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If We Were Villains (M. L. Rio) Une Critique de Livre

Je lis ce livre en deux après-midi. C’était difficile à poser! Ce livre est un livre populaire dans cette communauté, et je peux voir pourquoi. Il suit l’histoire d’un groupe de jeunes acteurs adultes au collège pour le théâtre. Ils parlent dans des citations Shakespearien et agissent comme s’ils étaient les personnages - une idée explorée dans le livre à un niveau plus profound. J’ai apprécié le fait qu’il ait vraiment ouvert la psyché des personnages, et je n’ai pas senti qu’aucun personnage n’ait été intact. C’était beaucoup plus intense émotionnellement que je n’ai vu d’autres le dire. Alors que les personnages luttaient, j’ai senti que j’avais du mal avec eux. Ça m’a vraiment capturé.

I read this book in two afternoons. It was difficult to put down! This book is a popular book in this community, and I can see why. It follows the story of a young adult actors group in college for theatre. They speak in Shakespearien quotes and act as though they are the characters - an idea explored in the book at a more profound level. I enjoyed the fact that it truly ripped open the psyche of the characters, and I did not feel that any character was left intact. It was much more intense emotionally than I’ve seen others say. As the characters struggled, I felt I struggled with them. It captured me truly.

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those who read if we were villains knew right from the first few chapters that oliver and james should be endgame but M L Rio really only gave us a very tiny little smol short brief onstage kiss between oliver and james BUT MIND YOU IT LEFT THE WHOLE THEATER AND ALL THE AUDIENCE CONFUSEDT. THE IMPACT

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I need language to live, like food - lexemes and morphemes and morsels of meaning nourish me with the knowledge that, yes, there is a word for this. Someone else has felt it before.

M.L. Rio - If We Were Villains

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I have just realized that my childhood/early teen desire for extremely close and exclusive friend groups or say, “found family” in media who would do anything for each other, even going to morally questionable extremes to help/protect each other is one of the main things that make me so susceptible to a lot of contemporary DA media.

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Have you read If We Were Villains by M.L Rio? We included this creeptastic mousepad with our favorite quote in the December crate: “You can justify anything if you do it poetically enough.” That pretty much sums up the book to a T! What did you think of the ending, if you read it? I’d say, but I’ll just do it in a comment instead so that we don’t spoil it for anyone. ;)

Thank you to toshsbookcorner on IG for this photo! LOVE that pop, too!

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Swear to God, whenever you find a newly released book while browsing, a book you have never heard of before, and it then goes on to become super popular on Booklr, you feel the pride of an agent discovering the new hot boy band at a small town’s high school concert. 

Whenever I see posts about “If We Were Villains”, I feel this RIDICULOUS sense of pride, because I happened to find it in a tiny bookstore in my hometown and knew right away that it was perfect and only months later did I start seeing hype for it online. And the hype is so well deserved, and I know that I would have found and read it ANYWAY, but the fact that it, like… came to me? Out of nowhere? And was perfect…? Yeah, good times. 

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“James laughed brokenly, and I felt something deep between my lungs crack clean in two.”

― m.l. rio , if we were villains

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i am. so not sorry for the recent spam in iwwv by the way

might make an original post or two about it because i have Thoughts

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Well I finally read If We Were Villans. I’m a little disappointed? Some parts (particularly Act IV) were brilliant but I thought the characters were rather flat and archetypal and the ending way too rushed. Everything could have been elaborated on.

Also I got really upset about perception of liberal arts schools and majors and how dark academia has made them pretentious. And also about the nature of publishing. But I think a lot of my issues with the book have to do with the hype because the author is from tumblr and because of dark academia. This is a discussion for another time.

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HEY YOU! YES you, who is obsessed with DPS, mystery, Shakespeare, a theatre kid *or even a wanna be theatre kid like me*, a sucker for Dark Academia, the secret history *havent read it yet*,

please read If We Were Villains. I can’t, i have no words, i dont think I’ll ever get over this book.

Literally finished in one day and like, its too much. I have too many feelings about this. In a *mostly* good way ofc.

Point is, please read. Its worth it.

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Absolutely love the fact that dark academia is just “yeah we romanticize learning and we like to wear tweed and like big libraries with gothic architecture, neat right! Classical music, black coffee, it’s cool! Oh and also murder is just… there. It’s part of it. We don’t murder but like it’s 100% an essential part of the aesthetic.” And we’re just like “aw hell yeah.”

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