the point where your legs are shaking like fucking crazy
he doesn’t stop even for a second, will wrap his hands around your thighs and pull you down even further into his pointy tongue until you’re completely wrecked and coming all over his face
could give you the best and over the top pleasure without even putting his dick in you
but when he does...bro
will not hesitate to bend you in half with your feet practically next to your ears while he pistons into you like you owe him fucking money
WILL ask you to tell him how good he is while he’s still halfway in you and proceeds to sink his entire length around you while you’re crying and stuttering trying to get your words out
“’m sorry, what was that baby?”
a fucking bully bro, “oh, ‘s too much? really? you said you could take it though baby, can’t you do it for me?”
pulls it out of you just to slap it on your clit making you jerk and he only smirks before sliding it right back in all within like three seconds
BRO IMAGINEEE you guys have been getting at it for ages, like atleast three rounds in, one of your legs draped on his shoulder
y’all are going so hard to the point where his hair slips out from his hair tie
with his dick still stuck inside your gummy walls, he goes on to stop thrusting for a second so he can lean back, his eyes still fixed on where he splits you open, while his hands move to the back of his head to tie his hair back into his bun
i a m g o i n g f e r a l
he’s let you ride his abs before
he saw you staring at them while you were on your desk supposedly doing your work
“what’s got you so distracted, huh?”
next thing you know he’s laying flat down one hand on your hips while you rock yourself over his abs, leaking all over his abdomen
“god, look at you. rubbing your needy cunt all over them like a bitch in heat. all worked up cause of me instead of working like you should be.”
idk what y’all think but he would DEFINITELY let you top
especially when he’s back from work or class later than usual and he just slumps himself onto the couch pretty exhausted
and you straddle him gently running your hands through his hair and listening to him talking about his rough day and cooing gentle and soft comforting words to him
next thing he knows your pressing kisses all over his face and then his neck and your hands are trailing south
catches on to what your doing and just let’s you do your thing
you’re such a fucking vixen omg like “you’ve had such a tough day ‘ren” “let me make it better for you, yeah?”
and he’s so fucking loud, grunts and even moans like he’s desperate while muttering “so good” “just like that”
give him a good suck off with his and your clothes still on your body
clothes still on but unbuttoned, pushed aside and pulled on while you ride him, alternating from circling your hips around him and grinding on him with bringing yourself all the way up and back down on his painfully hard dick
you’re obviously taking advantage of the state he’s in like the brat you are, “don’t worry baby, i’ll make you cum so hard ‘kay? just have tell me how good it feels”
like the absolute whore he is for you will indeed groan about how warm and wet and soft you are for him
horny :(
has a ridiculous amount of cum bro like he spills into you and stays there for atleast a minute, rutting into you to get all of it out
yeah we all know he has a breeding kink and just loves seeing his cum inside you
it’s a common thing for him after sex to simply say “show me” and even in your wasted fucked out state you go on to spread your lips apart with your fingers while he watches how it spills out of your completely ravished cunt
it gives him so much satisfaction to see how good he ruins you
lays down with you after softly rubbing your belly and rubbing his hands up and down your body for a good thirty minutes before both of you manage to get the energy to go clean up
this wasn’t supposed to be such a horndog fest I promise idk how it got to this
a few more softer head cannons then
kisses to your hairline, on the side of your head, on your fingers
he might not say it out loud that often but he loves you so fucking much bro
has probably gushed about you like a teenage girl to his mom
ehhhh on pda like he has to have some type of contact with you in public
his hand on the back of your neck, not even just cause of him being possessive, he just likes knowing your there and with him
doesn’t mind a few pecks and kisses in front of his friends even when they tease him about it he’s just like 🙄
“shut up, you fucking virgins.”
or even just having you in his lap, not even in a sexual way, just sitting on him while y’all are hanging out with your friends
just nothing to over the top I guess
other than that time the two of you were completely wasted in the back of the car with armin sitting on the other end and the two of you were just so fucking desperate and needy that he ended up letting you ride him with your head buried into his neck
poor armin man you two fucking horndogs woke him up from his drunken nap
“hey why are you guys being so...oh. oh. oh my god, guys?”
the two of you apologized the next morning and he was blushing so hard
correction : you apologized while eren tried to stop himself from giggling like a fool
he hesitates to sit next to you guys even when the two of you are completely sober now
yes i think that is about it of what i have to contribute to the community of horny eren luvers <3
© 2021 cynamyngirl
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duskamethyst · a year ago
Tumblr media
a/n: totally for self indulgence... don’t know how is this gonna do though since i’m not sure if a lot of people has caught up with the manga but i’m pretty sure the fandom has seen him at least once and instantly thirst for him. so, idk what colour his eyes are (i can see blue but fanwiki says green so i stuck with that and in between). this comes with a package of me pointing out how big and buff he is and idc if you’ll get annoyed over it.
word count: 6.1k
genre: AU, nsfw, smut, angst if you squint
warnings: DARK – NONCON, coercion, corruption kink, daddy kink, size kink, choking, mind break, breeding, face fucking, slight dacryphilia, spitting, age gap, degradation, virgin reader, dilf toji manhandling reader
pairing: toji x f!reader
languages available: vietnamese.
summary: you want to surprise your bestie, megumi upon his arrival home from college but things take a terrible turn.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
heavy rain starts pouring as soon as you’ve reached the front doorstep of the fushiguro’s household. it was a dumb idea to not bring an umbrella with you despite the sky already starting to get dark when you left home earlier, but you were willing to push your luck and started sprinting once you felt prickles of droplets landing on your skin. with a stroke of luck, you managed to escape the heavy downpour from soaking your clothes.
drawing a deep and relieved sigh, you take a moment to regain control over your breathing before knocking the big front door. aware of the aftermath of the run, you fix your hair with your hands as you wait for megumi to come and greet you. 
college made you and the male to part ways until phones were the only thing that kept you both up to date with each other’s lives. ironically enough, that’s the thing you forgot to bring when you left home in a rush and excitement to surprise your dear friend since he’s coming home today. you can vividly remember the last text you read; he was at the train station and you had to estimate the time of his arrival and the time he would be at home instead of asking him.
however, you’re caught slightly off guard when a different man opens the door for you instead. nonetheless, your lips curl to a sweet smile and there’s a brief of awkward silence before he speaks. you know him, but he doesn’t seem to remember you at all.
“you’re..?” with a tilt of his head, he looks down at you with a curious brow. 
“it’s me, mr. fushiguro!” you offer your name, scrutinizing the expression on his face as his forehead crinkles while he jogs through his memories. then he glances at you and away in thought and back at you again with wide eyes when he finally recalls.
“oh, it’s you!” he ruffles your hair, a bit too enthusiastic in spite of his usual character that you were always familiar with. “i haven’t seen you in a while.”
you let out a little laugh, “yeah. i think i was fourteen the last time i saw you, mr. fushiguro. but it’s nice to see you again.”
“ah, yes. i had to go out of town and overseas for business a lot.” toji explains, rubbing the back of his neck, slightly bashful that he didn’t recognize the girl– no, woman before him even when you both have met plenty of times back when you often came to play with his son since you both were still little. 
but can anyone blame him? time works wonders and now the little girl he used to know has grown to be much more mature and gorgeous and so... demure.
“yeah, megumi told me. speaking of him, is he home?” you finally inquire, bringing up the reason why you’re here in the first place. 
“why don’t you come in first? it’s cold outside.” he says before immediately turning around without answering your question. you close the door behind you and follow him closely, also somewhat intimidated when you realize how tall and huge he is– the tight fitting shirt stretches over his wide back and accentuating his physique even more. his arms are toned and popping with veins, not the way you used to remember at least, but you’ve never cared to notice. you’re not certain of his age either, but you’re pretty sure you’d be surprised if you find out.
“do you want coffee or tea?” toji suddenly breaks the silence as you nervously stand in the middle of the room to take a glimpse around the kitchen like it’s your first time being there, completely heedless over his gaze lingering up and down your curves, observing the figure of a girl who just freshly went through her womanhood and your lascivious beauty before he quickly turns around to grab two mugs from the cabinet. 
“anything is fine.” you politely reply, fear of sounding somewhat demanding if you choose your preference despite being offered with choices. 
“come on, you’re giving a man a hard time.” he jokes. “and sit down.”
he’s trying to extend his invitation though intentionally sounding assertive, but when he sees that you are quick to comply and scramble to your seat, he finds it to be... stimulating. at least he knows that you’re docile and he wonders if he could put it to the test. well, doesn’t matter. he will.
“coffee is good.” you smile, interrupting his train of thoughts and he pours the coffee from the pot before walking over to hand you your mug. 
“unfortunately,” he sits down on the chair next to you. “megumi isn’t home right now.” toji puts his lips between the warm mug and softly blows before sipping his coffee. “he wanted to take a short trip to the store but i think he’s going to be stuck there for a while.” he looks out the window to only see pitch black staring back at him along with roaring thunder from the skies.
“oh.” you mutter, taking a careful sip of the hot brew. a little disappointed that you couldn’t see megumi yet, but his dad is right– it’s nearly a disaster outside but you find no point hanging around any longer either.
“is it too bitter? you don’t like it?” his voice laces with concern when he notices your face involuntarily scrunches up at the bitter taste. 
you quickly shake your head, “no, no. it’s fine!” you reassure, afraid that he’ll take offense from the coffee he personally made. “besides, if megumi isn’t here, i–”
“oh, it’s fine if you wait here for him.” he cuts you off. “unfortunately, we don’t have an extra umbrella.” the corners of his lips tug into a comforting smile and you are quick to relax into it. 
you’ve always found toji to be quite frightening when you were young. he seemed like someone who never smiled, always had a sombre and intense vibe to him that no child would be too fond of.  there was no exchange of words between you two, except for your constant brief hello and a smile that you did out of courtesy whenever you bump into him inside his house, even though he never replied anything back. not even a crack on the lips to return the smile. 
but today is different. probably because he finds it easier for him to talk to an adult than a child and you’re relieved that you’re able to humor him in some way.
“so, are you and megumi a thing?” he abruptly asks and glances at you as he sips his coffee.
“no, we’re not!” you titter, waving a hand in dismissal as you bring up the mug to hide your face from embarrassment.
“oh?” a glint of amusement and surprise shines in his green eyes. “are you sure?”
you blink at the question as heat warms your cheeks from the thought of dating your best friend. “yes, megumi and i are just friends. really.” 
“why? because you have a boyfriend?” toji pries, uncaring if he sounds intrusive to you and you only assume that he’s trying to strike up a conversation in some old fashioned way.
you just shake your head and laugh, “it’s not that, either.” 
“hmm,” he props his elbow on the table leisurely, head resting on his fist as he looks at you intently, as if in search of something. “you’re pretty hard to figure out.” 
“what do you mean? i don’t think so.” you smile, bringing up the mug to cover your face again so you can shy away from his intense gaze yet he thinks that it’s endearing and he finds himself grinning unwillingly. 
toji notices how you always try to look away when you get so shy over some simple questions. you’re just oozing with purity and innocence of a maiden and something dark and twisted inside him is craving to violate every part of it. 
“for a start, i can’t figure out why you don’t have one.” he says, tapping his fingertips on the table as his mind is running with sinful thoughts. 
“hmm, maybe because i haven’t found anyone interesting yet.” you finally lock your eyes with his as you answer, not wanting to come off as rude if you keep on talking without looking directly at the man.
“isn’t my son good for you?” he couldn’t care less to be honest; he only plans to test the waters and is even more aroused to learn that you’ve never been touched by a man before and he feels like a wolf that’s just ready to pounce on a lost, little lamb.
“oh, no, no!” why do you have to get so bashful? he’ll fuck you on this table if you don’t stop. “we just don’t see each other that way.”
he’s so lost in his thoughts and carnal desires that whatever you’re babbling seems to go in one ear and out the other.
“then, what do you think of me?” he asks nonchalantly with a smirk plastered across his face.
you blink at him once, twice. “uhh, what?” is he suddenly getting self-conscious? 
“you heard me. what do you think of me?” yet he doesn’t seem like it either.
“umm,” you ponder for a moment as you think of every adjective you can find in your head that wouldn’t come out offensive if you’re going to be honest with him. why would he even ask you such a thing anyways? and why would it matter to him? there’s nothing nice about him that you could exactly pinpoint from the past except for ‘scary’, ‘serious’ and some other things revolving around those.
“i thought that you were kinda... scary?” you blurt unsurely, mentally slapping yourself for even daring to say such a thing to him. unless it’s a vibe that he was going for, then you’d be relieved. 
it isn’t exactly what toji wants to hear but he laughs heartily, “really?” a shiver runs down your spine when he looks at you again, his eyes glimmering with daunt. “but are you still scared of me?”
“uh, no.” you laugh. “you’re actually really nice, mr. fushiguro.” 
“oh, that makes me feel better.” another grin etches on his scarred lips as he draws his gaze to your hands that are tensing and fiddling with your sleeves and your leg is bouncing; a perfect depiction of a trembling lamb cornered in his den– and he’s fucking starving. 
has he got you on edge? are you nervous? good. “but i think you should.”
a lump catches in your throat and your heart drops, “i- what?”
the chair emits a screeching sound and it stumbles backwards as toji abruptly stands up from his seat. sheer panic causes you to rise on your feet too, and your eyes dart to the chair, and the male, back and forth as your mind tries to get a grasp on the situation.
“mr. fushiguro..?” you whisper meekly, taking a step away and around the table as you notice him taking a careful yet threatening inch closer. 
“no, no. i’m not gonna hurt you.” toji (barely) reassures you as he continues creeping on his feet. but the sinister smile on his lips takes out every last bit of faith you had in him and the loud voice in your head keeps telling you to run for the door and never look back– fuck the rain.
 as if he can read through your thoughts, he warns. “but i will, if you run.” 
the smile on toji’s face turns smug when he sees you freeze in place upon his threat. being trapped under the unpleasant situation triggers your fight or flight responses and rapid heartbeat drums in your ears as you stand in trance and trepidation.
“that’s a good girl.” he coos, taking another step forward before you decide to throw a mug at him and dash towards the door as fast as you can. you assume that toji has pushed the table to the floor when you hear a loud thud, followed by his hasty footsteps as he catches up quickly behind you. 
the door that is finally within arm’s reach suddenly changes into a mirage when a strong pair of arms grabs you by the waist and your body floats as it lifts onto his shoulder. the huge contrast between the size of your body and his should let you know; no matter how much you try to resist, he will never budge. yet, your arms and legs still flail around in an attempt to punch and kick him and you’re screaming for him to let you down and just hope that anyone is able to hear your cries in spite of the thunderstorm. 
well, so much for luck.
“ah, ah. you don’t wanna do that.” there’s a mocking and amusing tone in his voice as he advises you. “you should save that energy later. juuust in a bit.” 
“mr. fushiguro– stop–!” you sob, watching your only escape slowly disappears out of sight when he turns to a corner and into a dark room. your body bounces onto a mattress before toji’s huge, ripped figure swiftly looms above yours and ties your hands together with a belt and onto the headboard. at this point, the illuminating lights through the windows are the only thing that aids your vision and you have to rely more on your senses.
“shh,” he shushes you with a finger against your trembling lips. “the neighbors will hear. and if they do, i want it to be because you’re getting fucked so good. so be a good little girl for daddy, okay?”
regardless of being terrified, you find yourself cringing over the nickname he refers to himself. hopefully, he won’t ask you to call him that either. “mr. fushiguro– i– please don’t do this. i- i won’t tell anyone.” 
toji tsks, taking his sweet time to admire your smaller body underneath his– the exposed, soft skin on your neck waiting to be bruised, chest heaving as your breath comes deep and short, and legs pressing together to secure your modesty; though will prove to be futile later. 
“i know you won’t.” his thumb grazes against your lips, mesmerized by its plushness as he imagines it wrapped prettily around his throbbing cock. “are you a virgin?”
you only nod your head, eyes wavering as you look at his darker ones before catching it shine with interest. 
“never had anything inside here?” he asks again, pressing your cunt against the fabric of your pants with his fingers. the dark room makes it hard to see, but your cheeks are turning red from humiliation and you look away before shaking your head no.
“are you sure?” toji’s thumb presses down on your clit and causes your body to shudder apprehensively.
“o-only my finger.” you audibly whisper through the white noise outside. 
oh, how exhilarating. guess the innocent looking ones can be lewd too. don’t you know that a cock would make you feel better? a big cock like his is definitely what you need. just a finger wouldn’t be enough to satisfy you! poor little thing. 
“then i got to teach you a few things, right? it’ll come handy later. boys love girls with experiences.” he promptly strips you off from your pants before carelessly throws it to the ground and kneels between your legs to keep you wide and open for him.
“you like to be touched here?” his finger reaches down to ghost over your clothed clit, observing you with lust filled eyes while you turn away from his gaze and remain unresponsive. “daddy is a very impatient person so i suggest you answer me.”
toji pinches your clit, and your body squirms with an elicited yelp. you can only guess (and hope) that he wasn’t referring to him touching you there but you answer anyway, “y-yes.”
he hums in satisfaction, moving down until his head stops between your thighs and in front of your sex. toji grabs your thigh and spreads them apart before flattening his warm tongue against your clothed bud, causing a shiver to run down your spine and it quickly draws your attention to him.
your face heats up in embarrassment when you see toji’s head dipped in front of your pussy, but he’s only calm and teasing as his jade eyes stare up to lock with yours to look for a reaction.
“you’ve never felt a tongue over here either, hm?” he sneers, rubbing circles on your clit with his thumb and you mentally curse yourself for feeling slightly aroused over his ministrations. 
“just let me go, please.” you try to close your legs, but to no avail when his rough hands push them away.
“you know, if you keep asking for ridiculous things,” toji tuts and grasps your supple thighs hard, nails digging painfully on your skin. “i might have to get rough on you. but you’re a smart girl and you wouldn’t like that, right?” 
“n-no.” you choke and fidget.
“good. because i only want you to feel good.” he offers a gentle smile and kisses the dented mark on your thigh. “so, let’s start over. you haven’t answered me.”
you nibble your lip hesitantly and look anywhere but him, “no.”
“see? all the more reason for me to show you what you’ve been missing out.” he chuckles, tugging your underwear to the side impatiently.
“fuck. such a pretty pussy.” he growls at the sight of your bare cunt. there isn’t a lot of slick yet, but it’s fine, he’ll make you get there. that’s the point of this whole ordeal, right?
your body quivers naturally once you feel the foreign sensation; wet, warm muscle prodding your puffy folds up to your clit and circling on it with the tip of his tongue teasingly as he observes you from below. 
your eyes are screwed shut and your lips are caught between your teeth as you try to restrict your whines from the undeniable pleasure rushing in your veins and he doesn’t stop– your pathetic attempt to deny him and your sentiments only drives him to push you over the edge even more. 
with a harsh suck on your clit, he manages to get you to squeal and you can feel him smirking underneath you. toji flattens his tongue and laps off your juices again before he takes you by surprise when he suddenly slides a finger inside your tight, wet cunt. 
“shh. it’ll feel good, baby girl.” he comforts when he hears you whimper at the pain inflicted and true enough, it soon begins to feel good. you’ve fingered yourself plenty of times before, but it feels different when he does it for you– his finger is thick and long that it reaches deeper than you’ve ever been able to.
toji notices you start to become quiet so he slides in another digit, eliciting yet another sob from you. the warm and moist cunny makes his cock twitch and he finds himself getting eager. your back arches from the bed when toji curls his fingers to stroke the bumpy tissues of your g-spot with every drag.
“feels good, yeah?” he grins arrogantly as your legs tremble under his hold. your breathing has turned erratic and your toes are curling as your mouth gapes in pitiful, broken cries that are just music to his ears. 
“answer me, sweetheart.” he presses down a thumb on your neglected clit, reminding you that he is not keen on being ignored and disputed. 
“y-yes.” you finally choke through pants and shame. though the answer comes out in hesitance, your body is more honest– pussy sopping and eliciting obscene squelches and it’s enough to satisfy him for now. 
your head thrashes side to side as you feel yourself about to tip over but you still refuse to beg toji for a release. 
“hah– fuck!” you whimper loudly when toji oh-so-generously sucks your clit again, fingers pumping faster inside your cunt, making your body feel even more tense with overbearing stimulation before finally pushing you over the edge and you break into a silent scream.
toji laps off your slick before he pulls out his finger into his mouth and licks them clean. 
“that’s a good girl. why don’t you taste yourself?” he climbs on top of you while you gasp for air from the intense orgasm and he easily pulls you into a fervour, sloppy kiss. you can feel the wet slick on his chin and you can taste yourself at the same time as he intertwines his tongue with yours. 
out of spite and vexation, you found courage to bite his tongue hard and toji instantly pushes himself from you, his dark eyes express astonishment and agitation.
“fucking bitch.” he curses as his eyes narrow at you displeasingly before he takes off his pants and briefs to release his cock from its confinements. his cock is throbbing and thick, and you can almost see a trickle of precum on its head. you crumple at the sight as regret and anxiety washes over you.
“don’t worry, it’ll fit.” he says cockily upon the worrisome look on your face. “but since you like it rough, i’m sure you want to choke on it first.” 
“no– i’m sorry!” you shake your head but toji only lets out a scornful laugh as he disregards your pleas and props himself on the knees and over your neck.
toji slaps the tip of his cock on your lips, gesturing you to open your mouth but you purse them into a flat, thin line and refuse to obey. 
“open up. it’s a part of your lesson after all.” he snaps before squeezing your cheeks together. “it’ll get worse if you don’t listen to me.” 
“d-don’t wa-ant to– flea-shh.” you whimper and toji emits a long, deep sigh as he releases his grip. 
“i don’t like repeating myself.” his voice is laced with malice and chills crawls up your spine as his eyes look down at you demeaningly before you slowly open your mouth trepidatiously and wait for his next order. 
“no teeth. i think you’d know that much.” he patronizes before sliding his cock inside your mouth and he hisses as the warmth engulfs his throbbing cock. “that’s it. now, suck.”
and you have no choice but to obey submissively. you slightly lift your head and struggle to take his length as much as you can before running your tongue around to feel each prominent vein.
“i said suck, whore.” he commands through gritted teeth. you hollow your cheeks, compressing his fat cock tight between them as you bop your head up and down. 
“fuuuck, just like that.” toji groans as his hand reaches the top of your head and caresses you softly. you start to pick up the pace, slobbering his dick with so much saliva that it begins to seep from the corners of your mouth and it’s so wet and obscene– just the way he likes it. 
“it almost makes me think that this isn’t your first time.” his head falls back and hips begin to jerk until the tip hits the back of your throat, forcing you to take more than you could. you choke as tears start to well up in your eyes and the bedhead shakes when you try to tug your wrists. 
“what’s wrong? can’t take my fat cock?” he scoffs arrogantly. “you gotta work on your gag reflex, sweetheart.”
the muffles from your throat vibrate against his dick and toji groans in pleasure that he subconsciously rocks his hips, slapping your chin with his balls. your vision has become blurry and breathing becomes harder as you let him abuse your throat and your jaws ache before he abruptly pulls out and you can finally gasp for precious air.
“look at you,” his cock twitches with excitement when he sees the tears rolling down your cheeks from your doe eyes and he wipes them away with his thumb, making you flinch slightly, “are you sorry for making daddy mad?” 
toji always tries to articulate each word with appease. it’s never soothing per se when you can sense the threat entwining in his voice and it’s fucking you psychologically.
and it deems to be successful when you’re already trembling in fear underneath him. 
you’re uncertain whether he prefers you to speak or not, but your throat is sore so you meekly nod your head in response. it’s better than nothing, to be honest.
“good. open your mouth.”
your mouth is already parted for air but you assume that he wants to put his cock in again. submissively, yet dreadfully, you open your mouth wider and await for him to shove his cock back in but you’re surprised when toji spits in your mouth instead. 
it’s warm and disgusting; you’re just left gaping and repelled, and you want to spit it out but toji squeezes your cheeks together.
“swallow.” he orders. you quickly brace yourself and close your eyes before cringing as you gulp down the mix of saliva in your mouth and toji releases his grip once he’s certain that you’ve ingested. 
“i could’ve made you swallow my cum but i’d feel bad,” he chuckles sardonically. “what do you have to say?” 
“t-thank you.” you whisper vaguely and he accustoms his face to a simper. 
“good girl.” toji smashes his lips onto yours, yet his eyes are locked with yours ominously for a brief second– a telltale that he expects you not to pull up another stunt before they close as he deepens the kiss. 
obviously, nothing would benefit you whether you comply or defy, not until you’ve catered for his insatiable lechery. but you’ve learned your lesson and although you’re compelled, you finally relent as every ounce of resistance begins to drift from you. 
toji breaks the kiss and shifts lower, peppering greedy kisses on your neck before he catches the soft, chaste skin between his teeth to suck and form purplish bruising marks. he lifts up your shirt over your head and hastily unclasps your bra, causing you to shudder once the cold air hits your exposed breasts. 
large, calloused hands press your mounds before his mouth latches on one perky tit, while the other is tweaked with his fingers. experienced tongue draws circles and sucks punishingly, alternating with the other nipple. the headboard rattles as you keen over the stimulation and your eyes open in dismay when you feel something hard prodding your clit. 
he moves lower and spits on your cunt before propping on his knees to take off his tight shirt– through subdued glow, you can make out the outline of his toned abs and broad chest as his large build towers menacingly in front of you; even when he’s not standing on his feet.
“listen. daddy is going to release the binds, but do you promise to be good?” he asks, smearing the saliva with his cockhead and against your slit.
“yes. i- i promise.” you murmur appallingly; as if you have a choice in the matter.
toji leans over to unrestrain you then he observes you, expecting you to put up a fight but instead, you just remain still underneath him. 
he grins in satisfaction, getting off to the fact that you’ve fallen into submission before he shifts back into his prior position and bends your knees up to line his cock with your hole. a feeling of triumph stirs inside him when he’s reminded that he’s the ‘chosen’ one to defile your innocence.
“stop! it hurts–!” you wail and your hands clench the sheets when you feel toji’s thick cock stretching your virgin cunt slowly, but he ignores you, groaning at the warmth that engulfs him and the tight walls that clenches him as he selfishly pushes through. 
it burns. so bad. your chest heaves rapidly and you screw your eyes shut as your face twists to express pain and uncomfort. “please, please–! i can’t–”
“yes, you can.” his tone is indifferent as he holds you down since your body keeps on wincing until he finally fills you to the brim and he can see a bulge poking on your tummy. 
“fuck. haven’t been inside a virgin cunt for a while.” he mutters under his breath. “now, i know it hurts but i promise you’ll enjoy it. it’s just too bad that you get to have a big cock as your first.” he snickers nonchalantly and leans down closer to your face, making you jolt when you feel it inching deeper.
“if it makes you feel better– you’re fucking tight. just the way daddy likes it.” toji whispers in your ear but you can only freeze in fear and agony.
toji hovers above you, his hands firmly grip the headboard in front of him and he begins to move his hips; thrusting in and out of your pussy. 
your fists clench the sheets harder as a loud cry rips from your throat, “no! it hurts! please!”
but toji doesn’t seem to mind, his cyan orbs stare down at you coldly yet in focus as he relishes over the plush walls clamping down on his cock. 
“stop! stop– i- i don’t want–!” you continuously wail as you writhe in anguish before he suddenly stops pounding and he wraps his hand around your neck instead, instantly drawing your attention to him as he applies pressure in his hold. 
“if you don’t stop whining like a bitch in heat, i will fucking breed you like one.” he warns through gritted teeth, clearly agitated over your act of defiance. 
“you want this. you’re going to love this.” his words are sick endeavours to coerce you into another round of complete submission. 
but what else can you do? toji’s hand is so large that his middle finger and thumb almost reach each other as it clasps around your frail neck and you know he can easily crush your windpipes if he wants to.
“say it. you. want. this.” he seethes.
“i. want. this.” you barely croak each word and they’re slowly influencing your cloudy mind. as soon as he releases you, you soothe the pain around your throat with your hand as you gasp for air.
“fuck. don’t think i didn’t feel you clenching around my cock just now.” he sneers and situates himself again before ruthlessly and steadily continuing where he left off. 
you only close your eyes and bite your lips hard to stop whimpering as you mentally comfort yourself and dissolve every inch of your sanity; i’m going to enjoy it, it’s going to feel good soon, i want this, i want this.
soon enough, toji notices that your muscles have relaxed– suggesting that you’ve finally caved in as pleasure overtakes you so he fucks you deeper and faster before he falls on his elbows and you can feel his bangs tickling your face.
“that’s it, baby. you make daddy feel so fucking good.” he praises between grunts. you can feel the veins on his cock dragging against your walls and he’s right, it feels so good and your lips open in breathless pants.
you find your arms to loosely wrap around his neck and your legs around his waist as if clinging onto him for dear life as toji ruts into your cunny like a feral beast. 
“you like it, yeah? this is what you want, isn’t it?” 
through hazy mind, you can only manage to whimper an audible ‘yes’ as you feel an odd, yet almost familiar knot twisting in your lower stomach begging to snap and your nails dig into the skin of his broad back upon the intense sensation shooting through your body. 
a low, deep guttural sound leaves his throat when he feels your nails sinking and scratching his back– it prompts him to quicken his pace and you can feel the tip of his cock kissing your cervix over and over, causing your back to arch simultaneously. 
“i’m– i’m gonna–!” you keen as your body trembles in anticipation and your sopping cunt is clenching on his throbbing cock like a vice. 
“fuck yeah. cum on daddy’s cock.” toji urges and nips on the sensitive skin of your neck to tip you over the edge and your pupils blow wide as you break into a scream. despite being your second orgasm for the night, an overwhelming euphoria washes over you for the first time of your life; is this what it feels like? you don’t know, you’ve never had one (at least not from a cock) and your pussy is just fluttering, pulsing and creaming around his cock. 
“hah– fuck. good girl.” 
toji remains to snap his hips, fucking you through your high as you’re left in daze from your orgasm. toji can feel his balls tensing and his thrusts are turning sporadic as he inches closer to his climax. your whines and nonsense babbles are drowned by the feeling of pleasure that’s enveloping him and he doesn’t even have the resolution to listen to you gibbering when your cunny is just milking him, sucking him in like it doesn’t want to let go and he just wants to give what your greedy pussy asks for; to fill it up with his thick load until it’s full and leaking out of you. 
and daddy knows best, after all.
“shit– i won’t be able to hold it any longer. say you want daddy’s cum.” he grunts.
you’ve partly snapped out of your daze when you hear his voice again, and though you can’t see his face that’s already buried next to your head, you’re petrified and it’s making you feel dizzy and suffocated. 
“i– n-no. please not–” you sob through your raw throat.
but toji doesn’t listen and you don’t know if you’re relieved or not because if he does, you know that it’ll tick him off and it’s going to do you more harm than good– but you’re scared and it hurts, that you unwillingly start to snivel again.
“shut up. you’re gonna take it like a good cumslut.” he shoves two long fingers in your mouth, causing you to choke on them.
“daddy’s gonna cum in this pretty pussy and you’re gonna fucking take it.” 
toji’s grunts ring in your ears and you’re able to feel his cock twitching inside you before he finally releases hot ropes of cum– filling up and defiling your womb.
“y-you came inside..” you mumble once he takes out his fingers as you’re left entirely devastated and stupefied. 
“fucking did.” he pants, lifting his body up from you and pulls out his cock to shove back the dribbling cum that’s leaking from your abused cunny with his finger. you would wince but your mind is already numb and your body is sore that you can do nothing but burn holes through the ceiling above.
“don’t look so sad.” the room resonates with his chuckles and he gets off the bed to put back on his pants. toji walks over to the nightstand where a pack of cigarettes await him and he puts one between his lips and you can hear the flicking sounds of a lighter as he tries to burn the tip. 
“i can promise you that other guys wouldn’t be rough as me but one thing’s for sure,” he inhales the tobacco and exhales in a gratifying manner, “that will stay as the best fuck of your life.”
fat tears stream down your cheeks and you curl on your side, protecting your now-ruined-body as you quietly sob and your mind takes you back from how the ordeal even started and causes you to end up where you are right now– and it only makes you cry harder.
toji only lets out an exasperated sigh. he grabs his shirt from the floor and throws it on his shoulder before reaching the door.
“megumi won’t be coming home ‘til tomorrow. he said something about the train and the weather, so you can leave when you’re done. you know your way out.”
you hear the door close shut behind him and you’re left in the dark with nothing but the smell of his tobacco and the sounds of the drizzling rain accompanying you as you drown in your thoughts and griefs. 
how many mistakes have you made today? four? five? or more? 
you’ve lost count and you question yourself over again until you’re no longer able to care.
what’s done is done.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Because I’m addicted to angst like crazy, can I request headcannons or mini scenario’s of the reader wanting to confess to Kuroo, Suna, Sakusa, and Akaashi but she overhears how said boys don’t like her like that or how they would turn her down, so she distances themselves from them so she can move on easier? They notice and confront her about it and when she explains that she heard them say they don’t like her and are trying to move on...Idk, it’s up to you if you want to make it a full angst or angst to fluff, you write so well 🥺
you overhear that they don’t like you
a/n: ... i know you said mini scenarios... but this was divided into two parts bc kuroo and suna’s are like... 3k words in total.. please i think i went a bit overboard with this. akaashi and sakusa will be linked once done ! I hope you enjoy these for now... :DD
Warnings: angst ig? 
Characters: Kuroo, Suna 
(read akaashi and sakusa’s here)
(read atsumu and kita's here)
Tumblr media
With a sigh, you tried mustering up all the confidence you can as you trudged towards the gym. 
‘This is the day.’ You thought to yourself. You were finally going to confess to Kuroo. After having numerous debates with your mind, you finally came to the decision to confess. 
Your heartbeat quickened at the numerous scenarios you were thinking, most of them being rejection. 
The worst thing that can happen is rejection, right? 
You couldn’t help but fall for Kuroo, how could you not? He was funny, smart, and being handsome was a nice plus. You already knew that it would be hard to just tell him about your feelings, especially knowing that he probably only viewed you as a friend. 
Once you arrived by the gym, you took a deep breath before going in with a smile, waving to Kenma who acknowledged you by looking up from his game.
“Uh.. Have you seen Kuroo?” you sheepishly asked Kenma who looked at you curiously before nodding to the locker room.
“Hey, (Y/N)?” Kenma called out. “Yeah?”
“Goodluck.” Your eyes widened as he gave you a small smile. 
You sometimes hated how perceptive Kenma is despite his nonchalant behavior. With a determined nod, you walked towards the locker room, hoping to see Kuroo walk out from the door. 
When you were at a near distance from the door, you hear a bunch of chatter. You didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but you perked your head when you heard your name come out from a voice you recognized as Yaku’s. 
“Man, Kuroo. You’re lucky! You have (Y/N) crushing on you.” A smack was heard after, Kuroo groaning in pain followed afterward. 
Your heartbeat quickened when you heard the captain laugh in response. 
“Come on, Yakkun. (Y/N) and I are just friends!” For now. “Eh?! Seriously? You don’t like her in that way?” You scoot a bit closer to the door, wanting to hear his answer before you take the leap. 
“Don’t be ridiculous, Yakkun. We’re friends, and that’s it.” Your heart dropped at his words. 
You were so caught up in evaluating Kuroo’s answer that you didn’t realize the door to the locker room opened. “Oh, (Y/N)? What’re you doing here?” The chatter in the locker room evidently stopped. You blinked, trying to keep tears at bay. 
You looked up to Kai who looked at you with a kind expression. “Ah, our professor told me to give this to Tet- Kuroo-san.” You say, giving him a folder. “I have to go, please give this to him for me. Thank you, Kai!” You say before running off, passing by the freshmen who gave you a wave of excitement. You couldn’t find it in yourself to smile back as you ran from the gym.
Once you were at a safe place, you let the tears fall free. You didn’t know why you were crying. 
‘You didn’t even confess, for crying out loud! So why are you sad?’ you thought to yourself, laughing as you wiped your eyes. 
You felt pathetic for ever thinking that Kuroo would ever look at you that way. You were friends. He specified so clearly to one of his closest friends. That was all the confirmation you needed. 
You knew you had to distance yourself on the following days. Knowing that if you don’t you’ll fall even deeper and get hurt. 
And you were tired of getting hurt. 
“Oi, Chibi. Why did the picture go to jail?” Kuroo asked when the class was about to end. You took a while to answer him, you only answered when you felt him poke his pen by your cheek. “Oi.” “I don’t know, Kuroo. Why?” Kuroo could almost shiver at the tone you used, but he thinks it may just be a bad day. Maybe his jokes could make it better? It always did. 
“Because it was framed.” Not wanting to ignore him, but not wanting to indulge him either You give him a short laugh that can be mistaken as a breath. 
“Was it not funny?” “It was.” 
Kuroo was silent for a few seconds before asking you with a small nudge from his elbow. 
“Are you okay?” “Mhm.” You realized that that answer was too curt, something that would possibly make him suspicious. And you didn’t want that. 
“I just need to listen to this lesson, this is very confusing.” You follow up quickly, taking down notes just to not look suspicious. 
“You know I could always tutor you, right?” Kuroo said, a reassuring tone lacing his voice. You turn to give him a small nod and smile. “I know.” But I’d like to not be with you unless necessary. “Thank you.” 
Kuroo furrowed his eyebrows, clearly he knew something was wrong. But before he could ask, the bell rang and you immediately went out of the room. Not even giving Kuroo his usual goodbye. 
Something was definitely wrong. 
“(Y/N’s) acting weird.” Kuroo couldn’t help but mention when they were on the train home. “Eh?” Kenma kept clicking on his console, listening intently as his childhood friend rant on about you. 
“And then suddenly they turned cold! I don’t remember doing anything to make them mad.” Kuroo was frustrated to say the least, he knew that your friendship was going well, so of course he would be confused as to why you suddenly gave him the cold shoulder.
“I mean… did you reject them?” Kenma asked, eyes still on his console. Kuroo furrowed his eyebrows at his friend. “Reject them? What?” 
Kenma paused the game and looked up to Kuroo. 
“So, they didn’t confess?” Kuroo shook his head in response to Kenma’s question. Kenma sighed, “I think I know what’s going on.” 
“Well, don’t keep it to yourself, Kenma. Tell me.” Kuroo urged. 
“They heard you say you don’t like them.” Kenma said, unpausing his game. “Well, that’s only my thoughts. I wouldn’t know.” 
Now that Kuroo thought about it, when he told Yaku he only saw you as a friend, the door of the locker room opened to reveal you, who gave Kai a document that was meant for him before running off. 
Kuroo should’ve known you’ve heard. Because no matter how busy you were, you would always wish him good luck on his practices and give him a corny joke to keep him motivated. 
“Fuck.” Kuroo muttered, placing his hands by his eyes and tilting his head back on the window of the train, groaning from frustration. 
There was a small pause of silence, only the clicking of Kenma’s console was heard before the underclassman spoke. 
“What do you plan on doing now?”
“Hey, we need to talk.” Kuroo cornered you by the locker, you shut the metal door lightly before giving him an apology. 
“I’m really needed for the next class.” At this point, you weren’t even trying to hide the sheer fact that you were avoiding him. 
“We’re in the same class, and we both know the teacher wouldn’t show up until half the hour passes. Try again, (Y/N).” 
“I just don’t want to talk to you.” You say straight up, not even trying to put a filter and Kuroo felt his heart clench painfully at your tone. 
“Too bad. You don’t have a choice.” Without a word, he grabbed your hand and pulled you away to a vacant classroom. 
“Why have you been avoiding me.” Kuroo knows the answer to his question, but he didn’t want to get ahead of himself. 
“I was busy, can I go now. Please?” You say as curt as possible, not wanting to melt under his gaze. Not wanting to break whatever resolve you have built up from the past few days you ignored him. 
“I’m not buying it.” Kuroo says, crossing his arms and eyeing you down. You knew that you wouldn’t be able to keep up the tough act if you stayed there.
“You’re so unfair, Kuroo.” You couldn’t help but whisper. Kuroo’s posture immediately straightened. 
“I’m unfair?” Kuroo asked with an amused grin on his face. “I don’t think I’m the one who ignored someone for days for no apparent reason.” You looked down at his words, knowing he has the upperhand. Just why did you think you could escape him?
“I’m not the one who made someone think that they did something wrong.” You didn’t realize that he was getting closer, not until you saw his shoes in front of you and felt his hands on your chin, making you look up to him. 
“I’m the one who was deprived of a confession from the person I like, don’t you think it’s unfair for me?” Your eyes widened for a few milliseconds before you pushed him away. 
“Stop messing around, Kuroo.” Your voice cracked. “Just let me move on. And I promise I’ll be back to normal.” You both know that was an empty promise. If Kuroo didn’t corner you, then you would’ve completely tried to eradicate him from your life. But Kuroo couldn’t have that. 
Now that he knew you liked him back, how could he let this chance go to waste. 
“You think I’ll let you go when I finally have an opportunity to pursue you?” Your throat went dry. 
“Kuroo... stop. You don’t need to pretend, I heard what you said to Yaku. It’s fine, really.” At this point, you wanted to get out as soon as possible. You knew you were going to break down if this keeps on going.
“(Y/N), please. Believe me. I truly do like you back.” You felt tears prick your eyes. This was some sick joke Kuroo was playing at. 
Kuroo panicked, seeing tears well up in your eyes before you blinked it away. 
“But I-” “Yes. I know that I said those words that day, but it was to shut Yakkun up… and to hide my own feelings.” Kuroo said the last part quietly. If he weren’t holding you, you probably wouldn’t have heard. 
He lets go of your chin before sighing. “I’ve been in love with you for so long, I didn’t know how to deal with it so I kept denying it. I didn’t tell Yaku the truth because I didn’t need him to make fun of me because I couldn’t get the person I wanted.” Kuroo let it out, you were shocked. 
He felt the same way?
“Kuroo…?” “(Y/N). I’m sorry, but I can’t let you go. Especially now when I know I have a chance. So please.” Unbeknownst to the both of you, your heartbeats were almost identical on how fast it paced. 
“I...” You started. Not knowing the right words to say. 
“I think we should… take things slow.” You look at him, giving him the smallest of smiles you can muster. “If that’s okay with you?” 
Kuroo couldn’t find it in himself to suppress the wide smile that was plastered on his face. Without another word, he pulled you to his chest. His laugh rang out the empty classroom. 
“God. I didn’t want to confess this way… but here we are.” Kuroo pulled away and laughed. 
“Don’t break my heart, Kuroo.” You warned lightheartedly. He gave you a smile that was laced with all the adoration he felt for you before pecking raising your hand to his lips and kissing your knuckles. 
“I wouldn’t dream of it.”
Tumblr media
The whistle was blown, signalling the end of their practice. You smiled in encouragement to the members who looked like they’ve gotten through hell and back. From the intensity of their training, you would probably believe so. 
“Nice work.” You say, handing Atsumu his water bottle. The setter gave you a pat on the head before gesturing to Suna who was wiping his sweat with a towel. “Go talk to ‘yer loverboy.” 
You rolled your eyes at his statement, but walked towards the middle blocker anyway.
“Nice work out there, Rin!” You smile, giving him the water bottle that you prepared. Of course, it was your own water bottle with the liquid infused with citrus. You thought about putting it in his, but then again, the water bottles were identical and someone else might drink it. 
“(Y/N)~ Why does Suna get special treatment?” Akagi whined. Your eyes widened, not knowing that the libero was watching your interactions. 
“I want manager-san’s special treatment too!” Ginjima whined as well, your face heat up at the sudden attention before the coach blew the whistle once more. 
“Seems like break is over, be back later, (Y/N).” Suna stated, giving you back your water bottle and a quick pat on the head. Your face heated up with the contact. 
“Yeah.” You were in a daze, staring at Suna’s figure as he went back to court. 
“‘Yer staring, Manager-san.” Kita’s straightforward voice cut off your thoughts. “Huh? What?” 
A smirk formed on Kita’s face. “Be careful, (Y/N). ‘Yer not being as cautious as before.” 
“What did you mean before? Kita-san. I-” “Liked our middle blocker since before you were our manager? I’m well aware.” If you and Kita weren’t close, you would be scared on how he managed to catch on quickly with your stupid crush. “I’m right, aren’t I?” 
“I sometimes hate you, Kita.” A scoff was heard from the bicolored male. “Sure you do.” 
You and the captain went on with your banter. Occasionally noting down some of the notable movements the team did in their practice. 
When the whistle was blown, that was then you realized that you have forgotten to fill up the water bottles once more. With a quick bow, you ran outside to fill it up with refreshing cold water. Once done, you struggled to carry the weight of several bottles at once. 
“When do you plan on confessing to (Y/N), Suna?” You stopped in your tracks as you hear Atsumu’s voice reverberate from the other side of the wall. 
“What are you talking about?” Suna retaliated, voice deadpanned as usual. “Come on, Suna. Don’t think we don’t see the way (Y/N) has heart eyes for you.” You almost dropped the water bottles in your hands. Your heart beat quick, realizing that Suna was well aware of your crush on him. 
“So?” The same deadpanned voice answered. You felt saddened at the lack of emotion in his tone. “What do you plan to do if they tell you?” 
You weren’t prepared for his answer, you didn’t want to know.  
“I don’t know what you want me to say, I don’t like (Y/N) that way.” Fuck.
At this point, your throat felt clogged and tears were forming in your eyes. You always knew that you should have never let this small crush turn into something more, now you were here. Feeling sad just because of your hopeless crush on the team’s middle blocker. 
You didn’t realize that you dropped a water bottle, when you looked down, you saw lemon slices floating around the water. As if it were mocking you. 
You sigh, picking it up. ‘One last time.’ You thought to yourself before entering the gym, pretending you didn’t just get your heart broken.
“No lemons this time?” Suna asked as you gave him his water bottle. “Didn’t find any.” You say as curt as possible before attending to the other members of the team to which the others found odd. 
Since when was he the first one you attended? Usually you always placed him as last so you could talk to him more. Maybe you just forgot? Did something happen? 
Either way, the team was in confusion with your sudden shift in attitude. Especially Suna, who has gotten used to your daily banter every training. 
The middle blocker shrugged it off before taking a sip of the plain water. Maybe you just weren’t in the mood today? Who knows. 
It wasn’t only today, but the next few days. Suna began noticing how his interactions with you have drastically decreased, he never took notice of how much he actually craved your presence until you stopped giving him attention and began treating him like how you treat the twins. 
Well, there wasn’t anything wrong with the way you treated the twins, but he thought he was special. He knows he was special, maybe that’s why he thought that you might have possibly liked him back. But why did you suddenly drift away from him? 
Suna doesn’t remember anything that he could have possibly done for you to stray away from him. 
“Good work.” “Are we okay?” Suna suddenly asked you, who was giving out his water bottle as per usual. “Of course.” You say before plopping the bottle on his hand and moving on to the next member.
“Relationship problems?” Osamu teased as he went beside Suna, sipping on his own water bottle. “Shut it, Miya.”
The middle blocker hated this. He hated how all of a sudden you pretended as if the both of you were only club mates and nothing else. 
But isn’t that what you were? You weren’t obligated to keep him company during breaks and talk about your guys’ days and plans. So why was he so bothered that you weren’t beside him?
Suna had a thought, but he immediately crossed it off his mind because he knows it’s impossible. 
Suna likes you, and you moved away even before he could act on it. 
“Good wo-” “Can we talk?” Suna cut you off. You raised an eyebrow at him before trying to give him his water bottle. 
“I’m not taking that.” He huffed, before continuing. “Give the others theirs first then get back to me. Just like before.” Startled, you wordlessly nodded before giving the rest of the members their water bottles. 
Once you were done, you felt Suna pull your wrist and dragged you outside. A knowing smirk invaded the twins’ faces as they saw the both of you leave. 
“Suna-” “What is your problem?” Your eyes widened at the sharp tone that Suna gave you. 
“I have no idea what you mean.” “Why have you been getting distant lately?” “I was busy, Suna”
Suna looked at you, knowing he isn’t buying a single word you say. He wanted to cringe at the way you called him by his last name, but he couldn’t afford to lose his composure. 
“We both know that’s absolute bullshit, (Y/N).” You narrowed your eyes at his response. 
“Why does it matter, Suna?” You bit back,  having been fed up with this conversation. “I just want to know what I did that made you act weird around me.” 
You tense up, not knowing what to say next. You knew it was unfair to make Suna feel as if he did something wrong, but you knew the more you acted upon your feelings, the more you won’t be able to move on. So with a deep breath you braced yourself for your next words. 
“You did nothing, Suna.” You gave him a small smile. “That is just me trying to move on. So please, give me some time.” 
Suna blinked. Was that a confession? He couldn’t register it fast enough before he tightened his grip on your wrist. 
“(Y/N)... what do you mean?” “I don’t want to repeat myself, Suna.” You say, gently trying to take your wrist from him. 
“You like me back.” Suna says, more to himself than to you. You gave him a look of disbelief. “Don’t be ridiculous.” 
“No, (Y/N). You like me back.” A small smirk was plastered on his face, you felt your face heat up. 
“I did.” You could barely see the way his smirk faltered. “Did?” 
You sigh, wanting to get this over with. 
“I heard you say to the twins that you don’t like me in that way. And it made me realize that maybe I’ve been reading the signs wrong and you only like me as a friend.” You explain, effectively pulling away your wrist the moment he faltered in his grip. 
“No hard feelings, Suna. I just need time to move on, and since we’re here now. Can you please tell me to move on? Just so I can have the closure I need.” You say. 
Unbeknownst to you, Suna only said that so the twins would leave him alone. He’s always liked you, even before you were their manager. And when you suddenly gave him special treatment, he felt as if you returned his feelings. 
Now that he knows you like him back, the twins be damned. He can’t let you go. 
“Be with me?” “Did you not hear what I said? I said I’m trying to move o-” “No.” 
Suna said, taking a step closer to you. “I said I didn’t like you that way because I didn’t want the twins knowing and potentially ruining my chance with you because we both know they’d tease the both of us.” Suna started.
“I didn’t confess because I didn’t want to assume that you liked me the way I liked you. But god, whenever you strut in the gym and give me your stupid hello kitty bottle filled with lemon water. I couldn’t help but assume.” You make a face. “My hello kitty bottle is not stupid, Rin.” 
Suna smiled at the returned nickname. “And you didn’t assume. I really do like you back.” 
“So...” Suna trailed off. “So…?” 
“Do you want to go out with me, after training?” Suna didn’t know where the courage came from, before he could shy away from his question. You gave him a smile, a small blush on your face. 
“I.. I’d love to.” 
“And will you bring back the lemon water. I miss the stupid hello kitty bottle.” He was hit by the arm as you pouted. “Once again, my hello kitty bottle is NOT stupid, Rin.” 
Suna smiled before placing a hand on your head. 
“Sure, (Y/N).” 
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dadsbongos · a month ago
deku having a crush on his wife for 838 words straight
Movie/Game/Show: My Hero Academia Dynamic: Izuku Midoriya/Reader Warnings: idk it doesn’t follow how the manga’s directing izuku’s future but whatever, fem reader, cringe Summary: Deku’s fans love pointing out Deku’s crush on his wife. Word Count: 838 ~~~
You aren’t sure why the video comes up in your recommended page, but that doesn’t altogether stop you from clicking on it. The title reads ‘deku having a crush on his wife for 3 minutes straight’, and with your husband, Izuku “Deku” Midoriya, currently away to America on work - you’d be lying to say that the content wouldn’t interest you. When Izuku can’t call or text, looking at snippets of interviews that fans have deemed as him showing off his “crush” on you can sometimes be a decent place-holder.
It first opens on an interview he’d done with Uravity and Shoto from a couple years ago as a fundraiser, he’s clearly not listening to the question being asked by the hostess. A fact that Ochaco is eager to point out with a snicker.
The hostess chuckles, “Wow, Deku, thinking up a new fight tactic for the field?”
“Oh, no, I’m so sorry,” Izuku shakes his head, suddenly tuning back in when he heard his name, “I was thinking about my wife, actually.”
Shoto narrows his eyes at the man, “It hasn’t been an hour yet.”
“I know, I know,” Izuku dramatically huffs before turning to the crowd, “Okay, just so you all get the picture, my wife had to go out of the country to visit some family, right? Got the text like half an hour ago that she was even leaving for the airport and I miss her already.”
“Sounds like clingy husband talk to me,” Ochaco teases.
“Well, when you guys get someone as cool as her to marry you, maybe you’ll understand,” he points at Ochaco specifically, “Until then, I don’t wanna hear it.”
“You guys won’t believe it,” Denki’s face is the next opening shot, his grin wide as he turns his phone to show Izuku sitting beside him, “Dude was training interns and just in the middle of a fight says, ‘I miss my wife’ and leaves to go call her.”
“Don’t tease me,” Izuku glares at his friend, “I’ll have you know my wife will kick your ass for that.”
“Really?” the camera comes back to Denki’s skeptical face, “A hero’s ass is gonna be kicked by a civilian? No disrespect.”
“She’s very powerful and strong, she’d end you in a heartbeat.”
Another interview comes on screen, this time from a few months ago, a voice from the gaggle of fans pops out, asking about how your husband found such a supportive partner with hero work being such a large part of his life.
“Well, my lovely wife and I actually met in middle school,” Izuku’s lips form into a soft smile as he recounts the day, “She was really supportive of me wanting to go to U.A and being a hero even though I didn’t show that I had a Quirk at the time. I knew after she let me sit with her at lunch that I wanted to be her friend - and then a few months after we started dating I was like ‘wow, I wanna marry this girl,’” he chuckles, “It sounds weird, but I really did know that she was the one pretty early. I think I carved it into the desk, too. Now that I think about it,” his brows furrow and he nods, “Yeah, I definitely did. Carved our names in a heart into a desk like a nerd.”
“Guys,” the camera angle is at Izuku’s chin and pointing upward, his gaze not unlike that of a kicked puppy, “I don’t get those guys who have fun when their wives leave the house. It’s been like two hours and I already think I’ve gone through like four stages of grief. She isn’t even leaving for multiple days, she’s just visiting her grandpa.”
It’s silent for a few moments, Izuku pursing his lips before sighing, tossing his head back, and groaning out miserably,
“I miss her…”
Ochaco’s face is next on screen before she points her camera at Izuku, “If your wife asked you to- “
“Yes,” he nods confidently.
“I didn’t get to finish!”
As the video wraps up, your phone buzzes and comes alight with your husband’s picture. You pick up the call with a smile, “Hey, you.”
“Hi,” Izuku sounds sheepish, he usually does but today particularly more so than others, “I miss you.”
“Aw, sweetie, I miss you too,” your brows furrow, “When’s your flight for? Isn’t it later today?”
“Yeah…” there’s the sound of Katsuki’s bark of a laugh followed by Izuku shushing him, “I don’t know, I just missed you a lot. Needed to hear your voice.”
“You’re so cute, bubs,” you coo over the phone, “Tough mission?”
There’s brief silence before Izuku speaks again, “I don’t wanna talk about work so much. I should be home later.”
“Sounds good, baby. I’ll see you when you get home, okay?”
“Yeah, see you later. I love you.”
“I love you, too, Izuku.”
Even as you hang up, you can still hear the sound of Katsuki picking fun at Izuku’s “clingy” tendencies.
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dirt-grub · a year ago
making an xmas list every year is just how can i arrange this so it disappoints my parents the least
#yeah uhhh can i get some comic books and oh yeah a knife #LISTEN i need a multitool my current knife is going to shit fast #anyone else get that like i open gifts and its weird shit i asked for and my parents look so disappointed that im excited #like they went through the trouble of getting it for me but still was hoping id say sike and not be the weirdo they know i am #like am i wrong or isnt it normal to feel joy when someone else is excited for something? even when youre not into it? #idk this happens every year lol #also they know about the tooth so they are not gonna be too happy when i ask for hiking gear #they were like hey. what the fuck. and i was like its just a tooth and they were like why did we birth you #i would say hey i already have plenty of animal teeth but i think that would be worse #SHARK TEETH ARE COOL OKAY! LIKE #ive had several classes throughout middle and high school where they let us keep a shark tooth #so yeah i may have collected some teeth here or there whys it matter #god i sound even more like a weirdo okay not helping KDSJJ #cannot wait for my basement lair where i can hide my treasures #not to be like UGH nobody gets me but they dont and i dont even care i just dont want to have to explain why i own teeth HKDSJA #like. dont tell anyone i live like this AJKDSKSDJ #you want to know about my interests well everyone in this house is gonna have to get real cool with a lot of things really quickly #oh man theyre gonna lose it when i get my antlers #my friends doing that part for me bc theyre a biologist that fucking works with dead stuff for their studies #so like they'll only ever see it fully clean and disinfected but still theyll be like wtf is your problem #listen nobody will ever be able to convince me that scavenging is somehow worse than killing animals for fun bc MANLY #that shit is so weird like yes let me prove my heterosexuality by fucking. killing things and being happy about it #maybe im just a tree hugger but the deer means something special to me like... its hard to explain #like its sad and it really effected me when i first found it but its a lesson i think about nature #its the circle of life yknow? #idk i probably sound pretentious as hell and i'll admit i totally just think it would be cool to have antlers from a deer #but also i feel like our bodies only belong to us for so long. we pass on and what we leave behind goes back into the world #who knows someone might wear my bones someday but thats just how things are #might as well find beauty in death not just tragedy #my meds are NOT fucking kicking in today damn im getting so fucking off topic
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