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thewxnderer · a month ago
@siiinfully​ “ what happened ?  did  i  do  something ? ” [ persephone to hercules ]
    Gods. He had been set on proving his worth as a warrior and commit his twelve labors and yet when he came to the Underworld he had become distracted. He would look upon the woman shaking his head, his tights tight and he took on a frightful face of his own, “ You haven't done anything.” his voice low and quiet as he said, “ no one has ever been so genuine with me ---- not in a long time at least. And ---- they haven't been as pretty as you.” His cheeks took on a red tint. 
Tumblr media
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keepermcge · a year ago
Anyway Lann really fukin deserves better fight me. 
#(I couldn’t decide between all my posts which one I wanted cuz I feel them all so much)#(Anyway Lann deserves better than how he is treated and he deserves better people in his fukin life and I will stand on this hill until the#day I honkin die I can’t even I’m actually so fukin pissed#ok I always am I am never happy with how they treat him and I am always mad becuzcan you fukin imagine how it feels to have so few people in#your life your close too and then the few you have just beat you down all the time and just mentally abuse you even when you did nothing#wrong yeah Ican’t fukin stand it like I know this is not new news or anything I make it a point to talk about it but it’s so fukin important#to me and my portrayal of my kid and I just cannot take it how they all gang up on him and Reynn will constantly put him down and act like#he’s fukin awful or she hates him and I hate that and she’s not perfect either and she knows Damm well Lann would never say something#as harsh and as cruel as she does to her it’s! Not fukin okay! would I be more fukin okay with it if he did more than like three times maybe#of makin fuk of her fear of supernatural? Yeah! But compared to all the stuff she non stop says only like 3% of it is in the same realm of#that which is why I’m slightly more tolerable with Tama cuz they have more even moments sadly no fukin enough to not piss me off#with her playing favorites and both of them ganging up on him and ripping him apart without ever even thinking how much that could fukin#hurt and headcanons aside he’s still clearly fukin hurt at points in the game and I just no I can’t we don’t stan#im just so fukin angry for my kid he goes thro so much shit I love him so much okay call me dramatic or it’s just a fictional char Karen#calm down but uhh tbh I stopped caring what others think a long time ago I’ve only got so long on this earth I’ll spend it how I want!#And I wanna spend it mad at fictional chars becuz that shit ain’t right now we stan Serafie cuz she’s not fukin abusive too Lann#but he deserves and needs some actual fukin support in his life thanks for coming to my very angry ted talk#where I aggressively yell about how Lann deserves better becuz he fukin does)#;off to grymoire | queue |#(There’s things misspelled but comes with the territory of me ranting okay I just love my kid he deserves better and I will fight about this#point even if I’m the only one who thinks it ect ect!)#(Lann deserves better so much better)#(Also I don’t think I really needa make this point but Lann also would never say anything as mean and as cruel as Reynn does to him becuz#he fukin loves and cares about her plus he’s just a kind kid who tries his best who’s trying to fix his mistakes imagine how it must#feel loving and caring about someone as much as he does Reynn and she just fukin puts him down all the time it breaks my heart and as much#as It breaks my heart too write it too it makes to much sense to me he would assumeshe hates him or is afraid she must or is only#putting up with him becuz they were born at the same time I both hate and love my headcanons it hurts but it makes so much fukin sense#so much fukin sense he’d have no self esteem with how he’s treated)#(Can Lann get some love thanks)
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ceartcs · 12 days ago
tag dump ii
#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ ná lagadh dia do lámh ❜(headcanon)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ erin go braugh — it's irish for you're fuckeded ❜(ic)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ you will witness what happens here today & you will tell of it later… ❜(dash games)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ do you possess the constitution the depth of faith to go as far is as needed? ❜(dash commentary)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ out of character ❜#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ dá fhada an lá tagann an tráthnón ❜(ooc)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ is fearr gaeilge briste ná béarla clíste ❜(ooc)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ these are codes of behavior & those of you that ignore them will pay the dearest cost ❜(psa)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ will you still kiss me the same when you taste my victims blood? ❜(relationships & mains call)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ repent: as if words can change your core & holy water can cleanse your blood ❜(starter call)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ i urge you lesser forms of filth not to push the bounds & cross over into true corruption into my domain ❜(inbox call)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ now that's perhaps the finest examples of spiritual guidance i have ever had the good fortune to witness ❜(plotting call)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ may you be in heaven before the devil knows you're dead ❜(scheduled post)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ when we're all just ghosts &  the madness overtakes us i will scream to the sky ❜(submitted post)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ ——– but  some  things only  god can forgive ❜(queue)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ the monotonous voice in the skull that never stops ❜(anonymous inquires)
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thatrudeengineer · 7 months ago
[ooc] Plotting call & hello
//Oh gosh I wasn’t expecting so many of you to follow me / follow me back -flails- Sorry about the mess! And thank you for following this little shit!
As you might have noticed, I’m in the process of revamping and rebooting this blog, so things are a bit messy and broken at the moment (although essential text should be there at least!) but consider this a first plotting call:
Like this post -- or react in any way if you can’t like -- and I’ll drop in your IMs for plotting! Or if you want, you can drop directly in mine. And we can figure out how best to have our muses meet :D
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pilothusband · 5 months ago
All Hail The King
Tumblr media
Rating: Explicit (18+)
Pairing: Frankie Morales x f!reader
Warnings: Alcohol, oral sex, p in v sex, praise kink. I’m a horny bitch, okay? This is purely indulgent.
Word count: 5k
Author’s note: Special thanks to @wyn-dixie​ for reading this over before I posted it and for enabling this filth. ❤️ This idea entered my brain randomly and I had to write it out. Please let me know what you think! I want your feedback. If I had Photoshop I would have made an edit of Frankie with a crown for this but I don’t have it so here’s this gif instead.
Tumblr media
The bar is humming with activity, but the table you’re nestled at in the back provides enough shelter to allow you all to converse without having to yell at each other.
You’ve been nursing a glass of water for a while now, since you’re the designated driver this week. It doesn’t bother you, though— you’re just happy to be out with your friends.
Every once in a while you steal a glance over at Frankie, who’s sitting diagonally across the table, next to Santiago who is directly across from you. Benny is to your left, his large body crowding you into the wall, and his brother Will is at the head of the table.
“Hey Fish,” Benny claps a hand on his shoulder. The force of his hand jostles Frankie’s solid body backwards a little, but to his credit he doesn’t flinch. “How are things with that girl you were seeing? Jennessa? Jennifer?”
You take a sip of your water and look down at the table to mask your interest at the sudden change in conversation.
“Jessica,” Frankie clears his throat. “They aren’t. We didn’t have much in common so she broke it off after a few dates.”
Queue the internal cheering. Jessica was a bit of a wet mop, to be honest. She never had anything to say when Frankie brought her around and she would scoff at everything that was slightly unsavory in her eyes. Deep down, you had to come to terms with the jealous twinge you felt in your gut every time she would squeeze Frankie’s shoulder affectionately, her immaculately manicured nails pressed harshly into his jacket.
“I’m sorry, Fish,” Benny said, slinging his arm around the man, the clumsy movement knocking his hat slightly askew. “Her loss, brother.”
“Here here,” Santi agrees, raising his bottle in the air. “To the king!”
Benny cheers clinks his bottle against Santiago’s echoing his sentiment. Will huffs out a laugh and Frankie groans, hiding his face in his hands.
You gape at the two men in question, but they just giggle like a couple of school girls.
“I didn’t realize I was in the presence of royalty,” you say, trying to figure out what they’re talking about. You look over at Frankie as he takes an impatient sip from his drink.
Benny just about spits out a mouthful of beer onto the table.
“Shut the fuck up, guys.” Frankie warns his friends. “Seriously.” Santi and Benny give him an innocent look. Will focuses his gaze on the bottle he’s holding, picking at the paper label, damp and curling at the edges from condensation .
Santiago leans towards you, his breath hot in your ear.
“We call him the pussy eating king.”
You thank the powers above you weren’t mid-sip, because the choked sound that emits from your throat was both involuntary and sudden. Heat blossoms in your stomach and your thighs clench together as you make eye contact with Frankie. He looks away nervously, embarrassed even. 
“So was this a self coronation or..” You trail off, grinning at the flush on Frankie’s cheeks.
“It was that really talkative chick he was seeing for a while,” Benny says, turning to you. “Brianna?”
“Brenda,” Frankie sighs.
“So Brenda crowned you the pussy eating king?” You ask Frankie, who still refuses to meet your eyes.
He grumbles in response, waving off the subject.
“Yeah, she went on about it in detail for the whole night one time. I think you were away for a work trip or something” Santiago is absolutely smirking, loving the way Frankie is physically shrinking under the group’s attention. “Come on Fish, don’t be so modest. You’re a beast in the sack, it’s a good thing!”
You smile, but it doesn’t quite reach your eyes. You remember why you weren’t there. It was because you couldn’t stand seeing Frankie so happy with another woman, so you feigned sick.
“Well, I can see why things with Brenda didn’t last,” you respond, knowing Frankie was kind of a private guy. “But hey, at least she can tell all her friends she got the royal treatment while it lasted.”
Benny, Santiago and even Will all roar with laughter, fists banging raucously on the table. Frankie huffs out an embarrassed laugh, despite himself.
“Yeah, yeah,” he takes a swig of his beer, emptying it. “I need another drink.”
“Hey Ben, what time is your fight next week again?” Will calls over to his brother. You’re grateful for the change of subject. Frankie’s had enough torture for one night and you aren’t sure how many more details about Frankie’s sexual prowess your nether regions can take.
Benny turns towards Will to talk about his upcoming match and you take a sip from your glass to try to hide how flustered you’re feeling. Did this bar get hot all of a sudden?
The glass lands back down with a dull thump and you look up to find Santiago studying you, his eyebrow raised.
“What?” You don’t mean to sound aggressive, but his gaze is unnerving, as if he’s trying to suss out something you’re hiding.
“Nothing, nothing at all.” He smirks and tips up his beer, taking a long gulp. You roll your eyes at him and look down to pick at your nails.
A few moments later, Frankie returns with a fresh beer and you can feel Santiago turning his face in your direction again to read your body language. You school your reaction, fingers digging painfully into your pint glass. Sometimes Pope is too fucking nosy for his own good.
He must lose interest after a moment though, because he turns his attention back to Benny, who’s still talking about his upcoming fight.
The topic doesn’t come up again, thankfully, and you’ve dropped all the boys off at their separate destinations, save for Frankie, who lives the closest to you.
The car ride alone with him isn’t as tense as you were expecting, since his tongue has been loosened with the fair amount of alcohol he’s had tonight. You both chat easily about the upcoming week and how much you’re dreading going back to work on Monday.
You can’t resist one smart remark though, as you pull up to Frankie’s house.
“Your castle awaits, my liege,” you quip, trying and failing to hide your amused smile as you look over at him.
Frankie throws his head back and laughs freely, opening the car door with a wink.
“Goodnight, my queen,” he bows exaggeratedly before shutting the car door.
The butterflies don’t tamp down until you’re securely inside your own apartment, locking the door behind you.
Tumblr media
That night was a month ago, which means it’s been a whole fucking month since your brain flew the coop. Every time Frankie does just about anything with his mouth, everything else around you ceases to exist.
Take last Thursday, for example. Frankie dropped by after work to help you change your porch light, since the fixture is too heavy and the light is too high up to easily reach.
He steps up the ladder with ease, unscrewing the fixture and holding it with his left hand. He puts the screwdriver in his mouth so he can hold onto the ladder as he gingerly hands you the fixture. You grab onto it and hand him the replacement bulb so he can swap them out.
He gets the lightbulb in and gestures towards you to hand the fixture back, which he screws back in before stepping down.
“Blegh,” he wipes his mouth on his sleeve, an action that has your last two brain cells screeching to a halt. “Screwdrivers taste awful.” 
His statement is cute, self-deprecating, and you try to respond appropriately but all you can do is gape at him like a fish out of water.
‘Get your shit together, he’s wiping off the taste of rust, not your pussy,’ you try to mentally shake yourself out of your stupor, but it does no good.
He turns back towards his toolbox to drop the screwdriver in and close the lid.
“All set,” he says, dusting off his jeans. He sounds a little uneasy, probably because you’re acting like a complete weirdo.
“Thank you so much, Frankie. I really appreciate it.” You find your manners and pull him in for a hug, secretly reveling in how good he smells.
“Any time,” he tells you as he wraps his arms around you and squeezes softly.
Before he pulls away you make a spur of the moment decision, and reach up to give him a small kiss on the cheek. He’s so impossibly warm and so inviting, you can feel your heart flutter in your chest. The sparse hairs on his face tickle your chin. 
Frankie clears his throat and ducks his head down, mumbling a hurried goodbye before he heads back to his truck, toolbox in hand. You don’t miss the way his lips are turned up and the crows feet make an appearance in the corner of his eyes, nor do you miss the brilliant flush that spreads over his face and down his neck.
Tumblr media
It’s Saturday now and your torment knows no end. You decide you’re too tired to go out and opt to invite the guys over for a movie night, to which they all agree. 
You decide you’ll just have to look away every time Frankie takes a sip of a drink, or eats a handful of popcorn. Or God forbid, if he licks his lips.
The group chat has been a nightmare, with everyone trying to come up with a movie to watch. Benny wants to watch The Expendables, Will mentioned something about wanting to see Dunkirk for ages now and Santi is playing devil’s advocate, disagreeing with all of their choices but not coming up with one of his own.
Frankie has been quiet in the chat, besides initially agreeing to come over initially.
It’s 9:00 PM, you have a 30 rack of beers in the fridge and some popcorn set out for everyone. All you have to do now is wait for the guys to arrive. Your phone chimes with a notification from Benny.
Benny and the Jets 🥊: Sorry lady, I got called in for a last minute practice. Raincheck?
Ironhead 🦸🏼: I gotta duck out too. The lady wants to have a date night. Sorry!
You type out a reply to them, a little disappointed but bidding them a good night all the same.
A knock sounds on the door and you rush over to answer it. The door swings open to reveal Frankie, wearing the softest looking navy blue hoodie you’ve ever seen, along with his Standard Oil cap. He looks as unsure as ever, holding a bottle of red wine.
You chirp an over-enthusiastic greeting, internally cringe at it, and step aside to welcome him in.
“I know you like red wine, so I got some for you on the way here. I hope it’s the kind you like.”
You accept the wine and look at the label. It’s a California Zinfandel. You can’t believe he remembered your favorite wine.
“I love it, thank you so much.” You pull him into a hug, nuzzling into the soft material of his sweatshirt. He returns the hug just as enthusiastically, pulling away to kiss your forehead.
“Is Santiago on his way?” You ask, padding into the kitchen to grab a glass from your cabinet. “Do you want a glass? Or I have some beer if you’d prefer.”
“Beer is perfect, thanks,” he says a little breathily as he looks over at you. “Santiago said something came up and that he’s sorry.”
Something feels a little fishy with the three of them ducking out all at the same time, but you don’t mention it as you hand him a beer and search through your drawer for a bottle opener. A few minutes later, you’re both set up on the couch and are scrolling through Netflix for a movie.
“I have no idea what to watch. Do you?”
“Want to watch Civil War? I know the guys will bitch we’re continuing the rewatch without them but they can deal.”
You tip your head back and laugh, navigating over to your Disney+ app.
Frankie takes off his hat and sets it aside while you spread a blanket over your laps, braving a chance to scoot closer to him. He takes the hint and wraps his arm behind your shoulders, nestling you closer to his chest. You settle in and try to pay attention to the movie, despite the wild fluttering that is taking place in your stomach.
Frankie shifts uncomfortably and winces a little. You can tell he’s trying to hide it, but little does he know you’ve been watching every single movement he makes like a hawk. Or a nervous lap dog.
“Does your back hurt? I can move,” you start to get up but Frankie grabs onto your wrist and pulls you back in.
“No, stay. I just need to find a comfortable position.”
You make a soft noise of surprise when he lifts you up and pulls you towards him, settling back so he’s spread out on the couch. You’re settled on top of him, your legs stretched out over his with your back to the cushion, half draped over his torso.
This position has your heart thumping hard in your chest. His face was just a few inches from yours. All he’d have to do is tilt his face towards yours, and you’d be practically kissing.
Focusing on the movie is harder than ever. Your left hand rests on Frankie’s chest and your right is near his head. Without even thinking, you reach out and start stroking your fingers through his soft curls. He hums contentedly, the pleasant sound rumbling through his chest.
A hand makes its way up your arm leaving goosebumps in its wake, landing on your shoulder.
You brave a glance at Frankie and feel your heart stutter in your chest when you realize he’s been looking at you. His eyes are as dark as ever, twinkling against the flicker of your TV.
He closes the gap and captures your lips in a tender kiss. His lips are warm and soft, melding to yours perfectly. The brush of your mouths together is intoxicating. Your tongue darts out to lick at him and he complies, letting out a guttural moan at the sensation as your tongues meet languidly.
You shift your leg so it slots between his and both of your hands find his shoulders and squeeze them, eliciting a soft mewl from Frankie’s mouth. His hands are hot on your back and he slides one down to your ass, kneading the soft flesh over your leggings.
Your hips press into his, rutting into him, soft pants falling from your mouth– mingling with his. You need to be closer, closer, closer. He tightens his grip on your ass in response and rolls his hips so you can feel how hard he is against your belly.
“Fuck, baby,” he rasps, breaking the kiss, words tumbling out between his ragged breaths. 
You can feel yourself throbbing for him, wetness rushing to your core as his hushed baritone makes your head spin with need. Somewhere in the back of your mind you’re convinced this is a dream. That there’s no way you’re dry humping the man of your dreams on your couch right now.
You duck down to hide your expression, not wanting to ruin the moment with your anxiety and doubt. You’ll take whatever this man gives you, even if it’s just this moment. 
You busy yourself by peppering small kisses on his neck, trailing them up to his jaw.
“Hey,” he slows your movements and holds your chin with his thumb and forefinger, tilting your face up gently up to look at him.
“I want you. I want this. Do you?” 
You feel the urge to look away, his gaze is intense and laser-focused on you. Eye contact has never been your strong suit, so this was a lot for you to handle. But you fight the urge to flinch and stare back, searching to see if there was anything that will give away any trepidations. His expression remains hard set, serious but not unkind. It’s just like Frankie to have eyes as clear as day, giving away all of his secrets. They’re just like him— strong, unrelenting in their hardness and softness.
“Yes,” you reply. Your voice cracks a little, thick with emotion. “I’ve wanted this, wanted you, for so long.” 
You feel embarrassment wash over you with the admission, but Frankie doesn’t let it last long before you crushes his lips to yours in a searing kiss. He breaks it off after a moment, lips swollen and pink.
“Baby, you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to hear you say that.”
He strokes a hand down your jaw, his thumb caressing your skin as a goofy smile blooms over your face.
“I want to make you feel good, baby,” he whispers, his thumb catching on the swell of your bottom lip. “Will you let me make you feel good?”
You blink and swallow heavily, a fresh wave of arousal flooding to your center as the deep rasp of his voice utters those words, smooth as caramel– dousing over you like kerosene on a fire.
You nod, not trusting your voice at this very moment.
“I need you to say it out loud, honey,” he says, his lips brushing against yours ever so lightly.
“Yes, Francisco,” you breathe out. “Make me feel good.”
He bites your bottom lip and tugs, then growls playfully before he grabs your shoulders and flips you over. You let out a delighted shriek, giggling as he lifts up the hem of your shirt and kisses every inch of skin that’s revealed.
“Wait,” you call out. He stops his movements immediately. “You first.”
Frankie grins. You want to press your fingers into the dimple that appears and feel the scratch of his beard under your nails. He leans back and lifts his sweatshirt over his head, the grey t-shirt he’s wearing sticks to the inside of it and he rolls both garments down his arms. 
His chest is bare to you now, smooth except for a smattering of hairs in the middle of his chest, and a patch leading down into his jeans. You want to reach out and run your hands down the planes of his torso and follow the path of hair,  but your arms aren’t long enough to reach. 
You remove your shirt, leaving you in your leggings and bra. It’s a soft lace number, a delicate pink with no underwire. You watch as his hungry gaze roams over your chest. To your surprise, he doesn’t motion for you to take it off. Instead, he leans over you, pressing a soft kiss to your lips.
 He moves downwards, tongue darting out to taste the salt of your neck. He continues his path and mouths between your breasts, one of his hands reaches out to squeeze the plump flesh in his large hand. You nipple instantly pebbles under his ministrations and he pulls the fabric aside to tease it with the pad of his finger. You moan softly at the sensation and yelp in surprise when he sucks it into his mouth and bites it, soothing the sharp sting with a flick of his tongue.
 “Mmm, love how responsive you are already,” he hums, moving down. Your back arches as his mouth makes a hot trail down the rest of your torso. You look down and notice he’s left wet patches where his mouth has been, coating you in saliva and leaving goosebumps in his wake.
 He reaches the waistband of your leggings and pushes them down, letting out a strangled groan when he gets an eyeful of your panties, the same shade of pink that matches the bra you’re wearing. 
“So fucking sexy,” he breathes.
He peels your panties down your legs and pulls them off along with your leggings, leaving you completely bare from the bottom down. You start to cross your legs to hide yourself, feeling self-conscious at how exposed you are, but Frankie grabs your thigh to halt the movement.
“You better not hide this pretty pussy from me,” he says, licking his lips.
You half expect him to dive in, but he takes a moment to look at you. He’s resting a hand on your hip. His pointer finger makes a path down, tracing an invisible line up and down your slit. You hiss at the ghost of his touch and thrust your hips towards his hand, seeking out more friction.
Frankie lets out an amused chuckle at your reaction and leans forward to plant a wet kiss to your inner thigh. You let out a shaky breath in anticipation– your heart feels like it’s beating out of your chest. He kisses up your thigh until he reaches the apex between your legs, then licks a stripe through your folds with the flat of his tongue, pulling a surprised gasp from your parted lips.
He sucks your clit into his mouth and you can’t help it– you buck up into his mouth and grab onto his hair and tug at the strands. He grabs onto the flesh of your hip and whimpers into your pussy. Despite being almost dizzy with need, you feel a rush of power knowing you have this effect on him.
“You taste so fucking good. So wet for me,” he punctuates his words with bold licks up and down. “Never want to stop.”
He changes patterns, making tight circles on your clit with his tongue. The sudden switch has you mewling and your legs clamp around his head involuntarily. Frankie grabs your thighs and wrenches them apart, hooking them over his shoulders as he latches onto your pussy. His hands are on your ass, holding you up as your back arches off the couch.
All you can do is scramble at the cushions below you for purchase as Frankie buries his face into your cunt, lapping at you with abandon. His tongue licks into you with an intensity you’ve never experienced before; it has you seeing stars.
You have no idea how he knows exactly how to manipulate your body to pull the pleasure from you so naturally. Every lick feels like it’s searching for treasure, every suck hits somewhere deep inside, reverberating through the muscles of your thighs and up in your abdomen.
He gently places you back down to the cushions and rubs at your entrance with his pointer finger, looking up at you for permission.
“Yes, please–“ you whimper brokenly. He complies immediately and plunges it into you, following with a second finger, and curls them up. His pace is slow at first and he flicks his tongue out to play with your clit at the same time. He’s soon spurred on by your moans and sets a brutal pace. You once again feel the urge to clamp around him to increase the pressure, but Frankie uses his broad shoulders to hold your thighs apart.
 Seeing his shoulders, bare and perspiring from his intensive movements, so wide and flushed, coupled with the furrow of his brow, his eyes pinched closed, makes something primal within you awaken. You barely have time to feel your orgasm coming before it’s hitting you– thighs shaking, back arching, hands in his hair. You don’t even realize it, but you;’re shrieking his name, chanting it like a prayer. He’s groaning in reply, milking you through it with his fingers and tongue, lapping up your release, syrupy sweet and indulgent.
 He doesn’t stop until you’re flinching from overstimulation. He kisses up your body lazily, taking his time before capturing your lips. You kiss him back, licking into his mouth and tasting yourself on his tongue. He grinds into you, his jean-clad erection rubs against your aching cunt and rekindles the fire, molten heat shooting through your entire body.
 “Wanna fuck you so bad, baby,” he says, panting the words into your mouth.
 You moan and break the kiss.
 “Want to take this to my room?”
 He doesn’t reply, but instead swings his body off the couch and picks you up bridal-style. He stumbles a little with the first steps and you both laugh, kissing each other with each step he takes towards your bedroom.
He tosses you onto the bed softly and you let loose another delighted giggle when Frankie flops over you dramatically, caging you in his arms. Your tongues tangle together in an impossibly sensual kiss. He’s momentarily distracted, caught up in the feel of your body underneath his with the soft touches of your tongue, and you take the opportunity to roll him over and straddle his hips.
Frankie is looking up at you as if he’s in awe, like he can’t believe you’re here right now, naked from the waist down and grinding down on his hard cock, tenting his jeans.
You move down his body and zip his fly down, pushing down the denim along with his boxer briefs. His cock springs free, hard and hot and leaking at the tip. You can’t help but lick the bead of precum, and a broken whine rips from Frankie’s throat. His hands are clenched into the sheets, knuckles white with how hard he’s gripping the mattress beneath him.
You’re bobbing your mouth up and down his length, tongue licking around his shaft and cheeks hollowing out. His moans are loud, constant. He’s babbling praise, telling you how fucking amazing your mouth feels, how badly he wants to fuck you. It’s a heady feeling, bringing a strong and quiet man to his knees like this. You love that he’s letting you know how much he’s breaking for you.
Your tongue finds its way down to his balls and you suck them into your mouth, moaning at the musky taste. His moans are high pitched now and his hand is squeezing your shoulder.
“Baby, you gotta stop,” he grabs onto your hair to pause your movements. “I need to feel you.”
You give him one last broad lick up his shaft and shift back up, and look down at Frankie to catalogue the number you’ve done on him. He’s absolutely wrecked– brown eyes blown wide, chest rising and falling rapidly with his uneven breaths.
 You remove your bra, stretching it over your head and throwing it to the side. Frankie follows the movement and lets out a needy, staccato moan at the sight of you, completely bare before him.
 You reach down and kiss him soundly on the mouth, lining his cock up with your entrance.
 “I’ve got you, baby boy,” you coo, sinking down on his length.
 “Fuck,” he grits out between his teeth.
 You give yourself a moment to get used to his size and rock into him. His hands fly up to your chest, squeezing lightly and rolling your nipples in between his fingers.
 “So fucking big,” you pant out. “So good for me.”
 It seems Frankie loves praise as much as you do, evidenced by the twitch of his cock inside you.
 Your pace is agonizingly slow. You’re trying to tease out the moment, stretch it out so it lasts forever. It doesn’t last long– you can’t stand it anymore. You bounce up and down on him, snapping your hips when they meet his.
 “So fucking perfect,” he pants out. “Wanna fuck you from behind.”
 You breathe out a moan and stop your movements. Frankie mistakes your pause for hesitation and reaches up to brush the hair out of your face.
 “We don’t have to,” he says, voice gentle, brow furrowed in concern. 
 “No, fuck. No, Frankie. I want to.”
 You gingerly get up and whimper at the loss when he’s no longer inside you. Frankie sits up, shoulders rocking forward and cock bobbing with his movement as he settles onto his knees. You watch him and bite your lip, getting on all fours and lifting your ass up in the air to present yourself to him.
 Frankie can’t help the groan that falls from his lips and sinks forward to lay an open-mouthed kiss on your pussy from behind before he lines himself up. He enters you without hesitation, hips slapping against your ass rhythmically, setting a decisively fast pace. 
 All you can hear is the filthy sounds of your wet pussy as he pounds into you, along with your strangled moans, and his heavy breathing, laced with whispers of praise you can’t discern. The waves of pleasure are too much, too strong. You can feel the familiar build up of an orgasm. Your head is in the clouds as it climbs and climbs– then crashes.
 His fingers on your clit is what does you in. Your whole body shakes and all you can do is whimper and moan around his cock while he fucks into you. The strong, practiced rock of his hips become sloppy as he chases his release, muttering words of adoration into the air as he pulls out and cums, spilling onto your back. He pulls every last drop out of his cock before collapsing over you, forehead resting on your spine as he catches his breath.
 “Fuck, baby,” he says, once he’s caught his breath. “Should have done this ages ago.”
 You both laugh and Frankie gets up to grab a wet face towel from the bathroom
Tumblr media
A little while later, you’re both in bed, blissed out and wrapped up around each other. The movie, drinks and snacks are all forgotten. All that matters is here and now– your breaths mingling together as you kiss each other lazily, tongues probing slowly. 
In the other room, both of your phones ping on the coffee table with unheard notifications.
The first text is from Santiago.The other boys follow suit, not a minute apart.
Pope 🤦🏻‍♂️: 👑
Benny and the Jets 🥊: 👑
Ironhead 🦸🏼: 👑
Neither of you see the texts until the next morning.
Tumblr media
 The following weekend, it’s Santiago’s turn to be the designated driver. He’s parked outside of Frankie’s house, waiting to pick both of your asses up. He starts to tap his fingers impatiently against the steering wheel after the first 15 minutes. 
“What the fuck are they doing in there?” He asks Will and Benny. They all know the answer, but don’t say anything.
Meanwhile, Frankie has you crowded against the front door, your sundress is hiked up and his face is buried in your pussy. Neither of you can hear the sound of Santi’s impatient honking over your moans.
And if you end up going to the bar sans panties because you can’t find them before Santiago is pounding his fist on the door, well that’s just a secret you and Frankie will have to keep.
Tumblr media
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hurdlehoops · 11 months ago
SPN did Market Research for Dean & Cas
Disclaimer: Yes this is a sock for safety reasons. Post is long, but please read it.
No shit there I was checking my email, as you do, and I saw I had a screener from one of the market research groups I’m signed up with.  On average, I do a market research thing every 3-4 months because I like non-reportable money. And giving my opinions. And talking to people behind 2 way mirrors without having to go to a police station.   
Market research itself was early December, 2016. First email contact with the screener was late October or early November. 
I see it’s an “offsite,” meaning a market research company is subcontracted by another company who wants to do the market research at their own facility, but doesn't want to find the participants on their own, so they use the Market research company (in this case Schlesinger and Associates) as an intermediary. I can’t remember if this screener identified itself as being for TV, not all do, some might identify only as entertainment, and some might be even more vague until you get into the screener. Regardless of the identification for the screener (TV or entertainment), I fill out almost every screener I receive unless it’s obvious, from the subject, they won’t want me (ie looking for certain types of professionals)- it didn’t matter, then, if the subject matter was something I particularly like, I would’ve filled it out anyway.  
After normal, but more detailed than usual demographics questions, the screener asked about TV habits. Eventually,  it said the word “fandom” and asked what TV fandoms I’d count myself in.  It was roughly a list of 20 shows and listed “fandom” (defined as I watch every episode and read additional materials about the show. Note this is not what fandom itself would consider fandom, but people most fandom dwellers would still count as GA).  Beyond fandom, one could indicate they: watch all episodes but don’t seek out more,  watch most episodes, have seen some episodes, watched a few, or haven’t watched.  (I just got a screener for soap operas and realized that part was the same and made note). Therefore, fandom, to corporate, are people who watch everything and maybe buy some swag for the show- magazines/shirts. Then, they asked about conventions I might have attended.  And then asked about my dream vacation, so I babbled a lot about my dream to go to SDCC (I hadn’t at this point). Supernatural was on the list of shows, so I made sure I answered the essay questions about it, because why not? It was my favorite of what was listed.  It was a long screener. I don’t remember the rest. Though sometimes I might remember a detail if a screener reminds me of it. Most fun screener I’ve filled out.
A few days/weeks later, I got a call for step 2- the phone screener for the people that sounded good when filling out the form. And where they try and make sure your answers match or fit that same person who answered them. I passed step 2, and was told there would be homework, and asked ifI’d have time for it, since I would only have so many days to watch the assigned material and write essays about them. 
Homework arrives: I have to watch and write essays on all the bonus features of Supernatural S10. There might’ve been something in there from another year, too. And all the bonus features from some season of  Big Bang Theory.  Essays for all of it, too.  And I mean essays, not short answers.  It was like the SATs, and I was analyzing blooper reels (among other things).  I still don’t get why they wanted essay questions on blooper reels, but I’ll always happily write one again cause that was the funniest essay to have to write! 
I had to both print and bring and email all my answers ahead of time.  I did not keep them.  I’m honestly curious what I might’ve written.  
So in December, I get to go to WB’s market research department. Fun fact: the entrance to that building faces what had recently been the Supernatural poster. I check in. At this point I think it’s a group. Because most market research is done in groups. Also they said I was there for the “DVD bonus features study” 
I wait in the lobby, but I’m surprised there seem to be very few others around. I don’t think I got there too early, but all the others were taken back before me. And they didn’t seem to be there for the same study.  Oh and I wore business casual clothes but had some show-based earrings for fun.  
Finally a nice lady brings me back to a room. She turns off the lights and gives me a fancy remote and has me play with a new system for watching bonus features. I had to start with BBT. Then we did something else. Then I was allowed to scroll through and I picked Supernatural, and answered all the things.  By this point I figured I would be released soonish   because I was supposed to be there only for an hour. And this was at least half an hour at the most. No clock, though and cell phone off.  Maybe this part went faster than I remember, but it was less interesting so it felt longer? Or less interesting compared to what came next. 
We switch gears. I’m no longer allowed to pick what we watch and talk about my thoughts on if SDCC panels belong in bonus features.  (Me: should have a preorder and you get to watch it when the season airs with DVD to arrive when season ends. Silly to watch it after the season when it’s mostly vague spoilers for the first episode or so). Obviously WB doesn’t listen to me about everything.
Oh! In the screener as part of normal demographics, I was asked about my sexuality. It isn’t completely rare (I can talk about another market research where you had to be queer to be part of it), but there were some short answers about representation or something similar. Something that is significant *now,* but at the time I didn’t notice as being too weird.  Since they probably had me listed to the people behind the mirror as X (if they even got my name) Y resident, bisexual, age.  I very specifically said stuff to her about representation cause I wasn’t gonna miss my shot.
Anyway so we switch from dvd extras and she queues up video from another file.
She puts a scene of Supernatural on and has me watch. Then repeats it. And asks questions about my opinions on what’s happening.  Then has me watch and only pay attention to Character D and tell her what I think his emotions are.  Then again but with Character C.  
Complete torture… lol… at this point I’m confused, but enjoying this torture.
So there I am watching the Crypt scene over and over and analyzing it.  And talking about their feelings.  
And then I stop her and say something to the effect of “look I’m bi. There’s not a lot of good representation on what being bi is like.  But from episode 1 I’ve known Dean is Bi.”    And I babbled about how important a macho badass but closeted character is for representation. And that I hoped they did more with that.  I included some anecdotes from other lgbtq friends and straight allies and how they all felt as I did- Dean is Bi, Cas is whatever he wants to identify as, and we felt we recognized our experiences on the screen and hoped for continued and louder representation. 
Bam. My interviewer was called out of the room by the people behind the mirror. Suddenly I’m getting a whole new set of questions
Like this is the most baffling and amazing thing that's happened to me in years. It imprinted in my mind, and I haven’t mentioned it to too many people, because of the NDA and being afraid to jinx things. But now I don’t feel like it matters to be as quiet. Obviously I don’t want WB to go after me but... market research isn’t unusual, just mostly used for spin-offs or new shows not for plot points of shows already happening. At least, that’s my understanding. 
The interviewer  comes back after a short discussion with whoever was behind the glass. Asks a few more questions
We’re now very much going into various things about what I’d just said. I took my shot. And apparently it paid off big time.  At some point she’s pulled out of the room again and given a paper with more questions. Some were about Dean’s bisexuality, or how I, and anecdotally my friends, saw him as bisexual.  Others were about the potential romance. None, that I remember, were about Castiel’s sexuality- I guess that was a given or not important. 
I don’t know if any of the writers were behind the glass from the beginning, but I felt like they stalled to get someone there, maybe.
The interviewer was baffled and made sure I knew nothing that was happening was normal.  They wanted to ask me more questions than they usually care to get out of their market research volunteers. 
So those are the most important parts. Basically almost everything I was asked after that was about character analysis and queerness and a whole bunch of other things that were related (I also mentioned needing more disability rep, too).  I was back there for at least 2 hours.
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cr0wbonezz-wr1ting-inc · 8 months ago
Matching minecraft skins!
Request: okay okay, hear me out...asking the dream team (maybe extra smp members👀) for matching minecraft skins?? only if you have time!!
Pairing: Dream, GeorgenotFound, Sapnap & BadBoyHalo x Reader (separate)
Summary: Asking the Dream Team if they want to wear matching skins :3
Author’s note: this made my heart meeelttt  (´^ `♡) thank u so much for requesting this! (i might make a part 2 this is so cute) - enjoy!
Author’s note pt.2: Sorry this took so long, school stuff came in the way :(
- You and Dream were in a discord call together playing games when the idea suddenly popped into your head
- “Clay, do you want to wear matching minecraft skins?”
- He loved the idea
- Aggressively grabbed his phone and went to twitter
- “does anyone know a good minecraft skin artist? i need some help here” 
- After a few minutes he found one and commissioned them 2 matching skins
- The next day he woke up and he got a DM saying the skins were ready
- He hopped on his computer and sent your skin to you
- After both equipping the skin you two decided to join the SMP 
- “Hello everyone! Look! We match!”
- Tommy and Quackity started making fun of you immediately
- Bad and Tubbo found it very cute
- Overall, a very cute and wholesome stream (❁´◡`❁)
- You were just scrolling through your phone when you saw something absolutely adorable
- It was a fan who made matching minecraft skins for you and George
- You texted him and asked him if he wanted to wear them
- he responded quite fast
- He loved the idea
- You both equipped it and went into a server 
- He made screenshot and posted it to twitter
- It went completely viral
- Tommy, being the child he is, called it gross
- Tubbo replied agreeing with him and Will told them both to shut up
- Dream was very jealous and asked George if he wanted to match as well
- George just replied with “No”
- Sapnap wouldn’t let him forget it for weeks
- It’s now one of his most liked tweets ever
- You were hanging out with Nick at home when you saw fanart of you and him with matching outfits
- You showed him and he started smiling
- “We look really good in those clothes together, babe”
- An idea sprung into your head
- “Wouldn’t it be fun to have matching minecraft skins?”
- He gave it a thought for a second and got very giggly
- “Oooh~ That would be so cute, let’s do that”
- After searching for a little bit you found a skin that perfectly matched each other
- Sapnap got giddy with excitement
- “C’mon we have to put them on!” He tugged at your am and sped to his computer
- You jumped on a different computer he had and both equipped the skins
- After fooling around in game you guys decided to call Karl and Quackity to see their reaction
- They both picked up and Sapnap told them what you two did
- Karl found it very cute and really wanted to see
- Quackity started fake crying and accusing him of cheating
- Real talk, they thought it was cute
- He loves it when people draw fanart of you and him together
- He stalks you two’s shipname hashtag 24/7
- So when you asked him if he wanted matching skins he was estatic
- He already knew what artists to go to and basically threw his money at them
- When the artists were done he called you and told you to check Discord
- He sent you the file and you both equipped your skins
- When he first saw you with the skin he melted
- “Muffin! You look so cute!!”
- He decided to ask some people for their thoughts 
- He asked Skeppy first
- Bad idea
- “How could you, Bad?!”
- “I’m in a relationship!”
- “I thought we had something!”
- Queue a lot of bickering from both of them
- He asked Dream and George what they thought
- They both thought it was very cute
- “Hey Dream, do you wanna do this together?”
- “Hell yeah”
- They both pulled up in matching skins they next day
Thank you for reading! Make sure you take care for yourself and your friends/family if you haven’t already today ! (♡ ⸂ ◡ ⸂♡)
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aimicoos · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☰⠀FEATURING⠀ⵓ⠀ kaeya, childe, zhongli, xiao, diluc and albedo with a sick gn! s/o
⁺៹⠀DETAILS⠀ⵓ⠀SFW ະ drabbles ະ you're basically sick and they take good care of you
ꕤ⠀NOTES⠀ⵓ⠀hello, so i was busy the whole day and felt lethargic as usual (i'm really anemic and i need iron cock in my body but i can't even stand up for more than 5 minutes let alone dash to a nearby pharmacy which is more than a 10 minute walk) so i thought of these drabbles with our genshin men together with their sick s/o!
i also wasn't able to queue my last update for today (i'm such a dumbass, help) bcs accidentally set in for next week :') was supposed to update it but tumblr hates me for some unknown reason 🤔
Tumblr media
you were feeling under the weather today, having been exposed to changing temperatures as you went out to travel under the blazing sun and would settle for the night with a cold breeze of air blanketing your whole form. the fact that you also run in caffeine instead of getting more rest lowers your immune system and now you're laid helpless in bed, a blanket settled on top of your whole body, nose so clogged you struggled to breath through them and lips just stutters with every shaky breath as you tries stopping yourself from making your throat sore by coughing.
you know too well the struggles of being sick and it would be such a headache handling it alone. but, you knew that you aren't alone, not when you expect someone to come dashing through the doors.
Tumblr media
"i thought you were busy today?" you teased kaeya while eyeing the bag he carries along with him. he huffs, frowning at your poor state. "jean informed me of your sick cute self so i was told to leave early." as much as he wants to think of a witty comeback, his heart can't bear to see what used to be an energetic and bratty f/n all slumped down in bed, hair disheveled and eyes watering from how tired you must be. without a word said, you can feel in his actions how much he cares, visibly struggling to fight back every coo and jokes thrown at him. "stop moving around and let me take good care of you." kaeya muttered when he gives you some soup (even to the point of feeding it ro you) without any complaints. that obviously made you soft so you let him be.
"awe we can't fight today?" childe jests with this cringy puppy eyes he often use to tease you. he thought he'd get a similar reaction as he often receieves from you but you were too weak to just glare at him, being all soft and raised both hands and asked "can we cuddle?" in such a soft voice. childe looked at the side, embarrassed at how adorable you were that he felt his heart thump loud inside his chest. with a laugh, he walked at your side, pulling off his shoes and shifted his tall frame besides yours "only if this cuddle can cure you then i won't kind doing it."
xiao immediately frowns as he entered the door, observing the gentle rise and fall of your chest when your eyes slowly closes in to sleep, showing how the minutes had passed since you started waiting for him. he heard your strained voice calling out his name that causes him to leave his post and went straight back to your shared room. he was worried, of course, who wouldn't be when he can feel from miles away your poor condition? as so, he sits down beside you and gently stroke your hair, feeling your skin burning up. his mind panicked for a moment, wanting to pour water on you but stopped as he knew that wasn't the way to help you at all. so he leaves a gentle kiss on your forehead and decided to look for some medicines that can help you from your sickness.
"darling?" zhongli calls from behind the door, feet gently tapping across the floor as he brings you some herbal tea. "i kept hearing you coughing so i thought this might help ease out the tension fron your throat." you nodded and gratefully taking in the cup filled with warm beverage. the faint scent of honey soothes your senses and you slowly took sips until you finished it all. throughout the wntire time, zhongli watches you and sees if there are anymore ways he can help you but you shook your head and patted the empty space beside you. "i'd love it if you can stay with me for a moment." he nods but of course, that short moment lasted longer than you thought.
the moment the door swifts open, you have to embrace yourself from the casted shadow on diluc's expression, obviously worried and quite disappointed because of overworking yourself to the point you got sick. "i told you that you should've went back home after you visited that family." he knew of your endeavors but not pried too much as he gives you your privacy. diluc had always been attentive and dots on you when he can, when he's not busy working. "i'm sorry." you looked down, regretting at how you pushed yourself in going further than you're supposed to. but he can never be mad, not that long so he moves to your side, putting both his hands on your cheeks and pressed his forehead on your hot ones. "as much as i want to kiss you, i want you to get better first so let's change into something more comfortable and i'll serve you one dish that you want. but promise me that you'll take some medicine after."
albedo already knew how to cure you of your sickness and searches for the bottle of syrups he made specifically to high fever and a fatigued body. he immediately exits his office and trudges through your shared room where he thought you'd be sleeping. but you weren't, opted to read a book while thick blankets pooled around your body. he chuckle s at how cute you were, gently knocking at the door and you saw him. you mirrored his smile but your heart could already leap out your chest when you saw how prepared he was to take good care of you. albedo walks towards you and placed a kiss on your burning cheeks and sat down beside you, placing some bottles of medicine at the side accompanied by water and some biscuits. "try eating these first then let's get you settled, yeah?"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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umblackness · 9 months ago
pairing – harry styles x reader
warning – humiliation. exhibitionism. daddy kink. cockwarming. degradation. dumbification. hella lot cringe. crawling? 18 +
summary – you aren't needy, no. but that doesn't mean you will let go the opportunity of harry fucking you.
request – And one where Harry takes you to Italy to a Beautiful villa with an infinity Pool and get cought by paparazzi having sex there haha !
author's note – this is shitty and not proofread so I am so sorry !! also, sorry for the wait too . . .
Tumblr media
it was the only thing that you were completely and utterly foreign. being a middle child, your needs weren't never really taken as needs. you didn't know what it felt to need something.
the first time when you needed something, was when you were a teenager and hadn't studied for your exam. you had fucking squealed when the results had come out and you had passed.
the second time was when you were going to confess your feelings for harry ; you just needed him to like you back. which, for the record, he did.
the third time was your art competition in school. the fourth was when you had revealed your kinks to harry. the fifth was when you got into a fight with your best friend. the sixth was when your favorite sneakers were on sale. the sixth was your fight with your mom. the seventh was when your boyfriend asked a homeless you to move in with him.
quite frankly, after that, you lost the count because after that, you needed him with you. on every day, every minute, every second, you just needed him with you.
Tumblr media
You walked towards the changing room, a towel in hand because 'baby, the towels are all dirty!' or so he had claimed.
He had taken you to a heavenly villa in Italy, for your second anniversary. and apart from the pizza store down the street, that sold cauliflowers in pizza, the whole vacation had been brilliant. till now.
you had been sitting in the living room, sipping your coffee in peace, while he was swimming in the backyard. suddenly and completely out of the blue, he had called for you to bring a clean towel.
so, being the good girl you were, you had abandoned your coffee and now here you were. you were snapped out of your thoughts, when you felt someone push you into the water.
and since you and harry were the only one in the mansion, you had take a wild guess.
you emerged from underwater, letting out a shriek dramatically. however, your not-so-intense-glaring session came to an end as he jumped into the water too, before swimming closer to you.
"I don't want the towel, baby, you know what I want?"
He wrapped his arms around you, making you drop the things in your hand.
kissing your lips softly and passionately, he let his tongue dominate your mouth. he moved a bit so one of his hands moved to caress your cheek as the other one slipped lower, until it was gripping your ass.
quite frankly, you did know what he wanted. it was hard to forget when he talked about it throughout the flight. however, you couldn't help but tease him so the next words that came out of your mouth were filled of playfullness.
"What, daddy?" A growl that could make everyone and anyone drip with arousal vibrated through his chest. He quickly walked you backwards to the edge, flipping you so that your back met his chest, once you guys were there.
"I wanna rearrange your guts and turn you into a stupid mess." He paused, the hand that was on your cheek, was now fisting your his shirt. "I wanna fuck you, make you cum again and again, until you are blabbering for me to stop. "
"You want that, don't you?"
You managed to nod shakily, feeling your heat become wet and this time, it wasn't because of the water . His finger ran up and down your pussy, finding it vulnerable and bare, just like he expected.
one of his stupid rules said that you weren't allowed to wear any panties when you two were alone and of course, as much as you acted like you hated it, the truth was that you loved it ; you loved allowing him to have easy access to your body.
"Fuck, kitten. been such a good girl, deserve a reward, don't you?"
your eyes met his darkened ones and almost as if on queue, a moan left your mouth, followed by another choked moan, as two of his fingers slid in your pussy, not giving you any time to adjust.
Harry leaned down, his hand leaving your ass to open your mouth for him. He collected his saliva, holding eye contact as he spat in your warm mouth.
the groan he had let out as some of it fell on your jaw, was intoxicated and you craved more.
The sight was addicting to him as much as it was to you. he couldn't help but add two more fingers, wanting you to really fall apart underneath him.
"Daddy!" You screamed, the pain from the stretch already fading to a barley there sting.
"Aw, I know, whore. It feels good, doesn't it?"
Your ears burned from his mocking tone, you could feel the blissful feeling, your pussy felt so good that it hurt and yet, you couldn't help but nod pathetically.
Harry sighed, mocking disappointment. "Use. Your. Words. Slut."
"Y-yes, d-daddy! feels so good, can I cum please?" you whined.
As if to punish you for breaking his rule, he begun rubbing your clit, knowing how much that drives you crazy. You moaned, your own hands moving to your hair. You felt your eyes close, only for them to snap back open a second later.
"Look at me when I am" Harry sped up his moments, collecting his spit again but this time he spat right on your face. "destroying your tiny fucking pussy, you cum rag. fucking cum now."
reaching your high quickly, you let out the loudest moan of his name. he slapped your pussy, making you realise your mistake. panting, you were still in your post orgasm phase when
your gaze moved to his cock, his boxers felt like they couldn't burst anytime and you felt proud. your smugness was short lived though because he quickly took his fingers out of you.
He gave you a quick wink before slipping the soaked fingers in his mouth back and forth, he groaned, making you suddenly aware of the wetness between thighs.
"Yes, cockslut?" Fucking shit, your pussy throbbed at that.
"C-can I ride you please?"
you peered up at him through your eyelashes, hoping to appear innocent—it was all for nothing though, when he just landed another slap on your pussy.
still not saying anything, harry let go of you and walked out of the pool. your green eyed lover looked at you once again before slipping in the sun lounger by the pool.
Harry relaxed back in the chair before beckoning you forward with a finger and you, ever the good girl, go with it. you ignored the confusion and frustration in your mind as you climbed out of the pool.
As soon as you took a step forward, a tsk came from harry. "crawl for me like the good little slut, you are and can be."
you stared at him—it wasn't like you weren't comfortable, you and harry had discussed the limits months ago but what surprised you, was how much you wanted it.
you were broken out of your thoughts when he sighed mockingly. "I said crawl for me or is that too much to understand for your stupid little baby mind?"
you whimpered, dropping to your hands and knees. keeping your head up to maintain eye contact with harry, you crawled over.
once you were there, he was quick to manhandle you on his lap. his hands moved to your neck, where they caressed your collarbones. Harry's mouth replaced his hands soon, sucking hickies in your neck.
"good girl, maybe your not just a set of holes for me to use, after all." he spoke against your skin, making you shiver at his words.
"d-daddy, wanna make you feel good." you moaned, just wanting to please him like he pleased you.
"oh yeah?" he spoke and you could feel him smirk in your neck. "there's my good little cockslut, always so fucking eager to please her daddy. go on, baby, use your hand, since there's no way in hell I am going to grace that little throat with my cock."
nodding pathetically, you quickly lifted yourself up and lowered his boxers, just enough to take out his cock. one of your hands grabbed his cock, while the other swiped over the angry red tip.
your eyes moved to find his, only now taking in the fact that he had lifted his head from your neck. he hissed quietly, making you smile proudly.
your hand that was around his cock, fastened his pace and so did the one that was playing with his cock head. "I am your good girl, your good slut, right, daddy?"
"my best slut, so good to me." he regretted his words when he saw your proud smile change into a cocky one. "but that doesn't change the fact you are a slut, yeah?"
you nodded, letting out another whimper. wanting to make him feel good, you gave attention to his balls and his cock head more. he twitched, indicating that he was close.
and then, suddenly, he took your hand away.
"Gotta save daddy's precious cum for your little tummy, hm baby?" Harry whispered, squeezing your hand before his demeanor changed back to dominance.
"y'wanna have Daddys cum in your tummy?" he began, noting the eager glint in your eyes as you nodded way too fast. "Then earn for it. use your dumb little baby mind to make me cum and I would consider letting you cum again. Ride me."
a broken moan vibrated from your chest, only making him more amused. your lifted yourself before lowering down on his cock slowly.
you placed your hands on his shoulders for support, once you had taken half of him. you begun bouncing on his cock, trying to create a rhythm.
a scream of his name left your mouth, your body finally getting what it wanted. you looked up at him, only to whine at the sight— harry was relaxed back, his hands beside his head and he looked completely disinterested.
"does that feel good, daddy?" you asked, knowing that he had make fun of you—after all, that was what you needed.
"does that feel good, daddy?" he mocked, his lips set into a subtle smirk, even though you knew he was going soft inside. "look at my good cumdump, so eager for her daddy's pleasure."
you whined, bouncing harder on him, going completely in the rhythm you had set. you leaned to kiss him, sighing. after not even two seconds in the kiss, he bit your lip roughly, demanding entrance.
your passionate kiss went on for ten more seconds—seconds that consisted his tongue dominating your mouth and playing with yours—before he pulled away, with your bottom lip in his mouth.
harry leaned back a bit before letting go of it and watching it snap back into your place.
you smirked at the action, fastening your pace. however, it wasn't fast enough for your lover because the next thing you knew, he had thursted up into you, breaking youd rhythm and smirking harder at the broken moan you let out.
he went still again, making you do all the work. sighing lazily, harry moved to rub your clit, making your release come faster and so you bounced harder on him, tightening your pussy every once in a while.
he groaned, making a proud smile appear on your lips.
"d-daddy, can I cum?"
"hold it, yeah?"
before you could reply, he smashed his lips against yours. he rubbed faster at your clit, making you let out a small gasp. he took the opportunity as his tongue entered your mouth.
his tongue played with yours instantly, making you moan against his mouth. his tongue pushed yours back down before exploring your mouth.
harry pulled back, uttering a single growl of "my good girl" before diving in for another long passionate kiss.
feeling his dick hit your g-spot, you moaned loudly. he pulled back again, this time to breathe. he watched with darkened eyes as you threw your head back and screamed his name.
"cum with daddy, baby. let go, yeah? wanna soak daddy with your juices?"
as soon as his permission reached your ears, the coil in your stomach tightened before breaking completely. you screamed his name again, letting out a few curses.
he followed soon after, filling your pussy fully with groans and growls of your name.
you relaxed against his chest, both of you relaxing for ten or so minutes before he carried you back inside, his now softening cock still buried in you.
he laid the both of you on the bed, smiling when you started playing with his hair. Harry nuzzled your neck, laying soft kisses on your neck, smirking whenever he came across an hickey.
Tumblr media
the sheets around you were soft and like dreams. however, the man that was covering you with his arms now, was softer.
you stared at him, admiring his beauty and even though it sounded a little creepy, you didn't care. who wouldn't admire this God of a man.
you cuddled against his bare chest even more. you guys had slept while you were cockwarming him—actually, he had carried you around yesterday, since your legs had felt like jelly. you wouldn't have it any other way though.
you closed your eyes, almost falling back asleep when the sound of your phone buzzing snapped your eyes spoken. Harry groaned, tightening his arms around you.
you patted his hair softly, watching as the tension left his body and his eyes softly opened. you gave him your signature smirk, he shook his head, burrying it in your hair afterwards.
his hand gave a small squeeze to your ass, though his hand moved back to your waist, when you shot him a glare.
the cute moment was interrupted by your fucking phone buzzing. he groaned again, nuzzling his head in your hair even more.
you pulled back to blindly grab your phone from the bedside table, smiling at the one direction lockscreen before quickly typing in his name for password.
you looked over your notifications, your disinterest quickly changing into dread as you came across one particular twitter notification.
"no, nope, this can't be happening." you muttered, clicking onto the notification.
Harry furrowed his brows at that, sitting up with you in his arms quickly and accidentally thrusting up in you. "Is it a other hate comment, angel? I told those assholes to not bother my baby but no-"
"shut up, h." you smacked his chest as he raised one eyebrow. "Sarah just messaged me and our photos got leaked. it's breaking the internet."
"what?" he took your phone and sure enough, there were four blurred paparazzi photos of you two from yesterday.
the first one was of him kissing you in the water, the second was of him spitting in your mouth, the next was of him sucking his fingers and winking at you, the fourth was of you crawling for him.
"baby, these are all blurred. the ones with me spitting and you crawling for daddy are even more blurred. management is probably going to do something so don't worry, yeah?"
he wasn't wrong though — you thought, nodding at him. now that you were reassured, maybe you didn't need the earth to swallow you now.
you smiled a little before he leaned forward to whisper in your ear.
"besides, the world and your little friends now know about how you are a filthy slut for daddy, yea– OW, I AM SORRY!"
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fairyblue-alchemist · 4 months ago
hello hello i was tagged by the ever wonderful @ladislavaa for this tag game!! tysm for the tag i care you so much 💕
-> why did you choose your url?
hoo boy. there’s about... three different references in it, ones i’m not quite willing to explain because i will out myself as a enormous nerd. but it’s subtle enough that most people won’t get it so it’s ok. so i chose it because of the amount of references i could fit in it without it seeming overt.
-> any sideblogs?
i have. a lot. if you look at my bio for my main, there’s a list of sideblogs i have. a dead writing one, some dead ask blogs, an au blog i need to get back to now that school isn’t actively kicking me in the face... and a dimitri one from fire emblem that’s currently thriving now that i’ve revived it. anyways i have a lot of dead ones but i’m fond of them so they’ll stay there.
-> how long have you been on tumblr for?
since july of 2018! the three year mark of my time here on tumblr is coming up and i honestly didn’t expect time to go by so fast. sure i haven’t been here as much as other people, but i’ve enjoyed my time here! for the most part.
-> do you have a queue tag?
nope! not for my main! my ask blogs do, but not this one.
-> why did you start your blog in the first place?
honestly i just wanted to find a place that was fandom-centric so i could meet more people who had similar interests to me. it sounds so cheesy now that i think about it, but i really did just want some friends who had similar interests as me because a lot of the ones i had at the time didn’t.
-> how many followers do you have?
244 as of right now! but i know a good chunk of them are p-rn bots that i’ve reported and blocked over the years, so i’m not sure if that’s an accurate measure of my followers or not. i don’t know why so many people follow me anyways i just spam reblog things lol.
-> how many people do you follow?
336 currently, i kind of have this ‘if i like them, i’ll follow them’ mentality and hope i don’t come off as weird to the people i start following randomly.
-> have you ever made a shitpost?
oh yeah, probably. i’m not very well known for making original posts though, so they kinda just sit in the void that is my blog. i don’t mind, it just means that people won’t see the silly little clown words come directly from my brain.
-> how often do you use tumblr everyday?
probably more than i should. i’ve noticed myself spend a lot less time on it recently, but that’s probably because i’ve been busy. i don’t spend all of my time here though, and that’s good enough for me.
-> did you ever have a fight/argument with a blog before?
ehh, i wouldn’t call it a fight. a little spat here and there, maybe, but that hasn’t happened in some time and at this point i’d prefer not to get involved with people who aren’t worth the effort.
-> how do you feel about ‘you need to reblog’ posts?
i don’t really like the idea of them because of how much guilt tripping they do. sure they’re about important topics, but there’s better ways to raise awareness than to guilt trip people into talking about it. they make me anxious if i’ll be honest, and that’s not great.
-> do you like ask/tag games?
oh i LOVE those, please if anyone wants to tag me in stuff or ask me questions please go for it!! i love talking to people here and interacting in general! i won’t judge you for wanting to ask me stuff or anything, honestly i feel like the weird one for being so enthusiastic about it lol.
-> which one of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous?
oh for sure i think it’s @/kiiingsnake and @/jamblute. i honestly have no idea why they’re my mutuals and i’m too afraid to tag them in anything (including this). ;-;
-> do you have a crush on a mutual?
eh, no. i love my mutuals, but as friends. also i’m on the aro spectrum so attraction who?? they’re all wonderful people though and i appreciate them.
and that’s it folks! thanks for letting me ramble (somewhat) unprompted. i shall tag @pecha-cake @blackcliff-typewriter @doriduckdoodles @agent--shade and anyone else who wants to do it!!
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ggukkiereads · 7 months ago
hi hii I was wondering if you had any taekook x reader fics ? 🙈 , also wondering if I could I go as 🗯 anon if that's okay? I love ur recs so much and ur page is a LIFESAVER , ily bae <3
🌷 Dear 🗯️ anon! I am sorry for answering so late. My drafts are all messed up but I was able to focus on this. On my 📍 pinned post, I actually asked if you meant love triangles or MMF smut but you didn't reply. So, I'll just put both =)
Enjoy! Much love and credit goes to all these wonderful writers who brought these fics to life 💖🥳
Tumblr media
TaeKook Fics (Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook)
Love Triangle/s
M/M/F Smutty One Shots/Series
#ReadwithMe (fics in my reading queue/planning to read)
Tumblr media
Love Triangle
All I Want @ardentlyjae - series [6/6] | 126k | War AU, Soldier!Taehyung | Heavy Angst, S
I actually read this on AO3 but I realized it’s on tumblr too. I remember this fic every time I hear Kodaline’s All I Want, which the fic was inspired by
Anima Meaology @arckook - series [5/5] | 26k | Soulmate AU, soulmate glitch (those with mismatched tattoos on their wrist) | A, F
I read this long ago on AO3 when I had this soulmate AU-fixation phase and I saw it on tumblr recently. Just had to read it again 🥺
Aquarium, Part 2 @whatifyoulivelikethat - two shot | 6.9k | cheating/infidelity, healing/comfort, second chances | A, F
I really like this comfort fic 🥰. Also shows that people deserve second chances, even the person who caused so much hurt. Screamed about it here and here
Change @junghelioseok - series [10/10] | 39.2k | a kind handsome stranger (Taehyung) makes you question your deteriorating relationship (Jungkook) | A, S, F
can I just say that Taehyung is such a sweetheart here 🥰? I always envision Paris Taehyung 2018 in this
Everything Goes @jamaisjoons - one shot | 24k | Fuckboy!Taehyung, Bestfriend!Taehyung, Stranger!Jungkook, unrequited love | A, S  (really angsty)
First Light @inktae - one shot | 24k | Bestfriend!Taehyung, Masked Jungkook who can’t seem to leave the forest, Fantasy AU, based on hotarubi no mori e | F
If you’ve seen my fic recs list, inktae is always part of my recs. The way they write is just emotionally and visually haunting. Their works are just masterpieces. This is beautifully heartbreaking and heartbreakingly beautiful.
House of Cards @aiimaginesbts - series [10/10] | 40k | infidelity au, taehyung in an arranged marriage with someone else, roommate Jungkook | A, S, F
don’t we all want to have a roommate like Jungkook who will be there to comfort you over your heartbreak over someone else?
Stealing the Bite by wildernessuntothemselves - series [6/6] | 37k | witch!reader x werewolf!taehyung x vampire!jungkook, supernatural au, fantasy au | S, A
I mentioned before that some are divided re the ending, so I wonder what’s going to be the reactions of others
The Muse @daddychims - one shot | 30k | Author!Reader, Bestfriend!Taehyung, Fuckboy!Taehyung,  Coworker!Jungkook, Taehyung offered OC to watch him have sex with another so she could write an erotic scene | S, A, F
The Universe of Us (read on mobile) @/taesthetes (officially closed her account) - one shot | 21k | Dream AU, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Kimi no Nawa-inspired | F, A
I am never going to shut up about this fic lol. It’s not exactly a love triangle, ugh hard to explain but please read this wonderful fic. Check their other KTH x R x JJK soulmate fic Cloud Ten too.
When You Least Expect @johobi - series [12/14 + drabble] | 118k | Slow Burn, Love Triangle, Drama, Childhood Friend Taehyung, set up with another guy (Jungkook) | S, A, F
ugh, I want to put another tag about Jungkook but I guess it’s a surprise. I just love the drama 🍿
🌷 I’m forgetting two more fics but I’ll update this once I remember. I haven’t read recently released fics too! I’ll add if there are good ones that come along
Tumblr media
MMF Smutty One Shots/Series
A Piece of You @httpjeon - one shot | 13.9k | abo dynamics, camboy AU, camgirl AU, fan jungkook joins the cam session | S, F
All’s Fair @kimvtae - one shot | 13k | soulmate AU, college AU, dating Taehyung for a year but different name (Jungkook) showed up on OC’s wrist (lol it’s not a problem if you can get them both) | S
Blacklisted @/httpjeon - one shot | 21k | dom/sub AU, CEO AU, “after departing from your dom, you’re assigned to two incredibly powerful men” | A, F, S
Business @btssmutgalore - two shot | 28.9k | executive!reader, inventors/start-up owners taekook | S (seriously, how could I have missed including this here)
Dulce Periculum @forgottenpasta - two shot [2/2]  | 16k | Hybrid AU, Tiger Hybrid!Tae, Owner!Reader, Wolf Hybrid!Jungkook | S, A, F
Easy Like Sunday Morning @ofsugakookies - one shot | 11.8k | boyfriend AU (yes, both of them), dom!taehyung, sub!jungkook | S, PWP
It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Right @imaginethisbts - two shot [2/2] 11.6k | Hybrid AU (dog hybrids) | S, A (side note: I realized I’ve read all of their fics! give their masterlist a try)
Just Kidding @/whatifyoulivelikethat - series [5/?] | 21.1k+ | nympho OC, friend Taehyung, tae’s roommate Jungkook | S, kinda F, crack
this is actually fun 😊; and the episodes are written in a drabble-ish sort of way so you won’t feel like it needs to be updated to get the story moving. It’s basically just reading fun scenarios of nympho OC and these two satisfying her needs *wink wink
Not So Digital @jiminables  - sequel to Digital Boy | 2.7k | camboy!taehyung, bestfriend!jungkook, short mxm | S, slight F
Playing to Win @tayegi - one shot | 8.6k | FWB AU (tae), sort of enemies to lovers (jungkook), TaeKook (mxm), originally Taehyung x OC (fwb) | S
okay this is one of my favorites! I’m amazed at how the power dynamics were written. Taehyung seems a dom with OC but with Jungkook he is all soft and sub; then, there’s that dynamic between Jungkook and OC who disliked each other originally. I just found the shifting so interesting and the writer was able to display these changes in dom/sub behavior among the three characters really well
Pour Up @jungkxook - one shot | 14k | fuckboy AU, fratboy AU (applies to two of them), one sassy OC, one kind of jealous Koo | S (thank you dear author for reposting this! 🥰)
Shhh @bang-tan-bitches - drabble (with OT7 sequel) | 2.7k | PWP (just pure hot imagine)
Shameless @imaginethisbts - one shot | 5.1k | established relationship (jungkook x oc), Taehyung’s POV, exhibitionism | S (not exactly threesome, because JK and OC are just doing it in front of people, Taehyung had a bit of action in the end)
Sugar & Spice @divine-bangtan - one shot | 20.8k | Kiki’s Delivery Service!AU, Baker AU, Noona AU, Assistant!Jungkook, Rich!Taehyung, pining Koo, a bit of M x M  | S, F, A (it’s all good everyone ends up happy 😊)
Sugar and Spice @sunkissedjk - two shot [2/2] | 8.6k | Your friends ask you whether you prefer sugar (jjk) or spice (kth) | S
ugh this is such an indulgent imagine. If taekook are your friends and they help you decide what type of sex you prefer through a demonstration, wouldn’t you want for multiple demos before deciding? *wink wink
Sacrilegious @therealmintedmango -  part of the Gods and Monsters series | 15.6k | Demon!Jungkook, Fallen Angel!Reader, God!Taehyung | S (so sinful 😈💦)
Sweat Pea @nitaescence - series [10/10] | 63k | DDLG!AU, caregiver!jungkook, caregiver!taehyung, little!oc | S, F, A
so I’m glad there was an ask about caregiver!jungkook because I remembered this. I actually checked if there’s a follow up drabble because the ending is open to any interpretation so I’m curious how other readers interpreted it
051 + Scum’s Wish @scriptmin - one shot | 3k | bestfriend!jungkook, pining!oc (unrequited), rebound!taehyung | S, A
it’s actually kind of sad 😭 but I added this because it's good to have variety. Not all smutty pieces will be a happy one
Tattooed Two @/httpjeon - one shot | 8.5k | tattoo artist AU, boyfriend Jungkook joined by his bestfriend Taehyung | S, F
The Doms Next Door @tatertotthethot - series [3.1/?] | 33.8k+ | BDSM AU, Poly, Neighbor AU, Tattoo Artist AU | S
I really love this series. It’s so funny too, I remember Jimin here - he’s THAT bestfriend you want to have. PLUS TaeKook are absolutely hot. If you're not interested in being a sub or partaking in bdsm, you will reconsider
The Hush Series @suga-kookiemonster - two shot [2/2] | 16.9k | coworker’s friends TaeKook, sort of E2L (Jungkook), dom!taehyung, a bit of voyeurism | | S
okay, I really like author’s writing. It can be about sinful delicious smut scenes but I noticed the members always have this developed characterization. I actually find Taehyung so adorably charming - makes me wonder if irl tae is secretly sinful too behind that sweetness lol
Thic Trilogy @btsinned - series [3/7] | 37k+ | CEO AU, Hybrid AU, College AU, Chubby!Reader | S, F, A
Tumblr media
🌷 I’m throwing in fics in my reading queue #ReadwithMe
Attitude Adjustment @s0seo - one shot | 11.8k | Roommate AU | S
Chain Reaction @kissmetae - one shot | 3.2k | boyfriend Taehyung and friend Jungkook helping OC relax | S
Cherry @kpopstories - series [4/?] | 29k+ |  college AU, fuckboy AU, love triangle | A, S, F (this is part of my ongoing reading list)
Cobalt Blue @hauntedlilies - one shot | 11.3k | artist AU, “you asked Jungkook to draw you like one of his french girls” | S
When You’re Mad @honeyj00ns -  one shot | 3.8k | established relationship (boyfriend Jungkook), enemies to lovers Taehyung, Taehyung is JK’s bestfriend, Christmas AU, College AU| S
Madam Cupcake @craztextae - series [6/?] | 69.2k+ | Sugarbaby AU, Idolverse, idol!jungkook meets OC through an app called “sugarmamas(.)com” | S, F
Player Two @minjoonalist - one shot | 10.6k | Gamer!Jungkook, Boyfriend!Jungkook, Boyfriend!Taehyung, Brat!Reader | S
Tag Team @goodnight-tae - one shot | 5.2k | stripper AU, TaeKook are roommates and friends who share most things 😉 | S, PWP
Whoa @bangtanlalaland - one shot | 4.7k | skater!taehyung, 1970s AU, coworker!jungkook | S, PWP, Crack
Tumblr media
posted: 2021 March 12; updated: 2021 May 12
link to other fic recs here
feel free to recommend a fic
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maggiecaps · 7 months ago
My 24/7 Training
As some of you may or may not know, I have been wearing diapers nearly 24/7 since November of 2019. Every month since then I’ve been posting about my progress on my patreon! Here is a look from an update I posted in January 2021:
Hey there everyone! I have an interesting update for you all this month. Break out the book because it’s story time!
I went on a ski trip with some friends for about a couple days last week (Everyone got tested for COVID before and after, everything came up clean). It’s an annual trip with my old college friends from my major. It’s tons of fun. Ski all day, have some drinks at night. We’ve been doing it for the past three years. Normally I’m super excited for it, but this year I was a little nervous with my diapers.
This was my first big trip with people since I started being 24/7. Only one out of the six in our group knew about my diapers. I didn’t want to tell any of them about it, mostly because I knew they’d probably think it’s a little weird. Luckily, I roomed with my best friend who did know, so I didn’t have to try concealing them in the hotel room.
We were also skiing all day. My bladder and bowl muscles have been wide open for the past 14 months. I’ve been soaking through 4-6 diapers a day recently (counting my overnights). I could reduce that by restricting my liquids, but I knew all that turning and acceleration was going to push all the dribbles out of me. Trying to hold it was out of the question. I also didn’t want to. I wasn’t going to let other people dictate my diaper use.
So the big challenge for me was making sure I didn’t leak into my snow pants. The problem though, is there aren’t a lot of bathrooms in the middle of the slopes. And for those of you who don’t ski, typically when you get down the slope you queue right up again for the lifts. You normally don’t go into the lodge unless you’re getting lunch or taking a quick break. So diaper changes were going to be few and far between.
I thought the best way to reduce my chance of leaking was to wear as much bulk as I could possibly hide underneath my snow pants. At the same time, I didn’t want a super noticeable diaper waddle. I decided to wear a booster underneath a Bambino Bellissimo (My favorite diaper! 😊). I’d change in the bathroom right before we started skiing. I was shooting for one diaper change around lunch, and then change once we got back to the hotel 3-4 hours after that.
I was wet before we even started our first run. I sat down on the lift and felt a little warm squish. I was in that diaper for less than 10 minutes. I was trying to be genuinely aware of wetting too, I literally couldn’t tell at all. I just smiled to myself at that point. I knew that paying attention to wetting was a lost cause after that.
Every time I got back on the lift I’d squish more and more. The diaper pressed up against me and I’d think, “Yup, I’m wetter.” “Yeah, that’s wetter than before.” “I’m soggier.” There wasn’t any stopping it. I could feel I was getting pretty droopy about an hour before we were going to get lunch. I typically change once I’m at that level. It could hold about 1 ½ more regular wettings at that point. I said fuck it and kept going. By the time we got back to the lodge for lunch, I was completely soaked. I was also starting to smell like diaper, but no one said anything. Hopefully they thought it was skier sweat or something…
Each day worked out just like that. I’d tape into a new diaper right before we hit the slopes, get completely soaked by noonish, then change into my afternoon diaper. The only time I had problem was when I’d fall on a full diaper. There were two times I fell and felt pee squish out the sides. It wasn’t that bad to be honest. There were some stains around my leggings, but no one could see them. I didn’t even change out of them after lunch. I’ve been in plenty of leaky pants. It doesn’t bother me at this point. Snow pants are low key great for hiding leaky pants.
The night times were WILD. When we hang out, we all go hard. I knew that if there was any chance of me keeping my diapers from leaking, I was going to have to change in the hotel rooms/bars. My purse became an over glorified diaper bag. The second I have alcohol in me, I turn into a river. My diapers get wetter by the second. Especially if I’m drinking beer, which, like the silly I am, I did a lot XD. Even with my Bambinos I ended up going through roughly 2-3 each night.
All in all, it was a diaper success! I learned some interesting things about my diaper use that week. I realized I’m kinda becoming a “diaper pro.” Like, it was weird how seamless it all went. The only problems I had were leaking when I fell down. But everything else felt like second nature. Packing the diapers, getting them on in the bathroom, changing when I needed to. It wasn’t hard. If anything, it was easier than having to go the bathroom like a regular adult. I never felt the need to go, and because of that I never had any discomfort. I did what anyone else would do and spent a little time in the bathroom during lunch, but instead of using the bathroom I was just changing my diaper. No one knew.
It also put it into context how much of a wetter I’ve become. I thought I’d be able to hold onto my pee at least a little bit. But I literally had zero control. There were maybe 3 or 4 times out of the 5 day trip that I even realized I was GOING pee. Not that I HAD to pee. I’m constantly dribbling little by little into my diapers now. I can’t put it into words how much I’m in love with it.
This was also low key a “test” to see how things will be like after COVID. For the most part, I’ve been confined to my house for the past 10 months. It’s been stupid easy to just go in my diapers whenever I want. I’ve been out with friends here and there, but nothing like a multi-day trip. I was expecting hiccups. Slips of my diaper to show. I’m leaking and I can’t get to a bathroom. I run out of diapers and I’m stuck in a full one. None of that happened! I planned it all out ahead of time, and it all worked perfectly. It really wasn’t that hard. It gave me a huge confidence boost that this isn’t going to be a problem whatsoever once things get back to normal and we’re all out and about more.
For those of you wondering, no I didn’t mess when I was on the slopes. I decided I would hold it until I was able to mess in the bathroom and then quickly change after that. I did it for two reasons. 1. I didn’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable in case they smelled me. And 2. If I was in a leaky messy diaper on the slopes, that probably wouldn’t have been very fun. I understand that if I want to be fully incontinent, then that won’t be a choice in the future, but it just didn’t feel right.
That’s not to say I didn’t have some close calls. I’ve mentally been releasing my bowels the second I feel any pressure for the past couple months. There’s residual muscle memory to that even if you’re trying to hold it. Your mind gets caught in an automatic rut. Every time I felt the urge to mess, on instinct I wouldn’t hold back. I’d quickly realize what I was doing and clench down. My bowel control is getting softer though. It felt delayed at times. Like it took longer than I expected to stop myself from messing. And even then there were times that if I hadn’t caught it sooner, I probably would have messed a little before getting control again.
I’m back to full 100% release my bowels now though. It was so nice to not having to worry about my diaper when I got home. As a treat I slipped my pee pants on the second I walked into the door, strapped into a fresh diaper, and didn’t pay attention to it until I felt the leaks. It was my little reward for doing so good XD.
I’m diaper dependent for wetting without a doubt at this point. The trip really solidified that for me. I couldn’t stop the dribbles if I tried. If I wanted to go back at this point, it would take literal months of muscle training to even get back to pull-ups. Probably 6-8 months before I even had control again. And that’s not to mention the fact I’ll probably have stress incontinence (Sneezing, coughing, standing up, etc) for a while after that. I’m okay with that though. I’m not planning on getting back into regular underwear anytime soon. If ever. I literally have no desire.
Wrapping it all up: Wetting Control: 1%
Bowl Control: 85% (I tested it today. I have roughly 45 minutes between feeling pressure and messing uncontrollably)
As a little side note. I hope you’re all enjoying the new stories! Like I said a couple months ago, I’m putting everything I got into these ones. I want them to be my master pieces. I have one more new story I’m finishing up that I’ll have out by the end of the month. It’s a funky one. We’ll see how it plays out. I’m trying to write it in a style that I’ve never seen on the web before.
Also to clarify, I’ve gotten a lot of messages about this. Yes. “Living With This” is completely true. I went to therapy for my fetish. I don’t want to give away too many details about it right now. That’d ruin the story!
Thank you all so much for your support this month. I genuinely wish from the bottom of my heart a Happy 2021 to you! I’m loving the direction of this page, and hopefully it’s only getting better from here. See you in February for another soggy diaper update 😊
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leviiattacks · 8 months ago
Head canons for mafia boss levi being interested in Starbucks barista reader please
Tumblr media
note :: this idea is so cute i wrote a scenario i hope you don’t mind. i can still post some headcanons for it too if you really want me to! i’m sorry if it’s not what you wanted me to write anon :-( ALSO this is super casual writing it’s not like the way i usually write it’s just bullet points i mean idk i wanted to try something different and more relaxed lmk if this style is okay for some requests :D
if anyone would like any more requests with this levi please lmk!! i could go in more detail tbh maybe the pacing of this isn’t too good bc it is a short request but yeahhh
+ idk why the formatting looks so odd i tried my best to fix it myself ?!.!/!:£:& but yeah sorry again!!
levi has always been one to keep his business meetings lowkey
i mean, realistically who is going to suspect mafia boss levi is lingering in a starbucks???
the place is well-suited for his hushed meetings, he finds it to be quiet enough and clean enough
but then one winter everything changes
you start working there
he’s waiting in the queue texting erwin asking when he’ll be able to get there
it’s been a RUSH and the traffic is crazy as expected from the bustling city so he doesn’t expect to see erwin for a while
that’s when he hears you for the first time
“HEY!! Mister in the fancy suit it’s your turn to order”
your hands are placed on the counter and you lean forward eagerly waiting for what he has to say
levi rolls his eyes because he thinks you have to be ogling his designer watch and shoes (you really aren’t)
“black tea, no sugar and... a cinnamon swirl” he’ll order for erwin later. “i’ll be eating in.”
“ooohhh you’re a tea guy? name?” you’re smiling at him radiantly and it irks him because you have nothing to be smiling about really
eyes narrowing he responds “no shit, i just ordered tea.”
“and why the hell do you want my name?” he snaps on reflex
he then remembers he’s at a starbucks and you are not interrogating him, you’re doing your job
“sir... this is starbucks?? is this your first time here?”
you blink in confusion but then your face lights up “oh my, would you like to sign up for a starbucks card?? you can collect stars and get rewards and it’s so muc–“
“do i look like i need a starbucks card?”
“everyone looks like they need a starbucks card”
he doesn’t carry on that part of your conversation instead he looks you dead in the eyes “levi, is my name.”
his glare intimidates you and you awkwardly laugh
you think he’s probably having a super bad day and choose to not bother him that much
as he’s waiting he sees the way you clumsily navigate behind the counter, you’re juggling a number of things in your arms
automatically his face sours
he’s not expecting the tea you produce to be any good
he doesn’t care how nice you are if you can’t do what he wants he won’t be leaving a tip
he’s stingy like that
a clatter is heard and all the noise you’re making just makes you all the more aggravating
he’s been coming here for years and never has encountered a barista as bothersome as yourself
at some point you call out the name “SCROOGE!” from behind the counter, levi finds it embarrassing that anyone would ever call their child that
like... out of all the names this is what they choose??
damn they have to hate parenthood
“scrooge i’m begging you collect your drink.”
he looks up pissed that whoever this scrooge is has the audacity to hold you up because that by default means they are holding him up
then he sees you staring directly at him with that warm smile again
yeah, that smile, it could thaw ice
then it settles.
he’s scrooge?
turning around he notices no one is behind him then he sees that no one else is waiting apart from him
jaw clenching he heads towards you and makes it a point to “tsk” in frustration
he takes his cup and his cinnamon roll and you wave him goodbye
usually levi prefers to silently sit in the booth furthest from the action, he wants no attention drawn to him at all
but that day he finds himself sitting closer to the counter
he’s kind of stunned when he does that because he’s just sat there thinking why the hell did i just do that?? why did i sit here??
but he convinces himself it’s because he wants to see erwin when he’s about to walk in so he can prepare to scold him for not arriving on time
he takes a sip of his beverage expecting nothing above mediocirty but weirdly, your brew, it tastes perfect
levi’s eyes linger on you and he notices the way your behaviour is consistent
you’re helping an old woman pick what she’d like from the menu
you compliment her jumper, says it really makes her blue eyes stand out
you don’t have to be as nice as you are and it’s ticking him off
it ticks him off seeing someone so pure and sweet for no reason
when did people decide to not have ulterior motives anymore? did you decide those were too old school for you?
tongue poking at the inside of his cheek he activates his poker face and looks away
you, are a random person. a random, annoying person. he is going to stop thinking about you.
turning his attention to erwin instead he calls him and when he picks up levi makes his point very clear
“i was just called scrooge. get the hell here so i can order for you.”
erwin chuckles, his throaty laugh makes levi’s mouth twitch downwards in irritation
“and who exactly called you scrooge?”
“is that relevant?”
“very much so if you’ve mentioned it yourself”
levi is silent and erwin laughs once again at his colleagues anti social way of interacting
“i’ll be there in five, feel free to order.”
grunting a sound of approval levi hangs up
“you’re back! how may i help?”
the way you treat being a barista so seriously, he finds it oddly endearing
“one doubleshot iced coffee.”
nodding to yourself you hum a tune happily and get to work
Tumblr media
ever since that day levi finds himself frequenting that specific starbucks more
at first it’s a whole lot of “i’m pissed and i don’t have a reason so i’ll go down there and have her annoy me, then i’ll have a real reason”
then you talk to him more and you both engage in small talk
then it develops when he doesn’t mean for it to
you tell him about what you study, where you’re from, how your mother has recently developed arthritis but she’s still so determined to cook to the best of her abilities despite the pain
that reminds him of you
each visit he learns something new about you
sometimes he’ll let you in on his life
“what do you work as, i’ve always wondered?“
“accountant.“ no way in hell is he going to scare you away, telling you isn’t an option
you burst out in laughter holding your knees
“accountancy is well paying what is your point...?”
“do you not know what that means” your laugh is muffled as you press the sleeve of your jumper against your mouth
he shakes his head completely clueless
“people say their accountants when they’re actually strippers. it’s a tiktok thing.”
you pause for a second staring at his face
he feels the way his ears grow red under your gaze but he ignores it looking as bored as ever
“ah well. i did not know that.”
“clearly not you are an old man.”
then you turn away to brew his tea and he lets the ghost of a smile sneak its way onto his face
you aren’t looking, it’s okay
but he knows it’s dangerous getting attached to you
it’s stupid relaxing
and it’s even worse loosening up
so he doesn’t.
he’s always cold, bitter and frigid in his responses as he’s always been with you
but that doesn’t stop you from kindly smiling
or absentmindedly brushing the surface of his skin on rare occasions
it doesn’t stop you from calling him scrooge
and it certainly doesn’t stop you from slowly thawing the frosty exterior of his heart
then one day you let the words “my scrooge” slip out of your mouth
he doesn’t know why he let’s it happen or even how it happens exactly but he can’t help the smile that makes itself evident on his face
“HEY YOU JUST SMILED HELLO?????? you can do THAT????”
he smiled in front of you, that’s it he’s fucked
he quickly drops it and is back to his normal narrowed glare
“i did no such thing”
you give him a knowing look but sigh airily there’s no point in getting the man to admit it
“what would you like today, a frappe?”
you ask the sarcastic question even though you know he hates change. his usual order is already ingrained in your mind. you know it off by heart
he sighs in exasperation
“is your memory really that bad?”
“nope. cinnamon rolls and black tea it is!”
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jungxk · 9 months ago
just one (viii)
Tumblr media
summary: the only guy on campus who’s track record trumped that of your best friend’s - park jimin - was jeon jungkook. not that that was a problem…until he set his sights on you.
notes: first of all i wanna thank the people who supported me and encouraged me through one of the worst writers blocks of my life. all the messages and comments are the reason why i finally managed to post this. special thanks to @whippedforkook for helping me with the monstrous tagging process as well as giving me so much praise. and also @lonelyending for cheering me on for a literal YEAR bc thats how long i cried over this fic! this story is so special to me. we’re in the home stretch now x
warnings: mentions of illegal drug use and distribution, swearing, brief smut.
genre: drama, romance, humour, college!au
wordcount: 8k
tagging: @cutechim @benz-biarritz @gyukult @bangulin @eatersanonymous @alyssa1926 @skivv1es @a-sucker-for-them-sappy-shit @moonights @jeymuffins @juuneaux @catsukiii @andreaisaac @whatheydontunderstand @sreveles @noruls619 @henryharios @just-a-fuxked-up-kid @befriendswithj @btsbesharam @poemsandpunani @taelha @misosoup-forthesoul @jikooksmut @heart-eyedmf @the-piano-woman @angrysunshine @chaoticpaperfanhoagie @jsungshine @ci-yen @faby-montana @shinypeanutsportshero @jooniestrivia @alucards-s @cynamyngirl @jiminie-angel @myskoova @jkshoneybuns @smokintae @remmykinsff @majinbuwu @jangx2manboongx2 @potatodogs @seul-queen @alpharyth @blenxxxg @plsky @th-singularity @bapbaptothetop @hermiones-enchantment @stomachfilledwithbutterflies @euphorora @supachloe94 @jiminxjimout @ggukkieland @just-another-fic-recs-blog @jalexad​
part i // part ii // part iii // part iv // part v // part vi // part vii // part viii // part ix // part x
4 years ago
jimin hated yugyeom.
well, maybe hate was a strong word. he just didn't like talking to him, being around him, hearing his name or interacting with him on any level, social or otherwise. he really tried though, since he was one of jungkook's closest friends and still respectfully referred to him as hyung above all else. and if anything, jimin would always have a soft spot for jungkook, the kid he used to coddle when his own brother wasn't around. but having said that, there wasn't really much basis for not liking yugyeom. it was just a gut feeling jimin couldn't explain, a very subtle callousness about him only jimin could pick up on. for the most part he was just like very other mild mannered boy by day and party animal by night, but jimin still ducks when he sees him enter the library.
"fuck," he hisses under his breath, scooping up his laptop to stride behind a book shelf for good measure. because sometimes, contrary to popular belief, jimin wanted to be alone. he didn't want to make small talk or listen to someone tell him about how well they scored on their last paper or complain about their annoying girlfriend. sometimes jimin wanted to have no thoughts and listen to fleetwood mac as per his human rights. which is why he shoves into the first private study room he sees.
and not an empty one at that. there's a girl inside, sitting cross-legged in her chair at a desk with an array of dried up paint tubes and brushes surrounding open sketchbooks. you don't look annoyed or even that phased, just amused as you give him a once over before going back to painting. "on the run from solji?"
jimin blinks, back still pressed against the door. "huh?" he regards you properly. "i'm sorry, have we met before?"
"not really," you admit with a sheepish smile, which is when jimin suddenly realises that you're...attractive. "solji is in my stats class. you hooked up with her last week at some party and she told me about it."
"oh," jimin takes in your plethora of art supplies. "you don't look like a stem student."
there's a glimmer of something in your eyes, and though you hide it well jimin knows he's struck a nerve. "yeah, i get that a lot."
"it's not solji by the way," jimin clarifies. for some reason. "that i'm hiding from. just a bellend i don't have the energy for right now."
you smile. "it's fine. you don't owe me your life story."
"i do when i'm about to impose on time," jimin peers through the window in the door, wincing when yugyeom enters the hallway. "what would it take for you to let me stay in here for a while?"
you pause for a second. "honestly? just be quiet and leave me alone. is that okay?"
jimin perks up, a weight leaving his chest. "perfect, actually."
[jungkook 11:42pm]: why does it say wings on it
[jungkook 11:42pm] where is it flying
[you: 11:43pm] ffs kook
[you: 11:44pm] im still on the toilet can u just hurry up
[you 11:44pm] grab some tampons too pls
[jungkook 11:46pm] fine what size pussy do u wear
[you 11:46pm] i hate u
[jungkook 11:53pm] ???? ? ? well? ????
[you 11:54pm] REGULAR 
jungkook giggles at his phone, already having left the women's sanitary aisle to grab some chocolate. months later and teasing you was still bundles of fun. he knew for a fact that you were sat there with that angry pout on your face, nose crinkled. he had never bought anything like this before, but jungkook had enough brain cells to know that chocolate was another necessity for that time of the month. after grabbing a large hazelnut bar, he pauses beside the oreos before grabbing a packet of those too. just for good measure. he strides to the self checkout - because even he wasn't man enough for the cashier yet - nearly dropping his array of sanitary products and confectionary when somebody calls out his name from behind the queue.
"kook!" the voice is unmistakably yugyeom's, confirmed by the hand that clamps jungkook over the shoulder and swivels him round before he could think about hiding his socially compromising shopping items. it takes a second for yugyeom to notice, doing a double take at the pads atop his small tower of goods. he holds back a laugh, balancing a bottle of gin in one hand while he waves back at some friends to continue. they were clearly making their pit stop before a night out, probably pre's if they still start as late as jungkook remembers. with his hair styled and expensive cologne lingering, jungkook almost forgets he probably looks unrecognisable in his sweats and cotton-fresh hoodie. friday nights weren't for cuddling. still, yugyeom's smile is welcoming and familiar. "got the munchies? and maybe also a uterus?"
"shut up," jungkook grumbles, averting his eyes. he shifts to his other foot uncomfortably. "my friend just needed a favour, that's all."
"uh huh," yugyeom gives him a teasing look. "is this friend the reason why i barely saw you at jin's the other week?"
jungkook blinks back at him. "wait, you were at that party? i had no idea!" a boyish smile breaks over his face. "why didn't you call me? i haven't seen you since-"
"minseok-hyung's new years eve party," yugyeom throws his head back with a laugh. "remember how we ended up on a boat after the ball dropped and-"
"spent all of new years day detained by the coast guard!" jungkook finishes with a mischievous cackle of his own, nearly dropping the tampons in the process. "fuck, that was so much fun! we need to meet up again, i haven't been out with the guys in so long."
"well no wonder," he quips a brow at jungkook's shopping again. "word got out you're a family man but i didn't believe it. until now, that is."
jungkook's smile falls. "what do you mean?"
yugyeom looks at him for a second, confused by jungkook's surprise. yugyeom was never quite as diplomatic as namjoon or yoongi, to put it lightly. and definitely nowhere near as accomodating as jimin. which is why his next words make jungkook's back stiffen. "bro, look at yourself. you got dairy milk in one hand and tampax in the other. on a friday night. the next time i see you i wouldn't be shocked if you had a baby buggy and a mortgage." still, yugyeom throws him an apologetic look. like a mouse caught in a trap. "face it, kook. you're old news."
"what? that's not true," his brows furrow unhappily. "i don't know what you're talking about. it's not like she's my..."
he can't say the word, but it hangs between them like a dead weight.
"yeah, right," the condescending look on yugyeom's face was starting to agitate him. "you totally blanked us at jin's after she showed up. not even just jin's..." he thinks twice about holding his tongue, but as always, decides against it. "i don't know you, jungkook. whoever this new jungkook is. it's been months. you used to hit us up and be independent and spontaneous and wild and now you're just...someone's boyfriend.
"stop fucking saying that," jungkook snaps, all visible signs of friendliness gone.
"why?" a beat. "do you even use a wrap with her anymore?"
jungkook splutters, heat rushing to his ears and hands in a stinging combination of anger and embarrassment. "how is that any of your business? the fuck are you asking me something like that, as if you-"
"thought so," yugyeom looks away from him with a sigh. if anything, yugyeom knew never to overstay his welcome but that clearly backfired tonight. "whatever, jungkook," he looks over his shoulder at him. "guess you're the last one to find out you're officially married."
"you're ridiculous," jungkook scoffs. "all this over condoms? grow up, yugyeom."
"only couples do it raw," yugyeom turns away from him, alcohol in tow as he waves a hand over his shoulder to join his friends like jungkook was nothing but a lost cause. "you would remember that if you still had game."
jungkook stands there, dumbfounded while the group of boys exit the store noisily but he can't hear a thing. the siren that had been itching the back of his mind all this time was suddenly there at full force, right between his eyes. the glaring truth that yugyeom might be right makes his knees buckle. all those rules jungkook once had, all those measures he kept in place to protect his liberty, to prevent this very occurence - where were they? what happened to them? as the sweet and accommodating counterpart to jimin, why had you never complied? though, the blame wasn't on your hands alone. he got complacent, comfortable. lenient. and now without even realising he was here, a scene from a romcom in the middle of the night, with nothing to say for himself but fuck. the realisations wouldn't stop racing, one after another on the conveyer belt of his anxiety.
the photos on his phone; mostly you. time spent, usually with you. the portfolio for his latest photography module also had some resemblance to your interests. charcoal pencils, night drives, orchids. like the ones you always drew on any scrap of paper lying around. now that he thinks about it, he's seen nothing but your orchids for months. and not just that - you wore his clothes sometimes too. his bathroom had your toothbrush, contraceptive pills and coconut shampoo. his closest friends, his hyungs...not one of them was devoid of affection for you. he wasn't even confident that if the choice was presented, they would still pick him over you.
by the time jungkook finishes paying and practically sprints to his truck in a daze, he can hardly keep himself from shaking. he palms the wheel compulsively, he could feel the sweat in his sideburns, hoodie suddenly suffocating him. it smelled of you.
and then, like a final curtain call: was he just your latest fixer-upper project? some good girl wet dream to play out in the wake of your emotionally traumatic past? a slap in the face to seokjin, maybe, and nothing more? when you were done, when he was out of your system, when you knew his taste by heart and had nothing new left to try - would you stay? did you even know how to?
did he?
jungkook starts the engine. he drives to your door, drops your bag of snacks and pads on the porch, and texts you before leaving. he does not go inside.
"you sure you'll be okay with just the boys?"
you scoff at seulgi when she pins you with a worrying look, taking some of her clothes out of her bag to re-fold them just so you had something to do with your hands. jisoo had already left for the long weekend with her family, so there was no one there to fill up the empty space between your awakward reply. you didn't know how to tell the girls that jungkook hadn't contacted you in nearly a month. and even though he was a notable flight risk from the beginning, you couldn't help but feel like there was hostility there. every now and again he'd at least send a nude or have a quick phone call when he was drunk or high at three in the morning, but you hadn't heard a peep from him. you couldn't stand the idea of someone you cared about harbouring comtempt for you, but the fear of reaching out and somehow making the situation worse outweighed it tenfold. 
you look up to see seulgi still staring at you with concern. "of course i'll be fine! they're boys, not piranhas."
"at least piranhas contribute our ecosystem. boys just cause problems for the hell of it," seulgi lays a hand on the crown of your head like a berating big sister, swivelling you to look at her in your fit of giggles. the urge to nestle you under blankets like a baby bird made her chest heave, and you could tell. "i'm serious. if jimin tries anything, call me immediately okay?"
"jimin?" you snort. "out of a room full of delinquents, my ex, and taehyung, you're worried about jimin of all people?"
seulgi wrinkles her nose. "god, when you say it like that its like i'm throwing you to the dogs." she pauses. "something's up with jimin. i don't know what it is, but he'"
you tilt your head innocently, remembering the brief interaction you had with hobi at seokjin's party. you had been so caught up in jungkook - or lack thereof - you hadn't thought to press him about it afterwards. in truth, jimin remained as...jimin as ever. if he was acting differently you certainly couldn't tell. "you think so?"
"mmm," she leans on the lip of the open suitcase thoughtfully. "but maybe with jungkook there, he'll behave himself."
you gulp, fiddling with his watch on your wrist anxiously. "maybe."
you nearly yelp when you feel a big hand swivel around your waist, bucking into the kitchen counter reflexively. jungkook always did this before rubbing his boner against your ass, but the light scent of citrus and short squeeze lets you know immediately that its taehyung. hoseok, jimin, namjoon and yoongi were still in the living room playing video games, giving taehyung the perfect opening to intercept you. namjoon and yoongi had insisted that you come over to their place after finding out you'd be alone for the weekend, and you had completely refused before taehyung's coaxing. and of course, jimin's persuasive nudging. even though you felt safe and relaxed here, it felt wrong to be in jungkook's friends' place without him. almost like a breaching of an unspoken boundary.
and clearly, taehyung picked up on your discomfort by the way he stared at you so softly. his back was to the sink, his sillhouette particularly long and lean this evening. "you need to lighten up, princess. you keep looking over your shoulder so much it's making me nervous!"
your visibly droop with a sigh. "i'm sorry tae. i've had a lot on my mind lately, and..."
he claps his hands on your shoulders, teeth peeking through his grin. "you're not doing anything illegal by being here without jungkook."
you wince at his name. "have you always been able to read my mind like this?"
"absolutely," taehyung's brown eyes look so rich up close. "you're allowed to have friends that are also his friends, because - and try to stick with me on this - relationships between people are allowed to be independant from the primary circles they met in. mind boggling concept, i know."
you wack him on the chest until he laughs. "stop making fun of my anxious thought processes! its called mental illness, sherlock! i can't help it!"
his nose scrunches cutely, enjoying your first fiery outburst of the day. "whatever. i call it not getting laid for a month and losing critical thinking abilities from it."
you gape at him indignantly while taehyung roars with laughter. "you're such a dickhead," you hiss through gritted teeth, yanking his hair and jabbing your fingers in his sides the way you would with jimin during a tickle fight. "whores have feelings too, taehyung! whores have feelings too!"
you both fall about with laughter, knocking over half the snacks on the counter in the process which only makes the pair of you laugh even more. it's such childish chaos trying to clean up the mess on the tiny kitchen floor that neither of you notice the front door open, or the gust of metaphorical and literal wind that follows. watching taehyung trying to salvage a bag of broken crisps is just so funny that the presence of an another voice in the living room goes unregistered, as do the footsteps leading up the hallway to the kitchen, so you have no time to brace yourself or properly pull yourself together with you see-
yours and taehyung's heads snap to the doorway. jungkook stands there with almost complete lack of emotion on his face to the pair of you kneeling in crumbs and napkins. there's a brief pause where the tension in your eye contact alone was so strong that it felt wrong to breathe. but it is shortlived. jungkook tiptoes over you like spilled milk, reaching for a glass of water. you and taehyung lock eyes while the tap runs in the awkward silence. "hey. you okay?"
"um," you're not sure whether to stand up, hug him, look at him, or even face him. "yeah! yeah, i'm fine."
he nods politely. "hyung?"
even taehyung looks visibly uncomfortable. "i'm good."
"cool. see you later," he says, downing the glass impressively fast before leaving the room just as fast as he entered it.
you and taehyung stare at each other again, not understanding why you both feel like kids caught eating cake before dinner. you could feel the sweat pricking at your back from the realisation. jungkook had no idea you'd be here, and given that interaction he'd probably want to leave now. there was always the inkling woven between his radio silence that he was done with you, but you never let yourself take it seriously out of logic. because how could months of passion and tenderness and honesty be undone so irrevocably like that? it didn't make sense. you hadn't changed. you were the same girl he hit on relentlessly and chased against all odds. so what was different now?
"____," taehyung calls your name gently, and it's only then you realise you're already up and trailing after jungkook into the living room. when you walk in he's already putting his shoes on to leave again, barely making eye contact with you while he chats absently to his hyungs so he can look busy. the four boys on the large sofa can only reply wearily, eyes darting between the pair of you like a firework was about to blow to soon. and it was.
you could feel it in your throat, under your breast bone, bubbling up your stomach. "wait, jungkook. um...h-how have you been? i haven't heard from you in-"
"i've been good," he keeps tying and re-tying his laces without looking up. "super busy. you know how it is."
his curtness makes you flinch. this same time last month jungkook used to kiss you senseless before he had both feet in the door. he'd ring the doorbell incessantly like a child and greet you with the biggest, toothiest grin you had ever seen. he'd make fun of your bed head and squeeze your cheeks until you'd snap at him. and now when he looked at you he hated every second of it. your mother had the same look. your eyes start to burn involuntarily. "yeah, i do. how is uni? your final project is due soon, right? what theme did you pick in the end?"
"the one i told you about," he stands up abruptly. "sorry, noona. something came up. i'll see you arou-"
"something came up?" you step closer to him. "something came up the second you saw my face? or did you really just trek all the way to your hyungs' place for a glass of water, jungkook?"
jungkook stiffens, but is determined not to lose face. and it's difficult to do under your big, accusatory eyes and jimin's death stare at his back. the whole room was waiting for his response, so he just shoves his hands in his pockets resolutely. "i needed to see yoongi hyung, but i can come another time."
you fold your arms. "well it's clearly important, and you're here now. so don't let me stop you."
"but you will stop me," jungkook snaps. "that's the problem."
"kook-ah," yoongi warns quietly, but he took one look at your face and knew the damage was done. jimin was already standing up, circling around the back of the sofa towards you. the red lights were all there; your watery eyes, your trembling hands. every breath you took looked difficult for you to complete and only jimin noticed.
"what are you talking about?" you squint. it takes you a second to understand; yoongi's guilty expression, jungkook's indifference. "oh, you're fucking kidding me." your resolve breaks for a second turning away only to glare back at jungkook with so much fire you can hardly stand it. "you're selling again? are you insane, jungkook?"
"see," jungkook's eyes are stony. "i knew you'd get this way."
"what other way am i supposed to get?" his lack of response only infuriates you more. it felt disrespectful. "jungkook, you're not a kid anymore. if you get caught with drugs the consequences are serious! forget the potential jail time, you could get kicked out of university, it would go on your record forever and-"
"stop talking to me like i'm a kid!"
"then stop acting like one!" you hate raising your voice, but it keeps climbing without your approval. "did you think about this for even five minutes? this isn't like just going to juvie like before and being done with it jungkook. your hyungs can't bail you out of everything."
"this is a lot of talk for someone who lapped up those fancy paints without a second thought," jungkook says darkly. his eyes aren't like you remember, his face solemn and near unrecognisable. "or did you think that getting that kind of money overnight is only something that's possible through daddy's credit card?"
dread blooms like a garden inside you. "that's...that's how you bought the paint set?"
"welcome to the real world," he quips. "as if selling overpriced weed to a bunch of pick-me-freshmans is considered a crime against humanity to anyone but you."
"you think that's why i'm yelling at you right now?" your voice was growing hoarse, desperate. "you think that's the problem i have with you being literal drug dealer, jungkook?"
he hates it. the sweltering silence, the judgmental eyes digging into his back, the slow realisation that the tears in your eyes were not at him but for him. jungkook's ears ring enough to make him sway on the spot if his feet weren't planted so firmly on the dingy carpet, this metaphorical ground. he couldn't shake the feeling that his lifestyle was only an issue now because of you, how he never felt a shred of guilt about any of this shit until he met you. and if there was anything that jungkook never responded well to, it was pity. and he could feel it from every person in the room, all people that that once cherished and coddled him until you came along. he swallows, throat dry from the way he couldn't look at you knowing what he was going to say next.
"you're embarrassing yourself, noona. you're not my girlfriend and you never were, so stop acting like it."
cotton. it's very faint, under the layers of conflicting cologne and beer and smoke, but jungkook still smelled of cotton while he spat acid. nobody could speak, even though jungkook never raised his voice let alone a hand to you, it still hit like a slap in the face. it sunk into the walls, your clothes, suddenly every hair on your body felt heavy with it. dirty. the shame came first, the humiliation next. and then the sorrow, the dread, and finally the defeat. you knew the stages well by now, and they were cycling through you like clockwork. how foolish you were, to make the same mistake again. nobody dared to move, everyone but jungkook staring at you in denial and horror. they couldn't believe their eyes when you nod steadily, bowing your head to the floor.
jimin is already slotting himself between you, his jaw tight. "that's enough, kook. just leave already."
"no," you stop him, unnervingly resigned. that single word cuts through all six men with ease. "he's right." you step around jimin, closing the space between you and jungkook. for a brief moment he wonders if you'll actually hit him, but somehow watching you unclasp his watch from your wrist and drop it on the coffee table in front of him is far worse. the sound seems to ring like church bells, definitive and umistakable. "you're right, i'm not your girlfriend. you win jungkook."
they all watch you leave in dismay, listen to the door closing softly behind you. within a second jimin sprints after you, calling your name, leaving everyone else dumbfounded. jungkook's stare could bore a hole into the abandoned watch on the table, still ticking away like nothing changed. like his eyes weren't burning, lightheaded at the realisation that he would never wear a watch again let alone the one he put on you.
to an outsider, you looked like you were coping well considering you just got dumped in front of all your friends. but jimin knew that face. your stony eyes, lips pulled thin as if to seal inside the collapse of a monument. you took the tea he offered, and then his arms, your face finding his chest with ease. muscle memory. his torso was a tad shorter than jungkook's, his heart closer to your mouth as if the steady thumps were asking for a kiss of acknowledgement. every time you close your eyes you could see jungkooks face, hard and unforgiving and nothing like the man you trusted all this time. but it wasn't a new expression; you parents looked at you similarly the last time you saw them. it was the look of someone who had no regrets cutting all ties. and now, jungkook was behind them in a lost list of people who chose to be strangers over loving you.
jimin sighs when you cry into his chest, brushing the back of your head gently. he had been ready for this for months, but he still hated to see you this way. again. it made his bones itch, his skin crawl uncomfortably every time you weeped. the only time he considered violence was when you were crying. but he knew what to do, laying down across the sofa so you could curl up into a ball next him, head on his bicep and face smushed into the crook of his shoulder. you used to cry like this for hours and hours, his arm familiar with the prickle of pins and needles. but it was the only place you felt safe. tucked into jimin's side is where you would always belong, and that truth was more glaringly obvious than ever now.
"lets get something to eat," he offers eventually, hand craddling the crown of your head like a child. jimin's other hand on your hip is warm and heavy when he pats you soothingly. in your episodes, you responded well to touch. "what about thai food?"
"not hungry," you grumble against him.
"we could make something together?" he peers down at your lack of response. "come on, babe. you gotta eat something. you didn't even have breakfast-"
"why am i so stupid?" you whisper, a fresh bout of tears welling up.
jimin rubs your thigh. "it's not your fault."
"yes it is. jungkook gave me plenty of red flags, and i ignored all of them-"
"oh, i meant you being stupid."
you scoff. "cheers."
"what?" jimin cocks a brow when you lift your head to look up at him. he wets his lips and you follow the swipe of his tongue thoughtlessly, distracted enough by his touch and proximity that you take a second to digest his words. "it's not like any of this exactly came as a surprise. you ignored me, remember? wanted to flex your big girl pants."
you pull away from him and sit up, forcibly shutting out the daze that jimin routinely puts you under. "what's wrong with you? can't you be polite and wait for a couple hours before laying into me like a normal person? jesus, jimin."
"so let me get this straight," jimin sits up, watching your back as you sit away from him. "you're mad because i'm not telling you what you want to hear?"
"no," you say, head shaking. "i'm not mad. i'm upset because i came here to be comforted by my friend and you're just making me feel worse."
"what do you want me to say, ____? that i had high hopes from the start?" jimin pushes his hair back, brows now at a sharp incline from frustration. "i told you starting something with jungkook was trouble but you didn't listen. why should i feed your victim complex when all i've done is try to help you?"
"victim complex?" you repeat, standing up slowly. the sudden steadiness of your voice causes jimin to panic.
"not like that. don't take it like that, it's just," he's suddenly before you, his warm hands palming up your arms warmly. "i didn't wanna see you get like this and it happened anyway, is all i'm saying." he sighs when your scowl doesn't let up. "if hobi hyung hadn't have given up so easy, then maybe…maybe this would never have happened. maybe if i had been harsher with him then you would have-"
"what are you talking about?" you ask quietly, searching jimin's face. "give up so easy? what's that supposed to mean?"
he looks away, hands slipping off you. "it's nothing."
he struggles to look at you, tongue in cheek. his lips purse for a moment, pink like roses. he's wearing that navy jumper you like. "look, it's not a big deal. he wasn't supposed to fuck you or anything, just take you out for a while. get your mind off kookie, show you a nice time."
your blood runs cold. "what?"
jimin's expression softens. "it's not as bad as it sounds-"
"really?" your voice is sharp, sharper than he's ever heard it. you recoil as if you had been struck for the second time today. "because it sounds like you asked some guy to keep me occupied like i'm a fucking dog. all because you can't stand the idea of me being within a meter of jungkook-"
he steps in, but you step back. "you know that's not true, _."
"don't i?" you scoff, covering your face in disbelief. "jimin, you've been hellbent against me even looking at the guy since day fucking one."
"because i didn't want you to get hurt!" jimin counters, eyes downcast. "i know, okay? i know how much of a dick it makes me sound, but its not like it hurt you when you had no idea! hoseok broke it off before you even knew about it so why-"
"because it's worse," you turn away from him. "you tried to control me. choose what's best for me because you think you know better than i do. sound familiar?"
his jaw sets, and it's like you can hear the twine snap in his head, the percussion of his heartbeat above yours even though he doesn't close the space between you. jimin stares at you for a long minute before drawing in a thin breath. "fine," he steps in, and you can't look away. "you want me to say it? fine. i'll say it."
suddenly the air is lace thin around you as you stare at him, waiting. jimin looks off somewhere else, somewhere you can't reach. "don't tell me you haven't thought about it, because i know you have. if i have you must have too. and lately its all i can think about - being with you, holding you, being the one who gets to touch you. and yeah, maybe it took having to see you with jungkook for me to realise how much i want all that, i put my hands up. but you have no idea what's it like to watch the person you love most get toyed around with by a time bomb like that. i've seen jungkook go through girls like underwear and i love him, god i love him, but even the idea of you being one of those wasted girls sitting outside a party crying over his sorry ass makes my fucking ears ring."
"j-jimin…" you whisper, but you have nothing to say. your hands shake.
"you deserve more than that, ____. you deserve more than waiting around for booty calls or living up to what the next guy wants. from jungkook, hoseok, anyone. you deserve someone's devotion and yeah, maybe all this time i've been too much of a pussy to give it. maybe all this time i was tiptoeing around my feelings for you because i knew if i admitted to myself that i loved you - if i admitted i was just like every other guy - i'd actually set the bar for something other than disappointment. id actually have to step up, and i didn't know if i could do it. i still don't. but if it has to be someone…it should be me."
suddenly he's holding your hands, calming the tremble that rattles them. his words bunch up together in your ears, the meaning lost amidst your awe. "jimin….jimin what are you saying? where is all this coming from, i don't...i don't understand wh-"
"i'm saying," he cups your face. "choose me." he pulls you in. so, so close. "choose me, not jungkook. not anyone else. me."
and there's a part of you that has already caved. that's already kissing him, melting into his arms like you've wanted to for so, so long. you're falling back onto the couch with him in a fit of giggles, curling back into his chest to hide your watery eyes, asking him why the fuck he took so long. you chat together between teasing kisses, pour your hearts out, maybe cry a little. later you would make tea and order pad thai and watch the office all night and fall asleep together in the living room well past dawn and then-
you close your eyes. "i can't."
"you can," jimin says, so passionately you shudder. his brown eyes are teaming with too much determination and ardour for his own good, and you both know it. its difficult to grapple with how huge a risk he's taking, because jimin never takes risks. it made the whole situation seem dire. "you know you can, ____. it's us. there's no one like us."
you don't know how you're not crying yet. you only have jimin to hold onto, hands balled in his shirt without knowing if you're about to push him away or pull him in forever. "maybe back then. maybe if you'd have said all this before," you feel empty, the beat of your pulse suddenly strong in your fingertips. "but it doesn't matter anymore."
he shakes his head in denial, his determination palpable. "of course it does-"
"i'm in love with him," you say. to jimin. to yourself. to the world, finally. "i'm in love with jungkook." holding jimin's stare isn't as difficult as you thought it'd be. "you know if you'd have done all this a few months ago…if you'd have just...i was always yours without question, jimin. and you knew it." it's his turn to bristle under the strain of your voice. "jungkook isn't perfect. i'll be the first one to admit that. he's made me cry, he fucks up, he makes mistakes. but he's never lied to me. he never made decisions for me. he never passed judgement on what i should or shouldn't do with my life. something that i never thought i wouldn't able to say about you, too."
there's a brief moment where everything stops. neither of you can believe what you just said. jimin watches you, frozen in his place as you take your bag, eyes glittering with tears when he calls for you. suddenly he's the time bomb he feared becoming, the panic in his eyes lighting them up like fire crackers. for the first time in his life, he stumbles over his words, and then his feet when you reach for the door, all composure lost. he was unravelling like a tapestry in front of you, never to be repaired, and he could feel it. "____. ____, please," jimin chokes, his cheeks blotchy. "i wanted to protect you, i was just trying to help. don't go. please don't go. i was trying to help you."
"no. you were trying to have me." you say, closing the door behind you.
you have no idea what time it is when you hear the bell ring incessantly.
it had been hours since you'd returned home from jimin's, but there was no way for you to keep track when your only priority was just keeping yourself afloat. you turned your phone off, drew the curtains, and resolved to alternate between sitting in seulgi and jisoo's rooms until they came back. you didn't know what else to do. when you weren't crying you were hyperventilating, and when that stopped the absence of emotion was so powerful you could barely keep your eyes open. you were exhausted but could not sleep. starving but could not eat. it was a miracle you even made it down the stairs, using what little strength you had to yank it open without even thinking about who could be on the other side in the middle of the fucking night. but at this point, you would gladly take a serial killer over jimin or jungkook.
"taehyung," you breathe when you take in his face, relieved. you must look like absolute shit because he scans your face and winces. 
"jimin told me," he says, the apology in his voice and expression was almost painful to register. "he told me everything. ____, i'm so sorry. i should have told you about the hoseok thing, i just thought it would be worse coming from me, and then i tried to force jimin into confessing but then he didn't because he's jimin, and now-"
"you're only allowed to come inside if you stop apologising," you say weakly, voice haggered from the hours of crying.
taehyung's pouty expression almost makes you smile with how cute he looks, gingerly stepping over the threshhold. "i really am sorry though."
"for what," you say monotonously, closing the door behind him while he takes off his shoes. "my inexplicably terrible taste in men? my uncanny ability to get manipulated by literally anyone who shows me a scrap of affection? or my absolutey shredded-to-shit attachment style thats barely intact let alone functioning healthily? after hoppping between the first two for a few hours i'd personally go for the latter. but whatever."
"please shut up," taehyung sighs, bringing you into his arms before you could have a second thought about it. "you need to amp up the misandry in this context. a lot of this had nothing to do with you and everything to do jimin and jungkook."
you're too tired to open your eyes, snuggling into the softness of taehyung's chest. you’re too exhausted to argue. "where did you learn the word misandry? have you been reading?"
"yeah," you can hear his big, pleased grin. "i know you and the girls have been calling me a himbo behind my back."
"affectionately," you add, peering up at him. he wipes the wetness off your cheeks, moving upstairs to your room with your hand in his. he fetches you a glass of water before putting you into bed like he's paid to do it. taehyung was the cuddliest person you had ever met, but you had rarely seen him dote on anyone. "girls love himbos. it's a compliment."
"not all girls," he mutters when he returns from the bathroom with a glass of water. "drink this, would you? you look so dry it's making me itchy."
you do as he says with a roll of your eyes. "what do you mean?" you finish your water with a big gulp. "jisoo loves dumb guys, what are you talking about?"
taehyung looks away from you, bottom lip rolling up under his teeth so fast you barely catch it. he pulls up your desk chair next to your bed, thinking long and hard before meeting your eyes again. "i don't mean jisoo."
you don't understand at first, but after staring at his face for a long minute your stomach drops. "don't. don't you fucking dare," another beat of silence. you rip the covers off you to scamble to your knees, grab your pillow and hurl it at taehyung's head. "taehyung, please don't tell me that the one remaining, healthy relationship i have with a man has also been shot to shit because i swear to god i'm gonna-"
"it's not a big deal," he says firmly, and he really does mean it. taehyung catches your wrists when you lunge at him, effectively ending your outburst before it can begin. he keeps hold of them while he stares into your eyes, watching the way they fill up with a fresh bout of tears. "i've had a crush on you for a while, so what? it's not anyone's business but mine so don't worry about it."
you try not to scream at him. "how long?"
"...since the start." he shrugs. "it's not like i could have done anything anyway. with jimin around. he’d never have it."
"but...! but..." you splutter, the highlight reel of your friendship suddenly marred before your eyes. "but you let me talk to you about boys! you gave me advice with hobi and jimin and jungkook and...! you encouraged jimin to confess to me. and the whole thing with jisoo?"
he wets his lips guiltily. "jisoo is a nice girl. i like her, but...not like you. i've always liked you."
you shake your head in horror, your face crumpling. bile rose in your throat. "so all of that...playing with my friend like that. was just to get to me?"
"listen to me," taehyung says firmly, gripping your wrists to make you look at him again. he's so close you can feel the warmth of his breath on yours, and you never realised how large taehyung's torso was compared to yours before. he could have smothered you, but he didn't. in all senses. "the way jimin and jungkook handled their feelings is on them, just like how this is on me. it doesn't matter if i'm fucking you or not, you're my friend and i'll always want people to do right by you. and that includes me."
there was nothing else to say, so taehyung wordlessly wipes your face again and fetches you more water before retreating to sleep on the couch downstairs. all the while you sat there in your bed, confused and bewildered and thoughtful. the same bed jungkook fucked you on. the same bed jimin held you in. out of all the men in your life, taehyung was the only one who treated his feelings for you with reverence. there wasn't one interaction you could think of where he made his feelings clear, where he even hinted towards wanting something more. if he hadn't have said anything tonight, in the wake of one of the most emotionally tumultuous days of your life, you would still be in the dark about it all. and that was the scariest part. you didn't know anyone else who hadn't let their feelings for you effect how they treated you. so ultimately, it was possible.
and jimin and jungkook chose not to do that. but taehyung did.
taehyung did.
when you finally pad downstairs after hours of ruminating, jisoo's bedroom door is wide open. and that's who you should be thinking about now - your friend and sister jisoo - as the sky begins to lighten with the signs of morning. you hadn't slept for over twenty four hours, you were hungry and thirsty, delirious from the whirlwind of losing the two most important men in your life in one day. but still, you are drawn to taehyung. taehyung, who never asked anything of you. taehyung, who was as silent as he was selfless this whole time. taehyung who routinely put what he wanted aside in favour of what was best for you. taehyung, who protected you without needing credit or recognition for it. taehyung, taehyung, taehyung, taehyung, taehyung-
"taehyung," you whisper scraping your nails through his hair. his eyes fluttered open, twisting his head to face you as you hovered above him. he could barely see you in the darkness. "taehyung, wake up."
"what is it?" he croaks, sitting up with half-lidded eyes and a yawn. he doesn't know how to read the expression on your face. he swings his legs off the sofa in a sitting position, wearing nothing but his boxers and tee, visibly alarmed. "what happened? are you okay?"
you take his face in your hands and kiss him. 
taehyung stiffens against you, breath drawn thin. you pull away to gauge his expression, desperately searching his eyes in the darkness. for discomfort, disapproval, anything negative at all. the absolute ardour you find instead could knock you down if taehyung didn't reach for your neck, kissing you again. you whine at the feel of his tongue, having no idea where such sudden and intense arousal was coming from. when you pull away with shaky limbs, you climb onto his thick thighs so he can feel your wetness through his boxers. taehyung grunts at the sensation, and again when you kiss him passionately and without abandon. the sweet girl every guy he knew was agonising over, suddenly in his lap. he's barely had his tongue down your throat for ten minutes and you're already rocking into him, his erection betraying his resolve.
it's better than he dreamed. 
"taehyung," you gasp, palming him now. he groans when he pulls away to look at your mouth, glistening with his saliva when you take his hand and guide it down to your arousal. "please."
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retromafia · 5 months ago
“Happy Meal” – modern!Tommy Shelby x Reader
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: Tommy’s waiting for an important text message from Alfie Solomons and his kids want to go to McDonald’s.
REQUEST: Not really, but when I tagged THIS POST with “ #this makes me want to write a fic with modern tommy like spending time with his family and him being grumpy and all“, @peakyrogers​ replied with: “DO IT!” + some time later I received a message: “not a proper request, because i know they're closed! but i wouldn't say no to some modern tommy, just sayin'”
AUTHOR’S NOTE: I don’t know if modern!Tommy is my thing, but well... I had to try to write a proper fic like this 😅 I don’t know much about modern mafia xd I based my knowledge on an excellent TV Show I’ve recently watched – “McMafia” (2018).
WARNING: English is my second language.
“That will be eight hundred and forty five pounds”, the cashier said in a bored voice and you widened your eyes a little bit.
“Excuse me… How much?”, you blinked few times.
“Eight hundred and forty five”, the girl behind the counter gave you a suspicious look.
“For few children’s clothing items?”, you sighed and gave your giggling children a stern look.
They immediately gifted you with their puppy eyes and you rolled your eyes before starting to search through your purse.
“If you wanted to pay less, you could have gone to Asda, ma’am”, the cashier said in a sassy tone.
“I don’t mind paying. I mind the fact that these clothes are not worth their price. The quality is not much better than in Asda”, you drawled out and handed her your bank card.
The girl didn’t say anything else and proceeded with the payment procedure when your phone buzzed in your purse.
“God”, you sighed and tried to search for the phone.
“Thank you”, the cashier handed you back your card and two bags full of clothes.
“Thank you”, you mumbled back and gave up on searching for the phone.
You had to manage somehow with another two bags when you already had eight of them. That took you lots of time and people standing behind you in a queue started to whisper between each other.
“Mummy, we should go now...”, your eight years old son Adam widened his eyes as some man behind you gave him an annoyed look.
“We’re leaving, we’re leaving… For God’s sake, we’re leaving!”, you exclaimed ostentatiously and took all the ten bags in your hands.
Adam, and his twelve years old sister Angelica, followed you outside the store.
“Wait, I have to check my phone”, you put all the bags on the floor and started to search through your purse once again.
“I want ice-cream”, Angelica whined.
“Me too!”, Adam added.
“Wait, wait...”, you mumbled and finally found your phone, “It’s your daddy”, you saw the notification and opened the text message you had received, “He’s on his way to pick us up. We better hurry to the parking. You know that he doesn’t like to wait for too long”, you quickly grabbed the bags once again, “You should help me, Angie”, you gave your daughter a stern look.
“I can take one”, she sighed.
“One? At least three of these bags are yours”
“But I’m too young to carry bags!”
“Next time I’m taking one of the bodyguards for shopping, I swear”, you rolled your eyes.
You went with your kids to the underground parking where Tommy was supposedly already waiting for you.
“He’s calling”, Adam pointed at your buzzing purse and you quickly found your phone once again.
“Yeah?”, you asked.
“Where the fuck are you?”, the voice of your husband greeted you.
He was in a bad mood.
“The same place as usual. Level minus three”
“No, usual place is minus two”
“No, minus three”
“Listen, I don’t fucking care, okay? Get your ass to minus two”
“No, Tommy. I have ten bags and I’m not going anywhere. You’re in the car and you can get your ass to minus three”, you huffed.
“Fine”, he drawled out and disconnected.
Two minutes later his huge black Range Rover parked nearby and you approached him to put your bags in the trunk.
“Daddy!”, Angelica ran up to him when he left the car to open the trunk.
You noticed that he looked pissed and stressed at the same time and he was holding his phone in his hand.
“To the car, okay? I want to be back home already”, he softened a little when he spoke to her, but he still wasn’t very affectionate.
“We bought so many things, daddy!”, Adam exclaimed.
“Yeah? Cool”, Tommy’s voice remained emotionless as he was checking his phone.
“What’s wrong, love?”, you closed the trunk and stood behind him to caress his arms in a soothing manner, “How’s business?”
“Fine. I’m waiting for an important text, okay?”, he lowered his voice, “From Alfie”
“What’s happening?”, you furrowed your brows.
“Big transaction. Israel”, was all he whispered back and gave you a stern look.
You nodded your head as your heart squeezed in your chest. Tommy’s never been sharing everything with you – only few words that were supposed to explain the situation. But they rarely did.
“I just want to leave London already, okay? I want to be home”, he sat behind the wheel and started to type some text message.
You checked if your kids’ seat belts were properly fastened and sat on the passenger seat.
“We can go home now, Tommy”, you placed your hand gently on his arm, “Please, put the phone down”
“Keep checking every two minutes, okay?”, he handed you his phone.
“Okay”, you nodded your head and bit your lip.
“I’m bored”, Adam whined.
“You can watch a cartoon on your tablet. But not too loud”, you told him.
“I don’t want to watch Peppa Pig!”, Angelica sighed, “He’s too old to watch Peppa”
“I like Peppa”, Adam explained.
“I don’t. She’s an annoying pig”
“You’re an annoying pig”
“Oi!”, Tommy shouted suddenly, “Shut up, both of you!”, he gave the kids a very stern look and then placed his angry eyes at you, “You were supposed to be checking my phone”
“Jesus, Thomas”, you rolled your eyes, “Angie, Adam, please, be quiet, okay? Daddy’s in a bad mood today”
“Yeah, clearly”, Angelica snorted and you smirked.
Tommy clenched his jaw but didn’t say anything.
You were riding in a complete silence, even the radio was off. Despite focusing on the road, your husband kept looking at your lap all the time because that’s where his phone was. Adam and Angelica were busy watching Peppa Pig and you couldn’t help the feeling of growing anxiety.
Life with Tommy should have made you immune to such situations, but it seemed to be impossible to just stop worrying. You looked at his side profile – his beautiful blue eyes focused on the road, his white knuckles squeezing the steering wheel too hard and his haircut fresh from the barber. You loved him with all your heart and the thought of losing him was making you sick in your stomach.
“What if… What if something goes wrong?”, you whispered and checked his phone.
“Twenty five years would be optimistic”, he mumbled without even looking at you.
“What?!”, you squealed and your kids raised their heads suspiciously, “Thomas, stop the car, I think I’m going to throw up”, you felt dizzy suddenly.
“Stop overreacting!”
“Daddy, McDonald’s!”, Adam noticed a sign by the road, “Let’s go!”
“I want ice-cream”, Angelica added.
“Please, stop the car, I need some air”, you demanded.
“Fuck, okay!”, Tommy’s face became red out of anger as he rapidly took a turn left to enter the McDonald’s parking lot, “I want a coffee anyway”, he muttered.
Tommy parked the car and you left it immediately, trying to take deep breaths in, but the world was spinning in front of your eyes. Twenty five years would be optimistic.
What the fuck had he done?!
Suddenly, the phone in your left hand buzzed and you checked it.
“T-Tommy”, you looked at him as he left the car as well, with a cigarette already hanging from his lips. He raised his eyebrows at you, “Who’s Isaac Shalev?”, you asked in a shaky voice and he widened his eyes.
“That’s Alfie’s fake alias. What does he say?”, your husband hurried to your side.
“Done. That’s what it says – done”, you handed him his phone back.
“Fuck yes!”, he exclaimed out loud and grinned while staring at the screen of his phone. You furrowed your brows as Angelica and Adam approached you with confused looks on their faces, “We’re fucking rich, love!”, he hugged you tight, but you were too shocked to embrace him back.
“We already are…”, you mumbled confused.
“But now we’re rich enough to buy a fucking private island! Would you like that?”, he hugged Angelica and span her around few times. She giggled.
“Daddy, put me back! Put me back!”
“My turn, daddy!”, Adam ran up to him and Tommy started spinning him around as well.
“For God’s sake, we’re on the parking lot”, you hissed as you spotted another car nearby approaching you, “Let’s go inside”
You were relieved and happy that everything worked out fine, but you were still pissed. Pissed at Tommy for taking such huge risks. Whenever he was doing something like this – it was always with Alfie Solomons. You wished your husband would stop making business with that man, but he had a completely different opinion on that matter.
“Stop being so grumpy, love”, Tommy hugged you from the back when you entered the McDonald’s and kids ran away to look at the toys that were available with Happy Meals.
“Sir, excuse me, you can’t smoke in here”, one of the girls working there scolded Tommy.
He rolled his eyes and put his cigarette out on the trash bin.
“I’m not grumpy. I’m fucking pissed”, you hissed at him, “You’re risking too much. And what for? For a fucking private island? We don’t need it”
“Come on, I knew it would be work out fine”
“No, you didn’t. I’ve seen you, Tommy. You were terrified”, you huffed.
“Listen, it was the last time, I promise. No more big risks, I swear”, he gave you puppy eyes.
“You always say this”, you crossed your arms.
“But this time for real”, he kissed your forehead, “What do you want to eat?”, he changed the subject casually. It was always so easy for him.
“Nuggets and fries”, you sighed and rolled your eyes, “You?”
“I just want a coffee. Oi!”, he called your kids, “Come here, what do you want?”
“Happy Meals, daddy!”, Angelica hugged him and he caressed her head, “I want that toy with a pink fairy and Adam wants some stupid train”
“It’s not a stupid train, it’s Thomas the Tank Engine. And I don’t want him, I want Percy, he’s the green one”, the boy explained and you squeezed his hand.
“Okay, sit there and we’ll make an order”, you pointed at one of the sofas and your children went there.
You and Tommy approached the cashier.
“Good afternoon, how can I help you?”, young man asked with a smile.
“Um… One black coffee… Nuggets and fries...”
“How many nuggets?”
Tommy looked at you in panic and you chuckled.
“Nine, please. And small fries”, you explained.
“Alright. Anything else?”
“Coke for me. Small one, too”, you nodded your head, “And two Happy Meals”
“Which toys?”
You raised an eyebrow at Tommy playfully. You wanted him to explain which toys his kids wanted to the cashier.
“Er… Some pink… Pink fairy?”, your husband asked a little bit abashed and you pursed your lips, “And a train… Thomas, I think. I remember because that’s my name”, he smiled nervously.
“Actually, it’s Percy”, you quickly fixed him.
“Yeah, Percy… The green one”
“Alright, thank you”, the cashier nodded his head, “Payment method?”
“Card”, Tommy reached for his wallet and you patted his shoulder before joining your kids by the table.
“Mummy, can I download Instagram? I’m twelve!”, Angelica started and you sighed.
“My friends have Instagrams already”
“Your friends do not interest me. You’re too young”
“They laugh at me that I use YouTube Kids”, she pouted.
“What’s going on?”, Tommy sat next to you, suddenly interested in everything his children had to say as his mood has changed.
“Daddy, can I download Instagram?”, Angelica asked him.
“I… I don’t know… What for…? It’s up to your mummy”, he answered.
“That’s so unfair”, she rolled her eyes.
“Life’s not always fair, Princess”, he sighed.
Your phone buzzed in your purse and you reached for it to check the notifications.
“Who’s that?”, Tommy asked.
“My lover”, you joked and Adam widened his eyes, “I’m joking, honey”, you assured your son, “It’s Linda. She wants us to eat dinner with them tomorrow after the mass”
“Oh God, please no”, Angelica rolled her eyes, “Daddy promised me that tomorrow we would go and buy me a pony”
“Another pony?”, you gave Tommy a scolding look. He raised his hands up innocently.
“Will you buy me a train, daddy?”, Adam asked and his sister snorted.
You pointed your hand at the waitress approaching you with your order.
“There’s your train, love”
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criminalhotch · 20 days ago
Revenge is Fueled By The Past
Word Count: 800 (They get longer, I promise)
Warnings: being struck by an object and being unconscious but nothing explicit,
A/N: I got randomly inspired over the summer to do mafia! Hotch and I’m just now finishing it. This was really fun to write so I hope you guys enjoy it :) Tomorrow is my birthday so I am queueing these so if I don’t interact it’s because I’m getting drunk.
Summary: Aaron Hotchner is an infamous Mafia Boss in a more modern day kind of way. He has a personal vengeance to seek out with George Foyet, his number one enemy. Hotch takes the man’s daughter, Y/N as leverage to help him get what he wants. By the end, Aaron ends up with more than he originally bargained for.
I forgot to do this when I posted but thank you to @dudeitiskarev for making this little gif for this series. You’re literally the best.
Tumblr media
I woke up in a small room. It was cold, hard, and wreaked of mildew. I didn’t know where I was or why I was here. I remember walking home when suddenly I was struck by something and then everything went black.
As I started returning to consciousness I heard people talking outside of this room. It was rather dark and I could barely see my hand in front of my face. I assumed that I was in a basement or cellar of some kind.
“Hello, is anyone around?” I yelled out, hoping for an answer.
Three men approached me, flicking on a light. First there was an older, dark haired man. He was the shortest of the three. Next was a taller, dark skinned man who was bald. Behind these two entered the tallest man. He had dark hair and dark eyes. “Why am I here? Who are you?”
“The reason you're here is because your father is my number one enemy and I needed some leverage. As long as you cooperate I will not hurt you” the tallest one spoke. My father had a lot of people after him. His name is George Foyet and he is one of the most well known mafia bosses in New York City. Clearly whoever this guy is has an issue with my dad and needed to one up him the best way he knew how.
“One of your men already hurt me. My head is pounding from whatever the hell they struck me with” I retaliated.
“I’m sorry about that. I gave them orders not to hurt you but Derek here doesn’t listen. Now apologize to the girl for hurting her” he ordered.
The darker man spoke up and apologized. “Dave, here will get you some ice then JJ will come get you and take you to your room in a little bit” the boss spoke again.
“Who is JJ?” I asked.
“She’s my maid. She cooks and cleans. She’ll be who you go to if you need anything. She’s probably close to your age” he explained.
“Aren’t maids usually old?” I asked.
“Not this one. She’s a friend and I trust her. She’ll be good to you” he told me.
“What’s your name?” I asked.
“Aaron, Aaron Hotchner but call me Hotch” the man said.
Hotch, I thought to myself as I watched him walk away alongside Derek. Dave came back moments later with an ice pack.
“Dave?” I asked.
“Yes, mi bella?” He replied.
“How long am I going to be here?” I asked.
“How honest do you want me to be?” Dave asked.
“I assume Hotch is going to keep you until your father is dead or he gives Hotch whatever he wants. You are leverage of the most prized kind. If your dad wants you back he’ll do whatever he can to get you back unless he plays too much and then Hotch will just send some of his people after him” Dave explained.
“If he kills my dad, will he let me go?” I asked.
“I can’t be sure. He’d have no real reason to keep you” Dave admitted as a small blonde girl approached.
“Y/N, this is JJ” Dave gestured.
“Hi, dear” she waved.
“I’ll let you two get acquainted,” Dave said as he turned and walked away.
“I’m Jennifer but I usually go by JJ. If you need anything let me know” she said.
“Is there anything I should know?” I asked.
“Hotch is a dangerous man so I wouldn’t cross him. You’ve met Dave, Derek, and myself. You may see Emily, she’s a dark haired woman. She’s Hotch’s international connection. Then there’s Penelope. A spunky blonde. She is in charge of the cameras and is Hotch’s personal hacker but she’s a saint. Spencer is the lanky beanpole that floats around and he is in charge of orders as he’s impeccable with numbers” JJ explained.
“Gotcha” I nodded.
“Let me take you to your room,” she offered.
I followed the petite blonde woman through what seemed like a mansion. She explained that the west wing was Aaron’s and no one was permitted back there other than JJ to keep things tidy. Derek and Morgan shared the south wing. I had the entire east wing to myself.
I wasn’t too worried about my family as I didn’t have much to do with them. I knew my friends would lose their minds with my random disappearance but I’m alive so it’s not too bad, right? I don’t have any responsibilities while I’m here so how bad could this get really?
My main concern was about this Aaron Hotchner character. What was his business with my father? My dad is a terrible man but what could he have done that Hotch felt inclined enough to kidnap me?
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moonlitdabi · 7 months ago
Flowers & Fluff. | Sukuna
 A/N: Based on the second scenario in this post: Sukuna saves Y/N from getting hit by a car, using his body as a shield.
This is a lil thank you piece for @tetsuanne I hope you liked it!! 😇 
Word count: 1.5K
Please let me know what you thought of this!! Your comments and reblogs really mean a lot to me 🥺 This fic is part of a series I’m working on!
Bodyguard!Sukuna AU
Feet tapping nervously against the polished floor in front the ER, you chewed on your lower lip as you could do nothing else but wait. It hadn’t been long, maybe 20 minutes since you got here? But your nerves were eating at you. All you could picture was Sukuna’s bloody face, crimson trickling down the side of his head. Another knot tightened in your stomach. You felt a little queasy and the strong medicinal smell that wafted through the halls didn’t to much to sooth you. 
He’ll be alright.
You sighed, closing your eyes as you slumped against the wall, taking a deep breath in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. You repeated the process until you felt your heartbeat steady. Opening your eyes, your gaze falls onto the possessions in your hand and you mentally facepalm. 
Your fingers absentmindedly brush over the soft faux fur. You’d bought the little thing in the heat of the moment. When Sukuna was taken in you needed something to keep your mind occupied with anything but him. Though, now that you think about it, it probably wasn’t a good idea to do gift shopping while you were still high on adrenaline. But it wasn’t like you could go to the hospital gift shop and return the things. Who even does that? 
Oh god. You cringe, already picturing the confused and slightly concerned look on Sukuna’s face when he sees the gifts you got him. He’d probably tell you to get your head checked because who in their right mind would get their bodyguard gifts, let alone the things you got for him.
You can practically hear him say that. You scoff, with the shake of your head. Why’d he have to be so high strung? Would he even accept them? 
The thought has insecurity creeping in.
Maybe it isn’t too late to return the gifts-
Just then, the ER door slides open and you freeze. Sukuna turns to his right and spots you immediately. He’s a few steps away from you, gaze set your face as he inspects you to see if anything a miss. Being under the scrutiny of his gaze initially made made you squirm but you’ve grown accustomed to it, you wouldn’t say it out loud but at this once it was almost comforting; to know he paid attention to little details when it came to you. However, as his gaze drifted down, you knew you had to act quick.
Calling out his name a little louder than necessary, you successfully redirected his attention to your face, allowing you to oh so subtly hide your one arm behind your back. Your hand subconsciously squeezed on the little plushy hidden behind your back as your nerves got the best of you.
“You alright? Have they already checked on you?”  
Straight to the point as always. Standing before you, you swear that Sukuna’s eyes could drill holes into yours just from the intensity of his gaze. Its too much. Your eyes fall to the ground and as you nod, awkwardly shifting on the spot. Just as you find your voice, Sukuna speaks up.
“What’s this?”
Oh right.
You breath hitches. You forgot about the bouquet of flowers you were holding. It wasn’t flashy but for some reason it caught your attention as soon as you stepped foot into the shop. It consisted of a few different foliage, yellow acacias and gardenias. There were a few smaller flowers, pinks and lilacs that filled the bouquet, tying everything together. 
You look up, seeing Sukuna raise a brow in question, waiting for your reply. Your hand extends forward and bouquet bumps into his chest. He was standing so close. You can’t bring yourself to meet his eyes as you squeak out, “They’re for you”.
Your stomach is doing flips and summersaults all at once as the seconds tick by in silence. Braving yourself for his reaction, you look up to see the stunned look on Sukuna’s face. His eyebrows are drawn up, eyes wide, lips parted as he stares at you. He looks frozen for a moment, like he’s been caught off guard. You mirror surprise because out of all the reactions you pictured this wasn’t one of them. 
Is that a twinge of pink dusting his cheekbones?
You’re not sure how many seconds pass before Sukuna snaps back to reality, clearing his throat as he straightens up. His hand is warm, leaving your skin tingling as he he takes the bouquet from your hold.
“I just got some stiches, the cut wasn’t even that deep but the doctor insisted.” Sukuna clicks his tongue, mumbling under his breathe, “I don’t see what all the fuss is about.” 
However, when he notices your downcast demeanor something flashes in his eyes and sighs, brushing his hair back.
“...Thank you. Its a sweet gesture.” 
Its Sukuna’s turn to act sheepish, as he avoids meeting your gaze, his hand hand lifts to pat your head but freezes midway as he is once again reminded of the invisible line drawn between the both of you. 
Your eyes widen, heartbeat quickening at this but the little hope you had dies as his hand settles onto your shoulder, giving you a few awkward pats. Your shoulders slump ever so slightly, if Sukuna notices he doesn’t say anything. But what does catch his attention is the flash of pink peaking out from behind you.
“What are you hiding behind your back?” 
It seems like your heart is riding a rollercoaster today, from the way your heartrate suddenly spikes, then drops and jumps up again. And the man responsible for this joyride is standing before you, pointing at the object you  desperately tired to hide.
“It’s nothing!!” You cry out, walking backwards to put as much distance possible between the two of you as Sukuna’s hand reaches out.
In the process you trip over your own two feet and its only when that familiar feeling of your heart dropping like it does when you drop down a roller-coaster do you realise what’s happening. You eyes shut instinctively, bracing for impact but it never comes. A grunt reaches your ears as you feel an all too familiar arm wrap around your waist, holding you up.
You feel the warmth of Sukuna’s breath tickling the shell of you ear as he huffs out in irritation. You’re expecting him to make a snide comment about your poor excuse for motor coordination but instead you’re greeted with silence. Curious to know what stole Sukuna’s attention, one eye peeps open and you almost choke on your spit as you realise how close Sukuna was. You were practically chest to chest.
Eyes travelling upwards you find his gaze locked onto something over your shoulder.
Oh shit.
Before you can move a muscle, the little teddy bear is yanked free from your hand. You wonder what face you’re making right now as Sukuna looks between you and the baby pink teddy bear in his hand. It somehow looks even smaller in his grasp. 
“This for me?”  He smirks, voice dripping with amusement. He waves the teddy bear in front of you, eyes playful, taking in every reaction you give him.
There’s no point in denying it. But seeing that smug look on his face makes you think otherwise. Two can play at this game.
“Yeah, it actually reminds me of you. As soon as I saw I thought, wait!” You gasp, pausing for dramatic effect. “ Is that Sukuna?!” 
“It looks so soft and cuddly- and pink!! Like you” You smile sweetly.
Silly girl, don’t you know by now that no one can one up Sukuna.
“Oh?” Sukuna leans in, dangerously close to your face. “How’d you know I’m cuddly? hm?”
He eggs you on, voice dropping even lower than you thought possible, and it has the hairs on the back of your neck standing up, “I think you learned after today’s little incident that I’m anything but soft; wouldn’t you say?”
Flashes of being enclosed by Sukuna as he protected you from getting hit by that speeding car floods your mind. Sure, you remember how firm he felt against you; the man was nothing but muscle. But you also recall how warm and safe you felt within his embrace. Just like that you’re throat has run dry and any retort you had planned had died on your tongue the moment those words left his lips.
Sukuna grinned as he pulled back, eating up the sight of you flustered beyond belief. You couldn’t even meet his eyes. He chuckled with the light shake of his head. You were too naïve for your own good.
Sukuna lightly tapped the teddy bear’s nose against yours, effectively grabbing your attention. All traces of his previous playfulness were stripped and replaced with his usual blank demeanor. That was your queue, it was time to leave. 
It amazes you each time you see Sukuna change personas. One second he’s messing around with you like someone you’re familiar with and the next there’s this wall between the both of you. You see this aloof man, on high alert to every subtle change that occurs within in the room; trained and ready to pounce on anyone who might be a threat to your safety. Though, you realise as you walk behind him, taking in the wide expanse of his back that you shouldn’t expect anything less from the best. 
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bunny-xoxo · 6 months ago
Intern!Eren HC
warning(s): none
a/n: some Intern!Eren HC based off my CEO!Levi x secretary!reader post you can read here <- if you’d like :) I got one person requesting it in my inbox and that’s all I needed LOL :) I’d love to hear from you guys in my inbox! Hope you enjoy <3 I’m also gonna be posting more characters from this ~universe so feel free to send in thoughts or ideas !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m sorry but hear me out:
He’s very intelligent, right. He was well composed in his interview to be an intern, his resume was wonderfully organized full of all kinds of references and experience, he can hold a corporate conversation like nobody’s business, and he’s definitely got this natural charm working for him
But this man can’t work a photo copier for the life of him 😭
He doesn’t know the difference between business casual & smart casual (tbh who tf does)
He is always joking with boss Levi at the WORST times
He’s AWFUL at finding things pls
Someone will tell him to go grab more printer paper from the cabinets in the break room and he’ll just go and stand in there like 🧍
“Cabinets, cabinets... okayyy what one.”
^he definitely talks to himself like that ALL the time but more on that later
But anyways he’ll be searching through all the cabinets and just,,, not see it and he’d start freaking out like oh fuck they’re gonna fire me cause my dumbass can’t find the fuckin printer paper
He’d just come back like
“Um, uh, Miss Parker I couldn’t find the printer paper🧍.”
She’s an older lady in the advertising department of the company that just finds him so endearing pls
so she goes and just opens the first cupboard he looked in and hands it to him like “here sweetie, make sure to open your eyes next time.”
She’s so sweet but poor baby is so red and embarrassed 😭
It’s even worse when she asks him to load it and he just - breaks it
he accidentally pulled too hard trying to open the paper compartment and ripped one of the plastic front pieces off and is just holding it in his hand like 😰
He jus tapes it on w scotch tape and bolts out of the room once it’s loaded and then blames it on Jean when Levi asks why the hell the printer in the front office is broken
“Yeah no I have no idea sir, I think it might’ve been Jean, I mean I saw him in here last buttt, yeah no I really don’t know sorry!”
Queue Eren speed walking to the bathroom so he can collect himself abdjdjajdjf
But on the note of breaking things it’s totally happened more than once
I STRONGLY HC this mf as being clumsy a lil like he just never fully got used to his height after he had his growth spurt
So he has a habit of tripping over himself or hitting his head on cabinets and such
This also means long arms accidentally knocking these over 😭
His first day he reached across his lil intern desk adjacent to Jeans to answer the phone and just completely knocked off his stapler and it kinda came apart
So once he was done with the call he was like no biggie I can fix this :)
And then he spent the next 20 minutes trying to figure out how the hell to put it back together
Levi happened upon him at his desk with google up on his computer, “how to put together stapler”, and he was fiddling with it in his lap and Levi was just 🤨
Eren was so embarrassed and went beet red
But as soon as Jean started chuckling Levi was like “well help him? I’d rather not have a broken stapler and besides, it’d give you two idiots something to do.”
So of course jean was like ok 🙄 but now him and eren have been arguing and BOTH been trying to fix it for another 10 minutes
Levi comes over to check on them and he’s so disappointed he’s just like “give me the fucking stapler” and puts the pieces back together and hands it to eren like 😐.
But yeah, Eren has a tendency to break things LOL
Ok back to mans talking to himself
He can be forgetful when it comes to tasks he needs to do so you’ll often find him walking around the office muttering things to himself like “phone, phone. Listen to the voicemail on the phone.”
And sometimes he’ll sing it to himself instead of speaking it cause it he finds it keeps him entertained 🥺🤲🏼
He also has a bad habit of just humming at his desk period
Jean absolutely hates it, especially when the songs Eren’s humming get stuck in Jeans head LMAO
Levi implied he was proud of Erens work ~once and he almost cried, he had to excuse himself and Miss Parker thought he was gonna throw up
One time Levi joked about long hair not being dress code and immediately had to take it back before Eren and Jean had a crisis at their desk
But even with his little quirks and shenanigans he takes his internship very seriously and is highly knowledgeable about the core responsibilities of the job, which is definitely a reason Levi accepted his application in the first place
Eren is so punctual it’s insane, he hasn’t missed a single day at his internship and has never been more than a minute late
And he’s so cute always asking Levi what he could do better at the end of his day or if there’s anything else he needs from him
At some point Levi had to ask him to only ask it once a week cause he has other things to worry about too 😭
But Levi did admire his determination to improve
Eren may be a little silly but he’ll be damned if he’s gonna lose this internship <3
Eeeeek okok so this is officially a part of my CEO!levi universe LMAO any work that is based in this will be tagged appropriately! I’m also thinking of posting a pt.2 to this with reader 😏! Lemme know if you guys are interested! I’ll be having some more works come out with other aot boys in this universe too :)! Anyways yes I’d love any and all thoughts <3
requests are open
taglist: @plutowrites @armins-futon @peachysimp (if you’d like to be added to aot, hq, mha, or a mixture of those jus lemme know!)
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doctorstethoscope · 2 months ago
The Right Chapter 25 || Aaron Hotchner x Fem Reader
Hello my loves! Just so you know, I am headed out on vacation this Saturday, so your chapters and the requests posted from 8/21-8/28 will be from the queue-- I’ll be around and popping in, but probably not responding to new requests! 
Read previous chapters of this fic here!
contains: description of panic attack, alcohol mention 
wordcount: 2.2k
When you get to work the next morning, Morgan is waiting for you outside the elevator doors. 
“Am I in trouble?” You ask, your face pulling up in confusion, and he laughs. 
“No, cupcake,” he assures you. “Take a walk with me,” he says, and you follow him down a few corridors, some of which you swear you’ve never seen before, until he leads you up to the roof. 
“Are you sure I’m not in trouble? You asked.
“Yes, I’m sure.” Derek tells you. “I wanted to talk to you… and I brought you a little something. I know there’s a lot going on.” 
Of course, Garcia must have told the rest of the team that Josh was a free man. She probably mentioned it on the phone last night, but you hadn’t heard basically anything she’d said. Morgan continued. 
“And I know you, which means that I know that you’re trying to keep it together, for Hotch and for Jack and for Jess and even for us. And I want you to know that you don’t have to keep it together for me, okay? I know you, and I know you’re gonna get through it. So if you need to break down and cry, or scream, or curse, or break things, that’s okay with me. You’re not gonna scare me. You don’t need to keep it together for me. I’ve got you, okay?” 
“Okay,” you heaved out in a sigh, letting some of the evening’s tension go with it. 
“So… onto the surprise,” Derek said, leading you to a folding table he’d set up on the roof with empty beer bottles, ceramic dinner plates, and a baseball bat. 
“You’re not serious,” you laughed, looking over at him. 
“Of course I am. Go to town.” He tells you.
“Derek! Absolutely not. We’re at work.” You continued laughing. 
“Yeah, well, as acting unit chief, I’m ordering you to break at least one bottle. And then if you really don’t like it, we can go.” Derek says, picking up the aluminum bat and handing it to you. 
You roll your eyes at him as you take the bat out of his hands, taking a few steps away from him and tossing the bottle into the air so you could swing at it. You hit it clear in the middle of the bat, feeling the metal reverberate at the contact. Brown glass falls around your feet like confetti. 
“Give me a plate,” you asked Derek, who passed you one. You spiked it into the ground without a second thought, the white shards of ceramic creating a mosaic against the roof of Quantico. You blow through the rest of what Morgan has brought up for you, and you’re huffing and puffing by the time you’re finished
“Feel better?” Derek asked as you catch your breath. 
“I hate to admit it, but I do.” You tell him, pushing your hair out of your face. 
“Atta girl. Come on, cupcake, we’ve got killers to catch.”
When you step back into the elevator, you pull your phone out of your pocket, discovering a couple of texts and missed calls from Aaron. You open up the most recent text. 
“Did you make it to work okay? I haven’t heard from you and it didn’t sound like JJ or Spencer had seen you yet. Just checking in.” 
You text him back right away, not wanting him to be anxious for any longer than he already had been. 
“I’m fine, babe. Derek pulled me into a meeting and I haven’t even made it to my desk yet, but I’m safe. Don’t worry about me.” 
“You know that I will.” 
“Love you. See you tonight.”
“Love you,” He texts back, and you pocket your phone for the time being, knowing full well that you’ll likely get hourly check-ins for as long as he’s not allowed at work. JJ, Spencer and Emily all look relieved to see you emerge from the elevator, and you roll your eyes at them. 
“Not you guys, too!” you groaned. “Garcia’s tracking my phone, I’m sure. You must have known that I was in the building.” 
“You could have dropped your phone,” Emily reminds you. 
“You know, the buddy system is a tried-and-true method of boy scouts for a reason,” Spencer points out. 
“I was with Derek! I had a buddy!” you exclaimed.
“Okay, okay, I think we’re  all a little on edge,” JJ attempted to diffuse the situation. “Everybody stand down.” 
“I’m going to go work in Aaron’s office to get some consults done. I will open the blinds so you all know that I have not miraculously disappeared,” you teased your crew with a smile as you pulled a few folders off your desk and lugged them up the stairs. 
Usually, the quiet of Aaron’s office allowed you to get more work done than you could in the noise of the bullpen, but without the ambient noise of his pen on paper or his fingers tapping against the arms of his chair, the room felt painfully silent. You try to push through, but the words on the paper start blurring together, after a while. 
White male, late twenties to early thirties-- you thought of Josh, and cast the file away. You pick up another, an older man in Seattle, and read about how he made his victims wash their own blood out of the carpet-- your stomach turns. You start again, flip to a page in the middle-- a known stalker, who had gone on to kill his most recent ex--- you shoved all of the files to the other side of your desks as your eyes watered. 
You weren’t going to do this-- you weren’t going to sit here and cry at Aaron’s desk as if you were the same as these girls. You were alive, and you had a team of highly trained agents who were going to protect you as one of your own. You were lucky, compared to them. The reality of the situation didn’t stop your breaths from coming faster and becoming shallower as the moments passed. After a while you wondered if you were really breathing at all-- you were dizzy, you weren’t thinking straight, you were--- oh. You were having a panic attack. 
It had happened before, when you were with Josh and even before that, in times of extreme stress. The remaining logical part of your brain told you that this probably was about as stressful as your life had ever been, so of course it made sense that your lungs were screaming for oxygen and your brain was going a mile a minute and your hands were shaking and you thought you might throw up or pass out or both. It’ll pass, you told yourself. It always passes. It’ll pass, it’ll pass, it’ll pass. 
It feels like it’s been hours when you come back to reality, but of course it was only thirty minutes or so. Your legs feel shaky, and you can tell that your face is flushed. You pull yourself up to a wobbly standing position, and try to make it to the bathroom unnoticed. 
Of course, you fail. Garcia is coming out of the bathroom right as you are going in. “Oh, kitten. What’s the matter? Did something happen?” Garcia asks, and you look to the floor immediately. 
“No, no, I’m fine.” you say, trying to push past her and into the bathroom, but she’s not having it. 
“No you’re not, peach.” 
“Pen, really, it’s nothing.” You tell her, a little harsher than you intend to. 
“Come on, it’s okay. Just--”
“Garcia. Enough, please,” you barked out, regretting it immediately.
“Okay, okay.” She said softly. “You know where to find me if you need me.” She slinks by you and heads off back to your office, and you rush into the bathroom, practically throwing the door into the wall on the other side. You lock the door behind you, even though it’s the only bathroom in the unit and it has three stalls, because dammit, you need to cry and you don’t want to be interrupted.  
You cry until the tears won’t come anymore, and you’re sitting on the floor, puffy-faced and trying to gain control of your breathing, when there’s a knock. 
“Hon… please let me in,” JJ requests from the other side, and you relent, standing up and undoing the latch. She swings the door open and takes stock of you, wrapping your arms around you before she even says anything. “It’s okay. This is scary, you’re allowed to be scared, but you can’t cry alone on the bathroom floor. It’s gross in here. Let us help you, yeah?” She says, pulling back just a little to look you in the eye. 
“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be like this.” You say, dabbing at your cheeks. 
“There’s nothing to be sorry for,” she tells you. “We already split up the consults that you left on your desk. Go home, we’ve got it here. If there’s a case, we’ll call you. Otherwise, you’re probably better off at home, making sure Hotch isn’t trying to train for a marathon when you’re not looking.”  She jokes, and you give her a watery chuckle. 
“You sure? I can take a few of my consults with me--” 
“Get out of here,” JJ interrupts you, practically shoving you out of the bathroom and towards the elevator. 
“Okay, okay, understood. Just let me stop and check in with Garcia.” You tell her, making your way down to the batcave. 
“Pen?” You called out as you swung the door open slowly. Her wet cheeks matched yours. “Oh, Pen, honey, I’m sorry.” You said, your heart breaking. 
“No, no, this isn’t about you,” she said, standing up from her chair and turning to face you. “Well, it is, but I mean, it isn’t your fault. I’m just scared for you. I want to keep you safe in my batcave bubble.” She tells you, wrapping you up in a hug. 
“I know, Garcia, but you’re doing everything you can, and I appreciate it so, so much.”
“It’s not enough,” she squeaks out, and you hold her tighter. 
“It is, I promise that it is,” you assure her, rubbing her back comfortingly. 
“Okay, that’s enough of you comforting me,” Garcia says, collecting herself. “You go home to your big strong protector man, and make sure he’s taking care of himself.” 
“Easier said than done,” you chuckled with her before heading home. 
When you arrive home, you find Aaron in his office, hunched over his desk. Probably not the best position for his posture, but he’s not aggravating his injured leg, so you let it slide. “Tell me they didn’t pass off some of my consults to your email.” You say, and he realizes for the first time that you’re in the room with him. 
“You’re home early,” he remarks, and goes to stand up, but you extend a hand out, warning him to stay in his chair, and cross the room to kiss him. “You had a bad day,” he says as you pull away from the kiss, taking note of your red-rimmed eyes and smudged mascara. 
‘“I had a bad day,” you agreed shakily. 
“Oh, darling. It’s okay, come here,” he said, opening his arms to you. You know that he expects you to climb into his lap so he can hold you, but you’re not getting anywhere near his leg until he’s 100% cleared by a doctor. You settle for tucking your face into his shoulder awkwardly, letting the feeling of his hand against the back of your neck ground you. “I have something to tell you-- good news,” he says, and you stand back up straight. Aaron’s not pleased by the sudden loss of contact, and reaches out to take your hand in his. 
“What is it?” You ask. 
“My doctor cleared me to go back to work today-- not field work, but I can sit at my desk.” He tells you, and you’re skeptical. 
“You didn’t have an appointment today. He just randomly decided to clear you in between visits?” 
“I may have… placed a phone call and a request with a nurse, and--” 
“Aaron!” You let out with an exasperated sigh. 
“Doll… with everything going on, I’d really feel better if I could stay close to you.” He tells you, squeezing your hand. You couldn’t deny that having him nearby would make you feel better, too. 
“You’re not going to put up a fight if we all take a case and leave you behind with Garcia?’ You ask him. 
“Well, I’m not saying I won’t put up a fight, but I understand why you and Morgan are going to create a diplomatic incident to keep me off the plane.”
“You’re damn right we are,” You snorted.
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