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#idk much about actually living in this place
takalzuoom · 18 hours ago
as i’m doing the tags i realized it’s a lot darker than i had originally thought
snezhnaya forever <3
CW : yandere themes, mentions of death, blood, implied torture, imposter au, manipulation by: tsartia,
idk if this classifies as SAGAU or not, so i’ll let you decide
Tumblr media
(you don’t call it that, but la signora shows up to their board meeting with a slide show presentation titled ‘creator’s revenge’)
it goes exceptionally well and she’s expecting a raise by the end of the month
maybe a few of the characters that practically beat you half to death finally understand that the person was an imposter and just- drowned by guilt.
more like they do the hilichirl test and they attack with SO much anger that- yeah. somethings definitely not right
but it’s too late and you ran off. abandoning tevyat as you close snezhynaya’s borders so no one can enter- they gotta have passports and other identification so only your people are allowed in cause you’re PISSED AT ALL OF TEVYAT
also highkey hurt #brocken
but she sees you with the hilichurls and slimes and she just knows
takes you back to tsartia who you pass out in front of because of fear. but like idk if they’ll secretly do tests to see if it’s you cause on one hand, they don’t wanna disrespect you if you are- on the other hand they’ll kill you immediately if you aren’t.
but they just know.
and you have gold, shimmering blood. and they immediately know. istg i see them probably trying to take down the other countries more because of what they did to you. like YOURE MISSING AN EAR AND PINKY.
Skipping to you and the imposter meeting with some harbingers with you and the archons with them, you cut yourself to show your ‘authenticity’ and the other refuses.
and ofc the fatui gets suspicious so childe skims their arm with an arrow and behold. red blood.
you stop them, taking a bag from childe and place it over their head before turning around.
i fucking know venti goes to grab you to which he’s met with a fierce fire whip from la signora who SEETHS at him for even touching you with his filthy, sinner hands. and how you are to take a bath immediately when you get home.
like imagine the all powerful archons begging for forgiveness. and which yeah, you do step in front of them only to slap them, hard individually.
ACTUALLY NO- YOU DONT EVEN GIVE THEM THE CURTASY OF DOING IT YOURSELF- having the tastria freeze them, on the sand in sorching heat ( you knows she’s that powerful)
and having the 3 harbingers we know just slap them. nicely, cause we were taught manners. you bid them goodbye forever, and that you’re abandoning tevyat forever and that no amount of forgiveness will ever cleanse their sins
(you got that part for the tsartia herself)
mans you walk away with the rest of the fatui, maybe even the people from khaenri’ha cause ik they got spidey senses.
they don’t even look human. more like skeletons as the tsartia is going to have to thank scaramouche for the whole idea of the fake you.
yes you were mortally wounded and that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. but at least you were able to see how capable she was!
how devoted she and the fatui-snezhnaya as a whole were. they welcomed you with open arms. as she can finally have you to herself. the ultimate power move to take control of tevyat was taking away you, their creator.
but more importantly, the people of snezhnaya can worship you in peace. can worship you in the FLESH. WHAT GREATER HONOR IS THERE? you created her and everyone who lives and you’ll be staying with her. in her palace as she rains tyrannical over tevyat.
promising false wishes of your forgiveness.
she’ll be drunk off power and you. her god. her reason for breathing. god she hopes you’re proud of her and all she’s done. you have no idea how hard it was to gain this much power. she wonders if you’re impressed. if you’ll keep her… close to you at all times.
she could give less of a shit if someone wasn’t from snezhnaya.
and if you want to travel she grows upset cause why were you leaving! they’re devils, MONSTERS out there for what they’ve done to you.
she’s afraid that you’ll see the crumbling economic stances and help them cause you were just so kind.
and she fears most that you’ll forgive those- those HEATHENS for what they’ve done to you. so she keeps spilling lies in your ears about what’s been happening.
how they’re thriving more than ever now that you’re gone.
but you still wish to see.
who knows. maybe you’ll be a forgiving god and help them?
or maybe when you disguise yourself as a common folk with a few harbingers as bodyguards (y’all wearing cloaks)
and they still treat you with such cruelty no one would ever think about bestowing upon an animal.
the ones who get captured happily give their lives to you as they know the horrors these things would do if you gave them another chance, just for their life. you were just so kind.
but i’m so invested in this and like- AH HEAVY ANGST AND EVEN HEAVIER REVENGE MWAH MWAH I LOVE IT.
oh to be the tsarita’s darling god✋😩
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I actually think the show does decent flashbacks and I want to see where they’re taking this-
I rant about Chiffany and general Tiffany idk here
I actually think the flashback’s in the show do chiffany pretty well, now I may be saying this because I’m relatively new and haven’t really consumed any Origin fanfics but the show seams to know what it’s doing. At the very least it’s not completely ooc and character destroying like the one from curse of chucky. Good god if anything this series finally has them back in character if anything. I think the main issue is people are expecting fully fleshed out practically movie segments in the brief snipbits we’re getting. Their small flashbacks at different points and they can’t show everything, most of it is eluding to thinks we already know.
Tumblr media
Can we stop acting like Tiffany wouldn’t dress violently 80s and bimbo like?
She’s always dressed sort of “Trashy” (Jennifers words not mine) and really I love what they did with most of her outfits, tacky prints and her signature nails, however I do have to agree her being a redhead is total bull? However, I think it may have just been hair dye to?  I love that it actively shows her with a change of style too. 80s to goth ish to whatever she has going on since 2013. Also living for the current huge earrings yessss. It’s just real- people don’t stay stagnant in how they dress, not everyone, your  allowed to change your style. (I also don’t think she was ever fully goth- have you seen a 80s goth? It’s not just dark clothing)
As for the timeline- literally every timeline of events is so fucked up i don’t even know when the TV show takes place anymore- anything after child’s play 3 is fair fucking game in when it takes place in limbo. I didn’t expect any better when it came to their relationship 😭. However they can’t be showing snipbits for no reason, it’s bits a pieces at different times- you know like a flashback- I want to see way more if we get a season 2, maybe killing her mom and if Tiff is cake girl or not.
I don’t think it’s “backtracking”
I’ve seen a lot of people say this but really, I don’t think it’s ooc at all. Charles holding the voodoo book I think is sort of a nod to his practices or “a hobby” as he put it. But I don’t think he’s a purely book learner- hell it could be a karate kid situation where John tells him it won’t do much and shows him all the actual things. God I want a flashback where tiff just comes back in to find those candyman ass murals all over the apartment (I don’t think the one in the flashback is south side or I may be wrong).
No but I kind of love it , that there a relationship that’s a very passion driven thing. Every little thing is intense and it’s a ride that Tiff can’t quite get herself off of and starts changing because of- now she’s always been a killer but I’ve always thought in the bridge of chucky - he was a influence in several things she did or was.
1.) I think she wasn’t really a voodoo type, we’ve seen how she kills, she loves the throat slash and a new nail color. Her book is literally “voodoo for dummies” it’s something she picked up as Charles was so adamant in it being a escape from death she thinks - hey it might as well revive him too.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2.) It lines up for her love of gorey details and expecting her boyfriend to kill too and be good at it, which this guy clearly wasn’t. Since killing was  definitely a think they were both way to into.
3.) “you haven’t changed” it’d make sense for them to be fighting around the time he would have been killed, she’d expect this big change from 10 years only for it to not really have happened but instantly a storm of love again.
Really peak Tiffany content
Now let’s be honest, she always was a little prone to dramatics.
Tumblr media
She’s excitable, sweet and deadly. Something I love with the series is that we actively see her being a accomplice? Something we haven’t really seen in her prior movies as it was more about getting a body. She gets so excited about things she nearly gives herself away, like with the real estate agent “my fiancé used to live in the murder house , isn’t that cute 💕” style. They’re dynamic is the same as it was we just see it- much more physically- they scream and squawk and claw, storming out of the room only to be loving the next second. Seriously the fucking hotel scene-
1st when Chucky’s talking about her being the best thing and times he’s had in his life , but at times he just wants to kill her(and has) and how love, is strange. (Speaking though a supernaturally possessed  paraplegic girl)
2nd is moments later, once she storms back in the room he’s “let’s go get you what you want baby” mode. Is it quite the levels of the kiss at the end of cult? No. But it’s these small little details that drive me insane and I absolutely adore about them. They know what and who they are and it’s great. They’ve always been sort of cheesy and cartoony (Tiffs first two movies were literally comedy’s) , but I do hope we get to see the more serious side. They ARE buying a house, good god maybe they’re taking a break. Murder family. Who knows. They’re instable in a stable way.
Which is I don’t believe the whole “I like Nica more thing”
I’m here to calm the panic in that was definitely just a tiff being manipulative  moment, you can tell by her body language and the tone of her voice etc. She was squirming, getting to high pitched in her voice, to flattering. False sense of security. She literally knocks her out the next second with the same joyous brutality as the end of seed. She wouldn’t be doing all this, working way to hard or say “my fiancé used to live here” for her to just switch sides out of nowhere. Don does make a LOT of retcons and bad choices (making whatever the heart of damballa was, Sarah pierce , inconsistant time line) but I don’t think he’d do this
Tumblr media
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pumpkinsy0 · a day ago
may i please have more hcs about that vampire au?
yes yes yes u may lovely anon🛐
•okok when they first start sneaking out to see the world n what not, they had to go mostly at night bc pony pony was too paranoid to actually see a lot of ppl out n about
•but he did have a fascination w all the bright lights, bc hes always wanted to see them from the castle but actually wanted to see them for himself
•OHOH pony doesnt rlly have clothes for actually going outside ‘normally’ so curly has to bring over some of his clothes so pony can fit in more
•ANNNDDD so bc of that in this au pony kinda adapts curlys style but kinda w his own original twist
•lemme tell u, pony in curlys clothes awoken things in that man but i digress
•OKOK i hc that curly has sharp fang teeth and pony obviously has retractable fangs (that poke out quite a but) but look they r just sharp fang bfs
•pony doesnt rlly have experience talking to other ppl or just being around others, so curly helps him to navigate???idk if thats the word, but he helps him get through understanding ppl and how stay safe in town
•fuck u, pony CAN eat human food it just doesnt fuel him as much as blood would, and hes pretty much lived on blood all his life so curly taking pony places to experience new foods>>>>
•ALSO pony would accidentally flirt w curly and curly would b trying his best to not flip tf out
•sometimes when pony’s like rlly into something curly showed him, curlys usually staring at pony cause his face just looks rlly amazed n what not
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greatcomets · 3 months ago
ok venting in the tags like it's 2014 whatever i'm mentally ill. i'll post a fucked up cat after this to make up for it
#i think i'm just lonely in general. like as a person#i always forget that i don't actually have that many friends but since quitting my job it's getting a little unavoidable#one really good six months where i felt like i was finally coming out of the worst years of my life and nothing at all to show for it#and i feel stupid for like. WANTING to meet people and make connections etc like it feels like it should be unhealthy in some way? and the#friends i do have are great so why mentally do i feel like i need anything else yk. and i dont know the answer and i REALLY dont know how th#e rest of my friends got past this. i just like meeting and knowing people. i don't know. which is cool but i'm going back to school which.#i don't know they're all lovely people but i don't feel like they do. at all. like there's a reason i have 4 friends who only hang out with#each other/me. not at all a knock on anyone at school but it's so hard to find commonalities just with the way the student culture is or wha#tever. i dont know. i dont know! what am i even saying. sorry this sucks i need to like. get over myself. i was not built to not be in#cities. like even if i'm horribly depressed the feeling of people existing around me helps. i don't want to feel alone anymore. i want a#life that i feel like im actually building. im sick of existing in a place i don't actually want to live. i want to have an existence i can#be nostalgic for and make connections i can still have 2 years from now. i hate that i'm there now and i still can't do anything about it bc#of fucking covid !!!!!!! i miss feeling momentum and excitment and like. drive. i want to make art and show people art and be shown art. and#im sick of kombucha and im borderline sick of weed LOL !!! and i never want to fucking go hiking again. and i MISS NEW YORK !!! and i miss#my dad. idk. idk. anyway. the point is i do not have a lot of friends and i never realize it until they're all busy and i'm venting on tumbl#r dot com like i used to do in like. High school. awful shit ❤️ much love#i only mean like 50-80% of this you decide#wow i sound like an asshole
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tovezza · 6 months ago
#I Don’t want to make this a woe is me moment for a massive international political crises that is so much larger than a privileged Jewish#Girl in galut but I have Been thinking of the ironies like#The specific choice to remain in a smaller portion of diaspora rather than move#And how that means living with a much smaller very conservative community with almost no large scale secular Jewish presence at ALL#To combat those ideas and movement to the medinat ive had to make piece with always being in really pro-isr@el communities and spaces#In order to have any and I mean ANY Jewish connection#Its just a weird vibe idk a lot of friendships and ties have broken down over this in the last year#I literally could not publicly declare myself against the state without loosing all credibility but also in lefty goyische circles can’t#Admit having any personal or familial connection to it without also loosing credibility. It’s this feeling of lying constantly. Who knows.#Which is not to say it’s the wrong path but if we want a functional Jewish community in Europe many things to think about#Furthermore I think all and I mean all goyische leftists who stand against the state and they SHoUlD but they all need to think seriously#And critically not about the historic realities of Jewish people in their counties but where Jewish people live NOW#Where they want them to live and how to support that#Cannot describe how alienating it is in leftist circles to see things like support your Jewish friends and then death to everyone in#The us and isr@el like we need serious conversations about modern Jewish demographics and where we actually live#In general I think the push pull between serious conversations about past grievances that MUST be addressed#And places where the isms and ideologies have become outdated or used to justify things already DOnE#How do we move on NOW
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toomuchdickfort · 4 months ago
Ah. The nearby fireworks begin, I see
#will probably have to cut the date short tomorrow seeing as like. anxious. and last time I was caught out in a storm I freaked out worrying#about the dogs and fireworks are worse. and also I’m scared of the dark and like. he’s sweet but idk if I wanna be out after dark w him. its#not a hum thing its a ‘there’s very few people I’d be comfortable being alone with after dark and 99% of them are close family’#and he was talking about hanging out in that back area by the underpass? and idk how to explain to him that like. it’s not that I don’t#trust him? but I don’t trust him that much and sometimes even in bros daylight being out of the way that much and surrounded by plants gives#me a very intense ‘about to be brutally killed’ vibe#googles how to tell this man that I’ve got a Lot More Issues than he thinks and he’s gonna have to bear with me and my fear but like. withou#taking several months to do it like w the last person that I talked about this mess to.#told ima and opa about my windows thing and they basically went ‘oh yeah you need therapy’ like yes I am aware there are things wrong with#me but they’re not just gonna fo away so we’ve gotta deal with the ways around them alright. if I need to sleep on the floor so your windows#aren’t staring at me then I need to sleep on the floor. that was the plan anyways.#if I need to cut the date short because I’m not comfortable being out that late especially without a lot of witnesses then I need to cut the#date short early. and when I brought it up he was like ‘I’ll protect you’ and like yes that is sweet but we are going to be unarmed and that#DOESNT do shit against a theoretical killer or very large bear that’s decided that I look tasty now is it.#anyway we’re probably gonna walk back to my place from work and I’ll see if I can talk mom into letting him chill in the living room for a#bit. we didn’t get tickets to the local 4th thing so I don’t really entirely know what we’re gonna be doing beyond walking? and like. I#gotta talk abt stuff or I’m gonna Combust. and also I’m currently kind of freaking out a little Bc I have a bad feeling abt all of this and#it could be in part me getting a lil worked up Bc I’m actually putting shit into words but.#don't mind me#i’m just complaining
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helloverme · 5 months ago
manatees are dying off at such an alarming rate 800 out of the already small florida population. i remember being so happy 9th grade seeing the population increase from being endangered; my whole life i thought we were making progress going forward in helping the sea life, but all this fucking water pollution and gross mistreatment from dumbass humans killed over 10% of the population this year alone. they're starving because of us and our climate change/pollution and stupid septic systems ruining the water. its sick. these animals are the sweetest most beautiful creatures, even if they weren't they dont deserve to die because of us humans.
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leafeonb · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*points to them* :)
#lulu.txt#999 lb#idk if this is already on my liveblog tag but you will see them again <3 okay anyways continuing the last really long post#i think santa had a plan but also i've been thinking about if zero is one of them who zero could be but MAN!!!!#LIKE. SOME STUFF MAKE SENSE BUT ALSO OTHER STUFF DONT MAKE SENSE AND ALSO WHAT IF SOME INFORMATION IS ACTUALLY A RED HERRING AND#NOT ACTUALLY FORESHADOWING....what if its information that is just there to make you reach the wrong conclusion#can you really trust thr characters' theories....all of them? 🤔 can you trust what some of them say?.....hmmmm#i can trust what some of them say but sometimes their theories make me 🤨 bro youre not making much sense right now but !!!!#OKAY we know zero wants to punish the people responsible for the last nonary game....revenge time....but also. again. why would they also#want other people who suffered on the last nonary game to go through all of that again..this is also bad bc theyre also risking their lives#ALSO. OH. ONE THING THAT MAKES ME SO SO SO WORRIED.......the if zero didnt care about snake dying they wouldnt do that. but#also that whole place looks a bit the altar....the coffin...a funeral a sacrifice??? I HAVE NO IDEA LIKE. do zero needs him to#be alive for something they just wanted him to be alive IDK MAN like. some of zero choices for people in this nonary game#make they wouldnt be able to finish the door 8 puzzle without lotus o_o how much time would it take for someone without#her computer knowledge to get that password much time man o(-<#THE COFFIN MAKES ME WORRIED and also 🤔 how when they open the safe in the safe ending it seems that someone else#already opened it bc theres rust near it......who opened it.....who did that....#clover didnt open it or else she would also have that note on her hand 😔 but shes the only character who found the note on the dead body#man......LIKE. IT WASNT ACE WHO OPENED THAT COFFIN or else he would have hid that note somewhere else....bc his name was right there#it makes me zero only mentions that snake was a participant on the last nonary the four facts that zero says on the note#thinking 🤔 we are thinking! okay. society if i was playing zero escape like right now >>>>>>>>>#IM TRYING TO PUT ALL THE THOUGHTS THAT HAVE BEEN BOUNCING IN MY HEAD HERE BUT 💀💀💀💀#ALSO....MAN.......i think it would be such a good twist if akane knows more than she seems to know like idk if the execution would be good#bc bad writing <3 but i think she deserves to know more than she shows. YES AKANE MY FRIEND HMM......O(-<#also wait it would be so fucking funny if after all this time thinking zero is one of them/everyone thinking zero is one of them#zero turns out to be someone else....💀 maybe i dont think thats the case but JADHEJKXHDJFKDJDJF god.#why would zero risk their life like that on this game....why are they playing the game with them..........if this is all a revenge plan#much to think about i am truly thinking about it#tag number 30 this doesnt make sense ALSO. IT WASNT ACE WHO OPENED THAT SAFE* HELP the word for safe in portuguese sounds like coffin so i😭
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the-busy-ghost · 9 months ago
I will admit I’m only dabbling in English translations of ancient Greek works at the moment, so I’m not making a judgement about the whole culture, but honestly  I never expected to miss any aspect of mediaeval Christianity until now
#Hundreds of pages about what the best values are in a man and how one should order the body mind and state#and not one word about compassion or kindness or understanding others' failures#Or mercy#Admittedly medieval Christians rarely lived up to those values#But at least they were high on the list of Admired Virtues#Idk if the Greeks were any better at living up to the virtues of compassion kindness and mercy#But so far they don't seem to place a high value on them in the same way as say bravery or wisdom#One could make the argument that those two virtues usually encompass kindness but I would say that's only in our modern perspective#Anyway it's way too early to make that judgement it's just the one thing I'm feeling the lack of so far#Everything else is familiar territory because the ancient Greeks massively influenced both medieval Christian and modern western thinking#But I am definitely feeling like there's a lack of that central virtue of compassion#Which I would place very high on the list of modern virtues#And which seems to at least be valued by a lot of medieval Christian writers (even if they don't actually live up to it or they qualify it)#Anyway silly thoughts that are very uninformed but I will record on my own blog in case I need reminded in future#Probably some input required from Classicists who know the field much better than me#There's probably lots of sources out there about compassion in ancient Greece#Probably works that deal with it still survive#Just the few that I am familiar with so far don't seem to touch on it much at all
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kitsiyo · a year ago
#hi i dont want to make an actual brick wall of text but i do want to talk abt something i periodically think about#its in regards to my grandmother#theres gonna be a LOT in these tags so read at ur own discretion its a lot lol#anyways#my grandma on my dads side is japanese as many of u know#but what i dont often talk about is her as a person and what she went thru and i feel like. idk i want ppl to know her#shes one of the strongest ppl ive ever known and shes never once given herself credit for it#her dad left when she was a baby and her mother always worked so she had to live at her uncles house#he was a drunk and never let her play with her cousins bc she didnt have a dad and was considered a disgrace#her mother never once said i love you to her out loud but she always made a point to buy her clothes when she visited#my grandma lost her mom when she was young and even then she talked abt her mom being the most loving person in her life#she worked in factories during the war and went to work each day not knowing if her place was going to be the next building to be bombed#idk the details but my grandfather was stationed there when he met her and he smuggled her out of the country#if she had been caught the government would have executed her#but she made it here and learned english and had 4 kids#my grandfather was not a good man to her and i resent him even after he died#but growing up my grandma showed me nothing but love#she taught me how to sew and cook and let me in her garden every time i visited#i dont know how she managed to keep herself together for all those years carrying so much trauma#she has Alzheimers#she hasnt remembered me for a few years and doesnt know who she is anymore either#its to the point she cant talk much beyond a single word or grunt#but i dont want her to go one day without ppl realizing that she was a good person bc she means so much to me#her name is Masami and she turned 90 this year#even with a lonely childhood and an abusive husband she still made a point to be kind to my dad and his siblings#and she loved me and my cousins too all our lives#shes a genuine hero to me#bc even if she doesnt remember me she still says i love you back when she can#she doesnt know who i am but she still says it#a woman who went thru so much and didnt get the love she deserved still loves even when she has nothing left
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