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#iida smut

➳ handcuffs

warnings: suggestive content
characters: shouto todoroki, katsuki bakugou, izuku midoriya, eijiro kirishima, denki kaminari, hanta sero, tenya iida, minoru mineta, fumikage tokoyami

summary: bakugou finds handcuffs and interrogates the 1-a boys gc about it.

a/n: this ones longer than the others bc i had so much fun writing it bahaha. hope you guys enjoy !!
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The Bigger They Are // Iida Smut

Warnings: smut, size-kink, gagging


Originally posted by whats-her-quirk

Iida grunted, his glasses slipping due to the sweat forming on the bridge of his nose. You laid beneath him with a heaving breast and your hands grasping wildly at his forearms. It was so hard to stay quiet when your boyfriend was balls deep in your guts. His cock stretched your walls to their limits and reached everyplace. He had three fingers shoved in your mouth, drool dripping down his hand.

He had to keep you silent. His brother was just a few doors down. He had come home early from work but Iida was already balls deep. He was sure his brother would understand. You were looking at him like he was an angel walking.

But damn, his cock was sinful.

He had other reasons to be confident. He was a top student and had an amazing quirk. What he never expected to love being praised for he most, is his penis. You started drooling at the first sight of it. Iida was embarrassed at first but the more times you dropped to your knees and worshipped it, the bigger his kink grew.

His favorite was when you would yell at the pressure to put in your cervix. “Please sir, please be gentle you’ll tear me apart.” He knew he would never do such a thing but your blushing face and tearful eyes drove him closer home. He pinched you cheeks and rattled your head back and forth.

“You can take it. You’ve trained so much for this, to feel my cock all the way in your stomach.” Your eyes rolled back at his comment. You strangled back a moan that had Iida hissing a quick “shut up” in your ear. Footsteps approached his door and the only thing Iida did was wrap the blanket around his hips. If his brother decided to come in, he’d definitely get a show but it wouldn’t be as embarrassing as seeing his brothers naked ass.

The footsteps stopped right in front of Iida’s bedroom door but the man didn’t slow his pace. Iida wasn’t known for taking ANYTHING slow. The rocking of the bed and your needy moans let his brother know exactly what was happening behind the thick door. Iida smirked down at you and held his hips tight against your pelvic bone. His cock was straining to reach your cervix at this point. The pure pressure sent you spiraling.

Iida grabbed his school tie from the headboard and stuffed it into your drooling mouth. You coughed once or twice but Iida flicking on your clit had you singing a different tune. It felt so dirty to have something that he wore everyday inside of your mouth. Now every time you saw this damn tie you were going to be horny.

Iida but his lip in concentration, wrapping your legs to encase his hips. He loved watching your lower tummy bulge with his cock. It made him feel a type of way that could only be described as proud. You were a slave for his dick and nothing was ever going to change that.

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tits, ass, or thighs? dekusquad | slight nsfw



have you seen this man arounds boobs?

yeah, no explanation needed.

he just LOVES them

another one that doesnt care about the size

just let him rest his head on your tiddies and he’ll die happily


oh man

he tries hard to be calm and collected but when he sees your thighs,,,

he just looses it

he’s trying to be respectful 👁👁

would ofc ask for your consent before anything but he just loves placing his hand on your thighs

lowkey gripping your thighs he just cant get enough <333


i dont really see him as someone with a preference

he loves you as a whole,, he wont choose just a body part

and he would definitely remind you of that when youre getting intimate

would kiss EVERYWHERE and just make you feel love

shoto best boy wbk

link to the previous hc:

tits, ass, or thighs with the bakusquad

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Soooo I’ve been wanting to work on this for awhile. So thank you @sems-diarie for being so nice.

Btw this is extremely self-indulgent. The reader is trans ftm. There isn’t enough content with trans readers, so I decided to make the content myself.

Dilf! Iida x Trans Ftm! Reader

  • Bro his cock is so big.
  • Like its HUGE
  • He loves coming home to his handsome husband.
  • He epically loves it when he comes home and you’re make some food and you’re only wearing his shirt.
  • Omg he would be such a good partner.
  • He would like spoil you. He would buy anything you wanted. And then he would wreck you with his cock.
  • Oh god, just imagine. He would have you bent over the counter his hand pressed into your lower back. The other one in your hair.
  • He wouldn’t be very loud but he would be so fucking nice.
  • “My goodness darling. You just couldn’t wait. I’m not as young as I used to be. I won’t be able to last long. But you’re okay with that aren’t you. You just wanted my cum.”
  • And hes so good and you just wanna make him cum so you can ride him into next week. So you start begging for his cum.
  • And he cant handle it.
  • “Oh prince. You have such a dirty mouth. How much do you really want it?”
  • He starts to slow down his thrusts. And you both know why. He wants to hear you beg. He gets off on hearing you beg for his cock.
  • Oh god when he cums there is so much of it. And afterwards he would be so fucking nice to you.
  • Like the aftercare is 😍😍
  • He’d clean you up in a huge ass tub. And he’d kiss you all over, calling you, “his little prince.”
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Iida, Kirishima, Denki and Tamaki reacting to being asked to cum inside for the first time

Note: finally back! wasn’t feeling the best but i think i got my mojo back now, i’ll try and post more tonight :)

requests are open! masterlist || taglist || ko-fi


Fuck—Ei! Cum inside me, baby. I want you to fill me up.”

  • probably stops mid-thrust in surprise and checks to see if he heard you right
  • he thinks it’s hot as fuck
  • literally has no complaints about your request
  • might tease you a bit about it but overall he’s into it
  • I didn’t know you were so naughty, baby.”
  • Yeah, you want me to fucking stuff you full of my cum, don’t you?
  • his pace will quicken and his thrusts are even deeper
  • the thought of cumming inside you is a huge turn on for him, in his mind he’s claiming you and making you completely his
  • he likes staying inside you even after he cums, only pulling out when his cock softens
  • loves watching the cum slowly escape and gush out

Inside, Ah!— Need you to breed me, please sir.”

  • iida is respectful boy
  • he always tells you when he’s close and asks you where you want him to finish
  • but he’s never heard you say that before
  • his glasses literally fall off his face as he’s pounding into you with much power
  • I’m close, my love. I’m going to cum inside and you better not waste a drop.”
  • you’ve awakened something in him and it’s his new favourite thing to breed you
  • he’s the type to force you to keep his cum inside you especially after quickies
  • the first time it happened he was very panicky he literally forced you to go to the bathroom afterwards
  • he also bought you a morning after pill and a pregnancy test
  • you were laughing your ass off because he was just being too cute

“I want to feel you cum deep inside me, fucking cum inside me, Kami.”

  • he’s used to pulling out but this time when he tried to you just started fucking yourself back on his cock
  • he tries to warn you though
  • Off! Off! Babe, M’close.”
  • but the moment those words left your mouth he was just frozen in shock
  • he lowkey couldn’t react at all, he just cums on the spot
  • you just felt his body stiffen and his warm load slowly fill you up
  • Ngh—ah, cum- cumming…
  • another boy who loves staying inside you
  • it just feels warm and comfortable so he doesn’t wanna pull out
  • he loves eating you out right after he creams your insides

Tama, I’m gonna cum. Do it inside, baby. Cum inside me, cum with me!”

  • he looks nervous and adorable
  • constantly asks you if you’re sure
  • he just wants to make sure you’re comfortable and that it’s not just your horny brain talking
  • A-Are you sure, bunny? Y-You want me to let it out inside you?”
  • you’ve now unlocked: Dom Tamaki and Breeding kink
  • he’s addicted to the feeling, he loves the way you look when you’re fucked dumb and full of his seed
  • definitely finds something to plug you up so you don’t “waste” his cum
  • he won’t stop until his balls are empty and youre filled to the brim
  • not just your pussy though, he’ll fill every hole you have
  • he’ll cum in your mouth, ass and all over your face to make sure you know who you belong to


@skytressmc @kageybee @lalayy @cathy8taffy @drapetomaniac @cheetoscat @yfneccentric @gwynnmikara @serosmissingtoe @tendostoefetish @starrygoblin @oberynmartell @xphntmhvx @juju-03 @maurrina @thatgirl1782 @youryn @nit-sir-hc @depressedpuppythatneedscoffee @babyangelsposts @moonlitsokka @scentedbailiffbatwinner @miriobaby @softkao @celestair @elephantloser @koutayoomi @jinxqsu @izukutheizuku @awkward-confused @bunniesandvillains @your-local-meme-dealer @suzuki-violin-school @dakusoul @daichisreciever @koifishy9 @mirakeul @angel6786 @blackestpinkworld @we-mentally-unstable @waitforitillwritemywayout @xxjosiexx @mrstomllison @bakugousmrs @duckie97 @fantasycantasy @redsharksimp @waywardbabie @jennammae

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➴ hitoshi shinsou, denki kaminari, tenya iida

warning: smut, nsfw, 18+ Only, Minors DNI

disclaimer: dilfs, dd/lg dynamics, imbalanced power dynamics, daddy kink, shower sex, brat taming, semi-public sex, electo-stimulation, oral sex

taglist:  @ayocee​​ @vangoghpoets​​ @azura-galaxy​​ @sheerxradiance​​ @oshun-energy​​ @oh-sotired​​ @vaseshipghost​​ @bnbic2​​ @bnhainthewoo​​ @mythiccheroacademia@sems-diarie@velvesagi

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i think iida is but not in the typical sense. iida has a huge fantasy for being cucked with him watching but not touching you, just observing. he sits far enough away where you can’t reach towards him no matter how much you beg for him. 

he would only play out this scene with someone he sincerely trusts which is either midoriya or todoroki. with your consent, todoroki would come into you and iida’s apartment and fuck you into the mattress only for iida to show up a few moments later to see his oh so faithful girlfriend be split open by his best friend. don’t worry though he makes sures to fuck you right after when your pussy is gaping and cum gushing out onto the bedsheets. he almost preferred your cunny sloppy after this <3

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Yes of course :))I love this idea (and I’m a massive simp for iida so 😌). I’m drinking water 😌 so you better drink your water also 💕

Also quick authors note: I really am so so sorry to anyone whose followed recently or sent in a request. I was kinda on a hiatus and lacked motivation to write. With the new year I hope to stick to writing more. Even though I have a bunch of requests from my hiatus please, if you have a request send it in so I can write more and have more motivation 🥺

Iida x reader who’s also his childhood crush scenario!


Pairings: Iida x reader

Scenario: Iida and the reader are childhood friends and iida isn’t so subtle about his crush.

Warnings?: none fluff!


“Long term lovers” ~~ Iida imagine

“Alright everyone… I’m tired today so I’m gunna let the class rep decide what you guys do today” you hear suddenly as Aizawa walks in the classroom as he’s saying his famous “I’m tired” excuse. “Aren’t you always-…. and he’s asleep” you hear Momo say from the back of the class. Without even a second to spare everyone starts having their own conversations. Kirishima and Denki were trying to have a conversation with Bakugo who looked like he was going to throw one of them (probably Denki) through the window. You turn your head a little to the back of the room, opposite of you and see Momo, Tokoyami and Shoto. All seemed to be doing class work. Tokoyami was reading a huge book, well over a couple hundred pages. Shoto and Momo were talking but they looked like they might of been comparing notes? Shoto had his notebook on his desk but Momo was leaning towards Shoto with her notebook in her hand. Both were reading from Momos notebook with a puzzled look. Uraraka who was to your right leaned diagonal from her desk to talk with Midoriya who was right in front of you. It seemed they might’ve been talking about different Pro hero’s with Froppy occasionally butting in but you didn’t care enough to listen.

Iida loudly stood up from his seat behind you and started to the front of the class. You knew Iida, you’ve known him since you both were toddlers, you knew he was going to make you do work. Unfortunately for you today was a big day. A new game was being released and you were hell bent on buying it. So you brought your switch to school with hopes Aizawa would be tired (like he always is). As Iida walked by you grabbed his uniforms sleeve and tugged a little. This was your way of telling him you wanted to say something but there was either too many people around or you didn’t want others to hear you, kind of like a toddler with an adult almost. He looked down at you kind of puzzled with a little hint of worry when you did this then he leaned down so he was at face height with you and turnt his head so you could speak. “Iida im not feeling great today… do you think we could have a chill day?” You whispered in his ear, anxiety already rising. Apparently he could tell because he looked down at you hesitantly then sighed. You were so tunnel visioned on getting Iida before he had gotten to the front of the classroom you hadn’t realized all eyes were on you and Iida apparently everyone was waiting for Iida instructions.

As Iida walked behind the podium everyone’s eyes quickly followed him (to your relief) “okay… this is a one time thing” Iida said sternly. “Today we’ll just have a “chill day” I suppose we could tell funny stories” he says questioning himself almost. From your peripheral vision you saw everyone looking around the room, some were nodding or shrugging. Everyone seemed content with that. Out of no where Denki yells “WOAH LETS -“ he didn’t get far before Bakugo knocked him on the head. You quickly turn your gaze to Iida expecting him to start scolding Bakugo but you noticed he was looking at you. Quickly he changed his gaze to in front of him and coughed, you could’ve sworn he was blushing a little. “Well I guess I could start…” he sounds unsure. “Why don’t you tell us about your favorite memory?” Momo asks encouragingly from the back, you looked back and saw a small smile on her face, seemed she was genuinely interested. When you focused your attention back on Iida he looked so happy, his eyes were bright and he was smiling the biggest smile. You reached in your bag and took out your console to start it up. “I think I’ll tell you about the time me and y/n went trick or treating when we we’re probably 12 or 13!” He said cheerfully. Not taking your eyes off your console you smiled a soft smile.

“God we’ve been friends since we were born” Iida chuckled “ the first time our parents let us go trick or treating by ourselves we thought we were so cool” Iida said shaking his head ignoring the scoff that came from Bakugos desk. “ anyway we prepared the whole day, we forgot to sleep. When it came time to trick or treat y/n was tired… we probably didn’t walk a block before they were complaining so I had them get on my back haha I basically gave them a piggy back for miles before I realized they fell asleep” still looking down at your console a blush of embarrassment filled your face, you were glad your hair fell around it because you definitely felt some eyes on you waiting for a reaction. “That’s so precious” you hear Momo whisper from the back of the room “of course as soon as I realized I brought them back to my house, my parents wound up calling their parents and they just stayed the night in my room and I was forced to spend the night with my brother but I didn’t really mind” Iida smiled “of course you wouldn’t care , no ones going to complain about their crush sleeping in their bed” Bakugo leaves a snarky comment. When you heard that you stopped looking at your console but didn’t stop looking down, you were trying to listen.. as if looking at your game impacted your hearing. “I- crush? Well I don’t know about that..” Iida stammers “oh come on Iida, the way you talk about them and the way your face glows..” Momo cheers, hands clasped in front of her. soon your face was beet red and you now kind of hoped you had paid attention to Iida instead of play a game. “That’s enough….”Aizawas sleepy voice croaked from the ground. “Stop tormenting the class rep” Aizawa said Getting up from the ground, his nap was over and he was about to start something but you knew Iida and you were going to have a conversation after school. When no one was around

Post Authors note: I’m not a fan of this tbh, im so disappointed in myself for this one. I’m trying to get back into writing after a long break so please forgive me. Also if you have any requests my ask box is open and if you liked this considering giving it a heart?🥺

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Iida x reader smut

I had to hurry up and get home for iida it was our 3rd anniversary since we had our wedding, I had promised to spend my afternoon with him and only him, I didn’t want to be late.

I was only 5 minutes late thankfully I still felt bad but I made it home! I opened the door and noticed iida sitting on the couch looking at me. “Your late…” He muttered, I sighed and nodded “I tired to get here faster…” I looked at him “I’m so sorry tenya..” I walked up to him and was going to give him a hug but he forced me down and laid me face down in his lap. “Good girls get hugs bad girls get punished, you didn’t keep your promise… You need to be punished good..” he said sadistically

He hit my ass and I groaned in pain I could feel myself get excited, we haven’t had time to do anything like this in a long time because of his hero work..

I felt him gently lay me on the couch he gave me unsure eyes “just in case… Before i-” I cut him off “please daddy..~” I whimpered and grabbed his arm.

“Good girl~” he cooed as he pulled off my pants and panties and pulled me to face his face, he began to lick and suck on my pussy, he slowly stuck his tongue into my whole and licked around my walls lovingly. He pulled away and got on the couch and laid down “come sit on daddy’s face, .. kitten..” he used the nickname me gave me when we first had sex. “Okay daddy” I said while letting out a breathy moan as he began eating me out. “Oh fuck~”

I couldn’t help it, I let out a slew of moans and curse words. I began to grid my weight on his face. “Oh God…! Tenya~ please..!” I begged for more, but he stopped and moved his face out from me “it’s not tenya… It’s daddy get it right” he said while picking me up “you need to be punished for being so disrespectful~” he brought me to the kitchen counter. He laid me out and pulled my waist towards his and slowly entered his dick along with my ass before entering. “Mm such a nice ass for me~” he said while pounding it swiftly. He kept going at a steady pace before he filled my whole with his cum.

“Now.. for your other holes..”

He pulled my fave towards the edge and put his whole cock inside my mouth I felt myself gag and started to him to keep myself from gagging on his cock. He grabbed my face and pulled himself out only to slam back in, he did this repeatedly and kept going, he was enjoying himself while I felt his cock touch my throat.

“Yes! Oh fuck yes! Kitten so good!” He rolled his eyes back and went faster “I’m cumming! You better swallow all of it~” he went faster and harder inside my tight throat. He finally released and let his cream seep into my throat I drank it and licked my lips and looked into his eyes lovingly.

“Such a perfect kitten for her daddy~”

He angles his dick against my slit and pushed so he would enter my tight walls that had needed his for so long…

“Yes… So tight~” he moaned softly and kissed my cheeks and began to ram my poor insides.

At one point he accidentally activated his quirk and hit my cervix. “Shit!” I cried and whined he growled and went harder in me. He growled and grabbed my throat and pulled out. He flipped me over on my stomach and pushed into my ass with no warning “what a bad girl~” he slowly went in and out to make sure I was okay Thankfully my juices could be used as lube to keep it safe.

I whimpered as he speed up, honestly it felt strange and I didn’t really like it at first, he rubbed my ass and whined “oh kitten~!” He gripped my hips and bucked like his life depended on it. His hips hit my cheeks with swift and powerful movements.

He cried out my name with gasps and whines. “I’m cumming..” he said as he pulled out and came on my back.

“Daddy Please I wanna cum too~”

He sighed and pulled me into his lap. “Okay kitten” he slowly bucked into me, he was so sensitive but he kept going to let his kitten cum. He listened to her soft moans and cries. Before she released onto his cock and he laid her down before getting new panties and boxers for them. “I’m going to start the shower okay kitten?” He smiled softly and left the room.

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content: Iida x reader, smut imagine

// dec. 29, 2020

Part of Iida hates to admit he likes to be pinned down or tied up but the other part basks in the submission it makes him feel. When you’re on top of him and he can’t even move, tied pretty just for you, he can’t hate this. Especially with those looks you get on your face when you finally decide to ride him, he knows his cock is hitting deep inside you, those sensitive spots and its hard to choose where to look, your chest that’s bouncing, where his cock meets your insides and the slick gathering there, or your face that’s flushed with bliss and lust. Sometimes he’ll gather the courage to put his feet down and thrust his hips into you… but it’s up to you if you decide if that deserves encouragement or punishment.


AN: still new to this writing thing wow pftt

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Smut Prompts

I beg you to request something!

All i need to know is the number of the prompt you want me to use and of course the character (I’d prefer male with female reader but i can try to do a gender neutral reader if you request). If you want any specific things just put it in your request and ill look what i can do!

Have a nice day! -Saki.


1. Oh Kitten, don’t make me tell you twice.

2. Watch me.

3. If you can’t sleep, how about sex?

4. I don’t care, you still look hot and I’m trying to fuck you senseless right now.

5. Stop teasing me so much.

6. Did i say you could stop?

7. We have to be quiet.

8. Say it.

9. Wanna fuck?

10. You’re not taking me to bed - who said it has to be a bed?

11. I’m gonna fuck you so hard that you will forget his name.

12. You taste like candy

13. Are you trying to turn me on or are you really that oblivious?

14. Make me.

15. Were you just masturbating?

16. Does that feel good?

17. You better shut your mouth.

18. Turn that voice down.

19. If we get caught I’m blaming you.

20. I cant wait to put bruises all over your pretty, soft skin.

21. We can’t do that here.

22. I guess I’ll just get off all by myself.

23. Once we start, i might not be able to stop.

24. I love the way you look with my finger inside you.

25. You’re in big trouble.

26. You look so pretty on your knees.

27. Spend the night with me.

28. Just hold my hand for a bit.

29. You’re not going out in that outfit.

30. Like what you see?

31. No, I’m supposed to be making you feel good.

32. Would you just shut up and kiss me already?

33. There can’t be any marks.

34. Don’t give me that look.

35. Don’t make me take you home and punish you.

36. Good girl.

37. Good boy.

38. Say the words and I’m all yours.

39. You smell nice

40. Just do it already!

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This is my first time writing smut. I’m sorry in advance for any fuck ups

Warnings: (f!reader virgin!reader) (porn with a plot(kind of)(I think so at least)) Somnophilia, oral

Also sorry this is so long

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Unpopular opinion

We need more Iida smut on this godforsaken website.

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(BNHA Character Headcanons)


They have a corruption kink



Originally posted by jiminieelovesalpacas

  • Oh boy
  • He absolutely t h r i v e s on the thoughts of your innocent and untouched body under his hands
  • Even if you’ve been with someone else before, he’ll make sure that he corrupts at least one thing about you (in a non creepy and FULLY consensual way of course)
  • He’ll grope you and caress you all over when you guys are alone
  • He’s likes to pin you down and rub your clit until you’ve came and you’re overstimulated
  • He’d whisper the dirtiest things in your ear, your whimpers only fueled him to keep going
  • Calling you his little toy and how badly he’s tainted you
  • He’s slowly grinding into your back as he goes on about how your tight little cunt is going to take all of him (size kink go brrr)
  • He loves to talk about how innocent you are until you’re in his hands, you become his little toy and he loves it
  • He loves how you give him those doe eyes when your sucking his cock
  • He loves the way you always end up trapped beneath him everytime he says you guys are going to study
  • And most importantly, he loves how you’re there for him and that you’ve seen the real him
  • He just wants to fuck so hard that you only remember his name and his only
  • That your cunt only remembers the size of his cock even though it cant take all, don’t worry because it will
  • He loves to stay inside you, feeling your warmth and feeling you flutter around him
  • He loves everything about you



Originally posted by sl4tr

  • He’s more discreet about it than Bakugou
  • He doesn’t really act on it because he’s afraid that you’re not ready
  • He’s always playing the role of the class clown but deep down he just wants your innocent body in his hands, all for himself to ruin
  • He started off agonizingly slow and worked his way up
  • It started with little touches
  • They turned into not so innocent touches (with consent of course)
  • He does it until you beg him to continue
  • He isn’t satisfied unless you’re craving things you shouldn’t
  • He likes to think that his corruption is your doing
  • He’s so hooked on the way you plead with your little innocent eyes as you try and put your words together to ask him for his help
  • He loves when you stutter, he feeds of of it
  • He lived for the way you move his hands to where you need him most
  • He’s actually corrupted himself for you



Originally posted by shotoszoro

  • Now believe it or not, you’re actually the one corrupting him
  • You see how strict he is about following rules and being a good example (excluding the attempted murder and punching Midoriya while he was hurt)
  • You’re always the one leaving lingering touches on his biceps or his back
  • It all escalated one night when he invited you over to study
  • You kept giving him little touches here and there and he was starting to become excited (he didn’t want you to know that)
  • “We’re studying, can you please pay more attention to-”
  • You cut him off by grazing his thigh, it wasnt until he let out a moan
  • You knew you had him where you wanted him, so you stopped touching him and actually continued on with the study session
  • When you were about to leave, he stopped you by grabbing your arm
  • “Can you p-p-please help me? Oh my gosh this is so shameful.”
  • You could clearly see the tent in his pants
  • He doesn’t remember what happened exactly but all he could remember was the way your hand stroked his cock from behind while you whispered the dirtiest of things in his ear
  • And the way he cummed all over your hand and his floor
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I just realized how little Iida thirst there is in this fandom, so I’ve decided to write some thirst for him…

Tomorrow. And I’ll do my very best.☺

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santa, baby. | tenya iida (part two) (part one here!)

i’ve been an awful bad good girl.

cw: spanking, a belt, fingering (mouth and nookie), the word cunt, intense brat taming, hard dom/mean dom!iida, bratty!fem reader, degradation, shame play if you squint, a lil sprinkle of praise, coochie slaps, oral, alcohol mention, sir kink, angst if u rlly squint, fluff at the end wowzers

a/n: here it is! 4k words this one, be blessed. bless my nonnies cause they lowkey helped….lowkey….cause that was the first time i got brat tamed oop- also thANK U BEE FOR HELPING ME CHUG THIS OUT BLESS U ILY BBY MWUAH 


strike one. 

blatantly ignoring the clear instructions he gave you. 

strike two. 

showing up in that cute, sexy little number that you decided to wear to this forsaken party in the first place.

strike three.

purposefully flirting with sero and kiri while he was in earshot. 

you just knew exactly what you were doing, didn’t you?

now here you were, tipsy in the passenger seat of his urus. he hadn’t planned to take you home tonight, original arrangements being that you’d go home with mina and he would collect you later, but mina had conveniently disappeared leaving iida to drive you to your place. this would ideally be the perfect turn of events, but not tonight. 

not when iida was visibly irritated with you. 

you could tell, it was beyond obvious. irritation was rolling off of him in heavy waves, his sharp jawline ticking and his eyes darker than usual, noticeable even under the low light of the passing streetlights. he gave you one job with simple instructions. you couldn’t- no, you didn’t want to follow them. just the thought of you blatantly, knowingly disobeying him made his fingers curl tightly around the steering wheel. 

unluckily for him, you weren’t finished with your little rebellion yet. 

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rare iida brainrot i blame bee for this


shaking hands pressed against the cold wall of his office, you bit back a mewl as the cool air harshly hit against your now barren ass. his warm, large hand cupped a cold cheek, the other wrapped around your neck. his tall muscles figure pressed into you, heat from his heavy throbbing shaft against your swells.

don’t you dare make a sound if you know what’s good for you.” his voice was low and gravelly in your ears. his commanding tone stayed intact, fingers pressing gently into the sides of your neck. “are we clear?

you couldn’t be bratty even if you tried. “yes sir.

good.” he parted your legs with his knee, taking a second to spit onto his shaft before pushing into your awaiting heat. he hinted with a grunt, hand moving from your hips to the small of your back, pressing down harder. “be good for me, darling.

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Soft Dom Iida// Non-Binary

Warnings: spanking, choking, punishments, degrading if you squint


Originally posted by aishitetsuro

Your boyfriend was nothing short of a gentleman. You wanted to wear his coat outside because your forgot yours? Absolutely. You wanted to go to your favorite ice cream place after class? Completely fine! He’d even pay! You were his one true love and he would want nothing more then to be at your every beck and call.

Except on your bratty days.

When you didn’t get your way or something inconvenienced you, it was a huge blowout. The test you got back was far below your expectations. That meant it was even further below Iida’s. Your lover offered to tutor you but you responded with a sharp, “I don’t want to.”

When Iida took off his glasses and pinched the bridge of your nose, you knew you were in trouble. Your eyes roamed to the door and even thought your brain was telling you there was no way you could outrun the dark haired man in front of you, your inner brat purred with the thought of him chasing you.

Before your butt even left the seat, Iida had you bent over his lap and your underwear hooked below the swell of you buttocks. “Oh my little star. You know I don’t give you a lot of rules to follow.” His fingers climbed your flesh and his palm outstretched on your ass cheek. He gave you a quick swat and you gasped in surprise. “My main rule is for your academics not to drop. Then you had the audacity to tell me no.”

Iida growled and gave you another spank, your feet dangled off of his legs and kicked fruitlessly. Iida merely chuckled at your feeble attempts and struck your ass another two times. Tears pricked your eyes and you could feel your frustration bubbling near the brim. Iida caught your frustrated gaze and lifted your chin.

“Star, tell me what’s bothering you. I’m your lover first.” You but your lip as Iida helped you off of his lap and gently pulled your underwear back over your ass.

“I’m stressed. I-I just feel like I have so much pent up frustrations from class.” You felt embarrassed telling the class president that you were feeling less than perfect. Being his other half had also put strain on you to hold yourself to the same standards as Iida.

Iida brushed your hair behind your ear and smiled kindly down at you. “It’s alright to feel that way. I’m also here to listen to you. Iida reaches behind him and locked his bedroom door. His parents were out of town for the weekend and that left you under the careful eye of Iida. Still, he didn’t want any interruptions. "Now, how about we work on that stress, hm?” Iida licked his lips and leaned in for a breathtaking kiss. His tongue easily encased your mouth and he picked you up effortlessly by the bottoms of your thighs.

He carried you over to his bed and laid you out like the sweetest desert ready to be devoured. He teased his hand over your throat and the way you arched into him, he knew you wanted nothing more then his long, slender fingers to cut off your airway. Iida did just that and groaned at the look of pure ecstasy in your eyes.

“Let me be in control y/n. Let me take away this stress.” Iida trailed kisses over your neck and helped you remove the shirt your were wearing. His mouth wrapped around your perked nipples and he kept his fingers busy with the opposite one. To be under such a powerful man had your hormones screaming. Iida swiftly removed your pants and undergarments in a single tug.

You clamored to tear off his shirt and tie and nothing but rippling muscles were left for your eyes to behold. He twitched under your careful touch but snatched your hands and used his red tie to secure your hands together. “Don’t forget I’m in charge Y/n. I’m always in charge. At school, in the bedroom, in your head…” he trailed off and used his index and middle finger to stretch your aching hole. He hushed your wanton cries and made sure he kept direct eye contact with you the entire process.

Iida was a usually stoic man and was a stickler for times but being with you, he had opened his mind to so many to things. Never did he think he would be finger-fucking you open like some eager slut. But fuck, if he didn’t love every second of it.

“Oh Star, don’t drool on my bedsheets. I’ll have you hand wash them regardless. So go ahead and act like a drooling puppy.” His simple touch was enough to drive you mad. Iida sat his glasses on his nightstand and dropped his head between your quivering thighs.

God was this man skillful with his mouth. His tongue lapped and slithered in ways that had white flashing behind your eyelids. Iida started up at your with his intelligent, warning eyes that told you to not come from his tongue alone. You covered the face in shame and bucked your pelvis against his mouth. He followed your every movement with his mouth and the pleasure coiled in your stomach.

His large hands grabbed the underside of your thighs and nearly bent you in half. He moved down to your puckered hole and lapped between your cheeks. Your face exploded with a blush and you tried to push his head away with your tied hands.

“T-that’s dirty, sir!” He shook his head and his usually neat hair fell to disarray and he pulled back panting.

“You are foolish if you think you can tell me what to do, little one.” He sunk his teeth into the plump part of your ass and you cried out. He pushed down his pants and boxers until they rested under his balls. He dropped your lower body and tapped his cock against your stomach. You swallowed the lump in your throat and moaned when his cock head pressed against your entrance.

He gave a few testing pumps and held down your shaking hips. He entered your craving while it nearly a single thrust. He filled you to the brim and it was almost earth shattering to feel him so deep in your guts.

Iida strokes the hair back from your sweaty forehead and stilled himself. “You’re so perfect. You feel amazing.” You could see the wildness behind his usually calm eyes. Your tied wrist rest behind his neck and you pull him down for a sloppy kiss. He gives you little time before pounding your hole like a starved man.

The bed rocked with each powerful thrust. You swear you can hear his engines purr and his thrusts speed up to the point a hole begins to form on the wall. “Star, I can’t wait to cum inside you. Just the thought of you w-wobbling around with my children, I-it’s too much.” Iida grits his teeth and hides his face in your collarbones.

Iida often talked about how many kids he would want after you graduated this semester. He was what kept you sane, and you were what drove him crazy. Iida groaned against your skin and kept his hands busy pleasing you elsewhere.

“Please Sir, please can I cum? A-ah please!” You were a whimpering mess and again, Iida hardly ever told you know. He chewed on his bottom lip.

“Yes, yes god cum for me. Cum for me.” Iida snatched your throat and the combined pressure had you orbiting to cloud 9. Iida wasn’t far behind and emptied his load into you. Laying in the afterglow was always your favorite part. Iida was a pro at aftercare and softly kissed each mark he had left.

Life was perfect, and hey, you weren’t as stressed!

~I wrote this at 3am. I am satisfied~

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a/n: sometimes i gotta actually write what’s in my drafts huh ain’t that wild | spooky reqs + prompts

  • leader of the centaurs/forest is a large mustang with a coat of such a deep blue that it looks black at first glance, powerful legs that seem to thunder when he runs, commanding attention and order wherever he goes
  • often fucks you in public where his people can watch and be reminded that you’re his, where your moaning and screams can echo in the forest for all to hear
  • you still can’t take his full cock so sometimes some of his most trusted circle joins in, fae and satyrs sucking on his balls and getting themselves off with a front seat view of him slamming into your poor human hole

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