#if it exists pls lmk
sharpay · 4 months ago
you know those princes that fall in love with “commoners” when they see them do Unexpectedly Kind and Charitable stuff? yeah I wanna see a movie or read a book where a prince falls in love with a mean bitch. like if prince eric actually married ursula instead of ariel or if prince charming fell in love with one of cinderella’s step sisters. no moral lessons to be learned whatsoever
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mikufanclub · 5 days ago
touhou ask game
favorite girl(s)?
favorite theme(s)?
favorite game?
favorite ship(s)?
pc98 or windows?
hakurei shrine or moriya shrine?
favorite fighting game?
have you/would you cosplay 2hu? if so who?
favorite nonhumanoid character?
favorite fan game?
favorite siblings?
favorite remix/fan song?
what characters do you relate to?
favorite/least favorite fanon interpretation?
what do you love/hate about the 2hu fandom?
what character most resembles you (looks or personality)? 
if you draw, who do you enjoy drawing the most? the least?
how/when did you get into touhou?
first touhou song you heard?
least favorite character?
favorite fan-artist?
which character would you date/marry?
do you have any touhou ocs?
do you have/want any fumos? who?
are you taking it easy?!
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oumamisupremacy · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
create the content you wanna see in the world <3 in my case it’s a prsk and dr crossover 
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kyanising · a month ago
okay. i am going to traipse out onto a limb here by asking: does anyone, like ... write for pathologic? is this a fanbase that is largely dormant or do people still engage with it? because, guys ... i have so much muse and no one to speak to about it. i would happily dedicate a blog solely to writing, provided there are actually people to interact with !!
so please, like. come kick down my door and yell at me about interactions because i promise you i will make a standalone blog in like a fraction of a second if anyone is actually here to write with. this game is living in my head rent-free ok. send help
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sunshinesolaic · 5 days ago
📝 The Poetic System 📝
The Poetic System or the Poiema System is a gender system containing genders affected by, related to, centring around, or resembling poems. The poems can be those published, those of famous literature, or even those that someone has written themselves. If one considers it to be such, a song may fall under this label, but whether or not it applies will be up to the coiner/user.
A suggested suffix for this system is -poemic or -poema, but any may be used! Personally, I believe it would be interesting to create a suffix relating to the style of the poem! For example, genders based off of Lewis Carroll’s poetry may have a suffix as nonsensical as the words he creates himself.
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jeoseungsaja · 2 months ago
👤+ the black knight 🙃 ( for hyuk, pls forgive me- )
@ofgentleresolve ♚ relationship building
👤+ a muse name for my muse’s opinion on that muse (with the other muse/mun’s permission).
   He’s going through some digital files, staring at laptop’s screen as a long, tired sigh leaves the detective’s lips. The vague clicking of mouse can be heard, as well as the haphazard typing. The light on his office has gone dull, cheap illumination barely hanging on, but it’s not something he’s fixed just yet. No time. 
   A moment of silence, nothing really comes out of him in the beginning.   Hand slips away from mouse; palm lazily falling onto his desk. 
   “What do you want me to say? That he’s brave and so alluringly mysterious? Just like everyone says he is? Maybe I should cite a few things reporters and journalists have written about him, that’d be easier than me coming up with something; I have plenty of articles saved. All I have to do is whip one out.”
    Eyes are still glued to the screen; the reflection on his eyes shows that the content on his device has changed due to shifting of colors.  
   “’Vigilante in town: Is this the return of justice?’, ‘Justice in the hands of a mysterious shadow’, ‘Should we trust someone we’ve never truly seen?’” 
    It becomes obvious that he’s reading different headlines, excerpts that vaguely speak of the Black Knight. No real, clear footage has ever been delivered or caught, leaving vigilante within safe anonymity. There’s even theories about him not being able to do all of this just by himself -- either that or he’s a very meticulous player. All of these notes are merely fables; most of them written to feed people with rumors they can be excited about. 
    If only they knew he’s met the Black Knight face to face.      He’s met his sword face to face, too.      And yes, sure...he could’ve gone to the media and report this.      But who would’ve believed him, a detective who’s lost the plot after a failed case?
Tumblr media
   “He’s good at what he does, it shows. Skilled. Rumors come and go but he still keeps his real identity safe somehow. Stubborn. Very stubborn, won’t let anything or anyone get in the way of what he’s pursuing. Which...is why he’s on my tail right now. It’s...funny, though. He keeps sending warnings instead of...permanently getting rid of me. And why is that? Is it because he’s too kind? Because he has a heart? Because underneath that ridiculous hat and Darth Vader voice, there’s someone who has pity on this detective, who’s gone obsessed over finding out the truth behind his best friend’s death?” 
    A dry chuckle reverberates. 
    “Not so kind, though. He’s said some things that make me want to choke him. Punch him until I can’t do it anymore. I don’t care about the things he knows or thinks about me. But then he talks about Patrick and I---” 
    Hand atop desk turns into a loose fist. 
    “He should just let me be. I don’t know why he keeps coming to my office unannounced. I don’t know why he keeps prodding. I don’t know why he comes and then goes away without...a reason in particular. It’s almost as if he’s keeping an eye on me. For what? I’m not as skilled as he is, I’m just sourly determined. He could be way ahead of me and yet he stops just to be here. I don’t understand him.” 
    A pause.
    “I guess, after all, he really is a mystery. And yet...I don’t know. There’s something there.” 
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mythvoiced · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
@theimpalpable​ | "Is...that my shirt you're wearing?" (Boram saying this with the biggest, dopiest smile to Hyun WIUEHDIUAHKDH) 400 RANDOM DIALOGUE PROMPTS
Good question.
There is a part of Hyun that almost instantly knee-jerked into an immediate ‘yes, and what about it’, this odd defensiveness that isn’t quite such, but rather the constant impulse to double down and confirm any and all suppositions that colour the fox with blue waves and make him effectively Boram’s in the perception of other.
But responding like this to Boram directly doesn’t really serve that purpose, nor is it a tone of voice Hyun knows how to use when the dragon is involved. He'd dread the moment they should ever argue, because how is he supposed to find the words and cadence he’d need to get his feelings and thoughts across, when the moment he turns Boram will be standing there, looking like that?
Thankfully it doesn’t seem very likely for either of them to intend trapping the other in an argument or mere disagreement that would elicit this type of attitude out of the fox. He doubts he’d even recall how to emulate it, how to fuse that tension back into his bones, how to work up enough nerves, allow his chest to tighten in ways that aren’t the lovestruck reactions he keeps succumbing to with the delight and ease of a diver answering the call of the sea.
No, he doubts he’ll ever turn and not see the sun shine at its brightest, the reflection of sunlight dancing across the still waters of a river muttering sweet nothings and centennial adoration and promises of the likes Hyun thinks only Boram is capable of keeping, only Boram would try to keep. 
But that doesn’t mean that the dragon isn’t still very much capable of making him feel rather exposed, put on the spot, in the middle of the other’s kitchen, dressed in little more than the other’s shirt actually, pitter-patting about in the shorts he sleeps in - loose and effective no matter the shape of his form as he wakes into it - stilling momentary hunger with some yoghurt he found in the other’s fridge.
There is a lot going on here that he wouldn’t have even thought to dream up, a few months ago, not even in his wildest, most unrealistic daydreams, those that see him prevail in the face of all that is still blocking him, those that see him navigate the world with ease and only time stretched ahead of him. The wildest he’d ever gotten with those daydreams had brought him back to that cave, away from the blood and the shaking and the ache that never quite seeped back out of his bones, and zeroing in directly on the one ‘what if’ he’d never been able to shake, the ‘what if’ of staying, just a single minute longer, and take Boram’s hand.
But he hadn’t trusted himself farther than that image. What else could he have dreamt up, if he had? What else would he have had to acknowledge and address and never, according to the him of the past, never find closure to? What point is there to wonder if, had he taken his head, maybe one day he would have been asked to not let go of it again?
So why get this far with the daydreaming?
What for, opening that uncut wound?
But now he’s here and even though he’s staring directly back at the dragon, and even though he’s perfectly still safe for the occasional blinking of his eyes, he doesn’t regret, nor does he feel shame.
In fact, he barely cares at all. Not today, not this morning, not while his lips curl into a smile intending on matching the dragon’s, and surpassing it slightly, tipping its toes past the edges of goofy, and throwing in a tilt of his head to accentuate the new idea, the playful faded slightly into the challenging.
“If you’d rather I don’t, you can come take it off.”
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ahalliance · 6 months ago
i mean this in the nicest way possible but the arginnit stuff is very much reminding me of tjlc
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enderfrog · 10 months ago
twitter is on a very interesting campaign to try to make every content creator terrified of even saying the word lesbian
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boomerang109 · a year ago
me: has five days to do assignment
day one: has other assignments to do/deadline is to far away so i don’t care yet/assignment hasn’t actually been posted
day two: i should really do this assignment but i can’t make myself sit down to do it and the professor still hasn’t posted it so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
day three: due to not sleeping, i am physically and mentally unable to do this assignment (a combination of pain, exhaustion, and lack of focus)
day four: (today) i once again did not sleep so my pain has managed to increase exponentially. i have, at 6pm, only just managed to get myself out of bed. i need to do this assignment (and others) but do not know if i will be able to.
day five: that’s tomorrow and the day the assignment is due. here’s hoping i sleep tonight and tomorrow is miraculously the day i can both focus and don’t have excruciating pain 🙂
#everytime i have a headache day like today i am simply blown away by my body’s capacity for pain#like it physically should not be possible to hurt this much#and yet I’m still expected to go about my day as normal cause there’s ‘nothing wrong with me’#and so I had to attend two classes and work with kids for my job#and then I’ve just been laying in bed and now I’m trying not to cry and I just don’t know what to do#I remembered Advil existed so I took that but it doesn’t usually help anyway. nothing does#and the worst part is I was doing better but then [REDACTED] happened and fucked up my whole eating and sleeping routine#like I can deal with constant pain? like I’m used to that. pain in multiple places? whatever. but just. the stomache plus the leg pain plus#the worst headache you can possibly imagine?? like I literally don’t know how to deal with it#everytime it happens I just lose my mind as if I don’t have this happen all the time. it never gets easier#and I just don’t know what the fuck I’m supposed to do#and it’s not like I can ask my professor for an extension cause I’m just gonna keep being in pain anyway?? and I’m already behind in all my#classes? and if I can type all this out then I should be able to type about whatever ducking shit I’m supposed to be learning about#but I just hurt so fucking much and I hate it I hate it I hate it#negativity#life of a boomerang#vent#fuck chronic pain and fuck mental illness#I almost did work last night too but then I had to ducking spiral instead cause I’m mentally ill. like how am I supposed to function pls lmk
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seongz · a year ago
Tumblr media
hearing fix on made me 🥲
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rainbirdsky · a year ago
Tumblr media
Is it... is it in the jar..?
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fruitquake · 9 months ago
does anyone know any good websites or apps for keeping track of writing projects (like with worldbuilding and characters and all of that)? im a disorganized mess asdfgh
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alienjack · a year ago
i want a kagehina fic of hinata kissing kageyama at the end of s4ep24/beginning of S4/ep25 and quite frankly i might have to just write it myself u-u
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begendered-mogai · 7 months ago
I want to love the deltarune headcanons on this account but some of them have such bad takes + misgender Kris 😭
? im pretty sure i havent posted a hc on here that has them as anything that contradicts their nonbinary-ness or them using she or he pronouns
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mythvoiced · 2 months ago
@ofgentleresolve​ | ♥ | Ray & Sköll
Tumblr media
“No, no, no, being rude to people is like... my least favourite thing to do,” he lies, “I’m so nice, it actually weirds people out, how nice I am, what makes you think I’d be rude to a gentle, racist, bigoted, smelly old hag?”
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untouchaable · a year ago
ok fuck it i can’t find a normal text copy of this stupid thing BUT this article, “Success Story, Japanese-American Style“ written by William Petersen and published by New York Times on January 9, 1966 (ahem, at the height of the U.S. civil rights movement, which was led by Black folks), is where the idea of the “model minority myth” was popularized. his article specifically compared Japanese people to Black people as a way to put down Black people, arguing that even tho the Japanese faced great hardship in the U.S. (ahem internment camps just 20 years prior, and everything before that) they toughed it out and became successful etc. basically creating this idea that Asian people can just suck it up and excel no matter the circumstances...ignoring not only the very real problems experienced by countless Asian people, but the fact that the U.S. and other white groups were the ones causing them these problems in the first place??
and this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface that is the complexities of the Asian American experience(s), which includes a very tumultuous history of immigration law (tl;dr: many, if not most, Asians living in the U.S. today have only arrived after 1965, when immigration from Asian countries was widely legalized for the first time ever), many limits and standards applied to most Asians who are able to immigrate successfully which then lead to very misleading statistics and assumptions (for example: only people with college degrees/professional skills are accepted to move here → they get decent/high paying jobs → statistics of “wow Asian families have the highest median household income!” are reported with no context → gives the impression that all Asians just magically have money → erases the many Asians who actually live in poverty here!), racism against Asians is specifically and intrinsically tied to xenophobia and fear of the “other”, and other stuff. 
i don’t want to make the conversation solely about Asian Americans, but i wanted to offer my perspective (and experience) to the discussion - as i believe at the very least, all our experiences as Asians living across the world are influenced and shaped by each other and our shared oppressor.
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brittapcrrys · a year ago
lol so anyway i know u can’t like force anyone’s hand but as admins of a group it actually IS your responsibility to ensure there are rules and expectations in place to ensure diversity and inclusivity in your rp both in and out of character, and that the in-character rep includes both the muses themselves and the faceclaims being used to represent them. yes this means fat characters should fat fcs. yes this means disabled characters should have disabled fcs. yes this means trans and/or nonbinary muses should have trans and/or nonbinary fcs. yes this means characters over 50yo should have FCs over 50yo. and so on...!
obviously......in some cases......  some of these may be more difficult to adhere to, especially knowing that the entertainment industry is not particularly welcoming to or supportive of people of most of these identities (let alone those who encompass multiple!!!), & sometimes u may be wanting/needing a fc of a very specific ethnicity and unfortunately cannot find anyone of that background who fits the other criteria u seek, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still look!! research, ask around, if u have to settle on a less-suitable fc be open to changing that if someone new who aligns better with the muse’s story becomes a viable fc option, and always try to opt FIRST for the most respectful and inclusive faceclaims u can!!!
as an admin this means paying attention to the fcs ppl list in their apps, not just to flag problematic or otherwise banned individuals, but to see if the mun has chosen a fc whose gender or disability or age or whatever else it may be that matches that same detail in character, and if not....why not? did they consider more fitting options at all? are there any available? do your own research and see if you can find more appropriate alts to suggest!!
this means setting down rules ensuring diversity in the characters in your group across all members, but also (in a mumu) for each individual member. be realistic but firm about upholding these rules. have a fcs & character of colour/white fcs & character ratio count and a white limit, have cis/trans+nonbinary ratio and a limit on cis muses/fcs in the group overall at any one time. if you have rules like “if you play multiple muses, every x character/fc must be diverse in at least one of these ways” be mindful of the ways your members, but also you as admins,  are following this rule. allowing age, body diversity, gender diversity, disability, and more to be compiled into the one ~diversity/inclusivity~ rule can mean people will just pick up a bunch of character over 35, 40, 50 or whatever your rule is, and ignore plus size fcs entirely, or they may make a (planned default cis) character and intend to use a cis faceclaim and then realise they’ve reached their X character number and change the muse to nonbinary at the last moment and make few, if any, other changes - including to the fc!
these are things to remember as a member, as a 1x1/indie rper, even as a rph i guess, but i’ve seen one too many admins be like “oh, there’s nothing more we can do, we encourage diversity, have a [loose] rule about it, we can’t control what anyone does with that” and to some extent that’s correct but.... you can be more vigilant, you can make your rules more specific, you can ask more questions of applicants and members, and you can lead by example.
diverse muses are great!!! it’s good to be seeing so much more of this in some pockets of the rpc. but dont ignore the similarly diverse fcs - many of whom DO already have fc resources - existing in the public eye. we can all do better
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wait I have an idea.
we should play two truths and a lie
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reidyoulikeabook · a year ago
and when i post an invisible string spencer fic tonight instead of posting any of the 5 other things i'm meant to be working on . who will stop me .
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