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#idk where this came from
chaemoji2 hours ago
a note to all the lovely writers out there, you don't have to post every single day to keep your followers entertained and it's okay if you don't, there's no need to be so hard on yourself. if you ever started to feel like writing feels like a job instead of a happy hobby for you, remember to step back and take a breather. you don't have to push yourself everyday. you're not obliged to do so, you're not a machine. remember to take breaks <333
and for all the lovely readers, please also understand that not every writer has the capacity to just publish fics everyday. they're not machines, they have lives outside this app too and deal with so many things like everyone. please do not rush them on making content, wouldn't it be better if the content they create is something they actually love and proud of?
let's all have a fun experience on this app <333
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cogwaltz3 hours ago
babe wake up, new toontown tag just dropped
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palomichuu-blog7 hours ago
yea sebagni and sebard are amazing great good good
but i think聽realistically seb would chill with tanaka...... my mans already lived a lifetime... he chill no trouble no screaming no drama not even sex needed,,,,,,,,,,,, just 2 old dudes relaxing and shitte
Tumblr media
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kg15079 hours ago
"Is this ok?"
Kara asks, her head hovering in the thin layer of space between Lena's shoulder. Barely touching, asking permission, as if they haven't cuddled on the couch a hundred times before. Lena hums her assent and moves her ponytail to the opposite side without looking away from the tv - it's Disney movie night and they're halfway through Hercules, and Lena is a bit enthralled with the whole premise: a god falls from the stars, determined to prove to the world that they're a true hero, a pretty girl falls for the bumbling protagonist with a heart of gold - Lena desperately wants to know how this story ends.
Kara lets her head settle more confidently now that she's been given the ok, tilting her body slightly to snuggle a bit closer. Arms, sides, hips touch - soft anchor points that tether them together in more ways than one. Kara is so warm, especially in contrast with the cold winter evening and Lena would drown in her heat if she could, if given the choice, the answer would be a fervent and resounding yes yes yes.
If Kara is the spark, Lena is the kindling, helpless to do anything except catch fire and burn. So it has been, so it always will be.
A few minutes later, Lena feels soft skin brush against hers and glances down. One pinky fingertip stretches out, loosely entwining with hers, and Kara's hand is鈥 trembling?
"Is this ok?" Kara asks again, the last syllable rising in a lilt that betrays nerves. Lena bends forward slightly to look at her, but Kara's gaze is firmly focused on the tv. Her face is flushed pink, jaw tight, and Lena averts her eyes to keep from making her uncomfortable. Her own cheeks are flaring a bit, but Lena finds that she can't keep a tiny smile from lifting her lips. She lets out a soft yeah and Kara instantly relaxes, threading the rest of her fingers with Lena's and sighing contentedly. She hums along with the first few verses of the movie's current musical number, completely off key and so cute it physically hurts, and Lena knows it's sappy but she thinks she's never heard a more beautiful sound in her life.
The movie ends half an hour later and despite the bubbly final number Lena wants to cry because of course the hero got the girl, of course good triumphed over evil and every loose end tied neatly into brightly colored animated bows - but this is real life, and she knows better than to set her hopes and dreams on a fairy tail ending, even if the dream is sitting right next to you with her hand entwined with yours.
The credits roll and fade to black - this is usually when Kara leaps up and grabs the remote, ready to start a new movie, but she doesn't make a move and Lena doesn't really want her to anyway - but she's quiet, unnaturally quiet, and Lena thinks if she waits patiently Kara might tell her what's wrong. Because she's been acting weird all night, timid and hesitant and not very Kara-like at all.
After several minutes of silent stillness, Kara detaches their hands - but instead of pulling away as expected, she loops her arm through Lena's and starts tracing soft, tentative patterns on the back of her hand, slow, bare touches that are laden with something Lena can't describe, or doesn't dare put a name to.
Her heart beats faster as Kara runs her fingers up and down, twisting and turning them so that one minute Lena feels knuckles, then pads, lightly dragging over each long digit with featherlike pressure, back and forth, so slow and deliberate Lena thinks it has to mean something more than just two friends cuddling on the couch. It has to, or it will break her fragile heart.
Kara shifts, lifting her head and sitting upright, lets her fingers travel north up the length of Lena's arm, goosebumps erupting everywhere she touches, betraying just how much it means to her. Lena can't look away now, meeting Kara's entirely too tender gaze - she's never looked at her like this before, like Lena is something precious, unreal, beautiful.
Kara is looking at her like she's the sun.
Lena's breath falters in her chest as Kara's hand skates up the side of her neck, cupping the back of her head with infinite gentleness. She leans forward, slowly, tantalizingly close, sapphire-flecked eyes trained on the slight part of Lena's lips. She's a breath away when she hesitates, swallows heavily, and brushes her forehead against Lena's. Her voice is raw, stutters in her throat when she asks,
"Is this o-"
Lena smoothly cuts her off, tilting her head to capture her lips in wordless reply. Both hands float up to rest on either side of her jawline, fanning her fingers across her face. She runs her thumbs across the apples of her cheeks and kisses Kara deeper, feeling fire beneath her skin. She wants to drown in the inferno.
Kara's tongue darts out, a tiny kitten lick that catches the edge of Lena's upper lip - and that's it. That's all it takes. Lena buries her hands in Kara's curls and pulls her close, close, so close and not nearly close enough to satisfy the growing need coiling between her legs.
Kara follows Lena down, magnetic, her eyes hooded and dark as she straddles her knees on either side of Lena's hips. Her lips are everywhere - cheeks, jaw, neck, licks a stripe across her clavicle that elicits a sharp gasp and it only seems to spur her onward. Lena feels Kara's hands underneath her sweater, pawing at the material until she's managed to hike it up to her chest, exposing the creamy skin of her belly.
"Lena?" Kara says breathlessly, her fingers already splayed across her abdomen like she wants to claim it as her own. Lena will give her every inch, give it willingly, and knows without a shred of doubt that she's safe.
"Lena, is this鈥"
"Kara Zor-El, anything you do from this moment on is completely, unequivocally, thoroughly ok - all I ask is that you are unequivocally thorough in your endeavors, darling."
Kara flushes hard at that and Lena loves it, loves the pretty shade of red on her cheeks and the quick way she recovers as she bends down with a smirk on her lips, hovering next to the shell of Lena's ear, breathless with want.
This is not the fairytale ending of their story, Lena thinks before coherent thought is no longer possible. No, not an end鈥 it feels more like the beginning.
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ohhaew10 hours ago
Hi :-) I read your tags to my post <3 I think (dread) what will happen is this: Teh will get everything he ever wanted: the brilliant career as an actor AND he will get Jai, the boyfriend who wants the same things Teh wants and who understands him in a way Oh-aew doesnt (barf). The show has spent most time this season on building up Tehjai and I think they believe this is the new grand love story we're supposed to root for (thus the longing looks between them). We'll get a final conversation between Teh and Oh-aew after the next time jump where Oh says that Teh really is better off with Jai and should totally fight for him. Oh-aew himself will get an office job which is the final image we'll see of him. No love story for him obviously. I honestly don't see any other way this season could end...
I had more to say in the tags of that post but i reached the tag limit 馃毝鈥嶁檧锔忦煔垛嶁檧锔忦煔垛嶁檧锔. Anyway i keep remembering what oab said about his role that "Jai is a character that is there to test ohaew and teh's love for each other" so idk i dont see a tehjai endgame cause of that. But tbh yeah they really spent more time developing tehjai than they spent it on showing teh's and ohaew's relationship. But idk i dont see jai choosing teh cause jai has high ambitions and he doesnt want to be tied down with someone (hence why he left james in the first place and omg bitch even had the audacity to mourn why james didnt come to his play). So in ep5 unless Teh is hugely successful or smth i dont see Jai choosing him, but if Teh really is HUGELY successful you bet Jai will be the first person who'll come running lol. And i dont think Teh will be HUGELY successful so i dont see a tehjai endgame + oab's words. So my prediction for ep5 is that there will be a timejump of one year (as much as i want it to be 10 years, they said it was a story spanning 4-5 years? So yeah 馃槱). Ohaew, my son, the loml, my sunshine, is doing amazing in life and got a nice job and is living his dreams 馃ズ馃挒馃挒 when one day he has to work on this project with Teh. And like Oh Aew might be the one whose trying to be professional and out some distance and Teh is just like bestie its been a while i miss you lets grab a bite and my son agrees. So in the talk Teh is like i have grown鈩 and have changed鈩 and im sorry鈩 for everything (itsay ep1 ending 馃槡) and ohaew might be like i m okay with being friends again but idk if i can be more than that (itsay ep1 ending again 馃槡) and then they might leave it at that AN OPEN ENDING that's what im saying lol. And they might show us a few of their moments later like yeah besties something will happen between them later lol. Idk to me that's the only route this could take cause ik this is nadao but i really dont think (after my ambulance) they'll completely disband (lol) tehohaew. But the real thing I'm worried about is that they'll not give Teh the redemption arc cause if ep4 was supposed to make me feel 1% for him im sorry it didnt work. I dont buy that he is remorseful even when he went to Q's to apologise to oh. He did it cause he has no one now and like i said earlier, if jai reciprocated his feelings, ohaew would've been a passing thought. The line "i never thought you鈥檇 break up with me" was so fucking stupid like yeah I'll go and kiss other people behind your back but i wont break up with you 馃グ馃グ. And imo they tried to victimize teh by showing how lonely and miserable he was (also there's this clip linetv released where teh had a convo with his mom and he was like mai i got the role but im sad). So yeah teh's redemption arc might not even happen they'll just throw it under the rug with a time jump. If they did the breakup earlier in the ep then they could have showed us more of teh's suffering (馃グ) and make him realize his guilt but yeah ig tehjai longing scenes are more important 馃グ馃グ
#asks#london-2001#ipytm rel#also another thing that came across my mind is that#the song they sang at the bar scene#that might be the song released after ep5#it sounds hopeful and it might go with the open ending theory#i think we'll definitely get that song at some point#but lmao teh sang that song looking at jai and if this is the song for ep5 tehohaew its just wrong#im just so tired of all of this#one bad choice on top of the other#did someone even watch the entire show after it was done like let's see what we have here#they focused more on the plot and how many problems they could create#rather than the development of its characters#ohaew is even less than a side character now i really thought this ep would be from his pov but ig we csnt have nice things#ep1 and ep2 were so good they were heading in the right direction#they knew what they were doing and where they were headed#but ep3 and 4 are like 馃榾馃榾馃榾 what is the point of this what am i gonna learn from this#i heard that billkin said when he got the script he was confused cause he did not get teh's actions at all#and if someone who literally plays the character doesnt get it idk what more to say 馃榾馃榾馃榾#im sorry ive had enough of people trying to justify everything and say that this is art鈩 and the fact that this is making ppl feel sm is#extraordinary or smth#like you do you folks but i have accepted that this sequel just sucks and no meta or anything can change my mind#also i wish ppl would stop bringing itsay teh into this#itsay teh and ipytm teh are two different entities#im just hoping for all of this to end soon so i can go to therapy and forget about it#i dont want it to ruin my memories with itsay#sad tho :(( we'll have them for 6more days only but i cant enjoy it :((#also another thing ipytm standalone is a good series with good cinematography and such#but as a sequel to itsay this is just not it
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ichirukilover16 hours ago
How did Rukia tell Ichigo she was pregnant? How did he react? (Sorry if I already sent you this, Tumblr said it didn鈥檛 send)
She didn't? Ichigo was the one to tell her. He noticed something was weird with her, because she started to have weird sleeping habits, Rukia sleeping in the middle of the day? Something was wrong with her, he got worried she was sick or something, so he started to keep an even closer eye on her, but overall she seemed fine, so he thought she was overworking herself. When she started to also crave some foods at random times, that's when he was "uh?...could it be?" he didn't confront her tho, he went first to ask some things to his dad and then Urahara, I mean was it even pssible for her/them to have kids? To which Urahara and Isshin both were "you dolt, of course you can, I mean look at you!"
When he came back home, he found her stuffin her face with some ice-cream that should not even be in SS, turns out she ordered the shinigami working in Karakura to get her some. Ichigo started to laugh at that because "damn it really is possible then!" he then talked to her. She was just speechless, honeslty she had no idea sleeping more and cravings were even "hints" of being pregnant, so that was just a big surprise to her. After she started to get her head around the idea, she was just, no, I need to go see Unohana (yes she is alive idc) right this moment, before she started to imagine things and turns out it's nothing. So they go to the 4th and that's when Unohana tells them that yes, she is pregnant. They're both just so shocked! Unohana just fakes being busy and leaves them alone.
They're just there looking at each other and they're just so incredulous ? Happy ??? They did talk about kids and big family but it was just that, talks, they didn't really plan anything. So this was a surpise for both of them and FINALLY Ichigo just hugs her and picks her up, they're just so happy, smiling like idiots, holding and kissing each other, because binch "we're going to be parents!"
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captainimprobablea day ago
i reblogged a post before that said something like聽鈥測ou think high school is the most important time of your life, but then you graduate and realize it meant nothing鈥 and I鈥檝e been thinking.聽 That鈥檚 kind of your early 20s? Not that being in your early 20s means nothing.聽 I just mean that my early 20s were filled with so much pain and anger and 鈥渨hen will i feel better鈥 and thinking im an adult but feeling like ill never actually be an adult and "what if im not successful by 30鈥 and聽鈥渨hy am i so far behind everyone else鈥 and聽鈥渉ow come everyone has it together and I don鈥檛鈥 and feeling like I鈥檇 lost myself somewhere between 17 and 21 and wishing i was a kid again but also lamenting about how hard it was to be a kid and And one day you sit down and realize that you鈥檙e past it.聽 And you realize that nobody has it together in their 20s, and that, yes, even the people from your high school with a spouse and kids are feeling lost and like theyre falling behind.聽 And you worked so hard to get to this point and you鈥檙e proud and maybe still hurting a little but you鈥檙e working on it It鈥檚 just that one day recently I suddenly hit this point and I feel like I鈥檓 on a cliff looking down at all the years before this one and I suddenly have perspective.聽 Like I was hit in the face with it.聽 And I want you to know, if you鈥檙e 20 or 25 or anything in between, you will hit that point.聽 You will be okay.聽 You鈥檙e not behind, life isn鈥檛 a race.聽 Sometimes I still feel all those things.聽 They didn鈥檛 magically go away.聽 But it鈥檚 like the current was pulling me down but I got a dope raft and I can lean into the scary parts and grit my teeth and come out okay And so can you
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boilyerheida day ago
can I request no.90 for hickeytozer? if you're still doing them
"I'd like to take you on holiday one day, just the two of us."
"Would you, aye." Sol buries his face into his grey hoodie, practically dragging it up over his nose against the cold. Cornelius offers him a cigarette with lithe white fingers and he takes it, despite the permanent trembling of his own hands now whatever the weather. Booze will do that, given long enough, and he's given it everything he has. He used to be a marksman, no chance of that now.
Don't get into a relationship with anyone for the first year of sobriety, they said. Don't get too close to anyone you meet in rehab, they said. Don't fall in love with the guy who takes the fall for the water bottle of vodka in your shared room so you don't get kicked out back to the barracks jail, they didn't say. Sol knows they probably meant it in spirit like, but they'd never have admitted they met their match in Hickey. Everyone does.
"I mean it. You and me on white sand, doesn't that sound nice?" Cornelius leans against the wall in that coquettish way he has sometimes, like he's never met anyone more intriguing than you and doesn't quite want you to know it. Sol still doesn't know what he's in for, whether it's court-mandated like his own stay in this godforsaken facility or that he's been carted there by a concerned family, and he doesn't actually care to ask. "Somewhere warm."
"You after a shag on the beach?" Sol has to lower his hoodie to put the cigarette in his mouth, and Hickey is right there to light it for him like he's some sort of old-school gentleman. It does strange things to Sol's insides when he behaves like that, when he treats big, hulking Solomon Tozer like he's someone to be handled with care. Not even Bill did that, not even in their best-
"If you like," the little bloke grins brightly, suddenly a lot closer than he'd seemed a moment ago. Sol breathes out smoke and doesn't make a great effort to keep it from Cornelius's face, and that just makes the smile wider somehow. "I would take you, y'know. You deserve a bit of softness, Solomon."
"How the fuck would you know what I deserve?" They've been fucking around for a while, whenever they get a stolen reprieve from the nosy rehab staff, but it's not like they're together. Hickey doesn't know him, the only man who knew Sol properly is dead, and Sol as good as killed him. They can call it an accident all they like, he's the one who fucked up with his finger on the trigger and he'll pay for it for the rest of his days. Maybe beyond, who fucking knows?
He still leans into the touch when Cornelius reaches up to cup his face in both bony little hands, though. Sol hates being sober since Bill, hates how sharp and uncaring the world is, how there's nobody to give him direction and nobody can give him answers about why it all hurts so much. And then there's Cornelius, with his water bottle of vodka and his gentle, slippery words and his unerring ability to find Sol's soft spots and... push.
"D'you believe a man has a soul?" Cornelius's eyes are very wide and very blue, this close. Sol opens his mouth to answer, but he's silenced with a kiss. It would feel like absolution, if he were the sort to believe in such things.
As it is, it feels like stale tobacco, illicit intoxicants, and the promise of something new. Not good, but at least not the same.
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sociophobia4592 days ago
Jack Cooper is Hispanic and you can鈥檛 tell me otherwise.
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cookie-beeloved2 days ago
Oh? I'm your rival? You can't stop thinking about me because you 'hate' me? You get bothered by everything I say and do? Kinda gay.
Tumblr media
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bensdove2 days ago
look im telling you callum is totally the one to buy ben flowers literally all the time now since him buying callum roses at the proposal like, it started with just callum buying ben red roses for their wedding night or something but now it's like,,, every week there's another bunch of flowers in a vase on the dining table or the windowsill and now it's just a thing
(callum definitely buys him different sorts all the time and keeps track of ben's favourites and then gets him a bunch of just his favourites for one of their anniversaries)
(also ben definitely works out how to press flowers and starts keeping like one from every bunch and saves them in a little book)
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catboyauroralincoln2 days ago
5 HCs for a fantasy AU for TMA?
(This is mainly influenced by my special interest in mythology/folklore/fairy tales and my lack of knowledge about fantasy. It鈥檚 mainly me aligning characters with tropes/characters from those sources)
1. Annabelle is the king鈥檚 evil advisor. I just think it鈥檇 be wildly entertaining to watch her play the king (probably someone like jonelias) and it feels like a fitting translation of her role in canon. She鈥檚 just making sure errant heroes go on quests at exactly the right time to exactly the right place to get exactly the right thing, and well wouldn鈥檛 you know it the king鈥檚 dead now, woops! Who could鈥檝e foreseen this? :::::/ ((anyway I like to think Annabelle is a subversion of the evil advisor trope. Not particularly out for power, just hates the guy in charge and wants him gone. You couldn鈥檛 pay me money to make Annabelle straight evil)) but of course, she just ends up working for the next guy in charge, speaking of which鈥
2. Haha so you guys know king Arthur and the knights of the round table? Yeah?
That鈥檚 basically Jon and the archival staff in this au. Jon鈥檚 a humble orphan turned scholar turned errant hero questing for 鈥渢he watcher鈥檚 crown鈥, turned king of Britain! I like this idea first and foremost because we鈥檝e seen the kind of imposter syndrome Jon gets when he feels he doesn鈥檛 deserve an archiving job let alone being king of a country! I鈥檓 so interested in what Jon鈥檚 leadership style would be. He鈥檚 simultaneously so hesitant and so impulsive. He鈥檚 willing to mull over the morality of things to the point of wallowing (re: season four), but he鈥檚 also willing to make snap judgements and impulses if he鈥檚 under pressure/people he cares about are under threat. It鈥檚 easy to assume that Jon鈥檚 story could end just as tragically as it did in canon, but then again, maybe there鈥檚 hope. After all, he has his knights
3. Speaking of knights! Not everyone is a one-to-one match with a particular Arthurian character, but I think it鈥檚 pretty safe to say that Tim can easily slot into the Lancelot role. A noble, skilled, handsome hero who serves as the right hand man to the king until a misunderstanding leads to betrayal and tragedy? It writes itself! I don鈥檛 think Tim has quite as much backstory going on as Lancelot does (no raised by the lady of the lake (whom we鈥檒l get to) here), but I think a dead brother murdered by Nikola (who I guess is a fae court jester in this au? I think the dynamic between fae, mortal鈥檚 and their names feels very fitting for the stranger, so that鈥檚 appropriate) is enough to spur any dashing hero to a life of chivalry and questing. There isn鈥檛 a love triangle in this au (because as tempted as I am, just for the drama, I know that it鈥檇 feel pretty trite with these characters), but there is a misunderstanding regarding Sasha in this au! Which leads me into:
4. The translation of not!Sasha would be a classic changeling swap in this au! Sasha, one of the knights who was once a scholar alongside Jon, goes out on the quest of the week alone, and get鈥檚 taken by a changeling who replaces her and takes her place in the king鈥檚 court. This is sufficiently less angsty than in canon though, considering a) Sasha just get鈥檚 taken to the realm of the fae rather than dying, and b) there鈥檚 no 鈥測ou don鈥檛 remember what she looks like?鈥 moment, since the changeling just looks like regular Sasha. The changeling is a part of the same fae court as Nikola, and just generally sows the seeds of doubt in the knight鈥檚 minds until they decide to attack. That鈥檚 where things probably get angsty. But, like in the original story (as much as there is one in Arthurian canon), where Arthur is taken to Avalon to heal, I think Sasha in the realm of the fae eventually gets to reunite with at least one of her friends. Maybe it鈥檚 Tim, maybe it鈥檚 Jon, I鈥檓 not sure! But I think there鈥檚 a silver lining to it all.
5. And a lightning round of other roles I think are filled: martin is the Gawain equivalent. He鈥檚 seemingly plain and un-special, but he has his own adventures that show his contributions are valuable to the round table (like the poem Gawain and the Green Knight). I like to think he comes back from that particular adventure and it鈥檚 like a mag22 moment where king Jon is finally a bit more noticing/kind to him. Que eventual romance and martin siding with Jon like Gawain sided with Arthur. Instead of the lady of the lake it鈥檚 the lady of the flame and it鈥檚 Agnes Montague! She has the watcher鈥檚 crown because something something her and Gertrude, and gifts it to Jon much like the lady of the lake gifts Arthur his sword. You might be tempted to say that Elias or Gertrude is the Merlin equivalent, but I actually think it鈥檚 Gerry in this au. I just think he鈥檇 thrive as a chaotic neutral advisor to Jon (even if Gerry isn鈥檛 really chaotic neutral in canon. This Gerry is probably a lot more鈥oble? Than Arthurian Merlin is). Gertrude was the knight to first try and find the watchers crown (like Percival with the grail) but she failed. Rip grandma, this twink鈥檚 here to carry on your legacy. Melanie is a knight and is born blind in this au, Basira is also a knight, and daisy is an assassin from a foreign land (Wales) who ends up being reluctantly allowed to help in court after she鈥檚 impressed with Jon鈥檚 honor (he saves her like in canon).
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