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don’t hold back
Tumblr media
college!peter parker x reader
summary: two hormonal students wander into a room during a frat party, what could possibly happen? maybe you discover that under his heart made of pure gold lurks a hidden powerful, dominant side.
word count: 4,685
warnings: alcohol mention, drug mention, but pure pwp smut minors dni (18+) extended warnings below bc i am not trying ruin the innocent :)
a/n: i would like to state that this is much longer than i anticipated.. but anyways, i am just gonna be honest, i have a major size/power kink. so this fic is my ~fucked~ up mind laying it all out for my fellow lil nasties ;) fair warning, this is pure filth. sorry for any mistakes and bad writing. but i hope you enjoy it x and let me know what you think ?!!
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extended warnings: thigh riding, body worship, oral (f.rec), dry humping, marking, peter being a boob guy, lil hints of soft!peter, unprotected sex, dirty talk, overstimulation, major power kink, manhandling, size kink, pain kink, praise kink, dom!peter, sadist!peter, squirting, cum play, handjob, body painting/facial, cum eating. think that is it? idk sorry !!
College was scary for the majority of people. New social circles, new surroundings. It took time for people to adjust. But Peter Parker wasn’t the majority.
The newfound freedom appealed to him. He was used to be a quote on quote loner, a nerd. It was never a desire of his to have big groups of friends or to be popular. He simply liked being by himself. It was fewer people in his life he had to lie to.
In college, people don’t care. They are too busy trying to find their own place in the world. Find their footing on the new terrain. So, they didn’t look twice at the boy who looked way too young to be attending classes. They didn’t care if he dressed in a flannel and sweater. Or if he washed up some morning with an unexplained bruise.
Peter loved that. He could do what he wanted with no one breathing down his back as if he was an adolescent child. No babysitter, just him. And he was happy with just that.
Peter made a few friends in his engineering classes. But their conversations only ever included the advancement or emergence of new technology. He could finally be that independent man he always claimed he was.
It was unusual for him to attend a party, but after the robotics club won their state final, he was persuaded to join the rest in a night of drunkenness. Peter quickly found out his ability to withstand the effects of alcohol was quite the phenomenon. People passing more and more drinks his way, hoping the next would knock him out cold. His superhuman ways always winning the battle.
The boys had ended up in a frat house, partying with people, who on a regular day, would never give them a second glance. Yet tonight, they were the centerpiece. I mean, whatever excuse a frat house can get to host a party, they would take it.
Peter was standing idle in the corner of the living room, fascinated by the people who were rolling blunts shamelessly on the coffee table. His hand was clutched around a red solo cup, the remains of his eighth drink begging to be chugged.
“Hey, you are Parker? Peter Parker?” The call of his sudden name caused him to perk up, wondering who said it.
Your soft eyes met his. A grin plastered across your face as you stalked closer to him. “Sorry, you are in my chemistry class. You taking it as an elective?”
Peter’s body stiffened, not use to female attention, unless they were asking for help with homework. He cleared his throat, swirling the plastic cup in his shaky hands. “Uh, yeah. I like chemistry.” He mentally wanted to punch himself for how nerdy he must’ve sounded.
His uneasiness was settled when he heard you giggle, the sound causing him to blush. “I like you Peter Parker.”
It was a blunt statement, but you were in no mood for beating around the bush. A light buzz gave you all the confidence you needed. His cheeks were now bright red, face burning up. The room closing in on him, becoming claustrophobic. He was becoming more aware, his senses were overstimulated in the current situation. Every noise, every breath, every movement, he felt it.
You could see him becoming uncomfortable, his jaw clenched, eyes squinted. You barely knew that man, but you wanted to help. “Hey, hey.” You whispered, placing a gentle hand on his forearm. “Wanna go somewhere quieter?”
He nodded immediately, begging to be removed from the troubling environment. Clasping your hands together, you guided out of the crowded room. Some people noticed, wolf whistling and cheering you on as you tried to seek refuge.
As you didn’t live here, you had no clue where you were going. Logically, the only thing that came to your mind was a bedroom. Finding the stairs, you dragged him up them. Luckily the first door you opened was unoccupied. Pulling him inside, you locked it to prevent any unwanted company.
The room was small, but it seemed empty. Only a mattress on the floor with a bunch of cardboard boxes scattered in the corners. Awkwardly, you both stood still at the door, unsure what your next move should be. “Uh, so you get anxious often?”
Peter shook his head, scanning the room trying to distract himself from the tension he was feeling. “No. No. It’s not like an anxiety thing.”
As he didn’t elaborate, you caught onto the message he was silently sending. He wasn’t interested in getting personal. And if you were brutally honest, you weren’t either. Other intentions were invading your mind. Sinful intentions.
Peter had first caught your eye the moment he was late to class one morning. His hair was a mess, scruffy like he just woke up. A cut was sliced into his cheek, but it seemed to be near the end of healing. Clothes were ruffled, pockets hung out of his khakis and shirt poked out from the bottom of his sky blue jumper. He sat a few rows away from you. It was safe to say you couldn’t focus in class that day, or any other day for a matter of fact.
He was mysterious, maybe that’s what attracted you. On the outside, he had that soft, nerdy appearance. For some reason, you believed under that thick skin was a more complex human. One that possessed many deep, dark secrets. You could see it in his hollow eyes; they seemed empty sometimes.
“What are you doing at a party anyways? I have never seen you attend any before. What you celebrating?” You hoped the line of questioning would cool the thick, humid air.
“Robotic club won state.” He mumbled, slightly ashamed and afraid that the hot girl in front of him would think he was pathetic.
“That’s so cool. You can build robots? That’s really cool.”
He sent you a confused look, shocked that robots and cool came out of your mouth without hesitation. “You think robots are cool? Are you secretly a nerd or something?” He huffed, not believing a word you said.
Rolling your eyes, you folded your arms. “Nothing wrong with appreciating talent. Plus, I am a STEM major myself. Nobody ever tell you don’t judge a book by it’s cover?”
His face became flushed, lips parted ready to apologise for offending you. “Don’t worry Parker. You aren’t the first to undermine me.” You smirked up at him.
Only a short distance separated your hormonal, raging bodies. It wasn’t unusual for two good looking people to want to tear off each other’s clothes. Even if it was just for a night. The college years were the time for experience. For exploration.
Peter inhaled sharply, trying to keep his emotions at bay. Your eyes were like poison, killing him slowly as they stared deeply into his soul through dark, bloomed orbs. Silently begging him to make a move.
His hand rested on your hip, the other slowly lifted to your cheek, cupping your face. Leaning forward his lips lingered over yours, hot breath mixing adding to the thick air that surrounded you. “I never got your name.” He whispered in a low, soft voice, not wanting to ruin the moment.
He took a second to process what was about to happen, what was about to ensue. Lips brushed over one another. A tingling feeling surged through your body, breath hitched, legs shaky. They finally touched, latching onto his thin, tender lips. The kiss was soft, gentle as they tried to find the perfect rhythm.
Your body melted, a warmth pulsing through your veins. Peter sensed your weakness, hand hooking around your lower back supporting your trembling frame. It wasn’t your first rodeo, but you were still nervous. He was very cute after all.
Getting over your nerves, your palms sunk into his chest, pushing him against the wall. He groaned, deepening the kiss. His tongue poked at your lips, pleading for entrance. Gladly, you parted your lips allowing him to slip past. Tongues clashed, messy and sloppy as urges began to grow. A fire in the pit of your stomach emerging.
Unable to suppress your desire, your hands wandered south, fisting his iconic sweater as you tried to remove it from his body. He obliged, lifting his arms up as the fabric slipped off his body. As soon as the first layer was gone, your fingers immediately began to unbutton his shirt. Your cold digits that grazed his skin caused him to shiver.
As you tried to finish the task, his hands slipped down to your ass, grabbing a handful. His hands were rough and greedy as they fed their needs. Humming against his lips, you’d lost patience, bursting a few buttons as you ripped his shirt. Peter smirked, as you broke away from his devouring lips. “Impatient?”
Rolling your eyes, you tried to hide the guilt you felt. You were never this eager. His bare chest caught your gaze. A mouth watering, unexpected view greeted you. You had assumed Peter was just a lanky, scrawny man; but you were very wrong. Your hands moved the sleeves down his arms as you scanned his torso.
A sculpture, carefully carved and defined. Every muscle was visible, and tempting. His skin dipped into every dent, the lighting of the room enhancing it. The shadow playing in his favour; like he needed it. As eyes ventured lower, his v-line was deep and sharp causing something to get caught in your throat. He could be a Calvin Klein model in his spare time for all you knew.
Once his arms were free, his lips crashed into yours again, gaining your attention. Hands flung to the sides of your face, holding it still as lips moved with voracious pace. Your fingers looped in around his belt, pulling your bodies close together so that a sliver of air couldn’t even pass through. Peter, craving you, used his power to change positions, slamming you against the wall.
His leg found comfort between your thighs, pressing against your clothed heat. Moving it with precision, he stimulated your clit. Body surrendering to his dominance. Small whimpers were muffled by his wet lips as they continued to feast on yours. His hands glided down your curves, memorising every dip they caressed, stopping at the bottom hem of your dress.
Your body arched off the wall, aiding him as he pulled the dress from your body. You stood beneath his broad figure bare, only underwear shading you. Heart pounded, his glare intense. His tongue darted out from his tight lips, licking them ready to indulge.
He made his first attack, lips attaching to the skin of your chest. Sucking and licking the exposed tops of your mounds as hands found their way back to your ass. His touch was hot, burning your skin. Your hands grasped at his dark hair, pulling at the roots as your fingers laced with the curly locks. His teeth reacted, scrapping your sensitive flesh. “Pete!”
Your voice was high pitched as you cried out his name, the attentive attention he gave your fragile body was overwhelming. He hummed as your voice rang pleasantly in his ears. His brain was in a haze, senses in overdrive. The touch, the sounds, the taste. He was desperate to feel you, all of you.
His hands slid to the back of your thighs, hooking around them as he swept you off the ground. You screamed out his name, shocked at how easily he did it. Like you were the weight of a feather. He laughed against your chest as he carried effortlessly to the bed, only to throw you onto it like a rag doll.
You barely had time to process the strength of the man before his lips returned to your body. Sucking deep marks into your skin, starting at your thighs before he began his ascent up to you. Lips marked your thighs, stomach, chest, and neck before linking with your swollen, abused lips. He used his legs to open yours, parting them allowing him access.
His hardened cock pressed into you as your hips rocked together. Grinding, both losing patience as the anticipation grew. When your legs wrapped around his body, he growled, teeth sinking into your bottom lip as he pulled away. “Fuck, you sure this is okay?”
“Just fuck me.”
It was blunt, but you had no intention to sugarcoat the situation, you just wanted sex. No strings attached. Peter had no desire to get anything more from the night either. He was contempt with fulfilling his sinful want.
He quickly undid his belt, pulling his pants down. Your heat pulsated as his thick thighs came into view. Muscles carved like a Greek god. Your hips rutted against the air, needing fulfilment. “Shit are you like a bodybuilder or something?”
He chuckled before a sinister smirk emerged on his face, sending shivers down your spine; scared for what was in store. His hand rested on your lower stomach, thumb teasing your clit through your damp panties. He watched your body react, eyes droopy, lips parted and face contorted with pleasure. The sight caused his cock to throb and jump with excitement.
Tired of the foreplay, Peter lowered his face between your quaking thighs. Hot breath fanning over your pulsating core. The aroma tempted him to come undone, the sweetness seeping into his sense. Mouth was dry, dying for a taste from the source.
Not wasting another second, he moved the delicate fabric to the side, tongue diving in between your folds. Lapping and drinking up the arousal that dripped from your heat. Peter gladly explored every inch, switching between your clit and seeping hole, stretching you with the strong muscle. The angelic sounds that you created prompted him to hump the bed, granting himself some sort of relief.
Your hands were latched to his hair, grasping at his scalp trying to keep the last bit of sanity you had intact. “Pete. Please. I need you.”
His eyes flashed up to you. They were raw, piercing, a glint of anxiousness could be seen as he gave your bud one final harsh suck. His chin glistened causing you to blush. “You sure? I was gonna make you cum before we got to that part.” He shyly stated.
Hands clutched his chin, guiding him to your face, bringing him in for a messy, heated kiss. His broad stature shaded you from the dim light, overpowering, intimidating. Using a hand to plank his body, the other went to snap off your panties. You heard a rip causing you to gasp, but he shoved his tongue into your mouth, shutting you up.
He moved onto his own boxers, kicking them off his legs. Your thighs rested on his as he spread his legs, causing you to open up your silky folds to him. His cock prodding at the newly exposed skin. He used his hand to grab his length, pumping it a few times before positioning it at your entrance. “Just breath.” He mumbled, his angry tip penetrating your tight core.
His girth took you by surprise, stretching your walls. You hadn’t expected it, underestimating his size. Your hands clawed at his back as he slowly pushed in deeper. He continuously checked in with you, asking if you were okay, if you wanted to stop. But the pain was foreshadowed by the immense pleasure that vibrated through you.
Once he came to a hilt, his cock was balls deep. Tip grazing your cervix, signifying how deep he was. The way his cock was curved was designed for maximum pleasure. You never felt so full, fingernails sinking into his back leaving behind crescent marks as you tried to ground yourself back down to reality. “You are so big, fuck.” You praised, shoving your face into his neck.
His large biceps enclosed you, holding you tight as he shallowly moved his hips. “Yeah? You are so tight. Feel so good.” He panted, trying to tame his instincts.
“God, please just fuck me.”
Growling, he followed instruction, retracting his hips before snapping them forward in one harsh movement. Thighs quaked as his pelvic bone collided with your neglected clit. His moves were slow, calculated. Eyes shut tight, his senses overwhelming his body. You could see he was holding back.
Peter, since the bite, was always scared of what he was capable of. Sex being one of those things. He knew he was powerful, strong enough to stop a bus. He also had a heart of gold, never wanting to injure or hurt another person. Especially a woman he was intimate with.
“Pete, don’t hold back. Let go. I can take it. I want it.”
His eyes shot open, pupils dark and wide, swallowing the warm brown that surrounded them. His jaw clenched, unsure if he should do as told. Your hand cupped his cheek, assuring him. “Peter please. I like it rough.” You confessed, cheeks burning with embarrassment.
A primal grunt slipped from his gritted teeth, your innocent eyes driving him mad. Adjusting the position, he placed your calves on his shoulders, his cock slipping deeper into you. “Please, tell me if it’s too much.”
You nodded, inhaling sharply, mentally preparing yourself for the on slaughter that was about to ensue. His hands hooked around your thighs, fingers digging into the skin. Before you could even process the strength of his grip, his cock began to pound into you mercilessly.
His member relentlessly struck your g-spot, eyes rolling to the back of your head. Thankfully, the music was so loud it drowned out your pathetic, loud moans. He used his tight grip as leverage, pulling your body to meet his hard thrusts.
The sounds were sinister, skin on skin clapping, applauding him. Your wetness splattering, covering his cock, echoed through the room. Body on a high, you felt no shame for how you were reacting. Your hands flung to the pit of your stomach, clawing at your skin. “I can- feel how deep you are.”
He smirked at your statement, one hand shoving your hands away to replace them with his. Fingers pressed into your lower stomach, thumb focused on your clit, rubbing aggressive, precise circles around the swollen bud. “Fuck, I can feel how deep I am. Bet you’ve never felt so full before. Not gonna be able to walk after this.”
The thought of destroying your body only turned him on more. His hips moved at an animalistic pace, not humanly possible. His balls slapped your ass with every thrust, and the attention on your clit drove you to insanity. You became a babbling mess below him. Unintelligible words slipping from your lips as your brain clouded with lust.
“Fuck. Look like a beautiful mess. Does it feel good? Making you feel good? Cause, shit, you make me feel incredible.”
Head nodded vigorously, unable to speak only cry out in pleasure. Body began to convulse, the knot in your stomach ready to burst at any second. “Pete. Close.” You chanted, grasping his hands, grounding yourself.
“That’s it. You wanted to be a big girl. You said you could take it. So c’mon. Cum all over my cock. Wanna feel that pretty pussy clench around me.”
His words rang through your ears as you tipped over the edge. A wave consumed you, body shook as it welcomed the intense feeling. His hands grabbed your waist, holding you still, comforting you. “That’s it. Let go.” “Feel so good around my cock.” “So pretty when you cum. Could watch you all day.”
His thrust slowed, allowing you to come down from your high. Once your head started to clear, you could still feel his hard presence pulsate against your abused walls. Eyes bulged, shocked that he was lasting so long. “You good?” He queried, watching you struggle to keep your eyes open.
“Fuck yes. Amazing.”
He cleared his throat, in a bit of a predicament. Should he continue? Or should he just leave? Finish himself off in some random bathroom. However his question was answered. “Why’d you stop? Fuck, I want you to cum.”
He flipped you over so you were now straddling him. Whimpering, your palms slapped his hard, defined chest. “Pete, I am tired. Sorry.” Your hips movements weak against his, body still recovering from your orgasm.
“It’s okay. Don’t worry, I got you. May I?” He asked, positioning his feet flat on the bed, hands grasping your waist.
Confused by what he meant, you nodded, naively. He bit his lip, giving you sudden harsh thrust. You jolted upwards due to the mere force, but his hands brought you right back, forcing you to swallow his cock. You screeched as he stretched you, filled you.
He repeated that movement, continuously. Pumping his throbbing cock into your wetness. There was no escape from the pleasure, his hands in complete control of your body. His eyes locked in on your mounds, watching them bounce begging to be released from their restricting cups. “Take off your bra, wanna see your tits. Please.”
A guttural growl was ripped from his throat as you quickly removed the material from your body. The way they bounced and rippled with every thrust. He couldn’t help but bring a hand up, squeezing the plush flesh. “Fucking beautiful.” He muttered, thumb teasing the bud.
With the last bit of energy you possessed, you rocked your hips on his cock causing the curve to hit your sensitive spot hidden within your velvety walls. That was enough to send you to your second high without warning, falling off the edge with a scream of his name.
But that didn’t stop his merciless thrusts. Using your lifeless body as a toy to please his cock. You were getting wetter at the thought of just being used as a tight hole for him to fuck. It shouldn’t turn you on as much as it did. His dominance over you was scary.
Your throat was dry and raw, every sound that rippled from it tore apart the skin. Peter wouldn’t dream of silencing you, the song you sang was too beautiful. “Yeah keep screaming my name. Shit, I am so close.” He groaned, hips were violent, bruising the skin of your thighs and hips.
The pain succumbed to the pleasure, masking any future aches you would inevitably experience. Your body was limb, he was in complete control of your movements. Brain dead in your euphoric haze. You sputtered nonsense, eyes droopy as hands grabbed his shoulders preventing you from falling forward.
The sounds from the collision were pornographic, sinful. The arousal that poured out from your core making it easy for his cock to dive deeper with every stroke. He was so close, eyes flickering between your bouncing tits and the contact your bodies made, enjoying the way his length was creamed with your juices.
Your body burned, insides twisting and turning. A fire spread uncontrollably through your veins. It was something you never experienced. Being brutally used. Peter, was loving the feeling of dominance, controlling every movement. “Fuck, you love me using you don’t you?”
You parted your lips, but your brain was not functioning, only a hum escaping. “Got you dumb for my cock do I?” He chuckled, his thrusts never ending. “Love me using you for my own pleasure. Just, grabbing you, fucking you down onto my big cock.”
His cockiness and confidence resonated between your quaking thighs. Only adding the wetness that pooled between them. “Getting wetter from me just talking to you? Fuck, you are the best girl. Feel so good and tight. Gonna make me cum.”
Moaning, you practically begged him to cum in fear you may mentally leave this planet and never return. “But, you need to cum one more time for me. Be my good girl, my best girl, and take it.” His voice was stern, not in the mood for negotiations.
Following his demand, his thumb found your forgotten clit. A sequence of curses and screams poured out as your stomach tightened. A new sensation appeared, an unfamiliar one. The pressure that pent up was about to explode. “Pete, I- too much.”
“One more. Give it to me. Let it go. Cum.”
And with that, everything collapsed. Vision blurred and spotted with black dots as your juices gushed from your fragile body. His cock was pushed out from your heat due to the force. His fast reflexes reacted, grabbing his cock, using the tip to rub fast motions across your swollen clit. Your cum covered his lower stomach and length. He groaned at the sight, watching the juices squirt from your convulsing body.
He guided you through the intense orgasm, using his cock to slowly trace your drenched folds, his tight grip pumping his throbbing cock as he did. “Atta girl, I got you.” He assured, caresses your soaked thighs. “But shit, I am gonna come baby, so fucking hard. Can I cum on your tits, please.”
“Yes! Yes! Fuck Pete you can cum wherever you want.” You slurred, brain drunk from the overstimulation your body was experiencing. Three intense orgasms in less than twenty minutes, you would’ve been considered lucky to achieve one on a given night.
He smirked, proud of his work. Fucked out and messy. It turned him on so much. His balls tightened, begging to find release. Gently, he cradled your lower back, laying you down on your back so he could straddled your waist.
Through heavy eyes, you watched him jerk his cock through a tight grip. His member was wet, glistening, covered in a mixture of your cum and his own precum. Veins bulging through his thin skin. Tip, red and angry, pulsating vigorously. Weakly, you placed a hand on his thigh, raking it, while the other played with his sensitive slit. “Fuck. Gonna be so pretty covered in my cum.”
“Cum Pete. Please. I want it so bad.” You pleaded, sticking your tongue out, hoping some would land in your mouth.
The sight of you below him, begging to be degraded. It sent him to his climax. His cock shooting out thick ropes of white cum while chanting your name loudly, with no shame. You had to clench your thighs at the sounds he made. Some landed on your face, most painted your chest. You were amazed at his load, it seemed like it would never end. Your weak hand joined his, helping him milk out every last drop. The touch of your tender, soft hand wrapped around him made him rut his hips against it as he rode out the feeling of pure ecstasy.
As the tingles that surged through him finally simmered, he collapsed down beside you. Breath heavy, and sharp. His cock twitched against his thigh, his whole person overstimulated by his senses that were dialed to a hundred. The dim light suddenly becoming too bright from him. He winced, turning his head towards you, which he immediately regretted when he saw you running your fingers across your chest, gathered up his cum on your slim digits. You carried it up to your mouth, sucking them clean. His jaw dropped. And suddenly the blood rushed back down south.
You turned your head to face him, heat rising to your cheeks after realising you’d been caught. You were intrigued. Peter took the chance to take in your appearance. Your chin was wet with a mixture of your spit and his cum, eyes still blooming with lust, hair messy and knotted. He closed his eyes, trying to remove the picture from his head as it wasn’t helping his current situation. Hearing a giggle, forced him to look at you, confused at the sudden outburst.
Your eyes were peering down at his growing length causing a red crimson colour to creep across his cheeks. “I was going to ask you to get me a rag to clean up because I don’t think I can walk, but I don’t think there is a point. I can see you have other ideas.”
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Your next glow-up!😗💅🧚🏻‍♀️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Excited I got more posts coming as soon as I finish editing them.
Now, pick a Mina Myoi(from left to right) and whichever picture(s) tug at your heart has a message for you! If nothing happens then thats fine as well, this post may not have a message for you yet. Take care and I hope you all enjoy. Sending lots of fairy dust to you lovelies.😗💕💗🧚🏻‍♀️
Pile 1
My instant though when putting down the cards was “counseling or psychiatric”. I feel if you chose this pile you are definitely going to prioritize your mental health more. There are deep wounds here and I’m so happy to see you all seeking the help your hearts need. Healing from toxic illusions and patterns passed onto you and healing your wounded/broken heart. I feel someone here got screwed over by a former institution or mental health worker, someone you spilled your heart out too who completely let you down. You’ll be taking a big and brave step to opening your heart a little bit to seek help again. I see someone breaking their shackles and them falling onto the floor and shattering as if they were made of glass. Don’t mind the slight graphic nature of my next sentence but you will be shedding your skin and becoming a whole new and different person. Trust me when I say it’ll be the best thing to happen because you will find inner peace. You will take more time for yourself and have no guilt for it. You are finally gonna be seeing your worth and God…that makes me so damn proud of you. Cheers to you babe. Wishing you the best of luck!! <3
Channeled messages: silver cup, lysol wipes(idk either dude), Virgo, mint, dark colored eyes, Keanu Reeves, 16
(such a beautiful cover of Coldplay’s, (Yellow)
Pile 2 
OHHHHHH DAMN HONEEEYYY. Ok ok I’ll stop. Y’all have been putting in work for what may feel like such a long damn time already. Well hon let me tell you it was all worth it and now your luck is about to change for the absolute best. I got the Empress and Queen of pentacles/and wands in this reading(bare in mind this is for all genders so don’t let Empress or Queen catch you off guard) so you will be growing into the most true and comfortable side of yourself. It is who you have seemed to have been unsure of for so long and maybe even insecure. I feel some people here have been uncomfortable with their natural feminine/masculine energy and have been trying to reject it but now you will see the value in it. I see this is really gonna surprise many around you as it may literally be you waking up one day and saying “Fuck it, this is who I am.” I see cutting a few people off specifically two people are standing out here. These people have either been up in your physical space and leeching off of you even or taking up space in your mind and causing distress. Either way they have been real douchebags and you are D.O.N.E. You are gonna get rid of those holding you back. You will step into your power and take the reigns and ride off into the fucking sunset. Good for you babes. Shame on those that thought they could take your power from you cause shiiit, they are about to regret it. 
Channeled messages: a significant necklace, silver star stickers, gold, sunflower, snakes slithering around, clouds, oranges, wind chimes
Pile 3
Yup, this is the break up pile. Situationship/lead on/third party/etc. You have been stuck in a situation where you didn’t know which step to take, almost like you find your worth in others especially romantic partners. Now this shit is about to shift. You are taking that power back for yourself and giving no fucks about it. You went from the Page to the Queen of wands. You are tired of these useless battles and waste of time. Giving more and accepting less than you fucking deserve. Ugh I’m feeling angry all of a sudden and like I wanna scream, you have been holding this frustration and burden in for so long. Let it all out honey. You decide if this is how you wanna live your truth. You want someone who puts in 100%? Then accept NOTHING less. You understand me? Know you don’t need to settle for ‘Page’ like personalities(negative Pages: immature, unfaithful, angry, guilt trip, unmotivated.) but King/Queen like personalities whether that be in love or friendships. I see you loving yourself more and taking time for yourself. Loving yourself the way you would want to be truly loved. Babes, you are stepping into such a powerful era I am so excited for you. You aren’t gonna settle for anything less, you are becoming aware of how much of this life if all in your hands. Take your power back. This is your life. Not anyone else's. You better remember that. Good luck hon. I’m rooting for you!
Channeled messages: Joan of Arc, Athena, maple, the Phoenix from Harry Potter, amber eyes, pink silk, Taurus, sound of flowing water, smell of moss, humidity, the Earth after it just rained, 11, waxing crescent moon
(Hehe I love this song. Pink is so snarky and hilarious. Highly recommend a listen!)
Pile 4:
Ahhh yes every reading seems to have this pile lol. Y’all got mostly Court and Major arcana cards. Literally only one Minor Arcana. Wow. If you chose this pile I know damn well you are not letting any of these bitches take your kindness for weakness. You are so kind and giving but I feel on the surface you protect yourself like a Spartan going into battle. It sucks you had to have been abused so much to have to harden and protect yourself like that. It makes me so mad and disgusted. Know your next glow up is learning how to keep balance when it comes to being sensitive but also not a push-over. I feel you guard yourself too much it could accidentally pinch those you love dearly and even yourself. Balance is a challenge for you, I can feel it. That’s gonna be one of the main lessons this time honey, you will learn how to play the cards of your own game and not subconsciously put those in other people’s hands. You of course are a naturally strong and protective soul, you’d fight and maybe even kill for the ones you love. Know that you don’t gotta choose a side of yourself. You don’t gotta repress yourself. In the end all those little pieces of you are what makes you this whole, powerful and amazing human being. This unique soul. Take zero guilt for setting boundaries and laugh until you tear up. I know being vulnerable is such a challenge and won’t be healed over night but I see you opening up gradually and surly. To me that is beyond beautiful. I’m so proud you. I believe you so much. Sending my love to you. Channeled messages: ENTJ, yin & yang, colorful beads, silver wire, yellow daisies, black top, green eyes, Aries, deli, India, ‘the land of the rising sun’, the word ‘Ancient’(instantly thought of a very old soul)
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becca-e-barnes · a year ago
can you write a dads best friend or a best friends dad kinda of bucky smut i love your work
Oh myyyy, I thought I was obsessed with Dad’sbestfriend!Bucky but Bestfriend’sdad!Bucky put ideas in my head that I can’t get rid of 😩 I will probably be thinking about this for the foreseeable tbh
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: Probably around 2k idk I wrote it on my phone
Summary: Your boyfriend cheats on you so you spend the weekend with your best friend and her dad Bucky to cheer you up
Warnings: Smut, significant age gap, dilf!bucky, oral (f receiving), fingering, squirting, phone sex I guess?, size kink, praise kink, pet names, angst, cheating
Minors, do not interact
“Shit angel, sorry I didn’t realise you were in here.” Bucky’s little gasp was enough to pull your head out of your phone, tears staining your cheeks as you reread all the messages from your ex boyfriend who had just admitted he was cheating on you for the past month. Bucky looked so concerned, his eyes flitting around the room for his daughter, Amy, your college best friend, knowing that you probably needed some comfort from someone a little more feminine right now. Amy had invited you to stay over for the weekend, hoping to distract you through the hardest part of your breakup, when everything was still so fresh and raw and painful. Six months of your life had been wasted on that asshole, six months of making plans, of feeling like you were in love, of letting this man walk all over you because that’s how relationships work, right? Surely compromise was healthy? But taking a step back, you could see how much he had taken advantage of the fact you loved him. It was always you that compromised, while he never budged an inch, right down to where you went for dinner or what movie you watched.
“Sorry Mr Barnes, Amy just went to the store.” You sniffled, embarrassed by the state he had just seen you in, trying desperately to dry your tears.
“Oh honey, don’t apologize. I jus’ hate seeing you like this. That asshole didn’t deserve you to begin with. And hey, if you say the word, I’ll go break both his legs for you. Teach him a lesson for messin’ with my girl.” You huffed out a little laugh at how serious he seemed, no hint of a joke in his tone. His arms were full of neatly folded clothes of Amy’s, suggesting he had spent the afternoon staying out of the way to give you girls some space.
“Thanks Mr Barnes, I’ll keep that in mind.” You couldn’t help the smile tugging at the edge of you lips despite your tears and he gave you a little half nod in return, just happy to see you in slightly better spirits.
“You know, you’re welcome to stay here as long as you like. It’s not a problem. Jus’ wanna make sure you’re okay.” He suggested thoughtfully, laying the clothes carefully in their respective drawers, trying not to crease them, gold ridges in his arm shimmering against the dark metal. “But only if you get used to calling me ‘Bucky’, this ‘Mr Barnes’ shit is way too formal.” He teased. God, that little half smile of his was so attractive, eyes somehow full of both mischief and understanding, making you fidget nervously. You had spent plenty of time at Amy’s since you met at college a few years ago, both Amy and Bucky knew all about your relationship with Aaron, given that you probably spent more time at their’s than you did with your own parents.
“Thanks Bucky, you guys are so nice to me.” You smiled softly, still sniffling a little.
“God sugar, don’t mention it. You think I don’t know how often you cheer Amy up? You girls look out for each other, it sure helps me sleep at night knowing she’s got such a good friend in you.” He looked so sincere, his voice softer than you’d ever heard it before.
“You ever need anything, let me know okay? Don’t even hesitate.” You nodded, giving him a warm smile, noticing his little dimples. Damn, this man was somehow getting better looking by the minute.
“Oh hey dad.” Amy smiled, coming down the hall with her bags of snacks and movies, determined to take your mind off the breakup.
“Hey honey. I was headin’ out but you girls have a nice night, okay?” Bucky was happy to duck out, letting you get into whatever you had planned for the weekend before he got roped into watching chick flicks with you both.
You and Amy had such a nice night together, laughing and eating junk, watching movies and just generally feeling distracted from the sadness that had settled in your chest since the breakup. You had both fallen asleep early, bowls of snacks discarded between you in her double bed.
Unfortunately you didn’t stay asleep for long and when you woke, sleep was the furthest thing from your mind. God you ached inside, wondering why on earth you weren’t good enough, why Aaron could possibly have needed more when you had given him everything. You couldn’t have given anything more to the relationship, now getting annoyed at yourself for changing so much to suit a man who clearly didn’t even deserve it. The week following a breakup always felt the hardest, that sad, lonely feeling was hard to shake, especially after being cheated on. You felt like you just couldn’t lie still in bed, feeling the urge to toss and turn until sleep beckoned you again. But that could be hours away so instead, you pulled yourself from the bed, lifting your phone off the soft duvet and padding quietly to the kitchen to make a quick cup of tea.
The cold wooden floor under your feet was such a contrast to the warmth of the bed you had just left, the little shorts of your pyjama bottoms tickling the tops of your thighs.
“Can’t sleep angel?” Came the voice from the kitchen as you rounded the corner, making you jump. “Didn’t mean to scare ya toots.” Bucky’s low chuckle flooded you with warmth. He was sitting in his gym gear, clearly not long home from his evening run.
“Lot to think about.” You smiled sadly, hands gripping the cold screen of your phone, thinking about how you still hadn’t got used to the fact you had changed your Lock Screen from a lovely photo of you and Aaron to a photo of you and Amy together.
“He wasn’t right for you angel. Didn’t even need to meet him to know that much.” Bucky was trying his best to be sympathetic and considerate but seeing you were now losing sleep over this asshole was killing him.
“Yeah, clearly not. Just wish I’d known that six months ago.” You could feel the knot in your chest tightening, a lump in your throat forming of its own accord.
“Oh toots, you just gotta make these mistakes. That’s what life is about.” Bucky’s voice was so soothing, his many extra years of experience giving him some additional wisdom.
“But God knows, nothin’ got me through my divorce like a good rebound.” His voice was a lower chuckle, knowing you were old enough to be able to have this conversation with you.
“Now that’s a suggestion.” You laughed quietly, taking a seat at the kitchen island beside him.
“C’mon, a pretty girl like you? Wouldn’t be hard to find someone to take your mind off Adam.”
“Aaron.” You corrected, not that it really mattered now, chuckling a little at his indifferent shrug.
“Just one good orgasm toots, that asshole will be the furthest thing from your mind.” Bucky’s confidence almost made you shiver, goosebumps breaking out on your bare shoulders.
“No one has given me one of those in months.” You laughed sadly, a little blush beginning to dust over your cheeks.
“You’re kiddin’ me sugar, asshole never made you finish?” Bucky asked, hardly able to believe his ears. That blush turned into a fully fledged beam of heat radiating from your cheeks as you shook your head.
“Oh angel, that must’ve been a long six months.” He genuinely sounded so sorry for you, with good reason. It was so hard being left unsatisfied after sex, getting so worked up but not even able to get close.
“Tell me you didn’t fake it though.” He quizzed, one eyebrow raised, hopeful that you hadn’t even went to the effort of saving Aaron’s ego.
“It was shit, I had to do something.” You sighed sadly, noticing his little upset tut.
“Should let a real man treat you right. Let you cum so hard you see stars. A man who doesn’t ask you if you came but makes you.” His voice was low and gravelly, thinking about how pretty you must look when you cum.
“Wouldn’t even know where to find a man like that.” Your voice was barely louder than a whisper, nearly getting lost in the crisp evening air.
“Could help you out if you want sugar, bet feelin’ you cum is even better than I imagined.” His little admission made you gasp, thinking about how he must touch himself, hand wrapped around his leaking cock to thoughts of you.
You let his words hang in the air for a moment before you nodded.
“Is that an offer?” You asked softly, almost unsure you had even heard him right.
“It is if you want it to be.” He agreed, watching your expression carefully, hoping he hadn’t entirely misread the situation.
“Please Bucky.” You nodded, noticing his little contented groan at your decision. Ever so slowly, Bucky reached his flesh hand up, cradling your face, pulling you closer until his lips pressed against yours. All thoughts of Aaron left your head suddenly, phone discarded on the cold, dark marble. Your hands tangled in his hair, his tongue moving deliciously against your own, tasting, feeling, teasing. You felt like you just couldn’t get enough of him, loving how your own need was completely reciprocated by Bucky.
“Gotta taste you angel, thought ‘bout this for so long.” His metal hand glimmered in the moonlight as it shifted between your thighs. His eyes were trained on your parted, plump lips, thriving off the needy gasp that fell from them at how good his little movements between your legs felt, rubbing you through your pyjama shorts.
“Bucky, please, fuck me.” You all but whimpered, eyes squeezed shut from his teasing touches.
“Oh sweetie, that’s your whole problem. You younger folks think sex is the only way to feel good. So impatient, just lemme take care of you.” He was almost groaning already as his fingers flexed against your clothed sex, the fabric collecting the wetness that was already gathering in your panties. The sight of Bucky sinking to his knees in front of you was almost enough to get you off then and there, pressing you into the hard edge of the counter as he kissed up the inside of your thighs.
“Can almost smell how needy you are princess, so fuckin’ frustrated aren’t you? Don’t worry, gonna fix that for you.” His voice was sinfully low, flesh and metal fingers trailing over your exposed skin until he reached the fabric of your pyjama shorts, pulling them down your legs to pool on the floor in a heap. He pulled your panties to the side, revelling in the slick that coated his fingers as he did so.
“So wet for me angel, givin’ me plenty to lick up, aren’t you. Such a good girl. Knew you would be. Sweet little pussy has been neglected for too long.” He was almost growling, lips coming into contact with your drenched core all of a sudden. You mewled lightly at the feeling, your bottom lip sucked into your mouth, being nibbled on by your teeth to help you control your sounds. His tongue was everywhere at once, firm, broad strokes from your dripping hole to your clit making you keen against his face.
“So eager baby, knew you would be. Need this pretty cunt filled, don’t ya?” His taunts took your breath away as a cold, heavy metal finger made its way into your body, crooked nicely against your walls.
“More Bucky, God, feels so good.” You whined, his tongue flicking over your clit.
“See angel, this is what you get when a man takes the time to learn your body. You’re mine now, gonna treat this pretty pussy right.” The thought of being Bucky’s made you head swim with excitement, your body almost trembling under his touch. Pent up need and frustration was threatening to consume you, a hand falling to his hair to press his face harder against your core. Bucky happily obliged, a smug look on his face as his lips connected with your core, a second metal finger slipping into your needy body. A deep groan fell from you, knowing he was working you far too efficiently towards a long overdue orgasm.
“Don’t you dare hold back sweetie. Want you to let go for me.” Bucky’s lips were soaked in your slick as he mumbled the words before diving right back in to continue eating you like a man starved. It was all too much, a high whine of his name leaving your lips as he sucks your bundle of nerves, his fingers never ceasing inside you. Your orgasm hit you so hard and fast, knocking all breath from your lungs as the hot tingling feeling took over. Bucky gasped, feeling the evidence of your high seep from your body onto his face. One of your hands was buried in his hair, the other gripping the island so tight, your knuckles were almost aching, riding your high out against his tongue.
“Fuckin’ amazin’ sweetie, you did so well for me.” He gasped, rising from his knees to crash his lips against yours, making you taste yourself on his mouth. His dusting of stubble was still wet from your release, the fierce intensity of his kiss making your knees even weaker.
“Bucky, need more.” You whimpered against his mouth, lust so evident in your tone.
“My silly little bunny gone cock drunk, hm? Can’t get enough now, can ya angel, told you, ya gotta date a real man for a change. Gonna take this little body apart.” His threats didn’t scare you, rather, they excited you as he undid his belt buckle, pushing his jeans and underwear down his legs, hoisting you up onto the island by your thighs.
Your mouth watered at the sight of how huge he was, his head dark and angry from being so neglected.
“Fuck, gotta get a condom toots.” He whispered against your ear, dragging the weeping head over your slick folds, more to tease himself than anything else.
“ ‘m on the pill Bucky, doesn’t matter.” You gasped, fingers wrapping in his shirt to pull it up over his head, letting it fall to the floor unceremoniously.
Bucky cocked an eyebrow in disbelief. “You really think he was worth it?” Bucky groaned softly, beginning to press into your tight heat. It was such a stretch already and he had hardly begun.
“Ah, feels so good, so big Bucky, you’re huge.” You completely ignored his last question, choosing instead to let every cohesive thought escape. A little smirk teased at the corners of Bucky’s mouth, pressing into your tight heat gradually until he was fully seated inside you, loving how you squirmed uncomfortably at the stretch.
“Tightest little pussy babydoll, takin’ me so well too angel. Know it hurts but you’re doin’ so good for me, yeah? Gonna make you cum so hard you forget all bout the pain.” You couldn’t help but believe his promises, knowing he could live up to them from what you had experienced already. After a few moments of letting you get accustomed to his size he began to move, dragging himself from the warmth of your body, only to press back in, pulling groans from both of you.
“Fuck, not gonna be able to see you ‘round here again without thinkin’ of this. Gonna ruin everyone else for you sweetie, nothin’ll ever compare to me.” His words could only come out in breathy gasps as he rutted into you, loving your little sighs as he sped up. Your orgasm was bubbling in you deliciously, heat growing in your belly, threatening to consume you once more.
All thoughts of pleasure were quickly pulled away from you though as your phone began to buzz rhythmically on the counter, a picture of Aaron popping up on the screen. Your heart sank in your chest, as did Bucky’s for a brief moment.
“Answer it toots.” Bucky growled against you, not slowing his pace at all. You shook your head, words unable to come out until Bucky sped up his thrusts.
“Answer it. Let him hear you cum since he’s never gonna get to feel it.” Bucky’s little taunt sounded so good and without thinking, you reached down, accepting the call.
“Hello?” You heard the familiar voice call from down the phone, your head only half connected with the fact he was listening.
“Go away Aaron,” you gasped, Bucky angling his thrusts to hit that sweet spot inside you the man on the phone could never find. You held back your groans but only for so long before the pleasure became unbearable.
“Wanted to say I’m sorry. I was so fucking stupid, want you back.” He sounded so sincere but you couldn’t possibly find it in yourself to care.
Your grunts were slipping out of you, alarmingly loudly, Bucky taking so much pleasure from knowing Aaron was listening to you getting fucked in a way he could never have offered you.
“You there? Everything okay?” You heard from down the phone, your whole body beginning to clench again from the pressure building up inside you.
“She’s busy, asshole.” Bucky groaned, fingers slipping between your bodies to rub your clit mercilessly. You couldn’t help how you gave in, squeezing Bucky so hard, your pussy gushing as you came, wetness coating both your bodies. Bucky practically came from the sight of you squirting, riding out your insane high on his cock. Your head was thrown back, hips rolling against him to ensure his cock was seated as deeply inside you as possible.
“Fuck toots, never seen anythin’ hotter in my life, you fuckin’ squirted? Fuck, thought I’d ruin you, think you’re gonna ruin me.” Bucky was absolutely gone, completely blissed out, rutting into your tight, gushing heat until he came inside you with a filthy moan, almost collapsing against you.
You felt so drowsy coming down from your high, Bucky’s cock slipping out of you, your feet landing in the little puddle you had made on the kitchen floor, legs still unsteady. Bucky tapped your phone screen, huffing out a tiny laugh at the the fact Aaron had hung up the call.
“Don’t think he’ll be calling you back toots.” He laughed sheepishly, dressing himself again after blocking Aaron for good measure.
“Yeah. Good riddance.” You laughed, running a hand through your now messy hair, loving the little smile on Bucky’s face.
“That’s my girl. Now c’mon. You can sleep in my bed.” He laughed with a little wink, scooping you in his strong arms.
@sebsbrokentoe @harrysthiccthighss @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123
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kpopboysxtogether · 3 months ago
Choi beomgyu •Sweet girl•
Genre - Smut! Psychopath beomgyu! Practically Yandere AU!
Paring - TXT beomgyu X female Reader
Summary - Horny beomgyu returns after doing the unthinkable, even though he’s crazy you still love him.
Word count - 2k
Warnings - NSFW! Read at your own discretion, mentions of blood, swearing, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex, choking, breath play, overstimulation, relentless dominant beomgyu! and submissive reader!
Tumblr media
“I’m coming!”, you called out towards your front door hoping the person on the other end would get the message, the frantic knocking only becoming louder as it echoed throughout your home, it almost sounded like someone needed your help. 
Opening the door without hesitation, there wasn’t an ounce of fear of what was going to be on the other side, you had a very optimistic out look.
“Babe!”, he cheered excitedly, spreading his arms out like it was a grand reveal, “Beomgyu?”, you questioned surprised to see your boyfriend, “that’s right”, he wiggled his fingers at you continuing his bright mood.
It’s not like you weren’t happy to see him, the problem stood with him disappearing without a trace, “don’t look at me like that”, he pouted pushing through your door not forgetting to kiss you on the way in.
“Two weeks beomgyu”, you said following after him as he made his way into the kitchen, “Yeah yeah”, he said rubbing you off before rummaging through your fridge, you watched as the boy made himself right at home unconcerned about your worries, “what’s that?”, you asked. He froze, closing the refrigerator door as soon as the question arose, “you mean this?”, he laughed stretching out the hem of his white shirt, it just peaked from underneath his throw over but it was visible, a red stain that obviously shouldn’t have been there, “Don’t worry baby.. it’s not mine”.
You released a confused hum as beomgyu stood in front of you, the only thing separating you both was the kitchen island, “do you wanna know what I was doing? You know I wouldn’t leave you if I didn’t have a good reason”, he said with a slight unsettling smile on his face which only grew as you nodded, “well you know-”, he started before sliding open the kitchen draw, “their was someone I didn’t particularly like”, he said calmly retrieving a knife that was contained inside before twirling the point against his palm, “you should know him, you see.. I think he liked you Y/N but i couldn’t have that”, he continued. You watched as the knife came to a holt against his palm a lost expression meeting your gaze. 
Having the re-occurring thought of another man touching you beomgyu started losing all sense of reality and pushed harder against the base of the knife, “beomgyu stop you’re going to hurt yourself”, you reached out slightly panicking as blood started to trickle down the silver, “beomgyu!”, you shouted running to his side and snatching away the knife, “please don’t do that”, you whimpered bringing your hands up to cup his face, you felt his cheeks rise as he smiled at you, “I hurt someone Y/N, I broke your promise”, he said trying not to giggle, you let out a light sigh, “as long as you’re okay, it doesn’t matter”.
“You don’t understand how much I’ve missed you”, he whispered before grabbing ahold of your hips and hastily leaning forward to capture your lips, your hands slowly fell to his chest as you kissed beomgyu properly after two long and lonely weeks. You couldn’t even blame him when he impatiently slipped his tongue into your mouth, sliding his hands up into your shirt he gripped onto your bare waist, your eyes immediately shot open upon feeling the sensation quickly pulling away from his lips, “it’s wet”, you said quietly looking down and prying his cold hands away from your waist inspecting the small gash that had slipped your mind, “does it bother you?”, he asked, “what? The blood? No, I’m just worried”, you said looking around to find anything to cover the wound, “then leave it, I want your attention on something else”, he groaned biting his bottom lip a smirk still visible, swiftly grabbing your lower back he jolted you forward so you were fully pressed up against him, “a little blood won’t kill you baby”, he chuckled drawing his hand towards his mouth before sticking out his tongue, licking one long strip up his wrist to the source of the puncture, the pink muscle turning a watery deep red as his own blood danced around his taste buds, “now let me taste you”.
Your back hit against the kitchen bench with a metal shaking bang, your eyes followed after the shaggy haired boy watching as he slowly lowered to the floor, curling his fingers around the edging of your sweat shorts he stared up with almost innocent eyes, “should I ask for permission baby?”, he said a smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth, shaking your head rather desperately you couldn’t help but feel nervous as beomgyu grinned. Sliding your bottoms down your legs you slightly jumped as beomgyu took your underwear down with them, out of instincts your hands dove straight to cover your privates, “don’t”, he growled, you stared into his eyes a little longer then expected the fires of fury flickering within his dark orbs, uncovering yourself his mood switched back to a more bubbly one, “don’t be nervous sweetheart, you know I take good care of you”, he chuckled devilishly.
His mouth latched onto your inner thigh leaving painful purple marks scattered across your delicate skin, kissing the other side before shoving his face into your heat, squeaking slightly you balled your shirt into your fists holding them ever so tightly as beomgyu licked between your folds, focusing most of his attention on your sensitive bud he harshly grabbed ahold of your thighs losing himself within your taste, “beomgyu”, you moaned out in complete ecstasy, balancing on your steadily declining legs you unintentionally shook profusely as an electric pulse shot up from your abdomen, beomgyu knew what was coming as he stared up through his thick lashes, “don’t think I’m letting you cum just yet”, he chuckled ripping himself away from your pussy, “b-beomgyu”, you whimpered before he rushed to his feet, “hush”, he smirked pulling you in by your waist and kissing you hard, you could taste yourself on your tongue as he sloppily exchanged the fluids and beomgyu was enjoying every second of it. Pulling away you watched as a string of saliva connected your mouths watching it as it slowly thinned out before breaking, “a taste unlike no other.. you’re so special”, beomgyu said deeply before tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ears, “It’ll be my pleasure to fuck that tight little pussy of yours”.
With a few shoves and relentless tripping through blind kisses, beomgyu pushed you flat against the couch discarding his own clothes in a desperate attempt to get on top of you faster. His slim yet muscular build loomed over you, your chest rising and falling frantically as his fingers tickled against your skin, “such a sensitive girl”, he groaned drawing his lips against your ear, “look what you’ve done”, chuckling beomgyu leaned up slightly on his knees, tracing down his lean frame his hard cock met your gaze standing high and proud as it slightly twitches for your warmth, “staring is rude baby”, he teased smoothing his hand over his length and giving himself a few pumps. Your thighs unintentionally came together trying your very hardest to slowly grind against yourself under beomgyu’s lustful gaze, sticking his hand between your legs he pried open your thighs cupping your heat, he inserted two fingers into your tightness giggling at the slickness of your walls, “such a good girl”, he hummed slowly pumping his fingers against your walls before retracting and plopping his fingers into his mouth, “fuck”, he moaned tilting his head back, “my addiction”, the low toned whisper left him before he slammed his palms on either side of the pillow that your head was rested against, “how long can you last?”.
Rubbing his pink tip along your folds beomgyu pushed himself into your pussy, waiting for you to adjust wasn’t an option as he wasted no time in snapping his hips into your own, “finally”, he moaned vigorously pumping in and out of your heat, quickly finding your voice high pitched moans constantly released from your throat, “ooOohH myYy GoddD”, you attempt to speak but as beomgyu picked up his pace your pronunciation glitched into uncertainty, “you’re already screaming this much? I haven’t even gotten started”, he teased breathing heavily against your chest, reaching up he clamped his hand around your throat softly squeezing around your wind pipe laughing devilishly as you gasped.
Never ending his assault against your core, his hand slowly released from around your neck only to reapply pressure when you had seemed to let down your guard, “you’re close Y/N, I can tell by the way you’re squeezing around me”, he cooed watching as your eyes rolled into the back of your head, the low oxygen was making you feel woozy but it only heightened your senses as a sort of survival tactic kicked you into hyperdrive, “b-beom”, you whimpered, “say it baby, say it so I can hear you”, he pushed on, “b- ah!”, you moaned out, feeling as your whole body seized up, clamping tightly around his length you felt nothing but pure pleasure rushing through your core, slightly jolting ever so often as beomgyu continued to shallowly thrust, even with the tight hold he refused to put an end to it, “we’re not finished”, he growled into your ear.
Feeling unpleased with your enthusiasm to not help him, your fucked out state only pissed him off more, “you’re giving up on me?”, he said angrily, putting his thrusting to a standstill, “n..no.. I’m not“, you replied through an exhausted breath, “I just need a minute”, you gave him a weak smile but you were only met with hostility, “get up, I want you on all fours”, he snapped removing his still painfully hard cock from your pussy, weakly you did what you were told displaying your bare ass to him, “good”, he groaned, giving your ass a good slap before bending down and attaching his mouth to your clit harshly sucking down on the bundle of nerves, “ah n..no don’t d..do that”, you cried noticing your all ready weak arms starting to tremble profusely and with a loud pop beomgyu let go, “whatever you say”, he replied rather chipperly satisfied with the power he held over you.
Realigning himself with your opened core he pushed into your throbbing pussy your walls screaming with each harsh thrust, laying your forehead against the pillow you could feel the top of your head starting to mat as you rocked back and forth, “do you want me to stop?”, he purred into your ear completely leaning into you as he fucked you like a bitch in heat, “don’t please.. don’t stop”, you softly cried, smiling to himself beomgyu gripped onto your hips guiding them to match his intense thrusts. Your ears perked up at the sound of beomgyu’s desperate and rigid moans, he wasn’t going to last any longer and he knew it as his nails dug deeper into your sides, “I love you”, he mumbled before slightly convulsing, a long drawn out moan leaving him as he ejaculated into your welcoming core, “oh beomgyu”, you moaned coincidentally going through your third orgasm completely and utterly exhausted by the event, collapsing beomgyu laid on top of you still filling you up to the brim, “you’re my sweet girl”, he whispered repositioning you both so you were laying on your side in front of him, “can I stay inside of you?”, he said a slight possessiveness underlining his tone as he placed a sweet kiss on your shoulder blade, “of course, I don’t want you to go”.
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missluckycharms · 3 months ago
Online; Part Three.
Tumblr media
Harry is the captain of the football team, Y/N is known for being quiet and keeping to herself, what they show online isn’t what others see of them in real life.
Harry is a camboy, Y/N is a camgirl and they love each other’s online personas only.
Part two here!
Series contains sexual content.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧
“Okay, captain of the football team, go!”
Y/N rolls her eyes as she hears his description, Sarah and Jazz sat around her as they all sit in their living room, holding wine glasses and placing a game of smash or pass — they all nearly passed out when Jazz said she’d smash the sixty year old biology professor, to which she shrugged and claimed “I bet he’d treat me well! He knows the body after all!”
Sarah immediately lets out a loud Smash! As Jazz nods in agreement, the pair cheersing their glasses as Y/N shakes her head, letting out the word that makes the two girls widen their eyes and part their mouths in surprise.
“He’s hot! Don’t sit there and tell me you wouldn’t wanna see what’s under all that football gear.” Jazz deadpans, looking at Y/N who just shrugs with a shake of her head.
“Nope, no interest. He’s a dickhead!” She defends herself, looking at the two girls as they laugh, not believing her words as they change the subject, getting back into another round of the game.
Don’t get her wrong, he is handsome, his accent is amazing and he does have some good jokes, but the way he seems to switch up when he’s around his team mates, doesn’t really sit with her. Sure, she’s not one to speak on the whole living two lives situation, but she doesn’t understand why he does this, it’s like he’s a twin and one of him is a douche team captain while the other is a record buying smiling baby! It’s so confusing to her.
She doesn’t hold the thought for too long, as while Jazz explains her defence on why she would smash Nick Wilde while Sarah yells in disgust, her phone chimes in her pocket, making her slide it out, backing off into the background of their conversation as she clicks it on, staring down at the notification from the website she’s a creator on.
lovemeplease: can’t wait for tomorrows show xx
Y/N and whoever is behind this account have been chatting on and off for two weeks now, exchanging naughty messages between light hearted ones that describe their coffee orders and what way they like to have their showers, the pair haven’t stopped communicating since he reached out that one Saturday night, the connection strong between them and their tummies erupting into butterflies when they receive a message from the other.
cherrybabyx: I’ll make it extra special for you <3
She tries to hide her smile, the girls pulling her from her thoughts and her world that lives within her phone with a suggestion of yet another cartoon character for their game.
“Flynn Rider? Oh, one hundred percent smash!” She yells, Sarah cheering in agreement as Jazz shakes her head with a disgusted look.
“His name is Eugene! The most unmoanable name ever!” She defends herself, the girls nearly cracking up at her disgust.
“That’s why you call him Daddy!” Sarah yells, Y/N nearly spitting out her drink with a laugh while Jazz looks at her before shrugging her shoulders.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧
Harry is nervous.
He’s never been nervous before starting a show before, he’s never had an eruption of butterflies in his tummy as he sits down, shakily setting up his camera and he’s never checked his outfit more than ten times, but right now, that’s exactly what he’s doing. He’s pointing out every small inconvenience with his outfit, trying to fix it as he thinks of her in his head.
What would she think?
Would she think he’s pretty?
Would she notice how his skirt isn’t the same shade of pink as his knee socks?
Would she notice how his nails are sloppily painted due to his nail polish drying up?
His mind is in over drive as he impatiently waits for the clock to hit seven in the evening, the exact time he’s due to press the live button and show himself off to the world like he usually does. He knows she’s waiting, probably sat by her laptop or whatever she uses to watch him on, patiently waiting to see her baby boy as he sits in his room, trying to hype himself up — he hasn’t needed to do this since his first show, but she just makes him nervous, she makes his tummy warm and she makes his head swim.
She gives him a reason to do this.
The clock turns to seven way quicker than he expected, his sigh loud as he sits up straight, hovering his finger over the tracking pad before he shuts his eyes, hitting live and hearing the start up tone that indicates a three second countdown, letting him see his screen preview before the comments are flooding in, everyone swarming his live as his tip meter dings away in the corner.
The comments are flying past on his screen, barely giving him enough time to read as he adjusts himself in his seat, fixing his mini pleated skirt as he clears his throat, getting ready to speak.
“‘Lo, how is everyone?” He asks, watching as everyone ignores his question apart from a few that reply, his smile small as he hums in happiness when someone says they’re great now that he’s live.
“Glad I could cheer you up, just wanna see you happy.” He smiles yet no one can see it, his hands fisting his skirt as he waits a few more seconds, not wanting to start without her.
But she never ends up joining.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧
“I bet I could win you in an arm wrestle!”
Y/N is drunk, very very drunk.
The blonde smiles at her amused as he shrugs, propping up his arm on the table as she smiles, doing the same with a look of determination in her eye.
“Try your best petal, I won’t hurt ya, promise.” His Irish accent is thick as he slurs a little, winking at her as she scoffs out a laugh, joining their hands together as she rests her left arm down on her lap, him following suit with his right.
“If I win, you let me wear your jacket! And If you win …. You can have my notes for the rest of the month!” She bargains, his head tilting up in a thinking animation before his eyes land on her again.
“Game on.” Is all he says, the pair immediately getting into the arm wrestle as everyone around them parties on, a few people cheering one of them on as they wrestle it out, Jazz and Sarah behind Y/N egging her on while a few boys stand behind the blonde, doing the same.
“Ah hah! Hand it over blondie!” She yells, slamming his hand down onto the table as he rolls his eyes, standing up to slide off his letterman jacket that has his surname wrote on the back.
“I let you win, petal.” He smiles, her cheeks blushing as he slides the jacket onto her, patting her shoulder as he looks her over in delight.
“Looks better on ya anyways.” He says as she smiles, sipping on her cup as he winks before a gang of boys pull him away, chanting about a beer pong competition from what she could make out in her intoxicated state.
“Look at you! Miss party animal! Saturday night and you’re not stuck indoors!” Jazz shouts in delight, Y/N smiling but it immediately fades when she hears what day it is.
“I thought it was Friday?” She asks, the pair shake their heads with a laugh as their friend seems to become less happy.
“No babe, it’s Saturday! We decided to stay the weekend as this party was rumoured to be the best all year, they weren’t lying! Look at this place!” Sarah explains, all three looking around as all the sororities and frats party around in the one home.
“The one house party!” Jazz shouts, everyone cheering along with her as they pound their beers and spirits — a rule was made that everytime those words were said, everyone has to drink, this is why Y/N is drunk right now.
“Hey, you good?” Sarah asks, noticing how pale Y/N has turned as she remembers how she’s let down so many people by not doing her stream, her heart pounding as she looks around trying to find a door to outside.
“Uh, yeah. Just need some air. Be back soon.” She quickly rushes out, Sarah smiling with a nod as Y/N walks away, weaving through many bodies as she fights her way outside the front, the door swinging open to reveal a gust of wind that instantly cools her down.
She stumbles a little as she walks outside, closing the door behind her. She hugs the jacket to her body a little as she sits down on the pavement that’s right outside the house, taking a deep breath as she looks out into the quiet street — all the chaos and noise coming from the one house everyone on campus seems to be crammed into.
Her hands fly into the pockets of her jeans, pulling out her phone as she sees many notifications from the site, comments on her wall asking why she never went live, some private messages she’ll never reply to and one message from a certain someone that has her tummy turning at the thought of him being let down.
lovemeplease: missed you tonight. Hope you’re okay xx
“Oh god.” She groans, shutting her eyes as she holds back her tears, she can hear his disappointment radiating off the screen as she reads over the message, thumbs hovering over the screen wondering what to reply as she sits on the cold concrete, listening to music bouncing off the walls from the home she was once in.
“Oi!” A sudden shout as her nearly dropping the phone, soon forgetting about the message as she looks up, seeing someone walking towards her, wearing the same jacket as her as she freezes in her spot, clutching her now locked phone.
“Yeah, you!” He shouts again, her head spinning around to see he’s talking to her, as she’s the only one outside right now, her heart is pounding as he walks closer, stepping into the light from the street lamp to reveal the football team captain.
“Where’s Horan? Why have you got his jacket and why on earth are you sitting on the cold pavement?” He asks, almost annoyed at the sight of her as she looks up at him, mouth slightly parted as her drunken state tries to take in all his questions at once.
“He’s uh … inside … I won a game and uh … needed some air.” She manages to hiccup out, her words sounding like questions as she tries to tell herself what she’s doing right now, her eyes looking around her as she hears him groan from above her, kicking the pavement a little as he leans on the lamp post.
“Get up.”
“Excuse me?”
“Don’t make me repeat myself.”
She looks at him with a quirked brow, wondering who the hell he thinks he is barking orders at her like this, her laugh coming out in a scoff as she moves, getting comfy on the pavement.
“I rather like it here, actually.” She fires back, watching as he rolls his eyes, shrugging his shoulders and turning so he’s facing the house with a loud sigh.
“Fine. But just so you know, many people have pissed there.” Is all he says, leaving her with the gross information as she immediately stands up, dusting off her jeans in disgust as she hears him chuckle his way up to the front door, leaving here behind.
“Twat.” She mumbles, watching as he walks in and slips away from her eye line when the door slams, leaving her outside alone once again.
cherrybabyx: felt ill, I’ll make it up to you. Promise <3
She smiles sending the message, tucking her phone away as she heads back towards the house. Harry across the floor feeling his phone vibrate as the front door slams, watching as she walks back in, meeting up with her friends. When he sees the message, he smiles to himself, quickly typing something before shutting it off and having a sip of his beer.
lovemeplease: it’s okay, see you soon mommy xx
Little did he know, Y/N’s phone chimed when he sent it.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧
The following day is one Y/N wants to end the second she opens her eyes. She’s met with a sofa that is not hers, that smells like beer and her head is pounding, feeling like she got slapped over the head with a bus.
She’s exhausted, her tummy is dodgy and she just wants to be in her own bed.
She hesitantly sits up, her tummy turning as she does, her mouth watering as she feels the spirits she drank last night creeping their way up, her body immediately running for the sink that she spots in the kitchen that’s covered in cups and bottles, her head dipped into it as she spills her guts up, trying not to be loud as tears stream down her face from the pain of it all.
“Woah, that wasn’t pretty.” A voice laughs behind her, she groans, sipping from the tap to clear her mouth of the horrid taste as she turns around, meeting the same blonde from last night.
“Are you still drinking?” She asks, voice hoarse as she feels her tummy turn again at the thought of tasting another drop of alcohol.
“Sure am, can’t get a hangover if you stay drunk!” He happily smiles, sipping from his cup as the sunglasses on his eyes stay crooked a little, his hair messy and his chest bare.
“Why am I still here?” She asks, mainly to herself but when the blonde laughs, sitting up on the kitchen table, swinging his legs, she knows he heard her.
“Passed out on the sofa during the party, we decided to let you sleep, you kept fighting someone off if they tried to move you.” He explains, pointing towards the green beaten up sofa she just rose up from not too long ago.
“… your friends tried to take you home, you wouldn’t budge. I even checked to see if you were still breathing at one point.” He laughs, her eyes shutting as she groans, trying to wish away her headache as she takes in all the information from the night before.
“We didn’t-“
“Oh, no. Don’t worry.” He reassures her, her sigh of relief making him gasp in sarcasm as she laughs at him, looking down to see his jacket still on her.
“Oh, this is yours.” She laughs, taking off the red and white jacket and passing it back to him, watching as he shrugs it on himself, smiling at her with a fix of his sunglasses on his nose.
“Thanks petal, kept it nice and warm for me!” He jokes, her laugh again being heard in the empty kitchen as she looks around, the place a complete mess as she secretly thanks the heavens she isn’t in charge of cleaning all this up.
“I better get going, my roommates will be worried sick.” She breaks the silence, the blonde sitting on the table nodding with a drink of his beer.
“I’m Niall, by the way.” He finally says his name, her smile widening as she nods.
“Y/N.” She replies, his smile mirroring hers as she clears her throat, pointing towards the door before she bids him an awkward goodbye.
She feels like a vampire when she steps outside, her eyes burning from the sunlight and her skin erupting into goose bumps at how cold it is — the sun must of only rose as the morning is usually this cold.
She hugs her arms around her body, willing some warmth back into her as she sets off on what looks like the walk of shame across campus and back home. It feels like she’s been walking for years, when in reality, the house is still in her view and her body is aching as if she just ran a marathon.
“Oi!” She hears that shout again, her eyes rolling as she turns around, coming face to face with his head sticking out of a car window, looking at her with a confused look.
“You know, hello is what usually is said in a greeting.” She mumbles, looking at him with a raised brow as he sighs, parking his car up beside her and looking out at her once again.
“And people usually tend to stay where it’s warm. What are ya? Cold blooded?” He asks, her eyes rolling once again at his joke as she scoffs, looking at him.
“I’m actually heading home, if that is any of your business.” She doesn’t know where this attitude is coming from, but she’s quite proud of herself for not letting the dick head jock walk all over her.
“You stayed in the house?” He asks amused, watching as she looks back at the house before looking at him again.
“Yeah.” She says bluntly, his eyes looking away from her and then back at her as he grins from ear to ear, his jaw moving as he chews on some gum.
“Blonde or brunette? Or the red head?”
“Which one did you sleep with?”
“The sofa.” She shuts down his accusations of her sleeping with one of the frat boys, his eyebrows pinching in confusion as she feels his stare burn into her.
“Can I go home now?” She asks, more so telling him she’s leaving as he snaps out of his daze looking at the road before peaking his head back out the window.
“I’ll drive you. Bloody freezing out.” He says softly, a new demeanour washing over him that has flashes of him in the record store playing in her mind.
She completely forgot that they’re the same person.
“I don’t want to be a bother.” She says, his head shaking as he pops open the passenger door for her, leaning back over so he’s holding the wheel as he waits for her to make a choice.
She contemplates just walking home, letting everyone see how exhausted she looks and making up their own stories of what she was doing and where she was, but the warmth that washes over her seeping from his car makes her immediately sit into it, sighing in happiness at the warm air that soothes her stinging cold skin.
“Smart choice.” Is all he says smiling at her, cranking up the air hotter as she holds her red cold hands over the vents, smiling as the air helps her feel her fingertips once again.
“Don’t tell anyone about this.” She says, he looks at her confused as he pulls out onto the road, driving down it as she rubs her hands together.
“About what?” He asks, she looks away, eyes on the road as they drive.
“You dropping me home.”
“Let’s just say, I’ll be called a hypocrite.” She laughs, remembering how she denied liking any bit of him to her friends as they played the game Friday night.
He laughs, still confused but he nods his head anyway.
“Pinky promise.”
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧
Drama in the next chapter, don’t hate me :(
Anywaysss I hope you enjoyed, MWAH.
Lemme know what you thought!
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tender-rosiey · 5 months ago
i don't know if you do this kinda thing, but -
can i have headcanons of the agency reacting to a reader (gn please) who gives platonic cheek/forehead kisses to the agency members when they thank them/want to cheer them up if someone is upset or stressed?
if you don't want to do all of the agency, can you do the headcanons for Atsushi, Dazai, Ranpo, and Yosano?
also i love your writing style! i check your page just about every day to see what you post next. i especially love your atsushi ones, he's a huge comfort character for me and the way you write him makes me super duper happy!! i really hope you are doing well and i appreciate you a lot! 💕
(sorry for the long message, and thank you for reading this even if you don't end up doing it!)
❥ BSD characters getting platonic forehead/cheek kisses from reader
Includes Dazai, Ranpo, Atsushi and Yosano
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ᴀ/ɴ: ahem, i am a sucker for forehead kisses and honestly this is just feeding into that adulation for it, and i am glad you like my work and i hope this is up to your liking as well 💘 it’s an honor to hear that you like the way I write pls 💕💕💕
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
s h o o k
Like s h o o k e t h s hook
“Y/N why did you give me a kiss (°▽°)?”
And today’s news flash everyone is that dazai osamu is not used to affection in the slightest
Which is why i portray him when as your lover as someone who wants affection due to not receiving it so he craves it, ya know?
So as I was saying, the proof for that when atsushi gave him a bouquet of flowers as a token of his gratitude for everything dazai did for him, the brunette damn nearly died
Now back to the headcanon
He would not be used to it the first few times cause it caught him off guard but slowly adapted
And turned into his flirty self and took advantage of it
Also now, he tries to help you twice the amount of help he already did to you to get even more kisses
I feel like dazai finds forehead kisses really comforting cause like you know how they are a sign of trust and basically a different breed of affection of their own? (Did you notice that I am fangirling/rambling, oh to be forehead kissed by dazai)
As a result, the first time you gave him a forehead kiss to comfort him, he was taken back
How and why would someone be so gentle and loving towards him?
Mind you, y’all are not lovers since the dear requester wanted it platonic and yes this is me ruining your imagination of him like this
But yeah, I feel like he would also slowly develop a habit of giving you a kiss back, as in for example a token of his gratitude
I mean come on, you are being a sweetheart and being so caring towards him, he has to do something in return, right?
Even though he gets the love because he already helped you
He will kiss the back of your hand like the roguish gentleman he is
And/or kiss the top of your head when you are stressed 🥺
He might even see you as his younger sibling at some point, after you have proven you are trust worthy and okay to be allowed to pass through his first wall
“Good morning, y/n!” followed by a kiss on the top of your head
And I feel it would become a casual thing between you two
And everyone is like ‘they are not dating???’
But yeah you are not
Also if anyone ever talks crap about what you guys do as in “Why are they kissing while not being in a relationship?”
Dazai will have a word them
A word that will probably make them think 13 times before they talk
Also he was so shocked when you kissed his forehead when he seemed (to you) that he is stressed
He is still trying to this day how the fuck did you figure it out
Though he appreciated it a lot and you held a much bigger place in his heart than before <3
Tumblr media
Internally before letting it out though
He was like “oh? Y/N, why was that?”
Not that he is complaining of course
Affection is sometimes equal to praise
You wanna congratulate someone? Give em a big bear hug, unless they are uncomfortable cause we respect personal space here
But Ranpo is o v e r the damn moon
✨😩🤌PRAISE 😩🤌✨
Anyhow, he now gets pouty if he doesn’t get a greeting with a little kiss on the cheek
“Um, y/n?”
“Didn’t you forget something?”
“No, why?”
“Didn’t you forget SOMETHING?”
“Never mind…ugh.”
Dang okay salt man
Sort of like dazai he would like the affection but would show it openly, because while dazai just craves that kind of love and acceptance
I think ranpo just likes to be assured and reminded of how truly helpful and important he is
Hence why I feel like he help you but not excessively so the compliments or like pecks are genuine or more like mean more, I don’t think he takes affection lightly and doesn’t dismiss it causally
I feel like he treasured every good thing said and done to him
So yeah, he beams and just becomes really happy for the rest of the way after getting a peck from you on the cheek
He also brags about you like “Y/N IS KH BEST FRIEND WHO I APPRECIATE VERY MUCH AND— DAZAI YOU ARE TOUCHING THEM TOO MUCH! it’s my turn, back off.”
Yosano just cackles and giggles whenever she sees the scene unfold in front her
And he tries to shush her but no avail
How unfortunate
“Y/N I heard Ranpo mumbling in his sleep about wanting to be praised more by yo—“
“Or maybe waffles.”
His mood does a full 180 most of the time whenever you comfort him by kissing his forehead and patting his head, it just hits different he guesses
It feels like motherly love
He isn’t complaining though
Like not at all
He is just gonna milk it for it’s worth, but in his own way
Tumblr media
Speaking of yosano
She is here with us
She is, like everyone, caught off guard by it at first
But quickly gets used to it
And it just becomes a thing between the of you and everyone is used to it but they sorta just get a bi panic because woah the hottest people on the blog, imagine getting a cheek/forehead kiss from them
They overreact though since you give everyone your cheek kisses™ just yosano gets a bit more cause yeah, yosano privileges
She enjoys it but out of everyone, I think she won’t do that much to get it a lot like the mentor and his subordinate 🚶‍♀️
She just appreciates what she gets from you and returns it
Keep in mind I am not caught up to the manga so what I am gonna say is something from my own interpretation
I feel like yosano is carrying a burden that only she knows about and doesn’t how to quite let it go just yet
So when you notice that your dearest friend is looking quite gloomy today, you take a seat beside her and hug her
You whispered that she didn’t have to tell you anything if she didn’t want to and just kissed her cheek before rubbing her arm
She just smiled gently and leaned her head on your shoulder and literally fell asleep after some time
Everyone took photos cause why not
You saved it in your favorites and so did she
Ranpo does sometimes huff and acts jealous whenever you guys exchange cheek kisses
And he tries to guilt you into indulging him as well
Spoiler: you don’t
And yosano cackles pt.2
Like that cute gif up there
If anyone dares to bad mouth your relationship, you best believe that he will get…rehabilitated in the nicest way possible
At least the nicest yosano way possible
Which isn’t ever very nice I gotta tell ya guys, it isn’t exactly kid friendly either
But I gotta tell you that she flexes SO hard when he she gets a kiss on the cheek from you
Girlie really made it turn into a competition in the agency
Even kunikida joins in but like VERY VERY VERYYYYYYYYYY subtly
Bruh I just feel most of the people in the agench just need a hug
Tumblr media
It has a tail??—
oh wait no
That’s atsushi
So, him being the sweetheart he is always willing to help you
Hence that one time he managed to actually help you before someone else came to the rescue
He got a thank you and a kiss on the cheek woah
A moment to process and then he would start freaking out “O-O-OH UM UH YOUR WELCOME!”
I don’t see him getting used to it at all, maybe just to start looking forward to it and/or expecting it
Like he is always still flustered by it
Let’s say that it’s been approximately 8 months since y’all have met
He will still red and get shy about it
Though he feels like he needs to repay you for the comfort you provide him with your kisses because genuine and pure affection is top tier
So don’t be surprised when you find a cupcake and small trinkets on your desk
I think Atsushi would love to give people he cares about little trinkets
Like they are not expensive just thought about, such as a flower he found, maybe this little keychain of the sun that he got for you because it reminded him of you
Unconsciously he would try to help 10x times even more (which I have no idea how exactly will he manage to help more than he does)
He is probably touched starved and wanting of appreciation and acceptance due to his past experiences and that’s why I feel like he would try to do anything that would end up with you thanking him with a kiss on the forehead or the cheek
Of course, forehead kisses are great but I feel Atsushi would love cheek kisses because they are really pure ya know?
They are simple and quick but manage to convey everything at once
I sometimes kiss my friends on the cheek (which a lot find weird) but I just feel like it shows that I appreciate them
So yeah
Cheek kisses supremacy in this section 🔫
Atsushi has a lot of sad boy hours kudos to him being the main character ig
But anyways, he has a lot of times where he is conflicted and just doesn’t know where’s the start and where’s the end
So having you by his side and reassuring him with your affection, grounds him
He always thanks you for helping him sort out his problem or cheer up
Tumblr media
taglist: @magenta-cat-drawingss @pompompurin1028 @scul-pted @dazaisdeathwish @requiem626k @nameless-shrimp @shinys-bsd-world-1 @sonder-paradise @ravenina14 @jessbeinme15 @todorokichills @ginneko @missrown @shrynkk
Tumblr media
copyright © 2020 tender-rosiey
do not copy or plagiarize or you will be reported
598 notes · View notes
cancerfairy · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
𓊈 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐇𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲𝐦𝐨𝐨𝐧 𝐖𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐅𝐒 𓊉
Tumblr media
heyoo c: this is my first pac besides the collab one i did a week ago. i've only ever seen like one other honeymoon pac so i decided to give it a go. dedicating this pac to @marklovin since she's the one who inspired me to make content on this account and i love her dearly. plus her pacs are cool <3
anyway, to pick a pile take a deep breath, close your eyes and choose the one that you feel called to. the piles go from left to right, 1-3.
disclaimer: this is a general reading so if it doesn't resonate or you're not willing to accept the messages then keep scrolling! enjoy c:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ᥫ᭡ 𝙿𝚒𝚕𝚎 𝟷:
six of pentacles - queen of cups - eight of pentacles - knight of cups - the emperor on the bottom
i got such good vibes from this pile before the cards even came out. i can already feel that your honeymoon with your future spouse is gonna be so relaxing. one thing i do see is you trying to plan everything yourself and you might feel overwhelmed. maybe you'll feel like you're giving too much but then your future spouse sits down with you and let's you know that you can rely on them too. i heard "ask for help" and after you accept it i see you both planning it before hand so that not just one person has to take on the responsibility. you'll both help each other, listen to each other's input of where you wanna go and what you wanna do. i feel like that's how your relationship dynamic would be like as well; you'll both split up your daily chores and responsibilities to maintain peace and balance in your relationship. like say one of you puts the laundry in the wash, then the other dries it or if one washes the dishes the other dries them and puts them away, if one cooks the other cleans, etc. i'm feeling that your future spouse will probably lean towards where you want to go for this trip because they want to make it all about you since of course, your opinions and feelings matter the most to them.
i'm seeing a beach resort in the bahamas or somewhere really tropical but the thing that caught my eye was the light blue ocean and the beaming sun. it's probably going to be very hot. i'm seeing waiters serving alcoholic beverages like martinis or rum punch. your honeymoon stay will likely be pretty long.. i'm hearing two and half weeks? i see you two slowly getting in the water, hand in hand and the beach is pretty empty or atleast it feels like you two are the only people in the world. you'll wrap your legs and arms around them as you two just float around, embracing one another feeling so relaxed and content. i'm seeing a lot of smiling and light pecks on the lips.. you two are so cute.
i'm also getting that even tho your fs let you decide the location of the trip, they made a lot of reservations and other plans to surprise you. after you two spend time in the water they'll probably take you to one of the spa places the resort has. this resort they booked is very exclusive so there aren't many people there but the quality is exquisite. it's filled with excellent food, music, service and shops because your future spouse believes you deserve only the best.
your fs probably also planned surprise dinner nights so when you two aren't in the water, you're likely eating at fancy restaurants on the island or the ones the resort has to offer. the restaurant they'd reserve and take you to would definitely be on the beach. your future spouse has A LOT of money and a lot of connections. they're someone with a powerful presence so they're definitely going to spoil you and have no problem taking you to the islands most expensive shops and spending it all for your happiness. i see you wearing a red dress with a rose in your hair. your future spouse would be such a gentleman and pull your seat out for you as you sit down. the waiter would bring in some expensive fancy wine and you two would "cheers" and take a sip of wine. your future spouse is the type to know exactly what'd you wanna eat so they might order for you.
when you two go back to your room there'll probably always be rose petals on your bed to enhance the romance and it might even be something your future spouse planned too for some fun time at night *wink wink*. just so you know its gonna be really passionate. but overall this honeymoon will be so healing for the two of you. it might give you time to dive deep into your emotions and learn more about yourself and your partner. there's gonna be a lot of fun and flirting during this honeymoon. you two have worked hard on building your relationship and though there were some ups and downs before the marriage where you might've needed some time apart, your future spouse wants you to know that they will value you and take care of your heart. they want to provide you with security and stability and they will be absolutely generous with you. you won't have to go through hard times because they'll share everything with you, especially your burdens. they are only loyal to you and though they are a dominant person, they'll always be gentle with you and your feelings.
ღ 𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚗𝚎𝚕𝚎𝚍 𝙼𝚎𝚜𝚜𝚊𝚐𝚎𝚜:
"pay attention to your dreams"
"we are very similar"
"we need time apart"
"i'm in love with you"
"i see a future with you"
"you are my home"
"you are my one and only"
"we are meant to be (and meant to last)"
ღ 𝙾𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚕𝚎 𝚌𝚊𝚛𝚍𝚜/𝙸𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚛𝚝𝚊𝚗𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜 𝚝𝚘 𝚗𝚘𝚝𝚎:
honeymoon, love yourself first, religious factors, flirt, yod, destiny, fifth house, creativity, north node, life's purpose, aquarius, i know, chiron, healing, lunar eclipse, change, the call, voice, know thyself, self examination, the mirror, the song of the siren, 23, 48, 43, 8, 29, 41, ask for help, water moon, rich, short, nice eyebrows/eyelashes, dresses expensively, yes
ღ 𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚗𝚎𝚕𝚎𝚍 𝚜𝚘𝚗𝚐(𝚜):
ಇ i stg i did not deliberately choose these songs or the "honeymoon" card from my romance deck it's just that spirit had other plans..
Tumblr media
ᥫ᭡ 𝙿𝚒𝚕𝚎 𝟸:
nine of swords - knight of wands - the fool - the world - eight of wands - the artist - the star - the wheel of fortune at the bottom
okay so for you pile 2 i see that you might be really anxious before your honeymoon. i'm getting that some of you will be wondering if you deserve to be in this marriage and you might've been worrying about this for a long time. some of you don't think you deserve this kind of love because before you and your spouse got together there was likely a situation where you might've had unrequited love for this person. perhaps you two started off as strangers who didn't like each other but became friends and then you eventually developed feelings for them. i feel like you might've obsessed over your fs too and it could've caught them off guard then maybe they rejected you at first and this hurt you and your pride but im seeing that they eventually realized they also had feelings for you after.. im hearing "im sorry for hurting you".
after realizing their feelings, i feel like your future spouse would've rushed to get with you and that's how you both ended up married. now fast forward to your honeymoon and maybe those feelings from the past came up again and you're feeling insecure. in this situation you're being asked to love yourself because you are deserving of this love you share with your future spouse. your future spouse is the one for you and always has been because this is true love. i think your future spouse will sense your worries and rush to your side to make it up to you to get your mind off of it. your future spouse will be the person who understands you best.
for your honeymoon im seeing that they'll wanna show you all the world has to offer so you two will definitely be travelling. im seeing that during your honeymoon it's gonna be filled with a lot playfulness. you two are gonna feel like children again when you're with each other.. a lot of giggling and dumb jokes that only the two of you understand. your goal for this honeymoon is just to have fun. it's like you two are starting over and the honeymoon brings a sort of refreshing vibe to your relationship. im seeing that it'll be extremely fulfilling and the stress and anxiety you felt before will just melt away in your persons arms. while you two are travelling around the world im seeing that you'll be hopping from country to country pretty quickly so you wont stay in hotels for more than a day or two because you two would just wanna experience everything. im also getting that you'll be eating a lot of food from different cultures.. i specifically heard greece and italy so maybe those are the first two places you visit.
like i said before, this trip/honeymoon will be very healing for you especially and it'll be a time to really get to know who you are and to love yourself and your life. it'll feel very blissful and you'll be free to be yourself around your person at all times. laughing with them will bring you so much joy and just being with them in general. it's like your person always knows how to make a bad situations so positive and that's exactly what they do by planning this honeymoon for you.
ღ 𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚗𝚎𝚕𝚎𝚍 𝚖𝚎𝚜𝚜𝚊𝚐𝚎𝚜:
"you understand me completely"
"i feel bad for hurting you"
"i think you're attractive"
"i want you"
"we are meant to be"
"we are going to last"
"you and i are soulmates"
ღ 𝙾𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚕𝚎 𝚌𝚊𝚛𝚍𝚜/𝙸𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚛𝚝𝚊𝚗𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜 𝚝𝚘 𝚕𝚘𝚘𝚔 𝚘𝚞𝚝 𝚏𝚘𝚛:
playfulness, love yourself first, you deserve love, unrequited love, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, look for the signs, true love, obsession, soulmates, 222, 777, 111, bad memory, black, african descent, emotional, acne, air sign, libra, gemini, aquarius, big lips, dresses casually, nice eyebrows/eyelashes, dresses expensively
ღ 𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚗𝚎𝚕𝚎𝚍 𝚜𝚘𝚗𝚐(𝚜):
Tumblr media
ᥫ᭡ 𝙿𝚒𝚕𝚎 𝟹:
death - king of wands - queen of pentacles - nine of wands - three of wands - judgement - the hanged man - the hierophant at the bottom
pile 3, your vibe is not as romantic as the first two piles cause i feel like there's a lot of work you two have to do in this relationship before your honeymoon. your relationship with your future spouse might be a past life relationship or you may have known them before so this will be a relationship with a lot of lessons for you two to deal with and learn from. your future spouse is going to be the more dominant one in this relationship and might even be a bit too pushy or bossy at times and you might not like this. but hear me out, they absolutely will treat you with respect, it's just that sometimes you two are not on the same page. it's like your future spouse is represented by the king of wands while you're represented as the queen of pentacles. fire and earth have a hard time mixing and coming together because they're different elements so that's how i feel like you two will be at first and it might be hard to compromise. however, you two will never give up on each other despite the hardships.
in this relationship you two are being asked to give each other a lot of patience and understanding. you two will nurture each other in order to grow but sometimes in order to grow you need time apart and that's where the death card comes in. it's kind of like you two are stuck in your own world together and this can cause a lot of codependency. you might rely on each other too much and because of this it can stunt your growth. in relationships, you're meant to grow with the person and experience new things but you can't do that without change. maybe the both of you fear it im hearing "let go of control issues" but trust me this is crucial to helping you better your relationship. you need to allow this situation to unfold as naturally as possible even if it calls for separation because when you get back together it'll feel brand new.
during this separation im seeing a lot of inner work that has to be done and i keep seeing the image of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. i believe that represents you after healing your traumas, specifically healing your inner child. i think the reason it was hard to be with your person was because you were holding a lot of past burdens inside and never took the time to heal them. i think deep inside you embody the queen of wands, someone who is warm, friendly and independent just like your partner and only after you have this epiphany, this awakening is when you and your partner can reunite. you two will finally be ready to move forward and become happy with the choices you made together. you two will be ready to make adjustments and you'll finally be on the same page as you were always meant to be; the king of wands & the queen of wands together as each other's counterparts.
your love will blossom as it always should have and it'll feel serene and blissful. there's no more holding onto your burdens or struggles from the past because you'll work through it with your person and they'll be willing to carry your burdens with you. im seeing full commitment between you and your relationship will be solid. your honeymoon might include travelling but im not sensing anything too far because you two are the types to have the most fun with each other no matter what you're doing.
i honestly feel like you or your partner might get pregnant during the honeymoon LMAO. im really sensing that it'll be soo so nurturing and sweet. you two will feel whole again aww :(
ღ 𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚗𝚎𝚕𝚎𝚍 𝚖𝚎𝚜𝚜𝚊𝚐𝚎𝚜:
"you are my queen/king"
"we are very similar"
"i need you"
"i want you"
"i have the most fun with you"
"work on yourself first"
"you are my #1 priority"
ღ 𝙾𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚕𝚎 𝚌𝚊𝚛𝚍𝚜/𝙸𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚛𝚝𝚊𝚗𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜 𝚝𝚘 𝚕𝚘𝚘𝚔 𝚘𝚞𝚝 𝚏𝚘𝚛:
control, codependency, children, separation, past life relationship, true love, water moon, medium height, nice hands, oily skin, good hygiene, dark hair, wears jewelry, dresses casually, dresses expensively, financially stable, pretty smile, dark eyes
ღ 𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚗𝚎𝚕𝚎𝚍 𝚜𝚘𝚗𝚐(𝚜):
Tumblr media
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angelbaby-fics · 5 months ago
Cuddles Cure Everything
Tumblr media
Summary: Steve’s little wakes up sick :(((( (gender neutral!)
Word count: 750
Pairing: daddy!Steve x little!reader
A/N: I was feeling soooo sick yesterday 😣 but I couldn't stop watching this gif 🤤💕 so I wrote about how I wish my life actually was lol 💕💕🧸 also sorry if the formatting is off, I'm posting on mobile since I'm at the park right now 😊🌳🪁 don't forget to message me if you wanna be on the taglist!!!! 💕💕💕
You knew it before you even woke up, your dreams had you tossing and turning all night. Your muscles ached and your head was pounding. Your daddy knew as well. His super soldier abilities meant he could tell when your temperature rose and your mood dropped at any time. You were so bonded with each other that he noticed every time you stirred in your sleep, holding his breath until he heard your breathing even again.
This went on for a few hours until finally you realized you weren't going to be able to fall back asleep. You immediately began feeling around the bed, wriggling & waving around until you finally landed on the curve of your daddy's large warm bicep. Steve's hands immediately came to your cheeks, running his thumbs across your temples as he whispered in your ear.
“Doll…. you feelin’ alright, babydoll?”
You only had the energy to squeeze your eyes shut and whine in response. Steve immediately flew into action, knowing how little you could get when you were feeling ill. He scooped you in his arms, guiding you to fit against him, fully enveloped in his warmth.
“Oh, my baby, come here. Tell daddy what hurts, my little lamb.”
“Everyfing.” you whimpered.
He began kissing you all over, his soft lips cold against your feverish skin, but you didn’t mind.
“What do you wanna do today, baby?” He asked in his husky voice, still strained from sleep. “We don’t have to do anything at all if you don’t want to. You decide, sweetiepie.”
“Just wanna cuddle wif you.”
Steve smiled, welling up inside that through your discomfort, all you wanted was him.
“Of course, baby. We can cuddle all day until the sun goes down again. I just gotta get up and get a few things for us, okay?”
“Noo dada… stay… warm…” Your speech had begun showing just how little you were becoming.
“Oh, I know sweetie, but I’ll be just a minute and then I’ll never leave your side for the rest of the day.”
Steve stood, careful not to let too much cold air get into your nest of blankets, and grabbed the oversized bear from the large armchair in the corner of your bedroom. You called it “Daddy Bear” since it was always dressed in one of Steve’s shirts and smelled just like him. He quickly lifted the blankets once more to slide Daddy Bear into your arms.
“Here you go, angel, he’s gonna stay and keep you safe and warm while I’m gone.”
You burrowed into the bear as you heard the bedroom door open and close. You closed your eyes as tight as you could, trying not to focus on the pain in your limbs and instead on breathing in your daddy’s scent from his soft t-shirt. Just like he’d promised, Steve was back in your room before you knew it. He placed a few things on the bedside table before reaching down and placing a thermometer in your mouth, petting your hair as he waited for it to beep.
“Oh baby, no wonder you’re so little! Don’t worry, doll, we’re gonna get you feeling right as rain in no time. And until then, I’m gonna give you all the cuddles you need.”
He bent down to kiss your forehead before turning around to retrieve the medicine bottle and syringe off of the table.
“Open up, babydoll.” Steve pushed the little plastic syringe past your lips and dispensed the sweet medicine, which you immediately swallowed. “Good job, baby!” he cheered. He put the syringe back on the table and opened the blankets to crawl back in next to you, propping Daddy Bear against your back so you could feel held on either side. You immediately latched back onto Steve’s arm, beginning to drift off again as he played with your hair. He thought you were asleep until you started to whine a bit.
“What is it, angelface? A paci? A stuffie?”
“Dada hand.” You replied, and Steve knew exactly what you meant. He didn’t normally let you do this, but he knew you deserved it with how much you were suffering today.
“Of course, babydoll, anything else?”
“Kisses.” You barely mumbled around his thumb. Steve smiled and began covering every surface he could reach with a kiss. As much as he hated to see you hurt, he loved days like this when all you wanted was your daddy, and you loved having him wrapped around your little finger.
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luvbub · 10 months ago
finally asking you out
feat. MSBY boys (Atsumu, Bokuto, Hinata, Sakusa)
Tumblr media
if we’re being honest here, Atsumu’s not so subtle when it comes to his crush on you
everytime you come around to visit during practice, Atsumu tries to act ten times cooler than he actually is
once he was practicing a new type of serve, and when he managed to perfect it while you were there, he nearly cheered out of excitement
but upon seeing you standing there, he contained himself and acted like it was no big deal
eventually, the rest of the team is absolutely sick of Atsumu acting more obnoxious than usual
because it isn’t even working for him
he’ll try to act all smooth, but the second you come up to Atsumu to chat with him, his facade immediately falls apart and he becomes the biggest goof ever
the next time that you visit their practice, the team surrounds you (to Atsumu’s confusion)
“Y/n can you please end our suffering and just go out with Atsumu already? He’s getting on our nerves” the team pleads, and Atsumu turns bright red
the team backs away so you can talk to Atsumu in private, but they keep a close eye on what’s happening
“...so what do you say Y/n?” he asks, his attempts to act chill has gone up in smokes
“well I don’t know ‘Tsumu, because you didn’t ask me anything. Your team mentioned something but I wanna hear it from you”
Atsumu musters what confidence he has left and holds your hands in his
“Y/n, would you like to go out with me?” he asks quietly, hoping that you wouldn’t pull an uno reverse card on him and reject him
but when he sees you smile and cheerily reply yes, Atsumu just stops functioning
you pull him in for a hug, and Atsumu is just absolutely floored
like this is real? you two are actually going out now and he’s hugging you
you’d think he’d return to normal but because he’s just so in shock that you said yes, he spaces out the entire practice
every so often he’ll turn to give you a small wave, just to confirm that this entire experience was real
his team makes fun of him in the future, but at that point he doesn’t even care
he’s just too happy to be dating you now
Bokuto likes you so much and loves how he’s found comfort in you
unfortunately, he’s just too nervous to lose the friendship that you two have to go any further
but that doesn’t stop him from accidentally doing heart-fluttering things to you
which honestly confuses you so much because he’ll do things like bring you your favorite food or rest his head on your shoulder when he’s sitting next to you
but then he’ll also just call you his friend, and he only emphasizes that because he doesn’t want you to accidentally find out his feelings
and of course, Bokuto thinks that all is well with the two of you (minus the fact that he thinks he's harboring unrequited feelings)
however, one day you’re chatting with Akaashi after an MSBY game
unbeknownst to you, Bokuto isn’t too far behind you, getting ready to sneak up on you but he overhears your conversation
“sometimes I can’t tell what’s up with Bokuto. because he’ll do and say sweet things to me and it makes me really happy when he does. But then.... I don’t know I just get mixed signals from him” you sigh
and that’s when Bokuto realizes that maybe toying the line between friends and lovers is a dangerous one
as scared as he is to potentially ruin his relationship with you, he honestly just decides to go for it
Bokuto taps on your shoulder, and when you turn around you’re worried about how much he heard and this prompts Akaashi to step out and let the two of you talk alone
“ah, I didn’t realize that I was sending confusing messages to you. it wasn’t intentional trust me!! I think when it comes to you I naturally act like that.. because I like you Y/n...” he sheepishly admits before deciding to pop the question once and for all
“would you like to go out.. with me..”
you bury your face into your hands to hide the fact that you want to squeal
when you finally look up, Bokuto’s heart beats faster at seeing your sincere smile
“I’ve been waiting for you to ask me Kou” you giggle
Bokuto gets really excited, like he raises his arms up and hollers, causing people all around to look at the both of you
but he doesn’t mind them, in fact he’ll tell them all how thrilled he is because the greatest person in the world is going out with him
“so you’ve been crushing on Y/n since your third year of high school and you still haven’t asked them out yet” Kenma asks
“...yes” Hinata mumbles over the phone
“OH. but if you think about it, I did move away after high school and you know how tricky long distance can be. that’s why I didn’t confess earlier” Hinata quickly explains, trying to make it seem better
“but how long have you been back now Sho” Kenma points out and Hinata falls silent again
“okay I’m hanging up now they should be here any second bye” Hinata hastily hangs up the phone, frustrated by Kenma’s words
he was right of course, but he didn’t need to bring it up
before he had time to cool down, he saw you walk through the front door of the cafe the two of you were meeting at
unfortunately it wasn’t a date, just a hangout
when you saw Hinata, your face lit up and you hurried over to the table he was at
“hey sorry I’m late- is everything alright?” you ask, concerned with the small scowl on his face
Hinata realizes he was still pouting and he forces a smile out to reassure you
“it’s fine, I was just on the phone with Kenma.. he’s being a bit annoying” he tries to wave it off, but unfortunately for him, you’re only more curious
“oh no, did something happen?” you ask, and Hinata mentally curses at how cute you got when you were worried
“nah, he’s just pressuring me to do something that I’ve been putting off...”
“I see, what do you need to do? if you don’t mind me asking” you ask, flipping through the menu
Hinata’s just about to change the subject, but he gets the smallest jolt of confidence. maybe he could.... but before he could think about it more, his mouth already starts speaking
“ask you out” he blurts, and you quickly dart your eyes up at him
you’ve known Hinata for some time now to know that he’s not messing with you
or at least, you sincerely hope he wasn’t. because surely the small smile forming on your lips wasn’t doing a good job at hiding your own feelings
“it’s about time you did so Sho” you respond back, holding up the menu to cover your face from him
but Hinata gently pulls down the menu, smiling at your flustered expression
“so I guess this makes today our first date then?”
Sakusa wants to ask you out, don’t get him wrong
he just hasn’t found the right timing
“okay, then when is the right timing Kiyoomi?” Komori asks him one day while over at Sakusa’s house
Komori was chilling on the other side of his couch, half of his attention on his cousin, the other half on his phone
the libero had pointed out that he should have confessed to you after MSBY’s recent win, but Sakusa shook his head
“no... the rest of the team was anticipating that and I definitely don’t want to ask Y/n out in front of them” Sakusa explains, shuddering at the embarrassing things his teammates could do to him
there was a brief halt in the conversation, only the sound of Komori’s typing heard throughout the room
“..Motoya?” Sakusa asks, and Komori looks up again, still not putting down his phone even though he was clearly distracted by it
“huh? oH uh yeah. I dunno Kiyoomi, how much do you even like Y/n? I feel like if you seriously liked them then you would have confessed long ago” the libero says, and Sakusa is taken aback by his words. he knew his cousin was clearly trying to provoke him
but it worked
“I- why would you ask that. You’ve known how much I liked Y/n for. I’m just not sure how to go about it... I can’t help that I get extremely nervous and then back out right before I’m supposed to ask them.”
Sakusa groans, burying his face into his hands, “god I feel like I’m a nervous high schooler confessing for the first time”
he’s literally done so much in his life, but the one thing Sakusa couldn’t do what ask the person he liked so much out
“no need to worry dear cousin, I will help you out!” Komori announces, springing to his feet.
Sakusa looks up confused, and Komori drops his phone down onto Sakusa’s lap
the last thing Sakusa expected to see was an ongoing FaceTime call with you
because if Sakusa couldn’t directly confess to you, then maybe it was best if he did so indirectly, at least that was Komori’s plan
Sakusa’s cheeks turned red upon seeing you, and you’re unable to bite back a grin
“well Omi, I do believe you owe me a certain question” you say, feeling both flustered and elated
Sakusa clears his throat, “..so Y/n, would you like to go out with me. I’d prefer if you answer sooner rather than later. I might be arrested for the death of Motoya soon”
you chuckle, because to be honest even you were surprised by Komori’s plan. but you whole heartedly agree to go out with Sakusa, promising to talk to him later
when you two hang up, Sakusa looks over at his cousin
“consider yourself lucky Y/n said yes” he vaguely warns
as if Komori didn’t know that Y/n also had the biggest crush on Sakusa too
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segredosjogados · 2 months ago
Ce n'est pas - Oscar's night
✨🖤 Part 3 
Part 1 here  ➡️  Part 2 here 
✏️ I didn't want to make this story this big but here we are... I hope you like it as much as I do, 'cause I've been enjoying writing this ❤️‍🔥 [English is not my first language]
-------- 🌙 🌒  ---------
That room was terribly claustrophobic. When you left it to go back to the main room, the air you breathed was completely different. Your face, again, showed sadness and concern. Your manager warned you: "Keep your chin up, smile and greet everyone. Don't let your love life ruin your professional life.". You nodded and kept walking. You took a last deep breath and when you looked up, you cheered, greeted and talked to many people.
Sitting on your chair again, you watched the show keep unfolding. Jack was nowhere to be seen there, which was good because you could focus on yourself, your night.
But on your phone, he made himself present. You had made your instagram notify you whenever he posted, so it did. You saw the "jackharlow tagged you on a picture" and immediately felt your heart drop to your stomach. You quickly opened the notification and saw a picture of you and him on All Stars Game, the picture that went viral. You were wearing red suede pumps and were shooting a three-point ball while Jack's face showed amusement and pride. The caption said "been a baller since a kid / attitude, it ain't fixed / first class and red sleeves / i brought her to Louisville". You got confused at first, were those bars? Were they about you? You've never heard them before; way worse, Jack didn't even give you a glimpse of his next album, so what was the deal here? 
The distraction with your phone cost you losing the moment of the night. Everyone was so shocked by what happened on stage that you right away thought that leaving the room for a couple of minutes would not impact your reputation at all. 
So you left. You went to the bar trying to catch some new air but it was useless. People came to talk to you to congratulate you, the air was dense in any way. A lot of pictures were taken with many actors. You wanted peace and found something way further than that. But you could pick up your phone and message Jack. This time, he answered expeditiously. And within minutes, he was in front of you at the bar. 
"This is not something we should discuss here, ma" he said leaning on your shoulder. His presence itself made shivers cross your spine. He had an effect on you, that was for sure, but tonight you wouldn't surrender. 
"Just wanna know the reason why you posted this picture" you said coldly. "I don't like socials, you don't like socials, what's the point?" you interrogated. He looked disappointed. 
"Just wanted to show appreciation for my girl." he said plainly. To whom? 
"You could have shown appreciation to me by stepping up and being in places where I invited you to go. By being with me. By being a real boyfriend."
"You're not gonna run the list again, are you?" by the time he finished the question, someone with a low raspy voice approached. That voice was unmistakable from kilometers away. 
"That's my director right there" the man said coming for a hug, which was unusual because he was very collected in public. 
"Hi, Angel" that was the way you called Angus. "I hadn't seen you around, glad to see you now. And what's up with the suit? Looking sharp" you said, smiling, completely ignoring Jack by your side. He felt that. His eyes were in complete disbelief. He didn't know if it was jealousy crumbing up, if it was the whole situation or just the fact Angus came around, hugged his girl and acted like nothing happened. And you calling him... Angel? 
"You know wassup... and you, Oscar winner, Versace, Versace, Versace..." he said. It was always so funny talking to Angus in public cause he acted like that, but when you were together you had deep long conversations about everything. He even taught you a little how to skate, and you taught him some basketball moves. Jack didn't know that. And the way he'd learn about it wasn't the best either. 
"It's gonna make the pressure go to you to bag this Oscar next year or the Emmys, and you know what for" you assured with a playful tone. Jack was still looking at you both with his mouth a little open now. 
"I'm Jack, by the way" he said, coming for a handshake with Angus. 
"Ah, man, I know that" Angus said shaking his hand.
"And I'm Y/N's boyfriend too." he completed. You sighed and rolled your eyes. Angus had heard before you complaining about Jack. He wasn't there for your movie première, he wasn't there the moments you most needed him. When you wanted someone to talk to, the good and the bad things, he always came with the "I'm busy" kind of texts and you never noticed how blind for him you were.
Jack saw you eye rolling with absolute anger now. It was disrespectful to treat your boyfriend like that in front of someone who clearly just wanted a little bit of a space to shoot his shot. 
Angus face to Jack when the rapper said he was your boyfriend was disbelief. He's heard you complaining about Jack before, so he wouldn't allow you to be sad on the most important day of your life. 
"You know Jack boy, if I were you, I'd step up" Angus said, turning to look at Jack and stepping ahead of me. "She's way out of your league right now" he finished. Jack flinched. I frowned. 
"The league you're not a part of? I know" Jack answered. He could be a Euphoria fan but that was his girl he had to fight for and he would lose her for no Fezco. Or Angus. 
"You know wassup... I was in Paris with her, New York and she's been to more places with me than you. I see her more than you do. I talk to her more than you do. I..." he paused for a second. He was wordy. Too wordy. He might slip words you didn't want to hear or they would cause that party to flip its switch. 
"What do you wanna say?"Jack involuntarily raised his voice. Angus looked at you. You didn't want to look defeated so you took a deep breath and looked at them both. 
------ part 4 coming soon
🗣 let me know what you think 👂🏾
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ameliaalvarez06 · a month ago
can u write about the twins getting into a big argument and the reader and Jack tries to get them to get back on good terms the whole day?
a/n: this is my first request, was kinda nervous ngl but i hope you like it. also sorry I took so long to get it out, I just finished my finals today. 😭 I did tweak your prompt a little and if this isn’t what you had an mind you could always send me a message of what you wanted exactly, I don’t mind <3 (not revised)
“We don’t want to play with you, Mar. It’s a boy thing only so leave us alone and get out of the room….you’re being annoying! you’ve been following us all day” Aaron yelled at Amara. Jack had just bought him a little racing track so he had begged for you to plan a play date with his friends from school so they could test it out. Amara was use to being the first person Aaron shared his new things with so it hurt that he hadn’t asked her first, but what truly hurt her the most now was that her brother had yelled at her. Bickering was an everyday thing with them but they had never actually gotten into an argument where they said or did something to hurt one another.
“Fine, I didn’t want to play with your dumb toy anyways” Amara said kicking one of his toy cars, breaking some parts off. She made her way out the play room but not before sending Aaron and his friends a smile and a cheerful bye.
The one thing about Amara was that she didn’t like showing people when she was hurt, expressing her feeling through words rather than keeping it bottled up was something you guys had been trying to teach her.
She made her way to the back yard where you and Jack sat around the bonfire pit talking with some of the other parents.
“Hey baby, everything ok?” Jack asked Amara as she climbed onto his lap.
“yeah, i’m just tired” she lied snuggling into his chest.
“you sure everything’s ok Mar, do you feel sick?” you ask as you feel her forehead to see if she was warm.
“i’m ok, mommy” she said once more but you knew something was off. You didn’t want to pressure her into saying anything especially in-front of everyone so you decided to wait until they left which wasn’t very long since it was getting kind of late.
“alr missy. want to tell me what’s actually wrong now?” you ask her as you carry her inside after picking up.
“it’s nothing mommy, I promise” she said shoving her face into the your neck.
“can I sleep with you and daddy tonight, please” she said lifting her head up to give you those big blue puppy eyes, you couldn’t say no to.
“of course, baby. you wanna have a movie night?” you ask her.
“yess, can we please watch The Princess Diaries?”
“sure, i don’t think Aaron will want to watch that tho. let’s go get him and see” you laugh putting her down.
“no, I don’t want him there. just you, me and daddy”
“why don’t you want him there?” you ask looking down at her.
“just. I want to spend time with only you and daddy” she says crossing her arms.
Jack walks into the living room and notices Amara’s frown.
“what’s going on here?” Jacks asks walking up to you guys. “why do you have a stink face?”
“she wants to sleep with us” you say.
“what’s the problem with that” he asks confused.
“she doesn’t want Aaron there” you tell him making his face go from confused to surprised since the twins had never asked to do anything where they had to be apart from each other.
“why is that, baby?” Jack asks Amara squatting next to her. He noticed her eyes getting glossy.
“I don’t want to talk about it, daddy. can we just please go watch a movie together” she asks letting out a sigh.
“we can but we have to ask your brother too. it’s not nice if we leave him out” Jack explains to her.
“alright” she says embracing jack into a hug so he could pick her up. You and Jack share a look while walking up stairs, you both knew something happened between them but you couldn’t possibly think of a reason why.
knock knock knock
“hey buddy can we come in?”Jack asks knocking on the twins shared bedroom. There was no response so jack knocked once more before opening the door slowly. To your guys surprise Aaron was tucked in and asleep in his bed or so you thought. Aaron had actually heard Amara say that she didn’t want him there for the movie night which really hurt him. He had felt bad for yelling at his sister but he didn’t think she wouldnt want to be around him anymore. He wanted to go apologize but he was too hurt; when he heard that you guys were going up to ask him to have a movie night, he decided to go back to their bedroom and pretend to be alseep since he knew that his sister didn’t want him there.
“A guess it’s just us three tonight” Amara says looking at you and jack. You both take turns saying you’re good nights to Aaron then head toward your guys room.
Next morning
“morning daddy. morning mommy” Amara said as she got out from under the bed sheets.
“good morning” you chuckle, looking at her crazy bed head.
“morning, sunshine. why you up so early?” Jack says pulling her down embracing her in a big hug.
“can we please go to Disney today?” she says giving Jack her puppy eyes and a pout “you promised me that when you came back from your last show we would go.”
Jack looks over to you, causing Amara to do the same.
“can we please go mommy! I’ll give you 1000 kisses and cuddles whenever you want. I’ll even give you massage” you laugh at her negotiation.
“alright, you convinced me”
“yayyy thank you. thank you” “I’ll start now” she says getting away from Jack and jumping onto you attacking you with kisses.
“ok silly girl, let’s go get your brother” you say making her face drop into a frown.
“what is it Mar, did something happen with Aaron yesterday? remember what we said about keeping our feelings inside” Jack asked.
Amara nodded and as soon as she opened her mouth to finally tell jack why she was upset with her brother there was a knock on the door.
“come in” you say. “good morning” Aaron says making his way to the bed, Amara moved back into Jack lap.
“good morning” you smile at him.
“good morning, buddy” Jack says.
Amara just looked at him with a sadden expression and said nothing.
“Amara what do you say when you’re told good morning” you ask.
“morning” she says looking down.
“alright, what’s going on between you guys?”
Both the twin now sat in-front of you and jack on the bed, looking down trying to avoid eye contact.
“who’s going to start?” you ask.
“l-I said some mean things to Mar yesterday, but I promise I didn’t mean it” Aaron says, his lips quivering as he gets a little emotional. He looks over to Amara, making her start crying.
“now why would you do that, baby?” you ask him.
“she kept following us and asking if she could play with my race track” he said.
“that’s no reason to say mean things Aaron” Jack tells him a sternly tone.
“i know” he said looking down.
“he yelled at me and said I was annoying daddy. it hurt my feelings” Amara said now sobbing into jacks chest.
“and you hurt mine when you told mommy that you didn’t want me with you guys for movie night yesterday” Aaron said now crying.
“you were awake?” he nodded, moving himself to cry into your chest.
“alright, neither of the things you guys said or did yesterday were ok and now your both hurt. do you guys think your ready to apologize to each other or do you guys need more time?” you ask them.
Both the twins pull back from your guys chest and they turn to look at each other. “i’m ready” they both sob out at the same time, making them giggle though their tears.
“I’m sorry Mar for not sharing and yelling at you. I promise you’re not really that annoying” he says making Amara playfully glare at him, you all chuckle.
“Sorry for saying that I didn’t want you at movie night, I like having you there, you always make me laugh” she says sending her brother a smile which he returns.
“give me a hug, ugly” Amara tells him with open arms.
“Amara” you say giving her a look for the pet name she used.
“what i’m just playing” she giggles. Aaron crawls over to her and embraces her into a hug and starts tickling her. “stoppp” she laughs.
“Alright, now that you guys are best friends again, it’s time to go get ready so we can head out.” you tell them.
“where are we going?” Aaron asks confused.
“we’re going to Disney” Amara replied excitedly.
“really?” Aaron asked with wide eyes.
“Yes. now go get ready” Jack says chuckling.
The twins jump off the bed and run to their room excitedly.
“Walk” you yell out.
You turn to Jack and he’s already looking at you.
“You can give me my morning kiss now” he says poking his lips out, you chuckle and make your way to his side of the bed.
You give him a quick peck on the lips and pull away to get up “no what the hell was that, I need a real one” he says pulling you back down so you layed on on top of him.
“ I need to go help the twins get ready. I don’t want to leave too late” you tell him.
“yes we’ll go after a real kiss” you shake your head but lean down to give him an actual kiss anyways. He flips you guys around so he was now on top, trapping your body under him so he could deepen the kiss; you guys were having a full on make out session at this point. Jack began kissing down you neck but as much as you were enjoying this you knew you had to stop him.
“as much as really want to continue this, we have to go get ready” you tell him out of breathe.
“we have the pass. we can literally get there at any time and still enjoy a few rides” he says.
“no we promised them a whole day there, plus we go back to Louisville in two week so this will be our last time going for a couple months. (They have a home in California and Kentucky)
“fine let’s go” he says playfully rolling his eyes.
You and jack make your way over to the twins room but stop at the door frame, they didn’t notice you guys there.
“You know we never actually got to play with the track, I was too upset about the car so I asked if they just wanted to play with legos. If you want we can try it out tomorrow. I have exactly four cars so we can all play”
“yeah! also thanks for not telling on me about the car. ”
“your welcome. I was pretty mean yesterday, so i’m sorry, again” Aaron said looking at his sister
“it’s ok, I was mean. too”
“even?” Aaron asks her.
“yeah” Amara says laughing “I love you.”
“love you too” Aaron replies giggling and embracing his sister in another hug.
You stand there with tears in your eyes seeing how fast they were growing. The twins hear your small sniffles and turn to the door.
“mommy, whats wrong?” they ask you. “nothing it’s just that you guys are growing up so fast” you tell them squatting down to their height.
“come here” you tell them and they run into your arms. You give them a tight hug then pull away. “we really need to start getting ready now. let’s go start a bath.” “we filled the tub already, we just had to wait for you” Aaron said.
“okay thanks for waiting, you guys can go in. we’ll be there in a minute” you tell them.
The twins make their way to bathroom, bickering about what bubble scent they wanted.
You turn to Jack and pull him into a hug. “I think I want to start trying again. you trying put another baby in me, Harlow?” He looks down at you with a huge smile, he had wanted to start trying again since the twins turned two but you didn’t feel prepared at the time.
“I can do that” he smirks. “you think your mom can watch them tonight? We have to finish what we started earlier” he whined making you laugh.
“yeah i’ll call her” you saying getting on your tip toes to give him a quick kiss. Jack tried moving his hands from the small of your back to your ass but you pushed them always since the twins were technically in the same room.
“stop. go shower, while I finish bathing the twins” you say pulling away. “I want to come back home as soon as possible” you tell him.
“how about I help you get them ready; we’ll put a movie on for them then we go shower together” he says smirking again.
“we’re not conceiving our child in the shower”
“whats wrong with that , if I recall that’s where the twins were conceived”
“no, they weren’t idiot”
“they weren’t? where we’re the conceived then?” he asked teasingly. He knew exactly where and when, he just loved seeing how you got all red and flustered when he brought it up.
“go shower” you tell him pushing him out the room.
“alright. alright” he throws both his hands up “I love when you get all feisty” he saying smacking your ass while biting his lip.
You shake your head and make your way to the bathroom, with a huge grin. The thought of carrying another one of his children made your heart swell, he was truly the best father and husband anyone could ask for, you couldn’t get any luckier.
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sugawarassoulmate · 6 months ago
Oikawa x look 🍑 please? Where he overheard his friends talking about how sexc their gf is (you) and they'd def wanna tap that 😭✋He decided to teach em a lesson by showing them who you belong to in the locker room as they watch 🙈
I just wanna say how much I love your writing! I've been reading tons of your fics and and I absolutely love them! Tbh I was quite scared to send in this ask 😔 Anyways- drink water and get some rest!<3
omg thank you so much 🥺 pls don't be scared to talk to me i love getting messages i'm literally the least scary person in the world
Tumblr media
words: 727
cw: fem!reader, jealousy, voyeurism, locker room sex, oral (f receiving), masturbation, minors dni
Tumblr media
people always assumed you were the jealous one in the relationship. oikawa was too handsome for his own good and his flirtatious personality would make even the most confident person nervous. but you were secure in how he felt about you. if another girl tried to flirt with him, you’d laugh it off as a joke knowing that nobody could sway him no matter how hard they tried.
turns out, it was your boyfriend that got over-protective when someone so much as breathed near you. it didn’t matter who it was, quite frankly, oikawa’s attitude would always turn sour when he saw you talking to someone. he’d be at your side in an instant to pull you away in some random corner.
the only people he didn’t mind were his teammates. if oikawa could depend on anyone to keep you safe when he wasn’t around, it was iwaizumi, matsukawa, and hanamaki. or so he thought until he heard the three of them chatting in the locker room when they thought he wasn’t there.
they said awful things about you—about how “hot” you looked when you cheered for oikawa the times they all snuck glances at you when your boyfriend wasn’t looking. “there’s gotta be a reason why he looks so smug all the time, right?” makki had asked and oikawa could picture the perverted grin on his face.
“he’s always hogging her to himself, it’s not fair,” said mattsun, letting out a low groan. “bet she fucks like crazy.”
but it was iwaizumi’s voice that provoked him more than anything. “wouldn’t mind having a turn with her, honestly,” the words from his best friend planted a seed in his brain that he knew wouldn’t go away until he did something about it.
if they want to see you so badly, he’ll be sure to give them a show they won’t forget about.
“look, don’t touch,” oikawa slurs before diving back between your legs, his chocolate eyes flick up at his friends, all of them with a pained look on their faces as they watch you. oikawa couldn’t contain his smirk while he lapped at your cunt, letting your juices run down his chin. “oh, princess, you taste extra sweet today. do you like it when they look at you?” he asks, tongue teasing your clit.
he could feel the embarrassment flushing through your body as you gripped the bench he currently had you spread out on. not daring to look at the three boys around you, you reached for your boyfriend’s hand. “tooru, t’much—i can’t,” you’re exactly sure what you’re trying to say but all your senses are on high alert from the feeling of being watched.
oikawa pouts, cheek pressed against your thigh when his fingers start pumping into you, unable to contain himself as your body twitches. “don’t lie, i can feel how wet you are,” he thumbs at your clit, making you cry out. the noise makes mattsun curse under his breath, nails digging into his knee, eyes watching oikawa’s fingers as they disappear into your heat.
oikawa attaches himself to your center again, keeping your legs spread apart while he fucks you on his tongue. your whines fuel him to keep going, fighting against your fingers in his hair trying to push him away.
and finally, your heavenly nectar envelops his senses as ripples of ecstasy send shockwaves through your body. what started as cries of oikawa’s name over and over turn into pitiful whimpers as you can barely let out a simple sentence.
the other boys in the room pant and curse after the revelation that they just watched you cum hard. when oikawa finally separates himself from your cunt, he looks up and sees iwaizumi, his best friend, stroking his cock. the vice-captain’s face is flushed a deep red as he shamefully paws at himself.
mattsun and makki aren’t far off from doing the same and oikawa’s ego keeps growing with every second. kicking off his shorts, oikawa pulls your limp body into his lap so both of you are facing his teammates. “look at what you’re doing to them, princess,” he whispers, bringing your legs to the outside of his so his friends have full view of your cunt.
“why don’t we show them how well you take my cock, hm?” he says, already sinking you down on his cock.
Tumblr media
sugawarassoulmate 3k follower event
Tumblr media
©sugawarassoulmate 2021 all rights reserved - please do not repost/translate my work on other platforms!
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troublesh00terfaery · 6 months ago
Baby I need a part two for danger lusting you can’t leave me hanging like that I want that reward 😩😩
Tumblr media
Hello again, loves! I apologize for being inactive because I was busy with matters regarding school and academics (being a college student is just so tiring LMFAO) I wasn't expecting the first part to actually blow up and just wanted to leave it like that but I saw all of your comments, messages, reblogging stuff and I decided to actually make a part two as soon as I finished my stuff from school. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all so so much! Cheers to my 58 follower count! <3
If you haven't read the first part, here's the link! DANGER LUSTING (Pt. 1)
Tags: AFAB READER, CHARACTERS ARE AGED UP! Gojo as your teacher (holy shit , i mean yeah? why not?) cervix fucking, creampie, dacryphilia, voyeurism, dumb fucking (yeah, i had to) dom!Mentor Gojo x sub!Student reader, a bit of degrading (come on, what's smut if we don't have this even a little bit of degrading?) shower sex, lavatory sink fucking (YEAH), mirror sex, hand job, blow job, throat fucking, face fucking, oral sex, rough sex, praising (you deserve it.), age gap (he's your mentor) I think that's it?
It has been two weeks now since the said trip of your instructor and mentor, Gojo Satoru. As what you've heard he's at Kyoto doing some 'sorcerers' job or whatever that stuff was. And it has been also two weeks ever since that interaction you had with him.
Up until now, the interaction somewhat drove you either flustered, unfocused, or even tired. Were you flustered because of how he talked to you that day? That made you feel dizzy as you recalled the little sinful imaginations you had with him? Were you unfocused because of what he told you to do and what he promised? Thinking about it, you cannot help but to have the urge to ask him what he meant by the reward. Was it something special? A V.I.P reward perhaps? Or were you tired of subconsciously waiting for THAT reward.
Augh fine damn it, for fucks sake. Rolling your eyes, you quickly took your phone, scrolled through the message history and found his name.
Tumblr media
Now that you realized that you were about to message him, hesitancy struck you. Messaging your mentor meant that you only were thinking about it the whole time not realizing that you're actually doing the opposite as to what he requested: for you to learn and practice more as a jujutsu sorcerer. You felt the rush of nervousness as reality struck you, it made you also realize that you've been slacking off for the past few days and now, you won't even know when he's coming back.
"I bet he's gonna be so disappointed if he doesn't see any improvements--" As you gather your thoughts and pick up your newly laundry track pants a knock interrupted you followed by a familiar voice.
"Hey, Y/N." It was Megumi, knocking patiently.
"Girl you better hurry up," Of course it was the energetic Nobara who was the opposite of Megumi.
"Calm down, she's probably asleep." The raven-haired male shushed her down.
"Hey Y/N do you wanna come with us? We're going to eat outside, probably just rest for today." Itadori's cheerful voice never fails to make you smile. "The seniors are also coming with us,"
As much as you wanted to join them with their fun, you have to sacrifice this day for you to at least improve on your field. It was awfully painful to not be with them but you have to satisfy him.
Am I doing this for myself or for his satisfaction? You questioned yourself. I'm actually doing this for myself, to improve. Nothing more. To improve, learn, be strong, and show my capabilities.
"I'm sorry guys I'm a bit dizzy as of the moment, I'll try to catch up with you later." You faked a weak voice and groaning. "You guys have fun,"
"Are okay? Do you need some medicine?" Nobara started to knock the door slowly. "Is it the time of the month again?"
"What time of the month?" You heard Itadori's wondering voice. He's probably scratching his head and looking at Megumi with a clueless look while Megumi on the other hand, simply sighed. Megumi has a step sister, quite the same age as him and they have been living together. Hence, he's aware of what Nobara meant. He feels a bit embarrassed to say it to Itadori so he just looked away and pretended he doesn't know a thing.
"N-no, I think it's just a headache." You lied, once again. "A sleep or a nap will do,"
"Okay then, you better call us if you need anything or something happens. I'll deadass whoop your ass and I'm not lying!" Nobara raised her tone and later on pursed her lips. "Holy shit I shouldn't be mad, it's not healthy for the skin!"
"Just tell us, Y/N. If you need food or anything, leave a us a call or message us." Itadori started to walk. "Take care, Y/N! I hope you get well soon," Megumi followed Yuuji so as Nobara. Their small talks slowly fading as they passed and went out.
You waited until minutes have already passed, sure enough that they were outside the institution. You quickly got out of your room and rushed towards the area where the students would usually practice.
You started off with a short exercise beforehand and proceeding to your task, not letting loose of your objective: become stronger.
While you kept yourself busy under the heat of the sun, the white-haired mentor was bored and it showed unto his actions.
"Gojo, can't you sit properly?" Utahime's irritated voice made Gojo smile. It was pretty obvious that they were sitting stupid and just listen as to what they are told for a couple of times already. "Keep your legs off the table!"
"Come on Hime-chan, it's quite boring. Can't you tell? Even Mei Mei herself feels sleepy with this random bullshit meeting," his lips pursed while he pointed out at Mei Mei who simply rested her chin on the back of her palm while her eyes were closed.
"Do not drag me to your random bullshit, Gojo."
"You're no fun anyway,"
Gojo snickered while he tried annoying the two ladies to kill sometime. Honestly speaking, he would have preferred roaming around the city of Kyoto and buy-- or should I say hoard-- random stuff he sees than sit here. He would have loved spending his time watching his students achieve and get stronger every single day. And speaking of students, it was not strange that it was YOU whom Gojo thought at first.
Gojo leaned on his chair comfortably as he tried to get rid of the thought of you.
Christ, does this woman know when not to show up? Gojo thought. To him, it was impossible to get rid of the sudden thought of you. He avoided the things that would have reminded him of you because as we know, he would have teleported from Kyoto to the institution in Tokyo just to see you. Distracting himself, he stood up and decided to go outside of the meeting room wherein that crappy meeting was held.
"Oi, Satoru you're not allowed to go yet! Dumbass idiot come back here!" Utahime raised her voice with an agitated tone. She stood up and steam was coming out from her ears. "Hey! Stupid!"
"Leave him be, Utahime. That man is a pain in the ass,"
Gojo left the room. There was no need of his presence, they don't need to halt the meeting just because he wasn't around.
"Fucking hell." Gojo murmurs. There was this big urge of him to just see you. It was so strong that he himself was sure that could just close his eyes and right away, he's in the place you were and it was something he would do. Right now.
He was already speculating as to where might you be. He didn't want to just appear so sudden however he wanted to surprise you. Probably if you were with the team, he would also surprise them. Sliding his long slender fingers into his left pocket, he picked up his phone, opened it and went through his contacts. Scrolling through the names and finding Megumi's cellphone number.
I want to see her.
Fucking stop. What are you doing to me?
He immediately went to the corner and dialed Megumi.
"Come on, answer." He whispered. He wasn't sure what he was even doing but he wanted to know what were you guys doing and not long, the student answered his call.
"Hello." Megumi greeted with a monotone voice.
"Yooo Megu-chan~" Gojo on the other hand greeted him the polar opposite of what Megumi greeted him. "Why so cold? Someone pissed you off?"
"Tsk, what is it Gojo-sensei?"
Gojo liked how Megumi is straight up sometimes. Gojo smiled and let his back rest unto the cold wall. "See, I called you to know about your progress while I'm here in Kyoto. How's it?"
"We're doing fine, we've been practicing for the past few days since you were gone. We're doing good without you." Megumi joked but kept his monotone voice.
"Megu-chan it hurts you know," Gojo faked a sob before snickering. "And?"
"We're out today with our seniors. We decided to have a small get together and rest. Y/N isn't with us, she said she's sick. She told us she'll be resting."
"Oh," hearing you sick made him frown. "Alright, take care. Just be prepared because I'll be coming anytime." He did a smug face before Megumi decided to end the call.
He couldn't stop thinking of you getting sick. It was just so sudden. He sure was updated with the current weather and the forecast as well. Maybe you overworked? He knows you too damn well you'd either overwork yourself out or be a lazy princess who hasn't started any progress yet. Still wandering what caused you to be sick, he used his ability to teleport to where he desires. He was at first unsure where it is but he teleported to the near dormitories of the students. Slowly, he started to walk towards your room.
He wondered if you were there, sleeping peacefully while you tried to recover whatever you were feeling. He knocked once. No answer. He knocked twice. Still no answer. Finally knocking thrice yet still no answer.
"She must be asleep then huh? At least she's resting." But knew he could have just teleported inside your room but he respected you. He wouldn't want you to see him as disrespectful mentor. No, he wouldn't risk it because he knew he wanted you close he is trying to be careful but wanted to bend some rules. It was a dangerous act but he knows what he wants and he will get a hold of it.
Little did he know you were at the quadrangle area, practicing your skills that you failed to improve while your mentor was gone. It was frustrating at your part and you did blame yourself from slacking off. You've only started a while yet felt tired.
"What's wrong with me?" You mumbled as you sat down on the grass, trying to catch your breath.
And then suddenly, your thoughts on him creeps inside your head.
Not again. You thought. But since you were resting, you let it slowly eat your thoughts up. It was embarrassing to be honest, so fazed when you’re thinking about this mentor simply seducing you. You're in a public space, thinking not-so-holy acts and trying to keep up with a stern face.
But you're alone.
So? what if I'm alone?
Let yourself dwell with the thoughts, idiot.
But we can do that in my room.
Your room is far. Bitch stop yapping and just get lost to it.
You could already hear your inner self scream at you. But it's true. You let yourself drown into the thought of him again. You wonder what he's been doing in Kyoto by now. He's probably pissing off others for his own gain.
Does he think about me?
Of course, he does. He always did and it wasn’t the holiest.
Your let yourself lay flat on the ground and close your eyes. Come to think of it, you're basically so touch starved you don't even realize it. You just long for it, you want that touch. A touch so sensual you'll get lost. You know your wants and needs but what about the deepest needs? The hunger that you keep hidden.
You know it yourself. You want the reward and you want to have a reward beyond the REWARD. Whilst thinking about it, you pressed your legs together. Your hand slowly going to the strap of your sports bra and fix it.
This is gonna be a long day.
The mentor on the other hand, thought about just letting you sleep and just surprise his students whom he hasn't spent the time with for a couple of days. And oh no, he hasn't forgot about the reward. How could he not forget? He only wanted to give you that reward, not to them. He was excited to see both the progress of his students and your progress alone. The male decided to spend his day at the quadrangle area where he mostly spent time with his students. He liked the area whether it was full with students or just the empty and the stillness of nature.
When the male arrived at the area he wanted to be, it almost choked him when he saw the familiar person who was laying down the grass.
Y/N? No, she’s sick. Can’t be.
He lowered his sunglasses and looked again.
Fuck. It is her.
No wonder you weren't hearing his knocks is because you were here, laying down. He wasn't even sure what on earth you were doing but seeing you just lay there made him weak.
It's back again. This fucking feeling. Burning red. Scorching desire. So so oh so fucking sinful.
Get a fucking hold of yourself, check her out. Gojo scolded himself and it wasn't long when the teacher approached you. Like a hunter, observing its prey from a far then slowly approaching it. And then he was there, just a few feet away from you. Then there was something he noticed...
And just when they said she’s sick.
You were so busy of thinking about it. Him simply taking over you, your body, senses, and everything about you. You wanted him to give you that reward but you doubt he'd give it to you. You were being a lazy student and he wasn't the type to be easily persuaded.
Just the sight of you pressing your legs together was enough shit for Gojo to speak up.
At least I get to fuck him in my head. You thought. The desire to touch yourself in a public space was so horrifying and absolutely embarrassing. Not only that, it was dangerous.
"Hmm, what's this?" Gojo let both of his hands into his pockets and spoke in soft yet teasing manner. "Enjoying your rest much?"
Holy fucking shit. That voice. You knew it was him. It was him. He's here and you're lying on the grass like that? But you felt a bit drunk from the thought and decided to stay like that.
"Sensei..." You slowly tilted your head to face him. Flushed cheeks and ear, and lips cherry red. "... I'm sorry for slacking off,"
Gojo smiled, lowering his glasses to gaze at you.
"And what was the reason you were slacking off?"
I am ready to pass away. I am so sorry Nobara, Yuji, and Megumi. To my Seniors as well, I am very sorry for immediately disappearing because I was being a lazy bitch. Your inner self already seems to be ready at the sight of your own funeral.
Looking away, you didn't really want to tell this man you weren't putting effort on your mastery was because of thinking too much about his deal. "I... W-well I-"
Gojo seemed to be more and more amused as you try to hide away your flustered face. His smile slowly faded as his authority as a mentor took over him.
"Look at me Y/N." He said in a stern tone. "When you talk to me you face me."
Immediately you didn't even hesitate to turn around as soon as he spoke. You felt scared yet there was this another feeling rather than being scared. Weird.
"Megumi told me about their progress and they're proud as to their skills sharpening while I was gone. Yet here you are, only making efforts when I'm back I see?" He stood properly looking up directly to the sky. "Stand up."
And you did.
"Tell me, what were you doing these past few days while I was gone?"
"I was feeling sick-"
"Do not lie to me. You won't like it when I get mad, Y/N." It was getting intense. There was a brief silence between you and him. The wind was howling as it dragged a warm brush against your skin. "Tell me."
You didn't have a choice. Of course, the cliche line 'I would rather die than tell him what I was doing' kicked in but you didn't want to anger him. He wasn't the nicest when angered. All you had to do was to be an honest student. Isn't it easy? You just have to tell him you were distracted from what he said.
"I..." Heaving a sigh, you looked down and felt your cheeks heat up again. "...I was distracted."
Was it about my reward? Wait, MY? of course it was about that darn reward of yours, asshole.
Gojo wondered but he didn't speak. He wished for you to speak up, maybe it was different from what he was expecting but it would be better to let your thoughts out to keep you focused.
"About-" just do it. Say it. You don't have to rationalize everything. He's your mentor and he's gonna help you. "It was about your reward,"
So she was really thinking about it? Hmm, I wonder why?
"I keep thinking about it that I didn't realize that I was already leaving my responsibilities as well, I was curious, okay?" You looked at him with red cheeks. It will probably one of the most embarrassing moments in your life but who cares? It was just between you and your dear mentor.
Don't look at me like that. Fucks sake.
"I wanted to know what the reward was about. Is it a food? Perhaps a dinner treat with the four us?" Your words kept coming out and there's no way you would stop any moment unless he interrupts you with a question.
"You're getting worked up huh," Gojo leaned forward, enough for him to be at level of your ear. He blew a thin sir towards your right ear which of course, made so flustered and ticklish. Using both your palms, you pressed it against his shoulder trying to push him away but it was useless. Little did you know that you were already lured in his trap.
"You don't deserve the reward, doll."
"Yes." It was a surprising that you were so quick to answer. However, you knew that you didn't deserve it nor worthy of even receiving it. You lowered your head down and heaving a heavy sigh. Still there was a part of you that you were holding on to your hopes that he would just at least tell you what it was all about. "But would you mind to tell me what it is?"
Gojo stood there, rather than surprised, he actually was expecting this question to be asked. He knew you are an intelligent girl. He lowered his glasses, gazing at you from above. He couldn't help but to notice your round and plump mounds that your sports bra lovely hugged its form.
"Want me to show you it to you instead?" Your mentor walked behind you, lowered his torso until it was enough for him to rest his chin on your right shoulder. His actions made you stiff, it wasn't normal of him to do this hence it was new to you but it somehow felt that you want to indulge yourself more into this. Your body failed to rejected your orders to stay away from him.
"Wouldn't you want that?" It was a soft whisper, so alluring you swore that you felt like you're drunk.
"Please," it was the only word that you could've thought of.
And just like that, in a blink of an eye, you were already in your room. You were so pressed against his body that you we're not aware that you were already at your room. You knew he was capable of such, heck. He's Gojo motherfucking Satoru.
Sloppy and lustful kisses made you feel so dizzy. He pressed you hard against the cold wall of your room making you shiver from the sudden cold contact against your skin and a soft groan escaping from your mouth. His hands were roaming around your body, from skimming your arms to grabbing a palm full of your bouncy ass cheeks.
"Sensei-" You arched your back from the new sensation. Was this his reward? Surely it is. The tension between you two was overwhelming that it felt hot. "I feel hot, Sensei," you mewled, breaking the sloppy and messy kiss.
"Oh?" Gojo used his thumb to press it against your plump and wet lips.
The things you fucking do to me. He said to himself while he felt a delicious yet painful hardness between his legs. He's so turned on that it felt painful. Mentioning that you feel hot, he looked to his left to see your bathroom open. "Take off your shoes and be patient,"
Without hesitation, you quickly abide to him. By simply doing so, Gojo realized that you were so good and submissive to him. Both of your excitement and curiosity taking over wildly. After following his orders, he quickly pressed his soft lips against yours whilst guiding you towards the bathroom. As the both of you reached the small bathroom, the smell of your shampoo intoxicated him. He knew it was you, the sweet, innocent, but so fucking seductive scent that lingers around the bathroom.
It was getting sloppier and sloppier as time passed by. Gojo didn't even hesitate to press you against the cold wall again, his left knee parting both your legs, enough for him to tease your aching pussy against his muscular and toned legs. He then ran both of his large calloused palms to your ass cheeks giving it a nice grip making you whimper.
He was so thirsty getting a hold of you and now he's finally having it and he won't be so nice, considering this would be a PUNISHMENT.
"Oh please..." You broke off the kiss as you felt the friction on your clothed pussy against his thigh. "Please, please, please..."
Deliciously addicting, you helplessly held into his shoulder while your hips slowly grinded on his muscular and toned thighs. It was getting hot again and Gojo couldn't stand the heat either.
"Don't grind yourself like that with clothes on, strip." It was an order but you were so fucking busy grinding yourself like that. The white-haired mentor was impressed to see how of a thirsty slut you are.
"Doll, I said strip." Griping on your waist he stopped you from grinding, the frustration was evident on your face. "Have you forgotten? this isn't a reward. You disobeyed me again," and there, his hands ripped your sports bra like a paper and his fingers skimming through the waistband of your pants and the thin hem of your underwear as he dragged it down to your ankles, his body following the lowering of his hands. He left nothing.
You're now naked in front of him. Everything about you is to be praised and glorified, he thought. He loved everything about you from head to toe and he's willing to mark it as his. His. The sight of you like that drove him mad drunk.
"Toru, I feel hot..."
"Hmm? Yeah? My baby feels hot?" Pressing his lips against your soft things, he started to give it light kisses and little licks to stimulate you. The action made you whimper in pure pleasure. You hand gripping through his smooth platinum white hair as he left kisses unto it.
He kissing your thighs like it was one of the holiest things he had ever touched. He then left marks all over it, marking it as his, he might be an asshole but he surely loved the view of his mark on your thighs.
Soooo fucking hot.
"Toru please, 'm feeling hot," you dragged him to another sloppy kiss and then taking him to the shower where you turned on the shower. The cold water coming from it made you shiver. But it wasn't enough to make your knees weak as he broke the kiss just to take off his clothes that is soaked wet with the water.
It was a view that you felt another heartbeat coming from your aching cunt. Deliciously aching from the need of attention. You didn't want to rush either, you wanted to savor the moment of watching him undress. But the strong urge for you to be the one to take his pants off was evident the next thing you knew was you were possessed of the thought. The action you executed made the mentor grin.
You instantly knelt, ran your fingers to both his waistband and hem of his pants and slowly pulled it down. Your ass cheeks rested on the back of your ankles and your hands resting on both of your things, a submissive gesture that made Gojo let out a low and sexy chuckle.
His hard erection sprung out and revealed its long and thick cock. It was veiny, throbbing and a white yet thick fluid dropped from its tip. The sight itself was mesmerizing yet terrorizing you at the same time. The size was no joke and you wondered, This? This will fit me?
"So impatient, aren't we?" Gojo let out a low chuckle, resting his large calloused left palm on your hair and gently stroking it.
"Big..." You gulped once again. You didn't know where to start.
Should you I use my lips? Hands? My whole mouth?
"Yes, baby." Gojo cooed and continued to gently stroke your hair. "Go on, I'm not the nicest when I'm impatient." He looked down at you, admiring at the view of you being so innocent and startled.
So cute that I want to ruin her so fucking bad. Gojo smiled at the thought when suddenly your lovely lips gently pressed against his thick head, giving it small kisses. Gentle pecks roamed his tip and your hand slowly stroking his cock moving up and down.
Then comes the movement of your tongue. Teasing the tip with gentle flicks before you actually licked his length from his balls to his tip again. The ministrations of yours made Gojo so fucking fixated yet impatient at the same time. He wasn't going to be nice today, knowing that you disobeyed his orders.
"Open your mouth," he gave his order and raised your chin. You obeyed like a little kitten and widely opened your mouth. He was also grinning at you being so obedient. "How come your being an obedient little slut but can't do your simple task, hmm?"
He slowly slid his cock into your mouth, his right hand guiding his length and his other having a tight grip on your wet that is now soaking wet from the water coming out from the shower. Gladly, the water wasn't directly soaking you since Gojo's back was there to shield you from the running water. He pushed his dick even further until his fucking thick tip pressed itself against the back of your throat.
"Fuuuuckkk" Gojo moaned from the delicious feeling. It was so warm inside your mouth and it even added up to the pleasure when you groaned from the burning and painful sensation.
He didn't hesitate to push your head front and back with the use of both of his palms on the side of your head, your head guiding the movements of his painful ministrations. Your hand rested on both of his hands, trying to tell him to be gentle but he was too absorbed at your mouth like pussy. He started off with a slow and sensual pace and not long enough he let the pleasure get the best of him. He threw his head back and let out a guttural moan as he harshly pushed his cock in and out of your mouth.
"T-Toru!" You groaned, the actions he made was enough for you to squirm. You felt yourself dripping wet from it, wanting to be fucked so bad. Your other hand left his arm and dragged it towards your aching pulse, leaving light touches.
"What's this, already wanting for more?" He stopped from moving your head as he saw you lightly play with yourself and instead buried it deep to your throat. It made you squirm in pain yet the male felt the opposite. Your saliva was dripping out from your mouth as well as your tears. He liked how he felt when your warm mouth was around his cock, saliva wetting his cock as you choked on it.
Your touching were getting faster and faster yet Gojo won't let you cum with just that. He slowly pulled out his shaft from your warm mouth and stroked it. He raised your head let his hot cock rest unto your pretty face with a smile. "Get up, and go the lavatory sink."
You were still wobbly, still wanted to reach your high yet Gojo had other plans. With his help he raised you by holding your hand. Once you get a hold of yourself, he let you walk towards the lavatory. You weren't aware of what he was planning so you simply just turned around and faced him.
"Who said you were facing me?" He let his hand run through his soft hair before he let it rest on your waist. "Turn around, doll. Face the mirror."
You were so hesitant. You can't possibly be looking at your face while he fucked you so good. This is just too much. "Toru please,"
"Turn around, Y/N." It was final, you knew that coming from that tone he's giving you final orders. You slowly turned around, only to see your beet red face from the embarrassment and your hair slowly drying after it was exposed to water a while ago making it look like a mess.
It's even more embarrassing, heck, is embarrassing even the right word? Was it more shameful? Witnessing yourself like this? You closed your eyes, your arms supporting your weight as it rested unto the cold tiles of the lavatory sink that was mounted on the wall and lowered your head.
Goodness this is too much.
It was overwhelming that you wanted to complain that you didn't want to face this way not until a slight flick was felt against your entrance. It was sudden but you knew what it was and where is this going.
His left hand was on your waist, gripping. He wanted to see you beg for it again by teasing your dripping cunt with his head and lightly flicking it with his right hand. His lips were attacking your left shoulder blade and left small pecks until he reached for your neck. It left you so speechless that you were grinding your ass against his shaft.
"Toru please, please. Need so you bad,"
The way you called him was already driving him to destroy you. He just wanted to see you flustered as you beg for him to ram you up.
Just like how I imagined it. He recalled but he wanted to explore his creativity more. He positioned his cockhead into your small entrance and his right hand guided his cock to enter you. The feeling of his tip slowly being eaten by your pussy made him rest his forehead against your shoulder blade, slowly still sliding his thick dick inside you. He was already wanting your pussy to completely swallow him.
"Fuck yes, Toru" you whimpered from him by just entering your cunt. It was pulsing, big, thick, and long. And praise the heavens above, this dick was made for you. Once he finally got inside fully, he stayed there for a moment and letting your pussy juice wrap his cock.
He's growing and still throbbing from time to time. The way his cock did that you moaned from the sensation. As much as he wanted to move quickly as soon as he entered, he wanted for you to relax first and when he time finally came that he was ready to move, he started with a slow movement.
You felt each detail of his cock from his single slow movement. It was so fucking delicious you swore that you're already reaching your climax. He wanted to deliciously punish you by moving slow, letting you feel and beg for some more. God, the frustrations is so evident by the way you show it against your reflection.
"God, Gojo. Please just fuck me,"
"Shh," he didn't even hesitate to just bury it deep, his tip kissing your soft and warm womb. Looking forward to making your brain melt with this dick as soon as I ruin you.
The male gave a peck on your nape and slowly he started again with a slow pace. It lasted for a moment, goodness, he just wants to torment you but he couldn't be patient anymore. His hands were gripping on your waist now, leaving crescent marks on it and changed his pace into a fast one.
Deep and fast, Gojo was so sure that he was hitting your womb so deep and deliciously hitting that one spot that makes your whimper and scream his name. You weren't even paying attention to your surroundings anymore such as the mess on the floor, the shower still running, and both if your breaths fogging the mirror.
Some time ago you were just imagining it but now, he's buried deep inside your clamping pussy. The sound of skins slapping roughly at each deep and fast thrust and both of your moans and groans were music to Gojo's ears. He could feel each time your throbbed while he fucked you rough and creamed on his cock, forming a ring if white fluid on his girth.
"Toru please, I want more- Ahh!"
"You're quite enjoying your punishment, no? Fuck- stop tightening up-"
He was thrusting in and out vigorously. You never expected Gojo to be such a moaner yet you weren't even against it. His moans were so beautiful to hear, from the way he loudly moans to his soft groans heard directly to your right ear as he rests his chin on your shoulder.
The way he moved his hips, from rutting it to burying it deep and grinding it. It's immaculate that it made you arch your back every single time. You head was resting on his shoulders when he laced his hand on your soft right breast, roughly tugging and playing it.
And oh, he didn't stop there. After kneading on your soft mound, he ran his hand towards your clit. Your legs were parted a bit and a hollow feeling started to form inside you. His middle finger pressing your bead made you completely helpless. Your breath starting to hitch, chest rising and falling.
"Well will you look at that," Gojo teased, his finger still stimulating your swollen bead making you cream more. The tears on your eyes starts to swell up from the euphoric stimulation. Gojo looked so satisfied seeing you like that. So perfect. "Look at you, begging for more."
"Oh god, please Toru- Ahh!"
"Shit, you're wrapping me around so good,"
The image of you reflected on the mirror; eyes closed, brows cutely furrowing, cheeks beet red, mouth open as you moaned and drool dripping out.
So fucking beautiful. What a nice fucking reward to my fucking selfish self. Gojo almost heard his inner self scream at the view.
He knew you were gonna snap anytime, you were clenching and clamping your spongy walls on his dick. The way you held on to it and felt like you never wanted his dick to leave your insides.
He was already pussy drunk and he fucking loves it. Everything about it, he fucking loves it.
"'M gonna cum- Toru! Gonna cum!" you bite your lips, your insides wanted to snap already. Your breath hitch again as you get close to your high. You didn't even recognize your voice anymore, you sounded so fucking helpless.
"Yeah? My baby's gonna cum already?"
"Y-yes- Oh fuck! Toru!"
"Wanna cum together with me? Hmm?"
You couldn't respond to it and Gojo was already closing to his high. He decided to double the pace of his thrusting. Using his left hand, he took a nice grip on your nape and slowly let your torso lower down to the sink while his left hand raised your left leg until it rested on the sink, him having more access to your abused cunt.
"Shit, I'm gonna cum." Gojo didn't know if it was your safe day or not or you were using birth control pills but he had the strong urge to just breed you. "I want to cum inside- fuck it- I'm going to cum inside you, stir you up, and fill you up."
It didn't matter to you. You were already closing. It didn't matter if you were being a slut for his cum or being selfish, you just want to release and be full.
"N-need so bad, Toru. Need you to fill me up so so bad." You whimpered helplessly. "'M cumming- Fuck!"
And one final thrust, Gojo held unto your waist and thrusted and spilled his hot, sticky, and thick seed inside your womb. He had been wanting this and he's gonna pour every last drop of his semen inside your aching womb.
As he spilled his hot stuff inside your hips quivered at every rope of seed you felt being stuffed you full inside. Sure, some other things might satisfy you but him stuffing you up was the satisfaction you've been looking for.
"What a mess," Gojo cooed you when his cock slowly left your abused pussy. The mixture of your juice and his cum dripping out of your pussy made the mentor smiled. “My fucking mess.”
After cleaning out the mess, he carried you to your bed and gently laid you. You were still weak and dizzy from the euphoric experience when he suddenly raised both of your legs and let it rest on his right shoulder, his cock positioning again on your entrance. You tried to fight back his actions by wiggling your legs out but he has a strong grip on your thighs making you unable to be free from his grasp.
"You really think we're done?" He chuckled, his beautiful blue eyes staring at you as he slowly entered you pussy. He could still feel your sloppy insides, his cum and your juices still warming and wrapping his hard cock. He was fully inside you again, staying like that for a moment.
You too, was cock drunk that you were just mumbling and moaning nonsense. He hugged on your thighs as he buried himself deep again. He felt powerful when he's inside you and he will never get tired of ramming your pussy up.
"I never thought that you'd be eavesdropping us like that, huh?" He spoke while his devilish grin grew wider.
"For a man like you, I know you would have just walked away and pretended you didn't hear anything." He paused but then slowly grinded his hips.
"But here you are, Nanami."
He started to move roughly and pounded on your beaten pussy.
"Won't you come inside, it's a bit fun here."
The blonde male clenched his jaw as he heard your moans and the teasing of the platinum haired mentor as he made your pussy sing again.
"Asshole." Nanami sighed and slowly opened the door.
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alyswritings · 2 months ago
can you do one where tom is out filming and his litte sister misses him so she’s super moody and won’t tell her family what’s wrong but later they find her asleep wearing his hoodie 🥺😭
- - - - -
"Y/N, you want to go to the store with me?" Nikki asks.
"No." Y/N answers.
"Are you sure?" Nikki asks. She knows Y/N loves going to the store with her. Both since she's able to get out of the house and spend time with her mother. Nikki goes to the living room where Y/N is lying on the couch and the TV is playing one of the Disney Channel shows she likes. Y/N has a small pout on her face, a sad look in her eyes.
"Are you all right, love?" Nikki asks, gently brushing some hair out of her youngest's face.
"Sure." Y/N mumbles, not looking away from the TV.
"Maybe you should come. It might cheer you up. I'll let you get a treat." Nikki bribes.
"I don't wanna go." Y/N states.
"Okay. I'll be home later." Nikki tells her. She leans down and presses a soft kiss to her daughter's forehead. She goes into the kitchen where Sam and Paddy are.
"Hey." She quietly calls, getting their attention. "I want you to keep an eye on your sister while I'm out."
"Why? What's wrong?" Sam asks, peeking into the living room and seeing Y/N on the couch.
"I don't know. She seems upset. Just watch her, okay?" Nikki says.
"Yeah, sure, mum." Paddy says through a mouthful of food.
"Don't talk with your mouth full." Nikki scolds, smacking the back of his head.
"Ow." He mumbles.
"Don't burn the house down." Nikki tells them as she leaves.
Sam goes into the living room and sits next to Y/N's head.
"Hey, tiny. You feeling okay?" Sam asks, scratching her head.
"I'm fine." Y/N huffs.
"You sure?" Sam asks.
"Yes. Stop asking." Y/N complains.
"Okay, sorry. You wanna play a game?" Sam asks.
"No." Y/N mumbles.
"Watch a movie or something?" Sam asks.
"I want you to leave me alone." Y/N declares, running upstairs.
"Okay." Sam lowly whistles, going back into the kitchen.
"You piss her off more?" Paddy asks.
"Shut up." Sam rolls his eyes.
- - -
Y/N stayed upset the rest of the day and was locked in her room when Nikki got home. She didn't come out of her room for dinner which worried the whole family more since the girl loves food. Nikki even made her favorite meal, but Y/N wouldn't leave her room.
After finishing dishes, Sam goes up to try to bribe Y/N out of her room with ice cream or something. He goes to her room, stopping when he realizes the door is open. He walks in and doesn't find his little sister inside.
"Y/N?" Sam calls. He leaves the room, looking around. She's not in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, backyard, parents' room, his room, Paddy's room, Harry's room. Sam goes to the last room in the house and opens the door to Tom's room.
Sam quietly walks in, chuckling softly at what he finds. Y/N, who is asleep in the middle of Tom's bed, is wearing one of the actor's hoodies, the material practically drowning her small figure.
Sam takes his phone out and takes a couple pictures. He quietly walks out and goes down the stairs.
"Mom. I found Y/N." Sam whispers. He motions for her to follow him and she does, along with Dominic and Paddy close behind. Sam leads them to Tom's room and the parents immediately awe at the sight of their youngest.
Nikki and Dominic get some pictures. Paddy pretends to act uninterested but Sam does see him sneak a couple of pictures of their baby sister.
"That was the problem. She just misses Tom." Dominic says.
Nikki opens her messages and goes to her texts with Tom. She sends him the picture of Y/N adding a text under it.
- - -
Tom is on set and waiting for the crew to reset everything. He's scrolling mindlessly through Instagram while he waits. His phone buzzes and he looks at the top of the screen to see a text from his mother.
Tom clicks on the notification, a fond grin immediately appearing on his face as his heart warms.
I think somebody really misses you ❤
Tom loves the image and snapshots it so it's in his camera roll.
Let her know I'll be home soon
"Hey." Tom's attention is drawn away from his phone and to Harry who walks up to him. "What's got you all smiley?"
Tom shows Harry the phone and the younger one quickly reads the messages, smiling slightly at the picture.
"What, she doesn't miss me?" Harry asks, acting offended.
"Not more than me." Tom smugly laughs. "Guess we know her favorite brother."
"Shut up." Harry grumbles, rolling his eyes.
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twinkleimagines · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
* your secret’s safe with me*
You’re a pogue with a secret relationship with a Kook. Not just any kook either, the Kook KING. When people start to notice and the truth comes out Rafe tries to deny it since he’s the one who really keeps the Pogue vs. Kook war going . Do you go along or do you decide you’re worth more than secrets ?
“ fuck!” You moaned out loudly as you thrust your hips one more time, riding your climax out over Rafes huge cock. You felt him buck his hips up while squeezing your bottom while groaning, finishing out his own orgasm.
“ that was amazing” you breathed out as you rolled over , flopping yourself back down next to Rafe.
“ fuck yeah it was” he said catching his breath before sitting up, pulling something out of his top drawer on his night stand. You rolled your eyes as you heard him sniff something up his nose .
“ you ever gonna leave that shit alone?” You replied with aggravation, rolling over to face his toned back. He stayed quiet as he continued wiping his nose to catch anything that may have fallen out.
“ I just hate seeing how it’s changing you” you said with a softer tone, placing your head on your hand that was propped up on his pillow.
“ yeah well I’m handling my own shit okay” he said glancing over at you from his shoulder before looking back down and the substance in his hand.
“ heard that before “ you mumbled before sitting up, searching the floor for your clothes that Rafe practically ripped off of you an hour ago.
“ where ya goin?” He spoke as he watched you get dressed.
“ it’s 6 in the morning , don’t you have that thing at the country club with topper and Kelce?” You replied as you pulled your t-shirt over your head, pulling your tangled hair back out of it. Rafe shrugged not getting the memo.
“ soooo if we’re going to keep this a secret-“ you relied, pointing your finger back and forth between the space between the two of you , “ - then they can’t see me leaving and they’re going to be here soon”. Rafe nodded his head before standing up, his sweaty body shimmering with the morning sunlight.
“ yeah true” he stated walking towards you holding your sandals. “ you’re still coming to the party tonight at the bone yard though right ?” He replied standing very close to you.
“ duh” you replied pecking a kiss on his lips. “ wouldn’t miss it “ . Rafe stood for a second as he watched you bend over in front of him, placing your sandals on your feet.
“ just meet me at the spot” he replied before placing a quick smack across your left cheek. You jumped up before scolding him. ‘ the spot’ was the place you both hid secretly for quickies. It was the only spot you could be together at the bone yard that the pogues and kooks wouldn’t see.
“ okay I’ll text you” you replied before kissing his lips again.
“ ok I’m getting a shower “ he replied while running his hands through his hair . “ I smell like good pussy” he laughed out while running his finger tips up your crotch outside of your shorts.
“ you’re fucking nasty “ you laughed pushing at his chest .
[text message]
Rafe- you here?
Y/n- yuhh wya?
Rafe- topper wbu?
Y/n- bonfire
Rafe looked up from his phone to see you already looking in his direction smirking. Rafe grinned before looking back down at his phone.
[text message ]
Rafe- you look hot af
You grinned as you looked down at your outfit. You had short blue Jean shorts and a blue bathing suit top on, your hair flowing over your shoulders. You knew you looked hot But it was solely for Rafe.
Y/n - you too ;) I really like your hair pulled down the front like that
Rafe- quicky?
You bit your bottom lip, feeling the same tingling feeling at the pit of your stomach as you looked over at a couple of your friends letting them know you’d be right back .
You quickly made your way over to the spot , Rafe following with his red cup of alcohol right behind you.
“ hey princess” Rafe said from behind you. You turned around, lips immediately landing on yours . You giggled into the kiss, the excitement of being in a public area fucking and getting caught ran through you.
“ you can’t go 30 minutes of seeing me without wanting to fuck me huh?” You said , grabbing ahold of his rock hard boner beneath his shorts. Rafe threw his head back in pleasure as you got down on your knees , placing him in your mouth.
“ fuck” he groaned out while placing his hand through your hair, applying pressure against the back of your head. You could feel yourself gagging slightly as the tip of his dick hit the back of your throat , moving at a fast pace .
A couple more minutes went by before Rafe pulled himself away from your face. “ turn around” he replied as he pulled you up by your arm, only to turn you around shortly after . You quickly pulled your bottoms down, showing your bare ass before leaning down, placing your hands against a large fallen tree.
Your mouth flew open as you felt Rafe insert himself into you at a fast pace, his hips immediately moving back out only to slam himself back in . You arched your back, your hair draped to one side over your shoulder, swinging back and forth at the motion Rafe had you moving in. You couldn’t hold the moans in as Rafe continued to hit your g-spot over and over as he usually did.
“ hush baby don’t wanna get caught do you?” He replied as he continued to pound into you, his fingers digging into your hips surely to leave bruises . You bit tightly onto your bottom lip, trying to hold in the moans from all the pleasure you were receiving.
Rafe groaned loudly as he watched you place one of your hands on your clot, rubbing circles , bringing yourself to your climax . Rafe felt your legs begin to shake, causing him to hold you hip against him.
“ you cumming baby?” He breathed out as he watched your body start to tremble in front of him.
“ yes Rafe” you moaned out loudly, causing him to reach his climax as well. Rafe quickly pulled out, pumping himself a few times as his load shot out . You giggled as you watched him finish himself off before tucking himself back in his shorts, you following shortly after to pull your bottoms back up.
“ let me know when you go to leave I’ll take you home okay ?” He replied kissing the top of your forehead. You sighed heavily, sadness filling you. You absolutely adored Rafe. And having to keep him a secret from your friends and family honestly sucked so much. You wished you could be open about your relationship together but with you being a pogue from the poor side and him being a rich kook, it just wasn’t the right time to come out yet.
“ of course , wanna stay the night? My mom won’t be home this weekend “ you asked. He nodded placing his large hands on your cheeks .
“ what we doin? Movie night?” He asked, rubbing circles on your cheek with his thumb.
“ and other things” you teased with a big flirtatious grin.
“ you’re so cute” he laughed out before giving you a quick peck on your nose , before turning away - making his way back to his friends.
You made sure to wait a few seconds before following behind so no one would notice .
You walked over to one of the kegs, getting you a cup of whatever alcohol beverage they had mixed in it when you heard toppers loud drunken voice from behind.
“ where’d ya go buddy?” Topper said patting Rafe on the back. You didn’t hear Rafe respond but topper didn’t hesitate to run his mouth again.
“ you were fuckin someone weren’t you?” He joked, causing the group of people he was with to start laughing and cheering Rafe on. You began to smirk until you heard the words Kelce spoke.
“ I bet it was that pogue Y/n” he said. You froze for a second , the keg you were at was kind of hidden behind a tree so you backed yourself further behind, looking over towards rafes group , ease dropping in.
“ the fuck? No” Rafe replied almost to quick . You frowned slightly, wishing he would’ve had some other type of response other than the one he just gave them.
“ I call bull man “ Kelce replied . “ topper bro I saw her car parked in his driveway like 3 different times “ they all laughed at kelces words , while Rafe shook his head in denial.
“ who wants to fuck a dirty pogue “ he replied. It felt like a blade shot through your heart at his words. Is that really how Rafe felt about you? Was he really that ashamed of a ‘ dirty pogue’ like you?
“ hey man she’s pretty hot for a pogue” topper replied patting Rafe on the shoulder . You couldn’t handle listening to anymore once anger started to rise in you .
“ dirty pogue? I’ll show you a dirty pogue” you mumbled to yourself as you chugged down two full cups of the alcohol, pouring you a third before making your way to a group of tourons.
You had been standing there for a good 20 minutes, flirting away with a. Group of guys that were out of town , all young horny college boys looking for some fun one night stands.
You usually weren’t like this but your only intentions right now were to hurt the boy who unknowingly hurt you.
[ text message]
Rafe- tf you doin with them boys?
Rafe- hello?
Rafe- I’m ready to go c’mon
Rafe- are you ignoring me..?
You looked down at your phone after the 5th ding, only to leave him on read purposely.
“ hey I’m gonna grab another drink” you said running your hand down the side of his biceps, solely because you just knew Rafe was watching you from a distance based off of his messages.
You finished off the cup you had as you walked over towards the keg, almost tripping over yourself .
“ yo” you heard behind you as you struggled to fill your cup up. You sat up taking another sip of your drink to see Rafe towering over you, his eyes squinted at you with anger .
“ what” you spat out.
“ why are you ignoring me “ he asked , this time his voice a bit softer as if his feelings were hurt . You shrugged, taking another sip of your drink, not feeling sympathetic to him . “ I think you’ve had enough of this “ he said attempting to take the drink away from your hand but you quickly pulled away from him. “ y/n I’m serious those boys your with could try something with-“
“ what? Try to fuck me ?” You responded with a smirk. Before Rafe could even respond you turned your back to him, filling back up the bit of alcohol you just drank. “ hey at least they would WANT to fuck a dirty pogue like me “ you responded before walking off, chugging your now 5th drink once again.
Rafe wanted to chase after you to apologize , but he knew if he did everyone would see you two together and he wasn’t sure if he was ready for that yet.
You stood over with the boys, one in particular getting very handsy. At first your plan was to make Rafe jealous, but at this point you knew in the end ask you wanted was Rafe and you had taken this’ flirting’ thing too far.
“ you should really let us see your tits” one of the guys said, tugging at the string of your bathing suit. You quickly swatted his hand away, getting nervous as you watched the group of guys circling around you.
“ no way” you laughed out, “ I can’t just show my breasts out here” .
“ oh c’mon” another said grabbing at your ass, which you immediately pushed his hand away. “ everyone’s too drunk to even notice” . You attention to back away from the grabby guy but the circle just kept enclosing around you.
“ okay guys” you laughed off nervously , but by now the guy had his hands around your waste , pulling you against your boner .
“ why don’t you come back to our hotel we can show you a really good time” the guy said , while his friend reached out, grabbing one of your breast.
“ no- please stop” you responded trying push yourself off of the guy behind you. All of a sudden you felt the guy behind you sling backwards, almost dragging you with him. You quickly caught yourself from falling before you turned around, only to see Rafe himself picking the guy back up by his throat .
“didn’t you hear her say no?!” Rafe yelled, the guy stumbling backwards as Rafe pushed him towards the water .
“ Rafe stop!” You yelled grabbing at his flexed biceps but to no avail.
“ the who’re was practically throwing herself on us man !” The guy tried arguing which really set Rafe off. Before you could even defend yourself, Rafe was throwing punch after punch, not even giving the guy a fighting chance. By then a whole circle of people were surrounding the fight , topper and kelce trying to pull Rafe off.
“ he’s down man he’s down!” Topper yelled at Rafe as he watched the nearly unconscious guy spitting blood out his mouth. Rafe squatted down, picking the guys face back up by his jaw.
“ touch my girl again, and I’ll fucking kill you “ he spat out before pushing his head back down against the shore. Rafe quickly stood up, his jaw clenched walking straight towards you. He had pure rage written all over his face when he grabbed you by the forearm , making you follow him. You didn’t bother to hesitate, quickly following along with him. You were practically jogging trying to keep up with his lengthy legs as he walked quickly across the sand to his truck.
“ get the fuck in the truck” he gritted through his teeth, holding the passenger door open for you. You quickly climbed your way in his truck, him slamming the door before walking around to the driver side , getting in the truck with same aggressiveness. The ride back to your place was silent, the only sounds was the trucks engine revving up every-time Rafe pushed on the gas. You watched as his knuckles were pale white from squeezing so tight on the steering wheel and his jaw clenching over and over again. It was turning you on to the max but you decided to stay quiet, since he was way too upset at the moment .
You had finally made it to your house, your front porch light lighting the inside of the car up some.
“ thanks for the ride” you said softly before reaching for the door handle .
“ wait “ Rafe said , not taking his eyes off the street in front of you. He sighed heavily calming himself down before looking over at you. “ I didn’t mean what I said earlier” he spoke. You looked down. You knew he didn’t look at you like that, but to convince the kooks, that’s exactly what he had to say .
“ I know” you said softly looking over at him. The car stayed quiet , neither one of you knowing what to say but neither wanting to be away from each other. “ I wasn’t going to do anything with those guys” you said finally breaking the silence. Rafe stayed quiet, anger filling him just by picturing you getting fucked by one of those guys.
“ I was just trying to make you jealous” you said turning slightly in your seat facing towards Rafe. Rafe looked up at you, his eyes staring deeply into yours.
“ it very much worked” he replied. You chuckled slightly nodding your head.
“ I know and it was so hot “ Rafe laughed at your comment, shaking his head.
“ well everyone knows now too so” he said shrugging his shoulders.
“ I’m sorry” you replied softly while lowering your head.
“ princess it’s okay” he replied grabbing ahold of your face. “ everyone was bound to find out eventually “ he replied with a sincere smile.
“ I know but I forced it early and you weren’t ready” you replied , laying your head down in his head .
“ no “ he replied shaking his head. “ I don’t care who was around there’s no way I was about to let those guys keep touching you the way they were. “ you sighed heavily, leaning back in the seat .
“ well you wanna come inside?” You asked, feeling yourself getting drowsy.
“ of course princess “ he said taking the key out of the ignition .
He followed you to your front door, his eyes not leaving your bottom.
“ your ass really does look good “ he said before grabbing a handful.
“ behave yourself “ you joked before leading him inside your house.
It was about to be a loonnnng night .
Feedback is always appreciated ❤️
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slytherinchevy · a year ago
Denial ~ MCU Cast x Reader
A/n: Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, just got a little swamped and my motivation wasn’t helping much. 
I hope you all have been staying safe and taking care of yourselves! 
The format of writing I’ve used this time is a bit different, so let me know if it’s too confusing. The reader can be whatever age you want them to be. Not too much of a child though. 
Maybe 16+. You are one of the younger ones in the cast.
I’ve kept it gender-neutral so if you see that I’ve used any pronouns that says otherwise, please let me know. 
Requested by: @catsandbooksandsstuff
feedback is always appreciated! I hope this satisfies you! 
Send me asks if you just wanna chat and talk about stuff or ask me something other than fic requests. I’d love getting to know my readers.
Sorry for typos, I’ll proofread later. 
Words: 2k+ 
Warnings: offensive questions, creeps...swears? i don’t remember but let me know if there r more.
Also all scenarios here are complete fiction.
(disclaimer: any act of translation or plagiarism will not be tolerated. this oneshot is not available anywhere other than tumblr so if seen somewhere else, please do notify me)
You've been part of this wonderful family for more than a decade. And these people that you’ve worked with for so long mean the absolute world to you.
And even though you are one of the youngest there and everyone else were protective and whipped for you, you were just as protective about them, if not more.
Currently you were at home reading a novel that you finally got around to after putting it off for months when your phone dinged. (This was exactly why you couldn’t finish this book, you got distracted quite easily).
It was a message in the Avengers Group Chat. Evans had sent a link to a YouTube video titled,” Y/n being the protector of the MCU Cast”. He captioned the link saying’ Y/n/n, you are exposed’.
You huffed, typing a reply ‘I am not!!’.
Tom Hiddleston just sent laughing emojis saying,’ denial at it’s finest.’ You rolled your eyes as you saw the rest of the actors join in on teasing you before you clicked on the video to see what it had.
Clip 1:
It showed you at an award show which you realized was from Age of Ultron after a couple seconds.
You were posing to all the cameras when suddenly you look at someone who was later shown to be Lizzie with furrowed eyebrows, giving an interview. You soon make your way towards her and somehow managed to pull her away from that interviewer soon afterwards.
 The fans didn’t exactly know what had happened at that time but the fan who edited, captioned it saying 'Y/n was being protective over Elizabeth ' which transitioned into the interview clip right before you pull Lizzie away.
You remembered vividly what had transpired that night. You had just entered the carpet, eyes nearly blinded by all the flashes when you caught Lizzie looking around with an uneasy smile. You gave a quick smile to the photographers before making you way to her.
“Oh come on, don’t be shy. Marvel is filled with these godly men. You must have hots for one of them at least” you caught the interviewer prodding, a fake smile on her face as she tried to find some sort of gossip for her article.
Latching you arm around Lizzie’s you entered the camera frame, ”Hi!!” Lizzie seemed relieved as she returned a bright smile as you said your hi to the interviewer as well. After the greetings got over, you saw the interviewer trying to come back to her previous question so you interrupted her before she could,” There’s Scar and Robert! Come on, we are going to have a group photo.”
Lizzie nodded her head as she smiled a goodbye to the camera before leaving with you.
“God, you have no idea what you just saved me from” Lizzie sighed as she hung onto your arm, causing you to chuckle,” I think I can guess. I caught the last bit of the question.”
She could hear the slight frustration in your tone as she softly nudged you,” Don’t let her ruin your mood. Come on, let’s greet the others!”
Clip 2:
This was an interview for infinity wars with you, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.
One particular question being the highlight of the video.
“So Chris Evans, heard you got a new girlfriend. Finally deciding to settle and set down roots?” the interviewer asked.
Before he could conjure up a reply you spoke,” Why? Are you envious?” you had a sly smirk on you face and the next second it was a zoomed in screenshot of Chris H covering his mouth trying not to laugh at your remark with the caption reading ‘Yas Queen’.
You laughed at the meme the fan had edited and took a screenshot of it to save and use it against him one day.
You had been paired with Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth for that particular day.
You three had been giggling and joking around, frustrating the interviewers by dodging all their questions so as to not give away spoilers and potentially be fired by Marvel.
Y’all had even made a game out of it, trying to see who could hold out the longest without giving any sensible answer. So half the time whenever someone tried to pry something about the movie, you’d turn to each other and ask about each other’s personal life or act as if you don’t even know English.
Sometimes the interviewers were good sports and laughed at your antics, sometimes they’d sigh in defeat and leave.  
When that question had popped up, something just didn’t sit right with you. The tone used by the interviewer just screamed judgemental and that bothered you. And you felt Chris Evans was sometimes too nice and oblivious to it.
You were more than satisfied when that interviewer’s face turned red as a tomato before ending the interview. As the interviewer left both the Chris’s high fived you as they laughed about the scene that had transpired.
Clip 3:
The quality of the clip was quite low but you could make out your and Scarlett’s figure. You were holding her hand as you lead her to the stage while glaring at someone who was being escorted somewhere farther from you two by the security guards.
You scoffed as you remembered what this event was from, feeling frustrated all over again. It was at comic con for civil war. You and Scarlett had been standing near the stage, having finished your panel. Both of you were hungry so you had asked a volunteer if they would be kind enough to get them a few snacks who had excitedly agreed.
You would’ve gone yourself but the place was packed and you all had to leave soon so you were told to stay put by your managers and other crew members.
Lizzie and Tom Holland had gone to the washroom and all the others were standing around scattered.
Scarlett had dropped something and bent down to pick it up before continuing the conversation you two had going on.
But you eyes had caught a guy who seemed like a volunteer loitering around suspiciously which you soon realized was because he was creepily checking out Scarlett.
Scarlett didn’t seem to notice him but saw that you weren’t listening to her,” Hey Y/n/n? You alright?” she asked concerned. You snapped your eyes back at her as you smiled,” Uh yeah. I’m fine Scar. Just thirsty. I’m going to get some water from that dispenser. Would you like a glass as well?”
She smiled and nodded before finding a couple stray chairs for both of you to sit on.
You quickly made your way towards the dispenser near the guy and filled two glasses. As you passed him on your way back to your seat, you “tripped” and split both the glasses of water on him who shrieked in surprise as he had still been busy staring at the actress.
“Oh I am so sorry!” you exclaimed in fake surprise as he looked at you in annoyance,” You should probably get that changed before you catch a cold.” You gestured for two guards to come over ,” Would you please escort this gentleman to a washroom”.
They nodded as they took him away.
Scarlett who had been watching the entire thing came over to where you were standing, glaring holes at the guy. She had originally wanted to ask if you had been hurt but when she saw your expression she asked,” Di-Did you do that on purpose?”
You looked at her with a teasing smile as you shrugged your shoulders. She looked at you curiously,” Why?”
“Seriously?” Anthony asked as he walked over,” Did you really not notice that guy ogling at you like a creep?”
By the stunned look on her face, you knew she had remained oblivious.
Anthony continued as he patted your back,” I think Y/n did him easy. I was almost ready to get him kicked out of here.”
“I just couldn’t do nothing about him.” You sneered before you felt soft arms wrapping around you,” Thanks Y/n/n.” she whispered with a smile before slightly kissing your head.
“ Though next time I’d prefer you told me so I can give these people a piece of my mind too” she winked as she pulled away, you both going back towards the stage before you turned one last time glaring to see if he was out of your sights.
Clip 4:
It was the interview panel for Thor: Ragnarok and you were sitting beside Tom Hiddleston and Tessa Thompson.
“Hello, I’m Roger. This question is for Tom Hiddleston. I wanted to ask how you feel about playing such a deceitful character and why would you say yes to such a role? I feel like you might’ve inherited some of his characteristics after playing him for so long.”
You took over the mic before he could,” Damn, deceitful is quite a strong word. Honestly, I feel like its misused here since from what I’ve observed over the years, people seem to absolutely love Loki.”
You statement was soon backed up by a loud cheer from the crowd before you continued,” If anything, I think people love you more because of Loki, Tom.” You teased as he laughed.
After the excitement had gone down, he had answered the guy politely.
It had been a long day and that was the last panel of the day. All of you were ready to go back to the hotel and call it a day.
And thankfully there had been no irritating questions until then.
Tom seemed a bit startled even though he gave a polite smile as he searched for the right words. But you did not like one bit of how distastefully that question was asked. So you intervened.
You could tell by Tom’s expression that he was trying not to laugh out loud when you mentioned people loving Loki because he knew you were specifically referring to that part of the fanbase who thirsted over the God of Mischief.
You had shown him a few Reels and Memes on it just before this panel so both of you now had an inside joke on how the entire timing for it worked out.
Tom had honestly been quite flattered and shy by all the posts you had shown and you were having the time of your life.
Since then you have been spamming him with these posts whenever they pop up on your explore page.
Clip 5:
This was an interview during the promotions of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It was you and Sebastian Stan.
You were playing a game of “surprise chits” where there was this jar filled with chits that held dares, fan questions and fan-made memes of you two.
What you two didn’t know was that they had also added a few hate tweets about both of you as funny surprise chits.
Sebastian took out a chit that was a hate tweet reading,” Sebastian Stan is not funny. His interviews are dull as potatoes. They only get attention because he hangs out with Anthony Mackie a lot who’s the only one carrying the entire thing.”  
“Well, they sure lack a sense of humour then” you sassed back, making Sebastian laugh before stealing a bit of your popcorn you had gotten as a dare to finish.
That interview was quite old and it had been the first one with only you and him. You remember how dejected he had looked at that tweet and couldn’t help but feel like you wanted to burrito wrap him in a fuzzy blanket.
The dares had all been fun and you had no idea hate tweets would be included. But making Seb laugh made you feel better and you two went to have ice cream after that so both of you didn’t remember the incident for long.
The video ended soon with a few montages of smaller clips and photos where you acted protective over your castmates.
‘Hm, seems I am aggressive when it comes to them huh..” but you’ll never admit it to them. They’ll never let you live it down.
Taglist: @mrsweasley06 @boba707 @calimoi @nevaehss-heaven @catsandbooksandsstuff @darlingangel-17 @magic-source  @heyarely16 @originaldragonalmondflap  @supercorpendgame100 @sleepyheadssss @sleutherclaw @deadrhee @graciecliffx @seggsyburrito @sweetlilbambi @bi-lmg
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yuutakittie · a month ago
4:23 pm
Tumblr media
authors note: hi guys! i thought i would write something else. i thought i would try to write for shoyo, since his personality is a little bit like my s/o!!! i think since im starting writing i wanna do more of these time stamp drabbles!! we will see
pairings: timeskip!shoyo x fem!reader
warnings: pet names (babe, baby, sweetheart, pretty girl), otherwise none! super fluffy, lowercase intentional
today was too much. intense day at work, hours of projects, two missed bus stops, and on top of that, it started to rain on your walk to you and shoyo’s shared apartment. why today?
after hurriedly unlocking the door, taking off your now soaked shoes and socks, you pat pat pat to the bedroom to change into something comfortable. the slightly damp footprints you left behind now quickly dissipate in rays of gold, which of course decided to show themselves after you got home. 
emerging from the bedroom, you walk to the kitchen to make some tea. where is shoyo? assuming he is running late, you then journey to the couch, sitting yourself down and allowing it to swallow you up in its fluffy cushions. scrolling on your phone, fatigue begins to set in. each blink becomes slower, heavier, the blue light of your phone becoming hazy as you’re slowly pulled deeper into the beginning of sleep. where is shoyo? your mind drifts to the only man who can help this day be better. all of your worries and stressors slipping away like silk from your mind as the arms of rest pull you in, further and further and
“hey baby! so sorry i’m late,” shoyo exclaimed as he bursts through the door, kicking his shoes off and tossing his bag on the ground, along with his keys, creating a metallic clink on the ground that echoes through the previously silent apartment. “babe, did you know it rained today? bokkun mentioned it while we were cleaning up after practice, i guess i just didn’t notice. anyways, how was your day? what...” shoyo’s cheerful shout slowly trailed off as he turned around to see you on the couch, face in the cushion, phone in hand. 
shoyo walks over to your sleeping figure carefully, not wanting to wake his favorite girl. a breathy chuckle leaves his lips as he notices your phone in your hand, still lit up, message typed and ready to send.
shoyo, are you coming home soon? today was terrible and i just need you.
something pangs in his chest. was it guilt? worry? he slowly pulls your phone from your hands, setting it on the coffee table. his warm fingers thread themselves, ever so lightly, through your hair to brush it out of your face. a smile grows across his face as he sees you, eyelashes fluttering, cheeks heating up from your position on the cushion. you slowly open your eyes, squinting up at the fuzzy image in front of you. as the sleep fades away, your eyes focus in on the one person you need today. 
“good morning, pretty girl,” shoyo kisses the top of your head, then settles himself on the couch next to you. he wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you into his side. “were you able to get some rest?”
“sho, i missed you so much today,” you mumble as you bury your face into his shoulder, swinging your legs up to lay across his lap. 
“i missed you too, sweetheart,” shoyo softly speaks into your forehead, leaving a kiss there, as he runs his fingers up and down your back. sighing, you nuzzle closer into him. chuckling, shoyo places a finger under your chin, tilting it up so that you are looking at his handsome face. you grin sleepily up at him, his face mirroring yours. 
“now, tell me about your day.”
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boeswhore · 4 months ago
62,90,92 with Owen plz!!!
Tumblr media
62. “you’re overthinking— i’m yours. that’s all i want to be.”
90. “god, i’m so in love with you.”
92. “i don’t wanna pretend anymore.”
you sigh as the phone call reaches voicemail once again. you’ve been continuously trying to contact owen via text and calls but nothing seemed to work in your favour.
you could have sworn that everything was completely fine between the both of you just last week when you both had your annual movie night date.
you had to admit, it hurt. the movie night really made you think that the feelings you had towards owen were reciprocated when he was more clingy than usual; continuously wanting you by his side.
your hopes immediately shattering as he began to avoid you. you have tried to text kent about it, being super close with him as well but he didn’t know what was going on with the 6’5 defencemen either.
“try going over to his house y/n. maybe you’ll have some luck?”
you purse your lips, as you stare at kent through the little facetime chat you had going on.
“he’s avoiding me k, what makes you think he wants me at his house at 9:30pm in the pouring rain knocking on his door!” you grumble causing him to roll his eyes.
“what if he does? you never know unless you go.” kent retorts and you sigh, knowing he’s right. “keep me updated.”
“i will.”
and with that, you grab your keys making your way over to owens house. as you pull up to his driveway you take a deep breath of relief when you see his car parked in his driveway which meant he was home.
you step out of your car, quickly making your way to his door, the rain coming down harder than ever. you wrap your arms tightly around yourself as you ring the door bell; knocking on the door twice.
within a couple of seconds, the door is opened and you’re face to face with owen. he had his glasses on, dressed in a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie.
his eyes widen, “y/n— what are you doing here?”
“trying to talk to you. what’s going on? you’ve been avoiding me for days o,” your teeth chattering, as you rub your hands up and down your unfortunate short sleeve shirt.
“get in here, you’re going to get sick.” owen says sternly, pulling you into the comforts of his home. your short sleeve shirt and cotton shorts were now soaked and you mentally slap yourself at your poor clothing choice.
“are you insane? it’s pouring down outside and you’re knocking at my front door in just a tshirt and shorts!” owen exclaims as he takes your hand in his, rushing you to his bedroom.
he grabs a pair of sweats with a hoodie, handing them over to you. “go change,”
“no— we need to talk owen.”
“y/n, you’re going to get sick.”
“i don’t care— we’re talking right now.”
“are you—”
“owen, what’s happening? we were completely fine last week and then you just go all mia on me. i thought that— and then you weren’t even answering any of your calls and messages god i was so worried. what’s going on can you please tell me?”
he sighs, “nothings wrong y/n— i’ve just been busy.”
you scoff, pushing your glasses up on your face. “bull fucking shit o, you can use that excuse with anyone else but you’re not pulling that with me.”
“i don’t wanna pretend anymore.”
“you— what are you talking about?”
“us y/n, i’m talking about us! i can’t keep pretending that i don’t have feelings for you when you’re the only thing that runs through my mind 24 fucking 7! when i’m near you, i feel my heart pound like crazy. i love how you comfort me after my bad games, i love when you come cheer me on at my games and i love how your eyes crinkle when you laugh. fuck i love everything about you— god, i love you so much.”
you open your mouth to respond, but nothing comes out. you’re taken back from his confession. the boy you’ve been crushing on since you both met just said he loves you back.
“o, i— you love me?”
“i know it’s out of nowhere and i know this could potentially ruin everything but i can’t imagine losing you because of this, fuck im so sorry.” he rambles, stressfully running his fingers through his hair.
you walk up to him, caressing his cheek before gently pressing your lips against his. he stalls for a minute before running his fingers down your sides down to your hips, tightly pulling you against him.
“you’re overthinking— i’m yours. that’s all i want to be.” you murmur against his lips causing him to smile softly, before placing another sweet kiss to your lips.
“you’re shivering y/n, please go change into these now. i don’t want you falling sick just because of my stupidity.”
you chuckle; taking his clothes from his hands, “so thoughtful of you.” you say rolling your eyes.
he raises his eyebrows, smirking at the ping of sass that laced your words. “don’t roll your eyes at me.”
“i just did power.” you reply, turning around to head out his room, sneaking another look at his face and catch him staring at you with a smirk, shaking his head.
you bite your lip, smiling to yourself as you head to the bathroom.
god, you loved this boy so much.
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444yeager · a month ago
for eren.
- instead of a skincare routine, i see him having a strict hair care routine like really going into depths with treating his hair and making sure it’s always smooth and silky.
- randomly became a ring haver after seeing jean wear loads and get compliments from it.
- drives with one hand most times and the other is either on your thigh/knee.
- (if he’s driving a stick shift, he’ll take your hand and refuse to let go, it’s a right of passage).
- is not super into pda, but sometimes he forgets it’s not just the two of you and that you are in public.
- (one time he got really jealous when he saw you talking to jean at a party and approached you by grabbing your waist and pulling you close to his chest, wrapping his arms around your neck).
"why did you even do that?"
“i didn’t like the way he was all up in your space talking to you like that.”
“so you were jealous?”
- sometimes he gets nervous around you, even though you’ve been dating for a while, forgetting where to place his hands when you kiss.
- a blusher. you say one nice thing to him and suddenly his whole entire face is red.
- is always asking you to braid or play with his hair, he loves the feeling of your fingers massaging his scalp.
“hey why did you take your hand away?”
“got a message from sasha.”
“screw sasha, put your hands back in my hair.”
“what the fuck?”
- is always taking pictures of you no matter what the occasion, you’re his muse (and he likes to use it is as leverage whenever you take a slip of him).
- when you guys are hanging out, his hands always have to be on you, whether he’s holding your hand, caressing your thigh or simply playing with your fingers.
- a serial forehead kisser, he just can’t help it.
- one time you and the gang all smoked up in his house and it ended up resulting in everyone leaving to go to the garden while you and eren made out for almost half an hour (everyone left after that).
- when he gets high, he gets HIGH and becomes the worlds most clingiest individual.
“you get so clingy when you’re stoned.”
“its cause i wanna be with you all the time, i wanna live in your skin forever.
- learnt how to play the guitar for you after you said how you found it so interesting.
- did it as a joke, but ended up really liking it and can play so many songs.
- he learns your favourite songs and occasionally sends you videos of him practicing.
- when you try to wake up in the morning, he immediately grabs you back so that you can’t move.
“eren, i need to pee.”
“no you don’t.”
“i thought you were sleeping?”
“i am.”
- has a polaroid photo of the two of you in the back of his phonecase and in his wallet.
- on the rare occasion he has to leave early in the morning, if you sleep over or he sleeps over at your house, he’ll write a note and leave it on top of your phone on the nightstand.
“totally forgot i had class at 9, i’ll see you later, baby. love you :)”
- his love language is physical touch: he loves holding you, touching you in the slightest way, hugs, the works (but if you’re not feeling it, he will not do anything to obstruct your personal space)
- i see him also having gift giving as his love language, whatever he sees wherever he goes that makes him think of you, he gets it.
- when he’s co-oping with the boys playing a video game, he doesn’t want you to be bored or think he’s ignoring you so he’ll place you on his lap and teach you the ropes.
“yeager, there is no way you got killed again.”
“that wasn’t me.”
“then who the fuck was it?”
“sorry guys, i’m a newcomer to this!”
- he loves it when you wear his clothes, even if it’s extremely too big for you, he finds it and you so cute.
- (called you mommy as a joke once, but he wasn’t joking and you knew he wasn’t joking).
- a moaner and a whiner. even if you poke a sensitive spot of his, he will find a way to whine unnecessarily.
- he’s always smiling when he’s around you, even if he isn’t having the best of days, your presence and even the mere thought of you will cheer him up.
- if you’re not together, he’ll message you at the most random time to ask what you’re doing.
“hey baby what are you doing?”
“watching youtube, why?”
“i miss you.”
“we saw each other earlier.”
“okay but that was earlier, i miss you now.”
“i’m coming over.”
“eren, it’s 3 in the morning.”
“idc i’m coming over!!”
- taught himself how to cook after he got scolded by carla when she found out he survived solely on ready meals and delivery services.
- always finds a way to shotgun with you during a smoke sesh, ending up on his lap, staring at each other with hazy red eyes, ignoring everyone squirm in the background.
“you’ll never get tired of me, right?”
“you’re my whole entire heart and soul, baby. i will always be by your side.”
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