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#idk what their ot3 name is
mygxkook · 2 years ago
hoseok and jungkook fucking themselves on a double ended dildo with yoongi watching, not touching them yet but just guiding them, telling them how fast to go, when to slow down, telling them how pretty they look, how good they are being for him 
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uselessgaywhovian · 2 years ago
Ryan: This is my girlfriend Yaz, and this is Yaz's girlfriend, the Doctor.
Doctor: Hello!
Graham: Wait, sorry, how does that work?
Ryan: Yaz is gay but she's straight for me, but she's gay for the Doctor, and the Doctor's really gay for Yaz.
Yaz: It's not that complicated.
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just-themys-fanarts · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some doodles I did during the past weeks as commission warmups !
Mostly characters from my current OT3 aka Franziska/Diego/Simon (not a triad, at least not at he beginning). Basically me smashing Frangodo and godosouta together.
Everything is mostly sketchy/unfinished bc I don't have much time nor energy but I still wanted to share.
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outerkat · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
My first playthrough was just maxing them both and then spending the rest of the game hanging out with them because I love them so much
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rosebirdss · 2 years ago
Blake: I'm moronsexual. I'm sexually attracted to people who are dumbasses.
Sun: Hey Yang what do you think would happen if I put a firework in my pants and then shot it with my gunchucks?
Yang, already shoving fireworks in her bra: I dunno, let's find out!
Blake, taking off her shirt: you guys are so hot
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empresslesbiace · 10 days ago
Ok but Peter Maximoff ends up saving Nina and Magda but like gets hit with the arrow in a leg or whatever (don’t ask me how ok) and Magda takes one look at this dude in his like early 20s and promptly adopts him lmao. Erik tried to reason with her but Magda just went, “Hes my son now” so Erik gave up and accepted it.
So Peter wakes up on Eriks couch while Eriks away or whatever and Magda is being so,, motherly,, towards him. And he’s sooo fucking confused. He’s like, “DOES SHE KNOW IM ERIKS SON” but Erik comes back home and thanks Peter and Peters like, “oh my god do they know” so he’s panicking the entire time also he got hit with an arrow so he’s bed rest for rn.
Erik and Magda meanwhile have no fucking clue they’ve actually just adopted Eriks flesh and blood son and once Peter finds this out he’s just like, “???????????”
And Peters just sitting there on the couch and Nina takes one look at him and claims him as her big brother and Magda is so proud in the background and Erik is just like,,, “there’s two of them oh no” because Nina and Magda are now teaming up to adopt Peter and he is just,,, long suffering,,,
Peters like, “I,, already have a mom” and Magda is like, “now you have two”
Peter reveals his name is Pietro and that he goes by Peter cause reasons and Magda is like, “Erik said he would have liked to name his son Pietro should he ever have one and guess what? Now he does. It’s all coming together”
They all bond as Peter recovers and Peter sends word back to like Charles or whatever cause Charles sent him and Charles is just so confused because Peter is like, “imma stay here awhile”
Ninas like, “I gotta show you my friends” and Peters like, “oh ok so I’m meeting a bunch of school children of something” but Nina brings him out back and there’s just a bunch of fucking deer everywhere and he is So Confused.
Erik sings Peter the lullaby that was passed down from his parents to him and Peter is like, “oh my god” because he’s literally just having an ongoing crisis of, “how do you tell a man who thinks of you as his son and is passing down family knowledge to you that you are actually his biological son HOW DO YOU-“
Awhile after bonding it just kinda slips out that Peter is actually Eriks son but it causes a giant confused mess because Erik literally just responds, “yeah I know” and Peters like, “no I mean like,,, biologically” and Eriks just like, “wait what” because he went through this whole chosen family crisis and Peters just there like, “yeah I’m your bio kid surprise!” And he’s having a fucking aneurysm
Magdas only response is, “ah good that makes paperwork much easier” because she’s been trying to find out how to legally adopt a 20 something year old man who has a living parent already and this news has solved all her problems
Magda and Nina are unfazed like they do not give a single fuck because they’re both badasses
At some point Charles shows up because Peters been missing awhile and he’s concerned and he just finds them having a nice family dinner
He is promptly invited by Magda to the table and the cycle starts all over again
Magda is like, “you’re my second husband now” and Eriks like, “HOW DID SHE FIND OUT I USED TO DATE CHARLES”
She had no fucking clue he dated Charles but once she finds out she kisses both of them and goes to make a snack or something and Charles and Erik are just,,, shocked,,,
So now OT3 is happening and Peter is sitting there like, “holy fuck” while Nina chats happily to her deer friend that she has two dads now
And Raven shows up and Nina looks at her and yells, “auntie!!’ And Ravens like, “?!?!?!?!!?!?” And then she sees Magda kiss Charles and she’s like, “HOW LONG WAS I GONE-“
Hank shows up and now an uncle is in the fray
Multiverse happens and Wanda shows up with Vision and Tommy and Billy and Magda has officially rubbed off on Peter because he takes one look at this shit show and says, “I’m an uncle now hell yeah” and just goes with it
Wanda is confused.
Lorna shows up one day and has metal powers on full display and Raven looks at Erik and is just like, “HOW MANY KIDS DO YOU HAVE-“
And so the cycle continues.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
okay i know all/eraser/mic is the popular OT3 but I just really think they would make a perfect OT3... +also some headcanons..
when I was searching for refs this picture showed up and i couldnt not
Tumblr media
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lejoursobre · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I think I like them as an OT3 now but... what will be their ship name ? Batjokat telltale ? idk :P I keep the Head Spikes Crew for the moment
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becauseihaveyou · 3 years ago
weiss: [is showering]
ruby: [rips shower curtains aside] hey what does — stop screaming its just me — what does “idk” mean, i asked blake but all she said was that she didnt know,
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