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hear me out..

music industry!au iida as your producer or pr manager. always comes with you to interviews, award shows, etc. and it’s assumed that you two have feelings for each other but iida denies it everytime claiming that it’s “strictly professional and extremely inappropriate” to assume something so provocative. the both of you know a lot of these 3am studio sessions aren’t needed but it’s the feeling of being in the studio together, him hearing your voice that makes it all worth it and the smile you see on his face when an unreleased track comes out perfectly.

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Tenya Iida with a blk bby momma


Originally posted by hot-wiings

  • Okay first of all, he still don’t understand how you two met
  • i mean he never visits “the ghetto”
  • Obviously ignorant at first.
  • But the more you teach him, the more he’s willing to learn.
  • Low-key is letting your family take advantage of his money
  • but you don’t ask cause you knew you’d hit him for whatever answer he had for that.
  • Extremely respectful to the point that everyone is sightly concerned.
  • When the media find out about you, he didn’t deny not a damn claim.
  • He was proud of you and he’ll be damned if you thought otherwise.
  • Was a little too excited when you got pregnant.
  • “Sometimes contraceptives don’t work all the time y/n”
  • was there for you the whole way.
  • Bought a house as soon as he got the news.
  • has a breeding kink so this would not be the last time.
  • Got horny from simply seeing your big belly.
  • A helicopter dad before the brat was even born.
  • House proofed the whole place.
  • Would sing to your belly.
  • I feel like you’d end up with “bambam kids” on accident from his over the top spoiling.
  • Would take them for rides whenever he got his “ankle pipes” cleaned.
  • To his surprise only one of his kids got the leg engine trademark.
  • But they were all just as fast with other quirky add ons.
  • Proposed after the announcement of bby number 2.
  • He’s the type that doesn’t want you to work and rely on him
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Summary:  (Y/N) is convincing Iida to drink at a party.

Fandom: My Hero Academia

Pairing: Tenya Iida x Reader, Denki Kaminari & Reader

Characters: Tenya Iida, (Y/N) (Y/L/N), Denki Kaminari

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Underage Drinking

Wordcount: 565

Note: Cross Posted on my A03

“Come on Tenya let loose it’s a party” you said to your best friend as you tried to convince him to drink with you.
“(Y/N) we are model students here at UA and you want us to drink”
“Well yes please just one shot” you said hoping that you could convince him
“Fine just one” Iida said and you dragged him over to the makeshift bar with stools where Kaminari was mixing drinks.
“Two shots” you said to Kaminari
“You got it (Y/L/N)” Kaminari said quickly, pulling out two shot glasses and pushing them over to you and Iida with the salt and slices of lime.
“Thanks Kaminari” you said
“Who you drinking with”
“Tenya and I”
“No way”
“Yes way, only one shot though” “Right Iida” you said
“Yes because we are students and we should not be consuming this” Iida said as the two of you sat on the bar stools “How do you do this” Iida said eying the Salt and lime
“It’s Salt then Shot then Lime” you said and licked the top of your hand sprinkling some salt on it. Iida was mesmerized as you threw your head back with the shot and the way your eyes twinkled and your hair swayed. “Now you” you said and motioned to the salt, shot and lime in front of Iida.
“Okay, I can do this” Iida said unsure as he slowly licked his hand and put the salt on it before he held the shot and lime in his hands. He licked the salt and quickly drank the shot, the liquor burned down his throat. A bit of the lime juice rolled down his lips that just looked so kissable as he bit down on the lime. So you liked Tenya, he was a great guy and your best friend. He wouldn’t think of you like that or would he. It was hard to say since you and Tenya had been friends for quite a long time and you had broken down all his walls.
“Yes Tenya”
“This is awesome,” Tenya said as he bit down on another lime.
“How many have you had?” you asked Iida. Since he quite looked like he had a buzz
“I’ve had three”
“That is quite a lot”
“Y/N can I ask you something?”
“Yeah sure”
“Do you like Kaminari?”
“Of course I do he’s my friend” you said, you knew that he knew that you had been spending time quite a bit with him lately but didn’t he know that you were best friends and had been neighbors.
“I meant do you like him Romantically”
“No he’s one of my best friends”
‘Why? You said as Iida was bold and put his hands on the sides of your face pulling you in for a sloppy kiss. His lips were much more smoother than you had expected from him. His glasses had fogged over as the two of you kissed.
“Yeah, get some,” Kaminari said from the bar.
“F off” you said to Kaminari
“(Y/N) do you want to get dinner some time” you pecked his lips again
“Yes” you said “Do you wanna dance”
“Let’s go” Iida said and got up off the bar stool and held his hand out to which you took it and the two of you made your way to the dance floor.

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Pep Talk - Tenya Iida

It had been weeks, no months, since you felt like you had it all together. With school, home, relationships, and just life in general things had been stacking up endlessly, and you felt like you were in a abyss of stress. You’re way of dealing with all of this stress was trying to push it all away. Pushing away the due dates and important assignments, ignoring your loved ones who were trying to help you, running away from life’s problems.

Unfortunately, that meant you pushed away the one who mattered to you most. Tenya and you hadn’t seen each other in who knows how long. It was the last thing you wanted and needed, but you just couldn’t help pushing him away so you didn’t drag him into whatever you were dealing with. It pained you to see him try to reach out to you during class or chat a bit during lunch, but his efforts were ignored to save the both of you from unnecessary fights and more.

You stared at your computer screen. Each minute seeming to pass by faster and faster. Each assignment staying there waiting to be completed. Text messages and calls waiting to be answered. The many thoughts in your head waiting to be acknowledged. It all stopped when you heard a familiar knock, followed by a familiar voice at the door.

“y/n?” you heard his voice, it wasn’t the robust “Tenya Iida” voice you knew and loved. It sounded faint, wary almost.

“y/n may I please come in?” he asked knocking again.

You rose up from your bed slowly inching at the door, opening it just enough for him to come in. He looked around your room, then at you.

“Darling, are you alright?” he asked. You couldn’t even answer the question without hugging him tightly, tears falling down your face silently. He just held you tightly, not letting go until you did.

That’s what you loved about Tenya, yes he was uptight sometimes but he was just a big teddy bear. He listened to you and always tried his best to make sure you’re okay.

You had stopped crying, but you were still pretty shaky. You explained to him what you were dealing with and how overwhelmed you felt. He was quiet for a moment, still holding on to you, while he processed what you said.

“Darling, why didn’t you tell me any of this?”

“I just felt like I would be more of a nuisance if I did, that’s why I’ve been avoiding you lately, I don’t want to hurt you” you sniffled

“y/n you could never hurt me…” he began. He put his fingers under your chin, lifting you up to look him in his eyes.

“y/n I love you, nothing you do or say can ever change that. You are the light of my life and I will never view you any differently. As your boyfriend it is my duty to help you out with any problems you encounter, just like you do with me, is it not?” he asked

He went all teacher mode again which made you giggle a bit.

“Yeah, i guess you’re right,” you sniffled wiping away the last of your tears.

“I know it all seems like a long way ahead of you, but if there’s anybody at all that I know can do it with a big smile on their face, it’s you. It will always be you. And even if you feel like it’s a lot, I’m always here in your corner to help you with anything I can.” he spoke while giving you kisses on your shoulder.

You hugged him one last time with all the strength you could.

“Thank you Ten, you have no idea how much it means!” you sighed, feeling a bit more motivated.

“Would you like me to get you (your favorite drink) so you can get started? he asked adjusting his glasses

“Yes, I’d like that a lot,” you giggled into his chest

“Okay, I’ll see you in a bit, bye y/n”

“By Ten!” you got up giving him a goodbye peck on the lips.

You closed the door as your grin grew from ear to ear. Your problems weren’t quite fixed yet, but with your newfound encouragement, you knew that you could do it!

Thank you for reading!! Just wanna say if you ever need someone to talk to or just vent about anything at all im here for y’all <3

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watching the sunrise with mha characters!!!

- Todoroki, Bakugo, Iida, & Deku

I also MAY or may not write mini one-shots of these and all the hcs compiled (it’ll take a bit longer tho)


- DEFINITELY one of the quiet morning people

- You probably planned on watching it by yourself but he saw you get up and followed you

- he WOULD make y’all tea to drink while the sun rises no doubt about it

- you would rest your head on his shoulder

- I feel like he’s the type to comment on how pretty it looks and that would be the only time he really talks

- probably wouldn’t say if he liked it or not but WILL show up to your dorm room the next morning and be like “are you ready? 👁👁”

Boom Boom Bit- Bakugo

- GRUMP GRUMPY GRUMPY that you woke him up cannot tell me otherwise

- would say stuff like “this is so stupid, it’s just a sunrise” but would secretly LOVE IT

- when the sun starts rising you hear him whisper “wow” under his breath and your heart melts

- he’d place his hand on top of your but won’t make it a big deal cause (he doesn’t wann ruin the moment)

- like I said above he refuses to admit he likes it so he’ll probably start dragging you out to train or something extra early in the future to watch it in secret


- first off, iida would wake YOU up

- he’d make sure you’re both extra prepared for anything and would make you carry umbrellas and blankets outside just in case I love him sm

- he’d wrap his arms around you while you lay your head on his chest and talk about something random probably school related

- I think Iida would be really open about enjoying it and like schedule the next one with you LMAOO



- he’d probably wake up at the same time as you but would knock on your dorm to make sure you’re awake and well

- most definitely would bring small snacks to much on while watching (I also feel like he’d bring your favorite snack)

- at first he’d be shy to get too close to you but eventually he’d wrap an arm around your waist and pull you in closer

- OK kinda weird but I sorta think he’d say small facts about the sunrise or just interesting observations (like his book)

- I don’t think he’d flat out ASK if you wanna do it again, he’d just pass by your dorm every now and then to see if you’re awake

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ok this is gonna suck but I’m writing iida related content because his stans are in a drought rn.

7:30 am. The sunrise slowly crept its way up, allowing the sun to peek through the window blinds and wake you up. Your senses coming back to you one by one. You heard his quiet breaths as he continued to sleep. You felt his warm embrace, arms around your waist hugging you tightly, and the slow rise and fall of his chest. You recognized his comforting smell, it was clean, a bit of your own perfume lingering on him, but it smelled like home.

Your “close friend”, Tenya Iida, left a small kiss on your shoulder, he was now waking up too. A small sigh came from you knowing what was going to happen soon. It was the time you dreaded most, early in the morning.

“Do I have to Ten?” you pleaded. you only called him by his nickname while you were both alone.

“I’m afraid so y/n, you know the rules concerning our new dorm arrangements, and I’m class president so-“ you cut him off

“Yeah, got it…” you mumbled slowly getting out of his bed.

You didn’t really know what the two of you were. You both cared deeply about each other and it showed: late night talks, sleeping in each other’s rooms, passionate goodbye kisses, etc., but neither of you seemed ready to make the big move. You were afraid of ruining the solid friendship you already had with him. He was worried about the same, but he often covered it up with his class president reputation.

Both of you decided it was best to just keep it under wraps until you knew for sure, but it still pained you having to do stuff like leaving his dorm early or pretending to not have interest in public.

You put your hair in your usual hairstyle in silence while putting on your uniform since you stayed the whole day in his dorm “studying” yesterday. You weren’t mad at Iida, just a little sick of having to be with him in secrecy. Finishing up your preparations for school you were about to head out, but you felt a firm hand grab you by your waist and spin you around.

You looked up at him, scared that your attitude may have upset him, but you were greeted with a gentle face. He stooped down placing a soft kiss on your lips, pulling you closer than before.

This went on for a few minutes before you pulled away.

“My lipgloss!!” you pouted as he giggled, you smiled at his reaction. You couldn’t be mad at him, he was a tall, charming dork for crying out loud. He now pulled you into an embrace.

“Would you like to come back here today after class?” he whispered glancing at the clock.

“No, tonight we’re going to my room, and we’ll see how YOU like having to get up early for a change.” You mocked him swaying the hug back and forth.

~ beep ~ ~ beep ~ ~ beep ~ ~ beep ~ ~ beep ~

The alarm clock went off meaning it was time for you to head out so no one would see you two leaving together.

“Stay a little longer” he begged kissing your forehead

“You dork, you always do this!” You said flicking his head. He always insisted on the both you you leaving at different times to avoid suspicion, but when it was actually time, he wanted nothing more than to spend more time with you.

You walked backwards to the door, still hugging him and sorta pushed him away.

“Bye Ten” you said waving and turning around after planting a small kiss on his cheek.

“Bye y/n” he said waving and closing the door. After he closed it he brought the same hand to the cheek you kissed, he stop in awe. Mesmerized by everything you did.


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🏵️ Tenya Iida x gn!reader

🏵️ word count: 1k

🏵️ summary: The easiest way to get the attention of your crush, who just so happens to be the class rep? Why, break a few rules, of course!

🏵️ warnings: none (that i can think of) (send me an ask if anything needs to be added)

🏵️ a/n: the lack of content for my mans Tenya is honestly offensive so i’m helping pull some of the weight. enjoy xx

🏵️ masterlist


If there was one thing you knew how to do, it was drive your class rep up the wall. You never did anything crazy, and it was nothing that really warranted anything more than a bit of scolding as far as most teachers were concerned, but Tenya Iida had a tendency to be a bit of a drill sergeant at times. He took his role as class rep very seriously, wanting to do his absolute best to keep his peers in line so as not to disrespect the school they would learn how to become successful, pro heroes from. 

Most of your classmates found it a bit annoying and some just didn’t pay any mind to it at all.

You? You thought it was incredibly cute.

He just looked so adorable with his back pin-straight and his voice all stern and authoritative, it only made you want to continue to break little insignificant rules just so you had an excuse to listen to him tell you about how important it was that you follow the rules to a T like he did.

So that’s what you did. Every day for the past few weeks you did something to warrant a lecture from your class rep.

“Y/N,” you heard from the front of the room.

Ah yes, right on time, you thought to yourself.

You couldn’t keep the smug smile off your face as you watched Iida approach your desk with his brows furrowed in a disappointed glare. 

“Yes, Iida?” you asked innocently, cocking your head to one side.

“This is the third time this week I’ve had to tell you that you should not sit on top of your desk,” he told you, his large hands chopping through the air as he gestured to where your legs hung off the surface, swinging cheerily as you waited for Mr. Aizawa to show up. “Not to mention you aren’t wearing your tie today, which is a required part of the school uniform!”

You glanced down, as if you hadn’t even noticed it wasn’t there.

“I just wasn’t really feeling it today,” you said with a lazy shrug, “I feel like it just doesn’t look as good on me as it does on you.”

“It’s not about how it looks,” he said, the flirty comment flying straight over his head as he grew more frustrated with you. “It’s the uniform that unites us all as UA students, and it is required.

“Oh come on, Iida,” you whined, reaching out to lay your hand on his forearm, “loosen up a little. It’s not like sitting on my desk or forgetting my tie is going to affect my performance as a student.”

“Maybe not, but passing notes during class might,” he scolded, his cheeks tinged pink as you thumbed at the material of his school jacket.

You bit your lip. You knew he’d catch you in the act, in fact you were banking on it, as his desk was directly behind yours.

“It was important,” you told him.

“Oh yeah? What was so important that you couldn’t wait to say in your free time?”

“I needed to let Uraraka know that I think you’re cute when you get all riled up.”

Iida’s mind seemed to go blank as he stared at you for a moment, trying to process your words. Was this it? Had you broken him? 

Suddenly his whole face flushed red and his arms were flying all over the place.

That’s not important at all!” he stressed. “Why must you ignore all my warnings? Do you think I’m going to give up on it one day? Because I won’t! If you continue to break the rules I will continue to lecture you about it!”

“Oh, I’m planning on it,” you said casually, hopping off your desk.

“You- huh?”

“You really wanna know why I keep breaking rules?”

“Well I- I suppose.”

You smiled, leaning in closer as if to tell him a secret.

“To get your attention.” You leaned back, hands clasped behind your back. “And it works. Every time.”

Iida raised a stern finger to you, mouth agape as he tried to think of something to say, but no words came out of his mouth as he stood there, flustered and confused. You patted his cheek twice and moved around your desk to slide into your seat.

“Iida,” Mr. Aizawa droned from the front of the room, “would you like to sit down so we can start?”

The boy in question jolted, hurrying to his seat as he stuttered out a slew of apologies.

Once class had started and Aizawa’s attention was elsewhere, you sneakily leaned back in your chair, placing a note in front of Iida with a wink.

Hey class rep- walk me back to my dorm after school? I’ll let you scold me some more ;)

His leg bounced anxiously as he quickly grabbed a pen and scribbled out a reply. This is risky, he thought. If anyone saw him, their class representative breaking one of the many rules he often tried to enforce then how could they ever respect him or take him seriously? But he so strongly felt the urge to reply. Maybe it was how sweet your smile was, even when you knew you were being anything but, or the way he sometimes caught you watching him lecture your fellow classmates with a giggle, but he couldn’t deny that he also somewhat felt… compelled to seek out your attention. He almost even liked that you so often acted out so that he had an excuse to come talk to you.

Not that he could ever admit that to you, or who knows what you might try to get away with next.

He tapped your shoulder and handed the note back to you.

Fine. But only if you promise to end these acts of rebellion. You have my attention.

You threw a smile at him over your shoulder before tucking the note away for safekeeping. You could promise to behave yourself for some one on one time with your crush.

Well… just for now that is.

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summary: Iida doesn’t want you to express your whorish thoughts.

warnings: sugestive stuff? 

wordcount: 617

prompt 17: 'Oh, I’m sorry mister ‘I-safe-myself-for-marriage’, some of us are whores.’


request: by anon. see here

a/n: haha oops this is very short but yolo, these prompts where meant as blurbs anyways


“Come on,” Mina says as she nudges you in your side. You simply shake your head. “Admit it.”

“He isn’t cute,” you say. Mina clasps a hand over her mouth as she pretends to be hurt. A small pout forms on her lips.

You laugh at her as you snatch the phone out of her hands. You quickly open google and type in an all to a familiar name.

“Timothy Chalamet is fine or whatever, but he is nothing compared to,” you say before handing the phone back to Mina. “Him.”

Mina looks at the phone screen with confusion written all over her face. “Isn’t he the dude from Twilight?” she asks. You nod at her before leaning over to look at the screen along with her.

“Yes, but he is still fine as fuck,” you say. You lean back into your chair a bit as you close your eyes, imagining the guy standing before you. “I will let him spit in my mouth, rail me and snap my neck like a glowstick and I would still thank him.”

What?!”. You turn to where the sudden yelling is coming from. You see Iida standing, hands on his desk as his eyes are as wide as saucers. He quickly stomps over to your table.

Mina throws her phone down on the table. She clasps her hand over her mouth in an attempt to stifle her giggle. “That kind of language is not appropriate in the classroom,” Iida says as he animatedly talks with his hand.

He has now pulled the attention of the entire class towards you. “You cannot say such lewd things during school hours and especially not in class. As the class president, I need to stop you from using such words.”.

All you do is nod as him as you let him continue to ramble on about the importance of a ’safe classroom environment’.

“I will need to go to Aizawa-sensai and make sure you get detention for your words-”.

You raise your hand up to stop him from talking, effectively shutting him up. “Oh, I’m sorry mister ’I-safe-myself-for-marriage’, some of us are whores.”.

Iida’s jaw practically drops to the floor at your words. Denki cheers you on from his table while Bakugou burst out in laughs.

“I mean,” you say. “Mineta can be all pervy and shit but I can’t say what I want a man to do to me? That’s hypocritical.”. Mina finally breaks as she bursts out in giggles along with Bakugou.

Aizawa, who’s still laying in his sleeping bag, is keeping his mouth shut and watching along. He would be lying to say that he doesn’t live for this kind of drama.

You at your elbow rest onto your table so that you can rest your chin in your palm. “I mean,” you say as you look Iida up and down. “You can definitely get it too.”.

Iida’s cheeks grow bright red right before he bursts out in another lecture. You simply smirk at him as he talks on and on.

“You cannot say that kind of thing to someone, especially a classmate. It doesn’t matter if I liked it or not i-it’s lewd,” he says. You nod at him while continuing to stare straight into his eyes.

Iida squirms under your intense gaze as lewd thoughts start clouding his mind. Did you really think that he could get it?

He stops in the middle of his lecture as he rushes back to his table. He grabs a book and buries his face in it to hide his bright red cheeks. You simply smirk look over your shoulder once before smirking at Mina. “He could still get it-”

No!” Iida yells.

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content: Iida x reader, smut imagine

// dec. 29, 2020

Part of Iida hates to admit he likes to be pinned down or tied up but the other part basks in the submission it makes him feel. When you’re on top of him and he can’t even move, tied pretty just for you, he can’t hate this. Especially with those looks you get on your face when you finally decide to ride him, he knows his cock is hitting deep inside you, those sensitive spots and its hard to choose where to look, your chest that’s bouncing, where his cock meets your insides and the slick gathering there, or your face that’s flushed with bliss and lust. Sometimes he’ll gather the courage to put his feet down and thrust his hips into you… but it’s up to you if you decide if that deserves encouragement or punishment.


AN: still new to this writing thing wow pftt

129 notes

This is my first time writing smut. I’m sorry in advance for any fuck ups

Warnings: (f!reader virgin!reader) (porn with a plot(kind of)(I think so at least)) Somnophilia, oral

Also sorry this is so long

Keep reading

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— “ this christmas ”

including: natsuo, sero, shoto and iida 

genre: extreme fluff

tags: winter, christmas, holidays and fluff

request: “Could you do a song fic or some dating head canons for Iida (Whatever you feel like wriitng 🤗) Been simping for this man hard and need some content!! Love your writing!😍😍”

a/n: merry christmas and happy holidays guys! thought I’d do some winter imagines 💕


imagine picking out a tree with tenya iida. he can’t help but feel a slight smile when your nails graze against the upper part of his hand in excitement, as the smell of douglas fir’s fill the air around you. “iida look at this one!” you exclaim, and he just can’t contain that smile anymore. the light airy feeling he has when he notices your matching pajamas embraces him whole. he rarely drinks coffee, but in the winter you catch him brewing a cup to get comfy and wrap presents. you hide a mistletoe in some doorway every year and it’s always a delightful surprise when he finds it and you catch him. you rest your hands on his shoulders as he places his hands on your waist. those mistletoes don’t matter though, if you’re not there to kiss. 

imagine opening presents with shoto todoroki. the wrapping paper fascinates him, it’s so colorful and shiny and full of light, the exact way he sees you. his eyes watch carefully as you cheerfully wrap gifts for friends and family. the way your voice fills the air to match the tones of whatever festive song is on at the moment. his soft lips press against your temple as he notices that his darling has fallen asleep against him while watching hallmark christmas movies. despite his quirk, snow fascinates him too, and he practically melts seeing you play in it or when it gets caught in your hair. you get each other ornaments every year; there’s even a clear one with the date you began dating. you’re worth it and god he hopes you stay. 

imagine spending the holidays with sero hanta. he gets extremely excited and creative, simply because he wants to make the best of the endless time he has with you. his raspy morning voice humming to the various christmas albums you have queued up. your feet glide across the kitchen floor as the pancakes begin to rise and the feeling of his back on your chest fills you with glee. finding lights to put on the tree you guys have up is his favorite part. he loves watching your eyes light up from joy and how the fluorescent lights illuminate them further. he knows you’re his end game; he will make every holiday with you for the rest of your lives special. it’s his mission. 

imagine spending your first christmas engaged to natsuo todoroki. he’d be such a dork for christmas, especially when it comes to the person he plans on spending the rest of his life with. his big hands wrapped around you as the two of you cuddle and watch a plethora of cheesy, romantic winter movies for hours. his lighthearted chuckle fills your chest with warmth as you play in his hair while he lays on your chest. the carton of egg nog in the refrigerator sitting half full since you both playfully fight over who gets the last, but he always leaves it for you have it anyway. “I love you sooo much, y/n.” he whispers softly, as he looks up at you with such warmth in his eyes. 

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I just realized how little Iida thirst there is in this fandom, so I’ve decided to write some thirst for him…

Tomorrow. And I’ll do my very best.☺

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🎁 Day 17 ↝ Matching Pj’s ❆ Tenya Iida 🎄🧣


pairing: tenya iida x gn!reader

word count: 0.3k

genre: fluffy fluff ☁️

25 Days of Christmas masterlist 🎄


“C’mon babe, I wanna see you!” You say excitedly as you encouraged your boyfriend Tenya to step out of the bathroom.

When Iida’s brother Tensei heard that his little brother was in a relationship, he was more than ecstatic. He never thought Iida would settle down, since he was so focused on work so it was understandable why he’d encourage you two to do ‘fun couple stuff’ together like, that one time you and Iida went bungee jumping in Brazil, or when you watched a man wrestle an alligator in Australia. Your most bizarre date ideas came from Tensei, so you were quite shocked when he suggested you two spend your holidays in matching pajamas.

“I don’t know about this, y/n,” you heard his muffled voice beyond the bathroom door. “Don’t worry, I’m sure you look great!” You assured him. “Now come on out and let me see you!”

The door creaked open slowly as a shy Iida stepped out from the bathroom and into the room. “Baby, you look great!” You bounced on your bed excitedly as you looked at him in awe. You were both wearing matching reindeer onesies that Tensei had bought for the two of you. “Do you really think so? Where did you even get these?” He asked, looking down at himself. “Tensei.” You chuckled as he adjusted his glasses. “I figured he’d want you to do something like this. That brother of mine means well but can be so scandalous. It’s exactly like that time he convinced you that we needed that giant inflatable swan pool float.” He sighed. “Hey, Gregory was family until Bakugou just had to blow him up!” You laughed.

You patted the bed next to you and Iida shuffled over, sitting by your side. “But you have to admit, this is pretty fun! Plus you’re even more cuddly now,” you say, jumping into his arms and holding him in a tight embrace. He sighed before smiling and giving you a pat on the head. “Well, I suppose we are. But, I’d say it’s time for bed. We have to wake up extra early if we’re going to be sledding!” He says ecstatically.

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santa, baby. | tenya iida (part one)

i’ve been an awful bad good girl. 

cw: for this part we have strict dom iida, a little sprinkle of sugar daddy iida, bratty!fem reader, and very slight nsfw if you squint. this is just the plot :) tagging @buttressflybarnes @dearsakusa @eraserwhore & @dragonsdumpling and im immediately running away 🏃🏽‍♀️💨💨💨


you’re not wearing that.” 

tenya’s tone was firm, unwavering, and certain. there wasn’t a trace of amusement in his face, in fact this was the most serious you’ve seen him outside of hero work. there was a heavy silence for a few seconds, a frown forming on your face at the realization that he really did disapprove of your costume. 

t-tenya,” you blinked at your phone. “what do you mean? this cost me like two hundred dollars-

his voice was steady and monotonous in his reply. “well, i apologize, but i’m afraid you’ll have to return it.

return it he says. you roll your eyes, annoyance ticking at you. “i can’t, tenya. all sales are final on luxury items, didn’t you know?

i see.” he pushes his glasses up onto the bridge of his nose, lenses catching the white fluorescent lights of his office briefly. “i’ll send you some funds momentarily, then. buy something appropriate for a costume party.” 

blink. appropriate? what was so inappropriate about your costume? it wasn’t anything too crazy, just your typical snow angel costume. you thought it was very appropriate for the occasion, considering you’d be attending sero’s annual christmas costume party. this wasn’t your first time going and you’ve worn things much more revealing than this before, in fact this was pretty tame. you pouted at the soft frilly fabric on your lap, thumb tracing the faux fur lining the seams. tenya was silent on the other side of the line, the sound of your phone vibrating preceding his response. 

there, all done.” his tone is a bit chipper now, lighter now that he’d secured having his way. the notification from your bank gleamed on your screen. ‘$1750 transferred to your account’ “you should be able to find something with that, right?

i guess.” you muttered, still pouting. “i thought you would like this, though.

he leaned back into his office chair, the silver pins on his suit catching the light. “i do, my love. however i prefer you wear it…in private. for my eyes only. do you understand? we already can’t be seen together and you’re arriving without me, i couldn’t deal with you wearing that around so much people, too.

iida’s heart panged just a little too much when your cheeks puffed out with a sigh. he loved your costume, he really did, but if he was having trouble containing himself at the thought of you in it he didn’t want to dream about the others’ reactions to seeing you in it. he didn’t want anyone else thinking of you in that way, seeing that body; he couldn’t take it. not when he couldn’t have you on his arm, not when everyone didn’t know that you were his. he couldn’t risk that. 

not on his watch. 

the way you blinked up at the camera with defeated eyes and a soft pout on your face signaled that you understood, that you’d do as he said. he always liked that about you, how obedient you were. you were your own person of course, able to make your own independent decisions but you allowed him to take care of you. you followed his instructions so well, always without much (if any) kickback. you were just so obedient. 

his good little girl. 

okay, i’ll start looking for something tomorrow, then.” you stood up to fold the costume away. “i’m sure mina wouldn’t mind coming with me to the mall again, yeah?

his attention isn’t entirely on you anymore, his office phone ringing loudly into the speaker. “i’m sure she will, ashido is a very accommodating young woman. excuse me, my love, i’ll have to call you later.” 

and within seconds he was gone, leaving you to ponder the conversation. you couldn’t help but feel a bit slighted. the relationship between you and tenya was…undefined, to say the least. 

there was no title, and though you two have openly expressed your feelings to each other (he calls you my love for God’s sake), that was the closest you’d came to solidifying your relationship. he claimed too busy to commit to you the way he wanted to, and to his credit, he was very busy. times spent together were often squeezed in between lunch breaks or scheduled after work hours, when he was done with patrol and had a late start the next morning.  you didn’t really mind, having your own responsibilities to address but it did bother you some.

it was just so uncertain.

sometimes you’d allow yourself to fall into the fantasy of pretending you were together, especially when he bought you gifts and showered you in love, showing just how much he cared for you, and then other times you’re violently reminded that those were only fantasies, that he hadn’t actually belonged to you, that you weren’t his. like when he’s on the television after saving the day yet again, some starry eyed woman clinging to his arm thanking him over and over, the dazzling smile you pretended to be reserved for you on full display for another woman. it was all so draining at times, and right now was no different. 

you were normally so obedient and accommodating to him, maybe this once you shouldn’t be. perhaps you were due a change, yes? he didn’t own you, after all. you were just someone he happened to like, someone he happened to be fucking. you weren’t obligated to be obedient if you didn’t want to. 

you bit your lip, hands finding your phone to find mina’s number. maybe you were due a bit of a change. maybe tenya was due a wakeup call. 


iida nearly broke the glass in his hand the second his eyes landed on you. 

i thought i told her to buy something appropriate. you could feel his burning gaze, but at this point, you didn’t care. you straightened your back and squared your shoulders, arms looped with uraraka’s, a smug smile painting your face. look at me, you thought. look at me blatantly say no. 

woah,” kirishima whistled beside iida, clutching his own drink in his hand. “i didn’t know (y/n) had it like that!” he’s smiling now, oblivious to the tick in iida’s jaw and the stern, almost irate look in his darkened eyes. 

you weren’t supposed to know, he wanted to say, but instead he raises his glass to his lips with his eyes still trained on your outfit. “i suppose she is filled with surprises, isn’t she?

he couldn’t lie, a part of him liked this outfit better than the last. it was much more revealing, much much more revealing, but it suited you beautifully. the dress itself was short, snow white fur lining its seams, tight shiny red fabric wrapped around your lovely body, a thick black belt snapped into the dips of your waist. you paired it with stockings that came up all the way to your thighs, long red gloves stretching up to your biceps. your hair was done up prettily, a classic santa hat sat up on your head. “what’re you dressed as, cutie?” denki asked you, giggling from the amount of champagne he’d already had. iida didn’t miss the smirk you gave, innocently looking around the room (and looking at him a bit longer than necessary) before responding. 

mrs. claus, of course.” you winked. 

both iida’s chest and pants tightened. he was in for a long night. 

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The Writing Of Christmas Masterlist


Originally posted by muvana

Day 11: Broke Christmas

Warning: light Cussing

Words: 1.06k

You never really had much when it came money wise. Your family raised you that family was worth more than any gift. Which you believed in but it didn’t help that you always felt a little bit more lonely during the holidays. It was your first year at UA which meant you wouldn’t be able to go see your family for the holidays.

After the last class by Mr.Aizawa it was now time to go back to your dorm room. You didnt plan anything with friends cause you just werent that type of person around the holidays. Besides youd rather spend money on things like groceries than actual presents for yourself.

When you headed back to the dorms mina and the rest of the bakusquad were doing their annual movie marathon. While the dekusquad were attempting on making some cookies they found on Tiktok. They really were just yelling at each other but A for effort. The rest of the students were lounging around the common area in some festive wear or with a gift from their parents in hand. You had a small smile on your face, at least they were having a nice christmas you thought.

You got back to your room and plopped back down onto your bed. You were lost in your own thoughts. The fact that you all were in the same place, same school, same learning but you all came from different backgrounds. You dont know how long you were thinking for before a knock at your door pulled you out of your thoughts. It was Uraraka. She had a smile that could light up anyones day but to you it just felt like a reminder of how truly lonely you were. But of course you faked a mild smile and just looked at her with as much christmas spirit you could manage.

“C’mon y/n!! The christmas sweater contest is starting” She exclaimed. ‘Oh yeah that thing’ you thought. You didnt buy any sweater for christmas since it was either buy a sweater or pay for your phone bill. You obviously chose the latter option.

“Oh sorry Uraraka. I didnt buy any sweaters this year, maybe next year. Happy holidays though” you said as you began to close the door. You didnt want to explain to anyone why or howcome or any of that. You just wanted to forget christmas. As you closed the door you realized you never heard the lock of it behind you. You turned around to see Dekus foot stopping the door from closing. ‘The pessimistic boy. How jolly’ you thought sarcastically.

“Y/n whats wrong? Are you feeling sick? Maybe you dont have to participate in the sweater thing but you could sit out here with us and make cookies!” he offered. You really didnt want to go out. ‘Why cant i just be sad?’ you thought.

“Im not sick Izuku. I just dont really want to, okay?” you asked in a not really asking way. He tensed at his first name being used. You two were close but never enough for first names, you mustve been serious he thought. So he closed the door with a little “Okay”. You went to your bed and thought for a moment. You hadnt ever gotten a chance to go out christmas shopping but you did save up your money and bought one thing

And it was for someone dear to your heart, Midoryia. You had bought him an All Might rare vintage sweater. They had only made about 100 of them but when you found it at a pawn shop only for $75 you thought it was something great. He would appreciate it and you knew he would take care of it. So you pawned in some things that were lying around your room and only payed about a $15 co pay.

It was wrapped up nicely in a box with a bow too. It was sitting in your closet and you had waited all month to give it to him. Once you found the courage you got up and went to go bring the gift to him. You left your room ready to give the gift. You passed by mostly everyone except for Bakugo. He was walking towards the common area with an angry pomeranian christmas sweater on.

“Where the fuck are you going with that shitty gift y/n? The fucking gifts go under the tree dumbass” he said hands in pocket.

“Just going to take this gift to Izuku, Katsuki” you said in a menacing tone, rolling your eyes in the process. You walked away as he started cussing you out. You went up to the dekusquad who were now platting cookies while Iida washed dishes. (Poor baby Iida).

“Hey Midoryia” you said hoping he would turn around and see you.

“Oh hey Y/n i thought you wouldnt come out of your room” he said not irritated like you feared, but still as happy as he was when you brushed him off earlier.

“I wasnt going too but this gift is for you and it would be a shame if i didnt give it to you” you said still holding the precious gift.

“Oh Y/n those go under the tree when we open the gifts later” he said.

“Midoryia may you please open it now. I know you want to open gifts with everyone but please…just for me” you said with puppy dog eyes your angry facade faded now.

He stopped plating the cookies for a moment and let out a “sure” before he took and carefully opened the gift. The rest of the dekusquad noticed this and went to look at Midoryia.

He opened the box the sweater was in and he immediately tackled you. He had so many questions for you.

“Y/n-n Where did you find this? They only made 100 EVER. Oh my, Thank you!!” he said as he tackled you. The frame that the sweater was in still in Midoryias hands.

“Wait Mydory-!” you tried to say until you heard the glass of the frame shatter. The sweater was fine but the glass wasnt.

“Oh my Y/n im so sorry” he began apologizing. You reassured him that it was his and that All might was their Sensei after all. He calmed down and all you could think was ‘hm this really is a broken christmas now’.


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The Writing Of Christmas Masterlist


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Day 10: Your a hard person to shop for

Words: 700

Warning: light cussing

You were always a reserved person. You only had about 3 people that you liked and about 1 of them you would actually tell things about. Those 3 people were Midoryia, Bakugo, and Kirishima. And the one who you would actually talk to was Kirishima. You trusted the other 2 with everything in you but Kirishima was just fairly easier to talk to.

You told kirishima a lot about yourself. You told him your birthday, hobbies, and even sometimes your personal thoughts. And you did feel bad for kirishima too because you were kinda fucked up. I mean you don’t like celebrating anything for yourself cause you were raised to feel guilty if anybody did anything for you. You didn’t have many hobbies except for being alone. And your thoughts often resulted in heavy silence falling between you and Kirishima; which just made the room even more anxiety ridden.

So when people would ask you “What do you want for christmas?”. You always responded with “Nothing, you don’t have to get me anything” and then you would turn the conversation onto them. Naturally people would love to talk about themselves except when you would tell everyone that you wanted nothing for christmas. For class-1a they didn’t take that answer and then went to go ask your 3 closest friends.

They really didn’t say anything as you didnt have any interests. Which only made it more frustrating. But class-1a does not give up so they just paid closer attention to you, hoping you would give them some type of hints to what you liked. And you didn’t cause you hated talking about yourself.

In the 1A dorm common area: Everyone is in the common area

“What the fuck are we supposed to get them?” Kaminari said. He was slouched on the couch next to Mina who was laying on Momo.

“Kaminari Language! Also we need to get them something. Where’s the list of what they like?” Iida asked. Momo passed him the list that had only 4 bullet points.

1) Coffee/tea

2) Black ((the color)

3) Sleep

4) Oversized Clothing (Specifically in Black)

Iida only groaned at the useless list. It had no exact detail to what you actually liked. Not even the coffee brand you liked. Everyone sat in silence, blank thoughts came to mind and when a thought did come to mind it was shut down by the fact someone had already thought of it before.

That’s when you walked in. You were heading to the kitchen to grab yourself a cup of ice cream (You always loved to eat ice cream in a mug). Your headphones were in and they were bumping. Loud as fuck to the point where everyone could hear what you were listening to, they never heard of you talking about your music taste so they were curious. You silently made it to the kitchen without being talked to but not unnoticed. They were all watching you, you just hadn’t noticed it yet.

You were silently dancing to the song with your head moving along to the beat. Even at one point you made you ahegao face subconsciously from dancing to the song so many times in your room by yourself, you didn’t notice it but once your classmates saw your facial expression they silently freaked out. Before you could leave jirou stuck her headphone close to yours and she got the lyrics of the song.

Once you left the room she typed the lyrics into youtube and played the first song that came up.


They all listened to the song on Kirishima’s speaker and oh my they were stunned. ‘You liked these types of songs?’ they all thought. Iida was so quick to turn off the song when it got to an explicit part. They just sat in silence as they realized you really weren’t as simple nor innocent as you seemed to be. Kaminari put the song back on saying “We have to listen to the whole thing at least once”. Iida didn’t argue and all of them listened to the song.

By the end of it Iida was so ready to knock on your door and give you a lecture about sex and protection. But the rest of the class convinced him not too. Tokoyami then pulled up that artist and started looking up merch. And they all found some merch, used Endeavors credit card (thanks to todoroki) and made it next day shipping (cause fuck that dude).

Oh how much they realized you were not an innocent child but at least they got you a christmas gift.


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grocery shopping headcanons

inspired by a conversation i had on discord a few days back

featuring deku, kiri, iida, shinso and bakugo

  • do not trust this man with writing the grocery list
  • literally writes nothing of substance
  • …izuku…there’s no grocery on this list.
  • leave it up to him you’re living off of sodas and doritos
  • has an occasional big brain moment and jots down some noodles and a pack of chicken
  • even worse if you send him to the store alone
  • give him precise instructions or you’ll forever regret it
  • izuku i sent you for bread why am i holding five different kinds of bread
  • well you didn’t say what type so i got all
  • can’t even get mad at him. stupid puppy dog eyes melt your heart every time
  • super helpful when you’re in the store together though
  • takes forever in the snack aisle
  • he’s too fuckin cute though you can’t be stern with him if you try
  • results in buying a whole lot of unnecessary snacks but its okay cause at least y’all got food and he’s happy
  • baby just step away from the cart
  • YOU are a nuisance to HIM
  • let this man go to the store by himself i beg for both your safety and his sanity
  • when you go together you’re constantly arguing about the most niche things
  • katsu there’s no fucking difference between lemons and lemon juice” “dumbass, yes there is! this is why i do all the fucking cooking!
  • has a very precise list and you’re gonna stick to it
  • keeps you on a healthy diet
  • katsu can we get-” “no.
  • has that ‘dont touch shit, don’t look at shit and don’t ask for shit’ vibe 
  • but honestly all you gotta do is bat your eyes at him and boom. all the ice cream and snacks you want
  • probably the only one who can be trusted to shop for actual groceries

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a/n: sometimes i gotta actually write what’s in my drafts huh ain’t that wild | spooky reqs + prompts

  • leader of the centaurs/forest is a large mustang with a coat of such a deep blue that it looks black at first glance, powerful legs that seem to thunder when he runs, commanding attention and order wherever he goes
  • often fucks you in public where his people can watch and be reminded that you’re his, where your moaning and screams can echo in the forest for all to hear
  • you still can’t take his full cock so sometimes some of his most trusted circle joins in, fae and satyrs sucking on his balls and getting themselves off with a front seat view of him slamming into your poor human hole

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