#if you dont sleep at all you feel no emotions
gabzs-things · 2 days ago
hi @gabzs-things I have a request please. One where the reader has autism and gets embarrassed about stimming in public so he stims with her so she isn't alone and he sleeps with a weighted blanket for her. tysm just thought this would be good, also dont worry about getting facts wrong idm. stimming in the shorthand is volitary movements or vocalism to help self stimulate a person with or without autism, this can include hand/arm flapping , humming, whistling, head banging and rocking ect. bye
hiya, of course I can. I think @blueathens had a similar request so if mine doesn’t do it for you , keep an eye out for hers. Tbh ya’ll should do that anyways her writing is golddd. I actually know quite a lot about ASD/ASC (autism) through people i know and charity work i do with children with ASD. anyways enough on that hopefully this is what you wanted... 
disclaimer: autism is different for everyone.
Title : Reader with autism (request)
Quote : “Don’t apolise my love,”
Song : ‘Atlantis - Seafret’
When you first met Ben you were very good at masking your autism so when you finally told him after 3 weeks of going out with him he was surprised yet very supportive. The next time you visited his house books about ‘dating someone with autism’ and ‘autism ; fact and myths’ books etc could be seen on his bookshelves and you could tell how much effort he put in because he loved you.
Fast-forward 3 and a half years and you had moved in together. He could read your emotions and sense an outburst even before you could, he knew what you needed when experiencing a sensory overload (space), made sure he had all of your safe foods filling the cupboards to the brim, sleeping with a weighted blanket in your shared bed to help you sleep. But there is one by far that he does that sets him apart from the rest.
It started on a busy summers evening in the park you were having a picnic date but the only thing was the fact that the whole neighbourhood had decided to have a picnic as well that day. And you didn’t like people staring at your stims and you were flapping your hands quite noticeably so he joined in, flapping his hands and arms around without a care in the world, diverting all the unwanted attention towards himself. Both of you bursting out with laughter.
later that evening he ran a lovely bath for you, no bubbles, and he was downstairs playing FIFA with Madders, Mason and Kai. Suddenly you felt the need to do your head banging stim against the edge of the bath, Ben heard this from downstairs. pulling the microphone on the headset to his mouth and speaking urgently.
“sorry lads, that’s me dont for tonight, same time tomorrow !” he said throwing the headset on the floor and rushing to your side not that you needed his help, you could stop if you wanted it just felt nice and was calming. He slipped his hand under your head in an attempt to dim the force as not to hurt you.
“Baby, i know it feels nice but can you try not to do that one because its not safe hun.”he said gently.
“I am sorry” you replied thinking he was angry with you.
“dont apologise my love, i tell u what ,when you are out of the bath i can get you some pillows to do that to ?”
“yes please” you replied.
That night he laid in bed with you , holding you softly whilst you stimmed in a safe environment. him leaving trails of gentle kisses along your jawline lulling you to sleep.
A/N : please don’t come at me , i tried to portray stimming as something y/n doesn’t need help with however i dont have autism yet stim everyday constantly and sometimes i need help with it otherwise i will get overexcited! hope this is what u wanted anon and please keep an eye out to see if @blueathens posts her version xx
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marauders-once-said · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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doodlebloo · 17 days ago
(don't rb)
#its just so. its very frustrating because like #ive been a c!Tubbo fan since before the election #and like. hes built his character up to have all of this depth and subtlety and hes done such an amazing job #but after a certain point fans started to be like well is all that depth even really there? or is it just speculation? #and then the mother fucking anniversary stream happened. #which essentually said ''yes. all that depth is there & you guys are right in your analysis of his character. good job picking up on it!'' #and we all went holy fucking shit! this is the most insight we've gotten into his character maybe ever!!! what are you going to do with it? #and the answer for all intents and purposes right now seems to be ''um... probably drop it all.'' #its just. whoever says the dream smp has no main characters i viousoy isnt a c!tubbo fan /lh #because the amount of times he should be involved in something and just Isnt is crazy #and yes i know a lot of that is our streamer Tubbo not being the biggest fan of roleplaying emotional scenes in the first place #and thats without mentioning his habit of sleeping through plans (i say this all light heartedly and dont at all mean to insult) #but like..... this time around its starting to feel like. #well forgive me for speculating abt whats going on behind the scenes but #does anyone else get the feeling that with this plot point Ranboo and Techno said ''cTechnoblade takes cTubbo on a journey that'd be cool'' #and Tubbo agreed and none of them like bothered to give any more thought abt how a plotline like this might affect c!Tubbo. #it just feels like hes going to be used as a Prop. he's the fucking Disney Sidekick on Technoblade's adventure to rescue Ranboo's son #instead of actually committing to showing us More of whst we got a peek of in the anniversary stream. #im going to be 100% honest right now: i know the dsmp will probably have its story wrapped up by the end of this year #whether through a satisfying ending or through the writers/schedulers giving up #but i will die on the hill that if c!Tubbo wrote 2-3 more streams for hus character where he was willing to act to the extent #that he acted in the one year later stream he could have the most satisfying ending out of any character. #and i know that makes it sound simpler than it is but. dear god im just so worried theyre going to ruin his character #right at the end of the lore by just not even fucking considering him. im like genchamp so worried. #i probably SHOULDNT be bc lord only knows when Tubbo will be coerced into doing lore again but. all theyve gotta do is stick the landing yk #long post #ok sorry. again i shouldnt speculate so much ive been trying not to ive been trying to just patiently wait yk #doodle.txt
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figofswords · 4 months ago
i fucking hate taking naps and this has literally always been the case and yet there’s something about college that as soon as a new semester starts i am constantly going iwantanapiwantanapiwantanap. i don’t actually want a nap but i am constantly experiencing the Emotion of wanting a nap. 
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hope-coeurell · 2 months ago
I am once more coming out of my little cave to say that i love jiang cheng the exact same way i love aaron minyard, and that happens to be a lot
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toastweasel · 6 months ago
it's amazing what happens when you go to therapy and get on drugs and stop being an anxious and depressed mess approximately 99% of the time
(now it's only like...50-65% of the time.)
but like
damn y'all now that I'm dealing with my shit I have emotions again????
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jxdxs · 10 months ago
still  unable to contact your psychiatrist and being advised to go to the er so you fuck around at the er for 4 hours just for them to tell you "you need to call your psychiatrist theres nothing we can do to help you uwu"
Tumblr media
#what the fuck do you think i have been doing for the last almost 3 months now homie #why the fuck do you think im here. if i could get into contact with my psychiatrist i WOULDNT BE HERE #i put myself thru the emotional stress of being in a hospital to basically get told to go fuck myself #thank you 👌 i love healthcare peofessionals they dont make me want to kill myself at all ever 👌 #what do i have to do to make someone take my fucking health seriously lmfao #cause it seems like me rolling up with slit wrists or an OD is the only language yall understand and id really like to not do that #REAL FUCKED UP HOW DISABLED PPL HAVE TO BE LITERALLY DYING IN FRONT OF YOU FOR YOU TO HELP THEM LOL #im real fucking burnt out here lads i feel like ive done everything i can in my power to get help #i feel like i shouldnt have to work this hard just to get my meds refilled #im climbing the fucking walls here like i had to take a day off work for this and they didnt even do anything #im just fucking pissed off i wanna feel like my life matters i want this to be treated with the urgency it needs #im just frustrated and tired im ripping my fucking hair out here like im so beyond exhausted #food water breasts image meme but its sleep medication refill dilfs #this is the hardest i ever worked to stay clean in my fucking life lads genuinely dont know how im still doing it #i really need soemthing to start going right real fast im hanging on by a thread here and have been for months #i need somebody to take my failing health and wellbeing seriously #i need to SLEEP dude ive been awake for 2 days #just give me. my fucking. meds. its not that hard. #vent // #im a big fucking crybaby i know im just overtired and kinda freaking out
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darthvandr · 11 days ago
It’s so much harder to go to sleep when you’re upset
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hestia-x · a month ago
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hamster-on-fire · 5 months ago
Ahhhh I wanna make something. I want to write & explore themes & watch very niche episodes of things that don't exist & paint (I can't paint) & draw & just talk for ages about how things make me feel & I want - I want - to learn how to replicate that feeling - how to get behind the scenes of it & tug the right wires, make my own, & make something that makes someone feel the same. Yknow?
#✨inconvenient creativity✨ #i need to sleep #but this is like. it happens EVERY time i start watching a new show. i want to freeze it & explore little pockets of information & #see all the different ways i could approach them & all the nuances of emotion in it. #and im scared that i love that feeling so much that I'll fall into a fanfic rut. cos im aware there are benefits like that that arent there #in original stuff. i mean. you can take an isolated theme or emotion or concept from something & explore it in the form of original writing. #& ive done that before. but its different yknow?? you cant make use of the schematic knowledge already in place cos you know your audience. #& you know what they know. like particularly with x files i love playing around with odd metaphors & making (what are hopefully subtle) #references to other bits of the show & it can work because there IS an 'other bit of the show'. whereas with original stuff #.cant as much/in same way. yknow?? #this is why i never wanted to start writing fic in the first place. i was really against it. but i was miserable & mid lockdown & spiralling #in a thousand diffrent directions & it offered not only a form of writing practice. but also an outlet for ideas and emotions and a place to #explore how scenes in shows elicited emotion & how characters interact #& more than that. it also let me recieve feedback on my writing. something i would never otherwise had got having nevet (well i have now but #hadnt last year) put any of my original stuff out there. unless you count the occasional class conpetitions when i was like 8 which i dont😂 #anywayyyy #yeah it was food for my starving self esteem & i felt more grounded for it. i was interacting with ppl in a way that covid couldnt take a #sledgehammer to & that little bit of invincibility made up for all the rest of it #🤷 #oh btw this is ok to rb i guess. since its a pretty generic thing :)
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gothiero · 9 months ago
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hinata-bisexual · 11 months ago
holy shit guys fearless by louis tomlinson
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im-fairly-locall · 6 months ago
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coelakanths · 11 months ago
nobody let me write vylad scenes ever again
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sameteeth · 4 months ago
nothing like crying in front of any school admin uncontrollably <3
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hnrye · 11 months ago
i am once again feeling so very happy and so very full of love and so very hopeful for the future
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shleemies · 5 months ago
I love giving my roommates yes talks about jjk bc they have no plans to consume it directly but they let me talk and i just explain the whole plot so I can rant about all my stupid conveluted theories since none of my friends are caught up on the manga and I don't like posting spoilers here, and the subreddit asks for minimal spoilers so I just mentally have this charlie kelly esque wall with 1000 strings all leading nowhere
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cizgi · a year ago
haha sorry im just being a depressive bayan again dont mind me keep scrolling 🕳🚶🏽‍♀️
#do you know the post that says ''not to self diagnose or anything but something is wrong''?? yeah probably you are #and i just wanna say that this is a short summary of my life and its getting worse and worse #i don't know how to cope anymore #also i feel like i just want attention and make up some mental illnesses i hate this feeling #i know this is not true and i am really struggling rn but i just can't stop feeling like this #at this point i just wanna diagnosed with something and taking some pills that will make me feel more 'normal' #btw i said its getting worse because the people around me are now aware that there is something wrong and i can't hide how i feel anymore #i really dont know what to think anymore so idk if its a good or bad thing #maybe its good because im really trying not to bury every single emotion i feel but now i just feel like shit because i feel so vulnerable #im always trying to cheer myself up #and looking for some reasons to live (ifind so many of these but they aren't helping when i feel like this) #im okay and i can keep living and fighting all those stuff but i just dont wanna do this anymore #i just wanna feel good without trying so hard to feel good so i can use my energy to do the other things #i feel so ignorant i wanna be able to read books and sleeping at a reasonable time and do other stuff like everyone?? #i know there isn't a point that when i reach it everything will be ok and this is a long process #so i shouldn't lay aside the things that i wanna do and just do them anyway without having a fear about doing it perfect #and i am really trying #but knowing that some depressive episode will come soon and ruin the little process i only have is just so annoying #i don't wanna do anything anymore #idk maybe i am lying to myself maybe i am just so useless and needed to find some excuses lol 🕳🚶🏽‍♀️ #anyways its 4.29 am im gonna sleep now #also if you read this thank you and im sorry :(
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embers-burning-bright · a year ago
in a very on brand bit, i just googled “adhd medication pros and cons” only to open up the first link and yell “oh FUCK off” and quit out when i saw how much reading there was to do on that site
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maxinities · 8 months ago
cleo gets euden into knitting/crotcheting and from that they accidentally get half of the people staying at the halidom into it too
#euden knitting scarfs for notte :] #notte and euden walking through the halidom in matching scarves #their first few sessions dont go great. euden ended up knitting when he couldnt sleep but this was like weeks before he learned - #- how to stop so he ended up making a scarf that was like 8ft long #he's really good at embroidery though #and he likes making really comfortable blankets and stuff. bright colors #euden: alex! here i made you a scarf! its based off of the colors i associate with you anf your favorite one! do you like it? #alex: *tearing up* its fine #their friendship is so important actually #luca and ranzal showing up to dinner in the WARMEST sweaters. luca never takes his off and ranzal only wears it when hes inside bc - #- hes afraid of ripping it. elisanne gets some rlly warm gloves and a matching hat and she loves them a lot #dl #.text #cleo ends up getting a shawl and she loves it so much and is Very proud. she taught him that !! #i dont know if thats how you spell shawls #anyway #laxi gets a sweater too and she doesnt feel emotions like mascula did/does but. she thinks this is what love is #actually thats the best thing ive ever said this entire post can go elsewhere #i could talk about euden knitting things for people for the rest of my life #the whole gang comes together to make euden a HUGE blanket bc he gets cold easy and its made of all kinds of colors and - #- cleo does fancy patterns on the ends and luca & elly pick out the colors #ranzal cleo and alex arent as good at it but cleo makes sure they do a few lines so their love is in it too #i miss them i wish i could get content of them where theyre just happy and having fun and being with each other #found family . please #hm. i love this post actually :) #this is very good. very big brained of me
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