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Thought I’d post the remainder of my Halloween adopts I posted on insta!  

4 and 5 are $2 USD :) !!all others are closed!!

Payments will be completed through Paypal 
Dm me to claim!! (I’ll send you a DM with the payment details)  
I’ll send u a separate HQ file of the design you bought AFTER payment

1- Marten - CLOSED

2- Hellhound - CLOSED

3- Frankencat - CLOSED

4- Swamp creature - OPEN

5- Dragon - OPEN

6- Deer - CLOSED

All art and designs are by me - do not copy, steal, trace etc etc

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tw: s/////dal refs, self-bad(?? talking bad about yourself) sad about who you are (?????) s/lf h/rm, 

do not worry, I am okay,, this is a creation purely from vents a while ago and some now, the ones now are less severe


P, E, R, F, E C, T,

Those seven letters,

I want to be,

No matter how hard I try

no matter how many times I want to die

this is something 

I can never be

All from my smiles

toward my laughter

this is playful

fake banter

I keep thinking, you hate me

I keep thinking, you don’t want to date me

I keep thinking, you want to be away from me

so be honest, do you really like me?

falling seems fun

let’s give it a try

3, 2, 1

oops, I knived

p, e, r, f, e, c,t


so quiet

being on a diet


so pure

and honest

betcha you’d never think I’d stab myself at my darkest


hiding away all the fears

being called a dear

to be left in shreds, but no tears


expectations rising

this is too fast

slow down





forever, to be, perfect

in your eyes, perfect

in their eyes, perfect

in my eyes?

it’s never enough.

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i could spend infinity studying her; trying to learn all of her lines and curves, the languange she speaks, her random thoughts, her fears, her weirdest quirks, the reason behind her tears—and i wouldn’t still understand her wholly. Because she’s different. And each day I learn something new from her.

She’s interesting. And no matter how hard I try to stay away from the complicated mess she is—I just can’t.

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A real conversation i had with my mother today

Me: So, do you promise?

My mom: NO!!! Because you never compromise in what you do!! So why SHOULD I promise, if you don’t keep yours!!!

Me: So we won’t do it then?

My mom: NO, WE WILL!!! Because I keep my promises!!

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