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@offsetyrn Damnn, 😱😱😱 the self hate is real!!!! That shit is low self esteem!!! It’s 2018 leave the slave mentality on the plantation. Its crazy how a lot of these down south niggas HATE their darkskin; won’t marry or date women who look like them for fear of producing dark children. They trying to kill us because of how powerful this dark matter makes us. When you mix you weaken that strenght!!! The sun is what gives you your power!!! The sun is thee most healing element of the fuckin solar system!!! How da fuck fo you not know that!! Without it you contract mad diseases and genetic mutations. How the fuck do you not know that??? Sooo disappointed 😔. IF YOU DON’t LOVE YOUR BLACKNESS, I can’t rock with your music. I was tellin my cousin today how handsome he was. We black women can see the beauty in them but they’re sooo brainwashed they can’t see the beauty in themselves. No wonder they go after these lightskinned or Spanish chicks, they hate their color. I was hoping despite what people were saying that this nigga wasn’t with Cardi B cause she was light bright, but this answers that question. From now on I’m not celebrating NONE of these rappers unless they unconditionally love their blackness and black women. Sooo disappointed! Now you know why most of them don’t give af about Haiti or Africa’s issues and if they do its fir a photo op. I’m sooo done!!! I used to fuckin love the Migos music, despite what erybody was saying about mumble rap. These rappers are bottom of the barrel ignorant af. #colorism #selfhate #lowselfesteem #ignorace #blackhate #wakeup

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I’ve had the unfortunate job life, moving from employer to employer, job to job and have concluded that work hampers people, beats them down, humiliates them to the point of disinterested cynicism. It’s a game. You learn to play at it until you either master the job-game or become an easily persuaded pawn. The masters, ultimately the pseudo-Nietzschean elite, claiming the conventional control, power, the typical qualities of a bossman, lean over the proles while they sweat and labor for eight hours and possibly overtime. But that’s my opinion of the vicious worker struggle, what about people that don’t bother with the critical aspect of thinking beyond the mechanical work-pay-die rubric? I speak namely of people in my home state of Tennessee, where the protestant work ethic is in full, pendulous, swing. And, mind you, anyone challenging the current employee-employer verbal agreement of non-bargaining can fuck-off. Simple as that: you threaten union participation at any factory, store, or business, the business has the legal right to lock those employees out and carry on as if nothing ever happened. The businesses have in return promised fair-wages, profit shares, and other amenities. Or have they?

I’ve recently spoken to a good friend of mine, a long time employee of a major fiberglass maker. The factories in my hometown have an initiative that seems fair enough to the untrained eye: temp-to-hire. A process that pits the ordinary new hire against the rigorous, rote abuses of physical, mental, and emotional bending. Those that don’t make it through the temporary period are not considered a part of the larger picture: being a part of the company … family, perhaps. Once the cream rises, you’re in. You are welcomed into the fold, given yearly wage increases, a pension, free/reduced healthcare, paid sick/vacation time, and a job until your body gives out. Well, that was true until recently. My friend, who often glorifies corporate-controlled labor, tells me that his factory is outsourcing the ordinary work to a third party employment agency. These are not “temp-to-hire” positions. No one working for this staffing agency is being considered for full employment under the umbrella of the corporation; instead, the third party agency manages the hiring/firing process, and washing the corporation’s hands of human resources, pensions, time-off. Essentially, my friend’s job is to train the new hires while doing his own work. I tell my friend: You’re training your replacements. The endgame of this practice is a completely outsourced labor pool that is easily replaceable. And Tennessee is the ideal setting for an expendable workforce.

Tennessee is swarming with corporations wanting to take advantage of cheap labor. Tennessee’s conservative-republican majority has insulated corporate welfare projects since the Reaganomics era, creating a vast cradle where corporate tax is minimal and the wage cap is generally left up to corporate lobbyists. With the national minimum wage hovering around $7.50 per hour, supplemented with iron-fisted right-to-work legislation, corporations have found an Eden in a America, a veritable third world country with a third world labor force within the borders of Tennessee. In an area where hard work and lack of bitching about a sore back is seen as honorable, there is a cult motif of eager, self-flagellating, under-educated, liberal-hating corporate apologists willing to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and get to work. And they do, existing to pull their load, make more children, die, go to heaven and tell Jesus about their calluses, sore muscles, bruises, cuts and scrapes, and get a pat on the head. I guarantee that’s what most of them strive for. The regular folk are as fixated on getting into heaven as the tribal regions in Afghanistan. The corporations know this, and they also know that these Tennessee workers will claw through miles of shit just to lick a CEO’s boot.

“History repeats itself: first as tragedy, second as farce,” Karl Marx said. Few remember the tragic strife of farm workers tilling the Tennessee soil, losing fingers, hands, arms, sometimes lives, dealing with stillbirths, dying from appendicitis, tetanus, rickets. Then the industry settled in, became a mainstay, helped a population struggling to survive, building hospitals on farmland. Lives improved, but cultural mindsets didn’t improve. In the long run, the “work like a sweating mule” mindset became the most regressive element of Tennessee’s existence. A sort of mediocre hubris reigned supreme. The politicians bathe in the philosophy. The former Tennessee senator, Fred Thompson, the John Wayne of politicians, could tell you that he pulled up his sleeves when he was around workers and promised them the jobs. This display of bravado underscores the ironic triviality of the rough-knuckled worker. The politicians pay lip service to the matter-of-fact personality of the impoverished worker instead of changing the attitude that weeps like a rotting wound. Tennessee is in its second round of history, repeating the nonsense of rugged individualism practiced in the early Twentieth Century and leaving them impoverished in the Twenty-First.

My friend contents himself with tongue-in-cheek witticisms that ease the discomfort of possibly losing his job to a staffing agency. He repeats the same deflated response when I empathize with his current situation: “They won’t fire me. I can’t lose this job, who they going to train with my certification?” The farce comes as a fantastic display of multi-layered excuses as to one’s own work ethic. But the Tennessee worker, no matter the skill set, no matter the capitalist-championing attitude, no matter the “no whiners allowed” sloganeering, no matter the biting the corporate bullet, will submit; they will fall in line and become the disposable; they will blame the brown people for taking their jobs, just like they blamed the black people fifty years before; they will never look the problem in the face for what it is. History repeats itself: First as tragedy, second as farce, third as blind acceptance.

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The cool thing about a group of people that is so underrepresented by society, the media, etc. is that you can make up random things about your race or blame certain things you do on your race and no one will know. 

Ex:  “I’m hella judgmental because I’m brown” 

... No you’re just a judgmental asshole, but no one knows that because you are so underrepresented in society etc. and people can go around thinking that every brown person is an asshole.

Nevermind, its not cool. It sucks. 

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Can I ask why you are a vegan? (Not having a go at you just curious) I just think humans where designed to eat meat and we need it's protein, thanks!

Watch earthlings and PLEASE, for the love of God, do some research on basic nutrition. The World Health Organisation (<they’re a big fucking deal) recommend 5% of caloric intake per day comes from protein….and that was bumped up from 2.5% just to be on the safe side. Vegans more have to look out for B12 and iron but even those aren’t just vegan issues. We are fully able to strive on a plant based diet. :) It has SO many benefits to our health, the animals and the environment.

I’m sorry anon but it really sounds like you know nothing-very little about the issue and I’m not about to educate you, I shall just send you in the direction of these documentaries:
- Earthlings
- Meat your meat
- Forks over knives
- Hungry for change

- Gary Yourfrosky (jesus i don’t know how to spell that hahaha…I’m sure you’ll find it.)
- Bite sized vegan
- RawFoodFreedom
- Durianrider 
- Freeleethebananagirl

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I’m going to start off by saying, I am not racist and I am open to all religion!!! In my opinion, I feel that if you are a public figure that you should keep your views (religious) and opinions to yourself regardless of them.

Today, my math professor made a very ignorant comment about how there’s only TWO genders in the world. And when a student pointed out to her that there are more than two her response was WAY worse than say what she said. According to her, if you’re not a female or male you are not normal!

Now, this is 1.) America and we’re open minded and 2.) this is 2015… If you have lived in a country, I feel that if you move to another it’s only right to learn their culture first. You don’t have to accept it, but you should at least respect it.

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I am tired of getting talked over when trying to explain something just to be told I’m wrong. YOU DIDN’T EVEN LET ME EXPLAIN ONE SENTENCE. No, no, it’s okay I will just let you live in ignorance. You are right, you are older. This is how it will always be. I will just nod my head and agree with a semi-smile on my face. I still love you but I’m not liking your presence right now.

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You say I’m ignorant for wanting to walk through a very dangerous area just to see you. I’m sorry that I think you are worth the risk. I’m sorry I’m willing to risk life and well being to see you just for a few hours. You are worth it to me. I’d be stabbed and shot just so I could see the man that lights up my soul.

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I cannot stand the majority of people that vouch for equality.

Let me rephrase that. I cannot stand the majority of ignorant and militant people that vouch for equality in a stupid way.

When you are for women’s rights or gay rights, power to you. However, if you are a ridiculous person that finds offense in everything, go fuck yourself.

“Oh that commercial featured a man instead of a woman, that’s sexism.”
Like, are you fucking kidding me?
I don’t care who was in a shampoo or walmart commercial right now.

“Halo’s Master Chief is a man and not a woman, demeaning to women in the military!” It was a fucking character choice, nobody thought long and hard about how ‘oh, men dominate the military, we need a male super soldier.“

When you get so worked up and cry wolf over the most petty bullshit like this, you seem just like an uneducated and otherwise idiotic person. If you’re for gays and women’s rights, you should be at a rally or instead fighting for gays right to marry or women’s freedom to get an abortion. Not crying over the fact that the lead role of a book, movie, video game, or god fucking forbid a commercial was a man or straight.

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Racism is like the most stupid thing ever. I mean you can hate someone because of his opinions, arguments or just because that person is stupid, but hating someone because of his skin colour or the place he was born at is the biggest bullshit I’ve ever heard.

I mean how stupid do you need to be, to hate someone *without even knowing him* just because of his nationality or skin colour? 

And also all that generalization makes me sick, it’s wrong to say “all black people” as wrong as it is to say “all white people”…it’s just so so so hypocritical ughhh

And like 60% of social justice bloggers would almost kill if you’re going to say anything negative about one race or nationality, but bashing white people it’s somehow  totally ok.  

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My Daily Conversations:
Me: Hi, how are you?
Them: (no response)
Me: That's great! I heard you had family over at your place this weekend; how's your aunt?
Them: (no response)
Me: Well that's FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC. I'm sorry for wasting your time. Have a great day.
Them: Were you talking to me?
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Does a fucking relationship mean ANYTHING to ANYONE anymore??  I agree to live your life to the fullest to everyone waking moment until you die, but fucking seriously?! What happened to wanting to be with someone and not planning on leaving them in a month.  What happened to when you’re in a relationship you always strive for MARRIAGE?!   No means no.  I’m not sending you nudes,  I’m not dirty talking to  you and I’m damn sure not gonna take your criticism. You fucking idiots may go fuck yourselves.  I don’t get it.  Why is it so hard to get the kind of guy I want.  I don’t want perfection. 
I just want a guy with these qualities

~Brown/Green/Blue eyes
~ Small/Medium built
~ Age: 17-21
~ Big nose
~ long fingers

~ immature but can be mature when the time is right.
~possessive but not crazy
~Knows what  he wants
~ non judgemental
~Not a homophobic
~Well grounded but also a daydreamer
~Loves PDA

Extras :
*Doesn’t mind my self harm.  Loves me for me.  Will not leave me for anything unless it’s mutual and a legitimate reason. Doesn’t only want me for my body.  Makes me feel wanted.  Okay with me being clingy and will not mind my insecurities. 

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