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More from David grabbing Matteo's face to kiss him?

great concept anon


Matteo didn’t know who let David into the flat, but someone must have because he was suddenly leaning against the wall, grinning at Matteo who was lounged on the couch, a leg thrown over the back.

“Did you forget I was coming?” He asked, walking further into the room, and Matteo sat up, his hands twitching in his lap wanting to reach out and make grabby-hands until David was close enough to touch.

“No,” he said, grabbing David’s wrist once he was actually close enough, “I didn’t know you got here.”

“I texted you,” David said, dropping his hand onto Matteo’s shoulder.

Matteo glanced over at his phone that was face down on the table, and he realized he hadn’t checked it in a while. David’s hand slid up to cup his cheek, and pulled his eyes back to David’s, and as David’s other hand rose to cup his other cheek Matteo breathed out, “Sorry, I didn’t see.”

David hummed. and bent down as he tilted Matteo’s face up and pressed their lips together. Matteo felt a thumb stroking across his cheekbone, and he brought his hands up to rest on David’s waist. David kissed him again, and then pressed their foreheads together.

“I guess I can forgive you,” he said leaning back so he could kiss Matteo’s nose, then his forehead, and pulled back with a grin and said, “just ‘cause you’re cute.”

Matteo shoved David’s hands off of him as he laughed, and tugged him close and burred his blushing face in David’s stomach.

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thinking about playing sekiro again but i stopped after starting ng+2 and had opted for chip damage to make it a challenge again and i know that’s going to be a rough learning curve to tackle 

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i was watching doctor who with my brother and it was an episode with the ood and basically the entire race of the ood is born with their brains in there hands and some people took advantage of that and turned them into slaves and there was this one scene where the guy who is in charge of selling the ood gets killed by the one that works for him and i was cheering cause who the fuck wouldnt? my brother the fuck wouldnt. he said that they were both in the wrong and that the ood shouldnt have killed him i mean, the fuck??? that guy enslaved the whole race of the oods and is selling them and hes just the scum of the fucking earth and you DONT think he deserves to die??

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4:13 am


you heard a voice, but you couldn’t register who it was. your brain was occupied, but not with anything in particular. you were just staring into nothingness, mind running a mile a minute. there were so many things you needed to do, so many things you hadn’t done. so many doubts and ambiguities.


there was that voice again. you blinked twice, eyebrows furrowing for a moment before turning your head towards where it was coming from. there stood jaemin, his face contorted into that of worry. for a moment, your brain couldn’t register him and instead you just stared blankly at him; fistfuls of the blanket covering you in your hands.

he hesitated before kneeling down to sit with you on the bed, keeping eye contact as he reached for one of your tensed hands. “are you alright, baby doll?” his voice was soft, dulcet and sweet enough to bring you a hit of instant tranquility. you relaxed under his touch, allowing for him to take one of your hands and bring it to his lips for a soft kiss. you didn’t know if you were alright, so instead you didn’t answer.

you just stared.

jaemin squeezed your hand, a smile instinctively crossing his features but it didn’t reach his eyes. his eyes showed concern, unease. fear. “you’re thinking a lot right now, aren’t you?” his thumb gently stroked your knuckles. you took a few seconds, nodding your head slowly.

you were thinking too much. thinking of every single little wrong thing you’d done over your years, thinking of every single thing you didn’t do, every friendship, every work relationship, everything. why did you feel so detached from everything? why did everything feel so…difficult, suddenly?

“i don’t want to think anymore.” your voice seemed foreign to your own ears, soft and broken from hours of not being used and jaemin’s heart just about dropped to his stomach. your voice was always lively and bright, lilting as if you were some sort of fairy. to see you so forlorn and listless, he didn’t like it.

it wasn’t right.

“oh, angel…” an all too familiar lump formed in the base of his throat as he pulled you into a tight hug, fully encasing you in his long arms. that seemed to shake you out of your own trance, his warmth and scent filling you with a feeling of longing.

slowly, your arms curled around his body; fisting his shirt in your hands as a sudden rush of emotions washed over you. abruptly, you began to sob into the fabric of his white t-shirt and jaemin wasn’t too far behind you. he wanted to be strong for you, to be that pillar of support that you needed but god he hated seeing you cry.

“i’ve got you, baby. my sweetest girl, i’ve got you, i’m not going anywhere.”

that statement filled you with an interesting emotion. some mixture of gratefulness and undeservedness, appreciation yet apprehension. it was like he was too good to be true, and maybe he was.

but you surely weren’t going to ever let him go.

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not that its important in any way but i have once again made the dumb decision to stay up all night so i don’t oversleep and miss something important and now its almost 6am and i feel awful so now i face the decision of whether i go to sleep and hope i wake up in a few hours in time or if i just keep waiting and risk now being able to sleep for a really long time

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I hate how hard it is for me to do basic shit around the house. It’s like, I want to make some frozen chicken and some rice, right? Should take maybe half an hour, and most of that is just waiting for water to boil and for the rice to cook. But my thought process goes: food? Ok well you have a clean pot and a clean pan, but when you’re done cooking you won’t be able to rinse them out because there are so many dishes in the sink and you cant keep piling on top of that. So before food is dishes. And there are a lot of them. And even though I can probably do more than one thing at a time like start boiling water and wash the recyclables while I wait for that, and then work on the actual dishes while the rice cooks, I know that I’d never get all the dishes done. And I know that what doesn’t get done will end up sitting there for too long just like all these dishes have. So I have to do almost if not all of the dishes before I start cooking, which means it’s going to take like an hour and a half to get this food and my brain is always like, hey why do all of that if you can just lay on the couch literally staring at the ceiling thinking about how hungry you are but at least you’re not doing the dishes even though you’ll have to eventually and putting off this whole thing is only going to make them more and more disgusting. Basically my brain operates on All or Nothing and I get where it’s coming from, but Nothing ends up being what I pick most of the time because even though i know being productive Feels Good, i cant convince myself that it actually will and idk why. Wish I could get some therapy!

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The sensation of a person’s temper boiling was a strange sensation for Olivia. Flustered face, white tight knuckles into fists, brows knitted into a tight expression, teeth digging into the inner flesh of the mouth that would later sting in irritation from cutting the skin. The boiling spread from Olivia’s abdomen, torso and finally into the rest of her body like a disease, bringing about a shake in her arms and fists like the lid of a pot that was bubbling over from heat.

Angry was a difficult emotion that Olivia had learned to control over her years of living. Adolescence was not the easiest years for the woman and there were many many moments of losing her temper. Fist fights, inanimate items broken and vile words of wrath were all part of those years. It was easy for anyone to piss off Olivia in her youth and it didn’t calm down until she was well into her late twenties.

But sometimes that temper, that was as powerful as Olivia’s love or compassion would seep out in the moments, when needed. Right now it was needed for a stranger who was causing a scene. It as a blur as the red in Olivia’s system traveled up to her eyes and made everything turn dark. Witty words couldn’t win this scenario and all Olivia could count on was her wrath, quickness and fists. A grab, a palm strike, and then the ground. When the stranger whine and struggled, holding their face and trying to breath through the broken bone. It didn’t end there.

Olivia was positive she had knocked out the stranger as the chest of the body on the ground was still going up and down in breathing. Busted and bloody was Olivia’s right knuckle, having punched the person in the face until they were coated with their own blood. Olivia’s own chest heaved and her fists shook, eyes narrowing at the asshole that had pissed her off. Fingers and hand flexes, the faintest pain tingling from the hard heartless strikes that had taken place trying to shake away the growing pain. Nostrils flared as Olivia’s breathing quickened and staggered to try and breath.

There was an audience. An audience Olivia hadn’t realized witnessed the entire scene. A wave of embarrassment does rush over Olivia because it was rare when she would lose her temper this badly (when was the last time she gave someone a bloody nose? or that she had palm strike someone in the jaw? ten years ago?) and now someone who had known her to never react so sharply saw all of it.

The boiling inside Olivia hadn’t simmered down nor relaxed. The embarrassment Olivia was slowly feeling hadn’t erased the irritation or anger that had caused the reaction. The woman turns to the person who had watched her beat another person to a bloody mess and sharp blues didn’t relax nor widen.

Olivia’s eyes remained in primal animal mode, focused and on edge. Olivia’s hand flexes again and she can feel the faint stickiness of blood between her fingers.


“Don’t worry.” Olivia reassures. “They’re alive.”

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Happy sts and positive vibes to you, Elliot! What are things/activities that make your character(s) completely lose track of time? - notwritinganyflufftoday

[ u may have noticed. it is not saturday. it literally never is when i answer these. but thats ok lol ] 

new wip hours*

adian - hanging out with people 

bane - also hanging out with people but only if people is adian (lol) 

tomas - writing/playing music 

yttria - journalling 

charlie - working on a ritual/reading  

this is a really interesting ask, what is it for your characters?

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