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#if you got this far congratulations
its-elvie-innit · 4 months ago
I would just like to congratulate myself at 1:22 am for reaching five hundred [and one] followers, and I am doing it at this time not only because I just remembered and/or realized, but also because I feel the need to hide and simultaneously announce the fact that I gained nine followers from the penis smp boom.
thank you for being .28125% of my audience. I appreciate you all very much.
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salytierra · 9 months ago
I will be permanently removing myself from “Fandom”
Not that anybody cares but here’s the thing: I’m tired of the cycle. 
By cycle I mean: getting into something → getting really into that thing and following a bunch of people, discovering ships theories and niches → reading most of my new OTP’s AO3 → start noticing all the drama, discourse and nonsense on tumblr → start getting really annoyed yet spend a lot of time and energy writing and drawing for the fandom → wake up one day and my hyperfixation is over. I’m no longer interested in the thing, I don’t want to see it, I lost all my WIPs and my completed works no longer bring me pride and joy → I wish I hadn’t wasted so many time on this because it looks so utterly pointless now. → Start unfollowing people and fixing my dash → R·E·P·E·A·T
This has been happening more and more often. I’m 27 and have been doing this since I was 13. I used to last years in fandoms. Now I can barely manage to get interested into something for a couple months. And meanwhile I don’t do anything with myself. I don’t build a reputation or a “sub-career” or something I can show-off or make a name for myself with. Because I keep cycling. 
And it’s always, always toxic. All fandoms are toxic when you dive deep enough. It’s a bunch of people arguing about meaningless crap like it decides the meaning of their life. They look nice on the surface but I’ve been in many, even as just an observer, and I’ve seen the same tired old drama in each of them. It’s a deal on the nerves and takes the worst out of communities. 
It’s going to be hard because ADHD and Hyperfixation, but I’m gonna try to learn how to enjoy media like a normal person. 
And maybe write and draw porn for twitter/reddit if the artistic need strikes lol. At least that is absolutely timeless and universal. 
I don’t know what’s going to become of this blog just yet, I’m not gonna dispose of it like I did with my previous one, but I will do my best not to keep up diving into fandoms. 
Maybe just reblog art, memes and funny posts? Who knows. 
I’m too busy for it now anyway. 
Some parting Recs:
- Genshin Impact is an awesome free game if u can’t afford the new Zelda.  - The Fire and Valor trilogy is a fantastic read/listen despite the crappy covers.  - This song.  - Whenever you’re sad look up “angry owls” on google images:
Tumblr media
- And last but not least: take a break form tumblr. Seriously, do it. As often as you want because you are not obligated to be here or to cater to people here for free. Your mental health will thank you. 
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vanmccantfish · 5 months ago
Another week, another round. Hi, it's me again to make your weekly silly/whacky question. ❤️ We'll be domestic this week, look out LOL
You are living in a house with a friend, it could be one of your tumblr CATB's moots to make it better, and all of CATB's members. There's a cockroach in your room. You'll have to take it out of your room or call someone to do it. Who would it be? Who would be up in the bed holding on to not scream in fear? Who would be the laughing and making jokes, or even catching the cockroach by its antennae playing with those who are afraid?
You can name more than one person in each question.
hello anon!! ❤ okay so i haven't answered last weeks question yet because a) i simply don't respect anyone's time, least of all my own, and b) i think tumblr might've eaten the ask? anyways, it's lovely to see you here again - you're under no obligation to provide us with content!! (god knows catb aren't either) but here you are with the good stuff and we thank you, you're a star ⭐
okay so: cockroach in my room, my first instinct is to start swearing - this alerts larry and van that there is some sort of an intruder and they jump into each other's arms, smacking their heads together and passing out immediately
bob asks what the problem is and i shout something along the lines of "AIF£#JSDGSJ THERE'S A MOTHERFUCKING COCKROACH" at which point bondy begins his rendition of La Cucaracha, and unsurprisingly, he knows all of the lyrics and has some pretty good moves prepared
bob is now completely entranced by his performance, and ignores my cries for help as i scramble about trying to catch the damn thing
benji has failed to notice any of this is occuring
somehow i manage to get the cockroach into one of the seven (7) empty glasses that i was hoarding in my room and i am exiting RAPIDLY when i trip over the bodies of van and larry, who are still clinging to each other in their unconscious state
the glass goes flying across the room, the cockroach landing directly in the path of bondy's next two-step, killing it instantly. the sound of the glass smashing snaps bob out of his bondy-induced trance and he rushes to help me up
at this point, anje (@icanttakethemonmyown) enters (she was out being a human and doing human things, I haven't left the house in 14 months and show no signs of changing this) and the scene resembles that one community gif where everything is on fire
she looks around slowly and opens her mouth as if to say something, but then shakes her head and walks back out of the door
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jugdraldefender · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I had no idea which of those two would be in second/third respectively because I relied on Shinon more than anyone in the Hawk Army in part four and Haar had Oscar for competition in Ike’s group for kill count.
Here’s to my 21st overall completed Tellius file and my 21st total time Oscar has settled into first place.
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soltcde · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
// ooc tags timeeee
Remember when GG got yeeted? ( ooc )
Please do not yeet the tired guard ( psa )
Little Rascal loves it & so do we ( saved )
You’re not Belos! ( anon )
Attention! Attention! No more hikhaks allowed in the throne room! ( shitpost )
Soldier keep on marching on. Head down untill the work is done. Waiting on that morning sun ( dashmeme )
Shake your fist at the sky! Refuse to die or let them make you small. ( askmeme )
Nothing can get in our way. When night comes don’t run. We’ll fight the war until it’s won ( tagmeme )
Congratulations on your bit of success. We can’t wait to see what you do next ( iconmeme )
You get to decide how far and wide you’ll go. So look to the horizon. Open up your wings. Fly away to find your destiny ( startercall )
There’s so much more inside of you than anyone can see & now the choice is yours. Life waits beyond the doors ( inboxcall )
An absolute menace has appeared! ( open )
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solitcde · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
ooc tags!!
Remember when GG got yeeted? ( ooc )
Please do not yeet the tired guard ( psa )
Little Rascal loves it & so do we ( saved )
You’re not Belos! ( anon )
Attention! Attention! No more hikhaks allowed in the throne room! ( shitpost )
Soldier keep on marching on. Head down untill the work is done. Waiting on that morning sun ( dashmeme )
Shake your fist at the sky! Refuse to die or let them make you small. ( askmeme )
Nothing can get in our way. When night comes don't run. We'll fight the war until it's won ( tagmeme )
Congratulations on your bit of success. We can't wait to see what you do next ( iconmeme )
You get to decide how far and wide you'll go. So look to the horizon. Open up your wings. Fly away to find your destiny ( startercall )
There's so much more inside of you than anyone can see & now the choice is yours. Life waits beyond the doors ( inboxcall )
An absolute menace has appeared! ( open )
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thehmn · a month ago
My road trip post reminded me of one of the funniest things that happened while we were traveling through England.
Very few English gas stations had customer toilets. I had a pretty big belly at the time so I learned to do the “pregnant waddle” as soon as I left the car. When I walked up to the clerk I’d put a hand on my belly to really sell the illusion and asked if they had a toilet I could use. They always let me use the employee bathroom. I never had to lie, just walk a certain way and touch my belly.
But one time a middle aged lady got way too interested in my “pregnancy” and suddenly I had to come up with how far I was and what not. Eventually she asked if any of the three guys I was traveling with was the dad. I just said yes and asked if I could be excused because I really needed to go (and end the conversation). When I came back out she was suddenly giving me weird looks like I had grown an extra head. I tried to play it casual but the situation had gotten super weird so I quickly went back to the car.
The three guys also gave me weird but amused looks and asked “What did you say in there?” I told them I had to make up a lie about being pregnant and they burst out laughing.
While I was in the bathroom the lady had gone outside and said through the open window of the car “Congratulations on the baby” and because rule number one on the road is “always play along” two of the guys burst out “Thank you!”
My baby had two dads it would seem and apparently she wasn’t on board with that. Good times.
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amalthea-000 · 5 months ago
‘ he compares you to his ex  i ,
Tumblr media
☞ tags: angst to fluff, arguments and what nots, some romantic undertones
☞ 📍 tw📍: swearing, slight insecurity, being compared to (dm if i missed one)
☞ with: timeskip! atsumu, osamu x f!reader
wc: 1111 words 
note: please dni if you ever feel triggered with topics like these, your comfort first! default name for the exes lol please send an ask if you want other haikyuu men for this series. :)) have a good one !! 
| masterlist | pt. 2 iwa & suna | pt 3 kuroo & ushi |
Tumblr media
° miya atsumu: 
- the moment both of you got in your shared apartment, you were at each others’ throats. words were flying out of your mouths, some were meant, some were not, can’t even tell which is which due to the heated predicament you were in.
you weren’t even sure how long you’ve been arguing but now you just wanted to sleep and talk about it tomorrow, when both of you have had a rest. “’tsumu, let’s just call it a night, okay? I’m tired” you huff. atsumu looked at you incredulously. “no, we’re finishing this now.” he stood his ground and kept berating you, your mind was exhausted and can’t even comprehend the words properly. 
“–are you even listening? god hayami never gave me a hard time, but ya’? yer a piece of work, y/n” your eyes widen at his words, even at your state, suddenly his words were loud and clear, and your heart clenched at the mention of his ex’s name. you shrunk at his words but shook your head, you look up at him hurt evident in your eyes, “ok then, go back to her, miya. i don’t care anymore“
 atsumu was speechless and was cursing himself internally. he never meant to go that far, it was the heat of the moment, the fatigue and your stubbornness. he was frozen as he watched you grab a blanket and slam the sliding door to the balcony. your sobs were muffled but hearing it broke his heart.
 guilt flooded his system, it was suffocating but with a heavy heart he peeked at your figure on the balcony, he was never good at apologizing, but he knows this was entirely his fault. you hear the door slide, refusing to look at the blonde setter, “what are you still doing here, miya?” ouch. he kneeled in front of you, regret reflects in his eyes but you were taken aback by his tears. the silence meant he could touch you, “that was really hurtful,” you said “i try so hard to be enough for you, to be the best for you but to compare me to her? not cool miya” he holds you close to his chest “i know, i’m a jerk. i’m really sorry, but can ya’ not call me that, i’m yer ‘tsumu.” he grumbled.
 “am i really that difficult?“ you whisper vulnerably, atsumu lets go of you and cups your face delicately “no ‘yer not, princess“ he loved that you gave him a challege, he admired how you stood up to him, how you matched his energy, how you remind him to humble himself— 
“it was an honest mistake, that will haunt me the rest of my life” he kissed your forehead, then your nose “i love ya’, i really do, ya’ made me a better man, princess” he looks down at you and suddenly the tension lifts and his heart wasn’t as heavy as before “are ya’ still mad at me?“ a soft smile grazed your lips, you pinch his side, “depends, are you going to kiss me?” ah there she is, he thought, atsumu lifts your chin and gaves you the most honest and loving kiss that sealed your forever with him. 
° miya osamu:
- you and osamu weren’t on good terms, you were arguing all week and it all started when you scolded him for overworking himself. so you were walking on egg shells with each other. fights with osamu would usually end immediately, so you can’t fathom how this particular fight lasted this long. 
“yer giving me a headache, y/n“ you turn to look at him “this argument has gone too far, osamu“ you say “i just want to get this over with“ you hear him huff, his grip on the steering wheel tightening “look we’ll talk about this when we get home, right now don’t make this all about you“ you scoffed at his comment. he parks the car near the restaurant, both of you were invited to celebrate MSBY’s win. as he was getting out of the car he mumbled something that made your heart drop.
“yuri wasn’t this selfish and stubborn, tsk. so difficult.“
 your face hardened as soon as you heard it, osamu didn’t notice your change in demeanor. your heart was breaking but you have to put on a brave front for your friends. from a distance you see a tall blonde waving at you, “congratulations,’tsumu” you hug him. “ya’ alright, y/n?” he looks at you with concern, “of course, you oaf ” you dismiss. he gives his twin a hug and three of you entered the restaurant.
 the car ride home was silent, osamu was quite worried, you’ve been silent since dinner, only answering questions in short sentences. even atsumu and bokuto noticed your odd behaviour. he knows that things haven’t been okay between the two of you, the altercation was taking a toll on your relationship. deep down he understands that you only wanted him healthy, it’s just that pride got in his way and let it do the talking. 
 as soon as you got home, you went straight to your bedroom, leaving osamu behind. you layed on your side of the bed, gripping your pillow, finally letting your tears down. your mind was full of doubts. yuri was great this, yuri was amazing that. how about you? were you even enough? did osamu really love you? are you really that selfish? 
“osamu?“ a small whispher broke the ravenettes’ thoughts, he hummed in response, “do you want me to be more like her?“ the question confused him but it dawned on him, she heard, shit. “angel, look at me“ you weren’t budging but when you finally do, his heart twisted in pain at your gloomy expression. “oh my god, angel no, no, i don’t want that” he held you tightly while you were sobbing against his chest, “i just want to take care of you, ‘samu” your words were muffled, “i- does that make me selfish? i’m sorry if-” he cut you off “don’t you dare say sorry, angel” he wiped your tears “it’s my fault ok? i’m the one who should be sorry” he leaned his forhead to yours “and I am, you’re so good to me, angel.” 
 you fell asleep on osamu’s chest, he looks down at your peaceful expression that matched the state of his heart. it hurt to think how his words and actions made you feel that way and so he made a mental note to be better. he promised himself that he’ll take care of you, himself and this relationship. he embraced you tighter, and you nuzzle into his warmth, “we’re gonna be ok, angel.”
Tumblr media
hello again! here’s a subpar series i wrote lol, i get compared a lot so i present to you my coping mechanism, writing lol! but yeah uhm i hope you like this!! wah writer’s block sucks but i’m trying haha i know this is not so good but i will be better <3 please take care everyone, drink water, eat right and sanitize - khlara
☞ taglist: @nakizumie @lumpiang-toge @arrogantsonofabiscuit​
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zivazivc · 3 months ago
Pinocchio AU
Okay people want the explanation for this comic so here it goes. It’s long and complicated and MESSED UP because of course it is, this is me. I’m going to write in points because my small tired brain can’t handle good english atm but basically to sum up the Adrien was a sentimonster theory or Pinocchio AU as I like to call it:
Young married Emilie and Gabriel can’t have kids. Gabriel reluctantly accepts this fate and even brings up adoption as a possibility once, but Emilie doesn’t want to hear any of that. She’s a bit of a Marinette in the sense that she pictures this romanticized ideal life for herself and a child—her flesh and blood—HAS to be in it.
They keep trying to get a baby while other young families Emilie knows keep growing. She feels left out and hurt and depressed, then her newlywed twin sister announces she’s expecting a baby too and something within Emilie just unhinges.
She eventually lies to some of her friends, who she was out for coffee with, that she’s pregnant too. She mostly does it just to see their reaction and feel what it would be like but it quickly spirals out of control where she just starts pretending she’s pregnant until you can’t even tell if she believes it herself.
Gabriel is confused at first because he hears the news second hand (a friend/family member congratulating him) so he’s apprehensive when he approaches his wife but she convinces him that they really are getting a baby and Gabriel is ecstatic.
It’s only later at a doctor’s check up that Gabriel learns that she indeed is not pregnant. The doctor even speaks to him alone explaining that his wife is in denial and that he should make sure she goes to see a psychiatrist, something she definitely wouldn’t do alone.
Gabriel is unsuccessful with that because he’s not entirely persistent, doesn’t want to be the guy with the crazy wife having to tell everyone she lied about being pregnant, and hopelessly believes she’ll just get over it eventually.
That is until her “pregnancy is near due”—her sister already had Félix in England a few months ago—and he stumbles on her transformed with her peacock miraculous (they already have both of them) creating a sentimonster newborn.
They have a huge fight about it but because Emilie refuses to destroy it, won’t tell Gabriel where the amok is, and Gabriel can’t just hurt the baby with his hands, Emilie just… wins. Fucked up, yeah?
Now she tried creating kids before this one, using her imagination to try and blend her and Gabriel’s looks but it just wasn’t working. So she decided to copy of photos of baby Félix because he already looked almost like a copy of his mother, and Amélie and Emilie already looked alike so it’s not so weird?—is what her mind was telling her.
She didn’t dare alter his looks but she decided to give the baby Gabriel’s eye color to include the “father” in some way. (Yes in that comic I made I gave Adrien a mix of green and gray but that was mainly to get the point across to the perceptive readers)
Now we got Adrien, a normal baby boy to the whole world except for Gabriel who’s forced into his wife’s fantasy through social expectations.
Why are we only at this point and this post is already so long AAAAAAAA!!!
Adrien physically basically grows in a way where Emilie just keeps changing his appearance to match what Félix looked like a few months prior.
Mentally he’s like a robot just taking in information without really needing to learn it. So Emilie decides when he says his first word, she decides when he learns to walk,… He knows how to walk, he just wasn’t given the command to do so yet.
But even so he does develop a personality over time, just slower, because unlike a normal child who’s always testing his boundaries, how far they’re allowed to go until they’re in real trouble, Adrien just can’t misbehave. At all.
But he does have his favorite foods and favorite toys, and jokes that make him laugh the most. The problem is just that Emilie could just decide that his favorite food is strawberries and he’d just start acting accordingly, rewiring his belief. 
He also isn’t allowed to argue or be mean to others which is why Félix thinks he’s a goody two-shoes weirdo while Chloé the brat adores him.
This behavior isn’t so hard to hide with a toddler who’s fickle but it’s harder and harder as the kid grows. Which is why the family becomes very secluded over time.
Gabriel always keeps distance with his “son”. He’s not Dad, he’s Father, he doesn’t do hugs and cuddles, he doesn’t say I love you. But Adrien knows he loves him because his mom told him so and he loves him back unconditionally because Mom said that’s what families do.
Now even though Gabriel is traumatized by this whole ordeal and knowing Adrien “isn’t real” freaks him out he does soften a bit over time. I’m going to give an awful example but like someone who hates cats softening for a cat that their partner/roommate decided to get/had from before. Continuing with this example: But still becoming appalled when the cat starts acting odd/unusually.
Okay I think you get the gist. Let’s move on…
Emilie loves her son more and more as he grows and his sentimonster behaviours start bothering her more and more too. She hates being reminded that he’s not a real boy by people mentioning he looks young for his age because Emilie forgot to make him grow for a while. She hates when he does everything like he’s told. She hates that he has no real friends because they’re afraid to expose him to the outside too much and without supervision. She hates to think about his future.
Her desire for him to be real keeps growing and is what drives her to search for a solution in the miraculous spellbook.
She cracks the script after years, when Adrien is nearly a teen, and finds a way to transfer the creators soul into a sentimonster.
It’s a long process that takes time and while she falls ill to everyone around her, Adrien becomes more real.
Gabriel starts realizing what’s happening when he notices Adrien hesitate for a second when he’s playing a video game and Gabriel wants him to do something, groan when he gets bothered watching TV, huff, complain, have slightly opposing opinions to his and Emilie’s, when he argues with his mother when she tells him she’s feeling fine; when he notices his son’s eyes are greener. Or is it all in his head?
He confronts his wife too late, when she’s extremely ill already, her normally vibrant eyes dulled match Adrien’s bluish gray, and he pieces together in his head what she’s doing.
Before Gabriel could properly think what to do to stop the love of his life from turning into a lifeless doll, in a fit of panic he tries to take her wedding band (where he knows Adrien’s amok is) to get rid of Adrien instead, but is unsuccessful in getting it off her so he snatches her peacock brooch instead (which she needs to complete the spell obvs) and breaks it. (Heyoo! broken peacock miraculous. things are coming together)
Because the spell was almost complete anyway it’s Emilie who falls unconscious. But she doesn’t disappear because she’s not a real sentimonster, she just becomes dormant like one.
This is the point in the story where Gabriel makes it seem like Emilie ran away or something like that—basically disappear. Now he’s living knowing he has an almost sentimonster wife in the basement, knowing he almost killed his son (or her), and having to care for a son that suddenly became much more alive, questioning, arguing, angry, screaming, not accepting, crying, grieving, staring at him with Emilie’s eyes.
Instead of becoming a real parent, Gabriel shuts him out.
Soon Adrien evolves desires for socializing, company, getting away from the suffocating home which eventually leads to him going to a public school.
He slowly starts to live life freely without the restrictions that were put around his thoughts.
Gabriel has an even stranger relationship with Adrien now because he still loves him in a way but also holds resentment toward him. But mostly he sees him as something valuable.
The show happens here…  And now finally we get to the comic…
Gabriel gets a hold of the ladybug and black cat miraculouses. (There’s no epic fight in his lair as you see there’s no Ladybug in the comic but that’s not really important)
What’s important is that Gabriel had deciphered the miraculous spellbook with the help of Emilie’s notes and had decided to use the unification’s “wish” power to awaken Emilie.
He’s aware he’ll need to sacrifice something for the wish to come true and he’s certain Adrien should be enough because the soul inside him is literally the one thing Emilie is missing.
✨Adrien (poor boy just lost his miraculous) is taken to Gabriel’s lair, where he finds out his father is Hawk Moth, sees his mother, learns he’s a sentimonster, and that he’s going to become a sacrifice ✨
Of course the last part is not what happens. It’s Gabriel who ends up being sacrificed.
I can’t decide if Gabriel ends up sacrificing himself because he changed his mind in the last moment while Adrien was screaming for him to stop, OR  because he didn’t love Adrien enough for him to be considered an equal exchange for his wife… O.O
But anyhow…
Emilie wakes up with Gabriel’s soul within her (hence the bluish gray eyes in the comic).
Adrien is traumatized for life.
This took me hours to write… I knew there was a reason why I didn’t want to do it. I hope I didn’t forget anything and my brain made sense of it all
Well there you have it, peeps. The Pinocchio AU. It’s as messed up as my sleep schedule. Good night. 
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kybabi · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
telling their s/o they’re being too clingy
w/ tsukishima, ushijima, and iwaizumi!
part 3!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: i finally made a third part hehe :))
anyways these are all written in the timeskip!! thank you all for requesting☺️)
Tumblr media
you and tsukishima were very different
he didn’t like to show affection all that much, and while he cared for you deeply, it was difficult for him to show it
you, on the other hand, loved to show how much you loved him
but often it came to be a bit much for him
today, tsukki came home tired and irritable
he felt like going to sleep and never getting out of bed
but you had other plans
you’d made dinner for him and you were hoping to catch up on some episodes of your favorite show tonight
but when he opened the door and saw you waiting eagerly, he sighed irritably
and when you asked him what was wrong, he simply scoffed
then you asked him if he wanted to eat dinner with you and he just sighed, again
“can’t you just leave me alone for one day? god, you’re so fucking clingy.”
he went into the bedroom and closed the door
hurt, you just drooped sadly and went to put dinner away before going to sleep alone on the couch
when tsukki opens the door of your shared bedroom in the morning, he finds you curled up on the couch, still sleeping peacefully. he smiles softly, the sight adorable.
he’s reminded of his harsh words to you he’d said just yesterday. he feels kind of bad for taking out his frustrations on you like that, but it would be too much of a hassle to apologize formally. he hopes that you know he didn’t mean it.
when he comes home from work, he doesn’t see you anywhere in sight. usually you’d be in the kitchen, cooking up something delicious, but the area is bare, the lights off. that’s when he sees you sitting on the couch, your computer in your lap. he walks over.
“hi, baby.”
you look up at him and smile.
“how was work?” you ask him. he shrugs before waiting expectantly for your greeting kiss. you turn back to your screen.
he tilts his head subtly. huh?
you always give him a kiss after he comes home from work.
but you’re not paying attention to him, instead typing something on your laptop.
“so... dinner?” he mutters.
“oh, i just ate some leftovers. they’re still in the fridge from last night if you wanted some,” you respond, eyes still glued to the screen.
tsukishima stands there awkwardly before turning away and walking into the kitchen.
it’s a little strange, the way you’re acting. on a normal given day, you practically would have jumped on him the second he got home. but now it’s like he’s not even there.
when it’s time for the two of you to go to bed, you both get ready in the bathroom. then you’re grabbing your pillow off your side of the bed and leaving the bedroom. confused, kei finishes brushing his teeth and ventures out into the living room to see you setting up on the couch.
you turn to look at him, waiting expectantly for him to finish his thought.
“i... why are you sleeping on the couch?” he asks.
you swallow.
“well, yesterday, it seemed you didn’t want me in bed with you, so...” you trail off, uncomfortable. his heart sinks.
he sighs. he really didn’t want to have to do this, but you’ve left him no choice.
he steps up to you wordlessly and scoops you up in one fluid motion, throwing you over his shoulder and grabbing your pillow for you before retreating into the bedroom. you squeak in surprise, and he puts you on the bed, pulling the covers over you. he gets in on the other side and pulls you into his chest. he scoffs at you, and he looks a little uncomfortable, but he nuzzles at you anyway. the gesture surprises you.
“i didn’t mean it, you idiot.”
“mean it?”
he sighs, looking away.
“i didn’t mean the things i said last night, okay? i was just tired and i had a long day. don’t distance yourself just because i was being a dick yesterday.”
to anyone else, his attempt at making up with you would be a miserable excuse for an apology, but to you, it’s one of the sweetest things you’ve ever seen him do. it’s moments like these where you remember just why you fell for him in the first place.
“does this mean you’ll cuddle me?” you ask sweetly.
“don’t push it,” he grumbles.
he pulls you closer anyway.
Tumblr media
ushijima was never all that big on physical touch
honestly, he only tolerated it from you, but sometimes even you were a bit too much
today, you were having a bit of a bad day
work was slow and annoying, and you just wanted to come home to your boyfriend and cuddle with him
but he was having a similar day
and he felt the exact opposite
he really just wanted to be alone
he came home, walking past you and into the bedroom, and sat on the bed
you followed him and snuggled up to his side
to your surprise, he pushed you off gently
but you didn’t get the hint and nuzzled right up into him
this time he pushed you off harder
“toshi, why—”
“please stop being so clingy, y/n. i don’t want your affection.”
you deflated, sleepy and touch-starved
that night, you slept clinging to your pillow
today was an exhausting day for ushijima.
he and the rest of the team were working even harder than usual, and by the end of practice, his limbs were worn out and he was fatigued.
but the positive thing about days like this was that you would always cuddle him after he came home from work, and he could fall asleep with his muscles nice and relaxed from your touch.
eager to see you, he comes home, noticing that you’re sitting on the couch. you look up and greet him.
“hi, toshi. how was your day?” you ask.
“it was very tiring,” he explains, and you can see he’s telling the truth by the way he seems to be drooping. you hum in consideration.
“i’m sorry, baby. maybe a warm bath might help?” you suggest before turning back to your phone. he stands before you expectantly, waiting for you to follow him into the bedroom. you don’t budge.
his eyebrows furrow in confusion. usually, at this point, you would bring him into bed and sit on his lap. but you seem to be busy or something, so he decides he’ll wait until you’re finished.
when you finally get into bed with him, it’s late. you get under the covers and turn on your side, away from him.
he waits expectantly, lap open and ready for you, but you don’t crawl into it like you usually do. he sleepily nudges at you.
“what is it, baby?”
“why won’t you sit on my lap like usual?”
you pause. isn’t this what he wanted?
when he’d pushed you off of him, you came to a realization; he was right. you really were clingy. you were always touching him somehow; your head on his shoulder, your hand intertwined in his, your nose pressed up against his shoulder. you couldn’t blame your boyfriend for wanting space.
but with the way he’s looking at you, you’re not so sure.
then wakatoshi remembers what happened the last time you tried to cuddle him. he pushed you off of him and told you he didn’t want your affection. but he hadn’t thought you would stop completely, and now he misses your touch desperately.
he grabs you by your waist and pulls you into his lap, holding you right against him. you try to get off of him, but he pulls you closer.
“no. i want to cuddle,” he mumbles. you tilt your head in confusion.
“i’m sorry for calling you clingy, y/n. i like it when you hold me. i didn’t mean it,” he explains, and you inhale at his honesty.
“really?” you whisper. he nods, and buries his nose in your hair.
“please keep being affectionate with me. i love that about you.”
your breath hitches, and you cling to him tightly. you whisper an okay and rest your head on his chest.
you fall asleep in his lap, his hand in your hair and your nose nuzzled deeply in his shirt, listening to the steady sound of his heartbeat.
Tumblr media
iwaizumi loved your affection and cuddles
it was one of the things he loved most about you
but it was common for him to push you away when he got angry
you were waiting expectantly for him to come home, wanting to talk to him about your day
you’d gotten a promotion at work, and he was the first person you wanted to tell
but iwaizumi was beyond tired and frustrated after a long day at work
so when he got home, he went straight to the bedroom, ignoring you
you followed after him, already beginning to ramble about your day
but your voice was irritating him and he just wanted to sleep
“hajime, you’ll never guess what happened to me at work—”
“can’t you be quiet for two seconds? you’re so clingy, god. just leave me alone, okay?”
stung, you backed away, turning to get ready for bed alone
that night, you slept with your back toward him and tears in your eyes
it’s the next day, and hajime is at work. he’s on a break and scrolling through instagram when he comes across a post of yours on his feed.
it’s a picture of you in your adorable little work outfit, hair done up beautifully, fingers up in a peace sign. you’ve captioned it, “got the promotion😜” and hajime pauses upon reading it. he goes into the comment section to see your friends congratulating you, sending you words of praise and kind words.
confused, hajime puts his phone away. why would y/n not tell me first? he asks himself. he’s always been the first person to hear about these things, but it appears that he’s far from it this time.
he gets home to see you in the kitchen, and he walks in to greet you with a kiss. you dodge it subtly, moving around him to get something from the fridge. he frowns.
“hey,” he mutters. “when were you gonna tell me about the promotion?”
you look at him before staring at the food you’re cooking.
“well, you found out about it, didn’t you?” you mumble. he stares at you in confusion. are you mad at him?
“yeah, but...” he trails off. “it’s just that i usually hear it from you first.” you scoff. “what? why are you acting like this?” he asks, crossing his arms.
“you wouldn’t have wanted to hear about it anyway, hajime.” he gapes, baffled.
“what are you talking about? how would you even know?”
you put the knife you’re holding down, and glare at him sharply.
“because i tried to tell you last night, and you shut me down!”
he pauses. you return to cooking.
to be honest, he barely even remembers last night. he came home, and then got into bed, and you were rambling about something, and then...
hajime freezes. he looks at you guiltily.
“baby,” he starts, but you cut him off.
“just forget about it. it wasn’t that big of a deal anyway,” you lie.
honestly, you’d been really excited about your new promotion. it felt like something in your life was changing and things were good; you had your boyfriend to cheer you on and a fulfilling job that you loved. and you wanted to share it with him.
so it hurt when it felt like he didn’t care at all. you were always there to support hajime, but when it felt like he didn’t even care about doing the same for you, it stung painfully.
hajime knows you’re lying; he can read you like a book.
“y/n... i’m sorry about yesterday, okay?” he apologizes gently, coming up behind you to rest a hand on your waist. you push him off.
“i don’t wanna talk about it, hajime.”
he turns you around, and you attempt to turn your gaze away from him, but he has his hand on your jaw, making it impossible.
“hey. look at me.”
you do, reluctantly. you’re surprised at the genuine concern in his eyes.
“i know you think i don’t care, but i do. i want to hear about these things and how you’re feeling and how your day is. and i didn’t do a good job of doing that yesterday. i’m sorry.”
you sigh.
“please let me make it up to you?” he asks, desperate. you look up at him for a second, and then nod. he kisses you gently. “thank you for letting me. and for being mine.”
you smile softly at him. you can’t think of your life being any other way.
Tumblr media
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spilledkauffie · 7 months ago
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader Word Count: 2.0k T/W: pure, stupid, fluff  A/N: you meet Bucky at a Bingo night ft. Yori ❤︎
it’s a little dorky, but I thought it was cute!
Tumblr media
Setting the tables with the rectangle cards, you smiled, straightening them out. Despite what your friends thought, you actually enjoyed volunteering with the local senior Bingo games on the weekends when you could. Feeling like they were often better company and far more entertaining than going to a club. It wasn’t a very big meeting hall, but that’s what made it feel so cozy to you. Hugging yourself when you finished the tables, you stroked the outside of your arms, feeling the softness of the cardigan you wore over your tank top. Sighing happily, you made your way to the announcing host, passing a few comments, as you waited for people to find their way in.
“Hey! Hey, look!” You heard a familiar voice; turning you found Yori and his usual group making their way to their table, with one exception. Smiling you made your way to him, arms still crossed, “no, I want you to meet her,” you heard him say to his friend, making you smile.
“Hey, Yori,” you said, coming to hug him, “brought more friends?”
“I- I’m Bucky,” he reached his hand to shake yours, to which you responded, taking his hand in yours.
“Barnes,” Yori added, reaching to slap a name tag on Bucky's chest.
Bucky took a deep breath, keeping his patience, as he looked down to the tag where Yori had written ‘single’ in parentheses, “yep. . .that’s me.” 
“This- this is the one I told you about,” Yori nudged you on the elbow pointing to Bucky, only making him more nervous as he immediately looked down to Yori with a questioning look.
“Ohh,” you nodded slowly, squinting your eyes at Bucky who met your gaze again, “you mean the anti-social grumpy one who’s scared to come because he’ll lose? That one?”
“Yes! That one,” Yori bobbed on his heels happily with a smile.
“What -I’m not-”
“Well,” you tilted your head, “I hope you have a good time and perhaps win something,” Bucky smiled, “but I think you’re going to need your hand back for that.”
Jaw dropping, he looked down to find your hand still in his, “right,” he laughed nervously, letting go, “sorry, of course.” 
You laughed quietly, biting in your lip watching him look anywhere but to you, mainly keeping his head down.
“Yori, you need anything you know where I am,” you softly placed a hand to his shoulder, “Bucky,” he looked up with a half forced smile, but you waited a moment, “it was nice to meet you, I’m glad you came.”
As you turned to walk away you could hear Yori whisper, “I think she liked you.” 
Followed by a quick change of subject from his friend, “I think you should find our table.” 
And lastly, “I know where our table is, and if you can keep your eyes off her, you’d see it too.”
With a giggle to yourself, you walked up to the foldable table that had been set up for you to sit at as usual. You were alone, but you were in charge of any assistance and you kept the first, second, and third prizes hidden. It was harder than one thought to keep curious seniors from nosing around for them. 
While the night was long and you stayed quiet, you were very grateful to have a little more entertainment tonight. It seemed Yori and his friends got their own entertainment out of teasing and poking fun at Bucky, who was a true sport through it all.
“Absolutely not,” you heard Bucky say. Looking up you saw him holding his card to his chest, with Yori trying to convince him to let him take a peek at his numbers, “are those the rules of Bingo?” Bucky shook his head, but another one of Yori’s friends tried to peek from his opposite side, “Oh,” Bucky dropped his jaw, leaning even farther back in his chair to keep the card hidden against him, “a double front attack? Really guys?”
Unable to hide your smile, you kept an eye on the table, specifically Bucky. Who after giving the group a few amusements, looked over to you. Blinking softly, happy that he noticed you, you lifted your hand to wave subtly. With another half smile, that was genuine this time, he raised his hand to wave, but forgot just how far back he was leaning in his chair. Soon, you watched him vanish from sight and he found himself flat against the floor, with a wince. 
“That’s whatcha get, you punk,” Yori told him through a laugh and an assertive nod.
It wasn’t long before there was a soft murmur of quiet laughs spreading throughout the hall, as Bucky reset his chair and sat properly in it this time. He pressed his lips together tightly and avoided everyone’s eye line, but yours. Hand over your mouth, you looked mildly worried, raising your half furrowed eyebrows at him, he could tell you were asking if he was okay. To that he carefully nodded, before turning to someone else who was addressing him at the table. 
The half way break came up shortly after, and you had to help a few people. When you looked back up from your table you saw Bucky, hands in his pockets and bouncing on his heels about three people away down the small line. Leaning your head to the side to see him, it took him a moment, but when he saw you, he gave a quick smile, before being spoken to by the elderly lady in front of him.
“You’re a very handsome young man, so nice of you to come play,” she said, to which he gave a shy thank you, as she asked you for a new marker, “he’s a very handsome young man, you know,” she whispered loudly, before glancing back at him, “and she’s single you know.” 
Ducking your head, you gave a monotone, “thank you, Mrs. Kasey,” putting your hands over your face, hiding the embarrassment, you composed yourself and straightened up, “hey, what can I help with?”
“Word is you got the prizes?” Bucky perked an eyebrow and gave the most obvious wink.
Half smiling, half jaw dropping, you looked around his hip to see Yori, who was keeping a curiously careful eye on his friend, shaking your head you looked up to Bucky, “so. . .they sent you? I don’t break that easily.” You crossed your arms over your chest, playfully, keeping eye contact. 
“Well,” he shrugged, “to be honest I’d like to know what we’re playing for too, I mean what’s our motivation here? I don’t know,” you covered your mouth, hiding the smile accompanying your soft giggles, “Why are you laughing? This is serious. What is the purpose of playing Bingo if you don’t know the prizes?”
With a real laugh at how hard he was trying to convince you, “okay, alright,” you reached under the table bringing up the prize in your hand, elbow against the table as you held it up, he looked down.
“A jar of jelly beans,” Bucky nodded, bobbing his head back and forth before a confident, “okay, seems fair, what about second place?”
You held up a jar in the other hand. 
Bucky looked between you and it, “that’s- that’s just a smaller jar of jelly beans,” he lifted his shoulders as if asking ‘why?’
“These people really like their jelly beans,” you admitted, “I figure you can guess what third place is.” 
“Seriously?” he dropped his shoulders, disappointed.
“Was there something you were hoping to get instead, Mr. Barnes?” You set the jars down, resting your chin on top of your laced hands as you looked up through your eyelashes at him.
He swallowed, deciding if he wanted to say anything, he winced as if he was going to regret what he was going to say- luckily for him the announcer called everyone back to the tables. He sighed, and you leaned back in your seat as you parted ways again. The evening remained entertaining with Yori occasionally reminding everyone at the table that if Bucky wins he’d share the prize.
Towards the end of the event, Bucky was the only one at the table still in the final rounds, meaning the entire table squeezed around him, glancing at his card and intensely listening. When the last number was being called, they all had a hand on Bucky, clinging to him like it was the olympics and he was their champion. 
“Seventeen” was announced and you noticed a sudden shift in Bucky’s demeanor, even though everyone around him was ecstatic, he looked like his mind was suddenly somewhere else, until he shook his head like shaking off a bad memory and he lifted his card. He didn’t have to say it, his group was already exclaiming Bingo enough for him. He came up casually with the other two, and you handed each of them a jar of jelly beans.
Bucky gave a ‘thank you,’ and took his back, but it was gone before he could even offer it to anyone.
“What’s the joke?” Yori held out the jar back to Bucky swiftly, “I can’t open it.” 
Smiling, Bucky popped open the jar in no time and immediately it was out of his hands again. 
“Congratulations,” you said behind him, making him turn around, he saw you had your jacket in your arms and purse over your shoulder, “I hope I’ll see you next month?” “Next month?” He tilted his head, “I thought it was weekly?”
“Volunteer rotations shift,” you explained, gesturing your hand in a circle, “I won’t be back until next month since we’ve got new volunteers.”
“Oh,” he nodded and there was silence.
“Anyway, I hope I’ll see you around,” you waved to him and to Yori as you left, pushing in the door’s brace open.
As it shut, Bucky furrowed his eyebrows, with a sigh, still watching the door.
“Go,” Yori said next to him and waved him away, “you’ll regret it if you don’t.”
Bucky took a moment to consider it, “take the bus okay? I don’t want you guys-”
“Yes, yes, we will,” Yori said, already turning back to his friends.
Smiling towards them, he started a jog for the door, exiting, he looked to find you. Already on the sidewalk, he met up with you. Obviously causing you to stop in your tracks and wait when you heard him.
“Hey, um-” he looked around, “can I walk you home?”
“Sure,” you nodded, smiling.
There wasn’t a terrible amount of conversation, but you liked his company and didn’t want him to feel like he had to talk.
“I think it’s really sweet what you’re doing, what you did tonight” you said, looking straight ahead, even though you knew he was looking at you, “there hasn’t been that much laughter in a very long time,” you exhaled sadly, “most of them spent five years alone, or missing out on seeing their grandkids grow up. I was so happy to see their smiles.”
“And what about you?”
You finally turned to him, “I was here, alone” looking down, you laughed, “then again I was alone before, so. . .” you bit in your lower lip, wincing “that sounded so pathetic.” 
This time he laughed with you, “no,” he shook his head, “I know how alone feels.”
Stopping on the sidewalk, you exchanged glances, “well, this is me,” you pointed up to your apartment building.
“Right, okay,” he breathed nervously.
“Thanks for walking me home,” you said, walking towards the steps.
“Yeah,” he ran a hand through his hair, “hey, do you- would you want to get dinner?”
“Finally,” you giggled, before turning back to him, “it took you four blocks to ask!” He gave a shocked expression, only making you smile bigger, “I’m free Sunday, meet you right here at six?”
“Okay,” he said happily, “it’s a date then.”
“Perfect,” you squeezed your arms, hugging yourself.
He swallowed harshly, before taking a step closer and leaning in to kiss you on the cheek, sweetly. When he pulled back, he looked slightly nervous, as if that was the wrong thing to do.
“You missed,” you batted your eyelashes, with a soft smile.
Bucky took a second, unsure if you were serious, either way he took his chances and met your lips with his. Somehow this one took you by more surprise, causing you to move your hands against his chest, holding on to his jacket, until he pulled back.
“Bingo,” you whispered.
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agustdiv1ne · 5 months ago
pose (m)
Tumblr media
pairing: choi yeonjun x reader
genre: model!yeonjun (which isn't really an au bc he's real,,,,, model yeonjun is real), assistant!reader, fluff smut, angst
wc: 12.5k
summary: being world-famous model choi yeonjun's personal assistant wasn't easy. after six months on the job, however, you'd say that you had a pretty decent grasp on it. now, with fashion month right around the corner, it was your duty to make sure everything was in order, but of course a few things didn't go as planned.
warnings: swearing, sizeable timeskips, allusions to a panic attack, model!beomgyu appears and he is an ass to put it lightly, explicit sex, dom!yeonjun, sub!reader, fingering, mirror sex, hair pulling, dirty talk, praise, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it, i beg of you), pull-out method, jealous + possessive yeonjun
disclaimer: i am not 100% educated about how modelling and the fashion industry operates. if there are any discrepancies, please forgive me! i'm only trying to appreciate model yeonjun, man.
note: no i am still not over model yeonjun don't touch me
♤ playlist ♤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
choi yeonjun.
a twenty-one year-old fashion superstar, one of the most sought-after models in the industry, the ceo of his own modelling agency, young, suave, intimidating; choi yeonjun was a lot of things, you had learned in your time working for him. in your eyes, his most admirable trait was that he was no-bullshit. you couldn't sugarcoat anything with him, and you appreciated not being forced to tiptoe around the truth in order to save his feelings. he didn't seem to even have feelings, really. you don't think you'd seen him smile fully more than twice.
and as fashion month, one of the most important months in his — well, in any model's — career, raced closer, you knew that wrenching a smile from the man was akin to mission impossible. at least your job was to book him for events and to make sure he remained on-schedule, not to find ways to make him grin. you were an assistant, not a damn clown (though some of your friends would say otherwise).
but back to your job, the current reason why he presently invaded your thoughts. 
you knocked on the door to his office, hearing a muffled 'come in' from inside. you pushed it open with a planner tucked under your arm and your cell phone in your hand. he acknowledged you with a wave of his hand, not bothering to look up from the files on his desk. you were used to this type of greeting, though it used to bother you. you had learned not to take it personally. 
despite the very nice view sitting only a few feet in front of you, the skyline behind him never failed to awe you. ceiling to floor windows allowed for a breathtaking view of the city of seoul. multiple stories down, cars shuffled along in the traffic that never seemed to end no matter the time of day. crowds of people sauntered by like ants, businessmen in a hurry scattered between groups of tourists and locals alike. the sun sat at the peak of the sky, its rays streaming through the tall windows into the spacious office. for a chilly winter's day, it was sure sunny. 
it felt like you were on top of the world when you were in here. the space was certainly fitting for your boss, given his immense success. you could only dream of having this for yourself.
"good afternoon, mr. choi," you greeted as you sat down. now with half a year under your belt, sitting in the chair across from him had your mind trailing back to the first time you ever met him, when he had given you the position you currently work in. you could remember your trembling form in this very seat, your heart stuck in your throat, like it was yesterday.
"i don't deal well with incompetence. my last assistant failed at a vital time in my career. i cannot allow that to happen again," he explained, his scrutinizing gaze burning your skin nearly enough to make you cry. you knew what week he was talking about, everyone knew, but you refused to waver; you wanted this job. no, needed this job. this opportunity was your only chance to work behind the scenes at the international level, to break the glass ceiling that allowed you to watch but never get a taste of the industry, not to mention the promised salary that piqued your interest. you couldn't fail, not when you've gotten this far. you straightened your spine further, locking your eyes with his.
"i can guarantee you that i will not fail, mr. choi," you replied with all of the confidence that you could possibly muster, meeting his glare with a determined expression. you wouldn't dare back down, not when working in this damn industry was your dream. though you were young, your résumé spoke for itself, and so far you had not faltered once during this interview. you prayed that that was enough to prove yourself to him. from whispered rumors, you had heard that his standards were sky high.
too focused on acing this interview, you didn't notice the tick in his jaw at the sound of that title coming from your pretty, rose-tinted lips, nor did you notice how your fingers subconsciously dug into the skin of your thighs as his ebony eyes pierced yours. oh, but he did, he knew all too well the effect he had on you. the way you gulped whenever his voice lowered slightly, chewed at your lip whenever he leaned towards you, played with your fingers whenever he swept his hair back with his hand; it was all that much obvious that you were attracted to him, you didn't even need to verbalize it. 
that factor didn't bother him like it did with his other applicants, oddly enough. he should have questioned whether your professionalism would be at stake because of it, should have questioned if you'd slip up, but he could see that you were here to work and work your ass off only. you weren't here to flirt with him, nor were you here to fuck around. you had a hunger for success in your eyes, and that was exactly what he needed in his assistant.
he gave a silent nod at your answer, causing your stomach to do somersaults. the response seemed noncommittal in your mind, and a noncommittal response usually meant a lack of interest, and a lack of interest meant you wouldn't get the job, and-
his eyes left yours, and you secretly thanked your lucky stars. you weren't sure how long you could stay strong with him basically glaring at you. your racing thoughts didn't slow.
a few minutes of silence passed, though it felt like decades, as he shuffled through your résumé again, occasionally glancing up at your rigid form. you quietly inhaled a shuddering breath, nerves consuming more and more of your being the longer he stayed silent. it felt like a thousand pound weight was crushing your chest.
perhaps you hadn't done as well as you thought.
he abruptly closed your résumé, lifting his head to face you once more. his eyes trailed up your form, the tips of your ears heating up at the brazen action, before he stood. you could only muster an anxious stare, all you could do was anticipate a harsh rejection and cruel words. what came next was nothing of the sort.
the corners of his lips raised by a millimeter in what you could call a smile, causing a shock to zip through your body. he leaned forward as he spoke, his hands resting on the edge of his desk.
“your clothing choices are going to have to change drastically if you are going to work for me, but we can work on that…"
he extended a hand toward you, a single perfect eyebrow raising in silent challenge.
"congratulations, miss y/ln, you've got the job."
luckily for you, it was natural to sit here now; you had done it enough at this point that it was essentially second nature. being a nervous wreck was no longer an option, and you knew it. that was like a one-way ticket to being fired.
"on time as always," he quipped monotonously, closing the portfolio in front of him and moving it to the stack sitting to his right. scouting new models — new talent, as he liked to say — never ended. 
as he organized said pile, you took the time to fully take in his appearance. his jet-black hair was styled up in its usual fashion, slightly mussed from running his hands through it, you assumed. all you could see of his outfit was a tight, white mock neck sweater along with a thin silver chain circling the base of his throat. you could only imagine what the rest of his outfit looked like, your mind wandering off to picture his lithe, muscular body in tight black trousers that hugged his thighs with a form-fitting shirt like the one he currently wore-
professionalism. professionalism is good, you thought, nearly smacking your forehead out of habit. you refrained at the last second so as to not be questioned by your boss for your odd behavior, opting to mentally berate yourself for even having those thoughts in the first place. he was your boss for christ's sake, not some random man you could ogle on the down low. especially not when he sat a mere three feet away from you.
"i assume you know what i wanted to speak with you about." the sound of his voice knocked you from your thoughts, and you had to stop yourself from flinching. sometimes, you truly did hate your brain. 
"yes, sir," you swiftly replied as you flipped open your planner, neon pink sticky notes stuck on with scribbled reminders and questions that you needed clarification on. you might have been overdoing it, but you'd rather that than not do enough. he leaned forward, like he always did when he spoke with you, yet there was a degree of intensity in his gaze that you had never seen before. you licked your lips before you continued, your heart pumping a little faster, "you will be leaving for new york in three days. i've arranged for your private jet to be ready at six a.m., and i will be taking a separate flight with the rest of the accompanying staff as per usual-"
"no, you won't be," he interrupted, and you tried your best to mask your shocked expression. "you'll be taking my private jet as well. after the shitshow that was the spring-summer shows that happened before you were hired, i can't have you be off on your own, no matter how much you've proven yourself to be trustworthy." his stone cold expression and short reply gave away little information, though you could catch a glint of frustration in his eyes. the small downward quirk of his eyebrows confirmed it for you; you still weren’t sure what exactly had gone on during that last fashion month, and, to be quite frank, you didn't think you ever wanted to know.
"understood, sir." you nodded, clicking your pen and noting to cancel your flights to and from each city. at the same time, your chest swelled a tiny bit at the somewhat-praise. such words from him were a rare occurrence, so you'd take what you could get. and who were you to reject the chance to take a private jet around the world? 
you raised your head as you finished writing, your hands now curled in your lap while you subconsciously twirled the pen around in your fingers. "mr. kang will be taking over your duties here for the month just as you requested. the first show you will be walking is telfar, from what i understand you've had your eyes on for a while…"
as you examined every minute detail of the next month's schedule with him, you knew that this fashion month would be a million times more successful than the previous one he continued to mention.
or, well, at least you hoped so.
Tumblr media
"so i heard that he's making you go in his jet, hm?"
your head whipped around to the source of the familiar voice, finding one of your co-workers and good friends, sihyun, with a wry smile pulling at her lips. given that she was one of yeonjun's makeup artists, you were nearly attached at the hip. you traveled everywhere together for his schedules, after all.
you rolled your eyes as you swiveled your chair to fully face her, "don't say it like that. it's purely for business purposes. don't act like it isn't, you weirdo."
she sauntered over to the side of your desk and leaned her palms against the surface, her grin growing wider as she teased you. "you have to admit it's a little sudden, though, no matter how important this whole thing is." she brought the back of her hand up to her forehead as she dramatically sighed, "what ever will i do without my travel buddy? i'm going to be stuck in business class all alone."
"cry me a river," you deadpanned, turning back to face your laptop where an article with things to do in new york sat open. you left in two days now, and you knew that you would need something to do when you weren't running around to yeonjun's shows. "you'll be just fine without me." 
"rude! and no, i won't be," she pouted, but her expression cracked a mere second later. her teasing grin returned. "what if you're the main character in, like, a hallmark movie? i can see it now: cold ceo and his assistant fall in love as they spend time together on a business trip," she exclaimed with sparkles in her eyes, hands haphazardly waving about. you pretended to gag in response.
"this isn't some hallmark movie, this is reality," you playfully sneered, no real aggression in your tone. it was difficult to be genuinely annoyed with her, despite her being a little younger and miles more energetic than you. makeup artists needed that level of spunk, that creative drive, while someone in your position did not. you swore it was a miracle that you two got along so well. the opposites attract trope that you had read so much about in your teen years could be applied to friendships too, you guessed.
she pursed her lips, her chocolate-colored eyes narrowing, "but-"
"you need to get out of your head, it's dangerous in there."
"i'll have you know that my head is fine, thank you very mu-" she started before her eyes focused on something behind you, her perfectly-shaped brows raising. "oh, hello mr. choi! i was just leaving."
your shoulders tensed as sihyun scurried off, your boss' footsteps growing louder behind you. you could feel his presence looming above you as his hands came to rest on the back of your chair. you hadn't realized how close he was until he spoke.
"top ten things you should do when visiting new york city?"
you flinched at the proximity of his voice as he read off the title of the article you had been reading, his warm breath brushing against your ear. you nodded stiffly all the while heat rushed to your face and down your neck. you prayed that he couldn’t feel it radiating off of you. "u-um yes, sir."
he hummed, reaching over your shoulder to place his hand on your mouse. his face was mere centimeters from the side of your own now, but he didn't seem to notice your internal predicament as he scrolled through the article. the dark umber hue of his irises reflected the white of the screen as his eyes shot back and forth across the page. his plump lips were parted, and his brows furrowed in what didn't seem to be anger, but curiosity. not that you were staring at him through your peripherals. you? staring at him? no way!
(yes way.)
he straightened his spine, his face no longer dangerously near your own, and you finally felt like you could breathe again. he cleared his throat before he finally replied. "perhaps we'll be able to find a little free time to do some of these activities."
maybe you spoke too soon, because the oxygen in your lungs suddenly felt as heavy as lead. before you could find your words, however, he had walked away. you could hear the door to his office click shut a short ways down the hall. 
"what the hell does he mean by 'we'?" you mumbled before you buried your head in your hands. you groaned quietly, willing your weak heart to stop racing. he couldn't have meant just you and him, couldn't he?
"lord, please give me strength."
Tumblr media
early mornings at incheon international airport were nothing new to you. this time, however, you stood on the tarmac rather than in the terminal.
the first rays of dawn peeked over the horizon, bathing everything in sight in a soft apricot hue. you'd usually be watching the sunrise through a window while sitting in one of those stiff airport chairs, a painfully overpriced cup of coffee in your hand and sihyun by your side. no matter how much you complained about the scam that was airport prices, you missed your coffee. oh, and you missed sihyun, too, even though the last time you saw her was just over an hour ago.
the dark sedan you currently sat in slowed to a stop near the airport's entrance, the door automatically unlocking in order to let sihyun to get out. she spun around abruptly, the soles of her sneakers audibly scraping against the pavement.
“good luck, and let me know if anything happens with him!” she whispered as she raised her eyebrows, grabbing her suitcase before turning around and sauntering over to the terminal doors. she turned around once more with a cheesy grin on her face, loudly calling “i want to see my hallmark movie come true!” before disappearing into the airport. you sighed, slamming the car door shut before the car started moving once more.
on second thought, you didn’t miss sihyun. 
you shivered as the chilly late-winter air nipped at your cheeks. your puffy jacket and gloves thankfully shielded you from most of the cold, yet your teeth continued to chatter involuntarily. your bags stuffed full of clothes and toiletries stood by your sides as your eyelids drooped. no matter how often you found yourself in this situation, the three a.m. wake-up never failed to get to you.
god, you really needed some coffee right about now. 
you finally glanced over at the man standing a few feet away from you, comfortable yet luxurious clothes adorning his body. you still weren't sure exactly how you felt about having to fly with your boss only a few feet away for fourteen hours. yes, fourteen damn hours in the presence of yeonjun. you released a quiet sigh as another airplane sped off into the air, another one landing, watching as yeonjun’s personal pilot maneuvered his jet over to where you stood waiting. 
yeonjun turned to face you. slight dark circles might have found their home underneath his eyes, but you were sure he looked far better than you right now. he spoke over the rumble of the jet’s engine, “don’t worry about your bags, the ground staff will take care of them for you.” he eyed your exhausted form with slight concern. “and there’s coffee on board if you need it. follow me.”
so you did look like shit, then. how wonderful. 
you replied with a lethargic 'thank you', following him up the small set of stairs that led into the cabin. he made his way to a seat close to where you stood while you remained still at the top of the stairs, playing with your fingers awkwardly. you had no idea exactly what you should do — sit in the farthest seat? sit somewhat near him? in the seat next to him, no, hell no, not next him, that would be weird.
he regarded your nervous form carefully, "sit wherever you'd like. it's a long flight, so get comfortable."
you nodded before carefully making your way over to a seat that lay diagonally behind him. the coolness of the leather seat soaked through the seat of your pants, until you noticed a set of buttons along the armrest. a recliner, heated seats, a built-in charging port...this degree of luxury was new, awkward, even. you tried to ignore the discomfort running through your veins, pulling out your phone only for it to automatically connect to the on-board wi-fi. 
you nearly groaned. while you were used to the standard business class commodities already, this brought a whole new meaning to 'traveling with style.'
you tried to busy yourself the best that you could: playing games on your phone, staring out the window, trying to figure out the best heat setting for your seat, but those options didn't take up a long period of time, maybe an hour. and now you were back at square one, thinking about how awkward it was to sit in the close vicinity of your boss — in complete and utter silence — for fourteen straight hours. 
a few minutes of spacing out later, it seemed your nerves had receded enough for exhaustion to creep back into your brain, your head narrowly missing slamming into the wall next you as you knocked out for a split second. your head shot up, making sure you hadn't made some loud noise that caught the attention of the man nearby, before relaxing when it looked like yeonjun hadn't noticed anything. 
screw the coffee that you had been thinking about all morning, you needed some sleep. at least you knew that could take up a good chunk of this flight. 
you reclined your seat before pulling the cover over the window above your head to block the blinding sunlight streaming in. allowing your eyelids to flutter to a close, you succumbed to the enticing prospect of sleep, the sound of the jet's engine fading away into a dull rumble.
"this is your pilot speaking. it seems like we'll be experiencing some strong winds soon as we will be passing through a storm. please remain seated as we expect some turbulence."
you mind barely registered those words before you pried your eyes open. the plane rattled slightly as you sat your seat back up in its normal position. you didn't even notice your leg beginning to shake.
you had never done well with rough landings or heavy turbulence. no matter how much your parents tried to shake you from it when you were younger, their attempts hadn't soothed your nerves one bit. you kept the irrational fear to yourself for the most part, you were much too embarrassed to share that freely. currently, the only people who knew were your parents and sihyun.
in past flights, sihyun usually kept you distracted and calmed you down when she noticed your anxiety, helping you through breathing exercises and the like, but without her here, you were now doomed to endure it alone. you sure as hell didn't count yeonjun as a potential candidate to help you, and there was no way for you to call sihyun when both of you were thousands of feet above the ground, either. all in all, you were absolutely, positively screwed. 
you could feel your heartbeat quicken as the plane jolted upwards. your fingers gripped at the armrests at your sides, sinking into the soft leather in a poor attempt to ground yourself. you squeezed your eyes tightly shut as the momentum of the plane jerked your body to the right. you tried sihyun's method to calm you down. deep breath in. one, two, three, four, five. hold for five, and exhale for one, two, three, four, five. you repeated that a few more times, but you could only distract yourself for so long, a strong gust of wind — which made the previous bouts of wind seem like puny breezes — causing another surge of anxiety to shoot straight down your spine. 
this was a fucking death trap.
deep breaths weren't an option now, the air in your lungs as heavy as lead and your throat concerningly dry. tears stung your eyes. blinking them away proved to be no use. a small whimper escaped your throat as your stomach dropped along with the plane.
you hadn't realized that someone now occupied the seat next to you until you felt a firm hand on your shoulder. despite your blurry vision, you locked eyes with yeonjun, who now sat in the seat next to you, a worried frown marring his face. 
his soft, deep voice calling your name somewhat shook you from your panicked headspace, your vision clearing a little when he turned you by your shoulders to face him, taking your hand and placing it on his chest. if this was any other time, you probably would have been reduced to a blushing, stuttering mess. right now, though, your brain had your thoughts racing fast enough for you to not register the lack of distance.
"breathe with me," he coaxed, keeping his eyes locked with yours. his hand covered your own on his chest, the other resting on your shoulder to help ground you.
your first few breaths remained shallow, frustration mixing into your swirl of emotions with every failed inhale. he remained patient, trying his best to ignore the tears streaming down your cheeks as he encouraged you to try again until you could. it took what felt like hours before you were able to breathe normally again, the steady stream of tears steadily coming to a halt. by the time you had finally calmed down, it seemed like the turbulence had followed suit. the plane no longer jerked around, and the sky was clear now. the plane had made it through the storm.
as soon as you registered the warmth of his chest under your palm, you snatched your hand away, apologies streaming out of your mouth despite mental exhaustion creeping into your system. "i'm so sorry about that, mr. choi, i-"
"don't apologize," he interrupted in a quiet voice, his demeanor seemingly off, yet you decided to ignore it. he probably felt uncomfortable having to help you like this. "if you feel anxious at any other time during the rest of this flight, please call me over, alright? i don't want you to have to suffer through this again."
you nodded before adding on a small, "thank you, sir." 
his lips twitched upward, but the miniscule smile disappeared in a blink of an eye. he gave your shoulder a firm squeeze before heading back to his own seat. 
your heart raced for an entirely different reason now.
this had to be the worst way to start this entire month off. a breakdown right in front of your boss, in his own private jet. great. fucking awesome. you felt like screaming. instead, to save face, your hand came up to run through your tangled hair, and you winced as your fingers pulled at the knots. he wouldn't fire you, you repeated to yourself. he wouldn't fire you for something like this. he might have been stern, but he was fair. you'd be fine, right?
while you attempted to shut your brain up, unbeknownst to you, yeonjun's own thoughts wouldn't leave him alone.
he had never seen you like this. his usually calm, cool, collected assistant had right in front of his eyes, tears welling in your eyes and your breathing ragged. you had calmed down since the first moments he had sat beside you, and you seemed to be feeling much better, but something about this whole interaction bothered him. in a way, it had shaken him — definitely not to as severe a degree as you were a few minutes ago, but still. you always acted so confident and assured in front of him, yet this…this completely shifted his perspective. it made him realize he didn't truly know you, didn't know anything about you at all, really.
and for some reason unknown to him, that fact left a bitter taste in his mouth.
Tumblr media
beep! beep! beep!
you groaned loudly, swinging your arm over to slam into the offending alarm clock. the piercing beeping stopped. reluctantly, you opened your eyes, only to be met with the bright red numbers glaring back at you in the dark room.
four fucking a.m. 
despite being fifty floors above the street, the dull white noise of the city's neverending traffic reached your room. the city truly lived up to its name, but the noise had to have been worse in time's square. you thanked god that you booked a hotel away from that crowded tourist trap. 
you crawled out of the plush bed, courtesy of the luxurious hotel you currently sat in. you were sure yeonjun was up, too, right next door.
yes, his room was right next to yours. yay.
you wished that you could just go back to sleep. this was not what you wanted to be doing right now, but you knew that you couldn't. your job was on the line this month, you had to prove that you weren't like his past assistant. you had shown him that you were much more organized, more punctual, more honest than his previous assistant in the past six months, but that was no safeguard to keep your job. there was no way you could be the reason he was late to or missed any schedules this month without being fired.
and so you dug through your suitcase for your outfit of the day before dragging your feet to the bathroom. you needed to be ready in an hour.
nothing a scalding hot shower couldn't fix.
"are you ready for today?" were the first words out of sihyun's mouth when she met you in the lobby. her hands visibly shook at her sides.
"how many cups of coffee did you have?" you fired back.
"not many!" she cringed, "maybe...five?"
you shook your head.
seventeen hours of sprinting around the city later, you decided that no, you were not ready for today. and no, a hot shower couldn't fix everything. 
"everything hurts," you groaned, wincing as the sedan bounced into a pothole. you rubbed at your temples, trying to soothe the migraine that you had been nursing for more than half of the day.
sihyun sent you a sympathetic glance, "i get it, but you better get used to being tired. this is how every day is gonna go. we even ended earlier than usual today."
Tumblr media
sadly for you, sihyun's warning proved to be true. on paper, yeonjun's schedule already looked packed, but nothing could have prepared you for the constant running around the city. as if sihyun's word wasn't enough, yeonjun wasn't joking when he told you that this month would be busy, either. 
you guessed that you'd have to come back another to do the tourist-y things that you were looking at in the office back home.
countless fittings, shows, interviews, and photoshoots filled your days, leaving you with little time to enjoy what the bustling city could offer. most days ended near one in the morning, with a final fitting or photoshoot or even a fashion show. when one brand's show dragged on until 3 a.m. — on your third straight day running on less than three hours of sleep — you felt the urge to rip your hair out. 
the fourth day passed nearly the same way, the only difference being that you arrived back at the hotel a little earlier than usual, around midnight. you went straight up to your hotel room, not bothering with food despite the aching pain in your gut telling you to eat. you gave yeonjun a quick goodbye before the door clicked shut.
before you could effectively faceplant into the bed, you felt a buzz in your back pocket.
"god, what now?" you grumbled while fumbling with your phone. tapping on the screen revealed a text from sihyun.
'from sihyun: do u wanna go get some mcdonald’s with me? i'm sure ur starving'
your stomach growled. impeccable timing.
'to sihyun: hell yes. i'm gonna ask the boss if he wants any too, i'm sure he's as hungry as we are'
she responded with an okay and a suggestive emoji, adding that she'd meet you in the lobby in five minutes. your eyes rolled in response before grabbing your bag, making the short walk to yeonjun's room. a couple of short knocks later and he opened the door, his form now clad in a plain white t-shirt and some sweatpants. his eyelids were half-closed in pure exhaustion, voice gravelly as he asked you what you needed. you tried to ignore how attractive he looked. and sounded.
you bit your cheek before responding, "sihyun and i were going to grab some food. i was wondering if you would like some too?" 
he raised an eyebrow, "let me guess, mcdonald’s?" 
you hummed sheepishly in affirmation, and a ghost of a smirk pulled at his lips. 
"i'd love some. but order a lot, please, i'm starving."
you nodded, letting him know that you'd knock when you got back, then turning to walk to the elevator. you saw sihyun standing near the entrance when you reached the ground floor.
"took you long enough," she teased, but even her expression seemed fatigued beyond belief. you shoved at her shoulder as both of you walked out of the skyscraper onto the sidewalk outside. "did he want some?"
"yeah, he said to buy a lot."
"luckily for him, i was already planning to," she chuckled. the streets were still crowded enough for you not to worry about walking down the block to the closest mcdonald’s. "we haven't eaten since what? this morning?"
"sadly." boy, you certainly had a way with words when you were tired.
the golden arches glowed like heaven's gates on the corner the next block down. the thought of hot fries had you thanking the universe for the twenty-four hour fast food chain. you almost felt like crying at the promise of food. not great food, but food nonetheless.
walking up to the counter, sihyun glanced up at the menu before grinning at the cashier. "hi, yeah, can i get fifteen cheeseburgers, six fries, and three drinks?"
the poor cashier looked like he wanted to slam his head into the counter, but hey, after the day you all just had, you needed all of that.
"i'll see you tomorrow, gotta deliver this." you raised the brown bag in your hand as the elevator stopped on a lower floor. sihyun's floor.
though her eyes could barely stay open, she smirked as she stepped out of the elevator backwards, singing, "have fun with mr. ceo."
you stuck your tongue out at her before the door could shut. 
"good night, hyun."
the elevator started up again.
sihyun was just joking. she had to be. she didn't really think that yeonjun could ever have feelings for you...and that you would ever act upon your feelings...right? 
the ding of the door sliding open made you jump. time to face the root of your unprofessional thoughts.
you knocked on his door. the lock clicked open within seconds, as if he was waiting for you. you couldn't blame him. you extended the bag towards him with a small smile, "here you are, sir. i'll be next door if you need anything else."
he caught your arm before you could saunter off, "wait, would you like to eat with me?"
"i wouldn't want to intrude, i'm sure you're tired-"
"i don't mind."
"okay," you conceded, stepping into his room once he opened the door wider. 
the room dwarfed your own by a long shot, but you figured that he was used to these types of commodities. and you thought your own room was too big.
he guided you over to the large couch nestled in the back corner of the room, overlooking the bustling cityscape. you sat on the end away from him as you unwrapped on of the burgers. the crinkling of paper drowned out the noise from below.
you two initially ate in silence, the atmosphere awkward and suffocating. you didn't know why he even invited you in if he wasn't going to make conversation. 
"what drove you to become a model?" you asked out of the blue. he provided no answer, so you glanced over only to find a shocked expression painting his face. 
you backtracked, "sorry, forget i said anyth-"
"no, no, you're fine," he interrupted. "it's just, no one's ever really asked me that."
"not even interviews?"
"not even in interviews," he agreed. 
"well, then why?" you shifted so you were facing him, your eyes catching his. he maneuvered to face you too while stuffing a handful of fries in his mouth. you never realized how much he could eat until now.
"i've always been interested in fashion. how garments are made, how you can combine different pieces to create a certain feel in a look, all of that inspired me. it still does. once i got casted it was like a dream come true, but i hated that company with a passion."
"is that why you started your own?" you stared outside, taking another bite of your burger. he looked over at you. this was the most talkative you've ever been around him. 
he liked it. 
"for the most part. i didn't want someone controlling my every move. everyone there was so scared i'd tarnish my image somehow, telling me i couldn't do this and i shouldn't do that. plus, staying there wouldn't let me start my own brand one day."
"that's the goal, huh?" you glanced over at him.
he nodded, and you two fell back into silence again. it didn't last long.
he unwrapped another burger. "can i ask you a question?"
"you just did," you mindlessly replied, eyes going wide when you processed what you just said to him. your face felt hot as you made eye contact with him. "oh, u-uh, sorry, i-"
"no worries, it's interesting to hear you without a filter," he replied smoothly, ignoring your visible embarrassment. a shock jolted you when you saw a small, genuine smile on his face. not a smirk, nor a split-second twitch of his lips, but a smile.
"u-uh good to know," you quitely stuttered. "go ahead."
"what made you want to work for me?"
"i've always been a planner, and i've always enjoyed fashion. i thought working for you would give me both of those things," you replied simply.
"nothing else?"
"well, the salary certainly caught my eye-" you slapped a hand over your mouth. "i really need to stop talking, don't i?"
a short chuckle escaped him, "at least you're honest."
this yeonjun seemed so much relaxed, casual, a far cry from the emotionless robot you had pinned him to be. munching on burgers and fries and slurping at his drink, he looked like a normal twenty-something year-old in this environment. well, except for the whole luxury hotel room in the middle of a big city thing.
the silence filling the room comforted you now, the last of the burgers and fries being inhaled by you and yeonjun. he watched as you nearly tipped over off of the couch, waking up just in time to catch yourself. he muffled a laugh behind the last bite of his burger.
"it's pretty late, we should probably get to sleep," he suggested in that same low voice from earlier. a brief shiver traveled down your spine.
"you're right," you said as you stood up, stretching your limbs in a graceless manner. that movement revealed a strip of your bare stomach below your shirt, and he looked away. he nearly slapped himself. what was he, a teenage boy?
"goodnight, yeonjun," you called softly as you walked to his door, not noticing your own slip up with his name. you shot him a smile as he got up from his own seat. "thank you for tonight. it was nice talking with you." you turned to open the door.
"goodnight. and y/n?" you spun around to face him again, a large grin on his face. he liked hearing you call him by his first name. "thank you, too."
you were wrong, choi yeonjun was far from the hardass that you first pegged him as. 
Tumblr media
one last photoshoot late the morning after, and you were on your way back to the airport.
"i'll see you when we land in london!" sihyun exclaimed after she had hugged you tight enough to expel almost all of the air from your lungs. she whispered the next part, as yeonjun sat only a couple feet in front of you two, "remember, i'm still waiting for my hallmark movie wish to come true! especially after what you told me today."
"come back to reality, hyun," you whispered back, flicking her forehead in an affectionate manner. she climbed out of the dark van, her nose scrunched up, with the few other staff members present. soon enough, they entered the ever-crowded airport, and you and yeonjun were being shuttled off to wherever his jet currently sat waiting.
running a hand through his hair, yeonjun resisted the urge to ask you what exactly sihyun had meant.
Tumblr media
you had to say, london's schedule was at least a little less busy than new york. you actually found time to eat normal meals now, and the flight wasn't too bad, either.
more time also meant more time for sightseeing. 
you and sihyun tripped around in your free time, going from schedule, to big ben, to another schedule, to the tower of london, and so on. before you arrived, you assumed london would be severely boring, but you were proven to be very wrong, the days passing like lightning until you found yourself on day five in this city.
"maybe buckingham palace today?" you turned to sihyun in the hotel lobby, yet you were met with a sheepish grin, like a child who had done something wrong. you questioned her with your eyes.
"i might be, well, meeting up with an old friend? she moved here a couple years ago, and she reached out to me last night when she heard i was in town..." you pursed your lips when a mischievous smile formed on her lips.
"you know what? you should invite yeonjun to come along," she sang, but you immediately shook your head.
"are you crazy?"
"no, just a romantic," she teased.
"a hopeless one."
you cackled until you saw yeonjun approaching out of the corner of your eye. both you and sihyun turned to greet him.
"hello, mr. choi!" sihyun called. "y/n was wondering if you would like to go sightseeing with her today. i would go with her, but i'm meeting with a friend after our schedule is over for the day." you shot her a murderous glare, asking her with your eyes why in the hell she would do this to you. 
despite his blank face, you found curiosity in his gaze, eyes shifting to you, "sightseeing, hm? does our schedule end early today?"
your glare melted as his eyes met yours. "around five p.m. today, sir," you replied automatically. you knew this damn schedule like the back of your hand at this point.
"i will, then."
"perfect!" sihyun butted in, "let's start the day." you sent her another glare once yeonjun walked past you both.
"you'll thank me later," she mouthed, shooting a quick wink your way. you suppressed a groan.
the dark sedan pulled onto a side street, yeonjun slipping out of the front seat to open the door for you. you gave him a soft 'thank you' in return.
gray clouds covered the sky above as you walked towards the gargantuan estate, guards with their ridiculous hats and tomato red tunics catching your eye from afar. 
"i knew it was huge, but seeing it in person is completely different," yeonjun observed. "those guards look ridiculous, though."
"i agree," you said, "i've always wanted to take a picture with one, just to say i've done it. it's probably illegal, though."
"confessing to your employer that you want to commit a crime isn't very professional, you know," he teased in a monotone voice, causing heat to travel up your neck to your face. 
you scrambled to save yourself, "i didn't mean it that way!"
"i know," he chuckled. he acted more relaxed when he was away from the business side of things. you were glad that you were able see this side of him, without all of the hardass tendencies that came with running your own company. you had the feeling he couldn't find the time to relax all that often.
"let's take a picture with them. far away to be legal, of course. i can't be on the news for this." 
"of course," you laughed.
you stopped about fifty feet away from the guards posted in front of the tall gates, unlocking your phone and handing it to yeonjun. he backed up a few feet, holding the phone in front of his face to snap a few pictures.
as soon as his arm lowered, you walked over to examine the photos, leaning over your phone together. 
"you really don't know how to pose that well," he spoke in an amused tone. 
"well not all of us can be world-famous models," you complained, stomping your foot lightly.
"aren't you just the cutest couple!"
both of you turned to the voice's origin, finding a short elderly lady standing just a few feet away. 
"oh, w-we're not-"
"thank you," yeonjun interrupted your protest, offering her a polite smile in return.
"oh, would you like your picture taken? you two just remind me of me and my husband back in the day."
your eyes widened, "uh-"
"yes please," yeonjun handed his own phone to the woman, before wrapping his arm around your waist to pull you close. you plastered a grin onto your face as she pressed the button. 
as she handed the phone back to him, she pulled yeonjun close to whisper loudly, "marry this one, love, it's hard to find someone so special in this world nowadays."
she walked off with a final wave of her hand and a wink directed towards you. you gulped as you sent her a tight smile.
if he was bothered by the old lady's comment, he didn't show it. "come on, let's go get some food.”
Tumblr media
the next morning, with no schedule until two in the afternoon, yeonjun found himself in a café in a small alleyway, a steaming black coffee sitting in front of him.
"i don't know what to do, soobin," yeonjun explained, "she's my assistant, for christ's sake."
the man in question — a fellow model based in seoul, also one of yeonjun's best friends — set his cup of coffee down on the small wooden table between them. "well, it sounds like you have some semblance of feelings for her, even if you don't want to admit it. and you said that she gets flustered around you?"
yeonjun hummed.
"then she might have feelings for you, too, but it's up to you to do something about it. she must be terrified to lose her job."
"how insightful," yeonjun quipped. 
"don't be an ass," soobin glared, now nibbling at a croissant. the back corner of the café allowed for decent privacy, he doubted any of the media would find him here. they always assumed that he'd be at some swanky restaurant, those idiots. 
he ignored soobin's comment. "someone mistook us as a couple yesterday," yeonjun sighed, smiling a little at the memory. that little old lady had no idea. "they even told me to marry her."
"you sure seem happy about that," soobin shot back, a cocky smirk plastered on his lips. "you're whipped and you don't even know it."
"shut up," yeonjun weakly shot back, nose scrunching. "this is the last thing i expected to happen."
"same here, buddy, same here."
"what the hell is that supposed to mean?"
"nothing at all," soobin replied, hiding a smirk behind his coffee cup. 
Tumblr media
if you thought your time in london felt short, the six days spent in milan felt like only a few minutes.
"the days tend to pass by faster as the month goes on," sihyun explained. "you'll get used to it!"
on top of the normal fashion week activities, you found yourself shopping in expensive stores that you never thought you'd find yourself in. you only bought a few pieces, but that was enough money down the drain for you. yeonjun took you to a few italian restaurants, speaking in italian to the servers as if it were his native language. so far, you knew he could speak three languages. how he picked up italian, you had no idea, but boy were you grateful.
it also didn't help that those moments nearly felt like dates. every. single. time. yet you forced yourself to brush it off, making a move was off-limits. these were simple business meals, right? right? 
for your peace of mind, you considered them just that.
despite the constant inner turmoil, being surrounded by beautiful architecture and art and people had your heart leaping, and spending time with yeonjun caused your stomach to fill with butterflies. it was too bad this week had come to an end so soon.
‘but off to paris, i guess,’ you thought, a dark car carting you off to the airport once again.
Tumblr media
"i'm sorry, what?"
"it seems there's only one room booked under this reservation," the concierge clarified with a sympathetic smile. "unfortunately, we're fully booked this week. there's no way i can find you another room."
great. just great. you had done so well until now with planning and organizing and remaining on time, but you really had to get thrown off by a simple reservation? 
"jesus christ," you muttered, turning to yeonjun. "i apologize, sir. i can stay at the hotel a couple of streets down where sihyun is staying if need be-"
"even her hotel is fully booked. all of them are right now. i can offer you to stay with me, or you can call her and see if she has enough space in her room to have you stay there."
"i appreciate the offer, sir. let me call her real quick," you excused yourself, walking outside. you hit her contact with shaking fingers. you looked up the dark sky as you waited for her to pick up, before scanning the busy street in front of you. late nights didn't seem to faze these people.
"hello?" the phone muffled her voice, but you could still understand her.
"please tell me you have room in your hotel room," you pleaded, desperation creeping into your tone. 
"i don't. it's like a small box, and my bed is twin, babe. i got the cheapest room available. why?"
"i, uh, might have only booked one room over here, but yeonjunofferedtoletmestaywithhim-"
"woah, woah, slow down, he what now? your life really is a hallmark movie! and don't you deny it!" she exclaimed. you could hear her elated giggles.
"you shouldn’t be celebrating this! what do i do?" you frowned as you dragged your hand down your face.
"stay with him, duh! i don't have room over here for you anyways."
"fine." you let out a shaky sigh, "but if something goes wrong i'm going to punch you."
"you wouldn't, you love me too mu-"
you ended the call.
changing with the knowledge that he sat outside had you sweating bullets. you still hadn't talked about how the sleeping arrangements were going to work, but you had been eyeing that couch from the moment you had stepped in the room. you didn't know if you could handle being any closer than that for more than two minutes.
you stepped out of the bathroom while tying back your hair into a ponytail. exhaustion creeped into your bones, the jet lag had never truly left ever since you had landed in new york. yeonjun already sat on one side of the bed. 
"thank you again," you broke the silence first. "i can sleep on the couch."
"no, i'll be sleeping on the couch, it would be rude of me to make you."
"no, no, no, you need better sleep than i do, i'll take the couch."
"how about we share the bed, then?" he suggested. "i stay on one side, you stay on the other."
you mulled over the idea for a few seconds, before shrugging your shoulders in defeat. 
"that could work." 
he nodded, the atmosphere thick with tension. this was new territory, stuck between the gray area of business and relationship. both of you could sense the change, and you weren't sure how to feel about it.
you crawled into the king-sized bed, scooting all the over to one side, nearly on the edge of the mattress. yeonjun followed suit.
he flicked off the light. "good night."
"good night."
Tumblr media
the first sensation you felt when you awoke the next morning was something warm wrapped around your waist.
your eyelids blinked open to find a pair of arms around you, hands linked above your belly button. yeonjun's face was currently pressed into your neck. your face felt like a burning fireplace.
"holy shit," you whispered to yourself, trying to slip from his grip. it was no use. his arms had you trapped. 
"oh fuck." you heard a groggy voice from behind you as he pulled away. your squirming must have woken him up. "sorry about that."
"i-it's fine," you stumbled over the small sentence. it's not like you minded, anyways.
he moved over to stretch, a satisfied groan passing his lips. he seemed to have gotten over that incident pretty quickly.
"time to start the day."
"you what?" sihyun screeched before you smothered her mouth with your hand. you smiled sheepishly at the bystanders walking by, offering a silent apology for your friend's actions. you turned your eyes back to her, eyes narrowing. the nighttime rush seemed to be universal across all big cities. 
"shush! there's people staring!" you hissed.
"why didn't you tell me this earlier?" she shot back, completely disregarding what you just said.
"we didn't have time! it's not like i could pull you aside and say 'hey, i woke up in yeonjun's arms this morning' in the middle of a damn schedule! you think i want other people to hear that shit? no!"
"but still!"
"but nothing!"
she scoffed, stabbing at the salmon on her plate. "at least the plot is thickening. i kinda like this."
"quit it with your hallmark movie analogies, i beg of you."
"never," she chuckled. 
Tumblr media
four busy days later, you stood on top of the eiffel tower with yeonjun. sihyun had made up some excuse to not go, even though your departure was scheduled for tomorrow. her loss.
"the city looks beautiful from up here." you looked across the cityscape, taking in the lights that stretched on for miles in all directions. the sun had since set, leaving a deep blue blanket in its place. "i never understood the appeal of paris. until now, at least."
"it isn't dubbed the city of love for nothing," yeonjun replied, "it has to be beautiful."
"not necessarily," you said. "love can be an ugly, vile thing sometimes. there's flaws in any relationship if you look hard enough, but i guess all of that ugliness could be hidden behind a guise of something beautiful, in the end."
"i've never thought about it like that," he murmured.
he didn't realize that he had shifted closer to you until you had turned your head towards his, your noses nearly brushing against each other. he watched as your eyes flitted down to his plump lips, your breath hitching in your chest when your eyes met his again. you found an intense glint in his eyes that you had never quite seen before. not during your last meeting with him, not ever during a show, this was foreign. you couldn't quite put a finger on what it meant.
everything seemed to move in slow motion as both of you began to lean in, the sound of your pounding heart drowning out any noises from below. your mouth felt dry as your eyelids fluttered shut.
both of you jumped at his loud text ringtone, and you stepped back. everything 
"we should get going," he muttered. you nodded wordlessly. there wasn't anything for you to say.
a charged air surrounded your bodies as you silently made your way down to street level neither of you spoke to each other on the way back to the hotel. 
Tumblr media
the final show. one last show, and this month would officially be over.
you and yeonjun hadn't spoken a word to each other since last night, and you had taken the couch. he didn't protest your choice. you hoped sihyun didn't notice the uncomfortable silence that permeated the car as you made your way over to the venue, but you knew she did, she just wasn't commenting on it. 
you stood off to the side, out of the way of the designer and his assistants rushing about the backstage area. you watched silently as they put the final touches on each outfit and saved last-minute wardrobe malfunctions before a model needed to walk. it was amazing what this team could do in such a short period of time, they flowed like a well-oiled machine.
models soon began to file back into the main backstage area. you stared down at your feet, trying not to make eye contact with any of them as they returned from their changing rooms in casual clothes. you almost wished you could be invisible at times like these.
"hey, aren't you yeonjun's assistant?" 
your head shot up to be met with a man maybe a tiny bit shorter than your boss, with long brunette hair flopping into his face. his soft, almond-shaped eyes gave you a sense of friendliness. 
"that's me. what did you need, sir?"
"just wanted to introduce myself." he extended a hand out, "it's nice to meet you."
you took it, giving his palm a firm squeeze, "likewise."
the conversation between you flowed easily. you had learned that he too was a model from korea, originally from daegu, but most of his activities were based in seoul. he had only been in the industry a few years, a 'late bloomer', he liked to call it with a chuckle.
"so, how'd you start working for the big ol' ceo?" he turned the subject of the conversation to you.
"i interviewed for the job. i guess he found me to be a good fit, and that was that."
"hm, how about you interview for me?"
your eyes widened. "u-um-"
"c'mon," he took a step closer, "imagine working for me instead. i'm sure it'd be eons better than working for that asshole."
"he isn't an assho-"
“oh, but he is. are you sure you wouldn’t rather work for me?” he countered one of his eyebrows raising in disbelief. “i bet i’d pay you way more than that bastard, how much do you even make?”
“that’s not a very appropriate question,” you frowned. he placed a hand next to your head, essentially trapping you against the wall behind you.
"either he's brainwashed you, or you're lying," he murmured, deep voice dropping lower than you thought possible. your hands began to shake as he leaned closer. 
"get the fuck away from her, beomgyu."
you had heard that name before, mostly from yeonjun, and it was never a good thing. this was the infamous choi beomgyu?
oh god.
beomgyu sported a shit-eating grin as he turned to face him. "oh, hey, yeonjun. fancy seeing you here. i found your pretty little assistant over here by herself. shouldn't let her stand here alone, y'know." 
yeonjun's hand balled up into a fist, but he didn't punch him. yet his jaw remained locked as he gritted out his next sentence, "she can take care of herself, now get. away. from. her."
"fine, fine, you win for now." he licked his bottom lip as he glanced back at you before he walked off, "you know where to find me if you ever change your mind, sweetheart."
yeonjun stared at you for a few seconds before reaching forward and grabbing your wrist. his ironclad grip forced you to follow him through the packed backstage area. you averted your eyes down to the floor, avoiding the questioning stares of the other models, stylists, and makeup artists that you nearly ran into as your boss rudely plowed through them. you made eye contact with a visibly worried sihyun, who had halted organizing her station. she looked ready to run over, but you shook your head. you wanted her to keep her job.
he didn't stop until you stood in front of his dressing room. he wrenched the door open, rage rolling off of him like crashing waves during a deadly storm. you wouldn't put it past him to fire you on the spot, your chest tight as he pulled you into the room.
you shouldn’t have let beomgyu flirt with you when you were in a professional environment, you shouldn’t have spoken to him when you knew damn well that yeonjun disliked him, you shouldn’t have let any of what just happened happen when you and yeonjun had grown closer in this past month. how could all of this come to a hapless end all because of a flirty, arrogant model who had no regard for those who worked below him? 
those thoughts swirled in your mind like a tornado as the door slammed shut behind you. your heart felt stuck in your throat while you tried to find the proper words to express yourself. 
“mr. choi-”
opening your mouth to apologize proved useless as his lips collided with yours. you reacted with a tiny squeak as he pressed your back into the door, his hands pinning your arms next to your head. he tilted his head to deepen the kiss, mouth molding against yours until your senses were overwhelmed by him. 
it seemed like you weren't getting fired, at least.
"tell me to stop," he growled when he broke the kiss off, "right now."
"what if i don't want you to stop?" you whispered, absolutely breathless. his tongue ran over the edge of his top teeth as he searched your glossy eyes for any sense of regret. finding none, his lips found yours again, eventually breaking away to find the sensitive skin of your neck. you moaned out loud when he bit down right below your ear. he kept going, your thighs squeezing together at every nibble he delivered to the delicate flesh. 
his hands traveled to grip your hips, one abandoning post to play with the hem of your skirt. 
"is this okay?" he mumbled against your collarbone. 
"yes," you gasped as his fingers rubbed against the inside of your thighs, sending a gush of arousal into your panties. he didn't waste time pulling your skirt down to your ankles, panties following the article. you stepped out of them while he waited on his knees.
you almost choked on your spit when his plush lips met your clit, sucking and licking and tonguing at the tiny bud rapid enough to make you see stars behind your eyelids. you stifled your moans with your palm when one of his long fingers slipped into your soaked entrance, pumping at a fast pace. your legs tried to close around his head, but he used his free hand to keep them spread, fingertips digging into the fat of your thigh.
"yeon-jun!" you cried out when he added another finger, feeling your high rapidly approaching. "f-fuck, i'm gonna cum."
"fucking do it, cum for me," he ordered, before he sucked on your clit hard, fingers curling upwards against your plush walls in the most mind-melting way. the pressure building in your stomach finally snapped, legs almost giving out under you if it weren't for yeonjun's surefire grip on you. 
he held you up until the aftershocks of your intense orgasm finally calmed down, though your thighs continued to quake as he stood up. his lips found yours in bruising clash of lips and tongue. his teeth nipped at your bottom lip as he guided you forwards.
"can you take more?" he questioned, lips hovering millimeters over your own. 
you released a pathetic whimper, "p-please."
that one word plea had him bending you over the couch in front of you.
"good girl," he rasped.
you looked forward to find a mirror a few feet in front of the sofa. you watched as he unzipped his trousers, bringing his boxers down with them until both pieces of clothing were discarded on the floor. his long, thick cock slapped against his stomach, the tip a angry red. the sight made your mouth water.
he brought his hand down to rub over the swell of your ass, the other bringing his dick to your entrance. he seemed to hesitate.
"i'm on birth control," you whined while pushing back your hips to get him to enter you. he stilled you a small slap to your ass. 
your eyes rolled back as his cock breached your walls, letting him slowly work his way until he was fully sheathed in your slick warmth. he allowed you to adjust to the sheer size of him, taking when you started grinding back into him as a sign that he could move. 
your head drooped forward as his hips began to move, long, powerful thrusts that had you crying out. 
"yeah, that feel good, pretty girl? my big cock fucking open your tight little hole?" you whined out a shaky 'yeah' in response. 
"yeah?" he mocked, your mind dizzy with the different sensations bombarding your mind. "knew it, prim little girls like you just need a good cock and they're drooling for more, isn't that right?"
your walls squeezed around him, the pace of hips picking up with every thrust until he pistoned in and out of your sloppy hole. "that fucker could never make you feel this way, you hear me? never. who's making you feel this good?"
too far gone to answer, you didn't bother to control to moans pouring out of your lips. a hand traveled up your still-clothed spine to find its home in your hair, pulling your head up until you made eye contact with your ruined reflection.
"i asked you a question, pretty girl," he grunted as he felt you tighten around him. he gripped your hair a little harder. "answer it."
your glossy eyes rolled back, fluttering up to his own every few seconds in the as you tried your best to think of the proper answer. what did he ask again? you couldn't rememeber. he could see a frown pulling at your eyebrows.
"i said," he leaned over your body, pressing his lips right up against your ear, his hot breath caressing your ear, "who the fuck is making you feel this good?"
you nearly cum right there. the words exploded from your mouth. "you! y-you are! yeonjun, 'm so close! p-please!"
he bit his lip at your current state: a panting, fucked out little mess all because of him. not beomgyu, but him. you were his.
and so he wrapped his hand around the front of your body, two fingers locating your slippery clit, the squelching coming from your hole growing louder as he slammed into you time and time again, his cock pressing up against that one spot inside you that had your entire body shaking underneath him. 
supernovas scattered across your vision as white-hot pleasure hit you like a truck, back arching as you clenched around him sporadically. he choked, moans growing higher pitched as he chased his own high. right before he could release, he pulled out, spilling spurts of cum onto your ass.
your head sagged against the sofa cushion, the sweat from your forehead staining the leather. you heard yeonjun walk away, only to feel tissues being wiped across your backside. you were half-conscious when he pulled your panties and skirt back up. he helped you up, finding a very flushed yeonjun behind you, a lock of his once perfectly styled hair now plastered against his forehead.
"let's get cleaned up," he said softly, helping you sit down on the couch, "you're lucky these rooms are soundproof."
a knock at the door had both of you whipping around to face it. a male's voice echoed through the wood. "yeonjun! are you coming with us to celebrate?"
"yeah, give me a few minutes to change!" he called back, before sending you a concerned look. "will you be okay?"
"mhm, go ahead," you encouraged. he sent you a grateful smile as he wiped the sweat off of his forehead and styling his hair back into place. he slipped out of the door, leaving you alone in the white room.
a few minutes later, you walked out of the room, only to find a few staff members left to clean up the space. as soon as she spotted you, sihyun ran over to you, "y/n, what the hell just happened?"
"we...we just had sex."
Tumblr media
"sihyun, hey, i'm at the airport right now. don't worry about me. yes, i'm flying home. something happened. yeah, let yeonjun know for me. thanks. i'll see you monday. love you too, hyun. bye." 
you hit the red button on your screen to end the call, sighing as you sat in the terminal. you bought a ticket for the first red-eye flight available to incheon. you felt the need to leave, run away, from all of this. you needed to get back home so you could sort through all of these feelings and thoughts. 
sure, that was definitely the best sex you'd ever experienced, but that was also exactly what was eating at your conscience at this moment. the line between boss and friend — and, dare you say it, lover — seemed blurred.
and that fact scared the absolute shit out of you.
you weren't sure if you could continue working for him after what had transpired, you felt as if your professional character had been trashed beyond repair. you didn't see a way to come back after having sex with your boss.
as you waited for your flight to be called, you slipped your laptop out of your carry-on, flipping open the screen and creating a new document, your fingers flying across the keys.
Tumblr media
monday came much faster than you wanted it to.
the envelope in your hands felt like a thousand-pound weight. in a sense, it was. all of your feelings were poured into each and every word. 
you followed your normal routine: keyed into the building, said hello to the receptionist, took the elevator up to the fifth floor, and found yeonjun's office. you knocked.
"come in," you heard him say.
you took once last deep breath before pushing the door open. you greeted him as per usual, but you didn't dare sit as you handed the envelope. 
“what’s this?” he questioned, glancing between you and the envelope. 
"my resignation letter, mr. choi."
he stared up at you, unable to articulate any of his racing thoughts. you smiled sadly. he hated seeing that smile.
"thank you for this amazing opportunity, but i just don't find it appropriate to work for you anymore." you turned and walked out of his office, passing sihyun with one last hug. 
"i just quit, i hope you understand." you grinned as tears pricked your eyes. it felt like your life was crumbling right before your eyes.
"oh, honey," she cooed, bringing you in for another one of her suffocating hugs.
you held back the tears until you sat in your car. you couldn't blame anyone but yourself for all of this.
Tumblr media
"sihyun, please come up to my office."
"yes, sir." 
sihyun opened the door to his office, clicking it shut after she stepped inside.
"please sit." 
her eyes widened at his next words.
"i don't want to lose her." 
she could feel her heart crack at those words. who knew choi yeonjun was just as hopeless a romantic as herself? "y/n's a tough girl, but she can't handle everything herself. she might be a perfect problem solver in the workplace, but she's notorious for running away from personal problems. her address is in our employee files, so you better go get her before she runs away for good."
he nodded. "thank you, sihyun. you are dismissed."
"good luck, mr. choi."
Tumblr media
you heard a knock at your door at noon. though your tears had dried, you knew you had to look like utter trash.
"i didn't order anything…" you muttered, lookimg through the peephole to find someone who you never expected. 
you unlocked the door, whipping it open. "why are you here?"
"can we talk?"
you blinked. "there's nothing to talk about."
"there's everything to talk about." he held up your letter.
your throat felt as dry as a desert. "fine."
you opened the door enough to let him in, allowing him to follow you over to your couch. you tried to sit away from him, but he found the seat right next to yours. he reached for your hand, but you snatched it away. you couldn't even look him in the eye, but you could sense how much that hurt him.
"i read every single word of your letter, and i'm fucking in love with you, too." 
you froze, the emotions coming too fast for you to process. tears stung your eyes. a call of your name caused you to look up at him.
"oh, baby," he cooed, and with that, the tears spilled over. he gathered you in his arms, rocking you back and forth as you hiccuped and sobbed into his chest. you gripped at his shoulders as if he would disappear. his heart ached. 
he made you follow his breathing, just like he did during that first flight with him, until you calmed down. you looked up at him with watery eyes, a weak grin on your face before you leaned up to kiss him.
every single pent up emotion flowed in between you, his body pressing up against yours until there was no empty space left between you. your hands ran through his onyx hair while his hands wrapped around your waist. you felt needed, whole, complete. 
you felt loved. completely, and utterly loved. 
you broke away with a panted giggle, although your cheeks remained wet. "sihyun's gonna love this one."
"why is that?" he raised an amused eyebrow.
"that's a long story. another day." and your lips found his again. you don't think you could ever get enough. 
but neither could he.
Tumblr media
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playmate of the year.
Tumblr media
synopsis ↷ congratulations on playmate of the year, too bad the others don’t think you deserve it. dating the ceo must have it’s perks, right? but don’t take it to heart too much, jealousy is never pretty on anyone.
warnings ↷ dubcon, age gap (37 vs. 22), power dynamics, alcohol consumption, light impact play, size kink, breeding, daddy kink, playmate/bunny reader, ceo nanami, detailed anxiety attack, trying to fit nanami's cock in you while he sips on wine.
character ↷ nanami kento.
wc ↷ 3.5K
Tumblr media
Uncomfortable. Uncomfortable and out of place is what (Name) felt as she stood in the mix of the seemingly never ending crowd. The growing knot of anxiety that sat in her chest was becoming unbearable as more unfamiliar faces with large fake smiles congratulated her with hugs and chaste kisses to the cheek. Everything felt like a fever dream. Like she was on the brink of drowning in a large body of roaring waters struggling to keep her head a float. The more she thrashed and panicked, the more water she let into her lungs. (Name) felt like she was choking but her outward demeanor and appearance didn’t match what she had been feeling on the inside. She didn’t know at what point she got so good at hiding her emotions so well but at times like this she was thankful no one could tell that she was quite literally on the verge of passing out.
The gentle smile on her lips was so inviting and warm as she walked through the crowd but her eyes were in desperate search of somewhere quiet— somewhere that she could calm the harsh and destructive waves that she called her mind. She wanted to feel like a small pond on a blooming spring day decorated with lily pads and a family of ducks that splashed around gently. Not an ocean in the middle of a dark and intense storm, the kind of storm that made captains and pirates alike fear for their lives when out sailing the high-high seas. (Name) found a bit of that solidarity in a quiet hallway somewhere tucked away from the madness of the event. She thanked her instincts, the need to find a tranquil place led her feet to where she was now.
The coolness from the wall felt good against her fervent skin. She was far away enough from the bustling party for the music and the laughs to be muffled from the distance. The champagne flute held in her manicured hand had condensation droplets clinging onto the glass. (Name) was lost in thought as she stared at the fizzy, pale yellow drink. Her hand made the liquid swirl around the glass making the bubbles pop louder. She felt her heart rate regulate back to its resting pacing and her thoughts begin to settle down. Too caught up in her own thoughts, she didn’t hear the elegant footsteps coming towards her until a pair of expensive dress shoes were caught in her line of sight.
(Name)’s eyes trailed up the man that stood in front of her from his shoes, to his luxury pinstripe suit and all the way to his handsome chiseled face. He had a good few inches on her height, even in her heels. There wasn’t a single hair out of place as his hardened brown eyes looked down at you with a blank stare on his features. There was something so compelling about his presence— so spellbinding that anyone could go weak in the knees and dumb in the head just by his stare.
Nanami Kento. 37. CEO of Playboy Enterprises. Her boss. Her lover.
“Congratulations.” His voice sounded like honey and velvet as he spoke. It never failed to make her heart skip a beat making her feel like she was back in grade school and her crush just looked at her and smiled. The intense feeling of infatuation is what she felt for him.
“Kento, thank you.” (Name) offered him a soft smile, or rather a weak one. Her dampened energy didn’t go unnoticed by the handsome blond. Nanami took a step closer to her, his body pressed against her frame as his large hand cupped her chin making her look up at him. He smelled so good, he was wearing that cologne she liked so much. Burberry Amber Heath. His scent, his presence, his touch— it all made her feel good. He made her feel good.
Their relationship was far from appropriate. It was the first rule in the handbook: direct or indirect relationships with clients and members are strictly prohibited from dating or having sexual relationships within the company. Maybe it was an “abuse” of Nanami’s power when he got involved with her. Maybe it was a little… unethical that he fed into the fact that no one would say anything to his face about the relationship, they wouldn’t dare to if they still wanted a job. Maybe it was a little questionable when her CEO offered to take her home after her shift at the cabaret. Nanami couldn’t help himself, (Name) was so… charming and it helped that she was drop dead stunning.
Now, Nanami was a calculated man. A realist. But he couldn’t help but to think visiting one of his clubs on that particular night had to be fate. Naturally, he was saw with the top bunny of the night: (Name). He remembers her greeting him with a joyous “Hi, Mr. Nanami! What can I get for ya?” Her pearly white smile, her cheerful giggles and the way her bunny suit hugged her curves all had him smitten. He’s seen his fair share of beautiful faces but she had a glow to her as she worked the floor, twirling around effortlessly in her heels while she held a silver serving tray that held various foods and wines. Nanami wanted her for himself. Selfish? Yes, but he wasn’t a man that was used to hearing “no.” He saw something in her that he liked, something that he wanted more of. Nanami thought of himself as a good judge of character and: he liked her. Nanami saw potential in her
“Why are you alone?” He asked, his eyes studying for any signs of distress. Her eyes shifted to the side when she heard loud voices and giggles. A group of attendees walked past the end of the hallway frame, one of them saying something about not being able to find the bathroom through the rest of the group’s chatter. Nanami didn’t take his eyes off her, instead opting to gaze down at her side profile. He was looking for something. Searching for the truth as if staring a hole into her was going to answer all the questions he had. Nanami gave her head a gentle but firm turn so that her attention was back on him.
“The other girls are giving me nasty looks tonight, ‘makes me run away.” (Name) said with a subtle pout forming on her cherry glossed lips. Nanami wondered if they were flavored— your lips. He’s not one to admit it but he enjoys it when he can taste the fruity sweetness of your gloss transfer onto his lips teasing at his taste buds.
“Don’t they always?” Nanami asked. He didn’t mean to sound insensitive, she knew it, but his bluntness still stung.
“I mean,” She started, there was an attempt to find her wording but she stopped and deflated. “Yeah.”
“What’s different tonight?”
“I don’t know..” She trailed off, feeling tears well up in her waterline. “Excuse me.”
(Name)’s free hand pushed gently at his chest but Nanami didn’t budge. He saw her mentally checking out— her emotions taking over once again causing her to begin the self destruct process. She pushes at his chest again, if you could even call it a push. It was more of a gentle tap accompanied with a pout and a weak “hmph.” In other words that meant, “Please move, I want to cry.”
“You’re upset.” Nanami states as an observation.
“No,” (Name) pauses and tries to find her composure. “I just won playmate of the year. I’m very happy..” Her voice is cracking. “See? Happy.” She puts on a poor excuse for a genuine smile.
“Then why do you have tears in your eyes?” He asked.
“I dunno,” The answer she gave him was juvenile— something you hear when a child is being asked about something they don’t want to admit or speak about.
“You don’t know or you don’t want to tell me?” Nanami sighs. The tears at her eyes were getting fat and heavy, threatening to spill onto her cheeks at any given moment. (Name) stayed silent at his response looking up at him with a look Nanami would classify as “pitiful.”
“Tell me something,” Nanami pulled out the meticulously folded handkerchief from his breast pocket. “How am I supposed to make you feel better, if you don’t tell me what’s on your mind?” He took the silky cloth up to her waterline and told you to look up with a soft but ushering voice— dabbing her tears away before they messed up the makeup she worked so hard on.
“I heard them talkin’ about me,” She started, her voice was shaky. “Sayin’ I don’t deserve the title and it’s not fair because ‘m sleeping with you.” (Name)
“Do you think that’s true?” He stopped his motions to tilt his head while he looked at her.
“No!” She furrowed her brows upward. “I worked really hard this year.” It was true, she did work hard for the award, but it would be ignorant to say that Nanami’s power and influence in the company didn’t help her at all, because it did. But even without him, she was already well on her way to being promoted up in the company. There were many eyes on her the more and more popular she became with the guests. It seemed like her meeting Nanami was bound to happen one way or another.
“Then why are you shedding tears over it?” He asked.
“My feelings are hurt, Kento!” She stomped her foot down in an act of frustration, the sound of her heel clicking against the marbled floor and echoed down the hallway. He sighed before speaking.
“You care too much of what people think of you.” Nanami’s voice was quite the contrast compared to hers. He was calm, rational and collected while she was on the verge of a tantrum.
“But then again, you’ve always been quite emotional, haven’t you?” A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips. It makes her heart skip a beat, she can’t help the warm and tingly feeling spreading throughout her chest.
“Can’t help it, Ken.” She pouted again. “Do I look horrible?”
“Never.” There was no hesitation when he answered.
“You look handsome.” She smiled and brought her hand up to his cheek.
“I know. You’ve told me many times already.” Namami took her hand and brought it up to his lips, placing a gentle kiss on her knuckles.
“I still feel sad.” (Name) said.
“What do you propose we do, angel?” he asked against her skin, his chocolate brown eyes shifting to her (color) ones.
“I wanna be alone with you.” She said,
“Are we not now?” There’s a hint of playfulness in his tone.
“At home.” (Name) wasn’t amused and gave him a deadpan look. She pulls her hand away from him gently.
“Are you suggesting that I leave my event and for you to leave your celebration early?” Nanami asked.
“Please, Kento.” She whined. “Said you wanted to make me feel better, don’t turn on me too.”
“If that’s what you want. Let’s go home.”
Tumblr media
After two glasses of wine, (Name) found herself straddling her lover as they sat in the living room. The lights were dimmed giving the space an intimate atmosphere. The alcohol was already taking its effect on (Name). Her body and the apples of her cheeks felt warm and flushed. It was a wine type of drunk, the kind of buzz that left her feeling cozy, relaxed and sensual.
Nanami’s white button down was rolled up to his elbows and undone just enough to expose his chest and the upper part of his abs. His dress pants and boxer briefs were around his ankles, his cock hard in your manicured hand.
“Take your time.” Nanami chided lightly before bringing the glass of red wine up to his lips. His other arm was extended along the frame of the couch while his eyes were focused on how she rubbed the head of his cock between her glistening folds. (Name) sucked her bottom lip between her teeth and bit down lightly at the sensation of his member rubbing against her sensitive clit. She tried again-- lining him up to her hole. (Name)’s weight sunk down slowly, she let out a pained whimper when the tip of his cock entered her. The tip of his cock was barely in and she was already struggling. (Name) rarely rode him, but when she did she always had a bit of trouble leaving Nanami to do all the work.
“‘M trying,” (Name) whimpered and looked up at him. “’s too big.” She sat back on his lap. Her hand stroked at his length as it stood at attention between them.
“You’ve taken it before.” Nanami said, his voice very matter of fact. He swirled the red substance around in the clear glass before bringing it up to his lips once more. His brown eyes never left her own.
“I know,” She whined again. “But it's different when I put it in. Help me, please.” Her brows were knit together and her lips formed a pout. Nanami thought she looked so fucking kissable right now. A little tipsy, but so needy and pretty for him, having such a hard time fitting his fat cock in her tight pussy. She still wore the dress from earlier in the night. The bottom hem of the garment was bunched up over her hips and the silk noodle strap fabric past off her shoulders exposing her pretty tits and pebbled nipples. How could he say no to her? He couldn’t.
Nanami let out a deep sigh, placing his hand on her hip. (Name) bit her lip with a smile and grabbed the glass from his other hand. Instinctively, his other hand found his cock urging her to sit up with a nonverbal tap to her thigh. (Name) did as she was told with a hum. He was too busy to notice that she had been sipping down the rest of the wine left in smooth gulps. The sudden stretch from the intrusion made her audibly choke. Nanami’s head snapped up, looking at her with a hard look. She gulped rather hard and coughed— the red liquid pebbling at her plump lips and some droplets running down her chin. He grabbed the glass from her hands and placed it on the end table beside them then wasted little time placing a firm hand on the back of her neck, pulling her down to capture her lips with his.
Nanami tasted the tart sweetness on her lips as their mouths moved in sync with one another falling deeper and deeper into the sensation of the kiss. (Name)’s body melted onto his, her arms wrapping around his head as her hands found their home in his hair. Nanami guided her to sink down further and further on his cock, not missing how her breath hitched when she stretched around the widest part of his cock. She felt so full— fucking stuffed when she finally bottomed out. (Name) broke away from his lips. Her forehead rested on his as she looked into his warm brown eyes with a blissed out smile on her face
“‘Stretchin’ me out, Nami.” (Name) let out.
“It feels good, doesn’t it?” He gave her a smile.
“Yeah,” She breathed out. “Yeah, ‘feels good.” She nodded against his head as she rolled her weight on his lap.
Soon (Name)’s arms were wrapped tightly around Nanami’s neck, her face buried in his neck while she moaned and fucked herself on his cock. God, it felt good. It felt so fucking good. His cock was so big, it stretched her cunt out perfect every time they fucked. She felt every vein that ran along the length of his cock. The veins and the slight curve of his cock made the drag against her puffy and velvety walls made her feel like she might go insane from the pleasure. (Name) cried out broken sobs into his skin. Her voice was muffled and so incredibly needy— begging for help, crying that she couldn’t do it by herself. Although Nanami thought her pleas sounded gorgeous, he decided to help. He wasn’t going to be so mean tonight, after all, tonight was supposed to be a celebration for her.
Nanami’s hands found their way to her ass, kneading and spreading her cheeks as he pounded up into her sopping cunt. (Name) clung onto him so snuggly while his gaze was fixed over her shoulder. The way her ass jiggled at every impact was mesmerizing, almost trance inducing. He positioned his hips at a new angle and earned a high pitched cry from her. She sat up, her palms rested on his thick pecs as she tried to steady herself from the force of his thrusts.
(Name) could cum right now just by looking at him— his hardened gaze looking up at her with a cherry dusted nose bridge and cheeks. The usual meticulous style in his hair gone and replaced with sex hair and few stray hairs sticking to the thin sheet of sweat coating his forehead. (Name) voice got stuck in her throat at a particularly hard thrust, she was seeing stars.
“K-Ken- Kento!” She struggled to get his name out, fumbling over the syllables.
“What are you calling for, sweet girl?” He asked.
“You-! Need more of you, daddy,” (Name) whined. His balls clenched at the title, suddenly feeling himself on the onset of his high. “You’re already making a mess on my cock,” Nanami tutted. “I can’t possibly give you more, angel. Don’t be so greedy.” He locked his jaw, his voice becoming slightly strained as he got closer to his release.
“‘Wanna cum together, please.” She hiccupped. “‘Wanna make you cum, Kento,”
“Go ahead, angel. Make me cum, make daddy proud.” His composure was slowly starting to crumble right before her. It was subtle, but the way he furrowed his brows and parted his lips let her know that he was close.
(Name) began bouncing on his cock, her tits jiggled with every time he thrusted into her. The sound of skin slapping skin, her moans and his breathy sighs filled the large and luxurious living area. Nanami’s hand slid it’s way along her torso, massaging at her breast before tugging at her pebbled nipple hard. The action makes her mewl, a mischievous smile growing on his lips as she looks down at him.
“Mm, hurt me more, daddy.” (Name) giggled through a moan.
“Be quiet you little minx,” Nanami gave her a slap hard enough to sting. His fingers found their way into her mouth— fingertips hitting the back of her throat triggering her gag reflex. She made her mouth of good use, sucking on his pretty fingers as if it was his cock. Nanami enjoyed the feeling of her warm and slick mouth working up and down his fingers. The knot in his lower stomach was becoming increasingly harder to ignore.
(Name) felt everything even down to the pulsating of his cock. It was fucking addicting. Nanami always fucked her so good to the point where she would drool and would forget even her own name. Fuck, She wanted to cum so, so, bad. She was so close it wasn’t even funny, she wanted nothing more than for him to stuff her pussy full of his cum and leave her leaking. Nanami’s eyebrow twitched and his hips faltered.
“I’m close.” He groaned.
“Fill me up, please, please-” She pleaded with tears pricking at the corners of her eyes when she felt her walls clamp around his cock, her own orgasm blossoming in her lower belly and spreading throughout her entire body in intense and rhythmic waves.
“Christ, I’m cumming.’ He murmured, feeling the knot in his belly uncoil. Nanami’s body froze as he pumped his hot cum inside her pussy. (Name) fell into his chest, her breathing labored as she felt him throb and pulsate against her creamy walls. Her hips still rolled onto his, milking every last drop he could give her. He held her hips firmly into place after a while as the overstimulation became too much for him to enjoy.
She smiled lazily into his neck, her teeth nipping gently at his skin before looking up at him with glassy eyes. Nanami looked as fucked out as he possibly could be: chest heaving, skin glowy, hair messy and yet, he still looked put together. His eyes were shut but he could feel her stare.
“What is it?” He asked.
“Nothing, you're just handsome.” Her gentle hand touched the side of his chiseled cheek making his eyes flutter open.
“You should get ready for bed soon.” Nanami took her hand and kissed it. “You have a shoot early tomorrow.”
“Come shower with me first?” A hopeful smile on (Name)’s lips.
‘If it’ll get you out of my hair, I will.” He looks at her with lidded eyes and a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips.
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to rekiri 2021. do not modify or repost.
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Astronaut Aykroyd
Based off of this post by @floralflowerpower
Basically Danny changes his last name cuz science community thinks Fentons are crackpots when he goes to work for Nasa :) Also its like 1am right now so ill probably do a bit more editing in the morning
The administrator, Roger, raised his brow. “That’s a bit on the nose, isn’t it?”
Danny laughed. “You guys gave me permission to pick my new last name, and I pick Aykroyd.” If NASA wanted him to replace Fenton then of course Danny would have to make it fun.
Roger sighed and typed it into his computer. “If you were not such a record-breaking twat, I would have to tell you to pick something else.” He reached his hand across the table and shook Danny’s. “Congratulation Candidate Fenton, you are now Astronaut Aykroyd.” Roger frowned in disgust. “Why does it have to be an alliteration?”
“It’s fun and easier to remember,” Danny grinned and got out of his chair. “I'll take a picture of Earth and sign it for you. It’ll be worth something someday.”
Roger chuckled. “It’ll be worth something, all right.”
It didn’t take long to learn what the science community thought of his parents when he first started training. Pitiful looks and bouts of laughter when he mentioned his parents always came up.
“Dam, the crackpot scientists had a kid. Hopefully, they didn’t fill your head too much with all that ghost stuff.” An older candidate had poked fun of him. Danny learned quickly to keep his mouth shut about ghosts soon after. The Fenton name was a joke in the science communities. He didn’t quite blame NASA for asking him to change it.
NASA probably would have dropped him if it weren’t for his ghost half, funny enough. He excelled in all the physical training, speedrunning him through the ranks. The teachers had been flabbergasted when he ran the flight simulation almost perfectly. The spectra speeder was insanely close in operation, so it was like driving a new car to him. Weightlessness he mastered years ago, and strength was not a problem. The in-classroom training wasn’t that bad either. Danny was a fantastic astronaut if he did say so himself.
After his first mission, he gained a bit of a cult following. Officially, all records of NASA Danny Fenton had been changed to Danny Aykroyd. Nobody knew him as C student Fenton but instead kick-ass astronaut Aykroyd. His records were publicly available, and every mission he went on went well. So what if he used some ghostliness to keep his team safe. As far as they knew, lifting rocks that shouldn’t be humanly possible was one of those muscle flukes. Like a parent lifting a car to save their child. His team stayed safe, and that’s what mattered most.
He didn’t mind it so much that nobody knew. His parents understood and were proud of him. They kept quiet about Danny’s famous career as an astronaut, but Amity Park still knew. During the Christmas holidays last year, he saw Dash at Starbucks, who gaped at him like a fish. Danny simply raised his cup like a toast and headed back home. As long as only Amity Park knew about Danny Fenton, he would be fine. Sam’s parents had been so passive-aggressive once they realized that they couldn’t mention their connection to Danny without some NASA officials breathing down their necks. It was good, but sometimes he couldn’t miss the sadness in his parent’s eyes when they couldn’t announce their baby boy’s accomplishments to the world.
His last name went unnoticed by most. Sometimes interns and such would ask him questions, though.
“Danny Aykroyd? Like Dan Aykroyd?” Confusion and curiosity ripple their faces.
Danny would simply laugh and grin. “No, that’s the ghostbuster.” Sam and Tucker didn’t think it was as funny, unfortunately. It had grown on them the past couple of years, though. He was pretty sure he saw Tucker wearing a shirt on his Instagram one time with his response. Appropriately, the shirt was black with ‘No, that’s the ghostbuster’ written in curvy neon green letters. Danny tracked one down and posted a picture on his official account wearing it. He had to apologize for crashing the artist’s site a few hours later.
His popularity had grown to the point where people tried getting interviews with him. Danny did some after the PR team forced him to. In the first interview, he was a nervous wreck. PR never treated alternate Danny personas kindly. They got easier after a while, none were out to get him, really. Most just asked about the space stations, missions and sometimes his personal life.
Eventually, life and the PR team lead him to today’s interview. He sat backstage waiting for his cue. A blonde woman, Agatha, was a show host and begged to have him on the show. She rallied the audience up, getting them ready for his appearance.
“Now please welcome Astronaut, Danny Aykroyd!” The crowd cheered and he strolled across the stage. The lights blinded him at first, but adjusted as he took his seat on the love seat across from Agatha.
“Agatha, thanks for having me.” With a broad smile, he shook her hand.
She smiled at him devilishly. “No, thank you, Danny. Celebrities are in a thousand, but Astronauts are on in a million.”
“Don’t flatter me too much,” he laughed, “my ego can only stretch so far.” The audience laughed at his remark, along with Agatha. He was doing good.
“Now Danny, not to get personal right off the bat, but do you have a new beau by any chance.”
Great one of these kinds of interviews. He shook his head. “No.”
“Not even at home?”
“Sorry to disappoint Agatha, but my love stays for Cujo still.” He held a hand to his heart and the audience laughed again.
Agatha laughed, throwing her head back. “Not even in good old Amity Park?”
Danny’s mouth twitched. Amity Park was not allowed for questions during an interview. PR made sure of it. “No, parents would probably like me to have some secret partner stashed away though. Gotta have them grandkids, am I right.” He laughed along with the audience.
Agatha leaned forward as if she caught a canary as looked at him playfully. “Say your parents right?” Danny squirmed in the seat and his smile dropped. “As in Maddie and Jack Fenton?”
“Is it true that your name is really Daniel James Fenton?”
“Fenton as in the joke of the science community?”
“What was it that they study and claim is true? Do let the audience know, Mr. Aykroyd.” She leaned back in her chair with a triumphant smile. Hushed whispers aroused from the audience as Danny stayed silent. The damage was already done. Live shows were the worst.
“Paranormal studies and ecto-biology, ecto-physics, and ecto-chemistry.”
“What interesting fields of study. More of fields of fantasy, though, am I right?” A few nervous laughs came from the audience. Danny curled his hands into a fist. PR was going to kill him tomorrow.
He gave Agatha a cold glare. She immediately straightened in her seat. “I don’t take kindly to people making fun of my parents. They’re amazing scientists. Dad built a fuelless aircraft and so many gadgets ahead of our time. Mom created entirely new ways to pull things apart. Atom. By. Atom.” Agatha was beginning to look a bit scared now. Danny continued anyway and started creating an invisible clone. “Ancients even, they protected the entire town when it literally got sent to an alternate dimension. They are good people and good scientists. I don’t care what everyone else says. I know what they study is real. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I’ve been to the ghost zone.” He closed his eyes and took a breath. The clone was at the lights now.
“Are you saying that you, a lead expert in space exploration and science, are endorsing the fact that the afterlife exists?” Agatha almost stumbled over her words. The crowd was silent.
Danny stood up from the love seat and glared at the camera. “Yes, and this interview is over.” The lights shut off, and the crown gasped with a few screams. Danny turned invisible and made his way out through the chaos of the crowd.
“Take back your statement,” Rodger demanded. “We can’t have you claiming that crackpot theories are real.” Danny felt like a child being scolded.
“This is a mess, Danny. The community is baffled and questioning whether you should still keep your job. The public is looking into your high school life too.” The PR head said worriedly. Danny cringed at the mention of high school.
“I guess they don’t want a delinquent C student, who believes in the supernatural leading up NASA missions, huh?”
“No Danny. They saw how cold you were last night, too. How can they trust you if you’ve secretly been a homewrecker all this time?”
“At least people get the joke behind Aykroyd now,” he said quietly. Well, some of the joke.
“Danny!” Roger sighed. “You’ve always been so adamant about finding proof before we make claims. Why does the supernatural not follow this?”
“I’ve seen proof-” he is proof-” that ghosts exist.”
“Danny, if your parents are telling you one thing from birth, of course you’re going to see proof. Confirmation bias.” Roger explained.
“No, Roger, it’s not that. There is a portal to hell in my basement Roger, my basement!” Danny stood up from his chair.
“No-” he turned to the PR head- “If I can prove ghosts are real, can I keep my job? Ancients, I swear the job can be easier if I provide proof.”
The PR looked at their tablet and shrugged. “Maybe, it would have to be right away, though. No time to pull together some gimmick.”
“Danny, think about what you’re doing. You're risking your career,” Roger tried to reason.
Danny laughed. “No, Roger, even if NASA does fire me, I have other things to do. But-” he let the cool wrings wash over him- “I know what I am and that I exist.”
Roger and the PR head shut up after that. Their jaws hung open and stared at him, flabbergasted.
"There is this proof enough?"
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agentofbarnes · a month ago
Here's another one for you:
Prompts 28 and 33 from List 1 with Surgical Attending!Loki and Innocent Resident!Reader
Tumblr media
I'm sorry, but I simply cannot get this picture out of my head...
So many thoughts, emotions and feelings 🥴😵🥵
matters of the heart ~ loki
pairing ~ surgical attending!loki laufeyson x innocent!resident!reader
warnings ~ smut, minors DNI, abuse of position, dom!loki, authority kink, hella degradation, major dumbification, fucktoy vibes, slight choking, jealous!loki rears his head
28) "If you keep making those sounds I'm not going to be able to stop myself."
33) "Pushing back against my fingers already? How pathetic."
Tumblr media
This was wrong. You knew this, but you just couldn’t find it in you to care. Sure, he was your superior and god, he never let you forget it.
With complete honestly, you had been attracted to him since beginning of your residency. You knew he thought nothing of you except for the over-eager resident who wanted to please everyone. You were kind and innocent, and Loki had noticed you.
He had seen you for what you could be, a fantastic surgeon and an amazing doctor. He saw something else too, something far less innocent than the image everyone else saw. The dark part of him wanted to see that, to see you submit and cry for him as he stuffed you with cock.
But he stayed away…for awhile.
Loki was running on a high as he always did when he did a risky surgery that was a major success. Except one thing was missing.
You were no where to be found. His biggest supporter and eager employee. You always congratulated him and praised his work with such admiration.
So where were you?
Loki wasn’t happy with what he found as he sought you out. In fact, the burning jealously in his chest was incomprehensible when he found you with the other impressive surgeon in the hospital.
Doctor Stephen Strange had your attention and Loki was livid about it. Not at you, but at his colleague for stealing his admirer from him. You smiled up with such impressed eyes that couldn’t keep himself from interjecting.
“Doctor Y/L/N,”Loki cleared his throat,”I hope you have a good reason for not being with your patients.”
You raised your head to look at him, your attention now fully on the man that plagued your dreams.”Oh, I-“ You glanced at Stephen before smiling at Loki.”Doctor Strange just asked me to scrub in tomorrow on his surgery.”
“She’s also on her break, but she’s too polite to tell you that so take it easy, Doctor Laufeyson.”
Loki glared at him before turning to face you completely, gently leading you away and toward to the floor that you usually frequented.
“I was looking for you,”Loki admitted with a curious gaze,”I guess I’m far too fond your admiration when I return from surgery.”
“Oh?”You asked sheepishly, playing with your badge on your scrubs.”I didn’t…I thought you may be annoyed with me.”
Loki turned on his heel as if you had offended him and you feel anxiety sweep through your chest. You don’t want him to be angry with you, but when you look at him he’s looking at you as if what you said was ridiculous.
“Never in my life have you ever annoyed me, what made you think that?”Loki questioned, taking a step towards you. He admired how you got shy under his gaze, as if you were truly so innocent. He could see through the illusion, he knew what you really wanted from him.
“The girls, my peers, and some of the nurses, they think…”
“What, darling?”
“They think I’m obsessed with you, like a crazy fan because I look up to you so much,”You confessed,”They said it was creepy how I…always need to tell you great you are, how impressive your skills are.”
“Don’t listen to them,”Loki whispered, closing the space between you when the corridor was empty. Your back hit the wall with a gasp, surprised by his actions.”They’re just jealous.”
“Jealous? I’m no one to be jealous of.”
“I think so,”Loki told you, his fingers coming to brush over your cheek.”I think they see the way I look at you, and they wish to be in your place.”
“The…what?”You asked with the tilt of your head.”How do you look at me?”
“Like you’re mine.”Loki uttered, leaning in to brush his lips just barely graze yours.”Tell me, little one, are you?”
Your brain short-circuited. You nodded just barely, the breath leaving your lungs with the word Loki was dying to hear. Yes.
Loki kissed you like you had never been kissed before. It was clash of teeth and spit with greed for one another. His tongue explored you, sucking on yours before he completely took over you with his presence. You can’t believe what’s happening, his hands dipping under your scrubs and setting you aflame.
You let out of the most sinful moan Loki had ever heard and he can feeling his cock swelling in his trousers. He groaned into your mouth, taking your bottom lip between his teeth and pulling teasingly before letting it go.
"If you keep making those sounds I'm not going to be able to stop myself,”Loki whispered, his hands on your waist to lead you towards one of the private rooms. You felt like you were on cloud nine, like every fantasy of yours was about to come true.
“I don’t you to stop…” was all you had to say for the man in front of you to throw everything out the window.
His lips were on you, all over you like a wildfire spreading through your body. His hand peeled your scrubs away, letting the the fabric fall to the floor as you tumbled around the room. Loki had locked it, making sure no one would ever know how your boss was going to stuff your cunt so full that you’d be shaking for days.
Loki pushed you against the wall, face pressed into the cold surface as he smacked the supple flesh of your ass in those emerald lace panties. He couldn’t help but smirk because he just knew you had been dressing up under those plain scrubs for him.
“This for me, little one?”Loki rasped hotly, lips trailing over your shoulder while your turned to look back at him just as his hand slipped the lace down your thighs. He let you step out of them before his long fingers pulled your slick apart to admire the clear liquid that was practically dripping from your core.
“Yes, sir,”You uttered shyly, cheeks heating up in embarrassment at how shamelessly wet you were for your boss.”Only for you.”
“Oh yeah, such a pretty girl with an even prettier pussy,”He licked his lips, gathering your slick arousal before rubbing a gentle and teasing circle over your clit. Oh, the way you whined.”You’ve been thinking about me, haven’t you, pet? Been dreaming about the moment I finally sink my fat cock in this eager pussy.”
“‘s all I think about,”You gulped, hands scratching at the hard wall while you gazed at him so sinfully.
Loki’s eyes darkened at your confession, his foot coming between your legs to kick them apart.”Hands flat on the wall, pet, and keep those thighs spread for me.”
You let out a meek yes, sir before you’re reduced to mess of whines as Loki’s long fingers breached your needy hole.
“Fuck, already squeezing my fingers, just think about how stretched you’ll feel around my cock,”Loki growled, two fingers slowly pumping into your sweet pussy. His pace is painfully slow. He’s teasing to see what you do, and you don’t disappoint at all.
“Loki…”You moaned, dragging your nails down the wall with a shaky breath. You pushed yourself back against his fingers, moving your hips to fuck yourself. Fuck, it felt good, the way he rubbed the pads of his fingers against your walls. You can’t help it, the only other person you had ever been with hadn’t even made you cum, but Loki…he was rough and sexy, and he made you feel like you were on fire with desire.
"Pushing back against my fingers already? How pathetic,”Loki grunted, slipping his fingers out to smack your ass.”I always knew you’d be a dumb little girl once I got my hands on you, you’ve got that look, little one, like you were made to fucked dumb. It’s okay, ‘m here to make your dreams come true, to reduce to your true self…my little fucktoy.”
“Oh my god,”You gasped when you felt three fingers slam into your sopping pussy. If you weren’t wet before, you definitely were now. He was relentless in his fucking of his fingers. You only got wetter and wetter, slick covering his fingers while you cried out for him. You were literal dripping down your thighs now, the clear liquid dribbling down where your cunt met his fingers.
“I’m your god now,”Loki growled, roughly grabbing your hips with the other hand to keep you still as your body quaked with each thrust of his hand. Your cries fueled him and he didn’t stop until you shattered with pure bliss, screaming his name for anyone to hear. Loki was quick to cover your mouth with his slick covered hand, shoving his fingers in your mouth for you to taste your own juices.
You whispered around his fingers, letting them fall from your lips obscenely.”L-Loki, I..”
“What, pretty girl? Use your big girl words and I’ll give it to you,”Loki swore, rubbing his hands down your arched back.
“I-I want your cock, please, sir.”
“Oh so polite, but not as innocent as you seem, are you?”Loki taunted with a sly smirk,”No, you’re my little slut now, aren’t you?” He unbuckled his pants, freeing his large cock from the tight restraints of his pants. He smacked the heavy shaft against your ass and you swallowed thickly at the feeling of his pre-cum dripping down the cheeks of your ass. He rubbed his cock over your soaked pussy, prodding at the weeping hole that just begged to be filled.
“Yes! Yes, I’m your little slut, Doctor Laufeyson, ‘m your fucktoy, please….” Tears ran down your cheeks, your head craning back to look at Loki with so much desperation. It made the made chuckle darkly.
“That’s right, little one, you’re my pathetic little fucktoy,”Loki grunted before he impaled you on his thick length. Your mouth fell open and your eyes rolled back with his cock stretching the walls of your cunt.
Never in your life have you ever felt so full, it was almost painful. You’re suddenly very thankful he was fucked you with his fingers before hand because you wouldn’t have been able to handle it.
“Sir….I-oh,”You can’t get the words out, but when he just barely moves inside you and it makes you tremble. Loki knew exactly what he was doing, his hands resting tightly on your hips.
“You want me to move, hm? Ask for it.”
“Fuck me, please?”You asked politely, taking your teeth over your bottom lip.
Loki’s hips snapped against you quickly and roughly. Your knees nearly buckle from the pleasures that rippled through your body. You mewled his name, and Loki wants to hear that sound for the rest of his existence. It’s so sinful, so greedy, and all his.
“Fuck, this pussy…you’re fucking clinging to me like nothing before, shit, you needed this, didn’t you?”Loki growled, running his hands up your body to massage over your lace clad tits. He pulled your bra down, letting the swells spill over for his own admiration. Your breasts bounced subtly with each thrust, and it was an image that would forever be burned in his head.
“Need you,”You replied, choking on your own sobs of bliss. Loki felt proud of how ruined you already were, how quickly he had reduced you to nothing but a needy slut.
“Oh yeah?”Loki pressed his chest against your back, slamming into your cunt with vicious motion that is bound to leave you aching. His pace increased, hungry for the tight little pussy that gripped his cock like a vice.”Just need your man to use you like a good girl like you deserves. My star pupil, you deserve to fucked until you see stars, darling, till that pretty, brilliant brain shuts off and all you think about is my cock.”
Your legs shake under his relentless pace, pussy clenching around him with each thrust. You were already trying to milk his cock for everything he has and he loves it. He can’t help that it makes him even more infatuated with you, how you cry his name, and how you were already dumb on his cock.”
“Slow down, oh god, I just need a minute…fuck, it’s too much,”You whined hopelessly, his cock slamming so deep inside that it almost felt as if he was ramming into your cervix. It felt euphoric as you were gasping for air with each harsh thrust. Every thrust just made you dumber and dumber for him. You were losing your mind on his cock and he knew it.
“You’re okay, darling, you’re okay,”Loki huffed, his hips colliding against you almost painfully. His large hand wrapped around your throat tightly, the pads of his fingers sure to leave bruises underneath your hot skin.”You can take it, because you’re a good girl, aren’t you?”
Loki was right. You could take it, you wanted to even when your legs began to tremble weakly. You thought you might collapse as he pulled your hips back against him even harder.
He’s quick when he pulls out and flips you around to face him. Loki’s lips overtake yours as he gathered your thighs in his hands and hoisted you up against the wall. His cock slammed back into you, making your head fall back against the wall with your eyes fluttering shut. Your hands run over his neck and up into his dark hair, you rolled your hips against him eagerly.
“Sir, please, can…can I cum? Please, please, I’ll be so good, sir,”You begged with tears in your eyes as his hips snapped up into you with no mercy. Your legs are already so sore as he holds them up and apart.
“Cum, little one, let me ruin this fucking pussy, you want that? You want me to claim you, leaving you soaked in my seed like a good whore deserves?”Loki teased, licking his lips when your body trembling in his grasp.
Pure bliss shattered you further, moaning loudly to the point that Loki has to kiss you to Jew you quiet. You cling to him, grabbing his neck to pull him even closer. The orgasm rippled through you, the coil snapping in your stomach and flooding through you like pure euphoria.
Loki’s cock throbbed and spurted into your twitching hole, painting your walls as his. His seed filled your cunt so nicely, making you kiss Loki even more passionately. He pulled away just barley to praise you.
“Such a good little slut, taking all my cum in that pretty pussy of yours,”Loki rasped hungrily in your ear, his cock pumping you so full of his seed that you know it’s gonna be leaking out of you when you go back to work.
That’s what he wants.
You catch your breath with soft pants while Loki pressed gently kissed over your jaw. These kisses weren’t like the rough ones he had planted over your skin that had left marks that were bound to be there for days. No, this was soft and gentle as if you were the most precious thing in the world.
“Did..did I do good?”You asked quietly, running your fingers over the base of his neck as Loki leans up from the crook of your neck.
“Oh, little love, you always do good in everything you do,”Loki praised, making you preen at his words. Your cheeks feel hot and your heart sped up in response.”You’re my good girl after all.”
“I am,”You nodded with a smile, caressing his cheek. You feel him set your feet back on the ground before he’s knelt in front of you to slip your panties back over your legs once he’s zipped himself back up. When he returns to standing, he kisses you slowly and gently. He held your face like you were everything.
“You’re mine now, little one,”Loki whispered against your lips, his nose nuzzled against yours as you smiled so happily at him.
“And you’re mine?”You asked sheepishly, making Loki smirk at you mischievously.
“I’m yours, and don’t you forget it, darling.”
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