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I don’t even drink alcohol, but seeing someone making alcohol like this just looks so fucking cool to me…

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This one was fun to write! 

  • FIrst of all, if as an adult he likes to aggravate his poor father then as a kid and a teenager it must’ve been worse, who knows how much sufferement Jiraiya went through thanks to his devilish son. 
  • A few of his magazines would disappear “misteriously”. Like father like son.
  • I think his first pranks would things like changing the sugar for the salt, leaving a bucket with water on the door or hiding the keys when he goes out for a drink. Then puberty hit him like a truck- he’d draw clothes, smiley faces and write -pervert- on his magazines. With a permanent marker.
  • Would definitely change the ink he’s writing with for invisible ink.
  • When he forms an alliance with Naruto… a curse is casted upon the toad sage, if he was drunk and fell asleep they’d come at him shaking him and yelling -THEY’RE ATTACKING THE VILLAGE- when he falls off his chair they can’t help but burst laughing. 
  • They would “brag” about their father, who is so great he taught them advanced math since an early age “Did you know i can tell the circunference of something by just looking at it? The first time was with a 106 cm b-” “BALL HE MEANT BALL, THEY LIKE TO PLAY A LOT.”
  • The lady of the hot springs got the location of the spot he peeps on through anonymous sources.
  • His sake would turn into apple juice or water with salt. Oh paternity, such a unique experience!
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if there is anything that my legacy can be, as i just found out from this guy i haven’t talked to in literal years who i just texted happy birthday, it’s that i’m

-a supernatural fan


-the kid who used to wear a skeleton frog on their head at school for no apparent reason

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Taglist: @bluesimani idk why i cant tag ya bluesimani

Heh, so its been a while huh? A few months, well, I did say work would whack everythin up. But also, I have two other fics in the work, one is a villain Dick who snapped then a soulmate au staring damian/xan/mari. Both are….fairly far along. The soulmate one I feel is fairly close to being finished. The snapped one…..its already 13 pages long(uh give or take 5k words) n barely halfway done. That one will def take a while to finish. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this.

Mari was practically vibrating in the car Damian was driving her in. “I can’t believe you got tickets for the Lunar Ember concert!” she squealed out and Damian had the faintest of smiles.

“Well, I know how much you love them. We may also be seeing my brothers as Jagged is apparently going to be performing a song for one night only,” he said and Mari nodded agreement.

“Ya, they do love Uncle Jagged. But you can admit that Dick loves Lunar Ember’s too,” she said with a giggle and Damian nodded.

“Yes, he does enjoy their music too. I wouldn’t be surprised if Alya and Xavier were there with him,” he admitted.

“Do you think anything will happen? Not many concerts happen here for a reason,” Mari asked and Damian nodded at that.

“You are correct to worry. But don’t worry. Father and Duke will be nearby suited up and Xander and Lana will be there too on the inside to keep the people safe.”

“How did they get tickets? It was sold out months ago,” Mari asked and Damian was silent in thought for a moment.

“I believe they bought them because they enjoy Lunar Ember and Jagged Stone,” he pointed out, and Mari nodded agreement.

“That’s true. You don’t think Bruce will be angry that two new vigilantes popped up?” At the question, Damian shook his head.

“I trust that if it is indeed a big bad, they’ll still to directing people out of the audience,” he replied and she nodded at that.

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Everything I thought I knew about sex is a lie!


Like I knew sex didn’t last an hour but fuck! 5 minutes?!? That’s insane!

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As someone sensitive i felt this T_T

  • Gaara isn’t someone impulsive nor explosive, he never raises his voice unless he’s infront of a huge crowd or it’s absolutely needed. He’s also a very perceptive person, in his early years as a genin he used that to know whether someone was as terrified as he wanted them to or not, now this is used for good, he knows you’re sensible.
  • His normal self is already nice but he’s softer with you, if that’s even possible, he’s aware you’re not a crybaby but he wants you to be 200/100 happy and calm.
  • If you were to cry he’d make sure you don’t feel ashamed or think yourself as weak, he’d take his time to explain unlike him before you’re only expressing your feelings without hurting anyone, that’s completely fine!. Backrubs and cuddles are guaranteed <3
  • He’s very understanding with everything you tell him, if you have a conversation and want to keep it between you two he’ll do it, he’s very good listening and would never push you to talk if you don’t want to.
  • Gaara is kinda Aladdin and his magic carpet but without the singing, his sibblings are the genius and Abu- (the monkey lmao). At least once he’d take you on his sand and fly around above the village.
  • His door is always open, if there’s something you need to get out your head he’ll listen, doesn’t matter if you woke him at three in the morning or midnight. It’s not nice to stay up late at night or keep things to yourself.

Request are open, thx for reading! I love fluffff

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Bruh i had this one ready and my dumb ass accidentaly deleted it all so i had to write it again…

Warnings: Spoilers at the end!

  • It hurts him to see homeless people, specially kids so he doesn’t hesitate to help her out. First thing he does is take her to the hot springs so she can have a nice bath while he’s out buying her clothes, a nice meal and out to the place he’s staying in.
  • FROG SUIT! He would definitely train her, begining with all he knows about taijutsu and the basics of chakra control. If things went well he’d teach her ninjutsu too.
  • In matter of days he notices he can’t leave her, unlike Konan who had Yahiko and Nagato, she wouldn’t have anyone to rely on if he was gone, besides.. who would listen to his tales about running from the old lady of the hot springs when he was younger-.
  • He’d stay by her side and let bonds grow with time. He’d also introduce her to Gamabunta, Ma and Pa, now she has an uncle and grandparents :D
  • Leaves her in Mount Myoboku when he has to go into the battlefield during war to make sure she’s safe and doesn’t try to follow him. 
  • She’d be something like Naruto’s cousin after they’re introduced to each other. They’d train and torment Jiraiya together, poor thing. 

SPOILERS! PAIN’S ARC Naruto shippuden episode 133

  • During his final moments he feels relieved Naruto will have family to rely on besides him, the only regrets with her would be not being able to see her with her own children or achieving her goals

We all need our daily dose of Jiraiya being a paternal figure :3. Requests are open.

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currently trying to figure out the song that my brain just randomly played, yea nothing new

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Songs that remind me of gacha characters: the sequel no one wanted

Anyways, this song gives me s t r o n k phantom vibes, although, tbh the whole album does, but like, this song specifically makes me think of phantom lol

Also, y'know… its a really good song that i wanted to talk about

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I want Ranger to put his jacket over me and tell me I’m gonna be alright. He seems like the type to do that. I also want Ranger to just kinda give me his jacket cause it’s a heavy material and he knows it’d help.

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“My child is fine!”

Your child stays up until 2 in the morning because that is the only time that they aren’t being told that they’re not good enough and are going to die alone and unloved

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Hello everyone, so recently I went on a bit of a shopping trip, and picked up a new sketchbook. And as my first page, I decided to practice drawing my ro-boy doing some expressions, hope you all like it

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describe yourself in one word

if you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

i think mine would be the word ‘panic’ but in bold and italics, and spelled like this:


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my anxiety has really been flaring up bad the past few days, my stomach is killing me and i can’t bring myself to eat anything

and there’s the part of me that doesn’t want to eat anything because i am overweight anyway so i might as well take advantage of not feeling hungry to lose some weight

^ unhealthy thinking but idk

my family won’t leave me alone about my weight loss and i wish they just wouldn’t say anything. my mom keeps trying to give me weight loss advice which is rich coming from her bc she lost all her weight from a severe anxiety episode herself lmao

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