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izayoichan · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Lucas: It doesn't hurt you or anything, right? Vy: It's... uncomfortable to change, but you get used to it -he walked to the back door and motioned Lucas to follow- I often fly with Hayden. It's something I enjoy greatly. And, flying is just... it's amazing. There's a freedom to cast one's wings to the wind that cannot be ignored.
He walked outside to a place with room, by the beach he and Hayden usually go for a walk. Taking off his clothes and folding them into a pile, he started changing. It was always strange to feel one's bones stretch and his skin ripple as scales rushed up his limbs and body to cover his form into its true form. Large red and majestic, his horns rippled through his head as his shape grew and changed, twitching and stretching. Vy growled, opening back his wings and stretching his form. The large dragon lowered his head at Lucas.
Vy: Hop on. Hold onto my horns. Lucas: Wow... 
He couldn't really say anything more as he watched the transformation. His only experience with flying was airplanes, which was nothing but boring and dull, this on the other hand, he had a hunch would be very very different. 
Lucas: Oh.. uhm... Okay...
He somewhat clumsily got one, holding onto Vy's horns tightly, no idea how this would feel, and he would rather not fall off.
Lucas: First time flier.. so gentle, okay?
Vy chuckled.
Vy: I won't fly too fast or too high. 
He looked up, though the vision of Lucas was obscured by his body, he could feel the boy secure on his horns. He stretched his wings and lifted flight, heading for the clouds. He made sure to fly right above the canopy of the trees in a steady and secure rhythm, not too fast so Lucas wouldn't have difficulty holding on, making sure to do the turns slowly, as if it was a motorcycle.
Vy: You're riding a flying bike! Lucas: I am not sure you can compare a bike to a dragon! -he chuckled- Something tells me your husband finds this awesome. 
It felt good to sit up there, he had thought he would be scared, anxious, something like that, but instead it felt fun, and much like Vy had said, there was a freedom to it. The rush of wind to his face made him smile and laugh whenever Vy took a turn.  Looking around, he had to admit, he felt he got a very different view on the world as well, like it changed somehow by being above it. Felt a little less daunting than it all too often did. Clearer.. or maybe it was just him being silly. 
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fckedupnerd · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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giraffesanddietpepsi · 10 months ago
Buck takes Christopher to the zoo all the time
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gender-luster · a month ago
i do not often feel this way, but laying here, in the lazy hours of the morning, listening to the gentle fall of rain and the soft songs of the summer birds, or even the occasional hum of the engine from a passing car, where even though the pain's not gone, i can still bear witness to such soft, amazing, humble beauty. it may just last for a moment, but for this moment i feel as if i may know true peace. and even as i feel this moment start to fade, i'm glad i'm here. i'm glad i stayed
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loonsy · 9 days ago
If a soul has a melody, yours has been stuck in my head from the beginning
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jalenmara · a year ago
So even though the summer Olympics is going on, watching the games made me go back and once again re-read “Snowstorm—on Ice.” I love this story so much 😭🥺 Any head canons on what this ‘verses Jon and Dany are up to? Or do you think you might ever return to this ‘verse in a sequel or one-shot? Love this story!!
You are the sweetest, anon!! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️ I love that story so much and it will always hold a special place in my heart.
I had hoped to one day write a sequel to it, but sadly my writing plans are changing and I doubt it will ever be done. So I’ll go ahead and tell you all about it.
It was to be called “Fields of Gold” (following another terrible trope of fic naming, the dreaded song title fic 😂, had to keep on brand somehow! And as tribute to the dreams that never were for my favorite ice skater Michelle Kwon.) It was also going to be written in a similar time jumping fashion to Snowstorm, going between the time of Jon bailing on the Olympic final in 2018 and the next Olympics in 2022 where we know they did qualify and he proposed. (Spoiler alert? I guess lol. The fic is over 2 years old now) I was still debating on how the breakdown of time would occur, but it was definitely going to be seasonal based, starting in winter, and working backwards to spring.
That was so we could work through the process of healing and deal with the grief and guilt that they both felt (Jon for feeling as if the accident was all his fault, and Dany for being “gone” for so long and working up the courage to watch what had happened as she didn’t remember the accident, only falling. Also, we would have discovered that Dany had some lingering issues from both her brain injury and the coma. It would take time and effort to not only heal fully, but to also retrain her body for competition readiness, all while exploring new love and the ups and downs that go along with that.)
I do have tendency for angst, so there would have been plenty of that to go around, fluff and feels, and (of course) smut this time. 😉
Eventually, we would see them win gold, go home, get married at Bronn’s bar, and maybe, just maybe a reveal that Dany was either pregnant, or that she and Jon were going to try to adopt. I hadn’t decided if she truly had infertility issues or not, as miscarriages of first babies are sadly, very common and not often talked about.
They would both retire from competition skating after their gold medal, but would I feel Jon would go into coaching, and Dany would open a skating scholarship program for children of abuse, which Dei would co-found and run with her (with Grey proposing shortly after he and Jorah open their own local security firm). Davos happily dives in as well and handles the endorsement deals that come in for both Jon’s skaters, and the program (and of course being named godfather to Jon and Dany’s kiddos with Dei as godmother.) Tyrion retires from coaching and buys Bronn’s bar which he runs ala Sam Malone style (recovering alcoholic who owns a bar, and continues his struggle with alcohol and women simultaneously. Don’t worry, Bronn will never become Woody). Every Olympics, he holds and Opening Ceremonies party and the entire gang descends on the bar for every single one. Dany will accept nothing less.
Eventually, they do have kids (2 girls and a boy), who take up hockey (!) and eventually become Olympians in their own right, forging a new legacy 😂
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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touyasdoll · 5 months ago
……ow. my baby 😭😭 I’m so scared for how Horikoshi is going to end his story. I just hope that he gets to find peace within himself somehow. & that he makes it, bc if he doesn’t, don’t bother checking, I will not be okay.
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alpha-bread · a year ago
Tumblr media
Awfully bold of you to pose for a photo when you know you’re not allowed on the table
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chrisgoesrock · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Blossom Toes - If Only For A Moment (Progressive Rock UK 1969)
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aaron song + seth song
pls be as mean as possible as love my angry garbage sons
**Thank you!! These really are fun**
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orderbourne · a year ago
"I'm sorry, did I just hear you say you want to see my panties?"
Tumblr media
    “Excuse me!?”
The Hero of Ikaruga’s head snaps in the direction of his visitor, completely forgetting about the paperwork he had so diligently been handling only a moment earlier. He wanted to see her what!? Jin couldn’t help but be taken aback by Eira’s question, if only for a brief moment. Sure, he had had...thoughts about the woman on occasion, but he had kept those deep within the confines of his mind...Certainly to never be heard by Eira...
Tumblr media
    “Major, why would I say something so absurdly foolish in our workspace? I sincerely hope that you aren’t lumping me in with Kagura, of all people...”
He almost felt insulted. Just what was going on in her mind..?
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deciphereil · 11 months ago
She is a world unto herself;
an endless landscape and
labyrinth all rolled into one.
Yet for all of her complexities,
it's the little things that bear
the most weight.
For they remind her
how much she is loved.
For her, important dates are
more than numbers; they are
windows to memories
she never wants to lose.
For her, it's not the subtle change
in her appearance that matters most;
but the fact that you studied her
enough to notice.
My friend, she wants you to know her.
She wants you to know
whether her sighs were inspired
by frustration or exhaustion.
She wants you to know
that a kiss on the lips shows desire;
but a kiss on the forehead
shows her true love.
She wants you to know
that you have measured the space
between your arms, and have decided
that she fits there just right; and so
you hug her from behind.
She wants to know that, for you,
seeing her is the highlight of your day.
this world can be a hell
don't you think it's time that
you reminded her,
that she is heaven on this earth?
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okay wait i think ive figured you out
gay: good
carrots: bad
this not only applies to me but to the entire universe.
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ifollowmyfeets · a year ago
Goodnight, stars Goodnight, air Goodnight, noises everywhere
from Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown
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thirsty-flygirl · a year ago
On my Thanksgiving excursion, I drank Suntory and had no one to sigh over Pedro with.
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lightcharm · a year ago
*looks at watch* Good time to randomly come out. Im nonbinary. Transmasc to some extent. My name is James. Pronouns are they/them. I’ve been questioning my gender for like 2 years. Forced myself to sit down and acknowledge it in June. I know it’s a p masc name but it makes me happy. I’m not out aside from here. I like wearing fun stuff so the expression is what it is. Thank you 🌈🌸
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Tumblr media
I don’t do mornings at all and typically without coffee I don’t function but getting up early to shoot scenes like this makes it easily worth it! Have got to get back in to the habit.
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