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#idv mercenary

Naib Subedar crushing on you

Probably a little out of charecter but whatever lolz. Pretty sure Naib js middle eastern, fun fact. :)

- likely, you were a veteran at the mansion. Watching person after person get put onto the rocket and to get ejected back into the manor made you feel.. guiltily. This probably lead you to meeting your boyfriend, Naib Subeder.

- it was probably at the end of the match and the cipher just had been popped while Naib was kitting the hunter. The hunter, Joseph, used detention to go to the exit gate on the other side of the map.

- running to Naib, you took him off the rocket chair and went to the exit gate which you had already opened. Everyone of your teamates escaped, leading your team having a perfect escape.

- Naib would probably wouldn’t realize he loved you, unless questioned about his actions and told he loved you. “Naib, what do you have? A crush on my lovely [ Name ]?” Theif sneared at the green hooded man. Theif, like Emma, has a major obsession with you. And, too, like Emma it was unhealthy.

- because of the Theif’s unhealthy obsession of you, Naib as his “comerad” felt as if he too has to protect you. While Naib does find the Theif’s methods unethical, as long as he dosen’t hurt you he’s alright with it. Well- he dosen’t know what happened all those years ago.

- Naib, rarely, talks to anyone. He does, indeed, talk. However, due to his war experiences he’s just adapted to being quiet. Although, he is very talkative to his friends (like you).

- Naib saves you whenver you get chaired or whenver your having trouble kitting the hunter. After Naib saves you, he hugs you happy that you were alive. You just assumed it was an old habit from his time participating in war. Him constantly watching the ones close to him die.

- Naib, or you, probably would’ve accidentally asked his S/O out. Maybe you had a nightmare and went to the Mercenary’s door. Your hand on the ex-soilder’s door, but then putting your hand down and turning around. “What do you need?” The Mercenary opened his door looking at you. He was is a professional soilder, of course he could hear you coming.

- “Are you alright?” Naib grabbed your hand and lead you into the room. They layed down next to each other on the Mercenary’s bed. Maybe you kissed him on the cheek, or he kissed yours.

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*Naib’s phone rings*

Naib: *picks up* Hello?

Unknown caller: Hello, Anjo! It’s Marko. I was wondering if you could check if class is still on today?

Naib: Oh, uh. Hey, this is Naib. You have the wrong number.

Unknown caller: What? This is the exact number she gave me.

Naib: Did she pull a faux number on you or something?

Unknown caller: No, but I don’t know if she’s into me- *starts rambling about life problems*

Naib: Mhm… Yeah, I get that… Oh no, she didn’t!

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Naib Subedar short fluff

Pairings: Naib Subedar x Reader

Theme: fluff

Warnings: none

A/n: I’m sorry that you feel this way, bb! I hope that whatever happened got resolved/gets resolved soon. Naib and I wish you, and everyone else, the best!

This will take place in a modern AU. Sorry if this is an inconvenience!

~~~Temporary text divider~~~

The ringing of an alarm sounded through the room, awakening you from your slumber. You groaned, reaching out your arm to silence the sound. Sitting up and rubbing the sleep from your eyes, feeling someone shifting beside you.

“What’s that alarm for? It’s the weekend…” A deep, dry voice asked. You sigh as you looked through all the reminders on your phone. “I have some projects to do, sadly. I’m sorry.” You smile, leaving Naib to pout. He wrapped his arms around your waist, which prevented you from leaving the bed.

“You’ve been working really hard lately. You deserve a good rest, yeah? Now come here.” He pulled your upper body down to him gently, holding your face close to his chest as he rested his chin on your hair. You sighed once more, surrendering to the comfort of being in your lovers arms.

“Fine.. but only for today.”

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