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cw: reaalllyyy gross transphobia, blood (from fighting, Jaskier throws hands in this fic), jaskier is a trans man who doesn’t experience dysphoria. he also refers to his genitalia as cunt/tits :)

-The town’s a backwater little place. Jaskier should know to bind his chest and stuff his hair into a hat before he enters it, maybe even settle his dick in his smalls but—

-He’s too happy too happy-go-lucky more like. Their pouches are filled with coin, and Geralt had just wanted a quiet place to rest before they continued the path. He’s never been stupid about his gender, unwary of presenting masculinely if the alternative means getting killed. There are Nilfgaardian flags that he doesn’t notice as he sings about the White Wolf’s latest hunt.

-The tavern is in a shitty state, connected to an impossibly shittier inn. No one talks to them beyond good days and the request for food and board. The bed’s soft enough, he supposes; Geralt decides he likes Jaskier better than the mattress and they’re suddenly a pile of bard and witcher. Geralt’s arms are tucked between them as he snuggles into Jaskier’s neck. Jaskier chuckles and asks if he’s comfortable. Geralt grunts his assent. 

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imagine kissing your f/o, them tugging your shirt so you come closer to them and wrap their arms around your waist or shoulders to hold you closer to them as you litter their lips with soft kisses before they just go “wow”.

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i needto stop haterea ding blogs before i internalize things

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Jan 25th 2021. Thanks, Scotty. EGBA 🙏

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Tell me the story

Tell me the story of the man who thought

He could have glory;

And love;

And reason;

And then got none at all.

Tell me the story

Tell me the story of the angel that couldn’t;

The angel that did;

The angel that wouldn’t.

Tell me the story;

Of the man and the divine

Tell me the story

Of what once was mine.

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