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lucidofdream 15 days ago
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dacre as achilles & joe as patroclus
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tequeooo 17 days ago
Wild wanted to take a picture with Wars.
So that's what he did
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Hellooo people! How long since the last time I've been here. Thank you so much for your reblogs and nice comments, I appreciate them a lot!!!
I hope yall like this drawing I made to warm up. I had hardly drawn because I was studying for my last year in high school, but now I have more time to do it :)
See ya!!
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filthylittlepureblood 2 months ago
*spine cracks*
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Harry gives bear hugs, that's it that's the headcanon
And yeah Draco is basically tiptoeing
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1princessbeast 5 months ago
Would Danny be able to have earrings? Like, the process of getting an earring is putting a hole, in your flesh, and sticking a foreign object in said wound and taking care of it till your body understands that it ain鈥檛 gonna fix it.
But with Danny, he has super healing. And with such a tiny hole, how quickly would it close, would it ever correctly heal? Or would it just, close every time he took the earrings out?
All I鈥檓 picturing is Sam betting Danny to get his ears pierced and them just instantly closing.
Piercer: All right, we鈥檙e just gonna stick the needle threw and then we鈥檒l be ready for the earrings.
Piercer: You might feel a slight pinch but the pain is only for a second.
Piercer: Great job now to stick the earrings in and-
Danny: . . .
Peircer: . . .
Danny: . . .
Peircer: what the hell.
It鈥檚 just a random thought I had at 1 am. Probably a sign that I need to sleep, but I need answers.
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connor-likes-dogs 4 months ago
Toga: Y/N can't be good at everyting! Maybe she's a terrible kisser.
Dabi & Shigaraki: No, she's good at that too
Toga: What?
Dabi & Shigaraki: What?
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adlaih 6 months ago
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cremsie 3 months ago
Got a apartment in Toronto :3
Me and my partners are officially torontians!
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yes-that-would-be-dark 8 months ago
in an incredible turn of events, I have made a discovery that is haunting every ounce of my mind and now you all have to see it too
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in the death note musical, the japanese version of Playing His Game (as in, the gayest song in the whole damn thing) literally translates to Into Him
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and google translate makes it worse
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i90snoo 6 months ago
Christmas night, the best gift; Sunghoon
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Please would help me a lot if reblog this <3 not only give hearts, it would help me to be known by more people. ^^
You saw how your sister put on makeup for the annual Christmas dinner, you had recently finished changing, helping your family to decorate to receive the rest.
This year you had invited you friend (being pressured by your grandmother), hoping that all this will pass quickly without any inconvenience, calm as last year. Apparently the boy did not have the same thought.
Since he met you, you caught his attention more than a friend, but he pushed those thoughts aside not wanting them to ruin his friendship.
He had everything planned, locked in your room, he hypnotizes you with his kisses on your neck, making his way between your legs, enjoying the moment, completely forgetting your family downstairs.
And it happened.
His moment of wonder finally came, moaning under his body, as his thrusts increased as they reached your sweet spot, arriving at the same time.
With ragged breathing, he kissed your lips, the room had a smell that gave away what they had just done. Your room had a smell that gave away what they had just done, without knowing what you would say as an excuse for the probably great noise caused, you could not walk during the night, And you had no idea how to hide it.
At that moment of rest, the door was opened, a hand went to the light switch and turned on the lighting, giving away the image of Sunghoon and you.
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merry christmas <3 I hope you are having a good time with your family ^^
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cut3nightmar3 a month ago
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chatnoirsgf a month ago
I miss my comfort character
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juguiuw a month ago
They're dating
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mariafferrer a year ago
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Please boost.
Please, please, I beg of you to help me.
锝 锞 *: 锝
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all-very-gay 6 months ago
Uhmm .. is everyone still alive after these two? I know I鈥檓 not
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jevilsknifes 3 months ago
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mayabruhbruh 4 days ago
i wrote a poem for byler in mikes point of view but I鈥檓 not sure how to format it 馃槶馃槶 should I draw up some paper and make it look like Mike actually wrote it, or do I just post the raw notes app screenshot? LMAO HELP
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smokedprovolone 7 months ago
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hoplesslyfucked 6 months ago
I wish I had someone to be here for me
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z1gwo 7 days ago
Time is late for something *
Legend- y'all look time is running out of time lol
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i90snoo 6 months ago
unforgettable christmas; Sunghoon
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Just imagine being Sunghoon's girlfriend, it's Christmas night and your family is gathered at a dinner like every year, but only that you invited your boyfriend.
However, your relatives enjoyed seeing the minors open their gifts while you received yours from Sunghoon, in your room, with the neck and boilers marked by their lips and hand. Without knowing how you are going to go unnoticed by your family, without being able to walk, with your legs shaking from the fingers of your boyfriend and full of marks.
Without a doubt this would be an unforgettable Christmas.
Tumblr media
I probably won't post on Christmas, so merry early Christmas and happy new year!<3
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