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faebelina · 3 years ago
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I don't have a name for her yet, but she's coming, you guys. And she's bringing some sass with her. XD
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professorflowers · a year ago
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Oysters - Part 2 The second half! Crowley in Rome is one of my favourite looks for them in the AU, they’re so pretty with that hair~ PREVIOUS PART
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the-ghost-of-pastels · a year ago
Tumblr media
i had a hard time deciding what kind of wings to give our boy tommy here but i decided on crystals?
anyway have wingy glowy boy number 7!!!!
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florideae · 2 years ago
klance au where lance works at a haunted house attraction just because
lance has a record of scaring every poor soul that goes his way, and he’s proud of it, until he meets keith
the first time he tried scaring keith, he just stared deadpan at lance and walked away
lance: “i just don’t get it. am i off my game somehow? is my makeup not as scary as i thought it was?” hunk: “maybe you should confront him directly and ask him for tips” 
lance: “you said that sarcastically but you think i won’t do it? me??” hunk: “lance-” lance: “i’ll make him squeak like a mouse if it’s the last thing i do”
after countless fails, lance does confront keith directly about it
lance: “do you just not feel fear or something?” keith, startled: “sorry?” lance: “how come you never get scared?”
keith: “it’s kinda hard to get scared by someone who tripped when they ran up to a person to scare them” lance: “ saw that?”
keith: *laughs* lance, internally: ‘what the fuck, that was a cute laugh, what the fuck’
somehow they end up spending lance’s lunch breaks together and it becomes an everyday thing
lance: “i know it’s free and all, but don’t you get tired of seeing the same thing every night?” keith, sweating slightly: “my brother and his boyfriend like coming here, so i just tag along” 
lance, oblivious as fuck: “oh okay” keith: *sighs in relief*
the first time they hang out outside of the haunted house is the first time keith sees lance without the makeup and costume
keith: *blinks* lance, jokingly: “am i that really that good looking that you’re speechless?” keith, blurting out: “yeah” lance: “oh”
lance: “.....i think you’re really cute too...” keith: “your ears are turning red” 
lance, covering his ears: “shut up” keith, laughing and pulling lance’s hands away: “it’s cute”
lance acknowledges that maybe he’s started to think of his lunch breaks as kind of dates with keith, and decides he should talk to someone about it
lance: “i think i like you” keith: 
keith: “you’re confessing to me in a clown costume. at a haunted house maze” lance: “yeah, well, i saw you and panicked. so. i like you”
keith, smiling fondly: “yeah. i like you too”
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rotodisk · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Trash doodle~
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theshitpostcalligrapher · 6 months ago
wait what if i made a necrobeemicon book holster for my belt like a goddamn dnd character’s arcane focus 
it could hang off of my one ring belt chatelaine style 
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tullipsink · 4 years ago
You don’t expect it to hurt as much because it was still just yesterday when I love you’s were being thrown around through a tired two am phone call or beneath the fabric of your warm colored bed sheets You don’t expect it to hurt as much because every laughter they have ever made come out of their mouth still repeats in your head as if you were just hearing it for the first time all over again Or maybe you do expect it to hurt so that’s why you stay up all night reading old conversations to try and figure out where everything went wrong And maybe you do expect it to hurt because you seen it coming from the moment they first told you how beautiful you really were and for once in your life you felt like it But what the fuck did you expect when love came knocking on your door with rosy cheeks and mixed color light brown eyes You don’t expect it to hurt as much as it does because you already seen your heart breaking before they even had a chance to realize they were holding it You don’t expect it to hurt as much until that day comes and you think my god this really fucking hurts
A.M.// 4am and tired
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virgil-is-a-cutie · a year ago
Surprises Chapter 1
Summary: Marinette won the class a trip to Gotham. On the second day the get to go to Arkham and Mari may have forgotten to inform the class about something important. Doesn't help the class at all when they "forgot" Chloé, Mari, and Adrien at the hotel as well as a certain redhead artist.
Idea was from this
Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nathaniel really did try to urgently text them that the class was close to being picked up for the event they were going to. He didn't want Marinette, Chloé, and Adrien left behind.
Surprisingly, he was the only one in the class who really did believe them on Lila's lies. However, the poor redhead's phone was dead which was a shock to him and the rest of his classmates didn't listen to him protesting for them to not leave yet.
Didn't help that Kim kept taking his phone away from him just to mess with him. He nervously fiddled with the watch on his wrist, which was was actually the rabbit miraculous that he received a week after Alix lost her family's heirloom watch much to the pink haired skater’s despair. 
Turns out the Alix that came from the future was from a different timeline, where she never fell for Lila's lies. She was disappointed on the current Alix but she reassured Mari, Adrien, and Nathaniel that it was bound to happen because of how each timeline was different because of decisions. Nothing to worry about and even told Nathaniel he made a great hero. 
Kind of reminded him how Doctor Who went about it honestly.
Nathaniel fidgets as it gets closer to the time for the whole class to leave when he sighs and tells Ms. Bustier that he was going to use the bathroom. He was saddened to see her just wave him off. He really was glad that both Mari and Chloé opened his eyes on how useless the teacher was.
He made his way to the elevators and got the floor level that he knew the 3 were sharing because really, all three prefered to stick close and knocked on their door rapidly before a disgruntled Chloé opens the door.
"What is it?" she asked with a raised eyebrow to the redhead.
"The class is literally minutes from leaving the hotel you guys!" Nathaniel exclaims throwing his hands in the air.
Chloé's eyes widen, "shit! Mari why didn't you wake me up!" she exclaims as she changed to black jeans, a yellow baggy shirt and black jacket with bees decorating it.
"I literally set 5 alarms for you to wake up to. Not my fault Kagami and Luka caused you to sleep late," Marinette teased from the bathroom causing the blonde to blush a light pink as she tied the side of the shirt so it didn't look baggy.
"My phone was almost dead by the time I fell asleep," she mumbles.
Marinette steps out of the bathroom wearing a black skirt with green paws decorating it, a green long sleeved shirt with a black bow tie, knee high cat socks and flats. Her hair was down, not in their usual pigtails and it reached midback.
Adrien stepped out as well wearing a red long sleeved shirt with little ladybugs decorating it with a black tie that was tied loosely and black pants with a small ladybug on his pockets.
Chloé rolls her eyes, "thankfully I showered last night. Come on now," she said softly.
Mari glanced out the window and sighs, "they left already."
"Our room has an outside view to outside and we get a good view of outside, just saw the bus leave."
All three groan knowing that it was either Lila or Ms. Bustier who just left them.
She sighs and nods before smiling, "although, I don't know if he'll mind driving us there," she said softly.
Adrien hums, "probably not. He'll drop anything for you purrincess."
Chloé snorts, "that's an understatement."
"It's true," Nathaniel muttered.
Marinette took out her phone and hums as she sent her boyfriend a text. 'Can you pick all four of us from the hotel?'
"I'll be there in a bit habibat,' was the reply she got.
"He'll be here in a bit. Let's go downstairs to at least have breakfast," Mari said as she grabbed a few boxes of Macaroons she made to take to the inmates of Arkham.
They all agree and head to where they were serving breakfast and ate in silence before Marinette giggles.
"What's so funny?" asked Nathaniel.
"Nothing. Just that they need my I.D so that they can be let in," she said with a smirk while the other three gaped at her in surprise before bursting out in laughter.
"I mean if my father doesn't see me in the group then well...he might as well not let them in," she says with a shrug. “Or cause mayhem on them for leaving us behind.”
"Although....he did let uncle Eddy sneak in to see uncle Ozzy just to mess with them and made them owe him one."
All three ignored what she said, just relaxing a little before Damien came with the family car with Alfred driving.
"Angel?" Damian softly called out as he entered the dining hall of the hotel.
"Dami!" she gasps out excitedly as she goes up to him and gives him a hug.
Damian and Marinette had met when she was 14 and he 15. Her parents had brought her to visit her father and when she was leaving Arkham she bumped into Damian and well...things led to them dating.
Damian smiled and kissed her temple, "come on Angel, let's get you guys to your useless group," he said with a smirk.
None of them protested to what he called the class, the four of them entered that certain amount of done that just had them close to actually wanting to murder a few students themselves.
Or just strangle them in Chloé's case.
The ride to Arkham was filled with laughter and they waved Damian and Alfred goodbye as they walked towards the gate to Arkham not noticing that Alfred was parked at the side of the building.
After they showed their I.D to the guards they were let in and walked in to the whole class yelling at the receptionist who looked at them with a bored look as they filed their nails.
"Like I said before. I need the I.D of the person who set up the trip for here. Specifically them only, Dr.Strange will not accept anyone other than this Marinette girl who set up the appointment for the tour."
"That would be me," Marinette said as she spoke out loud for the class to hear. She smirked a little as their eyes widened.
However, before Lila could try to b.s about something, they heard a cough.
"Marinette dear. What a surprise," a rough voice said.
The class turned to look a bald man with a beard (goate??? Idk) and a white coat walk towards them before turning around and finally noticing the bluenette with Adrien, Chloe, and Nathaniel behind them.
Marinette's eyes widen and she bounces on her toes excitedly, "hello father!" she excitedly shouts as she runs to him and gives him a tight hug.
Hugo grunts a little at the impact as his daughter hugged him. Wincing a little at the strength behind it, maybe he shouldn't have experimented on her to make her have a bit of super strength when she was a toddler?
Nah, it was useful, as well he calculated the risks far more carefully unlike the test subjects he had in the past. For example, Fish Mooney and well...the others. At least she didn’t get ill from it. 
The whole class' eyes widened and felt their jaw drop at what they just heard, Lila paled a little. She’s heard of the infamous doctor of Arkham and how he caused many meta like villains to be made years ago before even Batman came into light. 
Marinette didn’t notice the class’s reactions nor did she notice a certain robin themed superhero standing in the shadows with his eyes wide at the sight the person was looking at as well as heard.
Damian froze for a fair bit before leaving quickly to panic on his own at the Batcave since he let Alfred leave to go back to the manor.
“I...I’m sorry but did Marinette just call you father?” Ms. Bustier nervously asked.
“Indeed. She is my daughter of course, no real brainer,” Hugo said with a raised eyebrow.
“My full name is Marinette Haruhi Dupain Cheng-Strange, but because maman wanted me to go by Cheng when at school sometimes people are surprised at my name,” Marinette informs them with a shrug glaring a little at Adrien who looked like he may laugh as he heard her middle name.
“I was a little unaware of your middle name until your mother informed me and well...I did want to change it but it was not really my place to do so,” Hugo said aloud before humming a little. 
The two pulled away from the embrace and Mari smirked smugly as Hugo turned to look at the class with a glare.
“Care to explain why you left behind four students in the most crime ridden city alone?” he asked with icy tone that sent shivers to the students and Ms. Bustier at the harsh tone.
“Lila exclaimed that the others were already on the bus and well...I didn’t see them in the front desk with everyone and so I counted that as a call roll,” Ms. Bustier weakly stated before flinching under the glare.
“How worthless of a teacher do you have to be to actually believe this imbicle of a girl?” Hugo asked with a raised eyebrow as he glared at the useless teacher that his daughter told him about that he grew to hate.
Alya forgot why she was scared and glared at the doctor, “hey! Don’t talk to Ms. Bustier like that!”
“Alya shut up,” Nino hissed under his breath to his girlfriend.
“My my… how rude of a class, makes me wonder what they did to even deserve this trip,” Hugo drawled out before looking down at his tiny daughter.
Marinette smirked and shrugged, “being the class president has it’s perk. That and I wanted them to see my second home.”
The whole class, sans the three who were Mari’s friends, gulped nervously.
Damien took off his mask as he entered the Batcave and runs his hands through his hair, “what the hell,” he mutters under his breath as he paced back and forth which caught the attention of his father and his siblings.
“Yo! What’s the matter Damian?” Dick asked gently as he walked up to his youngest brother.
“Yeah Demon spawn, what’s wrong?” Jason asked as he walked up to the two with Tim and Bruce behind him.
“Remember how I took Angel and her friends to Arkham because that useless teacher didn’t do a proper student head count?”
“Yeah? What about it?” Dick asked not bothering to tell Damien that Bruce had filed what Marinette texted Damian in a file that he was eventually going to send to the Paris school district to be looked at.
“Well...I snuck in as Robin, just to make sure nothing happens, but I was very shocked at what I heard and saw,” Damian hissed out weakly.
“What was it?” Bruce asked his son as he frowned a little at what possibly could’ve happened to Marinette’s class.
“She hugged Hugo Strange and called him father,” Damian says softly.
“I’m sorry what?” Jason asked as if confused if he heard his younger brother correctly because he couldn’t have heard right.
Marinette, the sweetest girl he’s ever met...being the daughter of the crazy Arkham doctor who created meta humans when Bruce was barely 15 years old and ended up having a clone who ended up tricking Selina because the clone fixed himself up to look like the real Bruce. Were they even talking about the correct person?
“She called him father, what other reason would there be for her to call him that?” hissed out Damian.
“I thought her name was Dupain Cheng?”
“It’s not.”
“What?” Damian asked as he looked up to look at his father.
“Marinette put the last name Cheng in her paper, but after looking at the name that made the appointment for the Arkham tour I saw that her full name is Marinette Haruhi Dupain Cheng-Strange,” Bruce said as he looked back at the computer that had Mari’s information popped up.
“Well look at that Damian...your girlfriend is both a superhero and the daughter of a villain.”
To be continued?
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horologiiium · 3 years ago
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hey uh i really like drawing this au of milo traveling through time and space with his adoptive uncles
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quietasides · 2 years ago
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Simon comments to no one   xx
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spearxwind · 3 years ago
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im remaking cher for reasons yeah? cause i love him and i finally found him a place where he could be (namely siege’s story) even tho i still dont know if he could really fit in there?? that was what made me try and redo him finally 
patch notes: - sails are made of magic now. he can turn them off  - no more feathers, his wings and fins are made of membrane now (i MIGHT go back to feathers bc i love em but this makes more sense to me? hm) - only has scales on the ‘top’ of his body, the rest is tough hide - is a lot more snakey - is also neither good nor bad, but hes probably worse personality wise tbh - big scar on right shoulder - this was a thing for a while but i never made an announcement of it so i dont think it caught on BUT HIS NICKNAME IS NOT CHEROKEE ANYMORE, its just Cher. His real name is Cercerion. I changed his tag as well to match this (its #cercerion now, has all the previous posts)
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