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#idk man

I’m all for complex, flawed characters but my goodness gracious every episode just made Ruby and Billy even more unlikable so it was hard to root for them

I hope there’s a season 2 so they have the chance to have some character development unless the goal was to just watch two crazy people make the worse possible life choices for 25 minutes every Sunday

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idk what it is about this summer smell but it brought me back to that summer i was staying at Arianna’s old house in Bologna..I’d just get up in the morning, go to uni to study with my friends for my Russian exam (and have a blast), smoke a few cigs, get back home and we’d bake or watch movies or take a shower or go out for a drink..i know it wasn’t perfect but i miss that. i wish we still had that. and i just wanna remember that. it was good, it was pure, it was before most of the shit happened. and i loved her very tenderly.

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Summary: In which Yoongi is extra cuddly, and the reader can’t complain. 

A/N: this is some short fluff bc the world needs a little more yoongi fluff in it. 

Warnings: mentions of smut, mentions of babies, mentions of marriage


Originally posted by cyyphr

The shower water was hot, and you silently thanked the fact that you were in a hotel for that. It was the first time you were able to see Yoongi since he had left on tour, and you had been spending every second of every day together. Even during soundchecks, you were always within eye shot of him. He made sure to watch your reactions to his dancing, and when you’d get back at night, he’d hold you close until you fell asleep in his arms. 

You certainly missed this, hearing his soft snores in the other room while you washed your hair. Having been together so long, you got used to the comfort that came along with having Yoongi around. Unfortunately for you, that also meant the adjustment time when he was gone on tour being much larger than before, especially the first few weeks he’s gone and the last few weeks until he comes home. 

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(some thoughts about veth, and feeling monstrous)

okay, so it happens like this, right?

she never— she always thought she’d be alone because there was nothing else to be.

yeza kisses her and even in the moment she thinks, people have kissed other people better than this.

he’s nervous, smells a little like the sweat of a day’s work, and it’s not much of a motion, more of a press.

it’s when he pulls away to breathe and look sheepish, when she has a second to think about why it is he would be nervous, why it is he looks sheepish at her and not his friends, that this feeling rushes through her, bright and staticky.

home has always been full of people who never found her much of anything. she has to recognize that idea as finite, fallible, when it turns out yeza thinks about her. when she’s not there and everything.

being loved, being seen, it’s new enough she doesn’t really stop to think that yeza’s in a different group, not just outside of one. it’s not even close to being big enough, you see, for it to need a name.

finding caleb handsome is a monstrous thing, for sure. the big minotaur with his breastplate and horns, even moreso.

her hair hangs in strings when they meet, limp black like yarn. matted with her own blood from days ago, weeks ago.

at home she has a fine-toothed comb her mother gave her on her wedding day. a simple, scratched mirror hung over their washbasin, for her to watch herself in while she runs the comb through her hair in the morning.

if she had it now, she thinks, she’d break it and use the teeth to get at the lock of her door. it makes a savage kind of sense that she looks like this when he reaches a hand through the bars to envelop hers and says they’re going to get out, just as soon as he’s rested.

it’s when she finds the mask, tugs it off a broken doll, that she remembers the last time she’s seen someone cry was luc.

(well, she’d seen the spouse of that goblin wail when she’d killed him, but she’s not so much in the space to be counting that.)

caleb cries quiet, only at night, and with his face pressed into the belly of the cat he’d pulled out of thin air, and she tugs the mask over the surely monstrous slash of her mouth and thinks that it must be simple, that it’s the new wickedness of her mind that has her confused, that she must overcome it. she has traded someone to protect for another. that is all.

fjord tells them that he files down his teeth and it seems a little clever, more than anything.

caleb’s eyebrows pull together the way she knows gives him headaches and it’s the known pain of that that hits her more immediately than the thought of how much it really hurts to file down your teeth. maybe, partially, because she hopes it might not be too much to bear. not in the past tense, but in the hypothetical, the potential future. not for fjord, but for herself.

beau looks upset, but then again she always does. jester curls a hand over her mouth, over the milk-white points of her own teeth, and she thinks, well, on someone so lovely, it wouldn’t even be something to consider.

he decides to stop, eventually. she thinks of it like how she stops pulling up the mask every time they’re in town, when they’re together. it feels brazen and cowardly all at once, relying on the group for protection against the same disgust in others that she feels in her bones.

she thinks that asarius inspires something savage in her. there’s something soothing about staying west of the ashkeepers even as she is now, having awareness of the order she was raised on even as she exists on the brunt end of it.

the goblin in the pits, zorth, she wonders if he was born in the city when it was a city. it must be the order the dynasty, strange and barbaric as they have to be, gives, that makes him look so comfortable in the authority he has.

the sunbreaker is enormous, broad enough to block out the sun when he stands over her. he has a smooth sort of voice she doesn’t expect to hear. behind them in the streets, goblins— people who look like her— scurry between shops, run the shops, live brazen and with the seeming absence of cowardice, and she doesn’t like that it’s the same feeling, bright and staticky, that comes over her when she looks at olomon.

it’s the city, she thinks, it’s a frenzied sort of pass at a life that feels normal when she knows it is not, that possesses her when she asks if he has a wife. if here it is such that a goblin sells her her breakfast, it is here that she can shove aside the thought of her husband. only here, as a goblin, and only now, until she has found him again, and then it will pass.

asarius is like a dream— not an imagined paradise, but a glimpse of a reality that is not her own. when they have departed it again, when caleb has returned her to herself, these feelings will flee her with the same speed of coming awake.

she thinks this to herself, mind more than empty of the feeling, cold and vacuous and dark and afraid, that will come over her when she crawls from the shards of the bathtub to find that she feels exactly the same. to find that caleb looks no less handsome when he smiles at her, relief and wonder and love painted across his face in a bright, obvious stroke.

that she could love her husband fiercely, her son even moreso, as herself, as the woman that yeza kissed in front of his friends with shaking hands, as a mother— and find the feelings, from that day in the city she wanted so badly to be a dream, have not left her, is something she does not consider long enough to fear, before she finds it to be true.

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My quirk is one gun, zero fucks.
by Tired and over caffinated

Midoriya Izuku was quirkless. In the eyes of many, he was weak. Nothing.
But Izuku Midoriya was more than that. He was Serpent - the moraled hitman for hire. He was the son of Hisashi Midoriya, a dorky and lovable father.
He had guns, and no fucks to give.
He would be a hero. Society be damned.

Words: 1762, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Hey hey hey, Today I’ve found an animated film from Korea and its about fish! No, It’s not a rip off of Finding Nemo and No it ain’t a family-friendly film.

It’s dark, Griddy, Realistic, social commentary, Nightmare fuel, and The music freakin’ Slap!

What is this film You may ask? Well, Its called Padak!

I’m surprised that almost nobody had touched this movie, So please check this movie out. Now, The cgi is kinda not really the best But What makes this film special is that for the music numbers they have some good ol fashion 2d animation and plays around with many styles! Now to be honest, In My opinion, The movie would of been better in 2d animation but that’s just me… 

Also, this movie will subvert your expectations and Gives ya twist and turns. I don’t want to review this film in fear of spoiling it but, I’ll let you watch this movie for yourself if you’re able to find it. So please, Check it out Folks!

(also update: There’s no dub ver of this film, so You guys gotta read subtitles sorry folks who only want dubbed stuff…)

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