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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#idk what happens next

Secretly Rich WWX, Wangxian

Modern setting where Lan Wangji, part of the rich Lan family, begins dating low income Wei Wuxian much to his uncle’s dismay, wwx is loud and messy and nothing like the refined upper class and much less the refined and behaved ways of the Lans, he talks to lwj about this but lwj is stubborn and resolute on his relationship with wwx.

In an effort to show how serious he is on wwx, lwj takes wwx as his +1 on an important dinner where all major rich families will attend, lqr only hopes it teaches lwj how out of place wwx is from them.

However both get the shock of their lives when wwx not only dances between the refined ways of the high class while also being his charming self, he knows the foods, drinks and can hold his own with any conversation thrown his way

It gets all cleared out when they Jiangs arrive and this is the only time wwx really throws protocol to the trash when he screams Shijie! And runs straight to Jiang Yanli’s arms, and she welcomes him gladly!!! Along with a pat to the head from Jiang Fengmian and a punch on the shoulder by Jiang Cheng which everyone knows is the young heir’s way of affection.

Turns out wwx was adopted into the Jiang hosehold and was raised as a spoiled upper class boy, the spoiling mostly done by Yanli and JF, however there was always friction with Yu Ziyuan so the moment he hit 18, wwx decided he didn’t want to burden his adopted family anymore and took on his own path, the Jiangs still paid for his college and still sent him money afterwards but wwx didn’t want to take more from them so he lives only by his own salary and keeps the card with all the Jiang money intact so really he has saved up enough… he plans to use it all on Yanli’s wedding or on the future ceremony whenever jf wishes to retire and pass the company to jc

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anime sky high is about this kid in a world where EVERYONE has powers who doesn't but wants to be a Hero and doesn't give the fuck up. he'll break all his bones to save you don't test him. (and EVERYONE IS FUCKING CUTE) [idk if you really wanted an explanation if not im sorry]

o its like x men and the main character is the last human survivor of x-men: apocalypse

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ichidou reblogged your post: RvB: freedom and traps

oh my god i want the rest of this au yesterday

Here you go. This is how it started. Unfinished fic is unfinished.


She’s sliding down the sand dune so fast that she can’t see anything except that he’s got a matte-black knife at her throat. At the bottom her neck hitches up against the curve of the earth and he lurches to a halt with his knees buried in the sand and clamped around her hips. She had a rifle. It’s somewhere on top of the dune.

    His voice is so flat. He presses the knife in against the rubbery part of her under-suit right where the jaw of her helmet starts. “Where is she.”

    For a moment she doesn’t understand what he’s talking about. He had to have recognized her. But if the voice and the walk and the new team were that convincing, then–she might as well play along. ”Who?”

    “CT.” He draws the name out. See-Tee. “The original one.”

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i don’t know what’s going to happen next week, or in the coming months and years, but in spite of every awful thing i suffered or witnessed this year i can say for certain that right now i am in a better place than i was when 2020 started. i don’t know if that’ll continue, and i think it would be shortsighted to expect that. but thanks to a lot of good luck and stubborn determination to come out of this okay i’ll at least go into whatever crisis comes next stronger than the ones that came before and i’m really proud of that

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hm thinkin about trying transtape

#like idk its an option now.... i have money n stuff, #itll be way less strain on my ribs and like you can sleep in it..., #idk im in a weird spot bc im dysphoric but i know HRT is right around the corner but im like still scared, #i have a referral but i need to tell my parents im going to that appt so like. its not going to be easy, #like i have no clue how theyre going to be about it now that its actually happening, #so i kind of want to try some other stuff in case that blows up in my face and leaves me twice as dysphoric but idk, #im waiting until my next therapy appt to make a decision i wanna ask my therapist what i should do, #but like. with quarantine i got used to not wearing my binder so much so like i get winded so easily if i decide to put it on, #but also if i leave it off im just mad at my chest all the time, #and my voice has been driving me nuts too.... i dont talk as much bc im mostly by myself and i open my mouth and just, #its like oh god thats what i sound like???, #ough dysphoria hours boys, #i want to start hrt so bad like i just. i want to get there, #ive been waiting forever and it feels like its never going to happen but in reality it could happen within the next month!, #i hate this feeling this is how i felt about graduating too, #everything is in such a standstill and id jump out and grab it if it wasnt for my family, #im nervous. i dont need more friction here, #like they said do whatever you want we support you but said i should wait until im like 25 or some shit are you kidding, #they keep coming up with excuses like we're not against it just uhhh some other thing, #like they were worried about my mental health and that it might be *too much* with me also starting school... im doing fine in school, #ive proven that so far, #so like. there shouldnt be anything holding me back but they just dont want me to and thats the core of it, #so theyll come up with something else i can just hear it now, #theyll be like just dont aiden wait please can you just understand we're worried about blah blah blah, #this is making my mental health worse! you cant just keep telling me i have to put my comfort aside without a reason, #although who knows maybe theyll just say okay fine but like, #still. they went back on my pronouns again., #what are they gonna do when i start physically changing?, #im scared they wont even be able to look at me. they already hardly can, #i know i shouldnt care about what they think but theyre the roof over my head. i have to live with them every day
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