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#if i survive this read

Idk who needs to hear this, but one of the quietest ways to walk around is, yes, “on yiur toes”, but its not toes first, place the pad of your foot beneath your pinky toe on the ground first, then lower the rest of your foot down on a diagnol from that point. Easy in barefeet. Even quieter in socks, thiugh slippery and you wont be as agile, and very hard to do in heavy, steel toed boots without looking like a fucking idiot. In boots, try walking heel to toe, but by placing the outside pad down first, then rolling down towards the arch. Its much louder than barefoot or socked, but near silent compared to normal booted-footfalls. These techniques minimize the surface area of your foot hitting the ground at any given time, displaces less air, and is gentler, all resulting in fewer vibrations in the ground and the air, minimizing sound.

The other thing you can do is to never come down heavy, so to speak. Take the jolt of your step in your knees and hips, keep your upper body steady, and try to maintain an even pace. This also helps minimize the force of your step on the ground, and therefore reduces sound. Theres some great videos out there explaining how and why tracers (Parkour people) use similar techniques to minimize the force and damage from the frankly insane jumps they make.

That said, I’m not military trained or anything, I’m just a hick who taught themselves how to not scare away animals while hiking, how to avoid security at parks that close after dusk, and how to sneak out to go skate at 2 am without my light sleeping folks finding out.

So, idk. Feel free to use this information however you please. In writing, sneaking out of abusive homes, celebrating pagan sabbats on state land when its closed, scaring your friends, redistributing the worlds wealth, you know, the works. Have fun yall.

Edit: you can also learn to breath quietly. There is a point where you start doing it subconsciously. At which point, your mother thinks you died because youre silently belly breathing while napping for the third time that day and she doesnt see you moving, the toddler of the household has to cling to you to be comforted and feel safe enough to fall asleep, and the dog actually looks less skittish around you for once cause HE can hear you breathing AND!!! you’re not being obscenely loud to his impending-blindness-heighted ears, and training him to calm down to just your voice from the other side 0f a door becomes 100x easier. Have fun!!!

#fanfiction, #fanfic, #writing, #stealth, #walking quietly, #abuse mention, #batman, #batfam, #ngl was reading batfam fics and saw some stuff that was like hmmmmmm maybe not actually plausible, #assasin training or not D youre not defying the laws of physics., #but on a serious note, #i learned this from an outdoorsman survival guide that compared it to walking like a cat, #and its the only reason my home life isnt much worse than it is, #my parents can complain abt me coming home loudly at 11 all they want, #fact of the matter is theyve never HEARD me come in any later, #just know i did cause of security footage, #im working on the sound pf pants rubbing together now and how to quiet it, #and while its still never gonna be completely silent (without like. beeswaxing your pants)(solid oils slide without noise), #ive come to the conclution that the ROUGHER the fabric. the less noise it makes, #silks. chiffon. leggins. jeggins. all polyesters. all nylons. they sound like someones running a fucking industrial loom., #100% cotton jeans? Wool? Cotton hunting pants? worn-soft cared for leather? not silent but damned near it, #tactical pants. hunting pants. REAL jeans. leather jacket. cottom sweatshirt. wool cloak. chaps-- to an extent, #theyre all so. so much quieter than synthetics and soft things, #that said. SOFT cittons are an entirely different beast from rough cottons. and while still quieter than synthetics, #theyre still louder than rough cottons, #additionally. wearing a full length wool cloak with ample thickness WILL muffle a lot of the noise of your underclothes rubbing, #for the trade off of it making noise anytime you perform a large movement or it hits the ground, #anyway. have a nice day yall
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@axolotlesque saaaaame it’s been a long time since I was into a Massively Popular White Dudeslash ship and I forgot that those kinds of fandoms tend to be plagued by totally OOC high school/coffee shop/other completely bland aus. and in like 90% of them mary is alive and she and john are the perfect parents and it drives me NUTS because dean’s entire personality comes from his messed-up upbringing!

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yeah hbo henriksen is absolutely [shadowboxing in his empty apartment in the middle of the night after waking up from another dream about an ex-wife] [shitty cold coffee at 2 am in the morning in the office, poring through security cam footage] [obsessing over Sam and Dean because the chase is all he has] [photographic memory] [absolute stunner of a right hook] [survives Jus in Bello because he drops six salt rounds into the demon that was about to escape the exorcism] [takes every obsessive hungry heroic caring lonely cell of his brain and pours it into becoming a hunter] [gets hold of a pair of enochian brass knuckles and makes them his favored weapon] [flirts aggressively with Dean every time they cross paths after that] [partners with Nancy to trap and exorcise demons all over the American West] [hooks up with Dean once in season 4] [they share a cigarette on the balcony after and watch streetlights twinkle in the distance] [Dean tells him he remembers Hell and Victor touches his bare shoulder once, gently] [keeps getting inked with more anti-possession tattoos because he can’t scrub out the nausea of what it was like to hold a demon inside him] [by season 8 he has a rep as the hunter you call up when you can’t fucking find the monster] [when it evades you time and again and you’ve chased it across state lines and all you have are scattered clues and nothing to link them together] [victor henriksen is the guy you call] [victor henriksen is the guy with the sharp grin and steel-trap gaze and the brain that connects dots with the speed of a supercomputer] [victor henriksen, they say, has never lost his quarry—he caught the Winchesters once, they say—]

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        @sevenswcrds​      ⟶     HORRORTALE TEASER !
        ❛ you look pretty miserable . ❜ (sarya)

sometimes  he  hates  when  the  obvious  is  stated.  pretty  miserable  is  an  understatement.  just  lost  a  couple  of  good  people;  people  who  didn’t  deserve  that  fate  they  got.  and  yet  here  he  is  –  alive  another  day  to  tell  the  tale.  he’d  been  pretty  keen  on  keeping  to  himself,  but  it  looks  like  that’s  not  what’s  in  store  for  him.  for  awhile,  he  basks  in  the  silence.  until  she  speaks,  stating  the  very  obvious.    (    shouldn’t  everyone  else  be  feeling  the  exact  same  as  he  feels?    )    brows  knit  together  and  his  gaze  –  initially  low  and  remaining  on  his  hands  folded  in  his  lap  –  soon  lifts  as  he  meets  her  eyes.         they  deserved  better.    

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what I’m still looking for more of in jin guangyao-centric fic (and if I just haven’t been reading the right jgy fic please lmk) is stuff that just hammers in the sheer tragedy of his whole life and like, doubles down on it. yes I want fix-its yes I want missing scenes and character studies and and and (and I’ve read a lot of great stuff!!), but what imho there is simply not enough of is both canon-compliant and canon-divergent stuff that just whacks the reader over the head with how every choice made leads to misery, how every facet of jgy’s character that was shaped to be that way by the society he lives in leads to a painful outcome, the catch 22 of his entire existence that is basically impossible to escape. I’m thinking time loops, I’m thinking meta kinda whacky stuff where jgy is forced to confront his role in a narrative where he ultimately cannot escape being cast as a villain, I’m thinking time-travel fix-its except it’s not a fix-it where jgy makes entirely different choices and still ends up utterly miserable. and dead. oh yeah I’m also thinking lxc being put through this same hell but from an outside perspective, where he gets the chance to ‘fix things’ and just fails and fails and fails because this son of a prostitute taught by society to be obsessed with status cannot stop chasing what will end up destroying him, how he is pushed down on a self-destructive path simply by existing… I want lxc to keep trying and trying to save jgy but just be gradually crushed by the sheer inevitability of it all. aborted redemption arcs, or actual redemption arcs where somebody just immediately executes him at the end of it because people like that can’t just be forgiven. let jgy be a better person and make less horrible choices but it to still not be enough to save him - or even worse(?), where he dies in obscurity, having never risen that high but also not falling so low. jgy hovering around/travelling through time as a ghost, hearing everything said about him and revisiting every choice that led him to where he ended up. AUs where everything is different except that jgy’s path still leads to an unaltered terrible ending - and every choice that led him there is crystal clear and horribly inevitable. the illusion that things might turn out differently this time that’s ultimately snatched away. yeah that’s right I want pain, I want tragedy, I just want to take that note of hopelessness in the canonical story and dig into it, make it really last. anyway yes that’s where I’m at these days

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Game Survival Guide: Genshin Impact Edition

  • For the love of God, activate the teleport waypoints. For so long I thought they weren’t that important and just left them be, this is a mistake. If you see one, activate it. It’ll save you the trouble of running around later. In fact, I go out of my way to activate waypoints whenever I can.
  • Opening chests, reading combat/exploration knowledge things and activating waypoints all give you primogems. They may be small amounts but they can add up.
  • In any daily commission that has a goal listed as “destroy the xyz” rather than defeat all enemies, destroy those objects first. If you don’t, when you defeat all the current enemies, more will come.
  • Practice switching characters and weapon types quickly on low-level enemies. The more quickly you can master character switching, the better.
  • USE YOUR DASH BUTTON. I am literally begging you please do not ignore or forget the fact that you can run. My dumb ass forgot the fact that I could run and got yeeted so far by a mitachurl that I landed on the cliff way above where I had been fighting it. Please remember you can run.
  • Know your stamina limits, but especially when swimming. There’s a trick you can use when climbing or gliding if you run out of stamina: once you start to fall, hit the attack button. You’ll go into a falling attack and suffer little to no fall damage. This is a major life hack, I highly recommend using it. However, if you run out of stamina in the water, nothing can save you. So watch your stamina bar.
  • Don’t be too sparing with your elemental bursts. It’s fine to use them strategically, and I’d recommend it, but don’t be scared to use them. They will charge up again.
  • Learn the attack patterns of different kinds of enemies. If you know how they build up to an attack, you can learn to dodge it. This is more difficult with some enemies than with others, but even with tough ones you can save yourself some damage by learning how to get away from certain attacks.
  • It is completely possible to be free to play. It sucks a lot a little watching others get these fantastic pulls but it’s okay! In my experience, hard work is rewarded. Keep doing quests and daily commissions and stockpiling whatever you can and you’ll eventually get something good. I’m f2p myself and yeah it sucks sometimes but it can be done.
  • Use your welfares. In the beginning, you probably won’t have a lot of options character-wise. If you bring the units the game gives you to the appropriate level, they can be very useful.
  • If you’re struggling with something, a few extra levels on a character or weapon can’t hurt. Use your level up materials, they’re there to help you.
  • A northlander sword prototype can be bought from Marjorie at With Wind Comes Glory for 225 anemo sigils. If you’re struggling to get better four star weapons, the core part of one can be easily obtained for anemo sigils. Other weapon prototypes can be obtained from boss battles, read their descriptions in Wagner’s forging menu. With Wind Comes Glory also sells some ascension materials, so utilize that if you need to.
  • If you see chunks of iron, crystal, or anything really, harvest them. They might come in handy later when having something forged.
  • Expeditions are neat. If you need ores or other materials, send characters you aren’t using on expeditions. The materials usually come in small quantities, but they add up.
  • Mark your map. Mark spots you can find resources, wind currents, challenges, hilichurl camps, whatever you want to remember later.
  • You probably know this but just in case you don’t: using the jump button while climbing consumes a ridiculous amount of stamina and unless it’s a short climb I wouldn’t recommend doing it.
  • If you have the ability to do so, drown your enemies. I enjoy fighting around water very much because I can launch enemies directly into the water with Jean’s skill, but you don’t even have to have Jean for this to work. I’ve done it with Xingqiu and Noelle many times as well. Just lure the enemy toward the water and use whatever means you have to throw them into any water deep enough that you have to swim to cross it, and they’ll just drown. Apparently not even fatui agents can swim. This is such an easy kill method and a big time saver.
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