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not the most elegant video but i get some good bits of animation. hope it works with the music
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They want us together - Vinnie Hacker
Tumblr media
Picture’s not mine
I know my last post were about Rio and Johnny , and Vinnie has nothing to do with them, but he is one of my favorite dudes so ... Hope you enjoy it 
Vinnie Fluff
Warning : Language
Word Count : 1.4k
Bzzzz bzzzz
Your phone buzzed, indicating Vinnie was live. It was rare of him to do so since he was more likely to stream on twitch. You opened your phone, tapping on the app as you entered his live. You watched as more people are joining in and commenting in hopes of Vinnie noticing them.
“Hey guys, hope you are all having a good day! I wanted to hop on in since it’s been a while, I was thinking of just chatting for a bit and I’ll probably go annoy the others” he said chuckling a little. His eyes were moving fast trying to read as many comments as possible.
“SUP FOOL 😝” you write down, as everyone commented that you were watching Vinnie’s live.
He chuckled “Hi (Y/N), weren’t you supposed to be here like an hour ago?”
See, you were kind of popular on social media and you had made some friends over at the Hype house over the past months. When Vinnie moved in, you hit it off quite fast with him. You had a lot of mutual interests and you would always laugh when you were around him. Being in the public eyes wasn’t always easy. Vinnie had everyone drooling over him and you being around, got you a lot of hate.
On the contrary, a lot of people were shipping you, saying you had the same vibe and that you’d look good together. Vinnie was attractive, no denying that, but everything isn’t about looks. He’d always been nice to you, supporting and encouraging you through everything and you’d do the same for him. He was easy to talk to and everyone could see that you’ve grown closer and had a genuine connection.
“I’m in a uber heading over to the house” you typed as he read your message.
You continued watching for a bit as he answered some question as you got off commenting that you’d arrive soon.
Once you logged off, Vinnie spoke “Ok guys, what do you say we prank (Y/N) when she gets here?” He said smiling eagerly planning something with his followers. “I’ll go downstairs now”
As the gate opened, leading your uber driver, onto the path to the big mansion, Vinnie runs to the front of the house, hiding in the bushes next to the door, ready to scare you.
“Ok guys, she’s pulling up now, get ready to laugh” He snickered trying to stay silent so you wouldn’t notice him.
You got out of the car and started walking towards the front door when Vinnie came out of nowhere scaring the hell out of you. One hand flying to your chest as you let out a scream of terror while Vinnie laughed is ass of at your reaction.
“Guys! Did you see that? Shit was hilarious” He continued almost dying of laughter.
“Shut up you asshole” You said chuckling lightly as you slapped him on his chest. “You really got me there” you smiled sweetly at him.
“I’ll leave you to this, guys. I’ll talk to you soon, probably streaming tomorrow as well. Bye” He said as both of you waved before he ended the live. You got inside, going straight to the kitchen where everyone was already chilling.
“(Y/N)!” Michael stood up drink in hand, standing next to you while giving you a side hug. “Can I get you anything to drink?”
“Whatever you’re having is fine with me” You smiled greeting everyone. Michael came back, handing you a rum and coke.
You all catch up for a bit when Alex spoke “What do you say we play never have I ever?” He said already a bit tipsy filming us all to get content for his vlog.
As most of us were down to do something other than just chatting, we decided to agree as Alex filled in his drink.  “Ok I’ll go first than” He said sitting down next to Kouvr.
“Never have I ever gone 24hours without showering” Pretty much everyone drank except for Vinnie, Mia and yourself.
“Why am I not surprised that you didn’t drink, boy’s always in the damn shower” you said laughing at Vinnie, referencing to all the thirst traps he posts.
You all continued to play for a bit, everyone having fun and laughing.
“Never have I ever fantasized about someone in this room” Michael said before taking a big gulp out of his drink, clearly too drunk to get the concept of the game anymore.
Thomas, Mia, Kouvr, Alex and Vinnie took one as well.
“Girl you better drink, cause I know for a fact you have” Mia said pointing at you as you blush taking a sip.
“Oh yeah who is it?” Michael asked smirking at you, bumping your shoulder with his.
Your eyes went to Vinnie for a quick second
“None of your goddamn business” You answered chuckling lightly as you continued to play for a little bit before everyone got tired.
You weren’t though, so you decided to go down to the pool while most of the others went to bed.
“Anyone wants to join me for a dip or are you all going to leave me by myself” you asked
‘Vinnie will join you. He never goes to sleep before 3 in the morning anyways” Thomas said smirking looking at the both of you.
“Uh yeah sure, let me just go get change and I’ll meet you back down here”
You went into the pool as you waited for Vinnie to come back. When he did, he jumped in, splashing you as you laughed. He came back to the surface and swam closer to you.
“Want to make a Tiktok with me” you agreed, plopping the phone near the stairs as you got in place to film a TikTok dance that was trending. You filmed yourselves a bunch of times since you couldn’t stop laughing at each other. Once you finally got a nice take, you ended the video by pushing Vinnie in the water his arms grabbing you dragging you along as you both feel in the pool.
You both were laughing as you came back to get some air and Vinnie posted the video on his account. Even though it was late, the video already got a lot of reactions, comments saying stuff about how hot he looked and how you too would make a great couple as people shipped you.
“People really want us together” He said chuckling as he stared down at me
He put his phone back near the table as he came back in the water approaching you.
“So, who’s the person you’ve been fantasizing about huh?” he asked getting closer to you as the words left his mouth, a smirk plastered on his face.
“No one” you shrugged blushing “Let me remind you that you drank too, so who’s the person you’ve been fantasizing about?” you asked as you grinned back.
“You” he said boldly looking directly into your eyes. “I mean I like you (Y/N). I’m myself when I’m with you and you always make me laugh at the simplest things. I don’t want to lie and say I never thought about kissing you before because I have. In fact, I’m always think about kissing you”
“Are you thinking about kissing me right now?”
“Yeah I mean –“ You cut him off pressing your lips to his. He kisses you back as his hands flew to your hips pulling you in closer to his body. His tongue peaks out just enough against you bottom lip for you to open your mouth a little bit more, as you whimpered against him. His lips were softer than you’d ever thought they’d be, and they meld perfectly against yours. Your hands made their way trough his hair, tugging a bit as you got more into the kiss, making him let out a small groan. You could feel him smile against your lips as you pulled away to get some air. Once you open your eyes, Vinnie is already looking at you, his eyes piercing your soul.
“I like you too Vinnie, I have for a while now” you said blushing avoiding his stare.
He grabbed you by your chin pulling you closer as he pecked your lips, laughing afterward. He looked so good, his hair dripping, his eyes sparkling with joy and his lips swollen caused by the kiss you just shared.
“So, I guess everyone was right about us huh?”
“I guess they were” you giggled leaning towards him as you cuddled and made out all night.
Thank you for reading
Hope you like it, let me know what you think
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floralflowerpower · 10 months ago
Wes- Denial (sorry this is late)
Danny was PISSED. 
That was made very clear as he dropped Wes on his ass in the middle of a secluded part of Amity’s Gardens. 
Wes felt like his heart was going to hammer out of his chest. 
Danny Phantom normally had a calming effect on civilians; being in his presence meant that you were safe, that he was going to protect you. Danny was cautious about managing his ecto energy around people so they would feel comfortable enough to be around him. 
But that started to fall away any time he was pushed to his emotional limit. 
The energy that was now freely coursing around them made the temperature drop; Wes could see his breath as he hyperventilated. Every instinct in him was screaming at him to run, but he was stuck frozen in place. 
His dead classmate seemed to tower over him from where he was floating, His eyes were a solid green, and his body was sparking with a white electrical current, teeth bared as a low growl rumbled from his chest. 
Wes didn’t know what to do. 
“W-what do you want, Fenton?” He squeaked out; terror was very present in his voice. 
Phantom laughed, and a light overtook his body as he dropped to the ground. 
Wes was now looking at Danny Fenton, his eyes still solid green. This sight was somehow more terrifying than Phantom himself was, mainly because it felt so unnatural. Humans were not supposed to be able to do that, and the wrongness of it made his hair stand on end. 
“I want to talk.” Danny Snarled.
Wes did not need to know why. Danny had finally snapped. He had been trying to sound the alarm about him being half-ghost for two years now, but the whole town just thought he was crazy. He must have said something recently on his blog that pushed the hybrid over the edge. Even if it was not going to be taken seriously by anyone else, whatever it was, it was still serious to Danny.  
“I want you to take down that post you made about Val being the red huntress.” 
Wes blinked. 
“You heard me, Weston, don’t make me repeat myself,” Danny growled, baring his fangs again.
“O-okay” The redhead gulped and pulled out his phone. He deleted the post like Danny asked. 
“You REALLY need to think before you post things like that. Val came to me crying today because of it. She already works 4 jobs, Wes. She doesn’t need to be haggled by you and your bullshit. Besides, your theory doesn’t even make sense. How is a high schooler who has to work 4 jobs to support her and her Dad, supposed to afford a high-tech suite like the huntress has? Take it from me when I say Ghost hunting gear is expensive. The smallest ecto gun in my parent’s arsenal takes 500 dollars to make.”  Danny Scolded, his eyes were no longer solid Green, but they were still glowing. His fangs had seemingly disappeared now too. Wes took all of this to be a good sign. 
“I am sorry.” Wes bit out before the hybrid could jump into his next point. 
Danny deflated. 
“Your right; maybe I did jump to conclusions too fast. Because what you said makes a lot of sense.” Wes continued as he nervously combed a hand through his hair. 
“I think that’s the first time I have ever heard you be a decent human being,” Danny replied, smirking slightly. “Did I just scare you straight?”
“Yes, and no. Like, don’t get me wrong. You’re terrifying when you want to be. But it’s mostly because I am not one of those assholes that will sit in denial when new evidence is presented that proves what I had thought wrong. I believe in cold hard facts, Fenton. The public deserves to know the truth!”
“No, they don’t.” Danny cut the redhead off. “They don’t deserve to know anything about another person’s private life. Even if Val was the Red huntress, it’s not your place to expose her. The red huntress probably has a reason to keep her identity a secret. I would be willing to bet that she has enemies that would love to harm her family if it meant they could get to her. You can get innocent people killed, Wes…….” Danny’s voice hitched on the last sentence. 
Wes felt his stomach turn into knots. He hadn’t thought of that. Then a cold realization hit him. 
“That’s why you keep your powers a secrete too, isn’t it?” Wes asked softly. 
The halfa sighed and plopped down in front of Wes. He looked completely normal now.
“That’s one of the reasons, yeah. The other though…… Wes, my parents, are ghost hunters. What do you think they would do to me if they ever found out?” The halfa’s voice was wavering now, blue eyes glazed over by tears that were threatening to spill. “Or even if it got out to the government? Halfa’s are not supposed to exist. There are only 2 other people like me in existence. I could end up in a lab getting tortured in the name of science.”
Wes paled. He didn’t realize….all this time. He wanted people to know the truth, but not if it meant people like Danny would get hurt. Danny was a good person. He helped Amity a lot. 
“I am so sorry, Danny, I didn’t know…” Wes fisted his jeans as anger overtook him. He was so mad with himself right now. “Or more accurately, I didn’t think.” 
“It’s okay, dude.” 
“No, it really isn’t,” Wes said, cutting Danny short. “I am going to make it okay, though, starting with deleting my blog.”
Danny grabbed his phone from his hand. 
“No, your not. You love your blog. It’s all you talk about.” The Hybrid said sternly. “You can keep it up; just stop trying to expose that I am half-ghost, please.”
Wes starred at the hybrid with wide eyes as Danny handed him his phone back. 
“Are you sure about this?”
Danny nodded. 
“You’re not a bad person, just a misguided one. I trust you. Besides, maybe I can get some people to take your stuff a little more seriously.” Danny said as he tapped his chin in thought.  “How about I let you do a Q n A with Phantom on video. In exchange, you will tell everyone how wrong you were with your previous theories. I will make you Phantom’s official go-to for interviews. If you have questions, reasonable ones, that is, I will do my best to answer them. It’ll be nice to have a way to tell my side of things for once instead of the news just shitting on me.”
“You’d do that???” Wes asked in complete shock. 
“Yup,” Danny nodded with a grin, “I am guessing you want to take up the offer?”
“Yes!!” Wes said all too eagerly, which made Danny laugh. 
“Good, guess we are friends now.” The hybrid replied with a smile. 
“Guess we are.” Wes agreed. 
“Oh! I just thought of something!” Danny shot up from where he was sitting and shook the young journalist by the shoulders in excitement. “How would you like to use your harassing powers for good?!”
3 days after Wes’s blog blew up and got the recognition it deserved. It dropped a major bombshell on Amity. 
Vlad was pissed. 
He slammed his tablet on his desk. Successfully scaring the daylights out of the intern that had brought the story to his attention. 
“Please tell me no one is stupid enough to believe this nonsense,”  Vlad asked, exasperated. 
“I don’t know, sir.”
Vlad collapsed in his office chair and re-read the article's headline. 
Is mayor masters in a secret relationship with the Wisconsin ghost? 
Phantom sure seems to think so. 
He was going to kill that boy. 
I’ll have clockworks fic up soon hopefully LOL. thanks for reading! 
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bakugohoex · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
chapter 01: why the fuck would you want to date him?
pairing: jean kirschtein x female reader
content warning: language, alcohol consumption
word count: 3200+
a/n: hope you guys like the first chapter of this jean series, please reblog because this is acting up whenever i add banners
summary: in which reader finds themselves drunk and ends up taking the wrong phone number out of sasha’s phone, after sending a multitude of texts, they find themselves meeting up with their crush, or so they think…
series masterlist | chapter two
Tumblr media
The bottle felt cold against your fingertips, another long swing of the drink down your throat as you sat in front of the tv. Sasha half asleep beside you as the anime played in the background, it was something you enjoyed but being partially shit faced did not help when a jump scare would occur. Sasha’s face was covered in icing as you looked down at the table in front of you, the scattered foods and empty bottles of alcohol.
It was a mess, but so were you. You were in love; pining was probably a better word for the emotion you were feeling right now. But how could you not love him, with his dark hair and deep eyes, the way he’d always walk past you with a smile. His face was pure to you, even with the rumours going around of the many girls he had slept with. You still found yourself pining over the boy, imagining your fingers entangling in his locks as he kissed you.
It was just a dream, a long fantasy of a possible future with your crush who probably didn’t even remember your name. But you would remember his, of course you would, the way you could imagine calling for him on dates, whilst kissing, even moaning it.
Shaking your head as Sasha grumbled beside you, you took another drink of the bottle. It had been a drink Connie had gotten Sasha months ago and you were devouring it in an instant. You felt tired but in the mood for something risky, something to show how much you loved your crush.
Grabbing Sasha’s phone you unlocked it, punching her arm to wake her up. “What?” she spoke with her eyes still shut; you rolled your eyes as you nimbly went to her contacts.
“I want…his number…” You could barely move your fingers through your slurred words, she wafted you away with her hand already knowing who you were on about.
Grabbing the blanket to put it over her as her eyes remained shut she spoke the words you wanted to hear, “it’s under jackass or du…”
You ignored the rest of her speech as she dozed back off, it would have been better if she went back to her room. But the sofa seemed to be doing it for her after her boyfriend's cooking. You were glad she was dating a chef with the meals he left for her that the two of you ate together.
Happily flicking through the contacts you went straight to the jackass contact with the horse emoji as you pressed the contact sending it to yourself. Tossing her phone back at her as she seemed to be passed out, you tried standing up. Finding your legs trying to handle your drunken state as one hand held the bottle and the other your phone.
It wasn’t normal for you to get drunk but letting loose with Sasha meant one thing: your stomach would become stuffed and your liver needed repairs soon enough. Bashing into the wall as you pressed on the number going to the chat as you left the number unsaved. You finally found your bedroom door as you stumbled through, the bottle being nearly empty as you chucked it to the side.
Taking your shirt off as you collapsed on the bed like a teenage girl, you typed away giddily as your vision became skewered. Unable to even see what you were typing as you instantly pressed send without another though. Your head rested against your pillow as you found yourself going into a deep slumber unaware of the chaos you had just created from the texts.
Jean had spent his night playing video games, even if it was a Saturday night. His late shift had made it almost impossible to go out early enough that the clubs and bars would be open. Succumbing to his screen as he watched Eren get killed by Connie, his phone buzzed beside him. Expecting it to be the group chat as Eren was currently screaming through his head piece.
He saw a different sight as he saw the number to be an unknown number, it was from the area but as he unlocked his phone. Finding the urge to know what this mysterious number had said, a large crash had been heard from his headset, making him lock his phone again.
Dismissing the number to just be a spam number he went back to playing with Eren, Connie and Marco. Shouting at Marco to hurry up and get the supplies as he leaned back in his empty apartment, he had always thought to get a roommate. The empty room housing the stuff he had bought on a whim or worse the stuff he never wanted to see again.
But now all alone with no comfort or love, he felt like he was submitting to loneliness. Even with girlfriends they never lasted long enough for him to feel like he could ask them to move in. He shook his head dismissing the thoughts that went through his mind as he played with the three boys for another hour.
Finally winning against them, he finally called it quits as the buzzing of 2am hit him. Eyes tired as he grabbed his phone finally checking the unknown message ready to delete it. He stayed fixated on his screen as he went to his room, already having checked the doors were locked before taking his shirt off.
Looking at the message he stared at it blankly, not processing it until his eyes widened as he read it in his head.
Unknown: hi its yn/n
Unknown: we haveng't osekpn
Unknown: bqut i just wanted to say i have a really dbig crush on
Unknown: yoduoooooo
Unknown:  icf you have thhe time
Unknown: tomorrow to meet ome bat
Unknown: 8pm at ...
He could understand the message well enough, but his brain was going through its own issue. Who was this Y/n, it couldn’t be Sasha’s roommate, the girl he had often seen at parties. It couldn’t be, he needed to know though, sending Connie a text to send your number.
He obliged before sending a winky face to Jean’s dismay. Jean saw it for himself that it was your number that you had a crush on him, you had never strayed far from your group of friends. But having known Sasha since you were both in school together you both still remained close.
Jean couldn’t lie and say you weren’t attractive, but you had never even spoken to the boy, so why had all of a sudden you sent a drunk text message. It was even worse as there wasn’t even an address to where you wanted to meet, probably having passed out once you sent the message.
He was in a conundrum thinking over what to do as he stared at his screen, pulling at his hair. It had been a while, a long while since any girl had confessed any sort of romance or crush on him. But this felt too awkward, too stupid, he barely knew you, you hanged out with Reiner and Porco most days. It just seemed odd that this situation was arising out of nowhere.
He wasn’t one to judge so easily though as he finally replied back, not expecting you to text back at 2am.
Jean: Hi Y/n, we can meet tomorrow just send me an address
He left the message as it was sending it before throwing his phone to the side as he remained in confusion. He refused to dwell on it and instead went straight to the bathroom to get ready for the long-awaited sleep he needed.
Pain! That’s all you could feel as you woke up with a headache, the bright skies and birds tweeting were not helping as you looked blurry eyes around the room. Finally realising that you were in fact in your bedroom, you rested your head against the pillow trying to grab your phone with your other hand. Having it in your grasp as you yawned going to messages, you let out a fuck as soon as you saw a contact name which you barely remembered. His name in all its glory with the blue circle indicating a new message, you almost felt giddy.
But more shocked at the fact you had drunk texted your crush, confidence had come out to you last night. But the morning after, not so much as you stared blankly at your misspelled words, what shocked you the most however, was the reply you had received.
It was happening, he wanted to meet up. Your crush wanted to see you and you were frozen, phone falling to your thigh as you could barely even breathe. “What the fuck have I done?”
A fear had arisen, was the meeting a ploy to embarrass you. Did he even like you back, grabbing your phone you knew there was only one way to find out. Texting the address with no other context, the read below the message coming in a few minutes with no other reply.
How have you done this? What had led you to this moment of terror? You were met with the bottle of alcohol that had been left on the floor, knowing in an instant that that was the cause of the pains you were enduring. Maybe you were being melodramatic but having a crush on a guy and now confessing your love for him. It was childish, you were an adult and still felt like a child as you got up all giddy inside.
You had had plans to meet with Reiner for a catch up after having exams last week. You easily got ready without thinking about your hangover and the way you looked like a walking corpse as you walked towards the café you were meeting Reiner. You were glad Sasha had already left the apartment, knowing how she would abuse and mock you for looking like a horror film villain.
“You look like shit; you know that right?” Reiner spoke without looking up at you.
You scowled, “how did you know?”
“There’s a big sign right on your forehead saying walking corpse…oh wait it’s just your big ass forehead.”
You playfully punched his arm as you sat opposite him, a waitress coming to grab the two of you’s order. “Coffee and eggs lots of eggs with toast.”
Reiner gave a look of confusion before placing his own order, “eggs?”
“I read somewhere it helps…” you paused seeing him give you another what the fuck face, “don’t look at me like that.”
“This is why we don’t give the internet to idiots like you.” He muttered as he leant backwards watching how the waitress busily spoke to others.
You ignored his obvious stare at the blonde waitress and instead began rambling about last night, “and then I drunkenly texted him.”
Reiner’s eyes widened as he began laughing, “god you are a stupid drunk.”
You kicked him under the table as your food arrived quickly delving in to hopefully cure your hangover, “shut up, I’m meeting him tonight.”
“As if he actually accepted, I’ve seen him get with two girls in front of a girl he slept with, you think he likes you?” Reiner was right, he was a manwhore, but Reiner’s words meant nothing, because you knew the true nature of your crush, knew that underneath it all he just needed some true love.
“Reiner don’t be a bitch…” You trailed off staring outside, the cold weather had arisen as you regretted meeting at one of your favourite spots. But it was going to work, you could imagine it now, you were going to make it work if he had feelings for you.
Reiner muttered some words before he watched you go up to pay after apologising for kicking him by paying for the meal. He saw a familiar face as the figure of Jean came through the dark winds, “Jean what are you doing this far in the city?”
“I had to grab some stuff…” He gestured to the bags that he held in his fingers, “you?”
“Went out with Y/n for some lunch, she’s paying right now.” Jean’s eyes went straight to the counter as he watched you in line, the way you were scrolling through some app on your phone. Before going to a group chat to reply to some of your friends.
Jean didn’t know how you would react to seeing him, it was earlier than the two of you were supposed to meet. But maybe he could finally understand now what was going on with your drunk message.
“Y/n hasn’t spoken about me has she?” Jean asked the blonde as Reiner had a puzzled expression.
“Not that I know off, but half the time she only talks about her latest anime obsession.” Jean gave a chuckle as he watched you pay before coming back to the two of them.
You smiled at Reiner before giving a confused look at Jean before recognising the boy, “hey, I’m going to head back home but I’ll text you later.” You gave a small smile to Jean before leaving the two of them.
Jean felt even more confused watching you leave in the cold weather, the way you hugged your body tightly to repress the wind. He knew you lived with Sasha, with your apartment only being 5 minutes away but the way the weather had been. Maybe he should have offered you a lift to be able to talk to you.
He didn’t know what else to do but to leave Reiner as he went to get his own drink. Unaware of the confusing night that was to come ahead for him.
You arrived home in a hurry, the wind being torture as you felt yourself being pushed inside with a slam of the door. A note on the counter of Sasha spending the night at Niccolo’s you chucked it in the bin before finding an outfit to wear to finally get the chance to meet your crush.
Staring at the clock until it hit half 7 had become an occurrence for the past 7 hours. Even when you tried to do school work you found yourself enchanted by the ticking of the clock. You craved the interaction to come, wanted to hear if he liked you back or not.
When the clock struck the magic number you were out in a jolt, wearing your favourite outfit as you looked perfect. The walk wasn’t far, but the cold star lit sky helped to make it longer as you looked up to stare at the different constellations and the bright shining moon that enraptured the beauty of the midnight sky.
Arriving at the park, you began the long journey up the steps to where an open area was. Railings to prevent falls as friends or hopeful couples could go and see the skyline and the stars up and close. It was your favourite place, having many memories up on the hill staring up at the stars as you tried to name them all.
You were out of breath as you arrived at the top 8pm hitting as you stared out at the towers of buildings. All having lives bursting with energy surround them, you loved looking out at how the city ran at night, how there was a whole world hidden when the sun arose.
Hearing coughing behind you, you turned to be met with a familiar face, “Jean?”
“Hey Y/n.” He smiled, he was wrapped up in a winter coat, his hair against his neck as his hands were in his pocket.
“I didn’t know you liked this place.” You said unaware of the reality of this situation.
“What?” He questioned in confusion as you seemed to be looking past him, almost through him.
You spoke once more, “I’m actually meeting someo…”
“Yeah me?”
You finally met his eye line, you stopped playing with your fingers as you gave a confused look, “no, I’m meeting…”
He quickly interrupted you, “you sent me a couple of drunk messages last night, remember?”
“Fuck…” You looked at him as you finally understood what had occurred, staying frozen as you were unable to move. Lip quivering from the cold and the sheer embarrassment of this one mistake. “I…It wasn’t meant for you…”
Jean had worked that out already by the way you looked like your heart had broken. Whoever your crush was a lucky guy for having someone to care about him so much. He went closer to reassure you as he tried to meet your eyeline. “It happens.”
“It’s just so embarrassing, I had everything planned and to know I sent a fucking love confession to you instead of…” You trailed off putting your hands to your face as you cringed at your actions of last night.
“Don’t worry about it, it’s all forgotten…” He tried to reassure you, but you seemed to be uninterested in the reassurance. “Who were you supposed to message?”
If he knew he could understand, understand what type of girl a nice girl like you liked. Understand why you were so upset because any guy you liked had to be on the top. It couldn’t be Reiner or Porco with how close you were the two of them, neither Connie who you seemed to refer to as your younger brother on occasions.
He didn’t know you well enough to understand but as you stayed quiet, unable to speak as you replayed the embarrassment you just lived. You finally spoke his name out, “it’s Eren.”
Jean’s eyes widened as he gave a side eye at you, he couldn’t help himself. But a heavy laugh emerged from his mouth as he could barely suppress it. You turned to face him giving him a what the fuck, but to no avail he continued to laugh. “Eren…as in Eren cannot keep his dick in his trousers Yeager.”
You nodded even with the nickname you hated; Jean wasn’t lying with the comment. “God and I thought someone like you would like someone like Marco, why the fuck would you want to date him?”
“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” You scowled as you cocked your head back staring at the bright moon that illuminated the sky.
Jean scratched the back of his head, getting over the laughing session he had just had. “I just mean Eren only thinks of himself and I’m one of his closest friends and I’m telling you this. There’s no point in trying your luck with him, he’s the most anti relationship guy I know.”
It clicked as he spoke, Jean was Eren’s closest friend, Jean knew Eren, Jean had links to your crush. Eren wasn’t what everybody thought him to be, and you knew that first hand after a moment that you would never forget with him. You would show the world how kind Eren would be and the boy next to you was going to help you. “Help me get with Eren.”
It wasn’t a question and more of a statement as Jean stopped rambling about how much Eren was a whore for cunts. As his eyes widened looking at your innocent fragile face before replying, “fuck no.
Tumblr media
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astaroth1357 · a year ago
The Demon Brothers got Hexed and now They're Babies. Good Luck, MC!
Both adorable and bossy at the same time.
If he wants something it has to be NOW or he'll fuss incessantly.
Attempts to order his brothers around still like they're his minions, but since none of them can form words very well it's just him assertively speaking near-gibberish in their general direction.
Unsurprisingly, his “orders” get completely ignored by everybody for once in his life, including his caretaker. Gets very frustrated when not listened to and will throw a mini-tantrum but will tire out very quickly and just take a nap wherever he's at.
Likes to try and boss MC around the most but it’s pretty easy to cave because he gets so dang giddy when someone finally does what he wants. Smiling baby Lucifer has to be one of the most precious sights in all the Devildom.
If you don’t think Diavolo is going to take it upon himself to act like his big brother through this whole thing, you’re wrong. The dude is loving this and will play with Luci all day if someone doesn’t step in to stop him.
After everyone is better he will demand that any and all pictures/videos of him get chucked into the sea. They won't be but, hey, he tried.
Is there really any difference? 😆
Jokes aside, he's one of the clingest of the bunch and has to be held for a little bit every hour or else he gets grouchy.
Keeps putting shiny things in his onesie and ends up dragging them along behind him wherever he goes.
Pretty much will not share anything that's he's taken a liking to, be it toys, food, or people. The MC especially. He will try to physically drag his brothers away from what’s his if it comes down to it.
He's somehow everybody's favorite playmate and seems to know it too. If one of his brothers gets sad then he'll be right over to comfort them into playing again.
He's the only one who can wake up baby Luci from his naps without him getting too grouchy.
He's gonna sell a pretty penny on all the pics of his adorable little self. He also stole most of the footage of baby Lucifer playing with Diavolo to do the same. Hope the Grimm will be worth it when he finds out 💀
Cries. So. Damn. Fast.
One of those skittish kids that scares pretty easily and doesn't feel very comfortable around new people. Will be clinging onto somebody at all times and standing behind the MC’s legs is a favorite hiding spot.
Oddly fascinated by toilets and seeing how much he can flush down them. If it fits in the bowl, it ain't safe. Someone keep an eye on Henry…
Absolutely loves bathtime. Few things on this planet can claim to be happier than a little Levi buried under some soap suds. His grin could power the Devildom AND Las Vegas with some left to spare.
His tail is juuust starting to grow. He bawled his eyes out for hours once when Belphie "accidentally" yanked it (the little shit…)
Mammon is lowkey his emotional support friend.
Will likely be mortified later by the sheer amount of his own figurines he tried teething on. Thankfully, he was usually stopped before causing lasting damage.
Lil'brat #1
Is he the sort of kid who will push buttons just to see the reaction? The answer is yes, yes he is.
Does he throw the most ungodly temper tantrums ever known to demon kind for seemingly no reason at all? Yes. Yes he does.
Is he probably the reason that manners aren't just enforced, but fucking inventing? Absolutely.
Will he quiet the fuck down the second someone shows him a cat; real, picture, or otherwise? Oh yes. Right away.
More or less best dealt with by giving him a tablet with cat videos. He’ll settle right in and coo at the screen for hours. Otherwise, their father have mercy on your patience (and breakables).
Will apologize for all the trouble he caused when the hex wears off… (but he remembers all of it and fucking relishes that he got the chance to be That. Nasty. with no long-term consequences. Good times…)
That one kid who doesn't get the concept of stranger danger at all.
Super adorable and friendly but prone to wandering off and trying to make friends with anything that moves.
That includes bugs, Henry 2.0, Diavolo, Barbatos, the angels, Solomon, that guy down the street, his hungry looking hellhound… Any time he makes a new “friend” he has to excitedly show them to the MC like they’re his new favorite thing ever.
Basically the reason those leashed toddler backpacks were invented.
Can be easily distracted by his own reflection in a mirror. He'll watch himself in rapt suspense for way longer than he really should.
He and Mammon fight over shiny things. While Mammon just stockpiles them, Asmo will try to wear them as hats.
Is going to be incredibly pissed if there's not at least an entire album's worth of pictures of his little baby self when he returns to normal. It's a one-in-a-lifetime Devilgram opportunity here!
Will eat anything. Literally. Anything.
You think having practically no teeth will stop him? He has the jaw strength of a crocodile!
Can't be left alone in nearly any capacity because he will try a bite of whatever he gets his hands on. Tables, cushions, chairs, toys, remotes, nothing is safe...
Teething toys are a must for him, but he's going to go through a lot of them pretty quickly. Open up your wallet, MC, before he takes a bite out of that too.
Eats far too fast for his own good and gets food everywhere. It's best just to feed him without clothes on then hose him down afterward.
If he's not eating (or trying to eat) something then he's looking for cuddles. About the only thing that he doesn’t try taking a bite out of is MC, though it might be best to keep him fed so we don’t have to test that.
Doesn’t mind the photos, but might be a little disappointed that he doesn't remember tasting the couch… It always has reminded him of marshmallows...
Is either the easiest child to deal with in the world or Lil'brat #2. There is no in-between.
One of those kids who will gladly put themselves to bed and sleep through a hurricane if left alone.
Is also lowkey pretty aware that this means there’s a lot less attention on him and he will cause mischief when bored.
Obsessed with "drawing" on walls. Mostly portraits(?) of either himself or Beel, but occasionally one looks like the MC. Wherever he keeps finding the markers is a complete mystery.
Will also instigate fights with his brothers. Takes Mammon's favorite toys, throws Satan's tablet, pulls Levi's tail, etc. Tries to look like all cute afterward but he knows what he did and so does everybody else, the stinker. 😖
Nap buddies with Lucifer and they can often be found sharing his, now oversized, cow-pillow together.
Afterwards, he'll enjoy hearing the stories of his reign of terror but also kind of misses having that great excuse to nap all day.
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darling-disastrous · 8 months ago
Can I request a Yandere Dwayne & reader where his future SO catching him killing/feeding the first time which led to him forcibly turning her which was not part of his plan to make her his mate. She would be furious about being turned even when she first fed off a human she'd hate herself & kinda take over watching Laddie too if he or Star weren't around. Beauty & the Beast theme where it starts off with full on angsty angst then fluff & smut. Pretty please & thank you! I love your writing 😊
rating: explicit
warnings: implied SMUT , cursing, dirty talk, DARK CONTENT (he’s a yandere people), murder, blood and gore, yandere!dwayne, kidnapping, nonconsensual biting/turning, stockholm syndrome if you squint, vampire mates, nondescriptive mentions of s*icide, obsessive characters, me making up vampire logic, there's no fluff but there's lots of ANGST and sexual tension, hate sex with no real sex?, biting makes vampires horny, sorta dubcon but not really?, slightly ooc dwyane but he's a yandere sooo
a/n: for some reason, the song grenade by bruno mars was stuck in my head while writing this. do with that what you will.
Your friends would've thought you were crazy for going out late at night. In some ways, you didn't blame them. What normal person would consciously put themself in harm's way when they've got a stalker? If this was your horror-movie moment, you're sure the people on the other side of the screen were screaming at you for being an idiot, but you didn't care. Stalker or not, you weren't gonna let some creep ruin your life. It had been so long since you'd visited the boardwalk, too afraid to leave your house lest the stalker finds you, but as the months went on, you were more frustrated by their persistence, not terrified. So, you threw on your clothes and left the house, not telling a single soul where you were going.
They'd just try and stop you, anyhow.
The boardwalk was bustling, as usual. Nightlife seemed to be attracted to the glittering lights of the rides like a moth to a flame. Perhaps some other time, you would've amused yourself with some mindless fun, but you came here with a purpose. There were a few stores you'd been dying to visit ever since your self-inflicted lock-in. However, you didn't rush to these stores. You took your time, soaking in the presence of other people, even stopped to get yourself a snack before continuing on your way. You didn't spend long in the stores, you'd known exactly what you were looking for, and luckily they had them in stock. A couple new books, that cute sweatshirt you'd spied back in March, and a few video rentals to pass the time.
It was as you were leaving the video store that you felt strange. The hair on your arms stood on end, and your blood ran cold. There was no visible evidence as to why you felt like this; it was more of a gut reaction. The stalker was here. You don't know how you knew that, and you're sure none of the officers would believe you. No, you hadn't seen the culprit, but you knew he was around.
Taking a step back, you rammed into a body. "Shit--I'm sorry!"
You risked a glance back to find you'd collided with one of the punks who loitered around. He peered down at you, and you were transfixed by the blackness of his eyes. Not an ounce of color in them. His gaze might as well have been an endless void. The punk said nothing, only grunted, and you took that as no hard feelings. You muttered out another apology before booking it out of there.
Mentally, you cursed yourself for parking all the way on the other side of the boardwalk. How could you be so stupid? But no, you'd wanted to enjoy the nightlife--God, what a joke. Now that you knew the stalker was around, your self-preservation instincts kicked in. Unfortunately for you, the crowd size had doubled since you'd been in the video store, making it impossible to hurry.
Fuck this fucking boardwalk and everyone on it, you swore. Over your shoulder, you spied an exit ramp onto the beach. The sand was relatively clear of people, and though you didn't like the idea of being somewhere unlit, it would be the fastest way back to your car. You shoved your way to the exit and jogged down the stairs onto the beach. Eerily, the ruckus from the boardwalk died the moment you touched your foot to the sand, leaving you in total quiet.
You wrapped your arms around your body and trudged onwards. Your anxiety was getting the best of you. Nothing would happen tonight--you'd get to your car and drive away, and that would be it! The stalker would eventually lose interest, leaving you be, and you could get back to your life. That fantasy kept you in a cocoon of warmth, giving you a false sense of security as you made your way down the beach. You didn't think to be more on guard. Perhaps if you had been, you would've noticed the couple sooner. You would've seen their undulating bodies and decided to take a different path. But, your false security made you brave. They needed to take that somewhere else. This was a public beach, for crying out loud!
And that was when you saw it.
There was something off about how the couple was kissing, something unnatural. The closer you got, the plainer it became until it was too late to turn back. Your eyes widened, vocal cords too paralyzed to scream. There was so much blood.
Suddenly, the male wrenched his head from the woman's neck, sending a spray of crimson your way. In the darkness, you could barely register that his face wasn't human. Two glowing yellow eyes fixed on you, shining like a cat's. That broke the paralysis over your body, and you bolted. Fear gripped your heart like a vice, squeezing it until you thought you'd pass out. There had to be a logical explanation--you couldn't have seen what you just saw!
Before you could make it more than ten feet, you were tackled to the ground. You fell, face first, into the sand. It muffled your screams and filed your mouth until you were choking on the granules. The monster flipped you over onto your back, clamping its hand over your lips.
"Fuck," he growled, "... wasn't supposed to be like this..." You squirmed against the thing, your vision blurred by bits of sand still stuck in your eyes. "I'm sorry. I didn't want to do it like this." You tried to scream, tried to reason with the lunatic on top of you, but his hand made it impossible. The monster whispered your name, "I hope you'll forgive me, one day, but this is for the best."
That was all the warning you had before a sickeningly sweet substance slid down your throat. You choked on it, trying not to swallow, but it was nearly impossible. What was he giving you? Some kind of drug? It certainly seemed that way because soon, your limbs felt too heavy to move. The sky above you spun dizzyingly fast. Then, darkness.
Tumblr media
When you came to, it was dark, and you were not alone. You could see his figure propped up against the far wall, staring directly at you. Every hair stood on end, just as they did when your stalker was near. The pieces fell into place, one by one, filling your heart with dread.
"You're him, aren't you?" you rasped, "The one who's been watching me?" The man didn't move. A lump formed in your throat, tightening your voice. "What do you want from me?"
"I don't want anything from you," said the man.
He stood, and you scrambled back, pressing yourself against the wall. The rough, uneven texture of it cut into your back, but you ignored the pain. All you wanted was for that guy to stay as far away from you as possible. His steps faltered, and he came to a stop in the middle of the room, then sat down again. He withdrew something from his pocket, and suddenly, there was light. His long, dark hair obscured his face as he lit the candle. You weren't sure you wanted to look at him, you could vaguely recall the monstrous face you'd seen when he'd taken you, and it chilled you to your very core.
The boy looked up, and you winced ... but what you saw was not what you were expecting. He was normal. Pretty, even. You couldn't shake the feeling that you'd seen his face--that face--before. Perhaps under different circumstances, you would've found him attractive.
"I'm Dwayne," he said.
"I don't care." You curl in on yourself, hugging your knees. "Let me go. I promise I won't tell anyone."
But Dwayne shook his head, "I can't."
"Yes, you can!" you insisted, "Just let me go and-and we'll never have to see each other again. It'll be like none of this ever happened."
"No." His voice boomed throughout the small room, making you jump. His expression softened when he saw the terror in your eyes. "No. I can't."
"Why not?"
Dwayne stared at his sneakers, his brow furrowing. "It's impossible for you to go back. I made sure of it." He peeked through his eyelashes, raking his gaze over your form. "If you leave, you'll die."
You recoil, suddenly nauseous, "You're lying."
"No," he said, "I'm not."
Tumblr media
Dwayne had turned you into a monster. You didn't want to believe it at first. Hell, sometimes you thought you were still dreaming, but the proof was irrefutable. If your near-translucent reflection wasn't enough, the floating was. As the days passed, you became hungrier and hungrier. Dwayne told you that if you didn't feed, you'd die. Good, you thought, you wanted to die—but your animal instincts refused. He'd brought back a person, and the moment you smelled their blood, all your human morality flew out the window. Dwayne watched as you ripped into the person's neck with a sense of pride. You had never hated yourself more than you did at that moment. As a last-ditch effort, you flung yourself in a patch of sunlight. It burned, the agony greater than anything you’d felt before. Dwayne pulled you out, burning himself in the process. Luckily, none of the damage was permanent and healed within twenty-four hours—but it solidified the truth. There was no escape.
You met the rest of the group soon after. There were five in all, but the three boys closest in age to Dwayne seemed to be more important. They tended to steer clear of you, never offering a kind word. You'd caught them laughing at you more than once, especially when Dwayne was around. The others were a girl called Star and a little boy named Laddie. It was from them that you learned Dwayne lied to you--you wouldn't've died if you refused to drink human blood. They were only half and had been so for months. This made you resent the man even more.
What was his deal? Dwayne hadn't told you why he took you, why you were here, or why he'd done what he did. It frustrated you beyond belief, which leads to you avoiding him at every opportunity. The only time you couldn't avoid him was when he brought you a human to feed on. You'd tried to starve yourself before, hoping that it would somehow kill the beast inside of you, but that resulted in Dwayne force-feeding you his blood. That experience had been too intimate, and you refused to put yourself in that position ever again. You drank the human blood, but you never thanked him. He could rot in hell for all you cared.
"Dwayne's not so bad, you know?" said Laddie.
You pause your reading, eyes flicking to the boy. Star paused, his hair brushing. She glanced at you, then back at him.
"Laddie," she said gently, "Her situation is a little different from yours."
This seemed to confuse him. "But she's like us. Well, like them. And she's here, so she's part of the family." He frowned, "You know Dwayne likes you, right?"
"I do," you replied. "But I don't like him."
"Why not?"
Annoyance boiled inside of you. You knew Laddie was only a child, he didn't know any better, but his persistence was getting on your last nerve. Out of the corner of your eye, you caught Dwayne's dark figure lurking.
"Because." You shut the book and tuck it under Laddie's bed. "He hurt me." Glancing to where Dwayne stood, you found him staring unabashedly at you. You fought the urge to glare and instead stalked off to your nest, deeper in the cave. Sunrise was coming soon.
Unfortunately, it seemed Dwayne wouldn't leave you alone tonight. You sensed him following behind like a shadow. His presence was unnerving at the best of times, but now it was abhorrent. Why couldn't he let you be?
He murmured your name and grabbed you by the bicep. "Please." You attempt to jerk away, but he tightens his grip. "I've given you space."
"Not enough," you spat.
"You've had your time to accept this. What more do you need?" Dwayne forced you to turn towards him. He pressed your back against the cave wall, pinning you with his body. "I'll do anything."
You know it's useless to try and push him away, he's too strong, but you try anyway. "Let me go."
Dwayne sighed and released your arm, but he remained close. Disgusted, you leveled a glare at him. Dwayne was unfazed by your reaction, his eyes softening as he drank you in. Slowly, he reached up to cup your face, but you shied away from his touch. He curled his fingers into a fist, pressing his lips in a tight line.
"One day," he said, "you'll understand."
Tumblr media
You vowed that you'd never 'understand' whatever it was Dwayne thought you would. He might've taken your mortality, but he would never take your mind. The weeks turned into months, and you kept your resolve. You sneered at the very mention of Dwayne's name. Laddie had since given up trying to convince you his older brother was a good man, and Star tried to usher you out of any situation where the two of you would meet. Dwayne wasn't oblivious to any of this, and he seemed to be content keeping his distance. His usual look of longing was replaced with one of knowing like he knew he'd win in the end—what a prick.
Summer turned into autumn and autumn into winter. With fewer tourists, feeding became harder. What had once been every day turned into twice a week. Then, once a week, if you were lucky. But, without fail, Dwyane would bring you a human to feed on. You'd heard David grumbling something about it, but you never cared enough to confront him. It wasn't until Laddie spoke up that you learned what the fuss was about.
"Dwayne's not eating."
Typically, you wouldn't care about such a thing, but your curiosity got the better of you. "What do you mean?"
"Can't you tell?" asked Laddie. You followed his gaze to where the brunet vampire sat. "He doesn't look the same."
You tilted your head, noting the subtle change in your captor. His skin was more ashen than usual, his normally black eyes tinged with gold. There was an air of agitation around him, and you recalled how he'd been more snappy than usual.
"Why isn't he eating?" you asked.
The boy shrugged, "David said it was 'cause he's giving you his food."
You frown, "I didn't ask him to do that."
Laddie made a noncommital noise and hopped off his bed, padding over to the vampire. Dwayne relaxed when he saw the little boy, greeting him with a fist bump. You turn to Star, who sat beside you.
"Is that true?"
Star made a face, toying with the fringe on her pillow. "It's a mate thing, I think, but I don't know much about it."
"Mate ... thing ...?" you echo. "I don't—?"
Star blinked, "You really don't know?" Her eyes darted towards where the boys congregated, then back at you. "I shouldn't've said anything. You'll have to talk to Dwayne."
As much as you didn't want to, you knew she was right. It was only a matter of time before you broke down and demanded to learn more about—whatever this was. As much as you wanted to blame Dwayne for being noncommutative, but it was partially your fault as well. Your fear and hatred had kept you silent for too long, but no more. You'd force the man to tell you everything if you had to.
You waited until you saw Dwayne get up before following. The boys eyed you knowingly as you passed by but said nothing. You fought the urge to flip them off—now wasn't the time to antagonize them. You slipped through the craggy rocks and were plunged into darkness. It didn't affect you the way it would've as a human; your eyes were accustomed to the dark by now. Strangely, Dwayne's figure was nowhere to be found. Usually, if you were anywhere near him, he'd wait up. You followed his scent, wandering deeper into the cave.
A hole yawned out before you, dropping down into an antechamber of the hotel. Dwayne's scent was heavy down there, so you leaped into it. The fall would've had you breaking a leg if you were still human, but it was nothing to your vampire body. In the corner of the room sat Dwayne's hunched form.
He kept his back towards you when he spoke, "What do you want?"
"I don't think you've got the right to be pissed with me," you comment snidely. "Why aren't you eating?"
"Why do you care?"
You faltered, "I don't."
Dwayne looked at you over his shoulder, his hair obscuring most of his face. "So, what? You followed to piss me off?"
"I followed because I want answers." You toy with your fingers, suddenly shy. "I—Star said something, and I ... I need to know what it meant." Dwayne raised an eyebrow, and that was as much a response you'd get out of him. "She mentioned mates. And the way she said it ..."
"Think about it," he grunted, "I'm sure you can figure it out on your own."
Anger flares within you. What gave him the right to be so pissed off? You're the one who should be angry. After everything he'd done to you—everything he'd taken away—he didn't deserve to be short with you.
"Look, asshole," you snap, "If you're hangry, don't take it out on me. I didn't ask you to stop eating—that's on you. I don't want your pity food, anyway. Stop giving me your damn meals like I'm the dog."
In a flash, Dwayne had switched sides of the bed. His hand shot out, grabbing you by the wrist. He pulled too hard, sending you crashing onto his lap. Dwayne caught you with a grunt and grabbed your jaw.
"Nothing I do will ever be good enough, will it? I try, and you hate me. I give up, and you hate me." He squeezed your cheeks, forcing you to pucker your lips. "Make up your damn mind."
You grit your teeth, straining against his hold, "Fuck you."
"Fuck me?" he echoes, "fuck me?" Dwayne wrenched your head back, exposing the column of your neck. "Why don't I eat you since you? Since you don't want my food, why don't I take it back?"
God, you wanted to punch him. Your nostrils flared, fear mingling with your anger. He'd never bitten you before. Not even when you first met him—you'd been the one drinking his blood, not the other way around.
Perhaps it was spite that made you act this way. You were fed up with his brooding attitude. What little self-preservation you had left flew out the window as you grabbed the collar of your shirt and yanked it down, exposing more of your skin to him.
"Do it, asshole."
In the blink of an eye, his face shifted into the monstrous one you'd come to fear. He opened his mouth, revealing his needle-sharp teeth, before claiming down on your throat. You cried out, grasping Dwayne's shoulders for support. What you had thought would be painful turned out to be blinding pleasure. The feeling of his teeth slicing open your flesh made your thighs clench together. Your sex tingled, arousal taking root in your gut.
Your hands migrated towards Dwayne's head, holding him against your body as he gulped your blood. His once vicious grip became needy as he released your chin, sliding his hand to cradle the back of your head. Your bodies rocked against one another. With every suck, Dwayne siphoned the anger from your body, leaving your mind in shambles. White-hot pleasure coiled in your gut, like nothing you'd ever felt before, and you swore that you were going to cum if he didn't stop.
Unfortunately, Dwayne parted from your body before that could happen. You cracked an eye open, peering at his disheveled form. Your blood marred his lips, dribbling down his chin to the smooth planes of his chest. Some primal instinct took over, and you licked up the spilled blood, trailing your tongue across his body, collecting every last drop. Up and up you went until you reached his chin. Without warning, Dwayne captured your lips with his.
Hands tore at clothes. You slipped Dwayne's jacked off his shoulders while he ripped your shirt in two. The world tilted, and he slammed you back against the mattress, towering over your limp form.
"You're mine," he said into the kiss, "all mine."
Your legs snaked around his waist, pulling his lower half against yours. "Prove it."
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starconsumer444 · 11 months ago
“When Things Fall In Place” (18+)
Creepy Roommate!Kenma
(A/N: This is...about 3.1k of pure degeneracy, which I actually had no intention on writing, finishing, or publishing and just thought out as I went... There was no planning, no actual ideas prior to this {actually its based off this guy I met recently because im always stuck with the creeps}...I just started it late at night [basically the early hours of the morning] and finished it this afternoon. I haveeee to stop writing for haikyuu... But I’m probably gonna fall off, comeback and write one or two request with a bunch of other random bs, and then disappear again after this, but thats just how it is. I get bored of writing every three days then come back to write my heart out. I really have to write my requests soon or they’ll hate me...) 
(Cw/Tw: Fem!Reader, Stalking, Somno, Rape/Noncon,  Virgin!Kenma, Theft, Crying, Poor Writing, Kenma is a sweaty, friendless, looser in this one guys, I’m bad at tagging these but you get the idea... this is bad and nasty. 3.1k!!!! THIS IS LONG AS HELL)
You don’t know much about him, Kenma— your roommate. You’ve been living together for almost a year at this point and that can’t be normal. He stays in his room playing video games, doesn’t seem to have friends, leaves for work in the morning, and keeps to himself for the most part. Honestly, if you didn’t greet each other in passing you would’ve forgotten the sound of his voice by now. It’s low, unaffected, and monotone for the most part. Maybe he just doesn’t want to be bothered?
But see, Kenma knows everything about you. You went to middle and high school together, but he was just as standoffish in those days too. He doesn’t expect you to remember him, you clearly don’t, but it still weighs on his heart. Was he that forgettable? It’s okay, because one day he’ll tell you. One day he’ll tell you everything.
He’s been obsessed with you since middle school, you were the pretty girl that sat in the front of the class and smelled so good. You would talk to give answers in class and he would be all ears, because to him your voice was his only source of happiness. To hear you speak and smell your perfume as you walked past him was a reason to live. Sure, it was weird, but so were a lot of things about him. He had no friends, could you blame him? Would you?  So maybe, then, in middle school it was an innocent harmless crush, not an obsession, but in high school he was definitely obsessed. 
He overheard you say it to your friends— where you were going to high school, and he told his parents thats where he wanted to enroll. The entire time he never spoke to you, much like middle school, he was off in a corner playing a game alone, inconspicuously keeping an eye on you. He used to trail you and your friends around the school and he always wondered how you were so perfect? How you were so good at making friends? How you stood out like that? Maybe that’s why you were so unapproachable... 
He remembers you were class president for three consecutive years up until graduation. You were so damn intimidating, but everyone loved you, especially Kenma and you were blind to it. You never ONCE noticed him or gave a damn about him and you were class president. He wanted to talk to you so bad, but he just couldn't. He would steal things from you with the intent to say he found them and maybe start a conversation, but he ended up hoarding them in his room at home. The biggest thing he’d stolen was a sweater because you hadn’t seemed to notice the erasers or pencils. 
He vividly remembers the sheer panic and urgency he stuffed that damned pink sweater into his backpack with, so scared he’d get caught and called a creep. He really did plan on returning it but he just— it smelled so good back then...he remembers. He took it home and hid it under his bed, only opting to take it out and hold it to his face and just smell it on special occasions when he felt up to it and guilt wasn't taking over his mind, body, and soul. He knew it was wrong but he felt the most alive in moments where he didn’t care. He’d tried to resist the urge, but at some point he started to pleasure himself with it too. It started happening so often that he’d get hard at the smell of you even when you walked by him in class. He still has that sweater.
At some point during that time, he’d picked up the strange hobby of following you home from school. You walked alone all the time so he’d lie to himself and say it was for your safety as he stalked around corners and made sure you never saw him. He’d always watch you enter your home from down the block, far enough so he wouldn't catch your attention. Those times he didn’t want you to notice him, he felt sick doing it, but it was something akin to an addiction and he just couldn't stop himself. This was a short lived addiction though...about a month or so. 
His mom started to pick up on his staying out later than usual and by then he’d actually started to go up in front of your house and just stare at it. He prayed to god that you didn’t see him being a creep like this, but sometimes he wished you did because at the very least you would recognize his existence. Still, you never saw him. He went back to being locked up in his room, playing video games until the early hours of the morning, rubbing himself raw against your sweater, and being consumed by you in private. All he wanted was for you to acknowledge him. Tell him that he exists to you, because he’s sure his existence is for you.
Those days were hell on earth, he struggled to shower and his only motivation for getting up and doing anything was to see you, who didn't know he existed. It was a depraved cycle. 
Now he’s here with you, and the first time he talked to you was to respond to a “roommate wanted” ad. Isn’t it wonderful how things come full circle? 
Still, he struggles to actually hold face to face conversations with you. How could he? He fantasizes about you so much...it feels wrong.
These days he finds himself rutting into your sheets when you're out praying that you don’t catch him, stealing your panties just to hold them to his nose and eventually soak them in his cum, and even worse having disgustingly sadistic fantasies about you belonging to him. He pushes those fantasies to the back of his mind, though. He doesn't want to be fucked up, but then again, it can't be that bad to want to own your source of happiness.
His infatuation reaches a peak one night when he finds himself groggily trudging his way to your room in the dead of night with his fleshlight in hand. He tried everything, he didn't want to jack off so he played his video games like usual, but even that didn’t take his mind off of you. Typically, he’d jack off with his fleshlight alone in his room to depraved and deluded fantasies of you, but tonight he needs to be near you; to see you, to smell you, and to know you’re there.
Upon entering your room he flips the light on, and it’s actually really dim— not that he hoped to wake you up or anything. He tip-toes over to the side of your bed and stands over your sleeping figure. You look so beautiful when you’re asleep, a shame he’s never thought about seeing you like this before or rather...a shame he’s violating you like this. He wants himself to stop because he knows it’s wrong, but he’s wanted something like this for so long and right now it’s in the palm of his hand. He’s sick and he knows it.
Still, he pulls his sweats and underwear down just enough to where they’re right under his balls. The cold air of your ceiling fan hits his painfully hard shaft and it feels so good it makes him sick. He slowly sheaths himself inside the faithfully used toy imagining it was you. That’s even easier to do now that you’re right here in front of him.
His heart is racing, and he feels sick to his stomach...
“Gotta make this quick,” That’s what he says under his breath, but he want’s you to wake up and see him, he want’s you to call him a pervert and make him leave you alone forever. He wants to see you horrified by the sight of him pleasuring himself to your sleeping body. Is that so wrong?
Yeah, he knows it is. He can’t bring himself to care, though. He pumps himself in and out with hurried movements. He feels so gross and so good like this. Even with the fan on above him he’s sweating bullets like a madman, but he just can’t stop himself, he swears this isn’t his fault. His rational mind would never permit this, but when has he ever gone with that side of himself?
He starts to lose himself in pleasure, moaning out your name in his typical low voice rather than a whisper. He doesn't catch himself, and his moans start to get louder and louder. You start to stir and he can’t bring himself to shut up. You can’t be that light a sleeper, right? 
Your eye’s flutter open and then meet his and he cums unreasonably hard and his moan is gross and loud. His bottom lip is caught between his teeth and he doubles over from the pleasure. His hand grabbing on to your mattress is the only thing keeping him from hitting the floor.
His heart pounds in his chest and his breathing is erratic, but that’s not why the look in your eye’s is nothing but terror. He's sweating so much, he wants to apologize, but he doesn't.
“Don’t look at me like that.” He says sliding the toy off of himself. He thinks you look even more beautiful when you’re awake and scared out of your mind. 
You lie there, staring up at him, still trying to process how your aloof roommate could—
He climbs on your bed, fleshlight in hand, and straddles your waist and all you can bring yourself to do is shake your head.
“Kenma-” He presses his index finger to your lips and you freeze again.
Suddenly, he’s bringing the fleshlights opening to your mouth and you still can’t bring yourself to fight him.
“Please go away,” You ask like this is just some nightmare. You know it’s not, you can feel his weight on top of you and it feels too real. He’s so warm and so heavy.
“Lick.” He commands. He swears to himself that he’ll go away forever after this, the final piece to his happiness puzzle.
Tears start to fall down your face but he’s still insistent on having you eat his cum out of his gross plaything. When you don’t move, he leans over and presses it to your face.
This time, out of fear, you do. His cum tastes rancid, like battery acid. Disgusting would be more than an understatement. That doesn’t stop you from cleaning the toy with your tongue like your like depends on it, because right now...it might.
His eyes are tired when he smiles, almost dead, he looks sick. His hairs greasy, skin is pale, and he’s fisting his half hard dick while he watches you take his seed into your pretty mouth. You’ve never been this close to him before.
He strokes himself back to hardness like a delinquent. He knows he wants to leave you alone, but now he just can’t. When he tosses the fleshlight aside you’re shaking and crying begging him to go away.
“Kenma, please-” As much as he likes when you say his name, he can’t help but stifle your desperate begging with a kiss. 
It’s gross, wet, and all over the place, but Kenma doesn’t notice that. He’s never kissed anyone before and he’s beyond ecstatic that it’s you. You don’t bother with kissing him back, you just lie there, eyes open and crying. 
He savors this kiss, his first kiss. His lips are softer than expected, but he’s not— violence plagues his movements. His heart races even faster now, and when you try to turn your lips away from his he just grabs your jaw and holds you still. He gets drool all over both of your faces, and you can barely breathe. You can still feel him jacking himself off between your bodies and you feel nauseous. This “kiss” is so unpracticed and unrefined, he’s basically licking the inside of your mouth and breathing in your face.
Why is he doing this?
You feel him finally moving from your lips and pulling your shirt up to let cold air hit your tits. For a second, he pauses to catch his breath, chest heaving and spit covered mouth hanging open. He stares down at your chest in awe. You turn away in embarrassment, he doesn’t mind it; you must be terrified.
With one hand holding your shirt up, he brings the other from his dick to squeeze at your chest. You wince and struggle against him because he’s so fucking rough and it hurts. Then he gives one of your breasts a hard slap, and you start to writhe up under him. 
It brings a smile to his face, but he doesn’t do it anymore. He wants to try something different.
He carefully slides down off of you and between your legs. He grossly presses his face against your clothed cunt and smells you even licking you through your pajama bottoms.
He sees the shock on your face when you sit up to look at him and he simply brushes it off, too far gone to be considerate at this point.
When his hands pull down your pajama bottoms-
“No no no no nononono Kenma please stop it.” You whine and kick at him uselessly. You sit up to try to push his hands away but its all useless, he’s so unreasonably strong for someone his size. When he finally slides your pajama bottoms and underwear off of you and on to the floor he buries his face between your folds.
It’s like when he was kissing you, gross, wet, and unpracticed. He’s just haphazardly lapping at your labia and vulva. You push at his shoulders trying to get him off of you while crying your eyes out. It doesn’t seem to effect him though, he just locks his arms around your thighs, sliding you down onto your back. 
At some point his tongue washes clean over your clit and he feels your body jolt from the pleasure. He finds it again and your body stiffens. He looks up at your crying face and squeezes the meat of your thighs between his fingers as he abuses your clit to no end.
You’re sobbing at this point because to you this all feels without reason. For the first time in your life you are scared of Kenma. From what you remember of him, he was always voiceless and sweet, even during school when he decided to show up. He was a kid who always greeted the teacher, even if it was wordless, he got his work done on time when he could, and he minded his business. You never talked to him, but you did hold his understated presence in the back of your mind— for the longest you pegged him as a boy who could be pleasant if you got to know him. So, why was he doing this? Why is he hurting you?
You made him your roommate because you thought that he of all people wouldn’t do this. You wanted to be friends. What did you do?
Now he’s violating you after a year of little to no interaction and him being barely there. He knows it’s wrong and you're not fighting him anymore, you’re just laying there, chest heaving and silent.
He lifts his head to plant a wet kiss on your inner thigh and drags his tongue against the soft skin momentarily. He looks at your scared face and gives a crooked smile. He’s sorry, he really is but this feels like a dream to him. You're too good not to take. 
He finds himself positioning his dick right between your folds and rutting against you. You really must’ve given up, your fight is long gone as he holds you down by your pelvic bones—uncut nails breach your soft skin.
Excitement fills his body as your wetness begins to coat his length as he rocks himself back and forth. He’s careful and his breathing is labored.
“I-” He tries and fails. “You never noticed me, but I’ve loved you forever.” He’s shy. Kenma looks down at your stomach, too embarrassed to meet your crying eyes. 
“We went to school together for years...” He trails off, still staring down. He doesn’t have the guts to look at the mess he’s made of you. “I wanted to talk to you, but you wouldn’t like- no. I was scared.” He shakes his head softly and finally meets your eyes. You're still crying. He feels his throat tighten and he doesn't want to talk anymore.
“Don’t look at me like that!” He stops his movements to reach over and pull the pillow from behind you. He puts it over your face and thinks to hold it there, maybe to suffocate you for a second, but he doesn't. He’s already done enough bad. He just lets it sit there, you’re the one to grab it and hold it there. 
You hold it against your face like your life depends on it. You can't breathe very well, but what does it matter? You want him to go away.You want this to end. So, you cling onto that pillow and pretend like you’re anywhere but here.
It’s an illusion that fails quickly. You feel him press his length into you. It’s rushed, it hurts, and he doesn't know what he’s doing. You squeeze the pillow, and his sweaty hands play with your tits. You can feel the tears well up in your eyes. You don’t want this, it’s a nightmare.
He’s not that big, rather small actually, but he has girth. He hopes you can feel it. He moves slowly dragging every inch of himself against your walls. He mouths at your nipples and it feels yucky. At some point you’re sure you feel him lay a wet kiss on your stomach.
You don’t know. It’s over quickly, but it feels like forever.
 His thrusts were sloppy and unseasoned just like everything else he’s done. He’d never had sex before, but he hoped he was good. When he came his body seized and his fingers dug into your sides. He was glad you weren't watching because the embarrassment from coming so fast a second time was much easier to handle. 
You two sit in silence for a while after that, the only audible sound is you sniveling. He watches silently as your body shakes and tucks himself back in, to at least feel decent. It’s like that for five whole minutes until he finally decides to go back to his room. 
In the silence of his own dark room the water works start in full force as he comes to terms with what he’s done. He’s a degenerate who will struggle to sleep tonight.
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bangchanshehe · 12 days ago
The Trespasser pt. 19
You were on top of the world with the new title of leader of your family’s clan. You were the strongest clan in all of the orient and you were proud. But your family feels that there are threats still lurking around making you a target. When they introduce you to a potential man for a business and marriage merger will it help your clan or make matters worse?
Word count: 2.4k
Wonho x Reader, Shownu x Reader, Jooheon x Reader
Tumblr media
A few days had passed, and you were enjoying the comfort of staying in and doing nothing for once. And to be quite honest your body really needed it. For years you had just gotten back up on the horse after something serious had happened and it felt right to let things process and deal with them instead of pushing them away. And of course, spending a lot of time with Hoseok while the two of you both got back on your feet made the whole situation better.
While the two of you relaxed at home you had managed to get to know him better than you had ever imagined. For instance… he likes cinnamon toothpaste over mint, he has an unhealthy obsession with ramen, his favorite color Is red, he loves playing video games and keeping up with the few friends that he has. And possibly the most shocking thing about him that you learned was that he was a terror when he didn’t get things that he wanted. Once you had told him that you didn’t want to shower with him because you wanted to just shower quickly and go to bed, and he had a full-blown temper tantrum that followed with a whole days’ worth of pouting. It had taken a lot of ramen, kisses and flirting to get him to come back around again. And now that he was starting to completely heal and not need medication and your migraines had decreased you had finally decided to go on a short trip before you would go back to work.
“Where are we going?” you asked him for the third time hoping that he would let the surprise slip
“you’ll see!” he said with a giant grin as he continued to fold his clothes and put them in his luggage
“Okay, but I need to know what I should be packing…” you tried to reason with him
“Casual and comfortable clothes” he answered finally looking up to you with a raised eyebrow “but if you want my opinion…” he said softly as he scanned your body “less clothes are better”
You dropped your jaw and playfully threw what you had in your hand at him, not realizing that it was a black lace thong. Hoseok caught it comfortably with one hand and as he opened his palm and saw what the item was, he looked back up to you and gave you an evil lopsided grin before stashing the panties in his front pocket.
“Give them back so I can pack them!” you playfully yelled at him
“Oh no… you threw them at me so they’re mine now” he responded
You let out a sigh and shook your head as you continued to pack, but truth be told you were feeling needy. In fact, the past few days you had wanted nothing more than to pin Hoseok down and have your way with him, but you knew that it wouldn’t be such a good idea to initiate sex while the two of you were still in bad shape. Plus, the soft sex that you had before wasn’t going to cut it this time. You needed raw, passionate and hot love making to satisfy your desires. And Hoseok wasn’t exactly initiating sex either so you took that as a sign to put sex on the backburner for now.
After a few minutes of packing and a noisy three-hour car ride to Andong you had arrived to a gorgeous traditional home nested in the woods. It was quiet, quaint and had a very calming and welcoming feel to it that made you feel at peace. You wandered around the house room by room and were amazed by the size of the home.
“Is all of this ours?” you asked him in disbelief
“of course!” he said back with a proud smile
You wandered outside of the home and sat down on the oversized square daybed, looking up at the sky and enjoying the feeling of the breeze and sunrays on your face. it had been a while since you had been on a trip and you were never really taken out a lot as a child for fear that you could be put in danger. But now that you were an adult you were able to make choices on your own. And while it did feel a tad bit strange to go somewhere without the boys following you, you needed the space for a while.
Hoseok came outside after he had placed your luggage in your room and he sat down next to you on the bench. He put his arms behind him to prop himself up as he leaned back and he closed his eyes as he basked in the sun. you watched him for a moment and admired his facial features and his figure.
His eyebrows were thick and shapely, his nose scrunched up cutely as his eyes shut tight, his full and beautiful lips were curled up at the sides as he smiled to himself. His chin was held up high exposing his sculpted and perfect cheek bones and jawline. His shoulders and neck looked strong and powerful and his arms looked tight as his large muscles were defined even through the sleeves of his shirt.
“it’s such a beautiful day, isn’t it?” Hoseok asked catching you completely off guard “perfect weather for a vacation”
You let out a cough as you tried to clear your thoughts and register what he was trying to say to you “yeah” you just said back hoping that it would be a decent answer
Hoseok dropped his head and looked over to you confused and concerned “are you okay?” he asked
You turned your head and looked at him for a second before you turned away from him again. Apparently, you had not given him what he wanted to hear. Whoops. “Everything is fine. Why?” you asked
“Nothing you just seem…. Distant?” he stated
You gave him a small smile and shook your head “I’m here I promise” you said confidently. You were definitely here, practically eye fucking him while he was trying to relax and enjoy the day. If only you could turn off the switch for that in your brain. “So, what made you choose Andong?” you asked
“Well, it’s historical and it’s modern. Plus, it’s a bit touristy so we can definitely enjoy being in our own world without worrying about running into anyone.” He answered simply “and… I used to come here with my parents in the summer when they would have festivals and I always told myself that if I ever was in a relationship, I would want to bring that person here. I would want them to see the countryside and history that I fell in love with as a boy.”
“So, what’s first on our itinerary?” you asked him sarcastically
And boy had you wished that you had never asked him that question. For the next day and a half Hoseok had dragged you from historical town to mountainside to suburban neighborhoods and shopping centers. And while you were never one to turn down the opportunity to do a little exploring and shopping you couldn’t help but feel like you were babysitting Hoseok. Everywhere that he went he always wanted food, always wanted to buy pointless things that he didn’t need and always wanted to stop and take photos with you in front of random objects and buildings. And after he tried to buy the same object at a different store for the 3rd time in a row you decided that it was time to have dinner and call it a night. Hoseok was vacation drunk and officially cut off.
You and Hoseok hauled all ten of his shopping bags into the house and sat them down into the bedroom where you stayed. But the longer that you stayed the more it seemed like the shopping bags were starting to outgrow the size of the room and soon you would need to choose another room to sleep in. You silently laughed to yourself as Hoseok washed up in the restroom and you laid down on the floor as you relaxed against the cool wood flooring.
“What should we eat for dinner?” he asked, and you raised your head up to look at him
“Anything but ramen!” you said with a laugh
Hoseok scoffed in fake offense, and he quickly joined you on the floor to sneakily attack you with tickles in all your sensitive areas. You wiggle around on the floor and begged for him to stop as the laughter began to suck all the air out of your lungs. But Hoseok wasn’t going to let go of you any time soon if he could help it.
“Please! Stop!” you asked him “we’ll eat whatever you want!” you finally said in submission
Hoseok let go of you with a devious smile and you wheezed as you sucked in giant breaths of air. He allowed for you to calm down for a minute and he cocked his head to the side as he watched you silently with a soft smile.
“What are you hungry for?” he asked
You. I want you. You silently thought to yourself but the two of you did need to eat something. you had been running around all day, enjoying the day drinking and shopping and unlike Hoseok you hadn’t eaten everything that you came across. You debated the items in the kitchen for a minute and let out a soft sigh. Everything that you had was noodle based.
“Why don’t we do pasta? It’s still noodles so you will be happy, and it’ll be something a little different for me.” You suggested
“We can do that…” Hoseok said nodding his head
You were about to sit up and head to the kitchen to start cooking, but Hoseok quickly wrapped his arms around you and pulled you down to the floor straight on your butt. You looked over to him confused on why he would do that. If he wanted to cuddle then he would have all the time to do that later, but now you were ready to cook.
But before you could even ask him what he was up to he stood up from his spot on the floor. He wiped his hands off and then he pointed at you on the floor.
“You stay there and rest… tonight I will cook dinner.” He said proudly with a giant smile as If he was some brave superhero
You stared up at him in bewilderment. You had no idea if it was really a good option to have him cook meals. You had never seen him doing anything other that heat up things in the microwave or heat things up in a skillet. So, you were a little unsure of whether or not he could actually make pasta.
“okay” you responded with a smile.
If he could cook you were about to find out… while he told you that he wanted to do the cooking, you were still curious to see what his skills were like. So, as he left the room you quickly picked yourself up and followed him. Hoseok stood in front of the refrigerator pulling out objects one by one and you took a seat at a bar stool just across from him at the kitchen island.
You watched him as he chopped up items and mixed seasonings together like a professional. It was quite relaxing and reassuring that Hoseok could cook. And now that you knew what he was capable of you were going to take advantage of that to the fullest. Because while you weren’t bad at cooking you didn’t like doing it. You weren’t fond of creating messes and prepping for hours only to finish off your meal in 20 minutes. The entire thing was just bothersome to you. But… alas you had to eat to survive, and you definitely weren’t going to let one of the other members in the house cook whatever the hell it was that they ate for you.
As he continued to stir in ingredients into a saucepan to make a sauce for the pasta the intoxicating smells began to make your mouth drool. You stood up from your seat to walk into the kitchen and pour yourself a glass of wine, but as you were uncorking the bottle you couldn’t help but be distracted by Hoseok’s muscular frame.
His body was like a machine. As he stirred you could see the veins and the muscles in his arms and back contracting and all that you wanted to do was touch them. Feel how they moved against the palm of your hand as you explored his body. And without even thinking about it you slowly walked up behind him and let your hands travel softly from the back of his neck to the small of his back, feeling how his muscles contorted and relaxed with his movements. And Hoseok didn’t mind, he didn’t stop once or flex in surprise as you felt his body. As your hands continued to explore every surface of his body you leaned into his lean frame and held him from behind, feeling his chest and stomach.
“Excuse me ma’am but if you want to eat, you’ll have to let me go so I can continue cooking” Hoseok said with laughter in his voice, and you could tell that he was smiling and loving every second of your show of affection.
“I can’t have both?” you asked with fake disappointment in your voice
Hoseok let out a chuckle and spun around in your arms, now forcing you to hold onto him from the front. He looked down at you with a soft gaze and he wrapped his arms around your back forcing you into a hug like you had done to him.
“My sweet girl. You can’t have both at the same time.” He said softly as he began to softly rub the plane of your back like you had done to him. He leaned into you and put his head in the crook of your neck placing soft kisses on the delicate skin there. And with his hunched over frame his hands had crept down to your ass, firmly grabbing it with both hands causing you to let out a soft moan in surprise.
“see…it’s pretty distracting huh?” he whispered to you in a soft and seductive breathy tone
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worminstuff · a year ago
Win Win Situation
dream x reader (more fluff)
from this ask -
Hello! I'd like to request Dream fluff, where they play Minecraft Manhunt with Pandas, Muffin and Gogy. The reader's a secret weapon they hold against Dream (she waits for him in the Nether or the End; the decision is up to u), since they know he really likes her and it's mutual anyways. She's capable of killing Dream with hearts to spare and in last hopes of winning the hunt, he proposes a kiss (in MC, of course) for his life (which the reader grants him). Thx in advance! 💞😊-
i love this ask vvvv much and im gonna try my best to do it justice!
It had been quite a day of filming, this manhunt proving to be one for the books.  Dream had really been stubborn upon not dying, and sapnap, George, and bad were really trying their hardest. 
George was so close to getting a dream when he first crossed to the nether but it was futile as he had looted around a lot and got more armor then they even had time to find.
Dream was pretty sure he was set after proving himself with that battle against George, he had 9 blaze rods, ten pearls and a burning sensation in his stomach from the excitement of winning.
It had been quite a day of filming, this manhunt proving to be one for the books.  Dream had really been stubborn upon not dying, and sapnap, George, and bad were really trying their hardest. 
George was so close to getting a dream when he first crossed to the nether but it was futile as he had looted around a lot and got more armor then they even had time to find.
Dream was pretty sure he was set after proving himself with that battle against George, he had 9 blaze rods, ten pearls and a burning sensation in his stomach from the excitement of winning.
As he sat listening to the 3 weirdos giggling amongst themselves he thought about you, you would've been so proud of the way he's wiggled out of their grasps so many times from a boat chase where he managed to drown Sapnap by using a tnt to blow them up in a cave. A blush crossed his cheeks at the thought of you being excited with him. He couldn't wait to tell you about it later.
Lately you two had been talking awfully a lot and he was enjoying it a lot. You'd met through sapnap since you knew him for a long time. You often streamed with Wilbur or Tubbo too, Tubbo being another one of your favorite people.
Dream loves to watch the streams and videos you both make because you two are so entertaining. Dream thought you were absolutely adorable, especially when you and Tubbo are trying to figure out redstone for a new scheme or terrorizing Tommy for a bit. Most of all he loved your bed wars streams, he was always entranced at how amazing you were at pvp. He loved every bit of it.
He himself had a really hard time talking to you at first. In his defense, you were a pretty girl! Adorable, sweet, funny and kind and incredible at pvp. How was he supposed to approach you without freaking you out with his tiny little obsession.
The sound of an ender eye breaking snapped him out of his little day dream, realizing he was nearby the stronghold, he started his way down.
Unknowing to dream, the boys were just over a hill watching him just as he was digging down. Instead of following just yet sapnap sent a message on discord, to you.
    he’ll be there in a second i think
    okey dokey!
There was nothing in the unspoken rules of manhunt that said nothing about a secret weapon. That's exactly what you were. Sapnap and George and bad all knew you were one of the few people that could easily beat dreams.
Dream knew it too, sometimes he liked to tell himself it was only because she got him flustered so easily, but deep down he knew you just played way too much Minecraft. 
You sat impatiently waiting for him to reach the end, impatiently sitting near a clump of endermen. You were nervous and excited at the same time, beating dreams was always fun. You'd always admired dreams and his presence on the internet but after meeting him, things changed a bit.
He seemed hesitant talking to you at first but lately he had been texting you every morning and night and even called you a few times! He gave you so many butterflies just at the thought of him.
Dream searched around the stronghold looking for the portal, as he was about to turn a corner sapnap spoke up, 
“Don't you guys think it's been a bit boring without..y/n” He smirked behind his computer screen as he could practically hear dreams heart rate go up just by that single sentence. He was correct with that bet.
“Duh! y/n would have had a dream dead like an hour ago '' George spoke with a knowing smirk.
“That's not true-” Dream tried to poke into the conversation when bad suddenly interrupted him.
“No you muffin, you know y/n would totally have beat your booty way back in the nether”
“Booty-” Dream was cut off once again by a fit of hyena laughter from his friends. 
As they giggled he finally found the portal and filled in the empty slots hopping in quickly. He was surprised he hadn't heard the boys say anything about it with the achievements popping up onto the screen. 
He was confused up until he spotted you, standing by one of the pillars.
“what?! how?! y/n? how did you- when- huh?” His flustered state was quickly made obvious by the way the boys could hear a smile even through his confusion.
You started sprinting towards him as the three boys dropped into the portal as well but not rushing over just yet, wanting to see this unfold first.
You let out a small giggle as you were gaining on him, he was running around still confused on how you were there.
“Come here Dreeeeam” You said maniacally trying to gain on him.
“Get away y/n! how are you even-”
He let out a yell as you got your first crit on him, your ax was clearly more op than his and he could tell by only one hit.
“How did you do that much damage! What are you even-”
After finally trying to fight her, he was at 3 hearts and he even had a shield. 
“Okay, okay, okay, y/n hold on for a second please” He backed up a bit facing her character as she lowered her weapon waiting on his next move.
“I have..a proposition” Dream let out a breath nervously, 
“What kind of proposition?” You smirked, ready to decimate him with only a few more hits.
“No! No propositions! y/n you have him just kill him so we win!'' Sapnap chimed in with George and badly agreed.
“No no guys, hold on, I wanna know what it is,” You said with a small airy laugh.
“If you don't kill me y/n, i'll give you something I think you'll like”
“Like enough not to win?”
“I hope so..” Dream started to regret this decision, he knew he liked you and he thought you liked him, but how could he be sure? He would bed George would call him stupid for thinking she wouldn't like him but he just wasn't sure.
“Tell me then, what is it?” You were getting a bit antsy, he was a wild card to you. You adored him so much but sometimes you just never knew what was going on in his brain.
“A kiss.” You definitely weren't expecting that. As Dream spoke the two words he'd been repeating in his head for minutes, you were silent, sitting in shock.
You were expecting one of the boys to call it bullshit and tell you to just murder him on the spot, but they were silent.
“A..kiss?” You weren't sure you heard him right, because you couldn't believe it! A kiss? From Dream? You'd faint!
“Yeah. A kiss. And you let me kill the dragon.” He was gaining a bit more confidence after he realized he made you nervous.
“What?! No! No kissing! Murdering y/n! Murdering!” George wasn't surprised you were considering it because he knew how much you both like each other but he really doesn't want to lose like this.
“In- in game or?” you were sure he meant in game, but you were curious.
“Well.. it'll do until we meet in person. But I'll still owe you a real one after you let me win.” He smiled widely just thinking about getting to kiss you, or even be near you in real life! he could burst just at the thought.
While he was daydreaming, you were conflicted. The butterflies that were creating a sick feeling in your stomach at the thought of kissing him were overtaking the thought of wanting to beat him. You had already decided but you knew the boys would be so angry their secret weapon had failed them.
“How about. I take both kisses.. and then you have to beat me to the dragon. I won't fight you, you just have to beat the dragon before I can” Your plan seemed full proof. Seemed like a win win situation, or so you thought.
“Sounds perfect to me, y/n” He was grinning so madly, Your character got close to his, just a block or so in front of him.
“This won't be nearly as good as it could be but, MWAH '' Dream made an exaggerated kissing noise as he jumped towards your character hitting into it, then turning and booking it towards the dragon as it was starting to perch.
The boys were cheering and yelling as you sat in shock, not at the fact that his character kissed yours but because of what he said before. 
Was he really going to kiss you in real life? Your mind was absolutely swimming with thoughts when you suddenly checked back in at the sound of three boys yelling your name and the sound of the dragon dying.
“You just stood there y/n! why would you just stand there?!” George tries to sound mad but he really couldn't be. He was sure dream was on cloud 9 at that moment.
Dream was out of his chair, yelling with excitement as the boys were angrily shouting about their loss while you were still silent. Your silence was taken by a laugh, your own laugh,
“Hey y/n, can I call you in a little while?” He asked
“Yeah, please.” You said shakily as you left the discord call.
You leaned back in your chair, shaking your head with a small smile. He was going to be the death of you.
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snackhobi · a year ago
Tumblr media
pairing: hoseok x reader / word count: 26.8k / genre: fluff, smut, mutual pining, best friends to lovers, slow burn, technically a buzzfeed unsolved AU but you don’t need to be familiar with BFU at all so dw!
summary: having hoseok as your best friend and co-host for your web series is a dream come true. the only hitch? you’re kind of in love with him, and it’s getting harder to ignore that fact, even if he doesn’t feel the same for you. 
warnings: idiots being oblivious, sexually explicit content, oral (f receiving + brief mentions of m receiving), unprotected sex, multiple orgasms (f receiving), fingering (f receiving), body worship + praise (f receiving), a lot of soft emotions and pet names, hoseok treating reader like a pillow princess
a/n: the more I read this the less happy I am with it but after the amount of time I’ve spent on it/how long it’s gotten, I’m calling it finished (even if it’s a lot lighter on paranormal related stuff than I’d initially planned OOPS...) please feel free to let me know what you think AHH x
Jung Hoseok is a lot of things. 
Jung Hoseok is: a work-friend-turned-real-friend-turned-best-friend, and one of your favourite people in the world. 
Jung Hoseok is: very easily scared, the opposite of a thrillseeker, Not A Fan of big rollercoasters, or haunted houses, or anywhere that involves jump scares or loud noises or anything vaguely dangerous or threatening. 
Jung Hoseok is: a man with ridiculous lung capacity who can also screech so loudly that you’re fairly certain he could shatter glass if he wanted to.
“It’s just a bat, hyung,” Jimin says, before the bat comes back round and Hoseok shrieks again.
Jung Hoseok is: clinging to you with a vice-like grip as aforementioned bat flutters above you, squeaking and trilling, and you stroke his hand in an absent, instinctual motion, trying to soothe him.
“I definitely heard footsteps as well,” Hoseok whimpers. “Why are we here?” 
Why are you here? Well, because Jung Hoseok is also: your co-host for one of BigHit’s most popular series, BigHit Unsolved.
It’s funny, in a roundabout sort of way, that Hoseok’s general fear of Most Things had been the thing that had cinched him his spot. You’d never expected Unsolved to explode in the way it had, starting off as a short video series with Yoongi beside you to bounce off as you described unsolved crimes, but then Hoseok had starred opposite you and the audience had just eaten it up: the way he got spooked at real life events, the modulation of his voice when it would rise or dip in fear, the way you riffed off each other- you, calm but enthused about your topic, and Hoseok, a quivering jelly of a man when scared.
Not to mention that Hoseok is just great on screen anyway, personable and bright and charming. He makes you laugh and brings out a level of exuberance in you in a way that no one else can, makes you do ridiculous things without even trying- your interactions are good video fodder, basically, and your audience loves how your friendship comes across on the show. 
And that’s another funny thing. You’d known Hoseok before Unsolved, of course, because everyone knows Hoseok, because Hoseok is wonderful, a sunshine of a man, loved by all. You, however, hadn't really spoken much to him- when you'd started at BigHit you'd been crushing on Hoseok in kind of a big way and you'd been worried about embarrassing yourself in front of him, so… you'd done the logical thing of avoiding him as much as was possible without being rude or weird. Face your problems and anxieties? In this economy? Haha, you don't think so.
Anyway. Because of this, your interactions had been pretty limited up until you’d asked him to appear in one of your videos. If anyone asked it was because you’d thought he would be a fun, one-off guest star, which was true, but the main reason was that Yoongi had cancelled because he was sick and no one else had been free when you’d been scrabbling around the office for a replacement. Despite not knowing you all too well, and despite being scared easily by true crime (“my mum watched CSI when I was a kid and it gave nightmares,” he’d told you afterwards), Hoseok had heard about your plight and was happy to replace Yoongi for the episode, and you’d found out that- despite your initial worry that you were going to make things weird- you get on really well.
Like, really well. Not just on camera, either. Before they’d started to roll, you’d been frantically making sure everything was in place, that you had all your notes, that all the pre-production was ready- and Hoseok had made you stand still, taking your hands in his, and he’d smiled at you in a way that had been so warm and comforting that all the tension had leaked out of you. After that it had just been so easy. You’d felt relaxed and the episode had come out great, and then Hoseok suggested that you grab lunch together in the cafeteria so you could get to know each other more. Of course you’d agreed- and the rest is history.
It didn’t take long for Hoseok to turn from a nice and funny colleague, to someone you actively looked for at work gatherings, to someone who you decided to ask to be your permanent co-host for the show, to someone who now has a spare key for your flat in case he ever runs out of snacks or just feels like dropping by. Which he feels like doing a lot, apparently, but you have a key for his place too, so it’s all even stevens. (You steal a lot of his face masks whenever you visit him and he never complains.)
Over time your huge crush on Hoseok has ebbed into a deep platonic love, fading and morphing into a comfortable friendship. Okay, sure, you still think he’s the most beautiful person in the universe and you’d immediately accept if he asked you to marry him and you kind of want to kiss him on the mouth sometimes (a lot of the time) or whatever, but that’s because you know how wonderful he is. It’s platonic. Not romantic. Mmhm. (Mostly.) Either way, you're completely comfortable around him despite any lingering feelings you might have, which is something you appreciate more than you can put into words.
So fast forward to now, multiple seasons into your show, and you’re more than used to Hoseok’s fear and touch. It had been startling, at the beginning, when Hoseok had grabbed onto you whenever he was afraid, but now you’re used to navigating places in the dark while Hoseok clings onto you like a particularly oversized backpack or holds your hand like a lost school child. (You’ve lost count of the minutes, nay, hours of footage that exist of Hoseok doing this, like some sort of gangly limpet, but you don’t mind.) Fans love to splice together footage comparing interactions over the seasons and it’s very obvious how wide eyed and stiff you used to go whenever Hoseok seized you, but now? This is your every day, baby.
Hoseok is still cowering behind you as the lone bat flaps above you, high up in the rafters of the old generator building you’re standing in. You and your crew and your guide are the only people at the abandoned gold mine, so Hoseok can’t have heard footsteps, other than your own- which is what you tell him.
“I think it was the building settling, Hobi,” you say. “This mining warehouse is pretty old.”
“Old and full of ghosts.” Hoseok moans. Jimin readjusts the camera and you know that, without a doubt, he’s zooming in on Hoseok’s terrified face. Namjoon’ll have some fun shots to edit later. Jimin is a very capable cameraman, and also unruffled by ghosts/loud noises/etc, but he does love to catch some interesting angles of the two of you. At least Taehyung refrains from doing that, although he does sometimes get too focused on making a shot artistic rather than capturing the abject terror on Hoseok’s face when it would be a good clip for the final video.  
“Well, we don’t know that.” You pause. “Maybe we should test it with the spirit box to find out?”
Hoseok’s face twists and you can’t help but laugh.
The supernatural half of the show wouldn’t exist without Hoseok. Your fans enjoyed his eternal suffering and fear whenever anything remotely spooky was mentioned, so they'd bandied about the idea of a paranormal-themed season and you'd taken the idea on board; the juxtaposition between yourself and your co-host was all the more defined when he was banshee shrieking at some innocuous sound while you stayed calm. You’re open to the concept of the supernatural but have yet to come across any evidence that you find compelling enough to make you a believer, while Hoseok is convinced in the existence of ghosts and finds the idea terrifying.
He doesn’t like the spirit box because of this, but you don’t mind it- although you don't really like the loud static it makes when it’s scanning through radio frequencies, trying to pick up if any spirits or ghouls are trying to talk to you. (They’re not, even if Hoseok insists that the random bursts of sound it spits out are definitely coherent words and sentences, rather than a mish-mash of random rubbish that it just happens to pick from normal radio waves.)
The spirit box, of course, is about as interesting as normal: that is to say, not really at all, though you have a good laugh after you ask for any spirits to give you a name and the only response is ‘pineapple pie’, which makes you feel hungry. Hoseok lets you rummage around in his pocket for a cereal bar, which you end up munching on between shots, as Hoseok swats bugs away from your faces. He attempts to karate chop a mosquito but misses by miles and you almost choke on a mouthful of oats as he makes the world’s most incredulous face and you giggle.
“We should make pineapple pie for a video at some point,” you suggest, and Hoseok is briefly distracted from his fear- he’d given up on the bugs and has been shining his torch over your shoulder at some old generator equipment and casting warped shadows on the walls behind it, dark silhouettes that could admittedly be considered a little spooky. “I’ve never had pineapple pie before.”
“There’s a Filipino bakery near our place that sells it!” Taehyung jumps in before Hoseok can respond, turning away from where he and Jimin have been making shadow puppets on the wall with their own torches. “It’s so good, you should definitely do it.”
Hoseok hums. “Jin-hyung would probably be happy to help out,” he says. You finish the cereal bar and tuck the wrapper back into Hoseok’s pocket, making a mental note to get in touch with the Tasty team member to ask him about it. He’ll leap at the opportunity. 
There’s a clattering noise somewhere far in the distance, probably rocks shifting or something, and Hoseok squeaks and crowds even closer to you, as impossible as that is with how he’s already wrapped around your back at this point, the harness for his chest-mounted camera digging into your spine. It’s a familiar sensation by this point. “Please can we get out of here now?”
“Sure,” you say indulgently, stroking Hoseok’s arm where it’s wrapped around your collarbones. “We need to drive down to the mining tunnels now anyway.”
Hoseok keeps hold of your hand as your guide drives you to your location, squeezing your fingers every time the car goes over a bump- which is pretty often on the rocky dirt track. Hoseok’s fairly touchy in general, always holding hands or hugging or kissing people, raining little pecks over their faces, and it had been Very Overwhelming when he’d first turned this attention to you. You’re not, like, not touchy, but back in season 1 you were definitely not used to spending time with someone who loves skinship as much as Hoseok does, and it had taken time for you to stop freezing up every time he casually touched or grabbed you.
It says a lot about how used you are to it now that you don’t even bat an eyelid when he wriggles into your twin bed at the hotel later, curling up around you once he’s finished his meticulous skincare routine.  “Your bed is over there, Hobi,” you say, although you immediately snuggle back into him, letting him spoon you. He’s always a lot clingier after you finish filming a supernatural episode- as if you can ward off any ghosts that might have decided to hitch a ride back from wherever you’d come from.
“I know,” Hoseok replies. He hitches a leg over yours, sighing happily when you reach an arm down to rub his calves. He always sleeps better if you massage him.
“I can’t wait to get home.” You dig your fingers into a muscle and Hoseok squirms a little. You huff out a laugh. “Arizona is so hot.”
“You look cute in shorts, though,” Hoseok says. He’s been saying the same thing all day.
“You just like shorts.” He’d been wearing shorts too, pretty much matching his clothes to yours; at this point you’re starting to wonder if he looks through your luggage before he packs his own stuff, because your outfits end up being eerily similar a lot of the time. You think he finds it reassuring, maybe, when you’re somewhere unfamiliar. Or maybe it’s because Hoseok’s fashion has influenced your own over the years. You definitely own a lot more bright clothing than you used to, not to mention the matching items you’ve both purchased together anyway.
Now that you think about it, Hoseok really has been a big influence on you, huh.
He falls asleep pretty soon after, going lax and limp as his breaths deepen and he dozes off. He always falls asleep before you do, awake one second and flat out the next; you envy his ability to drop off like that, usually taking a lot longer yourself, but you do find it good that he’s able to sleep so quickly despite his earlier fear. He always crashes at yours after you finish filming an episode when you’re home, too, otherwise he says he’s up all night with the fear- this is all part and parcel of Hoseok being your co-host and partner on the show, and honestly, you don’t mind it at all.
So you're used to this. When Hoseok makes a little noise in his sleep and starts shifting behind you, you lift his hand to your mouth and gently kiss his knuckles, running your thumb down his wrist- he settles immediately, going lax again. You'll chase away any nightmares with soft touches, shuffling around in his grip and holding him tight if you need to, before eventually drifting off yourself, safe and warm in the circle of his arms.
Even though you usually fall asleep after Hoseok, one thing you have over him is the fact you’re a morning person and find it a lot easier to get up with the sun. Despite your late night, you’re awake moments before your phone alarm starts to ring, turning it off before it can rouse Hoseok out of his sleep. When you slide out of the bed he stirs a little, instinctively reaching out for you in his sleep, and you carefully put a pillow in his arms so he can hold onto that instead; he settles down once he has the pillow hugged to his chest, and you take a moment to look at him fondly and gently kiss his forehead before you start to get ready for the day.
You’re pretty much done by the time Hoseok sits up at the sound of his own alarm, blinking blearily in your direction as you turn it off for him. He’s still holding onto the pillow as he sits up.
“Morning, honey,” you chirp. “You want coffee?”
Hoseok stares at you for a second, eyes squinting as he tries to wake up fully. “Morning,” he replies, voice hoarse from sleep, and you smile. “Please.”
When you’d first found out that Hoseok wasn’t a morning person, you’d honestly been gobsmacked. He’s just so bright and energetic that you figured he rolled out of bed like that- it just makes sense- but it actually takes him a surprisingly long time to get fully up to speed with his normal self. He’s a little slower, a little softer, draping himself over your back as you fiddle with the room's coffee machine to try and get some caffeine into him.
“We can always get some more at the airport,” you say conversationally, and Hoseok hums quietly into your hair before dropping a kiss there. “It’s a shame we don’t have time to eat at the breakfast buffet.” 
Despite his morning slowness, he’s still ready on time; he’s always punctual, is your Hoseok. You make up for missing breakfast at the hotel by purchasing tons of snacks for the flight to Pennsylvania, munching a pre-wrapped croissant as you read off your phone while Jimin dozes next to you, his head resting against the window. You’re sandwiched between him and Hoseok, who has the aisle seat- he cranes his head at your pastry and you tilt it against his lips so he can take a bite. You end up with a lapful of crumbs, but that’s okay. 
“So where are we off to next?” Hoseok asks once he’s done chewing, peering at your phone screen. Across the aisle from you, Taehyung very loudly unwraps a pain au chocolat, much to the irritation of the woman next to him. 
“We’re going to an old prison,” you say, and Hoseok meeps. “A penitentiary, to be exact.”
Taehyung shoves the pain au chocolat into his mouth whole so he has his hands free, fumbling for his phone as he starts to film how the colour drains from Hoseok’s face as you give him a brief synopsis of the prison and other places you’ll be going to while in Pennsylvania. This isn’t even for Unsolved; Taehyung just likes to have video evidence and receipts for everything, if his camera reel is anything to go by. Even though you’re vague with your descriptions- you like Hoseok’s reaction on camera to be as unscripted and natural as it can possibly be, when you finally turn up at your locations and then set up so that you can talk about it- once you’re finished, Hoseok is curled up against you, hiding his face in your neck.
“Why can’t we go somewhere nice for once?” He whines, and you can’t help but laugh.
“Budget doesn’t cover it, that’s why we have to sleep at haunted hotels. They’re cheaper.” Hoseok meeps again, and you relent, lifting your hand to cup the back of his head. “Don’t worry, I won’t abandon you,” you say, stroking his hair as you use your free hand to clumsily scroll through your phone, double checking the details of your planned trip.
“I know.” Hoseok is uncharacteristically quiet against your collarbones. Taehyung gives up filming and rips into another pain au chocolat packet, smiling guiltily at his seat neighbour when she tuts at him. “You never do.”
Despite Hoseok’s fear of a lot of things related to the show, and the fact he jumps and screams at pretty much everything, he’s never asked to bow out or avoid doing something. He even agrees to go into areas alone when the two of you try to ‘make contact’ with spirits, even though he’s obviously terrified- but each and every time before you part, you promise that you’re not going anywhere and you’ll be waiting right outside for him. You would never abandon Hoseok (even though ghosts probably aren’t real and he has nothing to worry about), and he knows that, and takes strength from it. It warms you.
He keeps his head nestled against your neck for a beat longer, and then smacks a loud kiss against your skin, which makes you squeal and slap him away while he laughs. 
As fun as it is to jet around the country- especially with Hoseok and the other guys- it's also exhausting, and there’s always something nice about coming home. Even though the increased budget that you’ve been allocated as the show’s been growing in popularity means that you can stay at nicer hotels now, your own bed is still the most comfortable place in the world. (Well, tied with Hoseok’s bed, thinking about it. The two are basically interchangeable at this point anyway, if you consider how often Hoseok ends up sleeping at your apartment and squirreling his way under your blankets as you’re trying to sleep.)
On the other hand, though, in spite of a return to your regular creature comforts, coming home still involves work: there are Q&As to be filmed, footage to edit, later episodes to plan, research to be done. As the original progenitor of Unsolved you take the brunt of the last two parts; Hoseok is the one who reacts to the facts you throw out, he’s not the one who investigates the different things you talk about on the show, but he’s always there to support you and talk to you whenever you need it. 
(Your audience knows Hoseok as someone who is cute and bright and cheerful, but he’s also quietly thoughtful and surprisingly serious when he has to be. That’s the side of him that you get to see whenever you stay late at the office, your desk lamp the only one left on in the room, hunched over your keyboard as you trawl through conspiracy threads in the deep bowels of the internet that are discussing who D.B. Cooper is. You love loud Hoseok, of course, but you appreciate this hushed part of him, too- the way he'll deliver you a hot chocolate with a kiss to your forehead before quietly sitting beside you and waiting for you to finish so he can take you home.)
Anyway. Coming home means coming back to the office, means putting in shifts at BigHit headquarters, etc, etc, all that jazz, so here you are, sitting on Hoseok’s lap and scrolling through your tablet as he does something of his own on his PC. The first time this had happened, it had raised eyebrows- not because it was considered inappropriate or anything, as BigHit is the kind of place where people can make out in hallways to ‘test the longevity of this 24 hour lipstick’ for a video and no one bats an eyelash, but because up until this point, you’d been renowned for pretty much being glued to your desk while working. But you like Hoseok and his energy, even when he’s not doing anything, and his lap is comfortable, even if he doesn’t exactly have the world’s thickest thighs. You work better when you’re around him. 
You’re scrolling through Instagram comments for questions to answer in this week’s Q&A episode when someone clears their throat. Both you and Hoseok look up in tandem to find Seokjin standing there, looking decidedly more grey-haired than he had the last time you’d seen him. He pulls it off effortlessly, of course. 
“What’s up, silver fox?” You let your tablet droop into your lap as Hoseok takes his hands off his mouse and keyboard and secures them around your waist instead, so you don’t slide off his legs. His hands are warm where they splay across your stomach and you can feel the bumps and texture of his bracelets through the material of your shirt. “Liking the new look, by the way.”
“You look really good, Jin-hyung,” Hoseok says from over your shoulder, and you nod in agreement.
“I know.” Jin sounds flippant but he seems pleased. He doesn’t say anything more than that, though, and just looks at the two of you expectantly. You both blink back at him.
“So… did you come over just to be complimented, or?” You slowly start to lift your tablet, acting as if you’re about to start reading off your screen again. “Were the thirsty comments on your latest video not enough for you today?”
Jin raises an eyebrow as he pretends to inspect his nails. “No, no, there were plenty of comments, as always,” he says loftily. Unsurprising, considering his unofficial(/basically official) title of Most Handsome Face in the office as well as the leagues of fans he has. He lets his hand drop as he quickly gives up pretending to be aloof. “So when are you planning to fit making pineapple pie into your schedule?”
“Oh!” Hoseok squeezes you in his excitement and you wiggle a little in his lap. “I almost forgot about that! Did Tae mention it to you?”
“Jimin too. They burst into the kitchen while I was filming and they were both holding a piece of Filipino pineapple pie aloft like they were wielding Excalibur, so, yes, you can say that it was mentioned,” Jin says, and you can’t help but wince. Being interrupted while filming is one thing, but the Tasty studio can be hazardous on top of that (y’know, what with the knives and fire and stuff), so you can only hope that Jin wasn’t using a mandolin or something when they had appeared. 
“Oof.” You wiggle your hips again and Hoseok immediately catches your drift, turning his chair so the two of you are facing Jin fully rather than having to turn your heads to look at him. Jin makes a weird expression, something you can’t put a name to, but it slips away too fast for you to catch properly- maybe he just had a sudden chill or something, who knows. “Sorry about them. How about I email you our filming schedule and you can see when you’re free as well? We were going to film a 70th episode retrospective soon and the pineapple pie video might be a nice sort of bonus on top of that.”
Jin agrees easily. You use your tablet to open the Google Calendar that you have with Hoseok, which makes Jin pause when he notices. “You share a GCal?”
“Duh?” You flick a look at Jin through your lashes. You and Hoseok have GCal where you input your work schedules to avoid potential clashes when you need to film together, but you also put in other plans the two of you have outside of work, if it’s ever necessary. “Why wouldn’t we? It makes it easier when we need to plan things for Unsolved.”
“Uh-huh.” Jin sounds sceptical, but you decide not to address it. You miss the look he gives Hoseok as you scroll through your calendar, the two men having a silent exchange as you start to draft an email. Somewhere across the office you hear Yoongi shout out an expletive and two sets of cackling laughter that sound suspiciously like Taehyung and Jungkook; you and Hoseok turn at the sound, but you don’t spot anything from where you’re sat. “Alright, I think that’s my cue to leave,” Jin says, and promptly dips before he gets dragged into whatever’s going on.
Whatever shenanigans Jungkook and Taehyung have gotten up to seem to be pinpointed to one area, so you avoid any fall out, and Hoseok eventually excuses himself to go to the toilet. You take over his chair while he’s gone. Asides from yourself, both computers at this desk are entirely abandoned- Yoongi is still absent, nowhere to be seen- and you’re tapping away at your tablet when all of a sudden you have a camera shoved in your face. 
For once it’s not Jimin or Taehyung or Jungkook, and instead when you look up you see Irene and Seulgi, the latter girl beaming at you while Irene holds the camera. Seulgi says your name and points at you with a perfectly manicured nail, and you blink at her, completely caught off guard. Irene zooms in on your bewildered expression.
“Um, hey guys,” you say. “What’s up? Need me for something?”
“We wanted to ask if you wanted to guest star in the next Ladylike video!” Seulgi chirps brightly, and you’re immediately on guard. While the offer seems innocent enough on the surface you can’t help but wonder if the next video is one of their wilder ones (you don’t care if the underwear is silver-infused and apparently wicks away smell and moisture, you flat out refuse to wear the same panties for a whole week). Fortunately your fears are assuaged when Seulgi seems to read your mind and answers your question before you have the chance to ask it. “We’re trying to recreate elaborate Instagram makeup looks with dollar store makeup.”
Irene giggles behind the camera when you visibly relax. “I’m in, that sounds fun,” you say, and both girls seem inordinately pleased. “Um, when are you planning to shoot it?”
“Tomorrow! It won’t take long, we promise,” Seulgi says. “You just need to be free for filming, we’ll do all the editing and stuff.”
You finalise the exact time you need to be available by and by the time Hoseok comes back from the toilet both girls have just gone. You stand up so that he can reclaim his seat, eyes glued to your tablet as you open up your Google Calendar so you can put the Ladylike video filming in, but you’re interrupted when Hoseok grabs you. You squeal in surprise when he tugs you back down rather than letting you sit down yourself, tablet getting sandwiched between the two of you as you end up straddling him in a desperate attempt to catch your balance- but before you can resituate yourself he starts to tickle you and you end up laughing uproariously into his face.
“Cute, cute, my Y/n is so cute,” he sing-songs, and you continue to laugh as you try to bat his hands away.
“Stop, oh my God, Hobi!” There are tears of laughter in the corners of your eyes as you squirm in his lap, trying to get away from his hands but being prevented from doing so by the desk at your back; you’re trapped between it and Hoseok, entirely at his mercy as the two of you giggle at each other.
“You realise other people work here, right?”
Yoongi has finally reappeared. He sounds disgruntled, but you put it down to the fact he has KITTY AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION and a phone number scrawled across his face in what appears to be permanent marker, rather than at the fact that you and Hoseok are making noise. As Hoseok’s deskmate he’s used to this sort of behaviour by now.
“Hey hyung,” Hoseok says, shameless as his fingers continue to dance up and down your sides, although the touches are light enough now that you can turn your attention away from giggling to appreciate Yoongi’s new look. “Did you have a good nap?”
“A cat nap,” you say, and then giggle at the unimpressed look Yoongi throws your way- it’s hard to find him scary with the multi-coloured letters scribbled over his face.
He grunts as he sits down. “I’ll kill those kids,” he says, but there’s no real heat behind his words, and he slumps into his chair with a resigned sigh. “I kept scrubbing at my face but this shit won’t come off.”
You exchange a look with Hoseok, the two of you thinking about the hand sanitiser you keep in your handbag- the alcoholic gel would probably lift the ink off Yoongi’s face, but neither of you offer up this information. “I’m sure it’ll come off by tomorrow,” you say, and Yoongi makes a hopeful noise at the back of this throat. "Any particular reason why you've decided to act as a walking billboard for abandoned cats?"
"Thing 1 and Thing 2 said they were raising awareness for a local cat shelter and asked if I wanted to help. I said yes." Yoongi sounds rueful. 
"I feel very aware of it, hyung, so I'd say they did a good job." Hoseok laughs when Yoongi just flips him off.
Hoseok’s hands have gone still by this point. It’s not until Yoongi starts to tap at his keyboard that you remember the position you’re in, straddling Hoseok in his chair, your hands on his shoulders and his hands on your waist as you lean back against his desk- but as questionable and potentially incriminating as this entire situation seems out of context, literally no one is batting an eyelid. People are used to seeing this sort of thing from you two, both comfortable and not awkward with each other at all.
Hoseok's hands are warm and steady where they wrap around your waist. You're struck again by how large they feel- supportive, as always, when he holds you. 
"Mind letting me go, cowboy?" You say. "I should go back to my desk to get some work done."
"You're more of a cowboy in this situation," Hoseok says, wiggling his eyebrows at you. "Seeing as you're the one that's doing the riding."
"Good lord," Yoongi mutters.
You laugh at the expression on his face before Hoseok wheels you both away from the desk so that you have room to swing your legs off him. "That's dirty, Hobi," you say, but it's said with a smile and wink.
After you've disappeared, waving at the two men, Yoongi raises an eyebrow at Hoseok. "I know you two are basically married at this point, but can you try and rein in the flirting when I'm trying to work?"
"We weren't flirting," Hoseok protests. Yoongi looks unconvinced, his other eyebrow rising to match the first, and just shakes his head before he resumes Googling ways to get the permanent marker off his face.
Irene’s touch is light as she puts the makeup onto your face, surveying her work critically as she does. 
“Alright, that’s the foundation done,” she says, once everything seems to have passed whatever rigorous criteria she has. “So we're onto the concealer next.”
There’s something soothing about having someone else do your makeup. Not to mention that you don’t have to worry at all about the production of the video- with your usual projects, your level of investment means that there’s always something to think about, but right now all you have to do is sit there and look pretty. You do listen and react whenever Irene shows you the products and so on, but otherwise, you are literally just sitting there and letting the other woman put stuff on your face; you can relax and unwind and let her take the lead.
Irene has just finished blending the concealer under your eyes when your phone vibrates in your pocket. While she's rummaging for the next product- setting powder- you quickly check your phone to see if it's anything important. It's Hoseok, asking where you are, because he has a coffee and Danish pastry for you and he can't find you; you realise then that you never put the Ladylike video filming into your calendar, distracted by Hoseok grabbing you, and today you'd just disappeared without telling him where you were going. Oops.
You quickly shoot him a reply before Irene starts to brush the powder across your face and you're both surprised at how well it sets. "Your skin is so nice," Irene says with a smile, sweeping the brush over your cheeks. You try not to laugh when the bristles tickles your face, flattered at her comment.
She's just finished doing your brows when you hear the studio door open and you catch sight of Hoseok. He's staying off camera next to Wendy so he doesn't get in the shot, quiet and unobtrusive, but you can't help but perk up when you see him. Although you stay silent so that it doesn’t interrupt the filming, Irene notices how you brighten and pauses in her motions to look over where Hoseok is standing.
"Hi, Hoseok." Much to your surprise, despite the fact that the cameras are rolling, Irene still greets Hoseok. You thought she'd make him wait until you were done. "You're here for Y/n, I presume?"
"I have a coffee for her," Hoseok says, a little sheepish, holding up an iced macchiato and a paper bag that's got a small grease stain spreading on it, a tantalising glimpse of the deliciousness inside. "I just came to drop it off?"
"I don't deserve you, Hobi," you say, beaming, and he smiles back at you. 
Irene gestures for Hoseok to come into the frame. There’s a brief moment where you and Hoseok exchange a small, surprised look- Irene is rummaging through eyeshadow palettes and seems like she’s still going through with the video even though Hoseok is about to walk on set- but he acquiesces and steps into the shot. Irene points at the Instagram photo she has open on her iPad, which is propped on the table so she can use it for reference and zoom in if necessary. “We’re doing this look with dollar store products."
“Woah,” Hoseok says, leaning down to peer at the picture, and he sounds suitably awed. “That’s really nice. You’ve chosen one with all of Y/n’s favourite colours.”
“It’s cute, right?” You’re so excited to see the final product, even if it ends up not looking as good as what you can see on the screen, considering the cheapness of the makeup that Irene is using.
“Not as cute as you,” Hoseok says, and you blow him a kiss before looking at the iced macchiato in his hands meaningfully.
“Coffee, coffee?” You sound hopeful but Irene tuts.
“You’ll need to keep your eyes shut while I do your eyeshadow,” she says.
Before you can begin to feel disappointed, Hoseok comes to the rescue. “Don’t worry baby, I’ve got you.”
And so that’s how you end up with Hoseok holding the straw of your iced coffee up to your lips while Irene applies the different shades and shimmers to your eyelids, your eyes shut as she does so; Hoseok makes appropriate ooh-ing noises, bowled over by how she manages to blend the cheap eyeshadows before doing a cut crease- you have to keep your eyes shut the whole time, letting the concealer dry on your lids so that it doesn’t smudge, gauging how it looks based on Hoseok's reactions. 
Every so often Hoseok will make a small noise and then you’ll feel the straw press up against your lips, and you’ll take a sip of your drink while Irene is switching colours or brushes; you feel thoroughly pampered today and you’re enjoying it immensely. She’s been describing the different products and their quality to the camera throughout the whole video, but now that Hoseok’s there, he responds to what she’s saying, making her giggle with how enthusiastic he is despite not recognising all the terminology she’s using. Although your eyes are shut you can't help but smile: that's your Hoseok, always lightening the atmosphere and making people laugh.
“Alright, you can open your eyes,” Irene says after what feels like a lifetime. The liquid eyeliner has dried by the time your eyes flutter open, the stark blackness against the expertly blended eyeshadows the first thing you notice when you look at yourself in the mirror.
“Woah, Irene! This is incredible!" You turn your head from side to side, taking in how different your eyes look after the ministrations of Irene's skilled hands. "Hobi, look at those wings! I wish I could get mine that even.” You don’t often wear liquid liner and when you do it takes you eons to get them to match, making each side bigger as you try to match the other- most of the time you just give up.
“You do look incredible,” Hoseok agrees. You look away from the mirror to smile brightly at him and then take another drink of coffee when he lifts it back up to your lips; the straw makes loud slurping noises as you reach the bottom of the cup and you end up sucking up more air than liquid, much to your disappointment. He chuckles at the look on your face but then coos when you pout. 
“I’m not done just yet, you know,” Irene says, unperturbed by your interactions. You wonder how this footage is going to turn out after the edit. “We still have lips and cheeks to do.”
Despite the fact your coffee is finished, Hoseok still remains next to you and watches Irene work. She lines your lips and then paints them a pleasant nude colour, before going in with an extra touch to your contour, and blush, and highlight (you’re genuinely in awe at the selection of makeup you can apparently get for a dollar each). There are so many steps involved in the execution of this look and you wonder how long it would take you to try and do this yourself, before deciding there aren’t enough hours in the day, even if Irene makes it look easy, finishing your face with a flourish.
“Alright, done!”
You pick the mirror up to tilt your head at different angles. You catch the way the highlight shimmers on your cheekbones and cupid’s bow, the way your eyes look after they’ve been shaded with colour and glitter, the sharpness of your brows, the fullness of your lips. 
“I can’t believe this was all dollar store makeup,” you say, awestruck. “It’s so much like the photo! I look so good.”
“Irene had an already perfect canvas to work with,” Hoseok says, and you end up smiling so widely your eyes almost squeeze shut.
“Flatterer,” you say.
“You two are so cute.” Seulgi sighs wistfully from behind the cameras and Wendy muffles a quiet cough into her palm.
Irene asks for your opinions on the makeup- you, moreso on how it feels on your face, and Hoseok, if he thinks it looks close to the Instagram photo (he does, but he's clearly biased because you're involved, which he doesn't try to hide). Once the cameras have been cut and everything has been wrapped up, Irene says you can go and so you hop off your chair. Before you can get too far, though, Hoseok stops you, touching his fingers gently under your chin. 
“Let me have a proper look.”
You immediately relax and let him tip your head slowly from one side to the other, eyes scanning across your makeup, which feels a lot heavier than you’d expected, but you’re still happy with how nice it is.
“Wah, so beautiful,” Hoseok says, a small smile on his face; it’s one of his softer ones, one that doesn’t show his teeth or his dimples, but rather squeezes his eyes into crescents, his gaze warm. Still blinding but in a different way.
“Irene did a really good job, didn’t she?” You say, enthused. Hoseok pauses, but then his teeth show as the smile grows.
“Yeah, she did.”
"Maybe I should get her to give me makeup lessons so I can look prettier more often." You've never been all too great at the more refined parts of makeup- blending eyeshadow or contouring, for example- but maybe you should add it to your repertoire, you muse.
Hoseok's smile dims as he becomes oddly sombre, hand shifting to cup the bottom of your chin so your face is gently cradled in his hand. "You're gorgeous all the time, makeup or not," he says. "Makeup is fun and you do look great but please don't think you need it to be pretty."
A shy smile plays at your lips. You feel bashful but you can't hide from Hoseok's gaze when he's holding onto you like this, but it wouldn’t matter even if you did. Hoseok knows you well enough to read your moods if you attempt to hide them- but because you trust him you don’t try to. 
"Ahh, you're too sweet to me, Hoseok," you murmur. He always compliments you, but the thing with Hoseok is that he always means it, and although you should be used to it, it still catches you off guard every time. 
"You deserve it." The soft smile has returned to his face and he lets his fingers drop away from your chin to tangle with yours to lead you out of the studio. “Now come on, you still have your pastry to eat.”
“I totally forgot about that! Oh, but I’ll probably smudge my lipstick.” Your sudden excitement about food dips instantly as you realise this. “I mean, I doubt dollar store stuff has much staying power anyway, but it’ll definitely smear onto the pastry, like, immediately.”
“I’ll cut it up into small pieces for you,” Hoseok says, and you make a noise of happiness as the door to the Ladylike studio shuts behind you both.
Seulgi and Wendy and Irene all look at each other, the two of you all but forgetting that they'd been standing there and had thus witnessed that entire exchange in excruciating detail. Wendy and Seulgi both open their mouths but before they can speak Irene holds up a hand. “I know,” she says. “Trust me. I know.”
Around the office, Jin might be renowned for his silliness, propensity towards dad jokes and loud laughter, but on set- while he’s still very much himself- he’s a professional and takes safety in the kitchen Very Seriously.
“If you damage any of my equipment with your clumsy fingers, I will grate so much parmesan down your throat that you die of cheese asphyxiation.”
“Sounds kinky,” Hoseok laughs, but then he jumps behind you when Jin brandishes a decorative pineapple at him as if he’s about to brain the other man. 
“Babe, I’m not about to explain to your family that your final words were, and I quote, ‘sounds kinky’, especially if it was before Jin offed you via fermented dairy products,” you say, although you still shield Hoseok with your body- as if there was any chance you’d be able to stop Jin if he was on the warpath. His shoulders are so broad. Still, you’d fight him for Hoseok if you had to.
“My family love you, I think they’d be okay with it,” Hoseok says from behind you. Jin makes a weird expression with his face before he sets the pineapple back down onto the table next to the rest of your equipment, raising his eyebrows at something; before you can ask what’s up, you’re distracted by the sensation of Hoseok’s hands coming to rest on your shoulders. “It’s okay, Jin, Y/n and I cook together all the time. We won’t mess up.”
“Hobi’s really good at cooking,” you pipe up, and Hoseok affectionately nuzzles at the crown of your head. You cook dinner together at least once a week, trying to use different recipes each time- cooking is a great hobby because you get food at the end of it, and cooking with Hoseok is especially great because you get an excuse to break out the candles and fancy tablecloth your mother had gifted you, even if your food is something simple. 
(You never thought you’d learn multiple ways to fold a napkin, but Hoseok is always so excited whenever he sees you start to crimp them into shape, so you like to mix things up for him.)
Jin’s face shifts back into that look that you’re starting to think looks like he’s eaten something that he’s not sure if he likes or not- a little disbelieving, perplexed, resigned. You never get a chance to ask why, though: Jin claps his hands and tells you to put on your aprons so you can start filming, and you eagerly pull it over your head before helping Hoseok tie his behind his back. (Jin makes the face again, but you’re too busy tying a cute bow to notice.)
Jin seems genuinely impressed when it turns out that the two of you have been telling the truth. Of course, the Tasty team member is directing you and giving instructions so it’s not as difficult as it might be otherwise, but he ends up surprisingly uninvolved with the physical part of the process; you and Hoseok hand jobs off to each other and work in tandem to prepare the dough and filling, and once the pie is in the oven you even begin to clean everything up unprompted, moving around each other with an unconscious level of ease. 
Jin just ends up sitting on a stool and watching you do his ‘minion work’ although you think he just doesn’t want to get in the way. Hoseok hipchecks you gently and then giggles when you pretend to be pushed back by the strength of the motion and flop dramatically over the sink.
“How often do you two cook together?” Although the question is technically directed at the both of you, for some reason you get the feeling that Jin is aiming this more towards Hoseok, who answers him.
“Usually two or three times a week,” Hoseok says.
“Hmm. I see.” Jin looks thoughtful, and you can’t help but feel like there’s something you’re missing in this simple question and answer exchange. Hoseok has an expression on his face that you’ve never seen before- which you’d thought was impossible, because you know Hoseok inside and out, and it’s confusing. You feel surprisingly unsettled by it.
Your best friend seems like he’s trying to cut whatever tension’s in the air by turning his attention back to tidying up, but he fumbles when he goes to shut a drawer and catches his fingers. He’s barely had time to make a small ow noise before you’re there, lifting his hand and inspecting it carefully. “Stop distracting my boy, Jin, let him focus on cleaning up your messy ass kitchen,” you say.
“Excuse you, my kitchen is a temple, it’s only a mess because you’ve been in here,” Jin says primly.
“Sounds like something a messy person would say.” You would roll your eyes but they’re focused on the reddened skin of Hoseok’s fingers. They just look slightly pinched, nothing major, but still. You’re careful when you touch him. You don’t want him to hurt any further. “Are you okay, baby?”
“No.” He sniffles and his lip wobbles dramatically and you laugh. You do what you always do when Hoseok hurts himself in some small, superficial way- you lift his hand to your lips and gently kiss the fingers he’d gotten caught, inflamed skin already fading back to its usual colour, pain clearly already gone. 
“There,” you declare. “All better.”
Hoseok’s expression is warm and tender as he looks at you, his fingers still cradled in yours as you look up from your touching hands, and your gazes lock. There’s a brief moment of stillness, a second that starts to crystallise into something more, and you’d swear his face had just started inching forwards when there’s suddenly an almighty clattering noise from behind you and you both jump, the moment broken.
“Oops,” Jin says blithely. You turn around to discover that all the pineapple related knick-knacks and decor on the table are now scattered on the floor around him, a tangle of paper decorations and plastic fruit that’s rolling across the room. “I seem to have slipped.”
“Weren’t you just going on about how messy we were?” You raise an eyebrow at him, but you’ve already turned away from Hoseok to squat down and help Jin tidy up, chasing down an errant pineapple. You don’t see the pointed look that Jin gives Hoseok behind your back, and when you turn around with the over-large pineapple clutched in your arms, both men seem to be acting like normal. “I’m going to pay Namjoon to keep that in the final cut so everyone can see how chaotic you are in the kitchen.”
“Joonie would never betray me like that,” Jin says with completely unearned confidence, just like he does with most things- but the sad thing is, he’s right. Namjoon is too much of a professional to keep unnecessary shots in the video, and besides, Jin seems able to get away with being outrageously chaotic because he’s so charming and pulls it off so well. If the footage of him somehow sending everything to the floor was kept in the video, people would probably love it.
Once the pie is done cooking and has finally cooled enough for Jin to cut it into triangular shapes, you’re so excited to eat it that you’re bouncing up and down on the spot a little. Hoseok is too. Jin humours your excitement with understanding- he loves to eat too- although he raises his eyebrows at the way you and Hoseok lock your arms together before you lean forward to take a bite of the pineapple pie. You let out a muffled little groan into the pastry once it finally touches your tongue, sweet tartness of the pineapple exploding across your tastebuds, pastry buttery and flakey as it melts in your mouth.
“Jin, this is so good,” you say, and Hoseok hums around a mouthful of fruit filling in agreement.
“I think your ghost was onto something,” Jin says. He’s already polished off his slice, while you and Hoseok are barely halfway through your own, disentangling your arms so you can focus on eating properly. Sometimes you wonder if Jin just unhinges his jaw and swallows things whole because you’ve never seen someone who can eat as quickly as he can. “They could see you pining.”
Your face twists in confusion. “What?”
“You know… pining… like a pineapple,” Jin says, before giggling to himself like he’s just told the world’s funniest joke. You raise your eyebrows at Hoseok, but then you take another bite of the pie and immediately forget about Jin’s cryptic nonsense.
“This is so good, isn’t it, Hobi?” You ask.
“It’s so sweet and light and delicious,” Hoseok says. “It’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted.”
“I thought we were talking about the pie, not me, Hoseok,” Jin says, and then lets out peals of squeaky laughter when you roll your eyes.
“You’re incorrigible.”
“I think you can get a cream for that,” Jin continues to laugh, before you throw a paper pineapple at him.
There’s still pie left over the next day. Of course, you’ve saved slices for the rest of your crew. Jimin and Taehyung are snacking on slices of pie as they help each other set up the cameras and mics in the studio, making sure the lighting hits you and Hoseok so that you stand out against the room behind you. Today’s the day you’ve set aside to film the 70th episode, and you’re excited for the chance to do an official retrospective of the show so that you can look back at all the places you’ve been to and the things you’ve discussed, as well as plans for the future.
“Did the two of you coordinate your outfits for the video?” Tae says curiously, and you glance down at your clothes. It’s only then you realise that- although your outfit is darker than his- there are flowers on Hoseok’s bomber jacket and your dress is covered in a floral pattern.
“Huh, I didn’t even notice,” you mutter as you pluck at your dress.  “Guess we’re just telepathic.”
Hoseok stays silent, strangely enough, but when you hold your hand up for a high five he responds enthusiastically and continues to grip your hand afterwards, which makes you laugh. “That’s friendship,” he says, and you laugh again, squeezing his hand.
The two of you keep laughing as the cameras start to roll, watching the clips from your most popular episodes so far, between answering commonly asked questions from fans- one of the more frequently asked being ‘why did Hoseok agree to be a co-host when he always seems scared during filming and screams all the time?’
You read this question off your list and Hoseok’s answer is immediate. “Y/n is one of the hardest workers I know,” he says. “So I was excited to be invited on board for a show that she had created. And I wouldn’t say that I’m always screaming-”
“Yeah, when you have to pause to breathe,” you interject, and he laughs.
“Sure,” he says indulgently. “But, honestly, when Y/n is there it’s easy to forget that we’re standing in some terrifying old building or haunted tomb or whatever.” You rest your chin on your hand as you watch him continue to speak. “I would honestly be a lot more scared if she wasn’t there. She’s very good at distracting me if I’m getting too worried. She’s very comforting.”
“That’s a nice way of saying that I’m basically a defence mechanism for you.”
“Basically.” Hoseok grins at you so widely, teeth on show, gorgeous. 
Now that he mentions it, it’s true that as your friendship has grown, his fear has ebbed; although he still screams as loudly as before, it happens less often, but because sudden noises and jump scares always startle him, it still happens a lot. If you don’t take the time to reflect it’s kind of easy to forget how your friendship has grown over time, which is why it’s another good reason to have this retrospective- for the sake of the series, sure, but your relationship with Hoseok has grown as the show has, too.
When you flip over the final page to read the final question, you’re surprised to see an extra one tacked onto the end- you’d been the one to select them, after all, and this one has been added after the fact, someone’s messy handwriting scratched across the paper. You don’t recognise the writing. Honestly it kind of looks like someone had written it with their non-dominant hand to avoid detection, almost like a child’s writing from a cartoon, all but missing the backward E’s- but the question is pretty innocuous, so you figure you may as well answer it. You can just ask Namjoon to cut the footage later if you don’t like it.
“Y/n: If Hoseok decided to quit being your co-host, who would you want to replace him?” You squint at the paper as you decipher the scrawl, not seeing how Jimin and Taehyung exchange a sly, down-low high five off camera. “Huh.”
“You started the series with Yoongi, right?” Hoseok pipes up. “Would you bring him back?”
You’d chosen Yoongi as your original co-host for Unsolved because you vibed well and had pretty similar opinions when it came to a lot of things, and you’d worked well together in the past, but the truth is that- “No, I wouldn’t,” you say immediately. Hoseok seems genuinely surprised. “Honestly, if you stopped co-hosting with me, that would be the end of Unsolved. Hoseok and I are a package deal at this point and I would never consider filming the show without him.”
Hoseok looks stunned, but you keep going. “The show wouldn’t exist without Hoseok. Yoongi was great for the videos he was in, but- even if he didn’t have other commitments, he couldn’t take over from Hobi. Unsolved isn’t just a show about the supernatural, or crimes, it’s about us dealing with the supernatural or true crimes,” you continue, and then your nose wrinkles as you realise what you’ve said. “Well, we don’t directly deal with true crimes, fortunately. I’d make a terrible detective. My hand isn’t steady enough to draw one of those chalk outlines, y’know? I’d probably just end up drawing someone who looked suspiciously like Kirby. Anyway, Hoseok is my best friend as well as my co-host; if you get one of us, you get both of us, and if you don’t get both of us, you get neither of us.”
“I love you, Y/n,” Hoseok says. It’s not the first time he’s said this to you, but you think it’s the first time he’s ever said it on camera, and his tone is strangely earnest. He must be getting really nostalgic about the start of the show if it’s making him sound like that.
“Love you too, Hobi.” You beam at him. “I’m really glad we became friends.”
Behind the cameras, Taehyung makes a weird croaking sound and Jimin hits him hard on the arm.
“Uh, normally when someone's choking you hit them on the back, Minnie,” you say.
“I’m not choking, I’m fine,” Taehyung wheezes. Jimin punches him again.
“Uh-huh.” You raise an eyebrow. “Anyway. What was I saying. Oh! Yeah, referring back to the question- while I would never stop him if he thought it was the right thing to do, I certainly hope that Hobi doesn’t want to quit being a co-host.”
“I would never.” Hoseok’s expression is weirdly intense as he says this and you can’t help but laugh.
“Good! I’m glad we’re both in it for the long haul.”
Taehyung still looks kind of constipated once filming is over, but before you can ask him what’s up, Jimin pulls him to the corner of the room and the two men exchange some quiet words. They seem oddly serious and you purse your lips as you try to work out what’s going on, but then Hoseok’s hand slips into yours and your attention is drawn away from them.
“Celebratory 70th episode filming dinner?”
“I thought we were going to have a celebratory dinner with our minions when the episode actually aired,” you say, tilting your head at Taehyung and Jimin. “Didn’t you put it in the GCal?”
“I meant just you and me,” Hoseok says, squeezing your hand gently. “A co-host only dinner.”
“Ooh, we’re in an exclusive club, are we?” You giggle and squeeze his hand back. “Sure, why not. Can we have pizza? I’m feeling like pizza.”
“You can have anything you want, baby,” Hoseok answers, affection written across all his features. You go all wobbly inside, your insides melting into a puddle of goo at how warm and tender he is. You love your best friend so much. “Let’s leave those two to it, it seems like they’re busy.”
You look back over at your cameramen. Jimin has his cheeks puffed out and Taehyung looks chagrined. You purse your lips again, a little unsure if you should leave them if they’re having some sort of disagreement, but then Hoseok slips his hand out of yours and crouches down in a way that you recognise instantly. You make a noise of happiness and leap up, letting him lift you into a piggyback; you lock your arms around his neck and start to giggle as he bounces you a little, getting his hands comfortable under your calves.
“We’re off!” Hoseok announces. Jimin and Taehyung look away from their discussion to the two of you, their expressions both mirrors of each other as their eyebrows rise in unison when they spot how Hoseok is carrying you. “We’ll leave you to tidy the studio.”
“Enjoy the rest of the pie!” You wiggle your fingers at them in a little wave before squealing when Hoseok hitches you up his back again without warning, tightening your grip on him. “Pizza time, Hobi, let’s go.”
“Your wish is my command, princess,” Hoseok says, waggling his eyebrows in a way that makes you laugh before you bury your head in his hair, stifling your giggles against his scalp. He smells so nice and soft and lovely, familiar, like home.
“Wow, they’re unbelievable,” Jimin whispers behind you, though you don’t hear him, more focused on not bumping your head in the doorway as Hoseok walks you both out of the studio. 
You end up going to your favourite pizzeria, sitting at your usual booth in the corner. You’ve been here so many times with Hoseok that you don’t need to look at the menu and just order your usual half-and-half, feeding each other slices of garlic bread and struggling with the gooey, molten cheese that seems to stretch endlessly from your slices of pizza. You feel warm and comfortable, your feet brushing under the small table whenever you shift your legs, laughing each time Hoseok traps your foot under his before letting you go.
“I can’t believe we’ve done 70 episodes,” you say, leaning back against the smooth leather of the booth seat after you’ve stolen a sip of Hoseok’s Sprite. “I never thought we’d get this far. I honestly thought you’d have died of fright by now,” you tease, swinging your leg gently against his.
“If I die, I’ll haunt you from beyond the grave,” Hoseok says, pulling a face at you that’s clearly meant to be ghoulish, and you laugh.
“I’ll take the spirit box home from work so you can talk to me.” You lean your elbow on the table and rest your chin on your palm, still smiling. “Obviously you’d do the same for me, right?”
“As long as you kept other ghosts away from it,” Hoseok says, shivering. “I don’t want to have to talk to them too.”
“I promise. I’ll be the only thing haunting you, don’t worry.”
Hoseok smiles at you, eyes warm. "I wouldn't have it any other way."
You share a banana split for dessert. You’re pretty full so Hoseok eats the majority of it, which gives you the opportunity to watch him, the way his dimples appear when he chews; you must have watched him eat a thousand times but you’re never any less endeared by the sight.
“I meant what I said, you know,” you say suddenly, and Hoseok looks up, cheeks bulging with ice cream and banana.
“Hmrh?” He makes a noise of questioning around his mouthful of food, and you laugh when you spot a smear of chocolate sauce on his chin. You swipe it away with your thumb before mindlessly sucking it off, too distracted by the sweetness bursting across your tongue to notice how Hoseok stares at the motion with wide eyes. He swallows. “What?”
“When I said that I was glad that we became friends,” you say. “When I first asked you to star in an episode I never thought we’d end up here, you know? But… I’m really happy. And I really do love you a lot, Hoseok.”
Hoseok smiles all the time. In fact, you’d say he spends more time smiling than he doesn’t, happiness always radiating from his face like sunlight shining down from the sky, golden and bright- but the smile he gives you right now is softer than that. It’s more like the softness of the sunrise, spilling over you through just-opened curtains, warm and gentle and comforting.
“I love you too, Y/n,” he says. “More than anything.”
You put a hand over your face as you giggle bashfully at the earnest look on his face. “Stop,” you whine. “You’re so cheesy, oh my God.”
“You said it first,” Hoseok points out, but he starts to laugh along with you, before the server comes over to give you your bill and you end up fighting over who pays- Hoseok wins, much to your disappointment, but lets you front the tip as a compromise.
As always he catches the subway with you and holds your hand all the way home, only letting go when you get to the door of your apartment building. “I’ll see you tomorrow morning,” he says, and you glance up from where you’ve been rummaging in your bag for your keys.
“Bright and early as always,” you reply, smiling. “I’ll make sure to bring your casserole dish back tomorrow, it’s still on my counter. I’ll make you some lunch to make up for how long I’ve kept it.”
“Okay.” Hoseok watches as you finally unearth your keys, jingling them triumphantly as you do. “Baby?”
“Hm?” You look up from where you’ve been fitting the keys into the lock. “Yes?”
“I meant it when I said it, too.” He looks oddly sombre, none of the usual levity on his face. “I love you more than anything, Y/n.”
Your heart seizes in your chest, stuttering a little at his tone and his expression. He’s told you that he loves you, sure, and you always say it back, but Hoseok’s never said it like this: like there’s more meaning behind his words than normal. You’re staring at him with wide eyes, frozen in place, key still pressed into the lock- but before you can gather your thoughts Hoseok’s face is morphing into his usual smile before he dips forwards and kisses you on the forehead.
“Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow! Don’t forget the casserole dish!” 
And then he’s bouncing down the steps just like he always does, turning momentarily to give you a jaunty wave before walking briskly back in the direction of the subway.
“See you tomorrow,” you echo faintly, feeling off kilter and off balance as you watch him disappear into the distance.
Okay. So. You’ve told yourself on multiple occasions that, nowadays, what you feel for Hoseok is entirely platonic. He’s your best friend, and you love him, and it’s very easy to feel romantically inclined towards your friends sometimes because friendship involves love, and you should be friends with your romantic partners anyway, so there’s a lot of overlap. You may have lingering memories of your crush, yes, but you’re over it. 
At least, you could have sworn you were. So why are you projecting onto Hoseok again all of a sudden? When he said he loved you, it wasn’t a romantic confession, despite what your instincts might be telling you. Your brain is screaming at you to look at it logically, and you’re trying your best to tell yourself that, that it Wasn’t Romantic and it was Just Hoseok Being Hoseok, the man who tells all his friends that he loves them on a regular basis, it wasn’t romantic.
“Morning, baby,” Hoseok says, smiling at you, before noticing both the coffees you’re holding. “Ooh, is one of those for me?”
“Hi.” Your voice is weirdly breathless. “Yeah, I got your favourite.”
Hoseok lights up and makes grabby hands at you, and you feel utterly helpless as you hand it over. You feel like Past-Y/n, a previous version of yourself, the one that was still new to BigHit and used to get all in a muddle when Hoseok so much as looked at you. You feel like you’re rediscovering your crush all over again, like some sort of giddy schoolgirl, and you kind of want to slap yourself- but then Hoseok takes a sip of his coffee and makes a little noise of pleasure and all that self-hatred turns to static, replaced with nothing but affection for the man holding the door open for you.
You manage to keep it together pretty well, for the most part, you think. It’s not until you leave your computer to speak to Hoseok about something that you nearly lose it. He sees you coming and smiles widely, instinctively wheeling away his desk and patting his lap in invitation. Your brain goes blank as you panic and you abruptly swerve and act like you were walking over to Jungkook the whole time, missing the way Hoseok’s face drops with disappointment.
You’ve been lurking to one side of Jungkook’s desk for a few minutes before the man acknowledges you, looking away from the video he’s apparently editing to raise an eyebrow at you. 
“Are you lost? Hobi-hyung is over there.” Jungkook starts to point but then you grab his hand before anyone notices, pushing it back down against his desk.
“I know where Hobi is,” you say through gritted teeth. Jungkook blinks at you as you continue to trap his hand against his desk, tightening your grip when his fingers twitch. “I am having a small crisis and I would appreciate it if you let me pretend to have a conversation with you about work.”
Jungkook looks baffled but doesn’t argue, clearly a little scared of how tightly you’re grasping his fingers. “Um, okay,” he says, slowly. “Do you need to hold my hand at the same time?”
You look down at where your hands are still connected before you release him. He flexes his fingers with a wince. “Wow, you’re a lot stronger than you look.” He sounds impressed. “Have you been working out?”
“I bench press the weight of my stupidity daily,” you sigh. Jungkook lets your words pass without comment, putting his free hand back onto his mouse and resuming his work. You squint at his screen, intrigued. “What are you working on?”
You end up perching on Jungkook’s desk as he talks you through his most recent project, and how he and Tae have almost finished putting together the cat shelter video- you coo at all the footage of the different cats, small kittens to mangy strays, scruffy and cute. You’re too busy laughing at the unflattering shots they have of Yoongi while he’d been sleeping before they’d written across his face and you don’t notice how Hoseok keeps looking over with a mix of confusion and almost hurt flashing across his features. 
He doesn't show any of this when you meet him later, though. You’ve recomposed yourself by the time lunch rolls around and you manage to return Hoseok’s casserole dish without fumbling. Despite your inner turmoil last night you’d still made time to pack lunch for the two of you, using the cute lunchboxes that Hoseok’s family had given you last Christmas- he lights up when he sees the dosirak you’ve packed, fluffy rice and other side dishes, all of his favourites.
“You are a blessing,” he says, and you smile as he eagerly dives in. You tackle your own food more slowly, having to approach the kimbap carefully because of how you’d been overzealous with the filling. “Ooh, can I have some of that?”
“Sure,” you say, gesturing at the bite sized slices in the tub in front of you. Instead of taking one of those, however, Hoseok leans forward for the piece of kimbap you’ve already grabbed. You’re frozen in place as you feel his lips around your fingers, teeth lightly grazing your skin as you instinctively surrender the food to his mouth, a light swipe of his tongue over your fingertips to catch the light sheen of sesame oil there, soft and wet against your touch. 
Hoseok leans back and chews like nothing is out of the ordinary- and to be fair, you’ve fed finger foods to him before, it’s not out of the ordinary, but right now you feel like you’re on the verge of a meltdown. Your brain keeps replaying the past few seconds, the softness of his lips around your fingers, the wet of his tongue against them, the way his eyelashes had fanned out against his cheek as he’d glanced down at the food in your hand. You are Very Much Not Okay.
Hoseok is still happily chewing his kimbap, swallowing it down and taking a sip of water before he seems to notice that you’ve gone eerily silent. “Y/n?” He blinks at you. “Are you okay?”
“Uh, yeah,” you say. “Um. I just remembered that I. Have a thing? I have to? Go do? You can eat the rest, seeyoulaterBYE.”
You can’t let this crush rear its head like this again and make your friendship awkward. The two of you have shared the same bed more times than you can count, for God’s sake, and you’ve even discussed rooming together- the rent in LA isn’t exactly cheap, and if you pooled your resources you could get a pretty nice place- and that had all been okay! That hadn’t made you feel strange at all! But Hoseok eats food from your hand like he has a thousand times and you’re spiralling out of control like this? Why is this happening now?
Ugh. Ughughughugh. Stupid.
Namjoon finds you hidden away in the Unsolved studio later, where you’ve absconded with your tablet to try your best to get some work done with your limited resources, hidden away from everyone; it’s weird being in here when you’re not filming, without Hoseok in the seat next to you, so you’re not really doing a great job. (You’ve spent more time blankly watching Queer Eye on Netflix than you have being productive.)
“Hey, Y/n.” Namjoon’s gentle voice is like a balm to your soul. Hoseok might be your best friend now, but Namjoon was your friend first and the two of you are still close, both in and out of work. He’d made you feel comfortable and welcome when you’d first joined the team and continues to support all your projects. He’s a really great friend and colleague and an even better person.
You smile at him as he shuts the door. You can tell he’s trying to do it quietly but ends up accidentally slamming it loudly, and you stifle a laugh as you notice the guilt that appears on his face.
“Joonie! Come on in.” You beckon at the seat next to you, scooting away a little so he plenty of room to sit. “Everything alright?”
“Yeah, I’m fine, I just wanted to talk to you about some editing stuff but Hobi said you’d disappeared somewhere for a, um, ‘thing’.” Namjoon doesn’t comment on the fact that you still clearly have Queer Eye open on your tablet, Jonathan’s face a blur on the screen from where you’ve paused it during a transitional shot. Instead he sits carefully down next to you and leans back in the chair, adjusting his glasses; he looks particularly cozy today, with his glasses and jumper and cardigan. He pulls off the Hot Academic look really well. “Any particular reason why you’ve squirreled yourself away here?”
You muffle a sigh, looking down at the notebook you have next to your tablet; what little handwriting is on the page is especially messy and disjointed, reflecting your distracted mind. Namjoon has a naturally reassuring presence anyway but his outfit today seems to accentuate that even further, like you could bury your head into the fuzziness of his jumper and find inner peace.
“Oh, okay, I suppose this is happening,” he says.
Yep, the jumper is just as soft as you’d thought, and it smells nice and soft too. Namjoon doesn’t seem bothered that you’ve smooshed your face into his shoulder and instead he angles himself so you’re both more comfortable, and he starts to pat your back soothingly. It’s nice, of course, but you can’t help but compare his touch to Hoseok’s- Namjoon is more methodical and measured, like he’s thinking about each motion, while Hoseok just seems smoother and more natural because he’s always touching you, second nature by now. 
“Do you want to talk about it?”
“Ughughughughguhguh,” you say articulately into the weave of Namjoon’s clothing. He chuckles warmly.
“Long day?”
Good old Namjoon. A gentle question, open ended, offering you the opportunity to deflect, or tell him the truth. You turn your head to avoid getting jumper lint in your mouth, but stay leaned against him.
“Kind of,” you say. “It’s just…” You struggle to put it into words, but Namjoon just waits patiently while he continues to pat your back. “It’s Hobi?”
Namjoon’s hand goes still, though you’re not sure if it’s because of your words themselves or the tone of them, the way you pitched it up at the end like a question, like you weren’t too sure yourself. “Did he do something?”
“No! No. Yes? No,” you settle on. “No, no he didn’t. It’s not him, it’s me,” you say. “Ugh.”
You end up pulling away from Namjoon to scrub tiredly at your face, not noticing his expression, which he quickly reschools when you look back at him. “We were just doing our usual thing, you know,” you say, and Namjoon nods as he listens, even though your description is incredibly vague and could mean any number of things. “But then he said he loved me and like- we’re best friends, we say we love each other a lot, it’s not unusual or anything, but… I guess it got to me this time? Like it felt like something more than just friendship? He didn’t mean it like that, of course, but I guess it’s hard to, uh, shake that feeling now that it’s gotten into my head.”
“Does it make you uncomfortable?” Although Namjoon seems a little perplexed he’s still clearly concerned, and your eyes widen.
“What? No, no, it’s fine! I don’t mind it. It’s more that-” You pause. You’ve never actually voiced your less-than-platonic feelings for Hoseok out loud, though you’re certain it must have been obvious to start with- even though no one had ever mentioned it or teased you about it, so maybe they hadn't noticed. 
Either way, it sort of feels like once you put the words out into the world then the truth will linger and be unavoidable in a way that you’ve been desperately avoiding so far. But it’s just you, and Namjoon, and you would trust Namjoon with your life, even if you wouldn’t trust him to hold anything fragile or delicate. “It’s not the idea of Hoseok loving me like that that makes me uncomfortable. I just don’t want things to be weird?” Namjoon continues to look levelly at you, waiting patiently for you to get to the point, and you take in a deep breath. “IhaveacrushonHobi,” you rush out. “And I don’t want to ruin the friendship by reading into things too much because I’m being overly hopeful or something.”
Namjoon pauses. He looks thoughtful as he fixes his gaze on you through his glasses. “Y/n.” He sounds solemn, like he’s discussing something of deep importance, like your tiny breakdown over your best friend requires the same level of gravity as the rapid disappearance of bees, or climate change- like it’s something world changing and heavy and important. He’s not doing what you’ve done over the years, as in, desperately tried to minimise your feelings just so you can stay sane. “You sound unhappy about it.”
“I am unhappy about it,” you say, unhappy. “Hobi is my best friend and I do love him a lot, and I’m happy being friends, and I reallyreallyreally don’t want to make things weird. I should be used to this by now, it’s not like what he and I do is anything I’m not used to.”
“Things change when romantic feelings develop,” Namjoon says, ever patient, and you let out a pained little groan.
“It’s not- these feelings aren’t new, Namjoon.” You sigh, and for the first time since you started this conversation, Namjoon looks surprised. Guess your crush on Hoseok hadn’t been obvious in the beginning, then. “I don’t know if I ever told you that I met Hoseok before I even got a job here, technically?”
You’d come out of your BigHit interview feeling unsure. Off balance. You hadn’t known if you’d come across as desperate and too eager to please, rather than a go-getter team player, but all you’d been able to think about was how getting a job at BigHit would mean that you could finally save up enough to move out of the awful shared room you were in with the mould in the corner that kept coming back no matter how many times you cleaned it. The interview had gone on longer than you thought and you barely had time to get to Starbucks before your shift started- if you got a job at BigHit you could finally quit that place- and you’d hurried to leave the building only to discover that it was raining.
“Oh,” you’d said. 
You’d stood in the reception area, staring out of the glass windows at the torrential downpour outside; it had been sunny earlier that day, no indication that the heavens were going to open, and you hadn’t brought a coat or umbrella with you. Your one nice interview outfit was going to get drenched, and it was going to stay wet in your locker at Starbucks while you were working, and basically the entire month had been just terrible and after a potentially wasted interview you just kind of wanted to cry.
Before the tears could start to pool in your eyes, however, Hoseok had appeared. Not that you’d known him or his name at the time, of course, but he’d swept into the building like some burst of sunlight that had cut through the clouds despite the rain, shaking an umbrella off before laughing at Yoongi’s disgruntled face at the scattering water. You’d been stunned by the sudden flare of energy in the room and were still standing there when Hoseok’s eyes fell on you, on your stance, the way you were staring at the grey skies outside and the obvious lack of an umbrella in your hands.
And he’d just- he’d just walked up to you like you were friends, like he knew you, and he’d proffered the still damp umbrella, like it was nothing.
“It’s raining pretty heavily out there,” he’d said, and he’d been smiling, and you’d looked at him in shock, and he’d laughed. “You’ll need this.”
“I- what?”
“You clearly need this more than me,” Hoseok had said, bright smile fading into something a little more gentle, and you’d accepted the umbrella with unsteady hands, unable to say no to this sunshine of a man. “Feel free to give it back whenever.”
“I- I don’t work here,” you’d admitted, shamefaced. “I’m just here for an interview.”
“So you can give it back to me once you get the job.” Hoseok had said it like it was a done deal, like there weren’t other people vying for the position you’d applied for, people who were probably infinitely more qualified and better in interviews. “Okay?”
For the first time that month, you’d felt like someone believed in you- because you certainly didn’t believe in yourself. But Hoseok had been smiling at you, with his heart shaped mouth and his bright eyes, and you’d felt like a flower basking in his rays, turning towards him as your petals unfurled in his light, and you’d said- “Sure. Yes. I will.”
Here, now, in the present, you look down at your hands as you finish telling this story. “I just put the umbrella on his desk when he wasn’t around, after I got the job,” you tell Namjoon. “I didn’t talk to Hobi for ages because I didn’t- I didn’t have the strength to look him in the face without, you know. Without making it obvious that I had a raging schoolgirl crush on him. And he never said anything about it- I don't think he even remembered me at all, he'd just given some person his umbrella because they needed it, you know? And then we became friends and my crush died down and everything was okay, but- I guess the crush never really went away after all. Ugh,” you say. “This sucks, Joon. It sucks.”
The way Namjoon looks at you is compassionate and soft. “I know,” he says. “It’s understandable that you’re worried about this, because your friendship with Hoseok is important to you. But I don’t think you have anything to be concerned about, really.”
“You’re just saying that,” you mumble, and Namjoon chuckles.
“No, I’m not,” he says, gently. “I think you need to be more confident in what you and Hoseok have. Even if you admitted your feelings and he didn’t feel the same, you know he loves you too much to throw your friendship away, and it’s strong enough that it can survive whatever’s thrown at it. But, if you’ll forgive me for speaking out of turn, I would wager you’re not the only one with romantic feelings, Y/n.”
“You’re very sweet, Joonie, but I really don’t think that’s the case.” You let out a little self-pitying sigh. “Hobi’s just so lovely to everyone, it probably seems like that because we’re best friends.”
One of Namjoon’s eyebrows rises. “Is that what you really think?”
“Yes,” you say, a little miserable, looking down as you pick at a loose thread in one of your sleeves. “People mistake us as a couple a lot because we’re so close, you know? But Hoseok doesn’t see me like that.”
“Mm.” Namjoon makes a little noise of understanding, giving you a considering look as you continue to unravel your sleeve. “I see.”
He eventually coaxes you out of the studio, and when he discovers that you never finished your lunch he brings you to the café around the corner that all the BigHit employees love; you pick up an iced coffee for Hoseok, just the way he likes it. You feel better after talking to Namjoon and by the time you leave the café you feel pretty much back to normal. Mostly relaxed. You don’t feel weird when Hoseok lights up when he sees you, because he always does, because you’re his best friend, and this is normal. You can be normal.
“Again? It was my turn to get you coffee,” Hoseok says with a pout and you laugh.
“Don’t worry about it.” When you hand Hoseok his drink and your fingers brush, it’s okay. It’s okay. Your friendship with Hoseok is more important than your other feelings for him, and you’ll just focus on that. You’re not sure that’s what Namjoon was trying to communicate to you, with all his listening and gentle words, but you can bottle up these emotions and keep them on lockdown until the weird feeling passes. It’ll work. You’ll be fine.
A few hours later, you realise that you’re not fine.
“Joonie!” You pounce on Namjoon when you find him alone in the break room, filling a glass at the tap. He jumps and sends water sloshing over his hands when he drops his cup, though it fortunately doesn’t break when it clatters into the sink. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to surprise you.”
“I’m not going to point out that you snuck up on me from behind without making any noise, but, that’s okay,” Namjoon says, ever tolerant. He very carefully puts the glass upright in the middle of the sink before he turns around. “What’s up?”
“I, um, am maybe panicking a little bit,” you admit in a hushed voice, even though there’s no one else in the tiny kitchen with you. “So you know Unsolved has a bigger budget now that we’re more popular? And I’ve been pushing for us to go abroad somewhere on said bigger budget? And they said we could schedule some episodes for Britain because basically every other building in Britain is haunted?”
“Yes, I am aware,” Namjoon says. “I did help you to draft the emails that you sent management.”
“You did, and I’m still eternally grateful,” you say, truthfully. “But I’ve been so caught up in the 70th episode retrospective and my much more recent, uh, Hoseok related stuff, that I totally forgot how soon it was coming up and we fly to London next week?”
Namjoon blinks at you. “You have plenty of time to pack before next week, why are you panicking?”
You muffle a scream into your hands while Namjoon looks on with concern. 
“It’s not packing I’m worried about, Joon,” you say once you’ve pulled your face out of your palms. “It’s just that when we’re abroad I’m not going to be able to get away from Hoseok and I’m worried that I’m going to erupt like a volcano and spew all my emotions over him and then I’m going to have to change my name and drop off the grid forever when he inevitably rejects me, and I was always terrible at camping. I could never get the fire to light.”
Namjoon, for all that his patience seems endless and eternal, gives you a look that borders on weary. Like he’s the father to a child who keeps eating glue even after being told that there’s no nutritional value in it and they should be using it for macaroni art anyway, and also why are they eating the glue when it’d make more sense to eat the pasta that’s right there, even if it’s uncooked? 
“First of all, you can be off the grid and still have access to ways of heating that don’t require fire,” he says. “And second of all, why are you panicking so much about London?”
“Because Hobi always gets super clingy when we fly anywhere.” You shuffle from foot to foot, feeling awkward. “And that’s when we’re still in the US. I feel like if we’re in a different country it’ll be compounded? Even if I don’t say anything out loud, I feel like my feelings will be obvious just in the way I act?”
Namjoon pauses before he grips your shoulders. His palms feel so big and warm, a steadying presence. “Would that be so terrible? Think about it, Y/n. If that was the case, then it gives Hobi the opportunity to speak out if he notices. If your friendship is entirely platonic to him, then he won’t notice, right? You’ll be okay.”
You open your mouth to take in a breath and respond, but before you can say anything Seokjin comes sauntering into the cramped break area, entirely indifferent to the weird atmosphere he’s walked into. His eyebrows raise as he spots how you and Namjoon are standing. “Ooh, are we gossiping? Is there tea to be spilled? You both look very serious, let me in on it.”
“I was just asking Namjoon if there was any advice he could give me about travelling to Britain,” you lie.
“She didn’t realise that over there lemonade is like soda.” Namjoon lets his hands drop from your shoulders as he plays along with ruse, and your face twists up in confusion.
“It’s what?” You look at him for a second before realising that Jin is staring at you, and you pretend to laugh. “Ohh, yeah, haha! Yeah, that’s crazy, haha. Um, I should get back to my desk for my notebook, I should write this down before I forget,” you say, before scuttling out of the break room.
Once you’ve disappeared, Seokjin gives Namjoon a long look. “I can’t believe you haven’t broken yet,” he says. “I still personally think we should just lock them both in a room together until one of them confesses, but apparently that’s ‘inappropriate workplace behaviour’.” The air quotes he makes are exaggerated and theatrical, as if the entire thing is a farce.
“It is and I’m not going to take that statement back,” Namjoon responds. Seokjin rolls his eyes dramatically but Namjoon ignores him. “It’s better if they come around to it by themselves. I believe in them. Besides, weren’t you the one who intervened when it looked like Hoseok was going to kiss her? I had to edit that footage, I saw how you pushed all those decorations off the table.”
Jin raises his eyebrows. “Can you imagine the chaos if he’d done that without either of them confessing properly first? They’d both pretend like it never happened. I was doing them a favour.” He casts a sideways look at Namjoon, who nods in reluctant agreement. “You know the rest of the office has a pool on how soon one of those idiots actually confesses? Do you want in on it? If either one of us gets it, we can split it 50/50.”
“That’s also grossly inappropriate,” Namjoon says, before he pauses. “Hm. How much is in the pool?”
Turns out you didn’t need to worry so much.
“Oh my God, look at that!” Hoseok has his face pressed up against the glass of the pod, the London Eye giving you the opportunity to look down at the metropolis of the city sprawling out below you; Hoseok’s pointing at a weirdly shaped skyscraper, panels of glass refracting off alternate shades of blue. “That’s so cool!”
“I think it’s called The Gherkin,” you say and he makes a noise of delight. Beside you, Jimin and Taehyung take a selfie with the panorama of London behind them, and you smile.
It’s true that Hoseok has been clingier than usual. The thing is, though, you’ve been clingier too; you’ve had time between filming to do some sightseeing, and neither of you have been to London before, so everything is exciting and fun and new, and you’ve been holding onto each other throughout the journey, familiarity in an unfamiliar place. You’re too busy taking in the sights and travelling from place to place, you and Hoseok and Jimin and Taehyung cramming close together each time you take the Tube somewhere, or asking people to take photos of you, and you’re having too much fun to worry about anything else.
You even get recognised a few times, which is exciting. You know Unsolved is popular but there’s something gratifying about people an ocean away knowing who you are and enjoying your work- you look on fondly as Hoseok makes your fans laugh, putting the nervous ones at ease, before shuffling together so they can take photos with you. It’s lovely, really, and you’re so glad that you and Hoseok get to experience this together. There’s no one else you’d rather be with.
You’d had a brief moment of panic after filming the first episode, Hoseok sliding into your bed as per usual, but you’d both been so tired and jetlagged that you’d basically fallen asleep the second he’d finished wrapping his arms around you, so it had been okay. You weren’t as jetlagged for the second episode, of course, but there was something soothing about having Hoseok curled around you as he slept; despite how your heart probably should have been racing, it had just gone quiet instead, slipping into a gentle beating rhythm as you’d drifted into sleep.
So on the whole it’s been all been going a lot better than you’d thought. It feels natural to let your head fall onto Hoseok’s shoulder as you both stare out of the train window, watching the fields and villages slip by as you race out of London to your final filming location, only a few days away from jetting home again.
“We should come back,” Hoseok says suddenly, his voice low enough that Jimin and Taehyung aren’t distracted from the card game they’re playing together across the aisle from you.
“For more episodes? We’ll probably have to wait till the next quarter so there’s money in the budget.” You turn away from the view outside to look up at him, chin resting on his shoulder. “We can start looking up other haunted locations when we get home, if you want.”
Hoseok smiles. “I meant we should come back just for a regular holiday,” he says. “So we don’t have to worry about rushing from place to place. I know you’re disappointed we didn’t have time to see the Royal Botanic Gardens. I know how much you love flowers.”
Oh. You keep looking up at Hoseok, the way you have such a perfect view of the round apples of his cheeks, the swoop of his nose, the sharp cut of his jaw- you think about walking hand in hand with him past bursting blooms, through delicate arching greenhouses, surrounded by colour and beauty, and you know you’d still think he was the most beautiful flower there. 
“I’d like that,” you say quietly. You’re almost drowned out by how loudly Taehyung yells snap! and the subsequent groan Jimin lets out, but you know Hoseok hears you by the way his mouth lifts into a smile. “Is there anything you wanted to see next time?”
Hoseok shrugs, but only with one shoulder, doing a little jiggle with the one you’re not resting your chin on, which makes you smile. “Nothing specific,” he says. “I’m happy as long as I get to see it with you.”
Your eyes flutter shut as he says this, words settling deep in your chest, and you turn your head so that your cheek is resting on his shoulder again, shirt soft against your skin. “Love you, Hobi.”
Hoseok doesn’t respond straight away, but then he turns his head and kisses the crown of your head lightly. “Love you too.”
You arrive in Colchester in the late afternoon, and you don’t film until tomorrow, so after you’ve finished unpacking your stuff at your apparently haunted bed and breakfast, you make the group decision to just chill out for the evening and grab a couple of drinks. There’s a pub near your B&B so you and the boys pile into it, claiming a table in the corner so that you’re not in the way of the regulars, although every so often one of you has to venture up to the bar to order your drinks, trying to follow whatever sort of queuing system seems to be going on. (After the lemonade thing you had actually ended up actually asking Namjoon about Britain and the etiquette over here, and he was very insistent on following queues.)
By the time it’s your turn to grab the drinks it seems like it’s starting to get busy, so it’s taking some time for the bartender to get to you, but that’s okay- you lean against the bar and scroll through your phone, taking the opportunity to double check your schedule for tomorrow, when you feel someone tap your arm and you glance up.
“Hi,” the man says. He’s been waiting nearby, lounging against the bar, similar to you. “Are you waiting for a drink? You can go first, if you’d like.”
“Oh, no, no!” You shake your head and laugh a little. “You were here before me, that’s okay.”
When he hears your accent his eyes light up. “Oh, are you a tourist? I thought I hadn’t seen you around, because I definitely would have remembered you. How long are you over here for?”
“Uh, just a couple of nights.” You smile at him. “I’m guessing you’re a local?”
“Yeah.” He smiles back at you. “I could show you around, if you’d like.”
You startle at the sudden sensation of hands sliding around your waist, but it only takes you a second to recognise the touch and you relax against Hoseok, your back pressed against his chest as you turn away from the man to glance up at your friend. “Hi, baby,” he says. “Did you make a friend?”
“We’ve only just started talking, actually,” you say, turning back to the guy you have yet to introduce yourself properly to. “Sorry, I never caught your name?”
“That’s okay. I think my friends are calling me,” he says, and he pushes himself off the bar before brushing himself down and then walking away, giving both of you a polite little nod as he passes.
“He never even ordered his drinks.” You blink with confusion and then shrug. “Oh well, means we’ll get ours sooner. You can go sit back down, Hobi, I’ll be back soon.”
“I’m already here, I may as well stay with you,” he says, tightening his grip around your waist, and you don’t argue. He keeps hold of you as you wait and then helps you carry your drinks to the table before he pulls you onto his lap, keeping you in place with one hand splayed over your stomach while he uses the other to lift his glass to his mouth.
“Fuck chairs, right?” Jimin says. Taehyung elbows him.
“Don’t be jealous because I have the best seat in the house,” you say, before sticking your tongue out at Jimin. 
He gives you a mock affronted gasp and clutches his chest and you laugh before settling back against Hoseok, comfortable on your familiar perch atop his thighs. Hoseok might be the world’s biggest lightweight and easily gets tipsy over a single sip of alcohol- but despite this, his hold on you is firm and steady, even when he’s laughing over your shoulder, keeping you safe in his lap. He keeps stealing sips of your drink, dipping his head forwards to capture your straw whenever you’re not paying attention, but you don’t mind. What’s yours is Hoseok’s. (You’ve been taking sips of his beer, too, even if you make a face at the bitterness each time.)
By the time you shuffle back to your B&B, you’re all pleasantly drunk and keep giggling at each other about dumb and inconsequential things, although you’re careful to keep your voices down so that you don’t disturb anyone, trying to keep your footsteps light as you walk up the stairs. Jimin and Taehyung’s room is a little further up the corridor than yours and you clap your hand over your mouth to stifle your laughter when you see Taehyung trying to open the wrong door before Jimin redirects him.
You might not be too much better, but at least you remember which room is yours- you unlock the door on your first try, although it’s a little hard to step inside with how Hoseok is wrapped around your back, trying to time his steps with yours but failing a little with how tipsy he is. You keep laughing whenever he moves his feet forwards at the wrong time, a messy tangle of limbs that keep bumping together as you kick your shoes off, and you end up collapsing onto one of the beds with Hoseok still clinging onto you. He tips over backwards while your back is still pressed to his chest and you let out a little squeal at the sudden falling sensation, but he cushions your fall without complaint and still doesn’t let go, even when you accidentally elbow him in the sternum.
“We should wash up and get in our pyjamas,” you say, but you’re already wriggling into a more comfortable position, turning over so you can look at his face instead of staring up at the ceiling. Hoseok’s head has sunken into one of the fluffy hotel-style pillows, his hair a messy halo around his head, face flushed red from the alcohol. You smile down at him. “Hi.”
“Hi,” he says. “I don’t want to move right now.”
“You’re so drunk,” you giggle, but you rest your head on his chest and let your body relax, muscles unwinding as you let out a long, happy sigh. “We can move later, then.”
Even though you’d genuinely meant to get up and do your nightly ritual, you’re so comfortable snuggled with Hoseok in the soft bed that you drift off. For once, you fall asleep before him, eyes fluttering shut as your breaths deepen with sleep; Hoseok keeps stroking a hand down your back, brushing tenderly down the line of your spine with his long fingers in a way he’s done a thousand times. He’s still grateful for the opportunity every time, though- that he gets to see you like this, that he can touch you like this, that you’ve allowed him so deeply into your life and made a home in his, too.
“Goodnight, baby,” Hoseok says, voice barely audible in the quiet of the room. You’re so deeply asleep that you don’t stir, but he’s still careful and gentle when he touches his lips to your forehead with the lightest of pressures, tender. “Sleep well.”
When you wake up the next morning, it takes you a long time to come fully to your senses. You feel warm and heavy, surrounded by the smell of fresh sheets and Hoseok, and you don’t want to wake up just yet; you’re in that soft place between waking and sleeping, drifting in wakeful limbo as you slowly start to regain a sense of who you are and where you are. 
Your brain flickers on, starting to pull itself together as the sensation of being a singular warm mass starts to dissolve, drawing up a mental map of how your body is slotted against Hoseok’s, where your limbs start and his end. That’s your head against his chest, listening to the steady beat of his heart. That’s his arm around your shoulder, keeping you close even in your sleep. That’s your hand, resting on his hip, fingers hooked in his belt. Those are your legs, tangled around his, your toes pressed to his calf, and that’s-
Your eyes fly open. You’re still wearing your clothes from the night before, thicker denim of your jeans rather than the flimsy cotton of your pyjamas, but you know exactly what’s pressed against your hip bone. You’ve slept in the same bed with Hoseok enough times that this wouldn’t be the first time you’ve woken to his morning wood, but you’ve never been this tangled up before; you normally slide out of bed and pretend you haven’t noticed anything, and by the time Hoseok wakes up it’s normally gone, or he subtly shuffles off to the bathroom to deal with it, thinking that you’re none the wiser. 
It’s natural, it’s normal, it’s nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, but right now all you can think of is the hand you have near his hip, how close it is to his arousal, how easy it would be to slip your hand past his belt and jeans and boxers to grasp that hard, heavy heat-
You stiffen. You would never, ever do that, not ever, never take advantage of Hoseok while he was sleeping, and you know it was just a flickering thought in your still sleepy brain, probably still a little drunk, too- but you feel sick. You can’t believe you would even hypothetically consider taking advantage of him like that. If you were more than friends, then, sure, you’d wake Hoseok up with a pleasuring touch- but you’re not. You’re not. 
It takes a real feat of slow, drawn out acrobatics, but you manage to extricate yourself from Hoseok’s grasp without waking him. He only wakes up to the sound of the shower rumbling through the wall, blinking as he realises that his arms are empty, even though he should be used to this by now. By the time you walk out of the ensuite, towelling off your hair, Hoseok’s got a cup of tea waiting for you by the kettle, a few scattered milk droplets nearby from the tiny, complimentary pots.
“Morning, baby.” He’s still sleepy and there’s a crease on his cheek from where he’d turned his head into the pillow, hair ruffled, shirt wrinkled after a night of sleeping in it. “Tea?”
You feel a little better after your hot shower, scrubbing all the dirty thoughts off your skin, but when Hoseok looks so soft and homely like this it’s hard not to want to just eat him whole. 
“Ooh, how British,” you say, trying to laugh- Hoseok still seems too heavy-eyed to notice how you’re a little bit off right now, thankfully. “Yes, please.”
Unfortunately, you can’t shake your lingering weirdness and feelings of guilt, and when Hoseok wakes fully, he notices. You’re not due to film at Colchester Castle until it’s night time, shooting the episode when it’s going to be dark, so you’ve organised a day trip to the town’s zoo- Colchester Zoo is huge, full of all sorts of animals and exhibits, and Hoseok’s been excited to visit it from the moment he found out about it. 
You’d even looked up the map online so that you could plan out the optimum route and ensure you didn’t miss anything, the two of you crowding around your phone screen and pointing excitedly at the names of the different exhibits, ready and raring to go.
So Hoseok is understandably a little stunned when you apparently seem to want to drag your feet and stay with Jimin and Taehyung instead. Both the boys want to just wander around the zoo willy-nilly, separating off from you and taking it slow- but after a brief, silent discussion between the two of them, eyes flicking at each other and then back to you, they agree to come with you on your planned route.
You send up a silent prayer of thanks to anyone who’s listening. You can use the chaotic duo as cushioning and put them between you and Hoseok if you need to.
You know you’re not being especially subtle right now, but every time Hoseok moves closer to you all you can think about is how his choice of outfit today is fraying your already delicate nerves, the loose fabric of his fashionable sweatpants doing nothing to protect the outline of his dick from your wandering gaze. You don’t mean to look, but you can’t help it, even if you’re fairly certain that half the time it’s just a crease in the fabric from how he’s standing and not actually his dick, but-
“I thought it’d be harder than that,” Taehyung says. “It’s so much hairier than I thought it would be.”
You freeze, eyes shooting away from Hoseok’s crotch. Luckily no one seems to be paying you any attention and instead the boys are peering into the armadillo exhibit, watching as the animal snuffles around the ground.
“They don’t call it a large hairy armadillo for nothing,” Jimin giggles. “And it’s still a baby, the armour hasn’t grown in properly yet. It’ll look harder once it’s grown up a bit.”
All the tension rushes out of your body at once. Jesus Christ. 
Hoseok notices you slumping a little, glancing up from the map when he hears the sigh of air escape your body. “Are you okay?” He seems concerned.
“Never better,” you lie unconvincingly, giving him a weak smile. “What’s next on the list?”
Hoseok seems concerned about you for the whole day, and even a little hurt when you keep slipping out of his grasp, but the truth is that you need to put some distance between the two of you right now, for the sake of your own heart and sanity. Being desperately head over heels for Hoseok is one thing and you’d just started becoming okay with that again, but this sudden wave of physical yearning (you’re too embarrassed to think of it as horniness) is out of the left field and it’s a lot harder to cover up. You hate seeing sadness on Hoseok’s face, and normally you’d be cooing over him and asking him to tell you what’s wrong- but you know what’s wrong. It’s you. 
“Do you think something happened?” Taehyung whispers quietly to Jimin, the two of them watching as you act like you’ve been distracted by the Koi fish and walk away from Hoseok as he’s just about to reach for your hand.
“I think we’re reaching critical mass.” Jimin pretends to read from the zoo map. “We’ve nearly hit the nuclear reaction and one of them is finally going to blow. It might get messy.”
“I hope not,” Taehyung says, watching the way Hoseok stares at the back of your head as you peer into the tank of glittering fish. “I’ve never been good at cleaning up.”
It’s a little easier once the evening finally rolls around and Hoseok replaces those delicious sweatpants with marginally more professional jeans, as ripped as they are. It’s also easier to slip into the natural rhythm and rapport you have when you’re being filmed- it’s not that you’re ever any faker on camera, but it’s just an unthinking response to the sight of them, your body switching from Normal mode to Work mode. Taehyung readjusts the camera rig you have looped around your body while Jimin sorts out Hoseok, night vision lens pointed towards your faces, before letting you go.
“Ready?” You ask, glancing at your co-host. Hoseok seems less enthusiastic than usual, and you internally cringe, contrition shooting through you at how you’ve managed to dampen his mood because you’ve spent the whole day being distant.
“Ready,” Hoseok says, subdued. Your face crumples and you reach out for his hand, squeezing his fingers, trying to communicate a silent apology for something he isn’t even aware of. 
“I won’t abandon you, okay?” You keep your fingers tangled with his as you speak and grip them hard. “There’s a lot of scary stuff in this castle and I promise I won’t leave your side.”
Hoseok pauses but then squeezes your hand back, and he seems to brighten, even though he’s still a little dimmed. “I know,” he says. “I know you won’t.”
Even though he says that, he spends less time clinging onto you than normal. It’s probably not noticeable to the average onlooker, and with how most of the footage is going to be cut later, you’re certain your audience won’t notice either- but while Hoseok still screams and jumps at things, he seems to separate from you as soon as the fear has passed. He doesn’t linger or keep hold of you, even when he seems visibly shaken, eyes wide as you ascend the stairs and hear what sounds like singing even though there’s no one else here- it’s probably just wind whistling through the ancient corridors and walls of the castle, but you know that Hoseok is terrified.
“Do you want to hold my hand?” You look over your shoulder and proffer your hand but Hoseok just shakes his head.
“I’m fine.” He’s clinging onto the banister, both hands white knuckled around the metal railing. “I’m fine.”
Even though you’ve been the one who’s been avoiding touching him all day, it hurts when he says that, as hypocritical as you know you’re being. You draw your hand back to your side and don’t offer again after that, although you still pat him soothingly when he instinctively grabs you later, jumping at a clattering noise in the distance. You’re not easily spooked, but Colchester Castle definitely has some weird vibes, so if you’re feeling like this, Hoseok must feel even more scared than normal.
At one point you walk through a spider web and flinch in surprise when you feel it on your face, jumping backwards and swiping at your face. Hoseok is immediately there, eyes wide as he stares at you, immediately protective despite his fear. “Are you okay? What happened?”
“Uh, it was just a spider web,” you admit, chagrined. “I overreacted, sorry.”
Hoseok nods and immediately backs off, giving you room as he turns around. You can’t help the hurt that flashes across your face as soon as he looks away.
“Critical mass,” Jimin mutters to Taehyung, who nods sagely.
The worst and weirdest moment of the night actually happens once the episode is over. Hoseok is oddly quiet as you both get ready for bed, not talking to you through the open bathroom door as he meticulously massages cream into his face like he normally does- and once he flicks the light off, plunging the room into blue tinged darkness, you’re stunned as you watch his silhouette slide into his own bed instead of into yours.
He’s never slept in his own bed after a supernatural filming. Even after your first paranormal themed episode together, when you’d still been mostly strangers. He’d been bashful and hesitant despite how obviously scared he was, asking if he could sleep in your bed, and of course you’d said yes, wanting to do anything you could to soothe him and help him feel safe. So the fact he’s not sleeping in your bed now, it’s- it’s- it’s not right. 
The only light in the room is from the tiny, faint red numbers of the digital clock, and you watch as time trickles slowly by- you stay awake for what feels like hours, laying on your side as you stare towards Hoseok’s bed. Your eyes adjust to the near darkness, room painted in low-contrast sfumato, and you can see how Hoseok is turned away from you; he’s unnaturally still and silent, and you know he hasn’t fallen asleep either, too scared and wound up to drift off.  
Outside, a vehicle rumbles past, and you can see how Hoseok stiffens at the noise of the loose fan belt, a high squeal that’s admittedly startling after the silence of the night. The shine of the headlights through the drawn curtains is muted but still more than enough to throw the room into brief, sharp relief, the tension in Hoseok’s shoulders screaming out to you- you can’t stand it anymore and you slip out from under your blankets so that you can make your way across the dark room. 
Hoseok turns when he hears you stumble over something on the floor- you think it’s a pair of socks- and makes a little noise of surprise when you throw back the corner of his duvet so you can slide in next to him.
“Y/n?” He sounds tired, but still fully awake- you were right, he’s been struggling to sleep.
“Hobi,” you say. “Why are you over here, all alone like this?”
You can barely make out the details of his features, as curved towards each other as you are; you can see the faint darkness where his hollows of his eyes are, his pretty mouth nothing more than an undefined line in the muted room. 
“I- I didn’t want to disturb you.” His voice is a quiet, unhappy murmur, and you feel your heart break at the dejection in his tone.
“Oh, Hoseok.” You cup his face in your hands, running your thumbs back and forth over his cheeks; you can feel the tension in his face, how he must be frowning. You might not be able to see everything all too well, but you’re more than familiar enough with Hoseok’s face to know where the furrow between his brows is, and press a little kiss to it. “My Hobi,” you say, and start to litter kisses over his forehead, his cheeks, his eyelids, the tip of his nose. “My baby. My darling.”
You keep touching your lips to his skin, wanting his unhappiness and fear to fade away, whispering pet names between each kiss. You tilt your lips against his chin, and Hoseok makes a little noise before his hands come up to grasp your wrists, pulling them away from where they’re still cupping his jaw. You go still, eyes widening, even if he can’t see it. “Hoseok?”
“Did I- did I do something wrong?” He sounds unsure. “You were avoiding me all day- I thought you didn’t want- I thought you wanted me to leave you alone,” he says, and you can hear guilt in his voice. “I thought I’d scared you off somehow.”
You make a little, unhappy noise. “No, baby, no,” you say. You shake your head, faces still so close from your kisses that your noses brush, but you don’t pull away- you need him to know that it’s not his fault. “I’m sorry. It wasn’t that at all.”
“Then what was it?” His grip slips away from around your wrists to slide his fingers between yours instead, holding your hands. “Tell me.”
You go still. His tone is so imploring: he wants to know what’s wrong, so he can fix it, make it better. “Hoseok.” Your voice is quiet. “You’re my best friend, Hoseok.”
“And you’re mine,” he says, squeezing your hands. Your heart feels small and feeble in your chest, a weak little thing that swells up at Hoseok’s words, but immediately shrinks again in fear. “You can tell me anything.”
“You’re my best friend, Hoseok,” you repeat. Hoseok goes silent. “You’re my best friend, and I-” You take a deep breath, trying to fill your lungs, get some oxygen flowing through your terrified heart, taking bellows to a dying ember, trying to grow it into a flame. “Honestly, I’m just selfish, Hoseok,” you say. “I’m just- being your best friend is already everything to me- but I’m so selfish-”
“Y/n.” Hoseok’s voice is a hush.
“I’m in love with you, Hoseok.” 
There. You said it. 
You can feel how Hoseok stiffens, how his fingers go utterly still in yours as you continue to speak.
“I’m in love with you, and I was just so scared you’d realise how head over heels I’ve always been for you and you’d end our friendship because everything I feel is just so much, and I just needed space today, I needed space to try and get my head straight and not scare you away by making things weird, and I’m sorry I hurt you, I didn’t mean to, I never want to hurt you, Hoseok. I’m sorry. I love you. Please don’t hate me.”
You take in a deep shuddering breath once all the words have spilled out of you, so much air. It’s out in the world, now, and you can’t take it back. 
As the seconds tick by, the initial heady rush of terror starts to fade and is instead replaced with resignation, unsurprised at how Hoseok is still frozen against you. He’s deathly silent. He’s probably mentally drafting the nicest way to gently let you down, always so kind and lovely, so wonderful, your Hoseok. 
A twinge shoots through your heart as you mentally correct yourself- he’s not yours, and he doesn’t want to be. You should have just kept your mouth shut.
“I’m sorry,” you say again. Your voice is a miserable whisper. “You’re just so easy to love.”
You try to pull your hands out of his so you can slink back to your bed and wallow in your misery, but Hoseok just tightens his grip. You tug again, a little more insistent, and this time he lets go- but before you can roll out of his bed he’s grabbing your face, long, beautiful fingers splaying over your cheeks and jaw, locking you in place as he presses his forehead against yours.
“Y/n.” His voice is uncharacteristically serious, low. “I’m going to kiss you.”
Your eyes widen. “You’re-”
You’re cut off when Hoseok presses his mouth to yours. He’s kissed you before, on your forehead, your cheeks, the bare skin of your shoulder when you wear the sundress he likes so much- but you’ve never felt his heart shaped lips against yours, never felt them soft and warm as they catch your own, and it’s so much. He keeps drawing his mouth across yours, catching your lips between his own, tongue pressing out to swipe across them, and you shiver as the kiss slowly turns slick and wet, even as it stays so tender.
His hands wrap around your waist and he rolls over you, pinning you down with his weight as you keep kissing and kissing and kissing. Your hands are in his hair while his cup your face, holding you like you’re something delicate and precious, palms warm against your skin. You don’t separate to breathe, keeping your lips locked as the kisses turn open-mouthed, Hoseok’s tongue gliding against yours, the lingering taste of your shared toothpaste mingling with his saliva- you shiver underneath him when he nips at your lower lip before soothing it with his tongue, and you crane your head forward to press further into his mouth, kisses slow and deep, and by the time you finally separate, you feel dizzy and breathless.
“Hobi,” you breathe out. “Hobi, turn the light on, I want to see you.”
Hoseok leans over you to flick on the bedside lamp, illuminating you both with its bright light- you can see how kiss swollen his gorgeous mouth is, how the sheen of your saliva on his flushed lips glows gold from the lamplight, how his hair is a mess from how you’ve been running your hands through it. He looks like your best friend, and also nothing like that at all, something familiar and unfamiliar all at once. Hoseok, forever changed by the touch of your lips.
“My baby.” He’s smiling at you, all warmth and fondness, and you squirm underneath him, embarrassed by the weight of his affection for you. “Y/n. I love you too.”
You probably shouldn’t be surprised, considering how Hoseok has just kissed you breathless, but you still feel your heart stutter in your chest. You’re staring up at him with your wide eyes as he bends forward again- he mimics what you did earlier, trailing kisses over your forehead and cheekbones and nose before he kisses one corner of your mouth, then the other, then your cupid’s bow, then just under the swell of your bottom lip. “I love you, love you, love you,” he says, punctuating each kiss with the repeated confession, as if each time he says it it’s not punching the air out of your lungs.
“Yes?” He’s still smiling, those warm little creases under his eyes as he looks at you, every inch of him just screaming out happiness. You did that. He’s happy because of you. 
“Do you- do you remember when we first met? Years ago?” You don’t want to break the moment, but he’s never mentioned the umbrella thing and you’ve never asked before and you have a burning desire to know if he can recall-
“Do you mean the first time we actually met, or the first time you officially introduced yourself to me? I remember both,” Hoseok says. “I always knew you’d get the job. Besides, if you hadn’t, you would have had to keep the umbrella,” he adds, smile edging into something a little cheeky. “And then there would have been a pretty girl out there thinking about me every time it rained.”
Your eyes widen before you hide your face in your hands, overwhelmed at the idea that Hoseok had thought that you were pretty before he’d even known you; he coos at you and pulls your hands away to reveal your flustered expression, trapping them against the pillow so you can't hide your face again. Hoseok’s smile has faded into something a little more serious, but no less loving, and although you feel open and naked and vulnerable right now, it’s not because you think he’s judging you. 
“You never said anything, so I thought you’d forgotten,” you admit. “But from the second you smiled at me as you handed me that umbrella, I knew I was a goner. I’ve been in love with you for a long time, Hoseok.”
It’s not often that you see Hoseok look like this, his eyes so serious and deep, but his entire face is still so soft, smiling. “Me, too,” he confesses. “Me too. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to risk our friendship and I love you too much to want to give that up.”
The smile that splits your face is so wide it almost hurts. “I love you,” you say again, for the sheer novelty of hearing it out loud, seeing how Hoseok lights up- the fact you can say it without fear of his reaction, because he loves you, too. He loves you. He’s in love with you. “I love you, Hoseok, I-”
He cuts you off with a kiss, swallowing your words of love into his curved mouth, the two of you smiling and laughing as your lips come together again and again- but when he presses his tongue to your lower lip and you part them, he licks into your mouth in a way that’s almost lewd, warm and wet, and you shiver as you think about exactly how long that tongue is.
Hoseok still has his hands around your wrists from before, and you feel how his grip tightens imperceptibly when he feels you tremble underneath him. Your cheeks feel warm when he pulls back and you wonder if your blush is visible, but Hoseok seems intent on other things, dipping his head forward to catch your earlobe between his teeth for a sharp moment, nipping it before licking it with his hot, wet tongue. Your entire body shudders as he starts to kiss down the side of your jaw, and you tilt your head to give him better access, gasping when he draws his tongue over the oversensitive skin of your neck; you can feel how he smiles against your skin before kissing your throat.
“Hobi,” you breathe, and then gasp when he draws the flat of his tongue over the hollow of your neck. Each teasing touch of his tongue and lips is trickling straight to your core, your panties growing wetter and wetter with your arousal. “Hobi, oh.”
“I’m going to worship you the way you deserve to be worshipped, princess,” he murmurs, lips moving against your collarbones as he speaks. “I’ve been waiting to do this for so long." He keeps kissing you between his words, punctuating them with sweeps of his tongue over your skin, and it's so much. "Hold still for me, baby, there you go.”
Hoseok releases your wrists and you flex your fingers but stay in that position, your hands palm up as they rest either side of your head. Hoseok leans back to stare at you underneath him, laid out for his gaze; you’re in an old t-shirt and faded pyjama bottoms, face bare, hair a haphazard mess where it rests against the pillow, but he looks at you like you’re the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. Like you’re draped in diamonds and gold and silks. He looks at you with reverence and love, like he wants to cherish you- but there’s also something deeper in those half-lidded eyes of his, like he wants to swallow you whole.
“You’re so beautiful,” he breathes. You bite your lip, swallowing down a needy noise at the tone of his voice, hands clenching into fists where they rest beside your head.
“Hobi, please,” you say. “I need you.”
“You have me.” He takes one of his hands and slowly pushes the material of your shirt up, dragging his palm over your skin as he reveals the softness of your stomach. He lets the material bunch just under your breasts, ignoring how your nipples have hardened and stand out through the thin cotton of your old tee, running his fingers over your sides; you buck a little underneath him, sucking in a breath at how his touch is almost ticklish. “So sensitive.”
“You haven’t even touched me properly yet,” you say, a little snarky despite your breathlessness, but then you’re cut off when Hobi’s hands slide under the t-shirt to cup your breasts, palms and fingers cool against your overheated skin. Your pussy clenches when he flicks his thumbs over each of your hardened buds, running the pads of his fingertips over them, and you arch into his touch.
“So sensitive,” he says again, a little smile behind his words as he watches how your chest rises and falls under his hands, sucking in air when he pinches your nipples between his fingers. “Do you like that, baby?”
“Like it when you touch me,” you sigh. Hoseok smiles, flashing his teeth at you before leaning forward to kiss you again. He coaxes you to lift up a little so he can pull off your shirt, smoothing your hair when it gets ruffled by the motion, but before you can smile up at him for his tenderness, he lowers the heat of his mouth over one of your nipples and you gasp.
One of your hands flies up to grasp his hair when he circles the bud with his tongue, and you let out a low moan as he continues to lave attention on it, flattening his tongue and dragging it over the sensitive flesh. He alternates between your breasts, using his hands and fingers on whichever he’s not suckling between his lips; goosebumps erupt over your skin, and you keep biting back whines and gasps each time he does something particularly wicked with his mouth. 
You feel so, so wet, arousal pooling between your legs, and you need him to touch you there. But he's slow, taking his time until your chest is heaving and your skin is flushed and your nipples are slick from the wetness of his mouth, his fingers just the right side of rough whenever he pinches the hardened peaks, and you mewl beneath him.
You’re just about to beg Hoseok to give you more when he finally lifts his mouth from your nipple, and you go tense as he starts to trail his lips down the valley of your breasts, across the sensitive skin of your stomach, hands roaming over the rest of you; he slides down the bed until he’s resting between your legs, and all you can think about is how close his mouth is to where you want it to be. 
You’re so wet that you’ve soaked right through your panties, a touch of dampness clinging to the flimsy material of your pyjama bottoms too, and you shiver at the way Hoseok seems to drink down the sight before he hooks his fingers into the loose elastic waistband, and starts to inch them down. He’s moving torturously slowly, kissing your bare legs as he reveals your skin, touching his lips to your thighs, your calves, your ankles. 
He does the same again with your panties, even more slowly; palms sliding up the side of your legs so he can curl his fingers around the fabric of your underwear and peel it off you. You shiver when your pussy is finally revealed, your inner thighs slick with your arousal and cooling from the touch of the air- Hoseok continues to suck and kiss trails across your legs even as he stares at your naked, weeping core, his gaze heavy as he drinks down the sight.
“You’re so beautiful,” he says, running his fingers over your bare skin as you tremble beneath him. “So gorgeous and perfect. Look at you, all laid out, just for me. I love you.”
“Hoseok,” you whimper. He’s still entirely clothed while you’re naked and bare, and you feel utterly debauched in comparison to him, the sheen of his saliva still shining over your body, nipples hard, your pussy lips flushed from arousal, every part of you begging for more- meanwhile he’s still got his surprisingly cute matching pyjama set on. The contrast is making your dizzy. He cups your foot in one of his hands, turning his head to press a kiss to your inner ankle, and your toes curl. “Please, baby, I need you.”
“I’ve got you, princess,” he murmurs. He drops one last kiss to your ankle before shifting towards your canting hips; his breath curls out over your core and you shudder, another flood of arousal shooting through you, your cunt clenching as Hoseok stares at it shamelessly. “Look at you,” he says, reverent. “So pretty and wet for me.”
“Hobi,” you whine. You bite back a gasp as he hooks your fingers behind your knees and forces your legs apart, spreading you open, entirely helpless underneath his hungry gaze. You watch in wonder as he lets his tongue curl out of his mouth, looking sinfully dirty as he does- but then you let out a whine when he turns his head away from your pussy and licks the inner seam of your thigh instead. Your hips jump at the sensation, your skin so sensitive from the attention that he’s lavishing on you, but it’s not where you want his mouth to be, even if the lingering kisses he’s giving to your inner thighs feel good. “Hoseok, please.”
He hums indulgently, and you’re about to start begging again when he purses his lips and blows out a puff of air over your flushed lower lips; the sudden chill against your damp folds has you tensing, and before you can gather your wits Hoseok drags his hot, wet tongue up the seam of your pussy to gather the wetness there. You cry out from the sudden explosion of sensation when he repeats the motion but presses past your lower lips to tongue at your slit, lapping up the juices at your entrance before circling your clit with the tip of his tongue, your spine arching as your hips buck. “Oh, God, Hoseok, yes, right there.”
He slides one of his arms over your stomach, trapping you, holding you down as you try to cant your hips towards his mouth. You sob with pleasure as he continues to drink down your juices, leisurely licking at the most sensitive parts of you, in no rush at all. “Hobi, please,” you beg. “Please, I need more.”
Hoseok turns his head to lightly bite your inner thigh, your leg twitching at the sensation, surprised at how pleasurable it is. “Ssh,” he murmurs. “I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time. I want to savour it,” he says, and you let out a whine when he dips his head back down and starts to lap at your clit again, his dark eyes watching each of your reactions, the way you writhe and curl your toes each time he dips back down to your entrance, pressing his tongue inside you. “You taste so good, baby. Your pretty little cunt is so perfect.”
You whine at the praise, writhing when each swipe of his tongue over you is fanning the flames of your arousal higher and higher, and you can feel how the coil inside you is tightening, so close to reaching your peak. Hoseok’s still eating you out, nice and slow, and you’ve never felt an orgasm creep up on you like this- you moan as Hoseok finally buries his face in your pussy, tongue sliding from your slit, to your clit, over and over. 
It’s so, so good, and then you watch as he slides one of his long fingers inside you and curls it inside you just right- “I’m gonna cum, Hoseok, I’m- oh!”
The intensity of your orgasm hits you like a freight train, exploding from deep inside you. Your back arches off the bed and your toes curl as you cum and cum and cum, Hoseok keeping his mouth on you the whole time, your entire body shuddering as waves of pleasure wash over you, wetness flooding out of your cunt that he drinks down eagerly. 
The build up was slow, and the come down is slow, too, aftershocks rippling through your body for longer than any orgasm you’ve had before, and Hoseok keeps licking and sucking you through it all until you’re almost crying out from the overstimulation and you have to push his head away. The aftershocks are still rippling through your body as Hoseok rises, your pussy clenching each time, and you feel boneless and strung out- but you know Hoseok isn’t done with you yet.
“So pretty when you cum for me,” he says. You reach out for him and he comes so easily, fitting himself between your arms. His lips and chin shine with evidence of your arousal and when you pull him in for a kiss you can taste yourself across his tongue, a noise bubbling up at the back of your throat when you feel how slick his lips are against yours.
“Wanna make you cum too,” you say, your voice weak after the strength of that orgasm; you take in a deep breath, willing the oxygen to bring some energy back into your body. “Baby. Hoseok.”
“Mm.” He kisses you again. “You will, baby, don’t worry, you’re always so good for me.”
Your fingers fumble when you try to unbutton his shirt, but when Hoseok laughs, it’s not patronising at all; he just sounds fond. He takes over, deft fingers making quick work of the shirt before he throws it aside, revealing the slim line of his body to you. He’s beautiful and lean, nipples dark, skin golden, with a dark trail of hair that dips down into his pyjama bottoms- your eyes zero in on the way Hoseok’s loose pyjamas do nothing to hide his erection, the hard strain of his cock against the fabric, and you let out a little sigh of happiness that you’re finally getting to see what you’ve been desperately staring at all day. When you reach out for him your fingers barely brush his skin, and you make a greedy little noise, hungry for more.
“Need you,” you say. You want Hobi inside you, splitting you open, as close to each other as you can physically be. “Clothes off now.”
Hobi lets out a loud laugh, and you melt at the utter joy in the sound, how his face is so open and bright. 
“God, I love you,” he says, before unceremoniously shedding the offending garments. He wiggles his hips in an entirely unsexy manner, and you end up laughing too when he gets one of his legs caught and has to kick the pyjama bottoms off in an entirely graceless way. You’re still letting out quiet giggles even as Hoseok is finally bare in front of you, beautiful and unabashed in his nakedness, and you love him. 
You feel like liquid sunlight, overflowing with happiness; you’ve never laughed like this with anyone before, both naked yet still somehow amused, flipping from all-consuming arousal one second to laughter the next, but it just feels natural. Because it’s Hoseok, and everything feels so easy with him.
“I love you too,” you say, and then, when your eyes drop to his cock, you say: “God, you’re beautiful.”
His cock is gorgeous, curving up towards the ceiling, a drop of precum beaded at the tip; it’s not completely straight, hanging just a little to the left, but it’s Hoseok, so it’s perfect. He wraps his fingers around your hips and you let out a little squeal when he tugs you down the bed towards him so that your legs are dangling off the side and your hips are practically flush; his cock bobs when he moves and you shiver with how close it is to your heated core. Just like the rest of him, it’s long and lean and gorgeous, and you can’t wait to have it inside you. Although-
“Don’t I get to taste you?” You can’t help but say this with a pout, and Hoseok’s face splits into a wide smile.
“Next time, baby,” he promises. “Tonight is for you.”
Next time. The realisation that tonight is just one of many, just the start of an entirely new chapter in your life with Hoseok- that you’ll still be friends, best friends, but also more- settles inside you, warm and soft and safe. Your face creases into a smile and you slide your hands up Hoseok’s body, over his stomach and chest, touching all the skin you can, relishing in the fact that you’ll grow familiar with it all in a way that you never could have dreamed of. 
“You’re always so good to me,” you say.
“You deserve it, princess,” he replies. You tilt your hips towards him and you see how his eyes darken at the motion, tenderness swallowed by lust, and your body lights up like a livewire in preparation, ready to feel him push inside you. You’re already loose and wet from your first orgasm, but you don’t protest when Hoseok starts to run his fingers over the seam of your thigh; he presses straight in with two fingers, your body opening up for him so easily, and you gasp at how deep they move inside you, so long and pretty. 
“There, Hobi, right there.” He’s clearly not trying to bring you to orgasm again but he still listens to your directions, keeping the motions of his hands the same, fingers rubbing over your inner walls so perfectly. 
You can hear it, noises slick and dirty before he pulls them out, and you watch as he uses your arousal to slick up his cock, rubbing your juices over his hard length. It’s lewd, how he does it, pumping himself as he spreads it over his cock, wet noises vulgar and obscene, shooting straight to your core; you don’t think you’ve ever seen or heard anything so arousing in your life, the way Hoseok has his lip caught between his teeth as he looks at you, cock stiff between his legs as he runs his fingers over it. 
“Oh, fuck,” you whimper. “Hoseok, fuck.”
You arch your back when he grips his cock in one hand, guiding himself towards you- but rather than pressing into your entrance he runs his throbbing length back and forth through your lips, gathering even more of the wetness there, the slide so easy and smooth. It’s the most delicious, glancing pressure against your clit, not enough to satisfy, but enough to have you gasping again, the way you can feel the silken heat of his cock against you. 
“Hoseok, please.” You don’t attempt to hide the desperation in your voice. “I need you.”
Hoseok lets out a guttural groan at your words; he drinks in how blown your pupils are, the flush from your orgasm still visible over your chest, the way your fingers are clutching the bedsheets, white cotton tangled in your grasp. “Anything you want, baby,” he says, and finally, finally, he grasps his length and tilts it to your entrance. He rests there for a second, the tip barely touching you, and you see how he steels himself as he grasps your hips, before he starts to sink into you.
“Oh!” He fills you so well, inch by torturous inch, your body opening up for him so easily it’s like his cock was made to fill you; once he bottoms out you can feel how snug he is inside you, cockhead pressed against your cervix, and you shiver. “Oh, yes, Hoseok, so good.”
He stays still for one long, drawn out moment, before his hands slip off your waist and he reaches for yours. You entwine your fingers with his, staring up at him as he leans forward and kisses you; the motion has his cock shifting inside you and you whine a little against his lips, before biting off a gasp when he rocks his hips forwards. The motion is fluid and rolling, and Hoseok sets an unhurried pace, languidly filling you up with his cock, over and over and over.
The pleasure that’s growing in you is slow and relaxed. You’re not chasing your orgasms- you’re revelling in the closeness, the connection, the slip of skin against skin, how Hoseok is filling you up, how you’re drawing him in. You end up staring into each other’s eyes, Hoseok’s forehead pressed to yours so there’s nothing in your vision but him; you only break eye contact when one particularly deep roll of his hips sends a shudder through you, your eyes squeezing shut as you gasp.
“Feel so good, baby,” Hoseok murmurs. “So good for me.”
You make a noise of confusion when he lets go of your fingers and leans back, straightening up, but then he hooks his hands under your knees and you lift your hips; you drape your legs over his shoulders, arched towards him, lower body lifting off the mattress. Hoseok drives forward and you immediately gasp at how he hits your sweet spot straight on, the change of angle forcing the head of his cock to brush the top of your inner walls, each drag of the blunt head sending shocks of pleasure shooting through you.
“Wanna feel you cum around my cock, princess,” Hoseok says, and you shudder. “Can you do that for me?”
“Yes,” you breathe. “Yes, Hobi, yes- faster- oh-”
Hoseok starts to ramp up the pace, snapping his hips into yours with the sound of slapping skin, and you can feel how you’re starting to tighten around him, pussy clenching with each thrust of his hot cock inside you. “Gonna cum for you, Hobi,” you say. “So close, fuck.”
He takes one of his hands off your waist and slides three fingers over your clit, and you cry out with pleasure as he starts to rub at your bundle of nerves in tight circles; the added stimulation is just what you need, and you tumble over the edge into your second orgasm of the night. Hoseok moans when he feels how your cunt clenches around him, rippling tightness around his cock, and your eyes fall shut as your mouth falls open and you rock your hips into the sensation, grinding against Hoseok to prolong the pleasure, and he continues to snap his hips forward.
You go lax, almost limp, but Hoseok is still hard inside you, so you try your best to keep your back arched towards him; the fluid roll of his thrusts is starting to fall out of rhythm as he approaches his own peak, and although your pussy is crying out at the oversensitivity, you try to match his pace, canting your hips towards Hoseok each time he drives forward.
“Want your cum all over me, Hobi,” you say. “Want you to cum on my tits-”
Hoseok curses, composure slipping entirely for the first time all night, and you feel how he fumbles his rhythm before he catches himself. His thrusts are fast and choppy before he pulls out and drops your hips to the mattress; you whine at the sudden emptiness, but then he’s shuffling his knees onto the bed and he has his hand wrapped around his slick length, jerking himself hard and fast as you arch your back and push your chest towards him.
“So fucking beautiful,” he says through gritted teeth. “So pretty, baby- fuck!”
He gasps in air before he lets out one long, drawn out moan, and then there’s hot cum splattering across your breasts, whiteness painting itself across your skin. Hoseok continues to pump himself, cock letting out more ropes of cum, and you can’t help but let out a noise of satisfaction at the sight, lifting your hands to run over his hip bones and waist and flexing thighs, watching the way Hoseok’s face draws together as he rides out his own orgasm, until his hand falls away from his cock and he’s slumping forwards over you, panting.
You hum, reaching for him and pulling him down so you can brush your lips against his. “You’re so hot when you cum,” you say. “I could watch you cum all day.”
Hoseok lets out a breathless laugh before he kisses you again, properly this time- you’re content to keep kissing regardless of the cum that’s starting to cool on your chest, but Hoseok is insistent on being a gentleman and excuses himself to the bathroom to get a towel so he can clean you up. When he drags the damp towel over your skin, he’s so soft and gentle, although you still shiver a little when the rough fabric drags over your nipples; he bends down and kisses you in apology. 
You feel warm and small and soft, watching as Hoseok walks around the bed, still naked; the paltry lamp light is still more than enough for you to see every line of his beauty, the way each of his muscles shifts under his skin as he walks and moves, bending over to gather some of the discarded clothes from the floor. You sit up and lift your arms so he can help you back into your thin t-shirt, cupping his face in your hands and kissing him with a firm press of your lips, before he shimmies back into his boxers, though you personally don’t think he needs them.
When you finally settle down for the night you both curled up on your bed- because Hoseok’s is rumpled and sweaty from your previous exertions- and nestle up gratefully under the sheets, warm from the weight of the duvet and Hoseok spooning you from behind.
“I love you,” he murmurs, nosing at the side of your neck.
“I love you too,” you reply, and then end up giggling a little, stomach jumping under Hoseok’s hand. “I need to buy Namjoon a thank you slash apology gift when we get home, you know,” you say thoughtfully. “He had to put up with me having a meltdown about you, and it turns out he was right.”
Hoseok brushes his nose over your ear. “Jin kept making pretty blasé comments to me about us,” he tells you. “But he does that about most things, so.”
You hum lightly before pressing back further against Hoseok, who tightens his hold around you in response. “I guess they knew before we did,” you say. “We’ve been acting like a couple for a long time, to be fair.” Thinking back on it, it was pretty obvious, but hindsight is 20/20, as they say. 
The next morning, as always, you wake before Hoseok- and this time when you feel the hardness pressed into your ass, you don’t panic. You do what you always do and slide carefully out of Hoseok’s arms, but unlike every other morning, he doesn’t wake up to an empty bed. Instead, he wakes up with a small gasp to the sight of you with your mouth around his cock, your eyes wide and innocent as you stare up at him; you work him up while he’s still half-asleep and slow, swallowing down his cock until he cums down your throat. You litter kisses over his hips and thighs, smiling into his skin as he comes down from his peak, his pupils blown.
“Morning, Hobi,” you say, kissing the divot below his hip bones. “I love you.”
“Come here,” he says, voice still a rasp from his sleep, eyes hungry as he reaches for you.
When the two of you eventually stumble downstairs for breakfast, Jimin and Taehyung are already there; you’re much later than normal but neither of the boys seems to notice anything out of the ordinary, Taehyung asking Hoseok to pass the pepper mill as soon as you’ve sat down.
Taehyung is enthusiastically grinding pepper over his bacon and eggs when Jimin pipes up. “You know, the ghosts in this B&B apparently like to watch the guests while they try to sleep and make noises to keep them up,” he says conversationally. “You didn’t happen to notice anything out of the ordinary in your room, did you? Taehyung and I could have sworn that we heard moaning or something at some point, but I think it must have been a trick of our minds.”
You and Hoseok exchange a quick glance. “Uh, nope, can’t say that we did,” you say, and Hoseok nods emphatically in agreement.
Jimin pauses. He squints at you, before turning to Taehyung and pulling the pepper mill out of his hands to get his attention. “I told you it was going to happen soon,” Jimin says. “They finally hit critical mass and confessed. I knew that moaning wasn’t from ghosts.”
“And there’s no mess to clean up, even if we didn’t win the betting pool.” Taehyung sounds pleased. “Can you pass the salt now please?”
You watch incredulously as both boys continue their business as usual, Taehyung swapping the pepper mill for the salt grinder while Jimin opens a tiny jar of raspberry jam for his toast. 
You turn to Hoseok, scandalised at the idea that a) your friends/co-workers heard you last night and b) there’s apparently some sort of office bet about your relationship with Hoseok, only to find that the man in question has a look of alarm on his face.
“Do you think the ghosts were watching us last night?” He has an expression that’s a mix of affronted and also scared. “That’s dirty.”
“No, baby, I don’t think we had ghostly voyeurs in our room,” you say, stroking Hoseok’s hand with reassuring fingers, before you frown and look back at the other two boys. “I hate our friends. You have a betting pool?”
“Yeah, it’s pretty big,” Taehyung says. “I’m not sure who’s won the money, I’d have to check the spreadsheet when we get back home.”
“I bet Jin was the one who came up with it, wasn’t he?” Taehyung and Jimin exchange a look, but neither of them say anything, which is more than enough to answer your question. “I’m going to shove a wedge of parmesan down his throat when we get home and see how he likes it.”
“I love you,” Hoseok says.
“I love you too,” you reply, turning your head to accept the kiss he gives you.
“You’re so cute,” Jimin says.
“Why parmesan?” Taehyung asks, before twisting the salt grinder with enough gusto that he pulls the bottom off and salt goes cascading over his breakfast. “Oh, oops. Do you think they’ll let me have more eggs?”
Your thank you/apology gift to Namjoon is a tin of Scottish shortbread that you find in a cute tourist shop, although when you find out he’s actually the proud winner of 50% of the betting pool, you take the shortbread back for yourself and Hoseok instead.
When Yoongi arrives at his desk to the sight of you sitting in Hoseok’s lap and feeding him between kisses, he just rolls his eyes, mutters ‘finally’, and makes no further comments. You laugh into Hoseok’s mouth and allow Jungkook to steal a piece of shortbread on his way past, too busy kissing your boyfriend to care.
“You can have the last bit of shortbread,” you say, and Hoseok grins up at you.
“You’re just saying that because I ate you out this morning,” he says, and you giggle.
“I can’t believe you just made me listen to that with my own two ears. I’m in hell.” Yoongi sounds so tired. “I think I preferred it when the two of you were dancing around each other. Go back to doing that.”
“No can do, Yoongles,” you sing-song. “I love Hoseok and I’m going to make sure everyone knows it.”
“I love you too,” Hoseok says, looking up at you with bright eyes, and you giggle before dipping down to kiss him again.
“Everyone else knew before you did,” Yoongi mutters, but neither of you pay him any mind.
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santacarlacoven · 10 months ago
What about the boys' so sees their vamp faces for the first time and the first thing their so did was kiss them - how would the boys react to their so's unexpected reaction??
SO's first time seeing their Vamp Faces
This one got a little angsty at times, forgive me. Also slight nsfw on Dwayne's part. Also I'm adding Star because A) I think this would be interesting for her and B) I don't write as much as my girl deserves
Tumblr media
You and the boys would regularly break into Max's house for movie night. Everytime a new movie came out on video you'd all pitch in a dollar to rent it. Just because they weren't allowed in the video store didn't mean you weren't.
That night you all were excited to see Evil Dead 2. The six of you were nestled on the sofa passing a bowl of popcorn. David sent Laddie off to play upstairs but he snuck back down to quietly watch from behind the sofa. You were sat on Paul's lap, slightly jostled by his always bouncing leg.
The movie had you jittering with the creeps. Demonic faces and voices and blood absolutely everywhere! You've seen the boys come back from hunting covered in blood but for some reason the fake stuff made you squirm. You were hiding you face below your shirt when you felt a tap on your shoulder.
When you turned you were face to face with fangs and glowing yellow eyes. Paul growled a low monstrous laugh and snapped his jaws at you.
It was a surprise that made your heart stop for a moment, but in that moment you leaned forward and kissed the tip of his nose. That made him stop in surprise, but it didn't last long. It made his heart flutter. He was a hoping to scare you, maybe get a scream out of you, but this was better. You liked it! Or maybe you just liked him, but no matter. He wrapped his arms around you and peppered your face with ticklish kisses.Your squeals of laughter took everyone out of the movie's ambiance.
"Hey, get a room!" Dwayne said, scattered popcorn hit the back of your head.
With a snicker Paul picked you up in one motion and began to carry you up the stairs.
"No wait!" You cried in protest, "The movie!"
Tumblr media
Marko had one hand in your back pocket and an eye on the shore. The two of you were going to meet the others for a bonfire by the jetti. The two of you were bringing beer and boy did you guys get a lot. Your hands were full and Marko had a case in one hand and one under his arm. There was only one fire not far off so it had to be them
You guys walked to there only to be proven wrong. Four or five guys were there, already drunk and rowdy.
"Hey, looks like half-pint got us some drinks!" One of them laughed before knocking the case from under Marko's arm.
Marko shouted and cursed at them as they pushed him around. He dropped the other case and threw a punch. That got them started. One of them pushed you roughly and you landed dangerously close to the fire, hitting your hand on a piece of wood. Your shout of pain set Marko off.
Being so close to the firelight, you saw flickers of light against the sight of fury and bloodlust that was Marko. Screams echoed through the dark and suddenly it was quiet leaving only the popping of fire wood.
He didn't move. He just stood there with his back turned. Marko knew what happened and was acutely aware that you've never seen him like this. You've never seen him kill. You've never seen him get like this. Hesitantly you rose and moved towards him.
"Wait!" He barked, "Just...don't look at me...I don't want to scare you."
But you didn't listen. You walked up to face him and he turned away. He was covered in blood, but that wasn't it. It was his face. It was morphed into a demonic visage, high cheeks, darkened eyes that glowed, and elongated fangs poking from his clenched jaw.
He expected you to be afraid of him. He had become the monster he truly was. When your hand cupped his cheek gently it surprised him. You turned him to face you. He watched you study his face.
"I could never be scared of you."
That's all he needed. Those words lifted a weight on his chest that he didn't know was there. Without another word you kissed his lips. Stiff hands placed themselves on your waist in an unsure embrace.
"I love you, Marko." You told him.
"I love you too."
Tumblr media
Dwayne had been on edge all night. All because Paul insisted on challenging you to a drink off. He had won, of course, but now Dwayne was left to babysit you. You were drunk off your ass and he quickly learned you were feeling very frisky. When you weren't leaning on him and begging him to carry you, you had a hand running down his chest. He jumped when you snaked an arm around his waist underneath his jacket. Your warm fingers tickled him and caught your attention.
"Interesting!" You chirped in your drunken haze.
Dwayne had to keep you at an arms length so you wouldn't tickle him. Thankfully he was leagues stronger than you. Now the rest of them were watching and thoroughly entertained. They actively egged you on and told you where to tickle their brother. His annoyance was your absolute delight and when you snuck a hand to his ribs he gave a loud deep laugh in front of the entire boardwalk.
Nobody on the boardwalk actually cared, but the others burst into teasing laughter. Realizing his battle was lost he decided you needed to sober up. One moment you were leaning against Dwayne's arm and the next you were lifted over his shoulder and taken away from your friends.
"Hey! Noo! Put me down!" You whined, but he didn't care. You drank like a sailor, it was time for food.
Not wanting to risk you making a scene, he picked you up some fries and took you out by the beach. You were sat in the sand, insisting on crawling between his legs and laying your head against his chest.
Your face became suddenly very worried.
"Baby!" You gasped, "I can't hear your heartbeat!"
His head fell back with a chuckle.
"I don't have one, remember?"
"....oh yeah." God he loved you. You wiggled again in his lap. "So...you don't have a pulse?"
"But I've seen you blush. That's blood."
That had actually stumped him. That was a good question. You had a point. He was so perplexed in such a moments notice that he didn't feel your hand creep down to his belt.
"You also do this!" You giggled. Your warm hand suddenly pressed hard against his crotch. Not expecting the sudden stimulation, a deep growl echoed through the air and he snatched your hands away. In the moonlight you saw his face: deep set and beast like. His fangs shone beneath the pale light and his golden eyes shone like burning embers.
The both of you stared at each other for what felt like an hour. Dwayne realized what had happened. You'd never seen him vamp out before and he was very concerned. Would you freak out? Would you not like him? Having you so close to what was the last face his victims saw made him deeply uncomfortable.
You were staring at him with wide eyes. All he could do was wait.
"... Your eyes are so pretty!" He was tackled and little kisses peppered his face without stop. They tasted like whiskey but felt like heaven.
Tumblr media
You knew David could get mad. You've seen him explode before, but it never deterred you from his affection. He was eternally a teenager, full of hormones and emotions. Who could blame him. Tonight was just another night but you came at a bad time.
Max was there.
You couldn't make out everything- something about being sloppy. Someone survived and Max had to take care of them. It was just David and Max in the cave lobby. It seemed either David wanted the guys to clear out or Max just wanted to speak to David. Normally you kept your distance from Max, per the guy's request, but whenever you did see him he seemed like just some soft spoken uncle-type guy. Hearing him get mad was terrifying. He had so much power and anger in his words that just hearing him made your blood run cold.
Begrudgingly, David stayed silent but you could see his fist clenched. Neither of you moved until Max had left. You were hesitant to approach him, but you were sure he knew you were there. Silently you went to him.
"What!" He shouted. His face was deformed from frustration and bestial rage. His fangs where bared and eyes glowing like fire. When he saw the look of surprised terror on your face he felt the stab of immediate guilt and regret. You'd never seen him like this before, he had made sure of it. When he finally let you into his life, he did everything he could to keep you. He was so terrified of scaring you off- revealing how much of a monster he was inside. This was his waking nightmare.
"Babe I-" but you didn't let him finish. He didn't process how fast you pulled him into you. Your arms, so weak compared to him, were wrapped around him so tight. You looked into his golden eyes, a tear forming. You loved him so much, it hurt you to see him so full of anger and frustration.
"It's okay." You whispered. David's eyes closed as a single tear fell. He tensed when he felt your soft lips on his cheek but relaxed into your embrace. Only you could kiss him so sweetly. That calmed his anxieties. You loved him and he knew.
"It's going to be okay."
Tumblr media
You invited Star for dinner one night. Your parents were out of town for the weekend so you planned a nice little date night for the two of you. You had rented Moonstruck, candles were lit throughout the house and fresh flowers (from the neighbors garden) were cut for the table. She was in the kitchen with you, sitting on the counter while you chopped some zucchini, talking with you about her night and how Laddie was begging go with her. She was laughing so hard her face was turning red.
"His little face was so precious, he wouldn't let go of my leg!"
"So what did you do?" You laughed.
"Dwayne had to pry him off!"
You both fell into fits of laughter, but suddenly your hand felt cold. There was a gash in your palm, pale pink at first before gushing red. You had cut your hand by accident.
"Oh shit!" You gasped rushing to the sink. The blood had began to gush from your wound and spilt onto to floor. So focused on your hand, you didn't notice Star freeze up. She was shivering and suddenly very pale. As you wrapped your hand with a towel you saw her.
"Babe? Are you-" then you realized.
She hadn't eaten yet.
Star took a couple steps forward, eyes fixed on your hand.
"Star?" You weren't afraid of her but you were very concerned. She wouldn't hurt you. She wouldn't. But you remember her telling you about the hunger she felt. The pain and insatiable pull she felt almost constantly. That's when you saw it. You watched your girlfriend's face shift. You'd seen it before on the boys but never her. It was like her face elongated, her cheekbones rose and her face turned gaunt like a starved animal. Her beautiful brown eyes clouded yellow and her irises glowed like hot coals.
"Star. Star, you're okay." You assured her but it didn't register. You shouted.
And that did it. Her gaze broke from your hand and back to you. Immediately her eyes welled with tears. She looked down at her hands- her nails grew into claws. She fell to the floor sobbing. Without a thought you went to comfort her. You knew she didn't want this. She didn't want to feel this hunger, but she couldn't bring herself to take a life. And it scared her that she might've taken yours.
"I'm sorry," she cried, "I'm so sorry, I shouldn't-"
"No," you held her tighter, doing your best to keep your bandaged hand away from her face. "No, it's okay. It's not your fault."
She looked up at you with her bright yellow eyes. A gentle hand brushed the hair from her face and cupped her cheek. She leaned into your touch and fell into your kiss. And for a moment she was at peace.
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dulcesiabits · a year ago
dorm leaders + s/o going between worlds
request: im not the person who requested the twins s/o going between worlds but 💗💘💓💕💖💝💞❤ that was perfection i tell you do you mind if i could request that but with the dorm leaders? ignore the request if you dont want too!!
Riddle Rosehearts
Riddle has the days you’ll visit NRC marked everywhere: on his calendar, in his planner, and he’s prepared several alarms on his phone, just in case. He’ll arrive at the mirror chamber ten minutes early, so he can pace around and anxiously wait until the exact time you’re supposed to step through. If you’re even a minute late, he’ll be worried.
He’ll never admit it, but Riddle misses you terribly. His mood is a lot worse when you’re gone, and Trey will often find him sighing and staring into space instead of doing his homework. Sometimes he wonders if he can convince you to stay with him forever, but he respects your decision to go between worlds too much. Besides, Riddle isn’t sure he could ever find the words to tell you how he feels.
Riddle enjoys whatever sweets or baked goods you bring back with you! Dollar store candy, or a homemade pie, he doesn’t mind whatsoever what it is as long as it’s sweet. You get bonus points if it’s something he’s never eaten before. He’ll also enjoy studying the various histories and laws of your world-- Riddle wants to know about where you came from, and maybe one day he can apply that knowledge in person...
Leona Kingscholar
To the casual observer, it looks like Leona doesn’t miss you whatsoever. He acts the same as ever, but he’s a lot more irritable without his favorite cuddle buddy. Ruggie wishes you would visit more often, if only so Leona would be easier to deal with. The days you visit NRC are the only days you can see Leona exert any effort. Even if he’s a few minutes late to your meeting, he still drags himself out of bed, unprompted by Ruggie, to come pick you up.
Leona knows your travelling unavoidable. This isn’t your world, and you have a whole life in some other place he doesn’t know about. Besides, he’s much too prideful to come out and tell you that he wishes you wouldn’t leave him. Whenever you do visit, Leona is basically attached to you at the hip: he’s holding your hand, or lets you cling to his arm, or ruffles your hair.
Leona isn’t that interested in your world, but he is interested in your life in it. Do you have any other friends? What’s your family like? How different is your world from his, anyways? You don’t have to answer his questions if you don’t want to; he’s perfectly content with just holding you. Leona has always been more interested in you than anything else.
Azul Ashengrotto
Everyone knows when you’re coming to visit, because Azul will begin humming as he works. Also, people tend to seek contracts from him more often on those days, in the hope that he’ll be in a good enough mood not to scam them too harshly. The knowledge that you’re coming to visit makes it easier to relax for Azul. He’s done his best to keep busy, so he can forget that you’re not with him.
Azul loves you, but he has toyed with the idea of getting you to sign a contract with him, with the catch being you have to stay forever. At the end of the day, he couldn’t bear to see you unhappy, and tricking you to do something leaves a sour taste in his mouth. You’re different from everyone else. If you were to stay, he wants you to stay on your own violation. Besides, he’d probably end up helping you for the price of a few kisses.
Much like Riddle, Azul is fascinated by your world. He wants to know everything about it, so bring him a lot of books, from history to fiction to research dissertations, because he reads fast. Maybe he can borrow a few business ideas from your world to apply to the Mostro Lounge, or add a new menu item that utilizes food exclusively from your world.
Kalim Al Asim
Kalim’s mood is written all over his face. He’s just not as energetic or happy when you aren’t around, and his parties aren’t as grand as they used to be. If someone mentions your name, he’ll immediately whip his head around, only to sigh forlornly when he remembers you aren’t there. 
In all honesty, Jamil is driven crazy. Kalim mopes all the time, and he unintentionally uses his unique magic to make it rain in Scarabia, to match his mood. Kalim counts down the days until he sees you again, and he is running to the mirror chamber as soon as class is over so he can launch himself into your arms. Please pat his head and tell him that you missed him! He is not going to let go for a long time. Kalim will also give you a bunch of presents so you don’t forget him when you’re gone, and this boy has no idea what the word “excessive” means.
Kalim enjoys the different sorts of food and games you bring from your world, but he’d honestly be happy with anything you give to him. He just wants to spend time with you, and make you happy. He’s excited the day you bring back some matching bracelets. Kalim treasures it, even if he owns far more expensive things. Whenever he’s lonely, it’ll remind him of you.
Vil Schonheit
Ah, Vil. He’s cold, beautiful and perfectly unflappable, if you ignore the fact that he scowls a lot more and takes out his frustrations by viciously polishing his potato underclassmen into perfection. It’s a lot easier to focus on his maintaining his appearance and managing his dorm instead of the fact the person he loves the most won’t come to visit for another 6 days, 13 hours, and 27 minutes.
For some reason, Vil finds the way you call him beautiful more appealing than when anyone else does it. It’s frustrating that he doesn’t feel like his best when you’re not around, and you can bet he also spoils you silly when he sees you again. He’d even let you ruin his lipstick by kissing him, which is a privilege no one else is allowed.
Vil is the most interested in the trends in your world, and the movies. Maybe he’ll start a similar trend in his world, just so he can be reminded of you. In fact, if you have social media, he’d probably fuss over it, offering to help you curate an account that attracts millions of followers. In regards to movies, Vil is a part of the movie appreciation club. He’s curious to see how movies might have developed differently in your world. If you give him your favorite ones, he’ll treasure them, and watch them when he’s in a bad mood.
Idia Shroud
Idia buries himself in video games and projects to forget the fact you’re gone. He’s used to being alone, but he’s not used to feeling this lonely. No picture or video of you makes up for the real thing. He’s hoping he can invent a device that lets you communicate between worlds, so that even if he can’t see you in person, he can still chat with you 24/7.
The only time you will see Idia out of his room is when you’re visiting. With his hoodie pulled over his head in terror, he’s trembling as he heads to the mirror chamber, so he can throw himself into your arms. He’s always a few minutes late so he doesn’t have to spend too much time outside of his room. Please help guide him back there, actually. Idia will also require a lot of cuddles and kisses to recharge, too, even if he’s blushing the whole time.
It’s obvious that Idia is fascinated by the technology in your world. Show him your phone, your video game consoles, or any other electronics you have lying around. Idia will definitely tinker with them a little bit, giving them new features and helping them run more smoothly. He’d be happy exchanging game consoles, so he can play your favorite games, while you play his, when you’re apart. That way, it feels like you’re connected.
Malleus Draconia
It’s astonishing for Malleus that one human can make a few days seem like a few years. Normally, he doesn’t feel the passage of time quite so acutely, but he can feel every hour, every minute, every second, that you aren’t with him. He’s lonely, because you’re one of his only people he can talk to freely. Things aren’t the same without you, and he thought he was used to being lonely.
The mirror chamber is always empty when you arrive, if only because no one wants to be in the same room with Malleus for too long. As soon as you arrive, he kisses your hand, and whisks you away. He has so many things he wants to talk about with you, and there’s never enough time. He wonders if he can convince you to stay in his world, but he knows it’s a cruel thing to do, when you’ll die long before he will. As it is, he is satisfied with these small moments, where you can still smile at him.
He is floored by the Tamagotchi you bring him from your world. If you have your own, Malleus will hope your Tamagotchi and his can become friends, and he’ll insist on them having a playdate while he talks to you. Malleus also enjoys photography of your world, and when you present to him an entire portfolio of gargoyles, he gives you a hug in excitement. What would he do without you?
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tinyicebyrg · 8 months ago
Interesting Name
warnings for: swearing , panic attacks , mentions of death / killing , mention of blood (very very small warning) don’t like, don’t read!
reblogs r very appreciated thanksss
a/n ♥︎ hi! this is my first time writing a fic, so please feel free to reply with thoughts and feedback! i basically started writing because i thought the tag needed more g/t beeduo lol. Enjoy!
Living in the walls was, well, as good as you think living in the walls would be like. Extra cold in the winter, extra hot in the summer, pest problems, and oh yeah, being in constant fear of being found by the massive humans that resided in the house. It’s what to be expected, Ranboo was used to it.
At this point, borrowing was second nature to the small ender hybrid, having done it since he was six years old. He’s been house to house, befriending many other borrowers that he came across. Like this eccentric dude in a blue hoodie who threw caution to the wind with “pranks“ (at least thats what he called them.) And another strange man who would always wear a smiley mask, Ranboo wouldn’t forget him and his um- interesting borrowing tactics. Oh! And of course, his closest friend Niki. Ranboo missed her. Her voice, her smile, her comforting nature when he had severe panic attacks daily... He missed her a lot.
Them and many others all showed him the basics of borrowing, and helped him work through his memory problems. Until two months ago, Ranboo was used to living with another friend or two in the walls. But now he was alone. Alone with the two other humans that lived there. He remembered their names were Tommy... and... T-Toob??? Tobias?? Tub- tubbo! It was Tubbo. Yeah, they were louddddd.
So on a cold January day, he was SURE that the two were gone since it was dead silent, except for the occasion scutter of a bug maybe a foot or two above him. It was a good day for a borrowing trip.
Or so he thought.
»»————- ➴ ————-««
Reading was hard for Tubbo. Way too hard, mostly because of his dyslexia. But Mr. Minecraft, or “Dadza“ as his other high school students called him had suggested this book for him, to get up his comprehension level a bit, y’know? He was suffering. Slipping up every other word, everything scrambling in his head. Fuck this, he’s hungry, and Tommy isn’t home to hang out and play video games with. Oreos it is.
Walking to the kitchen, Tubbo felt his drowsiness catch up to him. Just how long has he been awake? He couldn’t really be sure. Hours blended into each other at this point. Food, right. He wanted oreos. And maybe a proper dinner if he felt like it. He didn’t.
Reaching up to the tall cabinet from his low vantage point, (yes he was short, shut up.) he peeled back the opening of double-stuffed oreos and was shocked to see there was less than half of the cookies left in the package.
“I just bought these yesterday! Fucking only had two of ’em!“ the brunette exclaimed. Gods- when Tommy got home he would kill the blond. Not really, but Tubbo was considering it. He let out a loud groan in frustrat-
“Huh? Wha-“
The fuck was that? Tubbo thought. That- that wasn’t a natural sound. Sounded like a damn portal or something. He needed to find this thing. No- wait- what if it’s dangerous? Whatever. Curiosity getting the better of him, he peered around the corner of the fridge to the source of the sound. And saw...
A tiny, half-black, half-white, human figure.
Looking up at him in terror, hyperventilating on his kitchen counter.
»»————- ➴ ————-««
Fuck. fuck fuck fuck fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. This is not ideal. No, this is the end of the world. This-this GIANT of a human is stood there- STARING STRAIGHT AT HIM. And it was all his fault.
All his fault for panicking.
All his fault for making those stupid endermen sounds.
All his fault for even THINKING it was safe to go out in the first place.
Now he can’t breathe. Heaving heavily, gasping for air. Reaching out for someone, anyone, Niki. Please. She wouldn’t come. He was alone. Why would she put herself in danger for you. Monster. Tears threatened to pour out from his eyes, Ranboo could barely see the ginormous figure looming above him because of the sting of the water. Barely could hear the soft “Hey there...” over the ringing and blood pounding in his ears. Dead. He was dead meat. And- and Theresabigasshandcomingtowardshimohmygod.
“NO!” Ranboo blurted, scrambling back further into the corner. The human pulled his hand back like it had been bitten. Good.
Wait. Shit. He just broke the first fucking rule of borrower code. Do not speak to the human. It couldn’t get worse from here.
All of his senses were coming back to life in order to stay alive. He could see the human now. He had blue-grey eyes that had the most concerned look he had ever seen. The shirt he was wearing displayed two cartoon characters- from “South Park” whatever that was. Brown messy hair made it seem like he just got out of bed. That must mean he’s tired. And tired humans were always grumpy. And grumpy humans are more likely to-
“Dude... I-I need you to breathe alright? Can you do that for me?”
Ranboo shaked his head violently at the stupidly soft and caring voice, still gasping for air. Why did he care? Couldn’t he just kill him and go on his way? Was this one different?
“Okay.. okay you can follow me then right? Just breathe in, and out.”
Without even noticing it, Ranboo found himself breathing along with the human. It was... scarily like what Niki used to do with his attacks. Do humans have the same way of calming people down?
“There you go big man!” the boy said with a slight smile, “keep breathing, m’kay?”
B-big man? Okay- that made him laugh a little bit. This dude was HUGE. And Ranboo was- well- small. He kept breathing anyways. Stopping to laugh at the irony every other breath.
“Like your nickname, big man? Awwww that’s so adorable!!!” he said, lowering himself so his eyes were level with him.
Ranboo fake-cringed at the coo from the larger. Then he dissolved into hysteric giggles at the sheer hilarity of this situation.
He was sitting here. After a panic attack, after breaking the first rule of borrower code. Laughing at a nickname given to him by a boy at least fifty times his size. If only Niki could see him now.
“Looks like you’re doing better my guy!” the giant said brightly, “Calmed yourself down- Oh! I’m so rude. My name is Tubbo! He/him. Yours?” he asked expectantly.
Oh. Ranboo should’ve expected this. He... he wasn’t supposed to talk to humans- let alone give them his name! O-or any information at all!
“Erm...“ a voice cut through his thoughts, “it’s okay if you don’t wanna. Only if you’re comfortable big man“ Tubbo smiled, obviously picking up that the borrower was slowly getting nervous.
He has gotta admit- he loved the nickname. It makes him feel less small, less insignificant. Made him feel special like he hasn’t in two months. To be honest, he liked Tubbo! Fuck it- Ranboo could give him his name, what’s the harm in it! He’s already broken the most important rule, probably upsetting Niki.
“I- My name is Ranboo. He/him? Y-yeah.“ the borrower stated, a bit more small and shaky then he would’ve liked to sound. But he did it.
»»————- ➴ ————-««
Tubbo was almost 100% sure he was gonna have another normal, boring day. I mean, if anything strange or anything were to happen, he wouldn’t think it would go down in his fucking kitchen.
But here he was, done from stopping an tiny hybrid from having a panic attack. Introducing himself to the boy, and calling him “adorable.“ Why the fuck did he do that? He almost didn’t think he would learn anything about the thing, but when asked, the little guy hesistantly introduced himself as “Ranboo“
Interesting name. Interesting tiny guy.
“That’s a interesting name. Now I’m curious- um- why are you in my house? And what are you? Sorry if this is a lot, I think you’re really cool.“ Tubbo got out nervously, awe plastered on his face. He watched as Ranboo thought a second, as if deciding to say something or not.
“I live here. A-and I’m an endermen hybrid, if you couldn’t tell from the- uh- noises. Haha...“ Ranboo chuckled nervously.
“Yeah- but why are you so... y’know... itsy-bitsy!“
“Uh- god I’m REALLY not supposed to tell you this, I’m something called a-a borrower. I- uh- I borrow food. I guess.“
Tubbo nodded profoundly at this. He’s pretty sure Tommy’s nerd friend Wilbur was going on about them one time when he was over. Oh right- Tommy. When was he getting home? He said 3:30, it was 3:45.
“So yeah. P-please don’t be mad, I only take what won’t be-“
“Yeah- yeah you’re good big man,“ Tubbo interrupts quickly, “can I hold you?“
“Can you what?“
“Hold you. Pick you up in my big ol’ hands. Wait- that sounds scary, sorry. It’s just that Tommy is literally pulling up to the house right now and I would rather not have that conversation right now.“ the brunette says, peeking out the window while talking.
“Oh. OH. Um- I guess??? Please be careful... a-and don’t throw me or anything.“
“I wouldn’t do that, c’mere big guy.“
And he carefully scooped up the tiny into his warm hands.
»»————- ➴ ————-««
a/n ♥︎ yess there will be a part 2! do not worry! I might make this into a series hmmm... we’ll see where it goes. Thank you for reading!
tag list ig woah ♥︎
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glassamphibians · a year ago
what demigods & co would do on TikTok and what video got them followers:
(we’re gonna pretend demigods can use phones now) (also this is a very long post)
Percy: He mostly posts videos of him skateboarding in New Rome or fun videos of his friends. When he went back home for break he posted a video of him skating down the streets of NYC with cool music over it that got some attention, but he didn’t start doing numbers until someone else duetted it pointing out that he looked really similar to that kid who was on the news a few years ago for domestic terrorism. Percy then duetted that video and just said “oh yeah lol i forgot about that anyway look at this sick kick-flip.” He never mentions it again but whenever someone leaves a comment about it he replies ;)
Annabeth: She makes a lot of videos giving advice for studying and getting through college for people who have ADHD that are always super aesthetically pleasing. she also has a lot of videos that are just shots of New Rome being pretty and everyone thinks “wow she has her life together” until she posts a video at like one in the morning of her designing her architecture project in Minecraft the night before its due. the building she’s designed is beautiful. there are four empty coffee mugs next to the keyboard. her eyes are red from staring at the screen for so long. she doesn’t speak a single word and the silence is overwhelming. 
Jason: he has an account but its on private. He shows up in a lot of his friends older videos, though. i have somehow managed to make this post sad and i will not be apologizing for it.
Piper: She was MADE for the indie kid color-costomizer side of tiktok and she knows it. She posts a lot of her just vibing, singing along to her favorite songs, doing the trendy dances, etc etc. I love her but she’s 100% one of the people who takes “alt tiktok vs straight tiktok” too seriously. her bio is “yes i listen to girl in red <3.″ her most popular video is of her going “wait!!! i have an idea” and then singing a beautiful mashup of two songs. she ends it by cringing and going “oof okay that was rough but i couldn’t stop thinking about it” and everyone in the comments is freaking out over it. she’s not verified but she should be.
Leo: he builds the most complicated, useless things in the world and then makes videos explaining them like he’s on Shark Tank. he’s also an absolute memer and makes a ton of jokes using all the popular sounds. theres one video of him just doing a generic tiktok meme but the smoke alarm is going off and you can literally see flames in the background but he’s paying no attention to them. it gets over a million likes and all the comments are losing their minds but he doesn’t respond to any of them. in fact, he doesn’t post for three days after and everyone is fully convinced he’s dead until he posts another video acting like nothing happened.
Hazel: she is the only enjoyable thing about cottagecore left on that godforsaken app. most of her videos are of her with either her horse, frank, or Nico and they always have really old music playing over them. she has an ongoing series where she talks about whatever new pop culture thing she learned about that week because she “grew up sheltered” as she puts it. one of them is of Percy trying to explain memes to her and Nico and its going horribly because every question they ask unpacks another layer of niche internet history that they don’t know about. Nico is laughing his ass off while Percy and Hazel get progressively louder and Percy just looks. so tired.
Frank: He’s in a ton of Hazel and Percy’s videos and people kept asking if he had a tiktok bc he always seems so nice so eventually he made one but he rarely posts. When he does post its typically kinda clumsy videos of him just rambling or trying out filters but one day he posts a video of him practicing at the archery range and it blows up bc holy fuck he’s good??? he then makes another video and he’s like “I’m happy everyone enjoyed my archery so much but i really wasn’t expecting it to get that big and i was just warming up so here’s me doing that so um. yeah. thanks again!” and then he does some cool archery stuff and it gets popular Again and he pretends he’s not proud of himself but everyone can tell he is.
Reyna: she also doesn’t really post but she has a view videos of the garden in New Rome she likes and the Hunters messing around. Her friends were the only ones following her until she posted a video of her doing pushups while Nico sat criss-cross applesauce on her back. He and Jason, who’s filming, are having a completely normal conversation. As expected the sapphics eat that shit up and Reyna gets an huge following overnight that she has no idea what to do with.
Thalia: Owns alt tiktok. she is the queen of it there is no debate. She makes tons of videos jamming out to bikini kill and duetting conservatives to debunk everything they’re saying and educate people about the politics that go hand in hand with being punk. Her most popular video is her talking about the history of riot grrrl and giving music recommendations for people just getting into the scene.
Rachel: She posts time lapses of her painting, but they’re blown out so you can see the entire room. they don’t stop when she goes to sleep or eat or has friends over because Rachel herself rarely stops painting unless she has to. she also does a lot of the trends where you assign your friends aesthetics or you text them weird things to see how they respond. In one of her time lapses she just stands there for a few seconds and then her eyes start glowing and smoke starts pouring out of her mouth and then she just. goes back to painting? when people ask “hey what was that lol” in the comments she just goes “i was struck with inspiration :)”
apollo: hate to say it but he’s probably doing some hype house thirst trap shit. he posts one (1) haiku and the entire app makes fun of it for a week and it becomes an instantly recognizable meme. it is not the attention he wanted but he’ll take it regardless.
meg: absolute gremlin. she makes posts using her powers in full view and then just goes “ahahah special effects :) i’m a thirteen year old special effects prodigy who loves plants :)” only has like three posts but they’re all super popular somehow??? she is an enigma. 
Will: most of his videos are of him and his friends or cheesy star wars memes. all of his videos radiate Good Vibes and he’s lowkey?? kinda popular on there. he definitely gets those comments that are like “omg golden retriever boy🥺🥺” that is, until he duets this video of someone giving god awful medical advice. he goes the fuck off on the person which is a contrast to what he normally posts already but its even weirder bc its in the dark with the flash on and he’s mad and theres,,, saxophone playing in the background??? just some smooth jazz while Will lectures this person and it’s incredibly entertaining to see.
Nico: he adamantly refused to get tiktok for a long time, but he shows up in most of Will’s videos and a bunch of his other friends so people are constantly asking if he has one. eventually Will convinces him to get one and it is the most chaotic thing in the world. He only posts super late at night in total darkness with the flash on and his face in barely in frame and he says just the most concerning things. no one can tell if he’s joking or not. sometimes theres bones??? that look very human??? in one video he says “i just wanna see if this works.” the camera goes black, theres a bunch of loud distorted sounds and then its daytime and he’s somewhere that is obviously Not America. the camera is back on his face and he looks significantly more tired than before. he says “oh cool the phone still works” and then theres a bunch of clamoring, some muffled swearing, and the video ends. the next day he duets that and says “that was meant for friends only lmao fbi please look away you didn’t see shit” and all the comments are from his friends yelling at him. 
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beelsnack · a year ago
Henlo!!! Just wanted to request MC getting surprised by the demon bros in the human realm! The bros miss MC a lot so they just surprise them and hang out for a bit :) it can be HCs! Thank you and I love ya work ❤️
Henlo!! Get ready for some fluff, my dudes.
I don’t know why, but this seemed better as short little headcanons as opposed to my usual scenarios.
- He had expressly forbade any of his brothers from going up to the human world, because “they needed time to readjust.”
- But apparently Pridey McPrideface is exempt from his own rules.
- He does his research. If the human still lives with their parents or has roommates, he picks a night when they are home alone.This night is reserved for the two of them, and he will eviscerate anyone who gets in the way.
- Honestly, he wants to do some sort of grand entrance, but in the end, he simply knocks on the door.
- “Hello, my dear,” he takes their hand and kisses their knuckles. “I’ve missed you.”
- “Lucifer!” they tackle him with a hug strong enough to knock over a lesser demon. In his peripheral, Lucifer sees a neighbor stick their head out of the door and look around with a confused look.
- “You have nosy neighbors, I see.”
“Well, I mean, I did just scream ‘Lucifer...’”
“Perhaps we should go inside before someone calls a priest?”
“It wouldn’t be the first time.”
- The two of them spend the night in their living room, just talking. They ask if he wants to go out somewhere, but he declines.
“This is the most relaxed I’ve been in centuries. I’m perfectly satisfied with staying in with you.”
- He hadn’t intended to stay the night, but it was near impossible to resist the offer. And that would end up being his downfall.
- He had forgotten about that stupid game that his brothers and the human liked to play, where they got pictures of each other sleeping. And, just as he couldn’t resist the temptation to spend the night with them, they couldn’t resist the temptation to steal a picture while he slept.
- When he arrived back at the House of Lamentation, all six of his brothers were waiting for him in the entrance hall.
- “So, where ya been, Luci?” Mammon sneered. “Ya couldn’t have possibly snuck off to visit the human after makin’ damn sure you told us not to do that, now could ya?”
“It’s not like our dear eldest brother to do something so hypocritical.” Satan said coolly, regarding Lucifer with a raised eyebrow.
“...I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re talking about.” Lucifer huffed.
“’Hey guys! How many points is a sleeping Lucifer worth?’” Levi turned his phone around to show Lucifer a picture of his own sleeping face, with the human’s laughing eyes just poking out from the bottom corner.
He wasn’t living this one down for a while.
- This sneaky little bastard straight up just climbs into their room in the middle of the night.
- You know, like he DIDN’T live in a completely different realm.
- The human damn near punches him in the face when he wakes them up.
- “Mammon, what the actual fuck are you doing?”
“Visiting, what’s it look like?”
“To my neighbors, probably breaking and entering.”
- They should kick him out, all they have to do is issue a pact command. But Mammon looks at them with his sad blue eyes and they just can’t bring themself to do it.
- “I got so used to ya...y’know...sleeping next to me.” he shuffled around like a kid waiting to get scolded. “It’s hard to fall asleep when ya ain’t there.”
“Shut up and cuddle with me, you big baby.”
- They stay up stupidly late watching vine compilations and talking until they straight up just pass out against each other. They stay like that for the rest of the night.
- And by rest of the night I mean until freaking noon the next day. And the only reason they wake up then is because Lucifer is blowing up Mammon’s phone.
- “Mammon, where are you?”
“If you’re out clubbing, be back at a reasonable hour. If you’re out scheming, don’t come back until you have something to show for it.”
“You better not have passed out in a gutter somewhere. We have a reputation to uphold, you know.”
“Mammon, please tell me you didn’t directly disobey an order and go visit the Human Realm.”
Four unread voicemails.
“Welp, you’re fucked.”
“Thanks, human, love you too.”
- Social anxiety is a bitch and a half, so he just asks if he can come visit.
-Deadass just portals into their living room like “’Sup, I brought games, go get some snacks and get prepared to get rekt.”
- That’s it, that’s the visit.
- They decide to do multiplayer vs some other humans and they wipe the floor with them.
- “Eat it, normies, I’M the one playing with a hot person! Have fun in your moms’ basements!”
“Pot meet kettle, Levi.”
“I don’t live in a basement, though!”
“Fair point. Boom, headshot!”
- Levi manages to sleep over without repercussions solely because nobody is surprised if he doesn’t show up somewhere.
- Makes direct eye contact with Lucifer as he leaves the House of Lamentation and goes “Don’t wait up.”
-Times his surprise visit so he’s made himself comfortable with a book and a cup of coffee when they get home.
- They brought a friend over to study or whatever. The human sees him in the middle of the living room and just screeches “Satan, what the fuck?”
-The friend is like “Aight imma head out.” And like goes into witness protection.
- Satan comes bearing gifts of the newest installments of Devildom book series’ and a recording of the episodes of the crime dramas that they need to catch up on.
- They pause between each episode to talk theories even though Satan already knows what happens. Both of them feel proud of the human when they figure it out.
- Mammon texts Satan in the middle of the night in absolute terror.
Mammon: Satan you get your ass back to the Devildom right now!
Satan: Why?
Mammon: Because Lucifer is about to rip a hole through the dimensions to drag you back here!
Satan: That sounds like a Lucifer problem.
Mammon: It’s about to be a Three Realms problem!
- Read 2:09 AM
- He just tells Lucifer he’s going to visit Solomon.
- And makes sure to tell him that if Lucifer decides to interrupt him, he will gladly let him listen to all of the naughty things they’re going to be doing.
- And Lucifer just straight up doesn’t want to deal with his shit so he lets it go.
- The human comes home to see Asmo stretched out on their bed scrolling through Devilgram.
- “Ugh, finally! You took forever!”
“Asmo? What are you doing here?”
“Well, I was planning on seducing you, but I absolutely refuse to have sex on a bed that moans louder than I do.”
- They go on a cute little cafe date and Asmo insists on going to all of the high-end fashion stores.
- “Devildom fashion trends always seem a few decades behind the human world. Honestly, it wasn’t until about five years ago that I could find a skirt above my knees! You would think a Realm full of sin and vice would be a little more up-to-date with provocative attire.”
-They spend an absurd amount of time trying on tacky jewelry and roasting it via Snapchat. Like, the employee showed up on Asmo’s story as they were kicking them out.
- They buy a bottle of liquor on their way back to the human’s place, get absolutely smashed and, depending on your preference, either have the giggliest sex ever or watch stupid beauty hack videos. Maybe both. Actually, definitely both.
- The next morning, Asmo does an Inter-dimensional Walk of Shame and no one is surprised.
- Was going to lie about where he was going but felt guilty about it.
- So he just didn’t tell anyone.
-Knocks on the human’s door and immediately gives them the biggest bear hug.
- “I missed you, so I came to visit. That’s okay, right?”
- Beel wants to go out to eat, but the human flat out says no because they can’t afford to wine and dine the Avatar of Gluttony.
- They compromise by buying a crapton of snacks at the grocery store.
- Cashier: Must be a big party you’re having.
Human, grabbing a family size bag of chips out of Beel’s hand without even turning to look at him: Yup.
- They make themselves a blanket fort in their living room, watching movies and eating way too many snacks. Beel asks them questions about their family and their life up there. If the human has photos, he wants to see all of them.
-The human falls asleep mid-movie, slumping against his shoulder. Beel picks them up and tucks them into bed, planning on leaving to let them rest before they sleepily ask him to spend the night.
- Convinces Mammon to cover for him.
- Does this by going “Please, Big Brother?” and Mammon caves almost immediately.
- Pops into the human’s bedroom in the early hours of the morning and wiggles into bed with them.
- “Why am I not surprised?”
“Missed you too.”
- Human just accepts the snuggles and goes back to sleep. Belphie makes sure they have good dreams.
- If they have work or school, Belphie convinces them to call in sick and spend the day with him.
- Lots of naps and sleepy kisses. The chillest day ever.
- The human feels so relaxed that they almost convince Belphie to stay another night, and Belphie almost agrees.
- But Mammon’s ability to bullshit will only last so long, and Belphie knows he needs to go back before someone notices that his “afternoon nap” was going on 14 hours.
- “Come see me in my dreams, okay?”
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There is a light at the end of the tunnel
Hello, Stuck. Sorry, I don’t know your real name.
I wrote this long ass post to bring some light into the fandom and between the CSs, and I hope you can post it? I’m new in the Tumblr world, but not in the 5H fandom. I don’t quite know how it works yet and, for the moment, I only know your blog and those of @emisonme, @karlaswine, @sun-to-my-luna, @underthatimpression, and @mentesimploria because, in one way or another, you’re all connected to each other. I just wanted to tell you guys how much I appreciate every single one of you, the passion you have, and the hope you keep alive among those who, like me, love the girls. Also, the patience you guys have, especially against the haters, is admirable. I love the fact that you keep going. Because this is your sacred place, as it should be.
This is the very first time I’ve ever done anything like this. I’m what can be defined as a ‘silent fan’. I never commented on anything in the girls’ posts, not even on the fan accounts I follow. I don’t have Twitter. I have Facebook but it’s like I don’t have it because I don’t use it. I have Wattpad (obviously). I recently registered here on Tumblr, and I have Instagram. That’s what I use. It’s the only app along with YouTube that I use daily to keep up with the rest of the world. Especially the American part of the world. I’m Italian, but I speak American English well, and I apologize in advance if my lazy ass hasn’t noticed possible grammatical errors. I saw that a lot of you are into this stuff, so I thought I’d add it just because. I’m a Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon, and Virgo rising.
I’m gonna turn 29 on December 22, and this is a BIG fuck off to all the people who have attacked you lately for your age. This is personal information that I give freely to make ignorant and small-minded people understand that, in this context especially, age is irrelevant. As you, little fucker who hides behind a computer to attack people just to feel stronger, have a life, we have it too. Like you, we have a life, a job, friends, etc. We also have passions. Passions that yes, my dear haters, also include shipping people. I don’t know why in your stupid brain we’re too old to ship people we love and to give opinions about it. I didn’t know it was something reserved only for those who still smell like mommy’s milk. But anyway…
I became aware of 5H existence just before summer 2015 thanks to ‘Worth It’. Being Italian, however, I had no idea who they were, and to be honest, I didn’t go searching for them. Randomly one day then, I ran into Camren on YouTube. I can’t remember which video I was watching, but I know for sure it was about ‘Heya/Brittana’ (Heather Morris and Naya Rivera/Brittany and Santana, my very first hard LGBT ship). And among the suggested videos, there they are. As ridiculous as it sounds, and although I liked them as soon as I saw them, I didn’t go searching for them. I did it when ‘Work from Home’ came out though. From there, I connected that they were the same ‘Worth It’ group and the same two girls I liked from those YouTube videos. I had officially become a fan. I was screwed. Screwed because, I’d officially entered one of the most messed up and yet most beautiful fandoms ever.
As I initially said, this is the very first time I’ve ever done anything like this. But after the recent events, seeing how many people gave up, it made me a little angry and gave me the strength to speak for the first time. I thought the first time would’ve been through the fanfiction I’ve been working on for over two years, but no. Lauren and her beautiful mouth had to terrorize, disappoint, panic, and make angry 80% of CS, thus fueling the hatred of all the other fandom towards us. So I decided to speak now. Maybe, just maybe, this very long ass post of mine is gonna help struggling CS. Maybe, just maybe, it’s gonna make them reason and bring them to their senses.
So. This, as I think you’ve understood, is about Lauren and what she said in the podcast. This is a reminder of the Laucy situation. These are things we already know and that I want to remind you of because apparently, my lovely fellows CS, either you have a short-term memory, or Lauren has the power to create amnesia in people’s minds and I knew nothing about it. Surely this power of hers didn’t work on me and a few others.
Oh and, before starting: 1) You may disagree with me. It’s normal to have different opinions. 2) You can search for information such as dates, easily on the internet. 3) I’m gonna use nicknames on PRs for fun. That doesn’t mean I hate them. I have my reasons for dislike each one of them as people, but I can assure you it has nothing to do with the fact that they were or are the Camren beards. An example to make you understand what I mean is Ty. I’m a huge Ari fan and I’ve been listening to ‘safety net’ non-stop for two days straight. I really dislike Ty as a person, but I separate the art from the artist.
Okay, that said, I can start.
Lauren said: “I knew I was queer because I fell in love with my best friend when I was like 15.” – “Her and I started to have a physical connection when I was 15.”
Lauren and Lucid Vivisectionist met when L moved to Carrollton in 7th grade. Lucille moved back to Puerto Rico in February 2012, returning to visit Miami occasionally (this explains the fetus pictures with Lucy and Camren at L’s house). In February 2012, Lauren was 15, Camila 14, and Lucy 16. And who did Lauren meet when she was 15? Oh yeah, Camila. C and L did the first phase of the audition, the ‘cattle call’, on May 1, 2012 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Audition where Camila took courage to speak at the (“Oh my God that girl is) literally so beautiful” girl from which she felt intimidated by starting that adorable brief conversation “Hi, I like your shirt”, “Thanks. I like your jacket” just before it was her turn to get in for her audition. In May 2012, Lauren and Camila were both 15 years old. Lauren and Camila saw each other again for the first time on July 25th, two months later, in Miami on the first day of boot camp, and it was Lauren herself who went to Camila: “You’re the Cuban girl!”. In July 2012, Lauren was 16 and Camila was 15.
Lauren said: “She came back into my life when I was 18. I was on tour and I was in my room in a hotel somewhere, and she called me.” Let me explain to you why I think this is true.
Lauren and Luxy reconnected with each other after Lucy’s car accident that took place on May 15, 2015. Lauren was really 18 in May 2015, and we can rule out The Reflection Tour dates because it started on February 27, 2015, and ended April 6, 2015. We can also rule out these other show dates that 5H did: April 11 in Jackson Township, New Jersey - April 13 at Live! with Kelly and Michael in New York - April 19 Lauren was at Coachella with Keana, Britt, and other friends - April 22 at the Worldwide Radio Summit in Hollywood - April 25 at Radio Disney Music Awards 2015 in Los Angeles - May 8 at Channel 93.3 Summer Kickoff 2015 in Chula Vista, San Diego - May 9 at Wango Tango 2015 in Carson, Los Angeles (May 9, rumors about Camila and Louis Tomlinson just because paparazzi believed they were together when Louis was actually together with Liam outside the Project Club L.A., and C who was at the club next door) - May 15 at KDWB Radio Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
The rest of their program and possible date: May 16 at Kiss Concert 2015 in Mansfield, Massachusetts - May 19 at Dancing with the Stars in Los Angeles - May 30 at G-A-Y in London (rumors about Lauren and Louis Tomlinson this time, born because 5H went to Libertine nightclub with Louis and Niall) - May 31 at Britain’s Got More Talent in London - June 2 at Capital FM in Birmingham, England - June 5 at Good Morning Britain in London - June 6 at Capital FM Summertime Ball 2015 in London - June 12 at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii - June 14 at LA Pride 2015 - June 18 at Jimmy Kimmel Live in Los Angeles - June 20 at B96 Pepsi Summer Bash 2015 in Bridgeview, Illinois - June 23 at San Diego County Fair 2015 - 28 June at Show Of The Summer 2015 in Hershey, Pennsylvania - July 10 at Rockefeller Plaza in New York. July 15, 2015, beginning of Reflection: The Summer Tour.
June 27, 2015 Lauren turned 19, and do you guys remember the events of those days? Because I do.
On June 24, 2015, Lauren celebrated her birthday in advance at the famous sushi restaurant ‘Katsuya’. Among the guests were the girls, her mom Clara, some friends, including Jill (the same Jill/Jillian Gutowitz who worked with Zack Sang and who 5H met on April 22, 2015, at the Worldwide Radio Summit, which lasted for three days but they were present for two: 22 and 23. The same Jill who wrote the article for AfterEllen on January 25, 2016, about her experiences with women who denied their sexuality. Remember the story of Lauren Jordan, right?), and Noah Benardout (may he rest in peace). Still no Lucia, not even on the days when Lauren returned to Miami to celebrate with her family before resuming the program from the 28. As I already said, The Reflection Summer Tour began on July 15, 2015, and Lucy’s first public reappearance took place on one of the tour dates, that is, July 27 at Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
From that moment on, we saw Lucille appear on multiple occasions in hops through time. After the July 27th date, we saw her during the trip to Hawaii with Lauren and Keana in September, followed by the concert that the girls had on October 10 in the Bahamas, where they stayed with their families and friends for a few days. After the Bahamas, the mess happened between 5H because they found out about Camila’s departure from the group which initially should’ve been immediate, but for which they fought and gained another year. That, was also the time when Laucy signed their PR contract. As we know from Lauren herself, that was the worst and darkest time for her. That was the beginning of her numbness.
On October 23, they were on their way to Italy and Lauren wrote on her dark diary, the one shown to us in Episode 8 of her Attunements. On October 24, they arrived in Milan for the MTV Europe Music Awards 2015 occurred on October 25, and on October 28, in Madrid instead, there was the interview with Alyson Eckmann, the journalist Camila flirted with while Lauren was sitting right next to her.
Going forward, in November we have:
- Rumors about Lauren and Julius Dein (his friend who is a YouTube magician).
-The release of IKWYDLS including the rumors about Camila and Shawn and Michael Clifford (who was already in the picture) who were ‘vying for her’.
- Beginning of Lauren’s coming out plan which included: 1) The release of The Vamps’ album on November 23rd, that is, a week after the release of IKWYDLS, and which included the track ‘I Found A Girl’. Joe O'Neill, the manager of The Vamps, liked that famous tweet. Despite the efforts to make us believe that Bleahren (sorry for the Italian pun I made here, but ‘bleah’ in Italian is equivalent to the ‘eww’ to indicate something gross, and therefore Bleah-Ren) Brauren was real and that the girl involved was Lucille and not Camila, they’ve miscalculated since Lauren and Brad ‘dated’ in 2014 when Lucy had not yet returned into Lauren’s life. But since the album and consequently the song came out on November 23, 2015, they tried to manipulate people’s minds as usual. 2) Jill’s article that served to connect and more or less ‘confirm’ the story between this Jordan and her childhood friend, Lauren-Lucy.
- December: completion of the 7/27 album + Dina LaPolt’s entry + renegotiation of the contracts (mostly DNA’s contracts) + FIFTH HARMONY MUSIC, INC. created by LAND on December 21 to prepare for the transfer of the 5H trademark, the FIFTH HARMONY PARTNERSHIP, of which they became owners from April 27, 2016 + change of management from Faculty Management: Jared Paul and Janelle Lopez, to Maverick Management: Larry Rudolph, Dan Dymtrow, and Tara Beikae. [All things that were possible ONLY THANKS to the exit of C from the group]
- January 2016, we have Lauren and Lucrezia who came back from Colombia to then taking a road trip for Lucy’s birthday week.
- Jill’s article came out and coincidentally, by pure chance, exactly two days later, on January 27, 2016, Camila and Dinah were hacked.
- On March 9, 2016, Lauren, Normani, Andrea, Dinah, and Keana went to pierce their ears, or rather, Laurmainah pierced their ears, mama Dre and Keana just accompanied them. During her turn, Lauren asked Keana to take her phone to make a video. In the meantime, Mani was filming Lauren, and again by pure chance, Keana, who was in the heart of the frame, took Lauren’s phone as she’d asked, and both the lock screen and the home screen portrayed a picture of Lucania during a photoshoot. Same picture Lucy herself posted on Instagram on April 10th to leave no doubt.
- April 24, 2016, Coachella together.
- Luciana went with 5H in London, in May, during the promotion of the 7/27 album. (+ Camren video of May 28, 2016)
- She was present during the start of the tour in South America on June 26th (in the evening during the concert, L danced Big Bad Wolf for her, but that’s not the famous video, that was on September 5) and 27th to celebrate L’s birthday together (picture of the 27th of them in Buenos Aires).
- June 27, 2016, on L’s birthday, Jill posted a picture with L from the birthday dinner of the year before, further confirming the story of ‘Jordan’.
- August 1, the national girlfriend day, L posted a picture of her and Lucy.
- From August 12 to 21, Lucy was with them. The night after the concert on the 13th in Rochester Hills, Michigan, videos in which Lucilla appeared during Lauren Fuller’s birthday celebration at the hotel for dinner. On the 14th in Noblesville, Indiana, during Gonna Get Better and Big Bad Wolf Lauren smiled in Lucy’s direction who was in the audience. On the 18th in Virginia Beach, Virginia, a fan met Laucy in a movie theater restroom, taking a selfie with Lauren (C posted a picture of her in the dark with the words of Bad Things “don’t think that I can explain it” the same night).
- On September 4 and 5 Lucippe returned. On the 5th in Houston, Texas, the famous ‘super HD’ video took place in which Lauren danced Big Bad Wolf for Lucy, even pointing to her during her verse. [On September 6, Midland, Texas, during the Q&A, Lauren wore the same dress that Lucy was wearing to the concert the night before, and at the same time, she sat next to C and got jealous when C complimented a fan by sending her flying kisses. Ahh… The irony]
Now. Let’s move on to the part of the podcast where Lauren explains about the kiss with Lucza at her uncle and aunt’s wedding, how her aunt “super innocently” posted the pictures on Facebook that her “unreal invasive fans” found and posted, how Perez Hilton outed her to the world by posting an article with those pictures, how she did nothing for a week, and that after thinking “Ok, it happened. People know. What am I gonna do?”, she wrote that letter against Trump as her own way of coming out.
On November 4, 2016, Lauren and Lucynda did the ‘famous’ photoshoot in New Orleans called ‘Bare With Me’. Lauren flew to NOLA right after Halloween, got back to Miami to vote, then returned to New Orleans on the 10th along with her family for the wedding. Lucianna was also with her on the 10th for the rehearsal/bowling with all of Lauren’s relatives. Meanwhile Orange Trumpeter was elected on the 8th, and many celebrities were preparing to write a letter through Billboard against him and his supporters. Labels and management saw it as a perfect opportunity to get her to come out also considering how much Lauren has always been vocal on the subject, and THEY contacted Billboard to get her to participate in exchange of the exclusive of her coming out. All that was missing was the evidence to make sure that there had been no connection with Camila, and that was the reason for the kiss at the wedding on the 11th.
On November 13, the wedding photographer posted those pictures on his website, including the one of the kiss. And I’m sorry, Lolo, I love you but, really? Who are you kidding? The pictures didn’t start spreading because her ‘unreal invasive fans’ found them on her aunt’s Facebook page where she’d posted them ‘super innocently’. The pictures started spreading after the photographer posted them! And you know what’s even more funny? That to see those pictures on the website, you needed an access password. So what are you saying here, Lo? That your ‘unreal invasive fans’ were so good, to even have hacked their way into the website for pictures they didn’t even know existed? It wasn’t your team, was it? Oh, okay. My bad.
Sarcasm aside. The pictures started to spread, Perez tweeted about it on the 14th, and in the meantime Lauren had time to write the letter that was approved by the labels and sent to Billboard (on the 14th), who approved it a couple of days after it was sent (on the 16th), and which they then published it in the article two days later (on the 18th). In all of this, on November 15, 2016, the girls all went to Epic’s party. Since we know very well that most of the cases of coming out as bisexual in the industry made by a female celebrity occur in succession with the connection with a guy, that night there was the PR proposal between Typo Dolour Signal and Lauren that he obviously accepted, and in fact, he was there that night at that party too (Picture of C with a tear mark on her cheek).
Now, the icing on the cake of the Laucy’s PR: Nicole Cartolano. Nicole is a friend of Lecy’s with whom she had already worked together and who also posted pictures of Lauren on November 17 and 22, 2016, one on December 31, 2016, together with Marian Hill taken backstage after Lauren’s performance with them on the 30th, the night before, for the Snow Globe Festival in South Lake Tahoe, California, and the one of Laucy (with the piñata) on January 10, taken the same night to celebrate Lucilia’s birthday at midnight and that Lauren also used to post it for wish her a happy birthday. That was the last public interaction between the two. *Slow entry of Tympans Dollhouse Signalized in the picture from January 4, 2017, thanks to that tweet*.
On January 21, 2017, Lauren and Lucy were at the same Women’s March, but separately (single), and we haven’t seen them together anymore. LuBYE. On March 22, 2017, both ‘Bare With Me’ and the interview article Nicole did with MTV News (she confirmed that Laucy had been together by having an on-again, off-again for years and also said a lot of other bullshit like the fact that the girls were nervous because they didn’t know how their parents would’ve responded) came out. On August 13, 2018, Nicole officially apologized to Lucy for being angry with her for posting the pictures and therefore for having outed her and for having taken part in the MTV interview without their permission. There was also the screenplay made by Nicole’s mom to make everything even more true.
Bullshit on bullshit on bullshit. Number 1, Lauren herself confirmed in this podcast that her parents knew about her, and said how much she loved Lucre’s ‘I’m out and proud’ part.
Number 2, Nicole posted a preview of the pictures on March 18, 2017, so if she really wanted to stop her before the publication on the 22nd, she would’ve had time to do so.
Number 3, Lucita came out publicly on her own with that Spanish post on Instagram on November 20, 2016, saying in summary that she was anything but straight because she didn’t want to label herself (she did it years later by saying she was a lesbian).
Number 4, as Lusia also confirmed in that post where Nicole’s mom left that comment, Nicole signed a non-disclosure agreement form. If she had actually violated it without having had a release and written consent form, she would’ve been sued.
Number 5, if Luciferase really wanted to have that conversation in private with Nicole’s mom, she might very well have done so. She could’ve contacted her and answered her IN PRIVATE for real, and not via IG where EVERYONE saw and took the side of poor, poor Luckless.
Number 6, the biggest proof that shows the hypocrisy of all this, Lucasta continued to work with Nicole. Their last work dates back to November 25, 2019.
Okaay, sure… sure, because it was normal for her to continue working with the person who outed her, wasn’t it? People’s lies never cease to amaze me. For that matter, Nicole also posted a picture of their ‘adventure’ as they made their way to the photoshoot location on November 1, 2017, and continued to wish them both a happy birthday with posts every year.
And lastly, on June 6, 2020, we have the Lucerne’s video leaked (+ old pictures and videos of 5H) where she burned pictures of Lauren and of the two of them together in 2017, accompanied by the tweets occurred two days later, in which she explained that she was hacked and that she burned the pictures for a closure. Then, exactly 20 days later, that is on June 26, 2020, the PAPER Magazine article of Lauren’s interview came out. What a coincidence! In that article, Lauren explained, along with other things, that she’d been in love with her best friend for 7 years.
Lauren, honey, the maths, the maths… If according to your words you fell in love with her at 15, got together with her at 18, and broken up at 20, how can these be 7 years? It’s 5 years… And as if it wasn’t enough, still according to your words, after 1 year and 8 months (from mid-May 2015 to mid-January 2017), 2 months of which public because of the wedding pictures, of the relationship you wanted at all costs, “all in” and “now we’re gonna be in this relationship”, you broke up with her because she was really toxic, and after less than a month, you started dating an even more toxic person without the proper time to heal?? How do you expect me to believe you? And I’m putting aside the fact that I know they’re both PR relationships. I’m speaking out of logic. How? How can I believe you? How does this make any sense?
Personally, yes, I believe Lauren and Lucy have a past. Lauren’s first kiss was when she was 13 (8th grade) with her boyfriend at the time, Dominic, but I think Lucy was her first kiss with a girl. And I think it happened when she was 15, but in 2011, so long before Lucy left. Lauren dated Paul Martinez from June 4, 2011, to the end of July (around 23/24). From after Paul, until her very first PR at X-Factor, Keaton Stromberg, she was single. I truly believe that before she met Camila, Lauren and Lucy did everything Lauren said. I really believe Lauren experimented with her in secret, but I don’t believe in anything else she said at all.
This is my opinion. And in my opinion, Lauren always knew she was queer, and Lucy was the first with whom she could experience the attraction and the feelings towards girls she had always felt and concealed deep inside herself. But they were friends. Just friends. Friends who messed around and experimented together in secret given the environment that surrounded them. Lucy then returned to live in Puerto Rico and they simply drifted apart because of the distance and Lauren’s busy schedule with 5H. When she came back into Lauren’s life, they rekindled their friendship. Just that. Also because, Camila, hello? Camila entered Lauren’s heart the same year Lucy left and never get out of it. Not to mention that Lucy had a girlfriend, Sarah Scott Narcise, before getting together with Nicole Marie Rendón in March 2017. I honestly think that Lucy was also giving advice to Lauren about her relationship with Camila, and I also think that now they really aren’t friends anymore for something we don’t know about, even though I have my theories… But anyway. Lauren needed a beard to be able to come out, Lucy needed visibility for her modeling career and, at the time, also for her music which, however, never saw the light of day. The labels approved because they would’ve done anything to keep their chosen one out of the gay light. Camila also approved. Boom, PR.
I don’t believe all the other bullshit she said during the podcast. Because if they’d been true, they would’ve made logical sense. A sense they’ve been trying, and failing, to give for years. If Lauren really didn’t want to come out, she wouldn’t have done a photoshoot with Lucy a week before the wedding with the intention of using that same photoshoot to come out. She would not have kissed Lucy in a public place during the wedding pictures in front of a professional photographer hired for the event, knowing full well that those pictures would eventually have been published by the bride and groom, her aunt and uncle, and the photographer himself. If she wanted so badly a picture of her kissing her girlfriend, drunk or not, she would’ve taken her fucking phone and take selfies. It wasn’t the fans’ or Perez’s fault. It was the management that was following the plan.
And I’m supposed to, what exactly? Forget all these things, things that have been proofed multiple times in the past, because Lauren, or Camila, or management, or labels, or their contracts, must continue with their stupid narrative? Because Camila must continue to look straight and continue to look in love with Shalt Menstruated because the señorito is about to release his documentary and his album? Because Camila’s movie is about to come out? Because Lauren’s own album is about to be released and because the subject matter of her female-pronounced songs must only and exclusively be related to Lucy? (Although I think her album will be out next year. I think a song with female pronunciation is coming out soon. And no, I’m sorry, I don’t think it’s Burning)
Guys, come on…
Think about it. She used Lucy as a shield to tell part of her story with Camila that happened in 2014. It all fits. Even the story told through songs from Camila’s cocky POV, including ‘Like Friends Do’, ‘Eyes on You’, ‘Cleopatra’, ‘Leave for Good’, and a couple from her last album like ‘Should’ve Said It’ and ‘Feel It Twice’.
I understand why many of you have been hurt by this podcast and by Lauren herself. I understand why a lot of you are angry about the things she said. I see you, I understand, I really do. And everyone is free to feel whatever they want, I’m not saying otherwise. But I really don’t understand why you’re hiding or why you’re abandoning the ship. Authors who don’t wanna write anymore. Accounts closed. Names changed. Hope lost. This, all this, makes me angry and hurt. Because you fell for it. And you know why you fell for it? Because Lauren changed her approach. Leaving aside the part just before when she said: “Even when I talk about it, and I don’t talk about it because I’ve learned to just ignore it because-” and there, I swear I had to pause because I burst out laughing, and I was like: “Bitch, you’re the one who pulled this out of your ass out of nowhere right this second, what are you saying?”. She went on by saying, and she knows us so well because of this: “I just chose to ignore it at a certain point because getting angry to them would it mean that it was real and validate it more for them”.
And it’s true. This non-angry approach of hers, worked like a charm. Lauren’s older, she’s more mature than before. Although she was very nervous, she managed to explain everything calmly. The fact that she was emotional and almost cried in many parts, it really gave an extra boost to what she tried to sell. And I’m not saying she faked almost crying. Hell, no. That was super true and hard for her. I’m saying though, that it’s really easy to manipulate people’s minds, and Lauren used her real pain, the real suffering she has gone through over the years to tell this charade. That’s why it seemed so real. And I’m supposed to fall for that shit just because that’s what they’ve wanted for years, right? Convenient much?
Guys, please. You’re smarter than that, use those beautiful brains. For example, the fact that Lauren said: “I was queer, but she was not”, wrong as you want it to be, and “Camila and I were just really good friends at that time”, yeah, sure, Jan. Doesn’t the very fact that she used the past tense make you realize that it was done to completely detach herself from her IN THE PRESENT? Everything she said was for something. Everything had a purpose. And the goal is always the same. Make us stop shipping ‘em. Putting a label on C only served the Shoestoremila purpose, nothing else. And those were words that came out of the mouth of the one who says she doesn’t like labeling people. The same one who was pissed that someone had outed her before she wanted to. Do you really think she’s that hypocritical?
The fact that she put all the CS in the same box, especially when she talked about the Daddy situation, WAS DONE ON PURPOSE. She couldn’t fail to generalize because their purpose is, and will be for a long time to come, to kill Camren. That means the whole fandom. Not just invasive elements. But really all the CS. The purpose was to make us feel guilty. The purpose is to make us accept that it was never real, and since we care about them, to make us continue to support them individually and not as a couple, even though she knows that the real CS do it regardless. This, is called manipulation, guys.
Think about everything else too. The inconsistency. The holes in her story. The lack of explanations. And the fact that during the story of how it all happened, she jumped from one theme to another and therefore managed to deflect and not completely finish one before moving on to the other, doesn’t it make you understand that she didn’t want to give too many details? And when does that usually happen? She knew we’d analyze her. She knew she couldn’t say too much. When she talked about Lucy, she knew that WE know she was talking about Camila, and with too many details, it would also have been obvious to the others because WE would’ve pointed it out to everyone. I mean, it’s obvious enough in itself, imagine if she’d fed us more information that we would’ve compared in the timeline.
Please, guys. I know that it feels like something’s changed, but it’s not. It’s really not. I’m appealing to all of you. Open your eyes. Reason. I know many of you still have conflicting emotions and feelings, and that’s okay. If you’re still upset, if you still wanna cry, then cry. Do whatever helps you feel better because, especially after the haters have come to bite your asses, you’re entitled to feel the way you do. But please, please, don’t give up. If you give up, you just play their game. You just do them a favor. You guys had invested so much of your time, so much of your passion, so much of yourselves to just, give up. Think of all we’ve been through, especially those who’ve been in the fandom for years. Think about how happy Camren makes you. They were there for you when you needed them. When you were going through hard times. I know they’ve helped a lotta people.
And think about this too. Lauren herself said at the beginning of the podcast: “The news and the media are constantly spinning narratives for your clicks so they can make money”. And what do you think this podcast was for? It’s always the same shit. Have you not noticed how the very same news and media have ALL talked about them? Didn’t you notice how My Oh My magically returned into the charts? How 50ft surpassed the 9 million streams on Spotify? And you still have doubts?
This is instead for the CS who get often angry about their actions. I personally think it’s pointless to blame Lauren and Camila for every single thing they do that has been PLANNED for them. Especially Camila as far as Shonas is concerned. There’s a pattern here too. Lauren had her light PR with Lucia. Lauren then had her heavy PR with Typic Dole Sight while Camila had a light one with Eatchu. And now Camila’s having a heavy one. C’s one is heavier simply because they’re much more famous than PRen (Tyren) were. So, guys, be patient. There’s really no point in getting angry and blaming them. It’s a waste of energy. It’s useless to blame them if they’re gonna continue to do so over the years to come. They’re just still trying to get past their original contracts and survive in the industry at the same time. Sooner or later, I HOPE, they will be free to tell the truth or the truth will come out on its own.
Well, I’m done. Jeez, that was long, wasn’t it? But I hope it was worth it. I hope I’ve cleared your heads a little bit and instilled some hope again. I also hope I made you smile with all those nicknames and my sarcasm. I especially hope that wherever you are, you’re having a good day, and if not, then I hope it has improved at least a little bit with this post. And thank you so much, Stuck. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to use my voice for the first time publicly/virtually. You, above all, keep on being one of the lights and NEVER let them turn you off. I love you guys. Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay patient. With love, F.
I leave you with these two pearls:
Number 1. Lauren said something else too. She said: “Don’t trust me. Go research. Go look this shit up yourself”. I know she said it for a completely different context, but I found it really funny given the situation.
Number 2. This is a small scene that automatically created itself in my head as soon as I finished listening to Wonder. I titled it: The sad and short story of the making of ‘Wonder’.
*on the phone*
Shawl Mendicant: “Hey, buddy. I know you were a huge Fifth Harmony fan and I know you love my fake girlfriend, so I was thinking… could you help me? You know, I need her to stay relevant, but to do that, I also need to release music and completely take all the credit from other people because, you know, the most I do is change a sentence or two in my style to make people think that I wrote all my songs.”
Sam Smith: “………okay?”
Shawnita Menorrhagia: “So, I was wondering, can I copy your homework? You can totally refuse if you want to, but I’m hoping to appeal to the love you have for 5H and Camila, and maybe help a friend out?”
Sam Smith: “Yeah, sure, you can copy my homework. Anything for my girls. Just, change it up a bit so it doesn’t sound too obvious you just copied it.”
Shonas Mended: “Don’t worry. I’ve got this. Thanks, man.” - *ends the call*
Sam Smith looking at the phone with an incredulous expression and one hand over his heart: “I came out as a non-binary, you insensitive asshole!”
Shoes Mentionable from the other room: “Cameeela! He said yes!” *reaching then Camila and Lauren in the living room where Lauren is lying with her head resting on Camila’s legs who’s running her fingers through her hair with one hand and holding the book that she’s reading with the other one* “You were right, all I had to do was mention you girls.”
Lauren chuckling and continuing to pet Cleo who’s lying at the foot of the couch with one hand: “Told you”, to then adding: “And please, I know you’re excited because of the news but keep your voice down”, continuing to caress Sofi’s head who’s sleeping on top of her with the other one.
Shapeless Mentality: “Oh, sorry.”
Camila without looking away from her book: “Sam’s really nice. I’m sure they would’ve said yes even without the need of mentioning us.”
Lauren: “Hmm, I’m not so sure about that, babe. Yes, they’re very nice, but we’re powerful in their minds, so it was an added incentive for them to say yes.”
Shaved Mentholated: “Who are they? Weren’t we talking about Sam?”
Camila who was giggling at her girlfriend’s words:
Sinu from the kitchen:
Cleo who was nibbling her toy:
Even Thunder, Leo, and Eugene from outside into the yard:
*the end*
Chon Mendable: ‘Wonder’ - Sam Smith: ‘One Last Song’
OMG I am speechless. I’m really still digesting this whole story because it’s amazing but I wanted to start by saying hello to you and telling you my name, my name is Marite. It is a pleasure to meet you dear friend. I don’t want to write too much because your words are much more important than mine but I wanted to thank you for trusting me and my blog to tell me your story. That side of the story that, being new and not having been a harmonizer from the beginning, I never learned. I intended to ask for more information about Laucy’s Timeline but what you have told is a gem. A gem that shows that the bastards of the industry cannot fool the fans because we pay attention to everything and it is not easy for us to fall for their shit. I think the power we fans have is so great that if we all came together, we could bring down this whole fucking fake empire that they have created. That said, Laucy’s story is surprising. As planned and how each person involved had to do their part on the chessboard. Incredible. Now that you tell me that story, I think it fits the one I wrote in my once upon a time post. Sure, yours is true and has everything that mine doesn’t. I have tried to keep this blog open for all who wish to come and air their ideas, their thoughts, their tea. And you dear friend, you have been one of the best so far. You’ve given us that support that the fandom so badly needed and I really appreciate it. I also appreciate your humor, the nicknames have been so hilarious and I’m still laughing. Thank you for daring to tell this part of the story and reopen the can of worms of a PR that right now resurfaces with that Lauren interview. With a purpose, it’s true. And something tells me that we will see much more very soon. Thank you for your support, my friend. And you know, you have my blog at your disposal for whatever you need. And if you need to talk or anything else. I greatly appreciate that we can continue to keep this ship afloat among ourselves. Among a group of intelligent people who have been hurt by someone we have always loved very much even though we know the reason for all that. We can’t give up now because if we do it like you say they will win and I personally don’t plan to indulge them in that. Thank you very much for all dear friend and I hope you have a nice day. I send you a hug and I hope you stay safe.
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thecolordemon · a year ago
Can I ask for the brothers and (if it not too much) the undateables' reaction of accidentally transported to mc's bedroom/home in human realm? I hope it's not too weird, I just need to get this idea out of my head
That sounded like it was going to be fun and guess what? It freaking was.🤣 @majestickittay ❤
Request: How would the demon brothers and undateables react if they got accidentally transported into MC's bedroom/home in human realm?
The demon brothers:
If MC is in the Devildom:
How could he miscalculate like this?!
That only happend once when he was very very young and had to get used to his powers
notices that this is MC's room because it smells like them
looks for some kind of prove even though he is rather sure
finds the polaroids of you and your human friends
studies them carefully and wonders if you miss them
if the MC has a tidy room -> impressed
if not -> needs to fight the urge to clean it up
leaves before someone in the house spots him
takes one of the polaroids (a selfie of MC) with him
If MC is at home:
he missed you so much but his sudden appearance wasn't planned
MC screaming in surprise when he appears on their bed
"What the hell are you doing--my poor heart!"
him apologizing for disrupting and invading MC's personal space
wants to leave right away
just stays if MC begs him to
MC shows him their room
likes to spend some time with them alone
asks them a lot of things (for example about their friends etc.)
"Do you miss us, MC?"
If MC is in Devildom:
Woops-how did that happen?
maybe it was an accident
maybe not
very curious about MC's room
opens their closet to steal some of MC's shirts and underwear
just for...sience of course...
"So this is how you live..."
takes a deep breath and also steals some of their perfume
picks up human money and is very interested in it
sits down on their bed for a while before he leaves
If MC is at home:
appears behind MC and smirks after he sees them "Well, that's a nice surprise!"
MC screaming in terror before they realize it's him
"Mammon what the fuck-"
big hug
denies that he missed them too
"It was an accident, I swear!" MC:"Yeah sure."
asks them a lot about the human version of money
"So you have coins and bank notes?"
"Can I burrow some of your stuff"
already has a lot of things in his pockets
want's to stay over night
If MC is in the Devildom:
he wants to leave right away when something catches his eye
a picture of MC on a Comic Con
a picture of MC cosplaying an anime character
goes all "UwU"
examines the whole pictures
then he finds the merch
"Oh this is all so neat-!"
really wants to talk with MC about their amazing room
rummages through their dvd's and video games
"A body pillow?!"
he didn't knew that heaven looked like this
If MC is at home:
a confused Levi appears
"Um--MC did you summon me?"
"Levi--my heart-don't do that!"
big hug
he blushes
"Where am I?"
"This is my room. Seems like someone missed me!"
heavy blushing
falls in love with all the fan merch, movies and games
really wants to play some human video games together with MC
If MC is in the Devildom:
"What am I doing here?"
this is not the library
Well...fuck the library, this is even better
scans everything with his eyes
doesn't want to break MC's privacy
searches for some books
picks up the book that's right next to MC's bed
reads one or two pages before returning it
will tell you what happend because he doesn't want to hide it from you
If MC is at home:
lands on MC's blue carpet and is confused for a little moment
sees them sitting at their desk
knocks on the doorframe very softly
"Yes please?"
"May I come in?"
happy and warm welcome
"I didn't plan to come here but right now I'm quiet happy it happend anyway."
you both drink some tea and chat about everything that happend in the past few days/weeks
If MC is in the Devildom:
first he thinks that some powerful horny being summoned him
ready to put on a show
until he recognizes that nobody is there
pouts "What a shame..."
get's incredibly excited when he figures out that this is MC's room
"Oh this is cute! And this! Oh and this is the cutest! Wait no. That's me"
rummages through MC's wardrobe
if MC has make up he will also examine this
thinks about decorating the room a little bit different while MC is away
thinks it would be a nice surprise
If MC is at home:
first he thinks that some powerful horny being summoned him (to be fair: this happens quiet often)
turns around to see MC lying on the bed while listening to some music
sneaks up to them and suddenly MC feels someweight above them
licks over their earlobe and nibbles on their neck
"Guess who's here, darling~"
cuddles next to you
is horny and will try to seduce you
if it works: They're having fun
it not: pouts and whines but he accepts it
"Oh let's try out some of your beauty products!"
And because tumblr hates me I had to make the rest of them like this:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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pitch-pearl-void · 9 months ago
Hi! I love your work! Do you take requests? If so, would you mind doing something like maybe Skulker is looking for Phantom so in the middle of the day he comes to find Fenton to use him as bait while he's in the middle of class? And the class' reaction, because holy crap Fenton knows a ghost, and Phantom coming to save him? If not, that's totally fine, too!
I love the idea! I may have gotten a little carried away...whoops ^-^’ I focused more on Fenton and his classmates than on the romance, but I hope you’ll like it!
A paper football smacked directly into Fenton’s neck. Fenton cringed and gritted his teeth. In the desk behind him, he heard Dash snicker and the dull smack of two hands connecting as he high-fived Kwan. Mr. Lancer continued droning on about Shakespeare’s career, too passionate to notice Dash’s behavior—assuming he would care. He would probably just see it as another form of punishment for Fenton’s actions.
Not punishment for taking too many bathroom breaks or arriving late to class, though. No, Fenton’s days as a misbehaved student were supposed to be over, brought to an end by his and Phantom’s separation. He no longer needed to escape class to fight ghosts. He no longer needed to think about ghosts at all.
In theory…
Avoiding ghosts might have worked if Fenton could just stop thinking about his other half. 
For weeks after they had separated, they had barely spoken, but then Fenton had to go and open his big mouth, invite Phantom to play a round on his video game, driven by some instinct or by some longing he couldn’t put a name to. Phantom was just…he was his missing half. Being around him felt right. It wasn’t that crazy that Fenton had missed him, right? That they had stayed up nearly all night talking, playing, and joking? That Phantom visited almost every night, that they were rebuilding something new between them?
There was just so much to talk about, so many things to share, so many things to experience together in ways they never had as one. A month had passed with the two of them growing closer, and Fenton was losing his mind, he was sure of it.
What else but madness would have made him meet Phantom’s kiss with one of his own?
He had gotten caught texting Phantom. There was just so much they needed to figure out about what they were feeling… Lancer had confiscated his phone and moved Fenton to the front of the class where Lancer could “keep an eye on him.”
A fourth football landed without Lancer’s eye seeing a thing.
Fenton groaned and dropped his forehead onto the desk.
“Head up, Mr. Fenton,” Mr. Lancer ordered without looking.
Amazing, Fenton thought irritably as he lifted his head. He knows and sees everything except—
An invisible hand seized Fenton’s wrist, cold metal plates painfully squeezing his arm. He drew in a sharp breath. Before he could call out a warning, the ghost flew above his desk, lifting Fenton by his arm until they were at eye-level several feet from the ground.
Skulker, fully visible now, grinned viciously at Fenton’s stunned face.
“Crime and Punishment!” Mr. Lancer yelped.
The other students jumped from their seats, screaming. They ran for the door, but Skulker activated something by flicking the fingers of his free hand, and green electric bars sprang up in front of the door and the windows. The students cried out in fear and backed away from the bars. Fenton grabbed the arm holding his wrist and tried to pull himself up or at least relieve the strain on his shoulder and wrist. He grunted, kicked his feet, but he couldn’t manage a chin-up one-handed. He could barely do them with two.
“A bit overkill,” Skulker mused aloud, staring at Fenton’s classmates, “I have my bait, I don’t need hostages, but perhaps one of you lot can perform a service for me.”
“Skulker,” Fenton growled under his breath, trying to slip his voice underneath the fearful screams and yelling so he would only be heard by Skulker, “what the heck are you doing? You know I’m not half-ghost anymore, let me go.”
Skulker laughed, a cruel, creepy sound due to the robotic speakers and the natural echo in his voice. Fenton’s classmates shrank back from him. “You now serve a new purpose for me, whelp.” He swung Fenton by his wrist, Fenton’s legs swinging freely, and then, before Fenton could squeak a protest, he tossed him.
Fenton cried out and tried uselessly to activate powers that were no longer there. It took five seconds. Five seconds of falling before he landed on the cement floor. 
Air burst from his lungs. Pain and shock exploded from his back. He tried gasping in a breath, but his lungs didn’t seem to be working. He choked before managing a ragged inhale.
Skulker’s boot pressed down on his chest before he could roll over and curl into a ball. Fenton groaned, his back screaming, but he wrapped his fingers around the boot and tried to shove it off. He couldn’t. Without ghost powers, he was too weak. He was too disoriented. Had he hit his head? He thought his back took the full brunt of his fall, but his head might have bounced back.
Add super healing to the list of powers I wish I had right now, he thought woozily.
He had never hurt so much during a ghost fight, not even when he had been thrown through buildings. He had made craters in pavement and climbed out of the pit with only a sore shoulder. If this was the sort of dangers full humans faced during every ghost attack…
No wonder they always ran away.
Except Sam and Tucker… Fenton pried his eyes open and turned his head toward his classmates, desperately searching for the friends he knew wouldn’t be there. They shared a math class with Valerie during final period. Skulker must have waited until Fenton was isolated from any other ghost hunter who could help. But why?
“Where is your communications device?” Skulker asked him.
Fenton turned his head and blinked stupidly up at him. “What?”
“Your…” Skulker snapped his fingers together as he searched for the word he needed, “rectangular device. Phone. Phone! Yes, that was it. Where is your phone, whelp?”
Fenton tipped his head back and looked toward Lancer’s desk. It was probably there somewhere, but…he could see Mr. Lancer and a few of his classmates huddling behind the desk. He lowered his chin and looked incredulously up at Skulker again. “That’s why you’re attacking me? My phone? What the hell do you need my phone for?”
“Dude,” one of the jocks, Brad, hissed. “What the fuck are you doing, Fenton? Shut up and do what he says!”
Skulker snorted—or mimicked one, anyway. “Better do as the other whelps advise, child. You’re a great deal more delicate without your powers.”
Fenton hissed in a breath, but his classmates would hopefully miss the implication—if he spoke fast enough and gave them something else to think about. “Tell me what you want my phone for, first.”
Brad groaned.
“He’s a dead man,” Kwan whispered.
“To contact your ghost half, why else?” Skulker said disdainfully.
Fenton wanted to scream. “I don’t have one!” he said, the words almost tripping over each other as they rushed from his mouth.
“What?” Skulker’s menacing tone softened into something almost civil. “A phone? You don’t have a phone? Perhaps I can make one for you. I understand these devices are important to human development. And it would serve my purposes to be able to reach one ghost child through the other.”
“Stop—Damn it, Skulker! I don’t have a ghost half!” Fenton tipped his chin up and raised his voice. “I am one hundred percent human!”
“Oh yes, now,” Skulker grumbled bitterly. “You two have cheated me of a unique specimen.”
“Wow, sorry,” Fenton deadpanned.
“What the fuck are they talking about?” Dash demanded. He tried to whisper it, but his high-pitched voice easily carried his words to Fenton and Skulker. “What the hell is a ghost half? Why is that robot ghost after Fenton?”
Fenton glared pointedly up at Skulker, trying to communicate a silent “look what you did” reprimand, but Skulker only moved his head in a way that made Fenton think the tiny ghost inside it was rolling his eyes. A blade shot out of the armor’s wrist. Skulker touched the flat side to Fenton’s cheek, and Fenton drew in a breath, the cold touch of the blade spreading throughout his body.
“Your phone, whelp,” Skulker said, once again sounding menacing. A few of Danny’s classmates wailed in terror.
Fenton snapped, “I don’t have it!”
Skulker twisted the blade, the edge pressing into Fenton’s cheek. “Last chance, whelp.”
“Wait!” Lancer stood from behind his desk. Paulina and a couple other students stood with him, looking petrified. “Stop, stop!” He lifted Fenton’s phone above his head. “I have it! You can have it if you release him.”
“No, I don’t think I will.” Skulker blade moved away from Fenton’s cheek, however, allowing Fenton to breathe a little easier. “Awaken it for me.” Skulker’s false lips spread into a wicked grin. “We shall be making a little phone call…”
Fenton narrowed his eyes.
“Uhh…” Lancer began, uncertainly. “It’s, uh, it’s asking for some sort of password?”
“His password is numerical!” Mikey called from within the crowd of students clustered around the door. “A pin! Seven-eight-nine-zero.”
“Hey!” Fenton cried. “How do you know that?”
“You have other things to worry about, Fenton!” Kwan reminded him pointedly.
Lancer typed in the pin number and then stared down at the phone like he was facing down a complex puzzle. “How, uh, do I make a phone call on this thing?”
“Oh here!” Paulina snatched the phone from Lancer’s hands. “You just press the little phone icon, see?” She glanced up at Skulker and seemed to shrink in on herself, her confidence faltering. Fenton couldn’t really blame her. He remembered being terrified of Skulker the first few times he had met him too. “Um, what’s the phone number?”
“Child?” Skulker nudged Fenton’s cheek with the flat of his blade again.
Fenton kept his head turned toward Paulina and glared at Skulker from the corner of his eyes. “What?”
“The phone number, human child.”
Fenton snorted. “You haven’t said what you want to call him for yet.”
“Isn’t it obvious?”
“Spell it out for me.”
“In my efforts to study my prey’s habits, I have noticed the two of you getting…” Skulker tilted his head, “closer, shall we say? You have been spending a great deal of time together, lately. I don’t know how far things have gotten, but the signs of a ghost in love are fairly obvious. That is a weakness I can use. You are a weakness. Once he knows I have you, my prey will come to me.”
“You should change your name to Stalker,” Fenton grumbled, blushing.
The blush worsened as his classmates made little “ohhh” sounds of dawning understanding.
“Fenton has a ghost boyfriend,” Mikey said, his laugh too strained to be natural. “That must be what they mean by ghost half!!”
“Idiot,” Kwan groaned. “If this ghost doesn’t kill him, his parents are going to.”
Dash cupped his hands over his mouth and shouted, “Hey, Fenton, maybe you should dump your kinky ghost boyfriend before you get the rest of us killed over it!”
“Oh, fuck you!” Fenton shouted back, turning into the blade in order to glare at his classmates. “We’re not dating! We just kind of—He just…it’s complicated!"
Skulker snapped, “Whelp!” and turned Fenton’s head with the blade until Fenton’s glare had resettled on the ghost. “His phone number. Now!”
“No!” Fenton snapped back. “Forget it! I’m not going to let you use me as bait so you can—”
He cut off with a shriek of pain as the point of Skulker’s blade sliced across his cheek. Hot blood gushed from the wound and spilled toward his ear. He writhed under Skulkers boot and reached up to cover the wound, but Skulker’s blade slapped his hands away. Fenton’s classmates were screaming again, the tentative calm Fenton’s behavior had inspired shattered by the sight of so much blood. Tears streamed from Fenton’s eyes. Skulker slapped his hands away again before he could touch his face.
“You!” the hunter pointed at Paulina who quailed and shrank into Lancer. He protectively wrapped his arms around her. “Those devices can capture photos, can they not? Take a picture of this and send it to my prey as well.”
Paulina, trembling, shrieked, “I don’t know the number!”
Skulker looked down pointedly at Fenton. “Shall I give you a matching gash on your other cheek or will you cooperate for once, whelp?”
Fenton glared up at him and gritted his teeth against the pain.
“Look through his contacts!” Mikey shouted.
“Stop—” Fenton gasped in pain as speaking stretched the wound in his cheek. “—Stop helping him!”
“We’re not helping him we’re helping you, you suicidal maniac!” Dash shouted back.
Paulina’s hands shook as she maneuvered through Fenton’s phone. “What would the contact be? What—what do—h-how will I know which one is…?”
“He was texting someone during class,” Lancer said quickly. “That may be your best bet.”
“Mr. Lancer!” Fenton protested.
“Alright!” Paulina nearly sobbed. “Alright, I got it!” She pressed the phone to her ear, and Fenton squirmed under Skulker’s boot.
“Paulina, don’t!” he pleaded. “He’s just going to spring Skulker’s trap!”
“Hello?” Paulina gasped into Fenton’s phone, apparently ignoring Fenton. “Are you Danny’s ghost boyfriend, er ghost half? Yes, my name is Paulina, you have to come quick, there’s a ghost here!” Fresh tears escaped her eyes. “I don’t know his name!”
Skulker grinned. “He’ll know me once you take our picture.” He nudged Fenton’s chin with his blade, forcing his head to turn toward Paulina so his right cheek rested on the floor and the wound on his left cheek was exposed to the air. “Behave, child. Let him see the injury.”
“Uh, hold on,” Paulina told Phantom, “he wants me to take a picture…I don’t know! I’m just doing what I’m told!”
Fenton glared at Skulker from the corner of his eyes as best he could. “You’re a real piece of work, you know that?”
“I know.” Skulker grinned viciously down at him. “It’s part of the fun.”
Fenton heard the camera on his phone make an artificial shutter sound and clenched his jaw, the wound on his cheek shrieking.
“O-okay,” Paulina stuttered. “I’m sending it.” She pressed the phone to her ear again. “Did you get it yet? Danny’s bleeding really bad. If you can find Danny Phantom, tell him we need his help!”
Skulker tipped back his head and laughed. “Yes! Tell Phantom to come at once!”
“Oh!” Paulina exclaimed. “You got it? Yeah, it’s a lot of blood, but—” Her expression froze. Her eyebrows furrowed and she pulled the phone away from her ear so she could glare at it. “He hung up on me!”
Skulker chortled. “Excellent! He will rush over here at his fastest speed, don’t you think, human whelp?”
“Probably,” Fenton bit out through his clenched teeth.
Skulker removed his boot from Fenton’s chest, and Fenton didn’t waste any time rolling onto his stomach. He frantically pushed himself onto his hands and feet and scrambled toward his classmates huddled by the door. They backed away from him like he had some sort of disease. Skulker fired something at him—a net—and Fenton crashed to the ground again. He screamed his frustration and struggled against the ropes. Kicking. Pulling. Twisting.
“Damn it!” he howled.
Skulker laughed delightedly at his efforts. He stomped toward Fenton, his mechanical boots making hissing, clicking noises as he approached. “I see you are as fierce as ever, whelp.” He grabbed ahold of the net and lifted Fenton into the air. Fenton hissed as his weight caused the thin ropes to bite into his skin. “But woefully weak. I wonder…if I tied to you to your other half, would you slow him down?” His grin grew more vicious. “That would make for an interesting game.”
Fenton wiggled in the net, trying to get comfortable as he glared at Skulker. “You’ll have to catch him first.”
“It’s only a matter of time, now. His protective instincts and weakness for you shall be his downfall this day.”
Fenton growled through his teeth and kicked Skulker’s chest as best he could through the net.
Skulker snorted. “That tickled…”
“Are you guys sure this was a good idea?” Nathan asked anxiously. “I mean, inviting another ghost here? Isn’t that just going to result in this classroom turning into a battlefield?”
Fenton’s classmates murmured uneasily to each other.
“Not if Phantom gets here first,” Dash declared, his voice only trembling slightly. “He beat this ghost before! He can do it again, no problem!”
“Would you like to tell them, or shall I?” Skulker asked Fenton in an almost conversational tone.
Fenton scowled at him and slumped in his unwelcome hammock. All of his and Phantom’s efforts to keep whatever was building between them secret until they could figure things out for themselves had just been shattered by Skulker’s attack. “Fine,” he grumbled. “Go ahead. They’ll find out when he gets here, anyway…”
Skulker threw his arms outward, Fenton and his net swinging from his fist. Fenton hissed his name in complaint, but Skulker ignored him. “I am Skulker!” Skulker declared in a ringing voice they probably heard from several classrooms down. “The greatest hunter in all the realms! I have vowed to capture the ghost child known as Danny Phantom, and now thanks to all of you and Phantom’s other half…” Skulker raised the net and grinned victoriously at Fenton’s scowling face, “my prey is at this moment speeding toward my trap…”
The quiet that fell over Fenton’s classmates was deafening, tension adding an oppressive pressure to the air so that it felt like Fenton was suffocating.
It was broken by Paulina.
“No!” she screamed. Fenton flinched, assuming her reaction had to do with him and Phantom’s feelings for each other, but Paulina proved him wrong as she fumbled with Fenton’s phone. “No, no, no!” She pressed the phone to her ear. “Pick up, pick up, pick up! Don’t come here, Ghost Boy! Don’t come!”
Skulker laughed. “It’s far too late for that! I have studied my prey well. His temper is always at its most irrational when one he cares for has been harmed.”
Fenton pushed against the confines of his net again. “You bastard,” he growled.
“It’s just Fenton,” Dash said weakly. “Phantom wouldn’t risk everything just for Fenton, would he?”
“But Danny is his ‘other half,’” Mikey pointed out. “That’s what the robot called them. It might be a ghost thing? Danny could be special to him.”
“What, like soulmates?” Kwan asked, sounding almost intrigued.
“It’s Fenton!” Dash gestured at Fenton’s hunched form inside the net. “Just look at him! There’s no way he could be Phantom’s…other half. Soulmate. Thing. No!”
Others murmured their assent.
Fenton groaned. “I can’t decide if being called Phantom’s soulmate is better or worse than the alternative,” he whispered.
“Better,” Skulker whispered back. He lifted his other arm and stared at the screen on his wrist, only partially listening to the humans. “It’s far more amusing.”
“Yeah, for you.”
“Excuse me?” Amanda shoved Dash’s shoulder and pointed at Fenton. “Danny can’t be Phantom’s soulmate?’ Who here has been acting like a total badass? Who just bantered with a ghost while they were threatening him? Who got his cheek slashed because he was trying to be a hero? Like, uh, hello? Are you guys blind? They’re practically the same person!”
“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Fenton groaned.
Skulker chortled.
“Fenton is nothing like Phantom!” Dash objected, sounding offended.
Fenton struggled in his net and searched the classroom for signs of Skulker’s trap. The only thing Skulker had activated were the glowing bars in front of the door and windows, but that was just to keep the humans trapped in the room, wasn’t it? That was why they only blocked physical exits and not the walls or ceiling.
Fenton narrowed his eyes. None of his classmates had actually touched the bars, they had only backed away from them. Skulker might have used the bars for the fear factor, not as a true barrier, and if that were the case, it made sense for them to only block the door and windows. He only needed to stop the humans from getting or receiving help.
“Hey!” Fenton shouted. “Someone run through those bars and get Sam and Tucker!”
His classmates stared incredulously at him. None of them moved an inch.
“It’s far too late for that as well,” Skulker said gleefully. “My prize shall be here in five, four, three, two…” he paused dramatically, “one.”
Phantom flew through the ceiling, his hands already coated with green energy. His head jerked left and right as his eyes searched the room, coming to a stop on Fenton in his net. His eyes widened and his jaw clenched. Fenton swore. His classmates shouted, some cheering Phantom’s name, others screaming for him to run, but Phantom’s eyes narrowed and he looked too pissed to think about running.
“Skulker,” he growled, his glare moving toward Skulker, “let him go.”
“That would be counterproductive.” Skulker lifted Fenton in his net and gave it a little wiggle. Fenton grimaced as he swayed. Phantom’s gaze jerked back to him. Something dropped to the floor, but Phantom’s eyes had become fixated on Fenton again. “If you want him, Ghost Child, come and get him.”
Phantom bared his teeth.
“Don’t do it!” Dash shouted.
Phantom shot forward, one fist pulled back for a truly epic punch. Skulker floated back a few steps, and as soon as Phantom flew over the space where they had been standing, a beam of light shot up from a small cube on the floor. Phantom’s eyes widened. Fenton didn’t understand until a vortex began to pull Phantom down into the cube.
“The Fenton Thermos,” Fenton gasped.
“Inspired by it,” Skulker corrected. “I have endured the indignity often enough to replicate its effects.”
Phantom fought against the pull, struggling to fly out of its range, but the cube floated off the ground and followed his movements. The tip of his spectral tail touched the cube, and in moments it sucked him in completely.
“Phantom!” Fenton and his classmates shouted. He struggled against his net, pulling on the ropes and kicking his feet outward.
Skulker laughed his triumph as he walked toward the cube. Fenton stared in horror at the little black box, his chest aching. Phantom had been captured because of him. It wasn’t over, not by a long shot, but…it wasn’t looking good. Skulker bent down and picked up the cube. He looked between it and Fenton, a wide, vicious grin splitting his face.
Fenton glared at him. “What?”
“How long has it been, human child?” Skulker asked him. “Two years?”
“Just about,” Fenton mumbled.
“It has been a long hunt…”
It’s not over yet, Fenton thought. He tried fitting his fist through the gaps between ropes, but it was no good. The holes were too small. “You cheated!”
Skulker’s eyes narrowed. “Cheated?”
“Cheated!” Fenton repeated.
“I baited and set a trap!”
“You cheated!” Fenton looked at his classmates. They were muttering and staring at the black cube in Skulker’s hands like they had just witnessed something impossible. “Right, guys? He cheated!”
They stared back at Danny with haunted eyes until Dash surged forward, pointing angrily at Skulker, and shouted, “Cheater!”
Starr gasped and exclaimed. “Yes! Cheater!” Her voice took on a practiced tone, and she chanted, “Cheat-er, cheat-er!” until the rest of the class caught on and began to chant it with her.
“I did not cheat!” Skulker yelled, offended, but the class continued chanting. He growled viciously, growing increasingly infuriated by the witnesses to his victory calling foul. It was exactly the kind of pride snatching maneuver Fenton had hoped for, and he waited anxiously to see if Skulker would take the bait.
He did.
“FINE!” Skulker roared. He lifted his arm higher and glared at Fenton as the other students quieted and shrank back from him. “I shall give you and your other half one last chance, whelp.” Slowly, he spread his metal lips apart in an angry grin. “I believe you know how this game is played. Let’s see how well Phantom can keep you alive when he’s tethered to you.”
Fenton sucked in a breath. It wasn’t unexpected, given Skulker’s previous comments, but all the same it was frightening, being hunted. He looked at his classmates. They were his only chance to leave a message, and he shouted, frantic, “Tell Valerie!” before electricity arced through the net into his body. He screamed, arching his back, before everything went mercifully black.
 I would absolutely love to continue this as an actual short story. Like, you’ve all heard of “Danny’s classmates taking a field trip into the Ghost Zone,” now get ready for “Danny’s classmates leading a rescue attempt into the Ghost Zone to free Phantom and his other half/boyfriend Danny!” Ahh it would be so much fun. Valerie would place herself in charge (because she’s actually been through this before, and because she won’t say why they all assume its because she once dated Phantom too which pisses her off) and she and Sam would butt heads a bit on what to do. Tucker would 100% brag about how much he knows about the GZ to Dash and friends like “yeah, that’s right, I’m a badass” but they’re all still reeling over the idea Phantom is 1) gay 2) dating Fento-loser.
Phantom and Fenton, meanwhile, are doing their best to stay alive on Skulker’s island while also dealing with the romantic tension between them.
I would absolutely love it. I have no idea how I would pull it off. Action scenes are my weak point, and I’m not entirely sure how I would sneak all these kids past the Fenton parents, if Jack and Maddie should even be told, if Lancer should go with the kids, or even if they could all fit in the Specter Speeder. RIP my idea lol. I think I might put it up on Ao3 just as a potential story some day? I’m not sure. It needs work, but I made leavemyelevator-alone wait long enough for this prompt lol
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gatoanswers · 9 months ago
hey! love you and your work sm! ❤ i hope this isnt too personal of a question, if it is feel free to skip over it, but i read on here somewhere that you deal with reoccuring random adrenaline rushes and i just wanted to ask how you cope? i have the same problem and its rough so i just wanted to know if you had any tips/insight?
I think I have a few tips at least!
I’ve actually been recently looking back at those ‘adrenaline rush’ problems I’ve had in the past and seeing if I can recontextualize them.
At first, I thought they were just ‘anxiety attacks’ [ although they didn’t match the length of time and severity ], then I considered they might be ‘manic episodes’, and now that I’ve been exploring the concept that I’m probably autistic, I’m thinking that maybe they were ‘meltdowns’.
I’ve tried thinking about what causes them, but even that’s been a challenge. I do find that they’re usually caused by stress- whether it’s distress, or its lesser known twin ‘eustress’ [ ‘good’ stress, which feels like extreme motivation ].
Figuring out what they are and why they happen helps me figure out what I can do to actually help to reduce them or possibly eliminate them. Here’s a list of tips I figured out!
• Cold water: this tip is for immediate relief of extreme stress. Humans have something called a ‘mammalian diving response’ that causes our breathing and heart rate to be slowed down when we’re shocked with cold water. Splashing a bunch on your face can help bring a 10/10 alarm situation to an 8/10- which is enough to help you think about the next steps.
• Deep breathing: If you’re like me, you might have trouble with this one. There’s a ton of apps and helpers out there to guide you through deep breathing, but I tend to always lose my focus. What actually helps me is to do deep breathing WITH whole body movements to keep my mind on the ball. This is why I like yoga so much. A good simple pose is ‘cat-cow’. Just get on your hands and knees and arch your back [ cat ] while breathing out. Then push your belly down [ cow ] while breathing in. A few minutes of this can actually help quite a bit [ and it makes your back feel good ]
• Acceptance: This is a huge one. When I was younger, I would panic more when I felt one coming on- because having a meltdown/panic attack/etc is scary, painful, and often humiliating. This panic would keep me caught in the loop of it longer. Instead, I now treat it like a common cold. I say to myself “I’m having a panic attack/meltdown now. This feels bad, and that’s okay. It won’t last forever and it’s not going to kill me. I simply have to rest now.” It can be tough to ‘give in’ and stop trying to socialize or work, but it must be done. Accept it, and rest. 
• Distraction: You gotta be careful with this one. It can be temping to do something wild to take your mind off the pain and fear. Don’t do anything new or risky- and stay away from non-prescription drugs! Instead, do what you would do for a friend if they just had a bad breakup. Get some ice cream or some kinda snack that makes you happy, and put on something chill or better yet- something you’ve seen before and you love. Live that burrito life for a bit. If you feel like the terror comes back every break between videos, you’re not alone. It’s okay, and you’re doing great. Just keep at it until you start feeling okay when the cartoons stop. It is OKAY for this to take hours.
• Awareness: This is more like a ‘prevention’ tip for when you’re doing fine. Try to practice ‘noticing’ your feelings. Take a little time each day to sit quietly and just ask yourself how you’re really feeling. I’ve personally become an absolute master at ignoring my feelings so that I can accomplish things. If you’re like me, you need to start un-learning that shit. When you start to become more practiced at noticing your own feelings [ and more HONEST about when you’re actually upset, even if it’s for a ‘stupid’ reason ], you might be able to recognize when in you’re in the danger zone BEFORE a real meltdown happens. When you have a little heads-up, you might be able to steer your day back into a relaxed and happy state. This one really does take a lot of practice but I promise it’s a huge helper!!
ah, I have composed another whole-ass essay LMAO, sorry about the length!
I personally heard that these kind of mental health struggles often peak in our early 20s, then start to get milder as we get older. I’m 32 and I’ve noticed things getting easier for sure! So, at the very least, you can look forward to things getting easier with time <3
I hope some of these tips can help, and I wish you luck! 
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mydekuacademia · 11 months ago
Can I request Izuku or katsuki finding out they’re dating Aizawa’s kid? Through some angst like reader gets injured badly and they go to visit them and Dad’s there and he just says I’m their father?
Ooooof I'm here for this
I did Midoriya, but if you want a Bakugou too, lmk!
They/them pronouns used :)
Warning: blood and injury mention, cussing
Tumblr media
Problem Child
Midoriya had no idea your work study agency was going to participate in a raid against a criminal organization in northern Honshu. He had no idea you were being put on the front lines due to your quirk's usefulness in the short range. He had no idea the danger you were in. That is, until he saw the news.
One of his classmates had turned on the national news in the common room, and everyone had crowded around the tv, elbowing each other to the side to get a better look. Midoriya couldn't quite catch what the anchors were saying, and just as he was about to ask his friends to quiet down a bit, the room fell silent.
You were on screen. Your hero costume was torn and dusty and dotted with blood stains - from you or the villains, Midoriya couldn't tell. Your face was screwed up with concentration and exhaustion. If he didn't know you so well, Midoriya wouldn't have been able to spot your underlying terror, but he saw your pinpoint pupils, your slightly trembling fingers, the way you bit your lip to distract yourself from the fear. An ice cold chill enveloped him. Why were you there?
His fear decreased slightly when he saw the pro you were working for a step in front of you. Okay, so you weren't just caught up in an attack, you were meant to be there. For a moment, he was hurt that you didn't tell him about the raid, but then he remembered the Shie Hassaikai raid and how he couldn't talk about it to anyone but the other participants. He supposed it made sense that you couldn't tell him, even if he was your boyfriend. He sincerely hoped you'd had someone to talk to about it - he remembered well how scared be was before his raid.
"Oi, Deku!"
Midoriya snapped out of his reverie and turned to face an annoyed Bakugou. "Y-yes, Kacchan?"
The blonde scowled. "Your muttering is fucking annoying. Cut it out before I blow your ass up."
Midoriya bowed his head. "I-I'm sorry. It's just...(y/n)-"
"I'm not blind, Deku. I can see that that extra is fighting. They may not be as strong as me, but there's no way they'd be a total embarrasment on live TV. So shut the hell up."
Was that his way of being encouraging? Midoriya didn't know. He didn't know a lot of things, like if you'd be okay, or if you'd be home by that night. He hadn't felt that lost in a long time.
Uraraka dragged her eyes away from the screen and locked Aizawa, standing just behind the group. "Sensei, did you know (Y/n) was going to be part of the raid?"
Aizawa's tense eyes remained glued to the screen. "No," he said in a near whisper. "Raids are often top secret affairs. They probably couldn't say anything to anyone."
Before Uraraka could answer, a thunderous boom emanated from the television. Every eye the room locked onto the screen just in time to see your unconscious body splayed across the ground, then the video feed cut out.
Chaos erupted in the common room, disjointed cries and frustrated yells echoing through Midoriya's mind. He was frozen. He was...he was scared. Aizawa managed to corral the students and order them to calm the hell down. When he reached Midoriya, he led him by the shoulder to a couch and urged him to sit. Was it just Midoriya, or was Aizawa trembling almost as hard as him? Before he could ask, Aizawa's phone began ringing. He stepped to the side to take the call, the hung up and offered a hand to Midoriya.
"Come on, problem child. We're going to see (Y/n)." His students complained at the news that they would have to wait to see you, but Aizawa silenced them with a glare. It was only natural for your boyfriend and teacher to get to see you before them.
You felt like shit. Your head pounded, your body ached, your ears rang, and you were too nervous to eat that morning, so you were hungry on top of all that. The only consolation was that the mission was over and you had won. You wanted so badly to see your loved ones, but you had only arrived at the hospital a short time ago. It would take time for anyone to get to you.
Or so you thought. Not a moment later, Midoriya and Aizawa entered your room. Upon seeing that you were awake and alert, they rushed to your side. Your boyfriend reached you first.
"(Y/n)! Oh my god, you're okay! You are okay, right?" You chuckled and nodded. "Thank god..." He grabbed your hand and, careful of the IV in your arm, lifted your hand to kiss your knuckles.
Aizawa stepped up to your other side. "I spoke to your doctor on the way here. You got lucky." He paused to clear his throat. "I know you had no control over this but.....don't do this again. I already lost your mother, I can't lose you too."
Midoriya's head shot up. What???? Had he heard his sensei correctly? He turned a questioning gaze on you and Aizawa.
You gave him an unreadable look and said nothing. Aizawa turned his eyes to the floor, then your bruised face. "I'm their father."
When Midoroya managed to pry his jaw off the floor, he swallowed dryly and turned to you. "Why didn't you tell me?"
"We thought it best to keep it to ourselves. Otherwise, you'd all think he was going to give me special treatment," you explained quietly. "I'm sorry, Izuku. I wasn't trying to hide it from you."
After giving it some thought, Midoriya came to the conclusion that he would've done the same thing. He told you so and kissed your cheek, mindful that your father was right there.
"You looked so cool on tv, (Y/n)! Especially when you-"
Aizawa smiled down at his beloved child and their boyfriend, glad that you had chosen the problem child. Although, he thought, maybe he should call you the problem child instead.
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