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#if any of that makes sense I don't know but we tried ok
equalseleventhirds · a year ago
thinks abt making a post abt how daisy and basira are likable and sympathetic characters but are also characters who do terrible inexcusable things and are a deliberate exploration of how there’s no such thing as a ‘good cop’, and how actually there’s some valuable themes you could explore abt how you might meet a cop especially an off-duty one who’s nice and funny and seems like they’re ‘on your side’ but is actually still a cop and a terrible person, but fandom seemingly can’t handle nuance and instead makes excuses for them as ‘not really cops like that’ or w/e
............nah that’s too much of a post.
#dfsjfdskl ok this sort of is that post#but it could have been. much longer.#listen to me. listen. i love frank voss and have difficulty separating that from basira#and also daisy and basira are fun characters! they are!#but daisy did HORRIBLE things and altho she acknowledge them and tried to change#ultimately her change was not fully thought out or sustainable and her big sacrifice is not REDEMPTION#(in fact this ep jonny is p clearly saying that her big sacrifice made her WORSE)#(like she was on her way to being a 'cop that quit' which is ofc what all cops should do but also she didn't do it right#she didn't do it completely and she went back to it when the going got tough and there's a metaphor somewhere for that)#and basira not only still has not questioned the things daisy did before; she was also unsure abt daisy when she was TRYING to be better#which like! bad! very bad!! she's not a GOOD person#like yes i like them they're likable they're written that way#and i was rly hoping for daisy especially to rly work on that 'being better' thing#(it's ok to want & encourage cops to quit and try to make reparations. like it doesn't happen much. but it's ok to WANT it to happen.)#but that doesn't mean i'm gonna make excuses for the objectively awful things they have done#we don't get to just ignore that. any more than daisy and basira get to. any more than jon gets to.#(jon was daisy's friend; he pulled her out; he was trying to help her be better; but now she's worse and he Knows and he's admitted it.)#and there IS a little room to explore that in fanworks but it has to be VERY careful & sensitive & well thought-out and warned for#but actually most ppl lose all fuckign sense of nuance so like. maybe we can't have that.#tma spoilers#rly vague and in tags but just in case#fandom wank
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deleteddewewted · 2 months ago
Ok, another idea I have is how Shinsou, Monoma, and Bakugou would protect/ defend their fem s/o from the perverted Grape M*neta. Imagining how protective they would be of their s/o and teaching M*neta that if they mess with their s/o, they mess with them too.
MHA Characters Protecting their S/O from Mineta (The Perverted Grape)
I hate Mineta so much, i cant even explain it. Why hasn't he been expelled yet? Aizawa needs to provide answers for his inaction or i'm bonking him on the side of the head. Gonna remind him of Shirakumo- Ok, thats a bit mean.
On a serious note: Lets emphasize a few points here. It doesn't matter what you look like, who you are, and what you are. None of that justifies someone harassing you and making you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Ive already added a note Kirishima's section, but i will say it again. No one has the right to do these things to you or even try to justify sexualizing you or harassing you. You shouldn't need to change anything about yourself or feel guilty for being who you are because someone has made you feel little. So if i may be a bit forward, the next time someone harasses you, kick them in the teeth! We don't support this type of behavior on this blog and if you feel like its justified to harass someone, please leave. No one wants you here. - D.D.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy. I added a bonus section as well, so feel free to request more/ other prompts!
Characters: Shinsou, Monoma, Bakugou, Shoto, Kirishima, and Tetsutetsu
TW: Sexual harassment, groping, mentions of sexual comments, mild stalking.
Tumblr media
You know he doesn't tolerate harassment.
He used to bottle it up when he was younger but now that he has a sense of self, he isn't going to let what Mineta does slide.
Already finds it annoying that Mineta harasses many of the female students and makes it a habit of being around them to scare Mineta off.
Mineta tried to get him to perv out with him and Shinsou quickly shot him down because "I'm not going to disrespect my classmates unlike you."
Hates that Aizawa doesn't do anything about Mineta other than give him second chances.
Already prepared to kick Mineta in the face if he needs to.
Very protective of you and tends to keep you next to him any time Mineta is nearby
During class he makes sure to glare at Mineta and warn him that if he doesn't behave he'll make sure he does.
When Mineta Harasses you:
When the two of you started dating, he promised you that he would do anything to keep you safe. Even if that means he needs to remove himself form your life, he'll do it.
You guys are very vocal with each other and tend to not hide anything.
Communication is key here, so don't be shy about telling him whatever is on your mind.
He knows somethings wrong when you come to his dorm after hours and cry into his chest.
"Y/n? Whats wrong baby?" You couldn't get out any coherent words, so you just continue crying.
He pulls you into his room and lays you on his bed to cuddle with you.
"Baby, tell me what's wrong. I want to help you, please tell me." He brushed your hair out of your face and placed kisses on your forehead.
"M-mineta- hhc- m-mi- he- hah-" You couldn't tell him. Not because you didn't want to but you just couldn't get the words out.
You didn't need to tell him, you said "Mineta" and that was enough to get the idea that he did something to you.
He tries to get up from the bed to go down the hall to Mineta's dorm room. You didn't let him leave so he lays down again whispered words of adoration to you till you fell asleep.
Once you're asleep, he got up again and locked his dorm room so no one could get in and bother you as you slept.
He walked down the hall towards Mineta's room and picked the lock on his door.
He managed to brainwash Mineta without having him scream to much and had Mineta follow him towards the front of the school.
The next morning, when students from other courses walked onto campus, they were greeted by a screaming and very naked Mineta attached to the flag pole.
"Shinsou?" "Yes baby?" You walked up to him and gave him a hug. You planned on having it be brief but Shinsou wouldn't let you go, not that you were complaining. His warmth and smell was comforting.
"Why is Mineta naked and hanging on the flag pole with Sero's tape?" He doesn't answer you but instead held you tighter and chuckled instead. The rumbling of his laugh bringing you even more comfort.
"You know why." You looked up at him and give him a peck on the lips.
"Yeah, guess that wasn't the smartest thing to ask." You both laughed with each other while Aizawa stared at the two of you in amusement.
His favorite student was turning out pretty alright. Finally.
Tumblr media
Monoma is a canon woman respecter.
He views his female counterparts to be as capable as the males, so when it came to you, he viewed you highly.
When you both started dating, Monoma is absolutely head over heels for you.
So expect him to hold you above everyone and everything from then on.
As his significant other, he naturally was more protective about you. He never insulted you unless its in a teasing/loving manner.
He only pervs over you as long as it made you feel comfortable.
"You're looking quiet...delectable today my dear."
Would maintain contact with you as much as possible
Is playful with his touching so expect him to corner you and attempt to make you flustered by pressing you up against him.
He does it because he wants to admire you and if you lack confidence in your appearance, to remind you that "You're the baddest, most beautiful woman for me. Everyone is second rank compared to you."
When Mineta Harasses you:
Lowkey a nut job. Are we surprised?
He won't be as intense as Shinsou but he will keep you away from Mineta when he can.
Mineta and him have never gotten along and since they were in different classes never attempted to build a relationship.
Monoma honestly finds him really gross and has told him upfront that he finds him disgusting, both to him and his class mates.
"Are you all not ashamed to be in the same space as this perverted neanderthal? I would have offed myself it that were my case!"
So imagine how he reacted when you tell him that Mineta groped your boobs.
"He did what?!" You sigh and sit down next to him on his bed looking down at your phone. "He used his sticky ball things to catch my shirt and groped me as he was "trying to help me"."
He saw how uncomfortable you look so he asked for permission to touch you.
He wanted you to feel safe around him, so when you say yes he pulled you on top of him and laid you both down on his bed.
The next day he went up to class A and told them what Mineta did to you.
Naturally they were all fuming because Mineta had always given their class a bad rap for his gross antics. So the fact that Monoma was not only calmly speaking with them but clearly angry makes the rest of them band together to fuck Mineta up during training.
Monoma was angry but he wasn't going to make a scene. It wasn't his place to get angry for you but to instead comfort you right now.
Mineta was sent to Recovery Girl after training, but he wasn't healed or helped by her. Instead the old lady hit him with her cane and told him to fix his injuries himself.
Monoma showered you in kisses and kept you close to him for the rest of the day. Telling you how beautiful you are and how he couldn't believe that such a "beastly creature could ever think of being with someone like you."
"I know you wan't to forget what happened, but Shinsou sent me a video of everyone having a go at the grape boy. Would you like to see it?" You snuggled closer to him, moving your face into the crook of his neck.
Tumblr media
Haha, do you really think he'd take this well?
Bakugou has made it clear since his first year that what he deems is his, is only his.
He's also made it clear that he can't stand Mineta and anyone like him, so its not a surprise if he becomes incredibly irretated or angry.
When the two of you weren't dating, he was still an oblivous pinning idiot for you.
He didn't know why he wanted to have you by his side all of the time or why he would get upset on your behalf when Mineta would make sexual comments about you.
"Common Bakugou, you know y/n has a hot bod. Just admit it-"
Bakugou chokes the fuck out of Mineta and this is still before you both started dating.
So imagine what he does to the little fucker when you're both finally together.
When Mineta Harasses you:
He's dead.
Like, Mineta is not coming back to school for at least a month or ever.
You're strong and independent, so Bakugou feels comfortable with you handling things on your own.
If you ever need his help he won't view you as weak but instead lend you his full support.
The thing is, he saw Mineta touch you.
Specifically, he saw Mineta take a picture of the underside of your skirt when you bent down to pick up your pencil and slapped your ass in the process.
Immediately grabbed the phone and destroyed it.
"HEY, WHAt ah- ugh!" Bakugou grabbed Mineta by the throat and dragged him away.
Think of Satan dragging sinners into hell, it's like that.
You know Bakugou is terrifying so don't expect anything less from him.
That night, Bakugou got back to his dorm room late after being scolded by Principal Nezu and Snipe. Aizawa was there but was present only to congratulate him for, umm, "dealing" with Mineta.
You were sleeping in his bed already, wearing one of his shirts and your own pj bottoms.
He smiled to himself and went to lay down with you, wrapping his arms around you and placed your head on his chest.
"Don't worry babe. I'm always going to protect you."
"I know."
You both slept peacefully that night.
Tumblr media
Todoroki isn't stupid, just oblivious...and kind of stupid.
He's known Mineta since his first year in UA, so he's used to the way he acts.
He knows Mineta made people uncomfortable but he didn't pay him any attention.
Essentially, if Todoroki doesn't see it doesn't exists.
He knows the girls at UA all feel uncomfortable around Mineta.
He held his opinion to himself most of the time but he really didn't like Mineta.
When Todoroki and you started dating, you try reaching out him for physical contact only to be shot down unintentionally.
It bums you out because you wished you could be close to him but if he doesn't want that then its fine.
Todoroki's brain actually shuts down when you touch him, doest matter if its brushing your hand with his or you being really close to him.
Todoroki.exe has stopped functioning.
When Mineta Harasses you:
This is one those times that you really needed the physical affection.
You wanted to wash away the feeling of Minetas hands off of you and replace it with someone you truly love instead.
But you couldn't go to Todoroki for that, so you just hid in your dorm room for the rest of the school day.
Todoroki missed you in class that day and couldn't find you anywhere either.
He tried calling you but no answer. He was worried, even if his face wouldn't show it.
Once classes were over he immediately ran to your dorm room.
"Y/n, are you in there?" You respond with a yes and let him inside. The state he saw you in wasn't the best.
You had tear tracks running down your face and your lip was quivering. You'd been crying alone and hid away from him.
"Whats wrong? Tell me." So you do. You tell him about Mineta touching your boobs and how he made comments about them.
It was rare to have Todoroki express emotions visibly, so when he grips on to you and starts kissing your face you dont know how to respond.
He told you how much he loves you, how he wished he wasn't so stunted and had the rational to tell you more often.
You said you didn't want to go to class the next day, which he fully respected.
He got his payback during training, freezing Mineta in place with a big ice wall.
"You ever touch my girlfriend ever again, i'll make sure thats the last thing you'll ever do in this course."
Professor Snipe told him to unfreeze Mineta which Todoroki does. But of course he over does it so Mineta's was practically being boiled alive.
"Also, you ever do what you did to y/n again to any of the other girls, you can say goodbye to that "hero career" of yours."
Girl, you know he'll use Endeavors money to prevent Mineta from ever hitting the hero scene if you asked him to.
Tumblr media
Fully aware of what Mineta does to the girls and isn't afraid to call him out on it.
He's close to Mina so naturally he knows some of the struggles that women/girls go threw. (*Venom Starts Playing*)
"Bro, it's not very manly to say that." Consistently points out that real men don't grope or harass women for their attention.
When he starts dating you. OH MY GOD. I'M JEALOUS!
He's on cloud 9. Loves it when you cheer for him and call him manly. Adores it even more when you play with his hands and caress his scar.
If you have stretch marks or scars of your own, you know he's going to kiss each and everyone one of them. He wants you to feel as loved as he does.
Always on you, but has no problem with you hanging out with other people. He actually encourages you to spend more time with your other classmates/friends because, "It's manly to be dedicated to your significant other but's it's manlier to be dedicated to your friends!"
He loves it when you help him out with dyeing his hair and in return he helps you pick out what to wear.
"You say you wan't to look pretty, which you already are by the way, so let me help you enhance that beauty babe!" Doesn't like when you say anything negative about yourself so he always showers you in complements and tells you that you look pretty/beautiful no matter what.
When Mineta Harasses you:
This is the outfit thing again.
(Very quick side note: It doesn't matter what you wear or what you dont wear. No one and i mean NO ONE should EVER lay their hands on you or disrespect you. Your clothing is not consent and i don't know how some people aren't aware of that. You wear what you want to wear and if people have an issue with that then fuck them. I'll gladly remind you that you're beautiful and worthy of respect no matter what weight, size, body type, race, ethnicity, or anything you may be. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND CLOTHING IS NOT CONSENT!)
You and Kirishima planned out an outfit for you to wear on the weekend for your day out.
You were going to go out with your class to the mall and just have a great day together.
You both held hands the entire time and he helped carry your bags after you bought something. Many of the things bought were for the both of you.
"Hey! Im going to get us some frozen yogurt, what flavor do you want?" You tell him which one you want and he leaves you in the middle of the mall to go buy the treat. You wonder into a store that was close to where he left you and started looking around.
That's when you felt someone grab your butt and at first you thought it was Kirishima being funny again but when you turned around you see Mineta instead.
"Hey, what the fuck!" You pushed him away from you as he started to drool.
"H-hey, don't push me. I'm just appreciating the view. Your ass looks so soft and plushy in those clothes, it was tempting me to touch." The sick little pervert started drooling even more and made a grabby motions at you.
You quickly got out of the store and bumped into Kirishima as he was walking around looking for you.
"Hey, babe. Is- is something wrong?" Your face was a mix of anger and discomfort you. Mineta's hands left a sick feeling in you.
"No?" He pulled you in close and kissed the top of your head. The moment that Mineta comes into his line of sight, he's already bulldozing into him.
He kicks Mineta out of the mall and then comes to hold you again, feeding you the frozen yogurt he bought for the both of you.
"Don't worry babe, i'll kick his butt if he comes near you ever again."
Tumblr media
A joke could be made here that since he's a copy of Kirishima he would just act the same way.
We'll no. Not with me.
Tetsutetsu is very loving but also very clingy.
He doesn't really like it when you spend to much time with other people and would much rather if you would spend it with him.
He doesn't have a problem with you having other guy/girl friends, he just wants all of your attention because he's needy and loves you.
He knows who Mineta is and is aware of what he does.
He's not in class A so he of course doesn't see the full extent of it, but he still hears about it and keeps you far away from the guy.
Attached to the hip. He won't let you get far away from him and when Mineta comes around he gives you his jacket to wrap around your waist because that little pervert will do anything to catch a peek of the underside of your skirt.
When Mineta Harasses you:
Mineta was following you around all day and wouldn't leave you alone. Any time you asked to go to the bathroom or had to go to a different teacher to speak about something, the little gremlin followed you.
Tetsutetsu met up with you during your lunch break, waiting outside of your class like always.
He spots Mineta walking around in the hallway so he quickly grabs your wrist and pulls you into himself.
"Hey babe, how was class?"
"It was ok, umm, Mineta kind of..." Tetsutetsu fully understands what you're saying and gives you his jacket to wrap around your waist.
He still won't let go of you and keeps you close to him.
As the two of you walked away Mineta started to follow the you into the cafeteria, drooling as he watched your hips sway.
Tetsutetsu was keeping an eye on him and once he sees Mineta get to close for comfort, he makes a scene to shame the little creep.
"Hey, hey you! Mineta you sick little pervert! Get away from my girlfriend or i'm going to beat your ass next time i see you." (Cartoonish yelling and over all just imagine an angry puppy)
Everyone looked at Tetsutetsu in amusement.
They fully supported him calling Mineta out but how can you be adorable and angry at the same time?
You thank Tetsutetsu by giving him a kiss on the cheek. You've both kissed on the lips before but no matter how many times you guys kiss, he always flushes red and gets nervous afterwards.
"Thank you Tetsu. I love you."
"Ha, haha hehe. I-i love y-you too b-babe!" Grabbed you and rubbed his face on your cheek.
I wish someone loved me this much. Someone wants to help out a lonely ass bitch?
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yanderenightmare · 8 months ago
Ok, hear me out. Imagine the yandere bnha thinking that their darlings made something wrong/disobey them and when they deny it the boys get really angry and just aply a harsh punishment. So when they find out that she, in fact, didn't do anything wrong and that she wasn't lying, what would they do? I don't know if this is confusing but it's on my mind now. Could you write this for Bakugou, Izuku and Keigo pls??? ❤️
yandere ! BNHA imagines
Support me at KO-FI if you feel like it<3
goodiebag WARNINGS: nsfw, noncon/dubcon, abuse, anxiety, guilt, manipulation, slight mutilation, profanity, Stockholm syndrome
“Where’s the knife, Quirkless.” She would have flinched at the nickname if she hadn't gotten so used to it already, and though he had discarded of the title lately it still felt like a second skin to the girl.
He would be lying if he said he wasn't on edge, if he hadn't been looking for a flaw in the perfect evening. “Knife?” She turned to look at him, fiddling with the bow on her neck, the one fasting her apron.
“That was why you were so fucking persistent on helping me in the kitchen... wasn't it?” He looked hurt as he accused, voice only barely holding together, eyes a burning searing cold. “Just so you could take a fucking knife?” 
She wasn't understanding anything, and he’d know that if he’d believed the crinkle of confusion between her brows. 
“I thought we were making progress.” He sighed, cleary disappointed, seemingly contemplating what to do next, how he could and should deal with the situation before he lost ahold of his temper.
“As flattering as it is you thinking I’d have the nerve, skill and imagination to steal a knife from you-” She started, a halfhearted laugh breathed within her words, nearly amounting to a giggle. “I didn't take anything, you must have counted them wrong.” 
“Don't fuck with me!” His attitude-twist had her jump, expression falling then rising as her eyes grew wide, lips shut, suddenly feeling frozen, as though any movement could only be answered by the great ash-blonde’s counterattack. “Just hand it over and I won't have to hurt you too bad.”
She took a step back, hands rising as an instinctive makeshift shield, or to balance herself with the rush of blood suddenly pumping in her system. “Katsuki, I’m telling the truth.” She swallowed, trying to level the growing feral energy she felt surge and ooze from the fueling fire in front of her. “I didn't take it.”
“Bullshit, there’s a knife missing and I didn't take it, no one else sure as fuck did, so that leaves you.” His eyes scrutinized, narrowing in her direction. “You and your silver tongue who somehow managed to trick me into thinking letting you anywhere near the fucking kitchen was a good idea, I should have just left you tied to the bed.” His voice dripped with venom, contained potent danger, ready to kill, ready to sink his teeth in. “Now, I’m gonna count to three, if you know what’s good for you, you’re gonna give me the fucking knife. One...”
“But, I didn't...” She tried, but he wouldn't have her excuses.
“Two...” She stood there, unsure if whether she should run, though not able to answer quick enough. “Three.”
“Katsuki, I swear I didn't take anything.” Tears slipped down her face now as she watched his muscles flex with the white-hot wrath surging through his veins. Her knees grew weak and she knew she wouldn't be able to run anywhere, nor was there any place to run to if she could. 
“Fucking liar...” He turned away, heading back into the kitchen. “Tears won't save you from this one.” 
She heard the crash of his hands fiddling in the cutlery drawer, thinking he might have given the superiority of his math skills a second thought, but saw him return too quickly for that to be the case, eyes too blurry to see what he was holding in his hand, yet having an educated guess what it might be. 
“Since you like playing with knives so fucking much, why don't we play a game...” He yanked her wrists forward, sent her staggering into him, crushing the dainty joint in his palm, where if it wasn't for the ear-piercing wail that cut-loose into the air, they could have heard the small cracks indicating a fracture, though Bakugo didn't need to hear it where he felt it pop with satisfactory ease inside his fist, only to push her down on the stone floors, hand flattening out her arm. “Each time you refuse to tell me where you hid your idiotic little escape-plan, your senseless downright insulting form of neutralizing me...” His face a mere inch away from hers as he snarled, spit flying, knife placed at her neck. “I’m gonna carve a reminder of how fucking useless you are into your skin so you never get any of these dumb fucking ideas ever again.”
Her high-pitched screams rung like cacophony through his house, bouncing off the marble walls, filling every room with noise so deafening he was beginning to tire, head hurting at the earth-shattering wails. 
“Where is it, Quirkless?” He growled for the dozenth time, knife dripping with her blood as he just finished etching the last ‘s’ into the flesh of her arm, the fully spelled cruel nickname oozing with a stark vermillion just as rich as his bloodshot eyes staring down at her.
“I- I don't know.” She sniffed, chest heaving as she laid limply, pinned beneath him, cheeks stained and streaked with tears, bloated, nose red and eyes unfocused, looking about ready to pass out. “Please...”
He huffed through his nose, twitching with unstifled rage, growing more and more frayed. “Fine, suit yourself, next will be my fucking name.” He seethed, drawing another defeated sob from out of her hiccuping ribcage. “Wonder where I should write it... the other arm, your chest, your ass?” His stained bloodied fingers grabbed her chin, tried forcing eye contact only to find blank blown pupils falling to nothing, glossed over and delirious, feverish with dew-drops prickled on her forehead and breasts. “Shit... you’re even weaker than I thought...”
He got up, left her to lay there with labored breaths, making a quick journey to find some bandages, thinking he’d be merciful enough to secure her wounds before starting a new one. Feet slapping against stone, stomping through the halls to the bathroom, pulling open the cupboards only to come to an abrupt holt. 
Ice through his veins at the sight of the knife in the drawer. 
The knife he’d put there to cut bandage cloths each time he would brand her with burns whence his temper got out of bounds.
“Fuck...” He breathed, eyes stinging, body so unbelievable stiff as his ears burned upon hearing the soft snivels coming from the living room.
He walked out, bandage-roll in hand, knees feeling wobbly, too weak to support his weight, and the newly settled burden on his shoulders. He rounded the corner, the bloody word carved into her once soft skin the first thing his eyes fell upon, heart clenching furiously in his chest, something clawing at his throat from the inside. 
“I didn't- I- please- I didn't- I-” She simply lied there, all limp, on the cold stone tiles, blood staining her dress, apron ripped off and thrown next to her, sobbing with such little power they were reduced to mere sniffles, her weak limbs not even trying to make her stand up, too exhausted to even support her breathing as her chest rose with labor on each meager intake and seemed to crumble on every slipping exhale.
“Fuck- I know- I- I fucked up.” He kneeled down next to her, mind reeling, spinning, trying to wrap around the volume of what he’d just done, trying to find any means of salvaging what perfection they’d started the day off with when he’d made her breakfast and she’d hugged him, kissing him all softly and giggling as he lifted her up to sit on the counter. Finding there was no other option but to pick up the broken pieces scattered around him, and hope, hope with all his heart that he could fix things.
“No, please Katsuki, I didn't take anything, please-” She cried once seeing he’d come back, body trying to curl away when his hands descended to touch her, his large hands unsure of what to do, what he could, what he should, what he had to. Ashamed and guilt-stricken, rusty daggers stabbing at his insides, twisting in his gut as he picked her heavy arm up from the ground, laying it on his lap to wrap the white strip of bandage around it.
He bit his lip and tasted the metal on his tongue, tears starting to fall as he withheld screaming, his heart being ripped from his chest, quite like how he wanted to rip his hair out, pull his tongue out, claw his eyes out, tear the skin and flesh of his bones. “I’m sorry.” 
He’d been going through the regular routine, coming to the bitter conclusion that not everything was up to code. Walking out into the kitchen where his darling had been standing for about an hour cooking dinner, humming a lullaby as she suspiciously went on stirring the pot without a hint of scorn or resistance. 
Her compliant nature all made sense now.
“So, chicken soup?” He quipped, though she didn't pick up on the bitterness.
She just threw her head back to look at him over her shoulder, soft smile on her face. “Yeah, I know it’s your favorite!” It was so heartfelt he almost believed it.
“Clever.” Her brows furrowed upon the strange darkness in his tone, but shrugged it off, excused it on him being tired after a long day.
She poured the soup into two bowls, picked them up to set them on the table where she’d laid out a nice table-cloth and a small vase of flowers, all swift and graceful. “You say it all the time, I’d have to be deaf to miss it.” He waddled over to take his seat, eyes fixed on her and her antiques all the way, trying to spot an inch of regret in her composure, but finding she sprung around him and fiddled and fussed like the perfect housewife he’d groomed her to be, lying to his face with the bright smile on her lips. “Well, go on. It’s my first time with this recipe.”
“Special recipe, is it?” He asked, sitting down and picking up his spoon, twirling it in his hand, eyes still set on her, an eyebrow slightly cocked.
She looked to him then, head tilting to the side, growing more and more confused by his strange attitude. “No... quite simple actually.” She decided to brush it off, thinking he might perk up after he got some food. “Well?” She nodded eagerly towards his bowl.
“You first.” He smiled, though his eyes still looking strangely... dead.
“Oh, thank you.” She smiled, picking up her spoon, scooping to put in her mouth, then swallowing.
“So it’s only in my bowl then.” He sighed.
“Im not eating this.” He dropped his spoon, letting it clatter with soft yet abrasive thumps on the clothed table.
“Did I do something wrong?” The concerned look on her face nearly had him fooled.
“Save it...” He snapped, getting up with an exasperated sigh, carding his hands through his hair as he paced. “You really thought I wouldn't notice you trying to drug me?” She had gotten up to try and comfort him, yet stopped at the accusation.
“What’re you...”
He gave a curt exhale, a rather short frenzied excuse for a laugh. “It’s a good plan, your safest bet really.” She was simply left dumbfounded as she watched him pace, his wings on edge, hunched and ruffled. “I’m too fast for you to try and run, I would sniff you out if you tried hiding, fighting me would be ridiculous... knocking me out with a few pills was the only way.” She opened her mouth to protest, but couldn't really decipher just what it was he was accusing her off. “So fucking clever, I could almost applaud the effort!” His voice boomed, loud and shrill, taking up the space of the open-spaced apartment. “Too bad you fucked up.” She was getting scared now, heart climbing up her throat as she watched him flail his arms, throwing a tantrum with how upset he was about something she didn't even know what was. “Shit... and I thought I was being crazy. You had me feeling bad for not trusting you and here you are trying to pull shit like this.”
She went against her better judgement and walked toward the bristled feral man, her hands held up to touch him even though it seemed she mind burn at contact. “What are you talking about? Keigo-” “Shut up.” He spat, arm flying and landing a sharp smack across her face, impact and angle sending her to the floor, though not allowing her to recover as the same abusive hand came to grab a fistful of her hair, scalp screaming as he began dragging her across the floors, forcing her to crawl after him where he began stomping to some unknown place, tasting the metal of a popped lip bleeding into her mouth. “Unless you’re gonna apologize or beg, I don't want to hear it.”
“But-” She sobbed, trying weakly to pry his fist from her hair, only to feel him tightening and pulling some more, his pace making her soft knees scathe on the marble floors, burns running down her shins.
“It’s time you understood your place as my mate. Your only purpose.” He dismissed.
She’d gotten rather used to being thrown down on the bed, but not with Keigo’s fierce feathers cutting off her dress with little regard to a avoid nicking her skin, nor with his hand squeezing the life out of her, windpipe crushing beneath his brutal grip. 
“This is the only thing you’re any good for, only thing you’re made for, only thing you are. Just my little breeding-bitch, nothing else.” He spat as he ripped her panties down, dug his nails into her thighs while kicking her legs apart as she heaved and spluttered for more air, coughing in a fit once he removed his hand to better spread her open, her dress in tethers around her bruised body, skin once soft now sliced in a thousand small bleeding cuts, her hand weakly coming to push at his pelvis, as she was rendered unable to speak, only hiccup and cough and cry. And Keigo didn't waste any time, spitting on his spitefully erect cock, the only moisture he’d deemed necessary as he pushed inside her dry unprepared tight entrance, feeling her tense up beneath him, felt her panicked sobbing in the way she beat at his chest as he laid down on top of her, all his weight squeezing the breath from out her lungs as he let go of spreading her thighs open in favor of catching her bothersome fists, pinning them into the bed with a crushing grip as he started rolling sharply and harshly and rapidly into her. Growls erupting from someplace deep within his throat, no shame, just white-hot blinding unforgivable rage.
He climbed off once he’d emptied himself inside her, grabbing her arms, he lifted her only to throw her limp body down on the ground. “Mutts sleep on the floor.” He spat, blood still oozing from spliced skin, open wounds around her wrists where he'd clawed, neck almost ripped open beneath the impact of his teeth marking her, throat sore from screaming, yet still continuing to haul up painful bleeding sobs. 
And though he’d made it such a point that breeding was her only usage, made her say it, made her beg for it, made her thank him, he still went to find a pill, yet with the rush of what he’d just done coming to a crash he was left feeling dizzy in the spiraling downfall of his frenzy, adrenaline fizzing out and nerves starting to prickle, messaging his temples to soothe the oncoming headache, finding quite ironically he could use a pill or two to soothe his nerves, the same kind she’d tried drugging him with earlier. 
She curled up on the floor, hugging her body for comfort, bruises and cuts stinging hot against the cool carpet. 
He padded into the bathroom, unbothered by her cries, thinking they were justified, deserved. Hands casually reaching towards the pill-bottle in the medicine cabinet, popping the cap and throwing two circular, not oval, pills down his throat, face contorting at the foreign feel of them on his tongue, realizing, slowly and mortifyingly, that the taste was sweet instead of bitter, as they were supposed to be. 
Grabbing the bottle and turning it in his hand to read the label, eyes scanning and widening, blinking once, blinking twice, whispering a small breathless. “No...”
He ran back into the bedroom, cursing all the way, cursing himself all the way.
He’d mislabeled the bottles. One bottle containing what pills he’d used to take to calm himself during his ruts before finding a better outlet in his darling, the other bottle full of OxyContin. The rut-pills naturally having way less pills inside, which was why he counted that at least fifteen pills where missing this morning.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck...” He cursed, had no mind for anything else as he rounded the corner and stood in the threshold, scared to enter, scared to breathe as he listened to his darling pained whimpers and shattered breaths. His darling still lying exactly where he’d left her, limp where were it not for the wrecked way her ribcage would rise and fall, he’d think she was dead.
Instinctively he sent his feathers out to help her up quicker than his legs could carry him over, though she recoiled at the fluttering of them, whimpering as she backed herself up into the corner of the room, sitting with her knees tucked tightly to her chest, her arms swung around them to shield herself, head hung as she winced and chocked on her cries. 
It felt like dying, the a jagged rock lodged in his chest, it felt like death, like sickness, spreading throughout him, cold and vicious, with no mercy as he began crying too.
“M’ sorry, I’m s- so sorry, sorry, I’m sorry, ple- please-” He begged, but her huddled frame was shaking in terrorized shock as she began rocking back and forth, toes curling into the carpeted floors. “Please- please, Angel.” He reached out a second time, this time not letting her flinching stop him, taking her hands in his, both equally shaking. He knelt, head hung and bowing to rest against her feet. “Forgive me...” He started kissing, first the top of her foot, then her calf, hand held loosely inside his, lips mushed to kiss the top, then her knee, pulling her into his lap, hugging her close, cradling her head to his neck, other hand splayed on her back, arm securing her tightly against his chest. “I’m sorry...”
Izuku came home earlier than usual, though instead of being suspicious, she felt overjoyed, welcoming him home by the door, helping him tread his jacket off his broad shoulders, hanging it up for him on the hanger to be placed inside the closet neatly, standing up on her tippy-toes as he leant down to plant a juicy kiss to his cheek, all just in the order he’d taught her. Perfection. Getting ready to ask him how his day was, before he beat her to the punch.
“Sweetie?” He asked, slight lilt in his tone.
She just smiled in return. “Yes, Daddy?” Feet placed beside each other and standing straight and perfect like a little doll.
“What did you do today?” It’s quite normal for Izuku to ask, liking to watch his little girl bounce with passion, all shy and giddy and awkward as she drones on about the lack of substance in her day with that unrestrained childlike candidness he’s forged her into.
“Uhm...” She blinked, face in wonderment. “Well... I woke up, had a bath, dressed up.... ooh, made the bed, then I played in the garden for a bit, or... for a very long while actually, I picked some flowers and made a flower-crown, and had another bath because of all the mud-”
“Come here, Bunny.” He cut off her rambling, despite it being cute, curling his finger at her to come over as he sat down on the couch. He patted the couch-cushion beside him, not his lap, which could only mean he wanted one thing. She did what she knew from experience he wanted, propping her knees up to kneel beside him. “Lie down, you know what to do.” Ass arched up over his lap, short frilly skirt hiking up her thighs, revealing her pretty cotton panties, with her face mushed in the other couch-cushion on the opposite side of him. “You want to try that again?” He stroked the ample skin of her butt, cupping one cheek in his palm and messaging calloused fingers over the soft skin, fingering the hem and snapping it back to smack her skin lightly.
“Try what again, Daddy?” She asked, unquestioning of his request, folding her feet while having them raised in the air, pearl-white socks pulled neatly over her knees beginning to roll into the crease of her bent legs.
“What did you do today?” He stroked down the back of her bare thigh, other hand leveling on the small of her back, fingering a lock of hair that laid splayed there.
“But I just told you-” Her voice still sweet and childish and girly, just the way he liked, bordering on whiny as she tipped her head back to give him a perplexed look.
“Hmm, give me your hands.” She folded her arms behind her back, let him grab ahold of both her wrists in one of his massive palms, strong finger curling around them, as he continued stroking the goose-bumped flesh of her behind with the other, lifting her skirt higher, now laying it to rest in the slope of her back, leaving her pink cotton panties on full display, hugging her round bum, all exposed atop his lap. “Tell me again. One more time for me, Bunny.”  
“I don't understand, Daddy?” She asked, feeling her breasts begin to ache with how they were squished against the cushions of the sofa, the underwire to her bra cutting into her flesh in the forced position.
“No? You don't understand?” Deku patronized. “Maybe this will help.” His hand left the soft skin it hand been fondling, his other hand tightening around her wrists, bracing for the recoil that was sure to rush through her whence his raised hand struck down with force upon the unsuspecting plush flesh.
She wailed, arms trying to pull free at once, just like he had anticipated. Her booty wiggling to shake the pain away, feet thumping down into the cushions.
“Why do you think Daddy’s punishing you?” He asked calmly, hand stroking the abused flesh of her bottom as she sniffled into the plush surface her head was resting on, thighs shivering.
“I- I don't kno- know.” She hiccuped, sobs ricochetting through her chest as her one ass-cheek stung with blood like fire.
“No? You don't know?” His hand lifted, coming down hard once again. “How about now?” Voice calm, iced and leveled, strict but soft.
“No, please-” She begged through her sobbing fit, hands uselessly struggling behind her back, cramping in his unmovable death-grip.
“Does Bunny want another slap?” He asked, condescension drowning his tone, dripping like venom as he once again messaged the welted flesh of her ass.
“No-” Her voice was mumbled and slurred through tears, wet like a moan, yet hurt like a bawling toddler who scraped their knees on the pavement.
“No? But you seem to like it so much.” He pulled at the bruised flesh, pinching it between his fingers, making her arch to try and reel away from his touch, a whimpering whine leaving her.
“I didn't do anything, Daddy please!” Squealing like a little piglet, as he worked the ample fat of her butt in his hand, kneading it like one would do dough.
“Think again, I’m sure it’s simply slipping your dumb little brain.” He mocked, eyes keen and lightning-like as they look down at her face mushed against the couch, her lips blubbering like a fish, nose red and runny with the tears coating her cheeks, drool dribbling down her chin from the heavy wrecking sobs.
“No daddy, I-” Another branding landing of his large hand against her unprotected abused and bruised skin.
“Bad bunny, you mustn't tell lies.” He chastised, letting go of her wrists in favor of entangling the brutish hand in her hair, holding her skull in his palm as he dragged her up, other clawed knuckled paw manhandling her into kneeling over his lap, her trembling little body doing nothing but abide by his direction, sniveling and sniffling, hiccuping on beaten shuddering breaths as she blinked to make the brimming tears fall out of her sore eyes, lids puffy and eyelashes glossed, looking so adorably vulnerable when wincing at his fingers digging into the delicate softness of her hips, keeping her seated, ass blossoming with lilac and maroon. “My little pet tried to escape today, didn't she?” His eyes were set and stone-cold as he narrowed them slightly at her, left eye mildly twitching every second or so.
Her hands held onto his arms, more to balance herself as she cried than for his sake. “What... no-” She mumbled out between sniffs and bleating, eyes too dewy to focus, mind too clogged to be thinking of much more than her aching flesh.
“No?” His voice mimicked her frail timber. “Then how come I know you tried opening the door to the mudroom at exactly 2.37 in the afternoon today?” He quirked a brow, nostrils flaring at the building potent brew of rage within him. “Care to explain what you where thinking?” 
Chest heaving sporadically, still with her sobs she tried formulating what muddled answer she could. “I- the rain-”
“The rain!” He stated, voice sharp and booming, not buying whatever sorry excuse she was trying to sell him. “Gotta do better than that, Bunny.” He almost felt offended with how little she’d prepared for this, he would have thought she’d come up with something better than the weather.
She sniffled. “I- I didn't want to ruin my shoes in the mu- mud, and my boots are in the mudroom, bu- but the d-door was locked, so I went barefoot instead, I’m so- sorry-” She managed to blubber out, breaths hitching, toppling her words, voice cracked and uneven in her rambling.
“Boots? Barefoo-” He asked, but answered his own question by backtracking to what she’d said about spending the day in the garden. “You weren't trying to leave?” He stated, again more like the answer to his own question.
She whimpered like a pup, small pained cries. “Leave? Why... why would I leave?”
He stared at her for a moment, features soon drawing back, a shrouded mind clearing, biting his tongue. “No reason...” He answered her bleary confused features, hands softening in their grip on her hips, nails dislodging from digging into her skin. “Don't walk barefooted when you’re outside, I don't want you to get sick.” He saved himself, casting the events and the punishment onto the measly crime.
“I won't ever do it again, I promise!” She shook her head, arms swung around his shoulders, pushing her head into the nook of his neck for comfort, basking in the familiar scent of cologne, rubbing her teary face off on the color to his shirt, kissing his throat, laying its worship, body pressed flush against his, hips shimming to better slot herself down on his lap.
Her actions were well received, a little too well with how rigid and uptight and exhausted he was in the wake of his fading anger. “Good girl.” He sighed, pleased. Large hand finding her cheek, cupping it and her chin to pull her up to face him. “It’s been a long day, give me a kiss.” She didn't hesitate, soft bloated lips pressed primly into his, welcoming how he liked to suck on her bottom lip, welcoming how his teeth liked to chew on it, knowing how to make herself useful, petite hands finding his chest, working at the perfect pace in unbuttoning his shirt, hips rocking like they’d been taught to awaken what was kept inside his pants.
Support me at KO-FI if you feel like it<3
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genshin-obsessed · 25 days ago
Happy Birthday (y/n) | Genshin Impact Guys
Ok, it's my birthday and this is a little self-indulgent so don't @ me, I already exposed myself. Anyway, I hope you like it <3 It took like 3 days to complete this :') they do get repetitive, but you're only supposed to read one-
[Girls here]
Characters: Aether, Albedo, Ayato, Bennett, Childe, Chongyun, Dainsleif, Diluc, Gorou, Kaeya, Kazuha, Razor, Scaramouche, Thoma/Tohma, Venti, Xiao, Xingqiu, and Zhongli.
Tumblr media
He frowned, realizing how late it was already. You would definitely be asleep by the time he got home. He really didn’t mean to be so late, yet here he was, getting home way after midnight.
He opened the door and walked in, seeing your sleeping face right there on the couch. You always waited for him to come home and today wasn’t any different.
He sighed as he moved towards you after locking the door. He got down on his knees, a small frown on his face.
✩ Aether
“You’re so beautiful, especially when you sleep. You look so peaceful and I… I just can’t help but stare. Sorry, I’m sure I sound very creepy right now… but… I love you. I love you so much, I can’t help it. I hope I get to stay with you forever because I can’t even imagine losing you. So stay with me forever, darling. Happy birthday.”
✩ Albedo
“Hmm so soft looking. Your cheeks are soft, your lips are soft, you’re soft… heh, sorry. I know I sound a little obsessed. You know, sometimes I wonder if you’re… ever bored of me. I’m not like the others and there are days in so focused on my experiments, I feel like I neglect you sometimes. But… for you, I would abandon it all. For you, I would give up anything. You’re so precious to me… happy birthday, my love.”
✩ Ayato
“I’m sorry I took so long that you fell asleep. I really thought I would be done hours ago, but maybe my sense of time got messed up today. At least it’s only past midnight, I have a free day tomorrow. One specifically for you. Though I don’t have much time, I try to dedicate all of my spare time to you. So please don’t leave me… anyway, happy birthday. I hope you’ll enjoy the day I have planned for you.”
✩ Bennett
“Oh man, I knew that last mission would make me late. I’m really sorry. But I suppose I’m here now, so I can just say it now, right? Oh wait, maybe I should wait until morning because then you can actually hear it. But… ah, it‘ll be embarrassing. Ok, I’ll just say it now. I love you. I love you so, so, so much. I hope we can spend our lives together. I swear I’ll make you the happiest person on the planet- well aside from you. Wow… you really are so gorgeous. Sleep well, (y/n). Happy birthday.”
✩ Childe
“Damn, I really tried to rush home too. I really didn’t mean to be late, I wanted to wish you right at midnight. I suppose I can always wait until morning. Heh… you look so innocent like this. You know, sometimes I wonder why you’re with me. There are so many other guys that- no. Never mind. Happy birthday, babe. Thank you for coming into my life.”
✩ Chongyun
“Ah you fell asleep, I suppose that’s my fault. I didn’t mean to take so long. I suppose I could’ve just come home early but that last attempt to find the ghost- never mind, I shouldn’t bother you with this. I just… want you to know you’re so pretty and I love you more than life itself. So… happy birthday! Oh- s-sorry, that was a little loud-”
✩ Dainsleif
“Sometimes I wonder why you wait up. Just look at how uncomfortable you are on the couch. But I do appreciate you waiting up even though you don't need to, my darling. You’re so very sweet and I always wonder how I got so lucky. You really must be a gift from the universe or something. Ah, this conversation is best suited for when you’re awake. Happy birthday, (y/n).”
✩ Diluc
“Sorry, I tried to rush home too. I would’ve left the tavern earlier but there was a bit of a fight and- you’re asleep, you don’t really need to hear this. Anyway, happy birthday, darling. I have an exciting day planned for us both, so I hope you’re looking forward to it. Oh, and as promised, I won’t be busy. I’ll make sure you’re nothing but smiles all day today. I love you.”
✩ Gorou
“Oh man, I swear I didn’t mean to be so late. It really was an accident. I mean…. I should just take responsibility. I wanted to surprise you, yet here you are, asleep. I mean I can always give you your gift tomorrow. I hope you’re excited because I am. Well anyway, I love you, you make me the happiest, and happy birthday. Sleep well.”
✩ Kaeya
“Hmph, I told Jean I would be late if I- ah don’t worry about it. I suppose I shouldn’t be too harsh on her, she does a lot for us. Anyway, onto you, my love. Look at you… so adorable. Man, I just can’t get enough of you. Do you realize that you’ve got me wrapped around your little finger? This little, tiny one too… heh… I really do love you. And only you. So make sure to smile all day for me today, ok babe? Good. Happy birthday.”
✩ Kazuha
“Oh no… no, man I really wanted to get home before you fell asleep. I told Beidou that she would make me late… I suppose it can’t be helped now. I don’t want to wake you up, so I’ll just say it now, it might be easier too. I love you, I love you so much that I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m sorry I couldn’t wish you a happy birthday exactly at midnight, but I suppose this will have to do. I hope you enjoy today’s events… happy birthday to the most amazing person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.”
✩ Razor
“Sorry I’m late… lupical hunt took longer than I thought. You’re very pretty when you sleep… I’m sorry I couldn’t wish you happy birthday. So I say it now. Happy birthday, (y/n). I love you.”
✩ Scaramouche
“Ugh, I knew your dumbass would try and stay awake and wait for me… though I feel kinda bad for being late. It’s not like the end of the world, I just wanted to say happy birthday at midnight but whatever. I guess I can say it now and later today when you wake up. I… am happy you’re asleep because I would never say this to your face but I’m happy I met you. You… you actually like me- the other harbingers don’t even like me and sometimes that hurts a little. I mean, not that I want to ever admit it- and I won’t. Having you on my side makes the days hurt less sometimes. Thanks for dealing with me or whatever. I know I say I tolerate you, a lot but let’s be real. You’re the one who tolerates me. And I should be so damn grateful that you even bothered to stick around. I love you and happy birthday. Thank you so, so much for coming into my life… because now I can’t imagine it without you.”
✩ Thoma
“Oh no… I’m so sorry… I guess no point in apologizing now. You’re not even awake to hear it. Ok well, I guess I’ll have to give you your gift later. I hope you’ll like it. I mean… it’s just a ring by itself but it means a lot. To be honest, I’m terrified (y/n). I’m so damn scared you’ll say no and I don’t think I can handle that. I mean, there’s no way you would but to… d-do you want to get married? Ugh- god, I should stop. I’m making myself so nervous. Anyway… ahem, I love you, sleep well. Oh and happy birthday to the most amazing human ever.”
✩ Venti
“I figured you’d be asleep by now. Try as you might, you can’t stay up all night when you’re so busy during the day. You get exhausted. I wanted to say this exactly at midnight, but right now works, I suppose. Happy birthday, (y/n). Thanks for coming into my life. It was lonely for a really long time, you know. Being alive for so long has its benefits but the biggest downfall is that you’re always alone. You get tired of things, look at Morax. I mean, he’s even tired of being an archon. It makes sense. But… you make the burdens less difficult. So thank you… for everything you do. I love you.”
✩ Xiao
“Man you should really fall asleep on the bed. You look so uncomfortable here. I knew I was going to be late, even though I tried not to be. I suppose it’s not that big of an issue since it’s just past midnight, but I would’ve preferred to give this to you at midnight. Oh well, later today works just as well. Um… thanks… for choosing to spend your days with me. I’m not really good with this sort of thing, but uh I just want you to know I’m happy with you. I’m really happy with you. It hurts less when you’re around so thanks for that. I… love you. Happy birthday.”
✩ Xingqiu
“Oh no… and I was supposed to read you to sleep too. Heh… look at you, you're adorable, you know that? You know, sometimes I have this moment of clarity where I realize just how attached I am to you. But then… I also realize I never want to lose that or you. I don’t care how unhealthy it is for me, I don’t care what anyone thinks. I want to be with you forever. Today, tomorrow, for the rest of eternity, and in our next life… I want to be with you. Oh yeah, happy birthday.”
✩ Zhongli
“As expected, you did fall asleep. I’m sorry I’m so late, my darling. I had every intention to be here before midnight to wish you a very happy birthday, alas, here I am, almost three hours late. I’m sorry to keep you waiting but I swear to make it up to you for this. Tomorrow will be the best birthday of your life. Until then, sleep well. I adore you more than life itself. Happy birthday, my darling.”
☽ ☾
His hand pushed your hair out of the way before his thumb brushed over your cheek. He leaned in, pressing a kiss to your lips for a brief moment before pulling away and gazing at your soft features.
So beautiful- that’s the only way he could ever come to describe you. You were the light of his life and you made him so happy he could never find a way to put it into words. But he would surely try.
Quietly standing up, he ever so gently lifted you into his arms and walked towards your shared bedroom. He was definitely going to make it up to you for being late tonight.
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fueledbyapplepi · a month ago
Ok so like, here me out, but what if there's a streetwise MC that takes out Ran, Rin, and Mikey. And they just, leave their number on their palms or arms with a cute little "call me when you wake up cutie" Just the audacity and confidence is what I long for as a former street kid myself. I might come out a fight with a fucked up face and missing a few acrylic nails, but I still had my charm. 😤👌
Boss Bitch | Mikey, Ran, and Rindou
- The boys getting their ass beat and flirted with a street smart reader.
warnings: cussing, mentions of minor violence
genre: fluff, crack (?) tbh I'm not really sure LOL
A/N: Thank you for the request, anon! We all want a badass and confident Y/N here so I hope that I was able to somehow portray them properly. I was jamming to Beyonce and Doja Cat so that I could feel writing this LMAO 😆
Tumblr media
Mikey (Manjiro Sano)
In your defense, you're not a bitch. It's just that you don't take shit from anyone and you're smart enough to not fuck with anyone.
And what's so wrong with that?
Violence and gang life has always been infamous in Tokyo. At a young age, you grew up knowing every corner and business in the streets. This also exposed you to the fighting scene.
It's safe to say that you're pretty strong and street smart. You've got decent combat skills enough to protect yourself and beat up anyone who dares to fuck around with you, and wits to know strategies when in the neighborhood.
This caused your name to be well-known around.
You didn't really associate with any gang since you're not interested in it. You'd rather be alone. However, one certain blondie kept pestering you to join this so-called "Tokyo Manji Gang".
"C'mon Y/N. You can be a really good asset with us." Mikey trailed behind you as he peeks over your shoulder. "What do you say?"
"I said no." You continue to walk with hands in your pockets as you try not to mess up your newly done nails. "Leave me alone."
"We plan to make a new era for delinquents, you know." He stated proudly as if it's the smartest thing he has ever thought.
The sentence caught your interest enough to make you stop. Mikey slightly bumping into your back.
That's something that you've never heard before. Not in Tokyo, at least. And honestly, it's a breath of fresh air to hear some sense from a gang.
"Fight me and I'll consider it." You turned around and faced Mikey. His features glimmered as the sunlight hit him.
You barely looked at him before. Was he always this cute?
"Heh. I don't want to fight you Y/N-san. You're beautiful and I don't want to damage your face." Mikey smiled at you as he attempted to calm you down and flirt with you at the same time.
"Don't you ever underestimate me, Sano." Denying your urge to punch him and keep your nails fresh, you swiftly twisted your hips and raised your legs. Throwing your hips forward, you kick Mikey as you aim for his gut.
Although he's known as the "invincible Mikey" he was caught off guard with your kick causing him to land on his back on the ground.
He's never seen someone on the same level as him. You were fast and strong.
And now he wants you more. Maybe not even just for Toman.
Trying to get up. Mikey realized that he took damage from your kick. His vision was quite blurry and his head spinning.
"Y/N-san…" Mikey whispered as he tries to get up.
"Oh, don't get up now. That was a hell of a kick right?" you smiled proudly as you crouched down at him.
"Look, Mikey." you took a pen from your purse as you wrote something in his hand.
"I'm quite interested in this era of delinquents you're talking about...and maybe on you." You stood up and winked at him. Leaving Mikey all alone.
Although his head was still spinning, Mikey looked at his palm. A number is written with a note saying "call me when you're ready to beat me."
Mikey smiled as he just got his ass kicked.
Oh, he's definitely going to call you. But not just for recruiting purposes, that's for sure.
Tumblr media
Ran Haitani
You never really had a good reputation. You're known as someone harsh and straightforward. Always lashing onto others who get in your way.
But it's not your fault that you grew up in that same environment. You grew up in one of the messiest neighborhoods in Shinjuku. Where fights and crimes have always been rampant.
And what better way to be on top and feared by others? Build a reputation.
Although you don't participate in fights that much, you're strong. And, it's given that you're also streetwise. This means that you know who handles the different districts in Tokyo.
And now, you're currently in Roppongi. The Haitani Brothers' turf.
As much as possible, you hope to not run into them.
It's not like you're scared though. It's just that you can't be bothered dealing with any of them when you're here to wind.
You lean back on your bike as you watch the crowd. The nightlife of Roppongi causes the people to increase more.
As you further stare at the people passing you by, a set of familiar braids approach your line of vision.
Just what are the fucking odds?
"Heh, so the infamous Y/N came here to look at me?" The elder Haitani craned down his neck in an attempt to talk to you despite his tall figure.
"Huh? I don't even know what you're talking about." You raise an eyebrow to Ran.
"Well, that's a lame excuse. You're looking at me for a good 5 minutes." Ran smirked at you. "Pretty hot am I?"
You scoffed, trying to hide your admiration. You're aware that the Haitanis are an attractive pair of siblings. But it's your first time seeing Ran in person and you can't help but agree with him.
However, you're not going to give him what he wants.
"I have to go, Ran." You smiled at him. "Go find someone else to feed your ego."
Ran was quite taken aback by your attitude. He was informed that you were feisty. But it's his first time witnessing it. And he likes it.
"Look, I know you're not from here. So come with me and I'll tour you around instead." He smiled at you.
You're not going to say no to him, right? Not to the Ran Haitani.
"Earn it." You challenged him as you stretched your arms. "Fight me."
Ran broke into a grin. Now that's what he's talking about. "Sure. But I'll go easy for you."
"Tch. Sure you don't need Rindou?" You teased as you positioned your knuckles in front of you.
"He's not here." Ran rolled his eyes as he aimed his baton at you. No, he's not really going to hit you. But he'll give you a little bit of what you want.
But Ran was wrong to underestimate you. You jumped over his baton and held onto the object as you swung over the air to get behind him.
"See, never underestimate the Y/N." you whispered in his ear as you choked him in his neck, along with kneeing him at his back.
Ran fell on his back as he struggled to get a sight of you.
"I got you." You crouched down on him as you looked at his pretty face.
That was fucking hot, was Ran's last thought before passing out.
"Poor you. You guys should never underestimate me." You notice that people around you are giving you two horrified looks.
That was your signal to leave. However, you can never pass out for a Roppongi tour next time by the Ran Haitani.
So you left a note in his hands. "Pardon me for the unfairness. Tour me around?" Along with your number in it.
And when he wakes up, Ran would be sure to give you the best tour that you'll never forget.
Tumblr media
Rindou Haitani
"You're fucking dumb to even fuck with me." You glared at the two men who were now beaten up in an alley.
Earlier today, these two men attempted to snatch your wallet. Which is quite unlucky for them.
When it comes to the streets, you're smarter than most people think you are. Growing up, you were taught how to deal with and be wary of people, especially those in gangs. You were also trained with the basic combat skills which are handy at times like this.
Just sitting pretty ain't enough these days.
"So what's this ruckus about?" a voice echoed through the alley.
As you looked behind your back, you saw an attractive man with glasses accentuating his features. So this is Rindou Haitani.
Pretty. You thought
Shaking away your thoughts, you raised a brow at him. "Your subordinates?" you asked.
"Yeah." Rindou stared at you. Wondering how someone could do this to his people. Impossible.
"They tried to snatch off my wallet." You explained. "Tell those fucking trash to not fuck with me."
Now Rindou is interested. Usually, when someone recognizes him or even just hears his voice, they'll be quaking at their boots. But here you are, talking so casually with him.
"Your name?" Rindou tipped his eyeglasses at his nose as he stared at you.
"Y/N." You said as you sighed and tried to get off past him.
"And you think that I believe that you did this to them?" Rindou stopped you by your shoulder. His eyes were firing of interest as he looked at you. "Show me."
"Look I don't want to fight with you, pretty boy." You sighed as you once again attempted to walk away.
Rindou tried his best to not be distracted by what you just called him, but he can't help but have a faint blush on his cheeks. "Guess we're scared now?"
You can't help but be triggered by those words.
Not only did you waste your time beating up those assholes. Now, you have to beat up Rindou Haitani.
"Don't tell me I didn't warn you." You run fast to him as you punch his side, earning a gasp from Rindou.
Rindou was surprised by your actions. Nevertheless, he attempted to block your punches by throwing off his arms in front. Only causing him to fail as you suddenly swung your hips and kicked him in his legs. Following another punch in his side.
Rindou fell to the ground. His eyes were wide and his body was still in shock from what happened.
Did he just get beaten by you?
Rindou could see you hovering about him as you were saying something. However, everything was inaudible and unclear to him.
He'll hear no end of this to Ran. But, it was an honor to get his ass whooped by you.
"I told you. I don't want to hurt you." You looked down at Rindou. Feeling quite guilty for beating him up too much.
You quickly got a piece of paper from one of your receipts earlier and left a note in his hand.
"Sorry for beating you up, pretty boy. Let me make it up to you?" While your number was written on the lower right corner.
And the first thing that Rindou did when he woke up was calling you.
Never too late for some treat, right?
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nikkixostan · 6 months ago
Bucky Barnes x Enchantress!Reader
Reader has powers like wanda.
warnings: therapy, mentions of death, anxiety, trauma, some use of foul language, fluff and sadness
summary: bucky and you spilt different ways after the funeral. but  there's a mix up between notebooks at the therapists office. having bucky come visit you after lots of time has passed
Tumblr media
Routine. That is all you used to know. Training with Nat at 7 am, coffee at 9 am, run at 6 pm, shower and the movie at 9 pm, then repeat. That was your life before the impossible happened. One minute you were in Wakanda, the next you were back in New York fighting the same man who ruined everything for you. Next you were at a funeral and every feeling you suppressed escape while you drove back to New York. Alone.
You had lost your best friend. The woman who helped you overcome your fears of your powers. The woman who looked at you as her own. Natasha was your person, as Steve was for Bucky. But you both had lost the part of you that kept you sane. You and Bucky had to move on without them. You had moved back to Manhattan while Bucky took an apartment in Brooklyn. Both of you burrows apart but dealing with the same feelings. When you had moved in there was a box. It had Natasha’s sweaters and her picture frames, and at the bottom there was an envelope. Opening it you were met with a small paper that had to be torn from another piece. Written on it in blue ink it read-
Got sent these. She wanted you to have them. I know how much you love having pieces of people so I collected some other things and Steve and I would want you to have these. Also got one of those cellular devices. Call me if you need anything. -Buck
He had given you a chain accompanied by two dog tags one read S.Rodgers and another read J.Barnes. You knew Bucky wore the other two around his neck. Tears flowed from your eyes. How come you couldn’t get one last goodbye to Natasha. You thought to yourself as you cried.
But your routine had to change. Workout 7 am, therapy at 11 am, talk to Sam at 1 pm, cook dinner at 5 pm, sit alone with your thoughts for the rest of the night. It sucked, you never thought that your life would end up here.
Dr. Raynor was your therapist. Set up by the government you had to meet up with her twice a week. She asked you questions, triggered some deep memories, and she always wrote in that damn notebook. Though with a flick of the wrist you can move her from her seat to the wall, but that's not the progress the government wants to see. Walking through the door you took your seat on the grey couch ready for interrogation- I mean therapy.
“Morning Y/N how are we feeling today?” She walked in and took her seat and immediately opened the notebook.
“Feeling good.” You said as you grabbed the dog tags and fiddled them within your fingers. The one thing you sucked at was eye contact when you were nervous so when you were looking outside through the windows she knew something was up. You heard her pen scribble on the pad of the notebook.
“I notice you’re wearing some new clothes. Did you go shopping?”
“No.” You said bluntly. Dr. Raynor offered a rather loud sigh and it bothered you.
“Y/N it’s the same thing every time we meet. I need to know if these are helping? How can I help you?”
“You cannot give me what I want.”
“What do you want? What do you the Enchantress want?” She used that word. That word that has labeled who you are.
“First of all I’m not an Enchantress. That’s not my name. I am a human being who wants a normal life. Who wants to hold the hand of their loved one as they take their last breath. Not show up one day on a battlefield wondering every five seconds where that person is.” Dr. Raynor began immediately to write things on her notepad. You had enough. Moving your hand and with one swift move, the pen was out of her hand. She looked up and you both kept eye contact as she grabbed another pen from her bag.
“Take this out of my hand again and I’ll make your sessions every other day.” She said as she clicked the top of the pen and began to continue to write in the notebook. After a few seconds she stopped writing and looked back up at you.
“You’re angry.” She said.
“Wow I’m cured thanks doc.” You said rolling your eyes to the back of your head.
“Ok I’m gonna shift things. And we’re gonna do an activity. It’s called the dream works. I want you to tell me what you wished your life would have been like after that day. And no bullshit answer like you being dead.”
Letting out a sigh you sat there with your thoughts, reminiscing to the days where you and Nat would laugh at morning training, you and Bucky constantly throwing jabs at each other, and that familiarity you once felt with Sam and Steve standing beside you. It all felt like a family.
“I would’ve driven with someone. Not alone. I would find a place with someone. I wouldn’t be left with materialistic things, but rather the people those things elongated too. I would have someone talk me through my anxiety and trauma and remind me that I would get through it. I would have someone and not be alone.” You were looking at the window and tears stained your cheeks. You never liked thinking of what could’ve been your life.
“Have you talked to that someone?” She interrogated.
“Twice. Nothing since we both started these sessions.” You said referring to Bucky.
“Well I can assure you that you both are making progress and I am very proud of you both.” She said and you moved your gaze from the window to the dog tags. Listening to her scribble and her usual talk of how amazing it was that you have full control of your power but how it would be even better if you had accepted your feelings. The alarm rang and you said your goodbyes and made your way back to your apartment. You enjoyed the walk, and the use of the subways. It was the part of the day where you could focus on something else.
It was 4:59 and you were about to start cooking dinner, but your usual did not sound appetizing at all after the day you had. You wanted something warm like soup and a cupcake to help lift your spirits. Deciding on ramen you went and grabbed your food. You walked into the cupcake shop that you and Natasha would always go to the day after a mission. Looking at the glass you couldn’t decide on the flavor you wanted. So you opted for two. One strawberry and one chocolate. Walking back to the apartment you felt something was off. Clearing your head you tried to feel the force you sensed but it was unfamiliar. Toying with the keys our door finally opened. Being as silent as can be you placed the bag of food on the floor. Inching towards your room you began to listen for any sign of a human. Breathing. You heard breathing. That was all it took for you to illuminate your powers. Your green aura squeezed around a body that was standing next to your night stand.
“It’s me Buck.” A soft whisper came from the man. Your powers were known for being strong so having him be squeezed like he was between rocks was normal. You quickly released your grasp and he fell back to the ground.
“What are you doing here?” You gasped as you turned the light onto notice his new haircut. Short.
“I came for three reasons.” He said standing up from the floor.
“Hello my name is James Bucky Barnes and I come to make amends. On what you may ask? For the things I should’ve done.” Bucky grabbed something from his jacket and he held a notebook. Not any notebook.  Dr. Raynor’s notebook. Still a puzzling look adorned your face.
“She kept it writing during my session so I went into her office and decided to grab a notebook. However I grabbed the wrong one and ended up with yours. I was curious about what she wrote about me but I ended up reading what she wrote for you. And I’m sorry you’ve been alone. I thought I was doing the right thing when I wanted to let go of that part of my past and to make amends to those who I hurt. But I ended up hurting the person who I only have left. So I’m sorry again.” He said ending his words with a sly smirk.
“I’m sorry as well.” You said. The room grew quiet. And Bucky noticed your jacket and the dog tags.
“Well even though I wasn’t here I really do hope these helped.” He said pointing to his tag and jacket.
“Wasn’t the best help but it reminded me of some happier times.” You said growing anxious as the room grew quiet again. You had remembered your food was still at the front door.
“I have dinner, a lot of it actually.” You said.
“I don't want to intrude, I've done enough of that.” He said putting his hand up. It was covered by gloves. You casted your power again removing the gloves that covered Bucky.
“Please I don’t want you to hide who you are and I don’t want to be alone.” You said whispering the last part of the sentence. You felt arms move you into his chest, laying your head against his chest you listened to his soft thumping of his heart.
“I’m sorry.” You heard him say.
That night broke both of your routines. Bucky and you had begun to eat dinner nightly, watch movies, and this was the third time he was spending the night with you.
“Dr. Raynor said she did another dream activity with you.” He said as you both watched the tv screen.
You looked up to him, silently saying for him to continue talking.
“She wanted me to ask what you said. Something about improvement?” He siad lifting one of his eyebrows up.
“Oh I had just mentioned something about us.” You said, wanting to change the topic.
“And that was?”
“Just that I would want you holding my hand as I took my last breath.” You said as your eyes kept a straight focus on the tv. You didn’t want to look up at him to see his face reaction.
“Hopefully that’s not for a long time.” He said. You thought you had scored yourself out of the rest of the conversation but he continued to talk.
“I would want to go first. I couldn’t bear seeing you in that state.” He said. You had finally moved your gaze from the screen to him.
“Not happening Barnes.” You said offering a sly smile. But there was something there in that conversation. It wasn’t like the conversations you guys had about New York, Sam, or even about your neighbors. It was the first conversation where you and Bucky saw each other in the future being there as each one took their last breath.
Bucky’s eyes were flickering from your lips to your eyes and you were doing the same thing.
“Y/N may I kiss you?” He asked. You leaned in granting him permission. And that was the night Bucky and you were more than two alone people who had lost everything. And it was the night you both had a somewhat normal life before Captain America was no longer Steve Rodgers, But John Walker.
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latte-fairytaekwoon · 5 months ago
𝚂𝚎𝚡 𝚃𝚊𝚙𝚎 (𝙺𝚒𝚖 𝙷𝚘𝚗𝚐𝚓𝚘𝚘𝚗𝚐 & 𝙲𝚑𝚘𝚒 𝚂𝚊𝚗) 𝚁𝚊𝚝𝚎𝚍
Tumblr media
𝙿𝚊𝚒𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚐: 𝙺𝚒𝚖 𝙷𝚘𝚗𝚐𝚓𝚘𝚘𝚗𝚐 (𝙰𝚝𝚎𝚎𝚣) × 𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛 (𝙵𝚎𝚖𝚊𝚕𝚎) × 𝙲𝚑𝚘𝚒 𝚂𝚊𝚗 (𝙰𝚝𝚎𝚎𝚣)
𝙶𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎: 𝚂𝚖𝚞𝚝, 𝙵𝚕𝚞𝚏𝚏.
𝚂𝚞𝚖𝚖𝚊𝚛𝚢: 𝚆𝚊𝚗𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚘 𝚋𝚛𝚘𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚗 𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚏𝚒𝚕𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚊𝚟𝚘𝚛𝚜, 𝙷𝚘𝚗𝚐𝚓𝚘𝚘𝚗𝚐'𝚜 𝚗𝚎𝚠 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚓𝚎𝚌𝚝 𝚛𝚎𝚚𝚞𝚒𝚛𝚎𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚊𝚜𝚜𝚒𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚗𝚌𝚎 𝚘𝚏 𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚐𝚒𝚛𝚕𝚏𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚍 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝚘𝚏 𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚐𝚛𝚘𝚞𝚙 𝚖𝚊𝚝𝚎𝚜.
𝚆𝚘𝚛𝚍 𝙲𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚝: 𝟻𝙺+
𝚆𝚊𝚛𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜: 𝚅𝚘𝚢𝚎𝚞𝚛𝚒𝚜𝚖, 𝚜𝚎𝚡 𝚝𝚊𝚙𝚒𝚗𝚐 (𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝚌𝚘𝚗𝚜𝚎𝚗𝚝), 𝚎𝚡𝚑𝚒𝚋𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗𝚒𝚜𝚖, 𝚖𝚊𝚕𝚎 𝚗𝚒𝚙𝚙𝚕𝚎 𝚙𝚒𝚎𝚛𝚌𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜, 𝚘𝚛𝚊𝚕 (𝚖𝚊𝚕𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚏𝚎𝚖𝚊𝚕𝚎 𝚛𝚎𝚌𝚎𝚒𝚟𝚒𝚗𝚐), 𝚜𝚙𝚊𝚗𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚐, 𝚙*𝚜𝚜𝚢 𝚜𝚕𝚊𝚙𝚙𝚒𝚗𝚐, 𝚍𝚎𝚐𝚛𝚊𝚍𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗, 𝚞𝚗𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚝𝚎𝚌𝚝𝚎𝚍 𝚜𝚎𝚡 (𝚊𝚕𝚠𝚊𝚢𝚜 𝚞𝚜𝚎 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚝𝚎𝚌𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗), 𝚌𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚖𝚙𝚒𝚎, 𝚅𝚘𝚢𝚎𝚞𝚛! 𝙳𝚘𝚖! 𝙷𝚘𝚗𝚐𝚓𝚘𝚘𝚗𝚐 × 𝙳𝚘𝚖! 𝚂𝚊𝚗 × 𝚂𝚞𝚋! 𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛
𝚃𝚊𝚐𝚕𝚒𝚜𝚝: @seacottons @multidreams-and-desires @yunhofingers @yunhoiseyecandy @little-precious-baby @galaxteez @deja-vux @brie02 @couchpotatoaniki @rvse-miingi @daniblogs164 @a-soft-hornytiny
The young female looked at the male in front of her in an appalled manner.
"Umm.....what?" She could not believe the words that just came out of his mouth.
Her boyfriend however didn't seem bothered by her reaction nor did the overly enthusiastic smile on his face brush off.
"How do you feel about helping me make a sex tape?" He repeated his previous request.
The girl raised an eyebrow at him, wondering if perhaps he was still drunk from the previous night in which he and some of the other members decided to act like dumb teens and got wasted in their dorm, resulting in him drunk calling his girlfriend and her coming over to help out the oldest and the tallest member control the other 6 men who were going berserk.
"When did you even get an idea like that?" She questioned him.
"Last night actually."
She threw her hands up and huffed.
"That's it. I'm not letting you anywhere near any alchohol for the next year." She swore to herself.
"Awww Y/N, baby, come on, don't be like that. Hear me out."
Taking one of her arms, he pressed her body against his, both of them still warm given it hadn't been long since they got out of the comfort of the bed. With one hand caressing her lower back and the other running itself through her hair, Hongjoong began to lazily press kiss across her jaw, knowing fully well it was a weakness to get her to give in.
"Think about how pretty you'll look. I'll edit it so you look even more beautiful. It'll be like one of those romantic adult films we watch together, and I know for a fact you like watching the explicit scenes."
Y/N let out a soft and shy giggle at being called out like that. She had often wondered, even out loud, how actors could actually go forth with such erotic scenes. She had to admit she admired their courage for doing them so effortlessly.
"Are you sure it's not something you wanna film to take with you whenever you're oversea? Watch a replay of you fucking me dumb?"
Now it was Hongjoong's turn to blush red. Y/N noticed how he swallowed hard, meaning there was something else.
"Hongjoong..... you were suggesting that you film us having sex...right?"
Hongjoong's eyes began to waver nervously.
"Well um...I was actually thinking more along the lines of....... someone else.....fucking you.." He stammered the last parts out.
"Are you serious?!" Y/N pushed him off her in a horrified manner, her hands fanning her face as she felt herself getting hot all of a sudden.
"Come on. You're acting like it's illegal or something. No one else besides us, and I guess the third person, will know about it." He tried to convince her.
"It's not illegal but it is insane. Who did you even think would agree to something like this?" She crossed her arms, waiting to hear what brilliant idea he came up with.
"I was hoping one of the guys would be a willing-"
"No way! That'd be even more embarrassing! It already gets awkward whenever one of them accidentally walks around with no shirt on around me, how could I possibly look at them in the face after we fuck?"
Not willing to listen to her crazy boyfriend, Y/N picked up her bag and reminded him to drink lots of water before sauntering out of his room, waving goodbye to Seonghwa who was in the kitchen and leaving before Hongjoong made things more embarrassing for her. Slumping down on the kitchen table, Hongjoong had a huge pout on his face.
"Lover's quarrels?" His same age friend asked as he began rinsing the dishes.
"Something like that." Hongjoong sighed.
"Whatever it is, I'm sure you two will figure it out. One of you ends up giving in sooner or later." He assured him.
Seonghwa was indeed right. Even if either one of you said no at first, you'd always, always, end up giving in just to try something new. That thought made Hongjoong lighten up and he began to think more about how to put his plan in motion. Firstly, he needed to pick one of the members who not only would be comfortable doing something like that, but would match the needed sex appeal.
"Jongho is out of the question. He's never even dated anyone." Hongjoong began thinking, evaluating in his head all his possible candidates.
"Mingi isn't a good choice either, he already has a lot to deal with so I'm not even going to bother with him."
Hongjoong then thought about Yeosang. He was good looking, but the problem was Yeosang was extremely reserved, not to mention he and Y/N weren't very close to each other. It would be bad chemistry. And his roommate and best friend Wooyoung was a strict no.
"I already know that little brat has a little crush on my girlfriend. If anything letting him fuck her would be like giving a little kid a candy shop all to themselves. I need someone who has absolutely no romantic inclinations so afterwards everything can go back to normal."
Turning his head, Hongjoong scanned Seonghwa up and down. He seemed like a possible choice. He was tall, very handsome, he and Y/N got along very well, in fact he was the one closest to her besides him. He knew for a fact Seonghwa was not innocent or pure in the slightest bit. And he'd be very professional about it. It seemed there was no question about Seonghwa being the best candidate.
"Wait! But they're close. What if this plan backfires and I accidentally ruin their friendship?"
Hongjoong groaned as he realized this was proving to be a lot harder than he thought. His mind then thought about Yunho. Yunho would be perfect in the more erotic sense given his size. He was tall, lean but well built and with defined muscles. And it'd be pretty interesting to watch and see if his girlfriend would be able to take a monster cock like that cause Yunho was definitely packing a lot.
Getting up, Hongjoong seemed decided as he walked down the hallway to have a little chat with his favorite donsaeng. Just before he could knock on the door to his room, it actually opened by itself, or more like, someone else came out right at that moment. It was none other than San, whose recently dyed blonde hair was messy. His skin had somewhat of a glow to it even if he was suffering from a major hangover. He was completely shirtless, his honey abs looking amazing as usual. The sweatpants he was wearing were hanging low on him, the V line near his pelvis poking out. And to top off the visual, his nipples were sticking out due to the piercings that he had recently gotten, a naughty secret that he had kept well hidden for a while til Wooyoung ratted him out. Hongjoong had never actually seen them, but now that he did, a light bulb went off in his head.
" head is killing me." San groaned loudly, one arm weakly holding him steady against the doorframe.
That tiny sound that came out of the younger male's mouth sealed the deal for Hongjoong. San was absolutely perfect.
"Sannie....... when you're feeling better, Hyung wants to talk to you about something."
"You're looking especially lovely tonight my dear." Hongjoong looked at his girlfriend who was sitting patiently on her bed, wearing a cute off white two piece lingerie set.
"You always say things like that whenever I'm going to suck your dick." She pointed out, although it wasn't meant to be ill intended.
Hongjoong simply continued to have that suspicious smirk plastered on as he finished setting up the last camera, having placed several ones on different parts of the room to capture different angles of the scene that was about to take place in those 4 walls. On a small stand, he had already installed his laptop so he could monitor more closely all the shots being taken and to start or pause anything if needed. Glancing at the time, he knew it was only a matter of time before their guest arrived.
"You're taking awfully long for someone who was aching to get their dick wet." She snorted, wondering how on earth could Hongjoong be so calm and collected.
Hearing a knock on the door, Y/N raised an eyebrow as she was not expecting anyone, but it seemed Hongjoong wasn't fazed at all. He actually sprinted out of his seat in lighting speed to open the door.
"Yeah but it's not my dick that's getting wet." He sent her a wink.
Before she could even ask him what he meant, San was already being dragged inside the room. He too looked puzzled when he saw his older friend's girlfriend on the bed wearing something so daring.
"Wow! Ok! I take it I got here too early?" San asked as he covered up his face with his hands.
"No San, you're not early. You're right on time actually."
Slumping an arm around him, Hongjoong pulled him into the center of the room.
"He's the one getting his dick wet."
Once she realized what was happening, Y/N grabbed a pillow and chucked it at her scheming boyfriend.
"Kim Hongjoong! You liar! You told me that we were going to be filming a sex tape between ourselves!" She exclaimed.
"A what?!" A confused San shouted, now more embarrased than ever.
"I knew that if I told you both what I really wanted you here for neither of you would agree and would probably think I'm weird or something." Hongjoong tried to explain himself.
"Oh I don't think, I know you're weird, wanting one of your members and your girlfriend to fuck each other just so you could make a porn out of it."
San reddened furiously at her words, eyes looking everywhere but at Hongjoong or Y/N. By now he had already opted for just staying quiet as he listened to the couple banter back and forth amongst themselves.
"What made you think San, out of all people, would want to even touch me?"
That caught said man's attention.
"Wait, hold on. What's that supposed to mean?" He squinted at her, eyes narrowing into slits. Y/N could feel the immediate change in his demeanor.
"Well you know just's you we're talking about San. Do you know how many girls thirst over you? Why would you even bother looking at someone like me when you look like that?" She gestured at his body and face, trying to get her point across.
San felt somewhat offended by her statement. She made it out to be like he was superficial or that he only cared about looks. Moreover, he didn't like hearing her talk about herself in that way. Brushing past his Hyung, San came to stand in front Y/N, eyes peering down at her. Feeling the intensity of his stare bear down on her, especially given her state of near undress contrasting his full dressed self made her feel self conscious. When she tried to cross her arms to cover herself, San was having none of that as he suddenly gripped her wrists and held them in front of her face.
"And do you have any idea how many of us have checked you out even though we know that you belong to Hongjoong? Do you think some of us didn't feel bad when we found out he decided to take you for himself?"
His admittance not only shocked her but her boyfriend behind them, who had thought only one member had been disappointed when they announced that they were dating. Noticing her shocked expression, San leaned in and smiled at her innocently.
"Don't worry too much about me though, I was mostly disappointed at the fact that I might never get a chance to tap that cute ass of yours." He expressed with no hint of shame whatsoever. San drew his gaze down to fully look at her, admire her silhouette for the first time ever since he walked in the room.
"But now that I know Hyung wants someone to fuck his girlfriend...well.... it'd be my pleasure." He let out a low chuckle before pulling her against him, hands caressing the sides of her torso. Taking one of her hands, he brought it up to his face to place kisses on her palm. Turning to the man that was forgotten for a minute, San raised an eyebrow.
"Tell me right now if there's anything you definitely don't want me to do, otherwise I'm going to have my way with her as I like."
Hongjoong thought about it for a second, wondering if there was something he did not want.
"You're absolutely not allowed to leave hickeys on her. I don't mind you leaving red hand prints or even cumming inside her since that can be cleaned up or will fade in a coupe's hours."
Moving back to go sit on the chair next to the laptop, Hongjoong leaned back and stared at San with a warning glare.
"But I want absolutely nothing that will last for days. That's only for me to do."
San scoffed at how silly Hongjoong sounded, but nodded nonetheless. Meanwhile Y/N looked back and forth at their exchange with fascination. It was arousing hearing them talk about her as if she was nothing more than a mere sex object, and she was loving it.
"Oh and San? Remember I'm going to film this. Try to make it as interested as possible. I mean... if you can that is." Hongjoong smiled slyly, sending challenge to the younger member.
"Oh trust me. I'll fuck her like she's famous." San bragged.
Y/N watched as San began pulling his shirt over his head. Raking her eyes over his arms, abs and chest, they widened considerably when they saw the metal piercings on his nipples. One hand actually came to clasp around her open mouth, she was that surprised.
"Remember I told you not to baby him too much cause he's not actually a baby?" Hongjoong snickered at her reaction, actually finding it funny.
"Hey if it diverts attention from you, I don't care."
Pushing her back until they were right next to the bed, San cupped her face and leaned in, lips nearly kissing hers.
"Are you all right with this?" He wanted to get her consent before anything else.
Letting out a hum, Y/N wrapped her hands on the base of his neck.
"Fuck me like I'm famous." She repeated what he said before.
As soon as their bodies and mouths connected, Hongjoong's finger pressed record so as to not miss anything. Sitting back, he decided to enjoy the show, a satisfied smile on his face after seeing that everything had gone according to plan. Their lips molded perfectly against each other's, their makeout session rivaling those of some of the biggest and steamy ones they'd see on tv. Tracing the outline of his lips with her tongue, Y/N successfully managed to get San to allow her access into his mouth. Her tongue settled against his and vice versa, muffled humming adding to the intensity of their kiss. San couldn't keep his hands off her lower back, eventually placing them right on her ass. Hongjoong inwardly patted himself on the back as he had deduced before that San was more of an ass man and now he was getting confirmation of it as he watched his hands cup and harshly squeeze his girlfriend's cheeks.
Not wanting only him to have his fun, Y/N thought it would be a good idea to test just how sensitive his nipples were. Sliding a hand up his torso, it pressed itself onto one of his pecs. She grinned when San emitted a whimper in her mouth when she pinched on his nipple, making sure to twist some of the piercing around.
"Oh my-" San groaned when her mouth detached itself from his in order to give attention to his nipples. He was whining and whimpering each time her tongue flicked around his buds and letting out choked gasps when her teeth would softly tug at them.
"Enjoying your new toy?" Hongjoong piped up, reminding them both that they were being watched.
"Just as much as you're enjoying me wreck your girl." San spat back at him, hissing when he suddenly felt Y/N sucked onto one of his nipples.
"Please. I've barely seen any action yet."
Hearing his taunting words, San pushed Y/N onto her knees, bringing her face close to the tent in his pants. Tilting her chin up, he rubbed his thumb across her bottom lip.
"You have really pretty lips. All plump and pink.... I wonder how they'll look like if they're red, swollen and stuffed with my cock."
Making a quick work of his zipper, San pulled his jeans down along with his underwear, letting out his cock that was thick and well above average in length. Y/N licked her lips when she saw that the tip was glistening with precum that had dripped out when it was freed from its confinement. San was definitely bigger than Hongjoong, she wasn't going to deny that. She began to wonder if she could even fit that entire thing in her mouth, but she for sure wanted to try.
"I think the little cockslut is eager to suck you off San." Hongjoong sat up straighter in his seat, eyes focused on every detail in front of him.
"Is that right?"
Y/N exhaled softly when she felt San slap his cock against her cheek, running the tip on her cupid's bow.
"Go ahead. Just try and see if you can take me." He shot her a cocky grin.
Wanting to wipe that grin off his face, Y/N inserted the tip inside her mouth, keeping eye contact with San the entire time. She first tested the waters by slurping his head, indeed getting a reaction out of him since his thighs involuntarily shuddered. Feeling motivated, she slowly took more of him into her mouth, inch by inch he was slowly stuffing her full. Her cheeks hollowed out to help her fit him better, but still she gagged slightly when she felt him hit the back of her throat. Nevertheless she was proud of herself at being able to stuff his cock in her.
"Holy crap Y/N, are you trying to prove something?" Hongjoong stared in shock and arousal at seeing his significant other with another man's cock down her throat.
"Yeah, prove that she likes my cock better than yours." San gloated as he pulled her off his length only to stuff it back in and causing the female under him to let out a choked out gasp followed by a line of drool spilling onto the floor.
Grabbing her hair and pulling it up into a makeshift ponytail, San used it to keep her head up as he began a pattern of pulling out slowly only to force himself back inside her. He loved watching the messy scene in between his legs. Spit running down Y/N's chin, the corners of her eyes stained with tears, her muffled whines that were muted every time his shaft filled her mouth, the way his leader was sitting just a few feet away watching as his precious girlfriend was getting face fucked by someone else, San was enjoying it too much. His head was thrown back as he kept forcing his cock deep in her mouth, the loud slurping sounds of her swallowing around him complimenting the hisses and groans that were being exuded from his lips.
"Fuck! Oh my- are you ok with me cumming in your mouth?"
Judging by the way Y/N moaned around his organ and her hand cupped his balls to fondle them, San was taking that as a green light. Releasing her hair, he held onto the back of her head and pushed himself forcefully to and fro in her wet cavern, using it as leverage to help him reach his climax. Through shattered breath and clenched teeth, San's cum poured down her throat, hips stuttering and bucking further up to help him ride out his orgasm. When he pulled out, Y/N immediately gasped for air, her hair in complete disarray, lips darkened and wet with saliva.
"If that isn't one of the hottest images I've ever seen." Hongjoong added his input. He always did love seeing what a mess Y/N turned into after getting her pretty and delicate face fucked and abused.
Y/N smiled over at her boyfriend, looking at the tent in his pants before sending him a flirty wink accompanied by a swipe of tongue across her lips.
"You can suck him off after I'm done with you baby, but right now, I want you focused on me." San made her turn her attention back to him as he lifted her off the floor and set her on the edge of the bed. He showed no hesitation as he practically ripped her underwear off her body before tossing it behind him, making sure it landed on Hongjoong's lap.
"Jerk yourself off with that in the meantime cause you're not getting her back for a while."
Toying with the fabric in his hand, Hongjoong sneered at the younger male.
"Trust me, I have more self control than you'd think." He assured him.
"Let's see about that."
Getting down on his knees to be at eye level with her wet and shining folds, San dived in and began consuming her taste. His tongue moved languidly around her slit, savoring her taste on his tongue. Y/N's hands gripped and clutched the blanket underneath her, causing it to wrinkle up from how hard she was tugging at them. Her breath hitched whenever San gave all of his attention to her clit, sucking on the sensitive flesh until it began developing a slightly reddish tint. Her lips were also becoming engorged as San continued his assault on her mound, face practically buried inside her thighs. All throughout it, Hongjoong just took in every sharp intake of breath and every scrunched up expression Y/N made. It gave him joy to know she was definitely enjoying herself, her pleasure always been something he took into consideration.
"Good to see you know how to eat a girl out Sannie. I was afraid I was going to have to step in and show you why rapper are superior." He couldn't help himself but boast, after all, he had pride in being able to get a girl to cum multiple times with just his tongue.
Ignoring the older man's words, San gripped her thighs to hold her down. His tongue sped up as it slurped and slithered all over her heat, applying just enough pressure with his broad strokes across her labia folds. The girl on top of him tried to move his face away from her body as she felt the blood rushing down to her legs, face becoming heated as she knew she would burst any moment. She blamed Hongjoong for this, having spoiled and played around so much with her pussy that she was overly sensitive whenever she received oral sex. The fire pooling in her lower abdomen was about to explode.
"Ah! San- please!"
Muscles tightening and her upper body writhing, Y/N couldn't hold back as she began pumping out her orgasmic juices, her back falling back on the mattress while her mind blocked out anything that wasn't the immense feeling that was taking over her senses at the moment. San lapped up her juices generously, feeling smug about getting her to cum, although he knew it wouldn't be the only time she would be doing that. Sitting up, he allowed her to catch her breath and regain her senses before he continued with what he had in store.
Hongjoong looked with curiosity as San made Y/N sit back up and turned her over on all fours. Hongjoong couldn't stop the laugh that escaped his lips.
"You're gonna fuck her doggy style? Can't you be more creative?"
San didn't let his words deter him, he simply unclipped Y/N's bra and removed it from her body.
"I told you I was gonna fuck her like she's famous and that's exactly what I'm going to do."
His hands roamed across her body, caressing the curves and dips of her hips as he pressed his erection in between her ass cheeks. Y/N pushed her ass further back, impatient at the thought of having her hole filled up by him.
"See? Even she wants to be fucked like a little bitch in heat."
Y/N couldn't suppress the moan escaping her lips at being degraded like that.
"Wow, you're such a whore." Hongjoong mused when he heard her reaction.
"You offered this whore to your friend now suck it up and watch him pound my pussy." She giggled softly.
"Oh baby, I'm not just going to pound this pussy. I'm aiming to destroy it."
Lining himself against her hole, San slowly sunk his length deep into her walls. He felt as if he was being swallowed by her warmth that it took everything in him not to start fucking her right then. He made sure to give her time to adjust to his size.
"Hyung do you not fuck her enough? She's unbelievably tight and she feels too good." San grunted, dick twitching inside her as it ached for any sort of movement.
Hongjoong did not hide his displeased face.
"I fuck her quite often thank you very much."
San clicked his tongue in a cocky way.
"Whatever you say."
Y/N cried out in a high pitched tone when San suddenly pulled out only to plunge himself back into her. He set a merciless rhythm as his cock tore her walls open, stretching them as far as they could go, a stinging yet delicious burn heating her up. Strangled noises proceeded to spill forward from her throat mixing in perfectly with the sound of their skin smacking against each other. Shifting angles so his dick could hit against her g-spot every time it was shoved inside her, San's skin was already emitting that after sex glow, sweat beads forming on his temples. He looked completely focused, eyes trained on her ass cheeks that bounced with each of his thrusts. Unable to resist the urge, he brought one hand up so it could slap her skin.
"Oh s-shit!" She exclaimed, the force and unexpected smack on her bum nearly had her upper body collapsing on the bed.
"Can you smack her a little harder?" If Y/N wasn't so caught up with San fucking her so harshly, she would have noted the nearly sadistic tone in her boyfriend's voice.
"Just tell me if I can't take it baby." San caressed the patch of skin he had just slapped.
"Trust me, she can. She enjoys a little pain every now and then." Her boyfriend dished on that dirty little secret.
One slap was soon followed by several more. San made sure to alternate between each of her butt cheeks. Y/N's wailing began to get increasingly louder and frantic, her ass stinging every time San's hand smacked it, making a majority of it turn a deep red color. But he made sure that it wouldn't leave any bruising or anything of that sort remembering Hongjoong's previous rule.
"Damn you're so fucking loud."
The shocked gasp coming out her mouth was half muffled when San pushed her head against one of the pillows, effectively burying her loud mouth into the sheets.
"San didn't you said you'd fuck her like she's famous? Then why cover up her screaming?" Hongjoong pondered, one hand rubbing at the top of his thigh.
"Scream? You wanna really hear her scream?"
Yanking her back up from her hair, Y/N only managed to catch her breath for one second before she felt herself flipped onto her back. The intrusion of San's large cock was just as seering as the first one but it was welcomed nonetheless by her walls fluttering around his cock. One of her legs was thrown over his shoulder, his brutal pace heightening the build up in her stomach. Her fleshy mound was extremely swollen and had a pinkish red tint to it. Knowing how vulnerable she was, San licked his fingers before taking them out of his mouth only to have them come down on her clit.
"Oh-oh fuck!" Y/N threw her head back on the pillow, eyes shut tight with tears staining the corners of them as she felt slap after slap on her throbbing and pulsating pussy.
"You like that you little whore? Yes you do, you clench around me every time I do this." San smirked when he placed one final blow on her tender flesh that was responsive to any of his touches.
Y/N was starting to see white flashes of light in her vision, unable to hear or feel anything that wasn't the grazing inside her wetness. With whimpered crying, her arms and upper body writhed uncontrollably as San's hips continued jolting up into her, shaky breaths and pants keeping her from forming any coherent words as her juices poured out of her body. Feeling her heat cover him completely, San trailed not far behind her as his cock twitched and his seed painted her insides.
"Ah fuck!"
He jerked himself until he made sure to fill her to the brim, not satisfied until he had spurted out the last drop of cum he had in him to release. When he pulled out of her hole, he let out a groan of accomplishment as the white and milky like secretion seeped out of her hole, some of it glistening against her folds.
"You capturing that well Hyung?" San turned to Hongjoong.
"Oh trust me, it's all coming out beautifully." He answered as he looked at the computer screen, fingers working unbelievably quick to make sure to save the raw video in his files.
Getting up to go clean himself up on the bathroom, San picked up his clothes that were discarded on the floor. Before he could walk out the door, he was about to ask Y/N if she wanted to join him but she was already busying herself by kneeling in front of her boyfriend.
"Aren't you going to get cleaned up?"
Humming softly as she began undoing Hongjoong's belt, Y/N replied with a mischievous smile.
"Maybe later. Right now I gotta take care of my handsome man, after all, he's been sitting here with a hard ass boner." She chuckled as his dick sprang free.
"God, I love you so much baby."
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beomglocks · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
better ; c.yj
summary : you deserve better
pairing : ex-boyfriend/mafia leader!yeonjun x reader
warnings & other : angst, mention of trauma, stalking and kidnapping, yeonjun breaks into your house, refer to picture for visual, i saw this edit on ig and now my mind has fuel, listen to better by WOOGIE.
w/c : ???
the sunlight peeks through your shades and onto your face, causing you to stir in your sleep. you squeeze your eyes tightly shut hoping your brain can trick itself into sleeping for just a couple more hours longer.
it works for a couple of seconds. closing your eyes tight may have tricked your brain into thinking it was still dark enough to indulge in more sleep.
you sigh peacefully, hoping to get back to your previous dream but you're cut off by the sound of a door being slammed shut.
you open your eyes but remain in bed. it had to be around 7am at least which means no one should be in your house. well, no one should be in your house period. if it was a robber, they sure do work early.
you get out of bed, not caring about your lack of proper clothes because if you were gonna die, what's the point? you take careful steps toward your kitchen to make sure you don't alert whoever may be in there.
the sound of things being moved around and frustrated groans grows louder the closer you get to the room. you grab your nearby safety bat from a corner in your hallway and bring it above your head to swing.
when you come into the line of sight of the intruder in your house you halt yourself from swinging and bring the bat down to your side, the person not realizing yet that you're there.
anger bubbles inside of you at the sight of the sleeve of tattoos and dark head of hair that you recognize all too well.
"what the fuck are you doing in my house yeonjun?"
the boy in question seemingly pays no mind to your question and simply continues rummaging through your fridge and cupboards. "where the hell do you keep your peanut butter?"
you cross your arms at him. "i asked you a question."
"so did i," he retorts. you roll your eyes at him. "you're in my house ass hole, in case you forgot."
he subtly rolls his eyes away from your line of sight and stands up from the fridge. now that he's seen you, his eyes linger on your body for longer than you're ok with. he leans back on your counter with a smile, a visible change in his demeanor, "good morning."
"answer my question," you frown. he sighs, "we got busted and i needed a place to crash."
"yeonjun!" you exasperate. "what? i slept on the couch out of respect for you," he raises his eyebrow, taking a bite out of his slice of dry bread.
"what the fuck do you want me to do, thank you? i told you not to involve me in your mafia gang whatever shit anymore and you go and do this," you gesture to the mess on your countertop.
"yeonjun you're the only other person here! what's with all this shit on my table?!" he continues eating nonchalantly as you scold him and try to clean up as best as you can.
"can you calm down," he sighs. he takes another bite of bread before placing the plate on top of a random box of pizza. "no one saw me come here, you'll be fine."
you continue cleaning, without saying a word to him. you feel like if you open your mouth you'll explode. you clench your teeth as you watch him look through your fridge again out of the corner of your eye.
it's been months since you last saw him and this is the first thing he does. from the counter, you have a pretty good view of his back as he looks through the fridge.
even though you hate him, your mind wanders back in time when that same back would be littered with your marks and scratches. the neck tattoo that would be colored with hickeys he would proudly wear is now bare and untouched.
your eyes go up to his head which thankfully is still turned away from you. the pink mullet he used to rock is now a dark undercut with hints of red. it looks good on him, you have to admit. his ears have more piercings than you remember and you hold back a smile thinking about the time when you would play with his ears and he would tell you to stop.
"you're awfully quiet, what're you thinking about?" he asks, still facing the fridge. you have to remember your relationship with the mafia leader ended months ago, whatever feelings that were present right now were most likely your heart missing human interaction.
"thinking about how i want you out of my house," you mumble, picking up a half empty cup of ramen. he sighs, standing up and fixing his messy hair.
"i said i was sorry," he leans back on the fridge, watching you clean. you bite your tongue, picking up the empty pizza box and tossing it in the trash. "sorry doesn't make up for trauma yeonjun, that's what you don't understand," you say quietly.
"if i knew that would happen to you i wouldn't have left you alone, you know i would've had soobin or taehyun be around you 24/7!" he reasons.
"well you didn't," you breathe out. you give him a tight lipped smile and for the first time in months he's reminded of the pain he saw in you eyes when they brought you back.
"you decided drugs and money were more important than your fucking girlfriend that you love "oh-so-much" getting stalked and kidnapped."
“that’s not tr-“ “that’s what it felt like!” you place an empty soda bottle on the table. he blinks at your outburst. in all the time you’ve spent together, you were never one to lash out even when he annoyed you to no end.
he stares at you for a moment before closing his eyes and biting the inside of his cheek in frustration. "y/n," he sighs angrily.
"even after i killed them all? it wasn't enough for you! you still left me," he steps closer to you and you unconsciously step back. you recognized this tone on yeonjun but he never used it on you. it's gravely and deep and on the rare occasion that you did hear it, the outcome was never good.
"no, look- i know what happened to you was fucked up but i tried my best! it still wasn't enough- you still left and didn't even tell me.." he chuckles at this. "do you know how long it took to find this fucking place?"
you look down, suddenly feeling small. any bravery you had has now dissipated. it's like your mind and body were so used to yeonjun that you just knew when to submit.
"you were my only sense of normalcy in that place," he mumbles. "sure i've got the boys but they're not you.."
his head is hung low, making his hair cover his eyes. your first instinct would've been to run into his arms and pepper him in kisses. endless strings of 'i love you' to reassure both of you that what happened wasn't either of your faults.
you bite your lip, "is that why all this food is like this..."
he doesn't move from his spot. "im sorry, i miss you." you almost feel your heart break. you hate seeing yeonjun so messed up about something that he just eats to forget because it's his only other form of happiness, well apart from you.
you walk up to him, bringing your arms around his slim frame. at first, he doesn't hug you back since he wasn't expecting that but soon enough he engulfs you as if he's been touch starved for ages.
"im sorry, please come back to me? i'll do better, i promise you won't get hurt anymore hm?" he sounds hopeful and it makes you close your eyes.
"you need to leave," you say quietly. you feel him hug you tighter as he places his chin on your head. "please let me stay with you," he pleads.
you force yourself to step away from him which takes a lot more effort than you thought. you look up at his face and he looks so broken. it’s rare to see a mafia leader look this vulnerable but yeonjun opens himself up to you like this at times and you feel lucky, in a weird way.
he watches you expectantly, waiting for your answer. “yeonjun i just- i don’t feel safe around you anymore.”
you swear you see his heart shatter right in front of your face.
you want to hit yourself but it’s true. where you once felt peace you only feel fear. maybe once upon a time yeonjun was like your savior but now he brings pain, especially with the type of work he does.
he looks down, biting his lip. you can tell he's trying to act like what you said didn't just tear a hole straight through his heart. "you know i'll still watch over you and keep you safe," he promises.
you smile lightly at him, glad that he hasn't completely given up. "i know." he wastes no time stealing a kiss on your forehead, quickly moving away before you can complain or push him away.
"you still fucked up my kitchen though," you say when he starts walking away to your door. he only shrugs as you watch him walk out your door and out onto the streets.
you can only sigh, hoping he'll be safe until he can get his base back.
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sinsynergy · 5 months ago
never subtle
megumi fushiguro x reader
nsfw 18+
very lightly descriptive , suggestive
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“you want some head?”
“it means do you want me to suck your dick. it’s a simple question really.”
megumi’s eyes were practically out of its sockets as he looked at you in disbelief. it shouldn’t have been a surprise to him that you were always brutally honest and always spoke out the first thing that came to mind but that was completely unexpected for him. fucking bizarre. his face scrunched up in annoyance, not because of what you asked but because he realized that what you just asked set off something inside him. something he always tries to avoid when he’s with you and he’s just very annoyed with himself. he’s embarrassed, looking away with a red tinge on his cheeks before rubbing away at his thigh, an attempt to soothe his sudden jitteriness. ‘i would like it if you did that…’
“, it’s ok, you don’t have to do that.
he answered quickly before watching as you tilted your head with a confused look planted on it. you shuffled closer to him from the end of the bed, grazing your fingers along his knee before looking back up.
“i know i don’t have to, but i’m the one that asked, remember? you really don’t want any? i know you’ve been pretty stressed and beat up lately and it’s pretty late so we can’t go anywhere to, you know, lift your spirits or whatever but…. and….”
he completely blanks out on your explanation, simply watching your moving lips. he's just imagining how they would feel if you did… that. he’s never really done anything close to that sort of thing, the both of you going as far as a heated make out session but that’s it. it was always you that stopped it and he had assumed that you were just nervous, that you had never done such a thing before. never once has he succumbed to the feelings he'd get during it or after. this was such an experience for him, to realize you didn’t really care too much about committing “things like that”. the sudden waving of your hands breaks him out of his gaze while catching the end of your speech. you begin making direct eye contact with him.
“... but if you don’t want, it’s completely fine i don't want you to feel like i’m forcing you. i just figured this was the best i could do to help you for now - are you even listening? hello?”
he shakes his head while waving his hands around.
‘would it be bad if i just give in?’
“you don’t need to do that it’s-
“but i want to. that what’s going on right now. i just, want to help you and... yeah that’s it haha. i’ll ask again. megumi, is it ok...”
his eye twitched at the use of his first name. you never called him by that, always settling with fushiguro. sensing the seriousness and determination practically oozing off of you, he sighs and looks away to the side.
“- if i give you some head?”
and that’s how he had gotten stuck in his current position. you between his thighs, him sitting up head hung back, using his arms to keep himself up and grounded. it was so damn obvious that he was in awe of the feelings he was experiencing for the first time, the tingles and sensations that were shooting throughout his body. his legs were shaking so much from overstimulation that you were using your elbows to hold him down firmly while working away at him, his quiet whining and moaning slightly muffled. when he was wondering about how it would feel earlier, he had no fucking idea that it would be like this. he felt like a burden had been pulled off from his shoulders, less tense and very much indulging in the feeling. every few seconds he would look down at you, sometimes just looking at you, other times his resting his hand on your head lightly in appreciation, cheeks growing even redder at the lewd and sloppy sounds you were currently making. his room, cloud-nine, heaven, he couldn’t even tell where he was anymore. he’d say he was disappointed, that he had lost himself too easily, too quickly...but could he help it?
he bit down harshly on the cloth you had given him. “just in case” you had said. he was glad because god, he did not want to hear itadori teasing him about what was going on in his room right now.
Tumblr media
consent is hot, period. maybe ill make the a part ii later, i dunno.
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himitsu-luna · 4 months ago
࣪𑁍˖՚༹⌒ Domestic chores with Nct 127 ⌒ ༹՚˖𑁍 ࣪
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Taeil always feels kinda discouraged to start doing the chores, and he drags you along on procrastinating with him
"Come here, Y/N, stay with me a little bit more! Let's cuddle five more minutes, okay?". You agree, ofc, and you stay on the bed for a little too long, talking about the zillion things you have to do, but not having the guts to leave each other's arms.
When you start cleaning the house though, he really gets into it. No dirty spots and no dusty surfaces escape his strong hands.
He plays the most random songs, from classic music to heavy EDM, and you vibe together while doing the chores, bouncing with your brooms in hands and spinning your stained cloths in the air.
In the kitchen, he always gladly cooks for you. But after a long tiring day doing domestic chores, you both agree on ordering some food, spending the night just chilling, watching a movie in the middle of which Taeil probably will fall asleep.
Johnny is the one who organizes the chores at home. He assigns what each one needs to do, and there you go, his high energy overflowing from his body, encouraging you and providing you the ignition you needed.
"I clean up here, you clean down there" - he says with a suspicious smirk. You don't know if he is making fun of you or if he is being considerate.
He needs his coffee pauses, and he makes you take a break too. You talk about the most random daily things, which always leads to precious bonding moments, the kitchen getting filled with laidback laughs.
Then you continue your activities, in your own pace, jamming to some soft background music.
Johnny likes to offer you rewards. "If we finish this today, I'll buy us some nice ice cream, and then I'll take you to the movies. Deal?"
Taeyong has the most endearing way of convincing you that it's time to do some domestic chores. "Y/N, come hereeee! It's time for a couple activity!! I even got us matching rubber gloves, look!"
He doesn't let you do heavy tough stuff though. But when you see him struggling by himself and run to help him, he gives you the most precious smile, full of admiration and gratitude. A cute "Thank yoou!" (yes, in his cute english <3) leaves his mouth.
But there's one thing about doing chores with him that is a bit trick: he loves to rearrange the furniture and decoration. It's always extra tiring, but you have to give him the credit for your house being so cool and stylish.
Taking care of your pets is something that consumes a lot of time, but Taeyong does everything with happiness and sparkly eyes.
He makes sure you have some breaks, to keep hydrated and to eat something. He will prepare you some sandwiches, while you start to plan a little trip to the grocery shop.
Yuta and you have this synchronicity and telepathy. You think "I guess it's time to sweep the front yard". You get your broom and everything, and when you step out the house, Yuta is already there, cleaning everything.
"Oh, you had the same idea! Well, you can...", he says. "Oh, I guess I will...", you start. " the laundry.", you two say at the same time, smiling at each other.
He tries to do things in "Marie Kondo style". He takes a long time folding your clothes, but it's worth the effort. Your wardrobe is a beautiful piece of art.
If he thinks something is dangerous for you, he definetely won't let you do it. Changing the lamp? No no no! It's not that he thinks you're not capable of doing things, he knows you can do anything. He just can't live with the possibility of you getting hurt.
After a day of hard work, you take a warm bath together, and stay in bed for the rest of the night.
Like Johnny, Doyoung assigns the chores. He knows the things each one of you is good at.
But he is the type of person that sees you doing something, and automatically says "Wait baby, let me do it for you", or starts helping you, out of habit.
For example: you're doing the dishes, you wash part of the things in the sink, and then you start to rinse them. Doyoung takes the opportunity to sneakily snatch the dish sponge and, it's too late, he won't give it back to you. "Don't get used to it though", he says with a little grin. You grin back, because you lost count of how many times you've heard this same sentence.
You have a lot of plants at home, and Doyoung treats them like real babies. He even bought one for you, a baby tree of your favorite fruit.
Cooking is his thing, so he makes sure you have a nice, delicious and nutricious meal everyday.
Jaehyun will gladly do anything you ask him to do with the best of intentions, and he does his best to help.
He looks at the weather forecast to see when it's a good day to do the laundry, he sorts the garbage for recycling, he researches the supermarkets with the best prices, and does other little things that seem unimportant, but that are truly essential.
He likes vaccuing very dirty places. The satisfaction he gets from seeing the clean path that the vaccum leaves among the dirty is priceless.
But he is clumsy, so you know you can't let him get near the fragile stuff. So the kitchen is a little bit dangerous for him
If he can't help you with something, he makes sure to support you, like a real cheerleader. "Oh yessss honey! You're doing great, wow!That's my baby!!", he says, already massaging your shoulders.
Winwin sees you getting ready to start cleaning, and he asks you what he can do to help, while wearing your spare cute apron, which makes you smile like a fool.
He follows you and do what you do, ocasionally asking you if the things he is doing are good enough.
He is extra careful when hanging the clothes out on the clothesline, making sure to spread them well to avoid any wrinkles. He knows none of you like ironing, and also you burned yourself once, and he doesn't want this to happen ever again.
He spends a considerable amount of time making your bed, changing the bed linen, tyding up the sheets and smoothing the pillows, so you can feel good in a clean space and relax with him after working hard all day long.
Jungwoo is very good at domestic chores. He is a tidy and organized person, so things go smoothly in your house
He has the ability of turning every boring task into a pleasant and funny experience. Out of sudden you're having a broomstick battle. Out of sudden you're blowing soap bubbles. Out of sudden you're with white flour blots all over your face, after a spontaneous flour smudge battle.
For your surprise, he is excelent on fixing things. His creativity helps him a lot, along with a couple of YouTube videos and a degree on engineering.
Times just flies by his side, and you get surprised when you see the sun going down by your window, as he streches his back and says "we're finally done!", pulling you for a little celebration dance.
Jungwoo doesn't want to cook after doing domestic chores all day long. He orders an amount of food that could feed well ten people, and you eat a lot while watching some nice series.
Mark always tries his best at everything. He knows he is a little bit clumsy, so he does things carefully. Thank God he has spider senses.
A chore that is supposed to be finished in ten minutes takes thirty to be completed, but it's completely fine, because you know it will be perfectly done.
He used to get confused with all the types of cleaning products, but he eventually learned about them all and now he knows anything's purpose just by smeling it. "Mmmm very soft floral smell, must be clothes soap/ Very strong and citric, I guess this is disinfectant" (pls people, don't be like this, it's dangerous for everyone!!!)
At the end of the day, he is so satisfied looking at your team work. You can see it on his little proud smile, while he runs an arm over your shoulders and distractedly kisses your cheek.
Haechan whines for two minutes before starting doing chores, but he is a man of action after all. "The sooner we start it, the sooner we'll finish it", he says to himself.
You play rock paper scissors to decide who will be the one that will do the unpleasant chores, like cleaning the bathroom and taking the garbage out.
But hearing your heavy sigh after losing for him makes him go "ahh ok, I'll do it, don't worry, but it will cost you twenty kisses!"
He doesn't stop singing while doing the chores. He is like a walking karaoke machine,he knows every song you ask him to sing.
When he cooks for you, you often catch him talking to his mom on the phone, asking her about that dish you liked so much the last time you visited her.
•° Thanks anon, for the request!! I hope you like it!
•° taglist - @soleilsuhh @black-swvn @cupidluvstarrz @kpopsnowball @kaepopsicle @purplepsycho03 @najatheangel @dundun-baby @haifengg @intokook @emuava @reallylikethevibeshere @cafemochi
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joyfulhopelox · 3 months ago
Strawberries & Cigarettes
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungkook x reader (Soulmate!AU)
Genre: angst, fluff
Warnings: mentions of sex (once), swear words, talks about death of minor character, mentions of smoking (don't do it kids)
Summary: As a child you detested strawberries, convincing yourself that you have an allergy to them. But imagine your shock when you grow up and realise that your soulmate connection has to do with the wretched berry.
Word count: 7.7k
rating : pg
A/N: This is square 4/25 for the @bangtanwritingbingo (Square: Strawberries) I have not written something remotely angsty in a while so this has been a challenge but i did it! And i am somewhat proud of it! Thank you @mochi-molala @sunshinejunghoseokie for listening to me complain about this it has been a journey. And most importantly, thank you @min-yoon-kween for being a beta queen and trying to read through this mess and managing to make 3am rambles onto words. I really appreciated all the support and tough love! @yoonjinkooked, @sunshinekims and @yoonia thank you for being there and listening to my 3am complaints whilst i was getting this done, your encouragement has been a massive help!
Copyrights @joyfulhopelox for both the work and the banner
As always please leave feedback and/or talk to me as i love to hear from you! Enjoy <3
Tumblr media
The sweet, fragrant, slightly tart taste invades your senses once again causing you to sigh in frustration. How are you meant to find your soulmate if this unknown taste is all you have to go by? You couldn’t even pinpoint what it could be, the flavour being unlike anything that has ever touched your tastebuds.
“For real now Y/N, what do you have against fruit?” Your friend, Taehyung, inquires. You’ve adamantly refused his offer to share a fruit snack. It’s not like you had anything against fruit, far from it. You loved fruit. It was just the wretched strawberries lying there innocently on the bed of other berries, tainting them.
“It’s not fruit! I love fruit, you know that! Remember that time we snuck out into your grandfather's garden to steal apricots?” Your friend snorts. He remembers that time extremely well. You ate way more than you should have and ended up with indigestion for days after that.
“It’s just…” you grimace, looking once more at the red offenders. “Those”
“Strawberries?!” It was Taehyung’s turn to grimace. “How can you still hate strawberries after all this time? They are the best berry out there!” As if to prove his point he reaches for one and pops it in his mouth. You look away in disgust. “Oh come on Y/N, give them a try. You never know, you may like them now.” He pushed one towards you. Glaring at him, you rejected his offer.
“Tae, you know I can't! It’s not that I don't like them, I am allergic to them!” He responded with an incredulous look but didn’t say anything. Reading too much into his look you go to defend yourself. “I am! Since I was a child!”
“How do you know?” He raised an eyebrow at you. Shrugging, you tried to find a good answer.
Truth is, you didn’t know whether or not you were allergic to them. All you had was a bad memory from when you were a child. You had a very bad encounter with said berries. It was not a near death experience by any means, and it was not an allergic reaction. You were just a child, excited at the thought of trying a new fruit and so in your exhilaration you shoved it a bit too readily in your mouth. The innocent berry happened to go down the wrong pipe and causing you to choke and your family to panic. Ever since then you had sworn to never touch them again, telling everyone around you that you were allergic. That way you didn’t have to face the shame of retelling this childhood story and they couldn’t try forcing you to eat them.
It happened so long ago that you couldn’t even remember the taste. You couldn’t understand why everyone around you seemed to find them so delicious.
“I- just do ok? I had a bad reaction to them a long time ago, and I don’t want a repeat experience” you shrugged hoping that he would not catch onto the white lie you had just blatantly presented to his face. Side eyeing you suspiciously, Taehyung made sure to eat the strawberry he had picked up, sighing in the most dramatic way possible.
“Well then, more for me” his mouth was so full you could barely understand him. Disgusted you pushed his shoulder playfully. “Ew, that is bad manners. Did your mother not teach you to chew with your mouth closed?”
Taehyung pretended to look thoughtful whilst still chewing. “Nope, now take a blueberry and shut up” he pushed the assortment of fruit your way once again, this time making sure that the strawberries were out of your sight.
“Thanks Tae” you smiled gratefully at him, picking a blueberry out. Before it could reach your mouth, a loud thump resounded from next to you making you jump. Surprised your fingers let go of the blueberry you were holding so preciously.
“Oh man, don’t waste food!” a voice you recognised all too well spoke, whilst a hand made its way past your face and into the bowl of fruit Taehyung had so carefully prepared for the two of you. Long slender fingers wrapped themselves around the green stem of a strawberry. You followed the movement of the hand holding the strawberry to come face to face with the culprit.
“Hello to you too, Jungkook” Taehyung sighs, his smile instantly dropping. “What brings you here?” His deadpan expression was a good indication of how happy he was to see him.
“Uh, it’s lunchtime?” Jungkook looked at Taehyung as if he had grown a second head. “Is this not where we are supposed to eat lunch?” disposing of the green stem of the strawberry, he pops it in his mouth. You wanted to grimace, you had enough of Taehyung making a scene whilst eating that damned fruit. Now you are forced to witness the office heartthrob lick his fingers clean of the fruit juice that coated them. Simultaneously expelling a moan so sinful it was definitely not appropriate for office hours. You doubted it was healthy for your heart.
“Yes, but you guys in the graphics team have a separate kitchen. You know, the one you took from us last year? The big fancy one?” Taehyung was still bitter about that incident. It had been his favourite break room to spend time in. The room was spacious and had more than just a few tables scattered here and there, divided by a couple of couches where employees could lounge during their break. There was also a terrace with a lot more space and a pool table. Most importantly,Taehyung’s pride and joy, a gaming room. He would get lost in there during his break, and sometimes even after work until you would come and retrieve him worried for his health.
That is where he met Jungkook, and that is where he ruined your life by introducing you to said office heartthrob. At the time your department and his rarely interacted outside of company meetings. You were working as a business analyst and he was working as a graphics developer. Your jobs could not have been more different from each other.
Truth be told, you had seen Jungkook around the building on more than one occasion. You had the chance to speak once at a company gala in a drunken haze, where you realised you had a lot of interests in common. But you only got to know him the second time you bumped into him, when Taehyung decided to introduce you two. His handshake and shy presentation told you he was too drunk to remember talking to you that night so you did not mention it either.
Once you’ve been introduced, his presence turned into one of the ones you sought out during lunch breaks, you became more aware of the rumours flying around the company. Out of all of them the ones you heard the most were about him and his love for “dining and dashing” all the women he had taken out on a date.
Normally, you wouldn’t be the person to listen to such rumours and allow them to sway your opinion of someone. But you had witnessed on one occasion how he had indeed left a woman in the middle of a restaurant and fled the scene. After that you wondered if maybe you should be more weary of him and his bad habits.
Talking to him in person was a completely different story. He seemed incredibly shy at the beginning, it took him a couple of weeks to be able to look you in the eyes. Taehyung would laugh and say it is because he had a crush on you but you doubted that. How could you believe that? Not when you lived in a world where lovers were predestined. You were born with a bond that tied you to someone else, a bond that's unbreakable. Your soulmate was made for you and only you. You could have other lovers until you found your true one, you have seen it happen on multiple occasions but once you found your soulmate and that bond was complete you couldn’t be apart from them.
Soulmates, a subject that ruined your life as soon as you became aware of it. At the age of ten you found out that all humans on this planet have a person they are meant to be with forever. A person that is yours, and only yours. At such a young age you fell in love with the concept. Fairies and princesses in the stories your parents would read you before bed, they all had their one true love. When you found out that you were meant to have one true love, a soulmate, you were beyond ecstatic. For years after, it was all you talked about and all you dreamt about. It all came crashing down when one rainy night your father had a car accident on his way home from work. The crash took a parental figure away from you. Aside from having had to deal with the pain of losing your hero, you also went through the misery of witnessing the painful heartbreak that comes with having a soulmate.
Your mother mourned for days, she could not eat or sleep, she withered right in front of your eyes. It was heartbreaking to experience your only remaining parent destroying themselves right before your eyes. You were only sixteen at the time and could not do anything to help alleviate the pain she was going through. So you helplessly stood at her side for another three years until one day, her soul finally gave up.
Her funeral was a relief for you, it meant she didn’t have to struggle anymore. The pain was gone. So, at the age of nineteen, you became an orphan.
Turning twenty and a struggling pen pusher, you met Taehyung in a cafe. You crashed into him soaking his expensive suit in coffee as you rushed out the door, late for work. Apologising profusely and promising to pay for his dry cleaning you gave him your number. That was the first time you had hit a stroke of good luck in years. Later that day, when a text came through from an unknown number you expected it to be an extortionate dry cleaning bill. Instead all that was written was: ‘Coffee’s on me next time (not literally though) haha.’ You couldn’t help but laugh, he gave you a place and time and signed it with Taehyung. That had been the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
For the first few years of your friendship you’d wondered if he was your soulmate; and so, despite your aversion to the concept, you two started dating. It was difficult not to like him, he was good looking and you two seemed to have a lot in common. It didn’t help that the sex was also great, you had to admit he knew what he was doing. But after one too many nights of netflix and takeaways at his apartment, which ended in his bed, you both decided that you were not the one for each other. So, two years into your relationship you separated. Fortunately, the friendship you two forged remained, your bond stronger than before. At the age of twenty three, you moved in together as housemates. It was the most logical thing to do, you were attached at the hip anyway and rent was too expensive for a single person to bear. Twenty four came and went, stressed and always low on money, when luck struck you for a second time the day Taehyung told you a position had opened in his team. You decided to apply and rejoiced when you got the job offer. That night you and Taehyung celebrated with pizza and champagne.
Here you are three years later having worked in the same company, being promoted from a trainee to a junior business analyst, and life couldn’t have been better.
There was one thing that bothered you, and that was the strange taste in your mouth that you had begun to notice. At first it was so faint that you didn’t notice it. As time passed, it got stronger and stronger, until you could not ignore the slight tangy, sweet taste that lingered on the tip of your tongue. It wasn’t a bad taste, in fact you quite liked it. You were just annoyed at the fact that you could not place it. You tried multiple foods which you thought may have a similar taste but none of them satisfied that craving. You hid this information from Taehyung for a while, not wanting to make a big fuss out of it until the day he found you rummaging through the fridge mumbling to yourself.
“What are you doing Y/N?” he stood in the doorway confused as to why your head was buried deep into the fridge. You jumped not having heard him move into the kitchen and looked at him in surprise. The sight that greeted him was something he was not expecting. The hilarity of your wide eyed expression paired with the cheeks stuffed full of cherries made him double over in laughter.
Mumbling something akin to “stop laughing at me, i had a craving” you stood up and walked to the table dejectedly plopping yourself down on a chair. Taehyung sobered immediately noticing the forlorn expression on your face and whilst still wiping the tears from his eyes he approached you and sat down. “What’s up chipmunk?” he could not resist making a jab at you. Sighing you started picking at a stray thread off your sleeve. You decided it was time to tell him what has been bothering you for months, despite fearing his judgement.
“Have you ever had cravings?” you turn to look at him, your expression so innocent that he could not make fun of you for such a trivial question. “Of course I have! All the damn time” he scoffed at you.
“No, no what I mean is; have you ever had a taste at the tip of your tongue, on your lips something that isn’t what you have eaten that day, but it is there continuously lingering in your mouth?” the more you were explaining this out loud the stupider you felt. Your own words were confusing even to you. But it seemed like Taehyung knew what you meant because in an instant he jumped up from his seat and looked at you wide eyed.
“Y/N!” the grin on his face intensified. “Do you know what this means?” he grabbed your shoulders in excitement. “It means that you have found your soulmate!” your eyes widened in fear, your body stiffened under his hold. Realising what he’d said, and how you felt about soulmates he backtracked quickly. “Nonono, it means you are close to finding your soulmate. It means you have met them at last!” When your frozen body refused to move he realised that maybe that was not the best way to phrase it either. But the damage has already been done. Wide eyed, you flew off the chair and rushed out of the kitchen towards your own room, slamming the door in the process.
You called in sick the next day, and the day after, not leaving your room until you were certain Taehyung had left for work. He tried on multiple occasions to coax you out of your room, but to no avail. You stubbornly refused to acknowledge him. Mulling over your thoughts in the comfort of your room, conflicted at the realisation that he was right. You had met your soulmate, just not completed the bond yet.
“Y/N, are you ok?” the worry in his voice broke your heart, but you were too absorbed in your own thoughts to respond to him.
Memories of your parents, together and apart, thoughts of your mother and her suffering, memories of you together as a happy family all swirling around in your head. It was all too much to bear, and in the end your brain gave up exhausted, only to wake up the next day and start all over again. For a week you stayed in your room, but when Taehyung decided that enough was enough he formulated a plan in his head hoping it would get you out of your room. If you refused to come out for him, he would have to resort to other methods. He would invite people over, he knew you would not be able to resist the temptation of being a good host. So that day he called your colleague and his friend, Jungkook.
Later on that night, you laid in bed, thoughts ruminating through your head at a fast pace when you heard voices from the entrance. You could easily recognise Taehyung’s voice, the low timbre echoing through the house. It was the second voice that you could not pinpoint, and so, intrigued you got off the bed.
Your joints ached, having sat in the same position for so long and your head hurt from exhaustion. You knew you probably looked like a mess but curiosity was eating at your insides. So you took the chance and opened the door slightly trying to peek into the corridor. Unfortunately, your room was the first along the corridor, right around the corner from the kitchen. The kitchen where Taehyung and his mysterious companion were now exiting from. Your delayed reaction ended up with them coming around the corner almost bumping into you. Gasping, your eyes took in the unknown person whose voice drew you out of your miserable state.
“Jungkook '' you yelped. Startled at the intrusion, you slammed the door in their faces, your back now leaning against the door. You didn’t ponder too much on Jungkook’s shocked expression or Taehyung’s pleased one. Your heart was pounding, and for a second the blood rush from the adrenaline made your ears ring and your lips tingle. You were so focused on your embarrassment that you didn’t even notice the lingering sweet taste residing on your tongue.
Sliding against the door to keep yourself from falling you tried to regulate your heartbeat by taking a few deep breaths in. After a few moments, your eyes opened and took in the darkness of your room. Deciding that you were calm enough you got up, your legs slightly wobbly from crouching for so long. Turning on the light you looked at yourself in the mirror. Your hair was in disarray, your skin looked dull and the red that rimmed your eyes accentuated the eyebags under them. Grimacing at your appearance, you patted your hair trying to make it look more presentable only to give up after a few minutes. Throwing another worried glance at your door, as if you were expecting the boys to barge in at any moment, you contemplated going out there. You sighed deciding that you didn’t care if Jungkook would think you were impolite, you were not ready to face the world.
For the next couple of hours you tried to distract yourself from your thoughts accompanied by the loud hollers coming from the living room where the boys were playing video games. Too absorbed in your own thoughts you didn’t realise how late it had gotten, the rumbling of your stomach waking you up from your trance.
Opening the door you listened intently but there were no sounds coming from the living room. You assumed the boys had finally fallen asleep do as quietly as you could you tiptoed to the kitchen. The corridor was dark, the only light coming from the TV in the living room where you assumed the boys had passed out. Turning on the light in the kitchen you contemplated stealing Taehyung’s last pack of ramen when a voice from behind startled you.
“What are you doing?” you yelped, not having expected to have company.
Jungkook stood in the middle of the doorway, his eyes bleary with sleep, his hair poofed up and judging by the groggy voice, still half asleep. You tried to ignore the way your heart somersaulted at the sight of his messy hair, the way his hooded eyes were blinking sleepily at you and the way his small yawn made him resemble a rabbit. He was adorable and for a second you entertained the thought of telling him that.
“Food” was all you finally replied, secretly trying to fix your messy appearance. Jungkook hummed in acknowledgment. You looked away trying to ignore his eyes on you. The silence that followed was awkward, neither of you knew what to say. “Uh, I don’t know if that rascal fed you but uh….would you like some ramen?” you stuttered trying to break the awkwardness. His stomach growled as if prepared for your question. You stared at him in shock for a couple of seconds before you burst into laughter.
Jungkook smiled at you bashfully, too embarrassed to respond so you took it upon yourself and pulled another chair out for him to sit in.
The silence that ensued was comforting, neither you nor Jungkook feeling the need to interrupt it with small talk. You observed amusedly the way his eyes seemed to lighten up at the sight of food, the way the corner of them would crinkle in excitement and the small satisfied sounds at the food gracing his taste buds was something you found adorable.
The feeling of contentment that enveloped you was entirely new. As the calmness washed over you, you realised it felt like coming home. Not knowing what to make of it you continued to stare at Jungkook, hoping that the answers were hidden somewhere in his smile. Catching you stare at him mid bite Jungkook stopped and tilted his head in confusion.
“Is there something on my face?” realising you were staring at him for a bit too long you squeaked in embarrassment.
“Ah, no no no I was just lost in thought.” Hoping he would buy that excuse, you offered him a bright smile.
Jungkook had known you were staring at him, and for a brief second, along with the spiciness of the noodles burning his tongue, he felt something smoky intertwine. He wondered if it was the food, but the taste was too distinct. In an instant he could place it, the taste of cigarettes. It was faint but he recognised instantly that ashy fragrance. He wondered if his soulmate was a smoker and if so why would the taste bother him now?
He found out about the soulmate connection years ago and how he was meant to figure out which person was meant for him. Meeting your soulmate was supposed to trigger a taste that was only attributed to them. His trigger happened a few years ago when he started working for the company. To say he was excited was an understatement. He has dreamt of meeting his soulmate for so long and to know that they were in proximity was exhilarating.
In his naive search for them he decided to accept all the requests he has gotten from his colleagues to go on dates. Unfortunately for him, he realised too late that it was not the way to find the one that was meant to be for you. Just like the concept of a soulmate, if it was meant to happen, it would happen. He realised too late and after too many failed dates that he could not rush the process. So he stopped trying. Until that one day when he saw you on the roof of the building, during lunch time. You had no idea that you were not alone, had you been aware of that fact you may have not gotten out your pack of cigarettes. Jungkook could tell by the way your foot tapped the ground impatiently and the way your hands kept grabbing at your hair that you were stressed. He sat in silence not wanting to disturb you as you seemed to be hyping yourself up about something. You didn’t interact that day, but in his head he knew he had found you. The taste of cigarettes on his lips was as strong as the smell wafting through the air.
Normally he would not have been happy about someone who smoked in his vicinity, the harsh smell causing his nose to tingle in an unpleasant fashion. Watching you stress smoke that cigarette with the knowledge that you were his soulmate he found himself unbothered by that knowledge. He knew who you were, your mutual friend being Taehyung. He had introduced you two as soon as you started working for the company.
He will always remember that specific moment, the time when you smiled shyly at him extending your hand. He felt an unusual warmth all throughout his body, but he didn’t realise at the time it was your soulmate bond tying itself together like the ends of two loose strings.
He tried with all his might to figure out whether or not you had the faintest idea about your soulmate connection and for a few months he would insist on taking his break on the floor below just so he could spend time with you. Your lack of interest towards him and his advances told him that you were oblivious. You weren’t treating him differently than you would treat Taehyung and for a while he questioned himself. What if he had been wrong? Instead of keeping up appearances, he let himself slip into the friend's mould. If he had been wrong then it would spare him the embarrassment, if he hadn’t been wrong then it would do him no harm to be friends first.
The memories still fresh in his mind he knew now that you were his soulmate. Still a bit tipsy from the wine he had shared with Taehyung earlier he plucked up the courage and jokingly asked, “Is it because I am handsome?” The shocked look on your face and the silence that ensued were far from comfortable. Slowly Jungkook could feel the heat of the blood rushing to his face and he tried his best to hide his embarrassment with a cough. “I mean-“
At the sight of his wide eyes and red cheeks you started chuckling, not being able to hold your composure for any longer. “It was bad, but you’re adorable.” This time your face turned beet red. You both looked at each other like deer caught into headlights for a few moments, only to dissolve into laughter once again.
That night you talked to Jungkook as if he was an old friend. It felt comfortable to share stories with him, to laugh and to make jokes. It felt good to be out of your head for once. The worries that had plagued your mind completely dissolved in between the laughter and the wine that you were sharing.
At some point during the night you both moved into the corridor in front of your room, both sat on the floor, your back leaning against the wall. Passing the wine bottle in between the two of you the conversation carried on into the darkness of the corridor. The only available source of light coming from the kitchen dimly lighting both of your faces, casting shadows across the floor. You didn’t know when you got so close to him, your skin prickling at the heat emanating from his body. Or when your head dropped onto his broad shoulder, your eyes fluttering, heavy with sleep.
“Y/N” Jungkook whispered and you hummed in response. The familiarity of the scene made him smile. You looked adorable, cuddled into his side, your eyes laden with sleep.
“What if I were to tell you I found my soulmate?” His voice was fearful but his heart was hopeful.
Wide awake now, your head snapped up. “What?”
Even though it was meant to be a whisper your voice reverberated through the corridor. Gasping you stopped to listen for any signs of Taehyung waking up. When the corridor stayed silent you breathed a sigh of relief and cleared your throat. “What?” you looked alarmed at Jungkook.
“Is it that bad? That I found my soulmate?” he looked wounded and you quickly tried to clarify. “Nonono, definitely not bad, just...i am surprised” you looked hesitant. You didn’t know what to make of that information, on one hand you wanted to be happy for him. Not everyone thought like you about the soulmate bond. On the other hand you couldn’t fathom the idea that he may have found his intended love in life. The pain blossomed in your chest and you readily assumed the reason behind that being your aversion towards the concept.
“But what if….” Jungkook stopped. He looked unsure of himself and something pulled at your heartstrings. In an attempt to comfort him you placed your hand on his grasping it gently.
“What if, the soulmate doesn’t want me” he tried again, his voice meek. You gave him a sympathetic look, in a way you could relate to his worries. “There is no way your soulmate wouldn’t want you” you tried to ease his worries, your hand subconsciously tightening its grip on his. Jungkook didn’t respond looking lost in thought and for a moment you thought you had said the wrong thing when you felt his fingers intertwined with yours. The feel of his warmth combined with the softness of his hands cause butterflies to erupt in your stomach. The feeling so foreign to you, but not unwelcome.
“But what if I said my soulmate was you?” he tried again, his grip tightening, as if he was afraid you might slip through his fingers. Your heart stopped, your mind trying to catch up with his words. Taking the risk, Jungkook slowly cupped your face. Leaning towards you until your lips were only one whisper away he stopped. His warm breath fanning over your face, it smelt sweet, tangy. Before you could process your thoughts bumped his lips onto yours in a timid touch. Once, twice, three times, his lips ghosted over yours.
You could not react, the surprise from his confession still wrecking havoc through your body. Your eyes fluttered closed as you felt his soft lips touch yours with a bit more conviction. You almost allowed yourself to melt into the kiss a small moan leaving the back of your throat. He tasted sweet, just could not place the taste, and yet it seemed so familiar.
You jolted out of the trance pulling away from him entirely, almost sliding yourself on the opposite side of the corridor. Like a deer in headlights you observed his every move, ready to flee the scene if he got too close to you. “Y/N”, Jungkook tried to reach a hand towards you. You flinched away from him and he halted. You looked scared of him. He could feel his heart break in two at the sight of your distress.
“Y/N” he tried again but you would not have it. You were unable to listen to any reasoning, your fight or flight reaction at an all time high. “Please go” you managed to utter.
When he tried to approach you again you let out a sob, the emotions of your revelations catching up with you. “Please” you pleaded, looking at him in despair. Jungkook’s heart dropped. The look on your face told him you wanted him gone, and as much as it hurt him he would listen to you.
Giving you one last pained look he turned around on his heels and walked down the corridor, swallowed by the darkness of the apartment. When with a click of the front door you knew he was gone, and you broke down in tears.
“Y/N? What’s wrong?” Taehyung, fully awake, having heard the front door close and your sobs echoing through the apartment, rushed to your side.
“I fucked up” was the only thing you could mutter over and over again. Taehyung was confused. Looking around him trying to find something that may indicate the reason for your cries, he spotted the wine bottle by your leg. Alarmed, he picked it up. “Fresh notes of strawberries”....
“Y/N are you daft? This has strawberries in it!” he tried to pry your hands away from your face to check for any signs of swelling. Your incessant cries lessened at that. Taehyung could barely discern what you were saying and so instead, he hugged you tightly to his chest letting you cry it out.
Tumblr media
“I think I know the taste that has been bugging me” a couple of days after that night, you were in the break room with Taehyung prepared to have your lunch break. You had been successful at avoiding Jungkook, and you had a strong suspicion that he had stayed out of your way on purpose. That lessened your worries, you didn’t know if you would be able to confront him about what had transpired between the two of you.
“Really? What, when and how?” you could tell Taehyung was trying to hide his excitement underneath his grin. You refused to give him more information on the subject, not yet ready to talk about it. But if you underestimated something, it was his ability to put two and two together. “Is it Jungkook?” you stopped dead in your tracks, your heartbeat picking up the pace. At your reaction Taehyung almost grinned, he was happy his two friends had discovered each other. His grin faltered at something behind you.
You tried denying it, telling him he was mistaken. but with the sweet taste of strawberries lingering on your lips, even you knew that there was no mistake.
“Uhh, Y/N, I have to rush, I forgot that I needed to send some documents over” he quickly got up and rushed out of the room. Your bewildered eyes followed his retreat only to come across the man that had just entered the break room. You gasped at the sight of his athletic frame dressed in the dark coloured suit he normally wore for work. He looked handsome.
“Jungkook” you acknowledged him with a nod. He stood there looking at you for a moment, a strange look on his face as if he was prepared to say something but then changed his mind at the last minute. Instead he mirrored your nod and headed towards the coffee machine.
He passed by you in an attempt to reach for the pods that were on the table behind you. To get to them he had to step around your still body. You could not move, still in a daze, your lips tingling from the kiss you two have shared earlier. Your hands were trembling and you tried your hardest to stay calm and not give away the mixed feelings raging through your body. You cleared your throat and looked away in an attempt to hide your blushing face from him. Jungkook took you in silently, he didn’t know what to make of your reaction. Earlier when he had kissed you, your lips moulding together, you pressed tightly against his form, hands raking through his hair. You seemed to be reciprocating the feeling but now, when you were acting like a deer caught in headlights, he was not so sure of himself anymore.
Cautiously he approached you, his gaze unfaltering, he was afraid that if he stepped over the line you would run away from him again. He didn’t know if his heart could take it.
He couldn’t imagine that if you’d figured it out you’d react to him like this. He was waiting for you to realise it was him. However, the blank look on your face and your stiff posture told him otherwise. The soulmate connection urged him to take you in his arms and take the pain away, to make it better. But you didn’t know yet it was him, and he debated whether or not he should tell you. His heart lurched in pain, he didn’t know how to approach the issue. Knowing himself he’d make a stupid comment which would drive you further away. So he settled for actions rather than words.
It felt like an eternity until he reached you, toe to toe, his hand hesitantly cupped your face. You couldn’t move, your breath coming into short pants, your heart flipping inside your chest. For a second you feared you would faint, but the warm touch of his hand kept you grounded and so you focused on that. Closing your eyes you leaned your head onto his hand soaking up the comfort. Even though you were apprehensive about Jungkook and your connection, he has been nothing but kind and understanding to you. His awkward demeanour paired with his confident looks, an endearing combination in your eyes. After that night you two spent together in the corridor of your apartment you understood very well why most women in your company fell in love with him. What you didn’t understand though, was why he would break their hearts like that. Thinking about the rumours once again your eyes snapped open and you pushed his hand away.
“Jungkook,” you cleared your throat. You needed to get your feelings off your chest otherwise you would implode. You wanted to make sure you were both on the same page. You didn’t want to end up heartbroken like any of the other women in the office. Your stomach lurched at that, the thought of him rejecting you like he did those women sending shooting pains through your whole body.
Jungkook’s hands stayed a few centimeters away from your face, his face morphing into anguish. But as soon as it appeared, it was instantly gone, replaced by a smile, the same heartfelt smile he gave you the day you met. The day you had signed your fate. The day the taste of what you could place now as strawberries had invaded your tastebuds. He waited for you to say something, he was not going to push you, but his gentle eyes told you he was going to listen to whatever you decided to tell him. Taking a deep breath in you decided to continue.
“I- am not sure how to put this into words, so I am going to just come out with it.” tears pooled into your eyes at the thought of what you were going to say. He nodded but you could tell he was anxious by the way his hand helplessly dropped to his side and started fiddling with his pants. You blinked the tears away but they just kept coming leaving a hot trail down your face. The pain of losing your parents resurfacing at the memories flooding your head.
“My parents, they uh, died” you stumbled over your words, finding it very difficult to get a grasp over your emotions. You took Jungkook’s silence as a sign to carry on, “my dad passed away in a car accident, after that, my mother she uh” a sob wrecked through your body and you couldn’t carry on. Watching as your whole body broke down in front of him Jungkook decided to throw caution out the window and steadily wrapped his arms around you. In an instant you relaxed, the warmth and the comfort provided by your soulmate embracing you calmed you down enough for you to carry on with your story.
“My mother, she died heartbroken three years after my father” you sniffled embarrassed at the snot you could see on his shirt. Trying to pull yourself away from him you found yourself nose to chest with him as he tightened his grip on you. You didn’t have the strength to fight against his hold.
“Jungkook,” you pleaded, slumping against him, your forehead resting on his warm chest. In that position you could hear his heartbeat, the strong thump reverberating through you. The knowledge that you were about to break that rhythm pained you. “I don’t want to have a soulmate.” A fresh wave of tears soaked through his shirt. Jungkook felt as if your sobs had not only penetrated the material but also his heart, the coldness that gripped him rendering him speechless.
Despite the unbearable ache that your words have caused him, he remembered that you were also suffering. He decided that his pain was irrelevant to yours, the soulmate bond that forged between the two of you pushing him to alleviate your sorrow and forget about his own.
“Y/N” his voice sounded foreign to him, the anguish seeping through. He cleared his throat and tightened his grip on you, trapping your arms in between the two of you. You knew you were being selfish, your hard words chipping away at his heart. Despite that he was being patient and understanding, lending you the last of his strength. “Don’t, please” was his last attempt at asking you not to crush him. A plea followed by a soft kiss on the top of your head, his own tears threatening to spill down his cheeks.
His words pierced through you, a heavy feeling settling in your chest. It felt as if someone had placed a weighted lead over your heart. Your mind was fighting against the soul’s desire to mould together as one, to form that bond fully. But by doing so, you were fighting against the laws of the soulmate connection, the broken promise of being together forever caused you to feel agony like never before. Desperate, you managed to free your hands and wrap them around him, your fingers digging into the muscles of his back in an attempt to steady yourself. You let the pain course through you, letting Jungkook’s soft cries in your hair be a reminder of your self-serving fears. His breath was hot on the crown of your hair, his breath coming out in broken gasps and you finally understood.
This is what your mother had experienced. This is the pain she must have gone through when your father was gone. Only, you were voluntarily putting yourself and him through it.
You felt despicable, but most importantly, you were terrified. Thoughts running through your head, scenarios in which you and him were bonded and living a happy life, only for it to be swept from under you. You didn’t think you could bear that, but you knew that what you were doing now was not right either. There was no such thing as a bandaid when it came to a soulmate bond. You would suffer forever and it never got easier.
“Y/N, please talk to me.” Jungkook’s voice wavered but his tears had stopped. He was doing his best to stay strong for you. Burying your head into his inviting shoulder you inhaled his scent, it was something sweet. Sweet like that night when you kissed, that significant night when you realised he was yours and you were his. Trying to recall the happiness that you felt when you two kissed you whispered, “I’m afraid.”
Jungkook had never felt more helpless. Hearing you admit this felt even more painful than you rejecting the soulmate bond. He could do very little to alleviate your worries, he couldn’t promise you forever because he himself had no power over the future, but he could promise you that he would try his best to be there until it wasn’t possible anymore.
“I can’t promise you that we will last forever, but I can promise you that as long as we are alive and have a forever to fight for I will do my best to reach it” his soft words brushed through your hair, the hand on your back tightening its hold. Fresh tears spilled from your eyes, the hot trail competing with the warmth that was growing in your chest. His words were not enough to alleviate your worries, but they were enough to pacify the inner battle between your soul and your heart.
“Hey,” he gently grabbed your shoulders, breaking your hold on him. With some distance now in between the two of you, it was easier to look at him. Your heart broke at the sight of the tears silently running down his face, a contrast to the small reassuring smile he was offering you. If not for the pain in his eyes you would have thought he was crying for you only. However, his eyes spoke of agony for two. The relationship that was meant to be, the relationship that your souls craved and you had power over. The understanding encouragement he was offering told you that he would take whatever you decided. If your decision was to not pursue this, he would accept it and never question it. With this in mind you took a deep breath in, your hands hesitantly reaching out and wiping away at the trail of tears.
“I am afraid” you stopped glancing away from him for a split second. Jungkook’s breath caught in his throat anticipating your next words. You had the power to make him or break him, his heart in your hands. With your next exhale, you let all your worries out, your stance visibly relaxing.
“But I am not afraid to fight for a future forever, with you.”
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roll-da-credits · 4 months ago
SC: Pro Heroes' S/o's Pet Not Liking Them
Characters: Keigo Takami (Hawks), Rumi Usagiyama (Mirko), Taishiro Toyamitsu (Fatgum)
A/n: this fic is brought to you by my rabbit who has unrivaled hate for any man except my dad. He would literally cuddle with my dad but the moment my friend comes who let me tell you ADORES my bunny, he would COMPLETELY ignore him and sometimes even bite him, not like nibbling like bunnies do when they're happy. No, full-on bites like incredibly hard, anyways hope you guys enjoy it. (Also, this was longer than I planned)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Keigo Takami (Hawks)
You would think Hawks would have a good relationship with birds right? Wrong.
Hawks in the eyes of birds was a bird of prey, which only means one thing, he's dangerous. This unspoken rule amongst birds who are usually weaker doesn't exclude your own pigeon.
It all started when Rumi (Mirko) decided that the group's movie night would be at your house for the first time ever. Obviously, you were rather excited, of all the times you had these movie nights they were never in your home. Another exciting reason was you couldn't wait to introduce Keigo, your lovey lover, to your budgie.
"Hey, birdie." Once you opened the door to your apartment Hawks was leaning there in front of you with a small bouquet of flowers, wearing some casual clothing. Giving a quick to your forehead, you led Hawks into your humble abode.
Your budgie, as always, flew towards you to greet the guest, like he would usually. But instead of landing on your shoulder, he instead flew around Keigo and dove to bite his ears and the exposed skin everywhere.
"So this is the friendly bird you've been telling me about???" Keigo slightly confused and panicked tried to lightly shoo away the flying menace.
You at this point didn't know whether to panic or to laugh at the situation. Your budgie was incredibly kind to everyone, even strangers you just met, and yet here he was, squawking at Keigo trying to bite him.
After a few minutes, you were able to calm your bird down, letting him rest on the crook of your neck and reassure Keigo that he was usually really kind to guests, which Keigo doesn't believe at this point. It wasn't until Rumi came knocking that you stood up to greet her.
Keigo, watched from a distance, excited to see Rumi get attacked by your menace of a bird. "What?!" He exclaimed pointing a judgemental finger at your bird who was now on Rumi's shoulder nuzzling her cheek.
"Scared of a birdie smaller than you Keigo?" Rumi's laughter mocked Keigo, and you couldn't help but let out a few giggles yourself.
"Awww love don't be like that!" You walked over to Keigo and enveloped him in a reassuring hug, still slightly giggling, "I swear I don't know why he doesn't like you."
When the movie started, you and Keigo were cuddling as usual with Rumi slightly third-wheeling, not that she really cared. Weirdly enough you felt a weird tension around you, when you looked over at Keigo, you saw he was staring at your budgie who was on Rumi's shoulder.
Both looking at each other with so much menace it made you burst into laughter. "Is there some kind of bird rivalry?????" Rumi now realizing what was happening laughed extremely loud. "Are you jealous of Y/n's BIRD???"
She teased Keigo, who in retaliation threw a pillow at her. He groaned and pulled you closer. "Whatever, but we're never having movie nights in your house again." You laughed a little before snuggling more into him, "Sure you big baby."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rumi Usagiyama (Mirko)
"I'm telling you, that little piece of long-looking mouse stole my stuff!" Rumi yelled at you pointing an accusing finger at your ferret who was simply staring up at you her head slightly tilted as if confused about the whole ordeal.
This all started when Rumi decided to come to your apartment straight after patrol, something she's never done. She looked exhausted and in need of some comfort, so you let her in and gave her some clothes to change after showering,
When she walked in, she noticed your ferret staring at her. A weird sense of foreboding crept up onto her. She always had a slight suspicion that the creature didn't like her very much. Whether it was because she was taking up most of your play times with it, or something else, she couldn't care any less.
It was in the ferret's eyes, how they stared at her with intent and a glint of mischievousness. Though when she brought it up with you, you'd brush it off since ferrets are incredibly mischievous and smart.
But the icing on the cake was when she placed her clothes on top of a dresser, including her gloves, to take a shower. Only to come back with both of her gloves missing from the pile. The ferret looking up at her, as if challenging her.
"Rumi, love, why would she even know to hide BOTH gloves. She'd probably steal only one!!" Rumi's mouth fell agape at your statement. You were defending the THIEF???
"You said so yourself didn't you?!! Ferrets are SMART, SHE MUST'VE KNOWN." At this point it was borderline hilarious, so between your next words, you laughed and giggled.
"You probably just misplaced it, come on I'll help you search it. I'm sure we'll find it soon."
You both did not find it soon, it had actually been 30 minutes of nonstop searching. Searching your entire apartment close to twice already, you and Rumi both flopped on the couch, exhausted.
"Ok, maybe I should check her toys." Her being your ferret, you finally caved in and searched around her toys.
Low and behold.
"I TOLD YOU!!!" You found both Rumi's gloves tucked away in the long rubbery-plastic tunnel you made for your ferret.
Rumi crashed on the floor in a fit of laughter, with you holding the dirty gloves looking at your ferret rather disappointed at her. Your ferret looked up with its adorable eyes as if it had done nothing wrong.
"Your ferret's a demon I'm telling you!" Rumi wiped a tear from laughing too much.
"I'm sorry for not believing you." You said followed by an exasperated sigh. Rumi walked over to you and enveloped you in a bone-crushing hug, "It's fine, this was actually more fun than just watching random movies like we planned."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Taishiro Toyamitsu
Taishiro loves animals and animals love him. Both skinny and fat form, he's just a lovable person for every single living being. Animals, humans, plants, all of them thrive when being cared for by him. Including you, but excluding your cat.
Taishiro knew the moment you said you had a cat that he would have to work a little bit harder to get her to like him. What he didn't expect was for your cat to completely ignore him no matter what he did.
"Trying to woo her again?" You smirked a little bit when you saw him in his skinny form holding a small bag of catnip smiling rather sheepishly.
"No cat can resist catnip." He paused shortly, "Right?"
You giggled at his adorable antics, reaching up to slightly ruffle his soft hair. Inviting him you watched from afar as Taishiro approached your cat who was sunbathing near a window and, as usual, ignoring him.
He slowly approached her, his big hands slowly opening the bag. When he did, her head immediately darted at him, you stood up straighter at this. Really curious at the first time your cat acknowledged his existence.
Taishiro couldn't feel more excited at the moment and slowly got closer to her, shaking the bag slightly. Your cat's irises expanded, showing that she might be rather happy.
But just as Taishiro was about to pet her, she stretched from her position and walked calmly away from him. Ignoring him once again.
You stifled a laugh at his dejected form, shoulders slumping down and a dark aura surrounding him.
You draped your body over his back, a small attempt in hugging him, "Hey you'll get more chances, I'm sure she'll warm up to you eventually."
Taishiro looked up at you with watery eyes and a small pout, making your heart melt at the sight. "How about this? You'll get even more chances if you live with me."
Your eyebrows wiggled at him, and his slumped figure immediately brightened up. Crushing you in a tight bear hug and shaking you around. "I'll make sure your cat loves me."
Tumblr media
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takamishinko · 5 months ago
footprints and doubts
Tumblr media
this is the longest piece we’ve written so far and it drained the living crap out of us :,D but hope u guys enjoy !
pronouns: gender neutral 
warnings: nothing really other than jealousy, angst, and crying, self thought cheating
a/n: r/n is region name btw
honestly you found it hard to believe that little ol’ you from r/n could befriend let alone become someone important to ajax. the great tartaglia, 11th of the fatui harbingers, his name itself could strike fear into anyone. yet here you were, standing next to him with your hands intertwined with his at the lantern rite festival. you would give the world to him if you could, you loved him so much. he was so different from your last significant other who had been unfaithful towards you. 
‘you’re just too boring.’ they had told you apathetically. you frown thinking about it.
you felt ajax gave your hand a small tug, "hey y/n why don't we go over there? looks like chef mao is cooking up something good." he spoke with a cheery grin on his face.
you snap back into reality as you felt his hand pull you out of your thoughts. you gave him a terse nod and the two of you made your way to wanmin restaurant.
after waiting a while in line, the two of you were next. chef mao looked up and practically shat himself at the sight of the male next to you. 
“hello y/n! i hope you’ve been enjoying the festival, " chef mao spoke nervously, his eyes gliding to the male next to you, “ too sir childe.” he sputtered out. right, ajax was the one who tried to destroy liyue not too long ago after all. you shook your head, right now you were with ajax, not childe.
"woah woah woah. calm down chef, you know that’s history now. besides, i’m just here to enjoy the festival with y/n." ajax assured, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head.
you gave the chef a slight smile and spoke,"don’t worry chef. i’m sure he doesn’t have plans other than being with me tonight." you teased. 
the chef sighed in poorly concealed relief and returned to his usual self as he took your order. ajax ordered the specialty for today, the crystal shrimp. after a small wait, the two of you waved chef mao goodbye after he gave you two your food. the warm dish let out puffs of steam and glistened under all the light of the lanterns due to it's crystal clear skin, there were 4 in total, the wrapping for each was folded into the shape of a flower. they were so pretty, you almost felt bad for eating them. 
sitting down on a nearby bench, the two of you enjoyed the crystal shrimp while making small talk. the crystal shrimps were delicious themselves but it felt better to enjoy them with someone you loved. 
after finishing the food, you and ajax had a great time. you guys played a few rounds of theatre mechanics, ruijin was pleased at how skilled the two of you were and rewarded both of you with hefty prizes. upon bumping into zhongli, the three of you decided to enjoy some tea with him. after bidding farewell to the funeral consultant, the two of you released some xiao lanterns and watched as they floated into the night sky. 
feeling a bit tired, the two of you then decided to relax and take a walk instead of participating in games. as you and your boyfriend were strolling around the harbour, something, or someone caught his gaze. you look over to where his eyes were trailing to.
a beautiful young lady dressed in a white dress with a cecilia tucked into her golden blonde hair and a puffy companion floating by her side waved at ajax. her smile brighter than the sun and her movement as graceful as the moon. her honey glazed eyes shone with familiarity and glee at the sight of him.
of course you recognized this girl. she was none other than the otherworldly traveler, lumine. she fought alongside the liyue qixing and even the adepti to defeat the great osial. the people of liyue spoke about her often, everyone knew how she had also earned the title of honorary knight in mondstadt and defeated one of the four winds despite her young age. 
you were once again brought back into reality when ajax spoke, "hey babe ill be right back okay? i wanna catch up with lumine real quick." 
you felt his hand leave yours, the warmth dissipated with it. you felt an uncomfortable feeling bubble up as you watched your boyfriend run to someone else, leaving you alone by yourself to stand in the sea of lanterns and people. 
it didn't feel right.
you stayed in place with a dejected look for a while waiting for ajax to return but he was taking a while so you decided to go check what was going on with him.
"-but then teucer decided to do it anyway!” you hear ajax’s boyish voice ring out with amusement.
as the blond and the redhead laughed together. you couldn't help but think about the two looked enchanting with each other.
you shook your head and decided to make your presence known. "ajax-" 
ajax perked up, "oh! babe sorry to keep you waiting let me introduce you. lumine this is my partner y/n!" ajax exclaimed with a cute grin.
you gave lumine a small wave and spoke with a polite smile, "it's a pleasure to meet you lumine." 
"it’s nice to meet you too y/n.” lumine replied cheerfully.
now that you’ve got a better look at the blonde, she's so much more beautiful than you could have ever imagined. 
her velvety blonde hair fell gracefully, her porcelain skin was practically glowing without a single visible blemish, her golden eyes shone with beauty that rivaled cor lapis. to wrap it up, her short stature was presented with grace and poise. all in all, everything about the blonde was nothing less than perfection.
everyone loved her and you could understand the reason behind it very well. gorgeous, kind, and righteous, the hero of every region everyone respected. you couldn’t help but wish you were like her instead of your boring self, without a vision, without any standing out achievements either…
you started to space out while the two started up a conversation again, thinking about the feelings you were currently having. why were you feeling like this?
"hey babe we should get going! it's getting late." the voice of your lover broke you out of your thinking.
you were overthinking a lot today huh. "oh. we probably should get going then." 
"bye ajax! bye y/n! it was really nice meeting you." lumine said with a pearly smile gracing her features. she then walked off to find her floating companion who was near a food stall inhaling dish after dish of food.
ajax..? he wasn’t childe or tartaglia to her, but ajax. you didn't know how to feel upon hearing the real name of your boyfriend slip out of the blonde. you knew how secretive ajax could be when it came to his family and personal life so the fact that lumine knew his real name put a feeling of unease within you.
the way home was pretty quiet, you didn't want ajax to notice that you were feeling off. you felt so guilty for having these feelings about him and lumine but you couldn’t help it. your last relationship had practically trampled on your ability to trust others, you could never tell if someone was lying to you or being truthful. you contemplated telling him how you felt but you decided against it, you’ve never been great at expressing your feelings after all. however, after a while of him blabbing about random topics, you couldn’t curb your curiosity any longer and realized you wanted to know more about your lover's relationship between him and lumine.
after a while of peaceful silence, you let out a small breath, "hey ajax?"
“yes y/n?" 
"who is lumine… to you?"
ajax perked up at the sound of the blonde's name, "lumine? she's a good friend and a formidable opponent of course. it's been a while since i’ve fought with someone who could keep up with me on the battlefield!" ajax spoke with enthusiasm.
you felt a twinge of pain shoot into your heart at the tone that your lover used when speaking about the blonde. did he speak like that when he was talking about you? 
"oh… i see. she must be a very powerful person then." you replied with feigned glee.
ajax noticed that you were in low spirits, "why? is something wrong?" he questioned with slight worry.
"no! i'm alright. i was just curious because you two seemed… close." you lied. you weren't ok, but you didn't know how to tell him. probably because you didn't even know why you felt such-
that was what you were feeling. not petty jealousy or sadness, you were envious. envious of lumine. her beauty, her strength, her personality, everything. the feeling consumed every inch of your body and dyed you green. your insecurities swallowed you up and spit you out, rendering you vulnerable against the little demons that poked at your thoughts.
when the two of you got home and freshened up, ajax practically passed out the second he lied in bed with you. on the other hand, you stayed wide awake, stuck thinking about the way lumine and ajax interacted. the smiles, the laughter, the fond looks they gave each other plagued your mind, rendering you unable to sleep. after a while of staring blankly at the ceiling, you groaned and carefully lifted the sheets to not wake your lover and got out of bed to make yourself a cup of tea. you used the tea leaves you bought from pops kai, the calming properties of the tea always helped you when you felt down. 
"they're just friends, don't overthink it, just friends, just friends." you whispered to yourself, trying to give yourself a sense of reassurance. after finishing the tea you got back into bed,  it was hard but you eventually fell asleep next to your lover.
next morning, you were woken by the sound of your boyfriend walking around in the living room doing something. it was only around 7am so you were wondering why up so early as he usually woke up at 8. you groggily walked out of the bedroom.
ajax noticed you and smiled fondly at the cute sight of you rubbing your eyes. "good morning babe, did i wake you up? sorry about that, i was just getting ready to go train."
"oh. by yourself?" somehow, you had a feeling of where this conversation was headed.
"no, with lumine, we made a deal yesterday to go to yaoguang shore today to fight some ruin guards and hunters for materials!" he chuckled.
lumine. lumine
the name echoed in your mind like a mantra. you were aware of his weekly spars with the blonde but today would be the second day he went out with her this week. a part of your heart told you to stop him, another part told you to let him go. in this internal battle, you chose the latter and let him go. after all, who were you to stop him? it's not like you could be the one to satisfy his thirst for battle, only someone like lumine could.
you were having a day off due to the lantern rite festival, but to be honest it's not like you needed the money. with the amount of money ajax had he could probably support you and your next 4 generations. with your spare day, you decided to clean up the house because it was a bit messy due to teucer playing around the day before. 
while cleaning up you found a spare xiao lantern that teucer was supposed to release when he came over. since you had spare time you decided to set another lantern yourself, it would be a waste to not use it after all. as people say, during the lantern rites, put your wish into a lantern and set it into the sky for it to become true. 
"i wish to stay with ajax, till death does us apart." 
you only hoped he felt the same way about you.
you put the note in the xiao lantern and set it off into the sky, you watched with sentiment as it floated away towards the clear blue sky.
you had a hard time focusing on the task you were doing for the rest of your day so you decided to take your mind off things and go take a look around liyue harbour to see if there was anything worth checking out, or buying. 
liyue harbour contained the usual, the fragrance of grilled tiger fish wafting from the stand next to where you would usually buy your groceries, the kids messing around near the boats, and you even met xiangling who tried to offer you her new recipe of jade parcels but you kindly refused. 
after that you went to give the adorable little pharmacist, qiqi, a visit. she was under the  cashier stand like usual, you gave her a little pat on the head and asked for the usual medicine you buy for ajax. 
you then bumped into zhongli, who was also strolling around. the two of you chattered about the festival and other shenanigans before bidding each other farewell. the amount of history about liyue and its traditions the man was familiar with would never fail to surprise you.
there wasn’t really anything left for you to do in the harbour so you started to head back home. not far away from the liuli pavilion you saw a familiar redhead talking to the owner of mingxing jewelry with a shorter figure standing beside him. 
upon closer inspection, you noticed it was ajax with someone else at a jewelry shop looking at the items. it was none other than lumine standing next to him. you watched as lumine picked out a piece of jewelry from the stand that would look so well on her. the gem glowed it’s colour under her smile and looked more fitting than ever. weren’t they supposed to be at yaoguang shore?
without second thought ajax bought the jewelry in lumines hand and put it in a gift bag with a look of tenderness. your heart dropped to the pits of your stomach, you felt as if the world was crashing down on you. your breathing quickened and your heart palpitated at alarming rates. every little insecurity that was planted in you had finally finished blooming. was this really going to happen to you a second time? was once not enough for the entertainment of the gods?
that was when he saw you, standing only a little bit away from him holding the items you purchased for him and the fresh groceries you were going to use to cook dinner for him.
ajax’s eyes widened in surprise upon seeing you, “y/n!? why are you he-” he was tense, you noticed, just like your ex-lover when they were caught.
you tried to regulate your breathing and spoke, “stop.” you managed to say, cutting off ajax before he could finish his sentence. he flinched at your dull tone.
“y/n! i know what you’re thinking but i promise we were just-” ajax hurriedly tries to explain.
“don’t. i think i've seen enough childe.” he frowned at the use of his moniker. 
your lips trembled, water collecting at the bottom of your eyes. ‘don’t cry. don’t cry, don’t cry.’ you repeated in your head, you didn’t want to appear weak in front of the two. your ajax who you loved so much, who you cared for so much, who you were planning to spend the rest of your life with, is now buying jewelry for someone else after lying to you.
“i was foolish this entire time, of course. instead of someone like me, a visionless nobody you would choose her over me. you’re just like-” your voice cracked as you forced the words out of your tightened throat. 
“y/n it’s not like that! please just let me explain!” ajax pleaded urgently. he hated that you were talking bad about yourself.
after gaining a smidge of composure you decided you couldn’t be near the two, “no need childe, i understand. now if you’ll excuse me, i'll be on my way.” you muttered and brushed past the two. 
“wait y/n!-” he reached out to grab your arm before the blonde next to him stopped him.
lumine sighed and spoke up after staying silent, “let them go for now. leave them alone for a bit, they need some time to think. it’s understandable why someone would be upset if they saw their lover with someone else like this.” she comforted before patting him on the back.
“yeah. i guess you’re right...” ajax murmured with a crestfallen look. he regretted not communicating with you, otherwise this wouldn’t have happened. he should’ve cleared up any suspicions you had and reassured you. he knew about how you weren’t confident due to your last relationship. gods, he felt like he was worse than your dirtbag of an ex.
you walked towards your home slowly trying to process what just happened. your tears already ran dry and you didn’t think more were able to escape from your eyes. the fading sunset seemed so blurry yet peaceful. somehow, instead of walking home, you ended up near yaoguang shore which happened to be the spot you and ajax would go to often. his name brought bitter feelings back as you remember the events that just happened but you took a deep breath and sat on the sand across from the shore. you listened to the sound of the ocean, the waves dousing the sand it touched. you took notice of the starconches laying on the sand. 
feelings of melancholy welled up inside you. these are ajax’s favourites. the blue shells reminded you of his eyes. his lovely eyes were the blue of the waves of the sea, they crashed into you and pulled you into them. you could spend all day swimming in the infinite hues until you drowned.
you buried your head onto your knees and let out a pained cry you’ve been holding in. here, where no one can find you, where no one can hear you. only the ocean will hear your troubles and worries, you hoped it could wash them away and you could forget about them forever. you sat there in peace by yourself for what felt like hours.
you sighed and decided that you should get going, but to where? you didn’t want to see ajax if he’s even going to be there at all. maybe you could crash at zhongli’s place…
 just as you were about to leave you heard a familiar voice behind your back. “y/n!” it was the man you loved, ajax, sprinting to you with the same gift bag he was holding in his hands at mingxing jewelry. 
you turned around to look at him. your hair was flowing in the wind with the sunset behind your back. to ajax it was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen in his life. 
“i knew you’d be here.” ajax spoke with relief.
you looked away from him not knowing how to feel right now about your “lover” and stayed silent.
“y/n. i swear it wasn’t what it looked like, i would never do that to you. lumine and i really don’t have anything going on in between us, i chose you as my partner and i plan on keeping it that way for the rest of my life. in fact,” ajax murmured while opening up the gift bag he was holding. it was a bracelet with a fine piece of noctilucous jade in the middle with cor lapis fragments decorating the border of the blue gem. the jewelry wafted with fragrances, the morning dew smell from a qingxin, the classical smell of the harbour from a silk flower and lastly the everlasting aroma of violet grass.  
“do you like it? lumine and i picked it out for you at mingxing jewelry for our upcoming anniversary. i just wanted her opinion on what to choose for you. this was one of the most beautiful pieces that they had. i heard it took a super long time to make, oh! the jade in the middle will also make the bracelet glow in the dark! pretty cool huh?” ajax smiled as he lifted your wrist to put it on you.
at a loss of words, you lifted your head up at the male and gave him a soft smile, “thank you ajax… i love it, it’s perfect in every way possible.”
“just like you.” the redhead spoke fondly with a grin on his face while softly stroking your hair.
“oh shut up you flirt.” you tried to hide your smile as you both giggled on the beach with the sunset dripping behind you two. 
after a while of being engulfed in ajax’s arms you spoke, “ajax, i want to apologize for jumping to conclusions about you and lumine. know about how i find it hard to trust people sometimes but it was unfair for me to do that to you, i know you would never cheat on me.” you spoke, hugging him tighter as if he would leave if you get go. 
“y/n. don’t you dare think for a second that i’ll leave you for someone else ok? you’re the only one in this world that i want and it’s staying that way. i don’t care if you’re visionless, or if you don’t have any achievements whatsoever. i still love you so so much.” ajax exclaimed as he buried his head into the crook of your neck.
you felt a certain warmth as your face flushed. how did you end up with someone as perfect as ajax. you lifted his face with your hands and pressed your lips against his. he deepens the kiss and your heart melts.
“thank you ajax. i’ll always be by your side too, no matter what happens. my love for you has no ends.” you speak with pure affection as you nuzzled your face into ajax’s soft yet firm chest. 
ajax feels his face heat up and he quickly speaks, “c’mon now, let’s go home, i can’t wait to taste your cooking after running around all day today.”
the two of you walked together on the beach, hand in hand, leaving footprints and doubts in the sand.
special msg from my dear editor: hey lol - @kamihara​ , my works wouldn’t be nearly as good if it weren’t for them so go give them a follow please :)!
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mystiicwinter · 7 months ago
Pick a card
Choose a gif and I will tell you how people perceive you!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
~ Pile 1 ~ ~ Pile 2 ~ ~ Pile 3 ~
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
~ Pile 4 ~ ~ Pile 5 ~ ~ Pile 6 ~
✧ Pile 1
You are definitely going through a transformation which doesn't unnoticed by the people around you. Sensitive is a word that other might use to describe you. I think you've been labeled as some sort of an outcast in your past and even experienced types of abuse/ bullying. People don't know how to truly appreciate you and I sense a bunch of toxic people in your life. There are some that can see the treasure within you, but their silence comes with no explanation. Afraid. Shy. Mysterious. There is more to you than what the eyes can see and believe me, love, everyone can feel it. Even when the fire is put out, the smoke and ashes remain to remind us of what was once burning so brightly. Your energy reminds me of a banshee, quite dark. Pessimistic. Your energy is quite strong and can be felt by the people you interact with, especially now as it could be quite low. Some think you could use some courage. Your essence is a mystery but there are no secrets when it comes to your pain. Those who root for you from the shadows want to see step out of your shell.
Songs that could describe you or the vibe you give off : run away - txt, voice - loona, ophelia - the lumineers, the judge - tøp, runaway - aurora, heroine - sunmi, magic shop - bts, butterfly - loona, youth - daughter, it's only - zyra, suburbia - troye sivan, hold me down -halsey
✧ Pile 2
Big mouth. Over-sharer. Open about your feelings which is both appreciated and disliked. Quirky and weird. Bubble of sunshine. You might come off as innocent or naive when people first meet you. Way too optimistic at times. You feel like a summer day spent under the sun. You could act dumb in order to fool some individuals but a few can see that you are smarter than you think. They think you try to be someone else in order to fit in and can be a people pleaser at times. Your smile, your eyes, your laugh, they are so bright. Full of light. You are good at something or you are a good student with very good grades which people admire about you, they find it kinda cool. Quite a heavy presence. Good friend. Reliable. Your voice is beautiful, some think it's almost soothing. A lot of people don't like you cause they think you are fake. Another pile which is very open about their feelings. Social butterfly. Talk a lot. "Trying too hard".
Songs that could describe you or the vibe you give off : wild - troye sivan, handmade heaven - marina, colors - halsey, fever - gfriend, video games - lana del rey, ace of hearts - zella day, stay gold - bts, bbibbi - iu, girls like us - twice, playing with fire - blackpink, i am not a robot - marina, carousel - melanie martinez, crybaby - melanie martinez
✧ Pile 3
This pile has a lot of fans/ admirers. You give off the wild and free vibe. Impulsive and you always do whatever you want. Could be seen as a rebel at times. Like I said, you have a bunch of people that admire your personality and would love to be like you, even if don't think so. People either love you or hate you. I feel like you are the type of person whose words have a huge impact and there are some people who are hurt by some of your recent/past actions. Ambitious and headstrong. Some think you are quite mature but you have the tendency to hide it behind the mask of a jokester. Life of the party when you feel like it. Perceived as mean at times. I sense that most people that know you find you very clever and appreciate your intelligence, though it surprises people when you first meet them. You also know how to have fun which is also another trait liked. You have a certain energy that makes you very special in the eyes of other people. Your flaws add to your appeal. Your endurance and "nothing can break me" attitude is remarkable but your stubborness can leave a bitter taste. Dominant personality. Also, there is a significant amount of individuals that hate your guts.
Songs that could describe you or the vibe you give off : lion - (g) idle, borderline - tove styrke, hurricane - halsey, misfit - nct u, want it - itzy, move - little mix, bliding lights - the weeknd, dumhdurum - apink, icy - itzy, spit it out - solar, 4x4 - mamamoo, black widow - pristin
✧ Pile 4
So so intelligent. People honestly enjoy hearing what you have to say because your ideas are very creative. Whenever they have a problem, you are 100% the first person that comes to their mind for a solution. Closed off. Some people in your life don't appreciate your cold attitude or lack of emotional expression. They can see you have walls built around your heart but not all of them understand why (can't see that maybe it's because you were hurt in the past). Emotionally intelligent and mature but can be too blunt at times. Independent. Individualistic. Did you fight with anyone recently? Cause someone's been thinking about you a lot. Also, a female energy is very jealous of you. I feel like a bunch of the people you've met so far in your life like to call you cocky and arrogant just because you know your worth, but don't listen to them. And I sense that in your life there were so many ( and can still be) that tried to bring you down by making fun of you. An advice that came through is to try to be a little bit more considerate.
Songs that could describe you or the vibe you give off : dun dun - everglow, agust d - agust d, boca - dreamcatcher, blinded - emmit fenn, the truth untold - bts, say my name - ateez, treasure - ateez, uh oh - (g) idle, cherry - itzy, bad boy - red velvet, beautiful - mcnd
✧ Pile 5
This one has a lot of untapped potential but... I will hit you some harsh truth. This is the pile that has some toxic tendencies and people are getting fed up with your antics. They can see what you can bring to the table but they mostly choose to stay away. People tend to think you have a victim complex and sometimes act as if your problems are more important than theirs which frustrates them a lot. As you lack some emotional maturity, you might be a bit envious of those around you. So many wish you could see this bad habits of yours and change them because they think deep down you are much better than this but maybe you just don't know any better. I think they don't want to confront you on this because of the ways you could potentially respond. On a brighter side, theu see you as a hard-working and passionate individual . Like I said, there is so much potential but you need to put in the work to get to it. There are a few people that left your life in the past couple of years and you could have tried to paint them as the villains but....I kinda hate to break it to you but you might need to take another look at the situation.
Songs that could describe you or the vibe you give off : team - lorde, shadow preachers - zella day, fearless - seventeen, fab - jojo, bad liar - imagine dragons, the good, the bad and the dirty - patd, teen idle - marina, this is what makes us girls - lana del rey, pity party - melanie martinez, like that - bea miller
✧ Pile 6
We just got my favourite pile right here. If you haven't been going through a transformation, you will be soon. You've been through so much and I kinda get the feeling that you spent your time in groups where you were "the black sheep"/ loser and people treated you poorly. But damn, you knew that was not ok and you decided to leave. Honestly, good for you! Even if it didn't happen already, things will be changing soon for the better and you might be forced out of these toxic enviroments. You are shining bright like a star and people are noticing it. You made the decision to step up your game and leave your old, insecure self behind so you can march towards your potential. You are embarking on a new journey. People see this and while a few of them are a bit surprised but happy for you, most are jealous. Let me tell you things are shifting and all eyes are on you! The people from your past or your old group of friends might not say it directly or show it but they want what you have and are very surprised. Shocked even. It's safe to say they never expected this and now they are left to watch you glow. Tbh, there isn't much to say rather than a lot of people are jealous of you. But I am proud of you for making the best decision for yourself!!!
Songs that could describe you or the vibe you give off : hwaa - (g) idle, bird - namjoo, control - halsey, baepsae - bts, wonderland - ateez, wannabe - itzy, dalla dalla - itzy, adios - everglow, scream - dreamcatcher, bird set free - sia, see me now - little mix, hann - (g) idle, repercussions - bea miller
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forcearama · 2 months ago
Everything that has happened thus far related to cloning in all of Star Wars is batshit crazy, only partially makes sense some of the time, I have no idea where they're going with pretty much any of it, and SO MUCH OF IT is funny to me.
* The Republic gets an army of clones made for them in secret and despite having a VERY poor-to-hazy understanding of when or how or why said army came to be (based, as it is, on like ONE 45-minute discussion Obi-Wan had with some shifty characters), decides to just say "fuck it" and start using it immediately because they're in a jam and no way that could backfire
* the template for this army is more or less just Some Guy, and while obviously it's implied that Jango's buff and a badass and whatever, we never really get much of ANY real explanation (that I am aware of) about WHY this guy of all guys is THE guy. Did the bad guys just take the first dude they ran into in a cantina who wanted to make some fast cash? Also one thing this dude stipulated as part of the deal was that he wanted to have an additional clone of himself made to raise as a son and everyone was just like "sure OK"
* The Bad Batch is a thing. Clones that all happen to have traits that would have been, y'know, super useful for clone soldiers? Like if you CAN make them all super-strong, or whatever, WHY WOULD THEY NOT HAVE? Can they not select for certain traits?? Was Sheev unwilling to shell out the extra cash for the deluxe cloning package or something (because of course he didn't want them to be TOO good, but also HOW WOULD THEY EXPLAIN THAT TO THE KAMINOANS)??
* Dex tells Obi-Wan the Kaminoans are "damn good cloners". As I have mentioned before, A) this implies that cloning happens elsewhere besides just Kamino, B) implies that these other operations are perhaps subpar??? (WHAT DOES THAT MEAN), and C) Obi-Wan has effectively no reaction to Dex saying this, which would seem to imply that Obi-Wan, and possibly the galaxy at large, is aware of large-scale cloning operations and I guess this is just accepted as fine? How many people walking around the GFFA are actually clones? Did Sidious and Dooku and whoever the fuck else was involved have to spend like 6 years vetting different cloning operations and getting quotes before they signed with Kamino??
* Random Snoke clones in a tank happened that one time, and I will never ever be over how ballsy and confusing and insane and stupid this was
* Sidious...was a clone in Episode 9? Like as in he came back ("somehow", of course) as one? I think? But it was also still him, I guess? Because also he said he died before? I honestly don't even remember how they tried to hand-wave this whole thing and I hope every explanation Star Wars ever gives me just gets me further way from understanding anything
* whatever the fuck is happening with cloning in The Mandalorian
* A favorite moment in Oh Shit Cloning Is a Thing That Exists in Canon: that time in Bloodline where Claudia Gray had to go out of the way to be like AND DEFINITELY PALPATINE NEVER LET ANYONE COLLECT ANY OF ANAKIN'S GENETIC MATERIAL SO HE CAN NEVER EVER BE CLONED, which at this point I basically assume means we're absolutely getting Clone Anakin within the next 5 years (which, if it's not already on a whiteboard somewhere at Lucasfilm, you know it is now):
Tumblr media
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screnwriter · 2 months ago
oohh can i ask for some funny dialogues? y'know, the ones that radiate 🤡✨clown to clown communication✨🤡 it can be between friends or lovers, thank you and sorry if i'm not making any sense 😭
ok practically all of these are from my wip(s) because humor is not my strong suit so i cheated a little
“ did you leave the keys in the ignition? “ “ no. “ *silence* “ okay, maybe i accidentally left them in there, but so what? it's no big deal. “ *more silence* “ my car won't fucking start. “
“ you're such an idiot. “ “ says the one who thought pancakes were made out of cakes. “
“ don't open the door! “ “ why? “ “ there's a spider in there! “
“ hey, name, could you -- what thE FUCK IS THAT “
“ she’s a licensed therapist. “ “ but not extraterrestrial. “ “ extra -- celestial. “ “ what? “ “ the word you're looking for is celestial. “
“ not in public. “ “ would it really hurt to show a little affection? “ not in public, babe.
“ it's latin. “ “ latin? latin for what? “ “ i don't know. you're the one with an education. “ “ i never took latin. “ “ well, that's incredibly stupid of you. “ “ why? “ “ because we could have used it right about now. “
“ we're friends, with benefits. “ “ without the benefits. “
“ i'm sorry that i stabbed you. “ “ i assume it was anything but intentional. “
“ they won't let me go anywhere. i tried going to the grocery store and they strictly forbidded it. “ “ that's not a word. “ “ i don't care, it's a good word. i like using it. “
“ you disposed of the murder weapon? “ “ i told you. body and murder weapon, all done. “ *A slides [the murder weapon] out B's pocket* “ then what's this? “
“ why don't you just take a knife and stab me with it? “
“ this doesn't work the way you said it would. “ “ what button did i tell you to press? “ the green one. “ “ and what button did you press? “ “ not... the green one. “
“ how are you doing? “ “ my boyfriend's missing. naturally, i'm doing terribly. “
“ it's my family. and i'm gonna tear those bitches apart. “ *awkward silence* “ sorry. still trying to get used to the whole language thing. “
“ i was under the impression that pirates didn't practice proper hygiene. “ “ how do you expect me to reel in all those women smelling like a sewer rat? “
“ what can i say? he would never feast on the flesh of a human but in bed he's a cannibal “ *silence* “ what the fuck is wrong with you “
“ i never thought i'd say this, but... i got more blood. here. “ “ b positive? “ “ no idea. i just go for the taste. “ “ you tried them out at the hospital? “ “ of course i did. “ from the string or the artery? “ “ let's not get into details. “ *pause* “ but the cops might show up here in a couple hours. “
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timotheechlamett · 3 days ago
a/n: this is my first regulus fic so it’s probably not the best but i tried. please enjoy or don’t because that’s ok too <3
warnings: graphic smut, very much angst, fluff.
Regulus Black x Fem OC/Reader.
Tumblr media
I don't know what about him intrigued me so immensely, like a moth to a flame- not knowing the danger of flying head first into a fire.
He isn't Prince Charming that's for certain. He is dark, cold, nearly heartless. He fucks other girls behind my back, he whispers sweet nothings to taunt me, he takes advantage of my love, because he knows I can't help but give myself to him.
Yet he still gives me hope. Either hope or he's extremely good at leading me on.
The loving stolen glances when he thinks I'm not paying attention, he "forgets" ink in Potions so we have to share, the burning jealousy when another boy even breathes too close to me. Was it all fake?
Falling for a love-affection-touch-depraved boy was not in my plans, but here I am. I know him better than I know myself and that's something only I would proudly claim.
As I enter the Great Hall the chatter of dining students was almost deafening, I truly just wanted to go back to my room. Overstimulated and mentally drained from classes of the day, I really didn't have an appetite. Still I show up just to see him, even if just for a moment.
I make my way to (your house)'s table taking a seat next to Mallory, my best friend. Filling my plate with useless food, I catch sight of Regulus.
He's in conversation with his friends, laughing, I can only imagine what they're saying. He's only smiled like that with me a few times but I cherish every one like the first.
"Don't we look glum, what's on your mind?" She mumbles nearly choking down her roast potatoes.
"Nothing really, just thinking too much is all." I sigh poking a carrot around my dish.
She looks at me a little longer than normal sensing I wasn't being truthful. She swallows her food, following my eye-line, her eyebrow raised.
She snaps her head back at me.
"Im sorry, you've got to stop pining over him love. He's never going to give you what you want. I hate seeing you like this." She says.
"But what if-"
"There is no but, if he was going to do or say anything he would've. He hasn't, so move on because that's the only thing you can do now- give a damn how he feels about it." She scoffs.
I bite the inside of my lip taking in her harsh words, she wasn't wrong but the way I feel for him is like nothing I've ever experienced. I look down to my plate.
"Yeah I guess." I sip my water.
After acting interested in Mallory's day I notice he is no where to be seen.
"I think I'm gonna go back to my room, I'll see you later?" I more so state than ask. There was no reason to stay any longer seeing as I obviously wasn't going to eat.
I fully planned to go back to my room but found myself walking to the Astronomy Tower. I take a clove out and light it, bringing the filter to my lips and taking a puff.
The stars bright and twinkling more than I've ever seen. Almost as if they're laughing at me for being so foolish.
"Cloves are bad for you, you know." A voice calls behind me.
I whip my head around to reveal the one and only Regulus Black. I roll my eyes turning back around to finish my cigarette.
"What's it to you anyway?" I retort, he chuckles.
"I wouldn't want you ruining your lungs is all." He appears next to me with a clove between his lips.
"You've always been so contradictory." I dryly laugh.
"And what's that supposed to mean?" He blows smoke, his eyebrows crinkle together.
There's a loud silence between us as I puff...puff...and puff again, reaching the end of my stress reliever.
"I've gotta get back." I put out the butt turning on my heel.
I feel a hand on my upper arm pulling me back, his expression unreadable but his eyes look disappointed.
"What's wrong with you? You've been acting different." His voice is quiet and I swear I could hear a hint of worry.
All of my pent up feelings boil over, my blood pumping through my body faster, I felt hot. I was over it.
"Are you dumb or just completely oblivious? What's wrong with me? What the hell is the matter with you, Regulus?" I shout at the boy, "Really, I would love to know. Do you enjoy toying with people or are you too dense to know what you're doing?"
His face drops to a scowl, he lets my arm loose, finishing his cigarette.
"What the fuck are you on about?" He shouts back.
I break out into a fit of laughter, I know I look crazy but I didn't care. I was done being nice, being patient, caring. I let loose.
"You know I really thought what everyone said about you wasn't true, but it is. You are the most selfish, devious, disgusting person I've ever met in my life. And to think I really tried with you is beyond me, there is no loving you." I spat coldly my eyes being pricked with hot tears, not of sadness but anger.
His face softens and an expression I've never seen comes across his entire body. Hurt.
"Now I'm stuck dealing with my shitty feelings because I love you and you are completely fucking unable to do that." A tear slides down my cheek, "I thought giving you love would make you love me back but all you did was take from me."
"No I- No that's not what-" He reaches out to bring me close to him.
"Do NOT touch me, it wasn't what? You didn't mean to? Stop fucking with my head, I'm so tired of it!" I smack his hand away, more tears staining my cheeks.
"Please just listen to me, I'm begging you." He pleads getting on my eye level.
I wipe my face trying to gather myself, but the anger inside of me boiled to the point I couldn't control what I said next.
"I hate you Regulus Black. I hate everything about you."
Deafening silence.
"You don't mean that. Take it back." He demands. Pain envelops his features. His eyes glistening with fresh tears, just as mine. I say nothing.
"I love you, so much." He whispers, tears threatening to fall.
I stare at him in silence. For the first time ever I saw devastation in his face. The type of feeling that means a person broke completely.
"You don't mean-"
"Yes, I fucking do! I love you so much it's indescribable, and I'm scared Y/n. I'm fucking terrified!" He wipes his eyes, "I will never be good enough for you and I know that so I push you away however I can. Even then I couldn’t get away from you, not physically or mentally. You can't be apart of my life because if anything happened to you I would never forgive myself for it. I refuse to let you be damned in the way I am, I refuse it!"
Silent tears refusing to stop coming from my eyes, I can't even look him in the face. Regret is all I feel, regret and ignorance.
How does a love-affection-touch-depraved boy express his love when he's never experienced it? He steals loving glances, he "forgets" ink everyday, and he runs off everyone who shows interest in me.
"You don't get to decide how damned I am Regulus, it's not your place." I choke out walking up to him, "I dealt with you, I love you, I want you. I chose you, what do you have to lose by choosing me too?" I take a step closer to him.
I can feel his ragged breaths on my eyelashes, the smell of deep amber and cloves radiating from him as he bores into my eyes with his own.
"You. I have you to lose." He whispers embracing my cheek with his hand.
"Then don't lose me."
With no warning I feel his lips on mine, it felt right, like they were made for each other. Shockwaves of passion and love coursing through the kiss, I wrap my arms around his neck deepening it.
His tongue grazes my bottom lip and I let him in without hesitation. His tongue is sweet like cinnamon sugar, his lips soft as velvet, he pulls away cutting it short.
"I won't." He promises.
He lays me on his bed gently as if I were made of glass, our lips never detaching. I tangle my hands in his curls pulling slightly at his nape, our tongues dancing around one another. He takes my bottom lip between his teeth pulling ever so slightly, a small gasp escaping my mouth.
He hovers over me and grips under my chin staring at my flustered state, taking in every detail.
"You are the most beautiful person I've ever laid my eyes on." He sighs out, pupils blown.
"Shut up and kiss me." I pull him back into me.
His hands roam underneath my sweater, feeling every square inch of bare skin, until he pulls it over my head. I swiftly unbutton his shirt nearly ripping it off him.
He kisses from my jaw, to my neck, down the valley of my breast before lightly sucking the skin on my left one.
"Are you sure you want this?" He rests his forehead against mine, peppering kisses against lips.
"More than anything, Regulus, I want all of you." I caress his face making him look at me.
He kisses me with such passion, such lust, such love. He takes off my bra, skirt and his pants with ease- sucking and biting lightly on my nipple. I groan in ecstasy as his hand rubs up my thigh resting just before the hem of my panties. His free hand twisting and pinching my opposite nipple, swirling his tongue perfectly around the other.
"Please." I sigh out.
"You have to speak up my love, tell me." He kisses down my stomach to the top of my pelvis.
"Please touch me Regulus." I whimper, he slides the fabric down my legs throwing it to the floor.
Wasting no time his tongue meets my clit and his hands spreading my legs wide open, he licks down my slit back to my clit sucking gently once in a while. My moans uncontrollable and my hands tangled in his hair, he inserts a finger into my throbbing and soaked opening.
"You're so wet for me, does it feel good baby?" He taunts.
I feel myself already reaching climax when suddenly he stops all movement. A whine leaves my throat and he smirks up at me.
"You've been waiting for this, haven't you?" He bites down on his bottom lip hovering over me once again.
"Please don-don't start right now." I say out of breath.
I reach down to palm his massive erection, pre-cum soaking the fabric of his briefs. He lets out a low groan dropping his face to my neck.
"Seems like I'm not the only one." I tease.
I slide his boxers down and sit up pulling him to the edge of the bed, now in front of him I get on my knees kissing a trail up his thighs to the tip of his member. I lick a small strip lapping up his juices as his eyes watch me with full concentration.
"Merlin-" He moans out, taking a fist full of my hair guiding my mouth into him.
I bob up and down slowly to wet his length first, then picking up my pace I bring my hand to his shaft pumping and squeezing just enough. He bucks his hips into my mouth, fucking the back of my throat as I gag on the size of him. His whimpers and curses enough to make my own arousal drip down my thighs.
"Come here." He pulls me up laying me down on my back.
He teases my clit with his tip, then my folds, back to my clit all in one motion over and over. I lift my hips to try and make him enter my pulsating box.
"Don't be impatient kitten." He coos, finally inserting himself inch by inch.
I can't help but moan out at the feeling of him stretch me out.
"So fucking tight, fuck. I don't know if it'll fit." He gives a groan.
Once his complete length is in he pumps in and out of me slowly. Pain was the first sensation, then overwhelming pleasure peaked through.
"Look at you. Taking it like such a good girl." He moans out.
"R-Regulus harder." I whine gripping his hips.
He pounds into me harder but not faster, making sure I feel every inch of him pumping into my pussy. His cock hitting my g-spot every time, my legs twitch about as I dig my nails into his sides.
"Right there don't stop, fuck!" I almost scream. I can hear my own wetness as he pounds into me.
"It feels good? You like when I fuck you right there?" He moans leaving sloppy kisses on my neck.
"It feels s-so fucking good baby, so fucking good." I cry out letting myself be engulfed in the pleasure.
He picks up pace slightly, the repeated feeling of his length hitting my sweet spot brings me to the beginning of my climax. My walls tighten around him and my moans turn into screams of his name.
"That's right, cum for me pretty girl. Go on." He embraces me trying to maintain balance for his strokes.
"Fuck oh Merlin! I'm cumming!" I warn.
He brings a hand up to toy with my clit and I'm sent flying over the edge. The ring of muscles around his cock spasm out of control, I grasp the sheets with so much force they come up from the sides, my legs shaking beyond belief. He continues thrusting himself in and out, playing with my clit, before a new sensation takes over me.
Overstimulated I feel even more wetness erupt from my pussy.
"Fuck you look so beautiful." He moans out, "Gonna cum." He grunts, his strokes now sloppy.
"Cum in me, please cum in me." I beg, he moans out my name over and over, my moans mixing with his, I feel him twitch inside of me. I felt complete knowing he filled me with his seed.
We lay there a moment to catch our breath, our bodies slippery with sweat, hearts racing.
He brings his lips to mine once more before pulling out, he clears my face of sweaty hair, still panting slightly.
"I love you, Y/n, more than anything in this world. I want you forever." He whispers gliding a thumb across my lips.
"And you'll have me forever Regulus, I promise you."
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sweetflowerdreams · 4 months ago
Scenting Home (16)
Pairing: Alpha Steve Rogers x Omega Reader
Warnings: a/b/o dynamics, fluff, secrets
Chapter summary: Steve is as adorable as ever, but he keeps a secret from you.
Word Count: 1,100
Author's Note: Just a little little update.
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Tumblr media
A gentle rhythmic shaking followed by the muffled and silent closing of a car door slowly pulled you from your slumber.
Completely sleepy, you noticed how the car door next to you opened and two strong arms lovingly lifted you up and slowly carried you away. Little by little you realized that you had arrived at home. It was Steve who carried you carefully upstairs. He was trying not to wake you up, but he did not succeed.
“Not in my room, I want to stay with you tonight.” you whispered against his warm body when he was about to enter your room.
Steve was sorry to have woken you up. You had slept so peacefully and soundly the entire ride home that he wanted to keep it that way.
After your little make out session, you were dozing off a little frozen. Steve had trouble keeping you warm. He couldn't keep the car's heater running all the time. Fortunately, he remembered that he still had an old blanket in the trunk. It wasn't the softest or cleanest, but it kept you warm until you got home.
The thunderstorm lasted longer than expected, which was very unusual for the season. But when it was finally over and you were still wrapped up like a burrito, sleeping soundly, Steve decided to let you sleep on and head home.
And now you were here, in the hallway between your two bedrooms. Steve's inner alpha was proud that his little omega desired his closeness, so he didn't even think of contradicting you and took you to his warm soft bed.
When Steve returned after a quick tour of the house, you were wide awake again. As always after an excessive nap, you probably had a sleepless night ahead of you.
“I really thought you would fall right back asleep” Steve spoke in a soft and calm voice as he lay down under the covers and snuggled up to you. He couldn't help a little smirk as he lightly nudged your nose with his and pressed a kiss to your lips. “Is everything ok?” he added after he broke away from your lips. You needed another moment to come back to reality. It still felt strange to be so desired and lovingly treated by an Alpha. To be lulled into a sense of security. After each kiss you felt the happiness literally racing through your veins.
“I am happy” you whispered caressing his beard with your fingers.
“Buuuuut?” Steve questioned your answered, as if he knew you were hiding something. “Sweetheart, tell me what’s going on in this smart mind of yours… Mhm… We talked about it, didn't we? You must not suppress your omega”
“I am happy. I am really happy.” You tried to convince him.
“Say it one more time, and maybe I’ll believe you.” he joked, knowing you were worried about something.
It was amazing how well he already knew you and how empathetic he was as an alpha. You couldn't fool him.
“The kisses and the cuddling and everything.... I like being here, being with you. But I do not think that…” You made a short break, being unsure if you should really tell him what you thought. But finally, you mumbled a little ashamed “I don't think I'm ready for more right now.”
An amused smile appeared on Steve's lips. He shouldn't do that, after all, he didn't want to betray your trust.
“That’s ok. How about we just lie here, together, cuddle and watch a movie?” he asked you, hoping you would believe him, that he didn’t want to force you into anything.
Instead of an answer he only got a small nod before you tilted your head towards him and searched his lips with yours.
Tumblr media
It was early when you and Steve were roused from sleep by a tumultuous ringing and a pounding on the front door.
Before you even understood what was happening, Steve literally jumped up, quickly pulled a shirt over his head, and sprinted down the wooden stairs.
Even though you were still disheveled in bed and couldn't understand the exact words, you knew from the tone of the voice that it was Bucky. Something had to have happened. The alarm clock on Steve's side of the bed didn't even show 04:30 am.
Quietly you crawled out of bed. You also wanted to get dressed, but for that you had to go to your room. So you briefly crept across the hall.
Quickly you muffled up in a sweater and leggings and went downstairs. You knew it was probably business, but the early visit worried you and you wanted at least to know if you could help in any way.
With each step down, you could better understand the words of the two alphas. Steve and Bucky were so engrossed in their conversation that they didn't hear you coming down the stairs. But you heard Bucky loud and clear “We must finally make a decision regarding the network. The route has been closed. But especially the omegas out there are helpless against the coming winter without our help. And the government is right on our heels. What are we supposed to do?”
“Sorry what?” slipped loudly from your lips, recognizing what they were talking about. Both Steve and Bucky looked at you in shock. This conversation was definitely not meant for you.
“What did you just say” you asked again in disbelief.
Steve couldn't believe you had heard that. You should not be involved in these activities. Just knowing could get you arrested or even worse. That you had contact with the network through your past was one thing, that you now knew who was behind it was quite another.
“Y/N, please go upstairs. I am going to explain it later to you. I promise.” Steve tried to appease you.
But you couldn't follow his request that easily. If you had just heard correctly, Steve and his pack were the organizers of the network, or at least part of it. The people of the network had saved your life not only once in the time when you wandered alone through the woods.
Especially in the cold winter days their help was indispensable, because the cold was the biggest enemy next to the alphas.
“You.... You are involved in the network?” you spoke into the room, without knowing whether that was a question or a statement.
You remembered the conversation with Steve about your past and how he made it clear to you that no one could ever know that you knew the network or some of the people in it. At the same time, he was a part of it himself.
How could he keep this secret from you?
Tumblr media
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symeona · 8 days ago
I feel like I should explain the plot of Star Wars Legacy since I'll be drawing stuff from it a lot
I should probably read it again but here's the gist of it:
The comics take place almost 130 years after Ep 6: Return of the Jedi. Stuff has happened, the galaxy was invaded by.. alien aliens, the Yuuzhan Vong. People freaked out, decisions were made, instead of going back to democracy, the Fel Empire was established (the Fels are direct descendants of Han and Leia). Good times. Not really.
So the new Emperor, Roan, or as I like call him Motherfucker Supreme, is on the throne. He's also a member of the Moff Council and he doesn't like that he's sharing the galaxy with the remnants of the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi. So, Motherfucker Supreme started getting power hungry, and sided with the Sith. A war started, the weakend Allience had to go into hiding Rebels-style and consequently, the Jedi were nearly completely wiped out again. Roan says this happened because the Jedi betrayed the Empire but nah.. they didn't. Not that Roan looked too deep into the issue. He's just a motherfucker.
Tumblr media
Surprise, surprise the Sith, lead by Darth Krayt, realized that Roan was a motherfucker and decided to backstab him before he backstabbed them. Thus, we have Roan running for his life and Krayt on the imperial throne.
Tumblr media
Krayt constantly tries to gain knowledge from previous Sith Masters but the Masters call him "a fake" and don't help him at all. The reason why they don't like him is because Krayt has created an Order of the Sith, called the One Sith. Leave him alone he's not very creative with names ok. This means the rule of two no longer applies. Basically Krayt told them they had small dick energy: if they were so powerful they could've managed to train more than one person at a time. Krayt actually wants to unite the galaxy, in his own twisted way. He is more concerned about his Legacy, not gaining more power. And the old Sith don't like that, so Krayt's on his own.
Y'see, Krayt wasn't born a Sith and he didn't choose to be a Sith. The bad alien Vong (there's good ones too) planted flesh-eating seeds inside him, the pain and torture slowly made him turn to the dark side for comfort. But he was actually a Jedi Master before and his name was A'Sharad Hett.
Tumblr media
Krayt wasn't even Emperor for three days before a Skywalker showed up and ruined all the fun.
Enter Cade Skywalker. The bounty hunter/pirate who has Luke's ghost throwing death glares at him every time he does anything that's not Helping The Galaxy™. Which is all the time. Cade's moral compass is more of a rulette wheel, but he has one rule and that's "nobody dies for me". Having witnessed his dad and the Jedi being killed by the Sith, he was like YOU KNOW WHAT fuck that Skywalker jazz. And never mentions to any of his pirate mates that he was a Jedi or that he's a Skywalker.
Eventually Cade makes a mistake that challenges that one rule he has. He catches a Jedi and hands him over for a bounty, knowing full well the poor old Jedi is toast. And that the old man, who has realized Cade is force sensitive, would probably die before giving Cade up to the Sith. Which means that in a sense, he would die for him. That makes Cade go back for him, which brings him to Krayt. Which means, now he's fully involved in the war he spent all his life avoiding. At least Luke is happy ig.
Tumblr media
Legacy is fun because you have a Tusken as a main and very powerful force sensitive character and a Skywalker yelling 24/7 that he's not a Jedi M O M, to Luke.
Cade keeps telling everybody that he's not the right Skywalker for the job. Power and Legacy mean little to him, he just wants to hang out with his friends. And even though the comics have him rise up to the occasion in the end, I think Cade actually had a good point. He wasn't the Skywalker the galaxy needed.
So imma... Imma change that part a lil bit.... a tiny lil bit.....
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