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#if we were villians

Requesting help…theater (?) edition!!

Hi folks!! So jumping right into things, I am requesting help on all things theater and her culture.

I have never taken theater; I helped out as a makeup artist assistant in a local play a few years back but that’s the extent of my experience.

I am currently writing a story involving a couple scenes that take place in a theater class/environment. If you have ever taken theater, or know literally anything that has to do with performing or working as a crew member, etc., I am all ears! And I really really appreciate your insight.

When I say if you have any insight, I mean any, such as but not limited to:

•do you happen to have any theater history/philosophy knowledge that you learned and are open to sharing (theater history from any time period)

• what are some theater jokes/common theater protocol/theater etiquete (??) that outsiders like me may not inherently know about/understand

•do you have any stories you’d like to share from taking theater, working in a play ( I 100% promise I am not going to copy and paste your story into my own, I am more trying to understand what it’s like to take theater/understand the culture, if you will.)

•do you have any performing wisdom to share, a cool/funny/interesting thing that you learned that has to do with theater and or it’s history?

•what are your favorite plays and why? What moves you, what inspires you when it comes to performing or working on a set?

•what are your favorite quotes within the theater sphere and why?

•are there common terminology/titles/labels found within the theater world that are usually overlooked/not known by non theater people? if so, I’d love to know!

•do you have any points of refernace that a non-theater person such as myself could look to to gain more insight into the theater world?

•literally any insight you could provide into the theater world!/things that aren’t usually addressed within books/media that you think should be :)

And of course, a huge huge thank you in advance! If I happen to use anything at all, even a smidgit of the wisdom you graciously provide, I am more than happy to credit you in what I am writing! I’d much rather gain a little more knowledge and appreciation for this amazing world of performance and not totally represent it wrong. If you can’t currently think of something, no worries! I’d definitely appreciate if you’d reblog this if you think your followers would have any insight!! Thanks again!

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update on the secret society im making

-i have a name i came up with

-wouldnt it be cool as hell if we all had matching rings?

-i really want matching rings

-how do we go about getting matching rings

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If We Were Villains, M.L. Rio
The thing about Shakespeare is, he’s so eloquent… He speaks the unspeakable. He turns grief and triumph and rapture and rage into words, into something we can understand. He renders the whole mystery of humanity comprehensible. You can justify anything if you do it poetic enough.
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okay, I’m genuinely asking this question because I’m curious. I always see posts of Stem majors being in dark academia, but what about political science/political theory majors? Would it be interesting to write a book about cutthroat ideological pretentious poli sci majors?!

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