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#if you want to know more about my map-headcanon
praecipiopatronum · 2 years ago
The voices in the map
With the map he just took from Harry, Remus returns to his office.
Tumblr media
Harry had said, he had seen Peter on the map. Remus should check that, but there is something about the map that makes his heart clench.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He can hardly speak around the lump in his throat, can’t finish the sentence they came up with what feels like a lifetime ago.
When suddenly, words appear.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The amusement over his sixteen year old’s self quickly falls. They always answer together. All of them. That leaves the answer he dreads most.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Forcibly, Remus reminds himself that he isn’t talking to his friends. He is talking to their echoes. To the versions of them that will forever stay sixteen years old, as long as the map exists.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He needs to know.
Tumblr media
He needs to know the truth.
Tumblr media
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darkficsyouneveraskedfor · 4 months ago
Looking for a Place to Happen
Warnings: non-consent sex and rape (series), age gap, general stupidity.
This is dark!biker!Sam Wilson x reader and explicit. 18+ only.  Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.
Series Synopsis: There’s lots happening in Birch and you find it all too amusing.
Sister series to Smalltown Bringdown, When the Weight Comes Down, Little Bones, and Fully Completely
Note: We’re starting Sam’s installment but this weekend I’ll probably only be catching up on my headcanons and drabbles because I’ve been a lazy bitch and I’m sorry to those who have been waiting.
Thanks to everyone for their patience and feedback. :)
I really hope you enjoy. 💋
<3 Let me know what you think with a like or reblog or reply or an ask! Love ya!
Tumblr media
Chapter 1: I've got a job, I explore
The sleepy town of Birch was awake. 
In those last weeks, the arrival of outsiders had roused the attention of many once passive residents of the timeless territory. Those brick buildings unchanged by the tick of the clock inlaid into the old tower above the library that chimed every hour on the hour. They still stood with only chips in the mortar but the air tasted different. The frost was more bitter and the sky more grim. An omen of something no one could predict.
It was the perfect setting for a screenplay. The isolated town with its unsavoury secrets and the visitors who threatened to bring them to the surface. It was inspiring to you, to imagine what was hidden behind the stern wrinkled faces of the town elders and under the jackets of those men who wore the cut of the local club. The bikers ruled the town covertly but everyone knew that Bucky Barnes’ palm was lined with the map of Birch.
As a bystander, an unnoticed observer, just another ant in the hill, you watched from the side and amused yourself with the drama of others. It was like a soap opera or another HBO hype machine. Those things you aspired to when you could be free of this ho-hum town.
The snows added to the natural gloom of the place. The deep heaps smothered the noise and harkened back to those days of colonial settlement. Forgotten, desolate, fearful. 
You ventured down in your heavy boots that stretched to your knees and pushed your chin down into your scarf. As a child, you ran and jumped in those piles, now you were out of breath just trying to walk past them.
You stopped in the bakery that doubled as the only café, a place where the owner, Babs, tried to to intimidate the last caffeinated trends. She was always a few seasons behind but you didn’t mind so much. 
You ordered the salted caramel mocha and waited patiently as the quiet woman fought with the steaming machines. She was older than you but you’d work with her for one summer during high school, only five years ago. She had the eyes of a child still, but there was something worn in her. As if she’d been exposed to far too much in her three or so decades in that place. She was a harbinger of what you didn’t want to become.
You thanked her for your drink and set out once more into the billowing winds. Birch winters were never kind but this one was crueler than most. Your teeth chattered as you blew the steam away from the lid and hugged it with your mittened hands.
You stopped short as you heard the familiar ding of the diner door across the street. You recognised the mechanic who kept to herself and once growled at you in the grocery store. She stormed across the street, followed closely and quickly by a black-haired man you’d only seen once before. He was one of those outsiders who came to deal with the club men.
You sped up as you sensed chaos brewing and pulled out your phone as you balanced your paper cup in your other hand. You flicked your camera on just as you got to the front of the shop and the man grabbed the mechanic. You let out an ‘oop’ as she turned on him and you aimed the lens at the couple as they fell into the snow, the man’s shoes giving little traction to his steps. 
You moved closer, stunned by the scene, and kept your cell phone rolling as you found a better angle around the snowy walks. As she choked him on the ground he elbowed her and she coughed as she rolled away. She snarled as he clamoured to his feet, slipping and sliding as he marched away.
You killed the recording and watched the man cross the street again, nearly wiping out as he did and when you looked back to the mechanic, she was gone behind the clattering door. You chuckled to yourself and tucked away your cell. It was prime footage for TikTok; with a bit of editing, it would be comedy gold.
You stomped up the steps of your grandmother’s house, this time through the front door as you heard her chair rocking in the front room. You usually took the stairs in the back as you paid her to live on the upper floor of the duplex. You checked in with her daily, she didn’t get out much more than the occasional trip to the grocery store when you couldn’t or you dragged her out to join you for a tea at Babs’.
“You’re late,” she grumbled as you set your cup down and unzipped your coat.
“For what?” you scoffed.
“It’s after noon and you don’t even come down to say hello? A ‘good morning, nan’,” she harrumphed.
You chuckled and hung your coat before shoving your boots over on the mat. You grabbed your mocha and leaned on the doorway as you watched her crocheting in her chair, reruns of some court show playing from the boxy television.
“I was working,” you said, “sent in some stuff for review. Hopefully not much work to be done.”
“I don’t know how you make money on that interweb,” she bemoaned, “I don’t trust it.”
“Maybe you’d trust it more if you used the Netflix subscription I got you,” you crossed your arms, “then you wouldn’t have to watch trash daytime TV.”
She shrugged and muttered under her breath. She could be crotchety but you liked her sense of humour. Your aunts and uncles never came around because they just took it as spite. You were the only one who knew how to handle the jaded old lady.
“Maybe you coulda looked out the window,” you snickered, “quite a show going on in town.”
“Hmm, what’s that?” she stilled her needles and reached for her tea stained cup.
“Just a fight. You wouldn’t believe it, that lady mechanic beat the shit--”
“Language,” she huffed.
“Anyway, she had this guy in a chokehold. It was awesome.”
“What guy?” she squinted at you over her glasses.
“I dunno. Some out of towner. Remember I told you about that burly dude hanging around the library?”
“There’s more?” she sucked on her teeth, “those bikers have never been good news and now they’re bringing in more.”
“Yeah, well, what’re you gonna do?” you sniffed as you took out your phone and rewatched the scuffle with the volume down. You shook your head and opened up your TikTok. 
“I don’t understand why you’re always on your dang phone,” your grandmother pestered.
“I’m not always on my phone,” you smiled at her smugly, “there are those time when I’m listening to you prattle on or you know, making you tea, oh, and cooking you dinner. What was it I did last week? Oh that’s right, I got Pippin out of the crawlspace.”
“I’m too old to be chasin’ that cat all around,” she huffed, “where is he anyway?”
“He’s your cat, I don’t know? Last time I saw him, I sent him back out the window for shredding my charger.”
“He knows you need to give it a rest,” she laughed to herself, “got your nose to that screen too much.”
“And what do you do, old lady? Crocheting doilies to put where exactly?”
She gave you that dry smile, the one that said watch it but carried a hint of humour still. You hit post and put your phone away as you waved off her irritation.
“Well, you know what, I sit all day at my computer, doing who knows what and you know what it got me?” you taunted, “a large mocha!” you sipped as you sat on the sofa and grabbed the remote, “and it’s paying my rent and putting bullet points on my resume.”
“Mhmm,” she scowled, “just remember, real life ain’t online. Those videos you’re always laughing at like hyena, that’s not reality. You forget it and it’ll come back and bit you. ‘Specially with those bikers.”
“Oh, nan, you know too well, don’t you? Didn’t you have a fling with one back in your hippie phase?”
“Two, actually,” she raised her brows, “I was young and stupid. Not like you, but still.”
“I love you too,” you chirped and sipped from your cup, flicking the station to Jerry Springer, “that’s more like it.”
Your usual TikToks were sarcastic and dull complaints about your small town life. The response was less than pleasing but it gave you an outlet to vent. You liked to goof around and document the very specific type of weirdos that resided in Birch. But the video of the fight in the snow blew up your phone and made it difficult to ignore the buzzing as you went back up to your room to eke out the last of your captions for the ad agency.
When at last you could call your day hard-earned, you logged off and sent in your hours to the agency. Social media promotion was easy enough but the working gigs for a thousand different companies was tedious. You hoped you could build your portfolio enough to manage a single corporate page as you continued to chip away at your creative outlets.
You picked up your phone as you waited for Netflix to load on your tiny smart tv and flopped onto your bed, not two feet from your desk. You hit the icon in the upper panel of your phone and scrolled through the notifications, pausing to turn on another episode of the cable sitcom from ten years before. You snorted as you read each comment but the number under the video made your eyes round. The thing was bound to go viral.
As usual, you went down to help with supper. Pippin, the orange tabby, returned to cry at his dish and you fed him too. Your nan peered through her glasses at a crossword as she tasted the tangy pasta sauce. 
“More basil,” she snipped.
“Well, I asked if you wanted to help,” you muttered, “I think it’s good.”
“Hmmp, I need milk,” she jutted her chin out, “for my after-dinner tea.”
“You couldn’t say something like three hours ago?” you blinked.
“I could have but I didn’t,” she snickered. You rolled your eyes and she took another forkful of penne and filled in another line on her puzzle, “ah, no hurry, girlie, you know I’m patient.”
“Patient? You?” you chuckled as you took your plate and shoved it in the microwave to keep it warm. The ancient thing had a dial and the door stuck, “I’ll just go get it over with.”
“Don’t forget your mitts,” she called after you as you tramped into the front room, “it’s cold.”
You pulled on your knitted cap and matching mitts. You zipped up your parka and shoved your feet into the deep boots. You grabbed your wallet and buried it in the spacious pocket. You bounced out the front door and down the steps as the sky sent down another coat of powder for the night.
You went up White Forge Street and through the short path behind the diner that led to the main road. You glanced over at The Asp, the beacon of the dull town, and turned towards the grocer. Like anywhere in Birch, the store was outdated and stuffy. It felt like stepping into another time with the paper bags and chunky tills.
You went down the center aisle and stopped at the fridge to search through the frosted glass. Your nan only drank whole milk and the last time you carelessly grabbed skim, she whined that even Pippin wouldn’t drink it. She was particular but that was just her nature. You couldn’t say you were any less fussy in some instances.
You grabbed a jug and the door slapped closed against the worn rubber seal. You headed up the candy aisle and brushed your woolly thumb over your chin as you considered gummy bears or Reeses’ Pieces.
“Hard choice?” The deep voice jolted you.
You snatched the box of chocolate and looked over at the man in leather, his chin tucked down behind the collar as snow dusted his shoulders.
“Sure,” you said as you brushed past him.
The cut of the leather told you he was better not entertained. While you thought the men amusing, you weren’t stupid enough to engage with them. You rarely listened to your grandmother but she was wise in her own way. 
You knew a girl in highschool, she was fucking around with one of the club men in her junior year, she ended up with a baby and no support. You didn’t think he was into you that way but he could hardly have innocent intentions.
“How’s the old lady?” Clayton asked as he rung in your order at the end of the belt, you moved along with the groceries and pulled out your wallet.
“The usual, you know? She’s tryna quit again. Don’t know how long it’ll last.”
“Oh yeah? I’ll keep a carton aside for her,” he kidded as you felt your phone vibing in your back pocket.
“Don’t encourage her,” you swiped your card and punched in your pin, “although I don’t know what’s worse; the smoke or her sucking on those mints all the time.”
“Oh, it’s not the bitchin’?” he laughed.
“That, too,” you scooped up the paper bag and put your wallet away, “have a good one.”
As you came to the end of the first counter, you were nearly cut off by the club member as he swept around from till two. His own purchase of a car magazine and jerky was tucked under his arm.
“Ah, sorry,” he smiled, a sparkling smile, almost charming.
“No worries,” you continued on and he followed close behind.
“Those mitts look real warm. ‘Specially in this weather,” he said as you pushed open the door.
“Uh huh,” you kept on as your boots crunched out into the snow.
“You know where I can get a pair. Leather isn’t exactly thermal, you know?”
“These? My nan made ‘em. I’m sure Clayton got some hung up back there,” you looked across the street as you stepped up onto the ledge of snow between the sidewalk and the road.
“Am I bothering you?” he asked.
You looked at him dumbly and almost laughed in his face. You glanced back across the street then down towards The Asp.
“Sorta,” you answered.
“Make you a deal. Leave ya alone for your name.”
You eyed him. He was older than you like many of the Commandos. At least a decade, likely more than that. You chewed on your hesitation and cradled the bag more firmly against your side. His eyes strayed as he tried to see through the thick layer of your coat.
“Nah, I’m not s’posed to talk to strangers,” you said and hopped off onto the road.
You heard him behind you as he struggled to follow and as you came up to the other side, he came parallel with you and kept stride with you easily.
“I know you’re young but you’re not a kid,” he intoned, “what’s the harm in a name?”
“It’s a small town,” you stopped short of the end of White Forge, “I think I know enough about you to avoid you.”
“Oh ho, is that it? Well, I’m Sam, I’m not a stranger now, am I?”
“Not interested, Sam. Sure there’s women your own age over at the bar,” you nodded behind him.
“You wanna come see? Maybe have a drink?” he gave a crooked grin.
“You don’t give up, do you?” you shook your head, put off by his forwardness.
“Not tonight, Sam,” you turned around and headed down White Forge.
“Then what night?” he asked but you didn’t answer and he didn’t follow.
You turned down onto your street and refused to look back in case. It would be best not to mention the run-in to your nan, she was paranoid enough as it was. Besides, you’d forget about it by the end of next week.
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luventi · 4 months ago
feat. diluc, childe, kaeya, albedo.
genre. fluff + suggestive.
Tumblr media
{ please reblog if you enjoyed, my masterlist ! }
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
small touches are his forte!
running his knuckles down your cheek, it’s quick but it means so much to you both. how you whisper his name against his hand and lean into him.
there’s also nights when you’re too jittery to sleep so you run your fingers over his collarbones, mapping his smooth skin, picking all the places you want to kiss him at when he awakens.
he’s not too big on hugs but he loves to indulge himself here and there, giving a quick look around his parlor before he pushes your hips onto the couch and squeezes you closer to him. pinning you down so you’ll be forced to stay pressed against him for awhile.
play with his hands! kiss them whenever he sits you on his lap and bring them up to your face so he can squish your cheeks. he’s always working so that means he has his gloves on, but the feeling of you pressing your soft lips on his bare callused palms is heavenly.
this is very rarely but he loves when you trace his v-line fresh out the shower. he’s probably standing in front of you on the bed with a toothbrush in his mouth, while you trace the smooth muscle. the dripping water coating your finger as you stare at him longingly.
if he ever sees you roaming around the manor while he’s busy, he’ll pass by you to give you a sweet kiss on the back of your neck. diluc is not there for more than 3 seconds but he’s successful in making you daydream about him for the rest of the afternoon.
Tumblr media
ohhhh where to start with him.
kiss the small bit of skin that’s always showing on his stomach, it’s enough to make him blush and pat your head lovingly while you litter the area with your wet warm kisses.
i bet he even exposes the area even more whenever you two are cuddling in his free time. he’s gotten obsessed with how your fingers feel tracing his abs and rubbing his tummy.
loves to have a hand on your thigh during dinner dates. it’s just there, slowly rubbing his thumb in circles and giving you soft squeezes.
plays with your lips, wether in private or public he always reaches out to swipe at your bottom lip. if you kiss his thumb or even better take it inside your mouth, he’ll know that’s his queue to take you somewhere private and kiss you so hard your lips bruise.
childe loves holding hands, you would think he’s the type of man to lazily have it over your shoulder but he loves having his hand in yours while you walk around liyue.
kisses the places where he’s left past markings. it’s intoxicating to him. they’re his way of reminding you of all the fun times you have together. and promises for more fun times.
slip your fingers into his gloves to get his attention and he’ll instantly drop whatever he’s doing for you!
Tumblr media
pda galore!
he’s always tugging you to sit on his lap. if he honestly could? he’d have you sit on his lap during all his boring meetings, but he knows it would be too unprofessional of him (but he can still dream about it obviously).
places a kiss on the back of your hand anytime he greets you in the presence of others, it makes you feel like royalty and he loves the compliments he gets for being such a sweet boyfriend.
if he greets you alone? it’s with a deep passionate kiss, one hand on your cheek and the other firmly holding you waist. kaeya is a sensual kisser and he’ll have your knees buckling and shaking.
he loves if you push apart his top and place kisses on his chest, sure it’s already open but he enjoys when you get greedy for your man. cupping one of his pecs while your mouth kisses the other. it drives him insane.
playful butt grabs??? he’s all for them! but know that he’s going to repay the favor whenever he likes, including in front of the other knights. he has no shame hehe.
speaking of butts he sometimes slips his hand into your pants to warm up his hands, they get cold because of his vision and it’s such a fun way for him to warm them up.
Tumblr media
not big on pda but is so touch starved.
the little star on his neck? he will melt into your arms if you place a kiss there, like i’m talking he will sigh so deeply and lean into your kiss.
massage his scalp for him please! especially when he’s been up for an ungodly amount of hours and he’s nursing a headache, just come up to him and scratch his head gently.
he holds your wrists a lot, mostly so you don’t get nosy with his experiments or touch something you’re not supposed to touch. but if you’re in private he’ll pull your wrist up to his mouth and gives you a small kiss, but then he sends you on his way so you don’t distract or disturb him.
tuck a strand of his hair behind his ear when you wake up in the morning, he doesn’t sleep with it tied back so his pillow is a mess of platinum hair when he wakes up. he’ll appreciate the kind gesture.
he doesn’t hold hands or hug but but he never minds if you wrap your arms around his waist and rest your head on his back, it’s the only form of a hug he really enjoys.
oddly enough he likes to take baths with you! they don’t happen often but it helps him to refocus his thoughts when you gently scrub his hair with shampoo and wash his body of dirt and snow. he can just forget about his responsibilities and dream of all the things that make him feel happy.
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sunshinewarrior11 · 8 months ago
Middle Easterners: A guide to what no one seems to know
Hi, I’m arab and exhausted. I’m exhausted of all the subtle ways I’ve been treated bc of who I am. And I’ve come to realise that treating Middle Easterners like this is so subconscious now that people don’t even realise a lot of the time what they are doing. Though this list will also include some more well known ones, as well as, some religion based things but over all I am talking about the racism that’s perpetuated on Arabs and other Middle Easterners and North Africans. Please add on if you are MENA, as this won’t ve exhaustive.
It’s NOT pronounced A-rab (A like the single letter + rab s as in rabbit) it IS pronounced Arab (air + ab - like the abdominal muslce). [this point specifically applies to people with American/Canadian accents]
Within the Middle East there are all types of landscapes from desert to green, farmable lands. Where you live does dictate what you eat more of (traditionally). Soo it’s not all sand. However, I’m from where the sand is and that’s where you find the more nomadic tribes. These are the peoples who keep camels and they move a lot. They are referred to as Bedu (BEH-doo). Today, not all of them live normadic desert lifestyles. But most Arabs are able to trace their lineage to different tribes. However, not all Arabs tribes were Bedu or nomadic.
Slurs: DO NOT USE THESE, this has been included in case you don’t know: Dune Coon, Sand N*gger, Towel Head, Terrorist, A-Rab, Lizard Eater, Snake Charmers, calling us all Ali Baba, Jihadis, Savages, Barbarians.
Misconceptions and Myths: we all ride camels, we all work with oil, we are all Muslim, we are all terrorists, we are Indian (from the sub-continent), Turks are Arabs (they are a fun mix after centuries of colonisation), we are all liars/swindlers/untrustworthy, not everyone speaks Arabic, we don’t live in the 21st century, we are very backwards about everything. We all have loads of money and drive Rolls-Royce. We aren’t all super conservative or sexist or homophobic or transphobic. Gay and Transgender MENA exist and have existed for a long time.
Who is in the Middle East? What ethnicities? Arabs, Egyptians, Kurds, Persians, Areminians, Azerbaijanis, Copts, Jews (the list goes on but these are the larger groups - there are Ethnic Jews of ME descent which live outside of Palestine, as well as ethnically Palestinian Jews). Though Arabs is normally used as an umbrella term for anyone residing in MENA. It depends on the person if they find that offensive. But if you know where they are from better to say that.
What are we racially? This is a point of contention in the MENA community. As we have been labelled as different races over the years. The important thing to recognise that we prove Race is a dumb concept that has no validity. But to clarify we are a literal mix of just about everything from thousands of years of trade in the Silk Road and colonisation. There’s no one look for Middle Easterners at all. Proof, me and my family who range from being White passing to full blown brown, with hair that’s straight to wavy to tight curls, with eyes that are brown, hazel, blue and green. And the Arab kids I went to school with who had bright red hair and green eyes. But, would I say any of us are White? Uhhh, maybe some Turks and some of the Jewish peoples currently in Palestine. But really none of us are White as White here tend to mean of European descent. My best guess is that was said so white ppl could claim Jesus.
Languages of the Middle East: Arabic is the most popular language though the dialect varies highly between countries to the point that the Moroccans can’t really be understood by the peoples in the Levant and Peninsula normally. Persian/Farsi spoken throughout modern day Iran. These are the big two with Hebrew and Turkish also being popular languages. The diagram below shows more. Though it doesn’t show all of North African, but they speak Arabic for the most part, though some can speak the colonisers languages as well (eg French)
Tumblr media
[Photo ID: Map of South West Asia region colloquially referred to as the Middle East. It has modern country borders as well as a colour coded system that extents out of borders to denote the majority language spoken in different areas. Countries w/ languages in brackets: Egypt (Arabic), Yemen (Arabic), Oman (Arabic), UAE (Arabic), Baharain (Arabic), Qatar (Arabic), Saudi Arabia (Arabic), Jordon (Arabic), Lebanon (Arabic), Palestine/Israel (Arabic/Hebrew), Syria (Arabic/Kurdik), Iraq (Arabic/Kurdik/Lun), Turkey (Turkish/Zazai/Kurdik), Armenia (Armenian), Azerbaijan (Azeri), Iran (Farsi/Arabic/Kurdik/Lun/Azeri/Talysh/Gilaki/Mazani/Qashqai/Baluchi/Dari/Turkmen), Turkmenistan (Turkmen), Afghanistan (Turkmen/Dari/Pashto/Baluchi/Braha/Tajik), Pakistan (Baluchi/Pashto/Braha/Punjabi/Sindhi), Uzbekistan (Kæakh/Uzbek), Tajikistan (Tajik/Uzbek) End ID]
8. Being anti Hijab/Niqab/Burka is just as racist as it is Islamiphobic. The practice of wearing these pre-dates Islam and they are considered traditional head dresses. They are sand/sun protection and almost around the world you had women wearing some sort of head wrap well into the 1960s. Furthermore, while Islam does say one should dress modestly and women should wear a head wrap (especially to pray), there is nothing religious about the niqab or burka. Additionally Islam says it should be the woman’s choice. Soo when you hear about families forcing girls, that’s more cultural than religious. Make the distinction. AND NEVER TRY TO REMOVE A WOMAN’S HEADDRESS. That’s like pulling down someone’s pants. And ESPECIALLY DO NOT SAY you are ‘freeing her’ or ‘saving her’ .
9. Not all Muslims are MENA: just a quick reminder that Islam is a religion. Muslims are the people who follow it. Muslims can be from any ethnic background and there are European, African, Chinese, South Asian and South East Asian, Arabs, Persians, Turks, etc. Oh, and like in the Jewish and Christian religions you get different sects and schools of thought that can alter the original religion to being more conservative or liberal. People practice differently. Don’t assume all Muslims are radical, misogynists. Actually most the stereotypes of the average Muslim (and I mean a lot of people do practice it that way) are very against the religion and what it teaches at it’s core. It’s like the joke about Christianity. The Qaran is the canon, but the fandom sometimes completely ignores it for its own headcanons.
10. In MENA, there are many people who follow other religions: Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, forms of Paganism, Buddists, Hindus, etc. Remember, it’s always been a hub of peoples from around the worlds. They don’t just give up their religions when they move over. And more importantly, forceful conversation or missionary type of work is banned in Islam. This is why there are still Christians and Jewish peoples and the likes.
11. Don’t assume we all know each other. We don’t. Okay..... sometimes we do. But it’s not everyone. We are just very friendly and we do things in a ‘oh well I got a friend of friend of a friend who does that and can help’ way. Though we just call everyone friend or brother or sister.
12. DO NOT compare our culture to European past cultures. Okay we get it we are more socially conservative, but when people use turns of phrase saying we are x numbers of years behind civilisation, or oh how Victorian of us or we are stuck in the dark ages, it hurts, like a lot. We are not somebackwards people, we are not less evolved and we sure as hell don’t need to be compared to our oppressors. And guess what statements like that are what western powers use as excuses to attack us, start wars. These lead to mass diasporas you see of MENA around the world, either being forced into refugee camps to survive, drowning/dying trying to evacuate when invaders want to use our lands as test grounds for their weapons and military’s and to keep us in line. It makes a myth that makes ppl more comfortable with invading us too, that they are helping us in some way. But also A LOT of the ‘backwards’ things that are said we do can be found in western and European countries. And a lot of the ways we are ‘behind’ directly link to multiple points of colonisation.
13. This is kinda in general (not MENA specific), but if you are from a western democracy (especially capitalist) DO NOT even open ur mouth about countries that have monarchies or whatever. It may not be the best system, but neither is any democracy. But one thing is certain, the desire to make us into ‘morally upright’ peoples with democracy is Imperialistic af. Like the entire Cold War was just america going only Capitalist Democracy for everyone. Like congrats you are perpetuating that notion everytime I have someone tell me I must be happy to have escaped to a democracy or even when I see ppl be like oh, this fantasy story is very good I like it but it would be better if it ended with the abolishment of their very non western government system. Also, fun fact, culture effects government, and it effects whichever governmental system might be being used. A monarchy in MENA or East Asia or Africa is going to be SO different that the British Monarchy. So yeah, it might not be the best system but it’s no westerners place to but in and say that. Like just don’t.
14. I want to draw attention to how we are systematically mistreated by the world on a regular basis. Refugees can be forced into unclean camps, loose their lives trying to escape, be forced into camps for over a decade. Get poorly mistreated when arriving in a host country. Various world policies like the White Australian policy. Being forced to assimilate to survive in non MENA countries, not being allowed to openly practice Islam. Hate crimes, HATE CRIMES. Being fired for being suspicious, being sent home from school for being loud when defending yourself, being told that we look exotic and beautiful but only if we have the right mix of arabesque and white features. Having various plastic surgeries encouraged to groups of us to make us ‘prettier’ (mostly nose jobs). REFUGEE CAMPS, they are literally so awful and there are refugees from the Lebanese and Syrian diasporas who are still in camps (THAT IS A DECADE +). LITERAL FUCKING GENOCIDES. Having the media constantly demonise us. Being always chosen for ‘random checks’ and the airport and being overly patted down to ‘make sure’. It’s not the biggest thing but it’s so dehumanising to travel.
Lastly, what is the culture actually like? Overall, I think we have a sense of community I rarely see elsewhere. What do I mean by this? We will treat strangers like family, providing help to them in anyway we can. I s2g the number of times I’m abroad and I go to the Arab markets and they find out I’m living there by myself and I just get adopted into their family to have dinners with them and they look out for me. It’s just part of the lifestyle. Food is probably the communal love language lol. We feed everybody. You won’t ever go hungry in an arabs house. Actually I can guarantee you will put on weight. We have a strong oral tradition of sharing stories and poetry through word of mouth. It’s honestly amazing to listen to, when we speak poetry, it’s like we are singing. We love to share our stories with anyone who will listen respectfully, though in more recent years I’ve seen people become reluctant either because the stereotypes of us makes people do not care, etc. We also have the preforming arts. We have beautiful instruments and styles of singing throughout the lands. We have our own dances. And most importantly something we all have always treasured is knowledge. We have been the hubs of knowledge for centuries (quite literally until the Ottomans took over). But keep in mind many of the Western Scientists we praise today basically just copy/pasted Middle Eastern scientists and then took the credit in history.
Please feel free to add on if you are MENA, everyone else should reblog but not add on.
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teyvatdreams · 3 months ago
random romantic headcanons
includes: yanfei, zhongli, albedo, childe
Tumblr media
“hey, hey, slow down!” yanfei shouts, laughing. one hand is on her head, securing her hat so it doesn’t go flying. the other hand is being tightly held by you. both of you are running through the meadow as the sun shines down on both of you, a soft warmth enveloping you.
you stop running, swiftly pulling yanfei closer to you, holding her. you both breathe heavily, trying to catch your breaths.
you smile at her. “i had you get you out here somehow,” you say breathlessly.
she chuckles. “you could’ve just asked, you know,”
“i know. but that was so much more fun, right?” you ask, intertwining your fingers with hers.
“…maybe,” she admits sheepishly. “although everyone we ran past looked at us like we were crazy.” she says, pecking your lips.
Tumblr media
you glance up at yourself in the mirror just to catch zhongli behind you, admiring you. he had decided to take you out for a nice date, which wasn’t rare. but you decided to get dressed up nice, which was rare.
“hi,” you say, looking down at your outfit.
zhongli steps closer. “hi,” he smiles. you can feel him right behind you. he wraps his arm around your waist, resting his chin on your shoulder. “you look beautiful.”
“thank you.” you say softly, chuckling. you take a deep breath, taking in the scent of his cologne.
he presses a small kiss to your jawline. “i’m so glad i’m able to call you mine.”
Tumblr media
“how am i supposed to find my way here without you?” you ask, trudging down the snowy hills. “this mountain is huge.”
“retrace your steps?” he suggests. “or i can create a map for you if you want.”
“hmm…” you hum. you didn’t want to travel through dragonspine by yourself as it was, but you knew you would have to become accustomed to it. you could remember how to get back to albedo’s lab from where you were currently, but just to make sure you could figure it out, you walked to a nearby tree.
you take out your knife and begin carving. snow fluttered down from the branches as you did.
“what are you carving?” albedo asks.
you were originally going to carve his name into it alongside an arrow, but you didn’t think that was the best idea, and also it was a bit too hard to carve out his entire name, so you decided to put the first letters of your name and a small, poorly carved heart with it. “there,” you say, proudly turning to him. “consider this a checkpoint of sorts.”
he grins. “whatever works for you,” he wraps an arm around you, kissing your cheek. “cutie.”
Tumblr media
childe nearly died from excitement when you agreed to travel to snezhnaya with him. he told you how bad teucer missed you, and how bad anthon and tonia wanted to meet you.
“you must speak of me very highly to your siblings,” you tell him, tightening the scarf around your neck. “i hope they won’t be disappointed.”
“what? no way,” he responds. “teucer writes about you everytime, asking how you are and if you’re still with me,” he says, beaming.
you grin. “he’s a cutie for sure.”
“they’re gonna love you,” he assures you. “just as much as i do.”
you link your arm with his. “you flatter me,” you say, grinning.
he leans over and kisses the tip of your cold nose. “it’s what i do best, right?”
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decaffeinated-demons · 4 months ago
Holy shiiiiit, your Eros hcs are incredible and so well thought-out! If you ever have the time and interest, would you tell us about Diavolo and Barbatos during Eros as well? And do angels (re: Simeon) have an Eros? Thanks so much for all the writing you share!
CW: Nsfw Headcanons about nsfw horny demons and a horny angel
If you are a minor or uncomfortable with adult content please step back and stay away from this post (And block the tag "Not Safe For RAD").
Not as long as the brothers but we still got some WORDS so buckle up buttercups. Once again, every headcanon in this list is presented under the assumption that the included demons (and angel) have your express informed consent and will stop whatever it is they're doing the instant you rescind it.
Barbatos always seems to disappear for a rough twelve hour period right before Eros begins- his disappearance means it's go time and the Devildom prepares itself for the season to begin. After he reappears, he seems none the worse for wear and appears completely unaffected by Eros. Nobody has ever seen him take a mate, and no store in the devildom has ever sold him any suppressants or potions, so it's a mystery what his secret is that he gets to dodge the dangerous season unlike literally every other demon in the world.
His secret: He doesn't get to avoid it.
When Barbatos disappears for twelve hours, he's actually using his room and stepping just outside the thread of time itself, establishing a small temporal distortion around himself to ride it out undisturbed.
Well, he normally does. This time around when his Eros approaches he can't get YOU out of his head and he MISSES the warning signs he usually watches out for and now he's caught up and he can't focus enough to complete the spell needed to create the temporal distortion around himself so he's trapped dealing with Eros in the Devildom for the first time and-
WOW you smell great.
One of your completely routine trips to Diavolo's castle to have tea time with Barb doesn't go that way because as soon as he sets eyes on you his demon form whips out and he's got his tail curled around your waist. In the next second he's got himself back under control but you can't very well ignore what just happened and now he has to explain-
Help? Him? With Eros- you do understand what Eros is- oh you do.'re still...offering??
Mid-Eros a lot of his walls break down and he allows himself to be more...non-perfect. the instant he has your informed consent he's hauling you towards his room and shutting the both of you in.
Prepared as he tends to be, he gathers Nesting material in advance in order to satisfy his instincts but in the face of actually having a mate to build a nest FOR, his instincts go into overdrive. He can't remember the last time he took a mate but he's almost sure he's never cared this deeply about making sure that each individual feather in each pillow is fluffy to his satisfaction and every blanket is folded to perfection around your body.
Dear Diavolo you're divine- he won't stand for not being allowed to take care of you. Ask and ye shall receive it if he has to fistfight God for it so help him. Nothing you desire is beyond him to give, he'll swear it, so long as you let him take care of you.
He doesn't need to be territorial- Time Itself is his territory, and no other being has the power to infiltrate his domain. Instead of needing to be concerned with keeping others away from you, all he must focus on is caring for you like no other demon can.
By the time he's through his Eros he's back to his normal state of mind and he apologizes profusely for asking you to help him through it even if you were the one to offer, but he noticeably never expresses any regret for actually accepting your help, nor does he show any hesitation in leaving his scent all over you.
He won't keep your scent on HIMSELF per se. He'll just use some of the fabric from the pillow that you used the most from his Nest and sew it into the collar of his uniform so that it rests around his neck.
Now back to work. A butler's work is never finished.
No lesser demon with a brain cell, two old shirt buttons, and a piece of pocket lint in their skull will come within a hundred feet of the Castle ground property line- that's the Demon Prince's territory and never stepping upon it during Eros is hardwired into every cell of their bodies.
Lucky for you and unlucky for Lucifer who forbade you from bothering Diavolo for the next few weeks, you aren't a demon and no such instinct exists in you so you just walk headfirst into the actual Heart of Hell. The only thing you're missing is a handbasket to ride in.
Diavolo himself actually finds himself quite lonely during Eros. No lesser demon will come near him, the Avatars are busy dealing with their own, and Barbatos only ever encourages him to focus on paperwork. It's so BORING-
Until a certain human decides to butt in!! Oh for his own sake PLEASE stay he's SO lonely and bored and sick of paperwork-
Once you agree to stay with him he'll get it in his head to build a blanket/pillow fort. He'll late night snack and bring all your favorite food items, and he'll ask what your favorite drink is and send Barbatos to fetch some if he doesn't have it, and he'll get to revel in your scent, and maybe leave some of his own-
...Ahhh. That's why Barbatos told him not to spend too much time with you.
Diavolo's suddenly snapping back to his normal thinking capacity and he urges that if you feel uncomfortable, knowing what time of a demon's life is currently happening, you will experience no repercussions for leaving- and he's baffled when you laugh.
It takes you fully explaining that Lucifer gave you a full crash course on what Eros is and that you came here KNOWING the implications for things to click into place and all his pretense is thrown out the window.
"May I take you as my mate?" Well at least he's blunt.
The blanket fort is repurposed into a fully blown nest of all the finest things in his castle. He's drowning you in his jewelry, covering you in his clothes, he'll bask in your presence- and then fuck your lights out.
The only part of you he doesn't touch at some point or another is your soul and I mean that literally. He's a body worshipper and by the time Eros is over he'll have mapped out every inch of your body and burned it into his mind.
He'll make sure he's burned into your mind as well- it isn't his instincts, it's purely his own self that makes him want to make sure you can never imagine being with another demon. Whatever he needs to do to make that happen will be done.
He's in a similar boat to Barbatos- being a royal demon, it's written into the essence of every lesser demon that's ever been not to go near his territory, so he feels no need to get overly protective unless issued a full frontal, impossible to ignore challenge.
That being said, being territorial and wanting to mark a mate are two different things, and boy howdy does he want to mark you, in every way he's allowed to.
If you think he's stopping after Eros you're dead wrong. It takes petitioning from all seven brothers and the angels and a stern word from Barbatos to sway him from having you simply move into the castle with him- but that won't stop you from asking though, so that part's up to you.
He'll use magic to bottle your scent and wear it as cologne and he'll smile while bragging that the scent came from his human.
Simeon (Bonus Angel)
So here's the thing. Angels don't have an established Eros exactly. Mature Angels develop it in response to being around Demons in Eros.
An unforeseen hitch in Diavolo's plan for peace is that there's remarkably little known about the ways angels and demons can interact off of a battlefield.
So in other words Eros hits Simeon like a freight train going sixty.
Poor Luke and not poor Solomon have to relocate temporarily to the Demon Lord's Castle because Simeon kept accidentally snapping at them.
You've got a good grasp on what Eros is and a really good relationship with Simeon, so you volunteer to go keep an eye on him so he isn't left completely alone in Purgatory Hall.
Cue six bitchfits from the younger brothers and pissy attitude from the eldest as you head over.
Simeon's an absolute mess. He's never quite lost control like this and he's inexperienced with how sensitive his entire body is and he has to really fight to try and keep his wings in but it's a losing battle because keeping them pinned in when he's like this is very uncomfortable.
He'll get overstimulated so easily, it takes practically nothing to turn him into a mewling puddle.
"Please...say I can touch you, little lamb... I need to be inside you..." Don't expect much foreplay, he needs you and he needs you now.
Mmmmiiiiiight have a slight breeding kink now thanks to Eros.
Any pretense of keeping his wings hidden from humans unless absolutely necessary is gone. Obliterated even. He needs to cover you in his scent and the best way to do that is by rubbing his pale gold, capped heron-like, sweeping wings over you as much as possible. You don't need blankets you have literally angel-soft wings.
His nest is mostly scavenged fabrics and cushions and the like from around Purgatory Hall. Comforting things- not exactly cotton plucked from the only pink cotton tree in the world that grows at the top of Mt Everest or blankets made from extinct sheep's wool, but the blankets and cushions are carefully selected. Not even Simeon knows what exactly it is that gets something into that nest but he knows it's special and he knows that you deserve it, so he's fine with not knowing.
When he finally shakes the effects of Eros, he's embarrassed and apologetic, frightened that he's somehow ruined your friendship so he avoids you for a few days but clings to anything with your scent like it's the last time he'll ever smell it again. Noticeably keeps your scent as long as he can too.
Once you clear up that no. This hasn't ruined another, you wouldn't even mind helping him with something like this if it happened again, he shakes his inhibitions and pours his energy into hanging out with you as much as possible.
And hell, you've already seen his wings, it's not like you don't have object permanence, you know they're there and what they look like- so what's the harm in wrapping them around you literally all the time? Especially if a demon is looking at you. Even the brothers, or the royals.
Luke has no idea what happened or why Simeon is suddenly so much more open around you but who cares?! You're hanging out more with them and less with the demons!
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voltsm · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this AU is so dumb but-
so like, do you know how people headcanon that logan glitches out sometimes? But everytime I see it, it’s mostly, like, TV static. So, I present to you, Logan as glitches I got when I was developing a videogame ✨ahjhakjg
ok so I’ll give more info about this AU after the break:
warning for a lot of programming jargon LMAO
I think Logan would get different types of graphical glitches depending on what  ✨ repressed emotion  ✨ he’s having
In bold there is the actual AU stuff lol
Pic 1) It’s a graphical glitch that I actually didn’t get in my game, but it’s usual for older 3D games. Basically the polygons of the model get stuck somewhere because miscalculations on rendering, so in simpler words, parts of him are broken. Imo, because of the technical explation, and also because it looks super angst, I think this would be when he feels lonely, depressed and sad. 
2) This is a bit harder to explain, but the technical explanation it’s that his UV map is not aligned with the textures. Basically, imagine if you want to make a cube out of cardboard. You draw the six sides, so you can fold them and make a cube. The unfolded version is what we call the UV map. So, to put color on a model, you need to paint this unfolded map. But if you change how this unfolded map is placed, but not change the placement of the colors, you get this graphical result of all the colors being on the wrong place in the 3D model. Eh, bad explanation goes brr LOL. I think this for Logan means when he is confused or lost. He must be really frustated when he doesn’t understand something or can’t figure something out, because is Logic, he is Smart, he should resolve all problems, so yeah.
3) The third one is the classic, the T-pose. A lot of people know it’s the default position for a 3D model. But here is the thing: for most games, you have something called “states”, which basically says: now this character is running, now this character is standing, etc. Sometimes (a lot of times for me because i was writing states machines with boolean conditionals but ok), your character gets in a position where it doesn’t know which state it is in, so it doesn’t know which animation it should do, so it just goes to default, the T-pose.  And it’s upside down because I got the funniest glitch when I was debbuging and messed up the quartenion rotations. Anywayyy, I think this one is just generally Really Complicated Emotions that Logan doesn’t know how to react to. Imagined if you flirt with him and Logan just. T-poses. Because he doesn’t know how to react. God I am so dumb
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saradika · a month ago
Jess! You know how much I love your head canons 💖 I was wondering what you think about the members of The Bad Batch and what their kissing styles would be! First kiss, 100th kiss, whatever you think. Would they be soft and slow or more rough and passionate?
Hi Tess! 💖 Oh my god, I am so soft for this ask, I love it so much! Kisses are so personal, it was so fun to think of what their preferred styles might be!
The Bad Batch - NSFW Headcanons/Drabbles
The Bad Batch x GN!Reader
Rated E (just to be safe), 630 words
Tumblr media
Hunter x Reader
Kissing Hunter is a lot of fun. For the most part, he’s a gentleman, dropping a kiss to your bare shoulder or wrist (maybe even neck if he’s daring) when you’re out in public - he likes hearing your pulse race when he pulls away.
But when you’re alone, his kisses are filled with passion. When you pull back from during a make-out session, his eyes are dazed, lips parted, completely drunk on your taste. It’s like his brain moves in slow motion, too overwhelmed by you - all of you, your smell, your taste, and your touch.
Hunter has a tradition though - he always finds you before a mission, no matter what. He makes sure he gets a good-bye kiss, the memory of the warmth of your lips against his, and the sweet taste of your mouth - it keeps him going for hours.
Tech x Reader
Out of his team, Tech is the most reserved. It’s not that he doesn’t like kissing you, he’s just not used to a lot of physical affection yet. He doesn’t mind if you kiss him in front of his vode, but his face will definitely be flushed with sheepishness if you linger too long.
The trick is to get him by himself, in the bowels of the Marauder. He will make the prettiest sounds if you pull him down to your level using his collar, pressing your lips to his. His whimpers are swallowed by your mouth as you back him up against the wall, and he’ll be hard as a rock by the time your kiss breaks.
Wrecker x Reader
Wrecker is an eager kisser, and he’s very comfortable showing affection. He is definitely the one that always wants a kiss, offering his cheek or lips to you whenever you pass by him. Or planting a kiss on the top of your head, the back of your hand when he passes you - honestly anywhere he can reach.
When the two of you can get some alone time, he loves to get wrapped up in you. He enjoys tangling his limbs in yours, and will absolutely melt if you nibble on his lips or slip your tongue into his mouth. Wrecker is just a big softie, and could spend all evening laying in his bunk, you laying on his chest, and just peppering his face with sweet kisses.
Echo x Reader
Out of the Batch, Echo is the best kisser (and has had the most experience). You can’t be part of the Domino Squad without having a talented tongue. Echo knows how to use his, and his kisses are beyond incredible.
He’s a fan of the confident and fiery kind, the ones that make your toes curl, the one that leaves you breathless and a little dazed afterwards. (And a word to the wise - he does tend to let his hands…. wander. They always seem to end up near your chest before too long, whether that’s a light, teasing touch, or a full-on grope. He can never get enough of you.)
Lately though, his kisses have been a little more desperate, an unconscious grip of his hands, fisted in your clothing. As if he’s trying to assure himself that you’re really there - and that he still is as well.
Howzer x Reader
Howzer is a sweet and romantic kisser, through and through. His hands are quick to trace your jaw, cup the base of your neck to keep you close. You love the love-struck smile on his face when he pulls back afterwards, and he’s been almost late to his shift more than once because he doesn’t want to stop.
When you’re alone, his kisses start to stray down your body. He wants to explore every inch of you, pressing his mouth against your soft skin, mapping out each place that makes you whimper and writhe against him.
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quindolyn · 7 months ago
General Relationship  Headcanons || Remus Lupin
Notes: I still have a Remus fic I’m working on, but made some good progress on today, I’m just going really slow because I’ve had a lot going on between school and my budding crocheting career (it’s not going well). This is all over the place I’m so sorry. I was thinking I would try writing full blown smut because I liked the part with the photograph but I have no clue. Also this inspired me to write either a fic or a headcanon with dad!Remus
Warnings: fluff, smut, written while very tired
Tumblr media
Someone had just been spewing biggoted hatred about werewolves in the Great Hall during lunch when he left in a rush dragging James and Sirius with him and convincing them not to hex the people who were speaking ill of him.
“S’not worth it guys, just come on.”
“What are you talking about Moony? It's completely worth it!”
“Yeah, Pads is right, you’re worth fighting a couple idiots for Remus.”
But he’s just not convinced
He’s sulking through the halls after calming his friends down when he runs into you
“Hi Remus!” You chirp
It's a Thursday, so you’re in your school uniform but your shirt is untucked and the top couple buttons are undone, and Remus can’t help from blushing because even mussed you’re still the most beautiful person he has ever seen.
He mumbles out a hello and you can tell he’s not himself so you offer to sit by the black lake with him and talk a bit if he’s up for it
He’s hesitant at first but he eventually takes you up on his offer
You guys settle in by a tree next to the lake a foot or so apart from each other
But the longer you’re out there and the more the conversation flows the closer you inch towards each other until your hand brushes his and you ask if you can look at it,
“Just look at my hand?”
Remus makes the most adorable confused faces
And he’s like; “Okay, I don’t see why’d you want to, but I’m not going to stop you.”
You run the tips of your fingers down the backs of his fingers, commenting on their length
“Do you moisturize your hands?”
And he responds affirmatively while just sort of staring at you because you look so beautiful studying him
And he’s baffled about how you could find something so mundane about him so gorgeous
When you tell him that he has pretty fingers he basically melts
He argues that fingers can’t be pretty, you disagree
Emphatically so
Remmy has a major size kink so seeing his hands be so much larger than yours and that you have to use both of yours to cradle one of his makes him almost black out
He has to stop himself from telling you that your hands are so small and how much he likes that they’re literally half the size of his.
He hasn’t told you about his condition yet so he can’t share with you exactly why he was upset, but you know, you spend so much time watching him, it would be hard to miss the signs
But you do your best to comfort him with the little information he gives you but just having you there next to him, his hand in yours, grounds him and makes the worries of the past afternoon fade away
He thanks Merlin that the both of you had free periods that afternoon because he couldn’t have imagined spending his afternoon any other way.
The only reason he ever leaves that tree is because you tell him you’re hungry, at this point your head is resting against his shoulder, your hands still holding his.
Remus wakes up the next day with the goofiest smile on his face
He had dreamt of you
You definitely call him out about it at
“Lupin, what’s up with the grin?”
Baby boy turns 12 different shades of red
“Nothing, just, um, happy today.”
James and Sirius proceed to tease him about liking a girl while you sit there, looking at him over the Daily Prophet.
It doesn’t take long for them to figure out that he likes you
Every time you talk to him he goes bright red
(He feels a little guilty about it) But sometimes he uses the Marauder’s Map not to stalk you but to find your general location so he could bump into you
After 2 weeks of this, of the blushing and the semi stalking James has had enough of it
He sits down next to you in potions, Lily and Remus give him weird looks
Sirius is cracking up because he and James share a singular brain cell and he knows exactly what James is thinking
James keeps on making jokes about how handsome and strong Remus is
Finally he’s just like “You know Remus likes you right? Like a lot?”
Now it's your turn for your face to explode
After class you find Remus sitting in the library and you just walk up to him and kiss him
At first he freaks out and then he realises
Once you’re dating he’s always touching you in some shape or form
A hand on your thigh
An arm around your shoulder
His hands on your hips
He just loves touching you
It keeps him grounded
He likes when you play with his hands, it reminds him of that day by the Black Lake
Forehead kisses
Lots of forehead kisses
If you have bangs that’s an extra plus because he’ll dig his nose through them in order to part them to get to your skin
He likes to pull you into his lap when you’re sitting in the common room
And while you’re sitting on his lap he’ll work his hands up under your shirt and press his palms against your stomach
If you run cold he’ll make sure to do this a lot so he can warm you up because he’s always warm
And he likes it
Sirius and James mock him for it but they totally crawl into bed with him in the middle of winter when their dorm is too cold and they’re too lazy to cast a heating charm
He is the sweetest person alive, he’s not uber wealthy like James or Sirius but he doesn’t hesitate to splurge for you.
If you’re walking in Hogsmeade and you point out something you think is pretty he’ll ask Lily to distract you while he goes in and buys it for you
There’s one lingerie shop in Hogsmeade
But boy doesn’t have any problem walking in there and buying you lingerie and stuff, even though a group of 4th years like to stand outside of it and take note of everyone who goes in there
He likes it when you’ll wear one of the thongs he buys you with one of his sweaters
He loves seeing you in any of his clothes
But his sweaters just engulf you and he loves how much longer the sleeves are than your arms, he just loves it
The first night you sleep over in his dorm Sirius has a nightmare and crawls into bed with you guys
And Remus looks at you like, “Are you okay with this?”
Of course you are because when you date one of them you basically date all of them
And you love Sirius, he’s one of your closest friends
So you all sleep scrunched together in Remus’ bed with Sirius in the middle.
In the morning once you’ve all woken up Remus pulls you into the bathroom and kisses you deeply
When you ask him why he tells you it's because seeing you be so kind to someone he cares about so much was one of the highlights of his life
He is always blown away by your immeasurable kindness
Cuddle piles with all three of them because they’re all clingy and you love it
Marauder movie nights
James or Sirius always come find you when Remus isn’t feeling well, whether that be physically or mentally
When he tells you he’s a werewolf he cries
And the sight breaks your heart, Remus crying always breaks your heart
You pull him into your arms when he tells you that he understands if you’d rather end your relationship
And his begging for you not to tell anyone turns into him begging you to stay
That’s when he tells you he loves you
“I love you, please don’t leave me. I love you so much, my life wouldn’t be worth living without you.”
You scold him for that
“Your life will always be worth living, you hear me Remus Lupin? Your life is precious.”
He’s a lot bigger than you so its a little awkward but you settle into a position where you’re both comfortable with him in your arms, with him practically lying on top of you
When you hear him whimpering “please don’t leave me” in his sleep you crumble and pull him tighter to your body
Murmuring “never” over and over again into his ear.
“Never gonna leave you.”
When you both tell your parents/guardians that he's a werewolf (your parents/guardians are wizards for the purposes of this headcanon) they hug both of you and tell you guys that it doesn’t matter what he is as long as he loves you
That night while you’re lying in bed he turns his head to look at you and says; “You know that I love you right angel?”
“I know Remmy.”
When he’s recovering you feed him chocolate, and at first it’s a little embarrassing for him but it quickly becomes one of the things that gets him through his transformations
When he’s done he gets to see you and you’re going to feed him chocolate
It makes him indescribably happy.
Remus is so gentle with you, he treats you like you’re made of glass because he never wants anyone to hurt you and he certainly doesn’t want to be the one to hurt you
The first time you have sex you’re not disappointed it was just a bit awkward for you because you could tell he was holding something back.
When you confront him about it he feels really bad because he never wanted you to feel uncomfortable and he apologizes profusely.
You chuckle a bit because you weren’t looking for an apology
You tell him that you think it would be really beneficial for the two of you to have a no holds bar conversation about sex before you guys did it again
He agrees but he’s a little scared
What if you think he’s sick
And gross
And perverted
And disgusting
And he doesn’t want to hurt you if the wolf takes over, he thinks you deserve someone who can’t lose themselves like he can
He’s so relieved when you show interest in some of the things he’s proposing
“Really you’ll let me do that?”
“‘Course I’ll let you spank me, give me your worst, I promise I’ll tell you if anything makes me feel uncomfortable.”
By the time you’re done talking about it and all of the boundaries the two of you need he’s so hard
Hard as a rock
He’s not sure if he’s ever been more turned on in his entire life
“Can we maybe try this all out now?”
You laugh but say yes.
It was the most mindblowing sex of your entire life
He’s the meanest dom, he makes you beg for his cock
He loves mocking you and when you blush he laughs at you because you’re his pathetic little slut (and he can’t believe he’s lucky enough to be doing this with you)
When you call him “Daddy” for the first time he goes feral, you’ve never been fucked so hard in your entire life
“You filthy little slut you like that don’t you? Answer me.”
“Yes Daddy, love your cock.”
“Good puppy.”
One time Sirius walks in on you guys fucking and hears Remus call you puppy, he goes out and buys a collar that says that on it gives it to him for you
Remus has no clue what to say so he just stays silent, looking at Sirius disbelieving
“Don’t worry mate, I’m not judging you, I thought it was hot.”
Remus takes a photo of you in your collar, fucked out and covered in him cum and makes you give it to Sirius as a thank you present
He likes to make you hump things
Your pillow
The edge of the bed
His thigh
The arm of the couch
Calls you his bitch in heat, and you love it
You guys can’t walk by baby stores or the baby section in a department store because Remus will take you to the bathroom and fuck you there
He loves telling you how he’s going to “fuck his pups” into you
Remus also loves making you cum 2 or 3 times at least before cummming himself
He loves that he can make you fall apart on his fingers
You get married before you get pregnant
It’s a tasteful ceremony and reception, no Voldemort in my world because they all deserve to live and be happy, you guys have to leave early because he can’t keep his hands off you.
He’s low key disappointed that he doesn’t get you pregnant immediately but at the same time thankful because what if he passes on the werewolf genes?
You tell him how stupid that is, you have to reassure him again and again and it eventually seems to stick after a while
It doesn’t take a super long time for you to get pregnant, just 2 months but Remus is so patient about so many things, and he doesn’t want to be patient about this.
He wants to watch you swell with his pups, now.
When he does get your pregnant he gives you a celebratory fuck, “wanna make sure it stays in there.”
“That’s not how it works Re-”
“Would you just shut up and let me fuck this slutty cunt or does Daddy have to get your gag?”
As you start to show he’s gentler in fucking you, he doesn’t want to hurt you
But you miss him fucking you like he used to , treating you like a ragdoll and throwing you around
You know just how to piss him off, he comes home one day to you lying stark naked in your guys’ bed playing with yourself.
He hauls you across his lap and makes you say why you’re being punished in between each spank
Doesn’t fuck you quite yet, instead makes you get off on your fingers, and when you can’t me spits into your open mouth while be ruins your cunt.
“My cunt, that’s my pussy, not your’s and you don’t get to touch it without my permission, s’mine. Gonna make you remember that.”
He freaks the fuck out when you start going into birth, he has Lily come over who brings Sirius and James with her, unfortunately, because they’re their typical idiotic selves and can’t shut up mostly because they’re nervous
Because this is their niece or nephew coming and they have no clue what they’re supposed to do.
But when they see you screaming in agony and falling into Remus’ arms as they try to get you to St. Mungos they quickly shut up
Remus sits with you during the entirety of your labor, “Good girl, you can do this baby, I believe in you.”
“Say that again please”
“I believe in you.”
I personally see Remus as both a boy and a girl dad, like with Sirius I think he’d be wonderful with 3 little girls running around wanting to have tea parties with him, but Remus is a bit more versatile
Your first child is a beautiful little boy
And the first full moon he makes it through without turning like Remus he sobs, full on sobs, you hold him and soon James and Sirius are there too, all four of you with your baby in the middle of you.
Remus doesn’t die. Ever. Fuck canon
He’s also in love with @st0nesnglitter because she deserves to be choked by Remus
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Halamshiral in 9:39
Tumblr media
Zoomed in quadrants and some explanation below!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My three year old computer and tumblrs weird servers are both currently fighting who is gonna give up first. Fun. Anyhow, I am not a digital artist by any measure, I can’t meaningfully contribute to the DA fandom by drawing characters. But I work as a cartographer (albeit that this is the first map I have ever created in English), so I can still do some visual representations. Just not of characters, but of cities and landscapes, and I must admit my Adobe Illustrator skills are more than rusty. And yeah, I have been procrastinating fifty hours of work by doing something quite similar to my actual job. Anyhow, Halamshiral! I did a post some weeks back about what we know about Halamshiral canonically and compiling some headcanons, especially about occupied Halamshiral in the Dragon Age. Based on that, I just got to work. While working, I created some new headcanons, so here they are:
- Halamshiral’s walls are round, allowing the elven community back when elves ran Halamshiral to create houses based on who needed easier access to the communal spaces that Orlais turned into the High Quarter. This is also why some of the larger streets in the slums are curved, as they are remnants of the cityscape of the Dalish Kingdom.
- The dozen most important noble families have all palace-like estates in Halamshiral (see marker <A>)
- Despite it being filled with workshops dedicated to butchering, tanning, dyeing and fume-creating processes in alchemical production, the butcher district is in name simply reduced to that
- Both the Sunburst and the Imperial Throne have massive estates in Halamshiral that are empty most of the time
- The High Quarter has such a low population because it is an average - during the year, it is around a couple hundred, whereas it peaks at three thousand when the Winter Palace is in session. The High Quarter is mostly dormant during the year, save for the handfull of local aristocrats
- Therefore, most of the buildings in the High Quarter are empty and there are squatters that are afraid of weekly inspections by the city guard
- I do believe there is a working communal fire fighting collective among the elves of Halamshiral, they just couldn’t be active during Celene’s genocide. A normal fire in the slums is devastating, but can be controlled. At marker (7), you can see the emergency housing and quickly assembled shacks and tents that try to alleviate the aftermath of a recent fire
- Halamshiral has had several natural springs before the Orlesian invasion. To spite the Chevaliers and city guard regularly destroying larger patches of green in the slums, the elven community had build a block around the last of the springs in the slums, and has risen up against Orlais in the Blessed Age when a local aristocrat wanted to destroy this space. Afterwards, Orlais has largely ignored that community space. Known as the Heart of Halamshiral, it is the center of cultural activity in the elven slums, a place where freshwater is available to all, and a public bath in one of the ponds supplied by the spring
- Some of the earth beneath Halamshiral has strong boulders not easily broken. When a new street is created in the slums, it is often easier to go around the rocky ground than invest the energy to break them, which is the reason for the smaller streets being so wave-y at times
- Denerim is three to five times smaller than this Halamshiral I have drawn and has brothels, so I thought that there might be a red lantern square in the slums
- The market square in the High Quarter is fucking huge simply because I say so and the Orlesian nobility would probably support such extravagance
- An old dark oak tree in the forerunner of the modern imperial palace in Val Royeaux was a favorite place of Empress Jeaneve Drakon I. The nobility all wanted to gain saplings of that tree to imitate the imperial court, so the price and demand for these saplings skyrocketet. Over the centuries, descendants of that tree have been meticulously cultivated into the Arbres Impérials, a tree that stops growing at a certain size, and wood from these trees makes for some of the costliest wooden furniture in all of Orlais. To celebrate the centennial of the Exalted March on the Dales, Emperor Etienne Valmont I had all trees in the High Quarter replaced with these trees
- There is no headcanon reason for the houses in the human part of the slums to look wonky, I just don’t have the energy to replace them right now
- It is set in 9:39 because someone in 9:40 decided that the only possible reaction to being called gay by your cousin was commiting genocide. I will modify this map to demonstrate the extent of Celene’s genocide at some point, I should just stop procrastinating stuff at this point, so that’s a future project
Honestly, it took me around forty hours for very little progress in hand-drawing every building, so I used some scripts and copious amounts of scatter brushes, this is the reason why buildings often overlap wierdly and finished most of it in roughly twelve hours. The rest is my standard cartography procedure mixed with a bit of not giving too much shit about some formal rules because this isn’t a professional map for professional purposes.
Why did you do this
A third hyperfocus, a third procrastination, a third wanting a working sketch of Halamshiral for my Orlesian Revolution/Second Dalish Kingdom arc in my fanfiction The Ridge of Thedas to properly understand the military implications and limitations of an uprising in Halamshiral (which, in stark contrast to TME, will be sucessful, due to Dalish military leadership)
Anything else
If you find that any aspect of this depiction hurtful, tell me and I’ll change it. There is so much real-world violence present in this fandom and I will do my best not to participate in it.
I want to dedicate this map to my amazing partner @dalishious​. I cannot physically gift you Halamshiral, light of the sun, but I can dedicate this depiction of it to you
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shotorozu · 5 months ago
Hello!! I hope you're doing well💕 Idk if this been requested before, headcanons about them having a stylish, fashionable s.o? You can choose the characters, tysm!!💖 For BNHA, if possible, please <3
fashionable s/o
character(s) : shinsou hitoshi, bakugou katsuki, todoroki shouto, midoriya izuku (bnha)
legend : [Y/N = your name] they/them pronouns used, quirk not mentioned
headcanon type : fluff (x reader)
note(s) : this isn’t that long, compared to most of my headcanons, but i did add four characters! will post more later
»»————- ♡ ————-««
Tumblr media
shinsou hitoshi
feels like a trashcan next to you.
in reality, his fashion sense is either top tier stuff, or something you can find at dollar tree
and when i mean that, i mean black sweatpants (that haven’t been washed in 2 days) and a black sweater, with a coffee stain on it to match
his fashion sense is quite lazy and comfortable, but that one outfit he wears on special occasions make up for it.
he smiles when he notices how you never-ever wear the same outfit twice in a row. at some point— assumed that you were also loaded.
and how you always find a way to make an ‘ugly’ outfit suddenly not ugly— he doesn’t know how you exactly do it.
hitoshi could look at an outfit in your closet and think “WHY did they buy this again?” but then in the following second, he could go
“oh, that’s why. they always know how to make it work.” since then, he has learned how to trust your sense in fashion
you could probably help him with his fashion sense, and he wouldn’t mind at all— just help him be consistent with it.
sometimes, he didn’t even know that a certain article of clothing would actually look good on him. the more you know
doesn’t mind it when people gawk at you, because of your very boujee✨sense of style. because, who wouldn’t look at you? they’d be missing out.
in short— he adores how you put so much effort with your clothes, and how you’re also effortlessly stylish
“but i’m dressed like a trashcan next to you,,” he’ll say with a hand resting on his nape, and you’ll reply with
“hitoshi, stop saying that.”
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki
appalled when he shows up to your dorm— and sees you wearing the fanciest pair of pajamas he has ever seen in his entire life.
“what the heck??”
“why, katsuki??”
his fashion sense is fine,, i mean— his parents are canonically fashion designers. so, you’d expect him to carry their sense of style
yes AND no. have y’all seen the official art of him carrying that large suit case? the fit was lowkey horrendous
rolls his eyes when he sees you wear something stylish to the grocery store— when he’s wearing a black tanktop and some sweatpants.
“seriously— is the outfit really necessary? you stand out too much.”
“is that a good thing?”
“not for me.”
okay but,, it’s not that bad as he says it is. he secretly loves seeing you pull up to dates in those nice clothes. he hasn’t seen you reuse the same outfit two times in a row.
but omg he hates having people gawk at you in public because of your clothes. that’s the part he despises the most
“this is what i didn’t like about your stupid style”
“oh? jealous, are we?”
“shut your trap.”
yes, you’re in fact— attractive. BUT THEY GOTTA KEEP THEIR EYES TO THEMSELVES
katsuki actually loves this part on you— but he grows irritated when his parents suddenly asked him if you were interested in modeling 💀
‘screw you and your fancy pants’ he’ll think to himself, when his parents are fawning over your sense of style.
Tumblr media
todoroki shouto
shouto is also a fashion icon himself— so you two get a lot of attention for just,, looking fancy as heck, even in the mundane.
he didn’t really care about what you wore. you had the fashion sense of a white crusty family dog? well,, so what? he doesn’t care as long as you’re comfortable.
shouto noticed how you managed to make a plain piece of fabric a fashion statement— and wanted you to show him your closet
so when you do, he’s fascinated. your brain must be LARGE just thinking about what outfit combination you want to wear every single free day.
but he also thought you were like,, the emma chamberlain of fashion— he thought you created every single fashion trend out there today
when in reality, you just happened to know how to put your own touch on an outfit 💀
“what do you mean you didn’t bring back the brown pants trend?”
“shouto, for the last time— i didn’t do that,,”
he’s not convinced yet.
loves it when he walks into your room, and sees you mumbling to yourself on what you want to wear for a specific day— especially when you’re just wearing a sweater of his, instead of your own
even though you probably have 50 sweaters in there 💀
you need to fix your outfit in public? well, that’s not an issue! he’ll literally do it for you, with no hesitation.
fixes your collar when it gets caught in your bag’s strap, and also makes sure he doesn’t pull anything too tightly.
eventually buys you clothes, when he manages to map out your aesthetic, and what you like— even though anything looks good on you in his opinion
the class can only gawk at the two of you, when the class takes another shopping trip at the mall. i mean,, you both stick out!
“jeez. we look like goodwill mannequins next to them”
Tumblr media
midoriya izuku
“that nerd’s fashion sense is lackluster at best.” — bakugou katsuki
i mean,, his fashion sense is simple. he never considered dressing in anything flashy— at least until he started dating you
he dressed in simple, and sometimes corny shirts— when you’re dressed in something he’d see in a luxurious clothing store.
he feels so,, out of place standing next to you. which you reassure that he doesn’t! but he can’t help but think that sometimes,,
because of that, he would be very willing if you decided to give him a clothing makeover!
he gets confused sometimes when he sees your closet like,, “i wonder what would this be paired with,,” but he knows to trust you with that
he’s just,, curious. that’s all.
has this fact written in his notebook— it has nothing to do with your quirk or anything related to that, but he does find it interesting
“Y/N wears a new outfit every weekend. i’ve never seen them wear the same outfit twice in a row! i wonder how that’s possible. i’ve seen their closet! and there’s a lot of things in there, and i just..” blah blah blah— when you came across that page, you were so flattered.
at first, he gets really sheepish when he’s standing next to you in public— because of the stares. but he learns to get used to it
“look, sweetheart! your style is nothing short of anything stylish.” he basically feeds you compliments on the daily— but who wouldn’t??
gets so happy when he sees you wear the clothes he bought you— even if he wasn’t so sure if someone as fashionable as you would wear it,,
to him, it’s overwhelming at first— but he does love how you look! he could talk about you all day and night. even if it annoys some people
»»————- ♡ ————-««
likes and reblogs are appreciated, thanks for reading!
i do not own bnha/mha and it’s characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei, i only own the writing and i do not profit off of my hobby
do not plagiarize, reupload, translate, or use my works for audio readings without permission
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starfirexl · 6 months ago
I loved the Damian hcs you did, do you have any specific Damian & Tim hcs?
...big brother tim? did you just ask me for...big brother tim?
nonny, oh sweet, sweet, nonny. i have spent countless nights lying awake thinking about little timmy drake all alone in his big, empty house, his little hands folded in prayer to a god he still slightly believes in, scribbling out letters and letters and letters to santa claus in colorful crayons and half-dried-out markers, staying up into the late hours of night to wish on every shooting star and airplane he sees, hoping and wishing and praying for a baby brother to call his own. all so that he won’t have to bear the weight of that crushing loneliness anymore.
do i have specific tim & damian headcanons? oh, you bet your fucking ass i do.
okay, so i know all the canon ages are fucking confusing as hell, so imma just come right out and say that tim is like 16 in this and damian is 9 (i pushed their ages back because i can and because my hcs make more sense that way. hopefully???)
so, for all intents and purposes, tim’s in high school and dami’s in elementary school
i also used executive fanon privilege to make tim Not A High School Dropout™ and dami go to elementary school in gotham
anyway, you know what i can see really, really clearly? like in extremely vivid detail? 
tim and damian walking home together after school
like this is probably inaccurate af but i imagine that Gotham High and Gotham Elementary (i just came up w those fucking stupid-ass names but its not important anyway so) are relatively close to each other
tim always gets out of school first at like 2:30 pm which is enough time for him to do his weird High School Things™ and then skateboard over to dami’s school just in time for the littluns to get out at 3
colin n maps always think tim is so cool with his skateboard covered in stickers n grip tape n pretty designs
he does all these tricks for them sometimes n dami’s friends oooooohhh and aaaaahhhh while damian is just Not Impressed™ in the background 
“tt it is a sheet of cardboard with wheels, wilkes, not a spaceship, wipe that idiotic grin off your face”
lol damian’s just jealous cuz the first and only time he ever put a foot on a skateboard he failed so fucking spectacularly that he swore them off forever and now he’s too stubborn to admit that he wants to try again
sidenote: damian 100% decorates tim’s skateboards with acrylics and spray paint and one time he made this absolutely gorgeous skateboard deck for tim’s birthday and tim legit could not use it because it was so fucking beautiful
he keeps it up on the wall in his room instead :)
whenever they walk home together, tim either slings his skateboard over his shoulder or has damian stand on it and he just,,, holds his hand and pulls him along 🥺🥺🥺
of course, damian went ballistic the first time tim tried to take his hand, but tim could tell he was nervous about standing on the skateboard alone, especially since the first time was so bad, so he pulls Big Brother Privilege™ and starts listing all the ways it’s “logistically beneficial” to have damian hold his hand
don’t give me that look, tim could only convince dami to hold his hand while crossing the street by quoting obscure crosswalk laws and citing fake statistics about passenger-to-pedestrian fatality ratios in vehicular accidents
so even if he’s kinda bending the truth a little a lot this method works, okay?
damian eventually gets used to it, and sometimes, even if he’s not on the skateboard, he’ll just instinctively slip his little hand into tim’s
tim never says anything when it happens, just squeezes damian’s hand and holds on tight, and for them, that’s more than enough :) 
wayne manor’s in bristol, so i feel like whenever dami and tim walk home together tim just feels this overwhelming sense of nostalgia
cuz like,,, he’s walked this exact same route from gotham elementary to bristol so many times before n it’s honestly fucking surreal to think about
sometimes, he thinks he can see the ghost of his past self, a little boy trudging along all by his lonesome across the street from him n damian, his gaze on the ground and his dark hair covering his eyes
those are the times he can feel the contrast between his past and his present extremely clearly, and one time, when damian gave an eager little tug on his hand and pointed at a big fluffy dog a few feet in front of them, with something like hope and childish excitement in his eyes, asking ‘can i go pet him?’ tim just. he just.
well, it was like he was hit by a fucking freight train
all of a sudden, completely unprompted, completely unbidden, he remembers the letters to santa in sloppy, five-year-old handwriting, he remembers wishing on stars and airplanes and the digital clock flashing 11:11 at night, he remembers kneeling at the foot of his bed with his hands folded just so, just like his mama taught him, whispering prayers into the fabric of his bedspread to a god he no longer believes in
and he realizes. he’s a big brother. he’s a big brother. he will never, ever have to be alone again because timothy drake finally got a fucking baby brother and--
it literally takes all of his will power to not curl up into a ball and start crying in the middle of the goddamn street
me n timmy are alike in that respect. we’re angsty teenagers who don’t feel things like this gradually, we repress n repress n then it all comes rushing in like a fucking tidal wave n dear god y’all need to gimme a sec i have so many EMOTIONS about these two... 
ANYWAY. back to fluff :)
i’ve also had this strangely vivid daydream of tim introducing damian to bubble tea
first time damian tries it, he was so surprised by the tapioca balls he fucking spat them out
it was fucking H I L A R I O U S
the look on damian’s face. tim literally laughed so hard the tea came shooting out his nose
after he spends the next 30 min trying to convince damian that no, he wasn’t trying to poison him, damian hesitantly tries it again
the texture of the boba is really weird to him at first, but also strangely satisfying, he makes that exact same confused/disgusted/intrigued face every damn time n timmy has to make a conscious effort not to laugh so he doesn’t get maimed
privately, he thinks it’s adorable, the way dami’s nose scrunches up those first few times n the way his eyes light up when he finds a flavor he particularly likes
ok so the reason i wanted to push back their ages is because i love the idea of tim trying to get his driver’s license/permit n he drives damian around everywhere for practice
i had to look this up since i’m not from new jersey (other side of the country luvs) but basically in nj teens with probationary licenses usually have to have a supervising adult w 3 years of driving experience in the car with them
BUT. they can drive unsupervised w only ONE additional passenger (any more passengers n you need the Adult™)
long story short, dami is the additional passenger :)
since i’m such a sucker for big brother tim, i literally love every single hc that cements tim’s place as damian’s older sibling, anything that makes you go ‘oh, he’s definitely dami’s big brother’
and the whole older-siblings-driving-younger-siblings-around-for-practice thing is just such a hallmark of a big sib/little sib relationship 
so i just imagine tim driving damian everywhere: to school, to independent art classes, to the dog park etc etc etc
also just imagine.
the utter horror of parallel parking 
like tim will do the thing where he’s like “hey, demon baby, can you get out and see if i parked straight?”
and damian will just whip out his handy-dandy mental protractor and be like “tt drake, you imbecile, you’re 1.5 degrees off”
“okay how’s that?” “no! now you’re too far forward, go back! back. a little farther back. no that’s too far, go forward again! drake, are you deaf? i said forward! that’s too far forward—” and on and on it goes lmao 
i have this super clear vision of tim trying to do a u-turn and he just,,, gets stuck 
like one moment he was turning his blinker on n the next moment he’s somehow wedged the car horizontally across two (empty) lanes of traffic
and now he’s just sitting there, staring at the controls, completely blanking on what to do like “what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck—”
after a solid ten minutes of tim panicking, damian unbuckles his seat belt and climbs into the passenger seat
“drake, forfeit the driver’s seat to me, your incompetence will strand us here for hours”
“are you insane? i just got my license, i don’t wanna get arrested”
i mean. damian did technically learn to drive when he was really young but tim doesn’t think he can explain that to a fucking cop
they go back n forth on that for a while until damian just snaps, plops himself in tim’s lap and forcibly takes the wheel
they have to tag-team bc damian’s short-ass legs can’t reach the fucking pedals and oh god tim’s going to prison for this
dami manages to right the car much to tim’s utter frustration, tsk tsk shown up by a nine-year-old timmy 
buuuuuuut then they get pulled over by a fucking cop and tim panics because fuck, this is going to be all over the tabloids tomorrow if he can’t get out of this
so before the cop can make it to the driver’s window, he slides his hands under damian’s on the steering wheel and puts on his best Timothy Drake Teen CEO Smile™
he rolls down the window and the cop (who’s on the younger side) sees this itty-bitty kid in the driver's seat and he’s like “um?”
tim: oh don’t mind him, sir, my baby brother just wanted to know what it’s like to “steer” *makes a big show of showing how his hands are under damian’s tiny ones* kids these days, amiright?
the cop just smiles at damian like “heh, sorry kiddo, you’re still a ways away from bein able to drive like your big brother”
even though damian CAN drive thank you very much
damian catches on quick and decides he’ll stab tim later for making him do this 
“but timmy can drive, why can’t i drive? 🥺”
tim almost fucking chokes, it’s fucking terrifying and a liiiiiiittle cute to see damian acting all innocent 
the cop def buys it and laughs, reaches in to ruffle dami’s hair “maybe in a few years, kid”
damian has to make a conscious effort to not bite the guy’s hand off but his sweet little smile definitely gets a bit tighter 
after the cop drives away n they’re alone again, tim’s just like “holy fucking shit damian, you can smile? that was horrifying” and adorable 
damian threatens to eviscerate him again and all is well with the world once more 😌
oh god. oh my god. i’m crying. fucking sobbing, why is this so fucking long??? i was gonna add some stuff about them as vigilantes and team-ups with the two superboys but i guess not!!! guess who has two thumbs and can’t be concise to save her life, this girl! ughh i just love big brother tim sooooo much, but im sorry for making people scroll forever!!!! anyway, i hope you enjoy this nonny :)))))
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ventiiology · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
— ✦ || home
Tumblr media
title . windtrace characters . kaeya , diluc , venti , childe type . fluff , bullet-point headcanons
Tumblr media
an interesting man in mondstadt is advertising for a game that represented mondstadt’s history but eventually got less played and forgotten over the years. he wanted to bring back the tradition, with more exciting edits made to the game in hopes of attracting more players. you have convinced your boyfriend to play it with you, and hell, it was a wild ride.
Tumblr media
kaeya, upon hearing about the game from you, would already be interested
it sounded really fun, so he played it with you asap
he may or may not have skipped some duties from the knights, but in his eyes it was completely within reason
he didn’t tell you about that, of course, or else you would’ve forced him to go back to favonius headquarters and finish up whatever boring paperwork he needed to sign.
as a hunter he would be quite experienced, as expected, since he was a knight and had to do similar activities when hunting down criminals like treasure hoarders, the abyss order, etc
you’d have to be good at hiding, otherwise the game would end very quickly
“hm? i’m surprised how you were able to outrun me the first time with your height. i don’t usually fall for the same thing twice, that’s why i was able to catch you~”
as a rebel kaeya would also be surprisingly good at the role
he’s scarily good at hiding and even with your perks as a hunter to trace wherever he is, he still made it really challenging
if you ever get too close to wherever he’s hiding or disguising he might take advantage of having a cryo vision to slip you up somehow
whether that be literal or not
although he’ll get called out for cheating later
“my, you’re freezing up. come on, don’t be salty you lost. you were pretty close to catching me, i’ll give you that.” kaeya says as be brings you into his embrace, warming you up in dragonspine’s bitter cold.
Tumblr media
diluc would honestly not be interested at first
it would take quite some pleading, daily bugging, and perhaps a bit of bribery to get him to agree to play
tell him that he wouldn’t have to see kaeya around for the week or something
as a hunter he would spend a good 30 seconds just standing there wondering what he should do. there are a lot of places to hide, and the map was very big. also you could’ve disguised yourself as something from the area, so how could he be completely sure it’s you?
he’s really quiet so you wouldn’t hear him coming
using the hunter ability to trace where you went, he’d be somewhat indecisive on whether he should take his time or run to follow the traces
will use hunter abilities at the most inconvenient moments
for you, as the rebel, at least
like when you think he didn’t notice you and is walking away he’ll activate the hunter ability ‘insight’, which reveals your location and points you out with a pillar of light
diluc will be annoyingly good at finding you this way
“did i scare you? i— i’m sorry. i’ll try not to repeat my actions.”
as a rebel, he’d probably be more hesitant than when being a hunter
multiple times throughout the game, he will mutter to himself that he is not suited for this role
however diluc always seemed to take the longest to find... you wondered how he pulled it off every time
Tumblr media
he’s definitely aware of this game
venti, of all people, should know about windtrace, especially its origins...
so he’s actually the one who invited you to play with him
as a hunter he’d love the thrill and challenge of finding you
he would much prefer to be a rebel, but the hunter role was still fun to play as!
he’d take his sweet, sweet time as a hunter
not sprinting all over the place will give him more time to examine places
but if he gets as much as a glimpse of action, he’ll go running towards that
“heeeey! that’s not faaaair! i declare a rematch! if i win this one, you owe me... an apple! no, five apples!”
as a rebel he’ll be able to find hiding spots in places you didn’t even know existed within the map
he might use a little bit of his anemo powers to let him climb up to higher places... if needed
will climb trees a lot, so when you start looking in trees, he alternates his hiding style
and he’s a speedy little shit too— so speedy you can hear him leaving sonic behind
like if you manage to get his disguise out of commission and you spot him since he’s unable to hide, he’ll literally just speed away behind something then you lose track of him
like???? what??? how does he??????
he will taunt you
one time he was disguising and you got pretty close
when your back was turned, he whispered, “missed me~” then will use the rebel skill ‘transparency’ to just disappear and sprint away since he knew that your hunter abilities’ cooldown wasn’t done yet.
“let’s play again! hold on, let me write a song about this...”
Tumblr media
you didn’t even get to finish asking him if he wanted to play windtrace with you and he already agreed
this man is a simp
he’ll never admit that, though. he has pride.
as a hunter, the games played with childe will be so nerve-racking and intense
while he’s hunting for you, it’s like his whole aura’s changed
he seemed far more intimidating and scary than usual
“[name]~ where are you~? i can tell i’m getting close...”
why was he taking this game so seriously????????
when playing with childe, you could truly feel like you were the prey and he was the predator
he’ll give you a false sense of security. he’ll make you think that you’re safe from his watchful gaze.
you used your ‘transparency’ ability to become invisible to him
he’ll pass by and you hold your breath, nervous that if he hears a single movement, whether it be an exhale or the small brushing sound of your sleeve moving against your shirt, he’ll be able to find you
he walks away and sprints out of sight. he probably saw movement ahead and went to track that
you started to calm down and your tense shoulders relaxed. phew, he was gone.
then, you heard a whisper behind you as someone grabbed your shoulders.
you jump out of shock and he starts laughing at the scare he gave you
“that was not funny. i’m gonna hate you forever for that one.”
“you can’t hold it against me for that long, and you and i are both aware of it.”
as a rebel he would be annoyingly good at it too
after him scaring you as a hunter you got somewhat paranoid. who says he won’t pull off the same kind of thing as a rebel?
you swore you saw a wooden crate move so you turned around to face it but then it was gone
childe’s light on his feet and barely makes a sound
you’d get more panicked as the timer ticked closer to the end of the game. you really wanted to win this one.
according to the ‘hunter’s intuition’ skill you were able to pinpoint the place where childe was at
you sprinted closer to the beam that gave away his location
you wandered around the area, trying to find where exactly the pillar of light was pointing you to... then the light disappeared
you saw a hay roll near a house which definitely wasn’t there last time you checked, so you took your chance
you were 5 metres away from it when you felt a certain someone pull you into a hug from the back.
at the same time, your timer rang, signifying the end of the match.
how does childe keep sneaking up behind you?
“hah, was it really that hard to find me, love?”
“i’m just a natural at it, i guess. haha, don’t worry~ with enough practise, you might surpass my skill level!”
Tumblr media
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ijwrsmff · a month ago
Hello there
This one is a bit lengthy but can i please get headcanons of the straw hats reaction to an admiral reader(gender neutral please) who quits the marine to join them, and is at first is distrusted but does something to gain theirs trust
I hope it's not too much trouble
It's no trouble at all! I really like this idea, it was a ton of fun to write! I hope you enjoy it ^^
He found you during a fight with the marines
He were so much stronger than the marines you were fighting with
Maybe not strong in comparison to Luffy...but he was extremely powerful so comparing to him isn’t fair
He saw you deal what should have been a finishing blow to his crewmates…
But for some reason you never hit them hard enough to kill them
Down them, sure...but never kill
He makes quick work of the other marines, and approaches you with a smile
“Join my crew!”
You looked at him baffled
“Quit the marines and throw away all my hard work to become an admiral because some...kid thinks I would be a good match for his crew? No thanks.”
Luffy left it at that, but knew he’d see you again soon
You encountered him once more at a nearby island
“ that offer still on the table?”
He grinned wide and pulled you by your hand to his ship
He couldn’t put his finger on it...but something was special about you
He just knew the crew would love you
After they get over their initial distrust that is
But Luffy? He trusted you already
No hesitation, he knew you had a good heart and that’s what really mattered
He didn’t trust all
He would go silent when you talked to him, giving you the silent treatment
He didn’t trust the was he supposed to know you weren’t there as a spy?
You tried to talk to him a couple times...but he just pretended he was sleeping
One day, he was up in the crow’s nest training and you walked in
“Mind if we spar? It’s been a while since I was able to.”
Since you left the marines
He huffed but gave a firm “sure”
He didn’t go easy on you, which surprised him when you handled yourself fairly well
You parried his attacks, and gave a few good jabs of your own
He respected your strength
He still won...but he expected to beat you within seconds
Not minutes, nearly half an hour of sparring
From then on, he’ll make small talk with you
Every once in a while he’ll go to take a nap and he’ll pull you down to lay beside him
He also sits next to you at the dinner table, even helping you fend off Luffy when he tries to steal your food
Overall...he respected strength. And if Luffy chose were here to stay
Once he starts to trust you, he’ll protect you at all costs
She trusts Luffy’s decision...but that doesn't mean she has to trust YOU
She won’t go out of her way to be mean...but she won’t help you if it means bending over backwards
She interrogates you, wanting to know why Luffy had chosen you
After days of interrogation on and off...she thinks she sees why
You were unhappy in the marines managed to become an admiral...but the happiness you had hoped to feel just wasn’t there
She discovered that in the short time you’ve been on this ship, you’ve felt happier than you ever did in the marines
She’ll be nicer after that, slowly building up her trust in you
“Want me to show you how I chart the islands we go to?”
Even if cartography wasn’t your thing, you figured it would help get you closer to Nami
After that, you would spend hours upon hours with Nami
She can be very...very protective
So once she trusts you, any comments about you that weren’t warranted she’d defend you
She wants to get closer to you, and spends the majority of her time with you
Either sitting on the deck or working on her maps
She even tells Sanji off if he starts to bother you, making the hearts in his eyes break
She’ll protect you...and she knows in her heart you’d protect her too
He is scared of you at first
You were an ADMIRAL
How could you just give up that position to join a crew?
Doesn’t trust you for a good long while
He’s convinced you’re a spy
He lets his imagination get to him, and that drives a wedge between you two
You don’t blame him...the situation is sketchy, but you were genuine
You would spend all the time needed to get the crew to trust you
After only being with them a short period of trusted them with your life
And that’s never happened before
In the marines...people wouldn’t go out of their way to save another if it meant getting hurt in the process
During battle, you stepped in front of Usopp and took a harsh blow, forming a long slash across your chest
After that...he’s significantly nicer to you
He visits you in the infirmary and looks...troubled
“What’s wrong Usopp?” You give him a concerned look
“Why what?”
“Why did you save’re hurt now. Because of me.”
You smiled at he did care
This was a good first step
Maybe eventually you can become even closer
He’s reluctant to trust you at first, but Luffy seems to see something in you…
Just like he saw something in him
So he tries to get closer to you, even going so far as to not flirt with you
Not until he got to know you better
The first time he really began to see the trust between you building was a regular day
Nothing particularly special about it, except you went into the kitchen while he was cooking
“Mind if I help?” It was your attempt to get closer to him
“Of course! Here, I need this mixed.”
You cooked together in relative silence, small talking every once in a while
Overall it was...nice
It was a bonding experience and he cherished it
That day, he sat next to you at the dinner table
You gave him a wide smile, which he returned
He would defend you to anyone who spoke ill of you after that
He could be quite protective, and it showed
Especially to Zoro, who made comments about your being a spy (which only made Usopp and Chopper panic more about the situation)
“Hey marimo! They don’t deserve the bullshit you’re throwing at them. Back off.”
“What are you gonna do about it, shitty cook?” A smirk formed on Zoro’s face
Oh looks like they’re fighting again
You went to speak up, but Nami stopped you
“They get like this sometimes. Though it’s impressive how quick Sanji was to take the bait this time...I think he likes you.” She gives you a wink and your face flushes
Who knows what the future will bring...all you know? Is that you made the right choice to join this crew
He wants to trust you...he really does
But the nagging fear of you hurting his crew is at the back of him mind
He avoids you, not wanting to risk getting hurt
Once you get injured in battle...he realizes how unfair it was that he did so
“I’m sorry y/’re hurt. Please follow me to the infirmary.”
He keeps it relatively formal, only talking when he needed to do something to check on you
“Would you...come back in a couple days so I can check on the wound and how it’s healing?”
You gave him a smile “yes doctor! Thank you!”
“Hehe you don’t have to thank me I don’t deserve your thanks I was just doing what I’d do for any of our crew!” He swayed back and forth, his paws on his face as he smiled
You could swear you saw flowers around him…
After that, he invited you to play games with him, Usopp, and Luffy
While Usopp was still reluctant, Luffy was 100% on board
“Come on y/n! Play with us!” Chopper smiled up at you and...well...there’s no way you could say no to his adorable face
So you joined in
It was fun...more fun than you thought possible to have
You laughed as Chopper tagged you, and you spun around picking him up in a hug
“Chopper...thank you.”
He smiled and laughed, “for what? Tagging you?”
You shook your head, putting him down
“No...for being a good friend.”
And he was, he was your best friend. You grew closer to him in the days following and you were certain you made the right decision
She knows what it’s like to not be trusted by the crew initially...but at least with her it was one pirate to another
You were a marine
And not just a marine...but an admiral
She is reluctant to trust you, but will give you the benefit of the doubt
She spends a lot of time with you, gauging if you’re a threat to her crew or not
She would sacrifice herself for any one of’re no exception
She almost thinks its her JOB to determine if you’re a threat or not
It wasn’t until your first battle together that she finds she trusts you
You give her a look, and she knows to use her devil’s fruit
You both coordinate perfectly together, and it shows your trust
She has only battled so flawlessly with her crew...which means you’re entirely one of them now
She will defend you from that fight forward, and stands up for you when the others express their doubts
“Y/n? Would you like to read with me?” She pats the spot next to her and smiled at you
“Of course! What are we reading today?”
The two of you grow closer and closer, spending hours upon hours just...enjoying each other’s company
She looks at your smile and knows...she would do anything to keep that happy smile on your face
He doesn’t trust you...but he doesn’t...NOT trust you
He’s reluctant to get close, but finds it’s really easy with you
He’s newer to the crew, but he trusts Luffy’s judgement
So he doesn’t have any reason not to give you a chance
He’ll spend time with you, requesting you sit in his workroom as he works on a specialized weapon for you
Over that time, you make a lot of small talk
It brings you closer together
“Y/n! What do you think?” He’ll say holding up your now finished weapon “Pretty super, right? Don’t you just love it?” He has a look of pride on his face that makes you grin
You take the weapon into your hands and feel the weight is perfect
Not light, but not overly heavy either
“Thank you Franky!” You jump up to hug him and miss seeing his face turn a dark crimson
“O-of course! Anything for a crewmate!” He hugs you back, lightly as if he’s afraid he’ll break you
This makes you laugh, “Franky...I was an admiral remember? I won’t break from a hug!”
“Well then...take this!” He lifts you up, spinning you around in circles
You both laugh, pulling each other closer and closer
Once he sets you down you see the fleeting color of pink on his cheeks
You were sure your face mirrored the same color
He knows in that moment he would protect you
Even if you didn’t need it
Maybe...protect isn’t the right word
It sounds sided
“I’ll protect you...will you protect me?” He looks sheepish, almost as if he hated asking
You lean up and kiss his cheek
“I’ll protect you Franky. I’ll protect all of us...this’s special.”
He nods, knowing exactly what you meant
“Then we’ll protect each other.”
And it was settled
As soon as you stepped onto the ship he approached you
“Your name is y/n...correct?”
“Yup! That’s me!”
He leaned down so your…”eyes” were level with each other
“Can I see your panties?”
“ that a no?”
It’s safe to assume...he doesn’t judge you for being an admirable
Though seeing some of the crew be distant from only motivates him to speak to you more
You looked tired after playing with the crew on deck, so he approached you
“Would you like me to play you a song to help you sleep?”
You stared wide eyed, not knowing he was the musician on the ship
“Sure! Would you...maybe be able to teach me how to play an instrument?”
“Which instrument would you like to learn?”
You hummed, “I’m not sure. I’ll get back to you on that.”
And so he played you a song
It put not only you, but Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper to sleep
He would have grinned if he could, and looked over his crewmates with love
As he finished the song he looked at you once again
“Sleep well y/n...I’ll see you tomorrow.”
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sirenutsukushi · 2 months ago
Keiji Akaashi SFW/NSFW HeadCanons
Featuring: Fem!Reader.
Warnings: Domesticity, talks of marriage, AFAB!reader, soft!Akaashi, fluff, anxiety, mentions of pregnancy, mentions of kids, reassuring Akaashi. NSFW after the border, light spanking/slapping/choking. Thigh riding, thigh fucking, breast fucking. Oral, giving. Fingering, fisting. Light overstimulation. Mentions of role playing, lingerie. Light pregnancy/breeding kink.
Tumblr media
Type of girl he’d like - Akaashi Keiji is a very creative, yet very analytical and precise man. Despite this he’s an over thinker and he isn’t as suave and cool as he is portrayed to be. Because of this I definitely see him falling for a girl who is creative as well, maybe an artist or painter, who is typically reserved and keeps to themself, isn’t as loud and brash as his best friend. He wants a s/o not Bokuto 2.0. I also seem him as being into an independent, academic girl. He definitely wants a girl who can hold a educated, deep conversation with him and who knows what she’s talking about. He’d also be into a girl who loves books and literature. Bonus points if she loves old classics such as Sherlock Holmes, Hans C. Anderson Fairytales, Knights of the Roundtable, etc.
(Omfg imagine sitting down with Akaashi and him reading a book to you in that melodic, soft voice of his wHOO)
Definitely has that academia aesthetic, even out of high school. Like he’s not dark dark but he’s definitely not light.
Akaashi most definitely has insecurities and hella anxiety he’s just very good at controlling it, plus being friends with someone like Bokuto really helped him out. He most certainly needs a lot of convincing in your relationship, he gets worried that he’s not enough for you or that you’d be better with someone else.
“Keiji, darling, look at me.” You pull his face into your hands, peppering kisses along his cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and finally, lips. “You are more than enough, you’re absolutely perfect and don’t you dare think I’d be better off with anyone else.”
If you have anxiety, he’ll be the same way for you. Always reassuring you and praising you, making you feel loved and wanted. He loves you more than he can express in words.
Totally leaves little notes and poems expressing his love and affection for you all over the place.
For nicknames, he’s more elegant and classy. “Darling”, “Blossom”, “My Love”, etc. Sometimes calls you “Baby”. You definitely call him “Pretty Boy” and “Love”.
He definitely strikes me as the type of guy to listen to soft jazz, blues or like Elvis and other similar artists. Classical music too. He definitely owns a record player and an extensive vinyl collection. The only thing bigger than his vinyl collection is his collection of books. His home office literally has a nice, sturdy and polished oak desk with a desktop computer, a bunch of bookcases made with the same wood and style as his desk. He definitely has one of those desk lamps that fancy granddads have. (Ya know, the gold ones with the green pill shaped shade thing— lemme look them up. BANKER DESK LAMPS-) He probably has a really nice chair too, one that won’t give him back issues. He still has a sore back of course but that’s from slouching when he’s working. His bookcases are definitely filled with older series, classics, etc. probably even has his old college textbooks and high school exam prep books on them too. Most definitely has a calligraphy pen set. (Akaashi gives me low low key Edgar Poe from BSD vibes.) You got him a few old looking maps to hang on his walls (one of them is a map of Camelot cause y’all best be watching Merlin together) alongside his college degree and a couple framed photos of you and him. Definitely has your son’s birth certificate framed.
Speaking of having a son, I totally HeadCanon it as being a complete (but happy) accident. Like Keiji is in his like— last year of college and you call him freaking out. You’re both in a committed relationship with each other, and have been for a couple years now. He comes over and you explain to him in tears that you’re carrying his baby and he just— freezes. It’s completely unexpected and definitely not part of his life plan yet but he wasn’t really all that upset about it. He smiled and explains (with tears in his eyes 😤) that while it’s definitely unexpected he’s not mad and is in fact elated. He really does love you and while a kid was unexpected, once again it wasn’t unwanted.
He moves you into his apartment after a few months, since your lease will be up soon anyways. The one bedroom apartment is small but it’s livable and cozy. Your son is born and you name him Eichi, which means Wisdom 🥺 Yall definitely have to keep him in your room for now, theres no space in the apartment for a nursery or anything unfortunately. After his lease is up, Keiji and you get a slight bigger apartment, with a nursery, an office for him and a studio for you.
Tbh Akaashi definitely proposes to you after you tell him you’re pregnant. He’s had the ring for a few weeks but was waiting for the perfect moment. He decided that was definitely the perfect time to pull it out and propose. His parents were always a bit old fashioned, and it was imperative to them that you both got married before you had Eichi. You both got married in a shrine for his family, but it wasn’t terrible. It was simple and elegant, the way you both liked it.
Tumblr media
NSFW HeadCanons
Akaashi is definitely amazing in bed. Maybe I’m being biased because I’m head over heels for him- but he’s fucking perfect. Strong thighs, strong arms, pretty moans, pretty hands and long fingers 🥵
He strikes me as a thigh guy, but like Oikawa he fucking loves boobs. Loves the way your thighs jiggle when you flop onto the couch, or how your breasts bounce when you’re coming down the stairs fast. Can’t help himself when you wear anything low cut, or short shorts. Especially weak for thigh highs. He will gladly fuck his cock between your thighs before stuffing you full, without hesitation.
Speaking of thigh fucking—- he definitely has a thigh riding kink. The idea of you getting off by rubbing your pussy along his strong thigh, your juices dripping off and soaking his flesh— it just does something to him.
“C’mon Blossom, you can do it. Cum on my thigh.” He whispers in your ear, fingers digging into your supple hips as he helps move you along his toned thighs. A wanton moan escapes your swollen lips as you lean your head against his chest, whimpering and whining as you hump his thigh so needily, already overstimulated. Akaashi chuckles, bouncing his leg and making you jolt forward with a squeal as your clit is smacked, causing you to gush with your orgasm. “Fuck, that’s it baby. Such a good girl for me aren’t you?” He asks breathlessly, watching as you cum on his thigh for the second time that night, your juices dripping down his flesh, causing his dick to strain against his boxers.
To the topic of his fingers—- w h o o o o boy. He has extremely pretty hands, they’re soft and large but not scarily so. His fingers are longer, slender and nimble. And he certainly knows how to use them. He loves the reactions you give him. The moans when he buries his middle and ring fingers in your cunt, or the breathless gasps of pleasure when he wraps his fingers around your throat, lightly, faintly constricting your airway in a manner that makes you wetter than before. He’s also, definitely into fisting you.
The squelching and gushing noises that filled the room brought a flush to your already warm cheeks, your head falling back as you brought your hands to your face. “Keiji… f.. fuck.” You swore softly, bucking your hips upward as he buried two of his slender fingers inside your slick cunt, thrusting them in and out at a steady pace, slowly adding a third. Akaashi watched your face, drinking up the noises of pleasure, the shudders that wracked your bare body and the wet sounds your dripping pussy made. “You’re so beautiful, blossom… think you can take more of my fingers? I’d love to see your cute little flower swallow my fist.”
For kinks- praise, giving and receiving. Fingering, fisting, giving. Thigh riding, thigh fucking. Breast fucking, low low key into Roleplay. Things like teacher/student and some romantic roles. Low key has a breeding kink, seeing you have his kid is something that never ceases to amaze and attract him. Plus he loved watching how swollen your breasts got. Spanking, light choking and lingerie, especially thigh highs and garter belts. Love, love, loves watching you suck him off. It just does something to him.
Speaking of sucking him off, I’ve mentioned that this man is pretty pretty. And that includes his dick. It’s long and still a bit on the thicker side, definitely at least 6.7” erect, with a slight curve. Kinda like a banana. Probably an inch or so in girth, with a prominent vein along the underside. The head is a soft pink, while the rest of his length is a bit paler, matching his skin tone. Circumcised, definitely keeps tidy and trimmed, with a dark happy trail. You’ve never imagined calling a dick pretty until you saw his for the first time and your breath hitched looking at it. He adores gently tugging on your hair as you take him in your mouth. Will instantly cum if you sandwich his dick between your breasts while sucking him off.
”Fuck- that’s it Blossom, just like that-“ Keiji’s soft, melodic voice praised you breathlessly as your tongue flicked the flushed head of his cock, collecting the warm precum and tasting it. You hummed at the faintly sweet taste, your hand pumping and twisting his shaft as you brought your swollen lips around the tip and suckled gently. Keiji leaned his head back, a series of soft moans, swears and praises escaping his mouth as he buried his pretty hands in your hair and tugged gently. You looked up at him through your lashes, slowly lowering your head down until the tip of your nose brushed against his trimmed patch of hair.
His favorite positions are definitely missionary, or mating press. But he loves watching you ride him, and loves taking you from behind and bending you over even more. Enjoys the latter especially so, just loves watching your thighs and ass bounce from the force of his thrusts.
He’s even more into throwing your legs up and having you squeeze your thighs together before sandwiching his cock between the plump flesh. He’ll gently squeeze your thighs, slap and pinch your ass as he fucks your supple skin and slaps your cunt with his cock every now and again. He’ll go feral if you wear those stockings he loves so much, while he fucks your thighs.
Akaashi is just the best in the bedroom, hands down. He’s very observant and knows just what makes you squirm, and how to completely satisfy you in ways nobody else ever could.
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mcytwheeze · 4 months ago
Can I pleaseee pleasity please request playing roblox story games with cc! Quackity and cc! Dream (separately and romantically) as headcanons? You may add more characters if you want or only one of them! Any roblox story game, horror or not
I know nothing about Roblox, so this is probably so scuffed lmao
Definitely tries to find the most obscure and strange games
Might pick a horror game if he's streaming
Definitely would tease you if you get scared
The tables would turn so fast when he gets scared
Pouts if you tease him
Definitely is no help during the game
Opts to run around and make dumb jokes instead of focusing on progressing
Blames you if you have to restart the level even though it was definitely his fault
It would take so long to finish the game b/c he keeps getting distracted
"Oh my god, y/n. Look at the poster over here!"
"You're not even on the right side of the map, Q!"
When you finally complete the game, he takes all of the credit
"Yo! I did it!"
"Excuse me?"
"W-we did it! That's totally what I said!"
Is the exact opposite
Barely explores the map or stops to look at anything because he's too busy working on progressing
Gets a little annoyed when you break off from the mission
"y/n, you're going the wrong way!"
"I want to look around!"
"We need to get to the next checkpoint! Come on!"
Would definitely leave you behind if you were too slow for his liking
If you're a try-hard too, you both would compete to see who could get the most progress completed the fastest
"Ha! I'm done with chapter four!"
"y/n, I'm on five."
"Oh shut up."
If he dies or has to start over, his desk will have to endure his wrath
You just hear banging and him pressing the keys on his keyboard harder
The minute he wins?
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whale-minmin · 4 months ago
How would ATEEZ members act when they like someone or are attracted to someone? 👀 (you could do a headcanon if that works)
ATEEZ Headcanons | How they act when they like someone
Genre : fluff
Hongjoong :
Tumblr media
· He'd turn really shy whenever you talked to him
· He'd stutter a lot, hoping you won't notice the blush on his cheeks
· He'd always pick his words carefully so he doesn't mess everything up
· He'll try to slowly become closer to you
· Like asking for your number, asking how your day was
· But it's going to take a while since he's so shy
· When he finds a topic both of you like, he's going to talk so much to you about it, all the shyness disappearing
Seonghwa :
Tumblr media
· Very very very shy
· When you talk to him, suddenly he doesn't know how to speak
· He's so awkward with you, the blush on his cheeks giving it all away
· He tries really hard to hide his crush on you but ends up giving it away even more
· Stutters every sentence
· “A-Ah, yes. What a nice weather we have..”
· If he doesn't receive help from his friends, he'll probably never make a move on you because of his shyness
· Secretly leaves you cute anonymous letters with kind words
Yunho :
Tumblr media
· He'll try to become closer to you
· Talks with you a lot, although sometimes he also gets a bit shy when he’s around you
· He'd be like a young puppy, clinging to you
· He'll display his aegyo to you, hoping he can charm you with his cuteness
· “Y/N, i bought us some ice cream~ Do you want to eat it with me?”
· A lot of skinship
· He’ll always be there for you, ready to help
· Takes you out on cute, sweet dates
Yeosang :
Tumblr media
· Extremely shy around you
· He won’t manage to say anything at all when you talk to him
· Whenever you’re around him his face turns as red as a fresh tomato
· If he does manage to say something, it’s all incoherent stutters 
· “Y-You’re s-so kin..d”
· People tease him about his crush on you all the time and he gets even more embarrassed
· Very very awkward with you, he gets into a lot of embarrassing situations because of that
· Sometimes leaves you anonymous small gifts like snacks
San :
Tumblr media
· So playful with you
· Gives you lots of gifts and snacks
· “Are you charmed by me, Y/N? I hope so~”
· Such a flirt, he'll take every chance to flirt with you 24/7
· He'll use so so many pick up lines
· ‘Will you be the Shrek to my Fiona?’, ‘Do you have a name or can i call you mine?’, ‘Do you perhaps have a map? I think i got lost in your eyes’
· These types of pick up lines^
· He won't be shy around you at all
· Extremely confident, just asking you for your phone number out of the blue
Mingi :
Tumblr media
· Extremely sweet
· He can be either confident or really shy
· Buys you lunch if you didn't bring any, gives you small gifts
· Everyday checks up on you to see how are you doing and if you eat well
· But when you're sweet to him, he gets all shy and flustered
· “U-Umm, yeah.. The weather is nice today. Oh, it's raining..?”
· Aegyo 24/7
· When you enter the room he instantly clings to you
Wooyoung :
Tumblr media
· When you first meet him he'll straight up just ask for your phone number
· “You look nice today, Y/N”
· Like San, pick up lines and constant flirting are a must
· He'll get so cocky when he's around you
· He'll playfully tease you, saying how flustered you get when you're around him
· But in reality he's the one that gets a bit flustered inside but just chooses not to show it
Jongho :
Tumblr media
· He always gets cute and flustered when you're around him
· He'll try to show off to you a bit, like working out and pretending he doesn't know you're in the same room
· He'll also shyly show you his famous apple breaking skills
· “D-Do you want me to teach you how to do that too? S-Sure..”
· He'll ask you for help a lot, knowing that he can rely on you
· But he'll be really really shy, taking a lot of deep breaths before actually asking you for anything
❀❀❀❀❀ a/n ❀❀❀❀❀
Thank you for the request, i hope you like it ♡
None of the gifs are mine!
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biles-bilinskiii · 3 months ago
NSFW Alphabet Minho:
i’m nervy to write this…..i might not fully answer them the way you want but this is just my opinion idk. This felt weird to write. YOLO💃🏽
if you want the blank, let me know!! i can post that :)
Warnings: er so smutty. descriptions and gifs. that’s the whole thing!
Return to my Masterlist
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)
Minho would be a huge softie afterwards. He would clean you up and get you blankets and lots of cuddles. This man is adorable.
B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
He would definitely love his hair, but probably his arms. Since he’s always in the maze, he has muscle and he knows you love it. Minho would definitely like his partners thighs. Like he adores sitting by you at dinner and being able to wrap his hand on top.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person)
Well condoms don’t come up in the box and you guys don’t want a child, so usually he would cum in your mouth or your chest.
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
Doing it in the Map Room. That’s his favorite thing to do. Having all the other runners go in there and only you and him know what you guys do in there.
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
He’s only ever been with you. But he still knows what he’s doing. And if you’re wondering, yes, he can most definitely find the clit.
F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual)
Probably missionary. He wants to see your face the whole time. (couldn’t find missionary so here’s a random one)
Tumblr media
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
He’s not goofy, but he is cocky. Minho wouldn’t start making jokes or anything, but he would make comments like “You like that huh?”
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
Minho can be romantic. Your guys’ first time was very important to him. So he made it really romantic. Flower petals that he picked in the gardens. Just adorable. But after that, probably not all the time. Just occasion.
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)
He use to before you came to the Glade but only when he couldn’t sleep at night or no one else was around while he was showering. Now that you’re though, he just hints to you that he’s horny.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Hair pulling is probably it. He doesn’t want to hurt you since he’d be scared of loosing you and putting you through pain. Maybe a conversation about it might change his mind.
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)
Anywhere. This man is a horny mf.
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Whimpers. Like if he teases you and you whimper…..lawd.
N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Flirting with other guys. I mean, we all love possessive and jealous Minho, but he would probably be mad and not want to be around you for a while.
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Minho is great at giving. This man knows what he is doing, but he loves receiving too. I honestly feel like he loves both equally.
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Both. He might start off slow and then go fast and then go slow again to edge/tease you.
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
Quickies are normal in the Glade. He’s a runner so he has to leave before you wake up and gets back a little late. So sometimes they are necessary.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
I think it depends. He will risk being caught. For sure. But trying new things….not sure. As long as you are comfortable I think he would be down.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
A. Long. Time. Do I need to explain? He is a runner, his stamina is probably the highest in the Glade.
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
They do unfortunately not send toys up in the Glade. But I think if he had access to them in the Safe Haven, he would use them. To edge you a ton. Knowing he’s in control makes him feel amazing. But he wouldn’t be opposed to letting you use some on him.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
He loves to tease.
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
So loud. Minho is so so very vocal. Groans and whimpers. All. The. Time.
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Trying to have sex while you’re in the W.I.C.K.E.D. facility in the Scorch. He would drag you into his shared room and kick people out and try and get some alone time.
X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
I would say around 7-8 inches?
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
The highest ever. He is always horny. 24/7.
Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Minho would cuddle with you after and wait till you fall asleep and then he would. He wants to make sure you are okay and comfortable.
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honeytama · a year ago
7 Minutes in Heaven
League of Villains Headcanons + Scenarios
Warnings: Smut (18+), enclosed spaces, gender neutral reader
It’s only a game. A game usually played by teenagers. However, the majority of the guys surrounding you had never had the chance to experience fun like this at that age. To your surprise, yourself and the-man-you’ve-been-pining-over’s names get randomly chosen out of Sako’s hat. A timer is set for seven minutes as you’re lead into a small, dark closet. You’re both alone without any distractions.
Tag List: @knifeewifee @glowgutter @wakaoujisenhime @ivymemnoch @beauty-in-ferality @thedreadthreadanomaly @moodyvoid @lilli-chae @bakatenshii @shiggyisking @gallickingun @tomomoni @bnhabookclub
A/N: Feel free to use the images below for your own writing and projects! No credit needed! Also, I suggest reading all of these... Enjoy!
Tomura Shigaraki
Tumblr media
Says he’d leave if the first time his name gets pulled is with one of the other guys, but honestly wouldn’t mind having a heart-to-heart moment with any of them.
If you’re names get called together, he’ll get up from the floor and hide his eager expression with the ends of his hair.
Grudgingly walks to the closet with you after your names get called, even though his mind races at the filthy to-do list he’s making in his head.
7 minutes isn’t a long time, he knows this. Tomura maps out his actions by the second, but you’re underwhelmed when he just stands there in the corner thinking to himself.
You have to be the one to make the first move, but it’s not completely because you’re the one in charge. Tomura already knows what he wants from you even before you lay your hands on his shoulders or tug at his shirt.
“Cute little thing, so impatient.” Expecting him to not reciprocate any feelings, you’re taken aback once you feel his growing hardon against your thigh. His hips ever so slightly sway against yours, shamelessly rubbing himself against you.
Tomura will convince you to believe all of his lewd thoughts are your own.
“I know exactly what you want. Don’t act so innocent,” he moves his hands to the small of your back, pulling you into his chest. “You want to have a quickie, huh?”
“There’s people listening, so I wouldn’t normally do this... But you want it, so I guess we’ll just have to satiate you.”
Your heart pumps fast and he can feel it against his pectorals. The thought of his accusations actually being true for you only compels him to push into you more.
Things heat up quickly, messy kisses are exchanged on various parts of the body. But, Tomura focuses on the new feeling of your soft lips on his own the most.
You’ll get flipped around to face the wall while his hands shakily attempt to undo the front of his pants. He’ll let you take his cock to guide him in yourself.
The last amount of time you have is spent by him rapidly humping your tight hole while you whimper.
He’ll never admit to this happening once you’re outside the closet. Nevertheless, watch him creep through your bedroom door in the middle night to ask if you liked it... and if you both could do it some more.
The wet clicking noise of his dick entering and leaving your body sounds loud in the small space. The grunts that escape his throat bounce off of the walls, and they’re definitely being heard through the thin crack in the bottom of the closet door.
You cover your mouth and bite your finger hard thinking about what the others will say once you’re done fucking the boss.
Tumblr media
He suggested the game but didn’t expect everyone else to make him play.
Honesty thought he could just lounge on the couch to watch the rest of you like entertainment that night.
Once your name and his are pulled out of the hat, he hums in surprise and stands up towering over your figure nestled in the corner of the couch. “I guess one round couldn’t hurt.”
You both reach the closet door he says lowly, “I’ll be going back to my room after this.” You think he’s tossing another snarky remark back at your group.
Once inside, you’re both facing each other, Dabi’s eyes are burning holes into your face as he stares at you with his arms crossed against his chest.
He would be the one to make the first move.
A light, grazing touch on your collarbone to your neck. His nails drag along the lines made by your bone and muscle.
You jump at his sudden and surprising advancement but lean into the warmness of his palm once’s it reaches your cheek.
While utterly alone with you for the first time, with the opportunity to do whatever he wants, the furthest he’d go would be making out and heavy petting, grinding you against the back wall of the small room. At least in this closet 10 feet away from the others.
No doubt you’d both scurry away from the game once your seven minutes have passed.
“I really wish this didn’t have to happen right now.” His mouth slips into a smile once you frown at his admission. “No, doll, I mean why do we have to do this in a closet. Feel free to come by my room any time.”
He continues to watch you bite your lip in attempt to smother the volume of your moans. The pressure of his body against yours makes sweat bead on your temple.
“I’m glad something good came out of this silly game.”
Twice | Jin Bubaigawara
Tumblr media
Jin runs to the closet door in excitement once your names are read off.
He’ll call out to you getting up from your place on the couch trying to pull yourself together, “I don’t know if you heard, but our names were picked cutie, let’s go! Let’s get this over with.”
The next thing you know, you’re bodies are flush against one another’s in the tight space.
Unapologetically, Jin lifts the lower half of his mask so his mouth & nostrils are exposed. Your face heats up at his bright smile; stubble covers chin handsomely.
“Small fry,” he beams. “Are you gonna kiss me with those pretty lips, or what? Don’t, that’s gross.” He kicks himself thinking you won’t take on a chance on him for being so crude to you daily.
You giggle at his advances and lean in to meet him halfway. His fingers hold your chin as he kisses you in earnest. His other hand is already traveling toward the curve of your ass.
After making out within the first couple minutes, he’d try for something more. Probably would be the only one courageous enough to suggest giving you oral in that amount of time.
And he’s confident he’ll make you cum before the timer can go off.
A part of him wants to roughly cover your mouth while you moan with every breath, but the other half wants everyone to know that’s he’s on his knees for you.
Once your time ends, he’s bargaining the others for more time alone with you. Jin will hold the knob of the door forbidding them from entering... until Dabi or Tomura threaten to destroy it themselves. No fun.
“Hmm, what should we do? Nothing, let me know when the time is passed.” He whines against your lips while his mind fills with a plethora of things he’d want to do with you. Suddenly, he blurts out, “How about I go down you, sound good?”
Jin drops to his knees the moment your lips spill the words, “Yes, please.”
Your legs are slightly spread apart by his large, eager hands. The waistband of your pants are pulled sensually down the length of your thighs by Jin while he watches your face contort in anticipation. You’re not surprised at his experience and grace in these actions.
He hums and his throat rumbles as he laps greedily at your sensitive spots; he hopes you’re enjoying this as much as him.
Mr. Compress | Atsuhiro Sako
Tumblr media
He doesn’t know how he could be convinced to play such a “childish” game, but if it means a gamble of being chosen to enter a dark room with you, then...
“Let the games begin.”
However, if Sako isn’t in the mood for a gamble, and his sights set on getting you alone...
This man would absolutely use his quirk to rig the names that would be chosen for the first pairing. He’ll hide marbles filled with slips of paper with the both of your names inscribed.
Volunteers to pick the names at random, but snaps the marbles away to dramatically reveal that you’d be partnered with him.
Once you’re alone, he’d most definitely admit to you about his little scheme just to make you squirm against him.
“I could not possibly let myself watch any of those boys try you until I had my opportunity,” his gloved hand placed above your head against the wall, “Of course, if you’ll have me.” Shamelessly leaning close into your ear.
Sako gets turned on by trust and consent; he’d take off his mask and set it on a shelf. Allowing you to gaze into his hazel eyes.
Would get you to tell him all your dirty secrets as he lets his hands roam your body. He takes off his gloves with his teeth to trace your features with his fingertips.
He takes the lead, and his cocky self teases you for trying to take control. Although, he allows you to pull off his dress shirt and undo his pant’s button until your hands get pinned to the wall by the wrist, halting you from going any further.
He allows himself to give you tender kisses on the lips and swallows your whines that attempt to escape. Your bodies intertwine and he holds your weight against him as your legs threaten to give out from his masterful movements.
He lets the time run out.
Turns out he was only getting started, so once the game ends and you’re alone for the night... He’ll hope you’ll come running to his quarters for a full show.
“You know, it’s fate that both of our names be chosen together, right, Y/N?” Sako leans in close to your ear. Your body is struck into submission by his arms encasing both sides of your head while his hands are pressed against the closet wall. “Almost comedic that my personal, supreme desire is happening by the hands of the universe.” You can feel his breathe against the crest of your ear. Sako backs away once he’s earned the pleasure of hearing your throat catch at his admittance of affection for you.
Your eyes quickly trace the outlines of his eyes and lips that you’re able to see through the holes in his hood. He’s taken off his mask in courtesy to you and this intimate situation. Even so, it’s difficult to see him absolutely in the dark room.
“Why don’t you tell me some stories as we pass the time in here?” He tilts his head while looking deep into your eyes. “Entertain me.”
Spinner | Shuichi Iguchi
Tumblr media
Spinner did not want to play because he assumed that everyone “didn’t want to kiss him,” and was only there to be the partner for someone to be disappointed in having. His presence just for laughs.
To his unknowing, you’re sitting across from him with butterflies in your stomach, achingly waiting for your name to pulled with his.
His muscles tense when your names are called out. His lower jaw falls open and stays that way as he watches across the circle for your reaction.
Once in the closet, Spinner leans as far as he possibly can from you, and averts his eyes to the door.
Is definitely counting the seconds that he has to be so close to you.
And is also preparing for rejection if he accidentally grazes your arm.
You have to make the first move, and most likely the second, and third one too.
He’s on the defensive, 100% ready to fight you in the dark once you place a tender hand on his around his bicep. “Aye, back it up. Wha- why are you doing that?”
He’ll hold his breathe as you finally kiss him, but he completely lets go of his stress about touching you once your lips move to his neck. The more amount of attention he receives from you, the more his walls drop.
He’d allow himself to give into you more and more as believes the darkness of the room will hide his scales features. This offers him courage to ravage your body like he’s imagined for so long...
Shuichi’s incredible strength comes in handy in this sort of situation. He’d lift you against the wall with your legs wrapped around his waist as anchor.
If you’re not comfortable with being carried, he’d throw your leg around his
Or he literally just handles your body with such roughness and disgrace that in within minutes he leaves scratch marks and bruises on your hips.
In darkness, you step into his foot length of personal space before reaching out to the spot his tank hem meets his hip. A gentle tug of it towards you causes him to to jump back and throw his hands up in defense— which only end up brushing against the muscle of your breast.
The touch causes his face to heat up in embarrassment, but the heat between your legs urges you to test his wants. First, a kiss is placed on his cheek, and his responds with a smile. Then, your kisses move across towards his jaw and neck, the skin underneath being suckled and pulled by your lips.
Spinner lets out labored breathes as he hovers his hands above your hips. They only lay upon them once you whisper, “Aren’t you gonna kiss me, Shuichi?” Strong hands press into your sides as he let’s himself give into your touch. His lips catch yours hastily as your pressed back into the opposite wall. His grasp on your waist unwavering; his hands only moving to grope your behind roughly before reaching for the backs of your thighs.
Shuichi grunts into your neck as he pulls one of your legs around his waist to drive his aching groin into your own. “Tell me exactly how you want the rest the time to be spent... I’ll make it worth your while.”
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quindolyn · 7 months ago
General Relationship Headcanons || Sirius Black
”Request: hi, love! i adore your new remus headcanon and i was wondering if you could write a general relationship headcanon with sirius black? if not, that’s completely fine. have a good day!
Notes: Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m sorry this took me a little longer than I anticipated but I also went really over the top, it’s twice the length of my Remus Headcanon I just got really into it. I was once again inspired to write Dad!Marauders so maybe I’ll get around to that. I wanted to thank you all for such positive feedback on my Remus Headcanon. I hope you enjoy this. Also thank you anon, I love you.
Warnings: fluff, smut, a bit of angst, canon can go fuck itself, Sirius Black deserves to be happy, not proof read because I wrote most of this in one sitting and didn’t have the heart to go back and reread. The ending is a little choppy
Tumblr media
Sirius Black was never shown enough love as a child
Even at age 11 you were able to pick that up, when you were dragged into a train car with four other first years. James Potter, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, and Sirius Black
He seemed nervous, he kept on looking out the window of the train car and fiddling with his fingers
James tries desperately to get everyone to talk, he feels likes he’s responsible for forging your guy’s friendship
Remus, Peter, he, and you hit it off immediately and you see Sirius smile at some of your jokes out of the corner of your eye but he’s nearly trembling
When you guys start talking about what houses you want to be sorted into he turns green
And when James says how he doesn’t want to be sorted into Slytherin he looks like he’s about to vomit
“Are you alright?” You ask him, placing a delicate hand on his shoulder
He seems uncomfortable with the contact so you move your hand away
“I’m just a little nervous” He admits that he comes from a long line of Slytherins, you offer to hex James for saying that for him, but he lets out a quick laugh and tells you it's fine
He’s actually really worried that he’s going to be sorted into Slytherin whilst simultaneously being terrified about what would happen if he gets sorted into another house.
Ravenclaw could be one thing
Hufflepuff another
But Gryffindor, that just couldn’t happen
You don’t touch him this time because you saw how he reacted last time but you reassure him that it will all be fine and no matter which house he gets sorted into you’ll still be his friend, no matter what
That earns you a real smile
A smile that takes your breath away
And even though you’re too young to understand what you’re feeling that’s when you start to fall for him.
You hold your breath while he gets sorted
Like him you feel very conflicted, you’re glad he’s not in Slytherin because of what he shared with you about his family
But at the same time you’re afraid for him
You might’ve only known him for a couple of hours but you have an inexplicable attraction to him and the idea of him being so scared breaks your heart
If you’re a Gryffindor he sits next to you and the others but doesn’t really say much because he’s too busy trying to figure out what he’s going to do
If you’re in a different house then you send him a smile across the Great Hall and go to find him after the feast
“How are you doing Sirius?”
He brushes you off, tells you he’s fine but you can tell he’s not, you let it go though and decide to give him his space, telling him that if he ever needs to talk you’ll listen
The next day in the Great Hall he receives a Howler from his mother, telling him how much of a useless disappointment he is. He plays it cool like it doesn’t really bother him but you can tell that he’s hurt and it makes you unbelievably sad
Your first lesson that day is together and though you sit with one of your dorm mates and he sits with James, you watch him the entire time, you just can’t seem to pry your eyes off of him.
As the year goes on and he starts to come to terms with what his life is going to be like now, he starts to come more and more out of his shell
Answering questions in class, laughing boisterously with his friends during meals, hexing people in the corridors, pranking Slytherins for shits and giggles
But it’s almost as though he’s forgotten about you, he smiles at you when he sees you in the halls or in classes but he doesn’t actively seek you out like you wished he would.
And you’re too scared to because you told him that you would always be there if needed someone to talk to but he hasn’t come to you yet
So that obviously means that he doesn’t want to talk to you
And that’s fine
You’re not going to force a friendship
You still study with Remus in the library
And talk with James about his day when you bump into him
And help Peter if he’s having trouble in a class
But you and Sirius don’t seem to click the same as you do with the rest of them
This continues through your second year until about 5 weeks into your third year.
At this point he’s starting to physically mature a bit, not a lot, that doesn’t come for a few more years, but his shoulders get a little broader, he gets a little taller, his legs start growing hair.
Girls start paying him attention, and more attention than the harmless crushes from previous years
His blossoming looks paired with his wit and sarcasm have every single person in his grade and younger turning their head to take a second look
Sirius being the humble soul he is-
No I’m just fucking with you
Being the little shit that he is, all of this just goes to his head
And he becomes even more insufferable than he was
But you’ve never found him insufferable, not really
You just told yourself that because it was easier than confronting your feelings for him
One day he, James, Remus, and Peter pull a prank that ends up with you covered in quill ink while on your way to Herbology
You weren’t their intended target
You still spoke quite a bit with three of them
It really was just a prank gone awry
But it still sucked
You stalked back to your dorm abandoning your friends in the hallway, not making eye contact with any one as you passed by
Sirius noticed this
He couldn’t stop himself from watching as you jogged down the hallway
Head down
Trying to evade people’s gazes
He’d barely talked with you in 2 years but he was hit by a tremendous feeling of guilt
He hadn’t meant to upset you, he really hadn’t
So he told the others that he wouldn’t be attending History of Magic that day (what else is new?)
And instead took off for you down the hallway
Never mind your house, when you come back down into the common room after taking a shower there’s Sirius Black, lounging on a sofa like he owns the damned place, looking around the room, taking in every little detail if it's not his common room. If it is the Gryffindor common room then he’s staring up at the girl’s staircase, waiting for you to come down.
When you see him you blush
“Si-Sirius, what are you doing here?”
Immediately you become more aware of your appearance, fixing your hair and straightening out your skirt.
“I just wanted to apologize (Y/N) we didn’t mean for that prank to backfire onto you, we’d never do that to you, it was meant for Snivileus-”
“Yeah sure, whatever. What’s important is that you know that I didn’t mean for that to hurt you, I’m sure the other boys will apologize too I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry”
Does Sirius Black look… nervous?
“It’s fine Black, really I was just having a bad day.”
He doesn’t know why but your usage of his last name is like a knife to the chest, why wasn’t he just Sirius?
Then he remembered, because he’d barely spoken to you in the past 2 years
“I’d like to make it up to you though.”
You turn him down, telling him that that’s not necessary, you’re fine
But he’s not having it, so the next day when you sit down for breakfast you find yourself surrounded by not only Sirius but all of them
They’re acting like this is completely normal but you’re lost
What the hell are they doing?
“Making it up to you of course”
Suddenly they’re everywhere, he’s everywhere
The others were already friendly with you so its not as much of a difference
But all of a sudden Sirius Black is everywhere
Eating meals with you until you relent and come sit with him and the other Marauders at their spot at the Gryffindor table
Suddenly he’s hefting the bag off your shoulder and slinging it around his
The year seems to fly by with him at your side
Sneaking you guys food from the kitchens
They show you the invisibility cloak
Pitching the idea of the Marauders map
And all of a sudden it’s the end of your 3rd year and the care free, witty Sirius you’ve come to know over the past year had morphed into someone far more reminiscent of that scared little boy you first met on the Hogwarts Express
The night before the last day of the term you find yourself alone with Sirius in the Gryffindor common room
You ask him if he’s alright, the past few days he hasn’t been acting like himself
He doesn’t have the energy to try and lie to you anymore, he lets it all out, he tells you about all the backlash since he was sorted
He tells you about Regulus
And how they don’t even talk anymore, “I can’t talk to him (Y/N), I want to but if our mother knows that he associates with me then he’ll be punished, and punishments in the Black house aren’t getting grounded they’re, unforgivable”
You gasp at the implication and reach out to touch his shoulder, but then you’re thrown back to the train and remember how uncomfortable it seemed to make him
But it’s too late, by the time you realize your hand is already on his shoulder
You start to apologize and pull it back but his hand wraps around your wrist which brings your eyes to his
They’re brimming with tears
“Don’t leave”
You pull him into your arms, raking your fingers through his hair, whispering sweet nothings into his ear
Explaining that you just didn’t want to make him uncomfortable
He tells you it's fine, he likes it when you touch him
You two sit there in silence until you think Sirius had calmed down
You tell him you’ll write to him every day
He tells you that you don’t have to do that
You still insist that you will
You two sit there for Godric knows how long but eventually you yawn and that alerts Sirius to how late it's gotten
Tells you he’s sorry that he’s kept you up so late
You tell him it’s fine, it was worth it to make sure he was okay
He blushes but its too dark for you to be able to tell
He walks you to the staircase even though it’s literally 5 feet away
“Good night Sirius”
“Good night (Y/N)”
The next day on the train back to King’s Cross you purposefully sit next to Sirius so you can keep a hand on his arm the entire time
It’s so subtle but doesn’t go unnoticed by the other Marauders
Though they decide not to mention it, he’s having a hard enough day as it is
You hate watching him trudge over to his parents when you arrive at the station, you and James exchange an understanding look.
You both care about him so much, watching him be this wretched physically hurts you
As soon as you get home you sit down and write him a letter
He told you that he probably wouldn’t be able to respond to most of your letter
And that’s fine, but every now and then you get one back
And your heart soars
You count down the days until September 1st, when you finally get to see him again
When you’ll know for certain that he’s okay
You nearly have a heart attack when you can’t find him on platform 9 ¾, but he was just already on the train with Remus and Peter, waiting for you and James to show up
As soon as you can you ask him how he is
He’s doing better than he usually is after an entire summer with Walburga and company
He thanks you profusely for the letters
You tell him not to sweat it
You’re just glad you could help
Once you know he’s okay you allow yourself to relax a little and that’s when you notice that he’s grown up quite a bit since June
His shoulders continue to broaden, his hair is longer, but he looks thin, too thin
And you want to hug him again, but you stop yourself
The sexual tension between the two of you 4th year is unbearable
And borderline uncomfortable
Poor Peter doesn’t know what to do with himself
You write to him again every single day over the winter holidays when he’s forced home to his wretched blood family
When you’re both back at Hogwarts things are even weirder than they were before
Sirius clams up every time you get near him and goes vermillion in the face
You’re sitting in the library the second Monday of the term when he approaches you
“What do you want, Sirius?” You ask without lifting your head
“You sound frustrated.”
“I am Sirius! You’ve been acting weird for a week and I’m sick of it. What do you want?”
He just sort of stands there looking at you, because he didn’t expect you to yell at him.
He’s not sure if he’s ever heard you raise your voice in his entire life.
“I should leave”
“Just tell me what it is Sirius!”
Everyone is looking at you
“This was a bad idea!”
“What is it!”
“I like you!”
This wasn’t how he imagined telling you how he felt about you
Yelling it in the library
Which a bunch of 2nd years gawking
“You what?”
He suggests you guys leave the library for somewhere more private
You agree, and he takes you down to a tree by the Black Lake
When he first told you he liked you in the library you couldn’t believe it, this boy, whom you’ve harbored a crush for for literal years, likes you too
And this isn’t just any boy, this is Sirius Black
And that’s when you remember, shit, this is Sirius Black
“This isn’t a prank or something is it?”
He starts denying it before you can even finish your sentence, it stings a little that you would think that but he understands why.
When you tell him that you return his feelings his his  face breaks out into a smile and he lifts you into his arms and spins you around
“Yes really, now put me down please”
He sets you down but he pulls you so close to his body you can almost feel his pulse thrumming through his body
He asks to kiss you and you let him
From that day forward Sirius always has an arm around your shoulders or around your waist
He likes to pull you into his side so he can whisper things into your ear
He likes it when you perch yourself a top his thigh when he sits down
He also likes you sitting in between his legs
And he likes to sit in between yours too so he can smooth his hands up and down your calves
As you get more comfortable with touching each other, he’ll like to slink down so that his head is right in between your thighs so he can just turn his head and kiss them
Having his hands on you reminds him that you’re there, and if you’re there with him then everything is going to be fine
He’s going to get through that History of Magic Lesson
He’s going to finish that Potions essay
One day James might finally stop talking about Evans
He’s not going to bite Snape’s head off
Everything is going to be just fine
He takes you on dates to the Black Lake, you guys like to sit on the dock and dip your toes in the water, especially when it's warm and sunny out
Sirius will slip off his shirt so he can tan a bit and you’ll set your head on his chest, with your toes brushing up against the water
By the time the two of you finally got together you’d already spent multiple nights in the Marauders dorm room
But you usually slept with Remus in his bed because his was the cleanest
But now that your Sirius’ he sleeps with your head tucked under his chin, your body pulled flush against his chest, his arms have an iron grip on you, you couldn’t get out of bed even if you wanted to.
Waking up with him when he’s had a nightmare and the two of you lie there, chests pressed together, fingers tangled with each other’s, whispering about whatever you can think of
When he can’t sleep he’ll lay his head on your chest and listen to the beating of your heart to calm him down
He loves to do this with your shirt off, not in a sexual way he’s just like a baby and skin to skin contact is good for him
It centers him
He really likes sneaking into the astronomy tower with you at night to look at the stars
You murmur into each other’s ears about everything ranging from the your purpose in the cosmos to the color you should paint your nails next, he always votes red and gold, no matter your house
Painting your nails the colors of your house in spite of him if you’re not in Gryffindor
He volunteers to paint your nails once and does them in red and gold
One year for his birthday you give him a bunch of old muggle magazines your parent/guardian sent you when you wrote requesting them
The two of you lay on your stomachs, elbows bent, legs tangling with each other in the air as you skim through them
You point out the different muggle contraptions and what they do and how to use them
When you get to a mechanic magazine you have to explain to an overly excited Sirius what a motorcycle is
He becomes absolutely enamored with them and begs you for more magazines and reading materials on them
For Christmas that year you get him a miniature motorcycle that you charm to fly around his dorm room.
If you’re on your house’s Quidditch team that idiot is there every single one of your games, decked head to toe in your house colors
He also frequents your practices bringing you water and food for when you’re done
Sirius can get pretty jealous
He’s always been insecure in himself so seeing other people get to friendly with you just hits all of his buttons
He never takes it out on you, because he knows how it feels to be the object of misplaced anger
Instead Sirius will come up behind you when you’re talking to them and loop him arms around your waist, pulling you close to him
Or if you’re sitting down he’ll put his hand on your thigh
He doesn’t go overboard, it's not like if you’re talking to someone he’s going to challenge them to a duel
He just needs everyone to know that you’re his
And he doesn’t share
Letting you do his makeup once after you begged him and now he’s the one who’ll beg you
“Please Princess”
He looks so hot in eyeliner
Like no one has the right to be that good looking
And the mother fucker knows he looks good
You and James plan extravagant gifts and parties for his birthday every year because no one on this planet loves Sirius Black more than the two of you and you’re dedicated to making up for so many lost years
You and Remus bake him a cake every year and he loves blowing out all of the candles, he insists their quantity matches his age, none of that cop out bull shit where its just candles in the shape of numbers
He wants to blow out all of them
Your first birthday together Sirius has no clue what to get you, because it’s not like previous years, you’re together now so this gift has to be special, it has to be perfect
He consults everyone he can think of
Your dorm mates
Hell, he even writes to your family asking what he should get you
In the end they all only make it worse because he has all of these wonderful ideas and can’t choose because what if he chooses wrong and you would have preferred something else instead
So he gets you everything he can think of
You told him 3 weeks ago how you wanted to try a new quill, he’s bought you 7 different types to try out
He can’t decide whether you’d be prettier in rubies, emeralds, or diamonds so he buys you each
You wish you could say that it lets up as years pass
And it does
But only slightly
When his parents kick him out of the house James floos you instantly, tells you its Sirius and that he’s going to be fine, but he needs you
When you get to the Potter’s he’s bloody and bruised and looks like Hell
You have to stop yourself from sobbing at the sight of him
No one gets to hurt Sirius that way
Absolutely no one
When he sees you he starts crying and opens his arms for you to come to him
You help bandage him up and wipe away the dried blood
Once he’s clean and in new clothes you take his face in your hands and press your foreheads together
“I love you Siri, I love you to the moon and back.”
That’s the first time either of you have said “I love you” to the other
He starts sobbing
You pull him into your arms with his head on your chest and you pet him hair, telling him how much you love him and that he’s safe, you’re never going to let anyone touch him ever again
James comes into his room that night, neither of you are asleep, Sirius is still crying only now silently and less violently into your top
Wordlessly James slips into Sirius’ bed on the other side of him and both of you hold him all night long, telling him that he’s safe and that he’s loved, and that he never has to see his mother ever again
That he has a family right there and neither of you will ever make him feel like this
You spend the rest of the summer at the Potter’s
You and James were already good friends but you spend the rest of the holidays bonding over your love and protectiveness of Sirius
Sometimes he jokes that his girlfriend is trying to steal his best friend, but he really doesn’t mind
He loves it actually
The love and protectiveness you feel for Sirius goes both ways
He will not hesitate to kick someone’s ass for you
He often forgets that he’s a wizard at these moments and throws a punch instead of a hex
Cleaning him up after he gets into a fight and scolding him for not thinking, a professor could’ve seen him, he could still get in trouble
When you graduate Hogwarts together the Potter’s come for both him and James
He cries when they congratulate him and tell him that they’re proud of him
Your family also tells him how proud they are of him and he hugs every single person there
You guys move in together, you live a 5 minute walk from James and Lily
He doesn’t wait 2 months before he’s proposing to you
You accept of course
Engagement sex
The man was virile when you were still at Hogwarts but when you first move in together he insists you christen every single room in the house
He loves to make you scream out his name as he overstimulates you
He’s not as hard of a dom as Remus but he’s meaner, he doesn’t just mock you
He degrades you (as long as you’re comfortable with it)
He calls you every dirty name in the book
He loves to put you in barely there lingerie and make you touch yourself as he watches
Will mock you while you do it
“What puppy, your fingers aren’t making you feel good enough? Course they’re not, you’re a desperate little thing aren’t you? Need my cock in order to stretch you, make you feel good. Look at how small your fingers are, how are they supposed to do anything?”
He loves to punish you
To the point where he’ll set expectations that are impossible for you to meet so he can punish you for them
You’re both very open with what you do and do not like and try experimenting a lot
He is so kinky
Loves to edge you and watch you squirm in his grasp
Won’t let you cum until you’ve begged long enough
He loves ruining your orgasms, especially as punishment after you’ve broken one of his rules, but sometimes he does it just to be mean
He has very talented fingers and can make you cum in a matter of minutes if he wants to
Loves eating out, your little whimpers and whines make him want to just destroy you
Enjoys watching your cunt clench around nothing
Will laugh at this and smack your clit
Gets you a collar that says “puppy” or “slut” on it
He’ll tug on it with his finger to get you to look at him
Back to the engagement sex, as soon as you say yes he is on you
You jerk him off onto your tits so he can see the ring on your finger while your hand is wrapped around his dick
Breeding kink breeding kink breeding kink
Especially when Harry is born
The minute he sees you holding little baby Harry in your arms he feels the overwhelming urge to take you there
When you get home that night he tells you how gorgeous you looked with Harry and how much he wants to have a little “pup” of his own
“Gonna fill my puppy with my pups”
Makes you lay with your ass in the air once he’s cum inside you to make sure none of it gets wasted
Will plug you full
“How’s that feel puppy? Good?”
He’s always been able to get you to subspace but now its like he barely has to try, loves calling you his good girl and telling you how well you did for him
You guys don’t get pregnant immediately, which Sirius does not take well
In his mind there’s absolutely no way that you’re the problem
It must be him
He sees his inability to impregnate you as his first failure as a father
Gets really sad
You tell him how much you love him and that this isn't him failing, it could very well be you who is making it difficult to conceive
You have very soft, passionate sex that night as you ride him
He runs his hands up and down your body as you tell him how good he’s making you feel
Maybe it was that night, perhaps it was a different one but a month and a half later the Healer at St. Mungos tells you you’re pregnant
He’s ecstatic
Sirius literally can’t stop smiling
Not that he wants to
But his face almost hurts from how much he’s grinning
Sirius is the best person to have with your when you’re pregnant
He’s always making sure you’re comfortable and that you have everything you need
He’ll try out all your weird pregnancy cravings with you
Especially if you’re feeling a little shy about asking for weird combinations
He loves kissing your belly
He’ll sing French lullabies to it as he moves his hands in circles on your skin
Man never slows down as you progress through your pregnancy, watching you swell just makes him fuck you harder
At first the prospect of decorating a whole room for an infant seems mundane to him
But as soon as you and Lily are pulling out the paint swatches and wallpaper samples he gets so excited and loves helping out
He has to have James and Remus come over to help him put together the crib, he just can’t do it
When he learns he gets to buy clothes for his kid he’s so excited
He and James spend hours going through baby clothes and like with everything Sirius has a very strong opinion about this too
“No Prongs, I’m not putting my child in that, I actually like them”
When the Healer tells you you’re having twins he loses his mind
He’s so excited
Twice the clothes to buy
Twice the toys
Twice the cribs and diapers
He’s thrilled
When the baby comes he doesn’t let himself freak out because this isn’t about him
It’s about you and your baby
He holds your hand the entire time and lets you squeeze however hard you’d like to
Kisses your knuckles and tells you how good of a job you’re doing
You’re in labor for 15 hours
And it nearly kills him
Seeing you in so much pain makes him physically unwell
He wishes he could take away all of your pain for you
But he can’t, so he does what he can
Feeding you ice chips
Massaging your back
He read somewhere that orgasming can help speed along labor
So he does what he does best and makes you cum a few times on his fingers
It's possible that that’s what actually worked
It could’ve also been something entirely different, but he will claim it was making you cum, that finally worked
Your son is born first, and as much as Sirius would’ve been happy with whatever sex, his heart swells with pride to know that he just produced the first half-blood heir to the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black
Next is your little girl
He cries when he sees her
She’s so beautiful, and looks just like you
The two of you sit there kissing and doting on your children for hours until you eventually pass out because you just pushed two humans out of your body
Fast forwarding a bit, the first time his daughter, who has him wrapped around her finger, calls him “Dada” his heart swells and he looks over at you but you’re already staring at him, tears in your eyes you whisper to him
“You’re doing a good job”
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