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jurassicbarnes · 2 months ago
sundress season
Tumblr media
pairing: Andy Barber x Reader (Defending Jacob)
summary: In which all it takes is a pretty little dress to break his resolve.
warnings: sex (18+), rough sex, ex-spouses, innuendos, sexual tension, teasing, possessiveness, face OR thigh riding idk, female masturbation, slight angst & fluff
author’s note: y’all better get nice and comfy, this is a big one (that’s what she said lol) it ain’t the first time a single gif has inspired me to write a long ass fic. enjoy this monster. [wc: ~10k]
Tumblr media
You knew moving back to Newton wouldn’t be a good idea.
You don’t have enough fingers to count on all the things that are adverse about this particular suburban area.
But the one thing that’s worse than anything is that your ex-husband lives here too.
Andy Barber asked you to move back here after he realised he’s been neglecting his only child. So much that when he visited your previous home, she didn’t even bother to spend time with him. She was mad, as mad as a five-year-old can be. Threw a tantrum and there was some hitting—on her part when he tried to hug her to express how sorry he is. He really hurt her. He deserved it.
Andy didn’t want their relationship to fall through like his and yours did. He wanted to make an effort. So, he suggested you move back to Newton, get a new job, a new house—as far away from his, as the neighbourhood limits allow.
It was too much, he was asking you to uproot your and your daughter’s life. But Andy had his practice going on. His law firm was finally getting on track after all these years, after all that hard work—the kind of hard work and sacrifice that led to your marriage’s untimely demise—if anyone’s asking you. That’s why Andy moving to Seattle was next to impossible.
You didn’t want to be the understanding one in the relationship. But everything he went through to get where he is—the divorce, losing you and his daughter, the exhaustion of it all—you didn’t want it to go in vain.
Of course, you didn’t exactly like the idea of moving. And it took a lot of convincing on Andy’s part because of course, it would. The man tried to make an effort for the first time in a long, long time and you wanted your daughter to have the constant presence of her father in her life.
So, you said yes. The decision to move was your Christmas gift to Andy and he was very happy with it.
Before the move was set in place, you applied for a job at one of Newton’s real estate firms, The White Stone Properties. It wasn’t that difficult to get hired, you were good at what you did.
Andy helped with everything, he was being attentive, like he was in the early years of your relationship and marriage. When you could tell you were his whole world. You knew it was a picture-perfect dream, it could shatter any time. So, you didn’t expect anything else other than the help he willingly provided.
It’s been four months since the move. Newton is exactly how it was before you left all those years ago.
The neighbours are always up in each other’s business. The group of moms and the trophy wives are always up and at it since the early morning hours, with their power walking, and the bake sales and HOA meetings. And the mind-numbing gossip that should probably rot their brains but it only makes their tongues sharper. And people are far too judgmental, especially of a divorced, single mother.
Men, married men are trashy, perverts who chance a look at your ass every time you walk past them in the grocery store, it ain’t nothing new. At least they do it discreetly, keeping in mind the fear they have of their wives.
Oh and what else? Right, the summers are too fucking hot.
But hey, Newton’s a great place to raise kids.
It’s Andy’s weekend to spend time with your daughter. You’d made plans with your only one good friend in the neighbourhood—Amelia. She lives just down a few houses with her partner.
The reason you both bonded so well? Your mutual hatred for the suburban moms around you. All it took was one jibe thrown by your new BFF at the pretentious Vice President of the HOA Counsel and it was a done deal. You laughed at her joke, while everyone else gasped in offence. The two of you’ve been inseparable since then. Hang out whenever you can find the time.
You had created your own book club—two members only, where you exclusively read horror novels and watched trashy daily soaps when the books got boring and the wine made your senses tingly. She was baffled when you told her the reasons for your move. But didn’t pass judgement, only tried to be a good friend because you needed one more than anything.
She was good company.
It had been a while since you’d hung out, with both of your jobs and families keeping you busy. So as soon as Andy messaged you that he had cleared his schedule for the weekend, you fired up a text to Amelia, telling her book club night was on.
This particular Saturday was hot. The kind of hot where the sweat would make your clothes stick to your body. The kind of hot where you wanted to stick your head in the freezer. The kinda hot that makes you wanna take off all your clothes and lay down on the cool marble floors.
So imagine his surprise, when Andy arrives sharp at 9 am to pick up your daughter, when he sees you wearing nothing but a cotton white sundress with little green flowers when you greet him at the door, nursing a cup of freshly brewed coffee.
He’s plenty surprised, he assured you with a simple once over. Cerulean eyes racking up your body, staring a little longer at your chest—nipples pebbled under the thin material—before his eyes meet with yours.
He pursed his lips as you stepped aside to let him in.
“Hey,” His deep voice close to your ear. Andy greets you in half-a-hug, palm lingering at your lower back, lips pressed delicately on your cheek. A small smile on his pink lips set between his beard, “You smell nice.”
“I do?” You ask rhetorically with a perfect smirk on your perfect lips. Running a hand down his bicep, eyeing the loose orange cotton button he wore. You leave his embrace keeping some distance.
This kind of greeting isn’t completely unusual, you always have that comfortable energy around each other. It took a long way to reach where you are after the divorce and the fighting and the partial hatred towards each other during the initial stages—like any other couple, you were constantly at each other’s throats.
But your little girl brought you together as a team. You were still parents, still had responsibilities that you both needed to uphold. So, with time and patience, you developed a sense of mutual respect—for her sake.
“I guess my birthday gift to you finally came out of that drawer of yours?” He asks, a bit intrigued as he follows you into the living room, pocketing his hands in his khaki pants.
Since the divorce, you’ve never used the gifts he gives you. That’s the one immature thing you’ve allowed yourself to keep. It’s something between a woman and her ex-husband. You know it’s petty. But the fact that he never stopped gifting you expensive artifacts on your birthday kind of warms your heart.
“You gifted that perfume to me?” Another question he didn’t need an answer to, he knows you know. “I don’t remember. I just ran out of my bottle.”
“Well, it suits you.” Ever the gentleman, he doesn’t call you out. A knowing smile on his face and he juts his chin to your coffee mug. “You got more of that?”
“Yeah, help yourself.”
“Woke up late, didn’t have the time to get the pot going this morning. Avery and I have got a big day planned ahead of us.”
“Well, you’re gonna need more than just coffee, then. I made danishes.”
Andy sighs, grateful for your generosity. Grabs you at arm’s length and presses a noisy kiss on your cheek, “You’re God sent!”
You sigh in relief, watching him disappear around the corner.
The only thing this whole ‘respecting each other’ ordeal does is blur the lines between both your personal boundaries, especially since you moved here. The two of you have gotten too comfortable with each other. You don’t let yourself dwell on it too much. But then he has to look at you a certain way. Be all touchy, feely. Kiss you on the cheek and smile all bright and beaming.
Bringing up your past like that when he got a whiff of your perfume? Make you wonder if he just flirted with you?
Yeah, you try not to think too much.
You dust it off, as you’re about to head over to the laundry room to get started on your chores when the doorbell rings. Walking over to the entrance, you open the door to reveal a delivery man—a rather handsome one at that.
He greets you with a charming smile, while he hands a package to you. It’s the last bit of your belongings that you’d left with your mother before the big move. She’d finally gotten the time to mail it to you.
“That’s a pretty big package.”
“Excuse me?” You nearly drop the box as you bend down to place it next to the door.
“I—I’m sorry didn’t mean it like that… I’ve never seen you around,” he fails miserably to cover up his innuendo.
“Oh?” you ask, feigning surprise, “Must’ve been ‘cause I just moved here.”
“Should have known, a pretty woman like you moves to town.” Is this how men in Newton flirt? You wanted to roll your eyes but you gave him a fake smile instead.
“Is there some sort of an alert system they have for this kind of thing at the postal office?”
He chuckles at your silly joke, takes the signing sheet from you. “I guess I just wanted an excuse to call you pretty.”
“I’m very flattered, thank y—”
Words die on your tongue when you feel a hand around your waist. You blink up, astonished. Andy’s by your side, a coffee cup in his hand, a little crumb of the pastry stuck to his beard. You can’t resist the urge to wipe it away, so you do. But you notice he’s glaring at the guy standing out the door. Pulling you closer into his body.
He pins him down, jaw set tight, you could tell, even with the thick beard covering it.
“They pay you to flirt with married women on the job?” Andy snarks, chin jutting up, nostrils flaring slightly, fucking definition of Alpha Male. You resist the urge to roll your eyes, wiggling in his grip you jab him in the stomach lightly.
“Andy,” it’s a light scolding tone.
“‘Cause I don’t think so.” Andy doesn’t budge, keeps himself rooted to the entryway, “One phone call to your office supervisor about customer harassment and you’ll be fired.”
“I—I was just talking,” The man fumbles, taking a step back.
“You really think I give a shit?”
“Oh, god.” You mumble, shaking your head, pinching the bridge of your nose. You remove Andy’s grip on your waist, “Leave him alone.” Click the door shut. Shouldering past his body, you walk to the other side of the room.
“What was that?” The amusement in your question and your smile makes him pull back.
“You had to wear that, didn’t you?” His voice cuts through your own, as he pumps his eyebrows, giving your attire another glance.
“It’s like a hundred degrees outside if you didn’t notice.” You scoff, “What is the matter with you, Andy?”
“What is the matter with me?” He retorts, as annoyed with you as he is, you still notice a hint of a smile, “What is the matter with you?”
“Andy, he was harmless. You didn’t have to go and threaten the man’s job.” You reasoned with him, “And I didn’t like what you said to him. I’m not a married woman. I’m not your wife.”
“I know,” He sighs, rolls his shoulder and takes a few steps to close the gap between you two, “But when I see another man flirting with you right in front of me? I gotta do something about it, honey.”
“Don’t be like that,” You stop him where he is with a hand on his chest.
“Like what?”
“Jealous, when I’m not yours to be jealous over.” Your eyes twinkle with so much light, he can’t help but try to get inside your head.
“You prance around the neighbourhood in these kinda dresses, too?” His question is paired with a raised eyebrow, fingers teasing the soft material at the hem that lies on the top of your thighs.
“Hmm, wouldn’t you like to know?” A troublesome smile on your lips; you don’t make a move to step away. Eyes on his arm, on the protruding veins under the pale skin and light dusting of hair.
“I would,” A condescending nod of his head, “That’s why I’m asking.”
“I’ll wear what I want.” Doesn’t answer his question but he decides not to pursue it.
“You wearing anything underneath this thing right now?”
It was a dangerous game he was playing and for some reason you let him—maybe ‘cause this is the only action you got in months. Maybe ‘cause his fingers skim up the skin of your bare thigh, reaching just under the hem of your skirt. Maybe ‘cause you were ready to throw caution to the window. Almost ready.
You meet his eyes finally, finding he was observing you this whole time.
A smirk on your lips, “I don’t think you reserve the right to know.”
Schooled him, used the lawyer jargon, butchering them completely and yet it brings a chuckle up his throat.
Just then, you hear soft footsteps walking down the stairs. Andy respectfully steps away and turns to face Avery.
“Hey, peanut.” The change in tone doesn’t go unnoticed by you. It’s amusing how that deep voice pulls something low in your belly. And yet the next moment, that softness he uses for your daughter makes it flutter all the same. Such a fucking contrast—you clear your throat and shake yourself out of your thoughts.
Andy meets her halfway up the stairs, gathering her small figure in his arms. “Are you ready to have a fun day with daddy?”
“Yes!” Her own arms go around his neck, as he carries her down.
“I’ll drop her off tomorrow, I guess?”
You pick the overnight bag resting on the couch and hand it over to Andy. His eyes linger on you a moment longer than necessary before you nod and walk over to the door.
“No extension for bedtime,” You warn Andy, “No matter how much this little monster pouts. I know how you can give in very easily.” You lightly pinch your daughter’s nose, bringing her down to kiss her cheek.
Andy clicks his lips, a mocking tone in his words, “What can I say? I like to spoil my girls.”
“Go.” You deadpan, shaking your head.
“Have fun, baby!” You wave a hand as Andy opens the door of his car, strapping her in the car seat along with placing her bag in the back, too.
“We will!” He yells back.
“I was talking to her!” You hear Avery’s giggles as she waves a hand at you, you press a kiss to your hand sending it her way.
One last look at you as Andy opens the door of the car and you wiggle your fingers, saying bye to him before you shut your door.
The wood is suddenly cold against your skin as your back meets the door. Sighing you close your eyes and the only image that flashes in your mind is the look Andy gave you. Dark eyes, pools of coral blue. Like he wanted to swallow you whole, then and there.
Like he was staring right through your little dress and into your soul. Ready to devour you.
You tried not to give it much thought. What good would it cause, thinking of your ex-husband like that? But goddamn him and those bedroom eyes he kept making at you. And the way he possessively held you close. Made you crave him in a way you hadn’t in a long time.
But it’s not just today—albeit the circumstances and the choice of outfit. Ever since moving, seeing him on a regular basis was your new normal. And he’s seen you being a mess around the house. And yet he always looked at you like he was seconds away from pouncing on you. Even for those countless times when you didn’t give a shit about your appearances.
The heat was crippling, you needed to get out of this fucking dress and take a cold shower to freeze your nerves. Clothes piled in the middle of the bathroom, you step under the shower, turning on the tap.
You don’t even wait for the water to get started. The whole point is to fight off the heat. You shiver at the first onslaught of the cold, biting spray. A steady pressure building on your blazing skin to numb it completely. Pushing your hair away from your forehead, you face the showerhead hoping the water washes off your thoughts. But it’s when you rub your thighs together you feel the sticky warmth coating the insides—the heat started right there; right when Andy arrived at your door.
Your hands slip down your neck, past your breasts. A shudder passing through when your fingers skim over your sensitive nipple, following the rivulets of water cascading down your body.
You whimper softly when you reach your mound. God, you don’t know why you’re fighting this. If you could just drive him away from your mind, you’d be happy to touch yourself, relieve the storm building in your guts. But you can’t.
You don’t want to think about Andy. You don’t want to think how he used to make you feel. How he touched you, how he held you. How he—
You don’t want to go down that rabbit hole.
But the shower didn’t help with getting rid of Andy and the thoughts that tagged along with him. Maybe, if you busy yourself with some chores? There’s a week’s worth of laundry and you could clean out the backyard. Shop online for some home decor items. Drown him out with music, watch trashy TV shows and get caught up on the most recent novel. Go grocery shopping for some snacks for your book club with Amelia.
Except all you did during this whole time was think about him.
Your friend arrives around 7 pm, her enthusiastic attitude and a toothy smile greeting you. You two of you catch up on your week, while wine is being poured and snacks are shuffled in large bowls. Settling on the couch, you both get to reading. Sitting on opposite ends, her feet nudging your calves.
You’re trying to concentrate on the printed words, but you’ve been on page 67 ever since you opened the book. And Amelia noticed that.
“What’s wrong with you? You haven’t mentioned anything about how much the book sucks in twenty minutes.”
“I—nothing’s wrong with me.”
“Girl,” She kicks your calf, “You know you can tell me anything, right?”
One perfectly arched auburn brow and it means get straight to the point. You know better than to beat around the bush when you’re with Amelia.
“It’s Andy.”
“What did he do now?”
“Nothing! He did nothing. I don’t know what he’s playing at but every time I see him, I just wanna—”
"Stick a knife in his throat?” Reading too much horror has gone into her head.
“What? No!” You exclaimed, “I just wanna jump his bones.”
“Are you saying that you wanna get back together with him?”
“No, this is just physical. Nothing inherently emotional.”
“So, you just wanna get laid?” She shrugged, “There are plenty of straight, eligible men in Newton for that.”
“I don’t think anyone would cut it.”
“C'mon Andy can’t be that good. It’s just some plain ol’ hetero sex.” She chortled.
“Andy is… good.” You clear your throat in an attempt to let this conversation pass.
“How good?”
You should know better, Amelia likes to prod.
“Pretty good.” You bite the inside of your cheek, stealing a sip of your pink wine. Your cheeks heat up from the sudden rush. The images that flash in your mind were far from just pretty good.
How would you even begin to explain sex with Andy?
“He was—is incredible in bed.” All you needed was a little liquor courage. “Always, always treated me like I was some goddess. God, the foreplay was an experience with him. He didn’t half-ass anything. All he had to do was give me one look and I’d feel my insides melting. We just had this great chemistry from the beginning. It was never enough with him. God, the countless parties we left because one of us just drove the other insane like we just had to have each other. And I don’t even wanna get started on his—” you point a finger at your crotch.
“Oh god,” She shakes her head, chuckling, then she joins her hands together, “Tell me when—” And she starts increasing the distance between them.
You run a hand over your face, blushing madly. Grabbing a pillow you smack her straight in the face until she stops that action.
“Unbelievable.” You giggle.
"Okay, babe, jokes aside.” She straightens up, “I gotta be honest with you, it’s a bad idea.”
“You think I don’t know that?”
Tumblr media
After Amelia leaves, you continue watching the movie you’d put on for a while but soon decide to go to bed. It’s around 11 pm when you’re done with your nighttime routine. When you head over to your dresser to get something to wear you stop right in your tracks. Glare at your empty bed.
Something about it frustrates you. Tells you sleep isn’t going to come easy tonight when all you want to do is shut down the world. Shut down your brain and fall into a blissful sleep.
Bliss, that’s what you need.
You groan and untie the rob you wore. Dropping it on the floor, you climb onto the bed. Falling face first you muffle a scream into the pillow, it’s more like a whine. Irritated one, at that.
Andy’s face flashing in your mind, and you don’t even try to block him out at this point. You’re tired of trying to come out of that trance.
When you close your eyes, all you remember are the times he took you apart. You miss it, the fucking. The manhandling, the bruises he left every time. The way he touched you, ate you like it was his last time. The way he whispered dirty secrets when he was buried deep inside you.
A weak moan and you’re shuffling to sit in a comfortable position. Back resting on the plush headboard and the pillows. Your warm hand immediately settles on your breast, pulling and pinching at the soft flesh, nipples hardening in seconds. While the other hand snakes down your body, skin scorching hot under your fingertips. And it makes you wonder.
When was the last time you did this?
The fact that you don’t even remember is enough to make you forget everything. You’ve been hot and bothered since morning, a little relief couldn’t hurt anyone. And if you’re thinking about your ex-husband, then no one has to know.
You spread your legs, digits centimetres away from where you want them most. A soft sigh parting your lips when you tweak your nipple and finally dip between your folds.
And you’re wet. Goddamn, you’re wet.
And you wish it were Andy who was touching you. His fingers that, were spreading your wetness all over your cunt. His fingers, that were circling your nub. Thick and expert digits that were entering your throbbing heat.
You mumble a soft plea, and it disappears into the dimly lit room. No one to heed it but you.
Your stomach clenches when you start pumping your fingers in and out, slow and steady. Your head drops back and you moan his name. God, you’re so desperate for a release. So lost in thought. It makes you sob, fingers brush over that delicate spot inside you. Walls fluttering around them, eyes pinching shut, more broken moans spending out of your lips. Suddenly, you turn around, flip yourself over. You grab a pillow and nestle it between your thighs, fisting it. While your other hand grips the headboard hard enough to tear through the soft material.
And then you start grinding, curses spilling from your mouth. Head thrown back as you find yourself willingly losing a battle to the pleasure building inside you. There’s a wet patch on the pillow, growing bigger and bigger, the more your arousal seeps out. Your clit catches the soft fabric of the pillow, making you moan louder than before. Enough to wake up the whole neighbourhood.
You’re such a mess, tears burning behind your eyelids, lip trapped between your teeth, hips unrelenting as you chase your high. You’re right there, right on the precipice.
Soft whispers of “C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon—”
That’s when your phone rings, bringing you out of your reverie.
“Oh, come on!” You scream, probably popping a vein in your neck. Part of you wants to ignore it but a much bigger part of you thinks—what if it’s an emergency? Panting you scramble to pick up the device from the nightstand. Swiping hard to pick up when you see it’s Amelia’s wife.
“Hi?” You hope you don’t sound as breathless as you feel.
It’s your friend’s voice that greets you, “Hey, I think I forgot my phone at your place. I’ll get there in a few minutes to get it. Hope you weren’t sleeping.”
No, I wasn’t. But I was busy taking care of some business.
Sighing heavily, you respond, “Yeah, I’ll be at the door.” You end the call and fall back on your bed, bouncing a few times with the spring. You close your eyes and try not to think of how close you were to your impending orgasm. Try to collect yourself before getting up to put on some clothes.
Yeah, sleep is definitely not coming easy tonight.
Tumblr media
“Now you’re doing this just to spite me, honey.”
That’s what Andy greets you with when you open the door for him. Your daughter is asleep, cheek pressed to his shoulder as he walks past you. You take her bag from his hand to help him unload some of the weight. You laugh inwardly, closing the door as you stare at his back.
“Doing what?” You ask, feigning surprise. A sort of innocence on your face that doesn’t go unnoticed when he looks at you over his shoulder.
“Don’t tell me you didn’t wear that on purpose.” He says, eyes racking over your figure, clad in another one of your sundresses. A blue one, with little white butterflies.
“It’s still hot,” you roll your eyes, padding over to him. Your lousy excuse makes him chuckle. Both of you fall in step as you make your way up to your daughter’s room. Andy kneels to lay her down on the bed, tucking her in while you wait at the door. Shoulder resting on the frame, arms across your chest.
There’s something so precious about watching these two. A smile pulls up at your lips. Your move to be closer to Andy has definitely made him an attentive father. He really stepped up when it came to her. And you’re happy he’s been living up to his promise. That’s the only way this whole arrangement can be justified.
A feather-light touch removes the hair from her face and Andy leans down to kiss her forehead. Rubbing soothing circles there, whispering, “Goodnight, peanut. Love you.”
He walks over to you, a heartwarming smile on his lips. “She is out like a light.”
“Yeah,” he nods, as the two of you step outside. “She had a busy day.”
“What did you two do?”
You’re both walking down the stairs. For some reason, your heart is jumping up to your throat with each descend. He takes a lead, and he’s already at the foot of the steps. While you’re a few steps up, an arm and hip resting on the railing.
“Oh, you know, took her fishing.”
You knew what their plans were. What kind of parent would you be if you didn’t? Andy had informed you about it. He had rented his colleague’s cabin for the weekend since Avery had been insisting on going fishing.
“Finally!” You pat a hand on your thigh, rolling your eyes. The exaggerated gesture made him chuckle.
“Yeah, she was very excited. Caught us some dinner. Today we went exploring in the woods. Just so you know, she has a big batch of pinecones in her backpack.” He said, “Then we watched Disney movies, not past curfew. We made a fine weekend out of it.”
“I’m glad you both had fun.” You smiled at him, taking a step down.
And it seemed like you were in some sort of a staring contest. Breath bated, gaze un-bated. When he licks his lip though, your eyes tail the movement. You unconsciously bite your own bottom lip.
Before you know it you’re talking—
“Would you like to stay for a drink?”
A sudden intake of a long breath on his part tells you he wasn’t expecting you to say that. It felt like aeons had passed before he nodded, pocketing the car keys you now noticed were already fiddling in his hands.
When you’re off the stairs and your back is to him, that’s when you release the breath you’d been holding. He follows you into the kitchen, close on your tail. Your small wine shelf is filled with expensive bottles, all thanks to your job—clients get very generous when you help them find their dream homes. You pick a good one for the two of you. Andy is standing near the sink, a rather respectful space between the two of you. Sadly, you’re going to have to close it since the wine glasses are on the cupboard next to him.
You hand him the bottle and a corkscrew, silently asking him to open it. While he does that, you open the doors of the cabinet and raise to your toe to grab the glasses.
And well, your dress manoeuvres a couple of inches up your legs. Andy can’t not notice it. The bottle nearly slips from his grip and he exhales a scoff that also sounds like a chuckle.
“What’s under that dress, sweetheart?”
Your eyes slightly widen, thankful that you’re not facing him.
A smile curls at your lips, “Just a little bit of sunshine.”
Andy’s hearty laugh plays out evoking a bunch of butterflies in your belly while you still try to reach up, failing when you barely brush over the foot of the glassware.
“God fucking damnit!” You hear a small clink sound when he places the bottle on the counter.
“Can’t reach the glasses?” He asks teasingly. You roll your eyes and make a move to step aside when you feel him turn, a hand goes around your waist while the other one rises up to get two glasses. “There.”
“Thanks,” You mutter, backing up.
“How do you normally reach ‘em?” Blue gaze dancing across your features, tone still mocking you. Though it’s all light-hearted.
“I use a stool, although I can’t find it, right now.”
Of course. The words are right on the tip of his tongue, but he holds them back. Not wanting to embarrass you further.
“Why don’t you settle down on the couch?” You suggest, “I’ll be right back.”
In the bathroom, you clasp the edge of the counter, staring at your reflection in disbelief. Shake your head at what you’re about to do.
“Am I really doing this?” You ask yourself, “This will not turn out well. Amelia will say ‘I told you so’. But do I really care?”
The dilation of your eyes gave you the answer. You splash some cold water on your face, to tame the heat a little bit. Wipe it with a towel and just as you squeeze the knob to open the door you stop.
“I am doing this.” Then you reach under your skirt and slip out of your underwear. They land right in the laundry basket.
There he is, sitting on your couch looking so fucking good in a pair of jeans stretching amazingly around his thighs and a grey henley taut around his broad chest and shoulders, defining his abs. Legs spread like he’s inviting you to sit on his thighs, one arm around the back of the couch, the other holding a glass of wine.
As you approach to sit at the far end of the sofa, he shifts closer to hand you the same glass. If there’s ever a question of who came onto who, what would be the answer?
Is it you? Because you asked him to stay for an innocent little drink.
Or is it him? Because he sat just a little closer when you meant to keep your distance.
“Thank you,” you take the delicate glass from his grasp, surprised that your hands weren’t shaking as they were when you walked into the living room. “And thanks again for taking her out this weekend.”
“You have to stop saying that, honey.” His smile is lazy as he takes a sip. “I’m her father, I’m supposed to be a co-parent.”
“I know, I just wanted to let you know that I’m glad to have you in our lives again.” You admitted, sitting comfortably with one of your legs folded under you, “I’m not going to lie, Andy, I was really scared about the move. About your commitment. But you haven’t given me a reason to be disappointed.”
“Honey, I promise, I’ll never disappoint either of you ever again.” He’d made this promise before, on that Christmas visit, and he made it now, too. Holding your gaze in a way that told you he’s sincere. “Are you still scared?”
I am, of what you’re doing to me. You bite that thought and kill it then and there. Swallowing it down with the wine.
“No, not anymore.” You purse your lips, “Newton’s beginning to feel like home again.”
“I’m glad.” He said, then pats his knuckles on your thigh—it’s innocent, he doesn’t linger. “Hey, you remember our first home here?”
“Oh, God, that shitty apartment!” You recall, a grin automatically pulling at your lips.
“Oh, man. We made some good memories there.”
“It was a nightmare, Andy! What are you talking about?” You laugh, “There was a shortage of water. Somehow all the lights used to switch off if we touched even on fucking button. Oh, the shouting neighbours! And did you forget about the raccoon problem?”
“Still, those were the best years of our relationship.” Those eyes, smiling, showing age. But all you could see was the younger version of him. “Don’t you think so?”
“Yes, they were.” You clear your throat.
Conversation flows and so does the wine. You don’t keep a count of it, you don’t think he is either. Somehow, you’re sitting even closer to him than before. Faces smiling and laughing, hearts thrumming with a pleasant buzz the wine provides. The two of you reminisce about the past—the good and happy memories.
And it’s so familiar. To be with him like this.
“I’ve missed this,” he says after retelling another funny story. The laughter has died down, only comfortable silence in the atmosphere. His pinky finger tickles yours to grab your attention, “I’ve missed you.”
“Me too,” you give the faintest of smiles, cheeks positively glowing with the effects of alcohol rushing to your face.
“Really?” There’s an edge to his voice, deep and you think, sad even.
“Yeah,” you rest your palm on the back of his, a gentle squeeze to assure him.
“Then how come you barely called me back when you were in Seattle?”
“Shit, no. We’re having a good time.” He shakes his head, lowers his eyes. It tugs at your heart that you can’t provide him with an answer. “I shouldn’t have brought it up. I’m sorry.”
“I did miss you, Andy.” It’s better when the words are said rather than agreeing with them. You’re earnest and honest. “Some days were just too hard to go by without you. I missed you every day… but there were days when I needed you, really.”
“—And I looked for you in our little angel’s face, in her eyes and it made me feel better.”
God, you’re making him fall in love with you all over again. Not that he ever stopped loving you. Fuck no. The reason why you separated wasn’t the fact that you fell out of love with each other. That’s what broke your hearts in the first place. Love never fizzled out.
Hand engulfed in yours, Andy tugs you a little closer, a little more. An emotion in his eyes that reminded you of all those times he looked at you with nothing but lust swimming in them.
“C’mere,” You almost don’t catch it but the next thing you know, his hand is on your waist, the other curling around your thigh helping you get up to straddle him. Lips meeting in a sudden kiss, hot and moulding perfectly. Fingers disappearing into his hair, soft brown locks that you longed to touch. Softer lips you were dying to kiss. He understands the urgency, because he felt it, too.
“What are we doing?” He chuckles into the kiss.
“I don’t know,” You pant, “Just let it happen, please, Andy.”
Tongue swiping into his mouth to taste the remnants of the wine. Easy moans muffled by each other. He holds you closer, tilts his head up to kiss you even deeper. But you don’t dare to sit on his thighs—hyper-aware of your bareness that will definitely rub on his crotch as soon as you make contact.
What if he pulls away? What if he decides he’s had too much wine? What if he regrets this kiss? As much as it hurts to think about it, it’s a possibility. You don’t want to embarrass yourself further by leaving a wet patch on him.
But then his hands slide down to your ass, grabbing your flesh through the dress, moaning when he realises nothing else lies beneath to cover you.
“Now I’m pretty sure you’re not wearing any panties, honey.” The hitch in your breath has him twitching in his jeans.
“Touch me and find out.” A hurried whisper, you take his hand, licking your lips, and guide it under the skirt. But he stops with a squeeze on your waist.
Oh, no. Here comes the rejection. You’ve made a fool of yourself—
“Honey, how drunk are you?”
“Drunk enough to know that I want this,” You cup his cheek, caressing his scruffy cheek with your thumb.
“I just don’t want you to regret this.”
“I won’t, I swear.” You seal it with a kiss and he lets you show the way—to your pussy, to his heaven. “Touch me, please.”
“Christ,” he clenched his jaw at the first contact, forehead pressed onto yours as he relishes your slick folds, sticky and warm and God, it feels like he’s dreaming this entire thing. “You’re so wet, you’re soaking.”
You could only whimper in response, head falling onto his shoulder as he kept dragging his digits over your folds, coating them thoroughly with your wetness.
A deep chuckle resonates from his chest, “I wonder what made you so wet, honey?”
The fist that had his shirt in your grab came down in his chest a little forcefully. He laughs at your expense, pressing a kiss to your head.
“Andy…” you sob, “Don’t tease me, please.”
“Alright, I won’t tease ya.” He makes you look at him with a gentle hand on your cheek, bringing your lips down to meet him in a slow kiss—and it’s dizzying, your heart brimming. He kisses you like you were his all this time. Tongue once again prying your mouth open, touching the roof of it, runs along with your teeth, your tongue. Noses pressed uncomfortably, barely able to breathe but he can’t stop.
The idea of parting from you—it fucking scares him.
But then he’s sliding his fingers into your heat and you part away with a gasp. Your jaw hangs open, hand squeezing the back of his neck. The intrusion is familiar like he’s been doing this all this time. But he senses the tension in your thighs as you struggle to move.
“Relax for me, baby.” A reassuring squeeze to your ass from his hand under your dress. That’s all it takes.
He kisses you some more, pumping his fingers in and out. Knuckles dragging and stroking your walls. Your moans sound like his favourite song.
He groans at the wet noises your pussy makes, “Fuck, the number of times I thought about you, honey.” You mewl, add a slow roll of your hip, “Touched myself when I missed you too much.”
A soft sigh of his name, head tilting back and exposing your smooth neck. He sinks his teeth over the jumping vein there, plants sloppy, hot kisses up to the curvature of your jaw.
“Can I ask you something?” he asks, beard grazing the sensitive skin raw and red. Continues his job to fuck you with his fingers. You mindlessly nod, swallowing the lump in your throat. “When was the last time you got off?”
“I don’t remember…” You swivel your hips, unaware of the words slipping out of you. It’s all your hindbrain, it takes over your tongue for you. “Long time ago.”
“Last time you touched yourself?”
“Last night…” again, it’s your hindbrain that responds.
It’s when his movements stop and his fingers leave your soaping cunt that you come to your senses and realise what you just said. Groaning into his neck, you’re ashamed to meet his eyes. You don’t know why.
“Who’d you think of?”
“Who did you think of?”
Oh, God, he’s making you face him again.
“You, okay? I thought of you.” And somehow his pupils dilate even further. Pitch black and you want them to consume you.
It all escalates from there. He growls, low and feral, grabs you by the back of your neck. Mouths clash once again, and this time it’s frenzied. Lips tearing each other apart, teeth knocking, breath sucking. His hands travel up your bare back. The warmth seeping into your flaming hot skin. Deft fingers undo the tie at the base to rid you of your dress. God, this fucking dress. You may be innocent of your crimes of wearing it yesterday, but you knew what you were doing tonight.
The way it left nothing to his imagination. He couldn’t drive that thought away until he left your house.
The dress pool around your waist, nothing barring him from your body. But he sits back, as mesmerizing as your breasts to his hungry eyes are, he remains put. Though he won’t stop staring at them. Nipples hardened, chest heaving as the sudden cool air washes over them.
“You were needy, weren’t you?” He asks with a patronizing hum. Gaze meeting your own, “Touching yourself, moaning my name? Did you come?”
“I couldn't—” you shake your head. Goosebumps erupting on your skin when he placed a warm palm on your breast, pinched your nipple. “Andy…”
“Poor baby,” Again with that condescending tone.
This is the Andy you were hoping he brings out. The one who teases you with his words alone. The one who tells you how much of a needy little thing your cunt could be—fuck, yes, she’s needy. You’re not going to be discreet about it.
“How did you do it?” His question makes you blink in confusion, “Use your pretty little fingers? Or did you use a toy?”
“I don’t have a toy.” He smirks, waiting for you to tell him. Heat crawls up your neck, all the way to your cheeks, you timidly mumble, “I used a pillow.”
“A pillow?” A bigger, coquettish smile set amongst his beard, he licks his kiss bitten lips. Lifts one of your legs to slot the hard muscle of his jeans-clad thigh between yours and makes you sit on it. “Better than a pillow?”
A rushed breath later you start grinding, “God, yes!”
So much better than your soft pillows. The worn-out material is still rough against your aching core as you give it all you have. Rolling your hips with a conviction you’ve never felt before. All you think of is how you couldn’t come the other night. Crying out when your clit met the fabric. Burying your face into his neck.
“You’re gonna make a mess, sweetheart?” You hiccup in response.
“Gotta work harder,” He says, and then you hear a ripping sound of cloth—it makes you stop. Looking down, you see your dress lying in shreds around him. “Sorry, it was far too sexy on you.”
“Andy!” With a sharp smack on your ass, he has you gasping and grinding once again. Like a fucking machine that has an on and off switch.
Pulling you closer, he leans down to capture your breast in his mouth, warm and inviting. His beard, coarse and biting. Rubbing your tender flesh raw all the while laving his tongue over it, soothing the burn. The other one meets the unyielding roughness of his palm, squeezing hard, fingers digging into the supple flesh, and tweaking the nipple almost to the point of pain.
But you’ll take it. You’ll accept the pain because it comes with pleasure, too.
You missed him so much. And it’s so good to be wanted again by him when no one else has been able to make you feel the way he does.
It doesn’t take much after that, you roll your hips a few more times. Grind the bundle of nerves. Your walls clenching and unclenching around nothing—and you’re coming within seconds. Removing his face away from your chest, you kiss him again to muffle the loud moan just about to escape you. Andy makes you shift back, hands on your hips and eyes on the mess you made on his thigh.
“Perfect.” You’re probably far from it, but his heated gaze on your naked expanse forces you to agree with him.
You get off his lap to stand on shaky legs, thighs burning with exhaustion.
“We’re far from done, Mr Barber.” He takes the hand you offered. Although he knows you can’t physically pull him, he gets up on his own.
A smile on his lips as he trails behind you. He grabs your waist, steals a few kisses on your neck and shoulder. The delightful giggle that bubbles up to your lips makes his heart burst with joy. How he missed that sound. How he missed making you laugh.
You’re halfway to your bedroom when Andy stops.
“I don’t have protection.”
You smirk at him over your shoulder, a sexy bite of your lip, “Don’t worry about that.”
“If you say so, honey.”
Soon, you’re in your bed while he’s still standing at the foot of it. There’s something deeply exciting about the fact that you’re completely naked, while all his clothes are intact. But he should hurry up and get out of them.
“Strip, now.” The commanding tone is such a turn on, he grunts while palming the tent in the confines of his jeans.
While discarding his shirt, Andy asks, “What’s something that you always wanted to try in bed?”
“That we never did?”
He nods. His question makes you ponder as you rise on your elbows. There are a lot of things you and Andy have done in bed and well, in public, too. It really makes you work your brain when you get to thinking while he’s getting out of his jeans and boxers.
Your eyes land on his cock, and it looks achingly hard, flushed pretty pink at the tip. Veins adorning it. The head is leaking and he touches himself for the first time tonight, lips parting in a languid moan because he’s throbbing and sensitive.
God, you missed that cock. Wondrous, thick and just big enough for you.
A knowing smile shot at you that says gotcha.
“Huh?” You were staring. “Right!”
Eyes roaming around his face instead of focusing on his cock and then it clicks. There actually is something you’ve never tried with Andy.
“Lie down,” You said, getting up. “On your back.”
He doesn’t question you, just goes with it. He sighs when the soft sheets meet his back, settling amongst the mountain of pillows. You straddle his waist once again, dropping yourself on his dick to grind down on him. He curses under his breath, holding you to stop your movements. If you’re ever going to finish what you’re about to say, then you shouldn’t tease him like this. But you remove his hands and place them above his head. Biceps flexing as you do so.
“Don’t move ‘em.”
A dangerously low chuckle that makes your insides tingle, “Yes, ma’am.”
You continue rubbing yourself, coating him in your wetness. He jerks his hips to meet yours but you pin with a look. Some things never change, he thinks to himself.
Eyes roaming the stretch of his broad chest, covered in a coarse dusting of neat hair. Specks of red blanketing him in a flush all the way up to his neck and under his beard. The flimsy silver chain he wears lies between the hollow of his collarbones. Your hands tracing the muscles, the hard ridges; anticipation is driving him crazy. But he waits.
You lean down to what he thinks is to kiss him, but instead your hot breath fans over his ear, teeth playfully biting the shell.
“I wanna ride your face,” Andy sighs as soon as the words come out of your mouth. Eyes closed, repeating them in his head one more time. When you straighten up to gauge his reaction, you’re met with such a wide smile.
“By all means,” Hands resting under his head, the cock-sure grin never leaving him. You roll your eyes playfully, dragging your knees up and up and up until your cunt is hovering right above his face.
“You’ll tell me if I’m suffocating you?” Doubt fizzling your muddled thoughts, now that you are where you want to be.
“Just sit on my face, honey.” He runs his smart mouth.
Oh well, you’re about to shut him up.
The first swipe of his tongue, the first kiss of his lips on your heated pussy, leaves you gasping. From there on, you grab the frame of the headboard in one hand, the other clutching at his hair and then once again, you’re grinding your heat—only this time on his face. Your thighs are aching from before but when Andy readily heeds your request, you can’t say no.
His gorgeous face was meant to be sat on. You don’t know how the two of you didn’t think of doing this before. His beard chafes the tender skin of your inner thighs, burning so good—you sob between your ragged breaths.
“That feel good, honey?”
Otherworldly, spectacular, fan-fucking-tastic.
But all you can manage is a whimper, stomach pulling and fluttering as you barely meet his lips. His tongue grazes over your folds, you’re suddenly very squirmish. Shy, even.
Andy smirks under you, hands grabbing your ass, moulding the globes before he fimrly pulls you down on his mouth. Tongue flattening to lick a broad strip between your folds. A scream of his name, head thrown back in ecstasy. Pink lips sucking at your clit, pink tongue rolling it teasingly. He’s always been good at that, always been generous when it comes to giving you earth-shattering orgasms with his mouth alone.
Groaning against you as a new wave of slick coats his taste buds, Andy slowly shakes his head, side to side, making your thighs clench around his face. Sucks your clit, flicking it, too. Spanks your ass to really get you going. You shamelessly rock your cunt on his face, like a kitten high on catnip. No room for inhibitions.
Soft grunts emitted from his end, needy whimpers from yours. Andy opens his eyes, which he never realised when he closed them, to look at you. Parted lips and a delicate frown between your eyebrows—all your focus on seeking yet another high.
When Andy asked what’s something you wanted to try, what he didn’t catch was the “we never did” end of your response.
You have sat on a face before. Back in Seattle with a one night stand. The man had blonde hair and blue eyes, physic as closely as your partly drunken mind could compare to Andy. However, he was missing the beard.
That man was the best sex you’d had in years after separating from Andy. So, the fact that you couldn’t remember his name was kinda eating at you. Even while you were rubbing yourself on your gorgeous ex-husband right now.
You feel yourself edging closer, your overworked thighs shaking and ready to give out. Forehead resting on the headboard, you cry out when he asks if you’re close. His nose nudges the hood of your clit before he catches it between his lips, sucking wildly. The added nip hurtling you straight towards another release.
Then something flashes in your memory. And the moment it does, a strange name is tumbling out of your mouth before you could bite your tongue—
Like a light bulb went off above your head. Your eyes widen, palm clamping your mouth shut with a gasp.
When a name other than his graces his ears, Andy pulls away. He pushes you to sit on his torso. The tip of his flushed nose, his mouth and beard glistening with your arousal. He’s quick to move under you. Flips the two of you over. Dark, glimmering eyes tracing your entire face.
“Did you just moan another man’s name?” His eyes narrowed slits, as he settles over you.
The dark room masks your tiny smirk but he can tell you’re not sorry for what you just did.
“So what if I did?”
Oh, you’re such a minx.
“What would you do if I’d said another woman’s name?”
“I’ll be very mad. Ask you to leave.” Curt. Straightforward. Confident.
“Shouldn’t I leave since you just did that?” He backs away from you, thighs spreading, cock hard and resting on his torso, his body high and mighty casting a shadow upon you.
“It’s really up to you, Andy.” Look who’s condescending now.
You giggled, moving your palms tantalizingly from your knees to your inner thighs, as you opened them wide. His eyes follow. God, you’re wet and dripping down there. Invitingly, so. Like a moth to a flame, he wants to bury his face between your legs once again. “Do you wanna leave?”
Does he really care about his ego?
He answers his own question when he growls lowly. Partly annoyed with himself, partly with you. But he’s wholly devoted to this night.
He’s pushing your legs further apart, fingers dig into the muscles of your thighs marking them no doubt before his face is flushed against your heat. Eating you with a newfound fervour. Like he wants to wipe the existence of any other man who’s ever been here. Between your thighs. Hands, mouth, dick. Everything.
Every trace is gone as he makes you scream and cry and moan. Wrecks your body from the inside out. Back arching and hips thrashing against the sheets. Moving away when he sucks your cunt in his mouth ravenously. You close your thighs around his head but he growls like an animal in heat. His hard, broad shoulders keeping your legs apart, giving your muscles a painful stretch—it fucking hurts but so does his pride. So you let him have his way. It only costs you when he rips his mouth from you right before you are about to come apart.
His hard stare is enough to shut you up before you even try to voice your complaint. He quickly separates from your pussy, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.
Then he’s switching positions once again, handling you in a way that has both of you kneeling. You’re facing the wall opposite the bed, back to his chest. Arms behind, locked at your elbows as he lodges an arm between your back and hands. Chest pushed out. The stretch is uncomfortable but you awakened that dominant side in him when you said someone else’s name in bed.
“You’ve really hurt my feelings, honey.” Cock rubbing between your ass. He holds the base of it, bites down on your shoulders.
“I don’t think begging for my cock is enough,” he grumbles, lining himself with your soaking folds, running it along them.
“But I should fuck you until you pass out,” he cups your jaw, turning your face to lick inside your mouth. The thick head of his cock is entering your heat. And he’s sliding home in one fluid motion.
Fuck, your cunt feel like his homecoming.
Gripping him so tight he feels himself swelling impossibly hard inside you. Swallowing him again and again as he picks up a steady rhythm. He’s fucking you longingly. Grunting right next to your ears, touching and grabbing everywhere his free hand can reach.
And then he’s fucking you hard and fast. You’re left to take the brunt of his hips meeting your ass at a punishing pace. Thick thighs rapidly slapping against the back of yours. The only sound in the room apart from your sighs.
“What’s my name?”
A resounded chuckle leaves your lips at that, Andy slows down suddenly, plunging deep, punching the air out of your lungs with each thrust. It’s slow and hard, now. Slow and so fucking hard—there’s no way you could utter a single word, throat choked up every time he bottoms out.
“Whats my fuckin’ name, honey?” He pops open your jaw with one hand, mouth parting. Fingers rubbing your clit in a way that contrasts his pace, fast and slippery, bringing you right towards the edge and you’re about to go hurtling headfirst—
He stops, you scream, “Andy!”
“That’s right.” He pants, “I expect you to say my name when I’m balls deep inside your pussy.” He begins pumping once again, more like grinding his hips against your ass, coarse chest hair, damp and rubbing over the smooth plains of your back, he pulls you taut against his body, moulding you together.
“I expect you to be screaming it so loud your next-door neighbours should think you’re in real danger, sweetheart,” he grunts, a single sound of skin clapping against skin rings around. His hot breath near the shell of your ears brings a shiver down your body when he speaks, voice deep, relaxed. “Now, will you do that? Or do I have to school you again?”
Your thighs shake, a single sob stealing out of your trembling mouth as you nod your head but it’s not quite what he wants. He squeezes one of your breasts, pinches the nipple rather punishingly, tuts mockingly.
“Yes, I will. I will.”
“Good girl.”
Andy doesn’t stop until you’re quite literally screaming his name like he wanted you to. He pulls orgasms after orgasms from your quivering cunt even after you beg you can’t come anymore.
Wetness trickling down either side of your thighs as his fingers on your clit never cease their movements. You come once again for the fifth time, or was it the sixth? Clenching down on his cock like a vice, he follows you too. Releasing inside you with a deep groan muffled into the junction of your neck. His hips stutter a moment longer than necessary and you’re almost afraid he’s ready to go again. You try to pull away from his hold.
“We’re done, baby, we’re done.” He assures you, removes the hair that mats your forehead due to sweat beading there. Soothingly runs a hand down your side.
A gruff laugh from him, as your body sags against his. An unexpected flutter of your walls when his fingers collect the stickiness drooling down your legs. Once again, he forcibly opens your mouth and shoves his fingers in.
A tired muddled moan around his digits at the salty taste. Your head feels dizzy, and your body feels like it’s made of jelly. When he pulls out, he catches you before you fall headfirst into the mattress. You chuckle lightly at your predicament, sweaty back meeting the cool sheets. More of your combined releases seep out of your cunt. But neither of you bother cleaning up. Too sated to move as the two of you settle against each other, limbs lazily tangling and sprawled.
“Hey, so, I think I drank a little too much of that wine.” Andy says. You turn your head to look at him, see if he has a point.
“Do you mind if I stay over?”
You roll your eyes and smack his chest. That answers his silly little question. And the last thing you hear before you fall into a blissful sleep is his hearty laugh echoing around the room.
Tumblr media
if you’ve made it this far, debate: who came onto whom? lol
i hope you enjoyed reading! as always, feedback is greatly appreciated! :)
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chloefranco · 2 years ago
You’re it
Nicholas Scratch x Reader
Requested by @cxxl-gall:”Idk if you do requests but you should do a reader x nick from season 2 sabrina where he gets jealous over Harvey constantly making a point on how they used to date because i was living for that “Harry” “It’s Harvey” shit lol” 
Based off season 2 but I changed a few things, I hope that’s okay. Don’t come for me lol
Tumblr media
    You were all helping your cousin Sabrina with her problem with the Dark Lord. Word got out that the Dark Lord has returned in his angelic form. And that he wants Sabrina to be his Queen. Your stomach churned as you took in the news Ambrose told you all. Your Aunties were obviously against it and vowed to do everything it takes to protect Sabrina as well as you and Ambrose. Your boyfriend Nick offered to help and came to your house pretty quickly. 
“We’ll built a protection around the house.” Auntie Zee said holding her cigarette.”Chop chop. Nicholas, you can put those strapping shoulders of yours to good use and help.”
    Nick squeezed your hand before joining Ambrose at the front yard. You watched anxiously as they built a protection. “(Y/N), we need to find out where in Greendale the Dark Lord is.” Nick said, touching your shoulder. “The more we know, the more prepared we’ll be.”
“Okay, I’ll tell Sabrina.” You said.
“(Y/N)!” Harvey called out as he got out of his truck alongside Theo and Roz. 
“Harvey! Guys.”
“Harry.” Nick said with an unamused look.
“It’s Harvey.”
“You guys, what are you doing here? It’s not safe.” Sabrina said coming forward.
“Are you the real Sabrina?” Harvey said taking cautious steps forward.
“What do you mean?” 
“Or are you the Sabrina that tried to kill us and turn us into vegetables?” Roz said.
“Yeah, but don’t worry I killed her.” Theo said.
“Oh no, that was someone else, that was something else.” Sabrina assured them.
“What the hell is going on?” Harvey asked you.
“The Dark Lord is in Greendale and he wants to jumpstart the Apocalyspe by opening the gates of hell which are apparently also in Greendale.” You explained. You probably sound crazy but at least your friends believe you now.
“Shit.” Theo said in disbelief.
“I think it’s in the mines.”
“If it’s in the mines. then I think we can help.” Harvey said.
“No offense, farmboy. But you’re gonna wanna sit this one out.” Nick said annoyed at Harvey already.
“Yeah, i wasn’t really talking to you Nick, I was talking to (Y/N).” He said his comeback. “Let us help, let us find the gates of hell. At least.”
“(Y/N), they’re mortals.” Nick tried to make you change your mind.
“It’s okay, Nick. Harvey’s got this. And so does Roz and Theo.” You said.
“If you can find the gates, that would be great. If you can find a way to keep it from opening, that would be even better.” Sabrina said.
“Sabrina! (Y/N)! Get inside the house.” Auntie Zee yelled.
“Be careful and stay in touch.” You hugged Harvey, unknowingly Nick was glaring at Harvey. Then you hugged Roz and Theo. And Sabrina did the same before they all left in Harvey’s truck.
“What about me?” Nick turns to you and caressed the side of your face.
“You be careful too. Stick by the shadows. Please be careful.” You said before leaning up to kiss him.
“I will return to you, Spellman.” He said as he watched you leave.
    Two hours later, Nick returned to your house. He was at the kitchen table, reading up on some things from the Demonomicon that might be useful for later. You didn’t even know he was here. You just got out of the bath and put your robes on about to go get a glass of water when you saw your boyfriend. 
“Nick. When did you get here?” You said in surprise. 
“Not long ago.” He said quietly, still reading the book.
    You came up from behind him and wrapped your arms around his neck. You kissed his cheek and he leaned into your head on his shoulder. “What’s wrong? You’re sad.” You said as you can tell people’s emotions with your abilities.
“I just can’t believe you sent Harry to find the gates of Hell. Don’t you trust me to do it?” He said as he rubbed your hand.
“It’s Harvey. And of course I trust you. I just, thought that Harvey knew those mines better than anyone else.”
    When he didn’t say anything, you decided to tease him. “You don’t have to be jealous, Nick.” The moment you said that, he pulled you over so that you sat on his lap. Your arms, still wrapped around his neck. He had a tight grip around your waist as he looked into your eyes. You felt your heart race as he kissed your nose.
“It’s clear that he still loves you.” Nick said softly, pushing away a strand of hair from your face. “He used to always think about how he’s better for you than me. His head is full of thoughts of you whenever you’re around him. And it just makes me pissed. That farmboy doesn’t know his boundaries.” 
“Was he thinking of me earlier?”
“No.” Nick said, realizing Harvey hasn’t thought about you for days lately.
“That’s cause he likes Roz. Harvey and I, we’re done. There’s no reason he should think about me anymore. Oh and maybe stop reading his mind.” You said, stroking his cheek. “We’re over. I still have love for him but that’s only because I care for him. He’s my friend. Anyway, he’s with Roz now. He loves her and I love you. I love you so much. No one can ever make me change my mind about you.”
“I’m sorry. I’m such a dick. I love you more than anything else in this world, baby.” Nick leaned his head against yours.
“You’re it, Nick. You’ll always be it for me.” You said as you kissed his lips and he leaned into it. 
“God, I’m so in love with you, (Y/N) Spellman. I’m so lucky to love you and to have you.” He said kissing your face everywhere, making you laugh. 
“Okay, enough, enough. We need to go stop the gates of hell from opening, remember?” You laughed.
“Hell can wait.” He murmured against your lips.
    You weren’t sure about Nick in the beginning. But as time goes on, you noticed that he truly does love you. He’s protected you from harm many times and helped you when you were struggling, even got expelled for you and now he’s even helping your cousin Sabrina fight the Dark Lord. He’s it. You can’t see yourself with anybody else. Not even Harvey. Harvey will always be apart of your life but he’s the past. You didn’t think it was possible to love someone else but then Nick showed up in your life. And he opened up new doors in your life. He showed you what love is. And you are so lucky to love him too. 
Tumblr media
omg...was this good? i’m not sure hahaha i did my best. Sorry if it’s not good haha I hope you like it.
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cynamyngirl · 2 months ago
bf!eren headcannons or smth
Tumblr media
pairing : eren yeager/jaeger x fem!reader
warnings : cursing, domestic eren, petty eren, fingering, face sitting, penetrative sex, breeding (?), oral sex, eren is a whiny needy bitch (and so are you), public sex
summary : i promise this was supposed to be completely fluffy domestic eren which it partly is, but i got hornknee along the way. also idk why this is the first thing I decided to post lol.
He literally does not care how tiny or fragile you are, he’ll see you lying down on the couch on your phone or smth and will proceed to climb on top of you and wrap his legs and arms around you
I’m sorry but this man can not cook anything other than noodles and basic breakfast foods like eggs and bacon
Y’all either get take out or you’ll cook together which is mainly just you doing the work and giving him small tasks that he can handle without burning the kitchen down
literally does not give a single flying fuck about what you choose to wear
Definition of “wear what you want, i can fight.”
he even helps you shop sometimes, like picture you just lying in bed and both of you are on your phones and every once in a while he’ll peek over and you’ll ask for his opinion on a miniskirt and he’ll be like “yeah it’s cute, get it”
he thinks you’re so hot and pretty and won’t hesitate to tell you that he thinks that in the most blunt way possible
“your ass looks great in that skirt btw”
in FACT this man full on loves knowing that people practically drool over you in your little outfits
like just knowing that even his friends can’t help but steal glances from you and your exposed legs and peeking cleavage while you’re all his and they can’t get a single piece of you gets him off
he’s so smug about it as well like “mhmm y’all wanna fuck my girl so bad”
a simple ass man in terms of like everything
he’s probably that guy that puts absolutely no effort into his skincare just washes it with cold water and soap but his skin is still clear and smooth af
he’d let you put all your oils and serums and all your extra skincare shit on him every once in a while after you practically beg him to
so he’s just sitting on the toilet while you use your gua sha on him and he’s just like “why the fuck are you rubbing a flat rock on my face”
he notices immediately when you feel off or aren’t acting like yourself
call him stupid but he can just tell by looking at you, like your eyes or missing that little spark
you could literally be in the middle of sucking him off, knees planted into the carpet with his whole dick in your mouth and he’ll be like “is something up, you seem kinda off”
follows you around the fucking house
like he doesn’t understand why both of you shouldn’t be in the same room at all times
bro would get so offended as well, let’s say he’s laying across from you on the bed scrolling on his phone while your working on your laptop and it’s running out of charge
so you get up and go to the living room where the charger is and sit down on the couch and continue doing your work
not more than ten minutes later he shows up like “and you couldnt bring the charger to the room because...🤨?”
okay i know everyone has already seen this being head cannoned like a bajillion times but it truly fits him so well-
your shoulder, your neck, your cheek, even your ass when your laying down on your tummy
it’s an act of love okay those horrendous teeth marks hold a lot of meaning and affection
has a fucking attitude when he wants to
idk why but i don’t see him as someone who yells or shouts in arguments
he’s more of the “oh really?” “when did i say that?” *scoffs* *rolls eyes*
no like he can be so infuriating sometimes, you’ll be arguing about something dumb like who left the stove on and you’d be like “why would i do that?” and this mf would be like “idk why did you?”
as much as he’s a petty fighter and gets a little too carried away in the moment as soon as things go quiet or you go to another room he will instantly regret it
he goes over how he was acting in his head and questions why he would even act like that over something small
thinks it over and let’s you cool off, before coming up to you and telling you that the whole thing was stupid and he shouldn’t have let it become a big deal
he loves when you squish your face into his neck but loves it even more when he puts his in yours
he really loves the way you smell and overall just makes him feel closer to you
the best/worst person to sleep with
100% puts his leg over yours
can not even be away from his arms for more than five minutes
it’ll be in the middle of the night and you turn away from him to get more comfy
and he’ll proceed to grab your waist and push you into his chest again
makes fun of you for being clingy like he isn’t the most needy clingy fucker ever
nsfw time for my fellow whores <3
service dom service dom service dom
idk i just feel like he thinks it’s essential for you to be enjoying sex as much if not even more than he is
will satisfy your needs when you want him to
his back pressed to headboard while yours rests on his chest and your legs are spread and placed outside his own to stop you from closing them while he fingers you into fucking oblivion
eats pussy like a fucking fiend
is not satisfied unless your fucking squirming and shaking and can’t process anything in your head other than him and his tounge
mannn picture you sitting on his face, a dumb crying squealing mess, your hands buried in his hair while he absolutely fucking ravages your pretty cunt
and it’s so intense cause he’s been at it for what feels like forever to the point where your legs are shaking like fucking crazy
he doesn’t stop even for a second, will wrap his hands around your thighs and pull you down even further into his pointy tongue until you’re completely wrecked and coming all over his face
could give you the best and over the top pleasure without even putting his dick in you
but when he does...bro
will not hesitate to bend you in half with your feet practically next to your ears while he pistons into you like you owe him fucking money
WILL ask you to tell him how good he is while he’s still halfway in you and proceeds to sink his entire length around you while you’re crying and stuttering trying to get your words out
“’m sorry, what was that baby?”
a fucking bully bro, “oh, ‘s too much? really? you said you could take it though baby, can’t you do it for me?”
pulls it out of you just to slap it on your clit making you jerk and he only smirks before sliding it right back in all within like three seconds
BRO IMAGINEEE you guys have been getting at it for ages, like atleast three rounds in, one of your legs draped on his shoulder
y’all are going so hard to the point where his hair slips out from his hair tie
with his dick still stuck inside your gummy walls, he goes on to stop thrusting for a second so he can lean back, his eyes still fixed on where he splits you open, while his hands move to the back of his head to tie his hair back into his bun
i a m g o i n g f e r a l
he’s let you ride his abs before
he saw you staring at them while you were on your desk supposedly doing your work
“what’s got you so distracted, huh?”
next thing you know he’s laying flat down one hand on your hips while you rock yourself over his abs, leaking all over his abdomen
“god, look at you. rubbing your needy cunny all over them like a bitch in heat. all worked up cause of me instead of working like you should be.”
idk what y’all think but he would DEFINITELY let you top
especially when he’s back from work or class later than usual and he just slumps himself onto the couch pretty exhausted
and you straddle him gently running your hands through his hair and listening to him talking about his rough day and cooing gentle and soft comforting words to him
next thing he knows your pressing kisses all over his face and then his neck and your hands are trailing south
catches on to what your doing and just let’s you do your thing
you’re such a fucking vixen omg like “you’ve had such a tough day ‘ren” “let me make it better for you, yeah?”
and he’s so fucking loud, grunts and even moans like he’s desperate while muttering “so good” “just like that”
give him a good suck off with his and your clothes still on your body
clothes still on but unbuttoned, pushed aside and pulled on while you ride him, alternating from circling your hips around him and grinding on him with bringing yourself all the way up and back down on his painfully hard dick
you’re obviously taking advantage of the state he’s in like the brat you are, “don’t worry baby, i’ll make you cum so hard ‘kay? just have tell me how good it feels”
like the absolute whore he is for you will indeed groan about how warm and wet and soft you are for him
horny :(
has a ridiculous amount of cum bro like he spills into you and stays there for atleast a minute, rutting into you to get all of it out
yeah we all know he has a breeding kink and just loves seeing his cum inside you
it’s a common thing for him after sex to simply say “show me” and even in your wasted fucked out state you go on to spread your lips apart with your fingers while he watches how it spills out of your completely ravished cunt
it gives him so much satisfaction to see how good he ruins you
lays down with you after softly rubbing your belly and rubbing his hands up and down your body for a good thirty minutes before both of you manage to get the energy to go clean up
this wasn’t supposed to be such a horndog fest I promise idk how it got to this
a few more softer head cannons then
kisses to your hairline, on the side of your head, on your fingers
he might not say it out loud that often but he loves you so fucking much bro
has probably gushed about you like a teenage girl to his mom
ehhhh on pda like he has to have some type of contact with you in public
his hand on the back of your neck, not even just cause of him being possessive, he just likes knowing your there and with him
doesn’t mind a few pecks and kisses in front of his friends even when they tease him about it he’s just like 🙄
“shut up, you fucking virgins.”
or even just having you in his lap, not even in a sexual way, just sitting on him while y’all are hanging out with your friends
just nothing to over the top I guess
other than that time the two of you were completely wasted in the back of the car with armin sitting on the other end and the two of you were just so fucking desperate and needy that he ended up letting you ride him with your head buried into his neck
poor armin man you two fucking horndogs woke him up from his drunken nap
“hey why are you guys being so...oh. oh. oh my god, guys?”
the two of you apologized the next morning and he was blushing so hard
correction : you apologized while eren tried to stop himself from giggling like a fool
he hesitates to sit next to you guys even when the two of you are completely sober now
yes i think that is about it of what i have to contribute to the community of horny eren luvers <3
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dykeclairenovak · 7 months ago
thinking about what the more emotional, non-butchered version of the confession scene might have been like. the dawning confusion and fear in dean’s eyes when cas tells him that he made a deal with the empty. cas is talking about how good and loving dean is and dean is shaking, just a little, with a hunted look in his eyes, because he can’t fucking handle this right now, ok? and then he asks “what does this have to do with --” and then it hits him. oh. this is it. this is the moment, the one he never thought would happen. he slowly realizes that, oh. cas’s true happiness. it’s him. and he can’t even begin to process what that means yet, the very fucking major implications for, oh idk, his entire goddamn sense of self, because holy fuck what the fuck is going on, you know? and his mouth would be hanging open a little, maybe he’d blink a few times before his face slackens in understanding. and then. “why does this sound like goodbye?” and he knows, really, he can figure it out, but he doesn’t want to. “because it is. i love you.” and i really think the i love you would hit him like a physical blow. he’d flinch, maybe squeeze his eyes shut, look up at the ceiling like he’s praying. this is not fucking happening right now. and he’s probably ruthlessly not allowing himself to really internalize it yet, because it’s about to be torn away from him. and cas pulls him close. i actually think he’d probably be too shell-shocked to react much, but maybe cas cradles his face in one hand, and he can’t help but lean into it.  but then “goodbye, dean” and he’s shoved to the ground and he watches his best friend, watches cas, get swallowed up by the empty. just like that. and then he’s alone. maybe he’s wondering what that horrible sound is until he realizes he’s making it himself. he’s alone. cas told him he loved him and then was gone, just like that. i think he might’ve doubted if it had even happened at all, because it happened so fast and then it was over cas was gone and billie was gone. but no, he knows it was real. because cas’s bloody handprint is on his shoulder, and that hurts like a bitch, too. a reminder that cas saved him then, and saved him now, and dean failed him, failed to save him, failed to tell him the truth. just like he always does. and so he sits there. all night. and when sam calls in the morning, well. he just can’t. if he has to say it out loud to someone else, then it’s real. but maybe if he drinks himself to sleep he’ll wake up and it won’t have been. right? right?
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kuroos-babie · 11 months ago
Falling in Love with a Single Mom HCs
Akaashi x fem!Reader | Daichi x fem!Reader | Oikawa x fem!Reader
[ Headcanons/MiniFic ]
Request:  🥺👉👈 if you could do more single mom headcanon-fic-things LOL SORRY IDK WHAT TO CALL THEM and w/ akaashi, daichi, and oikawa? THANK U i love u and your writing you're so sweet  —anonymous
a/n: okay so strangely enough, i thoroughly enjoyed writing oikawa's and it's probably my fav out of these three 😳 thank u for giving me the chance to write these and thank u for the kind words! i hope u like it 👉👈
Tumblr media
❀ he’s been noticing you more and more — sat on the corner of the cafe he frequents during his breaks
❀ you would always order the same drink and sit on the same table by the window, he would occasionally glance at you, admiring the way sunlight hits your skin and the way the cafe music seemed to be playing solely for you
❀ but you always left too soon for his liking, 15 minutes before 2 in the afternoon to be exact
❀ he never knew where you went or what you did outside of the little cafe he sees you in everyday
❀ but soon enough, he was given a chance
“excuse me, is this seat taken?” 
he saw your eyes look up at him in surprise and your lips curve into a small smile, “oh! no, go ahead”
“sorry for the trouble, i didn’t expect it to be this packed today”, he said in an attempt to engage in small talk
“it’s no problem at all” you assured him with another smile, “i often see you here, do you work nearby?”
❀ the two of you continued to chat until akaashi needed to remind you of the time
❀ but of course before you could even leave he'll ask you for your number saying
"i'd really like to know you more, if that's alright with you"
❀ of course it's alright with you sjckskdks
❀ the two of you would meet at the café everyday, except the weekends — same spot and same time, until it became part of your routines
❀ keiji took his time getting to know you and openly expresses his admiration for you
❀ of course you liked him back, he was sweet and considerate, he was everything you would like in a partner
❀ but you just needed to make sure of one thing before diving headfirst into a relationship
"keiji", he corrected, reaching out for your hand
the warmth of his hand helped eased your nerves of bringing up something that may potentially be a huge deal breaker
"keiji, we've been meeting for a while and i thought maybe it's time i tell you,"
❀ when you said you have a daughter, you never would've expected him to say "can i meet her?"
❀ you almost cried then and there— it had always been a big deal to the guys you met before, you being a single mother
❀ keiji sensed your relief and squeezed your hand in reassurance that it really was no big deal to him
❀ well it was, but it wasn't something that would easily shake up his resolve of being with you
❀ meeting your daughter for the first time was set in the same café, on a saturday half past noon
❀ he smiled seeing the quiet four year old on your lap, curious eyes and a small smile as he held out the little bunny plushie he got for her as a gift
❀ weekend café dates became frequent with the three of you and soon became home dates— alternating between your and keiji's apartments
❀ your daughter loved when he read to her, having her sat on his lap with a picture book in his hands
❀ more often than not, you would catch him fast asleep on the couch— picture book on the floor and your child snuggled up against his chest
❀ during these moments, especially, you couldn't help but imagine spending every day with them both without having to part ways by the end of it
❀ and of course, when he wakes up, keiji can't help but think the same thing when he wakes up to you smiling softly at him and the little girl who kept a part of his heart inside her tiny little hands
Tumblr media
❀ your son met him first
❀ he just got out of the police academy and was assigned near the elementary school gates
❀ kids would often come up to him with fascination in their eyes
❀ and it wasn't a different case with your seven year old son
"hey mister are you a policeman?"
"sure i am, why do you ask?" he answers with the softest smile, crouching down to the child's level
"that's so cool! mom said my dad was a policeman, maybe you're my dad?"
he watched the boy's eyes widen in realization and he couldn't help but chuckle
"sorry, bud, but i don't think i have a child yet neither do i have a wife"
"well do you want one?"
❀ that effectively painted his cheeks in red, standing straight up and ruffling the boy's hair, urging him to go straight home
❀ everyday your son would come up to him to ask him the same questions and saying the same things
"would you want to be my dad?"
"i think it'll be sooo cool to have you as my dad"
"let me ask my mom if you can be my dad"
❀ jesus help this man pls
❀ he found it all to be endearing and soon enough he looked forward to chatting with your son for a few minutes every afternoon on his way home from school
❀ your child would always brag about how nice you are, how pretty, and just how amazing of a mom you are
❀ an amazing lil wingman if u ask me
❀ it wasn't until one of his day offs that he met this wonderful mom that he always heard of— and boy was he stunned
❀ he was out grocery shopping, skimming the aisles when he heard the familiar voice of your son
"mama, it's the policeman i was talking to you about!"
before you even had the chance to react, your child bolted through the spice aisle and cling to this man's leg
you quickly caught up to him and was about to apologize to the stranger when you saw him get to your child's level and pat at his head
"oh hey, didn't know i'd catch you here"
"i'm with mama! now you can see just how pretty she is!"
❀ the comment made both your faces heat up but even moreso when daichi looked up at you, absentmindedly muttering a "she is"
❀ your son had the proudest grin on his face >:)
❀ the three of you went out for lunch then which you insisted to be for all the trouble your son has caused him— who so conveniently disappeared to the playhouse to leave you two to yourselves
❀ it didn't take a lot for daichi to be absolutely smitten by you— admiring how you could handle a child and a job all by yourself and still managing to have that pretty smile on your face
❀ he had to thank your son his little accomplice the next time they have their afternoon chat
❀ and maybe start planning on "Operation Get Mom and Daichi-san Together"
Tumblr media
❀ started as students sharing a class and later on became inseparable best friends
❀ you two met in college
❀ tōru would rave on and on about how much better you were than "iwa-chan" whom he never lets you see during their facetimes bec you "might fall for him and choose iwa-chan over me"
❀ he was there to witness you going out with an orgmate, there to listen about the first time you got laid, and of course he was there to comfort you when your ex left the moment you told him you were pregnant during your third year in college
"do you want to keep it?"
tōru held you close as you cried, his soft voice mingling with your sobs
"i d-don't know"
you buried your face on his chest, prompting him to hold you tighter and rub comforting circles on your back
"whatever you choose to do, i'll be here", he promised "i won't leave you"
❀ the moment you decided to keep your baby was the moment it was decided that oikawa would co-parent with you
❀ during your pregnancy, he came to your apartment everyday and stayed over on weekends
❀ he kept his promise and never left your side even after you gave birth
❀ he practically moved in with you, staying up late at night to care for your child so you could get some rest, he changed schedules and skipped classes to let you continue going to yours
❀ it was alright, he said, afterall a pro volleyball team was already eyeing him— he was set even before graduation
❀ the both of you fell into a steady rhythm of domesticity
❀ eating breakfast together, taking turns changing your daughter's diapers, cuddling in the same bed and having sleepy conversations about the future and how you're both thankful of the other
❀ it was never established what you two were— you just knew that you were each other's constant and that you promised to stay with the other until god knows when
"what're you planning to do then?"
"i don't knoooow~ iwa-chan help me out here~"
"well, for starters, you should go and tell her— y'know, about argentina"
there was a moment of silence between the line, tōru mulling over his options
"i don't want to leave her" was his quiet reply
"i know you don't, but this opportunity may never come by again, don't let it slip"
❀ it was a few weeks before your graduation, your daughter now more than a year old, when he received the call inviting him to play for argentina
❀ on one hand he knew it was the chance of a lifetime, but when he looks at you in his arms with your daughter on your chest, he couldn't even think about leaving you
❀ it was less about the promise he made and more about how he couldn't imagine his everyday without the two of you
you only hummed in response but looked up to meet his eyes
"if i were to get invited to go to the other side of the world to play volleyball, would you come with me?"
he held your gaze with hesitation
"i'll go anywhere with you, tōru, i thought you knew that by now"
a small smile of relief graced his face as he exhaled, closing his eyes and rubbing his face against yours, "thank you"
the next few moments were spent in comfortable silence before he broke it with a chuckle, "is it too late now to ask you to be my girlfriend?"
"tōru, we're basically a married couple for the past two years"
"so will you marry me for real?"
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lupinlongbottom · 3 years ago
Singed Memories
Remus Lupin x Reader
Summary: Harry finds a photo of Remus and a mysterious girl. He finds that the girl’s name is (Y/N), she was dead. Harry, letting his curiosity get the better of him, asks Remus for the whole story.
Prompt: can you do a remus x reader where harry finds photos of young remus with an unknown girl (the reader) and he tells the story of how she dies. i was thinking that it was the same night that james and lily die and the reader was fighting off death eaters trying to get to harry. remus then begins to help her and then a death eater shoots the killing curse at remus but the reader saves him. idk i just think it’s cute lol- Anon
Word Count: 6.9k
Warnings: Death/Dying, some angst (lotta sad fluff tho)
A/N: Oh man. This was… a doozy haha. I kinda went off a little of the prompt, they’re not protecting Harry (just because nobody else knew where the Potters were thanks to the Fidelius Charm and I just couldn’t work around that haha) but being questioned on his whereabouts. I hope I did this prompt (and Remus!!) justice.
He didn’t mean to snoop, honest. Harry was merely following Molly’s instruction of tidying up the still dingy Number 12, Grimmauld Place. Harry hardly was in the mood to tidy, but Molly’s angry glare was not exactly what he had wanted to witness that afternoon, Fred and George had already gotten the lot. He had meant to move Remus’ worn luggage, the same he had seen on the Hogwarts Express those few years before, up to where Remus planned to stay the night. Harry neglected to retie the string that had meant to hold it shut, the locks had worn out quite a long time ago it seemed. The contents spilled hastily to the floor, causing Harry to panic.
He knew Remus would be back soon, along with the majority of the Order. He rummaged through the few articles of clothing, trying to put everything back to the way it was. As Harry grabbed a tattered woolen red jumper, he heard a soft thunk. To his surprise, he found a book resting where the sound had emitted, pages opened against the ground. The cover looked worn, much like the rest of Remus’ belongings. Embossed in a gold font the letters ‘R.J.L’ were sprawled across the face and spine of the cover. It was a journal, Harry concluded. The last thing Harry wanted to do was pry into Remus’ personal matters, so he softly shut the book and replaced it back in the case.
“I think you missed something,” A raspy voice echoed. Harry jumped, swinging his head to the source of the sound. It was Sirius, fresh out of his afternoon nap. His hair was frizzy, unkempt, voice still thick with slumber. “There, next to his panties.” Sirius was pointing at a small scrap of parchment, holding back a laugh. Indeed there it was, tucked slightly under a pair of Remus’ undergarments. Harry quickly grabbed the scrap, but it was not a scrap at all; it was a photograph. Harry looked closer at the moving image, it was singed in the corner. Standing tall was a young and smiling Remus, his skin appeared to be less scarred, grin stretched from ear to ear. Placed next to him was a young woman, grin rivaling the one plastered on Remus’ face. The two locked glances with one another, a gaze filled with admiration and possibly love. Harry could have sworn he saw a darkening tint grow on Remus’ face. “You shouldn’t stare too long.”
“What?” Harry’s head shot up, glancing back at Sirius, who had moved to the couch. “Oh! You’re probably right.” Harry placed the photo back into the journal. “Sirius,” Harry asked, hesitating. Sirius glanced up from his hands, he was picking at his fingernails. His grey eyes still held the aftereffects of sleep. “Who was in that photo? With Remus, I mean.” Sirius’s face hardened slightly, his features growing stiff.
“Well…” Sirius’s hand found a way into his hair, pushing long locks out of his face. He had managed to take a shower earlier that morning, his hair still appeared to be a bit damp. “It really isn’t my place to—”
“Sirius,” Harry interrupted. “Please. Everyone keeps secrets from me! It’s not like I can’t handle it, I can handle quite a lot, thanks.” Sirius paused, as if he was weighing his options. His eyes darted from Harry, who had a distant look of anger drawn on his face, back to Remus’ tattered case. “If you can’t tell me, I’ll ask Remus myself.”
“And have him know you were snooping through his things?” Harry’s face flushed, color rising to the tips of his ears. Sirius shot him a knowing grin, only for it to fall before he spoke again. “Listen,” Sirius leaned in, placing his elbows on his knees, his hair falling to frame his face. “This isn’t my story to tell. Remus’ll share when he’s open to it. It—it doesn’t exactly have the happiest ending.”
“Is she?”
“Yeah.” The room grew colder, Harry felt a chill run up his spine. Of course she was, everyone seemed to follow the same fate. Sirius stood up, interrupting Harry’s thinking. “Well, it smells like Molly made some of that beef soup for lunch, we might as well go and grab a bowl before those identical gits decide to spike it again,” Sirius sighed. “We only have so many toilets in the house you know.” Harry smiled at Sirius, only for a moment before he spoke up again.
“What was her name?” Sirius’s back was already facing Harry. He stopped.
“(Y/N). Her name was (Y/N).” He responded, not looking back. His figure disappeared into the kitchen while Harry sat in silence. (Y/N). He couldn’t recall a time when he had heard that name pass Remus’ lips, or any others for that matter. Why was this elusive (Y/N) such a secret? Surely she was important to Remus, as he carried that photo with him for an awful long time by the looks of it. Harry finally had caught a whiff of the soup Molly had indeed been stewing, realizing his stomach ached. He carefully placed the rest of Remus’ belongings back into the case, leaving it exactly how he found it.
By the time night fell, almost everybody had already gone their separate ways for the evening. Ron and Hermione were bickering like usual, Arthur had turned in for the night after coming back from a long day of work and the twins had successfully spiked Sirius’s evening tea, resulting in a screaming match between him and Molly. Though, it was hard for him to yell when his tongue grew near the floor.
Remus was enjoying a cup of tea, from a fresh pot that he watched rather closely, making sure that the twins stayed far away. He was reading the latest issue of The Daily Prophet, jumper sleeves rolled to his elbows. He had a fresh cut, Harry noticed, that ran from his lower jaw down his neck. It must have been from the last full moon, which occurred only a few days before. The healing process had already started, but it looked like it had hurt an awful lot. It would grow to be another scar that peppered his face.
“Ah, Harry,” Remus looked up from the paper, as if he had just noticed Harry’s presence. “How are you doing?” Harry didn’t know how to bring up (Y/N) fluidly in a conversation. He couldn’t just blurt out her name and expect Remus to tell him the full story, if it was true that she had passed.
“Fine,” Harry lied. Remus seemed to accept Harry’s response and glanced back down at the paper. “Say, Remus,” Remus’ attention directed itself back to Harry. “Oh, I’m sorry if I’m interrupting.”
“Of course not, with the news being so grim these days I’m usually looking for a way to avoid the inevitable.” Remus chuckled, setting the paper down, gesturing to a seat next to him. Harry sat, fists balled in his lap.
“Molly had asked us to tidy up today and—”
“Ah! That’s why the place looks so lovely, well, as lovely as it could be. I almost had given Kreacher the credit. Well done.” Remus smiled warmly, as if he didn’t want to give the house elf any more credit than he deserved. Remus had mentioned once how he hated the way Kreacher treated Sirius, as if Sirius hadn’t been treated poorly enough those past years in Azkaban.
“Right,” Harry said, only a bit annoyed to be interrupted. “I was told to pick up your case and put it in your room. When I lifted it up, the contents sort of spilled out.” Remus didn’t seem terribly shocked by this, a hint of a smile grew under his mustache.
“I’m afraid that happens rather often Harry. I’m sure you cleaned it up just fine.” Harry felt it, the bubbling urge to blurt out the question he had been dying to ask. He knew it couldn’t have possibly been the right time.
“I saw a photo,” Harry said, much too quickly. “I know I shouldn’t have seen it, it’s your private possession. I’m sorry.” He hung his head in shame, afraid to look Remus in the eyes. He heard a soft chuckle.
“You saw a photo…” Remus said, mostly to himself. “I know you didn’t intend to Harry, it was an accident. Don’t trouble yourself over it.” He placed a hand on Harry’s shoulder, inviting him to look up. Harry felt as if a heavy, wet blanket had been lifted off of him.
“Are you sure it’s okay?” Harry asked. Remus nodded as he poured a bit of milk into his tea.
“Photos are usually meant to be shared, to capture a memory,” Remus sighed, glancing down at his cup, now a creamier color. He swirled it gently, Remus had always taken quite a lot of milk with his tea. “It’s been a while since I’ve talked about it, that’s all.”
“Oh.” It was all Harry could say.
“Not that it’s a bad thing,” Remus quickly added. “I think about it—her—a lot. Every day almost.” He took a sip, eyes focused far away. Harry felt a familiar twinge of pain in his heart. He understood Remus’ pain, not a day has gone by where he hadn’t thought of his parents. Not a one.
“Who was she, if you don’t mind me asking?” Harry felt it the question leave his lips before he could think. Was it a good time to ask? Wether or not he was correct was up to Remus, but judging the blank somber look on his face, it was still hard to tell.
“She was,” Remus softly smiled. “Someone very important to me. Very special, (Y/N),” He let out a rather sad chuckle, still smiling down at his cup of tea. “It’s been a while since I’ve said her name out loud, forgive me.” He readjusted himself on the creaky chair, as if he was trying to get comfortable for a long journey, or, as Harry hoped, a long story. “She and I went to school together. She was in (Y/H), very intelligent. Had eyes that shone like the stars, beautiful in every sense of the word.” “Did she know my parents?” Harry asked, voice upturning with hope.
“It was hard to attend Hogwarts at that time and not know your parents Harry,” Remus chuckled. Harry felt like his ears were burning at the tips. “But yes, she did. (Y/N) eventually found her way into our close knit group of friends. Our nitrous diverter, always ready to cause a distraction for us to get away with or start a prank. Very talented at illusion charms,” Remus chuckled again before clearing his throat. ”Sirius always teased that it was because she fancied me,” Harry noticed Remus’ cheeks flare. “He was right, of course.”
“You fancied her too, yeah?” Harry asked. Remus nodded.
“How could I not?,” He paused. “We started dating our fifth year, we had already been rather close friends by then. She—she was unbelievable. So kind, so fearless. She had known about my… condition at that point,” Remus glanced back down at his hands, studying them intensely with a warm look. “She was so understanding Harry. Had the biggest heart you would have ever known.” “She sounds wonderful,” Harry added, noticing Remus’ eyes that were glossy, as if he was ready to cry. “When was that photo taken?” Harry tried to change the subject.
“It was taken about a year out of school, that house behind us was ours, we—she had just bought it. (Y/N) came from a far better off family, so she had the money to buy such a thing. It wasn’t much, but it was home.” Remus scratched his nose, a light sniffle escaping him.
“It sounds lovely,” Harry said, thinking back about the photo. He recalled the small looking cottage that stood behind the couple. It was indeed rather tiny, but it looked terribly homey. Harry could imagine Remus sitting in a warm kitchen, sipping a cup of fresh tea, (Y/N) sitting beside him. “She died the same night as your parents,” Remus said quietly, as if Harry wasn’t meant to hear. Harry’s heart stopped for a moment. Could his very presence be the reason of another innocent death? “It wasn’t your fault Harry,” Remus added quickly, as if he had been reading Harry’s mind. “She and I… Well, I might as well tell you the full story.”
“Remus!” (Y/N) chuckled, swinging her arms up and down against her boyfriend’s back, her skin brushing against the woolen fabric. “You better put me down before I decide to hex you!”
“You and what wand? The one that’s sitting terribly too far away? Now (Y/N), you know that sounds like a awful idea.” Remus held onto (Y/N) tighter, as if he was afraid to drop her. He was, but he couldn’t let her know that. The two of them had been fighting playfully about Halloween, the Muggle holiday that happened to occur that very evening. Remus knew little about it, but (Y/N) was Muggle-born, she knew the holiday like the back of her hand. She never shared what costume she had worn every year growing up, nor was she planning on it. Remus was determined to figure it out, one way or another.
“Remus John Lupin, I swear on Merlin’s beard if you don’t put me down this instant I’ll—”
“What? Cancel our rigorous activities that were planned for the evening?” Remus interrupted with a knowing tone.
“Oh I’d never do that, that’d be punishing myself too you know. I was thinking about incinerating every last morsel of chocolate in this house. The candy bowl in the front hallway and all of your hiding spots—yes, all of them, including the cubby hole near the bathroom—poof! Gone.” Her voice hit a steely tone. Remus paused, dropping (Y/N) gently and setting her on the couch.
“That’s a low blow love, you know how expensive chocolate can get.” Remus feigned a bit of sadness in his tone, making (Y/N) shoot him an over-dramatic pouting face. He slumped down in the seat beside her, putting his arm around her shoulder.
“How pitiful. Poor Moony without his precious chocolate, however could he manage?” (Y/N) laughed, resting her head below his jaw. “I wouldn’t really though,” She spoke up. “I remember how distraught you were after I did it the last time, even if you did deserve it.” Remus chuckled, pulling (Y/N) in just a bit tighter. She had destroyed and diminished his chocolate stash once before. Remus had put a hair potion in her shampoo, it was supposed to be an innocent prank. Who could blame him? He rather missed the jokes his friends would pull during their schooling. It worked, too well perhaps. (Y/N) had bright green locks for two weeks, it was only supposed to last for a day or two at the most.
“Ah, but you did look rather ravishing in green my darling.” Remus kissed her hair, inhaling slightly. Cinnamon. (Y/N) had finished baking a pumpkin pie before the argument started, the scent overwhelmed her hair.  
“Shove it.” (Y/N) chuckled. She couldn’t possibly stay mad at him for very long, no. With a face like that? (Y/N) found it very easy to forgive him. Remus sighed.
“You still won’t tell me?” He hummed, peppering silent kisses from the top of (Y/N) head to her temple. (Y/N) groaned, as if she was having a debate with herself. She pulled away slightly as Remus had made his way to her cheekbone, a soft smack left his lips.
“I suppose I could tell you,” (Y/N) put her hands on her lap, wringing them slightly. “But if you ever tell another soul—Sirius in particular—I promise you Remus, your chocolate is the last thing you need to be worried about.” Remus gulped, almost audibly. The look in (Y/N)’s eyes was hot and fiery.
“I promise, from the bottom of my heart.” Remus swore. (Y/N) tried to hide her budding smile, she couldn’t resist the look on her boyfriend’s face. He looked sincere, his eyes overflowing with such a kindness she could only ever pinpoint to him and him alone. She knew he was serious, he would never break a promise.
“It’s rather silly, now that I think about it. You, staring at me with such a serious look,” (Y/N) laughed. “I would dress up as…a witch.” (Y/N)’s cheeks flared a rosy hue, looking down at her fuzzy socks. They had been a present from Remus many holidays ago.
“A witch?” Remus repeated. (Y/N) didn’t answer. “Oh love, why are you so embarrassed about that? It’s rather ironic, is it not?”
“Ironic, maybe, but definitely embarrassing. Dressing up as a witch all those years, pointy hat and all, obsessing over the idea of having even an ounce of magic? Only to really have some? You can imagine the shock that came when Professor McGonagall arrived at my house to explain to my parents and I what I truly was.” “I bet you were thrilled,” Remus said, mindlessly. The thought of an eleven year old (Y/N)’s face lighting up with the news of her magical talents overwhelmed him, his heart skipping a beat.
“Of course I was, I mean, me? With magic?” (Y/N) threw her head back in laughter. The joyous sound rang throughout the cottage, warming Remus’ heart. He loved her laugh, it had always reminded Remus of honey, thick and sweet. “It was quite the shock, my mother joked that I already had the attire for it. It was the wrong type of hat though.” “Do you have any photos? I’d love to see the costume.” Remus asked, hopefully. (Y/N) looked to the kitchen and stood up.
“I may have one in the album my mum sent last month, the one she made with some of the photos of us I sent her.” She riffled through the cabinets, pushing around various mugs and plates. Remus had recently dusted the shelves, leaving every inch of the cabinets clean. He often dusted the cottage to keep it pristine, impressing (Y/N) greatly. She hated housework, even if she used magic. Too monotonous, far too boring.
“Find it?” Remus was suddenly behind (Y/N), gently wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her in, inhaling her cinnamon scent deeper. She giggled, leaning into his embrace.
“You’re making it rather difficult to reach it there Moony,” (Y/N) turned her head up to him, planting a soft peck on his lower jaw. “Do you mind grabbing it for me? Please?”
“And miss out on this? You know I’d never,” He hugged her tighter. “But, because you asked so politely, I suppose I could.” He removed an arm from around (Y/N) and grabbed the velvety photo album she must have been talking about. He set it gently on the counter below, opening the cover. (Y/N) chuckled, flipping through the book until the page she had been looking for appeared.
“There, right there. Little (Y/N), all witched out.” She felt Remus’ chest heave up and down in warm laughter. Indeed there she was, dressed up in a long black dress and a tall black witch’s hat, holding a sweeping broom tightly in one hand and a candy-filled pillowcase in another. Her frizzy hair was pulled back into two messy pigtails, one was hanging quite higher than the other.
“How adorable,” Remus said, his voice thick with fondness. He dragged his thumb across the bottom of the page. “But you’re right, it is the wrong hat dear,” (Y/N) sniggered. “Far too pointy. Reminds me of my grandmother’s ghastly sense of fashion.” “Are you comparing me to your grandmother?” (Y/N) asked. It was Remus’ turn to snigger, letting go of (Y/N) and moving to the creaking old oak chair sitting around their dining table. The table was old, a hand me down from (Y/N)’s parents. Sitting in the center was a vase filled with a autumnal bouquet of flowers, Remus had surprised (Y/N) with it a few days prior.
“It’s your cheeky demeanor, love. It really sends it home,” He leaned back, grinning from ear to ear. “She was an excellent witch, if that calms your worried heart.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes, planting the album on Remus’ lap.
“Consider it calmed.” (Y/N) disappeared in to the living room, giving Remus a chance to look closer at the album. It was purchased recently, Remus deduced, the pages were still rather stiff. He thumbed through, chuckling silently to himself at each photo of (Y/N). How he wished he had known her before their Hogwarts days, seeing (Y/N)’s toothless grin in the next photo had made the feeling grow much stronger. Remus looked up to tease (Y/N), only to find no one there. It was then, he realized, that (Y/N) had been gone for quite some time. “(Y/N)?” He called out. No answer. Growing worried, Remus sprung up from his chair, toppling it over in his haste. He ran through the living room, noticing her wand still sitting in amongst the plushness of the carpet. He had tossed it away when he had lifted her up earlier, in the middle of the playful banter. Shoving it quickly in his pocket, he jogged up the steep stairs of the cottage, skipping every other step, as if he had no time to waste. “(Y/N)!” Remus cried, hoping to hear an answer. He reached for the handle of their bedroom door before it sprung open.
“Remus?” (Y/N) said, eyes widened with worry. Remus’ body relaxed instantly, stepping forward into (Y/N), who wrapped him in an embrace. “Rem? What’s the matter?” His arms held her tightly, as if to make sure she was still there.
“You didn’t answer—I thought—never mind. You’re alright.” Remus said, voice barely a whisper. He inhaled deeply, the cinnamon scent filled his nose, bringing him a profound sense of calmness. “I just went to change my shirt, had a nasty splotch of pumpkin down the front I didn’t notice—thanks for telling me about it by the way. I’m sorry if I worried you.” (Y/N) said, breathing into his jumper.
“You didn’t have your wand.”
“I know Remus, I know,” (Y/N) looked up into Remus’ eyes. His expression was stony, hardened with worry. “I put up the protective charms as soon as we stopped handing out candy, you saw me do it.” Remus nodded.
“You’re right,” Remus let out a heavy sigh, brushing his hand on the back of (Y/N)’s head, pulling her back into the embrace. “I had felt so happy, being able to just enjoy looking the photos, even if they were Muggle ones. I really hate that they don’t move,” Remus felt (Y/N) smile against him. “I’m afraid to feel so happy lately, it can all change so quickly.” “We have now,” (Y/N) said, resting a hand on Remus’ jaw. He relaxed into the touch, feeling her thumb run across one of his fading scars. “We have each other,” (Y/N) moved to her tip toes and placed a chaste peck on Remus’ lips. “We have forever.” Remus didn’t hesitate to pull (Y/N) in for another kiss, albeit more passionate.  
“I love you.” Remus said, breathlessly. (Y/N) chuckled, face flushed.
“I love you too, you big sap” (Y/N) tore away from Remus’ embrace. “I don’t know about you, but I’m terribly hungry for some pie right about now. How about we go and have a slice, yeah?” She was halfway down the hall before Remus realized she had walked away.
“Sounds delicious.” Remus said, staring much too long at his partner’s backside. He followed behind, hearing (Y/N)’s rather clunky steps down the stairs before he turned the corner. A loud crack emitted from outside as soon as Remus placed his foot on the top step. (Y/N) turned her head quickly up to Remus, who’s face had no readable emotion. She stood as still as she could, planted firmly in the living room. Another crack. (Y/N) flew to the carpet, running her hands through the fat fabric frantically.
“My wand,” (Y/N) croaked. “Remus! Where’s my wand?!” As if by a force of nature, the front door flew off the hinges towards the kitchen, bringing the bowl of leftover halloween candy shattering to the ground. Two cloaked figures entered the doorway as if they were floating. Remus sent a slew of sparks at the intruders, stunning them for a brief moment.
“(Y/N)!” Remus tossed her wand across the room, landing a few feet away from her current position. (Y/N) dove towards her wand, her arms stretching as far as she could manage. She grabbed the wand tightly and begun casting spells.
“Stupefy!” (Y/N) screamed, sending one of the Death Eaters flying back through the front door. “Stupefy!” It had missed. Remus took the opportunity to fling himself over the railing, a piece of shattered glass pierced the bottom of his foot. He groaned in pain. “Remus!” (Y/N) screamed again, her hair flying across his face. “Don’t worry about me, get out of here! Apparate! Use the Floo!” Remus screamed, shooting a slurry of blue sparks at the Death Eater re-entering the house. “(Y/N)! Now!” He said, his voice desperate.
“No, I’m not leaving you!” (Y/N) said. The window above the couch shattered, a spell hitting (Y/N) square on the chest, sending her to the floor, stiff as a board. Her wand rolled under the couch, far from reach. The Death Eater flew in through the window cackling.
“Ah, young love. How precious,” The Death Eater pulled down his hood, his long black hair falling in his face. He kneeled down to examine (Y/N) a little closer, Remus too busy retaliating the other hooded figure’s attacks to notice. A silver stream hit Remus, sending him flying into the air, hanging by his ankle. “Good one Gregor, got the mutt hanging by a thread.” Gregor let out a thunderous laugh.
“Tried my best Cyprian.” Gregor snarled. His face was long and thin, nose hanging low.  
“(Y/N)! (Y/N)!” Remus’ eyes locked on (Y/N) laying on the floor, his voice growing more pained. The dark haired man, Cyprian, smirked as he walked over to Remus’ hanging body. Remus’ red jumper was being pulled by the weight of gravity, his stomach was mostly exposed, his scars gleaming in the lamplight.
“She ain’t dead—not yet anyway,” Cyprian sniggered. “Tell us, where’re the Potters?” The long dark wand was thrusted onto Remus’ nose, pressing so hard his eyes nearly popped out. Remus coughed, struggling for air.
“I—we—don’t know! Haven’t known for a month!” Remus sputtered, his face red. He tried to reach for his wand, to no avail. It was long forgotten on the floor. The two cloaked men stared at each other before a single nod was given. The one called Gregor moved over to (Y/N), who was still laying stiff against the floor. He muttered the counter-curse and grabbed her shoulder tightly as she rose in a panic.
“Ya sure that’s the truth?” Gregor pointed his rather short cherry wand under (Y/N)’s jaw, forcing her to look upwards. “Cause you one-a Potter’s best friend’s ain’t ya? The bloody werewolf?” (Y/N) tried to nod, only to have the wand get thrusted harder into her jaw.
“Yes,” (Y/N) swallowed thickly. “It’s the truth, we swear,” Swallow. “ We have no idea where they are, nobody does.” Cyprian clicked his tongue and moved his wand, pointing now at (Y/N). Remus slumped to the floor, the spell had worn off. He ran his hand slowly across the wooden floor, looking for his wand, only to catch a splinter.
“Two wizards and a baby just happened to disappear, without a trace? Not even letting their friends know? I find that rather hard to believe.” Cyprian chuckled, nodding at Gregor. He held (Y/N) tighter, a shallow breath escaped her.
“Even if I did,” (Y/N) took another short breath, her lip quivering slightly. “I would never betray my friends, I’d rather die.” She stood a little taller, eyes hardened. Remus had never seen (Y/N) look so determined before, she had meant every word. Remus begun to panic, whipping his head around to find his wand. He cursed under his breath, the light oak flooring matched the color of his wand almost spot on, camouflaging it away. Cyprian’s face twisted in a garish grin.
“You would? Let’s see about that, shall we?”
“No, take me instead!” Remus screamed as loud as he could manage, but his throat closed as a flash of white hit him. His arms jolted back, chest pulled forward. His neck was craned upwards, eyes plastered to the white ceiling. It took every ounce of wit he could muster to move his eyes back to the scene in front of him.
“Have it your way, filthy half-breed,” Gregor spat, raising his wand to Remus. Remus closed his eyes, as if he was preparing for the blow.
“I’m Muggle-born!” (Y/N) screamed, causing Remus’ eyes to flutter open. The Death Eaters turned towards her. “I’m Muggle-born,” She repeated, as if they hadn’t heard her the first time. “You’d much rather spill my filthy blood, yeah? Take me!” Her eyes were watering slightly, from the pain or her impending fate? Remus couldn’t decide. His knees sank into the wood, he was frozen, couldn’t move even if he wanted to. Cyprian laughed.
“A mudblood and a werewolf?” He laughed again, as if it was the funniest thing he’d heard in months. “You two really deserve each other, filthy blood and all.” (Y/N) struggled to open her mouth. She drew a quick breath.
“Remus, I lov—”
“Avada Kedavra.” Cyprian sighed, as if this spell meant nothing passing his lips. A green bolt of light hit (Y/N), her face frozen as if she was gasping for air. Gregor dropped her to the floor, her lifeless arm bouncing once before resting against the carpet. Remus felt cold, like all the happiness he had ever known had been torn from his very being. He wanted to cry, scream her name, hear her voice once more. He knew it was a fruitless attempt, she was gone. Dead.
“Such a pretty face,” Gregor clicked, kicking her arm lightly. “Shame she was a mudblood. Ah well, Cyprian, ya better take out the trash.” His bony finger pointed at Remus, who now had fallen to the floor in agony. Remus felt their gazes on him, piercing and cold. He laid still.
“Died of a broken heart?” Cyprian sniggered. “How pathetic. Severus made him sound like he was strong, like he’d put up a fight. Guess your charm was stronger, eh?” Gregor stepped over (Y/N), meeting Cyprian who was gazing over Remus. Remus did not move, for some unexplained reason, they had thought he had died. They both chuckled.
“Better double check, jus’ta be sure. Can’t have any loose ends.” Gregor kicked Remus as he did (Y/N). He lifted the cherry wand and opened his mouth, preparing to cast his final curse. Remus’ muscles tightened ever so slightly, preparing to reach the end. The Death Eaters hissed in agony, Gregor lowered his wand and screamed, holding his arm tightly, as if it was burning. “He must’ve found the Potters—the boy. We better scurry back and wait for his return.” The long haired man snarled, cracking his neck.
“Incendio!” Flames erupted around Remus, who was still laying as still as he could manage. “We can’t leave any evidence. Simple fireplace incident,” Cyprian clicked his tongue, glancing back at (Y/N)’s body, then to Remus. “Incompetent owners. The Muggles’ll believe it.” He shot more flames into the kitchen and onto the staircase, the fire grew fast in the wooden cottage, the smell of singeing fabric wafted through the air. “Come on, you know he hates to wait.” With a loud crack, the two vanish from the cottage.  
“(Y/N)” Remus croaked, finally finding it safe for him to move. Smoke wafted into his lungs, the fire was growing rapidly, catching on every piece of furniture it could touch. He begun to crawl towards (Y/N), only for his hand to hit his wand. He pushed it into his back pocket and moved closer. Her hair was sprawled around her head, like a halo, eyes gleaming in the light of the fire. Remus placed his fingers atop her eyelids and drew them closed. She looked so peaceful, as if she had just fallen asleep. Remus felt his eyes sting. The house creaked around him as he wiped his tears. “I have to go love,” He coughed, grabbing her hand. He rubbed his thumb in loving circles, as he would do often when their hands were connected. Remus leaned down and placed a kiss between her brows. He inhaled slightly, her cinnamon scent reached his nose for the final time. “I love you, (Y/N).” Sirens blared down the street. Any moment, Muggle firefighters would rush into the cottage and try to diffuse the flames, Remus knew that. He had to go, find other members of the Order. If it was true that Voldemort had indeed found the Potters, it would be too late to save them. Remus stood as well as he could, toppling over just a bit. He muttered a few protective spells around (Y/N)’s body, shielding her from the flames. If and when the Muggles found her, her body would be unscathed. He could only give her parents that luxury, seeing their daughter’s body near perfect, as she was in life.
Remus scurried to the coat closet and grabbed his luggage. (Y/N) had given it to him on his birthday, stamped with the words ‘Professor R.J. Lupin’. She had always joked that he’d go back to teach.The ideal spot would be Hogwarts, but what sort of parents would allow a beast like him to teach their children? The gift was thoughtful, but Remus knew it’d never serve it’s intended use. “Good time as any,” Remus muttered as he shoved various coats and clothes into the case. His eyes flickered at the growing flames and drew back to the kitchen. He noticed the album still sitting on the table, beginning to catch fire on the righthand corner. “Accio album!” He cried, catching the flying book in his hand. Pages had flown out in the haste, but Remus did not care. These photos were the last bit of (Y/N) he would have, proof that she had existed, that she was his. Remus continued to cough, realizing it was time to leave. With a crack, he had left their little cottage and all his happiness behind.
“I’m so sorry Remus.” Harry placed a hand on Remus’ shoulder, as he had begun to weep. He hadn’t cried about (Y/N) in years, it was as if the floodgates had opened. Harry had never seen Remus this emotional, as he tended to keep his emotions more private.
“It’s not your fault, it’s mine. Had I been more careful, helped her with the protective charms she would—”
“Remus, there was nothing that could have been done. You did your best. She knew that—she knows that.” Harry rubbed his hand along Remus’ vest, feeling the woolen fabric beneath his fingertips.
“Her parents,” Remus’ voice bubbled. “I saw them years ago. I—I thought they deserved to know the truth of their daughter’s death. They had their suspicions of course. How could their daughter, blessed with the magical abilities they could never have imagined, succumb to a rogue house fire?” Remus stared into his now empty teacup, gaze unwavering. “They had met me a few times before, to make sure I would take good care of their daughter. It was then I told them of my condition. I thought they’d be mad, as if I was lying to them all those years, putting their daughter in danger,” Remus sniffled. “They forgave me. Can you believe that?” Harry merely nodded, continuing to console him. “Had she not spoken up—about her blood status that is—we’d both be dead. I owe her my life, I let her parents know that.” “She loved you Remus,” Harry said, still rubbing Remus’ shoulder. “Of course she’d want to save you. I’d have done the same thing for—” Harry stopped, feeling his ears grow hot. Remus meekly smiled as he straightened his back, composing himself. “Do you have more photos? You said you had grabbed the album before you left, I’d like to see some. If you’d be willing to show me, that is.” Remus looked over to his case and his journal begun to glide to them. Harry wondered how he summoned the journal, until he noticed Remus’ wand, which was being cast under the table.
“This was in the luggage, an extra gift,” Remus’ fingers traced the letters on the cover, following the flow of his initials. “She knew I was a diligent note taker, always in need of extra parchment. I kept some of the photos in here, the ones of us mostly, I had given the rest of the album to her parents,” He opened the book, fingering through the yellowed pages. Some were scribbled with his messy font, some were merely blank and covered in tea stains. Harry gazed quietly at the journal until Remus stopped flipping, pushing the page closer to Harry. “Here we are. This was taken in the courtyard at Hogwarts, I’m sure you recognize it.”  
“I do,” Harry hummed, looking closer at the image. Remus looked to be Harry’s age, young and naive. He was holding (Y/N) on his back, both laughing as the water of the fountain behind them sputtered inconstantly. They looked so happy. “How did you take this?” “Your father took the photo, if you look closely, you can see Sirius’ head,” Remus pointed to the left hand corner, a dark mass was indeed poking through ever so slightly. “He tried to push (Y/N) and I into the fountain and—”
“Succeeded, actually,” Sirius chimed in. He was standing in the doorway, tongue fully fitting back into his mouth. “James didn’t click the camera fast enough. Bummer. You both looked hysterical.” He smiled fondly. Harry chuckled at the thought of a dripping wet Remus, growing angry.
“(Y/N) didn’t appreciate it, nor did I,” Remus chuckled. “Though I’ll admit, it was rather funny.” Sirius placed a hand on Harry’s shoulder, gazing down at the journal.
“Do you still have the one that Wormta—Peter,” Sirius’ voice wavered at the mention of their old friend. “The one he took, of the five of us?” Remus furrowed his brows and flipped through the pages, his mouth forming an ‘o’ shape when he came across the one he had been looking for.
“Here,” Remus showed Harry the photo. “(Y/N), Sirius, your parents and I.” The photo was taken at the Three Broomsticks, Harry deduced, judging by the butterbeer mustaches each of them wore. Remus’ arm was around (Y/N), holding her closer in a smiling embrace. Sirius was holding James in a rather awkward bearhug. His messy hair was popping through Sirius’ arms, James just had enough space to gaze lovingly at Lily, whom was smiling brightly at the camera, unaware.
“What a group,” Sirius chuckled. “James was lovesick as usual, that’s about right.” He laughed, bellowing deep from his stomach. Remus joined in. Harry just smiled, staring longingly at the way his father was looking at his mother in the photograph. Sirius glanced at Remus, who was focusing on the photo a little more closely, as if he didn’t want to look away. Sirius shook Harry slightly. “I reckon it’s time for bed, even ‘The Chosen One’ has to sleep sometime.” Harry glanced at the clock sitting above the sink, realizing how late it really was.
“Thank you for sharing this Remus,” Harry said, standing up. “I know it must have been difficult. Thanks.” He felt awkward just standing there, but knew that bowing would be even more awkward. Sirius had already disappeared up the stairs, grabbing a bottle of butterbeer for the road.  
“No, thank you Harry, really.” Remus smiled warmly, glancing back at the journal.
“Goodnight.” Harry retreated to the staircase, only to look back at Remus once before ascending. Remus was holding the singed photo from before, glancing at it with a glossy look, a tear rolling down his cheek, mopping up in his mustache. Remus would be okay, he needed time to heal, to grow. Though, Harry could have sworn he heard a soft sob as he turned his light out.
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foreverandalwayshttyd · 2 years ago
Ok but can we just talk about like how much Zephyr and Nuffink legit resemble Hiccup and Astrid in so many ways?? And why I love them way too much?? Like I’m so happy that the team actually made character designs for these adorable little beans for their 7 min debut and they are legit Hiccup and Astrid mini-me’s allow me to break it down for you:
Tumblr media
Zephyr: Alright, bean number 1. Zephyr Haddock clearly is like the perfect combination of both her parents. She takes on more of Hiccup’s auburn color hair with a tint of red inheriting some of Stoick’s hair coloration as well. Obviously she gets Astrid’s blue eyes, which Hiccup is thrilled about because now he has two beautiful blue eyed girls to love. She tends to make many facial expressions like Hiccup, like pursing her lips, being very wide-eyed, and you can tell she’s probably a little more shy than her brother. At one point she grips her hand around her fore-arm like Astrid always did when she was younger, which I thought was a cute little gesture that she inherited from her mom. In this particular pic she reminds me a lot of Astrid just because of her nose and lips, which I think the animators did a crazy amount of attention to detail which I LOVE. If you look closely, she has a lot of little freckles on her cheeks which she definitely got from Hiccup. She’s also a little bubbly like when she helps Astrid hoist the sail and just bounces over to the edge of the ship happily like wow such a cutie, i love Little Zephyr so much😍 but im so happy because I always wanted Hiccup and Astrid to have a little auburn headed girl first and I wrote a ton of fics about it and now look she’s finally here!! Love this little girl💗
Tumblr media
Nuffink: Okay, bean number 2. Pretty sure the cutest little blonde boy to roam New Berk at the current moment, I mean, look at this little boiii!!! He is legit a mini Hiccup. The same nose, face shape, little facial expression my goodness. He obviously gets Astrid’s blonde hair which I LOVE so much. Love his emerald eyes like Hiccup’s, and the braids!! Oh my gosh the braids I can’t. Whenever he purses his lips he looks so much like Hiccup or when he’s scared and huddled close to Astrid all I see is little Hiccup. But at the same time....he’s his own little dude, and takes a lot of Astrid’s features as well. But the thing that stood out to me most was how when Astrid and Hiccup hold him he always puts his little hand on their chest, just like Astrid would always do to Hiccup. I know a lot of kids tend to do that, but seeing little Nuffink do it was very very special to me. You can tell he’s probably a little thrill-seeker like his parents while his sister is the one who always gets him out of trouble. He has such a huge personality and my headcanon is that he’s a momma’s boy.
I love these little beans both so much and they are some of the cutest kids like ever. Probably gonna come up with some headcanons with those two cause i am currently httyd trash lol. I’m so beyond glad that Dean and the team made these two precious kiddos part of the finale and hopefully that snoggletog short features them or future references them (PREGSTRID) in a way. Thanks for coming to my ted talk, hope you enjoyed whatever this was haha.
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as if! — twenty nine ( what are you doing here? )
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↬ what you want is what you get. thats how its always been for you growing up. but the one time you let time and destiny do it’s thing, surprise, surprise! it’s not how you want it to be. maybe you‘re just clueless on how things should play out without having it your way.
a/n: get u a mans who’d travel just to see you HSFHDAKJDA + bonus shit under the cut lols p.s idk how trains work (ranpo who) so pls bear w me haha
[ taglist: @therealwalmartjesus​​ @90s-belladonna​​ @babybluebisexual​​ @o-o0613​ @thenezuko​​ @kuroos-babie​​ @clowninfortodoroki​ @dorkyama​ @iikiag​ @wakaitoshi​ @svtbitch​ @reogou​ @whalien52dreams​ @akaarin​ @floralprintedsheets​ @kisskeiji​ @preparingtofall​ @kaffulatte​ @akaaaashit​ @imuziawi​ @shoutobabyboy​ @issalilmessy​ @agaassi​ @k-gada​ @jimilogy​ @ai-writes​​ @terriblejob-sam​​ @kuryusmu​ @miyuswriting​ @kritiiiii​ @verbluehte​ @krxstynnn​ @ravioliplease​ @miyayassy​ @sakusakymi​ @kinkenma​ @rinnieee​ @rollingthundaa​ @writersdarkworld​ @pperapear​ @slfmint​ @idiot-juice-enthusiast​ @kitakure​ @howis​ @sugawsites​ @stardustanni​ @noya-sannnn​ @yeehawnana​ @kalegria​ @whippedforhaikyuu​ 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you poke your head out the window to see suna near the school gates in his casual clothes with flowers on hand. he was on his phone probably trying to text you or to tweet his whereabouts.
“kei why is suna here?!” you whip your head towards your brother who had no interest in the situation whatsoever. “he asked, i delivered” he shrugs, plugging in his headphones. you groaned and rushed downstairs to confront him.
“where is y/n going?” “is she going to meet that good looking dude down there? holy shit is that her boyfriend?” whispers circulated as they watch you from the windows approaching the mystery guy just outside of school.
“what are you doing here?!” you hushed, lowering your head to avoid the curious and envious stares you’ve been getting. “to see you” suna says, putting his phone in his pocket. “when.. how.. what?” you spluttered, trying to process everything all at once. he came here to see you? all the way from hyogo?
“i got you these..” he mutters, shyly handing you the bouquet of flowers he bought prior going to karasuno. “i still don’t get it, why are you here?” you say as you accept the flowers. suna coughs before scratching the back of his neck in embarrassment. “because i hurt you and you weren’t replying to me” he admits, puffing the air he’s been holding in.
you felt yourself blush furiously at his confession. you held the bouquet close to your chest as you smiled up at him. “looks like you’ve finally caved in to me huh?” suna rolls his eyes and looks away but his red face says it all. “shut up” he murmurs. you giggled as you witnessed suna flustered right now.
“don’t you have school today?” you asked after a moment of silence has passed. suna nods, grabbing his phone. probably to check if the twins or anyone in inarizaki were checking up on him. “yep. i left hyogo around 5 in the morning? took the bullet train and now i’m here” he explains. “i’ll probably head back to the station around 4 pm so i won’t miss the last ride home” suna adds.
“ayo y/n~ what are doing- oh” hinata stops his sentence mid way after he sees the middle blocker he faced earlier this year. suna gives him a small salute as you smiled ear to ear. “tsukishima y/n you’ve done it again!” hinata exclaims as he drags kageyama away from the two of you to give you some privacy; despite the whole school was watching you right now.
“hinata can you please tell kei to bring my things with him when he goes home? i’m skipping” you called over to hinata who sent you thumbs up. suna looks down at you in surprise. “you’re skipping?” you rolled your eyes and slapped his arm. “well we aren’t going to let you waste your expensive ass ticket to see me right?” you suddenly grab his hand, “c’mon, i’ll show you around”
suna smiles faintly, intertwining his fingers with yours. “i like the sound of that” 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“order anything you want, it’s on me” you say to suna as you two sat down at a table in your favorite cafe. suna looks at you with a look of bewilderment. “no i should pay for it, i’m the man here” suna declines your offer but you held your hand up in front of his face. 
“no buts. you took the bullet train here and that shit’s costly. at least let me treat you for coming all the way to see me” you argued. suna clamps his mouth shut and nods, grabbing the menu. “damn” he thinks to himself, secretly eyeing you as you were busy pointing to different things in the menu to the waitress
after your small date at your favorite cafe, you two were just now aimlessly walking around the streets of sendai hand in hand. going shopping or just looking around stores that caught your interests. 
“i kind of want to buy matching necklaces or bracelets for us” you say out loud, staring at the display window at pandora’s. “can we even afford them” you hear suna comment under his breath. “i have a credit card with me” you smirked as suna’s eyes widened when you start dragging him inside the store. 
in the end you got yourself and suna matching necklaces. the typical lock and key. 
now you two were sitting at a park bench, admiring the pretty view in front of you. “you didn’t have to buy me something” suna blushes, scratching the back of his head. “i should be the one buying you shit like that” 
“i don’t really mind” you shrug like it was nothing. suna continues to observe you from behind before mustering up all the courage he had in him. “hey” he calls, suddenly holding your hand. “yeah?” you gave him a look of confusion. 
“will you be my girlfriend?” he asked so nonchalantly you thought he was joking around. “what?” you blurt out, totally caught off guard. suna cringes at himself for being too blunt but tries again nevertheless. 
“will you, tsukishima y/n, be my girlfriend?” he asks one more time, fiddling with your tiny fingers and completely avoiding eye contact with you. “yes” you hummed. suna’s eyes almost pops out of their sockets at your answer almost as if he never expected it. “you didn’t have to react that way you fucking dick!” you cried out loud, smacking his chest making him laugh
your day with suna finally comes to an end as you two were now at the train station, ready to send him home. you accompanied suna to purchase his ticket and now you two were just waiting for the time to pass by for him to board the train. 
“so this is it hmm?” suna chuckles, looking down at you who was hugging his left arm. “look i’m already crying” you looked up at him with teary eyes. suna rolls his eyes and pokes your cheek. “you’re so dramatic” 
“you tell me then, when will be the next time i’ll see you?” you sassed, already getting upset at the thought of the distance between the two of you. “like i said, i’ll try to make a way remember? plus facetime exists” he reasons rationally like it was the most obvious thing in the world. 
"hmmph” you puff your cheeks, a habit you have when you don’t get it your way. suna looks at his phone and realizes it was almost time for him to go. he gently pats your thigh and you looked up at him with a sad face. 
you two stood up from the chairs and walked towards the gates. “i hope you had fun today” suna smiles softly as he tried to read your unreadable expression. “i’ll come visit you again okay? i’m so happy i finally got to ask you to be mine” he giggles, grabbing a hold of your hand, trying to shake the sad feeling from being away from his lover for a while.
without saying another word, you latched yourself onto him. suna was stunned and freezes. not being used to these kind of things. “hug me too dipshit” you murmured against his chest making it vibrate. suna finally comes back to his senses and returns the hug awkwardly due to his height. 
suna pulls away from the hug and suddenly kisses your forehead. shocking both himself and you. you let out a small gasp as suna realizes what the fuck he just did. “oh shit— i took things too far i’m sorry-” his little panic moment got cut off by you pulling his coat to bring his face close to yours and gave him a kiss on his lips. 
for suna, it felt like time stopped for real. as much as he would like to continue this lil activity you two are having in public, you pulled away to catch your breath. your face was full on red by now. “i’ll miss you” you admit, looking at your feet instead of meeting suna’s eyes. 
suna tucks your stray hairs away from your cheek. “i’ll miss you too. i’ll see you again soon” he cups both of your cheeks and gave you one final kiss. “stay safe on the way home” the way he looks at you was just filled with adoration causing you to blush harder than before.
how did you get so lucky to get him?
suna finally inputs his train ticket onto the machine and before you know it, he already boarded in. suna sat by the window seat and right before the train announces that they were about to leave, you sent him a flying kiss. suna waves shyly as he grabs his phone to send you a message.
🤍 :  i love you 
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I Know
Billy Hargrove x reader
Description: another late night drive with Billy, another revelation
Word count: 16k
Warnings: swearing (I swear a lot, sorry), abuse mention
A/N: so this is my first fic! it’s based off another fic I read that I think someone wrote for Hargroovin’s 2k special but idk it may have been for someone else’s thing, if I find it, I’ll add a link. Anyway, it was really good and based off the prompt line  “Oh, I already know that you love me. “ and after I finished reading it I rage wrote a fic because the ending the author gave wasn’t the one I imagined. So, yeah that’s where all this comes from. ALSO, since this is my first fic, I have like no one to tag so I’m gonna tag some writers on here whose work I like and admire, sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged but too bad! I like you and want your support (lol seriously though if you want to be untagged, message me and I’ll do it)
Also, ignore my shitty theme on desktop, I haven’t updated it in years and i’m too lazy to bother with it now!
TAGS (I’m tagging the writers who inspire me because...well I can and they probably won’t read it anyone):
@letmeletmetrashyourlove @dacrethehalls @upsidedown-rightsideup @hairringtonsteve @kingharringt0n @steveharringtonofficial @stevesharrlngtons @hargroovin @flamehairedwritings @lovelydacre@gutterdreams @tehnardier @stevesdacre (Dottie’s back and she has no idea who I am but I love her and want her attention in case she leaves again!)
(someone please notice me I’m desperate for attention)
You and Billy had snuck out. Again. For the third time that week alone. This was not a good habit to be getting into. But how could you say no with the king of Hawkins throwing rocks at your window? He’d just try to climb onto your roof again and he nearly died trying the first time. Besides, why would you wanna stay cooped up in your stuffy bedroom when you could be in Billy’s car speeding off to God knows where, his hand gripping your thigh, wind whipping your hair around your face from the window he always left open, even in the dead of winter.
You and Billy had been dating since October, after you found him stumbling around, looking for his step-sister. You didn’t ask what happened that night and he didn’t tell you what he saw, but he did seem to be actively staying out of his sister’s way, which seemed to mutually beneficial.
Except on nights like tonight.
Billy had starting throwing rocks at your window at ten, which was not a good sign. If Billy wanted to do something, he’d call. If he needed help, the rock throwing started. When you looked out the window, you saw his shadow, illuminated by his headlights and you could already tell that whatever happened wasn’t good.
You snuck out the back door, planning to be back before six am, plenty of time to patch up the boy and get home in one piece. Still in your pyjamas, you ran out to his car, the bottle of water you kept frozen in the back of your freezer clutched in your hand, just in case.
Billy didn’t say anything when he saw you coming up the path to him, but you could tell just by the way his posture changed from his cocky lean to a still relieved slump that he was glad to see you. He needed to see you. Desperately.
You got in the car and drove silently away from your parent’s home and into the forests of Hawkins; the quietest place in the whole town, mainly because nobody bothered to go into the forests this late at night. After all the rumors involving Will Byers and his going missing two years prior, nobody liked to trek in there unless they had to, making it the perfect place to hide out while Billy licked his wounds.
Once he parked, you reached until the passenger’s seat and pulled out the white plastic first aid kit, which you’d hidden there after you realized that the black and blue Billy wasn’t a rarity. There wasn’t a lot of light in the car, but you could make out the bruise forming on Billy’s cheek, a small cut from where Neil’s wedding band struck his cheek already crusting over, the blood long since stopped flowing. You used an alcohol wipe to clean off the crusted blood and dabbed Polysporin on the tiny cut. You hand him the frozen water bottle wordlessly, packing up the kit.
You hated seeing Billy like this, small and quiet and pitiful. He looked so tiny and lifeless, like all the life had been sucked from him. But beyond holding him and cleaning his wounds there wasn’t anything you could do. Billy didn’t want to go to the police, he didn’t want the older man to think that he couldn’t take everything that he threw at him, and he couldn’t leave until he graduated, so the options were scant.
Still, you continued to fulfill your purpose, pulling him close to you, holding him tight as though as he would disappear if you let go. It was an awkward position-Billy and you were leaning over the gear shift, which dug into your abdomen. But Billy wouldn’t change the moment. He relished in having you there, watching over him, putting him first. You never pushed him to talk about it, you made sure that he was comfortable and had room to calm down however he needed to that night. He loved that about you.
He loved you.
That was a terrifying thought to Billy, love. He’d never been in love before, not really. Sure, he’d liked plenty of girls and he’d had girls say that they loved him, but he never reciprocated. He’d always shrug it off, leave them in the dust with crumbling hearts. Thinking about it now, he couldn’t bear the idea of you leaving him broken in your wake. He wanted to apologize to every single one of them, the very idea of heartbreak scaring him so badly.
“I hate him…” Billy muttered into your shoulder. You nodded softly, humming in agreement as you ran your fingers through his greasy curls. You heard him say that so many times that it wasn’t something that even really registered in your head as meaningful words. Of course he hated his father, who wouldn’t? You hated him too, even though you hadn’t officially met him, a fact Billy was taking great care to ensure stayed that way. He refused to have that man hurt you.
“I can’t wait to leave this damn town.” He said, balling his fists into your shirt.
You nodded again “I know, it’s just a little while longer, graduation’s a month away…” The idea of graduating scared you a little. You knew where Billy was going, back to California where all his dreams lay, but you had no idea where you’d be. Billy hadn’t asked you to go with him, he hadn’t even acknowledged you as a part of his plan. But Billy didn’t always realize that he had to fill you in on the plans he made, so you held out hope that he wanted you by his side after his nightmare in Hawkins ended.
“And if you don’t go through with Tommy’s stupid plan of flashing the graduating class, you might actually get to leave this town.” You added, giggling to yourself. Tommy had gotten it into his head that he and Billy had to leave their final mark on Hawkins High and for some reason that meant flashing the people he’d known since he was in preschool, to leave a lasting impression on both his classmates and Hawkins High, though you suspected that Tommy flashing anyone would be a shock of miniscule proportions.
Billy laughed a breathy chuckle, genuine and soft, his voice quiet and gentler than usual. He wasn’t showboating like he did at school; he was being himself, the quiet, intelligent man you knew existed just beyond the mask he wore in public.
“I love you…he muttered into your neck, kissing it softly. He hadn’t expected to tell you that he loved you at all, but especially so casually. He’d hardly even noticed he’d said it until his words caught up with his brain. He waited desperately for an answer, needing some kind of reassurance, just something-anything-to tell him that he was in the right.
“I know.” You reply stoically, holding back a smirk with all your might. You were doing your best Han Solo impression, which you had a suspicion that Billy wouldn’t pick up on. But you couldn’t help it! When else would you get to use such an epic response.
Billy sat up to look at you, eyebrows furrowed in the cutest look of bewilderment you’d ever seen “What the fuck do you mean you know?” he snapped, insecurity filling his voice.
Your giggling pride dropped away when you saw and shock and worry in his face and your took his big, calloused hand in your own, rubbing your thumb over the top of his hand, a sweet smile on your face “Oh, I already know that you love me. I’ve known for awhile now.” you admit shyly, shrugging “You aren’t exactly subtle.”
Billy watched you for awhile, unsure of what to do. You hadn’t said it back. You didn’t say it back. He was certain now-you didn’t love him, this was just the gentle let down he’d been told by so many people to use with girls, a tactic he’d never used himself. It hurt more than just being told straight out that you don’t love him.
You noticed the defeated look in his eye and it confused you for awhile. What was he so upset about? You loved him. You told him…right? You thought back, trying to remember the moment that you were sure had happened. But you couldn’t. Your eyes widened as you realized you hadn’t told him. You’d just drop kicked his venerable heart.
“Shit!” you cried “Billy, I love you! Shit, sorry I forgot that I hadn’t said it before. I didn’t mean to leave you hanging there, I was just so sure you knew and oh God you probably hate me now, what a fucking lousy thing to do, Jesus why on earth does anyone let me in public?-” you were rambling now, face beet red and eyes shifting, too embarrassed to look at him.
But Billy wasn’t really listening. He’d heard what he needed to hear and his heart lifted and filled for the first time in what felt like ages and he grabbed your face, kissing you forcefully, shutting you up instantly. You were so shocked at first that you didn’t kiss back, frozen in place, but then you realized what had happened and how happy he was and you couldn’t help but kiss him back, hands tangling into his hair.
Billy pulled back first, smirking in his signature way that made your heart stop and your mind tell you delicious danger was on the way. “You’re a dork, you know that?” he asked, watching you fondly.
“Yeah, I know, but you love me, remember?” you challenged, elbowing him in the ribs.
Billy rolled his eyes “Yeah, I know princess, I know.”
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Too Forward - Spencer Reid x Reader
chapter three of “all bets are off”
So, uh, this is probably going to complicate your work relationship. 
warnings: smut, spencer reid is a dom in this universe, daddy is said like 3 times lol idk if that’s gonna be a theme in this series or a one time thing, kind of public sex (not rlly though it’s car sex), probably out of character but oh well
“Well, it’s an hour's drive back to the office. Y/n, Reid, you can go home for the night. Nice job, agents.”
Those were Hotch’s final words to you for the evening. You, glad to have an excuse to leave the awkward presence of your co-workers, happily obliged, scurried to your car. As you opened the driver’s side door you heard someone call your name.
“Uh, y/n!” It was Reid. Of course.
“You were kind of my ride here. Would you mind dropping me back at the office so I can get my car?” He smiled sheepishly.
Oh. Right. Duh. You had come here together, of course you’d be his ride back. “Yeah! Of course.” You grinned, the awkwardness you had so quickly tried to escape returning. “Hop in.” Once you were both situated in the car and you had begun to drive, you moved to turn on the radio.
“Hey, actually, I was wondering if we could talk.” Spencer reached out his hand to stop you. He was either way more comfortable with touching you now, or you were just starting to notice it more.
“Sure. What about?” You tapped your finger on the steering wheel nervously.
“Listen. I don’t wanna seem too forward but…” his voice trailed off a bit. Oh god. Where was this statement going? “You liked it.” He finished.
You cocked your head to the side, glancing at him. “Excuse me?” You held back a nervous laugh.
“You liked it when I kissed you.” He said it more confidently now, as if your response had validated his observations. You couldn’t respond. He wasn’t wrong, of course, but what was the purpose of him bringing it up in conversation? “When I um,” you felt a new warmth on your thigh. He was running his fingers up and down your exposed skin. What the fuck? “When I touched you.”
Just the way he said it made your breathing become labored. “I did?” You questioned, trying to use comedy to mask the increasing desire overtaking you.
“Oh come on y/n, don’t play dumb. You know as well as I do that you would’ve let me fuck you right there against the wall if we had had the time.”
You nearly slammed the breaks. Did he just say that? Were you dead? That had to be it. The mission had gone wrong. The unsub had drugged you and you were dead. That was the only explanation. “If I’m wrong, you can tell me,” Spencer continued, his hand ceasing its movements momentarily. A choice. He was giving you a choice.
“I-I’m not the only one who enjoyed myself. I could feel you through your pants.” You stared straight ahead, eyes on the road. Anywhere but on him. He must’ve taken your response as a decision, because his hand crept just a bit higher.
“I can’t deny that. Seeing you all dressed up like this? I mean, I’ve always known you were gorgeous, but… I guess you could say this,” he smoothed his fingers over the velvet of your dress. “Well, this sent me over the edge.”
Well. This was certainly out of character from the Spencer you had known all these years. You hadn’t even realized he was having these types of thoughts about you.
“So. What are you gonna do about it?” You questioned, gaining confidence.
“Pull over.” He said simply.
“What? Spence, we’re on the highway.”
“Pull over." He repeated.
You were a bit worried what would happen if you didn’t oblige. So you did. You pulled onto the shoulder of the abandoned highway, it was past midnight now after all, and stared at him.“Okay. Now what, genius?”
You barely registered the click of his seatbelt becoming undone before his lips were on yours. Forceful. Demanding. He wasn’t wasting any time. Apart from the initial shock, you began to respond to his touch quickly, fumbling to undo your own seatbelt as well. His lips moved down from your lips, to your jaw, to your neck. His tongue swirled on the sensitive skin and your eyes fluttered shut. “Fuck.” You mumbled, your head leaned back and rested on the glass of the driver’s sear door, allowing him easier access. He pulled away and you whimpered at the loss of contact. He only chuckled in response, his hand moving to pull down one of the straps of your dress. He tugged it down and then he was right back at it, his lips working at your collar bones, your newly exposed cleavage. “Are you gonna be a good girl?” He asked in a moment of pause, looking up at you with those hazel eyes. You nodded weakly. Embarrassed. “No, sweetheart, I want to hear you say it. Tell me that you’re going to be a good girl.” You bit your lip, considering your current situation. “Come on. Say it and I can give you what you want.” You glanced down to see his hand moving under your dress, his fingertips just barely brushing your inner thighs.
“I-I’ll be a good girl.” Your voice shook, but he seemed content with your words as his fingers began to press against your panties.
“So wet for me, too.” He husked, running fast circles around your clothed clit.
You couldn’t hold back your moans, a string of curses leaving your mouth. “Shh, baby, that’s not the type of language I wanna hear from you. You said you’d be good.”
What? He didn’t want you to curse? A power thing. Of course it was. He wanted to control not only your body, but everything else about you too.
“Aren’t you gonna apologize?” He questioned, his pace slowing down.
“I-I’m sorry Spencer.” You rasped out. “I won’t do it again.”
He licked his lips, eyes scanning you. “You’re so pretty like this. So weak, so powerless. Do you want my fingers inside of you?”
You were shaking now, craving stimulation, craving more of his touch. “Yes. Please. Please, I need it.” You were barely concerned with how pathetic you sounded at this point. He didn’t even reply, only pushed your panties to the side and pressed a finger against your entrance. You legs instinctively spread a bit wider, inviting him in.
“I knew at the bar that you were needy, but I didn’t realize just how much.”
Before you could retort, he was sliding a finger inside of you, curling it to find your g-spot. It felt even better than you were expecting. Maybe because you had been thinking about this moment for hours, ever since he had first placed his lips on yours. It was disgusting, you knew, pulled over on the side of the road, letting your colleague finger you after work like some kind of shitty porno. He eased a second finger inside of you, not too difficult considering how wet you were, and began to pump them in and out of you. He leaned back over, pulling down your bra strap this time, and taking your nipple into his mouth, his tongue teasing you ever so slightly.
“Fuck,” you exclaimed again without thinking. You immediately clamped your mouth shut. “Oh f- no wait, I’m s-sorry.” You began, but he was already pulling his hand and mouth away. You cried out, feeling empty.
“You’re making me think that we should put that dirty little mouth to use, hm?” He questioned, holding up his two fingers, still slick with your own wetness, to your mouth. You met his eyes, opening your mouth, and he pushed them in, pressing down on your tongue. “Mm, good girl.” He mused, his free hand was fumbling with the zipper of his pants, and you finally took the opportunity to get a good look at him. Sweat beaded on his forehead, his hair messy, and of course, his noticeably hard dick pressing against the fabric of his pants. “You like what you see?” He teased. You couldn’t respond, his fingers still placed aptly in your mouth. He struggled for a moment to free his dick from its cloth confinements, but your eyes widened when he did. You didn’t know what you had expected. When you had felt it at the bar it felt.. big.. but you hadn’t nearly prepared yourself to see it. He wrapped a fist around his cock, and you watched, unable to tear you eyes away. “That’s right," his voice was sweet. "You’re gonna be a good girl and watch daddy touch himself. because you haven’t earned the chance to do it yourself, have you?"
Did Spencer just call himself daddy? This was a moment where you were sure that you should be laughing. It made no sense. It wasn’t… Spencer. And yet, you could only react with a gargled moan. Why was this turning you on? Why was this hot? You decided your original idea had been right. You were dead or drugged. No way this was real. But you didn’t have too much time to think about it before his next command came. He pressed his fingers further into your opened mouth. “Suck.”
You obliged, closing your lips around them and running your tongue up and down their length, imagining it was his cock in your mouth instead. He groaned in pleasure, the speed at which he jerked himself off at increasing steadily. “You don’t know how difficult tonight was for me y/n,” he gasped out. “Seeing your pretty little body in such a tight dress, you grinding your ass into my cock like you didn’t have a care in the world. So difficult for me to not bend you over that bar and fuck you there right where everyone could see.” He closed his own eyes for a moment. Your hand creeped in between your legs, craving stimulation. He huffed, noticing, and removed his fingers from your mouth. “I know how badly you want me, baby. It must have been hard for you too, huh?” You nodded, playing to his sympathy. “It’s okay sweetheart. I’ll be nice.” He made good on his word, immediately pushing both fingers into your entrance, your body clenching around him. You were already so blissed out, you couldn’t decide whether to close your eyes from all the pleasure or to force them open so you could watch as he fucked his fist. You were moaning, writhing against his fingers. You wanted nothing more than for Spencer Reid to fuck the ever-loving shit out of you. But you supposed this would suffice for now.
“You’re gonna cum for me, aren’t you baby? Gonna cum all over my fingers? I know you’re gonna look so fucking pretty. So fucked out and weak. All for me.”
Well, if you weren’t about to cum before, you definitely were after he said that. You whimpered, nodding, and his fingers moved in and out of you even faster. “Good. Good girl. Cum for me. If you do you might even have time to help daddy out before he’s done.”
Well, that was an offer too enticing to refuse. So you did as he said. You came, shaking, around his fingers, your moans of pleasure echoing in the small space of the car. He watched you, eyes unwavering, as he made you come undone. His fingers didn’t still until you were panting, squeezing your thighs together to slow him down. “Even prettier than I imagined,” Spencer commented, placing his fingers back into your mouth for you to clean. You did, happily, and when you had taken a moment to regain your sanity, you looked at him eagerly. “Aw, look at you. So cute. You really wanna help daddy cum?”
You nodded, eyes still trained on his hand pumping his cock. “Come here baby.” He said. His voice was so hot when he was like this, you noticed. It was breathy. Strained. Filled with desire. He gently placed a hand on the back of your head, rooting his fingers in the hair on your scalp, guiding you down towards the tip of his dick. Your tongue flicked out, testing him, and he moaned your name loudly. You took him into your mouth, his hand applying just a bit of pressure. You started slowly, trying to get used to the length of it, and his head lulled back against the passenger seat, hair falling into his face. You were slow, but he didn’t push your head down farther, despite the fact that he could’ve. No, instead his hips began to buck up ever so slightly. He looked down at you, checking to make sure it was alright, and when he saw no sign of distress he began to thrust shallowly into your mouth, his hand still keeping you in place. “You feel so good, y/n.” His eyes rolled back. You moaned around him. Fuck. Why was it so hot letting him use you for pleasure like this? “I’m gonna cum.” He stuttered through gritted teeth. “And you’re gonna take all of it, right? Because daddy was so- f-fuck- so good to you.” You couldn’t reply, but you knew that he knew the answer was yes anyway. After a few more thrusts of his hips he came,  the taste and warmth flooding your senses.  You did your best to take it in full, wanting to fully follow his directions. When you were content with your work his hand eased off of you and you sat up straight, wiping your mouth on the back of your hand as you swallowed.
There was silence. You pulled the straps of your bra and dress up, regaining your breath.
“So I was right about you liking it when I kissed you.” Spencer breathed out eventually, zipping his pants back up.
You shook your head, chuckling at the absurdity of the situation, and started the car.
“Well, Doctor, you’re rarely wrong.”
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princelogical · 3 years ago
What about some protective virgil maybe? Either protecting the other sides from themselves and making sure they take care of themselves, or maybe protecting them from ther baddies?
Title; Heavy-Laden
Warnings; Uhhh, anxiety. Little bit of violence. Roman has some issues such as working himself to the point of exhaustion so he can get some sleep at night. Oh, kind of anti-hero Virge. He’s a nice dude but what he does can be kind of considered… weird? Idk. Let me know if anything else needs tagged. 
Word Count: 1,131
Notes; Sorry if this doesn’t quite fit your prompt? I tried but my mind ran away with me lol.
Virgil should have recognised from the start that somethingwas off when Roman burst into his room and began chattering way too fast aboutgoing on some adventure together in the dreamscape. Roman’s hands were just alittle shaky, his hair a little too messed up. However, Virgil could only focuson the annoyance that Roman was barging in his room and being so annoying.
He’d rolled his eyes and insisted that today was not the dayfor daydreaming. But Roman begged and begged until Virgil gave in and foundhimself sweating profusely as he stood behind Roman who yielded a sword infront of a great dragon that kept choking on its own fire. It really wasn’t animpressive enemy but Roman still flew at it with his all and soon enough, therewas a great dragon body lying in front of the two of them.
Roman swiped his hair from his face and grinned. “I did it!”
“You sure did, Princey,” Virgil grumbled. “Can I go back tomy room now?”
Roman’s eyes widened in just a little too much panic andrushed to say, “No! Uh- we should sword fight.”
Virgil scowled. “Sword… fight?”
“Yeah!” Roman snapped his fingers and a beautiful sword withan emerald hilt hit the floor. The blade was metallic with some blacknesssprayed at the tip. “Poison,” Roman explained. “Raises the stakes.”
Virgil raised an eyebrow. “Poison?”
“Yeah,” Roman said. Recognition dawned on his face. “Oh, itwon’t kill me!”
“What’ll it do?” Virgil asked.
But Roman didn’t answer, instead, he slashed his swordthrough the air and Virgil dove to duck, grasping desperately for the sword onthe ground.
“Not fair!” Virgil yelled. “You didn’t tell me we werestarting.”
“We’re starting.”
Virgil scowled again and grabbed the sword by its hilt,rolling out of the way as Roman slashed the sword down right near Virgil’s hip.Roman stood expectantly and Virgil slowly arose, getting into a defensiveposition. Roman smirked and swung, sword almost smacking Virgil’s knees untilVirgil parried the blow with his own sword.
“Is that all you’ve got?” Virgil asked, feeling thecompetitive fire flaring up.
Roman laughed. “We’re just getting started.”
The two went at it for quite some time. They were bothpretty sweaty and panting, still swinging swords as the sun in the dreamscapewas beginning to fall. Virgil lowered his sword and Roman frowned in confusion,panting.
“Why’re we stopping?” he asked.
“It’s getting dark.”
“But-” Roman slashed again and Virgil easily parried theblow with a frown. Roman looked downright desperate. “There needs to be awinner.”
“We can finish tomorrow,” Virgil said. “Patton’s probablyworrying and Logan-”
Roman swung again and Virgil jerked out of the way snapping,“Roman, what the hell? We’re done!”
“I’m not!” Roman yelled back.
“But I am!” Virgil dropped his sword knowing full well thatRoman wouldn’t attack him defenceless. “Let’sgo back.”
“I’m not tired,” Roman gritted out.
“What’s your problem?” Virgil snapped. “I don’t care if you’renot tired. We can continue tomorrow.”
Roman kept panting, teeth gritted. He looked exhausted anddesperate, truly, and Virgil was slowly recognizing that something wasn’tright, something was wrong-
“Roman,” Virgil said softly. “Come on. Time to give up.”
Slowly, Roman sheathed his sword and swiped a hand over hisforehead. He looked about to pass out and Virgil prepared himself for the smallchance of that being a possibility.
“What’s up, Princey?” he asked.
“I have so much… energy,” Roman said quietly. “And I can’tburn it all and I’m going to be up all night, alone because I can’t ever wear myself out enough.”
Virgil’s brows knitted together. “This adventure was some…big scheme to… exhaust yourself?”
“I genuinely enjoyed spending time with you,” Roman said,fumbling. “I just have so much energy lately that won’t… settle down. SO manyideas that won’t shut up unless I’m doing something, constantly.”
Virgil raised an eyebrow then finally burst into laughter. “You’resomething else, Roman.”
Roman glared. “What’s so funny, Panic Party?”
“You wanna get exhausted? Come on.” Roman hesitantly frownedbut nevertheless followed Virgil several feet away from their spot to a softerpatch of grass.
“Remember that vine we did a while ago?”
“Which one?”
“The one where I put the curse on the sleeping princess.”Roman slowly nodded. Virgil crossed his arms and shrugged. “Anxiety isexhausting, my friend. Do you wantexhaustion? It’ll suck for a couple minutes but I can wear you out right now ifyou really want.”
Roman hesitated for a second then stepped forward. “Yeah?”
“Okay.” Virgil took a deep breath and smiled, sitting downon the grass. Roman followed suit. Virgil reached out and splayed his handsover Roman’s knees. “It won’t feel good at first, okay? But uh… I’m here and I’vegot you, okay?”
Roman nodded. Virgil took another deep breath and beganthinking of everything that could possibly stress Thomas out- deadlines,friends, family, appearance, social interactions- everything. He took yetanother deep breath and imagined the anxieties as a physical burden, pressingagainst Roman’s back. Holding him down.
A whimper from Roman was a good indicator that it wasworking.
Virgil tightened his grip on Roman’s knees, but not enoughto fully soothe, just enough to remind Roman he was there. Roman was pantingagain, tired little gasps coming from his mouth. Virgil added a few moreanxieties to the load for good measure. Roman let out another whimper.
“Virgil, please-”
Then, he began breathing slowly and deeply, imagining theburdens being tugged off of Roman’s back. Slowly. One by Roman. Roman’s pantsturned into more controlled and heavy breaths. Roman’s tense legs werebeginning to relax under Virgil’s touch.
“Virgil,” Roman said quietly. Virgil kept breathing. “Virgil,I’m gonna fall-”
Virgil slid upward without removing contact with Roman’s bodyand caught Roman’s head before it fell against the grass. Slowly, he laid Roman’shead down and let out another deep breath. Roman let out one, eyes flutteringclosed.
Virgil sighed and hesitantly swiped the hair from Roman’sforehead with a deep sigh. He knew all too well the awful feeling of not beingable to stop his thoughts. Maybe Roman’s were good thoughts, good ideas, butVirgil could understand how they could be taxing.
Virgil closed his eyes, hands still gently on Roman, and thedreamscape slowly faded until they were in the living room of the mindscape.Patton jumped up from the couch, eyes wide. Logan simply looked up from hisbook with a small frown.
“What happened? Are you guys okay?” Patton asked worriedly.
“We’re fine,” Virgil said, glancing back at Roman whosechest rose and fell deeply, face relaxed in sleep. “Just gotta get Mr. Prince Charming up to his room.”
Tag list; @wilsonprs @abstractedthinking @future-watcher @milk-withtwosugars @vladimeme @the-sanders-sides  @choco-latte-timtams @overly-analogical @parkersanders @mydogsaresofuckingstupid @loverofpizzaandallthingssweet @kittyboof8  @but-jesuschrist-im-never-good @walrus-flail @sleepysanders   @pointless-blog-name @marshughes @erlenmeyertrash @freepaperie081  @ilovemygaydad @anxious-but-whatever @mollycassmith @purplepatton @armageddonhascome  @half-blood-geek @soft-blue-badger @depressed-alone @beholdagay @onehundredphans @thelogicalloganipus @roboticpenmanship @ultimate-queen-of-fandoms @icecoldparadise @alwaysmy-lilith @hissesssss @lovelylogans @justanotherpurplebutterfly @wtfislifecat @paxtonlovestea @smokeyrutilequartz @artistictaurean @vigilantvirgil @allaboutme7 @bloodropsblog @smoreo716 @cyndaquil17 @fandomsandanythingelse @cattonsanders @grey-lysander @sanders-sides-thuri @fandergecko @ethospathoslogan @emovirgil @moonstonefox12 @deathshadowrules @lowkey-logicality @crazy-band-obsessed @flyingfishflops @hamilpotternikiforov @cconstantregret
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lolibles · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
reuniting with kazuha <3 (nsfw)
smut with like a fluff ending idk lmao
not proofread oops,,, ehe (/ω\)
i literally cant stop thinking about how good sex with kazuha will feel. kazuha is always gone for long periods of time, imagine if he secretly sneaks back into inazuma after a few months just to see you. all the pent up sexual tension from the both of you released in that one night. and kazuha is a GENTLEMAN, he definitely would hold himself back and slowly stretch your walls out with his fingers and tongue to prep you for later. as he inserts one finger after another, his tongue would create circles on your clit. his free hand would roam around your body or he’d rub his heat through his pants. he’d praise you saying things like “my good girl, you must have waited so long for me.” and he’s definitely going to worship you, he never knows how long he’ll be away for again and he wants to savour and appreciate every part of your body. when he watches you have your third orgasm just from his fingers, he’ll finally cave in to his needs. his pretty cock springs against his stomach as he pulls down his pants, palming himself before slowly entering you. oh god and its absolutely amazing. the feeling of his cock entering you finally after months, your bodys linked together, his sweat mixing with yours. he starts out slow and gentle, as you try to get used to his size again, each trusts hits your g-spot sending you into a moaning mess. the more he trusts the faster he gets, his thumb tracing your clit, and his lips against yours. the feeling when kazuha kisses you is a whole other experience in its own, his lips are so soft and gentle yet very lustful. if you fought him for dominance he’d most often win, and he didn’t even have to try, he didn’t have to do much for you to submit to him. his tongue intertwined with yours and as you finally break apart, a string of saliva connected the both of you. and your lips were definitely swollen. kazuha would be pretty vocal too, sometimes he’d let out low grunts and gasps, and he’d definitely recite his haikus to you in such a lustful way, which left you clenching down on him harder. and again he loves praising you so much, he loves to pleasure you. saying things like “my love, your so good for me.” “if you keep saying my name like that, i might lose my composure darling…” your hands would be tangled in his locks as he pumped into you for the god knows what round. you’ve become an incoherent mess yet you still took him so well. the moment he looks at you reaching out for his embrace his heart swoons, you were so incredibly adorable and it made him want to fuck you harder and deeper. kazuha’s hands much like him wandered everywhere, he especially loved to press down on your stomach when you were about to cum with his dick still ruining your insides. like i said before you’d been apart for so long kazuha could go on for many rounds as long as you wanted to. and he’d come inside you if you were ok with it of course, his seed coating your walls, painting it a beautiful white. if not he’d be more then content to come on your breasts of stomach. he thinks you look so ethereal with his cum dripping down all the curves you have. after which the both of you would be exhausted and he’d cradle you to sleep. his arms wrapped protectively around your build and he would plant kisses all over your face. you’d probably scold him for making you unable to walk for the next week while he was in inazuma, you wanted to bring him to secluded areas to spend time with him yet all the both of you could do was lie comfortably on your bed, tangled with one another while he told you stories of his adventures and haikus he made of you whenever he found himself in need of your comfort again.
“to the shining moon, i tell it of your beauty, and how i love you.”
lol im so tired, but omg i want to have gentle rough sex with kazuha so bad ugh, pls can someone like make haikus and seduce me already GOD DAMN im so lonely :(
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Monsta X reaction ~ They’re stuck on a ferris wheel with their crush
Request: “Hi Bee 🐝! If I may make a request, Can I request the Monsta X boys getting stuck on top of a ferris wheel with their unknowing crush (the reader) during a black out? Would they remain calm, totally freak, just enjoy time alone with a pretty view with the person they like, or would they use that alone time to confess their feelings? 💖”
A/N: Thank you @judgementjake for the request! (for some reason tumblr is only letting me type your @ and not actually letting me tag you... idk. tumblr also spaced everything out a lot so i guess tumblr just doesn’t like me rn lol) I hope you like it! 
He honestly wouldn’t be as nervous about the ride stopping as he would about being stuck on the ride with you. Obviously, that wasn’t a bad thing- he had a massive crush on you- but he was worried that it’d be awkward or that he’d try and make small talk and it’d become even more awkward.
“You look like you’re thinking really hard about something,” you said, breaking the silence.
“Oh, uh, I guess?” He chuckled nervously. You just smiled back at him and then turned to continue admiring the view that you’d probably be stuck with for a while.
“Um… you look really pretty right now.” Shownu began blushing immediately after he spoke. “Like, in this light, I mean. All of the lights on the ferris wheel are illuminating your face and it looks really pretty. Not to say that you don’t look pretty all the time, because you do-”
“Well you’re really handsome.”
Shownu blushed even more than he did before, and you grinned, going back to looking at the view as if nothing ever happened.
Tumblr media
As soon as the ferris wheel came to a sudden halt, he’d freak tf out. He was already scared out of his mind anyway, due to the fact that he was deathly afraid of heights, and on top of that, the boys forced him to ride with you because they knew about Wonho’s crush on you. The guy running the ferris wheel began telling people not to panic and that they were just having some technical difficulties, so of course, Wonho did the exact opposite: he panicked. He immediately flung himself onto you and started talking so fast you could barely understand him.
 “Oh my god I told you guys this was a bad idea what if it falls and we all die or what if they never fix it and we’re stuck up here forever because there’s no way to get us down oh my god i’m so so scared i love you!”
“Wait, what did you just say?”
Tumblr media
Yo this kid would literally be screaming like people in the other seats would be telling him to shut tf up and calm tf down. He’d be like “BINCHALSDFNEP WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO I CANT BE STUCK UP HERE WITH MY CRUSH FOREVER” and you’d be like …wait what did u just say.
“Um- I… nothing I didn’t say anything I’m perfectly calm!”
“No, seriously Minhyuk, what was that last thing you said?”
It’d take him a minute to fess up, but when he did, it’d literally be the most extra thing ever and everyone on the ferris wheel would know that Minhyuk had a crush on you.
“FINE! I like you, Y/n! You have no idea of the pain and heartbreak of unrequited-”
“Okay Minhyuk I like you too but you seriously need to quiet down jesus christ.”
Tumblr media
He’d try to act like he was calm and put up a front because he didn’t want you to see him scared, but anyone could tell that he was about to pee his pants. He’d have a completely straight face but he’d be twiddling his thumbs and bouncing his legs and you could practically feel the nervousness radiating off of him.
“You good?” you asked, offering a smile.
“Me? Oh, uh- haha… yeah! I’m fine!” He nervously chuckled. Then you heard Minhyuk and Hyungwon in the cart below you giggling about something, so you decided you listen in on what it was they were losing it about.
“He’s probably freaking out right now,” Hyungwon said.
“Yeah, he better fess up about his little crush on Y/n already,” Minhyuk replied. You then leaned over and looked down at them with wide eyes.
“Wait, what?!”
Minhyuk looked up at you with a cheeky grin on his face. “I don’t know, why don’t you ask Kihyun?”
You looked over at Kihyun and saw that his eyes were wide too.
“What is he talking about?”
“Um… I don’t- I- um…”
“Spit it out!”
“Okay fine I like you I guess!”
“Okay good because I like you too!” At this point you two were just frantically yelling at each other, making the rest of the boys laugh and the other people on the ferris wheel stare in confusion. This definitely made for a very interesting ferris wheel ride…
Tumblr media
I think he genuinely wouldn't care. The the fact that the ferris wheel stopped didn’t freak him out because it’s not like it was falling or anything, and he wasn’t scared of being alone with you. He’d actually use this time to confess to you.
“Hey, Y/n?”
“I like you. You’re really cool and you’re not annoying. I could see us dating.”
You looked at him in surprise and felt a blush rise to your cheeks.
“How… how did you just do that so nonchalantly?”
“I mean, that’s another thing I like about you. It’s super easy to just be myself around you, and whenever we hang out it’s just sort of… natural, I guess.”
You nodded at him as you processed everything he had just told you. But then, as you began thinking about, you completely agreed with him. When you first met the boys, Hyungwon was the one who you immediately hit it off with, and you couldn’t deny that you had developed a bit of a crush on him over time.
“Well, I could see us dating too.” You replied, matter-of-factly.
“Good, then I think we should,” he said, breaking out into a smile.
Tumblr media
Another one who would absolutely lose it. Forget all that “swag” he claims he has (which we all know is just a facade because he’s a fluffball), he’d probably be clinging onto you for dear life.
“Oh my god, Jooheon, we are going to be fine,” you said, laughing at his dramatics.
“How do you know that?!”
You just playfully rolled your eyes and looked out at the view of the amusement park.
“You know what, Y/n, I need to get something off of my chest.” He took a deep breath, and you just quirked an eyebrow at him, not believing that he could get any more dramatic than he was already being. “We could die on this ferris wheel, and if we do, I just want you to know that… that- I have a crush on you!”
You and the rest of the boys (who were now giving their full attention to you and Jooheon) gasped, and before you knew it, the boys were whooping and hollering about Jooheon finally fessing up.
“Wait really?”
Again, all of the boys chimed into the conversation again, yelling that he did, in fact, have a crush on you.
“And by the way,” Shownu started, “Once we get off of this ferris wheel, I don’t ever want to hear you whine about your crush on Y/n ever again!”
Tumblr media
He’d also try to act like he wasn’t freaking out when he definitely was. (like that video where they’re on the rollercoaster ride and he just sits there with a straight face- yeah, that’s him rn)
“Dude, you’re way too quiet right now and you’ve been sitting in the same position for like five minutes now, are you good?” You asked him.
All he did was nod his head before looking over at you with a forced smile.
“You literally look like you’re about to pass out, Changkyun, what is wrong?”
Maybe the fact that I’m stuck on a ferris with the person I’ve liked for almost a year, he thought to himself.
There was more silence between the two of you before you finally spoke up again.
“Almost a year, huh?”
His head immediately shot up at you and he replied with a quick “what?”
“Whatever you were thinking, you said it out loud,” you said, chuckling at him. He looked down and laughed nervously, a blush growing on his cheeks.
“I’m glad we got that out in the open, though, because I like you too. A lot.”
Tumblr media
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ukulelecal · 2 years ago
Biggest Fan pt. 3
In which you’re a famous singer and Calum is a fan of your music.
Warnings: drinking, some swears, but its gucci other than that
Pairing: Calum Hood x Reader
Requested By: Anonymous originally
“hi can you do a blurb on calum where you’re also famous and u find out he’s interested in you and low key loves your music? shebjdjsj idk jus make it fluffy and ill love u forever“
A/N: after a ridiculously long wait, here it is!! part three!! guys pleaaaaseeee give me some feedback on this? i really want to know what you guys are thinking so i can make future parts even better, if you guys want more parts. even like send me an ask saying what you want to happen in future parts?? i cater to your needs lmao. hope you enjoy!! also this got really long but whatever lol
Requests are OPEN!
*Gif not mine*
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
The hug you shared was bone crushing. You embraced him like you were lifelong best friends that hadn’t seen each other in years. The fact that this was only your third time meeting in person was completely pushed out of your mind, the fact that his sister probably thought you were insane for hugging him like that never even registering in your mind.
“I missed you,” you mumbled, looking up at him with a big smile. Had you been a couple, you would have kissed him. You sort of wished that wasn’t the case, the case where you’re only friends, but that was a conversation to have with Calum another time. For now, you were just overjoyed to see him again.
“I missed you, too,” he responded, a smile that matched yours displayed proudly on his face. He really hadn’t expected to see you there. Him and Mali had been throwing ideas on what to do around, and Disneyland was always one of the options. It wasn’t either of their first choices, but as soon as you said you would be going with your friends, he practically begged Mali to go so he could, just maybe, see you. It was just a lucky coincidence that your trip happened to fall at the same time of his free days. He didn’t want to say anything about it to you, figuring you’d think it was creepy. It’s not like he planned to stalk you; he just hoped that you’d stumble upon each other at some point, and here you were.
You pulled away from the hug, gaze flickering quickly between Calum and Mali. He must have read your mind.
“Y/N, this is my sister, Mali. Mali, this is my friend, Y/N,” Calum introduced, waving his hand between the two of you respectively.
“Oh, I know who you are,” Mali laughed, extending her hand towards you. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Cal has told me a lot about you.”
You laughed as well and shook the girl’s hand, smiling sweetly at her. On the outside, you appeared casual, but on the inside, your heart was doing backflips. He talked to his sister about you, and you weren’t sure what to make of that. Was it normal “I made a new friend” talk? Was he only telling her because you’re famous? Was it something more meaningful than that? You didn’t want to jump to conclusions, but your mind was still racing a mile a minute.
“All good things, I hope?” You teased, nudging a blushing Calum with your arm. He chuckled, rolling his eyes playfully.
“Of course,” he replied, dragging out the “of” dramatically and returning the nudge to your shoulder. Your skin practically tingled at the contact.
God, he’s fucking cute.
Before any of you had the chance to continue to conversation, your phone buzzed in your pocket, signalling you had a text. You quickly pulled the device out to read it.
Cara: Sam and I are in the gift shop, meet us there? :)
You sighed, a part of you wishing the line for Splash Mountain had been a little longer so you could have a few more minutes with Calum. You dished out a reply, telling her you’d be there a minute and that you had something to tell them, and shoved your phone back into your pocket. They both knew all about Calum; Cara was the first person you texted after you met him in Chicago, and after you met up in Paris, and the information quickly got relayed onto Sam. You told them every little thing.
“Sorry, I have to go find my friends. But we should meet up again sometime while we’re all still here! You can meet Cara and Sam,” you announced, smiling at the siblings. You wanted Cara and Sam to meet Calum - they had been bugging you to introduce them to him, anyway - and you were sure they’d hit it off with Mali. It would be a perfect little get together, and even though you wouldn’t get to be alone with Calum, you’d still be with him, and that’s all you could ask for when seeing him in general was such a rarity.
They nodded, glancing at each other to silently agree.
“Sounds fun,” Mali commented, looking back at you. You grinned at her and moved your gaze to Calum.
“Text me later so we can work it out, okay?” You suggested, and he nodded in response.
You were about to walk away, but you found yourself throwing your arms around him again. He gladly did the same, resting his chin on top of your head.
Neither of you would admit it, but butterflies were running wild in both of your stomachs.
He just had that effect on you. The simplest things made your heart flutter, and you could feel yourself succumbing to your feelings more and more by the second. He was an amazing guy, and you wholly wished he was yours, and you were his. But how could you tell him? You weren’t even sure he felt the same.
“See you later,” you finally mumbled, and pulled away almost hesitantly from the hug; you would have hugged him all day if that was possible. You gave a wave to the two and walked away towards the gift shop where Cara and Sam waited, completely oblivious to the smirk that was steadily growing on Mali’s face as she peered at Calum.
“I knew you liked her, but I didn’t realize you were this heart eyes for her!” Mali exclaimed once you were far enough away to not hear, playfully delivering a punch to her brother’s shoulder. Calum rolled his eyes, willing away the pink tint that was surely resting on his naturally tan cheeks.
“I am not heart eyes,” he grumbled, knowing full well that was far from the truth. He had accepted just how whipped he was when you spent your day at the French café. How you laughed and smiled at him, how you seemed genuinely interested and considerate when he talked, how you handled the fan situation so calmly, so professionally. You were admirable to him in every way. He was completely and utterly heart eyes for you.
“Oh, come on, Calum,” Mali sighed, giving him a knowing look. “I know you know that’s a lie. Just admit it. Heart eyes.”
“Am not.”
“Are too.”
“Am not!”
“Are too!”
“Fine!” He exclaimed, throwing his hands up. He had just lost the childish debate with his sister, but he couldn’t help but smile a little. Just at the thought of you. “I’m heart eyes. Like, totally heart eyes for her.”
Mali grinned in satisfaction, putting her hand on his shoulder to lead him to start walking again.
“I see the way you look at her,” she said, voice softening a bit. “I’ve never seen you look at anyone like that. And I can tell she really likes you, too.” He sighed contentedly, trying to bite back that cheesy smile that always seemed to take over his features whenever he thought about you. He just couldn’t help it. You had him wrapped around your finger, and you didn’t even know it.
“She’s amazing,” he mumbled, deciding to just spill his feelings. He knew, of all people besides his bandmates, he could trust Mali with this information. “I already was a fan of hers before we met, but meeting her in person was just that little push I needed to start to fall for her for real, you know? And then we met up in Paris, and just...she’s ethereal. She’s sweet, funny, talented. I like her a lot.”
A smile tugged at Mali’s lips. She knew Calum better than anyone, and she could read him like a book, even though he was usually pretty reserved. It was that brother-sister bond that made it easy for her. Now, she could see just how much he really liked you, and it was clear that you liked him too. You had the same heart eyes look when you looked at him that he had when he looked at you.
She wrapped her arm around his shoulders, giving him a side hug as they walked towards Tomorrowland.
“I’m glad you found someone, Cal.”
Little did the Hood siblings know, Cara and Sam were getting an earful of a similar conversation in the Splash Mountain gift shop. You told them every detail of the encounter, vivid descriptions of Calum’s body language and tone of voice that you noticed included.
“Honestly, Y/N, just kiss him,” Sam joked after you finished gushing about how damn genuine he is, putting a souvenir mug she was looking at back on the shelf. “It’s obvious you guys like each other.”
“I can’t just kiss him,” you sighed exasperatedly, raising an eyebrow at her. Sam laughed, putting her hand on your shoulder.
“It was a joke, hun. Seriously, though. You should tell him.”
“Are you sure it’s not too weird? I mean, we never get to see each other, and even texting is hard because we’re both so busy. He might think I’m creepy for liking him so fast,” you explained, gesticulating for emphasis. There was some evidence that he liked you back, but still, that could just come from him being a fan before you met. You didn’t want to drive him away. Sam gave you an “are you kidding me?” look, but another voice cut in before she could say anything.
“Really, Y/N?”
You turned to look, finding Cara approaching you and Sam from browsing another section of the store.
“From the way you describe the way he acts around you, he seems like he’s totally into you. What could go wrong?” She suggested, placing her hands on her hips. Sam nodded in agreement, resting her arm carefully on the shelf as to not knock it over.
You sighed and shrugged your shoulders, shoving your hands into the pockets of your shorts.
“He could not like me back and leave me to deal with the awkwardness of rejection,” you grumbled. You shuffled your feet, stubbornly avoiding eye contact with both of them.
Cara sighed, patting your arm gently.
“Do whatever you want, Y/N. All I’ve got to say, is don’t be stupid. It’s clear he really likes you, and if you don’t shoot your shot now, you could lose your chance. Like you say, you hardly ever get to see each other. You don’t know when you’re going to get to see him next. Be smart.”
You and Sam both fell silent, looking at Cara with wide eyes. It wasn’t often that your best friend pulled something so insightful right out of her ass, but when she did, it was definitely worth listening to. She gave pretty damn good advice.
“Thanks, Cara,” you mumbled, grinning at the girl. She grinned back, poking your cheek.
“No problem, sweetie.” She glanced around the gift shop one more time, before returning her gaze back to you. “You’ve got next pick for rides. What will it be?”
You pondered your choice for a moment, before coming to a final decision.
“Haunted Mansion?”
“Yes!” Sam exclaimed, clapping her hands together once. “I was hoping you’d choose that.”
You laughed at her excitement, cocking your head towards the exit.
“Let’s get going then, before the line gets too long.”
With that, Sam and Cara intertwined their fingers together and you walked alongside them out of the store towards your ride of choice, returning to your small talk that occurred before on your way to Splash Mountain. As soon as you got into the line, you felt a vibration from your back pocket; a text message.
You slipped your phone out and scanned over the screen, heart skipping a beat when you saw who it was from.
Calum: Bored as hell waiting in line for the buzz lightyear ride, figured I’d text you now. There’s a club that I heard is pretty fun a couple miles away from here, wanna go tomorrow night? ;)
You held back a gasp, frantically tapping Cara on the shoulder.
“What?” She groaned, turning to look at you. You held up your phone, showing her the text. She squinted as she read it, face lighting up by the end. Sam leaned over Cara’s shoulder, reading it for herself as well.
“What do I say?” You asked cluelessly, mind seeming to run all over the place. Honestly, you had no idea why you were so in shock. You had specifically told him to text you so you could make plans to hang out. Maybe it was the fact that he texted so soon, or the fact that he suggested going clubbing, of all activities. Either way, your heart seemed to be beating at a faster than normal rate.
“Say yes, you dumb shit! He even put a winky face!” Cara exclaimed excitedly, earning a few dirty looks from other people in the line. Sam shushed her, trying to bite back her laughter.
You nodded, turning your phone back towards you to type a reply.
Y/N: Sounds good!! :) I’ll bring Cara and Sam, you bring Mali?
Calum: Of course
Calum: I’ll send you the name of the place later, about to get on
Y/N: May the force be with you Calum
Calum: Wrong movie babe
Your failed attempt at a space joke flew completely out of your mind.
He called you babe.
Sam, who had been watching the conversation the whole time, squealed quietly.
“He called you babe! Aw, you’re practically a couple!” She gushed, leaning her head on Cara’s shoulder, who promptly wrapped her arm around her girlfriend.
You pursed your lips together, trying to contain your internal swooning. You would have liked to hear him say it to you in person, but you could settle for a cute text message. The line started to move, and you followed with the crowd.
“The entire Internet already thinks you’re dating already,” Cara said, looking over at you. “Those pictures of you and him in Paris-”
“Yeah, I know,” you cut her off, thinking back on the day fondly. It would have been nice if you weren’t interrupted, but it was still an amazing time. You fell for him that day. “The theories people come up with about us are wild.”
Cara and Sam laughed, nodding.
“They’re like Shane Dawson with their conspiracy theories,” Sam commented, a lighthearted smile on her face.
You snorted at that one, shaking your head softly. You loved your fans more than anything, but sometimes the rumors and the theories they came up with were baffling.
The line continued to gradually move forward until you were inside the building, making it through the intro scene and eventually cramming yourselves into a doom buggy. You tried to focus on the happy haunts surrounding you, but your mind was elsewhere.
One specific Maori boy was invading all your thoughts again.
“You look great, Y/N, stop freaking out!”
You, Cara and Sam were all in your hotel room getting ready for your night at the club with Calum and Mali. You spent a relaxed day at California Adventure, and came back early to get ready.
Sam came up behind you where you were standing in front of the mirror between the bathroom and where the beds were, meticulously scanning over your appearance. You hadn’t planned on going clubbing when you packed for the trip, so your clothing options were pretty limited. You opted for a light wash denim skirt with a burgundy bandeau top, pairing them with a nice pair of sandals. It was a cute outfit, but it wasn’t something you would typically wear to a club. What would Calum think?
“Are you sure?” You sighed, turning to the side. “I feel underdressed.”
“Hey. If anyone’s feelings about you, including Calum’s, are determined by what you wear one time, they’re an asshole. I’m sure he’ll be happy with whatever you wear,” she said comfortingly, rubbing your shoulder. Sam was one of the sweetest people you knew; she was angel on earth. You grinned at her in the mirror, nodding.
“Thank you, Sammy,” you mumbled. She smiled, clapping your shoulder once before walking towards the bathroom door. She knocked twice.
“Almost ready, Cara? We have to leave,” she called to her girlfriend, who had been hard at work on her makeup for the past half hour. Her wings were perfect and her highlight was popping.
After a few moments of silence, Sam was about to knock again when Cara pulled the door open, a proud grin on her face.
“You are gorgeous,” Sam gaped, wrapping her arms around her waist.
“You’re glowing!” You chuckled, admiring the beauty of your best friend.
She shrugged casually, kissing Sam’s forehead.
“It’s a gift,” she joked, cocking her head towards the door. “Let’s head out, I’ll call an Uber on the way.”
The three of you made your way to the elevator while Cara ordered a ride, and by the time you got to the lobby, the car was already waiting outside. You piled into the backseat and made your way to the club Calum suggested.
As soon as you walked inside, the sound of Drip by Cardi B with the bass overly boosted filled your ears, the smell of alcohol and sweat filling your nose. People sat at the bar and at booths, pounding down drinks, while some lost themselves on the dance floor. You took a peek at your phone, finding a text from Calum.
Calum: Mali and I are at a booth in the far right corner
Your eyes scanned the area, trying to see in the dimmed lighting. They eventually landed on Calum and Mali, sitting at a booth with drinks already in their hands. You nudged your friends, pointing to the siblings. They smirked at you, and you rolled your eyes playfully. This was going to be one hell of a night.
You walked over to the booth, Calum and Mali immediately shooting you smiles when they noticed your presence.
“Hey!” You exclaimed, beaming. Calum slid out of the booth and held his arms open, which you took as an invitation for a hug. You snaked your arms around his torso; every hug with him felt like the first, somehow. He was a like a teddy bear, and his hugs were like a drug that you simply couldn’t get enough of.
“Hi,” he mumbled, grinning down at you so there were crinkles by his eyes. It was adorable. You smiled coquettishly at him - might as well get some subtle flirting in! - as Mali slid out of the booth.
“Hey, Y/N,” she said cheerily, wrapping her arm around him for a I-just-met-you-yesterday side hug.
“Hey,” you chuckled, turning towards your friends. “Calum, Mali, these are my friends, Cara and Sam. Cara, Sam, this is Calum and Mali.”
“It’s nice to meet you,” Cara said sweetly, extending her hand to whoever took it first. Mali did so, and Sam took this as her opportunity to shake Calum’s hand. They then switched, and after introductions were done, you all slide into the booth. The three girls silently worked together to make sure you sat next to Calum, of course, sitting end to end to make sure the only spot you could get to was next to him on the other end.
“So what did you guys do today?” Mali asked, taking a sip of her drink.
“We went to California Adventure. How about you?”
“Walked around LA, mostly,” Calum answered, eyes flickering back and forth between Sam, who had asked the question, and you. You took notice, and that was definitely not helping your racing heart and sweaty palms.
The night continued on, everybody acquainting themselves, and many drinks were ordered. Many.
Everybody was a little past tipsy, the conversation moving from casual small talk to embarrassing childhood stories that you would never tell sober.
“And he cried like a baby for a week,” Mali finished her story of a younger Calum finding out the truth about the Easter bunny. He had his face buried in his hands, trying to hide his embarrassment. You laughed, drunkenly leaning your head on his shoulder.
“Aw, Cal!” You cooed, trying to pull his hands away from his face. He groaned and turned to look at you with glazed eyes and a pouty lip. His face was flushed and his hair was tousled, and even with your mind altered by alcohol, you were practically a puddle in your seat at how beautiful he was, even though he had had his share of drinks too.
You wanted to kiss him, kiss that pout away from his plump lips, but your inner conscience prevented you from doing that.
“Don’t pout, it’s cute,” you settled for, poking his cheek. He laughed, the pout forming into a smile. You grinned in satisfaction, leaning back.
“You’re cute,” he answered plainly, still smiling.
You probably would have collapsed had you been standing.
First he calls you babe and a uses winky face, now cute with a bright smile?
He really made you weak at the knees.
Before you could respond, Mali spoke up.
“I need to go to the bathroom. Cara, Sam, come with me?” She asked, a knowing smile on her face. The two quickly caught on and nodded, climbing out of the booth. Mali shot you a sly wink as they walked towards the bathroom, leaving you completely alone with Calum. Finally.
“Do you want to dance, Cal?” You asked suddenly, tilting your head to the side. He smirked, nodding slowly.
“I thought you’d never ask,” he said cooly and nudged you gently to get out of the booth. You obliged to him, trying to contain your excitement, and slid out, him following close behind. He grabbed your hand and led you to the dance floor, finding your way into the mass crowd.
A song you had never heard was playing, but it was upbeat and fun, and that was enough for you. You bobbed your head to the beat, swaying your hips in time. Calum followed suit; he wasn’t what you would call a great dancer, but at least he had rhythm, unlike some people around you.
You giggled, throwing your arms around his neck. His smile grew bigger, if that was even possible, and allowed his hands to find your waist. You continued to move to the song, smiling with Calum all the while.
This felt nice. You were drunk and everything was fuzzy, but it felt nice. You were comfortable around him, comfortable enough to dance like no one was watching. It was like it was just you and him in the whole club.
“You look really pretty,” he blurted out when the song changed to a more mellow tune. He frankly admired how you weren’t dressed like everyone else. Not that he would have minded you wearing a short, tight dress; he just appreciated that you could show up looking a little more laid back. You looked down for a moment sheepishly, then bringing your eyes back up to meet his.
“You don’t look so bad yourself,” you replied, grinning up at him. He was wearing a black and white striped button up, a few buttons on top undone, tucked into black slacks. He looked gorgeous, it made you question how he was even real. He smiled, silently thanking you.
And there it was again. That urge to kiss him. It was a little more powerful this time.
“I really like you, Calum,” escaped your lips instead, smiling up at him. “Like, a lot.”
Your eyes widened right after you said it. Did you really just say that? It had slipped unintentionally in your drunken state, but at least you meant every word.
Drunk words are sober thoughts, I guess.
Your fears all went away when Calum’s face lit up like a Christmas tree.
“Well, thank fuck, because I really like you, too.”
You giggled, relief and happiness flooding your system.
He liked you back.
Those fan theories really did come true.
“You gonna kiss me or what?” You asked slyly, a smirk taking over your features. It was a bold move, but you were too drunk and too elated to care. Calum, just as drunk as you, seemed to take a liking to the idea.
“Follow me,” he grumbled as he leaned a little closer to your ear, pulling away from the dancing position to grab your hand again. You let him lead you to the outer wall, where there seemed to be less people.
He pressed you against the wall, hands gripping your waist, and smashed his lips against yours.
You swore you could feel fireworks exploding inside of you.
It felt so right.
The kiss got a little heated, turning more into a makeout session rather than a romantic first kiss. He pressed his body close to yours, not feeling quite brave enough to start grinding, and desperately moved his lips against yours.
It was blissful, but come morning, you’d find that you were completely oblivious to the many clicks of cameras the night before.
A/N pt. 2: slow burn? idk her. i was gonna cut it off after disneyland but it was too short and there wasn’t enough calum action lmao. seriously tho tell me what you thought, comments/asks/reblogs with stuff in the tags literally give me life. they give me the motivation to keep writing, knowing that you guys enjoy and actually read my stuff. im begging you i 
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levworship · 4 months ago
cw: heavy degrading. katsuki is an asshole (per usual). public sex kinda. fuckin on hood of da car. hate fucking. fem reader. y/n kind of a bitch too idk.
summary: mechanic! bakugou fucks his boss’s spoiled bitch daughter. 18+ content ahead.
Tumblr media
“where’s your fuckin’ daddy now, princess?”
had this been a typical one of your exchanges, you’d probably respond with something along the lines of “up your ass,” or a simple “fuck you, katsuki bakugou.”
but this wasn’t one of your typical exchanges.
no, not at all. right now? bakugou had your upper body pressed roughly against the hood of the car he’d been working on for the past few hours now, his hips snapping into you at an ungodly pace that had you seeing nothing but stars. moans and cries of his name spilled from your lips like a broken faucet as you couldn’t bring yourself to do anything but stay still and take it, just as he told you to.
“dirty fucking girl.” his grunts cut through your dancing thoughts once again. snarling, the blond gripped tightly onto your hair and tugged, forcing your back to meet his hard chest and nearly knocking all of the air out of you before using his other hand to roughly cup your cheeks together so he could take a moment to observe just how much of a slobbering mess he’d made you into.
the entire situation only made his ego worse and worse as he brought the two of you closer and closer to a shared earth shattering orgasm. his shitty boss’s daughter, who’s attitude could drive even the most patient of men away, now clawing at his biceps and begging for mercy as he took her just the way he wanted to. he scoffed with a small shake of his head.“what would daddy say if he saw his precious little girl being such a filthy whore for my cock? and with his favorite employee too? you should be ashamed of yourself, y/n.”
pure sarcasm dripped like venom in his tone. your father couldn’t stand katsuki as a person, and he sure as hell was well aware of this fact. always telling you to “stay away from that boy. he’s nothing but trouble,” to which bakugou usually agreed. but he’d be lying his ass off if he said tsuki wasn’t a damned good mechanic and knew how to get a good job done in a pinch. so no matter what, bakugou’s job remained unthreatened.
“oi.” the angry man landed a heavy palm against your ass, coaxing another weak cry from you. “i asked you a question, princess. how much do you love this cock splitting you in half? like getting dicked down where anyone can walk in? ‘course you do. cock hungry bitch.” he continued his relentless shower of degrading words as he drove his hips so hard into you that the wet sounds of your coupling began to echo off of the walls in the most disgusting way possible. and the worst part?
it was bringing you even closer to the best damn orgasm you’ve ever received.
“-fuckin’ tight. feel you clamping down on me, princess. you gettin’ close? gonna show me how you squirt, just for me?” he lowered his voice to a low grumble as he now spoke directly into your ear, sending chills down your spine and making your walls flutter around him. your body felt hot to the touch, and before you could even attempt to choke out a response—
“— oh, fuck! katsuki! ‘m cummin’!” bakugou stood with an unwavering shit eating grin as he sped up the hand that he’d sneakily reached around to abuse your poor clit, that was practically begging for attention. katsuki’s teeth latched onto his bottom lip hard as he tried desperately to hold back his own noises in favor of hearing the way you whimpered and begged for him to “slow down just a little” so that you could recover.
as your mind drifted to nowhere in particular within your empty fucked out head, you became just a little more grounded to reality at the sound of him speaking to you again (other than his little utters of swears and even quieter praises.)
“just a little longer baby. wanna see you squirt on me like that again.”
Tumblr media
this was fun. i miss writing. ima do more. maybe idk. i struggle w motivation lol.
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wwintersun · 14 days ago
❅ kazutora hanemiya & fem!reader.
❅ word count: 5.1k. (whew).
❅ warnings: spoilers.
❅ note(s): idk, i thought of this while in the shower. for the sake of me...for the sake of everyone, this is based on the “good” timeline aka the one where he works w chifuyu in his pet shop in the future lol. p.s. i skimmed it over while proofreading, but i’ll edit it properly later, so apologies for any grammar mistakes!
“HANEMIYA, YOU'VE GOT A VISITOR,” a guard calls out, a jingle of keys and the sound of door unlocking follows. kazutora looks up from the book he was reading, setting it aside. he didn’t expect any visitors at all—who was it? chifuyu? draken? takemichi, even? he silently follows the guard after he puts on the cuffs, making his way to the visitor’s area, and he spots a figure on the other side of the plexiglass—a girl? is she his visitor? why? “hey, ‘tora,” your nickname for him rolls of your tongue with ease, as if you’ve never stopped saying it, even when you haven’t seen each other in so long. you pull down your mask, lips quirking upwards into a bright smile. “remember me?” of course he remembers you. his old neighbour, the daughter of his mother’s friend, the girl who always brought homemade cookies with her every time she visited him, who smelled of vanilla with a hint of cinnamon—you were his childhood, before you had to move away when the two of you were ten. you’ve gotten prettier, he can definitely tell, but...
“why’re you here?” he asks, eyes meeting yours. “straight to the point, are we?” you giggle, shaking your head. “well, my mom got transferred back, so we moved back to here. i wanted to find you, so here i am.” “why?” you raise a brow, smile never wavering. “your mom is a detective. so you know. you know what i’ve done to end up here. you know why i stopped responding to your letters back then, too,” he averts his eyes, voice laced with frustration. “why are you here?” “because you’re my best friend, and i missed you.” kazutora’s eyes widen. despite what he’s done, you still consider him your best friend? the worst thing is that he knows you mean it. he knows when you lie; he knows that you’re serious—smile genuine and eyes clear like a cloudless summer sky, bright as the sun. he hates that he knows your tells in lying. (he doesn’t. he doesn’t hate that he knows you so well despite not seeing you for almost five years, but he doesn’t want you to see him like this. it makes his heart ache). “‘tora,” your voice snaps him out of his daze, eyes meeting yours. “listen, you’re probably thinking, ‘oh, she knows what i’ve done. i have blood on my hands, i don’t deserve being your friend,’ and all that, right?” he flinches. you know you’ve got it right where it hurts. “thing is, you don’t get to decide that. you can’t let guilt decide these things for you. you still deserve to have friends, to be loved, cared for. what you’ve done in the past were mistakes. you acknowledged that and you want to get better. and in that process of getting better, you need to have people that care about you be around you.” you want to be there for kazutora—especially with how vulnerable he is. as soon as you saw him, you wanted to burst into tears; his eyes were tired, murky...and so full of guilt. his eyes were so full of life back then, clear as day and as pretty as the stars in the night sky; his smile, his laughter, you treasured it all. you still do. “but—” “nope!” you hold up a finger, shaking your head. “anyway, i got you something.” he clamps his mouth shut, faltering. you turn away and lean over, and he hears a faint sound of rustling before turning to him, holding up something wrapped in furoshiki. “ta-da! your favorite cookies made by yours truly!” you beam, untying the cloth to show him. the scent of freshly baked cookies wafts through the air, and he can smell it clearly—it’s his childhood. it’s you. “you—you’re allowed to give me this?” he mutters, gaze shifting from the cookies to you. you hum, tying the cloth neatly. “yup. got permission and everything—” your words are cut off by the ringing of your phone. you sigh, already knowing who it is. you don’t bother to answer; instead, you just decline it, pocketing it away. “shouldn’t you answer that...?” “it’s my mom. it took me forever to convince my parents to allow me to come here. they allowed it on one condition: i can only stay for half an hour,” you scoff. “that’s not enough time. so, starting tomorrow, i’ll be coming here straight from school and stay for the two hours you’re allowed.” he blinks owlishly. “tomorrow?” you grin, getting up from your chair and slinging your bag over your shoulder. “yup. i’m gonna come here often, so you better be prepared.” you wave him goodbye, saying, ‘see you tomorrow, ‘tora-chan!’  before being escorted by a guard. when he receives the cookies you gave him that night, he couldn’t help but tear up as soon as he takes a bite, silently thanking you for coming for him.
Tumblr media
without fail, you would visit him three—sometimes four—times a week, and without fail, bring your homemade cookies with you. the only times you weren’t able to show up was when you’re sick or have exams; he would receive a call from you on those days, on the verge of tears, apologizing for not being able to see him. he calls you dramatic, but he finds it endearing—not that’d he tell you—and it amuses him when you say, “you’re just enjoying my misery, aren’t you?!” before hanging up. you don’t stay mad for long, though, calling him an hour later and apologizing. he loves you for that. (as a friend, of course). “i’m thinking of starting a club,” you say, leaning back in your chair. “what do you think? i should start making friends...” “you haven’t made friends? those girls you talk about sometimes aren’t your friends?” he questions, raising a brow. it’s been a year and two months since you’ve started visiting kazutora—it’s amazing how time flies, really. finishing up middle school, and now you’re in high school. the both of you wish that he could be there, with you. “well,” you scratch your cheek, sheepishly averting his gaze. “they’re more like...acquaintances. it was hard last year because everyone already had their own friend groups. now, more than half the class know each other from middle school, and...i don’t know. it’s hard.” kazutora frowns. he doesn’t like seeing you struggle like this—you’ve always been on the shyer side, only letting your more extroverted nature come out with people who become closer to you. so far, he’s the only one who witnesses that side of you. “what sort of club, then?” “baking. there’s a home ec classroom, so we can use that as the club room, or something. valentine’s day is coming up, so maybe it’ll encourage people to join.” “that’s smart. you should do it.” kazutora encourages you, the corners of his lips turning upwards into a small smile. you smile back but it falters, a sigh escaping your lips at the thoughts clouding your mind. would you be able to handle a club? would you even be a good leader? you couldn’t even make friends, how can you get along with them, to teach them? “(name),” kazutora calls your name, scooting closer to the plexiglass. “don’t doubt yourself. i believe in you.” “thank you, ‘tora. that means a lot,” you smile, rubbing your shoulder. you study his face for a moment, smile widening. he stares back. “what’s with the look?” you shrug. “nothing. you look cute with short hair.” ah, yeah—due to the standard procedures of juvie, he had his hair shortened to a buzz cut. during the seven months, it’s grown considerably, but not yet the length that it was before he had it cut. “you’ve always liked me having short hair,” kazutora points out. “yeah, because i’ve only ever seen you with short hair. if you grow it out, i think you’d still look handsome.” there it is, you and your compliments. you always complimented him, throwing them around so carelessly like—like confetti, or something. but they were always genuine, words full of affection; it never fails to make his heart skip a beat. “hey, when can we actually hang out face to face? like, without the glass and all?” “i’m not sure yet. i don’t think it’s soon,” that’s a half-lie. he knows that it’s sometime in march, which is two months from now—a reward for him working hard and his good behavior.  it hasn’t been decided yet, but he wants to keep it as a surprise. kazutora swallows harshly at your scrutinizing gaze as you stare into his eyes, but he doesn’t falter one bit. while you can tell he’s hiding something, you don’t really mind. he’ll tell you when he wants to tell you. the idea of just pushing him to talk to you irks you—you want to give him the time he needs to open up again. “okay, then. i hope it’s soon.” your heart races at the thought; being able to hug him again, to feel his warmth. “me too.” 
Tumblr media
“can you please hurry up? you know i don’t carry anything!” you beg, the female officer patting you down. “sorry, it’s protocol.” you bite the insides of your cheeks, gaze shifting between the officer and the door. kazutora had called you earlier today, saying he could finally see you face-to-face. you got there as soon as you could, literally ditching the batter for the cookies you were going to make for your visit later that day. “alright, you can go—” you don’t hear what she says next, because as soon as the door buzzes open, you’re already jumping into kazutora’s open arms. “someone’s eager,” he laughs, resting his chin on the top of your head. your grip around him tightens, shoulders shaking. your tears soak into his jumpsuit, hiccups escaping your mouth. he doesn’t tease you further, gently messaging your back as the two of you sway side to side. he relishes in your warmth, your familiar smell—of vanilla with a hint of cinnamon—your gentle touch. well, not gentle right now since you’re hugging him pretty tightly, but that’s an exception. “goddammit, i said i wasn’t gonna cry,” you sniff, cheeks warm with embarrassment. “but here i am.” “i think it was expected since you’re dramatic,” he says, cupping your face and wiping your tears with the pads of his thumb. you huff, reaching up to pinch his cheeks. “shut up. i saw your smile, you were excited, too.” he pinches your cheeks back. “no, i washn’t.” “yesh, you were.” “wash not.” “wash too!” the two of you laugh at each other, releasing your hands from your cheeks. “i thought you said it wasn’t soon?” “i wanted to surprise you for white day. you made me my favorite sweets and even got me some new manga on valentine’s day, so this is sort of my gift to you.” you smile, leaning your head on his chest. “yeah, i couldn’t help it. it was totally worth it, though.” “here.” “hm?” you look up at him, and he holds up a necklace—it’s pretty and simple, gold-chained with a charm shaped like the sun. “it’s for you. we got to make some stuff for our loved ones in art class for white day, so i made this for you.”
warmth blooms in your chest, your gaze shifting from the necklace to kazutora. “you didn’t have to...” “i wanted to,” he says, moving behind you to clasp the necklace for you. the necklace is cold against your skin, sending a shiver down your spine. you look down at the gift, thumbing over the sun charm. you turn around, looking up at him. “what do you think?” he clears his throat, shoving his hands in his pockets. “it suits you.” you laugh, the tips of your ears burning. “thank you, ‘tora.”
Tumblr media
“‘tora, please end my suffering,” you groan, falling limply into his arms. he catches you with ease, raising a brow. “hi to you too?” kazutora greets, albeit in a questioning manner, wrapping his arms around you. you straighten your posture, hugging him back. “sorry, ‘tora. it’s parents keep bringing up university, y’know? since i’m graduating this year. and the pressure is killing me.” he hums, guiding you to his bed so the two of you could sit down and talk. “i don’t know what to do. i don’t know what to study—i don’t even know if i want to go into university.” you ramble, leaning your head on his shoulder. “i had three years to figure it out, and i still haven’t made a decision.” “you still have time,” he says, wrapping an arm around your shoulder. “and you can take a gap year, too.” you bite your lip, looking down at your hands. your parents expected you to follow a path similar to them—something in criminology like your mother, or law, like your father.  but both careers didn’t...speak to you. they didn’t motivate you. sure, seeing your parents do their thing was fascinating, but you didn’t love the idea of it. “yeah, but...i sort of want to open my own bakery...” you mutter, fidgeting with the hem of your sleeve. “i love baking with all my heart. it’s what i’m good at. i don’t want to disappoint my parents.” “if they loved you, then they would want you to do something that makes you happy,” he tells you, meeting your eyes. “sure, they might be upset or annoyed for a while, but when they see you in your element, baking away and humming to old cheesy songs, genuinely enjoying yourself, then they’d forgive you.” you laugh, cheeks warming. “the songs i sing to aren’t cheesy.” “trust me, they are.” “yeah, whatever,” you roll your eyes, “thank you, though, ‘tora. i think...i’ve made up my mind.” he smiles, leaning his head on yours. “hey, ‘tora, do you have things you want to do when you get out of here?” “i’ve thought about it, but i’m not really sure. i’ve still got six years, i’ll figure out something...” “well, if you don’t, you can work with me,” you take his hand in yours, squeezing it. “that’d be fun!” “i’m terrible at baking.” you pause for a moment. that’s true. there were a few times he would help you bake when he came over to your home, and he’d mess up the recipe every time—even if the instructions and measurements were right in front of him. “i guess you can just stand at the cash register and look pretty,” you tease, “you’re handsome, so i bet everyone would come into the shop for you.” “uh-huh.” “i’m serious! you’ve always been good-looking, ‘tora. i just know you had a bunch of girlfriends when i was gone!” kazutora turns his head over to you. “i’ve never had a girlfriend.” you blink owlishly, mind blank. he’s not lying—why would he, anyway? you always knew when he lied. “you’ve...never had one? like, ever?” “i’ve had confessions, but i’ve never dated anyone who’s confessed to me.” “oh.” you’re genuinely surprised. as much as you didn’t like the idea, you always thought he’d ended up dating few girls while you were in osaka. he raises a brow, curious about you. “you?” “um, me neither. got a confession in my second year of middle school, but i rejected him. got one last week, a boy in my club, actually. but i also turned him down.” kazutora’s brows twitch downwards. “wait, why didn’t you tell me?” you shrug. “because it wasn’t important. i like someone else. back then, too,” he nods slowly, looking down at his hands. “i see. do i know him?”
you smile, scooting closer to him. “he’s a childhood friend.” childhood friend...? he looks over at you. “but i thought i was your only—” it clicks. “kazutora, i’m gonna kick your ass,” you snicker, crossing your arms. “were you seriously going to ask who else was my childhood friend?” he stares at you, mouth slightly ajar. did you just confess to him? was that a confession? that was, right? you like him? “yeah, i’m in love with you, ‘tora. stop looking at me like that, makes me feel embarrassed,” you mutter, picking at your nails. his stare made you nervous—chest prickling hot and stomach churning. you can’t read his face, eyes; they’re blank.
“you don’t have to answer, y’know,” you say, getting up from your spot on the bed. “i’ll leave so you can have space to think.”
“don’t,” he says, grabbing your wrist. “don’t run away.”
he stands up, cupping your cheeks whilst staring into your eyes. you swallow, staying still. kazutora doesn’t really know what he’s doing, his heart hammering in his chest. staring into your eyes, they’re as clear day, full of that one emotion that he couldn’t quite put a finger on until now. love.
you’ve been loving him for a long time.
“i’m sorry for not realizing it sooner,” he whispers, pressing a soft kiss against your forehead.
your eyes soften. “you don’t have to apologize for not realizing my feelings, ‘tora.”
“no, i meant me.”
“i’m in love with you, too,” he smiles, resting his forehead against yours, closing his eyes. “i love you, too.” “‘tora...” you whisper, placing your hands over his. they’re trembling ever-so-slightly, but yours are too. “visiting hours are over,” a guard gruffly calls out, startling the both of you from your daze. “it’s time to go, (l/n).” you squeeze kazutora’s hands as he kisses your forehead once more, smiling softly at you. “time to go.” “i know. i don’t want to.
“i know.”
you look back at him, shooting him a reluctant smile. “bye, ‘tora. see you.” “bye, (name).” the door behind you clicks shut and the guard locks it before escorting you out. “...that was long overdue.” the guard suddenly says, looking over at you. you let out a sigh. “you have no idea.”
Tumblr media
there you are, all dressed up; wearing a pretty red dress that hugged you in the right places and went down to your knees, showing off your shoulders and collarbone face—the necklace he gifted you sitting on your chest. your face is adorned with light makeup, lips painted with red smiling up at him. his heart skips a beat, and he takes in a shaky breath.
“well? what do you think?” you ask, fidgeting with your fingers. 
he takes your hands in his, squeezing them. “you look amazing, (name). but, you don’t need me to tell you that.”
“i like hearing it from you, though. getting dressed up for our first date was exciting!” you grin, squeezing his hands. “you look really handsome, ‘tora.”
it wasnʼt much. they had given him a simple button-up and jeans for the evening instead of the jumpsuit. he wishes that he could take you out on an actual date, like out to a restaurant, or a movie, something of the sort—not here, in juvie. but here you are, hands intertwined with his, your eyes full of excitement. 
“are you sure about this?” he asks as the guards escort the two of you to the courtyard, looking over at you.
“what do you mean?” you ask, raising a brow.
“i mean, having a date here…”
“i donʼt mind it at all, ‘tora. as long as iʼm with you.”
he smiles, entering the courtyard with you by his side. it was empty—all the other inmates in their rooms or attending evening classes. he tugs your hand, guiding you outside where he had set up the picnic.
on the grass was a blanket laid out, with flower petals sprinkled on the blanket and fairy lights encircling the spot.
“oh, this is so cute!” you smile, slipping off your flats to sit on the blanket. “you did this yourself?”
“yeah, but i had help, of course. also, i didn’t make the food,” he tells you, sitting beside you.
“i don’t mind.”
you really don’t—it’s the effort he put into it that matters, with what he was able to do. it means a lot to you.
the two of you chat comfortably whilst eating; he’d gotten two bentos, along with some watermelon and tea. you insisted on feeding him a few times, to which he’d reluctantly indulged you—well, not reluctantly, because he was happy to be fed by you, but acted like it was the biggest deal in the world.
“let’s take a walk around the courtyard, ‘tora,” you suggest,  standing up and offering your hand. “it’ll help digest our food.”
he hums, quietly obliging as he takes your hand, intertwining them. it’s a comfortable silence between the two of you as you walk around the courtyard, leaning your head on his shoulder.
“chifuyu visited me last week,” he speaks up, “you know him, right?”
you hum. “yup, i’ve spoken to him a few times.”
“he said...he’s going to open a pet shop within the next few years, and he wants me to work with him,” he pauses for a moment before continuing. “i said no, because i’m going to be with you, helping in your bakery.”
you stop, brows furrowing. “‘tora, you really said that?”
he looks over at you, frowning. “yeah? i did.”
“take the job, ‘tora. you don’t have to help me in my shop,” you tell him, taking both of his hands. “chifuyu-kun asked you that for a reason. you’ve told me that baji-kun has always loved animals. this is your chance to be closer to him, in a way. to reconcile. you’ve always loved animals, too, so that’s a plus.”
he squeezes your hands. “but—”
“but nothing. i’ll be fine, i promise. i want you to be happy working something that makes you feel fulfilled, that helps you in your healing,” you reach up to cup his cheek, thumbing over his cheekbone. “besides, you suck at baking.”
kazutora stares at you, lips trembling ever-so-slightly. “you...”
you engulf him in a hug, gently massaging his back as he squeezes his arms around you. his shoulders shake, his cries almost soundless as he buries his face into your neck.
“just like how you want the best for me, ‘tora, i want the best for you, okay?” you mumble, combing your hands through his hair.
he releases you from the hug, and you wipe away his tears. “sorry, i ruined our first date.”
you shake your head, brushing loose strands of hair out of his face. “no, you didn’t. i enjoyed today. a lot.”
“you’re just saying that.”
you roll your eyes. “i mean it, ‘tora.”
“visiting hours are over!” a guard calls out suddenly, approaching the two of you.
you look over your shoulder, nodding at the guard before looking back at kazutora.
it’s now or never, i guess.
you lean upwards and press your lips on the corner of his mouth, releasing your hands from his cheeks. “alright, bye-bye—!”
he takes your wrist, staring at you. “you missed.”
you giggle. “no, i didn’t.”
before you know it, he tugs you towards him, chin between and forefinger and thumb. “you missed.”
you stare into his eyes, heartbeat erratic. “then, show me, yeah?”
he studies your face for a moment before leaning forward, lips capturing yours. your eyes flutter close, slinging your arms around his neck. it feels like forever when the two of you pull away, breathless.
“hm, i think i’ll miss your lips more often, then,” you grin, cheeks warm.
“i don’t mind helping you with that.” he mumbles, leaning forward. you laugh, placing your hand on his mouth.
“i think that’s enough for today, my heart can’t take it.”
he stares at you, eyes pleading.
“nope, bye-bye!”
he sighs as you pull away, waving him goodbye with a cheeky grin on your lips, a guard escorting you away. he places a thumb on his lips, staring at the red lipstick staining his fingers.
“what a tease.”
Tumblr media
“i’m sorry i couldn’t come today, ‘tora. i really am. but then the delivery company called me, saying there were problems, and i got my hands tied up with that,” he can hear your distress over the phone; he can picture you right now, pacing around your room—a habit that you do whenever you’re letting out your frustrations. “you don’t need to apologize, sunshine,” kazutora assures you, leaning against the wall, looking at the person beside him. “i know with the bakery opening soon, you’re busier than ever, but you’ve still been visiting me. it’s fine if you miss a day or two.” “but, ‘tora—” “i get released on the twentieth. you’ll be seeing me plenty after that.” he hears you laugh. “you have no idea how excited i am, ‘tora. i can’t believe i finally got you to agree with living with me. seriously, did you think i was going to let you live on the streets or something?” “i just didn’t want to burden to you—” “nope! none of that. we’re not having this conversation again.” he laughs, shaking his head. “okay, sorry, sunshine. are you sure you want to open the bakery a week after i’m released? isn’t it better for you to open before?” “it doesn’t matter. i want you to be there when it opens. it’s like, the second most important day.” “uh-huh. what’s the first?” you scoff. “your release, obviously.” “isn’t the most important day supposed to be our wedding?” “take me on a real date, then we’ll talk about marriage,” you tease. he can almost hear your eye roll. “hey, what do you mean? we’ve had plenty of dates.” “i love our dates. they’re precious memories. but dates in prison don’t count.” “ouch.” you laugh, shaking your head. “i’m joking, i promise. i have to go now, though, ‘tora. my parents are coming to help me out with the decoration. i’ll see you saturday.” “okay. i love you, sunshine.” “i love you, too, ‘tora.” you hang up, hugging the phone close to your chest. the day of his release was so close, yet so far—two weeks away. march 20th. the date was circled multiple times on your calendar in red, it was marked in your phone’s calendar, and you even set reminders on your phone, too. sighing, you place your phone in your pocket before picking up the box of decorations for your shop beside you. you hear a faint jingle, a sign that your parents have entered your bakery, as they had spare keys to open it. “(name)?” your father calls out, voice echoing. “in the back, give me a sec!” you shout, pushing the door open with your back. “i was just getting the decor—” your voice dies out at the sight out front of you, dropping the box onto the floor with a loud thump. you couldn’t believe it—are you hallucinating? did you accidentally overdose on those painkillers you took earlier? because the person in front of you... the love of your life, clad in a button-up and jeans—not a jumpsuit—with a duffle bag by his side, smiling softly at you. “surprise, my sunshine.” you burst into tears, and kazutora laughs, engulfing you in his arms. he rocks you side-to-side. it reminds him of the time where he surprised you on that white day nine years ago, saying he could finally see you face-to-face. but this? this is much better. “how?” you whisper, voice cracking. “how did you get out early? and i was just on the phone with you...” “your parents helped, actually,” he tells you, wiping your tear-stained cheeks with his thumbs. “i owe them a lot.” you release kazutora and approach your parents, hugging them tightly.  “mom, dad, you have no idea how much this means to me.” “you don’t need to say anything, honey,” your father says, squeezing your shoulder. “seeing you happy with someone you love is the most important thing to us.” “i wasn’t...too happy with your choices at first,” you mother sighs, cupping your cheek. “with the bakery, and, admittedly, kazutora-kun. but like your father said, seeing you do what you love, and seeing you happy with the person you love is more important, especially if he’s going to be the one you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.” she turns you around, and you swear you’re going to pass out from what you see. kazutora on one knee, holding up a ring. you want to speak, but words fail to leave your mouth as you stare at him, vision blurring from the tears. “before you pass out, (name), let me recite the speech i’ve been practicing for the past of couple years,” he teases, but you know he’s nervous because his hand’s are shaking. “i know you said to propose after i’ve taken you on real dates, but...i think this is the right time. you’ve been with me from the start. always there for me, comforting me, just being by my side when i’ve hit the lowest points in my life. you made me want to live, to push through. i still feel that way. you make me feel loved, to be worthy of your love, care, affections. when you confessed to me that day six years ago, i knew i was the luckiest person in the universe. i knew i wanted to marry you. youʼre the light out my life, my sun. “so, will you marry me, my sunshine?”’ god, so this is what it feels like to be proposed to. honestly, you’re dizzy—mind racing with a thousand thoughts, heart racing, and mouth dry. but right now, you’re the happiest you could ever be. “of course, ‘tora. i love you, i love you so—“ your voice cracks as he slides the ring on your finger. “so much.” you whisper into his chest, hugging him tightly. “i know. i love you more,” he whispers, he squeezes you, inhaling your scent. it’s the same—the vanilla with a hint of cinnamon he loves oh-so-much. “no more surprises for a while, i think i can’t handle any more after those back-to-back bombshells.” “uh-huh.” “‘tora.” “alright, i promise.” “good. let’s go home.” “but i thought you needed to decorate?” “we’ll handle that,” your mother smiles, placing a hand on his shoulder. “you two should spend some time together.” “thank you,” he bows deeply at your parents, “for everything.” your father waves his hand in dismissal. “no need, no need. go on, your fiancee is waiting for you.” his heart skips a beat, looking over at you. my fiancee. he takes your hand, squeezing it as you exit the store. he’s finally going home. going home with you; his best friend, his neighbour,  the daughter of his mother’s friend, the girl who brought homemade cookies with her every time she came over, who smelled of vanilla with a hint of cinnamon, his fiancee. he wouldn’t have it any other way.
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aetherarf · 2 months ago
Hi hello i saw your requests are open!! And i dont know if this is allowed but can you do genshin boys caught cheating and they played it off and later on they started to regret what they did and when they found the reader, the reader is now happy or disappeared or idk ITS UP TO YOU TO DEICIDE HEHEHEHE IM SORRY I LOVE READING ANGST SM SO ITS OKAY IF YOU WONT TAKE IT !! YOUR WORKS ARE REALLY GREAT BTW!!! (more than great i mean *chefs kiss*)
Yes I've finally gotten to this one! I hope it's angsty enough for you 😘
[[ Summary: Kaeya, Childe, and Diluc end up cheating on their partner... They get caught, not by their partner, but someone else. As the days pass, they begin to regret it... only for their little secret to get back to their lover...
Note, Kaeya's is longest/wordiest cuz I didn't realize I should probably be a bit more brief... Kaeya favouritism lol.
Overall Word Count: 3'602 [rip me]
Kaeya Word Count: 1'841
Childe Word Count: 950
Diluc Word Count: 811 ]]
Distantly, he remembers an old saying from Crepus, in response to his question-- "Why do people drink so much?"
"Well... Alcohol doesn't solve anything, but it can make you forget questions you'd rather not think about."
He understood that as he got older. Why stress, and think about things he could not control? ... Well, maybe he should deal with them, but that's easier said than done when his entire life was on the line. Every night, in the tavern, he drank to forget. Not that he'd admit that to anyone.
And, somehow, he had forgotten more than he'd like to admit. On his lap, a beautiful woman, and he was tugged to a back closet of the Angel's Share. She tasted sweet, like wine and sugar. If it wasn't for an intruder, ( despite the fact that he was the one intruding into staff-only area ) he likely would have had a far better time, to completely lose himself in his inebriation.
"K-Kaeya!" Uh oh, as his vision focused, he could see Diluc's unmistakable silhouette, with that fluffy red hair and broad shoulders. "You," he pointed to the woman, "Out." The woman, not wanting to envoke the wrath of Sir Ragnvindr, running out immediately. But, Diluc didn't let Kaeya out, not that he was fighting to get out. Instead, he walked closer.
"What have you done?" he asked, voice low and full of rage. However, Kaeya could only smile,
"What do you mean, Master Ragnvindr?" He asked, all sly.
"You cheater," he snapped, "You do know that wasn't your partner? The one you swore yourself to? They were just looking for you, you know." He was nearly yelling, forcing his voice low...
And that, that idea, the realization of everything hit him harder than even the biggest bomb's that Klee had ever made. He... did.
"Look," The world was no longer warm an fuzzy, just a little shift away from his normal reality, everything crashing down. The thoughts that haunted him when you slept so peacefully in his arms, when he would see the knights laughing and smiling together, the ever-haunting knowledge that he was alone amongst them...
The way only you did not have that odd look in your eye, of wonder upon seeing something unique, or of something alien that terrified... You only looked at him as what he wished to be seen-a person.
And here he went, fucking it all up.
"Look," he said again, tears in his eye, "You, you can't tell anyone," He all but snapped at Diluc, who's eyes widened in shock, "I-I wouldn't tell if you did it, you have to do the same for me," he promised, desperately trying to think of what to do...
"Kaeya, this isn't about me, this is about you and-and them," Diluc didn't even need to say the name, "You're better than this, I won't tell, but only if you do."
Kaeya's brows furrowed, he wasn't used to feeling so... betrayed. Normally, it was expected, but this... but this was different! Wasn't it...?
"It has nothing to do with you, I... I can deal with it on my own, 'Luc." He insisted, straightening out his back. He was only a tiny bit taller than Diluc, but he wanted to hold it over him, to prove he wasn't going to let him use him over his... his mistake.
"Kaeya," his voice was... softer. Kaeya didn't want to hear this voice, this consoling voice. Not after everything, not... not like this!
"Fuck off, Diluc," he snapped, pushing him to the wall as he stormed out, "You made it clear you want nothing to do with me, don't try now. Not like this," he demanded, seeing Diluc look at him, eyes wide... shocked.
"Fine. Get out and don't come back." Diluc hissed, voice much lower, his eyes glazed over. Kaeya almost wanted to yell at him, to keep fighting... But, no, no, he didn't. He couldn't do that here, not when he was too desperate to figure out what to do, leaving through the front of Angel's Share, slamming the door behind him.
And he ran. He didn't know why, he wasn't headed home, but he just... he felt like he was running from his mistakes, the wind biting at his face, until he finally skidded into an alleyway, his back against the wall, his hand put up to his mouth, biting at the base of his thumb to stifle the sobs that wanted to burst from his chest. It hurt, oh, it hurt, but it felt... right, it felt like he should hurt, his teeth clasping harder onto his hand, tears rolling from his eye as he roughly breathed through his nostrils, his brain desperately trying to figure out what to do, what to say, what to think... But it all only ended up in a jumbled mess, of black and red and tears and crying.
He didn't know how long he sat there, but by the time he stopped biting his hand, it felt... hot, for some reason, and as he looked at his hand...
Red. Bite marks. His teeth had sunk in so deep, his skin was broken and reddened and bloody. He couldn't even feel the pain, like when the burning fire had turned to grey, dead embers... he felt nothing, his own bodily sensations distant in an odd way.
He doesn't even know why, but upon seeing his blood ooze from his flesh, he swing his fist towards the brick, hearing it clatter against it. He stared at his hand, pulling off his glove to stare, dazed, at his busted knuckles.
Holding his fist close to his chest, he finally walked home.
If I don't tell them, he thought, I can live with it. I've lived with worse. I live with worse.
He didn't want to.
But he did that-he cheated. He cheated on the one person that could make everything feel okay, like he never hurt anyone, like he wasn't from a distant corrupt land, like he wasn't the monster he was told to be.
Should he say it? Tell directly?
It wouldn't matter if he told immediately or in a week. He-he trusted you'd understand, he could... He could figure it out. He just, his brain was both sinking and floating, drunk yet sober, he wasn't in his own body right about now. He was somewhere gone, and he couldn't be making any decisions.
Shambling his way home, he opened the front door... And hesitated, listening. Looking. You weren't in eyeshot or earshot, so... He could wrap up his hand before he gave everything away, or at least, his temper tantrum of sorts. He rummaged around before finding that small first aide kit, cleaning the wounds of his own cause, and bandaged up his hand... for a second, he tensed, hearing your footsteps, but he opted to finish wrapping it before you could see.
"Kaeyaaa..." You whined, "You didn't come to bed..." You walked over, hugging him from the side, resting your head on him. How sweet you were, how cuddly... As though nothing happened.
"I'll come to bed in a minute," he said, "I just need to finish this real quick."
You peeked over to look at whatever he was messing with, and woke up in an instant, reaching over to his hand as he was tucking the end of the bandage away, so it wouldn't unravel so easily. "What happened?" You asked, tenderly holding his injured hand with both of yours.
"Nothing to be worried about," he reassured, trying to hide how his voice shook, "Just wanted to patch it up."
With one hand, you gently stroked his, and then lifted it to your mouth to give a loving kiss atop it. "Are you okay to come to bed?" You asked, still tired from the late hour.
"Of course," he wanted to kiss you, badly, but he refrained. You shouldn't, Kaeya, your mouth is dirty.
The two of you walked to bed, he undressing just enough to comfortably lie down...
Feeling how you snuggled up to him, sighing in such comfort now that he was home, and how you soon became a weight upon him as you sunk back into sleep...
However, he did not sleep that night. Or the next, or the next... Or the next.
Days, truly, passed. He did not sleep, he was not sleeping, Jean even scolded him for blacking out more than once, stunned when one second he was standing, and the next he was on the ground, no memory of having fallen, with the knights consoling him.
He started staying later, he had not gone back to the Angel's Share. Many mornings, he was not there when you woke. You knew he was busy, but... this was horrific.
Eventually, two weeks have passed. He steeled his nerves, and he was going to talk to you about it. He didn't want to live like this, with this guilt and agony upon the things he could not fix--but he could fix this. He could-he could make this better.
But, as he walked into your shared home... an eerie silence. As he looked around, it felt like... a lot was missing.
Everything that was missing, from simple objects placed about to pictures on the walls, were all yours. Of you.
Save for a single picture frame, with shattered glass, and a picture of him and you, smiling. It was one of the more coherent pictures the two of you had made.
Beside it, a note.
Dear Kaeya,
A woman came to me recently, telling me of you. Of how you kissed her, and nearly slept with her at the Angel's Share. She was unaware of the fact that you had a partner, and had finally found and confided in me about this.
I don't know what made you cheat on me like this, but worse still you've been avoiding me, and you wouldn't even tell me. If I knew... then we could have talked about it, we could have gotten counseling. We could have fixed this--fixed us. But you were gone.
I don't want to hear you say it, say that you don't love me or you don't want to be with me, so I left. I'm not in Mondstadt, I've gone to live with someone I can actually trust. Please don't look for me, I need time. Your lack of communication was enough to tell me you don't care enough to fix this.
Sincerely, Your former beloved.
Tears truckled down onto the paper, and he nearly crushed it in a single fist... But, no, he couldn't, he couldn't destroy the last connection he had to you, no matter how badly he wanted to rip out his eye, so he never had to look at it ever again. He collapsed the floor, the letter, and the framed picture falling to the ground, a broken, loud laughter rung through the house as tears fells down his face, maniacal in nature...
He wanted to be alone, and gone, for a long... long time.
Childe didn't understand the meaning of 'exclusive' as well. He loved you, dearly, but to him, love was a thing to be given more freely. Maybe it was just a lack of communication, or maybe he completely misunderstood your words, but with an old friend he slept with time and time again...
When Scaramouche saw him sending off his friend with a goodbye kiss, it being a casual commoditiy in his mind, only then did he get utterly chewed out for this.
"Are you a fucking idiot?" Scaramouche snarled at him, "You're not even shameful about this, you cheater." He snapped, as though he was truly angry for you, instead of just a generally very angry person. Childe shrugged.
"I wouldn't mind if they slept with someone else," he said casually, "Doesn't mean they love me any less, you know?"
Scaramouche tried to response, but he was simply flabberghasted. "Most people don't think that way, you airheaded moron."
Childe just laughed, brushing off the shorter harbinger, before walking off without a care.
But... in the end, the words got to him.
Maybe you didn't think that way? You two had spoken of marriage, a very possible reality that he was looking forward to... But, maybe there was a... culture clash, maybe? A clash of upbringings?
He found himself wondering these things at night, when you were snuggled up to him, unaware of the whirlwind of fear in his mind.
Silently, he resolved to simply stop--It would keep you happy, a little secret he didn't mind keeping. Maybe in many, many years, he'd mention it, but... he thought that was okay. That could be the last time he'd ever do something like that...
But, as he came home... You were sitting, waiting for him.
"Please, come sit down, Ajax," that morose tone, it made his heart ache... so he obeyed without question. You looked at him, face puffy and eyes red... "Tell me the truth," you asked, his heart sinking, "Did you cheat on me?"
He froze, but... "Y-yes, but-"
"I don't need an explanation," you admitted, a small, broken smile on your face, "I knew I wasn't loveable enough."
"Wait, no, no, that's not it at all-"
"No," you interrupted, "I don't need an explanation. I'll be out by tonight," you looked down at your lap, his heart shattering into even smaller pieces,
"Babe... please, please, let me explain, I'll never do it again-"
You stood,
"If you'd do it once, you'd do it again. Don't talk to me," you hesitated, "If you want me to be happy, don't look for me ever again."
He was trying to reach for you... but, he couldn't make himself grab you, not when you so delicately shied away...
Eventually, he gave up. No amount of fighting would stop you, and... and he... he couldn't keep seeing your pain as you cried for him to just leave you alone.
Was this love? The pain of another, the terror not of considering spending the rest of your life with them, but the terror of not spending the rest of your life with them?
Before he knew it, he was staring at a mirror, shards of glass in his fist, more than a few holes in the wall and a broken door, the shattered mirror distorting his expression...
Upon walking through the house, he saw that there was... it felt so empty, without your delicate touch and presence making it a place he lovingly called home.
"No," he whispered, hoping... were you here? Did you see... whatever he blacked out and did, the tantrum he did not remember? Did he, oh gods above, oh gods, he didn't hurt you, did he?
But he never got an opportunity to find out.
By the time he had sobered up from his tantrum... you were gone. Only a note, left behind, Don't look for me.
Because, you both knew, if he really wanted to find you, he could. He could capture you, trap you... hurt you.
But he didn't want any of that, as much as it hurt to have you away... to make you hate him anymore than you already did was enough to drive a man to near insanity.
Even after you had been gone, he would sit, whenever he was not forced to work, to fulfil his duties to the Tsaritsa... he would wait. He would cook your favourite dishes, read the books you liked, go to the places you enjoyed...
Only after weeks of this, did it hit him that you truly were never coming home. He knew that, but... but, somehow, his heart, his emotions hadn't caught up.
For a second time, he had destroyed your shared, no... his home.
It just wasn't home without you.
Unable to endure the idea of still being here, of a place where he had held you so many times, kissed you, loved you, and suddenly you were all but gone... He tried to do anything to avoid it, to avoid that demon that desperately tried to crawl out of him, threatening to burst from his chest.
Even the other Harbingers had noticed this, how... awful he had been, how he had lost himself. Even Scaramouche, the one most openly said to be the easiest to hate amongst them all, with an uncanny talent to bring even the most pacificistic souls to pure rage, had done well to stay his tongue, never kind, never sweet, but he would give him the isolation he craved, only speaking as much was necessary.
He didn't know what to do with himself, but whenever that happened... he'd just throw himself to the maws of death and, unluckily, crawl his way back out.
Everything felt hot and fuzzy and...
Was red a feeling? His face was red, his body burned, and he could scarcely breathe, he definitely had accidentally drunk some alcohol, but for once, the effects of inebriation hit him. However, while he couldn't understand why people would devote their lives to this sensation, he could appreciate reality being distant, when he knew if he wasn't drunk, he would have spit up the wine and some extra blood, making it an even richer red color.
A warm feeling around his dick, he saw a pretty, if not distorted, face. It didn't take long for him to explode with sensation, his eyes shot wide... and a kiss pressed to his lips.
He almost chased that pretty face, only to see it disappear, he falling to his knees, rasping for air. Moments later, he felt hands on his shoulder's, shaking him. He shot his head up, seeing Kaeya looking at him in fear, and distantly, he heard his name...
"Diluc. Diluc. Diluc! Say something!"
Diluc stared at him, and opened his mouth to speak, but he only ended up jerking his head down, coughing into his elbow, seeing blood on his black coat... Kaeya noticed, too, frozen in shock.
"What happened?" he asked, his eye wide in shock.
"I..." Diluc rasped out, and his eyes widened in shock.
He realized what he had done.
He. He slept with someone who was most definitely not the one he had sworn himself to. Some-some random woman who was likely enchanted by the prospect of a rich man.
"Diluc!" Kaeya shouted, afraid, "What happened?"
Diluc shoved himself up, his hand on Kaeya's shoulder, already rushing to run out and all the way back to the Winery-but not before Kaeya grabbed him, stopping him, strength near equally matched.
"'Luc, I'm not letting you go anywhere until you-"
"I did," Diluc was still gasping for air, "I did something terrible." He admitted, with no small amount of pain.
"What did you do?" Kaeya asked, "Don't run, don't run, you're going to choke on your own blood-"
"No!" Diluc shouted, throwing Kaeya off his arm, running on pure adrenaline, even as his face was beet red, and his vision blurred.
But he needed to confess his sins, immediately, he needed to... now, now, now!
He heard Kaeya shout, but in the end, as he had to stop just to rasp for air again, the burn of alcohol still in his throat, he heard no shouting, nothing but the sound of his thundering heartbeats in his own ears.
Finally, he got to the Winery. You saw him, shocked, seeing his red face and how distressed he was, his hair nothing short of a fluffy mess.
"Diluc," you run over, he leaning on you, just to not collapse from the lack of air, "Diluc, what's wrong?"
"I-I..." He shuttered out, sucking in a breath, "I cheated on you."
You were reeling, "You-What?"
"I-I accidentally drank wine. I was drunk, I can't..." He was still heaving, "I can't breathe... I don't... I don't know what happened, but... She... a woman, she..."
He couldn't finish, but he didn't need to.
"You cheated on me and the first thing you did was come home and brag about it?" You asked, equal parts anguish and anger,
"No," he rasped, his knees buckling as the world tried to disappear on him, "I can't..." his hand went to his throat, "Wait..."
He didn't know what happened, but he only saw flashes after that--Your tears, his bloodied hands, you leaving.
And he was alone, on the ground, barely able to breathe, to think... to do anything.
You left him.
You were gone.
And, somehow, he wasn't mad at all. Having breathed long enough to move again, he stood... and he found the half-empty bottle of wine left on the table, the wine you adored so.
He grabbed the bottle and drank straight from it, feeling his throat and tongue swell, it crashing to the ground as he fell, unable to rasp even the slightest breaths,
I deserve this, he thought, I deserve this. This is all I deserve.
For some reason, despite his better wishes, he woke up. He lay in bed, a cool, wet cloth over his forehead... his flesh burned, and his tongue was still swollen, he unable to wiggle it in his mouth. His breathing, still, was labored, but it seemed that he was still breathing, despite everything.
He watched as Adelinde cautiously walked over, looking down at his face, "... Master Diluc, are you alright?"
No, he wasn't, but he could not even sob and cry, for he could not breathe enough to do so.
A cruel twist of fate, but he was not deserving to cry, he was the one who hurt you. You did nothing but love him.
He didn't deserve anything right now.
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coccinelle-et-chaton · 2 months ago
hi i come bearing humanitarian relief from optygami
so like, yikes huh?
I didn't expect all the angst and that last scene absolutely DESTROYED me in the worst possible way. Anywhoo, I was so unwell that I dreamt a follow-up. This is a new level of brainrot. So, without further ado welcoome to another edition of
bullet point fics that i'll probably never write but I need to get out of my system: post-Optygami edition
After Optygami, Chat pretends he's ok but he's actually quite sad that Ladybug didn't need him to defeat the Akuma. Even more so, that instead of going for him, she went for Rena and Carapace.
lol Milk Bar scene 2.0.
He tries to hide it, but unlike other things that make him sad like oh idk, his entire family life, this is new. And he can't hide it because Ladybug was the one person that never failed to make him feel needed and wanted.
So, he's at school and he's looking sad and Marinette notices. She kicks into Supporting Friend Mode the way she's done with Zoé, Juleka etc. and asks him what's wrong. Adrien at first doesn't want to say, but Marinette gives her one of her Motivational Speeches™️ and convinces him.
Adrien says that it's hard to explain, but he feels like someone really loves is pushing him to the side and he feels like he is not needed anywhere.
Marinette will very much Not Have That
So she starts telling him all the good things she sees in him and how everyone, especially her, is lucky to have him around. And girl ain't even blushing or stuttering.
"Adrien you're always so kind and compassionate to everyone, you always make time for us even though your Father is so strict with you. You're always willing to give everyone the benefit of doubt, even when they don't deserve it. You're a great friend"
Adrien high key is tearing up btw
And my boy is so starved for affection that he's just. He falls for her immediately??? He never realized Marinette saw him like that??
He feels so acknowledged???????
also Nino sees and he reassures him as well.
"Whoever this friend is can go take a hike if they don't value you, dude. smh I'll throw hands for you."
appreciate the i r o n y
Alya figures out Adrien is Chat Noir and she has that oh no moment. Without telling Mari why, she is ADAMANT that she tells Chat immediately about everything that has been going on with the guardianship.
"Trust me Marinette. Just trust me. You NEED to tell Chat about these things."
Marinette confesses she had not told him because she knows he's going to be very angry at her that she relied on someone else in her hour of need and she's scared she might lose him because lesser things have made him doubt himself to the point of returning the ring.
"Alya you don't understand," she says crying. "I know him. I know this is is going to hurt him so much."
Alya, out of curiosity, asks why she came to her and not Chat when things got too heavy and Marinette explains the incident in Chat Blanc and how absolutely scared to the bone she is that it might happen again. Not because she wouldn't be able to fix it, but because she couldn't bear seeing Chat being hurt like that again.
Eventually Marinette gathers the courage to tell Chat Noir and of course he's sad, heartbroken, angry and no matter how much Ladybug tries to apologize or reassure him that she trusts him, he simply can't.
Chat says he understands that she needed to lean on someone and it's her right to choose who that is.
"Don't worry m'lady, I understand. But... I need some time off. After all, something tells me you'll make do even if i'm not there."
Marinette is devastated and recognizes her mistake and understands she is in no position to ask Chat to be there but that doesn't help the fact she's absolutely heartbroken.
As a civilian, Adrien notices Marinette is sad and talks to her. Mari cries bc she says she made a terrible mistake and she managed to really hurt one of the friends she loves the most and is scared she lost them for good.
Adrien consoles her and tells her she did the right thing by coming clean to them, and that she should have faith in her friend bc "friends fight sometimes Mari, it's normal, right? They will come around. You were honest with them, and that's what matters. They'll appreciate it eventually."
"Besides, e-even if they don't... I-i'll always be here for you"
"And if they don't, I'll personally go and punch your friend in the face"
aaaahhhh adrinette fluff.
And so, while ladynoir is crumbling to pieces, adrinette is like, VERY close to becoming canon but bc of what happened in ladynoir they refrain from showing their romantic feelings but are like, "No way I'm making the same mistakes again" so they become each other's closest confident (sans the whole Miraculous thing of course)
Adrien starts telling Mari about "this friend" and the problems in his family. Marinette start tellings him about "these responsibilities" and "this friend I have" and they unintentionally coach the other through how to proceed to heal the ladynoir partnership.
Simultaneously, Adrien's help lets Marinette understand how very much she loves Chat and him taking the break from Ladybug's company and replacing it with Marinette, lets him know how head over heels he had been for her all this time = tada! reverse love square.
They become super, super close friends. Like deadass ppl think they're dating (but what else is new smh)
"Ha ha, no. We're Just Very Good Friends™️" *they say as they're literally holding hands or snuggling on a bench*
Eventually Chat Noir comes out of his little break and Ladybug and him meet up to talk and it's like, an ugly crying sobfest ahaha :)
LB apologizes again and begs him to forgive her, she promises she'll do better and she'll show him how much she need him and--
"M'lady, stop. I already forgave you. It's all water under the bridge so--
"No! No it's not, because I can't believe I made you think you're dispensible. Chat Noir you're my partner and you'll always be my partner and I treated you like you weren't but I just... I couldn't tell you, Chaton. I couldn't--"
"But why? What couldn't you tell me, m'lady?"
LB breaks down and explains the Chat Blanc incident to him
"I was so scared. I was so afraid for you and so terrified that I wouldn't be able to bring you back. I'd never be able to forgive myself if one day I cannot bring you back, Chat. I want to know who you are but if knowing puts you at risk, then I won't do it. I love you more than I want to know your identity."
ajgkfahgfak gajfkk UGLY SOBBING.
"Then... that means we cannot be together... ever?" Chat asks and his voice is cracking because he's doing all humanly possible not to cry too.
"Not until Hawkmoth is defeated. I promise minou, as soon as we defeat him, we can be together. In the meantime, we have to keep the secret."
Chat Noir gently wipes off the tears from Ladybug and steps closer to her and goes "Then, m'lady, if you'll allow it, I'd like us to keep one more secret."
He leans down slowly, to give LB a chance to say no if she doesn't want it to happen, but she doesn't stop him. They kiss.
"This one stays between us," Chat mutters and then smirks at her. "See you in the next Akuma, m'lady."
The end.
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ewankoseyo · a year ago
pet names || mark imagine
A/N: By popular demand and in celebration of our favorite #Marknae’s birthday, I present to you a continuation of Mark’s fake dating drabbles! Hope you enjoy!
Warning: Some swearing idk 
Please read you owe me and just for show before reading this.
Tumblr media
Pretending to date Mark would be a lot easier if it wasn’t so hard to tell when he was acting and when he wasn’t.
Mark said a lot of stupid things, but this was probably the most stupid thing to come out of his mouth by far.
“Mark, you’re a grown ass man. Why would you need to pretend to date when you could just, I don’t know, go out and find someone you actually like?”
Mark sighed as he put his mug down and ran a hand through his hair. He had really hoped that you of all people would be the most understanding and not question his rationale. 
You and Mark had known each other for as long as you could remember. Legend has it that your moms purposely got pregnant at the same time so their kids would end up best friends like they were. Though you two never got along growing up—you begged your mom to never invite him over again after he told Jackson about your crush on him at your 13th birthday party—things began to shift when you both entered high school and realized you didn’t know anyone else besides each other. Out of the necessity to survive the unknown, you and Mark stuck together.  
Serendipitously, you and Mark never seemed to un-stick since then. 
Throughout the turbulence of your teenage years and your differing career paths that you were afraid would split you apart, you two remained close friends. Staying in the city after you both graduated from college, Mark vowed to stop by your new café-bakery whenever he had time off from his busy schedule in his second year of residency. 
He was really hoping that his dedication to seeing you would make you more open to the outlandish proposition. 
“That’s the thing, I don’t want to go out and find someone I like. I really don’t have the time for a relationship.” Mark sighed again, his gaze averting to the menu board behind you. He noticed the new addition to the board, written in your usual fancy hand lettering. It seems like you finally perfected the pie you’d been working on last week. You’d send him a picture of your latest attempt, asking him to stop by the shop to try it when he had the time since your taste buds could no longer tell the difference. 
“Oh, but you have the time to pretend to date me?” You cocked an eyebrow questioningly at the guy before you, pausing your cleaning motions. “What is this even for? I thought you already put her behind you a long time ago.”
You and Mark collectively shuddered at the thought of the wretched girl. Things hadn’t ended so well after two (wasted) years together. Everyone in their cohort believed them to be the perfect couple—two beautiful people at the top of their class with the brightest futures ahead of them. You always believed they would get married once their busy schedules settled down. 
That was, until Mark showed up at your apartment one night unexpectedly, his hands visibly shaking and his eyes not knowing where to look. You silently watched as he paced through your living room, explaining to you almost incoherently the cause of his distress.
“I gave her two fucking years and she really wasted half of it fucking our professor.”
Mark ended up staying over that night. As you stroked his hair softly while he wrapped his arms around you and nuzzled himself into your chest, his anger washed over with melancholic fatigue, you realized that you had never seen him look so broken before. Usually Mark was the one making you feel better after some failed date, but that night, he needed you to comfort him. 
That night also felt like ages ago, and Mark had realized he was better off without his ex, so why did he need you to help him with his facade?
“I have put her behind me,” Mark assured. “But ending things with her has...opened up other problems.”
“Like what?”
“Like some other girls from my cohort clearly trying to, um, get my attention.”
You scoffed. Leave it to Mark to think that having girls fawn over you is a problem big enough to resort to something as crazy as fake-dating. 
“Just tell them you’re not interested.”
“You know I can’t do that,” Mark resigned with a knowing look. You knew he always had a problem with confrontation. “Some of these girls are actually my friends from rotations and I don’t want to hurt their feelings.” Knowing you were ready to shoot back with another smart comment, Mark quickly continued. “But that isn’t even the whole problem! Ever since other girls have taken notice to me, she is suddenly interested in me all over again. I only recently blocked her number after she kept blowing up my phone with her sorry-ass apologies asking if we could get back together, and according to Jackson, she’s been trying to get closer to the guys in an attempt to get closer to me. Poor Yugyeom got really excited because he thought an older girl was finally interested in him until Jaebum set him straight.”
You were going to make a comment about how a restraining order and maybe a few other court-sanctioned forms would easily fix his problems when his last comment finally made his whole proposition click. 
Because if his ex-girlfriend really wanted to get closer to him, she wouldn’t just get close to the guys—she would try to get close to you. 
It was no secret that she was never really fond of you while they were dating. And with you still by his side long after their relationship had gone to shit, you imagined the feeling had festered. 
“So let me get this straight...” You got out your rag from your apron and began to clean the countertop in an attempt to clean out your mind and think of the situation logically. “You want me to pretend to date you so that your ex and all of your other little fangirls will back off?”
“Yes, yes, I know this sounds crazy, but if it weren’t for the witch making everything so complicated, I wouldn’t be in such a bind.” 
“God Mark, this is some high school shit,” you say with a shake of your head. “And why would I agree to doing such a thing? What’s in it for me?”
“Because you’re kind and wonderful and would do anything to help a homie out?” You rolled your eyes at his hopeful pleading expression. His eyes had grown to the size of saucers and he pouted his lip adorably. This may have worked on his admirers, but it wasn’t going to work so easily on you. “And it wouldn’t be so much work on you. We already spend all our free time together so it wouldn’t be much of a change from how we are now. I’ll do whatever you want, within reason of course. Whatever you want, just say the word.”
You brushed passed Mark as you bussed dirty dishes and his now empty mug off the counter, ignoring his expectant expression through your motions.
“If we do this, we should probably set some ground rules.”
Pleased with your (albeit unenthusiastic) response, Mark reached over the counter to ruffle your hair. “You’re the best! Thank you so much, babe!”
“Rule number one: I hate pet names.”
Mark only chuckled at your disdain as you retreated to the kitchen to put the dishes away. As you began to load the dishwasher, you found a similar grin inching its way on your lips. 
As per his ground rules, Mark insisted that you two keep up the act in front of both your friends and families. In order to deter his admirers, the people closest to you needed to believe the lie as well. You weren’t going to make this huge announcement to your loved ones like it was a wedding invite, but when the opportunity to put on a show presented itself, you both were expected to take it.
This included attending a dinner party at your fake boyfriend’s best friend’s house because couples always showed up to functions as a couple, of course. 
With one of Mark’s (many, you soon realized) admirers in attendance at Jackson’s small get-together, tonight had proved to be a good night to begin your masquerade. 
No one thought anything of it when you two arrived to the house together. Mark bringing you a glass of wine from the bar while you were catching up with Jinyoung was nothing out of the ordinary. No one batted an eyelash when he casually put an arm around you as you all listened to one of Jackson’s crazy stories. 
It was when you were coming out of the bathroom and realized everyone was gathering for a group photo in the living room that suddenly caught everyone’s attention. Bambam noticed you first. 
“Oh, Noona, hurry up! It’s on timer! Guys, make some room.”
Without skipping a beat, Mark patted the spot on his lap. “It’s okay. Babe, just sit here.” 
The camera clicked as the dinner party slowly registered Mark’s words. Seeing as everyone was caught up in shock from the revelation as you nonchalantly placed yourself in Mark’s lap and embrace, it was necessary that more pictures needed to be taken. 
Thoughts of the evening flowed through your head after Mark dropped you off home and you finally got to settled into bed. Everything had felt completely normal and no one questioned your relationship with Mark until it was time to take pictures. Even when he took you on his lap, wrapping his arms around your middle as a show of affection, his cheesy smile matching yours as he placed his chin on your shoulder—to you, it had simultaneously felt so normal yet the thought caused a stir in your stomach. 
It wasn’t that weird for you and Mark to be affectionate and touchy with one another, so why couldn’t you stop thinking about his gesture from earlier?
You felt your phone buzz next to you as you tried to shake off those thoughts. Adjusting your eyes to the dim lighting, you soon realized it was a notification from Jackson. He had tagged you and Mark in a comment on a photo. 
“And the cutest couple award goes to...”
You quickly opened up Instagram to see that Jaebum had already posted the pictures from earlier. You recognized the first picture as the moment of everyone’s discovery where you and Mark were the only ones posed for the picture while everyone else looked at the both of you with a mix of shock, confusion, and excitement. The second was the normal picture where everyone was finally smiling after having calmed down a bit from the revelation (though you noticed that Mark’s admirer in attendance wasn’t quite smiling with her eyes.) The final picture was the funny one. Your eyes scanned over everyone else’s silly expressions and gestures with one another before they landed on you and Mark. He was whispering in your ear about how Jackson’s fly was unzipped the whole night and how everyone was waiting for him to find out on his own. The comment had you cackling, nearly knocking you out of his lap before you wrapped an arm around his neck for balance. Mark’s arms had instinctively held you tighter to keep you from falling. 
You were pretty sure you stared at the photo for a good ten minutes. You couldn’t believe it—you two really looked like an actual couple together. 
Was this how everyone usually saw you two? You noticed the other comments on the photo were about the big reveal as well. 
bambam1a: @yu_gyeom pay up! I told you they would get together!
333cyj333: omg I really thought they were dating already
jinyoung_0922jy: wow all the signs were there but none of us picked up on it
Was this how you usually saw the two of you? 
You immediately shut off your phone as the idea invaded your thoughts and you turned on your side to get some sleep for real. Perhaps you were getting these crazy thoughts because you weren’t getting enough sleep. 
As Mark predicted, pretending to be a couple didn’t put much work on you. Besides having to get used to the small PDA—you remembered turning into a blushing mess when Mark pecked you on the cheek for the first time after introducing you to his hospital friends—nothing had really changed in the way you had to act in front of people. You would still be roasting each other in front of your friends. The only difference was that Mark would pull you into his arms and plant a kiss on your forehead, muttering “just kidding, babe” soon afterwards. 
You also appreciated having Mark at your beck and call, as per your ground rules. You tried not to have him go out of his way to owe you for the favor, seeing as he was already a pretty busy and stressed out guy, but you would be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t enjoy the free dinners and him lending you his new car. 
And you’d be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t kind of enjoy the newfound attention you were receiving. After a few public appearances as a couple and some not-so-subtle pictures showing the two of you together posted by mutual friends on social media, word quickly spread that you and Mark were a thing. People you hadn’t talk to since high school were messaging you to congratulate you on locking down the most handsome guy in your graduating class. You no longer felt like the odd single one out when hanging out with your other taken friends—and thankfully, you didn’t have to put up with them trying to set you up anymore. One time when you were waiting for Mark to finish up his shift at the hospital—he had promised you dinner and boba if you waited for him—one of his friends from his rotation had approached you. It didn’t take too long to realize she was one of his admirers. 
“You two look so cute together,” she had said, though it sounded like she was trying to convince herself rather than compliment you. “I’m surprised you and Mark only started dating recently, I always assumed you were together already.”
Your lip quirked in confusion. You had never met the girl before, so how could she make any assumptions about you and Mark? “What do you mean?”
She gave you a sad smile before looking down at her feet. “He just looks so happy when he talks about you, and he talks about you all the time. He keeps telling us to check out your shop and during our breaks, he shows us pictures of the desserts you make. He seemed so smitten with you.” 
Before you could ask her what Mark has said about you, the man in question was suddenly at your side. He beamed at you, interlacing your fingers before placing a kiss on the back of your hand.
“Hey princess, ready to go?”
So you and Mark were garnering a lot of attention. It was not long before you caught the attention of someone you really didn’t want to find out. 
“My mom wants us to come over this weekend for dinner.” 
You nearly choked on a boba pearl when Mark made the announcement. 
“What? Why?”
Mark gave you an apologetic look. “Apparently your mom told my mom, and you know how she is about us...she’s just really excited...”
You groaned as you took another sip of your drink. You had hoped that you would be able to put off this moment for a while longer. You were already getting an earful from your mom when she found out about you two, always nagging you to make sure that Mark was eating enough and even going as far as to sending you links to home remedies when you told her offhandedly he had caught a small cold. As much as you loved Mark’s mom, you didn’t know if you could handle acting all lovey-dovey with her son in front of her. 
Despite your apprehension, you tried to look on the bright side. “Dinner, huh? At least your mom is an amazing cook.”
Mark grinned at you across the table. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she doesn’t ask you when you’re giving her a grandchild. She already has like two of them.”
You chuckled. “Good.”
It was true. Mark’s mom didn’t bring up anything about your future kids, but she did bring up something else.
“There’s my good daughter-in-law!”
“Mom!” Too caught off-guard by the greeting to respond, you were glad Mark spoke up first. Mark moved in front of you to hug his mom, subtly shooing her away from you as he moved inside the house. “It hasn’t even been a full month yet, don’t you think you’re jumping the gun?”
“Nonsense!” Mark’s mom moved to pinch her son’s cheek, earning a fake groan from the tall boy. “Your aunty and I have been—”
“—Trying to set us up since high school?” You interrupted before approaching the woman with open arms and a teasing smile. “You and my mom think you’re both so slick, don’t you? Hi Aunty!”
“Well, we were right, weren’t we?” Mark’s mom giggled as she led you both to the dining room. “Come eat! I made all your favorites!”
Your worries over the impending evening slowly went away over dinner. You found it quite comforting actually. Catching up with the Tuans and eating Mark’s mom’s amazing cooking reminded you of the old days when his parents would come home from work and tell you to stay for dinner when you and Mark were hanging out at his place. It was as if nothing had changed since you were a teenager. 
As you glanced over at Mark, who was miserably failing to deny the extra food his mom was forcing onto his plate, you realized that Mark hadn’t changed much either. Despite growing out of his awkward phase, he still had the same funny nose that you liked to poke to annoy him. The same bright eyes that seemed to disappear when he was laughing hysterically from a dumb joke. The same contagious smile that you found yourself slowly falling for. 
Wait, what?
“So who asked who out?” Mark’s mom asked curiously as she filled up your glass with more water. “How did this happen?”
“I asked her first,” Mark replied almost easily. “I think I always knew I liked her but I just took too long to ask so eventually I did it. I stopped by her shop one day and asked her out...and here we are now...” He gave you a shy smile before averting his gaze back to his plate and suddenly you felt a strange sensation in the pit of your stomach.
Mark was awfully good at lying, even to his parents. 
As you prepared to leave after dinner, Mark’s mom approached the both of you with a shoebox.
“I meant to show this to you guys before, but I guess it makes more sense to give it to you now,” she explained as she opened the box. “I’m sure there are some pictures here that you’ve never seen before. Take a look through them! I’m going to pack you guys food to take home.”
Waves of nostalgia rushed over you as you rifled through the photos. Your college graduation. Your high school graduation. Mark and your family wearing matching shirts with your face on it for your volleyball senior night. You and your friends rushing the court to hug Mark for making the winning full-court shot at his basketball game. You and Mark on your first day of high school, in which you were standing a good five inches from each other and wore forced smiles to please your mothers. You with your cake on your 13th birthday—you wearing a forced smile because the picture was taken after Mark told Jackson about your crush (but you noted that Mark seemed to have a pleased smile in it.) A day when your parents took you both ice skating. A day when your parents took you on a picnic. 
“Aww, look at this one!” Mark chuckled as he held up a picture to you. “We’re probably like five here?”
It was a picture of the two of on your doorstep getting ready to trick-or-treat on Halloween. With big smiles and even bigger jackolantern buckets, you were wearing matching basketball jerseys and matching bunny ears.
You let out a laugh. “Oh my god, we were obsessed with Space Jam.”
“It was the trend back then!” Mark asserted, meeting your grin. “And look at you, you were so cute.” 
You sneered. “Yeah, I wonder what happened.”
“You became the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”
Before you could even try to think of a reply, Mark’s mom had come back to the living room with bags of leftovers. You soon after said your goodbyes and Mark drove you home without incident, though his words echoed in your head the whole way through.
The weird feeling you felt in your stomach was still there as he gave you his kind smile and bid you good night.
What was it about that smile?
Mark was acting kind of weird tonight.
Your third party (but probably 50th sighting overall) as a couple, you no longer felt so awkward about keeping up the act. There were still a few admirers who clung onto the hope that Mark may return their feelings, so you learned to get used to the frequent back hugs and forehead kisses.
You hated to admit it to yourself, but it actually felt kind of nice to be held.
You liked to think that people saw you as the “casual” couple where you still acted like the close friends you were before but with some PDA, but for some reason, tonight Mark was being especially clingy.
It had started when Jaebum introduced you to one of his friends who was also passionate about baking. Mark was off getting drinks for the both of you and catching up with some friends he hadn’t seen in a while. Ecstatic to meet someone who shared the same passions as you, you and Jaebum’s friend quickly went back and forth about everything from different recipes to try out to food trends you’ve noticed recently to dessert Instagram accounts you should follow.
“I don’t know if Jaebum has told you this, but I’m also thinking about opening a business myself and wanted to learn more. Do you think we could exchange numbers and maybe meet up—”
“She’s already busy as it is. Here love, screwdriver just the way you like it.”
Mark handed you your drink with a cool expression you couldn’t quite place before wrapping an arm around your waist. Recovering from the interruption, Jaebum’s friend held out his hand to Mark.
“Hi, I don’t think we’ve met before, I’m—”
“Babe, they’re starting a new game of Cranium and want us to join. We better go before Jackson throws a fit.”
Before you could apologize and say goodbye to the guy left hanging in front of you, Mark was already pulling you in the direction of your friends, his grip on your hip growing slightly tighter. 
“Mark! He wanted to ask me about my shop!”
Mark gazed down at you and you couldn’t help but shiver slightly under his cold stare. You never thought his eyes could be so dark. 
“He can just ask Jaebum for your number. Let’s go play.”
Though Mark visibly relaxed as you joined your friends for games, you noticed he was a little touchier with you than usual. He would plant kisses to the back of your hand or your temple whenever you won a turn for your team. His hand was practically glued to your waist, absentmindedly stroking the fabric against it. The only time his hand did leave your waist was when you had to mold something with play-doh for a round and one of Jackson’s friends made a suggestive comment about your hands.
“Wow, Mark’s girl sure has a way with her hands.” 
As soon as your team had correctly guessed what you were creating and you took a seat back on the couch, you found Mark’s hand now resting on your thigh, slightly gripping the flesh. You turned to Mark but he only continued watching the game, paying no mind to your reaction to the sudden new form of contact. Despite the small smile placed on his lips as he watched Yugyeom and Bambam’s antics, you noticed his jaw subtly tighten. 
“Are you okay?” You asked him once the game was over, excusing yourself from the rest of the group to get another drink from the bar. “You’re acting kind of...strange.” You eyes drifted to his free hand now tucking away some hair behind your ears. 
“I’m just being the best fake boyfriend I can be and showing others you’re mine,” Mark shrugged, quickly brushing off your worry like his hand brushing through your hair, though his words caused a small stir in your stomach. “Are you going back to join the group?”
“Nah, that game got way too heated. I need to be away from people for a little bit.” 
“Mind if I join you?” Mark cleared his throat awkwardly before casually leaning against the bar. “You know—I’m just staying by your side at a big party like a good fake boyfriend would, of course.” 
“Mark, just say you’re tired of people too,” you joked, leaning next to him. He slung his arm around your shoulders as you took out your phone and began scrolling through social media. 
You said nothing about his actions, trying to ignore the whisper in the back of your head telling you how his arm felt like it was meant to be there. 
You also tried to ignore the tingles running down your spine as Mark leaned closer to your ear and spoke, busying yourself by engaging in idle conversation about some shoes you saw on Instagram. 
Ignorance became impossible as you suddenly felt Mark bringing you closer to him with the arm already around you, tilting your face towards his. 
And then without warning, he was kissing you.
It was probably from the bottomless screwdrivers you were consuming that night, but at that moment, you found Mark’s lips absolutely intoxicating. All sensible thoughts flew out of your head as he kissed you with a passion you’d never seen in him before, his lips tugging at yours softly yet with hunger. His free hand slid down to your waist to pull you closer, closing the gap left between your bodies. Feeling his tongue brush slightly against your bottom lip before dancing with yours, you knew your knees would have given out beneath you if he wasn’t holding you so tightly. With every peck against your lips, the same voice you had been ignoring in your head now whispered “please don’t stop.”
When he finally pulled away for air, his face still a mere few inches from yours, you let yourself believe for a second that Mark was gazing at you with all the adoration his eyes could muster, too real to fake. 
But then you remembered it was all fake and although prohibition of kisses on the lips weren’t explicitly stated in your rules, it was still something you both never considered doing. So you voiced your confusion to him, knowing very well that whatever prompted the kiss had to be serious. 
Mark smiled shyly, stumbling out a response while his eyes traveled elsewhere. You followed his gaze, instantly feeling your heart drop into your stomach when you realized it was serious.
There she was, glaring at you with the same disdain as when she used to pick Mark up from your place for dates. 
You glanced up at Mark and noticed him stare back blankly, seemingly frozen under her gaze just like you were. 
Mark proceeded to apologize for the sudden attack but you just brushed it off. 
“That’s what fake girlfriends are for.” 
Really you were just trying to brush off the feeling of his kiss burned into your brain. 
It remained branded there when Mark drove you home that night. As he steered through the darkness, Mark chatted amiably with you about something funny that happened with one of his patients the other day, as if he hadn’t just given you one of the most mind-blowing kisses in the world an hour ago. If he noticed your lack of reciprocation in the conversation—your responses limited to “oh really?” or “damn, that’s crazy”—he didn’t say anything about it. 
As he pulled up in front of your building, he gave you the same bashful expression he held when he pulled away from your lips. 
“Sorry, again, know—”
“It’s okay,” you shook your head, unknowingly holding a breath in an attempt at nonchalance. “I understand.”
It was just a kiss for show, nothing else.
Mark gave you a relieved smile. “Good night. Thank you again.” As you were about to open your door, Mark leaned towards you and pecked you on the cheek. 
Your hand froze on the handle. “W-what was that for?”
Mark looked at you in confusion before the absence of an audience dawned on him. “Sorry. Habit, I guess?” He gave an awkward chuckle.
You laughed nervously in response. “Well, good night Mark.” 
And by good night, you meant good bye.
It was a full week until you saw Mark again. 
You were getting ready to close up, bidding good night to your employees as you cleaned the espresso machine when the front door jingled open again.
“Sorry, we’re closi—”
“I did it!” Mark approached you at the counter with the biggest smile on his face. Whatever the cause, he may as well have won the lottery. “I finally confronted her!”
“Wait, what?” Quickly getting over the shock from seeing him, you paused your motions to give Mark your full attention. “What happened?”
He let out a contented laugh, not knowing where to start. “Well actually, she was the one who wanted to see me first. Jinyoung said that she was waiting for me to finish my shift, so I figured I’d settle this once and for all. So I go and see her when I’m done and she just has the sorriest look on her face, but we both know that anyone can see right through her, right? But I don’t say anything about it and I just let her say her piece, and she goes into this sob story about how when she saw us at the party—by the way, remind me to kill Bambam for inviting her, he really thought we were on ‘good terms,’ oh please—but yeah, when she saw us at the party, it totally ‘broke her’ and she admits that she made a mistake and if she could redo it all over again, she would have never cheated. And then she went on to saying how she hopes we could get back together again because she misses me and promises to be better to me and blah blah blah.” Mark finished with a mock gag. 
You blinked. “...And then what happened?”
He looked at you with a self-satisfied smirk. “In the end, I thanked her. I thanked her for ending things because I finally got to see her for who she really was—a lying witch who thought of no one else’s feelings but her own. Then I kindly told her to stay away from me and my friends unless she wanted things to turn ugly really fast.”
“Wow Mark...sounds like you really got over your fear of confrontation. Congrats...” You wanted to say more, but all you think about was how soft his lips looked today.
“Yeah, so I thought I’d come over today since I have some time and you’re closing up. What are you feeling for dinner? We’re celebrating.”
“What?” You realized he wasn’t asking if he could take you out but it was already assumed.
Mark nodded. “I owe you remember? I wouldn’t have been able to get her off my back if it weren’t for you. You also haven’t responded to any of my texts this week asking if you wanted to do dinner, so I for sure need to treat you tonight.”
“And we just need to catch up. I haven’t spoken to you in a week. What have I missed?”
You grimaced slightly to yourself. So he had noticed your silence.
“Mark,” you sighed, moving around the counter so you were standing next to him. Now was probably the right time to talk about this before the little courage you possessed completely slipped away from you. “You don’t need to treat me to dinner anymore.”
He looked at you with a perplexed expression. “What do you mean? But I owe—”
“You don’t owe me anything anymore,” you say with a sad smile. “You got what you wanted. You finally got her off your back and I’m pretty sure all of your admirers know not to even try anymore. It’s done.”
His lips quirked thoughtfully. “So you’re saying—”
“—that there’s no point in fake dating anymore.” 
Unable to read his expression amid the newfound uncomfortable silence, you moved to go back behind the counter, ready to mumble an excuse about how you were tired and could do dinner another time when you felt him tug you back by the arm.
“Then I guess now I can start taking you on real proper dates.”
You stared at his hold on your arm before averting your gaze to his face, scanning his expression for any sign of insincerity. His eyes held a certain fondness towards you, falsity nowhere in sight. 
“Wait, are you saying—”
Mark let out an amused chuckle at your confusion matching his earlier. “I guess you haven’t noticed yet, but then again, you were never one to pick up on what’s right in front of you, much less subtle hints.”
“Hey! I’ll have you know—”
“I’ll have you know that I have completely fallen for you and there’s no way I’m getting back up.”
As your eyes grew wider at the confession, so did Mark’s grin at your expression.
So cute.
“Are you serious?”
He nodded.
“B-but it was just for show and we’ve always just been friends—I didn’t think-I just thought—but you were so good at acting—was that why at the were being weird—”
“Some guys were trying to hit on you and I had to let them know who you belonged to,” Mark answered easily with a smirk, clearly enjoying watching your mind short-circuit before him.
“But then that kiss—”
“—only made me realize that I wished I kissed you sooner.” 
You stared at Mark for a moment, completely at a loss for words and ignoring the heat rushing to your cheeks. Mark might as well have been speaking to you in a foreign language—nothing coming out of his mouth was making sense.
“Mark, I swear if you’re joking around right now...if you’re joking, I’m gonna kill you.”
“I’m only joking if you don’t feel the same way about me,” Mark confessed, his smirk reverting back to the shy smile you knew all too well. “But I really hope you do because I’m crazy about you and being your fake boyfriend for over a month only confirmed how much I want to be it for real.”
Mark watched as you chewed on your lip, a habit of yours when you were really think hard about something.
“I’ll have to think about it.”
He gave a resigned nod, looking down at his feet. “I understa—”
“Over dinner. Tonight.” 
His head shot up immediately, smile growing wider by the second. “Really?”
You reached up to his face, playfully patting him on the cheek. “You owe me, remember?”
Mark nodded in excitement before shooting you a wink. 
“Whatever you say, babe.”
You inwardly groaned and rolled your eyes. “I told you I hated pet names, yet you still do it.”
Before you could walk away in mock disgust, Mark quickly pulled you back again, your face instantly landing on his chest as he wrapped his arms around your back.
“Because you let me.”
As you looked up and received a surprise kiss to your nose from Mark, you realized you would let him for the rest of your life.
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babyoccultist · 3 days ago
the truth about your connection PAC
whatever you need to know right now about your connection.
take whatever resonates, leave the rest. remember that this is a general reading. i channeled some very specific messages this time too, so really recognise what actually fits into your situation and what doesnt.
take a deep breath, close your eyes and focus on your connection. choose whatever pile speaks to you the most. if you’re drawn to more than one then it means that there’s messages in both of them. if you aren’t drawn to any of them then none of them have messages for you.
lol i channeled some weird and very specific things this time, so don’t let it bother you, the energies were intense today.
Tumblr media
pile one.
you or them are confused about something. i'm getting a clear message that most of you don't actually know this person. personally at least. this probably isn't the pile for you if you're close to your person. bc i'm getting a strong message that either you don't know each other well at all (as in maybe like made eye contact once) or you haven't even met them. i have a feeling you are the one who's confused. you're confused if this connection is all in your head. if you haven't met them then you might've seen them in your dreams and you're wondering if this is a real connection or you've just made up a character in your head. for those who have met them but barely know them: you are confused to why you feel so drawn to them. it's like you have a lot of unexplainable passion for this person and you don't know why. soon this situation will become clearer and more tangible. at the moment it may seem like something abstract, unclear, but soon you'll know what this is all about. the truth is beautiful and filled with love and you just need to wait for it to come to the surface. you might want to focus on other things for a while to let the truth come to you. don't overthink this. i'm not really getting clear messages on your person's feelings, just that things are going to evolve in this connection and for the better.
channeled messages (these could be what your person would say to you, or what they have said to you or just the overall energy of this connection):
“It’s not just in your head”
“I need more time”
“You don’t even know me”
“You’re so much better than me”
“I get butterflies”
“You’re not for me”
“I love you”
“What do you want?”
“Is this really what you want?”
“I don’t know”
“What if”
“Good to know”
channeled song (represents the energy):
How can you miss someone you've never met?
'Cause I need you now but I don't know you yet
But can you find me soon because I'm in my head?
Yeah, I need you now but I don't know you yet
Oh, tell me are your eyes brown, blue, or green?
other messages:
houses. 7th, 10th, 11th
you might get into a relationship with them or have some kind of significant partnership, you may meet them through career or you’ll have a significant role of helping each other reach goals, you’ll develop a friendship and you share the same ideals.
initials and zodiac (for extra confirmation; they don’t need to resonate that much though, take these with a grain of salt):
Z N K D H Q (names that popped up: Zinnias, Quentin, Zara)
aries placements, virgo placements, gemini placements, aquarius placements, uranus dominance
pile two.
i feel like you're trying to manifest a new beginning with your person. there's been some kind of ending with your person and now you're putting in the work to make it work again. spirit is advising you not manifest this though. i'm getting very toxic vibes from this pile. you may have both made mistakes and you ought to realise that this person doesn't serve your energy anymore and it's best to say goodbye. through this separation you have i feel like you've been working on yourself a lot. spirit is praising that, you've become a better person. but you don't need to get back together with this person, because that will put you back into that low-vibrational energy you were in previously with them. a new beginning is coming to you and you have to wait for that. a year from now is significant. i feel like by then you're happier. you're not in that toxic energy anymore and you're feeling better about things. your person also needs time off from you. they're not in a good place at the moment. and as you're becoming a better person and they're not there yet don't feed back into their energy. it isn't worth it.
channeled messages (these could be what your person would say to you, or what they have said to you or just the overall energy of this connection):
“Do you have any idea?”
“Fuck off”
“I’m sorry but we simply can’t”
“Stop playing games”
“Baby, where did you go?”
“You’re pretty”
“I need more time”
“You have nice legs”
“You have nice boobs”
“I’m in love with your body”
“Can we please?”
“You’re irresistible”
“What is this?”
channeled song (represents the energy):
You're all the things I've got to remember
You're shying away
I'll be coming for your love, okay?
You're all the things I've got to remember
You're shying away
I'll be coming for you anyway
other messages:
houses. 1st, 7th, 8th
this person may have triggered a lot of change in your identity, i feel like you’ve been in a relationship with them, you may be exes. very intense connection, transformation is significant, sex, sexual connection.
initials and zodiac (for extra confirmation; they don’t need to resonate that much though, take these with a grain of salt):
Y S J M Z (names that popped up: Malcolm, Jacob, Yana, Savannah, Samantha, Justin)
leo placements, neptune dominance, uranus dominance, pluto dominance
pile three.
i feel like whoever chose this pile is a very spiritual person. you may pray a lot or just keep in contact with the divine a lot. you're a kind-hearted person is what's also coming through. this connection seems very significant. it feels quite difficult and heavy. there's a lot of positivity in this too though. i feel like you think about this person a lot and they focus on you too. they feel the intensity too. you may have had a setback with this person and you don't know how to continue. you will receive an offer or an opportunity to clear the situation up but you feel hesitant to take it. i think you have feelings for this person and something or someone hurt you, so know you're kind of holding back. spirit wants you to stay positive about this, because better times lay ahead. things will get more clearer and you'll find your way back in this connection.
channeled messages (these could be what your person would say to you, or what they have said to you or just the overall energy of this connection):
“Why are you doing this to yourself?”
“I’m in love with your body”
“I’m so proud of you.”
“I keep us a secret”
“You have nice legs”
“It’s not just in your head”
“Do you have any idea?”
“We shouldn’t do this.”
“Why do you want me?”
“You’ve got the wrong idea about me.”
“I want you so bad.”
“Girl, shake that ass.”
“You don’t even know me.”
“Why the fuck would you do that?”
channeled song (represents the energy):
Can't live without your love inside me now
I'll find a way to slip into your skin, somehow
And now you're all I think about when I'm alone
other messages:
houses. 12th
very intense connection, psychic connection, keeping secrets
initials and zodiac (for extra confirmation; they don’t need to resonate that much though, take these with a grain of salt):
O F Q M X (names that popped up: O’Brien)
leo placements, libra placements, saturn dominance, saturn-ascendant aspects
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