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okay time to go cut my hair and maybe when I’m done I’ll finish this Adrien pepper prompt which is just named <>< 

or maybe I’ll finish the Fallout au. It needs like,,,,,three more key scenes and then it’s done.

Little Johnny should have died in the tornado.

We should have seen that coming, but it’s not our fault we’re good people. It’s not our fault we’re generous and kind.

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Just putting this rant here because you know what? It’s been awhile. A long while since I’ve said anything regarding ships in the fandom.

“Oh no, is she gearing up for another rant?”

Yeah Buckaroo, hold yer horses and strap in.

Recently, it has come to my attention that the ban was lifted on Cassunzel in certain places. Now, I get that pride month is just around the corner and I am all for good, well done representation when it’s present, and when it’s canon and when it doesn’t get in the way of storyline, but I feel like when it comes to Cassunzel, some people are just reaching for a win here when they’re isn’t one. Why do I say that? Because if you look at the dynamic of Cassunzel, it’s very, VERY toxic.

Did Cass and Raps start out as friends? Yes. Did they end as friends? Arguably but there’s still always going to be that rift there. And you know why there’s going to be that rift? Because Cass fucking tried to kill her. Not just once, but several times. Sure, Zhan Tiri did some shit behind the scenes and Raps is not blameless but did Cass have to go that far? No. At any time she could have pulled the plug on this entire thing, apologized, and went on her journey and left Raps alive but she decided to go full-tilt crazy and at one point attempt to crush her ‘best friend’ and the girl that some people have hc’d that she had a crush on.

I don’t know about you, but if it were a guy who people hc’d that had a crush on Rapunzel and did half the crap that Cass did leading up to the series finale, people would be crying toxic relationship all day and saying that Rapunzel should want to get away from this person and how she wasn’t a good role model for young girls because she was in love with such a monster and all that kind of stuff. Frankly, some of the stuff that Cass did would TERRIFY ME out of ANY kind of relationship that I’d ever want to have with the person, including friendship! Now that’s my own personal sentiment, obviously by the end of the finale, Raps feels differently.

Also, how conveniently these shippers seem to just forget about Eugene. Like he’s not important, like he’s not there. Like, you don’t think it would totally break his heart to know that Cass and Rapunzel were hooking up and having flings on the side? And please don’t tell me “lol Eugene would like watching two girls make out” PLEASE do not reduce my man Eugene to a pile of toxic masculinity that he is not, nor will ever be. The guy’s not a saint, but he’s not that asshole either.

The whole idea of a romantic relationship between Rapunzel and Cass really shits on the idea of New Dream and before you start that argument about Rapunzel has two hands I am just going to say this: IT TAKES A LOT OF WORK FOR A POLYAMOROUS RELATIONSHIP TO BE DONE PROPERLY. Not to mention, ALL PARTIES have to feel equally about each other. Do Eugene and Cass both love Rapunzel? Let’s say for the sake of argument, yes. Does Rapunzel love both of them? Yes. But do Eugene and Cassandra feel the exact same way about each other? No? WELL THEREIN LIES YOUR PROBLEM!!! It’s not an equal or healthy relationship if all parties involved do not feel the same. A relationship cannot revolve around one person, thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

So… I really don’t think that we should go around supporting one toxic relationship when we can’t go around supporting another for fear that we will enrage some particularly troubled people who can’t just disengage from the content that they don’t like without throwing horrific labels around and calling people names and shit, OH BUT YA’LL AIN’T READY TO TALK ABOUT THAT, ARE YOU???


So yeah.. if you’re gonna go around supporting one toxic ship, then don’t go judging me for supporting mine. Peace, motherfuckers!

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One of those lovely sunny days, with a lovely breeze, and the occasional unexpected gust of wind which will lift your abaya to above your knees ;___;

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I realized last night when I was trying to get some sleep that the orphan boys in the Ascendance Series are like the Robins and when they were competing for the crown in the 1st book, it was like competing for the mantle of Batman lol. It just went through my head and to be specific on which Robin they are:

Roden is Jason Todd

Tobias is Tim Drake

Jaron is Damian Wayne

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