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Sees new leaks:

Okay, Bakugou getting dragged away by his classmates, that makes me laugh and smile.




Ochaco…..don’t be sad…..


Deku….baby…please wake up…..


And what else do we-









I know Hawks was affected by Dabi’s wrath too, but for fucks sake dude…..give me a break from burnt chicken ass! Especially Best Jeanist….I don’t care if I get hated for disliking him, but hes irrelevant to me. MF should’ve stayed dead……

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Thank u for my iida crumbs hori 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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The Baku Squad and Kisses (plus Iida Tenya bc I can)

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Katsuki’s the type of kiss that happens casually
  • Like, you’ll just be waking up and he’ll peck you on the lips
  • He makes it home from work, smooch on the cheek
  • He doesn’t even realize he does it, it just happens

Kirishima Eijirou

  • Eijirou has two types okay
  • He’s the type to whisper “i love you” in between kisses.
  • (And if you speak a separate language from him, 100% the first thing he’s learning is “I love you”)
  • He’s also the type to make kissed last way longer than intended.
  • He swears he only meant to give you a peck, but he just loves you so much!

Kaminari Denki

  • Denki is 100% the type of guy to pull you into a kiss and just melt into you.
  • And then after he’s looking at your face, dreamy look in his eyes, trailing his thumb over your lips, because ‘hey! He just kissed those lips.”
  • Also, it doesn’t matter how many times he’s kissed you.
  • Could be the first time, could be the thousandth time

Sero Hanta

  • Hanta loves the spiderman kiss
  • Y’all can fight me on this, okay
  • It took a couple of tries, but once you both get it down, he wants to do it all the time.
  • Like, if your ever out and about while he’s out on patrol and he’s see you
  • You can bet you ass he’s swinging down to kiss you upside down before he has to go

Ashido Mina

  • Mina wants to get close to you as you both kiss
  • The second your lips are on hers, she’s wrapping her arms around your neck or waist, trying to get as physically close as possible
  • It’s not even, like, a dirty thing (most of the time)
  • Mina just really wants to be a close to you a possible.
  • That way she feels like she can protect you, but she also feels like she’s protected.

Iida Tenya

  • Alright, Tenya has been on my brain from such a long time now, so this is gonna be long
  • Tenya is the time of guy to come up from behind while you’re doing something and wrap his arms around your waist
  • He’ll lean down and kiss your nape, gently as he can
  • Sometimes, it’ll tickle and you’ll laugh, and Tenya will do it again and again to keep your laugh going
  • Other times, you turn around to face him and, cupping his face in you hands, you gently pull him towards you and kiss him on the lips
  • It’s slow, sweet, and gentle, and you feel like the most precious thing in the world
  • And with the way your holding his face, Iida feel that way too.
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ANGST TASTIC NONNIE!! DAMN!! I’m gonna do a drabble. Sorry if it’s not as long as expected. <3

Warnings: Death, Angst, Sad Y/N :(, James lost his motivation :(

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Me, waiting for the new leaks to come out:

Me, checking Tumblr: *Checking notes, checking tags, more fanfic/headcanon reading, fangirl over Iida and Mr. Compress, refresh page*

Me, checking Twitter: *scrolling through posts, liking/commenting on posts, nosebleed from NSFW art, refresh page*

Me, laying on couch with tears: I just want to know if they’re okay……

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this one was pretty fun to do i hope you like ittttt. the ending wasnt my favorite but i hope the rest of it was nice.

yes i made a reference to @doodlegraveyard and her wonderful art (specifically this little baby hanta) people go check her out if you havent already

alright enough of my simping onto the prompt

Hanta was six when his soulmate first wrote to him.

He didn’t notice the words at first, but when he did, his eyes were glued to them the whole day. It was simple, really. Just a small little thing.

Hello. I hope your day is going well.

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A/N: Art credit is keepsmylyne on DeviantArt. This is just how I rank the MHA as pro heroes
1. Izuku Midoriya (A.K.A Deku)
2. Bakugou Katsuki (AKA Great Explosion Murder God Dynamite) [It’s literally his official hero name, google it if you don’t believe me]
3. Momo Yaoyorozu (AKA Creati)
4. Shoto Todoroki (AKA Shoto)
5.Ochako Uraraka (AKA Uravity)
6. Eijirou Kirishima (AKA Red Riot)
7. Tenya Iida (AKA Ingenium)
8. Hanta Sero (AKA Cellophane)
9. Tsuyu Asui (AKA Froppy)
10. Mashirao Ojiro (AKA Tailman)
11. Denki Kaminari (AKA Chargebolt) 
12. Yuuga Aoyama (AKA Can’t Stop Twinkling)
13. Mina Ashido (AKA Alien Queen)
14. Fumikage Tokoyami (AKA Tsukuyomi)
15. Kyouka Jirou (AKA Earphone Jack)
16. Mezou Shouji (AKA Tentacole)
17. Kouji Kouda (AKA Anima)
18. Tooru Hagakure (AKA Invisible Girl)
19. Rikidou Satou (AKA Sugarman

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a/n: this was originally supposed to be all fluffy, but uhhh i lowkey got a little carried away towards the end? just a little bit. i hope y’all don’t mind, haha. also, i’m a little worried that iida might be a bit OOC in this. specifically, towards the end. if he does, i apologize 😔 regardless, i hope you’ll enjoy reading!


Originally posted by dailyojiromashirao

reader-type: gender neutral 

genre(s): fluff, romance, lime

trigger warning(s): slightly suggestive content 

summary: you think about how much you loved iida after waking up in his arms early in the morning.

word count: 1.4k words

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Why is Iida always carrying Todoroki in hero rising

like I’m not mad about it in the slightest

I just don’t understand

The first time I watched it I only noticed him carrying them away once.. but I just finished watching it again and like when they jump off the little cliff thing he is doing it again

I love ✨ protective bf iida ✨

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…tenya iida wearing a kilt…






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Fo sho homie!!! I actually ship them as well lol. I love my boi Iida!!

|||||| Iida x Sero ||||||

my babies!!! love them so much!!!

  • I honestly can’t describe it but there’s something about this ship that is… so GOOD
  • Its so wholesome somehow
  • Both of them Wholeheartedly support each other in everything
  • Sero has become Iida’s personal cheerleader
  • Once again, bad wingmen
  • Ochako and Kaminari RADIATE chaotic energy, and are constantly causing trouble
  • They are both Squad Babysitters™️, making sure their squads don‘t die, so they become team dads together
  • They dont do date night, but rather, date day. They spend Saturday mornings together
  • When iida picks the place, its like a cafe or picnic. something cute and quiet
  • When Sero picks the place, its a street fair or an Arcade or the beach
  • either way they enjoy each others company
  • Iida highkey spoils Sero
  • ”I know you said not to spend any money on you, but i could not help but notice that your sneakers are worn out. I, as a member of the Iida clan, had to buy you a new pair. We know the importance of proper footwear. Please tell me if these are to your liking.”
  • ”Wow babe you didn’t have to get me anyth- TENYA THESE ARE 300 DOLLARS BABE WHY??”
  • he wears the shoes to show his appreciation
  • lots of surprise kisses and hugs from Sero. He thinks its cute when Tenya is all flustered from them.
  • Also they spiderman kiss at least once
  • Iida will always ask for a kiss. Every. Single. Time. Sero doesnt mind, and thinks its so sweet of him.
  • Ochako and Tensei are tag teaming to tease Iida
  • ”Whipped” -Ochako
  • *Tensei, high-fiving her* “Damn Right”
  • God This is such a good ship
  • honestly browse the tag on here its fuckin cute

Bro seriously this is such a good ship 10/10 stan for clear skin and watered crops. Make sure to drink water babes!!! Also leave some shit in my inbox, i take requests :)))

-Clay :3

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i know i already did iida for this pro hero series but a) i didnt know it was gonna accidentally BE a series b) i didn’t give him battle damage to the extent i actually imagine him with and c) i have NOT slept

please consider the speeds he’s moving at and that he is basically a one-man car crash. also please consider: my boy is built like a truck

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Originally posted by strangersinadarkparadise

prompt/note: i wanted to a break between the AoT posts so i wanted to post a prompt about the BNHA bois forgetting about your birthday and them attempting to make it up to you. / the req status should be opened soon if any of you want to start of thinking of reqs you want to send me. fandoms and rules are pinned to the top of my blog. also, for any other blog writers, isn’t the beta testing their doing super fucking annoying.

request status: CLOSED

pairing: bakugou katsuki, todoroki shouto, iida tenya

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A/N: All characters are aged up and pro heroes
Characters: Momo, Todoroki, Iida and Bakugou

(Credit to rindou105 on Twitter)


You and Momo just recently meet on a sugar baby website and hit it off great. Momo wasn’t looking for sex and she didn’t force you to do anything you didn’t want to do. She took you on fancy dates, got you fancy gifts and enjoyed spending as much time as possible with you. Momo was the number three pro hero, right behind Bakugou and right before Shoto, so you two had to be very careful about how you presented yourselves when you went out in the public eye. Momo was relaxing with you over tea, something Momo did a lot with you, and she smiled as you talked. “Y/N, I know this might be a big ask but I would like if you would move in with me.” Momo said casually as if it were no big deal. “You don’t have to stay in my bedroom but just having you around would be nice.” On the plus side, you would be able to spend more time with Momo, live in a mansion, personal chef, a indoor pool, and much more. On the downside, you would have to part with your roommate who you began to really enjoy and it was a big commitment for you and Momo. “Yes.”

Shoto Todoroki (Art credit to todornotodoroki on Twitter)


Todoroki was also not looking for a sexual relationship when the two of you meet. Over time however, you grew progressively more close with the number 4 pro hero and the relationship grew into something deeper than just meeting up for coffee. He never did anything without your consent though. He was very passionate and loved to please you. After a while though, the press began to get very nosy about his and yours relationship with one another. Todoroki was a bit stressed and had called you, letting him know he would be home late but to just let yourself in. Once he arrived home, he immediately went to take a shower after greeting you. Todoroki was obviously exhausted, having to work long hours the past several days. He got changed into his casual clothes and joined you on the couch. “I’m so sorry we haven’t been able to talk more. Work has just been very… stressful lately.” Todoroki admitted to you. He felt like he could be honest and talk to you about anything. “Y/N, I want to be more than just this. You don’t have to say yes but I enjoy your company a ton and I want you to be my girlfriend.”

Iida (Credit to Joshua Chan on ArtStation)


Tenya Iida, number 7th pro hero, was madly in love with you. You had only meet Iida 6 months ago and boy was he head over heels. The two you agreed to keep your sugar baby relationship private but that didn’t last long when Iida started to proudly show you off. In his mind, he was completely ready to take the next step. Tenya made you a nice home cooked meal, got you some flowers and texted you to come over for dinner. He wore his best blue suit and as soon as you arrived he handed you the flowers and guided you to the dining room. Tenya smiled brightly to you as the two of you sat across the table from one another. Tenya cleared his throat, trying his best to not make a fool of himself, “Y/N, I know we’ve only known each other for a very short time but I would like to be your boyfriend, will you be my girlfriend?”

Bakugou (Art credit to Azreto on inprnt)


Bakugou was a great pro hero and you were his sugar baby. That meant exclusively sex. Bakugou wouldn’t go on dates with you and would only occasionally get you gifts but to Bakugou your and his relationship was sex and payment and he was damn good at it too. He was strict that you didn’t say a word to anyone about it and paid you extremely well. Bakugou knew that it couldn’t last forever like this and despite his strict talkings about not letting anyone know he secretly had a soft spot for you. He started out slow, introducing you to his close friends like Kirishima and the other members of the bakusquad. Once he noticed how well you got along with them, it was decided for him. He was gonna put a ring on that ass and he was very subtle about it too. Bakugou began to talk about you in interviews, not saying your name, until one day he uploaded a picture of you and him in his hot tub with you as his S/O, tagging you in the photo as well. Bakugou wasn’t subtle about much but this was for sure.  

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Warnings: suggestive, no touch orgasm

Parings: Iida Tenya x Fem!reader, Ojiro Mashirao x Fem!reader, Shoji Mezo x GN!reader, Tokoyami Fumikage x GN!reader

Pt. 3 coming soon with Bakugo! Writers’ block is kicking my ass rn, so I apologize :’) 


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