#if you were talking about a specific tiktok i may not be able to help with that one
titkoks · a month ago
hey do you have that video duck walked up to lemonade stand? ty
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dave-striiider · a year ago
discourse here is buck fucking wild but at least i havent seen the argument i saw on tiktok which was "the word transmisandy was only coined because trans men saw trans women saying 'transmisogyny' and wanted to feel special too"
#like theres so many things wrong with that take#transmisandry was created to give trans men a way to talk about the experience of being raised as / treated as / perceived as women#without invalidating their identity by calling it misogyny#because super boiled down: trans men are not women and misogyny is bigotry towards women#so to call it misogyny implies theyre women#which like i have my own personal opinions on ppl being like 'trans men werent raised as women they were raised as men viewed as women'#like. i feel lile phrasing it that way is just unhelpful?? i wasnt raised as a man people saw as a woman#i was raised as a girl. i was treated as a girl my whole life. so yeah i may not know what it feels lile specifically to have my gender fee#like woman#but i do know what its like to be treated and viewed as a woman because thats what literally everyone else thinks i am#and to be like 'uwu but youre not a girl on the Inside therefore pretending to understand our struggles is misogyny' feels disingenuous at#best and downright terf-y at worst#like yeah my brain might not be girl flavored but i still got catcalled at 10 so i think nitpicking details is just unhelpful#but all of that aside it is also helpful for other trans men who are uncomfortable viewing themselves that way to be able to phrase it in a#way that doesnt imply they're women#especially since out of all men‚ trans men are literally the only ones actually being oppressed for being men#so if literally anyone on the planet has the right to use the word misandry and not be a fucking idiot its trans men#that was part of the argument i saw on tiktok too was that by using the word transmisandry you were indirectly lending credibility#to the word misandry as like an actual this that cis men suffer from‚ which. no#thats not how words work#anyways thats a lot of thoughts#actually i have more things to say about this#i think part of it is like. i feel like some people have leaned way too heavily into hash tag trans men are men and ended up coming out the#other side into ''trans men are men and therefore just as vile as cis men and do all the same things wrong and act exactly the same and#cannot be redeemed'' which is uhhhhhh fucked up#like theres been a super recent trend of implying trans men do not suffer any sort of oppression and therefore dont get to join#conversations about it when thats blatently untrue and literally part of the oppression trans men face#and added onto that is the idea that trans men dont face anywhere near the amount of oppression trans women do and therefore need to just#sit down and shut up which literally just divides the community. fights about whos more oppressed a) dont need to happen but b) definitely#dont boil down to ''one side is literally obliterated at every second by lasers from all angles and the other rests upon an ivory throne
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hannahslevelupdiary · 10 months ago
The Dream Girl's Guide To Finding Yourself
Tumblr media
Figuring out who I was and finding myself has always been something I struggled with my whole life. I remember about 6 months ago I was in tears, completely stressed out, searching how to find yourself when you've lost yourself on google, TikTok and YouTube to find the answers to all my questions. I felt like I had completely lost sight of who I was as a person due to constantly changing myself. However, every time I searched online for answers, all I found were more and more women talking about how they too had lost themselves. I eventually forgot about it, but recently I've felt like I found myself, or am on my way to finding myself and I am so excited to share with you all how I finally was able to achieve that and what helped me in case it might help you to. Grab your pen and paper because the class is in session.
Delete Social Media
We're starting this class with something a lot of you guys probably won't want to do, but in my opinion, it's essential to find out who you are, what your beliefs are and your own real opinions. Social media is constantly painting a picture of what we're supposed to be, how we're supposed to look like, what world issues we're supposed to care about, what opinions we are meant to have and even how we're meant to talk. If you don't speak a certain way people will have something to say, if you don't post a specific issue on your story people will have something to say, if you don't fit whatever aesthetic is currently trending, you often feel left out. That's just what it is, that's how social media works and when you don't already have a clear idea of yourself, your opinions and your beliefs it can be so difficult for you to figure it out when you have all these conflicting messages being thrown at you. Personalities have become a trend. Images have become a trend. EVERYTHING is a trend. Quirky, I'm not like other girl type people were once THAT girl, now it's the grossest thing to ever exist. People define you by your music taste, the books you read, the celebrities you follow as if everyone who likes a certain thing should like these other things and act this certain way. All black people should like this kind of music, all gay people should like this kind. And if you fit into a certain identity but you don't like the things that others with the same identity like you may feel pressure to conform. This isn't an environment you can learn who you are in. Not only does it constantly tell you who you are and how you're meant to feel it's also absolutely awful for your mental health. Whenever I scroll through TikTok I would see controversial video after controversial video with people nonstop arguing in the comments and I would feel physically drained just reading through the comments as I had just been in 6 or 7 different arguments in real life. Or on Instagram, even the "positivity" pages made me feel bad because if hip dips were so great why would you have to keep posting about it? We don't post about how Beyonce is so pretty 24/7 but we do about how stretch marks are perfect. If it was so great surely we wouldn't feel the need to keep saying it. Those accounts made me feel worse than any other account I had ever followed. I didn't even know what hip dips were to feel insure about them in the first place until one account dedicated a whole 10 slides to telling people that there was nothing wrong with them. And I know by the comments that a lot of girls had also just found new insecurities. But the worst way Social Media impacts us, the way we hardly even notice is, it gives us a need for validation. We all know social media is fake. Even Khloe Kardashian who has had god knows how much work done doesn't feel comfortable with a single unfiltered image being out. Every influencer edits their photos and almost everyone only posts the fakest most agreeable parts of themselves. Photos smiling when they were experiencing the worst moments of their lives, only posting superficial photos online and skipping the ones that meant something because you didn't look good there or it didn't go with your feed. It's all for validation, we all have this thirst for it, this need for it. But if we all know how fake social media is, so why do we participate in it? What's the point? Why do we want validation from people who have never even met us? How can you find yourself in a space where you're more than expected to be the fakest person ever. To do things just to come across a certain way. You have no idea how freeing it is to be able to do things, like things say things without worrying about how people will view you. Just because you deleted social media and you're back in the real world where it's obvious how little people actually care. Social Media is also super addictive, it's literally MADE to be that way, to have you scroll and scroll until - oops the day is all gone and I've done nothing productive it's now 3
am. It takes time away from doing things you actually love, like reading books that interest you or doing crafts or learning a skill. When you spend all day on social media it will shape your personality. That's why people have become chronically online, because a lot of the things that matter on there don't matter in real life. If you're trying to find yourself, do yourself a favour and just delete your social media. Stop being the person that's constantly being pushed on you, but the person you actually want to be.
Declutter Your Contacts List
Stop talking to the people that constantly bring you negative energy, the ones that constantly complain about that relationship but never leave, the ones that complain about EVERYTHING, the ones that make you feel bad about yourself. CUT. THEM. OFF. Even if it means you'll end up alone, there's nothing wrong with that. Go through your contacts list and make decisions on the friendships you want to keep and the ones you don't. Give each friend a review. I have a friend review worksheet available right here that you can use. You can either cut off those that don't make the cut or start talking to them less. It's difficult to find yourself when you have people in your life that make you feel like you aren't good enough or leave you feeling drained every time you speak to them.
Find Out What Your Opinions and Beliefs Are
Now that you're done your mental detox, it's time to let some new thoughts and ideas in. What are your opinions and beliefs, and what are the things that you felt like you needed to believe in to fit in somewhere or because someone told you to. Write down all your big beliefs and opinions and research the other side of them. If you're pro-life research why people are pro-choice. (this is how I found out that I didn't agree with being pro-life and I was pro-choice.) If you have liberal views research why other people don't. This isn't meant to necessarily change your mind but rather cement what ideas you genuinely believe in and have reasons behind them that are more substantial than "I saw it on TikTok" A lot of people have opinions and beliefs, not because they actually believe in them but because someone told them a fluffed up version of it. Read books and educate yourself on things you believe in, learn about all the different types of feminism and what they believe in if you think you're a feminist. Educate yourself from somewhere other than social media or word of mouth.
Figure Out Who Your Dreamgirl is and Work Towards Her
Figuring out what the ideal version of you is and working backwards has to be one of the best ways of finding out who you are. The ideal version of me, eats healthy most days and reads books in parks or coffee shops. All those things are available to me now and I just need to work towards them. It's not unachievable. I can start by eating healthy once a week or just researching healthier versions of things I already enjoy eating. KFC turns into homemade wings and sweet potato wedges that I enjoy just as much. It's changes like that that make me feel good, happy and content. In 5, 10 20 years, where would you want to be? What kind of lifestyle would make you feel successful, happy and excited to wake up every morning? Write it down and start working towards it now. By writing these things down I found out what things I really valued most and who I was as a person instead of who I thought I was. I value my health, mental and physical and I value peace and quiet. I'd much rather stay at home with a book than go party. If you need help figuring out who your Dream Girl is to help you work towards her you can use this worksheet I made for you here. Finding out who you are is essential in life so that you don't change for other people into a morphed version of yourself that you don't even recognise and so that you can improve every day, working towards your end goal. So I hope this post helped you. Let me know it did. MUAH xx
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officialscaramouche · 10 months ago
ayo feel like doing a gorou confession fic for me? pretty please with sprinkles on top (you know that fucking tiktok)
Ofc Pizzato anything for u my dear 🥰
Pairing: Gorou x gn!reader
Warnings: slight angst
Word count: 1,969
Tumblr media
You heard a couple friendly knocks on your office door, eyes glancing to the clock to see it was a little past noon and you knew exactly who it was. “Come in,” you chime, putting down your pen and stretching upwards with a smile.
“Helloooooo!” You hear as the door swung open, Kazuha flaunting an envelope between his fingers. “Letter time!”
You sweep to your feet and give him grabby hands. “Give it to me!” He chuckles and places the thin paper into your hands. “Tell me who it is already,” you giggle as you rip it open and slide the letter out.
“No,” he sighs, rolling his eyes. “I keep my promises.”
You quirk and eyebrow before you fold open the letter. “Even if I bribe you with dango?”
Kazuha smiles. “Even if you bribe me with dango.”
You grunt and groan but it quickly stops when you unfold the letter, reading the contents.
Good afternoon, cupcake, it starts. You blush at the pet name. I hope your day is going as well as mine. I’ve just won the office lottery! I’m going to ask for more snacks in the break room. That way, everyone benefits too! Specifically though, I want more sakura mochi! The ones you made for us were delicious. Share your recipe? :3
I adore you, your secret admirer.
You squeeze the letter to your chest and squeal, your face warm from blushing and your heart pounding against your chest. “Oh, Kazuha, whoever this person is, I really wish they’d come up and confess!”
Kazuha tuts and wiggles his finger. “But then the mystery wouldn’t be there anymore.”
“Screw mystery!” You squealed, gazing down at the illegible and scratchy handwriting, the mysterious stains and fur all over the page. “I’m ready to hear these words in person.”
Just then there was a knock on your door and a quick turn of the knob, one of the top brass leaning against your door frame. “Good morning, Chatty Cathy’s,” sang a familiar voice and ear twitches.
You wave while Kazuha bows, hiding the letter behind your back. “Good morning, General Gorou.”
The tail behind his back wagged discreetly as the two men share a knowing glance. “Kazuha,” the general clears his throat. “May I speak with you?”
The samurai nods his head and gives you a little wave as he walks out the door. “Bye boys!” You sing, tucking the letter back into the envelope and putting it away.
The next day, as routine, a little past noon you heard three friendly knocks on your door. You excitedly put your pen down, closing your ledger and standing out of your chair and onto your feet. “Kazuha,” you grinned. “Come in!”
He pushed the door open with his back, lugging a big box with some plastic sticking out from the top. “I’m just a mule to you guys aren’t I?” He groaned, lifting the box up and onto your desk. “This is ridiculous.”
You stood on your tippy toes to try and peek inside the box without being obnoxious. “What is it?” You hum, getting more and more restless.
“Your letter, what else?” He kind of snapped, letting out a deep sigh and rolling his eyes. “I wish he’d confess too. That way I don’t have to carry these things.”
You pulled back the top of the box that was just out of your reach. “Here,” pushing your hands away, Kazuha tore the box apart to expose a giant basket full of goodies and flowers. “The letter.”
Kazuha snapped the taped-on letter from the plastic and handed it to you. Wasting no time at all, you rip the envelope open and unfold the letter.
Dearest [Y/N], you’ve pierced my heart like an arrow through a target and I simply cannot get you off my mind. I heard from the grapevine that you wish for my confession. …Maybe I shall do so in the near future? It’s not that I do not want to be yours, but rather that you make me quite nervous. Still, we see each other for terribly brief moments but these moments are the most precious to me. Hopefully I can muster up the courage to finally tell you how I feel. In the meantime, please accept these treats and toys imported from across the globe. My favorite are the dog-shaped biscuits.
Your shy admirer.
Looking up from the letter you find Kazuha stuffing his face with some chocolatey cookies from within a tin box labeled ‘Fontaine.’ “Are those good?” You ask, reaching in and stealing one.
“Mhm,” Kazuha hums, taking a bite out of the one in his hand. “I’ve never had Fontaine chocolate. I guess the rumors about being the best were true.”
You melt under the sweet taste and crunchy texture, thinking that if your crush’s letters had a taste, it would be like this. “This is so nice,” you sigh, eyes sparkling as they gaze upon the basket. “Do you think he’s going to confess to me?”
Kazuha stares out the windows of your office that peer into the rest of the building, watching a certain general spill water on himself and the resistance leader. He takes another bite of a cookie. “Maybe.”
You squeal in delight and spin around in joy. “My heart’s beating so fast! I hope he does it soon or I’ll explode!”
Kazuha chuckles and playfully shoves you aside. “If you explode, I’m eating all of your snacks.”
“No! They’re mine!”
Weeks— almost a month— go by with no further letters. Kazuha stopped coming by, whether at noon or otherwise. The only knocks you got were visits from Kokomi about the budget or from other soldiers carrying reports and receipts from spending. Your heart ached at the sudden lack of contact, wondering if you had done or said something wrong.
Maybe your eagerness was intimidating and this mystery man just wanted someone to flirt with without commitment. Maybe he got bored of you. Maybe he didn’t want to talk to you anymore.
Regardless, you wanted to try and spark it back up in case you’ve stepped on some toes without realizing. That night when you got home, you tossed the ingredients for sakura mochi into a bowl and got to mixing.
The office ate everything you brought before lunchtime rolled around. With such great success, you had confidence that he’d reach out to you tomorrow, if not today.
But alas you were left in silence once more, leaving your heart to crumble and ache. You were quick to recover, considering you never met the guy— let alone knew his name. But you had no time to be worrying anyway, because in a couple of days one of the squads were returning from the front lines and you needed to factor in medical costs. Apparently they took a hard hit when Sara Kujou showed up with her samurai. Kokomi was depending on you, and you didn’t want to let her down.
You spend these few days really crunching the numbers, making sure that every wounded soldier would get the basic medical necessities with some left over for any miscalculations. With every i dotted and every t crossed, you stuffed your report into a fancy envelope and handed it to Kokomi. “Thank you [Y/N] for your hard work under such a sudden timetable.” She thanked, tucking the envelope under her arm. “The team should be arriving tomorrow, so I will be submitting this for review immediately.”
You bow respectfully and offer your thanks for praise. “It’s no problem at all, Her Excellency. I was given ample time to prepare the balance sheet.” You begin to turn when you’re stopped once again by her.
“Before you go,” she smiles softly. “Would you mind helping out at the infirmary? We’re short handed right now with the sudden intake of Delusions.”
“Of course, Her Excellency. I will be there whenever you need me.”
You weren’t specialized in medics but you had helped around often enough to know the basics. And anyone could become a master at immediate medical attention after doing it so many times.
The flood of gurneys was a little disheartening to see, but you were still thankful for all that they do for the greater of the country. It must be scary being at the front lines, but everyone knew what they were signing up for.
You catch sight of Genera Gorou and Lord Kazuha chatting with Lady Kokomi before you were assigned to a batch of wounded soldiers, feeling a little bad for harboring ill feelings toward the young lord for disappearing. ‘You could’ve at least told me that you were leaving,’ you thought as you rinsed the injured area.
“I can take over from here,” the head medic stepped in, slipping on a new pair of gloves before getting a closer look at the soldier before you. With most of everyone patched up and recovering, the medic team was able to take control of the infirmary once again.
You wash your hands and check the clock. A little past noon. It’s funny how at this time you would’ve waited with bated breath for a couple of knocks. But not anymore.
You step out of the infirmary and find Kazuha and General Gorou sitting outside on the benches there. “Oh, hi boys,” you say surprised.
Kazuha grabs and shakes your hand. “Thank you for helping out our soldiers,” he says seriously.
“Oh, it’s not that big of a deal,” you mutter. “I do this all the time.”
A calloused hand pushes Kazuha’s away and shakes your hand firmer, harder. “No, [Y/N],” Gorou says with a sort of oomph behind his words. “These are my men…my family. They would be suffering if not for your help.”
You look to the side uncomfortably, a little put-off by the tension in the air. “And that’s why—!” Gorou continues, suddenly eight decibels louder. You hold eye contact with the general, his face darkening into a deep red flush, his eyes glassy and ears twitching. He squeezed your hand harder and shut his eyes. “M-My C-C-Cupcake!!! P-Please let m-me take you on a date!!!!”
Kazuha winced at the loudness of his friend, covering one of his ears but still smiling nonetheless. The people walking by stared and mumbled, but it didn’t matter as you felt your heart pound against your chest. You felt your eyes well with tears as now your face flushed red, the general cautiously opening his eyes to see your trembling lips and pathetic pout. “A-Ah! [Y/N], don’t cry!!”
You tug on his hand hard, pulling the man into your arms and squeezing him tight. You sobbed into his chest, hearing and feeling how frantic his heart was beating as well. “You idiot!” You shout into his battle-worn chest. “Don’t disappear without telling me…”
Gorou caressed the back of your head and chewed on his lip, his tail drooping with guilt but twitching with excitement for being in your arms. “Did I…scare you?” He whispered tentatively, choosing his words carefully.
You pull away and wipe your eyes, Gorou watching you closely and holding tightly onto your waist. “I thought you got tired of me…because I stopped hearing from you.” Gorou frowned and cupped your face, thumbing your cheeks gently. “I even made sakura mochi and I didn’t—”
“You made sakura mochi??!??!!! Is there any left?!?” Gorou’s jaw dropped. He let you go to turn and run to the break room, halting before running back to embrace you once more. “Heh, uh…” he chuckled nervously. “I’d actually…rather hold you like this…”
You couldn’t fight the smile that spread across your cheeks, flushing your body against his chest. “That’s okay,” you giggle. “There aren’t any left.”
You had no idea that his ears could flatten sadly like that.
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luvring · 7 months ago
I saw your blog and i have risen from the dead :) anyway if it's okay can i request some headcanons about Felix with an MC that speaks another language? My goal in life is to call him a cute petname in Greek and watch him get so red he looks like a fire hydrant (i dont know if i spelled that right but whatever you know what im talking about) you know how dogs don't know what we're saying but they go off of tone? (I saw that in a tiktok once i don't know if its entirely true or not) I wanna tell felix i love him so much but my friends tell me i sound more aggressive in Greek so he might think I'm angry at him or something n then i tell him i was just saying how much i love him and he goes !!!!!!!!😳 I'm rambling sorry but i think it would be funny watching him get frustrated. Oh! Maybe he says something to the MC in Velan! (I think thats what its called) oh i love him so much...
— felix with a multilingual mc
note from nia: achievement unlocked raise someone from the dead :heart_eyes: BUT THIS IS SO CUTE...wishing i knew more than hs french & basic korean rn . sorrow
Tumblr media
the first time he hears you speak in a different language oh he is so intrigued. gets excited about the possibilities
his menace side awakens . he's going to start making fun of sage and swearing around escell and no one can stop him
he'd ask you to teach him things in exchange for learning something in velan
i don't know if this is too specific but y'know that one couple on tiktok that made those videos of greeting the other one as they came home in their native language to surprise them. like you would talk in velan and he'd speak in greek
smh he would have practiced so hard and done little pronunciation notes. asked you how to say things at random times so you didn't get suspicious...
you can probably find a bunch of pages of him trying to write a script and also practicing his writing
especially if it has a different alphabet like greek, korean, urdu, etc. he's writing out letters and words over and over
would use it in cards or letters whenever he could because he thinks it's romantic
would get rings for the both of you with your names/a phrase in each other's languages. i'm going to cry
the kind of guy to watch a show in your language and when he hears something he understands he feels so accomplished and points out what it meant. yes they did just say do you want to eat
you teach him a bunch of petnames then proceed to immediately call him those petnames
he may not have been able to specifically connect which word meant what but even having a general idea of what you were doing got him all flustered
once he figures them out he'll use one on you to get your attention
if you do the same to him he gets all @[email protected]?!%#?>!? especially if it's in velan and/or said casually . he loves casual intimacy help him
saying i love you for the first time and he ?? that sounded very aggressive. i didn't realize you disliked this flavour of tea so much
but then you tell him it just means 'i love you' and he short-circuits like "oh! oh. well, uhm," 🧍‍♂️ he tries repeating it back to you (it isn't good but it also isn't. bad?)
asks you to teach him how to say it and now he says it randomly to fluster you. pain and sorrow
he also starts to pick up on words and your tone . like if you say something that sounds sort of aggressive around someone who hasn't heard it before they're confused but then felix replies nonchalantly since he's used to it o(-(
felix trying to flirt/be romantic with you in your language and just getting it...terribly wrong. grammar, vocabulary,, everything . but he tried so hard you can't help but go easy on him. like yes, thank you for thinking i'm warm and kind like soup
might ask you to quiz him on basics so he can prove that he's doing better and show off
if you see him staring very hard at something there's a good chance it's because he's trying to think of the word for it in your language
he puts so much effort and time into learning that if you ever did the same for him he'd be so excited and grateful. like he didn't need you to but you're doing it anyways to prove you care ?? no way
he likes listening to you softly sing songs in your other language as he falls asleep
y'know how you can forget a word in one language and try figuring out or describing it in another one . felix will randomly be your saving grace when everyone else is just staring helplessly
may or may not get you to speak in a different language pretending to be a foreigner so you guys can reap tourist benefits
strategically . knowing a different language than any of your enemies,, in my opinion,, may come in handy. :thumbs_up:
the vocal version of [long rant text message] "i'm not reading all that. i'm happy for you tho. or sorry that happened"
like you only really ramble to each other in your other language when it's just the two of you. and you can tell when something is upsetting. pick up little words here or there but the other person finishes and it's just like. mhm. are you feeling better now? and waiting for a yes or explanation in the language you're both fluent in
he thinks the fact that you're the only ones around who can use it is very ?? intimate?? like okay...only two people in the world (real)
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eliot-wolfgirl-spencer · 9 months ago
Hot take maybe? Don't think it SHOULD be, but like
Just saw a TikTok that, is summary, was saying "people who say they're 'straight' but willing to date [other gender/s] if somebody's interesting enough arent ACTUALLY straight. You're bi, just admit it" and I'm like... no?
No, they're not necessarily bi. Maybe they could be, I know a lot of people do repress it, but that's not necessarily true.
"Being willing to date -" does not mean "Has sexual attraction for -" It's just open-mindedness and being willing to accept the POSSIBILITY that you might a) not be, and that sexuality is a spectrum and fluid, and you're not restricting yourself to belief you'll be the same forever, and b) you may not be sexually attracted to your partner, and that's okay. That may not be important to you.
The EXTENT of what this means is the person is open minded enough to consider that sex with a person isn't as important as having a relationship with them. ESPECIALLY if the person in question is saying "I am ___” you need to respect that identity. You don't get to tell them they're "wrong" about themselves. For WHATEVER reason. Even if you're SO SURE they're just in denial.
Also, romantic and sexual attraction can develop differently, or even one after the other. They may be bi, or the may be on the demi spectrum, or they may genuinely BE straight and are HELLA attracted to (in the TikTok guy example) women. But there's like. There's this one guy. This one fucking guy. That's just so cool and they like him so much and it's literally no other guy ever just... Just like. Todd. They kinda want to date Todd. They still aren't sexually attracted to men. Like at all. They look at other men and feel NOTHING.
But they like Todd so damn much that they're excited to do anything with him, and that may even include sex, because it does feel good and also they trust and love Todd and that adds a layer of Want to the equation.
But they're still only sexually attracted to women. They're still straight.
Just like how if a girl says she's bi, but doesn't date at ALL, for whatever reason. Time money work life balance whatever, she's still bi. Or has only ever really connected with and decided to date people who've shared the sam gender. She's still ATTRACTED to multiple genders. They still rev her engine up equally. Her sexuality isnt determined by her date life or how easily she can connect and feel comfortable with [specific gender].
And don't fucking act up about this in the comments either this isnt a debate this is me telling you that when I see comments like that, I - a bisexual who's only ever dated one girl and it felt WEIRD and so it was only the single date (although it probably didn't help that she was a lesbian who told me straight up over dinner that she doesn't normally date bi girls because all her friends said bi girls were "hard" to date because of all the cheating) and have never really been able to mesh well romantically with other women but still think they're fucking hot and love dancing with and making out with and [CENSORED] etc. etc. so and so forth - get really really fucking defensive.
I've been made to feel invalidated so many times in my sexuality, that it just enrages me to see other people talking over someone and saying "no, youre just confused, here's what you REALLY are."
It's not more "okay" just because it's about somebody saying they're straight.
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leviiattacks · a year ago
Head canons for mafia boss levi being interested in Starbucks barista reader please
Tumblr media
note :: this idea is so cute i wrote a scenario i hope you don’t mind. i can still post some headcanons for it too if you really want me to! i’m sorry if it’s not what you wanted me to write anon :-( ALSO this is super casual writing it’s not like the way i usually write it’s just bullet points i mean idk i wanted to try something different and more relaxed lmk if this style is okay for some requests :D
if anyone would like any more requests with this levi please lmk!! i could go in more detail tbh maybe the pacing of this isn’t too good bc it is a short request but yeahhh
+ idk why the formatting looks so odd i tried my best to fix it myself ?!.!/!:£:& but yeah sorry again!!
levi has always been one to keep his business meetings lowkey
i mean, realistically who is going to suspect mafia boss levi is lingering in a starbucks???
the place is well-suited for his hushed meetings, he finds it to be quiet enough and clean enough
but then one winter everything changes
you start working there
he’s waiting in the queue texting erwin asking when he’ll be able to get there
it’s been a RUSH and the traffic is crazy as expected from the bustling city so he doesn’t expect to see erwin for a while
that’s when he hears you for the first time
“HEY!! Mister in the fancy suit it’s your turn to order”
your hands are placed on the counter and you lean forward eagerly waiting for what he has to say
levi rolls his eyes because he thinks you have to be ogling his designer watch and shoes (you really aren’t)
“black tea, no sugar and... a cinnamon swirl” he’ll order for erwin later. “i’ll be eating in.”
“ooohhh you’re a tea guy? name?” you’re smiling at him radiantly and it irks him because you have nothing to be smiling about really
eyes narrowing he responds “no shit, i just ordered tea.”
“and why the hell do you want my name?” he snaps on reflex
he then remembers he’s at a starbucks and you are not interrogating him, you’re doing your job
“sir... this is starbucks?? is this your first time here?”
you blink in confusion but then your face lights up “oh my, would you like to sign up for a starbucks card?? you can collect stars and get rewards and it’s so muc–“
“do i look like i need a starbucks card?”
“everyone looks like they need a starbucks card”
he doesn’t carry on that part of your conversation instead he looks you dead in the eyes “levi, is my name.”
his glare intimidates you and you awkwardly laugh
you think he’s probably having a super bad day and choose to not bother him that much
as he’s waiting he sees the way you clumsily navigate behind the counter, you’re juggling a number of things in your arms
automatically his face sours
he’s not expecting the tea you produce to be any good
he doesn’t care how nice you are if you can’t do what he wants he won’t be leaving a tip
he’s stingy like that
a clatter is heard and all the noise you’re making just makes you all the more aggravating
he’s been coming here for years and never has encountered a barista as bothersome as yourself
at some point you call out the name “SCROOGE!” from behind the counter, levi finds it embarrassing that anyone would ever call their child that
like... out of all the names this is what they choose??
damn they have to hate parenthood
“scrooge i’m begging you collect your drink.”
he looks up pissed that whoever this scrooge is has the audacity to hold you up because that by default means they are holding him up
then he sees you staring directly at him with that warm smile again
yeah, that smile, it could thaw ice
then it settles.
he’s scrooge?
turning around he notices no one is behind him then he sees that no one else is waiting apart from him
jaw clenching he heads towards you and makes it a point to “tsk” in frustration
he takes his cup and his cinnamon roll and you wave him goodbye
usually levi prefers to silently sit in the booth furthest from the action, he wants no attention drawn to him at all
but that day he finds himself sitting closer to the counter
he’s kind of stunned when he does that because he’s just sat there thinking why the hell did i just do that?? why did i sit here??
but he convinces himself it’s because he wants to see erwin when he’s about to walk in so he can prepare to scold him for not arriving on time
he takes a sip of his beverage expecting nothing above mediocirty but weirdly, your brew, it tastes perfect
levi’s eyes linger on you and he notices the way your behaviour is consistent
you’re helping an old woman pick what she’d like from the menu
you compliment her jumper, says it really makes her blue eyes stand out
you don’t have to be as nice as you are and it’s ticking him off
it ticks him off seeing someone so pure and sweet for no reason
when did people decide to not have ulterior motives anymore? did you decide those were too old school for you?
tongue poking at the inside of his cheek he activates his poker face and looks away
you, are a random person. a random, annoying person. he is going to stop thinking about you.
turning his attention to erwin instead he calls him and when he picks up levi makes his point very clear
“i was just called scrooge. get the hell here so i can order for you.”
erwin chuckles, his throaty laugh makes levi’s mouth twitch downwards in irritation
“and who exactly called you scrooge?”
“is that relevant?”
“very much so if you’ve mentioned it yourself”
levi is silent and erwin laughs once again at his colleagues anti social way of interacting
“i’ll be there in five, feel free to order.”
grunting a sound of approval levi hangs up
“you’re back! how may i help?”
the way you treat being a barista so seriously, he finds it oddly endearing
“one doubleshot iced coffee.”
nodding to yourself you hum a tune happily and get to work
Tumblr media
ever since that day levi finds himself frequenting that specific starbucks more
at first it’s a whole lot of “i’m pissed and i don’t have a reason so i’ll go down there and have her annoy me, then i’ll have a real reason”
then you talk to him more and you both engage in small talk
then it develops when he doesn’t mean for it to
you tell him about what you study, where you’re from, how your mother has recently developed arthritis but she’s still so determined to cook to the best of her abilities despite the pain
that reminds him of you
each visit he learns something new about you
sometimes he’ll let you in on his life
“what do you work as, i’ve always wondered?“
“accountant.“ no way in hell is he going to scare you away, telling you isn’t an option
you burst out in laughter holding your knees
“accountancy is well paying what is your point...?”
“do you not know what that means” your laugh is muffled as you press the sleeve of your jumper against your mouth
he shakes his head completely clueless
“people say their accountants when they’re actually strippers. it’s a tiktok thing.”
you pause for a second staring at his face
he feels the way his ears grow red under your gaze but he ignores it looking as bored as ever
“ah well. i did not know that.”
“clearly not you are an old man.”
then you turn away to brew his tea and he lets the ghost of a smile sneak its way onto his face
you aren’t looking, it’s okay
but he knows it’s dangerous getting attached to you
it’s stupid relaxing
and it’s even worse loosening up
so he doesn’t.
he’s always cold, bitter and frigid in his responses as he’s always been with you
but that doesn’t stop you from kindly smiling
or absentmindedly brushing the surface of his skin on rare occasions
it doesn’t stop you from calling him scrooge
and it certainly doesn’t stop you from slowly thawing the frosty exterior of his heart
then one day you let the words “my scrooge” slip out of your mouth
he doesn’t know why he let’s it happen or even how it happens exactly but he can’t help the smile that makes itself evident on his face
“HEY YOU JUST SMILED HELLO?????? you can do THAT????”
he smiled in front of you, that’s it he’s fucked
he quickly drops it and is back to his normal narrowed glare
“i did no such thing”
you give him a knowing look but sigh airily there’s no point in getting the man to admit it
“what would you like today, a frappe?”
you ask the sarcastic question even though you know he hates change. his usual order is already ingrained in your mind. you know it off by heart
he sighs in exasperation
“is your memory really that bad?”
“nope. cinnamon rolls and black tea it is!”
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dippedanddripped · a year ago
Old Nollywood aesthetics and fashion may be considered trendy today, but the films were not always so well-regarded. In the 90s and early 2000s, when these movies were made and watched in parlours across Nigerian homes as they were shot, straight-to-video, they were considered as bad entertainment, or ‘low culture’. To watch and enjoy Nollywood films was to celebrate mediocrity. But today, nostalgic young Millennials and Gen Zers are overlooking the jarring audio, grainy pictures, and sometimes hammy acting, to appreciate not only the grooming and style of the actors, but the original and diverse stories that reflect unique Nigerian experiences.
It was for this reason that sisters Tochi and Ebele Anueyiagu started Nolly Babes, a nostalgic Instagram account dedicated to celebrating the cinematic period’s women. Started in December 2017, their first post was of Nollywood’s biggest star Genevieve Nnaji; a still taken from 2004 film Sharon Stone In Abuja, directed by Adim Williams. Nnaji plays the titular character, a sexually liberated young woman who uses her beauty and charm to ensnare unassuming men into doing her bidding.
The account is an ode to the female characters of old Nollywood who were often portrayed as warning examples. The storylines were steeped in moral principles rooted in the patriarchal culture and the dominant Christian religion of Southern Nigeria. A large number of the female characters were considered immoral because they kissed other women, challenged men, smoked and drank, or wore mini skirts. Today, Nolly Babes and similar accounts are reimagining these women, taking their scenes out of the moralistic context of the films, and turning them into iconic feminist personas.
The first time Nollywood content seeped into the mainstream internet consciousness can be traced back to 2017 when videos of Nollywood’s favourite comedic duo Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme, better known as Aki and Pawpaw, rose to popularity due mostly to the influence of a now-defunct Twitter account @nollywoodroll ran by Nicole, a woman based in Brazil.
Their memes became the go-to reaction videos for expressing a wide range of emotions: joy, disappointment, sadness, frustration. The appeal was in seeing children making mischief or in adult situations – drinking beer and smoking cigars, wooing bigger women, or in oversized suits shouting instructions at people twice their size. Although both Ikedieze and Iheme were in their 20s in the early 2000s when most of the films were made, they mostly played children because of their body stature. By 2019, the memes had achieved such virality that brands like Rihanna’s Fenty would use them for social media clout.
Theodora Imaan Beauvais is the curator of Yung Nollywood, another archive of clips and stills from old Nollywood paying homage to its controversial female characters, after screenshotting moments from Nollywood she found “appealing or inspirational”. Yung Nollywood is remarkably distinct from Nolly Babes for its subtitling of the films’ stills from Nollywood films, something she attributes to Tumblr. While the idea to give witty captions to the actors’ facial expressions came from watching Netflix. “I thought, ‘If someone could describe Nollywood reactions in short phrases it’d be an art form on its own,’ and I became that someone.’”
In December 2019, Tochi and Ebele hosted a Nollywood-themed party in Lagos. Nollywood actor and musician Nonso Bassey attended the party dressed in a two-piece jean set and bucket hat, a signature look of the bad boy/alpha male archetype, and a role reprised multiple times by older actors such as Hanks Anuku, Emeka Ike, and Jim Iyke. Since that party, Nonso has attended social functions and premieres in outfits that make a nod to the fashion choices of that era of Nollywood. He insists, though, that he isn’t cosplaying Nollywood characters of that era. “I’ve always been attracted to the idea of merging old world charm with a new school approach,” he said.
The party caused a cultural stir amongst Nigerians and Africans both at home and in the diaspora – every other week, there seems to be a Nollywood-themed party held either in Lagos or London. Take for instance friends and business partners Imani Okunubi and Aseosa Uwagboe, two Nigerian-British kids who grew up in the UK. Nollywood was one of the ways they could connect back to their roots. That experience informs their event brand, Lasgidi to London, targeted at Nigerians living in the UK. “We wanted to create events that were reminiscent of the Naija hall parties (Owambe) we attended as kids, as we don’t want to see that culture die,” Aseosa said. Their next owambe is a Nollywood-themed party and guests are expected to come dressed in their “best nolly Y2K aesthetic”.
Below, the Nolly Babes sisters talk about creating and hosting the first Nollywood-themed party and the cultural moment it has inspired.
How did that first event come about – please take me through it, from the planning to how it turned out?
Nolly Babes: From the inception of Nolly Babes, we knew we had to throw a party. Fashion is a huge part of what makes Nolly Babes different from other Nollywood-themed pages and we knew we were the only ones that could set Nolly Babes as the dress code and have people commit as they did. There are many iconic Nollywood scenes and scenarios. The daughter meeting her evil mother-in-law, the ominous visit to the Babalawo, the campus stroll – just the mere mention of these scenes evokes images that have been embedded in the minds of our fellow Nollywood enthusiasts. The party scene is probably the most iconic of them all. Whether it’s in a club, a mansion while mum and dad are out of town (but coming home early to crash the whole thing) or poolside, the Nolly Babes party scene has its staples: mad music, dancing, and sick outfits.
December in Lagos is notoriously hectic. On each day, there are day parties, beach hangouts, concerts, and we just knew we had to be a part of it. Our flyer was the first thing we made sure was done right, and that has been replicated (but never duplicated) many many times. We went through at least six drafts of that until we got the flyer to be a realistic replica of the home video covers from the golden era. The DJs Kemi Lijadu and vIVENDII Sounds understood the assignment and played music from the Nolly Babes era. We’re talking Tony Tetuila, Mo Hitz, Wande Coal, Plantation Boyz… We curated a special cocktail menu: Genny Colladas, Jim Iyke’s Hard Lemonade, MargaRita Dominic, and our Lagos Island Iced Tea, in tribute to Nollywood stars Genevieve Nnaji, Jim Iyke, and Rita Dominic respectively. We had a video projection on the famous red wall at Nok showing a mashup of emblematic scenes. We were partying while seeing images of a young Jim Iyke dressed just like many of the attendees were dressed. It was magical! We have an event we’re planning in New York for the summer – it’s going to be a madness.
Did you envisage it becoming the cultural movement it’s now become?
Nolly Babes: We really didn’t. We hosted the party because we knew people were taking inspiration from our page for styling jobs and music video treatments, and wanted to give everyone a chance to recreate some of their favourite looks. Now every week we see people planning Nollywood-themed parties and sending people to our page for references. It’s awesome. Toke Makinwa even recently attended a Nolly Babes-themed party and she was dressed as a character we have immortalised – Regina Askia in President’s Daughter. She killed it! Even though the character wasn’t referenced, it was clear as day and it was awesome to see that she pulled it off! Honestly, when we see people really pay attention to detail and execute the theme well it’s so, so dope.
How has TikTok helped grow Nollywood's influence? You posted a scene from Girls Cot, the famous “you stink with poverty” clip on TikTok and it went viral and birthed these recreations even by non-Africans.
Nolly Babes: We’re just happy to see that another aspect of Nollywood that we champion – the iconic scenes and one-liners – is also resonating across the world. We see Nolly Babes as an archival work and as much as we focus on beauty and looks on Instagram, it’s nice to be able to point people in the direction of the scenes that are forever embedded in our brains. These are scenes we recreated in jest ourselves before there was even a Nolly Babes to begin with, so to see it catching on TikTok is exciting and a new frontier for us to fully explore. I think what distinguishes Nolly Babes from other Nollywood pages and what contributes to our TikTok success is that we really watch Nollywood movies. We grew up watching these movies and continue to do so now so we can capture those moments in films that the casual consumer or poster of Nollywood content might not.
What are your thoughts on Nollywood’s influence on the Alté scene? Music videos of artists such as Lady Donli and Odunsi nod to the aesthetic and fashion styles of that era.
Nolly Babes: Nollywood, and specifically the aesthetic we have shone a spotlight on, is probably one of the biggest influences in terms of visuals in that scene right now. I have never seen so many Eucharia (Anunobi) eyebrows on TV and we love it! It’s awesome to see our images and scenes being used in treatments and storyboards. If we’re being candid, we think it would be great if we got the chance to step into our stylist/creative direction bag and help with the execution of the aesthetic.
“The bottom line is really that Nolly Babes has brought what was already an international cultural influence to the modern social media realm with a new lens” – Nolly Babes
How far do you see Nollywood's influence on pop culture, beyond Nigeria and Africa?
Nolly Babes: When we moved to New York we found our Dominican and South American friends had also grown up watching Nollywood films. The bottom line is really that Nolly Babes has brought what was already an international cultural influence to the modern social media realm with a new lens. Nollywood clips were online everywhere – but it was always in a comedic way. Aki and PawPaw are meme gods now, and that’s because their expressions transcend cultural boundaries. Black Twitter eats that stuff up.
Nolly Babes chooses to center the beauty, style, and iconic imagery, even the home decor with our #NollyDecor hashtag of the golden era of Nollywood. We share the makeup, accessories, fashion, iconic phrases, and scenes in a way that isn’t just comedic but inspirational and aesthetically groundbreaking. I see Nollywood being at the centre of this Y2K resurgence that is happening all over the world, from TV to runways and fashion collections. That era is coming back around and, this time, the Black experience is being revisited and centered in a way it wasn’t back in the late 90s and 2000s. (Black people) were always the originators of the trends and this time they’re tapping into the source and Nollywood, particularly the era we celebrate as Nolly Babes, is a great resource for that.
Follow Nolly Babes on Instagram
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markxdino · 9 months ago
idk if you accept requests rn but if you do can you make a mtl enhypen on who would date an idol plss
a/n: of course :D again this is plainly my opinion and gut feeling. tried to make it gender neutral
› explaination [below the cut]:
sunghoon: I feel like for hoon, it's probably because he has his eyes set on work so like he has no time to find a girl/boy outside of his job. the only ones he is close to are either staffs or other idols. maybe he'd first be friends with the girl/boy idol before taking that to the next level because he wants to feel comfortable with the person first. then soon after, if he feels anything for them, he'll try to hint and act on it.
jungwon: similar to sunghoon. our jungwon, wants to set a good example since he is the leader but he can't help but feel something for this specific girl/boy idol. first he gets confused and frustrated about why he is feeling this way. he doesn't want to disappoint his members and get the group into trouble. however, at the same time he can't help but fall in love even more as he watches them perform on stage/award shows. the members notice it the way jungwon looks at them so they encourage him to confess.
sunoo: for sunoo, I feel like it's because he is a very sociable guy, he would be one of the first two enha boys who would make friends with other idols (other being jay). so it's not a surprise he stumbled upon a really pretty/good looking person. they became friends easily since they both have the same sense of humour. it takes like at least 2 months for sunoo to realise "hey, I have feelings for them" and yes he does act on it.
jake: for jake, I placed him in the middle because mans does not care. he really has no preference. he looks out for personality and not your status. whether you're an idol or normal person. since he is fairly new in the industry, he hasn't exactly seen much yet and he's still discovering. though, I very much think jake would prefer dating a non idol since he finds it quite hard to date when both schedules are unpredictable.
ni-ki: he is young and new to the industry. he doesn't have friends here since he moved from japan. the only girl friends he had were in japan and he won't be able to see them since he is busy. I've seen ni-ki said that since he is young, he views love as for engenes. so I don't think ni-ki will be looking for an idol lover. maybe he may even date an engene, who knows. if not, then a regular non idol person.
heeseung: *ehem* there is this little joke on tiktok right now saying heeseung isn't single anymore since there are times where he is caught on his phone smiling and other things like kissing his phone screen👁️👁️ (especially his phone ringing during the locker room👀👀 we're onto you hee, show us your girl and we will support) but anyways the secret relationship may or may not be with a non idol person so like...yeah. I think heeseung prefers a non-idol lover because he just finds loving someone 'regular' is better to him.
jay: now...I'm not biased or anything but I totally am. for me although jay would perfect with an idol s/o, I think he prefers the non-idol ones. why? because they both have different jobs. he can talk about his job and his s/o would be interested and come on, he would love to come back home to his s/o being there and waiting for him (then snuggle in bed together). when you're an idol, you can't go out of your dorm. unless of course you sneak out but I don't think you'd want to if you have a schedule tmr.
overall: honestly, enha doesn't have a preference. at least to me, they are waiting for any moment they find a s/o that they want to treasure. they don't care about their job. personality is always the important factor.
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six-costume-refs · 11 months ago
2020 to 2021 Broadway Costumes Changes
We finally have enough good photos of the Six Broadway costumes that I was able to write up this post! Shoutout to @lightleckrereins for spending lots of time trying to figure out all of these with me over the last week and reading a draft to correct the things I missed.
EDIT: updated with some additional things from the GMA performance and info that @gavinckss learned from @theboycostume at Showstoppers.
Overall changes and notes: - The big news: all of the 2020 costumes were apparently rendered unusable due to the (lack of) storage environment during the pandemic. All costumes were remade as a result. Explanation here.  - One of the changes as a result of this was made to the number of layers of PVC. Sofia and I had been wondering in the past if there were two layers (a regular in that color and a clear over top) for at least one or two of the costumes. @gavinckss was able to confirm this about the 2020 Howard costume via a visit to the Showstoppers exhibit, which supports our theory that all or most of them had this for the 2020 costumes (potential exceptions noted below). However, this was one of the things that caused issues with the storage (information from @theboycostumer and relayed by @gavinckss) and was cut from the 2021 costumes to just keep the solid PVC layer. - All of the principal queens (and possibly the alternate queens) now seem to have two separate pairs of boots: the pair they wore in 2020 and a new, second pair added in 2021. There are also some noticeable design exceptions, noted below. - All of the alternates will have costumes that are identical or mostly identical (possible exceptions noted below) to the principal costumes. The one major exception to this is in the boots: they will all have a different principal crystal design but all in black and white that they wear for 5 queens and then a second pair that they wear for Cleves in the same style as principal Cleves. I made a post here with photos and info on those. - Six used to have sequin and mesh pieces on all of the costumes. However, sequins tend to be really difficult and time consuming to work with. At some point in 2020 or 2021, Six changed all of the sequin material to a new spandex with holographic dots custom printed on to mimic the look of sequins. - While some of the designs previously had stretch panels on the sides, all of the costumes now have one to improve fit and movement. Specifics noted below. (post with additional info about this will also be incoming from me or @lightleckrereins​) - Most of the Six materials are not washable in a way that can be done regularly, and the materials can also be affected by things like sweat. To prevent odor and other issues, Six has always attempted to incorporate some system of layers/undergarments to protect those materials and help separate the fabrics from the skin (post about this is upcoming). Several changes were made to address this issue. - While @lightleckrereins and I were able to notice some of these changes there are also quite possibly some smaller details in construction or material that were introduced to help deal with that and to prevent future issues with the storage scenario that aren’t as visible (could be even things like changing the material used for lining or changing the number of layers inside the costume, which we wouldn’t even be able to tell). - The studding was changed from individual glued-on studs to pre-made studded trim (info from @gavinckss) - I previously made a post about the in-ear monitors.
Tumblr media
Aragon (L-R: Jade Marvin, Bliss 2.0, sixbliss2.0; Adrianna Hicks, Broadway 2020, mallorymaedke; unknown 2020 alt on display at Showstoppers, Broadway 2020, wintersnowfl8ke; Adrianna Hicks, Broadway 2021, 17 Sep 2021, Marc J Franklin) - The top is now separated from the gold oversleeves. - The construction and general shape of the skirt and peplum has changed: the peplum is much more separated from the bottom layer of the skirt and the shape is slightly different (hard to tell in the photos we have of Adrianna, but you can very clearly see the difference in shape between the 2021 Adrianna and the earlier version in the Jade Marvin photo) - The exact pattern of the diamond cut-outs on the center front panel differs from costume to costume. A change has been made between the 2020 and 2021 Broadway design so that the diamond cutouts stay consistent over the whole panel. - There are stitches in a diamond pattern on the vacuformed panels of the 2021 skirt. @lightleckrereins pointed out that they’re most likely structure stitches. Some or all of them may also line up with the location of the crossed boning in the skirt as described here. - Black stretch panels were added to the underside of the oversleeves (very thin panels were on the 2020, but they were so thin as to be unnoticeable. These are much wider).
Tumblr media
Boleyn (Courtney Bowman, West End, 3 Dec 2020, @/courtneybowman_; Andrea Macasaet, Broadway 2020, @/andrea.cesyl; Unknown Showstoppers costume, 2020 or 2021, @/wintersnowfl8ke; Andrea Macasaet, Broadway 2021, 16 Sep 2021, @/andrea.cesyl on Tiktok) - The green PVC has switched from the lighter pea green to a darker emerald shade. The shade change seems to have been slowly in process for Andrea Macasaet’s 2020 costume as well as Kala Gare and Lucy Aiston’s costume, all of which have a fabric between the 2018/19 and 2021 Boleyns. The updated 2021 shade is also in use for the Showstoppers costume. - The cap sleeve on the Boleyn top under the tab sleeves has been gotten rid of entirely (you can see it well on Courtney Bowman’s costume but it is on all of these except for Andrea’s 2021). - The tabs on the bottom and sleeves are lined with the green PVC - this was a change made either for both the 2020 and 2021 Broadway or for the 2020 alt costumes and all 2021. - Small black stretch panels were added to both sides of the top.
Tumblr media
Seymour (L-R, top to bottom: Abby Mueller, 2020 Broadway, unknown; Carly Mercedes Dyer, carlymdyer; 2020 alt at Showstoppers, @/wintersnowfl8ke; Abby Mueller, 2021 Broadway, 17 Sep 2021, Marc J Franklin for Playbill; Abby Mueller, 2021 Broadway, 16 Sep 2021, Jamie McCarthy for NBC) - This one is the possible exception when talking about a white PVC and a clear PVC on the original. It’s certainly possible but with the non-holographic white base it’s much harder to confirm that theory. Either way, the white fabric on the bodice is much more shiny in the 2020 photos and more matte in the 2021, which could be because of a second clear layer of PVC or could be because they just changed the white fabric entirely. - The 2020 costume had the usual transparent black stretch panels on the sleeves. This has been replaced by a nude fabric overlayed with the same mesh that is used on the rest of the costume (also want to note that the Showstoppers dress did not have any stretch panels and was purely for that event). - The mesh and spandex part of the cups rises much higher on the 2021 costume, and the trim on the cups better matches most of the other Seymour costumes than it does the 2020 one. - The sleeves on the Showstoppers costume had studding at the end, but neither the 2020 or 2021 Broadway costumes had this. - Abby Mueller has two-three pairs of boots, as explained here.
Tumblr media
Cleves (L-R: Brittney Mack, 2020 Broadway, Bryan Derballa for the New York Times; Unknown 2020 Broadway alt, 11 Apr 2021; Brittney Mack, 2021 Broadway, 17 Sep 2021, @/bwaysho; Brittney Mack, 2021 Broadway, 16 Sep 2021, Jamie McCarthy for NBC) - The fit of the jacket is different, and it looks great! That isn’t a design change, it’s just fit differently. - A small black spandex stretch panel was introduced to the side of the jacket - We saw some differing silhouettes for some in-progress Cleves leotards/reveal outfits in the background of photos taken at the costume studio. No idea what the deal with those is. Could be a scrapped design, a small re-design to better flatter one of the alts, or a complete re-design for all of the queens. We may not get answers on this any time soon as the Six costume team has asked that people not share photos or boots of that costume.
Tumblr media
Howard (Samantha Pauly, 2020 Broadway, @/sampauly; Showstoppers display costume 2021, @/theboycostumer; Samantha Pauly, 2021 Broadway, 17 Sep 2021, Marc J Franklin for Playbill; Samantha Pauly, 2021 Broadway, 17 Sep 2021, @/klphotographynyc) - Black lacing was added to both sides of the corset as a form of stretch panel. This replaced the prior mesh and spandex stretch panels as seen on the 2020 and Showstoppers costumes. - The hot pink PVC changed in color to become slightly darker; the undertones are now more monochromatic than they previously were. - Studs were added to the criss-crossed elastics. - There are also now two layers of elastics: The bottom one attached to the mesh leotard with a snap in the middle, and a top one attached to the corset with studding on it that snaps into the bottom. The one with studding is attached to the corset rather than the leotard since the leotard acts as her undergarment and is washed regularly. - The closure on the Howard skirt is a tab that is hidden under the mic holster. This was the case for the 2020 and Showstoppers costumes as well, but is different from all other Howard skirts. - The fitting of the skirt is slightly different. On the 2020 costume, the panels on either side of the opening are mostly parallel and with only a slight angle to them. On the 2021, they’re at more of an angle so the bottom of the opening is now much wider than the top (this is presumably for movement).
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Parr (Costume: Anna Uzele, 2020 Broadway, @/Joan Marcus; Anna Uzele, 2021 Broadway, 16 Sep 2021, Jamie McCarthy for NBC; Anna Uzele, 2021 Broadway, 17 Sep 2021, Marc J Franklin for Playbill; Anna Uzele, 2021 Broadway, 14 Sep 2021, Sara Krulwich) (Boots: 2020 pair, Anna Uzele, 11 Apr 2021; 2020 pair, Anna Uzele, Jimmy Fallon performance, 16 Sep 2021, Jamie McCarthy for NBC; 2021 pair, Anna Uzele, 14 Sep 2021, Sara Krulwich) - There may have been a change in the color of the blue PVC. - New boots design in addition to still wearing the old ones as well (per the two pairs of boots with one old and one new). The 2020 pair has two wide straps that both split into two smaller straps, leaving four smaller ones visible from the side. The 2021 pair has three straps with buckles from what we can see of the side, but we don’t know what the straps look like in front. They could be like her 2020 boots, which look like two wide straps in the front and only look like four from the side. The 2020 are also taller (similar in length to Aragon’s) while the 2021 are shorter (similar in length to the rest of the queens). - The bottom front corners of the peplum are now rounded rather than the previous 90 degree angle. - The top is much longer and with a steeper point in the center front than it was in 2020. - The sleeves seem to be separate from the top.  - There are some black panels on the side of the top. We’re trying to figure out exactly what those are for. First, they seem like the stretch panels as are standard for the rest of the 2021 costumes. However, they also seem to have a zipper in addition to the zipper closure in the back. @lightleckrereins is theorizing that since the sleeves are now separate, those side zippers are so that they can unzip the sides, put the top on over the shoulders after the sleeves have been put on, and then zip it closed on the sides to make it easier to put on. - The stretch panels on the bottom of the sleeves extend through the vinyl section of the sleeve as well.
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sketcheydyslexic · a year ago
Raffle win for @wingedsportsghostgoth (bad sanses head cannons)
They didn't ask for the art but I put it here anyway because this took 12 hours and I'm really proud of it (not to mention it fits the theme)
Tumblr media
General headcannons for the bad sanses:
He feels like he’s babysitting a lot, but he cares for his ‘family’. He refers to all of them as his boys.
He can stop his tar when he is calm, but it lowers his DEFence to 1. The more erratic his emotions are the less control he has over his tar.
He will only ever completely stop the tar around his S/o and his boys.
He will give head-pats of appreciation or praise to his boys, of course he is considerate with Error.
He has a spray bottle, and he will use it to enforce better behavior.
He really likes purple- specifically lavenders and plums.
He is into mythology! Greek AndCeltic are his favorites but he likes learning about other kinds too.
He bakes birthday cakes/cupcakes for his boys, and knows who doesn’t like cake/what kind they like best...
Killer, Dust, Cross and Error try to make a birthday cake for Nightmare, but Horror has to supervise so they don’t completely botch it.
He can change the amount of Tendrils he has- retracting them all fluctuates his magic levels and can be uncomfortable and cause a headache, unless he is using his magic.
He likes poetry- And old romance novels, he isn’t a fan of the newer ones.
He likes butterfly’s, but he isn’t a fan of bugs so he prefers to admire from afar.
He likes to paint, all of the oil paintings in the castle are made by him! He is no Michelangelo, but he is pretty decent at it after all his practice.
He is a Renaissance man, and prefers more classical things- that is what he grew up with.
He is old, like back in the village days he was a kid. Think 14th-16th century.
He journals religiously, he has thousands of books that recount history. Mans always has receipts at the ready. This is also why his office is a library, and he just likes to read.
He is the dad of the group.
He has a hard time finding new books he likes without having to reread ones he’s already read.
He’s a ‘guardian’, so he is immortal. He extends this gift to his boys.
Weekends are free days, he doesn’t ask his boys to do anything on the weekends. He knows everyone needs a break.
If he goes to get a snack in the middle of the night, he will bring his S/o a chunk of their favorite cheese.
He can cook, but never does. Baking? No, whatever comes out of the oven would make the devil cry. If it’s no bake he does okay.
He is unbothered. 24/7. (Not really tho, he just needs a little time to process his feelings)
Resting bitch face syndrome, he has a really cute smile and laugh when it does show though.
Act like the second to last oldest beother
He scrolls on Twitter and watching people fight in threads under controversial posts.
There is a treehouse somewhere that is his hidden place to escape. Of course nightmare knows where it is, but he won’t tell anyone. (He built it himself, paps taught Dust the ways of construction)
He listens to podcasts, in the tree house of course.
He smokes weed in the treehouse too. (He would stop if it really bothered his s/o, otherwise his S/o would be invited to his treehouse of escapism)
(Honestly all of them dabble in weed, that’s why he keeps his special stuff hidden in the treehouse.)
He loves chonky anything. Cats, rabbits, dogs, humans 👀
This man is an internal compass from God, he is google maps. He never gets lost, ever.
He doesn't like being touched by any one other than the gang or his s/o, at least without a warning.
He makes killer omelets
Caffeine addiction
Sometimes he really does treat society like an experiment.
He would get (steal) a pet rat from a pet store. And chances are they would bond so closely that the rat is on or with him 24/7.
He will let you paint his ‘nails’.
Man will spend all Saturday night scrolling through tiktok.
Felt out of place when he first joined, but now he feels so happy to be part of the family
He doodles on every piece of paper he gets
He is the kind of person to let all of the annoyances slowly pile up, and honestly? He either snaps or slowly let's out that frustration in other ways.
He is kind of like the little brother
He breathes iced coffee.
He has the wattpad app on his phone
He would watch anime
Gets high with killer and watches cartoon network.
Can have conversations with killer In *vine language*
Misses life before 2018-2019
Is supper nice but tries not to be
He taught everyone to dip their French fries in their milkshake.
Basically... He's basically a band kid? Not the super weird and out there kind
He buys most of his stuff. Unlike some skeletons.
He's just a normal skeleton, trying to get by in life... By being part of a homicidal bad guy gang while dealing with his own trauma one step at a time.
He would treat his s/o right. Not anything to crazy, but it would put most humans to shams.
If they eat out, he is ordering chicken trendies.
He is a bastard but a sweetie at heart.
But a bastard. He gets bored easily, so to keep that empty feeling away, he causes chaos. Nothing that will cause any of the others harm... that’s not to say for anyone outside of their ‘family’
He trips over his untied shoelaces all the time but is so good at recovering at this point that no one notices.
He would use discord, but no one would know.
He will give his s/o pretty things he finds. Like cool rocks.
He kind of wants a pet snake. He likes gerbils/hamsters too but he knows those little shits are borderline manic and have no self-preservation skills.
Got arrested and went to a human prison once because he wanted too see what caged humans were like.
Irritating middle sibling who is funny even if they make you want to pull your hair out
He is scared to hurt people he loves, so sometimes he tried to isolate himself. The gang always helps him through it.
Please-he would see those bin of chicks at tractor supply and want all of them. He would only be allowed to get five.
He built a chicken coop for the chickens. Now they have fresh eggs for Dust’s omelets.
There is one white chicken out of the bunch and her name is Henryetta.
Originally joined nightmare in trade to get his brother a better life. After the peace was called nightmare allowed Horror to invite his brother to live in the castle or visit him whenever.
Can cook well, is okay at baking.
He would adopt a stray kitten. And he would love it more than life itself. His kitten and dust rat would be besties.
Are rats in the underground when there was nothing else to eat. He Knows he dosen't have to do that anymore- he loves Dustls little buddy too.
He sleeps a lot, now that it’s safe for him to rest.
Still very smart, just a little unstable.
He doesn’t talk a lot, when he does it’s short and to the point. One could say he is still pretty sharp.
He is one of the larger versions of horror.
Honestly? He is like the mom or eldest brother.
He spoils his loved ones
He likes shiny things- not for its value but because it’s pretty
He loves flowers, and takes care of all the greenery around the castle
He will silently slay everyone in uno
He writes his troubles down and burns them- he learned this form of venting from nightmare
He sticks away from meat but will eat it, when he does he prefers white meat.
Instead of chicken trendies, he want a whole bucket of em.
He makes cannibal jokes, joke away the pain buddy.
He knows a lot about humans and their anatomy- because he reads about them all the time! He is really interested in human medicines, since he doesn’t need anything other than healing magic. So if he had a human s/o he would be very helpful.
He also would love giving his s/o massages.
Is the mom if it isn't horror.
He wears Sandals and socks. Sometimes sandals and crocs.
He knitts and crochets.
Doesn't speak a word of Spanish but he watches Spanish soap operas and tragic romances.
He makes sweaters for the gang on their birthdays. (Not with his string, he will use cotton yarn.)
Nightmare makes him triple chocolate cake for his birthday.
Will let nightmare part him on the head, but nightmare will hold his hand just a little away at Errors comfort zone so Error can lean into it if its okay.
Will prank killer back sometimes. It's all in good fun of course, but Error will always claim it's out of spite.
He will definitely make clothes for any pets that may be adopted by the group. Horror gets a kitten? Kitty sweater. Dust gets a rat? Rat Tootoo.
Error refuses to make the chickens clothes... Not because he dosen't know how to make a chicken clothes or anything...
But he will scratch Henryetta on the head (she's the only one not out for blood)
He would make his s/o intricately woven bracelets or anklets
He likes to map out the stars, he made his own map. (it's actually supper pretty)
He would gift this hand made star map to his s/o on a date to outtertale so they could look at the stars with him.
He loves cuddles, but that to be at a point where he is supper comfortable with s/o
He would be able to write stellar fanfic if he ever tried.
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Art of Love (4+1) - Elias Pettersson
this from my old blog (oh-holy-alien). I want no drama, just to write.
Tumblr media
i. the sexy selfie
The pandemic had been good for one thing at least, it had provided you time to truly find your artistic freedom. In addition, you’d found time to make art for you. You’d seen videos going around of girls making cute paintings based off of their nudes.
You’d thought this was the cutest thing ever. The way different colours could highlight the beauty of the human body. It thrilled you to watch these beautiful paintings come to fruition in videos.
You’re lounging on your bed, scrolling through TikTok. Elias had gone out to get lunch with Chris and Troy, leaving you to amuse yourself for the afternoon.
You got up, growling in your stomach motivating you to do more than just lay there in bed. You catch your reflection in the mirror. You look pretty cute today. Just a lace thong and a bra adorn your body and yet you feel crazy powerful.
That’s when it hits you, you scramble for your phone and pose in a sexy way. You take a couple of selfies, specifically in positions you know get Elias going. You giggle happily as you look through them.
They turned out all beautifully, you have trouble choosing just one to turn into a piece of art. If you had the wall space, you’d make them all into paintings. You don’t have the space though, at least not in your public rooms. Your secret hidden ‘love nest’ as Elias had dubbed it, had a lot of wall space.
But for now, you chose your favourite picture. You manage to scarf down the quick lunch you had made before making your way to the backyard shed where Elias made you a painting office.
You sketch out your picture on your canvas, delicately tracing the edges and curves of your body. It’s about an hour before you’ve finished the outline.
“Hi, back from lunch,” Elias says, sticking his head in the door. He smiles softly at you, bent over your desk and face concentrating.
“Hey, babe!” You look up from your work and smile sweetly. Your glasses are perched low on your face. “How was lunch?”
“Good should have ice time next week.” He’s trying to peak at your work, always your biggest fan.
“That’s good,” you brush a stray hair out of your face. “I should be done soon.”
He nods, before leaving you to your business. You know for a fact that he’ll be turning on the basketball game and settling into the couch, beer in hand.
You smile at his retreating form, turning back to the outline on your canvas. You’ve got your thermal zones perfectly outlined, so you turn to your paints and prep them.
You begin with your smallest areas, painting them red. You outline the red with orange, then yellow. It’s starting to come together. The blue is your final colour, and you smile at the beautiful body you’ve created on canvas. You take your black paint and do the background as well as your bra and underwear.
You smile as you look over your work. You leave it in your shed to dry.
You smirk, sneaking up behind Elias who as predicted, is watching the basketball game. You place your hands on his shoulders.
He looks up at you, a smile growing on his face.
“Is your team winning, baby?” You smile, hand coming up to stroke his cheek.
“Yes, but it’s just the first quarter of the game.” He places his beer on the coffee table.
You walk around the front of the couch to curl up in his lap. His hands grip your body to him, but he’s gone back to paying attention to the tv.
Your hand finds its way into his hair, you scratch at his scalp like he’s a cat. He preens a little at the action, he may seem closed off but really he’s a PDA whore.
“I made you something,” you whisper during a commercial break.
“Oh yeah?” He looks down at you, smiling. Elias loves your art. You may be his biggest fan but he is certainly yours.
“Come out to the shed and see for yourself.” You smirk, breaking from his hold and sauntering sexily out of reach.
He hums approvingly, “you’re going to kill me one day.” But nonetheless, he gets up from the couch and follows you.
“You say that now but wait until you see what I made you.” You giggle, reaching back to take his hand and tug him along quicker.
You stop him outside of the shed. “Stay here, and close your eyes please.”
He obeys, standing quietly, eyes closed. You sneak into the shed, looking down at the work of art. It’s dry and you can’t help but grin at how it turned out. Elias is going to die!
You exit the shed quickly, he stands there eyes still closed. You stand before him, the picture displayed.
“Open your eyes!” You try to thrust the painting towards him.
His eyes open and his jaw goes slack. He sputters over himself, staring down at the beautiful work of art. He gulps loudly and you watch his Adam’s apple bob. Elias can feel his pants tightening as he looks at the painting of your nude.
He looks around, making sure that none of your nosey neighbours can see the lewd drawing.
He pulls it into his chest, cradling it from the outside world.
“Do you like it?” You ask, pulling your lip between your teeth nervously.
“Älskling, I love it.” He looks at you, straining from jumping your bones right now. “Jag alskar dig.”
“Love you too, bub.” You smile.
Elias moves the canvas to look again. His jaw tightens and you can see the wheels in his head spinning. Suddenly the painting drops to his side, he’s got a one-handed grip on it. The other hand comes to grab your wrist and drags you into the house.
“Where are we going?” You giggle.
ii. the roll-around canvas
Elias couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face as he showed you the photos of his celebrations from his season in Sweden pre-NHL.
The pictures were really something to marvel at too. Your boyfriend, covered in gold paint. It was sexy on a whole other level.
There was an arousing element to the photos, sure they show your cute boyfriend back in pubescent days but you can’t help but drool slightly.
“So was your whole body painted gold?” You ask, silky and seductive.
Elias’ eyebrows furrow, he clearly can’t hear the tone in your voice as he looks at you confused. “What do you mean?”
You scoot on the couch closer to him, pushing his laptop to the coffee table as you brush your hands over his pants, caressing the bulge of his crotch slightly. “Did you paint every part of your body?” You smirk, lips ghosting against the skin of his neck.
He pants slightly, moving to let your touch envelop him. But with the gold picture in the corner of your eye, you get an idea. You pull away abruptly and Elias whines, mouth pulling into a pout.
“I’ve got an idea.” You say, eyes not leaving the computer screen.
“But we were going to,” Elias starts, trying to move back into your arms.
“Oh we will, but we’ve got something to do first.” You smirk, standing up to grab your purse.
“What are you doing?” Elias groans, throwing his head back against the headrest of the couch. His hand rests on his pelvis, trying to discreetly alleviate the pressure he’s feeling down there.
“We’ve got to go get some stuff.” You reply, already pulling on your converse.
“Sex stuff?” Elias asks, head craned back to look at you.
“I mean kind of,” You say, adjusting your purse over your shoulder. “Can you please just get ready?”
Elias idly follows you around Micheal’s, its not his first time coming with you. He’s pushing the cart, he’s used to going through every single aisle to fulfill your crafting needs. But today has been a hastier trip than normal, you dragged him straight to the paint stuff.
You grab a large Canvas, putting it in the cart and ignoring Elias’ confused look you turn back to the paint supplies. You grab a large tube of green paint, holding it out towards Elias.
“What colours should we do with green?” You ask, inspecting the other colours.
Elias lets go of the cart and joins you in looking at the other colours. He puts his hands on his hips, clearly thinking this over thoroughly. It makes you giggle.
“Why do we need the paint?” He asks as he bends down to grab a royal blue in one hand and a pumpkin orange in the other.
“You’ll see,” you grab a golden sparkly shade and put it in the cart, only to notice the death glare your boyfriend is shooting you. “You’re going to like this I promise.”
You move into his embrace, tilting your head up and getting on your tippy toes to passionately press a kiss to his lips. His arms wrap around you, under your butt to pull you up higher so no one is straining to meet in the middle.
He finally puts you down when he remembers where you are. Elias notices what is clearly a fan attempting to take discreet photos of the two of you make out. The guy is wearing a Canucks cap, so Elias decides to let you continue on.
“I’m just going to go talk to that fan babe.” Elias starts walking over to the guy while you make your way to the next aisle.
You’re grabbing a tarp when Elias rejoins you. He gives you a look for the tarp, he wants to ask so badly but he knows you won’t give him the answers just yet.
He takes back the captaincy of the cart and guides you to the checkout
You’ve arrived back home and are in the middle of setting up everything in the ‘love nest’. You’ve got the canvas set up on the floor and the tarp underneath it.
Your chosen paint colours are laid out beside the set up canvas. You’d taken the wooden frame out from the canvas, making it easier to be able to move on top of.
“Okay Elias, you can come in.” You stick your head out the door, he’s leaning against the wall.
“Are you going to tell me what we’re doing now?” He asks, as he watches you begin to strip. “Not that I’m complaining.”
“Firstly, get naked,” you demand as you grab some paint. “We’re going to have sex on the canvas.”
“What’s that going to do?” He asks as he begins to strip down.
“We’re going to cover each other in paint then cover the canvas with it.” You say, rubbing green paint down your chest.
“Oh, we do need something new to hang over the couch.”
You laugh as you help him slather on paint. He leads you over to the canvas. He lays you down softly on the slightly rough surface. It’s an odd sensation against your back but you barely think about it as Elias slots himself between your legs. He’s on his knees and he leans over you, pulling your mouth towards his.
Your lips meet feverishly, his lips are plump against yours and his hands cage you against the canvas. You wrap your arms around his body to pull him flush against you.
The orange on his chest mingles with the gold of yours, your hands stretch out against the canvas, slipping slightly leaving a blue streak down the canvas.
“Gotta be in you.” Elias growls, pulling away slightly to adjust his body.
The head of his cock bumps against your clit and you cry out. He enters your slowly, eyes burning into yours as he goes.
“Oh baby.” You cry, sitting up to chase his lips.
You’re perched in his lap as he thrusts up into you. Both sets of your hands are splayed across the canvas.
“Fuck älskling.” Elias pulls out of you, directing you onto your hands and knees.
He pushes back in and starts to buck his hips at a neck breaking speed. Your cheek rests against the canvas, as your arms give out. You can’t help but cry Elias’ name. He moans loudly in an attempt to respond.
You can feel your breasts bouncing along the canvas, Elias pulls you to the side.
You’re spooning now and he pulls one of your legs up into the air. It gives him better access and his hand that’s not gripping your hip against the canvas grabs at your breasts.
“Fuck okay,” he growls, pulling his cock out of you. He smirks devilishly at the cry that leaves your mouth.
He lays back and pulls you by your hips to get on top of him. You brace your hand against his chest and push yourself up on your knees. You grab Elias’ cock and guide it toward your pussy. Before you let go, you gives him an extra squeeze.
As you slide down his length, both your mouths fall open. You press your mouth against his, his tongue fights yours in a battle for dominance.
His hand comes down with force against your ass and you cry into his mouth. You’re rocking back and forth as quick as you can.
He keeps pawing at your ass, rubbing the stinging part. You cum with a cry, squeezing around him. Elias moans, he picks you up and without pulling himself from you, he flips you over.
He thrusts slowly, pace becoming slower. He’s teasing you now, trying to get a second orgasm out of you before the first has even finished. His hand goes to your clit, rubbing and pushing. You can feel another orgasm crashing through your body and Elias begins to bite at your neck. He finds that hot spot of skin that drives you nuts and the second orgasm comes quickly.
Elias cums as you do, loud and long. He rests for a second, hovering above you. His hands are beside your head and he smiles down at you.
“We should probably shower.” He laughs, his eyes crinkle as he looks down on you. His hair is falling in his face and you want to tug on his chain to pull you to him.
“I guess. But I’m warm and cozy.” You whine, trying to pull his shoulders so he lowers himself down to you.
He laughs and pulls out of you. You cry out at the loss, pouting as he stands up. Elias picks you up.
“Canvas turned out good,” he smirks, hands wandering a little too much.
“That it did!” You smile, looking over his shoulder at it as he carries you to the bathroom.
“Going to be gorgeous over the couch.”
iii. the favourite song
It was your three year anniversary, and this year you’d decided to make each other gifts.
This was going to be no problem for you. You’re artistically gifted! And yet, you have zero ideas. You wish that you could be hit by the genius of inspiration, but like a writer you’ve got hit by the block.
You’re scrolling through the internet when your phone rings.
“Hello?” You ask, balancing your phone between your shoulder and your ear as you continue to look at your computer screen.
“Hey babe!” Holly’s voice replies, chirpy and light. “Still stuck on what to make Elias for the anniversary?”
“You have no idea. If I see one more stupid idea about origami stars or some shit,” you rant into the phone, “I’m going to scream.”
“I think Emma said something about a thing she found on tiktok.” Holly says and there’s shuffling on the other end of the line. “I’ll send it to you. Good luck hun!”
The idea in question is pretty clever. You take the glass from a photo frame and trace a Spotify song outline. Pretty easy, then put a cute photo of the two of you in the place where the album art goes.
Luckily, you do have a spare picture frame or two lying around. Ready and at your disposal. The hardest part was finding a good suitable song to express how Elias really made you feel.
You’d had a photo picked out and ready. It was a beautiful candid Brock had snapped while you and Elias had visited him this summer. You’re wrapped in Elias’ arms while he smiles down at you and you’re looking at him like he hung the moon and stars. The fire crackling before you and the moonlight in the background made it all more magical as a captured photo.
You had the photo displayed on your laptop, an attempt to find inspiration as you search through the Spotify playlist Elias made you. Finally you stumble across the perfect song.
It seems silly that you hadn’t thought of it already! It was so simple and it had been in front of you already.
You smiled before gathering up your supplies and heading out to your she-shed. You smile down at Elias, whose head pops out from his own office.
“Got inspired babe?” He asks, clearly holding the door shut to hide something from you.
“Sure did!” You stop to press a kiss against his lips and sneakily attempt to peak at what he’s so evidently hiding.
He laughs, but accepts the quick peck happily, before letting one arm out from behind the door to push you on your way.
Once in your own shed, you sort out the proper materials. Turning on the printer you prep the right print out for tracing.
It’s not hard, you tape the paper behind the glass pane. Then you begin to trace the lines and symbols for the song.
You take your photo and modge-podge it onto the back, perfectly straight.
It turned out beautiful.
“Present time now?” Elias asks, the plate before him empty.
You laugh, the candle light making his excited face even more cute than normal. “Sure babe. You can have yours first.”
You grab the blue gift paper wrapped rectangle from the counter. You hug it to your chest quickly before handing it to him.
The smile on his face grows as he grabs the gift. He’s practically vibrating from excitement. Elias loves getting gifts from you. You know him better than anyone else and always manage to nail it with whatever you get it.
The paper is ripped off and he looks in awe at the delicate frame. His favourite picture of the two of you was used as the album art for his favourite song, Good Life by OneRepublic.
“Käresta, it’s beautiful.” Elias is tearing up, “Jag alskar dig.”
“Love you too honey,” you smile, tearing solely because he is tearing up. “It’s definitely a good life, you know. I get to love you.”
“That was cheesy.” He laughs.
iv. the body imprint
Some of the things you found on TikTok were just the best. Recently, the latest trend was painting your body and sitting on a canvas to give it to your significant other.
At first, the trend had made you laugh. It was a silly thing, but then you remember the man-child you were dating and realized it was the perfect thing to make for Elias. Of course, you had managed to convince Quinn’s girlfriend Hanna and Brock’s girlfriend Rachel to do it with you.
It’s not as weird as it would seem as the three of you stand in your living room. Another tarp laid out along the ground under the canvas. The three of you are in nothing but tank tops and thong. Not weird at all, the three of you have been in less dressed states before.
“This is the weirdest thing we have ever done.” Hanna says, watching as you set up the paints and canvases.
“I don’t know about that. Emma’s bachelorette party in Vegas made us do a lot of weird stuff.” You reply, handing her a paintbrush.
“I thought we agreed not to talk about that.” Rachel points out laughing from where she stands in front of her own canvas.
“Good point. Now who is going first?” You ask, pouring some paint on your palette.
“I guess I can,” Rachel says, almost defeated.
“You could sound a little more excited, you know?” You tease, sticking your paintbrush in the green paint.
“You’re about to paint my ass.” Rachel deadpans as Hanna laughs. “This is as excited as I’m going to get.”
Hanna dips her paint brush in the yellow paint. You hum along to the Abba playing throughout the living room, as you slowly lather Rachel’s ass and upper thighs with paint. Hanna takes the lower half of her legs. You let Rachel dip her hand in the paint, before leading her to the canvas. She sits the way you showed her. She giggles at the feeling of the paint.
“You can get up now.” Hanna laughs as Rachel stands up.
“Oh it turned out so good!” Rachel smiles at the imprint on the screen.
“If you want, you can go shower and then we can paint your outline.” You smile, directing her into the slippers you’d pre-set out before to ensure no paint prints on your carpet. “Your turn Han.”
You lather up the blue paint, before gliding the paintbrush along her body.
“This is weirdly intimate.” You joke, grabbing more paint.
“I’m oddly comfortable with you painting my body.” Hanna laughs, painting her hand as you continue with purple down her legs.
She moves towards the canvas as you finish up the paint and you help her down to sit perfectly on the canvas. The paint goes nicely on the canvas and you help Hanna back up. She slips into her slippers and grabs a paint brush to do you.
Your ass and upper thighs are painted orange, your lower legs get painted golden and you’re guided to the canvas. You sit down, one leg up and both hands back. The paint squished between your body and the canvas and you shiver at the feeling.
After a good few seconds, you get up from the canvas. You slip into your own slippers and head off to the ensuite bathroom you share with Elias.
You return, freshly showered to find your friends waiting for you. They’re also freshly showered and everybody is no longer covered in paint.
“Okay so now we fill in the imprint.” You say, handing Rachel and Hanna their paint palettes and paint brushes.
They set off to work and so do you. You easily fill in the little spaces lacking proper colour coverage. It takes very little time to fill in the parts you need, and you hum along happily to the playlist Hanna had chosen while you showered.
“Well what now?” Rachel asks, she’s on her knees beside her canvas. She’s finished touching up the pieces she needs.
“The black outline and background, right?” Hanna inquires, trying to grab the black paint without getting up. She succeeds, and pour some on the white spaces of the canvas before handing it to Rachel.
The three of you finish your projects way before the boys get home. You take time to relax on the couch waiting for the three men to return from practice.
You all scramble to grab the paintings when you hear a car pulling into the driveway.
You smile at your girlfriends as they sneak out into the front yard. Their paintings are wrapped in gift paper, they decided they didn’t want to show their boyfriends right away.
“Hi babe,” you smile, reaching for the remote to turn down the volume. “How was practice?”
He doesn’t even hear you. He’s staring at the painting. It’s leaning up against the wall behind you and Elias’ eyes bulge looking at it.
“Fuck.” Is the only word that falls out of his shocked mouth.
“Do you like it?” You smile coyly, standing up to wrap your arms around him.
He nods, accepting your touch.
“Made it just for you.” You whisper, standing on your tiptoes to kiss his neck.
“Bedroom, now,” he growls, eyes darkening significantly.
i. + Elias’ body imprint
He’s not a hundred percent sure why he’s doing this. Sure your body imprint was beautiful and is hanging in the love nest, but this might be crossing the line.
He looks towards Brock and Quinn who also look extremely unsure about this. If you asked Elias right now, he definitely would be unable to tell you whose idea it was. (He’s lying, it was definitely his).
Elias was definitely inspired by that time you two had sex on the canvas, and also he’d been on tiktok himself and saw some other dude do it.
“So like are we painting our dicks too?” Quinn asks apprehensively. The look on Quinn’s face screams that he doesn’t want to do what he just asked at all.
“Hell yeah we are.” Brock boisters.
Elias and Quinn share a look, both silently judging their friend who in any other life would've been the ideal frat boy house president.
“I mean it’s not like we shouldn’t.” Elias shrugs, “We should all be proud of our bodies.”
“Easy for you to say,” Quinn rolls his eyes, annoyed at the swede. “You’re fucking packing.”
“Hey so am I!” Brock yells from beside the canvas he’s set up.
“This conversation has turned into an actual dick measuring contest.” Elias mutters annoyed. “Just paint my ass please Brock.”
Brock nods his head and grabs the paint brush. Quinn stands and watches, the look of evident death on his face. Granted, he always looks like that, Elias thinks.
“Am I painting your dick too?” Brock looks slightly revolted, himbo attitude in full effect.
“No,” Elias shoots him a look. “Don’t even think about touching my dick. This is just art. I have to look at your dick enough at the rink, I’m not touching yours.”
Based on the Death Stare Brock was getting, he back offs, not before handing the paint brush to Elias.
Elias is finishing the paint on his body, as Brock and Quinn strip themselves down to do their own paintings. They begin to help the other paint their backsides.
The front door opening causes all three men to look at the door with wide eyed fear. You walk into your living room to three grown men covered in paint half naked.
“Uh, what are you guys doing?” You ask, somewhat unfazed. It’s not the weirdest thing you’ve ever walked into in your house.
“Body imprints.” Elias says so casually, you’d assume he does it daily.
“Okay. Uh, have fun I guess.” You say, backing your way into the kitchen.
Brock and Quinn stand there, paintbrushes in hand just staring jaw-opened at the empty space you’d previously occupied.
“Well, I can never look Y/N in the eyes again.” Brock says, but he doesn’t stop painting the areas he can reach on himself.
“She’s seen worse.” Elias says casually.
“What does that mean?” Quinn dares to question.
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” You reply, walking through the living room just watching Elias working on his painting. “Looks good babe!”
Elias smiles. He’s content to have finally made you something beautiful when you always make him the most beautiful art.
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pillow-anime-talk · a year ago
request ; @obsessedknb​ : Can I have a One-Shot with Kise and his s/o? She is popular like him and got a lot of confessions. He gets jealous and mark her neck to make clear that she is his? 🙈❤️ Thank youuuu! You can do NSFW if you want 😏
# tags: scenario; current relationship; school!au; romance; a bit of comedy; also fluff; smut; jealous!kise; nsfw
warnings: mention of semi-public sex and sexual activities, fingering, body worship, slight dirty talk, being caught, pet names
includes: female reader ft. ryouta kise {knb}
author’s note: aaaaa, kise!!! thank you so much. this is probably my favorite smut! also i’m sorry it took so long, but because of my work i don’t have the strength to write :( but i hope you like it! love youuu!
Tumblr media
You greeted your boyfriend with a short but cute kiss, then grabbed his big, extremely warm hand as you made your way to the main entrance of the school. On the way to math class, you talked about today’s tests, about basketball and your joint plans for the upcoming weekend. Of course, you were indescribably excited to be able to spend a few nights with Ryouta, especially since you always had lots of ideas for those two days; not only did you enjoy studying together (yes, it’s surprising, but Kise really liked studying with you), but also watching various (including horror, comedies and romances) movies and cooking weird recipes found on TikTok.
Anyway, when the blonde was showing you some lovely pictures on his own phone, you heard loud laughs and your last name. A short second later, several boys complimented you and asked if you changed your hairstyle and perfume today. You sighed tiredly, thanking them and you were about to say something to the yellow-eyed man standing next to you, but one of the teenagers offered you to spend time together at the cinema and coffee after school. Immediately you felt a stronger grip on your hand and as soon as you looked up at your boyfriend’s face you noticed his nervous expression and slowly darkening orbs.
“Ryouta, don’t worry about it.” You smiled as you touched his cheek with your free hand, and the eighteen-year-old nodded in your direction, pressing his face against your soft skin. “... Do you have any other interesting photos?”
“Ah, yes. Look h...”
“... Senpai~ give me your attention!”
“May I have lunch with you today, senpai?!”
You pulled your beloved one by the hand, knowing that just a moment longer and you can’t take it mentally because of the boys who really liked you.
Your life from the beginning of high school was... quite hard. You were one of the most charming and at the same time sincere and helpful girls in school; additionally, your grades were high, and you were very eager to take part in science and sports competitions. All the teachers, many female peers, and almost all the boys cherished you to such an extent that every day new, colorful notes appeared in your locker or jacket pocket. It was endearing, but you looked at everything blankly, apologizing to anyone who confessed their sincere feelings to you; after all, you already had the perfect and one-of-a-kind second half who meant more to you than anyone else.
Of course, Kise was no worse and the two of you was by far the most desired couple in the school, however, you were so confident in your future together that no other boy or girl could destroy your ideal relationship.
Nevertheless, jealousy was a natural trigger both for you when Ryouta was given lots of chocolates during Valentine’s Day and for your beloved boyfriend when a group of high school students winked at you or waved their hands at you during lunch, telling you how magnificent you look.
“Ryouta... You know I’m not interested in other boys, don’t be sad.” As soon as you two found in a more secluded place – in chemistry class – you took your man by both slightly pink cheeks again and then smiled at him softly, causing his eyes to shone again with that amused, characteristic glow.
“I’m not sad, Y/Ncchi. I would rather say that I feel pissed off. We’ve been dating for three years and people still don’t understand that I am yours and you are mine... Maybe we should show it better somehow?” He asked calmly, resting his forehead against yours, and you nodded quickly, wrapping your arms around his neck.
“Are you proposing something specific, baby? Necklaces for couples? They are very delightful.” You answered with a question, but instead of hearing your boyfriend’s voice, you felt a tender kiss in the crook of your neck in response. You groaned softly as blonde one bit your skin and then pushed your petite figure onto one of the desks while smiling under his breath. “R-Ryouta, we’re at school!”
“And that’s the point. But I will also buy the necklace for you.” He muttered against your skin, causing pleasant shivers down your back and shoulders. You definitely couldn’t hide the excitement that grew in your sight, heart and between your legs, so you eagerly opened your thighs, pressing the young man against your body. “Oh, you like it?”
“Ryouta with you I like everything, it’s obvious. But... we have to be q-quiet.”
The blonde pulled away from your red skin, then lifted an eyebrow in amusement, kissing your left cheek and the tip of your nose.
“Being quiet can be quite hard. You know it very well, darling.” Your cheeks grew even warmer, and you turned your gaze to the clean window, watching the trees and the wonderful blue sky. At once, however, your attention moved back to the light-eyed man who picked up your skirt and shifted the cotton underwear to the side. “Oh, are you wet already?”
“Ryouta, don’t tease me.”
“Sorry, sorry. I’m just happy that because of me, and only because of me, you get excited and embarrassed at the same time. It’s precious.”
Another, this time more forceful kiss landed on your nape and then in the center of your mouth. Meanwhile, your partner unhooked the leather belt from his gray pants and then lowered them a bit, pressing his body back to yours. Shortly after, you helped him to loosen the dark tie around his throat, and even pulled on the soft fabric to give the boy one more, longer kiss right in the middle of his smooth lips.
The fingers of the third class very carefully relaxed your tense entrance, only to point the long, hard cock at you after a few longer seconds.
You groaned louder than you intended when you felt the familiar sensation of hot walls tearing apart; you fastly clung to the tall male, wrapping your legs tighter around his narrow waist. Your eyelashes fluttered as Kise immediately smacked the tip of his dick against your womb, and brushed the hair out of your forehead as he smiled wondrously. You answered the same, once again bringing your mouth together for a wet and long kiss, which again turned into a strong suck on your neck and a few harder strokes on the young basketball player’s blond strands of hair.
“All the boys would like to be in my shoes, but only I can have this beautiful body exclusively.” He grunted lowly, and his tongue slid over the ear lobe, causing tremendous chills and several more heavy exhalations.
“A-And definitely every girl would like to be in my shoes, but only I can be fucked by Kaijou ace.” You responded in a similar tone, and your back fell against the oak wood. Ryouta, of course, fell on your small figure, slowly unbuttoning your uniform shirt.
“You’re so amazing, baby. I’m really not surprised that you have so many admirers.” He sighed, kissing your right breast, still covered in the fabric of your white bra, but then you grunted contentedly when the high school student bit your nipple, causing your knuckles to pinch his boyish jacket.
“And vice versa, honey.” Your hands ran over the fluffy, golden hair, after a second, lightly tugged at the tips, and next you closed your orbs as you felt your boyfriend’s movements increase his strength and speed. So in the room there was not only the smell of sex itself and your heavy breaths, but also the sound of bodies hitting each other and lovely moans that left your swollen lips involuntarily.
With your eyelids closed, your mouth open and your uniform unbuttoned, you looked the most glorious for Kise.
A few longer seconds later, however, Ryouta felt someone watching him from behind his back, so he turned his head a little towards the door and smiled with satisfaction when he noticed that several of your worshippers caught the two of you doing a quickie in the classroom. Without much shame, he winked at them, and when the embarrassed three teens run away, the basketball player looked at your quivering body again, running his fingers over the smooth skin of your stomach and right hip.
“I think... from today everyone will understand that we are together.” He muttered with the visible smirk on his lips, then ran his finger down your neck one more time, where a couple of sizable hickeys were starting to get more and more visible. “Just don’t wear turtlenecks or scarves for the next few days, sweetheart.” 
“Mhm. You can give me your club sweatshirt. It’s really comfy.” You smiled, and your eyes met the affectionate gaze of your partner again, who couldn’t help and gave a few short pecks all over your pretty face.
It was definitely an interesting morning; even if you missed your first lesson and the whole school was talking about the two of you by the end of the day not only because of the purple marks on your upper parts.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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queersturbate · 8 months ago
hiya i'd love to hear u talk more abt light's npd and mental issues bc u frame them in a rlly concise and informative way and i love reading them
i'm sorry it took a bit to respond to this you caught me having a bad mental health week and hating my npd specifically. But i think talking about it with a character i wholeheartedly adore would actually help. Also i love doing additional research on npd for Light because i read the articles and i just stare at it like looking into this weird cosmic mirror.
anyway, to get to the point. I've said what I think Light has and everything before, but i'll say it again: narcissistic personality disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, obsessive compulsive personality disorder (different from OCD, i have a post on it!), psychosis , and anxiety. I'm sure there's more that i would consider him having, like anti-social personality disorder which i dont have and have not done any research on so i cannot say if so, uh oh I know people also love Light being autistic alongside L. Honestly i really like that because it shows off different sides to autism, because you can be exactly like either and still be autistic.
but anyway, specifically with NPD, the general symptoms are a not caring about other's feelings/low to no empathy, sense of entitlement, not being able to take criticism at all, and wanting praise, recognition, and admiration at all times. Also with a majority of personality disorder, psychologists are not 100% how it's developed but most narcissists raise narcissists. My mother is a classic narcissist, and my dad hides his narcissistic traits better than her. However for Light, I don't think it was genetics but more-so environmental, but not to any fault of his parents.
Narcissists have a huge inflation of self worth, and coupled with a god complex, it can be overbearing. Light's "quick descent" into him being this all powerful god and him thinking he was CHOSEN for this job with the death note, him immediately going "im the only one that can do this" did not just come from no where when he picked up that notebook. L, the task force, near, etc never had that level of self importance and inflated view on themselves. Light had npd before he picked that notebook up. His disorder helped the curse of the notebook take hold much quicker and harder than everyone else, because Light was looking for a reason to be the person he thought he should be.
Also when I say "god complex", as opposed to what many people seem to believe it is not just believing you are god. or in tiktok users' cases, it does not mean you like to look at yourself in the mirror or you think you look good. A god complex is when you feel like you are owed something. The world, the universe, the people in your life, everything owes you something. you have an insatiable feeling of privilege. god complexes are an extenuation of narcissistic personality disorder. Also god complexes are not generally recognized as something to be diagnosed, lumping it in with narcissism. it's not recognized by the DSM it isnt a clinical term. An example of Light feeling this type of privilege is when he asks ryuk why he chose him. he was practically on his knees begging for Ryuk to say some grandiose thing about Light on why actual living God's chose him and only him for this 'job'
here for anyone still confused: A god complex is an unshakable belief characterized by consistently inflated feelings of personal ability, privilege, or infallibility. A person with a god complex may refuse to admit the possibility of their error or failure, even in the face of irrefutable evidence, intractable problems or difficult or impossible tasks. The person is also highly dogmatic in their views, meaning the person speaks of their personal opinions as though they were unquestionably correct. Someone with a god complex may exhibit no regard for the conventions and demands of society, and may request special consideration or privileges. (source: wikipedia because again, not a recognized, diagnosable disorder)
also my favorite thing to point out about npd is how behind all of this intense self importance and self righteousness and blahblahblah, is that it's all delusional, and im sure you know that. but listen, narcissists are delusional because we have this deep and vicious hatred of ourselves and are so so insecure that (im explaining this incredibly simply) just starts creating delusions of "no you're not, you are in a world full of idiots. you are better than them all. no one is better than you" blahblahblah (this is why i hate those tiktok videos where it's literally just "telling" the viewer this type of stuff and pass it off as confidence boosters or whatever like no girl knock it off) anyway, that why when anything in Light's plan goes wrong he has an utter meltdown, he cannot handle criticism and in this moment his only critique is himself since no one else knows about kira and if they do, they praise him and see him as a higher being.
alright! i've rambled enough! thank you for sending this ask! lmk if you want any more talk on the other disorders i listed. i only really just explained npd so sorry about thatsjdhdj
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iznui · a year ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Oikawa Tōru x Reader
Summary: In a world where if someone were to fall in love with you, they’d lose all of their memories of you. Oikawa made the inevitable mistake that resulted in an expected heartbreak.
C/W: angst, fictional made-up illness, profanity, mentions of sex
W/C: 2,428
A/N: hi so i got this idea off of a tiktok that i saw like a week ago and i forgot the @, so if this reminds you of anything, pls tag me <3<3
Event: coming this summer COLLAB (w/ @tteokdoroki​ )
Tumblr media
You stared at the brunette boy laying on the grass next to you as you two gazed into the starry sky. The warm breeze of the summer season brushing against your bodies, your hair slowly becoming tangled in the wind. 
The relaxed expression on his face soothed you. You two may have only been friends for about five months, yet you’ve managed to get along so well. The friendship was like a breeze. You had similar interests, you viewed things in a similar way, and you two just clicked together. But as friends.. Right?
“What do you want to do after you graduate?”
The sudden and random question ran through your mind for about thirty seconds as you thought of a response. What did you want to do..? You sighed, “I’m not sure. Maybe travel the world and find a nice place to settle down, make some lifetime friends and whatnot, you know? But honestly.. If I were to choose anything.. I’d rather spend the rest of my life laying beneath the stars.”
“The rest of your life? Won’t that get boring?” He asked.
“No, not really,” you replied, “The stars hold a lot of meaning. The constellations show a lot of beautiful things too. The stars are free. The stars can see everything. The stars are gorgeous, I’d stare at them all day if I could.”
“I see,” he said in an understanding tone. The boy ran his hand through his brunette hair before sitting up straight. A grin plastered across his face as his pointed his thumb at himself, “Well, I want to be a volleyball superstar player! Even though my high school volleyball career is just about over and I never got to accomplish my dream of going to nationals, I still want to make it big and become better. Maybe I’ll even play for a different national team and get revenge on Japan for it fating me to never go to nationals..” The last sentence was murmured just barely loud enough for you to be able to hear him.
You giggled. Oikawa always talked about how disappointed he was for not being able to go to nationals during his final high school season. You did feel bad for him, knowing that he did have the skills necessary to be one of the best in the prefecture. He’d sometimes call you at random times in the evening to vent about how annoyed he was with his underclassmen or how beat he was from overworking himself to become better at the sport.
He laid himself back down next to you, putting all of his attention to the peaceful scenery up above. In a calmer voice, he added, “Maybe I’ll end up finding a cutie to marry and settle down with too!”
“Just make sure you never fall in love with me, kay, Tōru?” You began. You took a deep breath, inhaling fresh air with a smirk on your face. 
“What?” Oikawa averted his attention to you and scrunched his eyebrows. He tilted his head, “I wouldn’t, don’t worry.. But, why?”
Why..? It was a condition that you were cursed with. Unfortunately, it’s happened several times throughout your life. You lost so many people because of it.
You’d make friends. You’d get close with them. You’d make memories. They’d fall in love. They’d lose their memories of you. Your friendship will cease to exist. And then you’d be alone again. Again and again.
You explained this to Oikawa. He listened with open ears. You’d notice how his eyes would widen at some things that you said or how his mouth would fall agape because he wanted to ask you a question — he always held himself back and kept his questions to himself.
“Fine,” he agreed, “I won’t fall in love with you, (Y/N). Trust me, okay? I promise.”
Tumblr media
Oikawa kept his promise. He was always the type of guy to brag about how he was a man of his word. And he really was a man of his word. He didn’t lie to you, he wasn’t one to hide things. 
During the next few months, your friendship was just as it always was. You’d bring Tōru to your favorite spots to watch the stars at and he’d crash at your house and force you to watch the live national volleyball games. 
You’d remember a few specific times that would bring a smile to your face every time you thought about it. He was always insistent and excited. Nothing could ever take away the amazing feeling of knowing that the brunette would spend his free days spending time with you when he could be entertaining a bunch of fangirls. Nothing could make you see him in a different light.. Right?
“Tōru, hey! I didn’t say you could come in!” You exclaimed as Oikawa pushed past you by your front door, letting himself into the house. He removes his shoes by the door before shouting an ‘I’m home!’. His voice echoed throughout the house as he plopped himself down on the couch in your living room.
This was a regular routine. On random days throughout the week, if an interesting national team would be having a volleyball game, you would find yourself sitting on the couch with Oikawa; his mouth would always be full of snacks as he shouts a muffled cheer when his favored team scores a point.  He’d always have a journal with him, though he never let you see the contents.
Your parents were fine with him coming over so very often as you didn’t have any siblings to entertain you, so they believed that you having friends like Oikawa would be able to suffice. They even welcomed him to the family dinner every now and then.
“Aw, dammit!” He yelled, facepalming in disappointment as he watched the game on the flat-screen television in your living room. “The fucking ball was going to be out, are you blind or something?”
You flicked the back of his head, jumping over from the back of the couch and landing on top of it. You sank into the cushion. “Idiot-kawa. They can’t hear you, you dumbass.”
He pouted his lips at your remarks before picking up the pillow that was behind his back and playfully hitting you with it, “You’re so mean, (Y/N)! Don’t call your handsome, cool, great, tall, amazing, and funny friend a dumbass!”
This was fun. His bubbly personality and his passion for the sport always made you smile. 
Tumblr media
There were other instances where he was there for you went you felt down. Where he helped you overcome something or where he was your shoulder to cry on. Where he’d cheer you up with everything he’s got. No matter what.. Right?
“There’s no practice today and my coach kicked me out of the gym when I tried to practice because he told me that I need to get a rest.. So, my dear (Y/N)!” He’d drag on. “Come to the festival with me please!~”
“Tōru, I want to sleep. And stop calling me 'your dear'. You sound kind of dumb.” You complained, contemplating on whether or not to hang up on him. You snuggled yourself under the comforters of your bed.
You heard Oikawa let out a laugh on the other end of the line before hearing some shuffling noises. He turned on his camera and held it up super close to his face, “Too bad, my dearest (Y/N)!” He flipped the camera so that it was no longer showing his face. You saw that he was showing you your front door, meaning that he was already outside. He flipped the camera back onto him, a mischievous grin on his face. “Sorry, (Y/N)! But just because your favorite character in that anime died, doesn’t mean that you can sulk under your covers for all of eternity!”
Maybe an assertive and pushy personality wasn’t so bad. It did keep you up and moving after all. 
You rolled your eyes before sitting up in your bed. You got off of your bed and made your way downstairs. “Are you in love with me or something? You’re so pushy, Tōru!” 
Of course, he denied it. Because how could he be in love with you yet still have memories of you? 
You ended up going with him to the festival that day. He helped you forget about the death of your favorite character in that anime that you’d always talk to him about. He helped you have fun.
Tumblr media
In your friendship, Oikawa wasn’t the only one who did the comforting. Sometimes he needed help too. He was only human after all. 
This particular topic was hard to deal with. Oikawa may seem like he’s got a superiority complex, he may seem like he thinks that he’s the best.. But it’s only what is seems. 
In reality, he was soft. He overworked himself to the point where he injured himself. He showed more will than anybody you’d ever met. He always gave his 100% effort in everything he did. He may act stupid sometimes, but hell, did this boy have good grades. He helped you with your studies countless times, you were shocked to even think that he had more than a braincell outside of volleyball to spare. 
He watched as his underclassmen slowly surpassed him. He watched them steal his dream away from him like it was nothing.
This destroyed him.
“Why?!” He yelled, kicking the leg of the couch. You two were in his apartment’s loft when he received news of his underclassmen achieving yet another thing that Oikawa couldn’t himself. “Why is the world like this..? I worked my fucking ass off! I bled! I lost sleep! I did everything.. Why does he pass me in everything?!”
Oikawa sat himself down onto the couch, holding his head in his hands. He gripped his hair tightly, dangerously close to pulling it out. You had previously been standing in the corner of the room, watching him unfold piece by piece. Slowly walking towards him, you put your hand on top of his, gesturing for him to ease his grip before he goes bald. “Tōru-”
“I can’t do this anymore. I’ve already given it my all.. I’m the older one, right?!” He interrupted. He released his grip from his hair and put his hands down by his sides. He turned his head and made eye contact with you. You could see the distress in his eyes. Tears of disappointment formed in the corners of his eyes. “I was supposed to be on that court.. Me and my team.. W-We should be there! Not him! I worked- no, WE worked our asses off! Why..”
You hadn’t seen Oikawa lose himself like this before. He was always putting up a bubbly act, occasionally flirting and making fun of you. You and only you knew that his flawless facade masked his private despair. You and only you knew that he wasn’t the happy-go-lucky or positive guy that people deemed him as. 
“Shh, Tōru..” You cooed. You gently wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling his head into your chest. You cradled his head in your arms, his breathing slowly went back to normal. One of your hands rested on the back of his soft brown hair. “Listen, Tōru. It’s normal to feel useless when your rival beats you at something so easily. But, don’t let this affect you. Only you know what you can and can’t do. Only you know your limits. If you limit yourself to something so small, you’ll never be able to see the bigger picture. It’s like if you limit yourself to spending all of your time indoors, you’ll never get to see the beautiful starry sky. You are so good at doing what you love. I promise. Every mistake shows that there is still something that you can improve. It would be boring if you were the best at everything. It would be boring if you had no competition, right?”
You felt him nod. As you loosened your arms, Oikawa lifted his head up. He looked at you with a confused expression. “(Y/N)?”
You gave him a hum in response. You shifted on the couch into a position that was more comfortable. Once you sat down properly, you looked over at the brunette.
“Why..” He started again. “Why do you treat me so well?”
“What do you mean?” You questioned, tilting your head.  
He sighed. “Like, you act differently around me than everyone else does.. They always expect so much from me. They always want something from me. They like me because of my face, so they’re nice to me. Why are you the only one who comforts me? Why are you the only one who hasn’t tried to get on my dick? Why are you the only one who acts this way?”
“Well,” you smiled. “That’s because I really respect you, Tōru. You treat me so well even though we’re just friends. You take care of me and let me take care of you. I respect your passion for the things that you love. I’m grateful that you’re so kind to my parents and that you always try to get me to do fun things with you. You’re a great friend and an amazing volleyball player and it really hurts me to see you hurting over something like this even though I know that you’re capable of doing way more, playing way harder, and being way better. I’m like this because you’re like you, because you are you. I’m proud of who you are and I think that you should be too. That’s all there is to it.”
Oikawa’s eyes widened upon hearing your words. He averted his eyes from you to the corner of the room, silently mumbling to himself. “Shit,” he swore under his breath. It was inaudible to you, however. 
You smiled at the boy before standing up from the couch. Patting down your clothes, you placed a hand on his shoulder. “I’ll go get you some water from the kitchen.”
He looked up at you. His expression? Blank.
It was fucking blank.
His eyes widened at the sight of you, he shoved your hand off of his shoulder before backing up further into the couch. His eyebrows raised, his mouth agape. The next three words that he said to you broke your pretty little heart into a million pieces.
“Who are you?”
Tumblr media
No matter what.. This was reality. This was the inevitable result. Your happy ending didn’t exist. You couldn’t have anything. Anyone. 
Tumblr media
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bangchan-fairy · a year ago
Reaction: Ateez When They Have Baby Fever
Summary: Baby fever (the name for the longing that some people experience relating to the desire of having a child of their own - Merriam Webster) is something that even the best of us can experience. What would Ateez be like if they found themselves with a case of baby fever, and how would you, as their s/o, deal with it?
Word Count: 2.8k
- Hongjoong seems like the type of person that, if he found himself with a case of baby fever, he’d get a little bit wrapped up in it in his head
Tumblr media
- He doesn’t even realize how much he’s talking about it, but as his s/o you’re the one who has to listen to him constantly talking about having a child and sharing everything he learned about how to take care of babies and such
- Speaking of, he’s definitely the type to do a lot of research on proper childcare because that’s the most important thing about having a child 
- Never mind the fact that neither of you are really ready for a child at this current moment in time, he doesn’t really think about that as the excitement over the idea of someday having a child with you clouds his thoughts.
- Plus, even if you don’t plan on having a child in the near future, this will be good knowledge to have when you two do eventually come to that point. It will leave both of you less stressed in the future, as you already have a lot of knowledge on the subject and don’t need to panic or rush to research everything
- He’s always showing you cute videos of babies that he finds on TikTok or something
- You’ll be relaxing on the couch and suddenly he’s running at you full speed with his phone in hand, shoving it into your face so you can watch a toddler dance to some early 2010’s song
- They’re very cute videos, and they bring a smile to your face for sure, but Hongjoong could definitely calm down a bit and not charge at you every time he found one
- He definitely does have the conversation with you to make sure children are something you actually see in your future with him, he’s not completely delusional and knows it’s not a topic the two of you have ever thought about before
- And eventually the baby fever just fades out gradually, as he slowly stops showing you TikToks and doing a copious amounts of research
- It may be a bit overwhelming, but at least you two now have some semblance of a plan for when you do have a child in the future thanks to his baby fever
- For some reason, I feel like if Seonghwa had baby fever then he’d suddenly take the subject of having children oddly seriously
- Like, before the idea had just been in the back of his mind, as he still felt too young to have a child with you and didn’t want to have to balance such an intense family life with his already intense career.
- His biggest fear would be to accidentally neglect his child due to the nature of his job, so he definitely wants to wait until he feels like he can completely commit to and handle the responsibility of having a child before making that decision.
- However, when the baby fever hits him he’s suddenly focused in on the logistics of preparing for a baby, even if he knows that he doesn’t actually want to have one right now
- I’m taking things like having a list of potential baby names in the notes app on his phone that he regularly updates
- Whenever he hears an interesting name that he likes the sound of he adds it to his list, and occasionally he even reads through the list and gets rid of names that no longer sound right to him
- He also has a whole-ass Pinterest board dedicated to a bunch of stuff like people’s nursery decorations or cute baby outfit combos
- He has definitely shared the Pinterest board with you and encourages you multiple times to add stuff to it too, though you never do because you are not nearly as invested as he is in this right now since you’re not struggling through baby fever
- When he comes to his senses he definitely eases off a bit, though he still keeps the list and Pinterest board for future reference
- If y’all have seen that one video of him trying to help the lost little girl, it seems pretty clear that he will be good with kids when you two do decide to have them
- And he does tell you that he hopes to have a child with you someday still, he just understands more clearly now that he should wait to prepare more until you’re both actually ready for that responsibility
- Yunho’s puppy-like adorable nature would definitely come into play in a situation like this
- He may drive you insane with how much he talks about kids and how badly he wants one, but he’s so cute when he talks about it that you just can’t really stay mad at him
- His baby fever was prompted by a close friend of his having a baby
- He didn’t really seem that concerned with this friend having a baby, as they weren’t overly close, until the baby was born
- His friend sent him multiple pictures and told him how amazing it felt to actually have a child, and suddenly Yunho was dying to have a child
- He knew that newborn babies weren’t very cute, but once the baby grew a few months older it began to look absolutely adorable
- He would squeal every time his friend sent him a photo, running immediately to show you the photo too
- “See, look how cute that is! Doesn’t it seem amazing to have our own little one crawling around the house?” He smiled at you hopefully, scoffing when all you gave him was a giggle and a shake of your head in return
- Whenever you went to the store he would end up dragging you to the baby section, contemplating buying baby clothes in an attempt to convince you about how amazing having a child would be
- It wasn’t that you were against having a child, you were just sensible enough to realize that now was not an ideal time in your lives for either of you to have a baby
- You were incredibly busy with your school/work life, he was incredibly busy as an idol, and you were both still very young
- You let him keep up his fun for a while, allowing him to picture what life may be like if the two of you had a child
- Eventually, though, his friend began to share with him the many troubles of having a child and how exhausted he was as a new parent, and the baby fever wore down pretty quickly
- Once he was back to thinking rationally, you two had a conversation about how you eventually planned to have kids, you just wanted to wait a little bit before fully settling down
- Even though Yunho’s phase of baby fever ended, you two now had a plan for eventually having children in the future
- Even if Yeosang found himself having a case of baby fever, I feel like he’d be pretty sensible overall about the whole thing
- Like, he doesn’t let it take over or anything, and he knows logically that neither of you are ready for a child at this point in your lives
- But that doesn’t stop him from looking at cute baby pictures and occasionally pointing out outfits he think would look cute on your potential future child
- I don’t think one specific event would really trigger his baby fever, he probably just woke up one day and was like “You know, I kinda want a child of my own to take care of. That sounds nice.”
- Sometimes when you go to the store he drags you to the baby clothes section too, just because he likes to know what kind of stuff you would want to buy for your child in the future
- Like I said before, though, he’s aware that now is not the best time for the two of you to have a child, so he sits you down and has a conversation with you about the possibility of having one in the future.
- You two would make general plans about when to have one, agreeing to wait until his career had settled down and you both felt more stable and mature enough to take care of a child
- And when you do both feel ready, then you can move further with the conversation and make more concrete plans, like preparing a nursery, buying all the essentials and all that jazz
- So in short, although Yeosang’s baby fever still does affect him, he’s still rational and sensible, so he keeps the pestering to a minimum and respects your wishes to wait to have a child, as deep down he feels the same way
- San is another member who, once he develops a case of baby fever, gets very excited and talkative about the subject without realizing it
- Sometimes he forgets just how much energy and enthusiasm he has, and that you can’t always match that level of energy, so he ends up talking your ear off and before long an hour has passed and you’re beginning to drift off
- He never means to overwhelm you, it’s just now that he’s dealing with baby fever his already hyperactive mind is constantly thinking about how cute it would be to have a child and what supplies you two would need to care for a child and how to decorate this hypothetical child’s nursery and a million other things
- It’s very cute, and often times you actually find your boyfriend really endearing whenever he drags you through the infant section of the furniture store to find decorations that you would one day have in a nursery for your child
- It just gets a bit overwhelming sometimes, especially considering how fast he can talk because his brain is moving even quicker so you’re left struggling to keep up
- He asks you a bunch of silly, simple questions for the future about what you want for your child. What color you’d want the walls of the nursery for the baby, what general theme you would want to go with for the furniture in the room, etc.
- You think they’re just fun time-filler questions to further fuel his baby fever, because you’re sure there’s no way he’ll remember what you’re saying by the time you two do decide to have a child because of how much information he stores in his brain.
- Little do you know he actually saves your answers to a note on his notes app in his phone, because when you two do have a child someday he wants you two to be able to work together and both be happy with every decision made. (He’s so cute oh my god :’) )
- Eventually his baby fever does die down and he finds another topic to focus on and be excited about, but he never fully forgets about everything you two planned while he was at the height of his baby fever
- And when you two eventually decide to settle down and have kids, you have no doubt that he’ll be an amazing father :)
- Mingi, like Yunho, definitely gets excited very easily and will be super hyper when talking to you about having a child thanks to his current case of baby fever
- But he’s just so adorable when he gets excited like this, his eyes wide with joy and his mouth moving a mile a minute. All of that coupled with the fact that he’s this excited about having kids with you of all things makes your heart melt, so you can’t really find it in you to get annoyed with how often the topic is brought up.
- When Mingi has baby fever, he’s definitely the type to spend his time envisioning a whole life with you in the future, complete with children, pets, the whole nine yards
- And he tells you about what he envisions most nights when the two of you lay down together, cuddled up and whispering in your ear about how amazing having a family with you someday would be until you drift off
- He’s probably the type to want to learn how to care for a kid based on experience rather than research, so if either of your families offer up an opportunity to babysit he’ll happily take it to help himself learn how to care for a child in the future
- He‘s probably a bit overwhelmed at first by the amount of care and different supplies you need to look after a baby at first, but the child itself is so precious and he’s so wrapped up in his own mind that he doesn’t even really notice the difficulty
- And after the experience he won’t shut up about it for weeks, telling you all about how adorable the child was and how much he wants to have one with you
- You definitely make sure to clarify to him that you’re not ready for children at this current point in time, and he acknowledges that he’s not really ready either
- He’s just been swept away by a wave of baby fever currently, but he knows it will calm down in a while
- You’re still a bit relieved when he finally gets over it, though, because although you do plan on having a child together someday having to hear about them constantly was driving you a bit insane, even with how cute your boyfriend was when he talked about the idea
- Wooyoung is very easily excitable when it comes to these types of things, he will be full of energy so be prepared to deal with a hyper Wooyoung
- It happens out of nowhere, Wooyoung is also pretty impulsive so literally all it would take for him to have massive baby fever is seeing, like, a cute picture of a baby on Instagram or something
- And suddenly he’s running up to you all like, “Y/Nieeeee look at this cute baby, I want one! It’s so adorable!”
- And you try to explain to him how that’s unrealistic
- “We are way too young to be parents Woo, you’re only 21. And besides, you have your career to focus on right now.”
- This doesn’t deter him at all, though, he doesn’t wanna think logically about the issue at hand.
- He just knows that the babies he sees all over social media are cute, and he wants to have one
- He’s constantly showing you cute baby clothes he finds online
- Or very extravagantly decorated nurseries, and he always says “Wouldn’t this just look so cute here?”
- He just gets very excited and once he gets stared suddenly he’s showing you baby stuff all the time, to the point where you start to get sick of hearing the word “baby”
- Eventually you manage to get him to come to his senses, though
- And you do that by showing him videos of real parents explaining just how much work babies, especially infants, are
- How messy they are, how they keep you awake all night, how they’re very sensitive and cry a ton, all the harsher parts of having a child
- Suddenly he realizes that he’s probably not ready for that level of responsibility yet, which is an incredible relief to you
- He will still send you the cute baby outfits occasionally, though, because he’s still excited about having a child with you someday
- Jongho is definitely another member who, although the baby fever still affects him, he manages to remain sensible and it doesn’t take over his thoughts 24/7
- He is the youngest out of the group, so he is very aware of the fact that he is not ready in any way to have a child with you yet
- He loves you, but your relationship is enough responsibility for him for now, seeing as you already struggle to see each other sometimes due to your busy lives
- However, something I feel like he’d be interested in to help soothe the baby fever he was feeling would be getting a pet together
- He isn’t too picky about what type of pet, that would be mainly left up to you honestly. He just wants something fairly simple and common, like a dog/cat or maybe something like a rabbit, because he knows the most about caring for those types of animals
- He figures that having a pet will help you two learn to be responsible and care for another life, because that’s not something you should take lightly. You need to give it the proper attention and care, and he knows that so he thinks getting a pet together is a good way to adjust to that sort of lifestyle together before having an actual child
- He’s also pretty tame about other things, like looking at nursery decorations or cute baby outfits, although occasionally you do find him in the store checking out a bunch of toddler-sized hairbands and things for reference when you two do have a child together
- He’s another member who would want to sit down with you and have a serious conversation about planning generally when you would be open to the idea of having a child, though, because he likes to be prepared for the future
- So in short, Jongho doesn’t really go that crazy with his baby fever, but he does still handle it in his own way.
Tumblr media
Request - Anonymous said: can u write an ateez headcanon when they have baby fever??
A/N: I assumed you meant reaction, since you didn’t say any specific member so I just did them all! Sorry if this seems kind of short, I am pretty young and personally don’t ever plan on having kids, so I kind of just had to go off of assumptions for this one since I’ve never experienced baby fever myself lol. I’m glad I finally got some of my Ateez and The Boyz requests done, I want to start filling out the masterlists for those groups since they were added to my writing list more recently. Requests are open currently, so if you have a request you want done feel free to let me know!
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kojinnie · a year ago
AOT Characters’ Modern Jobs Headcanon; The Vets Edition!
The jobs that The Vets would have in modern!au, their workplace antics and their back story. There might be some inaccuracies when describing the job as obviously I don’t work at these industries to know its intricacies. Most of the jobs are office jobs. Enjoyyyy!
My Masterlist .::. Pt. II: Zeke Yeager’s Modern Jobs Headcanon   
Most recent work: Dream Me Home (Before Shiganshina) | reader x erwin smith
A/N: I really need to finish a presentation deck due tonight for an early morning meeting tomorrow but of course, this comes first hahaha 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/N: Basically lawyer!erwin is the way to go, innit?
He's in his 40s, so he may have a settled career
He came from a white-collar, middle-class family. So he wasn’t silverspoon-fed, but his parents had enough money to put him through good school
Got a scholarship to go to one of the nation’s finest law schools
Kept it lowkey in college’s social circle, graduated with summa cum laude, developed a strong academic relation with his professor, and got recommended for an internship at top law firm at the capital city
Starting his career as a corporate lawyer, but then built his expertise as white-collar crime attorney
In his early 30s, he represented a union suing against conglomerate corporation in a big case that had national coverage, from then on he began to know his calling
Expanding his portfolio and became well-known for defending workers, consumers and civilians against corporate fraud scheme
Currently doing a lot of pro-bono cases for deprived victims of big corporate fraud. You would see him frequently gracing your local newspaper we love us some socialist king
On the side, he often writes for law journal and fills in as guest professor at local universities for summer courses
Established his own law firm with some of his partners, specializing in white collar crime and labor & employment law
He’s damn accomplished, but never really had any time for self-indulgence. Even after he becomes a household name in the country, with tens of attorneys working under him, his employees would still see him working on New Year’s Eve
He was always attentive to his employees, though. Although he has a very strict, borderline no-life work ethics, he never forces his employees to follow his habit, in fact he despises when his employees works on holidays and can be seen blaming himself for it a bit of a hypocrite but thats ok
He still takes metro to work. He prefers a very lowkey, ordinary lifestyle because he fears if he shows any knack for indulgence, he will be susceptible to gratification from potential enemies or crooked politicians
Definitely a sight to see at the workplace, for he's tall and always oozes a sense of authority in the way he speaks and carries himself generally
His emotional intelligence is top-notch, you would never meet someone who is able to be very objective and calculating, while being kind and compassionate at the same time
His fellow attorneys put a lot for respect for him, and hundreds of applicants come to his considerably small firm every week, because a lot of aspiring attorney find him inspiring to work with
He wasn’t oblivious to his shiny reputation, but he’s trying his hardest to not let the compliments get to his head. Sometimes he doesn’t give himself enough credit for it
Was approached by one of the political party’s committee to run for local senate, but turned it down
basically he’s perfect if you like a man who’s never home for christmas
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/N: Ok ok, I really wanna see Paleontologist!Hange because it has always been my fave dream job, but I want Hange to be out and about with people so here it is
Hange is the type to be incredibly good at one thing, that she will dedicate her whole life for that pursuit, but will be awfully oblivious to a whole lot of things (not intentional of course, they just have a very limited attention span) (they wouldn’t know who kanye west is or what tiktok is)
Like Erwin, they came from a middle-class family. While Erwin’s parents might have been teachers, accountants or other common profession, Hange came from a family of academician and researchers
Hange studied Human Geography at uni, but later found passion specifically in its relation to industrialization and urban development
Hange aims to advocate for a better living condition for workforce, and nearby inhabitants of industrialized city detroit would be a beautiful city if only they let hange designed it
Hange is a professor at university, where they also led a non-profit research think-thank that also serves as pressure group for better government policy.
The university that Hange teaches in, is also the uni where Erwin teaches in summer. They’re close-knitted colleagues as they share similar passion. Erwin relies on Hange a lot for some intellectual insights to help his cases  
Hange is relentless in their cause, you may find Hange everywhere! From street protest to a hearing in the government court. They are passionate and will do anything for the cause they believe in
Hange was once hired by the government as an independent consultant for a new housing project, but left because they grew to be frustrated by the government’s bureaucracy and their outward reluctance to follow Hange's recommendation
Hange spends a lot of time overseas, consulting and advocating development in newly industrialized countries
On Hange’s birthday, her fellow researchers surprised them with a ‘pampering day’ where they took them to an optometrist because Hange had been complaining about their eyesight for a YEAR that gave them a lot of migraines, but was always either too busy or too lazy to go
Hange never really considers themselves as working, because they enjoy their job very much. Hange likes to spend months observing a community, talking to people for hours, and trying their best in understanding their problem
Out of so many great qualities that Hange has as a researcher that meets different set of people everyday, prejudice or preconceived judgment is completely absent in Hange’s demeanor and perspective
Hange doesn’t get a lot of free-time, even if they do, they’d wander around the city to do a little observation. But when the weather’s bad and they’re stuck at home with their pet lizard, they would logged into Quora to answer random internet questions
They’re an avid writer for National Geographic, and one time Hange won a pitch to make a documentary about an industrial city project they were working on
After the docu-series got broadcasted, Hange gained a small but passionate and loyal fans on the internet. You could even find a subreddit dedicated for Hange’s works
for real I want to be Hange. I want to have that kind of passion in life
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/N: I spent a lot of times thinking about Levi’s job in modern!au. Because here’s the thing, either we adopt his unfortunate childhood into its modern!au equivalent, or let’s just recreate his whole upbringing. But I think his personality stems from a specific things he experienced during childhood, so let’s not dismiss that.
Levi came from a struggling working class family. I reckon his parents might have had worked multiple jobs to sustain their living expense. Unfortunately they both passed away when Levi was very little, and left little to no inheritance
Levi’s parents were not close to their extended family, so when they died, Levi was admitted to the system and had to brace several foster families who didn’t really pay attention to him
Little Levi had come to realize that life’s all about survival and so he had been able to fend on for himself since very young age, he never asked for things
His uncle, Kenny, finally won custody over Levi when he was in elementary. Kenny made money from small-scale racketeering here and there. Levi never asked what he did for living, as long as he got food to eat and tuition paid off
Kenny was emotionally absent, but he loved spending time with the oddly quiet little child, teaching him a lot of crafts, from carpentering to how to flay pig’s skin
Levi didn’t really care about getting into college, and thought that he’d probably end up working for his uncle, so he put his bare minimum throughout school, although he was really good with numbers, especially in math, accounting and finance
One time in high school, Levi’s teacher asked him to sign up for the olympiad team, Levi turned it down because he thought that was a rich kid thing
He didn’t even apply for college, and worked odd jobs after high school. Probably working as cashiers or assistant to retail shop’s owner for couple of years, enough for him to afford a cheap studio apartment on his own
One of his bosses came to acknowledge Levi’s talent, and trusted him to handle the company’s accounting
By sheer luck, the company hit it big, and Levi found himself running the day-to-day accounting of mid-sized business with over 300 employees
He made good money already without a college degree, but with a new-found confidence Levi applied for uni, where he chose to study accounting (of course)
Although he was confident with his skills, he understood he needed to widen his horizon and network -- thus uni
Levi was one of the oldest members of his cohort in uni, but graduated with highest distinction
After graduating, with his skills and experience, it wasn’t hard for Levi to score a job at top accounting firm
There, he discovered an interest for forensic accounting, where through audits, analysis and investigation, he basically finds out if a company is doing fraud and embezzlement or not
This is where he came to know and get acquainted with Erwin and Hange (yippie they’re together again)
The firm he works for was assigned to investigate the finances of a troublesome company that had been sued by its workers for a jeopardizing working condition. Erwin was on the case, and Levi helped him with evidences for legal proceeding.
By chance, Erwin introduced Levi to Hange. At first, Levi would find Hange annoying and overtly energized, but after learning the things they have done, Levi grew to appreciate Hange’s passion (and secretly wants to have more of his positive outlook)
Levi is fucking good his job. In short amount of time, he could get a really ideal position in the office. He was almost foolproof, finding even the tiniest bit of discrepancy in his audit. He’d get assigned to the big league case/project.
Although really good at his job, he’s not a social person, especially in his office. He couldn’t understand the lavish lifestyle that finance and banking people often lead. He will only show up to office party if it is really necessary for him to show up (usually to receive some kind of informal awards for, again, being so fucking good) 
He leads a no-bullshit attitude at the office, largely because of his background. He is a self-made man, and is not easy to impress by some young executives from posh school that talk bigger than they can chew
His cold, seemingly dismissive attitude gained him a reputation of being scary, when actually he is very considerate
One of the things he enjoys doing is to actually teach, he really likes when a new kid at the office come to him with none of that pretentious, big talk, and really asks for his guidance. He would love to teach you a thing or two
He would frequently check on his mentee, just to keep up with their development
And he doesn’t take credit too. When his mentee makes a milestone, he believes it’s 100% your work
If you’re his mentee, he probably doesn’t give a crap about your personal life, so don’t expect him to make small talk about that (and don’t ask him about his personal life either). But he really cares about your skill and career development
Same with Erwin, he leads a very ordinary lifestyle. He doesn’t go out often and would rather reading detective novel with his cat on the couch
He likes to spend Sunday at Uncle Kenny’s house, because he finds himself worried about the old man very often. They became close as Levi grew
Overall, Levi is a really kind and caring person if you know how not to push his button
Tumblr media
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