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#if u wanna....ask more about the all for it!!!
deeznutzl0l · 14 days ago
haby stim habby stim HaBBY STIM HABBY STIM BHAHBBHDBJHNJGNJJKKJFJKFKJFKJKJFKJAKJKJHVH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @lead-them-feed-them-to-the-clown :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#micah.txt#UR NOT GONNA SEE THIS TIL TOMORROW BUT UWONT FUCKIGNG BELIEEEEEEVE WHAT MY MOM SIAID#ABOUT U COMignng over and stuff#i mean fuckin im sure you can tell by the fact that im habby stimming and also typing in caps but KJSJKHJSDHJSDAHASHSHHJADHJFDSNJFBHJFD#SHE SAID!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#SHE SAID IT WAS OK IF U CAME OVERRRRRRRRRRr#I WAS LIKE 'ok so matt and i have been talking abt distance stuff and we've kinda been wanting to meet up in person one day'#'and neither of us rly wanna wait like 3 more years to finally meet together so i was wondering if she could maybe come and visit'#'for a lil bit. not forever but juts for like a week or so during december since thats when we both have time off'#AND SHE WAS BASICALLY LIEK 'yeah im alright with that. she could also come over in the summer if u want. u guys would have more time'#'to spend together if she came over then'#AND I WAS LIKE YAYAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AJKSAKJSAKJSDKJSDKJSDKJDSKJAKJAKJJAJAJAJAJA#IM SRRY I KNOW THAT THIS EXCITEMENT IS KINDA PREMATURE SINCE U HAVENT ASKED UR DAD YET AND IDK IF HE'LL BE COOL#WITH YOU COMIGNNG ALL THE WAY OVER HERE TO STAY WITH ME FOR A BIT BUT LIKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SDJKDSKJDSKJKJSDJKSDKJDSKJDS#I MEAN LIKE I DONT KNOW IF U ASKED UR DAD YET IM ASSUMIN G U HAVENT SINCE I FEEL LIKE U WOULDVE TOLD ME BUT!!!!!!!#STILL!!!!!!!!! AKJSJKASJKASJKASKJSJKDJAJHAHA!!!!!!!!!!#fhhjahasjkdjdfhhjhjhjbhbhjbjhdbhjdfndgnjgdkjbhgvvhjn bro i canot stop stimming i CANNOT!!!!!!!!!!!!#hands go flap flap flap flfAP FLAP FALPFLLFKDJFJHGFJGJH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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bitterwillow-x · 7 months ago
People who aren’t allergic to tree and peanuts
Fuck you. Gimme ur genes. :)
#that moment when you gotta test the food u want to eat to see if they have the shit ur allergic to#they don't say they directly have them but they WARN that they M  I G H T contain the shit that gives me horrible stomach pain and nausea in#small amounts#i just..wanna eat lemon cake :(#still pissed about that Chaco taco that had fucking peanuts in it during a rlly good day in middle school#I mean I SHOULD have asked but how the hell was I supposed to know????? It said CHACO TACO NOT CHACO TACO WITH PEANU T S???????????????????#I S T I L L DONT KNOW WHERE THE PEANUTS WHERE LIKE THEY WEREN'T EVEN OBVIOUS????????#12 YEAR OLD ME WAS NONE THE WISER#all i knew was swollen lip. friend panicked. i shrugged it off cause I wasn't feeling like shit. then boom. the stomach pain a bit later.#that shit lasted HOURS#i mean thank fuck it wasn't some sea food buffet or some shit. would've died the moment i ate it#yes im rambling. no i will not shut up#oh speaking of which lemme tell u how my fam discovered i was allergic to shellfish#was a lil bab and granma gave me shrimp. whole arm swelled up and apparently my throat was closing when they went to the ER so that's nice#brother was blessed with the ability to eat shellfish. don't fully know where I got that from since both of my parents aren't allergic to sf#most contact i've ever had with shellfish was a while back when mom grilled crab or smth. just touched the juice that was remaining from bag#other than that that's the most experience i have with shellfish. with peanuts tho i've ingested it...about 4 times. that's the most I know#thank fuck my mother's genes helped that mine's not as severe as my dad's#got all my fucking allergies from his side smh#tho artists seem to run on his side more so...i mean?#god this started off as me paranoid as fuck imma have to get my stomach pumped or endure hours of pain over a fucking lemon cake#and note these cakes exspire in 3 days so it's not like I can hold them off til a later date#god i spelled expire wrong i know that fucker looked funny#Sucks that I'm allergic to cats too :(#like most of my life my fam always had pet cats and now mother has 2 dogs..2 cats. and a snake#smh guess I'll get lil rat minions#am i feeling sick? maybe? am I paranoid about getting a reaction over that lemon cake that I've mentioned twice? yes.#then again my stomach is garbage when it comes to sweets but if I don't come back for a while assume im in great pain :)#lol i'll stop now gotta school and art#willow rambles
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1kook · 7 months ago
commercial break ; TEN
Tumblr media
this is part of my netflix & chill series takes place directly after vickey & hickeys !
SUMMARY See, there’s no one in this world who ignores his house rules more than you. Even worse, there’s no one on this planet who can make Jungkook ignore his own rules like you do.  WARNING smut, kissing, unprotected sex, missionary, a love for cum/precum, mentions of hickeys, uhhh idk what else lol MISC valentines day, jk cute housewife tbh, jk being in love again u know the usual, jk clean freak  RATING m (18+) WC 1.4k
NOTES its not proofread bc im lazy but i love them... doesn't that amount to something.... YES! we move lads 
Jungkook has been living by himself for about four years now, give or take, and in that time he has come to understand the dire need for order when maintaining a home. He never understood why his mom was such a stickler for rules until he began living on his own. Those first few months had been awful, just the mere memory makes him shiver. His kitchen counters had been littered with an array of stains. His laundry basket seemed to fill up faster than usual. He never envisioned his adult life would start off with him polishing each and every inch of his hardwood floors. But because of that experience, Jungkook has finally followed in his mother’s footsteps and composed his own list of rules, eponymously titled Jeon Jungkook’s 5 Rules for a Happy Home.
He liked order and peace, liked when his coats were lined up from lightest to heaviest, when his glass plates were all stacked according to size and collection. He’s generally a neat person, prides himself in maintaining a clean personal environment. But of course, because the universe just loves him so, they repay him for all his efforts by giving him an absolute wildcard of a girlfriend. 
See, there’s no one in this world who ignores his house rules more than you. Even worse, there’s no one on this planet who can make Jungkook ignore his own rules like you do. 
The list goes like this:
1. Shoes must always come off at the door; this keeps them clean and allows the hardwood floors to retain their glossy sheen for as long as possible.
The plan is to spend Valentine’s Day at his house, watch some Netflix, maybe chill. You had been giggly the whole drive back from the store, brandishing your repaired phone screen like it was something incredible. And because Jungkook had so graciously paid for it, he is reimbursed with a flurry of kisses that have the two of you stumbling into his house. “Baby,” he pants, hand at your waist. He hears rather than sees the loud thump of your sneakers against his hardwood floor. But Jungkook has long since mastered the careful art of distracting you, and it only takes one twirl and careful push until you’re pressed against the door, his hardwood flooring saved from your outside shoes. 
Of course, you misread the action. “Are you gonna be mean to me again?” you purr, throwing your hands over his shoulders. Your breathing is a little shallow now, lips kissing against his jawline as he helps you out of your shoes. You surge forward once more, press those satin lips against his. But this time, it’s your sock-clad feet that step onto his flooring, a soft whimper falling through your lips. 
2. Return everything to where it belongs; coats should go in the closet, keys on the key rack, etc, etc. 
“Take it off,” you husk out, pushing his jacket off his shoulders, and then rather mindlessly tossing it against the base of the stairs, where it was certain to be a safety hazard. Jungkook doesn’t even have time to protest, because then your coat follows. And then your top. And then your bra. 
He’s a weak man. 
He kisses down your throat, makes sure to glide his tongue over the bruises from last night. Not because he wants to see them heal, but because they ignite this sort of possessiveness in him that has him pushing you against the wall once more, guiding your leg over his hip. “So pretty for me,” he mumbles, letting you manhandle him out of his own shirt. And when your pebbled nipples press against his chest, the blood rushes down to his nether regions. You whimper, an airy little sound that sends him to the brink of insanity.
3. Always hold the stair railing; the steps can be slippery sometimes, so it is best to be safe. 
Just as predicted, his discarded coat ends up being the safety hazard it was destined to be. One blind step backwards sends him tumbling onto his behind, the edge of another step digging painfully into his back. “Fuck,” he groans, but not at his blossoming bruise. You shimmy out of your bottoms, present him with this stringy little thong he doesn’t think he’s seen before. “C’mere, baby.”
You’re his good girl, always, so you climb onto his lap with ease, slot yourself over him where you belong. “Right here?” you ask in the soft voice, look at him with this sinful gaze that sends shivers over every inch of his body. 
“Right there,” he confirms, wrapping an arm around you, uses it to pull you flush to his chest. The other slides over the curve of your ass, along the length of your thigh. His gentle touch makes you arch against him, a soft sigh escaping through your lips. “Gonna be good for me?” Jungkook murmurs, pressing a kiss to the tops of your breasts. You nod, and he slips his hand just behind your knee, uses it as he hauls you into his arms. He can’t even see his own two feet as he stumbles up the stairs with you in his arms. 
4. Don’t slam doors or unnecessarily swing them open; you can damage the walls or the door itself. 
It’s a joint effort; you twist the doorknob and Jungkook kicks it open. It slams against the wall, but Jungkook doesn’t really care, not when you look like that sprawled over his sheets. He can’t get his pants off fast enough, eyes trained on you as you slip out of your thong. You’re already so wet, gliding your fingers through your arousal as he stumbles out of his jeans and boxers. Always a tease. 
“Open,” you murmur. It’s what he should be saying to you, hand lingering on your knee, but he does it anyway. Jungkook parts his lips and savors the sweet taste of your arousal on your fingers, sucks and licks until you’re pulling away with a whine, spreading your legs for him to slot himself in between. He has half the thought to reach for the lube in his nightstand, the warming one that you love so much. But Jungkook is desperate and impatient: he spits in his hand and calls it a day, grips his cock in one hand and gives it a harsh tug. Unexpectedly, it’s an action that impresses his audience. “Me too,” you beg, tugging at his forearm. 
And Jungkook complies. He revs up his throat and leans over you, spits in your mouth like you wanted him to. But he’s off today, not completely sane, and half of it splatters against the corner of your mouth, over your cheek. You flinch, eyes squeezing shut. A moan slips past your lips.  And then Jungkook watches in awe as your tongue peeks out, licks at the corner of your lips like you’re trying to save it from going to waste. “Oh, baby,” he groans, and it’s with that final thought that he guides himself in. 
You’re so warm, tighter than usual. He hopes it doesn’t hurt. By the sound of your cries, it doesn’t seem to. Still, despite his concern, Jungkook can’t bring himself to hold back and begins thrusting after only a couple seconds. You claw at his shoulders, probably leave bright red marks all over him. You’re exceptionally needy today, cross your ankles at the base of his neck and make it impossible for him to get too far. 
Jungkook isn’t any better. He can’t let go of you even if he tried. If he’s not holding your waist, then it’s your breasts. If not there, then it’s your throat. There’s something so sexy about you today, so needy for him. He just fucked you last night, made you cum until you cried, and yet you always want more. More and more, just like him. 
Neither of you last that long. Normally, he’d be embarrassed about that. But today, one press of his thumb against your clit has you spasming around him, eyes rolling to the back of your head as your cum coats his cock. So he’s not embarrassed, mostly proud. It’s a new record. 
5. Always say I love you. 
“I love you,” he gasps, holding your leg against his chest as he follows in your stead, vision fuzzy as his orgasm overcomes him. A hand touches his abdomen, gentle and encouraging. “I love you, I love you— I wanna marry you,” he shudders, before the pleasure eventually subsides and he’s slumping over your equally tired, equally sweaty form. 
That he’s embarrassed about, hiding his face in your neck as you card your fingers through his hair. “Me too, sweet boy,” you hum, pressing your lips against his forehead. 
Jungkook isn’t sure which of those two confessions you’re addressing.
(He hopes it’s both.)
Copyright © 2021, 1kook on tumblr. absolutely NO reposts allowed.
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fictionalwh0ree · 10 days ago
could i request a jj imagine where they’re both pogues and he’s comforting the reader while she’s crying because maybe her family gets robbed either from their home or they own a small shack business and her parents ask her to give her last few paychecks to pay bills but her paycheck was to buy things for jj for his birthday and she feels super bad when it’s his actual birthday and everyone got him a gift and hers is something small but she made him the cake
and she’s really down but hides it for his bday and when they’re in private she apologizes profusely about it and he’s like “what do you mean this was the best day ever”
and he’s trying his best to comfort her because he knows that the pogue life is always tough financially nd gets exaggerated and is like “don’t worry baby, one day we’re gonna go full kook and i’ll buy you anything you wnd want youll forget about being so sad” and it ends in fluffff sorry i got carried away lol
bracelet- jj maybank
Tumblr media
requests are open!!
summary: your family's store gets robbed, forcing you to hand over the paychecks you were going to use to get your boyfriend's birthday gift. when his birthday comes, all you had was something small and you were worried he wouldn't like it.
word count: 1,672
warnings: none
a/n: ahh im sorry it took so long to get out! i hope you enjoy tho :)
you had just finished your shift at work and were walking to your family's small diner/gift shop by the beach. you had your headphones in, humming along to the music playing.
as you approached the entrance of the diner, you could feel something was off. it was empty all around you. you glanced down at your phone, the movement turning it on to reveal the date and time. it was a saturday afternoon, a hot one at that. the place should've been busy, busier than every other day of the week.
you turned your music off and slowly opened the main door. your brows furrowed as you looked around. some stools had been tipped over, but that was about it.
"mom?" you called out.
"mom?" you said again, walking into the kitchen.
there she stood crying into your father's shoulder. your brother stood in the corner, his eyes blank.
"what's wrong?" you asked.
she looked up at you and her lips quivered before she let out another sob, turning her head back into your father's chest.
"seriously, what happened?" you asked, your worry growing.
"we were robbed," your father spoke.
"what?" you asked.
"your mom was at the cash and a man came in with a gun," he explained.
"what did they take?" you asked, slowly looking between your father and brother.
"the money. all of it," your brother said.
you were speechless. without money, your diner would close, taking away your whole family's main source of income. you felt some tears fall from your eyes and run down your cheeks. they kept falling silently as you thought about what would happen.
"they left most of the merchandise," your dad added.
you looked down, fidgeting with your bracelet. you had spent lots of your free time making these to sell in the shop. they usually had small charms with reminders of the outer banks. the tourists loved them.
you remembered your paychecks that you had meant to cash out in your bag. you rummaged through it until you found them. you handed them to your parents.
"here, i know it's not that much, but it should be enough to keep us afloat until we make up some more money," you said.
your mom began shaking her head.
"we can't take that, you earned it," she said.
"you guys need it more than i do. i'll make it back eventually," you said.
“thank you,” your mom says.
you helped your family clean up the store for a little while when you received a text.
r u busy rn?
not really
wanna come over?
sure :)
you grabbed your keys and hopped into your dads car, with his permission of course, and drove to jj’s. you looked at yourself in the rearview mirror and wiped away the tear stains that were left. your eyes were still a bit puffy and you hoped jj wouldn't notice. you walked straight into his house and placed your bag on his couch next to him. you sat down and placed a kiss on his lips.
"hi," you smiled, plopping down on the couch next to him.
"fancy seeing you here," he said, turning to you.
you scoffed as he examined your face subtly.
"what's wrong?" he asked.
"what?" you asked.
"your eyes are sorta red and puffy. were you crying?"
"it's nothing, jj," you assured.
"well if you were crying over it, then it's not noting," he reasoned.
"it's not a big deal," you said.
"come on," he pushed.
"the store was robbed," you admitted.
"what? were you there? are you hurt? is everyone okay? did they ta-" he began bombarding you with questions.
"1. no i was not there. 2. i'm fine, nobody was hurt. 3. yes, everyone's just a bit overhwelmed, i think. they didn't take much besides cash, but it'll all be okay," you said.
"are you sure?" he checked.
"yes," you confirmed.
he wrapped his arm around you and pulled you into his side. you two laid there watching tv for a couple hours. jj mindlessly played with your bracelet, one of the ones you had made. he had once told you how much he liked them, but it was early on in your relationship so you never gave him one.
when you got home, you went straight to your room. hanging on your cork board was a calendar. one day stood out, it had a large red circle around it. jj's birthday, which had totally slipped your mind. you had been saving up your paychecks to get him a good, meaningful gift. something that would last, which meant expensive. you sighed and sat at your desk, rubbing your temples and trying to calm yourself down.
your breaths got shakier and a couple whimpers left your lips as you sobbed silently, finally letting out all your built up stress. you looked around your room and spotted your plastic organizer filled with beads, small pendants and charms. although it wasn't ideal, you settled on making you two matching bracelets. tomorrow was a saturday, which meant no school or work. you stayed up late making you two bracelets. you spent all of the next day making him a cake. you baked and decorated it simply. it was cute but wasn't super complex.
the day of jj's birthday came and you had just finished the bracelets the night before. the pogues were all going to jj's for lunch, planning on surfing in the afternoon, going home to shower and then going to a party in the cut in the evening.
you got read, doing your hair, make-up and wearing an outfit jj had previously said he loved on you. you had called kie to drive you, so the cake wouldn't get damaged. you two were the last to arrive at the house. the first thing you did was put the cake in the fridge and hide your small gift somewhere in his room for later.
"hi, baby," you greeted, giving him a kiss.
"hi," he said into the kiss.
"happy birthday," you smiled.
"thank you," he pulled you into a hug.
"do i get birthday sex this year, too, or?" he whispered into your ear, kissing down your jaw.
"break it up, you have time for that tonight," john b yelled.
you flipped him off before pulling away.
"come on, the pizza's getting cold," you said.
after the pizza was done, kie went to get the cake. she placed it on the table and john b pulled a little party hat out from his backpack. he placed it on jj's head, even though he refused. you all sang happy birthday, pope recording. kie had also brought a disposable camera, which she had been using to take cute photos. you all had a slice of cake, sounds of delight coming from the pogues.
"is the cake good?" you asked.
"so good," jj said, his mouth stuffed to the brim with semi-chewed food.
"you could've waited to swallow to answer," you giggled, licking your thumb to wipe off a smudge of cake that was by his cheek.
"sorry," he smiled, close-lipped.
you rolled your eyes jokingly. once the cake was done, john b, kie, and pope gave jj his gifts. you had told him yours was for later, which he obviously assumed was sex. you put on a smile as he opened his gifts. in your eyes, the pogues gifts had been 10x better than what you had given him. their gifts had been bigger and more expensive than yours, your smile faltered a bit.
after the long surf break, which went until around 7 pm, the three other pogues left. you began washing the dishes and you could see jj staring at you. you knew what he wanted.
you have to give it to him eventually, you thought. as you walked to the bedroom, you could see him following you like a lot puppy.
"i'm assuming you want your gift?" you said, your 'confidence' never faltering.
he nodded his head eagerly. you picked up the small box and handed it to him. he took a seat on the edge of the bed and so did you. he carefully opened it, placing the lid beside him. there sat two bracelets with some small glass beads. his was the colour of the dress you had worn when you told him you loved him, a dress he always recognized and constantly complimented. yours was the colour of the surfboard he had taught you to surf on. right in the middle was a small charm with your initials and a heart on each others bracelet. a small, genuine smile appeared on his face.
"i know it's not much. i was gonna get you something better, i swear, but then we were robbed and i had to give the money to my parents and- and it all just happened so fast. i'm so sorry. if you wanna wait til i get my next paycheck, i'll get you something be-" you rambled, tears streaming down your cheeks.
"baby, baby, baby," he said, holding your shoulders.
you looked up at him and he smiled.
"i love it," he smiled.
"you do?" you asked.
he nodded.
"i don't need anything expensive," he began, pulling the bracelet with his initial out and sliding it onto yor wrist, "i don't expect anything expensive. i know it's hard out here, i understand. it's hard enough a usual, but with your family's store getting robbed, it's so much harder. as long as i have you, it's going to be okay."
he had put his bracelet on. he wrapped his arms around you in a tight hug. when he pulled away, you smiled.
"atta girl," he said.
"don’t worry baby, one day we’re gonna go full kook and i’ll buy you anything you want, and you'll forget about being so sad,” he smiled back.
he picked up your wrist gently and placed a gentle kiss on the small charm with his initial.
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kuroos-babie · a year ago
Falling in Love with a Single Mom HCs
Sakusa x fem!Reader | Kita x fem!Reader | Tendō x fem!Reader
[ Headcanons/MiniFics ]
a/n: once again,,, i love these hcs so much but i feel like omi was kinda ooc im so sorry (╥﹏╥) i hope u like these still!! i really enjoyed writing these, pls do tell me what you think (~ ̄³ ̄)~
Tumblr media
❀ he's been watching you for a while now— his team's manager
❀ everyone knew you've recently became a new mom— as well as how your child's dad went MIA a few weeks after you gave birth, left a note breaking things off with you and saying he wasn't ready to be a dad
❀ you usually had your mom or a relative take care of your baby while you went to work, but this time no one was available so you had to bring your son with you
❀ standing by the corner of the crowded cafeteria, he kept on glancing at you obviously struggling to pacify your baby
❀ he didn't like the piercing cries of the child in your arms so he decided to help you, or so he convinced himself
❀ in reality, he couldn't take seeing you so panicked anymore— it agitates him so much
❀ he was trying to remember what komori taught him about babies as he walked over to where you stood
"have you tried feeding it?" he asked nonchalantly, standing a good foot away from you as he tried to peer over your shoulder
"him" you replied, exhaustion and frustration dripping from your tone, "and yeah, i just did"
you sighed
"give me"
it wasn't everyday that sakusa offered help so you jumped at the opportunity, supporting your child's neck and back as sakusa took him, doing the same
❀ he laid the baby on his chest, gently tapping at his back
❀ after a few moments he let out a small burp the baby not sakusa skdka
❀ he handed your child back to you, now silently chewing on his hand, saying he "just needed to burp"
❀ your face felt hot, embarrassed that you had no idea
❀ sakusa just placed a hand on your head and smiled behind his mask before leaving, he knows you needed all the help you can get right now and he, albeit wordlessly, made sure you're aware that he's willing to provide that help
❀ since then he regularly drops by your apartment and helps you clean and take care of your baby saying he's just making sure there weren't any germs near the kid
❀ lets you take naps as he watch your kid— but not before taking a bath, he has spare clothes in your closet
❀ the team notices how he's always over at your place
"omi-kun you're always over at y/n's, might as well move in with her"
"if she wants me to, i don't see any problem with it" he said so casually it made you whip your head to his direction
"do you... want to?" he looked away from you without an answer, avoiding your eyes, "omi-kun do you want to move in with us?"
"i said, if you wanted to" he replied, still avoiding your gaze and cheeks tinted red
Tumblr media
❀ you met him at the wet market; well, your daughter did
❀ you noticed her run off while you were buying ingredients for your lunch and stocking up your fridge, quickly trying to catch up to her
❀ she was giddily running around, little 3 year old legs not taking her too far before bumping into a stranger's leg
❀ falling to her bum, your daughter looked up to see brown eyes looking down at her
"i'm sorry, are you alright?"
he helped the child up, holding her steady as he dusted off her bottom
by the time you caught up with the both of them, he already had your daughter in his arms, asking her where her mom was with a smile
"there she is!" she said with a giggle
"baby, what did i tell you about running off on your own?" you scolded her with a tired smile as kita handed her over to you, thanking him kindly
❀ after that encounter, he started to notice you more and more; in the wet market, around the neighbourhood, and in the topics of local grannies
❀ you moved in recently, shortly after your daughter's dad bailed out on the both of you, leaving you to raise her alone; or so he's heard
❀ he would always give you a soft smile and an acknowledging nod whenever you two see each other
❀ it wasn't until his grandmother asked him to bring over some vegetables to your house that he had the chance to have an actual conversation with you
"gran wanted you to have this"
"oh thank you very much", you beamed at him while taking the basket, "do you maybe want to come inside? i'll prepare some tea"
he was about to decline the offer, but the joyful look on your child's face the moment she sees kita convinced him to do otherwise
❀ the two of you talked over tea and snacks while your daughter sat on his lap, playing with his large hand
❀ you couldn't help but smile at the both of them, your daughter never one to be this playful with others, kita didn't seem too bothered either
❀ time passed and kita needed to go back home, much to your daughter's dismay
❀ he didn't want to upset your kid too much so it was decided he'll come back soon to play with her
❀ it became a regular thing for kita to stop by your house on his way home from the fields— spending time with you and your daughter slowly becoming routine
❀ he adored your child's little giggles and the way she insisted having him wear the flower crown she made, glancing at you to see you laughing at the sight had him imagining what life would've been like with the two of you
❀ till he realized he was already living that life— looking forward to seeing you both after a hard day of work at the fields, being greeted by warm smiles and a hug, eating dinner together and sharing laughter
❀ it seems like granny wouldn't have to wait too long for a grandchild
Tumblr media
❀ he noticed your 2 year old boy looking—staring, at him from across the restaurant he was having lunch at
❀ so of course he decided to make faces in an attempt to make him laugh
❀ he wiggled his eyebrows at the toddler, waving his hands and cooing— though he wasn't sure if the baby even hears him
❀ the boy decided that tendō pulling at his ears and sticking his tongue out was a winner, letting out a short giggle
❀ you had your back to tendō so you were surprised to see your child laughing when you looked up from your meal
❀ turning around to see tendō making the silliest face, you couldn't help but laugh as well, your son finding it absolutely hilarious and is squealing in delight
❀ tendō's face heated up in embarrassment from being caught but he laughed along nonetheless, shaking his head as you waved your son's tiny hands at him and mouthing 'hello'
❀ he thought you two were adorable so he decided to come up to your table
"you babysitting your nephew? or is that your baby brother?"
you chuckled at him, "he's my son"
the redhead's brain buffered for a few moments, "i should get going then, don't wanna offend someone" he laughed awkwardly, hand scratching at his nape
"oh no, it's fine. you're not offending anyone" his eyebrows raised at your reply's implication, "mind taking a seat? my baby seem to like you"
"your baby has great taste" tendō smirked as he slid to the seat opposite yours
"so it seems" you said with a tone that sent a blush straight to his cheeks
❀ the afternoon ended with your number saved on tendō's phone under the name cute baby('s) momma🥺
❀ he texts and calls All The Time; asking how your kid is doing and wanting to see the both of you
❀ after a while of talking and going out, you asked him if he wanted to come over to your place for a visit and he was simply ✨ecstatic✨
❀ spent the whole afternoon crawling around your living room chasing your son, squeals and giggles echoing throughout your house
❀ you've never seen your son be this comfortable with anyone that isn't you and you're just grateful that tendō adores your child as much as your child adores him
❀ when tendō walked up to you— your son in his arms, sleeping soundly on his shoulder, you offered to take the child but he refused and opted to pull you close with his free hand
❀ he leaned against the kitchen counter, both you and your son in his arms as you asked him in a whisper, "can you stay?"
❀ understanding what you meant was more than staying for the night, he answered with a definite "for as long as you want to, of course" before pressing a kiss on your temple
Tumblr media
taglist: @churochuu @bakarinnie @faithieeee @strawberriimilkshake @paulazockt @pattys-got-cakes @hidden-otaku-stuff @haikyuubabie @shou-kunn @your-local-abyss @stcrryskies
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um-talia · 6 months ago
Rating The Moon Signs
omg I’ve seen many people do this and I love talking shit so imma piggy back off of em. (This is based off of my personal experiences ofc 🕺🏽)
Tumblr media
🐑 Aries Moon : So the people I’ve met with this placement were giving very much attention whores. Like I don’t understand as to why y’all feel the need to be so impulsive but it’s kinda hot ngl. My Aries Mars rocks with y’all heavy but can we chill with the 5 second tantrums ?? 👩🏽‍🦯 but I love y’all passion don’t get me wrong. These natives who I met online were usually the hot headed trollers or the ones who would repeat the same jokes to roast people 💀💀 My Rating: 6.5, do better ❤️
🐑 Taurus Moon : All the Taurus Moons I know do drugs heavily and just involve themselves in deadpan humor. Y’all so pretty with a hint of funny looking tho. Just stroke their egos for a good 2 days and show some sort of consistency and then they’ll wanna fuck fasho. omg and please tell me why y’all get so bland outta nowhere, the type to stay on the phone and just enjoy your presence. My Rating : 8, imma give u neck kisses
🐑 Gemini Moon : Another well known druggy in my life. Imma just need y’all to get it together and FIGURE IT OUT. Too much is going on in y’all minds and it’s such a beautiful yet annoying thing. I noticed people with this placement depend on others to just make the decision for them but then they disregard the decision that they asked for. The true definition of scatterbrained but y’all cute as shit and I understand why y’all depend on weed now. They’re the type to ask questions about “Determinism Vs. Free Will” outta nowhere 🤦🏽‍♀️ My Rating : 5.2, im usually the erratic one stop stealing my role 😔
🐑 Cancer Moon : I don’t know many cancer moons but the ones that I have came in contact with were kinda cringey. Their humor was really ruthless to the point where they could get scrutinized for any joke, like they mainly joked for the shock factor. They weren’t into drugs ): but they were very loving when they needed to be. My advice is try and read the room love ! My Rating : 6.4, semi good foreplay
🐑 Leo Moon : Omg this isnt a cute placement because usually I get in arguments with people with this placement. y’all are cute ig? I sense a lot of fake appraisal from this sign just to be accepted but if you rub them the wrong way or call them out on something, it’s done for you. like at this point should i intentionally bruise y’all egos?? My Rating: 3.6, gg
🐑 Virgo Moon : I’ve fell in love with every man that had this placement 🧎🏽‍♀️. And the women? Y’all remind me of my mom like 🥺. I love how y’all pay attention to detail and y’all minds remind me of like office cabinets !! Y’all keep files and receipts which is beautiful for talking shit and exposing enemies !!! I knew one virgo moon and he genuinely enjoyed watching history videos in his free time like that’s so hot ??? Very well rounded individuals and can literally talk about anything 🏄🏽‍♀️ My Rating: 9.2, y’all break my heart tho :(
🐑 Libra Moon : See this is a tricky placement because it’s such a neutral placement for me and all the other placements effects it so here’s how imma break it down. If you have water/air in the big 3 with this placement its giving very much pushover. Like the people I’ve met with that combo are really good at like seeing different perspectives but they’re kinda bad at setting boundaries with people so they’re viewed as fake. But the earth/fire with libra moon is kinda 🥴, great conversationalist and really down with anything. But y’all are pretty :D My Rating: 7.5/10, inconsistent passive aggression
🐑 Scorpio Moon: First off, I want to say that I love us :) . But let’s not act like we’re some uncommunicative bitches. Like I get it, you need an outlet to express your feelings and it can be from drugs, art, to pyromania, who tf knows? Most of the Scorpio moons I know cry about being sad and wanting dick. I do too !! Sorry about your mom being emotionally unavailable or judgmental. Get a therapist or a boyfriend who just listens that can serve you some above average dick. Oh and y’all pretty on some intimidation shit 🙈 My Rating: 9.9/10, P.S. ur still in your emo phase
🐑 Sagittarius Moon: ummmm, this is kinda awkward because my sister had this placement and she’s so sensitive 🧎🏽‍♀️. Like from the men I’ve seen with this placement they’re always hopping onto the next thing to entertain them, similar traits with Aries Moon but like a slight more pretentious. All the sag moons ik are like really into underground “designer” brands (ik it’s a contradiction but iykyk). All I have to say is, you’re okay? and stop being so selfish like ): My Rating: 4/10, ur not the next socrates
🐑 Capricorn Moon: Beautiful Bodies. But y’all are kinda mean 😔. I appreciate the bluntness and how y’all say what comes to y’all mind. Y’all love bidding (dc slang for roasting) and can really fry somebody up. y’all tend to be really emotionally independent and i admire that but at the same time do you need a hug??? really good friends but broke majority of the time because they spent their money on drugs or off brand shoes. My Rating: 8/10, u make my heart giggle
🐑 Aquarius Moon: I’ve mainly met these people online fr and they’re the ones who keep dishing out memes without missing. Whenever I come in contact with one they flirt like there’s no tomorrow but then lose interest because their standards are 📈. They usually use humor/memes to showcase their emotions which is cute until the memes become gorey or wild as hell. Have problems with communicating but they’re good people to talk to on the surface level for me. My Rating: 6/10, get off tiktok and develop a personality (im kiddinggg)
Pisces Moon: y’all remind me of symphonies, who keeps playing y’all? haven’t met many but the ones I’ve met are the type to cry in History because they lost track ): . I wanna nurture y’all just gimme the chance . The aesthetics y’all have fluctuates from grunge to fairy core and I love the fluidity. btw stop stealing my music taste and let’s hotbox🧎🏽‍♀️ My Rating: 8/10, make a song about fairy tales idk girl
Thanks for reading this shit post 🤍🪴
Tumblr media
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exqviseit · 5 months ago
Some Sally Jackson being the momma she is headcannons
Just imagine
Sally meeting Nico and Percy introducing "mom the guy whose sister was–" only to notice sally was already hugging and caressing nico who broke down in her embrace.
When she hugs nico he's initially very surprised.. like omg.. did she hug me? Then he melts into the hug cos he remembers his mom's hug.. and Bianca's warmth
And he mumbles "mamma ti voglio bene, Bianca, per favore, non andare' He just silently sobs into her shoulder And nico after breaking from the hug goes "ms.sally-" Sally's goes "I know I'm not your mom but you can call me mom if u wanna" he hesitates but then he's like.. "mom .. these cookies are wonderful"
And when Thalia came she brought along Jason, so Sally asked "who's this thal?" And thalia goes "oh he's my brother who disappeared when he was two cos he was sacrifi–" and she gets cut off noticing sally smiling at jason and hugging the boy and ruffling his hair and jason melting like a puppy cos he never knew what having a mom's actually care for you is like.
And then leo comes and is like "So you're the great mama sally who raised this legend.. well ma'am.. I'm leo valdez mcshizzle and bad boy supreme and supreme commander of the–" and sally just laughs him and hugs him too and she's like.. "i know honey.. you are very bad and all that but a hug won't hurt will it?.." and leo feels so warm in her hug.
She's not Esperanza but she gives the same vibes as his mother gave when she made tacos with him and he's choking and sobbing, lost in the feeling basically, crying "mamá te extrañé, te extrañé mucho" and sally, even tho not understanding a word,still embracing leo shushes him down and strokes his hair and face. She loves the boy, and even though she's not his mother, she loves him like he's her son.
And she sees Hazel and knows she's a bit lost and since Percy told her Hazel is from the 1900s . Also Hazel distances herself from all and sally goes and initiates a conversation with her "hi im sally.. percy's mom.. and young lady you are?"
Her eyes are staring at the ground and her voice very shy she replies ".. hazel" And Sally embraces her in a hug and whispers "Anything wrong..?" And hazel then breaks down cos no one gave her that motherly love since she was a baby.
She keeps her head on Sally's shoulder and very fearfully starts "my mom.. i killed her..she left me when i was (age) and idk i dont wanna harm you... I am a cursed girl.. pls dont come near me.." and is ready to be pushed away but Sally instead good "Shush haze.. Its ok.. im there now.. and you are NOT CURSED. not for me ." and she wipes Hazel's tears and stops her crying and gives her cookies
And when Sally sees Frank, she knows Something's wrong. Even tho he is smiling and all polite and very happy on the outside she senses something's wrong when he sees her with Percy. But she doesn't ask him, she just... Wraps her arms around that 6"3' chinese canadian baby man and smiled at him and hands him cookies. Frank enjoys that motherly unstrict hug he forgot existed.
Nico meanwhile sits on Percy's sofa and Percy is like "get up thats my place" nico makes a face and sally laughs "its no more yours percy, let him sit"
Percy is like.. ugh mom. She makes nico sit there and gives him black cookies cut roughly in mythomagic figure shapes (cos percy told her)
And Do you think she'll forget pipes n annie ? No.
She'll laugh and start "oh piper honey.. c'mere don't think you can escape my hugs. I know u dont have a mortal mom, But u have one now if you want" And piper is so touched. Annie is used to all this and loves and honours this bond.
The only one jumping-in-joy-happy is jason cos he finally got an awesome mom and he's jumping all about like.. "mom how can i help you? Mom should i take the cookies?" And thalias like "hey staplers.. stop irritating Ms.Sally and sit down" and Sally's like " he isn't irritating thalia. He's just excited, let him do whatever he wants" and jason is like "see Thalia? She loves me more than you! "
Every 2 seconds Jasey is like.. YAY COOKIES! YAY CAKE! WOW THIS WOW THAT!
And then,
Sally loving Reyna and not forcing her to tell her stories rather giving her time to open up. And reyna soon confiding in sally. Both bonding over having huge responsibilities at a young age.
Just.. Sally being Sally to everyone.
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sunacity · 9 months ago
pandora’s box
⤷ atsumu miya, fluff, smut, enemies to lovers, fake dating
you, and your lifelong sworn enemy Atsumu, band together to get both of your closest friends together, possibly catching feelings along the way
words | 11.9k
warnings | LOTS of banter, swearing and harsh words, drinking, intense hate sex, fingering, penetration, choking, a little bit of dumbification?? 
note | i have been slowly working on this for MONTHS so id appreciate it if you could give some feedback or even just telling me u liked it pls im desperate at this point. 
Tumblr media
To put it simply; you were tired. 
Tired of all the noise that seemed to seep through the walls and into your safe haven. Your dorm was supposed to be the one place that you could ease down and relax, finish some homework quietly, but for the past few months, it’s been nothing but hell. 
Ever since you were assigned the room next to Atsumu, each day was filled with some type of annoyance, be it loud music, or the repetitive thumping of his headboard colliding with the wall you shared. You were happy that it was just music today— you were not in the mood to hear some obnoxious woman cry out ‘harder ‘tsumu!” 
But enough was enough, you stood up and marched outside to the room next to yours and hammered your fist against the big brown door, waiting a few seconds for a response; there was nothing. Placing your ear right up to the door you could still hear the loud vibrations, in fact, it sounded like the volume had increased. Before your anger got the best of you, you tried to be civilized and knocked one last time but unfortunately, your neighbor wasn’t opening up.
fuck being civilized
“Atsumu! You need to quiet the fuck down before I break your goddamn stereo!” you screamed as you banged on his door. The sounds slowly die out as the volume is reduced. The door creaks open and the sight of a sweaty Atsumu greets you with a knowing smirk on his face.
“Y/N, so nice of you to visit today,” he says sarcastically. “What brings you here this time?” He questions as he crossed his arms and leaned against the doorframe.
“You say it as if I’m coming here willingly,” you grimace. “I came to tell you to turn your music down. I don’t know why the RA hasn’t filed a complaint against you, you break so many of the dorm rules.” 
“Not like I dragged you here to come and see me.” He says as he raises his hands up in mock defense. “And you know perfectly why she hasn’t done that babe.” Atsumu replied smugly.
“Because you slept with her? I don’t even know what she sees in you.” you remark in disgust.
“Oh really? I know exactly what she saw, my big di- ”
“I don’t wanna hear that,” you cringe and cover your ears with your hands before he can finish the rest of his sentence, “just keep it down you jerk, some of us are actually trying to do some work.”
He furrowed his brows, “Woah there princess, I am working. D’ya see these guns?” He proudly flexed his arms; you can admit that he has muscles, but his personality has put you so far off that he doesn’t seem attractive at all. 
“Exercising is a lot of work.” Atsumu pondered for a split second, “actually I know something that requires more work. Well, it also requires one more person, if you’re willing to join me.” He devilishly grins. “I sure as hell know you’re in need of a good fuckin’. Walls are thin after all.”
You roll your eyes, “oh fuck off Atsumu, you’re the last person I’d ever go to get a good fuck, the only thing you’d give me would probably be an STD.”
You turned away and walked back into your dorm room before he got the chance to rebuttal, every conversation with Atsumu somehow ended up being an anger fest. The two of you have just never gotten along the moment you met, and after getting to know his personality, you had no thoughts on changing it. You sighed as soon as you walked into your dorm. Going straight into the kitchen, you brewed yourself yet another cup of coffee. The strong aroma filled the room as you breathed out in delight. Taking your warm mug, you settled yourself back into a chair with your desk with notes and books sprawled around. The moment you had sat down, your phone lit up with a new message. You rummaged under the abundance of papers before finding it and reading the text.
“C'mon Y/N! You need a break from studying, just come to this party with me, please? Kuroo is going to be there and I need some form of moral support!” Your roommate Yeri begged. “Plus I heard that Oikawa broke up with his girlfriend, that means he’s single.” she teasingly sang.
You raised your eyebrows, “are you sure he’s single for good?” Oikawa Tooru is one of the most beautiful and sexiest men you have ever met, but he also has a sticky on-off relationship with his current ex-girlfriend.
“As tempting as he is, I’d rather not get involved with that, his girlfriend- well ex as of right now, is a complete psycho.” You explained to her.
Yeri sulked, “does that mean you won’t come?”
You pretended to think about it even though you already knew your answer. “Nah I’ll come, I need a break anyway. Plus, who else would you whine about Kuroo to?” you smiled.
After taking the time to get ready, both you and Yeri were out the door, where you had just happened to run into Atsumu. Based on how well-dressed he’s looking you assume he’s going to the party too.
His eyes trail your figure from top to bottom before meeting your eyes, he smirks, “someone looks good for once.” he laughs.
You scoff,” and someone looks like their mom dressed them.” you do the same and let your eyes follow his outfit. 
He looks down at his outfit before shrugging, “you wish you could look as good as me babe.” he says and then makes his way down to meet up with his friends. “See you at the party.” he winks.
Yeri gave you a knowing smile as you both walked away, “he’s so hot, I don’t know how you don’t melt when he does that.” she waved her hand to fan her face.
You look at her and shrug “I can see why others find him attractive but I think I’m just immune to his looks at this point, you feel me? I’ve seen too many disgusting sides to even see an inkling of attraction.” 
She hums and rolls her eyes, “yeah, yeah I understand.” 
The next few moments are spent walking until you reach the frat house. The party was in full swing by the time you and Yeri made it there. Bass vibrated throughout the whole place, the stench of alcohol invaded your sense of smell, and you wondered how so many people could fit in the frat house. You looked over to your side, about to ask Yeri what she wanted to drink but she was too occupied looking around the room for a certain black-haired man.
“Already trying to find him?” you ask. “I don’t understand why you only come out to stare at him, why don’t you actually make a move on him? You’re clearly head over heels for the dude.”
She whines, “it’s not that easy y/n! He’s so cool and smart, and mature. I get so flustered just thinking about talking to him.”  
“Alright, alright.” you laugh. “Just stay here and I’ll go get us some drinks, sound good?”
Yeri nods while her eyes are still focused on the crowd. You shake your head and smile to yourself before walking off towards the kitchen. While walking, you think about Yeri and her situation. It’s been like this from the start; she fell in love with Kuroo at first glance, and from then on she’s only admired him from afar, too afraid to do anything. You’ve told her on numerous accounts to at least go up to him and talk to him, but she claims her nerves always get the best of her.
You reach the kitchen after maneuvering yourself through the throngs of people crowded in the large house. Different types of drinks were lined up across the counter finished with a giant bowl placed at the end which was a red concoction of who knows what. You scan through them until you find what you’re looking for— a peach cooler. 
As you take the first swig, you feel a presence slide up beside you, as you turn your head to face who it was, your eyes bulge out. Standing in his full glory was Oikawa Tooru.
He smiled gently, “hey Y/N, haven’t seen you since like, what, last semester?” he said with a hint of uncertainty in his voice.
You smiled back, “yeah, ever since we finished that english class, I don’t think I’ve seen you around.” That was the class you had first met Oikawa in, you were lucky enough to sit next to him on the first day and you became acquaintances— not really friends but not strangers either.  
He leaned in closer until you could feel his breath hit your face, “you know, I think we should change that”
You bit down on your lip as you tried to stop yourself from smiling, “yeah, I’d like that.” Before you lean in to close the distance, you quickly scan the room for Yeri, hoping that she found some way to occupy herself so that she won’t be mad if you ditched her to get some dick. You didn’t find her but your eyes locked with Atsumu and your face had immediately turned downwards into a scowl. You were about to kiss one of the most sought after guys on campus, and you’d be damned if Atsumu’s face was the last thing you saw before it happened. 
You push the thoughts of Atsumu out of your head and focus on Oikawa, he smells sweet, and oh, his hand is so warm wrapped around your waist. You tilt your head forward to close the distance, but before you can, a heavy arm swings across your shoulders and pulls you toward them. You look back to see how it was and your eyebrows furrow in disgust.
“y/n! I’ve been looking everywhere for you. You took so long I thought you got lost.” Atsumu whines. 
Oikawa looks back and forth between the two of you, “oh y/n, are you dating ‘tsumu? You should’ve said something silly.” he laughs, “I almost kissed you ya know!” He nonchalantly grabs a drink and skips out of the room as if the atmosphere between you and him wasn’t intense at all.
The second he’s out of view you push Atsumu’s arm off and give him a good elbow to the stomach, he winces, “what the hell was that for you jackass?” you cry out.
He rubs at his injury and frowns, “a thank you would be nice.” he grumbles.
“Thank you? thank you?” you say in shock, “you just cockblocked me! Why the hell would I thank you for that?” 
“Because, you seem to have forgotten about his ex, who was watching the whole thing go down. She looked like she was gonna murder you man, and as much as I hate you, I wouldn’t wanna see you die at the hands of a psycho.”   
Right. You were so ensnared by his beauty you forgot all about her. “Thanks… I guess.” you mumble. 
“I’m sorry, what was that?” he raises his hand to his ear and leans closer towards you with a smirk.
You push him away and take another gulp of your drink, “I’m not repeating myself, I know you heard it you shithead.” 
“Fair enough,” Atsumu sighs as he places his forearms on the counter behind the two of you and leans back
The two of you stand side by side in silence idly sipping on your drinks, a rare occasion since you weren’t arguing with each other. As the moments slowly passed by you remembered you left Yeri all alone, you tilt your head and survey the room in hopes to find her but no luck so you pull your phone out to message her.
“Are you looking for someone?” Atsumu asks quizzically.
“Yeah, I left Yeri all alone, I need to find her before she gets mad at me.” you answer as you text her.
“Yeri… Yeri... Ah!” he says slowly before snapping his finger, “she’s the one that was with you earlier right? Y’know one of my friends Kuroo has the biggest crush on her.”
Your jaw drops open “no way! Yeri has been talking to me for the past few months about how much she likes Kuroo!” 
“Fuck, I feel ya,” he stops to take a sip. “Kuroo just goes on non-stop about how cute she is. Dumb fucker won’t even make a move though.”
“It’s the same thing with Yeri.” you groan. “Even now when we came in, the first thing she did was try to find him, but that’s all she does! Just stare at him! I wish they just got together so I could be put out of this misery.” 
“Yeah..” Atsumu responds slowly, he stares off into the distance as he thinks. “You know, we could do something to help them get together if you really wanna end your misery.”
You cock an eyebrow as you fix your gaze towards him, “and just how could we help them?”
“Well, I was thinking about what Oikawa said” he starts off haughtily, “you’re Yeri’s friend, and I’m Kuroo’s friend, so we could- I dunno, pretend to date to make them spend time together?” he says casually as if it’s not a big deal.
“Really? That’s the best idea you can come up with?” you mutter in disgust. “No thank you, I’d rather eat shit than pretend to be in a relationship with you.” You turn to walk away but he catches your wrist.
“Look, I’m not that ecstatic about it either but I wanna get Kuroo off my back and I think it’s the only plan that’s gonna work. If you have any better ideas, feel free to tell me.”  He gestures with a shrug.
You rack through your brain, trying to come up with an idea that would be far better than pretending to be his girlfriend, but nothing comes to mind. You’ve already tried to push Yeri to talk to Kuroo, but that never happens. You’ve even gotten his number from a friend of a friend and gave it to her but she was too shy to even text him. Feeling at a loss you sigh, if this was the only plan that would get Yeri to stop talking about Kuroo, you’d do it.
“Alright, how are we gonna do this?” 
“y/n how could you just abandon me like that!” Yeri whines as she clings to your arm. The two of you walk through the large cafeteria, searching for an open table so you can enjoy lunch before you have to endure more classes. You lead her to the one near the window and sit down.
“I’m really sorry Yeri. I didn’t mean for it to happen, honestly.” you reply.
“Are you gonna tell me what happened last night? Where did you run off to? Nothing bad happened right?” She asks back to back, leaving you no room to respond.
“Slow down!” you giggle before you take a bite of your food. “Nothing bad happened, in fact, something good did.”
Her face turns into one of curiosity, “good? Like what?” her head tilts to the side. 
You say nothing and look over to the entrance of the cafeteria where you know Atsumu is passing through, he walks through the tables until he reaches yours. He walks over to the back of your figure before reaching around to place a chaste kiss on your cheek, “hey babe.” he greets you. It takes you everything in your power to not cringe and to fight back the urge to cuss him out.
Instead, you grit your teeth and endure it, “hi ‘tsumu,” you try to say as lovingly as you can. He sits down next to you and gives you a smile that is much too sweet. Over on your left, Yeri is looking as if she’s seen a ghost, her eyes are blown wide open and her jaw is slack. It doesn’t take a fool to realize that something between the two of you happened last night, and Yeri is no idiot. 
Yeri clears her throat and squints her eyes at you, “Is there something you want to tell me y/n?”
“Yeah- yeah, there is actually.” you take a deep breath in to prepare yourself for your next sentence. “I’m dating Atsumu. That’s why I wasn’t there with you last night. Uh, some things happened and it just led to us getting into a relationship.”
You watch as she takes in your words and you can see the gears turning within her head. As your words register, her face goes red. She pulls you closer and whispers loudly in your ear, “did you fuck him?”
You hear Atsumu snort next to you, Yeri’s whisper sounded more like a quiet scream. Your face heats up, not with embarrassment but anger, however, Yeri is unable to distinguish between the two and takes your reaction as you being embarrassed, which means she thinks her words holds truth to them. She says nothing more and Atsumu doesn’t come to your defense, he looks like he’s rather amused by your interaction with Yeri.
It’s quiet after that, the three of you sit in silence as you eat your food. Yeri occasionally stares at the two of you, and you can’t blame her. Just yesterday you were complaining about Atsumu and then the next you’re dating him. You can imagine that it isn’t making much sense in her head right now. But it’s fine, you’ll talk to her later and come up with an excuse. 
Yeri checks her phone and her eyes widen, “I’m gonna be late for my next class! I’ll see you guys later!” she says while putting your belongings away. 
“Bye Yeri.” you call out, Atsumu doesn’t say much but waves to her as she leaves. 
Once she’s out of your sight, you turn to face Atsumu with a scowl, “follow me.” You rise out of your seat and walk towards one of the exits.
“Look, I think we need to slow down and make some ground rules here.” you say as you drag him away from the cafeteria. You lead him outside towards a bench and force him to sit.
“Fine by me.” he says nonchalantly. 
“First, do not kiss me. Doesn’t matter if it’s just on the cheek, and don’t you even think about kissing me on the lips.” You say as you furiously wipe at your cheek as if it would remove his germs from your face.
“On the lips,? You got it. I wouldn’t want to know what it’s like to kiss a fish anyway. But on the cheek? I dunno, I mean don’t you want it to look believable?” he questions. 
You glare at him, “Hey! I know how to kiss, I just don’t want any herpes.” you scrunch up your nose. “I don’t know who and how many people you’ve actually kissed. Your mouth is probably riddled with nasty stuff.” 
“At least I can get people to kiss me.” he brags.
You take a deep breath in and try to calm yourself down, but it doesn’t work. “Okay, this was a bad idea, you clearly won’t follow my conditions. I’m calling this off.” you say with annoyance. 
“Woah, woah, hold up. Let’s not get too hasty. Don’t worry I’ll follow all your rules or whatever.” he gestures with his hands. 
“Good.” you respond curtly. “Second rule, as much as you might hate this, don’t flirt or hook up with any other girls.”
He smirks and narrows his eyes at you, “aw, would my little y/n get jealous?” he teases.
“You wish.” you snort. “Word goes around quick here. You out of all people should know that. If Yeri finds out that you’re fucking other girls or that this is fake, it’s game over.” 
“Don’t worry” he tries to assure you, “I won’t fuck around while we do this, I’m not that dumb.”
“Alright, as long as you understand.” you mutter. “That’s all really, now if you excuse me, I need to get to class.” 
You walk back into the building before he can respond and head to class.
“Are you sure this is going to work?” you walk quickly by Atsumu’s side as you.
“Considering I’m the only one coming up with the ideas, yeah I think it’ll work.” he rolls his eyes at you.
“No need to be such a smart-ass about it,” you scoff. “I can’t help but be curious since you’re not really known for your brain.” 
He shoots you a cocky smile, “so you know what I’m well-known for then right?” he puts both of his hands in his front pockets as if to enunciate what’s residing in-between them and wiggles his eyebrows at you.
You give him a look of discontent, “you’re disgusting.”
“You haven’t even seen the good part babe.” he nudges your shoulder. 
You shove him off and brush your shoulder as if his touch is filthy. The two of you keep walking until you get to your destination, a quaint cafe near campus. You head inside and sit at a table, after that it’s just the waiting game. You’ve invited Yeri, and Atsumu invited Kuroo, the plan is to hang out and to let them get to know each other, hopefully for them to become friends. 
You see Yeri opening the entrance door, it chimes and she walks in, immediately spotting the two of you at a table. She walks over with a bright smile. “Hey guys!” She greets you both enthusiastically. 
You wave and beckon her to sit across from you. The two of you engage in a conversation while Atsumu is sitting idly, not wanting to interrupt the two of you. He looks around the room and then notices a tall figure with messy black hair walking through.  
“Oi Kuroo, over here!” he shouts across the cafe. Kuroo nods and walks over, sitting down in the only available spot next to Yeri.
You watch Yeri shift around in her shift, and she gives you a knowing look, you can only offer her a small smile and continue with the plan. 
Kuroo greets Atsumu casually, then looks at both you and Yeri, “hey, I’m Kuroo, nice to meet the both of you.” You can see the way his eyes linger on Yeri, it’s obvious to see that he finds her cute. You smile to yourself, hoping that this’ll work to bring them together. 
The two of you introduce yourself and then Atsumu speaks up, “I’ll go get us some stuff to eat, y/n come help me.” 
The two of you grab some food and make your way back to the table, by the time you sit down, Kuroo and Yeri are already deeply engrossed in a conversation with each other. You glance at Atsumu and he’s looking back at you, a small victory smile placed on his lips. You feel a smile creeping up on your own lips, a genuine smile, which is something you’ve never shared with Atsumu in the past. It felt odd— but in a good way, the two of you have always been at each other's throats so it’s a nice change of pace. 
An hour later, empty dishes are all that remain at the table. You feel exhausted from having to play as Atsumu’s girlfriend for so long and hint at everyone that it’s time to leave. The four of you part ways outside of the entrance, Yeri walking alongside you as she claims she wants to hang out more with you. 
The moment you set foot inside your dorm, Yeri erupts in a squeal, fists pumping out in all directions as she cries in glee. “I got his number y/n! And he agreed to tutor me for my chemistry class!”
You internally let out a sigh of relief, today’s torture wasn’t in vain. You smile and cheer with her. “That’s great Yeri!”
She turns to face you, “you have to come with me though” she pleads. “I’m too nervous to be alone with him, please y/n! You can bring Atsumu too.” 
Your jaw drops at the realization that this is only the beginning, but you quickly compose yourself. “Sure- just uh let me know when and I’ll drag him along.” 
Yeri throws her arms around your neck, “you’re the best!” 
This wouldn’t be so bad, libraries are usually quiet so you wouldn’t have to endure talking to Atsumu as much as you did during the cafe. The only thing is that you’re sitting at a separate table from Kuroo and Yeri, so you’re stuck at a table by yourself with him. 
You focus on your work, glancing at Yeri from time to time to make sure she’s alright, and by the looks of it, she couldn’t be happier. Snuggled next to Kuroo, giggling as he says something funny. At least you’re enduring this suffering for something worthwhile. 
Atsumu on the other hand, cannot stay still. Assignments and school work definitely wasn’t his forte, so he spends his time either on his phone or trying to annoy you. 
A paper ball is flicked onto your textbook for the nth time, you glare at Atsumu but open it up and read it anyways. 
Your foot immediately sets off to kick him in the shin, he lets out a howl of pain and suddenly all eyes are on you. You duck your head down and try to avoid all the gazes set upon the two of you. Only when the librarian stalks up to your table do you look up, Atsumu’s looking embarrassed and you wish that the earth would swallow you up. She politely yet angrily asks the two of you to leave, so you quickly pack up your things and drag Atsumu along with you.  
But once you leave, the embarrassment fizzles away and laughter consumes you, “I can’t believe you screamed.” You say in between bouts of laughter. “You sounded like a pig.”
Your laughter causes a trigger reaction and Atsumu’s grinning with you, “how was I supposed to know you were gonna kick me!”
As your laughter dies down, the sound of Atumu’s stomach fills the quietness. His palm rests underneath your jaw, you look at him with utter confusion, then his fingers squish your cheeks, “d’ya wanna get some food, ‘m starving.” he pats his stomach for extra effect.
You eagerly push his hand off your face but his hand doesn’t budge, “c’mon piggy, there’s a pizza place down the street.” you say slightly muffled due to the fact that your lips are mushed together like a fish.
“Oi! Who’re you callin’ piggy!” his hand is large so he easily maneuvers his thumb to push against your nose, “oink oink.”
You slap his arm away and only then does it dawn on you, “we left Kuroo and Yeri by themselves!” you squeak.
“They’ll be fine,” he slings an arm around your shoulder and drags you away, “But I won’t be if I don’t get some pizza in me.” 
The smell of melted cheese and the crispy crust has your mouth watering, as you give your order to the cashier, Atsumu strolls up to stand next to you, “I’m not paying for you, y’know?” you say to make sure he doesn’t have any thoughts of getting free pizza from you.
“I know,” he whips out his wallet from his pocket, “I’m paying, so get whatever ya want.”
“Oh..” you say slightly dumbfounded. Kuroo and Yeri are nowhere near you two so it feels a little strange for him to be so willingly nice to you. “Thanks.” you say curtly while avoiding eye contact. It feels even stranger to be thanking him so genuinely. It makes you feel awkward. so it spurs you to walk off and find a table to sit at. Moments later Atsumu’s setting down a plate in front of you.
You can see the steam wafting off the pizza, you can’t hold it in to wait for it to cool down a bit, so you take a bite. But your eagerness got the best of you, the pizza was too hot to handle and now your tongue feels like it's burning, “hot! Hot! hot!” You wave your hand in front of your mouth to cool it off, “my tongue is burnt.” you whine.
“Who told you to eat it right away dummy.” he flicks your forehead. “Wait here.” Atsumu rushes to an employee and then settles back into his seat across from you, pushing a tall glass of ice-cold water. “Drink.” 
“Thanks,” you heave a sigh of relief as the cool water soothes your mouth. It’s the second time you’ve thanked him in the span of 10 minutes, more than you’ve ever done since you met him. You grab hold of your pizza, bringing it up but only to blow on it to cool it down, after a moment you pop it in your mouth.
“y/n,” he cuts off the silence, eyeing your mouth and pizza. “Would you like to blow mine too?” 
“Atsumu I swear to god I will kick you again.” 
The sudden ping of your phone urges you away from your laptop screen. You pause your movie to check who’s messaging you in the middle of the night. 
Your eyebrows furrow, what on earth would Atsumu need from you at this time?
You sit and wait for a response.
As much as you’d rather finish your movie, passing up on free chicken would be a wasted opportunity to save money and fill your stomach up. A hoodie is swiftly thrown over your figure and you rush over to your next-door neighbor’s door and knock.
It opens with a click, “sure are fast, I barely had time to read your text n’ here you are.” he teases. 
“Yeah, yeah.” you dismiss him with a wave of your hand, “now where is the chicken?” You walk right past him and eagerly scan the room. His dorm is definitely cleaner than the last time you remembered when you had barged in to make him turn his music down. 
“On the table in front of the couch. Eat as much as you want.” he calls out.
“Holy shit…” you stare at all the chicken on the table, “have you never ordered chicken for yourself before?” you remark. “What on earth made you order so much?” 
He lazily walks into the room and sits next to you, opening one of the delivery bags, “dunno, probably pressed a wrong button or somethin'.” 
“Whatever, I’m not complaining.” you say as you reach for some food. “Thank god for you and your fat fingers.”
He pauses, “so you think my hands are big, huh?” he teases. 
“Shut up.” you snap back. “In any case they’re probably bigger than mine though.” you think aloud.
“Let’s see then.” he nudges your shoulder and brings his palm up, encouraging you to do the same. Tentatively you reach to meet his hand and the first thing you can think of is how warm his hands are, it’s a pleasant feeling. The second is that his hands are big, definitely bigger than your own.
“Your hands are so small,” he whispers. The moment feels too intimate, normally you’d never be in such close proximity to him, but now you were mere centimeters away from each other. It feels like a trance, the way you two can’t take your eyes off each other. But with the ding of his phone, the moment is ruined, he looks away and awkwardly clears his throat. You turn your body to face the table and focus your attention on the food.
Later on, the chicken is all devoured, the only source of noise is coming from the tv, Atsumu stuck on some random netflix show as the both of you eased into a food coma.
Atsumu breaks the silence “y’know y/n, you’re not as bad as I thought.”
You hum as you digest his words, “yeah when we’re not at each other’s throats, it’s… kinda nice hanging out with you.” you turn to face him and he’s already looking at you.
He shoots you a grin “yeah… it’s pretty nice.”
“How long do you think they’re gonna be like this?” you whine. The past few weeks have been in stasis. Kuroo and Yeri hang out but there’s no progress. “They’re seriously like snails, so sloooow.” 
You and Atsumu sit next to each other in one of the dorm common rooms, his head dramatically drops on your shoulder, “I know” he exasperates. “I’m tired of having to hang out with your stinky ass now.” he jests.
You snort and drop your shoulder, his head falls, but it doesn’t prevent him from trying again. This time he links his arm with yours so you can’t shift away and rests his head on your shoulder. Your heart skips a beat, it’s been like this for a while. Ever since the two of you got comfortable with one another, you’ve noticed the way your feelings have slowly begun to change. But you ignore it in favor of pushing your mind to think of new ideas for Yeri and Kuroo. 
“Hey ‘tsumu,” you start off, “I think I have an idea.” 
“‘tsumu? I didn’t know we were that close y/n” he smirks at you. 
“Oh— do you not want me to call you that?” You question, burying the slight sting that you feel in your chest. You thought you were close to him by now, after spending weeks of texting each other over ridiculous ideas and hanging out at each other’s dorms to eat junk food in the middle of the night.
“Nah, s’fine. Sounds nice coming from your lips.” He says as he rubs his cheek against your bicep. You bite down on your lip to prevent yourself from smiling. Your heart flutters at the thought of him thinking of you as a close person in his life. “So tell me ‘bout the plan then babe.” He reminds you. 
The nickname sounds so natural it flies over your head. “Oh! Right, you know how Bokuto’s having a party this weekend...” 
Bokuto’s parties were notorious for being wild. Strobe lights everywhere, a big pool in the backyard, an endless supply of liquor. It was every college student's dream, including yours. 
The echo of the music is slightly muffled as you sit in a room with a group of others. The plan was simple; Atsumu knew that Terushima would always have a game of seven minutes in heaven running and it was easy to get him to rig it so that Kuroo and Yeri would be forced to go in together. The only problem was that Yeri would only join the game if you did, so you had no choice to sit in a circle of people you’d never want to be stuck in a room for seven minutes with. Or maybe, there was one. Atsumu sits directly across from you and the thought of being locked up with him for seven minutes didn’t seem as bad as it would’ve before.   
Terushima boisterously enters the room with a cheer, a bottle in hand. He strides over to the middle and places it down and then shuffles to his seat. The bottle is spun and you look in shock as you’re the first person to be chosen. Your heart beats loudly as you wait in anticipation. To your luck, it lands on Atsumu, you thank whatever god heard your prayers. The two of you stare each other down from across the circle, you can see a slight hue of red adorned on his cheeks. Slowly the two of you get up and walk towards the closet with no complaints.
It was terribly dark in the closet, not a shed of light anywhere, making it difficult for you to maneuver around in the space. Not that there was a lot of space for you to maneuver in, as your back was pressed against a wall, and you could slightly feel Atsumu’s breath hitting your face. You could feel your heart beating abnormally fast, hearing it reverberate in your ears. You pleaded to god, praying that he couldn’t hear the loud thumps of your heart.
“I’m sorry that you’re stuck in here with me.” Atsumu spoke. “I know I’m probably the last person you wanted to see here.”
“What? No don’t be sorry, it’s not your fault,” you started off, “and did you see the guys sitting in that circle? If anything, I’m glad I got you.” 
Awkwardness consumes the both of you, you keep your hands bound to your sides and fixate your eyes to the floor, as if you could see it. The light sound of you both breathing is the only thing you can hear and it drives you wild. You can feel his breath and the heat emanating from his body. You wanted to touch him.
“hey y/n,” Atsumu breaks the silence. “can I... kiss you?” he asked with a waver trembling in his voice. “No, nevermind, uh just forget I said that.” he awkwardly coughs, you can hear him shuffle about. You said nothing, not being able to trust your voice in the moment. So you showed him with your actions.
You slowly reached out, trying to find his body in the dark. You didn’t need to extend your arm too far out as you were instantly met with his body. You started off at his chest, and slowly ascended up to his neck, where your arms took haven as they wrapped around it. You could feel nothing but warmth as you leaned in until your lips had finally met.
It started off as a simple brush, lips not quite flush against one another, but more like a slight touch until Atsumu leaned and pushed down. His lips pressed down on yours, with such gentleness. His arms quickly found their way to your hips, under the material of your shirt, where he was softly drawing circles with the pads of his fingertips. You felt yourself getting hotter by each millisecond, just as how the kiss developed into more than just fleeting, chaste kisses. 
The grip you had on his neck was now moved to take hold on his shoulders in an attempt to support yourself; sensing this, Atsumu had moved one of his legs in between yours in another form of supporting your frame. The hands that were once on your hips, slowly moved up, at an agonizing pace, his hands were rough yet soft as they slowly traced and touched your body, squeezing at the curves until his palms were clutching the sides of your face. His mouth opened slightly, his tongue prodding at your lips as he coaxed them apart. Once you had opened your mouth, the kiss had taken a languid pace. His tongue met with yours, and each movement was slow as if it were calculated, trying to seek the most pleasure out of it. 
Atsumu placed a large smooch on your lips before he pulled back, allowing both of you to fill your lungs with oxygen. The both of you looked up into each others’ eyes and wore bashful smiles. 
Without a warning, the door flung open, and your hand came up to shield your face from the bright light. Atsumu left first, and you followed behind, making your way back to the circle as if nothing happened, right now your priority was Yeri. As soon as you sat down, you sent over a signal to Terushima to let him know to shove Yeri and Kuroo in together. 
You don’t know how he does it but when it spins, it manages to land on them, you secretly give Terushima a thumbs up and usher Kuroo and Yeri in together. Yeri turns to you and hesitantly cries out for help but with no remorse, you shove her in and yank the key from Terushima to lock the door.
The knob jiggles, you can hear Yeri pleading for you to let her out but you ignore her request, “seven minutes Yeri, can’t come out until then!” 
The seven minutes pass by too slowly, as you stand in front of the door with Atsumu lingering behind you, your mind begins to trace back to when you were trapped with him. His sturdy torso, warm hands tracing your body, and his plush lips. It drives you mad, so you focus on the timer you set on your phone. 
Once it beeps, you swing the door open and the sight of Yeri and Kuroo kissing greets you, your jaw opens in shock but is quickly replaced with joy. You turn to Atsumu who’s standing behind you and motion towards them, silently signifying your glee that your plan has finally worked. 
“Alright y/n, let’s give them some time alone.” Atsumu says as he reaches for your hand. 
While holding on to you, Atsumu weaved through the crowd of people, careful to make sure that he doesn’t lose you. He led both of you to the kitchen, proceeded to grab two cans of alcohol, he passed one to you. You thanked him and quickly opened the beverage, taking a couple of sips before turning to Atsumu. You locked eyes with him and a bashful smile graced your lips, you could see his eyes and how they were gazing at you with such a tender look; it made your heart race. 
Slowly, you took hold of his wrist and dragged him to the backyard, and sat on a porch swing. As the two of you sat there, sipping on your drinks, you rested your head on his shoulder and sat there together for what seemed to be hours.
You two sit in silence, and you can’t bring yourself to talk about what happened during seven minutes in heaven, judging by the quietness, you don’t think Atsumu could either. Rationally, it’s better this way, but you can’t stop the beating of your heart now that you’re alone with him again. Everything that lead up to this moment had you filled up with hope, hope that this absurd plan of yours could blossom into something more. 
“So this is it for our fake relationship…” you look up to Atsumu as he speaks. The shine of the moon reflects behind him, he’s glowing. 
“Yup…” You agree, patiently waiting for him to say the words you desperately wish for.
He looks down at his feet, shuffling them in place on the concrete, “yup..” he copies you, “no need to pretend anymore. You’ll finally get rid of me.” he laughs lightly. 
“And you won’t need to hear me nagging 24/7 now.” 
He gently smiles at your words, “I’ll see you ‘round, y/n.” his warm hand comes to ruffle your hair, and then he rises from the swing and walks away. 
Your smile falters, and hopes come crashing down. You swear he took your heart away with him when he left.
The next few days were hard to go through. Atsumu had become such a constant in your life that not seeing him at least once in your day left you feeling empty. You hated that you felt like this. Maybe if you stopped him the night you ended the fake relationship, things would be different. The way he was acting so gentle towards you afterward had your heart aching and yearning for him.
Ever since the night Kuroo and Yeri got together, frat parties became the bane of your existence, not because they got together, but because Atsumu left your side. But with Yeri and Kuroo nagging at you to get up and get dressed, you have little say in the matter. 
“If I knew you guys were going to gang up on me like this, I would’ve never introduced the two of you.” you pout but get up to dress up anyway. 
“I know you want to go to them y/n, you’re just lazy so we need to give you a little push, right?” Yeri looks at Kuroo at the end to receive some type of support. Kuroo wraps his lanky limbs around Yeri and agrees. You pretend to gag and get up to go to your room, you spend some time in there to get ready and exit out sometime later. Yeri and Kuroo are ready, sitting on the couch talking to each other, their attention focuses on you once you enter the living room and the three of you are out the door. 
The party is just like any other, crowds of people along with every single type of alcohol you could imagine, it’s strangely comforting how there’s no change with these parties. You can do as you usually do, and no one will judge. 
Kuroo and Yeri sneak away as soon as you enter the frat, Yeri giving you a look as if to say sorry. You give her a small nod, to let her know it’s alright. You head straight to the kitchen, if you’re going to be by yourself, might as well let loose. But just as you reach for a drink, the sight of Atsumu snuggled up to someone against the kitchen counter has you freezing in place. You feel as stiff as a board, but force yourself to quickly grab something and walk away, and to burn this image from your head. 
You grab the closest bottle and swiftly turn around to walk away, but you bump into a sturdy chest. Warm hands find a place at your hips to steady your figure. “y/n!” Oikawa calls out, “you alright?” You wince at his loud tone, you know for a fact that Atsumu knows of your presence in the kitchen but you don’t dare look, your chest aches at how quickly he was able to find comfort in someone else; maybe the time you spent meant nothing to him. 
“Hey Oikawa,” you try to sound as energetic as you can. 
Oikawa’s eyes flock towards Atsumu and the girl next to him, then back to you. All of a sudden, his arm wraps around your shoulders and he holds you close. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere, come with me.” and he drags you away. He leads you up the stairs and into a room, seats you on the bed, and gives you a pitiful smile, “take all the time you need to get him out of your head, then go out and enjoy the hell outta yourself, got it?” 
His words strike a chord, and tears sting at your eyes, “thanks Oikawa.” you say timidly. He shoots you a thumbs up before leaving. As soon as he shuts the door, you hear muffled yells, a thump, and then Atsumu’s barging inside the room. He slams the door behind him and stalks up to you. 
“Did you come to the party with Oikawa?” 
You furrow your brows, “what does that matter?” To say that this interaction didn’t bug you would be a lie. It's been a few weeks since the two of you talked, and this is the first thing he says to you? It leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. 
“You shouldn’t be hanging out with him, he’s not good for you.” he tries to explain to you. 
The bitter taste grows into something more, at one point you understand where he’s coming from, but on the other side, you don’t see how he’s any different, he hurt you, more than Oikawa ever did. “I don’t know why you’re making such a big deal out of this? Who I hang out with shouldn’t concern you, you’re not my guardian Atsumu.” you glare at him. 
“I’m just trying to protect you! Why are you making a big deal out of it?” he fights back. 
“That’s the thing…” You take a step closer and jab your finger to his chest, “I don’t need you to protect me. I’m perfectly fine on my own.” 
He takes another step closer, the space between your bodies disappears, “you don’t need me? Sure about that?” He’s too close, you can smell the alcohol wafting off him. All your inhibitions fly out the window, you grab his collar and mesh your lips together. 
It’s messy and aggressive, there is nothing about the kiss that is sweet or loving. His hand harshly grabs a fistful of your hair, angling your head the way he wishes. Your teeth knock against his multiple times, spit is smeared all over your lips. He moves you backwards until the back of your knees hit the edge of the bed, next thing you know, you’re laying on the bed and he’s hovering over top of you. 
He lifts his head from you, “I want to touch you.” his eyes are dark, blown wide full of lust. You rise up only to slip your shirt off, giving him an invitation to your body. He accepts, kissing down your neck, removing other pieces of articles until you’re bare in front of him. 
He traces the areas surrounding your clit, before directly circling the sensitive nub, moving so slowly. It feels like a feather is tracing your skin. ”Don’t tell me that’s all you got? I barely feel a thing.” you chime as you try to provoke him 
He pinches your clit and  a gasp erupts from your lips, “I’m sorry, you were saying?” He says cockily. He rubs it for a moment longer, until your juices begin to leak down your thighs, he’s deemed you wet enough and inserts a single finger. He moves at a tantalizing pace and it frustrates you, you grab hold of his wrist and urge him to move faster, but ultimately, he’s stronger than you and your ministrations have no effect.
He clicks his tongue, “if you want me to go faster, say please.”
“No.” you deadpan.
“Say it.”
“Don’t wanna.”
“Y/N,” he warns.
“If you want me to say it, why don’t you make me?” you shrug your shoulders. 
“Y’know what, never mind, have it your way then.” He mutters.
He inserts two fingers, which soon turns to three. His fingers begin to move inside you at a brutal pace, you’re so wet to the point where his fingers slide in with ease and make a mess of you. You bite down on your lip in hopes of keeping your mouth shut. You didn’t want to let Atsumu know that his fingers had an effect on you and that it felt good. It was working until he noticed the lack of noises coming from you, his other hand moved towards your mouth, his thumb brushing against your bottom lip and pulling it out. He smirks, and then abruptly shoves his middle and ring fingers in your mouth, pushing down on your tongue. 
You try to speak, to say anything but the pressure he has leaves you no room to move your tongue. The rest of his fingers are clamped around your face with his thumb underneath your jaw, leaving your mouth open and the moans begin to spill out. You desperately try to hold them in but it proves to be difficult. His fingers work inside you with such skill and precision, occasionally letting them split apart inside you to scissor your insides. A broken moan leaves you and you swear you can see his ego inflate ten times. 
You're close. You can feel it. Your breathing hitches and your thighs begin to tremble. Atsumu senses it too because within the next moment, his fingers pull out. Your leg jolts to kick his thigh and you raise your head up, ready to lash out at him for not letting you finish, but then you bite your tongue as you watch him. The hem of his shirt is between his lips, and his torso is on full view for you, his slender fingers toy with his belt buckle and it makes a small clink noise as he takes it off and lets it drop to the floor. You watch in a daze as he takes his cock out, and you can’t help but notice how pretty it is.
“For someone who’s a manwhore, you gotta nice cock.” you grumble begrudgingly. If it wasn’t for the hardcore staring you were currently giving his dick, you wouldn’t have said anything, his ego was big enough, he definitely didn’t need your attention to fuel it. But you did have to hand it to him, he took care of himself, and it showed. Plus he was just straight up big, thinking that it would be hard to get it to fit inside you.
He gives it a good two pumps, it stands tall and erect against his stomach. He removes his shirt and slides closer to you. You slide closer too, arm reaching towards his cock, but he stops you. “It’s, fine, leave it. Wanna give you a good fuckin’. Show you what you’ve been missing on.”
You roll your eyes but let him have his way, “get a condom, there’s no way I’m letting you raw me,” your nose wrinkles up in disgust.
“I wouldn’t want to raw you either babe, not my style,” he pulls one out from his discarded pants, opening up the film and sliding it onto his dick. He gently pushes you back to lay on the bed as he moves up and spreads your thighs apart, one hand moves to grasp onto his dick and align it with your opening. 
He moves slowly, inch by inch, letting you adjust to the size and girth before he moves again. You appreciate it, but don’t speak on it. The second he bottoms in, he doesn’t move, he comes to a complete still within you. You watch as his face contorts to one of pleasure, he grits his teeth and his eyes are closed tightly. 
You revel in his appearance, “look at you, turned into a complete mess because of a pussy.” You coo. “If only you were this quiet all the time.” you sigh. 
“Shut up.” he spits. “You’re always going on about how shitty you think I am, but you think you’re any better?” he says as he thrusts into you. “Knocking at my door all the time, telling me to do shit. It’s fuckin’ annoying.” with every word his thrusts get harder.
Your nails leave marks on his skin as you hold on to him, “Who’s fault is it that I need to tell you to do shit?” you say breathlessly, “I wouldn’t have to do it unless you gave me a reason to you dick.” 
He scoffs, “you’re so stuck up. Maybe if you let loose once in a while you’d see that you’re in the wrong most of the time. I’m just trying to live my life, take that stick out your ass and maybe you could too.” Although he’s mouthing you off, his pace doesn’t relent, he keeps the steady rhythm of pounding into you, and as much as you hate it, it feels good. 
You pull on to his hair and tug as hard as you can, “have you ever thought that you’re too carefree? How about you get your life on track so you don’t end up as a failure.”  
“You think you’re so high and mighty, dont’cha?” he says as his hips pound furiously into yours. He looms over top of you, staring deeply into your eyes with an emotion you can’t discern, his hair is damp with sweat and clings to his forehead, it covers parts of his eyes, but you can still see the dark way he looks at you; as if he’s the predator and you’re his prey. His hands hold on to the headboard and you admire the way his veins protrude from his skin. At this moment, Atsumu looks devilishly handsome, you can’t deny it.  
“Yeah?” you let out breathlessly, “what, haah, about you, hmm?” you take a hand and trace it from his chest to his abdomen, feeling the rock hard muscles at the point of your fingertips, you feel the taut muscles twitch and flex with every rut against you. “You’re so— ah fuck—  arrogant, thinking that every girl is willing to fall at your feet.” you let out a small chuckle through heavy breaths, “then when you see one that doesn’t, your poor ego gets crushed.” you pretend to pout and say in a condescending tone.
His hips push in harder and deeper at your words, jerking your body forwards while you let out a yelp, moans spill from your lips, “and look who becomes speechless because of my cock.” Atsumu smirks roguishly as a hand comes to slap one of your breasts. “If I remember correctly, you were one of the girls that hated me, yet here you are getting filled up with my cock.”  His hand moves to wrap around your neck, a fine necklace indeed. His hand tightens and constricts your airway, you feel lightheaded but in such a way that heightens your pleasure. It has your tongue lolling out and your eyes moving to the back of your head. 
Atsumu says nothing, he knows that he’s won this one. You’re past the point of return now, you don’t know how things will be with the both of you after this but you could care less at this point. The friction between your legs is all that your mind can focus on. He moves swiftly and harshly, managing to hit that one soft spongy spot inside you each time. 
“Fuck,” he rasps, “you’re so tight, sucking me in like that.” he huffs, “makes sense though, this pussy of yours probably hasn’t been fucked properly in years.” 
You weakly raise your arm to whack his bicep, “sh-uuuut up b-bastard.” You feel frustrated at yourself and the whole situation, you did not want to give Atsumu the satisfaction of knowing he’s reduced you to a bumbling mess. 
He grabs one of your legs and locks it around his hip, and moves the other to elevate it straight up against his body, his hand wraps around your knee as your ankle rests on his shoulder. His pace is quick and sharp, the tip of his cock kisses your cervix with each plunge, and the action has you seeing stars. 
You feel your body get hotter, the open window does little to soothe the heat the two of you are creating. Every time he thrusts, you feel yourself getting closer to reaching your high. Atsumu senses it too, a finger weaves its way between your bodies and rubs at your clit, the stimulation has your vision going white, and your whole body trembles. A high-pitched mewl escapes you as you feel fireworks erupt across the expanse of your skin, your chest heaves with heavy breaths as you climax. 
Atsumu abruptly flips you over, you’re face down on the bed. You’re confused but relax into the sheets, thinking that it’s over until you feel his cock prodding at your entrance again. He enters in one fluid motion that has your body jolting forward. 
“You didn’t think we were done, did you? No, no, no y/n, this is far from over.” One hand clamps itself around the back of your neck, shoving your head further into the pillow, the other takes hold of both your wrists and holds them behind your back. “I want your insides to remember me.” he states gruffly. “I want your pussy to remember the best fuck it's ever had.”
“Haah, too fuckin’ bad for youuuu. My p-pussy has short term memory loss.” you snide. 
Your words seem to irk him as he moves faster than he ever had tonight. His pace is persistent, he takes you ferally, with guttural moans emerging from his lips. The sound of skin against skin echoes within the small room and you subconsciously find your hips moving back to meet his thrusts on their own. 
You feel yourself coming undone for the second time tonight, your vision goes white as you feel tingles spread throughout your body. It feels warm and as the coil snaps, it feels good. Like an itch that is finally relieved. You can hear Atsumu grunting behind you, feeling him twitch inside you until he releases his own load. 
Your whole body is aching- in a good way. You feel sated and boneless, allowing your body to finally relax against the bed. You think you hear Atsumu say something to you but you can’t seem to register the words, your eyes droop down and you fall into a deep slumber. 
The next morning you wake up, more sober than you were last night. You look to your side and the regret immediately washes through you. You silently peel off the covers and dress yourself, then swiftly exit and head home. 
Ever since that night, it’s just been radio silence, you haven’t heard from him in about two weeks, which you think would be strange since you lived right next to each other. You never did hear any loud noises coming from his dorm anymore, and it felt weird. As much as you hated to admit it, Atsumu has become a big part of your life, and the time you spent with him are moments that you came to enjoy and cherish. You would have hoped that he felt the same way but after seeing him with another girl at the party, you weren’t so sure anymore.
There was the sex. Admittedly, both of you weren’t completely sober, but you were still aware of what was going on. But part of that had scared you, the things you two had said to each other were horrendous, stuff that happened before you two had started fake dating. What if he meant it all? what if you were just a name on a list for Atsumu to cross out? What if the time you spent meant nothing to him? You sure as hell know you didn’t mean a lot of the stuff you said last night, it was in the spur of the moment, the frustration and hurt of seeing him with that girl had pushed you to do it. The intrusive thoughts kept coming in and it terrified you. You didn’t want to just be a fuck to him, you know you want more. But you don’t think he wants the same. If he did, he wouldn’t have gone to another girl from the start. He wouldn’t have pushed you away.
It’s best to just leave it alone, you think. If you never bother about it, you can’t get hurt; ignorance is bliss as they say. So you go on about your activities, going to class, studying, hanging out with Yeri. You push all thoughts of Atsumu away and focus on yourself.
But that was easier said than done, there were a lot of things that reminded you of him, plus Yeri was always there on the side to nag at you. She’d always try to get you to call him or make you go next door to talk to him, but you’d never budge. 
Your phone lights up with a ding and you grab your phone and check it.
You grab your stuff and then head down to her dorm, unlocking it with the spare she’s given you for times like this. You go in and head straight towards her desk, you see her charger and put it in your bag.
The walk from the dorms to the library is fairly short, you're going through the library entrance and towards the study rooms. You follow the signs that hang from the ceiling to find room 203. You turn the knob and it opens with a click.
“You know, if you were going to go study you should really remember to bring your char-” you mutter as you open the door, but you find yourself unable to finish your sentence as the sight of Atsumu greets you. He’s sitting in one of the chairs at the table, water bottle in mid-air as he was just about to take a sip. His face mimics yours, it’s one of shock. The bottle never reaches his lips as it’s set back down on the table.
“Uh, hey y/n,” he greets you awkwardly, “what are you doing here?”
“I'm here to drop off Yeri’s charger. What are you doing here?” you cross your arms over your chest defensively. 
“Kuroo told me to meet him here, dunno what for though. But I think I know now.” he sighs. 
Was that a sigh of disappointment? Did he hate the thought of seeing you that much? You couldn’t stop overthinking. But it’s alright, you say to yourself. You’ll just leave and pretend like this didn’t happen, file a request to move your dorm, finish university, and then you’ll never have to worry about seeing Atsumu for the rest of your life. Easy peasy. 
“I’ll- just go find Yeri then.” you say as you turn around to leave, you reach for the knob and turn it but it doesn’t move. You shake it and wiggle it but it stays put. You feel your heartbeat speed up, this was the worst time for the door to jam. 
Atsumu notices your struggles and rises from his seat, “is it stuck? Here lemme try.” he says softly. You move over to the side to let him open the door, he’s so close that you can feel the heat radiating from him, and you can smell his signature cologne. Smelling it now made you feel how much you missed it.
Atsumu attempts to open the door, but he struggles just as much as you do. He groans, “Yeri and Kuroo are pulling an us right now.” he realizes as he thinks back to the time you both did the same trick during seven minutes of heaven.
“What? No! Yeri’s too sweet to do that,” you cry out.
“Yeri might be, but Kuroo isn't,” he states. “Kuroo probably convinced Yeri, and here we are.” he raises his arms only to let him slap against his legs. 
It’s silent before he speaks up. “Since we’re here, should we.. talk about what happened?” Atsumu tries to bring the topic up.
You hesitantly nod your head in agreeance, but the words don’t seem to make their way out, so you wait for him to speak up about it first.
“I’ve been thinking about that night a lot and I’m sorry,” he says uncharacteristically softly. “I said some really nasty things to you, I didn’t mean them.”
You look into his eyes to see if you can find any semblance of lies, but you can read his face much easier than you could’ve before, and right now you know he’s telling the truth, it lightens up your chest a bit.
“I’m sorry too, I said a lot of that stuff out of a place of hurt, after I saw you with another girl-” you cut yourself off as you realize what you just said.
Atsumu perks up in his seat, a bright look in his eyes as he stares at you, “why would seeing me with someone else make you feel hurt?” 
Panic arises through your body, “nothing, it’s n-nothing!” you stammer. You turn your attention towards the locked door, fiddling with the handle and trying to open it even though you know there’s no way out yet. 
Suddenly you feel warmth across the expanse of your back, Atsumu is standing behind you, leaving no room between your bodies. You can feel warm air hit the back of your neck with his every exhale, it leaves shivers running down your spine. His hand comes to gently rest on top of yours on the doorknob and he lightly squeezes. “Please y/n, tell me” he whispers.
You can feel your heart beating out of your chest and you desperately hope that he can’t hear the loud thumping. He’s so close that you can smell his cologne and it makes your head spin, and the words slip out of your mouth, “I think I’m falling in love with you.” you whisper back. You close your eyes tightly and don’t even think about looking back, you feel frozen in place.
His hands come to your shoulders and he turns you to face him, then he hugs you. His arms are wrapped around you securely while his head rests in the crook of your neck. “I was scared that by the end of it all, you still hated me in your heart, or at least, the thought of dating me for real was repulsive. So I went to someone else.” his breathing is shaky. “But fuck, I’m so glad you said that because I love you. I’m in love you.” he moves to look at you in the eyes and cups your face with his hands. “Can I kiss you? Please?”
You nod your head and he closes the gap between you both. 
His lips were ever so soft, they felt like two plush clouds. You could feel his hands closing in on your waist, pulling you flush against him.  His mouth felt so warm and inviting on top of yours, you felt his lips locking on your bottom one, slowly sucking and biting on it. He then licked your lips as a form of asking for entrance into your mouth, you parted them, allowing him and yourself to explore each other. His tongue was hot, slowly tantalizing your mouth making you go weak in the knees. He moved one of his hands from your waist and entangled it into your hair, angling your head upwards for more access.
You slowly pushed Atsumu away, breathing heavily. You looked up to see him blushing and looking at you with half-lidded eyes.
“ Wow, that was really… wow.” He said in an awed whisper.
“Yeah…” You said in a daze.
“You’re so cute. God, I love you so much.” he confessed.
“Do you really love me Atsumu? Are you sure?” you questioned. As much as the moment brought you joy, it felt too good to be true, you craved the reassurance. 
“Yeah, I’m sure. Don’t worry, I’ve lived next door to you ever since first year so I know what kind of demon you are.” he said with a soft smile as he leaned his forehead against yours.
“Hey!” you pouted. “I am not a demon!”
“Yeah babe, whatever you say.” he snickered.
You smacked his arm, “you’re the real demon here.”
“Hell yeah I’m a demon— a demon in bed.” he smirked as his fingers danced close to your waist.
You couldn’t help but snort.
“Anyways, c’mon y/n, I’m gonna take you out on a date. A real date.”
You nod your head, “I’d really like that.”
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machine-gun-casie · 7 months ago
tavern music
synopsis: corpse hears tavern music coming from your room (gn!reader)
warnings: rpf, reader gets cheated on, kind of unrequited feelings, mostly hurt/comfort and physical affection tho (what im trying to say is that this is mostly self indulgent)
wc: 1.7k
a/n: havent written in a while but i found this in my arsenal, fixed it up a bit and viola. original plans for this was definitely something longer that would end with them being together but im not up for writing rn. been feeling really shitty lately and ive been needing something like this in my life. hope u guys like it ♡
He couldn’t hear it at first. His headset was on and everyone was being so loud on the discord call. When he started the stream, he really thought it was gonna be a long one. But he’s only two hours in and he’s ready to get the hell off because something was definitely wrong.
“Corpse?” His name being spoken finally broke him out of his trance, he only hummed in response. “You’ve been really quiet. Are you sure you’re up for another game?”
“Actually,” he starts as he closes a few tabs, “I think I’ve gotta go. Today was fun, though. Thanks for having me guys.”
After a chorus of ‘goodbye’s and ‘see you later’s, Corpse disconnected from the discord call. “Thank you guys for being here,” he addressed the chat, “sorry I’m ending so early today. I promise I’ll make it up to you next time. Take care of yourselves. Later.”
After hanging up his headset and getting out of the chair he’s been sitting in for far too long, Corpse made the short trek to your room. 
You had only been roommates for less than four months, but Corpse could confidently say that you have become one of his closest friends. Getting a roommate was the last resort that he never wanted to actually resort to. But alas, medical bills were piling up and youtube and music don’t make half as much money as people think they do. So cutting rent in half was the best plan he could come up with. He did have an extra guest room that no one ever stayed in. Of course having someone move into his personal space was terrifying to him. He didn’t just want to post an ad on craigslist or something. So he asked a couple trusted friends to ask a couple trusted friends… And that’s when you came in.
You were the trusted friend of a trusted friend of a trusted friend. When you met, you didn’t make a comment about his voice. Your face sure as hell showed your surprise but you didn’t say anything. To Corpse, this meant one of two things. You either knew who he was but didn’t want to freak him out, or you didn’t know about his online persona and were just genuinely shocked by his voice. It only took a few minutes of knowing you to know that it was the latter. Thank god. You were like anyone your age with social media. You had a few accounts, followed a few people, but mostly used it to stay in contact with friends. 
It only took you guys a week to realize you had way too much in common. After many a late night when he wasn’t streaming, and many an early morning when he was just done streaming, you two became inseparable. Nothing could keep you apart.
Except for one thing.
You had a boyfriend.
There was nothing wrong with your boyfriend, per se. Just the fact that he was your boyfriend and Corpse was not. 
Yeah, Corpse definitely had feelings for you. 
But right now, feelings didn’t matter when he could hear tavern music coming from your room.
He knocked lightly and pushed the door open slowly. “y/n? Can I come in?”
No response came, just sniffles and sobs. The lack of refusal on your part gave him the courage he needed to open the door wider and step into your room. He had only been in your room a couple of times since you had moved in. But he had never been in a room that gave off the feeling of a person so well.
You were curled up on your bed, facing your open laptop screen and the tavern music coming from its speakers. With every sob shaking your chest, Corpse felt his heart break. “y/n,” he murmured softly, “what’s wrong?”
“It’s not working.” Came your reply, heavy with tears. “You said it would make you feel like you're going on an adventure but I still feel like crap.”
“What happened?” Corpse asked as he sat down on your bed, facing you. You slowly sat up and crossed your legs at your ankles in front of you.
“He-” You sighed heavily. “He cheated on me.”
“He cheated on me -has been cheating on me- with my best friend. My little brother found out.” You groaned and dramatically dropped your head onto Corpse’s thigh. His hand immediately came in contact with your cheek as he brushed a few stray tears away.
There was rarely any physical contact between you and Corpse. Sometimes you’d give him a high five, sometimes he’d give you fist bump. And there was that one time you came up behind him at the grocery store and hugged his arm to your chest. You immediately whispered something along the lines of ‘creep won’t leave me alone’ followed by a loud ‘hey babe!’
Corpse could barely admit to himself how much he liked that.
But this? This felt good. Corpse’s large warm hand on your face somehow made you want to cry more but in a good way. The tenderness with which he held your face made your heart squeeze as it remembered moments like this with your boyf- ex boyfriend. But then it remembered your brother’s words.
“Hey, what’s up?” You spoke as you answered his call. Your brother wasn’t much of a caller, so it made you worry. 
“Hey, where are you right now?”
“I’m home, why?”
“y/n… There’s something I gotta tell you.” He sighed and you could clearly hear the guilt.
“Did you break my DS!” It was your first thought as you had given it to him the last time you had seen him. “Dude! I’ve had that since I was seven!”
“No no, I called about something else.” He cut you off mid-whine. “But also I did lose the pen.” You huffed out a sigh of frustration but stayed silent so he could tell you what he wanted to tell you. “I saw your boyfriend at the park today.”
You furrowed your eyebrows. “And?” How did this warrant a phone call? 
“He was with Bob.” 
When you had met your best friend, your brother was only a toddler. He had decided that her name was Bob, so it stuck. You always called her Bob, she was saved as Bob in your phone, your whole family called her Bob. But you still didn't understand. Why was he calling you to tell you that your boyfriend and your best friend were at the park? 
“Why are you calling me about this? You know that they’re friends, right?” You let out a chuckle, albeit still pretty confused. “They’re allowed to hang out without me.” 
“They weren’t hanging out.” You could hear your brother push out a strained sigh. What wasn’t he telling you? “They were making out on the swing set. As in, both of them on one swing. And I double checked, it was definitely them. I-I told mom and she said not to tell you, but I couldn’t not tell you when I’m the one who saw it!”
You couldn’t bring yourself to say a word.
“I’m sorry, y/n.”
There was no lying to yourself, you had doubts about your best friend and your boyfriend. But you constantly brushed it off. He wouldn’t hurt you like that. Hell, she couldn’t hurt like that. Not after everything you had been through together. 
But you had seen his call log by accident one time, he called her more than he did you. She face-timed him one time to ask his opinion about a dress she was going to buy while you were in the changing room. She had done a handful of things since your relationship with your boyfriend started that made you uneasy. If this was their first kiss, which was something you doubted, then they’ve both been emotionally attached to the other for far too long.
All those tender intimate moments, all those dates, throughout everything, he wasn’t faithful. Not emotionally, at least. None of those moments that you cherished meant anything to you anymore. He had played you. With none other than your best friend since middle school. You didn’t know who to be more mad at.
The thoughts of betrayal from someone who you considered a sister and the hurt of being cheated on made you nauseated.
So when the large warm hand on your face stroked your cheek again, you didn’t mind it. This was Corpse. Not your cheating boyfriend. Not your lying best friend. Corpse. And you knew that he would never hurt you.
“He’s been cheating on me for a while I think.” You mumbled against his sweatpants. “Maybe a couple months. I don’t know.” 
Corpse furrowed his brows in thought. You had told him you were going to visit your boyfriend for your one year anniversary next week. “Weren’t you go-”
“And Bob’s been your friend since-”
“Yeah.” Your chin wobbled as you answered. You brought your arms up around Corpse’s thigh and hugged it. It was a strange position, but you didn’t care. He was so warm and nice and hugging him properly required more movement on your end than you were willing to do.
“Oh, sweetheart.” Corpse sighed and reached out to untangle your arms from his leg. He gently pulled you across the few inches of bed between you and sat you in his lap. You wrapped your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist, immediately sobbing into his shoulder. “Do you want me to turn off the music?” You shook your head no against him and he chuckled before he solemnly sighed. “When did you find out?” 
“When I came home.”
“But you came home hours ago. Have you been in here this whole time?” You nodded. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“You were streaming, didn’t wanna interrupt.” You shrugged.
“y/n,” he sighed disappointedly, “you’re my best friend. I can end a stream if you need me.”
“Okay.” Your voice, broken and weak and tired, made him feel so guilty. You had been crying your heart out for over two hours just down the hall from where he was.
He gently grabbed you by your hips and tried to push you away, but you only held on tighter and whimpered. “I just wanna get you some water.”
“I don’t want water.”
“Then what do you want?”
“You.” You whispered. “Please stay.” 
Fuck. How could he say no to that?
So he stayed.
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cosmic-uwucle · 5 months ago
Streamer MC headcannons with the brothers 💞
"You were quite a known face on social media back in the human realm, playing games, doing unboxings, just vibin in general, fans around the globe looked forward to your streams a lot! However, considering the sudden (unannounced) invitation to the exchange program, you had to leave all of that behind out of the blue. It wasn't as bad at first, but you have to admit you do miss the feeling of being able to do goofy shit online. Luckily for you, with the advance technology of Devildom and some spicy magic, the internet had synced with the human realm, and thats when you decided to finally re-enter the streaming scene. How will the brothers react upon seeing your peculiar past time?"
Head empty, No thoughts aside from the brothers just bothering the MC while they stream so here you go haha
Warnings: None, just crackhead energy and a lotta mispellings
Gender: Neutral!
Hotel: Trivago
* [ ಠ╭╮ಠ ] Lucifer *
{How did he know about your career?}
I honestly don't see him as someone who goes on the internet a lot
(He screams boomer to me, change my mind)
He doesn't have the time either, he's too focused on work!
So him finding out is gonna take a while
But! He did find out the hard way when shrilled screaming was heard from your room when he was passing by with some paper stacks in his arms (courtesy of Diavolo)
This man felt his instincts kick in, he ran as fast as he could, papers forgotten, and he immediately slammed your door open. Splinters scattering around, your door definitely damaged, as his eyes held a glare and his demon form was out, wings spread in a threatening display.
He was ready to beat someone's ass as he had thought someone had hurt you in here.
But all hes met with is you, infront of your chair and PC, and a game over on the screen...
To say he was unamused was an understatement cause you just lost your internet priviliges for giving him a heart attack (He said it was because you were being rowdy and noisy but with what you saw you knew that wasn't the case)
Good luck tryna puppy-eye your way to his heart to let you continue streaming lol.
If by some miracle you managed to wriggle your rights back from his hands, he'd warn you not to be so loud next time.
You already learnt your lesson though~ (Hopefully)
{How does he feel about your streams?}
Not everyone's the same, so if you were the shy soft streamer who does more art streams or something akin to a podcast, you can bet that Lucifer will be putting you on while he works, he kinda knows your streaming schedule at this point and if you were running late, he'd force one of his brothers to take over your dish washing duties or any chores you were stuck with
If you were the loud obnoxious meme type, hed still try to watch out of curiosity, and as much as he appreciates that you were getting comfortable here in Devildom with how you laugh and joke around, he still can't approve of it. Its too loud, its much like his brothers energy and he has enough of that already, so he probably doesn't watch as much.
He has countlessly came to your room to shush you and at this point your fans had made a compilation of each time Lucifer had barged in to tell you off
Look he likes it when you scream, but not when hes in the middle of work okay--
At this point, chat has deemed Lucifer as dad and you as their mom/dad.
If he ever catches wind of this he'd definitely be teasing you in private for centuries to come.
Overall fine with it, as long as don't do something stupid on stream.
* ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Mammon*
{How did he know about your career?}
I would say he found out by him crashing into your streams midway but that's too predictable, hence why you've Mammon-proofed your bedroom during streaming hours!
Thanks to our wizard daddy, you have managed to cast a simple lock spell on your door and as well as a sound proofing
You love your broke idiot, but you did wanna keep the tone of your stream today a bit more chill, you wanted to have a proper Q&A with your fans to hopefully clear any bad vibes around your 3 month disappearance.
When Mammon has learnt your door was locked he definitely was a bit pissy, he knocked on your door loudly even and was calling out for you to let him in, but to no avail.
Bro he's scared.
He usually was allowed to enter, and you usually answered if you did need to be left alone for a bit, so just leaving him hanging got his mind racing and he had to press up his ear on the wooden door to try and hear if you were okay
When this continues on he finally resorts to getting help, but the only one in the house ws Levi, so he kicks down HIS door.
Levi boutta summon Lotan for interrupting him honestly
But as Mammon exclaim you weren't answering and he worried for your wellbeing, Levi rolls his eyes and scoffs,
"Idiot Mammon, they're streaming don't bother them…"
Streaming? why didn't you tell him???
Rude much.
He did huff and now was forcing his way to use Levi's PC for a moment
Can Levi stop him?
He was busy on his console, and if he stood up now hed be breaking his world record so he was at a terrible state so he just resorts to threats of him drowning the Avatar of Greed if he does anything stupid on his PC.
He immediately logs in to your streaming platform and he watches for a bit,
You were more dolled up now just to look decent on stream, and he felt this jealousy rise as you interact with your chat, especially to those saying I love you's and stuff, and you even said it back? the audacity! You were his werent you? Were you replacing him with these nobodies?
He huffs as he realized that those who paid got their message highlighted, and thus, he starts donating. (Mind you this was Levi's account...)
"Mcccccc Open the dooorrr"
"Ill behave i promiseeeee"
"Cmon pleaseeee?"
Chat is c o n f u s i o n
NGL, they thought Mammon was a creepy stalker and red flags were being waved everywhere
but as chat was pondering who the hell he was, you can only sigh and look at the camera with that unamused expression, but ugh! you just KNOW hes doing that kicked puppy expression of his, and maybe it really wont be so bad
So you snap your fingers and say, "Okay MonMon, its open, Im giving you 3 seconds"
Mammon wasnt deemed to be the fastest out of his brothers for nothing
As soon as you got to '2', you were already tackled by the white haired male and chat went wild.
Now that you've shown your life in Devildom, maybe its time to introduce chat to your boyfriend no?
{How does he feel about your streams?}
You get paid to sit infront of a camera, do I have to say anything else?
But really though, as much as he enjoys the thought of getting so much cash from something so simple, he prefers the joy of being able to proudly exclaim that he was your first man!
ohhhh he thrives on the salt of your overly attached stans
but for those who fully support you, he always feels so mushy and shy when they say the ship you guys so hard
The fanarts has him WEAK (he may or may not have saved a few)
You usually do streams alone, but now you've allowed the door to be left open to let Mammon join whenever
Chat pogs when he enters with so much confidence, only for it to crumble when you kiss his cheek on stream.
Overall finds it fun to spend time with you, but just dont play scary games cause Lucifer might hang him upside down on stream.
* ▘▂▝ Leviathan*
{How did he know about your career?}
He is honestly the most attached to his D.D.D and he catches wind of almost anything going down in the internet, so your 'revival' being hyped up was something he definitely saw and he was just s wo o o ned
His Henry 2.0? a famous streamer?
Were you truly a blessing gifted upon him or was he dreaming?
He definitely didn't bring it up at first as he didn't wanna make it a big deal, but you notice hes been more in his head lately, and you have tried asking him what it was but to no avail.
You have to corner this little snake if you want answers and he eventually admits that he knew of your persona online and was incredibly shy to ask you to stream with him
He's a streamer himself afterall but maybe he doesnt stream as much as you do nor does he have as large of a following, so his intrusive thoughts attacked him and made him think that maybe since he wasnt as famous he didnt deserve to be in the same stream as you
Please tell him to join you and gib him kiss U3U
He'll absolutely m e l t
But now, as you make the announcement to your viewers and Levi to his, the internet explodes as a special collab stream was hapening between the expert gamer and avatar of envy of Devildom along with the beloved exchange student and streamer of the human realm
Your usual viewers reach between 10-15k, but as you start stream, that number boosts higher and beyond
Before streaming though, Levi was incredibly nervous, he'd picked the games for you to play that he knew you would enjoy with him, but his mind kept racing about whatthe fans thought, he didnt wanna disappoint them
But you had to remind him that whatever they say will not matter in the end as this was merely for fun, this was YOUR stream and you guys were gonna do what you want and nobody can have a say on it. (Maybe except Lucifer)
You usually talk for him with your bubbly personality, and to calm his nerves, he hs your pinky wraped around his where the camera can't see it.
Regardless, his thoughts subsided as you two delve into your stream that lasted a solid 7 hours, you definitely promised your chat that you and Levi will be doing more streams together from now on.
Once the cameras cut and yall are left alone, Both of you collapse on bed, and despite you being asleep already, Levi was just far too giddy as everything dwells on him.
Having a player 2 by his side now had never felt so intoxicating and he as just so lucky to have you.
{How does he feel about your streams?}
He obviously adores it, although some streams he wouldnt join just so he can play games on his own
He's still an introvert afterall, he needs his alone time
But he prefers that alone time with you, his Henry.
So when youre about to go stream, he kinda becomes a bit pouty, but with a simple promise of kisses (and maybe even more if youd like) he would let you go, but his attention would disappear from his game altogether.
He might just end up watching you instead
May or may not, at some point, just chat you and ask if its too late to join you
You do allow him to join you and play from the comforts of his room as both of you can simply play via internet, you give him the comfort to not turn on his mic or webcam either and you have no idea how he appreciates that.
Will definitely fight someone online when they start claiming you as theirs (-cough- stans) Please make sure it doesnt escalate to him summoning Lotan
Although the comments would often get to him, and as much as he can fight them online, he still does find himself pondering if they were true, so you need to give him a lotta lovin and reminder that he is your player 1 and no one else can ever fill that place.
Wow 3 brothers this time, what an improvement, anyways hope yall enjoy! I think its pretty clear who I simp for depending o nthe length of each lol, but do let me know if you guys want a part 2 for the rest of the brothers, or even the undateables!
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shinsousliya · 11 months ago
Class 1-A Boys and How They Like To Cuddle
Tumblr media
@todorkihoe made a shitpost abt touch starved Todoroki and im like *aggressive inhale* creative juices are FLOWING
It would be right for me to do JUST Shouto tho plus I forgot to do Iida last time and feel HORRIBLE so its gonna be as many Class 1-A boys I can think for!!
Warnings: some cursing maybe, fem! black/poc!reader and a bunch of f l u f f
Tumblr media
Angry pomeranian boy will probably want to cuddle when he's burnt himself out
You'll be hanging with your friend group and Katsuki will text you something along the lines of "come to my room" and at first your like what the hell whats wrong?
So you excuse yourself and head to his room and you find that Katsuki's on his bed, looking like he had a really intense training session because of the little scratches and bandaids here and there. Plus he's not yelling at you.
You head to the side of his bed and try to see if he's awake or not, and you get startled when he grumbles something you don't quite here
You ask him to repeat he mumbles "get in bed, dumbass"
You wanna punch him for calling you a dumbass but you don't because he actually looks peaceful? Like not mad or stressed or anything, and he seemed to just want your presence...
So you oblige, slipping into the blankets and having him pull you close into his chest, the mixed smell of caramel and his body wash reaching your nose.
You wrapped your arms around his torso, his arms enveloping your shoulders and bringing you closer to his chest
His hand buries itself into your hair while he presses a kiss to your forehead that he WILL threaten you not to talk about in the morning
Him just tired and want his teddy bear in his arms after a long day of training.
Tumblr media
Broccoli boy wants to be big spoon 🥺
Like one day you come over his house, you talk with his mom for a bit before Izuku drags you to his room
And even though its what you'd think an All Might fanboy's room would look like, its surprisingly cozy as well
Soon the weather changed from bright and sunny to raining and dreary
You and Izuku's energy slowly drained as the dreary weather continued.
Youre on his bed, snuggled up in his blanket and watching something on your phone or scrolling through social media
Izuku comes in from helping his mom with something and just has the urge to cuddle you
He asks you what're you doing while crawling into bed behind you, slipping under the blanket you were snuggling with
You start to babble on what you're watching or what you see on your socials while Izuku's arms wrap around you from behind, nuzzling into your hair which smells so so sooo nice.
In a few minute your realize he's not really listening anymore, he's just fallen asleep and he's just too cute
You fall asleep shortly after because of the comforting pitter patter of rain and soft thundering sounds from outside
Inko takes a picture of you two cuz she's so happy her baby boy got him someone who makes him happy she might even use it as blackmail
Tumblr media
Iida is definitely one of those people thats like "no handholding !! You'll get pregnant !!"
You'd probably have to beg him for cuddles lets be honest
On the occasion you two DO find the opportunity to cuddle, it'll probably be after an intense study session
Of course he's not tired, but you just fried your brain trying to remember math formulas
Tenya sees this, and suggests a light snack since you both had been studying for a while
He leaves to go get some snacks and you drag yourself to his bed, needing to feel a plush mattress under you and not hard wooden chair
Your curl up in his blanket, into a little ball
Tenya comes back with snacks and drinks to find you curled on his bed and its the most adorable sight ever
He realizes that maybe he worked you a bit to hard, and you deserve a little nap before heading home
His heart goes "you should hug her, she'll like it" but his mind says "no! boundaries"
Eventually his heart wins and he crawls into bed next to you, sitting up and leaning on his headboard.
You curl up into his side, and he rests his hand on your shoulder, rubbing figures into it
This isn't invading boundaries right? He thinks this is okay
Most probably gonna read a book or something while you take your nap
And when you wake up, you apologize profusely, but Tenya says its okay.
"Boundaries were respected! So no harm done."
Tenya drinks his respect women juice diligently.
Tumblr media
Every time I think of touch starved shouto Endeavor comes up and I just want to strangle the smug piece of shit for ruining Todo's childhood
Because let's be honest, Shouto can, would, and does and a hard time understanding affection, especially when its physical
You'll do simple things like hold his hand or peck his cheek and he's like "is that a thing? Should I do that too?"
Probs feels bad that he can't really show his love the way others do, and you'll have to tell him that everyone shows love differently, and thats okay.
He's over your house because it's the weekend and neither of you have anything planned.
You're both on your bed, Shouto admiring your room while you're maybe on your phone or reading something
Then shouto asks "do you want to cuddle, love?"
You have to ask him to repeat what he said because what that came out of no where
He repeats himself, a bit hesitant
"Couples do that right? I want to try it."
Okay now you HAVE to oblige
At first its kind of awkward, he tries to find a position you're both comfortable with but it doesn't seem to be working out
Then you just kind of guide his head to lay on your chest and he wraps his arms around your waist and its like heaven for him
He can hear your heart beat and feel you close to him, while you're still doing what you're doing on your phone or with your book
Your hand strokes his hair and massages his scalp and Shouto can't even fight the sleep thats taking over him.
In 5 minutes he asleep, and you can't help but smile because fuck he's so adorable, and so at peace
You take pictures because they last longer
After that, will always ask you for cuddles in that position, nothing else will satisfy the boy now
But you always oblige, because you know it really does help him
Tumblr media
Cuddles with kiri are so soft and playful
You'd probably be in his dorm room, you're entertaining yourself while he's on the game
You try to mess with him because he's cute when he's irritated
You poke him, tickle him, nudge him, anything to annoy him
Kiri's just like "you want attention? Bet"
Tosses the controller away most definitely upsetting denki and sero and pulls you onto his lap caging you in his arms
"Eiji lemme gooo!"
"I thought you wanted my attention babe? Now you got all of it!"
Eventually you stop struggling cuz you can't do anything stuck in his arms
So you just relax Into him in your straddling position that's oddly pretty comfy with him
You nuzzle into his neck and wrap your arms around his torso and the dorkiest smile plasters his face cuz look, his baby's cuddling him
Has to try and keep his voice under control when he gets back on the game
So now everytime you come over he holds you like that while he plays the game, balancing game time and his precious girlfriend
Tumblr media
I dont know why but I feel like Denki would want to be little spoon
Like just imagine the baby loosing a game with Kirishima and Sero and Bakugo and the angry pomeranian is being especially mean today
And you over hear it and see that Denki's really disappointed in himself so you offer cuddlss
And his eyes just light up and he's like "yes pls!!"
He lays in bed with you and you wrap your arms around him from behind, placing kisses on his cheek and hair and back of his neck
Surprisingly he doesn't short circuit??
He just kinda like hums and relaxes cuz you give the best kisses
And he needs them cuz Bakugo mean 😢😢😢
You always offer him cuddles after losing a game and remind him that he's always a winner in your book
Gives the dorkiest smile, says thank you all the time
Would probably fall asleep on you but you don't mind, at least he's not short curcuiting.
Tumblr media
He just loves him some thighs and he loves your the absolute most
Theyre so plump and soft, they make him want to sleep on them
So yall are in your dorm room
Its night time and Shinsou just can't fall asleep for the life of him.
Its fucking 2am why is he up
You just so happened to not have fallen asleep yet so he asks if he can hang with you for a bit.
You make him that sleepy time tea you drink when you have trouble falling asleep and he admits he's a bit drowsy now
Without warning he grabs your legs and uses your thighs as his pillow
Well, more like your thighs and your tummy, since the way you're laying down has your legs bent a bit
Shinsou's like "wow this feels really nice" and you start to play with his hair, and he's sent to heaven
Homeboys out like a light in no time
This happens like once a week honey, get used to it
He could just mind control you to do it but he hates using it on you, because he wants the actions and emotions to be real and authentic
So the fact that you do love him cuddling you like this makes his heart melt
Please send more comfort to this boy.
Whew, now that thats out of my system
Please leave a like, a comment, reblog to your friends and don't be shy to send a request!!
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jeo9n · 6 months ago
Majesty || JJK
Pairing : Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Genre : Angst,fluff,smut,King Jungkook
Warnings : angst, future smut, reader is like rlly shy:/, mean jungkook, virgin reader.
this is my first fanfic pls be nice to me🥺 also let me know if i made any mistakes.
Tumblr media
Growing up poor was never easy. ever since my siblings and I were younger our mom tried everything to provide a good life for us. Her being a single mom of 3 children and having to work all the time was rough. Nonetheless our mom made sure we had a good childhood. As i grew older i started noticing how hard our mom worked for us. I wanted to start working too so our mom could get a little rest. So I started working at small bakery in our small village even tho I didn’t really liked it there.   
My two older brother’s were already married and had a family of their own and had long since moved out. My mom wanted me to get married really bad. She kept on looking for a potential husband for me, but none of them would ever chose me to as their wife. And i was honestly happy about that. The idea of marrying some stranger and leaving my mom behind wasn’t something that I wanted to do. But I knew I had to get married eventually.
There were some news going around that a new mysterious King was looking for a wife. flyers have been passed around for a "potential wife competition“ here and there, who would even attend such a thing? anyway, that’s all that was being talked about in the village young girls being excited for potentially marrying a King and becoming his wife. I honestly felt bad for them. Why would a King even marry a poor girl when he could marry a girl that came from a more wealthier family?
A few days have passed and the day for the competition was becoming nearer and nearer. As i was walking home from the small Bakery that I work at with some baked goods for my mom and I, I could see every mom going crazy for the upcoming day, every mom made sure that their daughter looked the absolute best. In hopes that the King takes interest in one of these girls. As i reached home my mom greeted me with a hug. „how was work?“ she asked „good i brought something to eat“ i said as i handed her the basket i was holding with a smile on my face. She took them and put them on a plate for us to eat. „so have you heard the news?“ she asked „what do you mean? What news?“ I asked her with a confused look on my face „you know what news“ she said while sipping on her tea. „The King is looking for a wife.... and I was wondering since you’re still not married and probably won’t be for a while why don’t you.... participate in the competition?“ she looked at me with a hopeful look on her face „Mom no. I don’t want to participate in such a thing.“ i said while munching on my croissant. „You know Y/n I don’t think it would be a such bad thing, both of your brothers are already married and have a family of their own, don’t you want the same thing?“ she asked. Well, i do want a family... but i want to find my Partner naturally not at a competition with thousands of other girls.
„I don’t even know what he looks like mom for all we know, he could be some old disgusting looking guy that has a fetish for younger girls“ I said with a look of disgust on my face. „Well, yeah, your right“ she said. „But he could also be some good looking guy but if you don’t participate, we’ll never know...“ she said while finishing her cup of tea. Okay maybe she’s right and it won’t be such a bad thing... participating won’t hurt right? Because my mom was right it’s time for me to get married. „ I‘ll think about it okay? Im gonna go head to bed now tho i’m really tired. goodnight mom.“ I said while giving her a kiss on her cheek. „thank you sweetheart.“ I heard her saying as i was walking to my room.
The day of the competition came sooner than i thought it would. My mom kept on bugging me to say yes so I eventually agreed to attending the competition. Ever since then my mom made sure i looked my absolute best. She bought me a long white nice looking dress, made sure that my hair always looked shiny and healthy. And i honestly felt so pretty my dress hugged my figure so nicely and my hair looked so beautiful all thanks to my mom. „You look so beautiful y/n i’ll miss you so much“ she said with tears in her eyes, as if i won’t come back home with her later tonight. „Relax mom it’s not like i’m getting married or something.“ I said while giggling. „Well you might“ she said with a big smile on her face. „I won’t.“ I said while rolling my eyes but she just looked at me with that smile still on her face. „Come on we don’t wanna be late“ she said while grabbing my hand, and leading me to where the competition was gonna be held.
Almost an hour later my mom and I arrived at this huge building. It was one of the biggest building i have ever seen. There were so many pretty flowers surrounding it, I was in awe at the sight that was in front of me. As i was looking around i noticed all the other girls and started feeling a little self conscious... they all looked so pretty with their colorful dresses while I was here wearing a boring white dress. How would I even stand out among all these girls? I doubt the King would even look at me.
An old Man with a smile on his face started approaching us „good evening ladies you all look beautiful i must say.“ He said with a big smile on his face. „ I know the weather is beautiful today but the King would rather have all you girls inside“ he said, while stretching his arm out pointing to the building. „let’s go ladies“ he started walking towards the entrance and we all followed him.
The room itself where the competition was being held wasn’t that big as I thought. But the old man told us it’s because, the King wanted to get a close look at us. So, he chose a smaller room so he could look at all of us more closely. ...I was so nervous my hands were trembling and i kept picking at my nails a habit of mine that i never got rid of. Even tho my mom told me stop many times. All the other girls seemed to be not as nervous as I was. They were all taking to each other, except for me I stayed by myself sat at a table. I didn’t feel like talking, I was way too shy to approach any of them anyway.
30 minutes later the King arrived. The doors to the room have opened, and the King and the older man from earlier started walking inside. There were gasps coming from all the girls, as soon as they saw his face. I was at the back so I wasnt able to see his face yet, but I once I did My eyes widened and my heart started beating faster. He was probably one of the prettiest man I have ever seen. He had a such flawless good looking face. Everything about him was perfect, he was tall, his eyes were pretty, his nose looked pretty, even his dark hair was pretty. It was slicked back with only on strand hanging in his face. Truly flawless. He was stood at the center of the room wearing a white suit with gold details on it. He looked around the room looking at every girl carefully. With the older man right beside him, his eyes wandered around the room and they found mine. I immediately looked away once we made eye contact, I couldn’t bear to look into his eyes. I felt myself blushing. Once I thought he looked away, I looked at him again but he was still looking at me. And I wondered why? Am I not pretty enough? Does he think I don’t belong in a place like this? The older man beside him started coughed and he eventually looked away.
The older man started introducing the King to us. „Ladies this is Jeon Jungkook King of Aramella“ he said. And we all bowed to greet him. „As u all know the King is here today, to find a Wife, that can fulfill his wishes and dreams and stay by his side till the rest of your lives. So, if u think you would be his perfect wife, than please step forward.“ the older man said.
And all the girls immediately stepped forward. Well, except for me. I didn’t have enough confidence in me to step forward.
The Kings eyes wandered around once again. He looked at every girl in front of him that stepped forward. But soon his eyes found mine again and he looked at me with furrowed brows.
„Why aren’t you stepping forward?“ he asked me with a cold tone to his voice. And suddenly everyone turned around to look at me.
stay tuned for part two. ☺️
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doinmybesthere · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
PT 7 - go to my blog pinned post for previous chapters
pairing: dabi x reader, hawks x reader
wc: 4K
a/n:  Smut, Angst, idk if it’s comfort, it was comforting for me to write.TW: Dubcon, yandere underdones, violence, alcohol, drug use(with a prescription but xanax, percocet, adderall), discussion of suicide, extremely candid discussion of self harm, implied past sexual assault, daddy kink, reader has long hair because she’s too agoraphobic to go to get it cut. tbh i went very dark w this but in my defense im allowed to write whatever i want lol. genuinely if you’re not sure, feel free to send me an ask before reading. Please be responsible w ur own mental health.
if u enjoy this please leave a comment or send an ask :) i rlly appreciate it im v soft​
You wake slowly, your face throbbing. You sigh softly and Dabi stirs beside you rolling over and wrapping an arm around your body, pulling you into him, underneath him. 
“Hey baby,” he breathes, “M’so fucking hungover.” You nod, laughing a little. “Fuckin’ hell.” He moans. “Get me breakfast.” You roll off his mattress, pulling a huge crewneck sweatshirt on and walking over to the kitchen. 
“What do you want?” You ask, tugging the sleeves down around your hands out of habit. He thinks about it, relaxing on the mattress. 
“Eggs.” You nod, and open the refrigerator. A few minutes later, the smell of bacon sizzling and the sounds of someone making breakfast are floating out your open window to where Hawks is sitting on the concrete, waking slowly with a pounding headache, the events of the night before tinged with the unrealness that so often accompanies alcohol and memory. He stands, and then vomits on the concrete. He leans against the wall, debating whether you’d let him use your shower, he really doesn’t want to be in paparazzi photos like this. He groans loudly, scrolling through his phone. He spoke to Todoroki Shouto last night? What the fuck did Endeavors kid want? The sun’s light is golden, a mockery of the freezing temperatures as Hawks makes a decision, soaring into the sky and racing home as quickly as possible. He crashes through his balcony, stumbling to the shower, luxeriating in the steam. 
Across the city, Todoroki Shouto is opening the files Hawks sent him the night before, nestled in a  blanket on the couch, sitting in the only patch of warm sunlight penetrating the living room of his shared apartment. 
“Are you working?” Midoriya asks, stretching as he walks into the kitchen, leaning over the bar separating the rooms, fiddling with the huge coffee machine Endeavor had brought them as a graduation gift.  “I still can’t figure this thing out.” His brow furrows. 
“Hawks sent me a case.” Shouto looks up. “Remember that girl, the one who dropped her garbage bag?” Midoriya shudders. 
“The one covered in scars? Of course I do.” He sighs. “It’s the kind of thing that reminds me why I want to be a hero so badly.” Shouto swallows. 
“It’s her case.” He shifts his weight a little. “I’ve been, I’ve been dreaming about her. So last night, when I couldn’t sleep, I just called Hawks to see if maybe, maybe he knew her, since we were on his patrol route.” 
“Shoot,” Midoriya says. “I mean she’s been on my mind, but not like that.” Shouto nods, looking sheepish. “She was pretty!” Midoriya says quickly, trying to remember anything about you besides the scars that striped your body. 
“I don’t mind scars more than most,” Shouto says dryly and Midoriya beams. 
“I know you don’t think this is a compliment but any time you make a joke I’m so genuinely proud of you.” Shouto nods. 
“It’s pretty bleak.” Midoriya holds a mug under the spigot of the coffee machine. “Mind taking a look?” He nods, coming over and setting his steaming mug on the coffee table. Shouto leans forward and places it on a coaster before sliding the laptop onto the green-eyed boy’s lap. 
“Oh hell,” Midoriya breathes, clicking through the photos of you in the hospital. “Her eyes are so dead.” Shouto nods. “I’ve never,” He shudders, “I’ve never seen anyone look like that, she could be a corpse and I wouldn’t be able to tell.” He looks up. “Did they catch the people who did this?” 
“That’s where it gets strange,” Shouto says, taking the laptop back. “No arrests have been made in her case, even though she clearly identifies the perpetrators in her written statement. There are a few recordings I haven’t listened to yet though, perhaps that could-” SLAM. The door to the apartment opens and closes, and Bakugou Katsuki, in full uniform, stomps into the apartment with a scowl on his face. 
“Fuckin’ piss shit extras.” He snarls. “Everyone wants goddamn pictures, it gets in the way of us doing our goddamn jobs.” He opens a cabinet and takes a package of coffee down and stands at the complicated machine, that he’d figured out immediately. He looks up at his roommates, sitting on the couch. “Did someone fuckin bite it?” Bakugou snarls. ‘What’s with the attitude?” 
“Kacchan,” Midoriya says, and a vein pulses in Bakugou’s forehead. “We’re just looking at a serious case.” Bakugou takes his steaming mug and comes over, Shouto tips the laptop to him. Bakugou doesn’t grimace or shudder, just shakes his head. “Play the recordings,” Midoriya says to Shouto. “Maybe we can figure this out together.” 
You’ve got your headphones on, twirling to music, high out of your mind, sliding across the apartment in socks. Dabi’s blissed-out too, laying on the couch, his stolen television playing a sporting event with the volume on low. He’s watching you, deceptively warm panels of sunlight illuminating your figure as you stretch your arms out, wearing nothing but a pair of panties and his white t shirt, hair in a bun on the top of your head. You catch his blue eyes, glowing in the harsh shadow created by the bright light. You stretch upwards, rocking onto your tiptoes, spinning around as you take your dirty hair down from it’s knot, letting it spill down past your shoulders, and fly out behind you. He motions for you to remove an earbud and you obey immediately. 
“You look happy.” He says hoarsely. You nod. 
“I am.” He pats his thighs, and you come over, sighing happily as you straddle him on the couch. You slip your headphones off, placing them on the top of the couch, speaking softly. “You said something last night.” He stiffens a little but doesn’t flinch underneath you, just swallows. “That you weren’t your father.” He props himself up a bit. 
“Got a question in there for me honey?” You nod. 
“What was your dad like?” He thinks for a moment, remembering he told you his family was dead. 
“Violent,” Dabi rasps. “To my mom, and my brothers,” he looks out the window, “And I, I had dreams about saving them but  I know now,” you nod, understanding. 
“In real life, people don’t get saved.” You finish his sentence for him and he watches your face carefully. 
“You really believe that, don’tcha doll?” You nod, as he reaches up and cups your face with one long-fingered hand, then strokes the bruise he painted on your forehead. He wonders, what the fuck he’s doing, what he’s trying to give you with all his planning, by adding your enemies to his own list. He tangles his hand in your hair and pulls you down to kiss him. You do, softly at first and then more tenderly. “Don’t worry,” he growls, “Daddy will always come through for you.” A lump forms in your throat. 
“I believe you,” you breathe, pulling away a little so that he can see the sincerity in your face, so that he can feel the weight of those words, so that they can crush him. He pulls you back down on top of him, arching his hips up into yours, one hand in your hair, the other slipping under his shirt to cup your breast. You gasp into  his mouth when he pinches and rolls your nipple between his calloused fingers. He growls happily, letting go of your hair, letting it pool around the two of you, to devote his full attention to your breasts, fingers ghosting the scars that stripe your ribs and pulling on your nipples so hard your eyes water, 
“Fuck,” he snarls, loving the way your beautiful face contorts in pain, and he’s reaching roughly between  your legs, shoving two fingers inside of you, so quickly you hiss and whimper, “Shut the fuck up.” He snaps, scissoring them gently inside you, grinding the heel of his palm into clit, and you hiccup out a gasp at the pleasant pain, the sensation making your thighs shake with pleasure. 
“D-dabi,” you get out, and he pushes you upright, so that he can watch you lose the ability to concentrate, watch your eyes gloss over, watch your hands flit about, finding purchase on your burning face, your own waist, your breasts, fondling your own nipples, and that, that he fucking likes, 
“Don’t stop that.” He barks. “I wanna see you lose your shit.” You nod, he slips a third finger inside you, curling them against that spot you can never reach with your own hands. You let out an honest to god whine and he smirks, hitting it again, and you gasp, sucking in air only to bleat it out again when he repeated the action, watching you touch yourself, his cock throbbing in his pants. “Tell daddy what you want,” He growls, “Beg me.” 
“Hhhngh,” you whimper, “Want,” you gasp, clearly forming sentences was taking a toll on  your psyche, “Want you to-” he curled his fingers inside you again, “Ah, ah, fuck Daddy,” you cry out, nearly doubling over but he shoves you back upright. 
“Keep trying doll.” He coos condescendingly. “Tell me what you want or you can’t have it.” You screw your face up with concentration and as soon as you open  your mouth he takes his free hand and delicately pinches your clit while picking up the pace, you squelch around his fingers. You yelp with pain. 
“D-dabi!” You cry out, a tear rolling down your cheek.
“Gettin kinda tired of waitin’.” He says with a smug grin, “Come on baby, what is it you want,” you close your eyes, and try to focus. 
“Fuck me,” you get out, and then almost look proud of yourself for a second but Dabi gets up so quickly it knocks the wind out of you. He takes you in his arms, laying you on the couch and climbing on top of you, lifting his t shirt and pressing burning open-mouthed kisses to your clavicle, he sucks and bites, and you know it’s going to bruise but you can’t help but gasp and arch your back up into him. He groans, fumbling with his own zipper then ripping your panties off your body. You squeal but he buries his face in your neck, moving up and biting down on your ear before growling. 
“Stay still.” He hooks one hand around your shoulders, before easing his cock between your sopping folds and pounding into you all at once, you gasp and hiss at the fullness, the stretch and the pain, whimpering, 
“Daddy,” you say, eyes wide, “S’too much.” He shakes his head. 
“Shut up and take it.” He growls, setting a brutal pace, thrusting so hard you can barely breathe. He kisses you sloppily, slipping his tongue into your mouth and then lifting your head up when he leans back so that he doesn’t have stop kissing you. “Love your fuckin’ cunt,” he groans, “So fuckin’ good baby,” you’re gasping, 
“Daddy,” you say again, “Daddy, fuck, fuck, M’gonna cum, please, please can I?” He laughs, kissing you again, then kissing down y our face and neck, taking one of your nipples in his mouth, biting it and watching  you squirm and yelp. 
“No.” He says, and you take a fistful of his hair and then draw him back to you, wrapping your arms around his neck, crushing your bodies together. 
“Please,” you moan into his open mouth. “Can’t hold it.” He laughs again. 
“No.” He says, picking up the pace somehow, you can feel every inch of him, every vein scraping against your walls, angled perfectly to hit that bundle of nerves with every thrust. And then he reaches down and rubs your clit and you practically scream right into his mouth, tears rolling down your face. “Does baby wanna cum?” He taunts, “Is she close?” You nod emphatically. “Too bad.” He snaps, spitting on your face, rubbing it in with his hand and then taking your chin roughly. “You’re my bitch right?” You nod, as much as you can with him holding you so tightly the fat and skin of your cheeks gush around his fingers, he spits on you again, “I decide when you cum.” He snaps. He groans again then, pushing off of you, releasing your face and letting you writhe underneath him. “Tell me how it feels.” He orders and immediately you’re babbling incoherently, 
“Feels so good, so good daddy,” you whine, “Please, don’t stop.” He growls again loudly, flicking his hair out of his face. 
“I’m gonna fill you the fuck up,” he snarls, “Gonna fill you with my cum because you’re my bitch,” he looks directly into your eyes, “Would you like that, is that what you want?” 
“Yes,” you say desperately, “Please, please, want your cum daddy.” 
“Fuck,” he snaps, “Cum with me baby,” and you release the coil in your stomach, holding onto his shoulders for dear life as you cry out, “Yeah,” he groans, “That’s it, bitch,” he pants a little, “Strangling my fuckin’ cock.” He explodes inside you, and for the thousandth time you’re so grateful you’re on birth control. It’s the last coherent thought you have as your high overtakes you, your vision blurring as you cry out his name like a prayer. He collapses next to you, pulling you on top of his chest. You bury your face in his neck, still crying softly. “Go ahead and cry, baby.” He coos. “It’s alright, daddy’s here.” 
“Tell us, again, what happened.” An unidentified male voice voice floods out of Shouto’s expensive laptop speakers. 
“Again?” You whisper, Shouto thinks about how different your voice sounded when he heard you speak a few days ago. “But I’ve told you three times now? I know exactly, exactly who it was, I hadn’t been drinking, even, because I had a migraine earlier in the day.” Bakugou shifts his weight uncomfortably in the armchair. 
“Something about your story isn’t makin’ any sense, darlin’.” The male voice continues.
“Just tell me and my partner the truth, okay, it’ll go easier for you.” 
“G-go easier for me?” He wonders if you’ve always stuttered like that. “Am I, am I in some kind of trouble?” 
“Some kind, yeah.” Another male voice speaks. “So just tell us again.” Midoriya reaches over and taps the spacebar. 
“Why are they asking her to tell it again?” He wonders aloud. “It’s like, she already gave them everything they needed to at least bring some of them in for questioning?” Shouto swallows. 
“I think they know that.” he says. 
“What?” Midoriya breathes, scandalized. “They’re police officers.” 
“Shitty ones.” Bakugou retorts. “Play the next one.” The three young heroes listen to each of the interviews with the boys, hearing the officers start by reassuring them they aren’t in trouble, and with each one their posture drops, to the point where when the last one ends, Bakugou’s got his elbows on his knees and his chin in his palms. “Jesus fuckin’ christ.” he says, taking the laptop from Shouto and scrolling through the pictures. He sets it on the table and stands, moving towards the door. 
“Kacchan," Midoriya says, eyes wide, “Where are you going?” 
“Obviously to beat the shit out of those worthless fuckin’ cops!” Bakugou snaps. “And then, we’re gonna find this girl, and we’re gonna fuckin’ apologize, for not doing it goddamn sooner.” Midoriya jumps up, putting himself between Bakugou and the door. 
“I’m angry too,” he says, “But we have to do this the right away.” 
“And I know where to find her.” Shouto says, looking up at his roommates. “She’s in an apartment on the east side of town. But uh,” he touches his neck, “Hawks says she’s dating Dabi, the uh, the villain.” 
“What?” Midoriya gasps. “How does that happen? Do villains have social lives?” Shouto shrugs. 
“Hawks heavily implied that making contact with her would be dangerous, I’m sure he keeps her on a tight leash.” He runs his fingers through his hair. “If we want to serve justice, we have to stay above board, and we have to leave her out of it.” 
“Why?” Bakugou growls. 
“Because,” Shouto snaps, “Do you think she wants to re-live this?” He gestures towards the computer, “They made her explain what happened five times, in the hospital, when she was clearly still injured, she might even have still been bleeding.” Bakugou swallows. “Doesn’t she deserve to, to forget?” He sighs. “Of course she’d be attracted to someone like Dabi, she’ll never trust an authority figure again.” 
“So what do we do?” Midoriya says. “Because nothing is not an option for me.” 
“Got that right, Deku.” Bakugou snarls. 
“Bakugou’s right.” Shouto says. “We start with the cops. They’re not ranked highly enough to greenlight a cover up like this, we follow the chain of command all the way to the top.” Bakugou grins. 
“Fuck yeah.” 
“But before that, we have to go and see Hawks.” 
Hawks is sitting in his office, a lukewarm mug of coffee in front of him, head buried in his hands, when the door opens. 
“Whoa,” he says, not able to muster a playful smile, he’s that hungover. “What uh, Todoroki I thought I just said  you should come see me. Not your entire graduating class.” Bakugou, and Midoriya flank the flame and ice hero, who settles in one of the two chairs in front of Hawk’s desk. 
“This is Bakugou and Midoriya.” Shouto says. “They helped me go through the case.” hawks massages his temples. 
“We think we need to go to the cops, and follow this up the chain of command, and to be clear we will be doing that with or without your permission.” Hawks groans, laying his forehead on the desk. 
“I was just gonna ask you to keep him from hitting her.” Hawks moans. “I can’t, I have,” he sighs, “I have too much on my plate, but,” He rakes his fingers through his blonde hair. “Fuck.” He says. “Fuck,” he looks up, “You three, I uh, you listened to the recordings.” 
“Yes.” Bakugou growls. 
“Then you know I, I uh failed her.” Hawks says quietly. “You know how Dabi met her?” He doesn’t wait for their confirmation. “He broke into her apartment the night she was going to overdose, and he stole the meds she’d been hoarding, and she says he saved her life.” There’s a silence. Midoriya lets out a low whistle. 
“Oh, um, wow.” Hawks nods. 
“She doesn’t have anyone.” He says solemnly, “And I can’t get her to trust me, no matter what I do,” he sounds uncharacteristically vulnerable. “I just, I keep, trying, so I was going to ask you,” he gestures to Shouto, “To watch and at least like, call me, if he hits her or like, loses control or something, I dunno I was fucking wasted last night.” 
‘She deserves better than you.” Bakugou rasps firmly. “Clearly you were too late, and you’re letting your guilt get in the way of whatever mission caused the two of you to cross paths. We’ll figure out the cops, and see who ordered the cover up.” Hawks looks up at him. “We can take shifts watching her, but we can’t engage Dabi, what if she gets caught in the crossfire, the file didn’t mention her quirk?” 
“It’s a moth mutation.” Hawks says quietly. “She has wings, but she can’t fly.” Bakugou goes to respond and Shouto puts a hand up. 
“Is she in danger?” Hawks rubs his eyes. 
“I don’t know.” He says quietly. “Shigaraki likes her. Probably too much.” 
“Jesus fuckin’ christ.” Bakugou says. “How did you shit the bed this badly, didn’t you check in after you took her to the hospital?” 
“She didn’t want to see me!” Hawks says desperately, “Can you blame her?” 
“So you just never followed up?” Bakugou yells, “Aren’t there support systems for shit like this?” Hawks looks up, angrily. 
“She’s an adult. Who chose not to take advantage of them.” 
“I wonder why.” Shouto says dryly. 
“Enough.” Midoriya says quickly. “Email Shouto the shift schedule. We’ll keep Dabi from hurting her. And the four of us will figure this out. There’s something bigger at play here.” 
“We have till Valentines Day.” Hawks says. “Dabi’s planning something, for the people who hurt her, then, I don’t know anything else,” he swallows, deciding not to out Endeavor, if he can be kept out of this, he should be, Hawks thinks. “For uh,” He says, head pounding, stomach threatening to evacuate, “For what it’s worth I’m sorry.” he clears his throat. “That we’re effectively cleaning up my mess right now. I should have saved her. And I didn’t.” Shouto’s jaw gets tight. 
“I don’t forgive you.” 
“Shouto,” Midoriya breathes, putting a hand on his shoulder, “you-” 
“You saw  her.” Shouto snaps, turning to his friend. “She was terrified to even accept our help walking over broken glass.” He stands up. “We’ll save her. Because we’re better heroes than you.” Hawks swallows. 
“Yeah uh, I’m sure you are, kids.” He looks exhausted, not angry or offended. “Now uh, get the fuck out.” Shouto gets up and leaves without another word. Midoriya follows him and Bakugou stops, holding the door open, looking at the winged hero, hunched over his desk. 
“You know something.” He growls. “That you’re not sharing. And I’m gonna find out what it is.” He slams the door and Hawks reaches quickly under his desk for the wastepaper basket, vomiting into it. 
“What can we do for you?” Officer Crick stands at his desk, addressing the three heroes in plain clothing. 
“Can we go somewhere more private?” Midoriya says, apologetically, flanked by Bakugou and Todoroki, neither of whom are doing a good job at hiding their contempt. Officer Crick laughs, flashing his hand. 
“I’m a married man, heroes!” Midoriya gives him his best fake laugh. “Right this way.” He leads them down a hallway. “My partner can join us in a few minutes, I’ll text him. You said this was about a case?”
“Yes.” Todoroki says gruffly. They all sit down at a metal table, except Bakugou who leans against the wall in the corner. To an outsider, it might have looked like he was trying to keep his distance, but Midoriya and Todoroki could feel his hands clenched in his pockets, holding back sparking, angry explosions. Shouto slams the manila folder down on the desk and rips it open. He takes a picture out, the one from the hospital, the one that’s been haunting his dreams and his nightmares. “What can  you tell me about her?” The officer’s whole demeanor changes, and the temperature of the room rises by a few degrees along with Shouto’s anger. 
“I uh,” Immediately, Officer Crick is sweating. Midoriya puts a hand on his friends shoulder. 
“Chill out a little.” He says brightly. “We’re going to hear what you have to say.” Midoriya smiles, but it doesn’t reach his eyes. “You’re going to tell us, why you forced someone in the hospital to re live the most horrific experience of their life, um, how many times is it on the recording kacchan?” 
“Five fucking times.” Bakugou snarls, slamming a palm down on the table, eyes wild. “Is that how you treat someone reporting a fucking crime, someone with goddamn internal bleeding, someone with a major concussion and three cracked ribs?” 
“Easy,” Midoriya beams, “Easy Kacchan.” The officer looks terrified. “Here’s the issue, officer,” he says, apologetically, “I can only hold my friends here back so much, and I think you know,” he tosses him a wink, “Better than anyone, that if his father wants something to go away, it’ll go away.” Shouto’s hands ball into fists. “So I need to know, who told you to bury this.” The officer swallows. “I saw a picture of a baby on your desk,” Midoriya says, still cooing. “Is that your daughter?” 
“Y-yes.” Officer Crick says. 
“She’s beautiful, Midoriya says. “You know, I never knew my father. I can’t even remember him.” The officer swallows, his second chin jiggling. “It was,” he sighs dramatically, “Difficult.” 
“What uh, what do you want from me?” He says hoarsely. “Please. Tell me what to do and I’ll do it.” 
“Is that what you said to those goddamn assholes?” Bakugou practically roars and the cop lifts his head. 
“No.” He says, voice trembling. “That’s what I said to Endeavor.” 
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kireimarkeu · 8 months ago
Summary: counting down the days until you finally see your long-distance boyfriend.
Mark is a jerk at one point. Also noticed how I put skype when they were calling through the phone and ft through laptop LOL
word count: 5.7k
Also lets pretend we can use spotify in korea ok
--Day 98
(10:33PM) Cutie: you idiot
(10:33PM) Cutie: answer my call!! You loserrrr
(10:34PM) You: omg give me a second
(10:35PM) You: ffs jshkdmj
(10:35PM) Cutie: omg what are you doing
(10:35PM) Cutie: why are you taking so long
(10:37PM) You: GIVE ME A SECOND 
(10:37PM) You: im taking food
You plop onto your bed, placing the  plate of grapes on the mattress, resulting in some to topple out of the bowl. You quickly pop one in your mouth before turning on your laptop. 
Before you could even call Mark, he was already requesting a facetime with you. You immediately answered. 
“Finally,” your boyfriend huffs when the call was finally connected. 
You hum, your hands searching for more grapes that has dropped on your bed sheets, popping them in your mouth. 
“What are you eating?” he asks. 
“Grapes,” your voice came out muffled from chewing, but Mark understands. 
“That’s what took you so long?” he frowns, “I can cut a watermelon in 5 seconds,”
“I didn’t ask,” you bite back. 
Your boyfriend automatically raises his hand to flash his middle finger while you did the same back at him. 
“What time is it there?” you ask him with raised eyebrows. 
You were studying in Korea but because of the virus, you had to go back to Canada. You didn’t know how long you would be staying, but Mark had promised you that he would make it work. 
“Um,” he looks at the clock that was a hanging next to him, “it’s 2:30PM here,” he answers, looking back at you, “It’s about 11 there, right?”
You nod.
“Don’t you have class tomorrow?” Mark asks. 
Lucky for you, your classes has changed to the local timing in Canada. Meaning, you don’t need to stay up at ungodly hours for your classes. 
“I think I can wake up tomorrow,”
“Do you want me to call you?”
“Please,” you pout.
Mark scowls jokingly at you, “the things I do for my girlfriend,”
You giggle innocently at your boyfriend, “I love you,” you make a heart with your hands, grinning at your laptop. 
“Yeah, yeah,” he rolls his eyes. 
--Day 90
“Babe, look up,” you call. 
Mark looks up to see you holding your phone up, obviously filming him through the screen. 
He could hear you grinning from behind your phone.
“Smile,” you instruct. 
He grins awkwardly while you let out a snort from behind the screen. You put your phone down, typing something before looking back up at your boyfriend. 
“What did you do?” 
You look up at him, biting back a smile— to which you failed, “go check Instagram,”
Mark immediately opens Instagram to see that you had posted something on your private Instagram. Only him and the members are following your private account since your relationship is still private. 
He clicks on the bubble to see a video of him that you had recorded. When he smiles, his face morphed into a horse from of the filter you were using. Mark couldn’t help but chuckle at the funny effect. 
“Okay, that’s kinda funny,” he admits. 
He looks back up at you to see you holding your phone in front of your face again, probably trying another filter on him again. 
“Is this another ugly filter, again?” whines your boyfriend. 
You laugh, your phone not covering your face anymore, “it’s not!”
“Don’t lie,”
Your giggles got louder, “it’s not! I swear!”
“Fine,” he huffs. He straightens his back and stares at the camera, waiting for you to finish recording. 
You put your phone down re-watching the video, chuckles leaving your lips. 
“What filter did you use?”
“It’s on my insta, baby,”
He looks down on his phone again to see that you have posted another story. He immediately clicks on it to see it was an NCT filter. 
‘Who is your NCT Bias?’  Was written on top of his head.
Mark waits for the filter to show the result. He grimaced when he got Jeno. He swipes up to reply to your story to send you a message. 
markleeee99 replied to your story: ewww
--Day 87
(1:18PM) mwark: hello baby
(1:20PM) you: wht im having class rn
(1:20PM) mwark: so
(1:25PM) you: i have class??? go away loser
(1:25PM) mwark: :( I just wanna talk to my girlfriend tho :/
(1:27PM) you: later
(1:27PM) mwark: nooo 
(1:33PM) you: omg youre an idol why are you so free
(1:34PM) you: go dance or rap or smth
(1:34PM) mwark: babyyyy
(1:35PM) you: im putting my phone on dnd
(1:35PM) mwark: nooo
(1:35PM) mwark: babe
(1:40PM) mwark: did you actually leave me D:
(1:40PM) mwark: ok whatev
(1:40PM) mwark: I was about to send you something but I guess I won’t now
(1:40PM) mwark: are you still ignoring me????
(1:41PM) mwark: omg babe I was jst joking I’ll send you some gifts
(1:41PM) mwark: booo u suck :(
--Day 81
This time, it was slightly different. Instead of your usual late-night calls through the computer, you had immediately skype him through your phone when you had received a package from Korea. 
“You got me something?” you ask loudly when your boyfriend answered your call. 
“Jeez, hello to you too, babe,” he rolls his eyes, “and yea, did it arrive?”
“What did you get me? And what type of shipping did you choose? It arrived so quickly,” 
The box was pretty heavy, so you had to put your phone down to place the huge box on the counter before bringing your phone back into view. 
“Express, I paid like extra,” Mark answers, eyeing you through the screen.
You click your tongue, opening the drawer to take out a knife, “stop wasting your money, you dumbass,”
Mark didn’t reply, instead he waits for you to open the package.
You let out a sigh, “what did you get me this time?”
You open the cardboard box, a navy-blue hoodie covering the top of it. You pull it out, looking at Mark who has a smile plastered on his face. 
“Is this your hoodie?!” you squeal, putting it on yourself. 
Your heart melt when the familiar scent fills your nostrils. It smells just like Mark. 
“Canada is getting cold isn’t it? Keep yourself warm, baby,”
You lean over to take everything out from the box. Mark had given you his half-used cologne that he uses on a daily.
“I bought a new one just so I could give you mine,” he tells you, a playful smirk on his lips. 
He had also packed some of your favourite Korean snacks, and some that you haven’t tried before. Along with some matching phone cases for the both of you. 
“Now I feel bad I didn’t get anything for you,” you frown., pulling the hoodie over your head.
“Don’t be,” he reassures you, “being able to see you is already enough,”
You scrunch your nose in disgust, “cringey, Mark-ie,”
“Fuck you,” he chuckles, flashing his middle finger at you. 
Your eyes widen when he cursed, “my mom’s home, you idiot!”
You laugh loudly when Mark’s eyes widen in surprise, both his hands covering his mouth. 
“Y/N?” you hear your mom call from the living room, “who are you talking to?”
Before you could even reply, your mother was walking towards you. 
“It’s Mark,” you answer as your mother got into frame to see Mark. 
“Mark! It has been a while, how’s Korea?”
Your boyfriend greeted your mom politely, a grin plastered on his face. Your mom was about to reach for your phone to talk to Mark, but you frown and pull away. 
“Noo, I wanna talk to Mark,”
You gathered the gifts Mark had given you in your arms before skipping up the stairs to your room, to spend the whole day (night for him) with him.
--Day 80
“Yo, Mark, there’s some food left outside, do you want it?” you heard Johnny ask from through the screen. 
Mark turns to look at the intruder, “knock next time, dude,” groans Mark. 
“Is that y/n?” 
Johnny suddenly enters the frame with a gummy grin, waving enthusiastically at you.
“Hi Johnny, how are you?” you smile, waving back at the older boy. 
Just when Johnny was about to get comfortable on Mark’s bed, your boyfriend let out string of whines, moving his phone until you could only see his cheeks. 
“Ah, that’s enough,” your boyfriend says in annoyance, “y/n is tired, goodnight, baby.”
You  couldn’t even reply because Mark had already ended the skype call. 
You pout, opening your messenger to send a text to your boyfriend. 
(7:35PM) You: heyyy why’d you end the call? ):
(7:36PM) Bubba: sorry
(7:36PM) Bubba: johnny was being annoying
(7:36PM) You: he wasn’t tho ):
(7:36PM) You: can we call again?
(7:38PM) Bubba: sorry angel
(7:38PM) Bubba: johnny wants me to go make music
(7:38PM) Bubba: later tonight?
(7:38PM) You: oky
(7:42PM) You: love u!
(7:42PM) Bubba: love u too 
(7:42PM) Bubba: <3
--Day 76
You were in the middle of facetiming mark when your phone vibrates from a text. You raise your eyebrows, thinking it was Mark. 
(12:11AM) Johnny: hey
(12:11AM) Johnny: I need to ask you something
(12:13AM) You: yeah?
(12:13AM) Johnny: is mark okay lately?
(12:13AM) You: he seems fine to me, why? Did something happen?
(12:14AM) Johnny: I don’t know if I should tell you about this
(12:14AM) Johnny: but
(12:14AM) Johnny: youre the only one who can probably help him
(12:14AM) You: help him with what?
You look up at your laptop to see that Mark’s eyes was still glued on his phone. Probably playing some games. 
(12:17AM) Johnny: he hasn’t been eating lately
(12:19AM) Johnny: he doesn’t really tell us stuff anymore so I was wondering you would’ve known something?
(12:22AM) You: oh
(12:22AM) You: he hasn’t told me anything
(12:23AM) You: I’ll talk to him about it
(12:25AM) You: thanks johnny :)
“Hey,” you jump at your boyfriend’s voice. You snap your head to look at your boyfriend who was already staring at you with curious eyes. “What are you so busy with?”
You clear your throat, shaking your head, tossing your phone to the side. 
“I wanna ask you something,” you say.
“Whats up?”
You scratch your head, unsure of how to put it into words without offending your boyfriend. You knew he hated being babied but you still want to care for him. He was your other half, after all. 
“Have you been eating well lately?”
You could sense Mark was stunned by the random question. He looks away from your wary eyes. 
“Who told you?”
“It was Johnny wasn’t it?” he cuts you off in anger. “God damn it, this is why I don’t want you talking to my friends,”
Why was he making this such a big deal?
“Mark I was just asking a simple question, why are you acting this way?” you argued back. 
He shakes his head, threading his fingers through his black hair stressfully. 
“I need to go Y/N,” sighs your boyfriend, “Goodnight,”
“Mark—” you were too late. Mark had already ended the call. 
A heavy sigh left your lips as you lied down on your bed. 
You weren’t sure if you should text him or give him space. Should you apologize? Was it your fault for bringing it up?
After thinking for a while, you decided to send him a text. 
(8:33PM) You: hi baby. I was just asking because I was worried about you. I know you hate it when I baby you, but I’m just looking out for you. I didn’t mean to bother you
(8:33PM) You: please don’t blame your friends for this. 
(8:36PM) You: I’m sorry, okay?
(8:40PM) You: I just want you to eat healthily. I’m not there to take care of you and I just want you to be healthy.
(8:47PM) You: just text me whenever so we can talk this out
(8:57PM) You: goodnight, mark
--Day 75
(12:03PM) Lovey: hey
(12:03PM) Lovey: I was thinking and realised how selfish I acted towards you
(12:05PM) Lovey: I know you were just looking out for me and I was just wasn’t in the mood because of how stressful it has been
(12:05PM) Lovey: please don’t apologize. Its my fault
(12:15PM) You: why haven’t you been eating?
(12:15PM) Lovey: comeback
(12:15PM) Lovey: I’m trying to lose some cheeks for this comeback
(12:30PM) Lovey: sorry for worrying you
(12:31PM) You: whaa…
(12:33PM) You: but you know my favourite part of your face is your cheeks D:
(12:33PM) Lovey: :(
(12:33PM) You: will you start eating again?
(12:35PM) You: im not going to force you, mark. It’s really up to you. 
(12:35PM) Lovey: im eating right now
(12:35PM) You: what are you eating
(12:38PM) Lovey: cereal
(12:38PM) Lovey: and um some left over sushi from yesterday
(12:38PM) You: ohhh sounds delicious
(12:40PM) You: okay I wont disturb you anymore, have fun eating bby
As you were about to put your phone away but there was an incoming videocall from your boyfriend. A small chuckle left your lips as you answered the call.
­--Day 73
“Yo, did you see it?!” was the first thing Mark had asked you when you answered his call. 
You raise your eyebrows in confusion, sitting up from your laying position, “see what?”
“We just posted a new dance practice; did you not see it?” his eyes widen dismay. 
You shook your head, grabbing your laptop from the table, placing it on your lap, “nope, my phone was on dnd,”
“How did you answer my call, then?”
“You’re in my favourites dumbass,” 
You type in your password before searching YouTube and clicking on the video that your boyfriend was talking about. 
While watching the video, you placed your phone resting on the laptop so Mark could see your face. Throughout the whole video, you were singing softly to the song. 
“Did you see that?! Did you see it?” Mark suddenly yells through the screen during the dance break part. 
You jump a little, “what? What? What did I miss?”
He groans at you, “the bracelet! Johnny dropped it!”
“Huh?” you press the arrow to repeat it again and you noticed how Johnny’s bracelet fell while he was dancing. 
“Wait a little more, I picked it up! Like a professional!”
You waited a little longer and your boyfriend was right. While he was getting into position, your boyfriend had swept the bracelet in his hands. 
You grin, “proud of you, babe,”
You wanted to continue watching but your laptop started lagging from the terrible wi-fi. You groan in annoyance, pressing pause, hoping it would reload but it only hangs even more. 
“God damnit, this fucking wi-fi,”
“Should I buy you a router? Or a new laptop?” he jokes. 
--Day 71
(9:02PM) You: hey wanna call?
(9:02PM) You: today was so stressful I just wanna talk to you
(10:12PM) You: ahh you must be busy with comeback
(9:32PM) You: sorry babe! We’ll jst call tmr? :)
(9:33PM) You: love u! make sureee u drink lots of water <3
-Day 67
Mark lets out an aspirated sigh as he answers your facetime call. “What, Y/N?”
You frown at the way he greets you. He was moody probably because he just finished practicing. 
You could tell from how he was laying on his bed without a shirt on, or how he would repeatedly thread his fingers through his black locks. 
“I just wanted to talk to you,” you mumble out softly, your eyes softening, feeling guilty that you were disturbing him. 
You bit your lip anxiously when Mark simply sighs, rolling his eyes slightly, “should we just call another time?” 
He sighs once more, moving around until he lays on his side, “no, no, what’s up?”
You felt a little hesitant, unsure if he was being sarcastic or not. Mark wasn’t the type to approach something if he doesn’t like it, he would just go with the flow. 
You shook your head, laying back down onto your bed, “No, you’re tired and I shouldn’t be disturbing you right now.”
Mark opens his mouth but you cut him off, “Sorry, Mark. Goodnight.”
You quickly end the call with a heavy heart, throwing your phone next to you. You knew you shouldn’t be expecting an incoming call from your boyfriend, but you shamelessly waited for his specific ringtone. 
It did break your heart a little when you didn’t get any response from your boyfriend. 
That night, you had spent your time watching Netflix with tears rolling down your cheeks. 
-Day 62
A choked sob left your throat, your hands wiping the tears running down your cheeks. 
“Y/N? Are you okay?” Johnny’s voice filled your ears. 
You gulp as your heart clench painfully when you hear Mark’s laughter in the background. 
“Y/N, d-do you want me to pass the phone to Mark?”
“N-no,” you quickly say out, pausing a little. Hiccups leaving your lips, “d-don’t… please,”
“Okay?” Johnny replies in uncertainty, “Are you… okay? Should I beat Mark up?” he jokes. 
You couldn’t bring yourself to smile. “How is he doing?” you whisper, but Johnny could hear very clearly. 
You assumed that he had moved somewhere else since you can’t hear the boys screaming in the background. 
“Did something happen?” Johnny asks, “I’m not with them right now, so you can tell me.”
You remember the last time you had last talked to Mark.
It has been exactly 5 days since the both of you last texted— or even called. You weren’t sure why or how it happened. 
It had taken a big toll on you— you couldn’t focus during lessons and you had spent most of the nights wide awake, thinking what had gone wrong. You had contemplated multiple times whether you should send him a text, but every time you push yourself to say something, you would always remember how busy he is. 
“We haven’t been talking for a while,” you answer painfully, “but he’s doing fine, right?”
You hope he’s doing fine.
You hear Johnny lets out an agitated sigh, “Don’t worry Y/N, I’ll go talk to him, okay?”
“Just… don’t stress him out even more.”
“I won’t. Just… stop crying over him, okay?” he says, “Mark is an idiot, he’s not worth crying over.”
A small giggle leaves your lips, “you sound like a girl right now,”
-Day 61
(12:12AM) Mark: hey babe
(12:12AM) Mark: johnny just talked to me about what happened
(12:13AM) Mark: can we talk?
(12:45AM) You: okay
(12:45AM) Mark: great, I’ll call you
(12:45AM) You: no
(12:46AM) You: we’ll text
(12:46AM) You: here
You just know that you would be a sobbing mess once you hear Mark’s voice. 
(12:46AM) Mark: oh
(12:46AM) Mark: okay
(12:46AM) Mark: youre okay tho
(12:47AM) Mark: right
(12:52AM) You: mhm
(12:52AM) Mark: that’s great um
(12:52AM) Mark: i didn’t know you were feeling that way
(12:53AM) Mark: i’ve been so busy lately i forgot to text or call you
(12:53AM) Mark: and that is not your fault at all
(12:53AM) Mark: i shouldn’t be acting like that in the first place
(12:54AM) Mark: its just really hard with timezones and everything
(12:54AM) Mark: especially with the comeback and all
(12:54AM) You: what are you saying mark?
(12:55AM) Mark: what?
(12:58AM) You: are you breaking up with me?
(12:58AM) Mark: wat? no. what.
(12:58AM) You: wait so we’re not breaking up?
(12:58AM) Mark: what
(12:58AM) Mark: no of course not what are you saying?
(12:59AM) You: I DON’T KNOW 
(12:59AM) You: i thought you wanted to break up
(12:59AM) Mark: no I don’t want to what the fuck
(12:59AM) You: so we’re good now right?
-Day 51
 Soft melodies were playing in the background while the both of you were doing different things. 
You were sitting on your chair, your elbows pressing painfully against your desk, working on your homework diligently. Your phone was perched on your lamp, making sure Mark could see your face.
Your boyfriend was laying on his bed with a notebook laying in front of him, a pen in his hand while he thought of lyrics. He had his legs swinging back and forth behind him cutely. 
You exhale loudly as you re-read the same question over and over again. 
Mark immediately looks up, “you okay?”
You hum without even looking at him before you continued doing your work. 
Mark decides to leave you alone as to not distract you. He rests his cheek against his arm as he tries to think of another sentence to finish the song he was working on. 
His eyes slowly dart towards you who had their eyebrows furrowed cutely, a pout plastered on your lips, baby hairs littering against your forehead and cheeks. 
Without even realising, a small smile spreads across Mark’s lips. His breath slows down as he relaxed and stares at your figure. 
Multiple sentences that could be used as lyrics flooded through his head. He quickly sits up to write the flood of inspiration that was bursting through his veins. 
-Day 43
(2:53AM) boyfie: duuudee!!
(2:53AM) boyfie: vlive!!
(2:53AM) boyfie: quick!!!!!
(3:15AM) You: omg ok give me a sec
(3:15AM) You: I just woke up
With a yawn, you open the vlive app and click on the NCT127 page to enter the live your boyfriend was doing. 
‘Hi’ you type in the comment section. You stare at your boyfriend, scanning his facial expression to notice your comment. 
Exactly 5 seconds later, a huge grin spreads across his lips as he looks up at the camera to wave. 
It eased you to know that he was waving at you, for you. Maybe you were being selfish, but you were glad that Mark was yours. Although it does get on your nerves when you see your friends post about how much he loves your boyfriend. 
‘mark is so handsome’ you typed. 
Unfortunately, Mark didn’t notice your comment, but Donghyuck did. Donghyuck nudges your boyfriend, who immediately responded, turning to look at him. 
His friend showed him your comment, which your boyfriend immediately smiles to. 
‘I love mark lee so much!!!’
A few seconds later Mark creates a small heart at the camera before looking away with crimson red cheeks. 
-Day 38
“So you and Mina, huh?” you say bitterly, rolling your eyes. 
You were referring to the interaction between the two when Mina was leaving music bank. You might’ve been slightly jealous of the chemistry between the two, especially when all the fans would ship the both of them.
Mark can only watch you in amusement, a small smile playing along his lips. 
“Is she better than me?” you say sarcastically, clicking your tongue, 
You envied their friendship. Someone who was merely a friend was able to see your boyfriend so easily. 
His face softens, “you know she’s not like that, baby,” his tone was soft, easy to persuade you. 
Baby. You wanted to scoff at that. He only used that term when he was trying to win your heart. 
You huff, crossing your arms violently. “You’re always with her!”
He chuckles, looking down at his phone before looking back up at you quickly.
You pout at the boy through the screen, “you love me more, right Mark?”
He sarcastically rolls his at your question. What kind of question was that?
His face scrunches in disgust, “Firstly, I don’t even love Mina that way, babe,” he tells you, “and secondly, the only person I love you, alright? So stop being jealous you wimp.”
“Wimp?” you scoff, “and you’re my boyfriend?”
“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?” 
Just as you were about to respond to him, your phone vibrated with a notification. You look down and gaped. 
_happiness_o wants to send you a message.
You unlocked your phone to see the message that Mina was trying to send you.
“You told her?!” you exclaimed, looking up at your boyfriend who was stifling  his laughter. “Mark! Why would you do that?!” you whine, throwing your phone next to you. 
“In my defence, I didn’t tell her to send you a text,” he says, “I was just talking about how cute you were being!”
-Day 22
You were laying on your side, deep in a slumber while Mark stares at you lovingly. 
Your cheek pressed cutely against your pillow which made your lips pout cutely. The little pieces of hair adorning your temples and cheeks only made Mark want to push it back against your ear. Something he would do every time you were sleeping with him. 
He suddenly got an idea and fishes out his phone, searching a filter that he had saved for this particular moment.
He clicks on the filter, waiting for it to load for a moment, before adjusting the angle so the filter could scan his face properly. Once he was sure it won’t budge, he presses record. 
‘your soulmate is sleeping right now’
A sad smile adorns his lips, looking at you through the screen. He flips the camera, zooming into your sleeping form then ending the video. 
Mark was quite hesitant to post it since he was never the type to post about his relationship with you. But these past few days has been hitting him differently. 
He missed you so much, he swore he could go crazy. He had spent another unreasonable amount on you again. He couldn’t even sleep because you were always stuck on his mind.
He bit his lip anxiously before posting the video on his Instagram story. He noticed how your phone vibrated right when it was uploaded— you had his notifications on.
-Day 15
“So it’s gonna be forever~” you sing loudly, pointing your hairbrush to Mark who was laughing loudly through the screen. 
“Or it’s gonna go down in flames…” he sings off tune. 
While you were busy singing and dancing from all Taylor Swift’s song, Mark had stealthily recorded you with his phone to upload them on his private Instagram. 
‘idiot. But my idiot’ he captioned before tagging you and posting it on his page. 
“Sing with me, Mark!” you shout, looking at your boyfriend. “Cherry lips, crystal skies, I could show you incredible things,” you sang, pointing at Mark. 
Your boyfriend blushes when he realizes you were singing to him. 
You cough loudly before clearing your throat after blaring out lyrics to Taylor swift. You reach for your cup of water before gulping it down. 
“What song should we sing to next?” you ask, scrolling down through you and Mark’s playlist. The both of you had shared one account ever since he found out the both of you shared the same music taste. 
“Should we do a rap?” he suggests. 
You smirk up at him, “oooh, because you’re a rapper, huh? Okay, okay.”
You thumb press on ‘Beauty and a Beat’ by Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj. 
“I’m a better rapper than you, Mark Lee,” you shout at your boyfriend before rapping to Nicki Minaj’s part. 
It was so adorable at how you stumbled over some words, or when you had your eyebrows furrowed trying to rap to the lyrics.
At this moment, Mark thought you were the most beautiful girl in the world. You had your hair tied up in the ugliest bun he has ever seen, but you looked so adorable, especially in the huge t-shirt you were wearing. But most importantly, the huge grin plastered on your lips and tint of red adorning your cheeks, puts a smile on Mark’s face.
Right when the song has ended, you let out a tired sigh, lying against your bed. 
“Am I better than you, Markie?”
He bit back a smile and nodded, “you should replace me in NCT, babe,”
You pretend to think, “I should, shouldn’t I?”
-Day 7
You were talking about Mark about your friend who had pissed you off earlier today.
He shrugs, “honestly, I saw that coming. I never liked her,”
You groan, throwing your head back, “I know right,” you stress, “I should’ve listened to you,”
Mark rests his cheek against his palm, “so what are you going to do?”
You pout, “I don’t know. What should I do, Mark?”
Your boyfriend hums, thinking for a while, “I think it’s best if you cut her off. She doesn’t deserve you, babe.”
You let out an aspirated sigh, frowning. “she was just a close friend…” you trailed off sadly. 
“I know, baby,” he coos, “but your mental health is important too.”
Your eyes widen cutely, “I love you,”
That caught your boyfriend off-guard, his eyes widen in awe. “w-what, don’t be weird!” he sputters out.
“You’re weird!” you bite back. 
-Day 3
“Mark,” you call out, your boyfriend immediately humming. “I learnt a new tiktok dance,”
He raises his eyebrows. He has never downloaded Tiktok but he knows how much you love the app. Most of the time the both of you were calling, you would be scrolling through the app, sending him links of videos that you found funny. 
It was a secret: Mark never actually watches the video. But you do not need to know that. 
“Show me, baby,”
You stood up, adjusting your laptop in a decent position. You reach for your phone to play the music before you started dancing. 
Mark recognized the song as Savage. It was a song that Taeyong would constantly play. 
Your boyfriend’s eyes widen in bewilderment, amazed at how good you were at dancing.
“Woah, woah,” he gapes when you started throwing back. 
When the song ended, you ambled towards your laptop, “how was it? Was I good? Was I as good as Taeyong and Johnny?”
He rolls his eyes at that, “do you do it to other people?”
“The throwing back thing,”
Ah. He was jealous. 
You shrug, looking away from his intense gaze, “I don’t know. I was planning to ask some of my friends about their opinion.”
“Y/N,” he says sternly.
“I was joking! Jeez. You’re such a party pooper.” 
-Day 2
You laid on your side, your arm supporting your head. A movie was playing on your laptop screen but you could only stare at Mark’s face. 
He was busy laughing at one of the scenes but you couldn’t focus from his handsome face. 
He was wearing the ugly black glasses that he chose a few weeks ago, but he still looked so good in your eyes. His black hair was styled messily from laying around.
“Babe, are you watching?” his eyes widen cutely after sensing how quiet you were being. 
“I am,” you mumble out, but your eyes never leaved your boyfriend’s screen.
“Okay,” he whispers, resting his body as he continued watching the movie that was played on the screen. 
At this moment in time, you wanted to tell Mark how much you love him. You wanted to smother him in kisses.
“Mark,” you called. You realise how he had paused the movie that was playing to listen to you. “I love you,” you tell him. 
Mark was frozen for a second, confused yet flustered by your sudden confusion. He smirks, playing the movie, “weirdo. I love you too, you cutie.”
-Day 1
(11:01PM) bub: babyyyy hiiiii
(11:01PM) bub: wanna call ;)
(11:05PM) bub: hello why r u not replying
(11:05PM) bub: it’s only 11 there
(11:10PM) bub: I know youre not asleep babe
(11:10PM) bub: arghhh
(11:10PM) bub: are you asleep????
(11:10PM) bub: :(
(11:10PM) bub: well ok gn bb I’ll talk to you tmr
(11:10PM) bub: love youuuu
You were laying on Mark’s bed restlessly, waiting for your boyfriend to reach his dorm. When you heard the door unlock, a grin spread across your lips when you saw your boyfriend walk in. 
“Hi Mark,” you greet, waving at your boyfriend.
Mark looks up at you and nods, “hi y/n,” he says back before turning the other way to go to the bathroom.
You bit back a smile quietly, giving him a minute to realise. You quietly stood up by the bed to amble towards your boyfriend.
“Wait,” he pauses, turning around slowly, his eyes widening at the sight of you walking up to him, “w-what? Is this real? y/n?”
You smile at him, spreading your arms, waiting for him to tackle you in a hug. “I’m here, baby.”
“Oh my god,” he breathes out before rushing towards you to pull you against his chest. “You’re here, oh my god,”
You rest your head on his chest, wrapping your arms tightly around his waist. You’ve missed the moment for so long. For more than 3 months, you had to live without Mark’s presence.
He pulls you away, his hand gripping your shoulder tightly. “How— what are you doing here?!” he exclaims. 
Your cheeks were hurting from smiling so much, “to see you, of course!”
“You surprised me!” he exclaims, pulling you in for another hug, “oh my god, you scared me so much, I love you so much. When did you get here? You didn’t answer my texts yesterday!”
“I love you too and I was in the plane, I couldn’t text you back,” you reply, however your voice was muffled by the black cotton shirt he was wearing. You pull away, looking up at him, “are you not going to kiss me?” you asked abruptly.
He looks down at you with wide eyes, “w-what. That is so sudden, don’t say that!” he stutters out, looking away from you. 
You pout at him, wrapping your arms around his neck, “what? I came all the way here, didn’t get enough sleep just to see my boyfriend but he won’t kiss me?”
He scowls at you, his arm dropping to rest around your waist. He leans down to connect both your lips. You felt your heart spark when you felt his lips graze against yours. 
You didn’t even realise you were pulling him down even more to kiss him deeper. Mark’s grip on your waist tightened, pulling you even closer. 
“Ah, the kids have finally met,” you heard someone say from behind you two. 
Mark and you pull away breathlessly, his lips tinted a bright shiny red. The both of you turn around to see Taeil standing at the door. 
Your boyfriend whines, “Go away, Hyung,”
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yayeetsonny · 5 months ago
Always Tell The Truth Part 2 ~ USWNT x Reader
Tumblr media
Okay so if you haven’t read the first part of this, which I will put here. Always tell the truth part 1 I suggest you do that, otherwise this one will make no sense. Also sorry... again for being gone so long. I hope you guys didn’t miss me too much. :)
“Those bruises, Y/N, where’d you get them?” 
“I. Don’t. Know.”
“I don’t believe you.”
“Fine then, don’t believe me. First Alex, then Christen and now you. This is just great, my teammates think I’m a liar. Well I’m not and I’m telling you the truth.”
I brushed by her and stormed out of the room, now determined to avoid my teammates so they’d stop asking questions and questioning my honesty.
“I’m not a liar. I don’t know where I got the bruises, I don’t know why they won’t believe me.”
After I stormed out of the room I share with Ali I ran... yes literally ran out of the hotel and out into the street. Well okay it was more like the sidewalk but whatever, I’m going for dramatic story telling here. I was angry, hurt and confused as to why my teammates couldn’t just believe me. I’ve never lied to them before, not ever. If something was going on I would have told them. And I genuinely have no clue where these bruises came from, I don’t remember hurting myself badly in practices or games and I don’t do any other crazy activities that would warrant the sudden appearance of severe looking injuries. I knew I just needed to clear my head so I started walking in a random direction hoping to get my thoughts together.
After a while I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and knew it was probably one of my teammates looking for me so I ignored it. My phone stopped ringing only for a short time before it stared up again. This went on for several long minutes before it finally stopped. After each attempt from whoever was trying reach me there was a separate single vibrate indicating they left a message. I felt a little guilty for disappearing and probably worrying everyone but they shouldn’t have assumed or accused me of lying. Thinking they finally got the message that I didn’t want to speak to them I continued walking god knows where trying to think of what to say when I finally decided to go back. I was really deep in thought, trying to remember if and when I got the bruises. Obviously they don’t just appear like magic. They have to be caused by something, but... what? All the sudden I was hit with a vague memory
“Huh?... Wha- where am I?”
“You fell asleep on the couch dear. Don’t you remember? It was really adorable actually. My mom said super sweetly.
That’s weird, she’s never overly sweet with me, like ever.
“No, I don’t remember doing that.”
I looked around and the tv was on, which is also rare. It was playing a random comedy movie. Comedy? My parents don’t even like comedy movies.
“Oh well you did. Right after dinner, you dragged your feet over to the couch and was out like a light before we knew it.” She said casually.
My dad waltzed in like everything was totally normal. What the fuck is going on. Why don’t I even remember eating dinner? How long have I been here? Why does my body hurt so much?
I came back to the present feeling slightly uneasy. I remembered now a little bit of what happened when I got to my parents house and a little bit of what happened after I woke up from my nap. They managed to convince me everything was fine after that and I left assuming they were telling me the truth because I was too tired and too annoyed to argue. But the more I thought about it the more I wondered just how much of what they said is true. Why were there huge gaps in my time with them? And why do I get the feeling that the weird gut feeling I have isn’t a coincidence? I got lost in thought again but it was peaceful this time and quiet which I was relishing in.
Unfortunately the peace and quiet only lasted for a few minutes when I started to get what I assumed were dozens of texts. I finally got fed up and decided to silence my phone completely. When I unlocked it I saw a glimpse of some of the worried texts from the team. They all pretty much said the same thing;
“Y/N please come back. I’m sorry for saying I didn’t believe you. I’m just concerned about you. I want to talk and I’ll listen to whatever you have to say. Just please come back.”- Ali
“Hey kid, heard what happened. Wanna talk?”- T
“Y/n where are you? I heard what happened and that you left?? please come back, we’re worried.”- Christen
“Bruh what the hell? let’s talk?”- Ash
“where r u?”- Mal
“It’s not safe for you to be out by yourself. Ali told us about the other bruises. Whatever this is we’ll help you. We’re gonna start searching for you if you don’t get your ass back here soon. We love you.”- Alex
And it went on like that as every single member of the team texted me some variation of that and the voicemails they all left were much the same. I started to feel more guilty but let my anger keep me from replying to them. They can stew a little longer.
Meanwhile back at the Hotel...
“Okay, so tell us exactly what happened.”
“I saw the bruises when she was changing, which I happened to walk in on. I don’t think she was expecting me. I asked her what happened and she said that nothing had happened and I asked her about the bruises I saw on her arm, shoulder and spine and she continued to tell me she has no idea where they came from. I told her I didn’t believe her and then she got upset and she just... left.”
“Just like that? She didn’t say where she was going?”
“No, she was so angry she just stormed out and when I tried to follow after her she was already gone.”
“And she’s still not answering her phone. Damnit kid come on, where are you?”
“She’s not safe out there on her own, we have to go look for her.”
“And how are we supposed to find her when she doesn’t have her location on and is doing everything she can’t to ignore us?”
“I have no idea but we have to try.”
“We will, but we should give her a little more time. It’s possible she’s just around the corner cooling off. She’ll come back when she’s ready.”
“You’re right.”
“Guys I hate to steer us back into more serious topics but shouldn’t we be talking about the bruises she has that started all of this?”
“What do you guys think they’re from?” Megan asked.
“I want to believe her when she says she doesn’t know but I mean how can you just not know about bruises as severe as those?” Ash said.
“I mean... I’ve had some pretty bad ones I don’t remember getting from anywhere.” Mal said off-handily.
I saw some of the rest of the team nod silently, indicating that they too had, had the same thing happen to them. And I had to admit that I had my fair share of bumps and bruises that I couldn’t explain because they just seemed to appear but I was still concerned for our youngest teammate as it was getting pretty late and it was already dark outside.
“Oh god, you don’t think it’s her parents do you?” Tobin asked no one in particular.
We all paused for a moment to process what she was implying and I know we were silently hoping, praying that they wouldn’t do that to her. That they wouldn’t beat their own child.
“No, there’s no way. She’s told us that they love and support her and that even though they aren’t around much they still care about her.”
“Right, you’re right.”
“It has to be them though, I mean there’s no other explanation. She didn’t have them before or after practice right?” Alex asked.
“No, she didn’t.” Lindsey said solemnly.
“Do you really think parents can just flip a switch? Just like that? Be caring and supportive one minute and violent then next?”
“It’s possible.”
“No, just don’t even go there. I refuse to believe they would do that.”
“We would have seen the bruises if she had them before, since we all change in the same locker room together for practices and games remember?” I said
“Fuck. When I get my hands on them I swear to god...”
She didn’t get to finish her sentence because Y/n walked into the dining hall where we were all gathered.
“Get your hands on who?” She asked quietly
“Y/n holy shit, thank god.”
“And she lives!... not the time? Got it.”
“Y/N... we need to talk.”
“Why? There’s nothing to talk about. I don’t know what Ali told you, but I don’t know where these fucking bruises came from okay? I don’t know. I’m sorry, I know that probably isn’t what you wanted to hear but it’s the truth. If you don’t believe me that’s fine but i’m not talking about it anymore.”
“Sweetie please just hear us out okay? We’re worried about you and getting defensive about them isn’t helping your case.” I said, trying to reach out for her but she backed away from me.
“Defensive? I’m just upset because you all still don’t seem to get it.”
“We want to get it, please just talk to us.”
“Y/N, please just...”
“No! Okay, just no. I said we weren’t talking about it again and that’s final. What happened to “I’ll listen to whatever you have to say.” Huh, Ali? Good to know that was complete bullshit.”
“I’m sorry baby, please believe me, we just...”
“Oh believe you? For what? You clearly still don’t believe me so why should I give you that courtesy? You know what, this is all just fucking stupid anyways. I’m going to bed. Goodnight.”
And with that she disappeared up to the room she’s sharing with Ali. Leaving us all more confused and concerned than ever.
“Well... that went well.”
“Shut up Emily, so not the time.”
Okay so yes that is yet another cliffhanger of sorts, I’m sorry but I thought that was a good place to end it. Just know that Y/N genuinely doesn’t remember a lot of what’s going on, just like she says. Her parents are definitely sus asf.
I’m actually writing part 3 rn so that should be up within the next day or so. I know I keep disappearing but my life is totally a mess rn lol. I’m back now tho and am excited to finally get to all the requests I have. Im so sorry for those waiting I haven’t forgotten. Promise.
Not edited.
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greensaplinggrace · 3 months ago
honestly THANK YOU for saying all that abt baghra bc i thought i was going crazy from not liking her??? bc i haven't read the books and only summaries of them on wiki and like. i dunno why ppl like her actually even in the show bc this guy, her son, is like "i wanna make the world better for us grisha" and she's just like "no." even tho he sees that she's MAKING HERSELF SICK from suppressing her powers! she's literally like in bed coughing in the flashback yet seem much healthier at the little palace. also like after everything, after her disapproval, after the fold, after centuries of waiting for the sun summoner.. he never abandons her. he makes sure she's cares for. he doesn't harm her. and i have to wonder if baghra has ever thanks him for that, for just not leaving her alone. like i dunno how im suppose ro believe aleks is a heartless villain when he still cares for his abusive mom like this. like has baghra even told her she loved him (honestly she reminds me of a classic emotionally unavailable asian parent but maybe that's just me). also im wondering if baghra ever told aleks that he had an aunt.. bc like.. now that u bring up her isolating him it's like hmmmm...
not at me being like alina... why do u trust the bitter old woman who literally beats u with a stick and verbally abuses u every chance she gets.. just bc she showed a bad painting... like.. pls use two braincells to see that who u figured out as his mother... is also using his protection..
like baghra could've upped and left with alina. but no. she stayed bc she knew she was safe under aleks's protection.
alsoim just impressed that after his first friend tried to drown him and harvest his bones... he didn't go into hiding???? he still wanted to make a safe heaven for grisha!!! HE STILL WANTED TO PROTECT GRISHA EVEN AFTER HIS GRISHA FRIEND TRIED TO KILL HIM FOR HIS FUCKEN BONES. like... this is the guy im suppose to believe is the villain???
honestly i feel like part of the reason why LB's plotlines seem so bad and disconnected (and sometimes outright racist but that's another rant) and why darkles is disproportionately more violent and villainous in the later books is bc she didn't expect the darkling to be so popular and wanted to stick with her guns of making him the villain. but also wanted the money from aleks's popularity. but like you can't have ur cake and eat it too.
Well thank you for sending this ask! It's very sweet and very passionate. I'm glad you liked my post! I didn't put as much thought into it as some of my others lol. I kind of just talked. But it was nice to be able to finally talk about some of the problems I have with both her character and the fandom/author's perception of her.
HERE is the post this is referring to, in case anyone's wondering.
👀👀 You've hit the nail on the head for so many things, here!
Baghra is extremely emotionally unavailable, basically to the point of neglect. She's also verbally and physically abusive, traits which I doubt were only reserved for her students and not her son. Baghra claims she would do anything to protect him, but I've known a lot of parents who have that mindset and yet still harm their children because they think it's "good for them".
Aleksander stays at Baghra's side for years, and even when they're opposing each other she's never too far away from him. Idk if you've read the books but he does eventually hurt her. And as much as I don't like Baghra, I think his actions were horrid. But I'm also honestly kind of surprised it took him so long lmao.
Yeah I mean, in terms of isolation, let's not forget that she never wanted to introduce him to his father, either. Baghra's sense of eternity clouds a lot of her judgments on relationships, which means she views most people as dust and therefore teaches her son to as well. The problem with that is that he's a growing child, and he needs those social and emotional attachments for healthy development.
I would bet quite a bit of money that Baghra has either never told him she loves him or she has told him so few times it's practically forgettable.
And everything becomes more complicated because so many of Baghra's actions are understandable because of her life and her history, but the impacts they have on the people around her, especially Aleksander, are permanently damaging. And the fact that that's never gone over in critical depth in the books or how it's glossed over in fandom is just very disconcerting. Like, acknowledging Baghra's failings doesn't mean we're excusing Aleksander's actions, it just means we're holding Baghra liable for her own. Which the fandom should be doing, considering she's the epitome of an abusive parental figure.
And Alina trusting Baghra over Aleksander is even more confusing! Especially in the show!! This is the woman who beat her and abused her and tortured her friends when they tiny little children (and who probably still does so now that they're adults). This is the woman who mocks you and harasses you and insults you on a regular basis. Why does Baghra revealing she's Aleksander's mother make Alina change her mind?! Like fuck, I'd just feel bad for Aleksander. No wonder he kept it a secret, I would too! And that painting is enough evidence?! Really?! A random painting shown to you by this abusive mentor that's been making your life hell. That's what you're going to betray your new lover over?
The friends trying to harvest his bones thing is a good point, too. I think Aleksander, especially show Aleksander, is incredibly idealistic. I think he cares too much for others - those he's deemed worth his care (a sentiment given to him by Baghra). Despite everything she's tried to teach him about hiding and abandoning others and never caring and never doing anything to help or reach out or connect with people, Aleksander still continues to do so. It's likely because he never got it from Baghra growing up, and so is desperate for those emotional needs to be fulfilled elsewhere.
His turning point, when Baghra tells him it was understandable that those kids tried to kill him because the world is such a hard place for them - that's crucial. And the reason it's possible as a motivating factor is because of that idealism and that desire to help and that desire to be everything his mother isn't. Baghra tells him this trauma he just experienced was because of the oppression of his people, and instead of following her lead and accepting that, going into hiding and abandoning everybody to their misery, he goes I can do something about that. I can make it so this never happens again. Which is usually how trauma like that combines with one's core personality traits at a young age, especially when there's none of the essential support systems in place to aid in recovery (ie, the role Baghra should have been filling but wasn't, because she decided to exacerbate the problem instead).
And yeah, one of my biggest problems with the ham-fisted "beating you over the head with a sledgehammer of evil deeds" look-how-bad-this-character-is! portrayal of the Darkling in the later books comes from the impression I get that Bardugo doesn't trust her readers. She's so desperate to have us hate this character and think him an irredeemable villain, not trusting any of her readers to engage critically with a morally gray character, that it feels quite a bit like condescending fucking bullshit. Which ew, I know how to engage with literature, thanks.
She really does seem to look down on a large part of her fandom, and imo, the infantilization of the female characters in her books seems to carry over to her impression of most of her female readers as well. Which is why the Darkling's character arc gets fucking destroyed. But he's still a good cash grab, of course, so she'll shake his dead corpse in front of the fandom for money every time she wants something from it.
Also! Another reason I think her plotlines feel disconnected (I'm sorry Bardugo I respect you as a person, but shit-) is because the writing in SaB is just bad. I mean, nevermind the absolutely nauseating implications of the way she portrays the Grisha as a persecuted group who's situation is never actually fully addressed as it should be, considering Grisha rights is what her main villain is fighting for (imo for a series called the Grishaverse, LB seems to be pretty anti Grisha), but her characters and story alone are just wrong for each other. They don't fit together.
And the ending is one of the main pieces of evidence in that regard! You can’t say the ending where Alina isn’t Grisha anymore is her “going back to where she started” when she’s always been Grisha. She just didn’t know she was Grisha because she denied that part of herself that she was born with.
Alina is reluctant to move forward or change, she struggles with adapting, and she’s very set on the things she’s grown attached to throughout her life. She also has some latent prejudices against the Grisha, and so denies the possibility of being Grisha for those reasons as well.
Alina’s lack of powers in the beginning of her life because she willfully doesn’t learn about them to avoid change versus her lack of powers at the end of the book when she’s accepted them and then they’re stripped away from her by outer forces are two entirely separate circumstances. You can’t make a parallel about lost powers and lack of Grisha status bringing her back to the start when she was always Grisha and she always had powers and she simply refused to come to terms with it because of personal reasons.
The first situation is an internal conflict that indicates a story about growth and a journey of self acceptance. Denying herself the opportunity to learn about her heritage and to find acceptance with a group of people like her because she’s tied to the past and because of the way she was raised is the setup for a narrative that tackles unlearning prejudice and learning how to connect with a part of her identity that was denied her and learning how to grow independent and self assured. It’s the setup for a different story entirely. The second situation is an external conflict that centers around the ‘corrupting influence of power’... for some reason.
In a world where Grisha do not have social, political, or economic power and they are hunted, centering your heroine’s journey of self acceptance and growth around an external conflict about... the corrupting influence of power (in a group of people that don’t actually have any power?!) just doesn’t work. It is literally impossible to connect the two stories Bardugo is trying to push in Shadow and Bone without seriously damaging the main character’s developmental arc.
The only way a narrative like this would work, claiming that she has gone back to where she started, is either a) if the Grisha weren’t actually a persecuted group and instead were apart of the upper class, or b) if the one bad connection between the two instances is acknowledged - that Alina denied a part of herself crucial to self acceptance and growing up, and that losing her powers at the end has also denied her. It is a tragedy, not a happy ending.
Alina suffered because she didn’t use her powers. She grew sick. It was bad for her. This was not a resistance to 'the corruption of power and the burden of greed', it was her suffering because she couldn’t fully accept herself.
Framing the ending as a return to the beginning can’t be done if you don’t address how bad the beginning was for your main character. You brought her back to a bad point in her life. You regressed her. This should be a low point in her arc. It should be a problem that’s solved so she can finish developing organically or it should be something that is acknowledged as a tragedy in it’s own right, for the future the world (the writing) denied her.
This is a ramble and it makes no sense and I’m really sorry, but my point is that Bardugo put the wrong characters in the wrong story. The character arc required for organic development doesn’t match the story and intended message at all. The narrative doesn’t fit the cast. She's got two clashing stories attempting to work in tandem and she ends up with both conflicting messages that fans still can’t comprehend in her writing and an ending that doesn’t suit her main character to such an impossible degree that it’s almost laughable.
So yeah, there's a few reasons why I think the story and the plot feels so bad and disconnected. I hope you don't mind me making this answer so long! 😅 I was not expecting to write this much.
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What do you think being child katsuki’s friend/crush would be like behind the scenes? Personally I see it as constant teasing and like pulling of the hair on his part but also some wholesome fun moments like pushing each other into like a stream or something and just splashing one an other or being competitive with the most random things and such
I love how you wrong the angry Pom Pom so I’d love how you’d see his friendship
no wait bc now im thINKING bout it,, rllY thinking about it
-firstly, i agree with everything u have said so far.
-little katsuki would absolUTELY pull ur hair. And not like, playful little teasing tugs either, no, he’s full on yANKING. ofc it hurts, so then u turn around and yell at him, but too bad for u bc that’s what he wanted the entire time. for u to pay attention to him.
-on the stream thing, absolutely. the second that little devil sees even a dROP of water, he’s trying to push u into it. i’m talking puddles, streams, rivers, lakes, even rain runoff from a gutter. doesn’t matter. if he can somehow push u into it, he will. he just thinks it’s funny when ur hair is all wet and u get angry, alright, and that’s the only reason he needs.
-challenges u to races. all the time, over everything. eating? race. tying your shoes? race. brushing your teeth? race. everything is a race with tiny bakugou, and he is determined to win.
-he builds the best forts. he just does. he’ll be like “look at this, i did it. bc i’m the best.” and point his little grubby hands at like, a three-story blanket fort complete with a garage. no one knows how he did it, but he did, and ur the only person he lets in for free. (everyone else has to sacrifice snacks)
-bro he’s a jealous/possessive adult, but holy shit, little katsuki is 100000x worse. if ur his best friend/crush than that means he’ll choose u over every one else, every time, no exceptions; now, that also means he expects you to choose him every time too. will throw an absolute fit if u dont. like, u wanna make more friends?? too bad bc he’s screaming at all of them until they cry and leave both of u alone. pls, i would love to say differently bc it would be -cuter~ but no, he is an absolutely toxic child. he just is.
-he will share his food, but only one piece. and it’ll be the 2nd to last piece so u have to sit and watch him eat the entire bag first. bc he’s a little shit. don’t ask me about this one i just know it okay
-kleptomania. i mean it. if he sees some weird shiny thing he thinks is cool and wants to show u, he’ll just take it. just completely swipe it out from wherever and whomever and somehow get away with it bc he’s a devious, devious genius child. but he’ll just stockpile these little things and throw them at u if he thinks ur upset. like his brain is just a constant loop of “wow, ur sad? what if shove some assorted trash at u? how bout now? wait- ur still sad? why? it’s a gift, and a good one bc i’m the best, so suck it up and be happy.”
-bb katsuki is constantly bragging. just constantly. like, and u can’t even tell him to stop bc he’s not rlly saying anything that isn’t true. he rlly just is stronger and smarter than most other kids. it sucks but he is.
-he is still somehow weirdly attentive?? as a child. like, similar to how he is as a teenager/adult, but be more obvious about it since this is before all that pride and embarrassment forms. so he’ll try his best to take care of u and make sure ur not getting hurt.
-tiny katsuki’s best misguided ~protective~ hits include:
1.) mercilessly targeting other snot-nosed children. pls bc one kid in ur class could throw a miLD insult at u, like “you’re a butthead” or something equally dumb and katsuki will turn around, slow and terrfying like he’s possessed and just ~explode~. lil mans beats the kid into the ground, even before his quirk develops, and then tops it off with a comment like “i bet your mommy doesn’t love you” while the other kid lies bruised and writhing.
2.) property damage. when his quirk does develop and he figures out u like watching his explosions, he’ll just blow things up when ur upset. like, as a way to try and comfort u. now, ofc it works bc what child doesn’t like loud noises, but he gets in big trouble for destroying things. not that it matters, he still keeps doing it. again and again and again.
3.) being an absolute stain on civilized bug society. like, if u don’t like bugs then he’s hunting them down. scouring for them and flipping over logs just to smash all the little fuckers right in front of u. and then saying “ur such a baby, Y/N. Look they’re all dead now so stop crying.”
4.) and finally, yelling at ur parents...... no fr. like, lets say, for example, ur mom is just doing her job, parenting you, right, but all katsuki sees is u crumbling and crying so he’ll just yell right back at her. ur mom will be like “i told you no for a reason, Y/n!” after u get hurt doing something dumb, n katsuki will look her dead in the face and “that’s stupid. ur stupid. stop yelling it makes you look dumb and ugly.” pls pray for him bc mitsuki beats his aSS when she finds out.
-ultimately, tiny bakugou katsuki is a menace. he is a biggest little shit on the face of the planet, okay? but even if he takes great pride in being an absolute holy terror to everyone and everything, he tries to be a little softer for u. maybe. if he feels like it that day.
so in conclusion, good luck charlie🧍‍♀️
no pls bc i love writing for requests sm!! this was so much fun ty ty!!! also,, deadass never thought much about child katsuki before, surprisingly, but holy shit i think i’m gonna fixate on it for probably forever- like he’s just so funny
hope u enjoyed @onepiece-baby !!!
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