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#iida x reader

something entirely new, iida tenya x reader

chapter seven: the list
a/n: sorry for the late update!! i actually write these day of and dont really plan it out lmao. hope you enjoy!!

masterlist and warnings

taglist: @centerhabit @sally-wonders @mintballoons @buckybearsblog @haruballs @uwu-scum @spilltheearlgrey

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(Set in the future for Iida and Todoroki, but nothing lemon)

Iida Tenya

  • You were taking your kids to Iida’s agency as a little field trip with Iida as your guide. As you were touring, Iida sparked up conversation with you
    • You both enjoyed each other’s time together so much that you sent over a thank you gift the next day, telling Iida you should talk more together
      • If anyone was around him that day, they’d tell you how red he turned from just looking at the note; you left a little heart next to your name along with all of the kids who came that day
  • Iida came over to the daycare himself to see you, and gave you a thank you for the gift. As a result, he asked you out, seeing how he wanted to thank you with dinner and that he liked you
    • You wore something very casual while he got dressed up in his best suit, making you both feel overdressed / underdressed
      • Regardless, the date goes fine and he walks you home while being able to make you laugh the entire way
  • The kids would find out obviously when he comes to ask you out in front of them, asking you many questions after he visits; normal kid questions like when will you get married, are you already married, do you like him a lot, etc.
    • By the time you are engaged, the kids have left and are in primary school or their first year in middle school. You actually meet one of them while out for shopping a while after you’re married
      • They tell you how much they’ve wanted to give you a wedding present since they found out since it’s been on the news, and give you a little trinket

Todoroki Shouto

  • Todoroki was dropping off Fuyumi’s daughter / his niece when he spotted you taking care of the younger kids
    • You left them to the other worker while you let Fuyumi’s daughter inside after greeting her. You started conversation with him, recognizing him as a pro hero
      • You initially thought she was his kid, but quickly cleared it up. From then on out he started dropping her off more and more often
  • Todoroki starts showing up more often than he usually does, dropping off little gifts for you and walks off blushing the same red he sported coming in. One day, he asks you out while dropping off his niece, and you accept
    • The date goes fine, just a couple of mishaps happen; you go to the park and end up getting your shoes muddied, a dog jumps on Todoroki, you didn’t have your wallet on you, a lot of people constantly asked for an autograph, etc
      • He’s apologizing at the end of the night, but you ensure him you’ve been on worse dates. You leave him off with a kiss to the cheek and tell him you’ll text him in the morning with a smile on your face
  • Only Fuyumi’s daughter will know, but the rest of the kids come to find out when they see you kissing Todoroki as he drops off his niece everyday
    • His niece is very excited you two are dating, seeing how she looks up to Todoroki as a hero and you as a role model. She’ll sing about how you’ll get married and she’ll get little cousins
      • By the time you do, she’s in primary school and she couldn’t be more excited to know there’s likely going to be a cousin on the way for her and her little brother

Toyomitsu Taishirou | Fatgum

  • Toyomitsu rescued one of the children who went to your daycare, and gave your address when they couldn’t think of their family’s home. You comforted the child as your other workers called their family
    • He admired how gentle and caring you were with them, and couldn’t help but stare at you as he helped file out the case with the police and the center
      • He came by a week later to see you again, and give the staff a thank you gift for helping him with the case
  • Toyomitsu sent you a bunch of admirer letters, not addressed or delivered by the same person; he constantly got a different person to deliver it every time, but soon enough you tracked it down to his agency
    • You walk in one day and ask him out instead, and he obviously agrees. You both do a casual date and just go see a movie the next night
      • Everything goes smoothly. Because the theatre was empty, you were able to laugh as loud as you wanted to, talk amongst yourselves, and make jokes with no consequences
  • None of the kids will know until Toyomitsu stops by and drops something off for the class, as well as offers to give them a tour of the agency. They realize you’re dating when he kisses you on the cheek before leaving
    • The class is very rowdy and will not settle down until their snack break, and even then they’ll be asking you questions rather than learning
      • The day is filled with questions even after classes end, and when you go to meet up with Toyomitsu at the agency you’ll tell him all about your day
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a/n: exposed tattoos are kind of a no-no in japan. Also please leave the little sea critters in the ocean alone. I’m not sure if we were doing the right thing when we were kds by bringing them to shore in the first place but we always put them back around the same spot after. Respect the ocean.

  • It took them a good long while but you all finally found a good time for a trip to the beach.
  • After years of being shamed for your quirk you had finally found the courage to wear something other than your usual restrictive full body suit.
  • It took a little convincing from Mina and Uraraka but sure enough you bought a two piece swimsuit in the mall trip prior. 
  • It wasn’t so revealing.
  • The top had frills and the bottom was more like tiny biking shorts. 
  • But while you hadn’t had big humongalonga honking bazoongas like Yaoyorozu, you certainly had enough.
  • And with your swimsuit hugging you tightly and exposing your figure Iida had to force himself to not look at those parts of you.
  • ‘Your eyes’, he’d remind himself. ‘Focus on your eyes.’
  • The boys didn’t dare bring up why he stuck close to you.
  • Or why he glared at any one who stared.
  • True, you were used to it. Your quirk being the tattoos on your skin. You weren’t too shy to show them off around your classmates now, considering your hero costume had exposed most of your back. And with them backing you up, not many strangers dared to encroach on the area your class sequestered.
  • But Iida had also found out he was a leg man
  • And your hero suit’s cargo pants did you absolutely no justice
  • He was concerned though when you carried a wide bucket with you. Empty plastic bottles tied around it’s edge.
  • It contained all your stuff yes
  • Towels, a waterproof bag for your change of clothes. Some bottled water and snacks.
  • But when you all had finished setting up, you called to Tsuyu as you headed to where she was at the water.
  • It was then that he saw a rope extending from it
  • He didn’t get a chance to stop you.
  • And he didn’t try to follow you both as you swam to the deeper parts.
  • Tsuyu stayed close to you at least.
  • He tried to focus on the others, choosing to join the beach volleyball game instead. 
  • His team lost lol 
  • When he heard your voice calling to them though his head snapped and all his attention went back to you as you waved them over.
  • And can he just say that you looked stunning while you knelt in the sand, hair wet and glistening, the waves brushing up against your soft thighs-
  • He should stop staring.
  • You showed off the inside of the water filled bucket.
  • y/N ARE THOSE?!!
  • A starfish and sea urchins? 
  • Yes, yes they were.
  • You even had a largely intact clam shell in there, wow.
  • Thus an impromptu aquatic lecture happened, you listing off what the creature was and showing it off to them, picking up each one gently out of the water and placing them back in the same way.
  • You even let Kouda use his quirk on them for a bit.
  • When he said that the creatures were scared and confused you told him to tell them that you just wanted to show off how beautiful they were and that you would return them to their homes in just a bit. 
  • When you and Tsu came back from returning the creatures you had thankfully abandoned the bucket by your stuff.
  • You also joined in some water games.
  • Racing
  • Trying to dive under each other legs
  • A chicken fight.
  • Iida and you lost against Mina and Sero. 
  • But those few seconds between your thighs was heaven for him.
  • He got a few seconds alone with you.
  • You swam aimlessly while you two talked.
  • You were content to stay where the water reached your chest. 
  • The waves were getting harder though, so once in a while they’d carry you
  • Right into his open arms
  • After the fourth or fifth time you just stayed, holding on to Iida’s arm
  • Tired from all the swimming and diving you did, you slept on the bus ride home. Your head resting on Iida’s shoulder.
  • (some of the class snickered at Iida later)
  • (he’s also asked Uraraka to delete that picture she took)
  • (that was very rude of her)
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Can I get the dirty pics hcs for Iida, Kirishima and Toshinori?????? :0 your bakugo and shinso ones brought me here and I binged your stuff :p

I just did Kirishima but here’s the other two!

Iida’s Dirty Pics

  • There’s so many directions I could take this hghhh
  • But shy boy Iida owns my ass so let’s go
  • First of all he’s in every way the OPPOSITE of a “u up” text sorry Dabi
  • But I can also see this boy getting used to getting some on the daily, so when either of you has to leave for an extended period he has no clue how to cope
  • You’re gonna have to convince him to send pics, probably send him one first
  • But dear god please make sure he gets those muscular thighs in the pic
  • Seriously Iida, I’m begging you to crush me with your thighs
  • He does however feel a bit more comfortable with phone sex 👀
  • His voice is deep and lusty and could bring you to your knees in a second, when he really gets into it he loses all the anxiety
  • He’s purring into your ear over the speaker and you’d listen to anything he’d have to say just to keep hearing him talk like that
  • Once you hang up, he is apt to send you a snap of the aftermath. Just to show you how much he also enjoyed your little talks ;)

Toshinori (All Might)‘s Dirty Pics

  • This man is an absolute horndog okay
  • Absolutely will exhaust his power trying to send you nudes while in hero form bc he KNOWS you’re drooling over all that muscle
  • But please reassure the man you love his body in all forms, and he doesn’t need to die of horny causes
  • It doesn’t matter where he is or what he’s doing, if he thinks you need a little reminder of how much he needs you he’s snapping a secret pic.
  • This includes in an empty classroom between classes, in small breaks at faculty meetings, hell he’s probably sent you a few from the hospital while recovering
  • He struggles because he does want to show his face but that would mean panning up far enough to put his scars on display, and he’s pretty self conscious of those
  • He’s another one who would send you videos of him rubbing himself in his hero outfit, absolutely everything on display under the thin stretchy fabric
  • Something about that spandex babe, it’s just HOT
  • He’s been caught sending nudes so much that people are just used to it by now, everyone knows to knock before entering a room he’s alone in
  • Big horny bastard man we love you
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Okay okay hear me out. Time traveling children. Like Todoroki, Iida, Shinsou and Tamaki casually finding their daughters in their timeline. Like they look at the girls and are just dumbfounded cause "this girl looks like my love child with y/n". And god forbid if the kid slips a "daddy?!" at them. *they all have daughters and todo has twin daughters and you cant change my mind *

doin the first three as per the rules! 

A/N: Okay, but can we all just agree that Parent!Bnha characters are superior? I literally spend whatever free time I have looking/reading next-gen MHA fanfics. They’re so precious. I might have to make one myself hmmm…

Warning: fluff overload?


Originally posted by neo-nectar

Todoroki Shoto:

  • all todoroki wanted to do was go to bed on time 
  • all week, his friends convinced him to stay up past 8 and it’s been making him cranky
  • he’s such a grandpa
  • but you were a part of the group so he did it without complaint
  • today, he could finally sleep at 7:30pm
  • that was until he saw two 13-year-old girls on his bed
  • the girls stare at shoto and he stares back
  • then he turns to leave before they’re literally jumping at him and slamming the door shut
  • he’s already thinking of 101 ways to escape this stalker situation
  • the girls speak before he can freeze them
  • “we’re not stalkers”
  • “we’re actually related. swear!”
  • just as he’s about to tell them off and how he’s certain he doesn’t have any relatives outside of his immediate family, he takes a look at the girls
  • he notices one has red hair and the other white. their eyes are heterochromic, like his, but one is blue and the other is e/c. their skin is a blend of his and someone else’s
  • they look too much like him
  • the gears in todoroki’s head start turning
  • “who are you?”
  • the one with white hair looks nervous, but the one with red hair stares him right in the eyes
  • “we’re your–”
  • “shoto?”
  • you come from behind the door to see the trio
  • the girls seem excited 
  • “wow,” the one w white hair gasps
  • the one w red hair smiles lovingly, “mom’s been a baddie her entire life, huh?”
  • it was low enough so you didn’t hear, but todoroki sure did
  • he looks between you, the girls, and himself in the mirror
  • then he bursts into flames
  • “shoto?” 
  • “dad!”
  • “daddy!?”
  • the flames on his left side get bigger
  • after he finally gets his bearings, todoroki puts the fire out and the twins explain themselves
  • you look amazed and smile at the fact that you made such pretty girls
  • meanwhile, todoroki is SWEATING
  • you and him got together? married? and had children? 4 children?
  • he just realized he thought you were beautiful last week
  • like can he get a break?
  • nearly jumps as you bring to his attention that the quirk that teleported them is fading
  • as they fade away, the one with red hair glares at him and warns
  • “dont mess up, old man”
  • when they’re gone, todoroki sees you nervously scratch your neck
  • he half wanted to fade away as well
  • he didn’t get the chance to go to bed on time, but after a long talk about feelings, he gets the courage to, awkwardly, you on a date
  • it goes really well and y’all meet your daughters again 10 years later :)

Originally posted by lunxsole

Tenya Iida:

  • there is a 9-year-old girl in his room and iida is currently having an internal meltdown
  • he’s trying his darn best to keep it together so he doesn’t scare the small child, but it’s hard
  • freaks out anyway
  • “excuse me, lost child! where are your guardians!?”
  • “how did you bypass the UA security system!?”
  • “it is past your bedtime!”
  • his arms are whipping up a storm and he’s going on about child labor laws for some unknown reason
  • in the midst of his panic, he doesn’t see the girl walk in front of him
  • she somehow catches his hands and lets his palms squeeze her chubby cheeks
  • “look at me and breathe”
  • “huh?” he whispers
  • the girl gives him a wide smile that’s eerily familiar 
  • “that’s how momma always calms you down, papa. you have to breathe!” she explains
  • the words register in his head and iida is, once again, having a meltdown
  • he always wanted a family, but having it confirmed was WILD
  • he had so many questions, but he was more focused on just how his…daughter got in his room
  • she explains it the best she can
  • “i was playing with Koji on the playground and then some mean-y zapped me with a quirk and, poof, i was gone. then i came here. you look different papa. you’re the same, but a little smaller”
  • he’s taking in the info and deduces that it was some kind of teleportation quirk
  • he doesn’t know much, but he figures it will wear off
  • take his child to Recovery Girl just to make sure
  • Recovery Girl is amused at the entire situation and confirms that the quirk will wear off eventually
  • just out of curiosity, she asks who her mother is
  • “that’s easy! it’s Tenya y/n and her hero name is [hero-name]!”
  • the old woman goes “awww”
  • iida has never been redder in his entire life
  • he ended up marrying you?
  • YOU?
  • the girl with the prettiest eyes, most brilliant mind, and calming bright smile?
  • the exact smile this child had?
  • he almost fainted
  • when he takes his daughter back, iida is stoic, glasses reflecting the light
  • you meet him and the hallway and the girl runs towards you 
  • “momma!”
  • you catch the girl out of pure reflex and hold her in confusion
  • as you try to explain that you’re not her mother, iida stares at the similarities
  • you two were nearly a carbon copies except for the engines in her shins and the sharp eyes
  • he sighs and calms his heart
  • instead of overwhelming you, he takes the girl back and promises to explain later
  • iida and your daughter fall asleep and the next day, she’s gone
  • iida goes to talk to you with the love letter he wrote a while ago behind his back
  • let’s just say you’ll be seeing the munchkin in no time

Originally posted by allenzwalker

Hitoshi Shinsou:

  • when shinsou sees the 5-year-old on his bed, he knows
  • the girl with bright purples eyes and h/c hair is almost a perfect blend of both you and him
  • he’s smart
  • besides, he’d know that beautiful hair anywhere
  • it wasn’t like he knew you were the love of his life
  • it wasn’t like he stared you for hours
  • but that’s beside the point
  • the girl seems unsure about approaching him until he kneels in front of her and stretches his arms out
  • then she sobs into shirt, tiny fists balling up his collar
  • “i’m sowwy about runnin’ away when you told me not to! the kitty was just so pwetty, daddy!”
  • yeah, definitely his child 
  • “it’s okay,” he coos. “im not mad at you”
  • it’s almost scary how natural he is at calming her down
  • he picks her up and walks around, whispering sweet nothings in her ear until her tears run dry
  • is the only one out of the others that understands that if the girl reveals too much, she could ruin the timeline
  • and he wasn’t about to let your ass go
  • after just finding out that he somehow managed to trick you into marrying him?
  • hell no
  • shinsou’s putting a ring on that even if it kills him
  • “okay, peanut. here’s how this is gonna go”
  • it takes a bit of back and forth, and bribing (he’s low-key proud of her bargaining skills), for her to promise that she’ll only call you by your hero name
  • and to reveal how many siblings she has
  • she’s the youngest of three with another one on the way
  • you always did like even numbers
  • when he takes you to the common room, he’s delighted to see you 
  • you are so excited to meet his “little cousin”
  • the way you and the little girl get along pulls at his heartstrings
  • you were going to be such a good mother
  • gosh, you were such a catch
  • how did he manage to scoop you?
  • shinsou may have taken a picture or two without you knowing
  • yall end up having a movie night and falling asleep
  • you two wake up in each other’s arms, your daughter gone
  • “that was our daughter, wasn’t it?”
  • he’s kind of taken aback you pieced it together, but not surprised
  • you were smart 
  • and you had eyes
  • “yeahh,” he shrugs
  • you laugh and lie your head back down on his chest
  • there’s peace in his heart that he hasn’t felt in awhile
  • “she’s kind of perfect”
  • shinsou wraps his arms around you, promising to never let go
  • “just like her mother”
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May I please have a scenario where iida is awoken by a/o cleaning and playing some 90s bops

iida isnt ready for this one…

Warnings: none!


Originally posted by vraberika

Tenya Iida:

  • just imagine it’s the weekend
  • and iida chooses, on the RARE occasion, to sleep in
  • like his body finally knows peace 
  • and then…
  • *Cue Hit ‘Em Up by 2Pac*
  • “that’s why i fucked your bitch you fat motherfucker”
  • Iida is SHOOK
  • literally jumps out of the bed, shouting, 
  • but it’s not bakugo
  • it’s tupac
  • is SO confused
  • when he gets his bearings, he hears the sound of the vacuum in the living room
  • confused, he crawls to the door and sees you doing the two-step with the vacuum
  • *Cue Killing me Softly with his Song by the Fugees*
  • you’re dancing around the room in a t-shirt and underwear, dusting and tidying up the place
  • he watches with amusement as you sing the words, dramatically acting like the duster is the subject of the song
  • *Cue We Belong Together by Mariah Carey*
  • then, you spot him
  • and just as he’s about to compliment you on your productive day, he’s swept up by you
  • you twirl him like a ballerina and dip him as you sing along with Mariah
  • iida is sputtering, blushing furiously as you loving gaze at him 
  • you’re such a dork and it both dazzles and dizzies him 
  • after he’s stable, actually starts listening to 90s music bc they were honestly bops
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Maybe pregnant hcs for Todoroki, Iida, Shinsou and Amajiki???💓💓💓💓💓

-Ohoho!!!! This right here just melts my hurt. Even thinking about it makes me weak.Plus a little heads up, everyone is having daughters cause I’m weak to the knees with the thought of these four and their babygirls so be prepared. Hope I don’t disappoint.💖💖💖

*All characters are aged up so around the ages of 20-25 and up*

Todoroki Shouto

-You and Shouto have been together since your second year in UA.

-You got married when you both got well acquainted with the hero life and now live a happy , yet busy, life in an apartment near his mom’s house. 

-We know that this boy would want his family to be close to him and the fact that you get along with everyone fills his heart with so much love. 

-You two never really talked about children.

-Maybe a few suggestions of having a child in the future but nothing serious.

-Que the morning sickness. 

-Shouto was really worried about you, I mean look at you.

-You’re emptying your guts in the toilet every single morning. 

-You can’t eat most foods that you used to like and have a weird craving for tuna yogurt?!

-He doesn’t want to leave the house, he even convinced you to take some days off and try to relax.

-Give your body rest.

-He promised to get some days off himself to take care of you.

-You had your suspicions, tbh.

-You just didn’t tell him.

-Whether that was to not get his hopes up or to post pone the heartbreak you didn’t really know.

-So what if you were mildly panicking over the fact that the 5 pregnancy tests you just took were all positive. 

-It was the first day of your mini ‘vacation’ and thankfully Shouto had been called in today.

-Because you’re panicking and legit losing your shit over this, you call….Rei.

-Okay maybe it wasn’t the best course of action considering you were on the verge of cardiac arrest, but what can you do.

-You asked her if she was home and if you could stop by.

-Of course she said yes, delighted to see you and mentioned that Fuyumi was also going to stop by in around an hour.

-You made your way to her house, arriving just as Fuyumi was pulling into the drive way.

-After greeting each other and going inside, you took your seats in the living room and waited for Rei to make some tea.

-Fuyumi was going on and on about what the kids at the kindergarten were doing and how cute some of them were being. 

-Neither of the Todoroki women had missed your puffy eyes or how your smile would constantly waver, but they decided to let you tell them on your own accord. 

-Once Rei joined you in the living room, they both turned to you.

- “So how have you been Y/n, dear?” Rei said watching you really closely. 

-You looked down, feeling hot tears starting to form in your eyes and your throat tightening painfully. 

-Fuyumi moved closer to you while Rei draped an arm around your shoulders which were shacking at the moment. 

- “I-I’m p-pregnant.” it was barely a whisper, but they heard it alright.

-Mom mode activated 2x.

-They reassured you that everything was going to be fine and how lucky you are.

-They repeatedly said how excited Shouto will be and what of a push over of a dad he would become.

-After 4 long hours of baby talk, you returned home, collapsing on the sofa before passing out for a good 3 hour nap.

-When you woke up, Shouto was home and sitting next to you weaving his fingers absentmindedly through your hair. 

- “Hey there sleepyhead.”

-How could his voice be so soft!?!?

-You buried your face into the blanket, which really confused him, I mean…what did he do?

- “We have a problem…” pause….awkward silence…. “I’m pregnant.”

-*Windows noises*

-After the mild stroke, he lifted you up so you were looking at him and just stared at you. 

-Those seconds that he just looked at you felt like eternity.  

-The torture ended however, when he lowered his head to your stomach and lifting your shirt, placed a small kiss right under your belly button.

- “Hey there, snowflake. Nice to meet you.”

-And with that, 9 exhausting months started full of mood swings, weird cravings, back rubs and a never ending list of baby names.

-You two learned you were having twins on your fifth appointment, but you decided to keep the gender a surprise. 

-On a cold January night your two girls were brought into the world and it was one of the few times you had seen Endeavour and Natsuo in the same room bawling their eyes out. 

-Your white haired baby was named Rei *after her grandmother* while your mixed red and h/c babygirl Ren. 

-When Shouto held them for the first time, you thought he was going to have a mental breakdown.

-He’s a total push over and your girls are daddy’s girls to the core.

-He’s the best dad they could ask for.

Iida Tenya

-You and Tenya have been married for 6 years now and have been trying endlessly for a baby.

-You both agreed that you were ready for the responsibility and that having a little Tenya running around the house sounded like a great idea.

-Saying that you were exhausted form the attempts was an understatement.

-Tenya had incredible stamina and even more libido, so you can safely assume that during the week long process of baby making you couldn’t walk straight.

-However, your little shenanigans stopped when your doctor delivered you the news.

-You had been hit by a blood related quirk while dealing with a villain and had to get a check up afterwards.

-You were given a scolding the moment you saw your doctor because why aren’t you in desk duty you RASCAL!?

-You were confused beyond belief and it was written all over your face.

- “You don’t know do you?” 

-Le sigh.

- “Mrs. Iida I’m happy to announce you that you’re expecting, so that means you are to be put in desk duty for the next 4 months or else I’m making sure you don’t leave the house for a good 9 months.”

-You. Were. Ecstatic. 

-You ran to Tenya’s agency, bringing down the damned door to his office giving the man a heart attack.

- “Y/n what’s-”


-Que ecstatic air chopping. 

-Tenya went into full dad mode during those 9 months. 

-Buttt he’s also kinda nervous.

-Nervous like Tamaki in a crowd level nervous.

-You get the image.

-You have anything you want whenever you want it.

-The nursery is done the moment you find out you are having a gilr.

-Unlike Todoroki he isn’t patient enough to keep the gender a secret.

-When the day arrives, you’re just chilling outside with him when you nonchalantly blurt out ‘my waters broke’.



-This goes on until you are screaming and crushing his hand in the delivery room.

-Your little girl is born and she’s a carbon copy of Tenya.

-Same colored hair and eyes.

-The face structure looks like you.

-She has your nose and mouth, along with your eyebrows but apart from that she’s a mini genderbend Tenya.

-Because she was born early in the morning you decided to change her name and so little Asami Tenya was officially a part of this world.

-Tenya cried.

-You cried.

-Asami cried.

-You were one happy crying family.

Shinsou Hitoshi

-You and Hitoshi have been together for two years now, but you haven’t put a ring on it.

-Sure you live together and act like a married couple already but you’re not Mrs.Shinsou…..yet.

-You have been feeling strange for days now and your period was late which never happens.

-You are panicking but unlike Shouto you two aren’t married.

-He can leave with almost no complications.

-You were his girlfriend not his wife.

-The pregnancy tests you had taken were mocking you from the bathroom sink and your poor hormone ridden mind couldn’t handle the stress.

-You cried a river until you heard keys jiggling and HItoshi’s iconic ‘Kitten, I’m home!’

-You couldn’t face him like this.

-In a haste you shoved the tests into the laundry basket along with their packages and covered them with some sheets. 

-Fixing your hair and washing your face, you straightened and walked out the door.

-After greeting Hitoshi with a kiss you calmly told him to go get ready while you made him something to eat.

-Your mind was running laps thinking how you could tell him or how you could solve your little problem as quietly as possible.

-That is until he walked in holding what seemed to be a box.

-A pregnancy test box.


- “Y/n, what’s this?”pause “Are you..?”

-Anddd more crying.

-You sobbed about how sorry you were and how you couldn’t explain how it happened.

-Both of you were so careful, how did this happen???

-After a good 15 minutes of you bawling your eyes out on the kitchen floor while Hitoshi was trying to calm you down, you finally stopped at the sound of his chuckle. 

- “Well, damn kitten, your surprise definitely beat mine.”

-Then he pulled a small velvet box from his pocket and watched you closely.

-Now you are Mrs.Shinsou.

-These 9 months weren’t as bad as you would expect.

-Hitoshi was really good at giving you everything you wanted and during the whole pregnancy you didn’t lift a finger.

-One October night your waters broke and you found yourself in a long procedure of bringing your child into the world. 

-Hitoshi was a wreck and had called Aizawa for emotional support who called Hizashi who called Midnight.

-Once you were finished, Hitoshi rushed into your room and found you utterly exhausted.

-He was the first to hold your baby and you have never seen him cry this much in your life. 

- “Hello my little Kei.”

-Kei Shinsou was a happy little girl with an amazing father by her side.

Amajiki Tamaki

-Ah love.

-Something Tamaki found during high school and held onto it ever since. 

-Now a well known pro hero, Suneater was more than happy with his life with you.

-He always wanted a little something more but never expressed it. 

-He loved the idea of having a mini you running around the living room or waking him up in the morning with little squeals and kisses.

-He loved you to the moon and back, more than life itself but having a kid with you sparked a whole new sensation in him.

-So he tried to be sly about it.

-Forgetting the condoms or to pull out.

-You not being able to find your pills.

-A whole lot of fun. 

-You were newly weds and your libidos were high af and with the prospect of children of the table Tamaki became 10x more driven and horny.

-So you weren’t all that surprised when your doctor gave you the news. 

-You had gone for a plain old check up when he came into the room with a bright smile on his face and congratulations falling like a waterfall from his mouth. 

-Once back home you put your plan in motion. 

-You had a feeling Tamaki was trying to knock you up for some time now.

-He couldn’t forget to pull out every time like come on.

-But you were fine with it since you too wanted a kid with him.

-You just would’ve liked a little heads up first.

-You made your little bun and put it in the oven.

-And waited.

-And waited.

-And waited.

-Until finally Tamaki walked through the door,  a smile gracing his features as he made his way to you.

- “Hey bunny.”

-Giving him a quick peck you told him to check the oven real quick to make sure the food was all good.

-He obliged, walking to the kitchen and seeing the sole bun sitting in the oven.

-He was beyond confused on why you would only make one bun in the oven and not more, I mean you are to peop- ohhhh.


-He did it. 

-He let the news settle in before going back to you.

- “Are you sure?” nod “100% sure?” another nod.

-At that he fell to his knees in front of you, attacking your stomach with kisses and I love yous.

-To whom they were directed you couldn’t actually tell but you were happy either way.

-Calls the baby butterfly.

-Makes the whole nursery along with Mirio who is ecstatic.

-Butterfly themed baby room.

-Expect many back and belly rubs along with Tamaki coming home early because Fatgum cannot allow him to stay at work when he’s preparing for a baby.

-When your waters break you are buying some onesies with small octopuses on them.

-You have never been taken to the hospital so fast in your whole hero career. 

-After many painful and stressful hours, your baby girl is born and she’s stunning.

-She has Tama’s ears and hair but your eyes and nose. 

-She’s a perfect mix. 

-The Big 3 cry as a team.

-When she’s given to him, Tamaki just cry laughs at how gorgeous she’s.

-Many thank yous are exchanged.

- Cho Amajiki.

-Tamaki cannot stop repeating the name even after they have taken her away.

-He curls on the chair next to you, holding your hand the whole night, falling into a deep sleep, imaging his new life with his little butterfly. 

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Could you please do a scenario with Iida, Bakugou and Kirishima where the reader bumps into them at night while going to get a water or snack and the reader is wearing a towel or skimpy pajamas. I adore your writing 💖💕💖💕💖

A/n: ok, i made these headcanons i hope thats ok. I’m sort of feeling down about my writing lately so motivation hass been lacking.

but ive also been trying to work on an actual fanfic. Someone say? Bnha? Fantasy au??? Reverse harem??? Yes, i did. I got a really good plot and whatever motivation i do come across has been going into that for now.

But i still hope you enjoy! They’re a bit short but i did my best!


  • You best prepare for the lecture of a lifetime when he catches you walking around dorms like that.
  • I’m talking standing in a dark corridor for 20 minutes as you get scolded for
  • 1. Indecency
  • 2. Being up past curfew.
  • There’s no doubt that even in the dark he’s flustered.
  • His hand gestures were more sporadic than usual which was a dead give away that he was embarrassed.
  • He just wanted a glass of water, and now he’s found himself in his situation.
  • He does everything he can not to look at you.
  • In fact the whole lecture he is staring over your head at the window.
  • “You should not be walking around the dorms dressed like that!! Regardless if no one else is around! Think what would happen if you had ran into someone else but me! It would be completely inappropriate!”
  • His embarrassment may cause him to speak a little too loudly, which means you’re going to get an angry Aizawa walking out of his room.
  • You’re lucky Iida doesn’t want others to see you like this, that includes your teachers.
  • Despite you being so careless he doesn’t want your teachers to think less of you over a silly incident like this.
  • So he pushes you to hide behind the corner as he takes full blame for the noise and apologies for the inconvenience.
  • “Just hurry and get back to bed.” Was the last thing aizawa said before disappearing.
  • Iida will escort you back to your room to make sure you don’t run into anyone else and have them see you like this.
  • Be prepared for one final warning on how you should never walk around the dorms like this again.
  • It may not only be the fact that it could cause a commotion but he just did not want anyone else but him to see you in such a manner.
  • Yes, even he could have hidden motives.
  • You were his partner and for anyone else to see your body is such a way was unacceptable!!
  • So he’s going to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.


  • He doesn’t even notice what you’re wearing at first, he’s too tired, trying to rub sleep from his eye.
  • “Oh hey babe what are you doing up? You should really go back to bed before you get caught.” He warns you in a hushed tone before patting your left shoulder.
  • Only, his hand didn’t come into contact with fabric like he thought.
  • He’s suddenly wide awake and, slowly, his eyes look down at what you’re wearing.
  • It’s not hard to tell by the way his body tenses up and how red paints itself across his nose that he’s more than surprised.
  • “I-I hate to be that nagging boyfriend but why are you walking around the dorms like that?”  You can hear his voice waver as he speaks.
  • Luckily, there will be no lectures from him.
  • Though there might be a lot of staring as you explain yourself.
  • When he realises he’s staring he’s going to feel even more embarrassed and avert his gaze.
  • He’s a bit conflicted.
  • He doesn’t want to control you or what you wear- especially because it’s night and no one else is around but- the thought of someone else seeing you like this made him purse his lips in frustration.
  • He doesn’t get jealous often but you looked so amazing and-
  • He couldn’t even imagine what would happen if you ran into someone like kaminari or mineta.
  • He shivered
  • “Y-you should go back to your room! In fact, let me take you back there!”
  • He won’t outwardly say that he refuses to let anyone else enjoy this sight other than him.
  • But the way he grabs your hand tightly as he leads you back to your room, looking around every corner to make sure you wouldn’t run  into everyone else will tell you all you need to know.


  • When you bumped into each other rounding a corner he was ready to push whoever it was out of his way until he saw you standing there.
  • And then he noticed your clothes.
  • His eyes darted from your face to your clothes as his sleep-deprived brain tried to piece together what was going on.
  • The silence is painful.
  • His eye twitched in annoyance when he finally realised you had been prancing around the dorms in such little clothing.
  • You should count yourself lucky that it was night which rendered him from being able to yell at you like he usually would.
  • “What the fuck is this!?” He somehow was able to find a medium in between whispering and yelling.
  • It doesn’t matter what you say to explain yourself because either way he will pick you up and throw you over his shoulder to take you back to your room.
  • No amount of protests will stop him.
  • When he finally gets to your room and kicks the door shut he drops you onto your bed.
  • He’ll be glaring at you but the tint of red on his cheeks makes it much less threatening.
  • “Never, ever leave this fucking room dressed like that again, got it!?”
  • The thought of someone else laying their eyes on you when you were dressed this way was beyond infuriating.
  • He could already feel his hands clenched into fists at the thought.
  • And he didn’t want to get in trouble with the teachers over yet another fight.
  • He huffs and turns to walk out of your room.
  • But before he leaves, if you listen close enough you’ll be able to hear him grumble out a small;
  • “Only I get to see you like this.”
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Hdc of how ed Iida Tenya as a boyfriend? 7w7 I love that boy

|| headcanons for iida tenya as a bf ? good tastes anon !

Iida Tenya | Boyfriend Headcanons

- As anyone can guess, Iida would be incredibly awkward when you two first start dating. He wouldn’t want to rush into things and make you uncomfortable so he goes slow - you can expect at least one text from him a day and for him to act as he did before you were dating, but in terms of affection he waits.

- If you’re the more forward one who holds his hand or kisses his cheek without a second thought, he’ll melt. Not to mention he’s honoured by the trust.

- His protectiveness knows no bounds, if you’re a hero then he wants to make sure you study your hardest for every exam and are healthy enough for any physical test. You didn’t have breakfast? He’ll lecture you to no end and rush off to get you a snack bar.

- If you’re the outgoing type, you balance each other out by you encouraging him to let loose and not be so uptight. You both go on adventurous dates and try new things whether it be food, movies or hobbies! However, none of the dates can be last minute, they must be planned perfectly and have a running schedule.

- If you’re the shy type, it still works really well because you can have cute study and cafe dates! Iida for sure mentally dotes on you and wants to protect you no matter the cost.

- You must get along with Izuku and Ururaka, they’re his closest friends and if you ever disrespect them he’d be heart broken. He wants everyone to get along, especially his s/o and friends.

- He’s an awkward babe who goes for soft kisses on the cheek or forehead, followed easily by stammering and a blushing face. That is until you’ve been dating for a bit longer, then he warms up to picking you up and hugging you while kissing you on the lips. Honestly, the perfect husband.

- Iida would love it if you would join him for work outs. Runs especially! He knows he’s probably too fast for you, unless you have a quirk to match it, so he’ll happily slow down to a jog or better yet - he’ll carry you on his back once you’re tired! He might even use you to help him work out like a sideline cheerleader or sit on his back as he tries to do push ups.

- You have to meet the family eventually. Iida would be delighted to make things official by introducing you. They’d probably welcome you with open arms too and praise the fact their little nerdy bookworm has his mind occupied with things other than school.

- You should totally tease him about his funny hand gestures or millions of pairs of glasses just to see him fluster. He’ll try to get pay back but end up stuttering horribly and change the topic quickly.

- Speaking of glasses, he dies on the spot when you try his on. You’re just too cute! Careful though, they most likely will give you a headache and he would hate for that.

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summary: where tenya decides he doesn’t want to get up, but you’re eager to start your day.

request:tenya not letting his s/o get out of bed in the morning?” – Anonymous

word count: 821 words

warnings: none!

The faint scent of lemon never failed to greet you every morning. You searched and prodded and to this day you could not pinpoint what the source was. Maybe it was the face wash Tenya used before bed every night, or lemon was an ingredient in your toner. Whatever it was it was a pleasant wash of citrus to match the sunlight that peeked in through your window shades.

And today the hint of lemon was particularly strong. You slid your eyes open slowly, promptly blinking the sleep from your orbs as your gaze flicked across the room. The sun shone into the dim bedroom that you and your husband shared, and you let out a contented sigh as you held him closer to your form.

His long face was nestled perfectly in the curve of your neck, his lips residing right on the expanse of skin where your collarbone and chest met. His strong arms were wrapped around your frame and his muscular legs were intertwined with yours under the nest of sheets that sprawled out around you two. This was about the same picture that could be seen every morning between both of you, this was his favorite sleeping position. He liked feeling like he could protect you through the night no matter how conscious he was.

You let out a small hum at the feeling of his lips pressing against the edge of your collarbone, instantly peering your eyes down at his sleeping form. Your eyebrows knit together slightly and a soft smile formed on your face as your fingers danced down the curve of his upper back. “Good morning, Tenya.” You cooed gently, your hand traveling along his spine.

He let out a small groan, the feeling of his arms wrapping tighter around your form surprised you. Usually, he was the first one up and out of bed. Rarely would he hold you tighter if you were to wake him up. You let out an airy chuckle, the noise sounding like music to his ears as it tumbled from your lips. “Tenya, love, it’s time to get up.” Your voice vibrated his forehead slightly, and he peered open a crimson eye to squint at you.

“Absolutely not. It is Saturday and I wish to stay here like this just a little more.” The only movement his body does is to hike the covers up further his bare torso, letting out a small purr when he was happy with where it had fallen and shut his eyes again. You watched him, unable to hide the smirk from your face as you continued to run a hand up and down the contours of his Pro-Hero back and shoulder muscles.

“I know it’s Saturday, but we promised to work on some spring cleaning today. I wanna get a start on that.” You shifted underneath him in hopes to encourage him to let go, but you only feel his fingers curl against the fabric of your shirt, holding you firmly in place. “Tenyaaaa.” You whined, body squirming slightly under his harsh grip.

“Hm?” He hummed in acknowledgment, feigning ignorance before allowing a soft snore to rumble at the base of his throat. You scoffed, laughing gently at his performance with a teasing roll of your eyes.

“You’re ridiculous, it’s time to get up.” You muttered, pushing him away with your hands but failing miserably. There was one issue that arose when dating a Pro-Hero, and that was that your strength never beat out his own. You sighed and slumped onto the mattress in surrender with a dramatic, long-winded sigh. He chuckled gently, pressing a ginger kiss to the corner of your collarbone.

“Let’s sleep more, y/n.” He mumbled drowsily against your skin, a ricochet of shivers carding up your limbs as you nodded your head gently. You exhaled in defeat, moving to wrap your arms over his head to pull him closer into you, curling your leg between his own. You shook your head in mock disbelief, unable to conceal the smirk that pulled at the corner of your mouth.

His eyes were closed and steady snores (that were real this time, might I add) of Tenya’s labored breathing filled your ears. You grinned gently, pressing a feather-light kiss to the top of his raven hair, allowing your head to dip back against the pillow you rested against. Okay, maybe another hour or two of sleep wouldn’t hurt. The apartment definitely wasn’t going anywhere, and with this time he would be able to catch up on the sleep he had missed out on due to long hours at his agency.

You allowed your eyes to flick closed, relaxing fully into his firm hold as your brain and body succumbed to sleep. Lazy mornings like this were few and far between, but you enjoyed every extra hour you two shared exactly like this, even if you had spring cleaning to do.

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summary: where you’re far from a rule-follower and have a love-hate relationship with the class rep.

request: “tenya with a delinquent reader” – Anonymous

warnings: none!

→ when you first met iida, it was hard to tell what his actual first impression of you was.

→ you were loud, disruptive, and extremely rude - the complete opposite of our class rep.

→ countless interactions were spent with iida aggressively hand pointing at you to get your feet off of the desk, to stop drawing on the desk, to stop making crude jokes in the middle of class.

→ he especially didn’t appreciate it when you’d retort to his remarks with “i’m just the class clown, what can i say?”

→ he never found your behavior funny.

→ in fact, he found it quite insensitive if he was being completely honest.

→ it wasn’t until he found you crying in the restroom did he really see you in a different light.

→ i mean, you were in a very public area and very obviously crying… though it had to be some sick ruse, did it not?

→ in class, you had avoided all emotion other than “clown” or “neutral,” greeting everyone with a smirk or a nod.

→ so where had this emotion come from?

→ he originally sought you out in the bathroom to berate you for skipping class, but his demeanor changed when he heard your sobs on the other side of the door.

→ panicked, he left. he didn’t know what else to do in that situation.

→ you sat alone at lunch by choice, but tenya decided to put his stuff across from you the next day.

→ “uh, can i help you?” you narrowed your eyes, words filled with suspicion as he shoved his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

→ “actually, yes. i was wondering why you were crying yesterday and if you were okay.”

→ woah. how did he know about that?

→ you nearly spit out your food as you sputtered out a confusing string of words that somewhat resembled “what wait how where the hell why did you what i was crying??”

→ okay, now tenya felt like he made a mistake.

→ but soon enough (after several weeks of tenya sitting at your lunch table) you eventually told him why you were crying.

→ he felt awful, but he wanted to make it up to you.

→ with a warm smile, he asked if you wanted to hang out after school.

→ where you showed him your favorite (delinquent) game; rolly chair racing down the hallways of UA! which he surprisingly accepted and beat you.

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Mineta perving on bakugo, iida, and todoroki’s s\o

[I’m gonna be honest I just wanna see some good mineta bashing]


  • God help this boy
  • I almost feel bad for mineta ngl
  • You were just minding your own business
  • On the grind
  • Working on the p.e grounds
  • When you heard a certain grape headed bitch
  • “Jeez y\n you really do fill out that uniform”
  • Cue the nasty ass perv face
  • You were gonna fold him your self
  • But bakugo beet you to it
  • He had heard mineta from across the field and let me tell you
  • He was having none of that
  • Before mineta knew it he had been blasted half way across the field
  • “Fuck off you grape headed bastard!”
  • Boy was raging
  • You appreciated it but reminded him it wasn’t a good idea to attack people on school grounds
  • luckily aizawa just happened to miss this
  • Mineta was afraid to even look at you for a month

Originally posted by animemangapic


  • The second he heard mineta comment on your ‘figure’ it was over
  • Now iida is a very gentle giant and in most cases he wouldn’t be violent
  • But he was having none of mineta’s shit
  • “Its unbecoming of someone in UA’s hero course to behave like this” *vigorously hand chop’s*
  • Will opt to scold mineta instead of rip him in two
  • He’s a hero in training too after all he has to keep up a reputation
  • Hell then turn to you and make sure your okay
  • He’s not letting any grape pervert mess with you
  • And afterwards he may or may not report mineta for misconduct
  • He cares deeply about the safety of his female classmates especially you

Originally posted by aishitetsuro


  • Todoroki was just changing
  • Going about his day
  • When he heard mineta from around the corner
  • The purple bastard was standing facing the wall
  • Ike a weirdo
  • He herd mineta talking about the girls
  • And how he’d finally get a look at them
  • Torus floating pantys
  • Momo’s breasts
  • Y\n’s…
  • Nope
  • He immediately froze the bastard
  • Everyone was pretty scared todoroki looked down right murderous
  • Todoroki swiftly left the changing room
  • The girls found out what todoroki had done and thanked him tons
  • He just hopes mineta never tries to do that to you again
  • And if he dose todoroki will turn him into a grape popsicle

Originally posted by raittos

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Hiya! Can I have Headcanons with Tenya and Tamaki where they go with their s/o and the Ferris wheel gets stuck at the top?

!! hiya meg !! ofc you can bud i got you covered ;))


Tamaki Amajiki

  • oh boy,,,,, poor amajiki would be a whole mess and a half
  • this is one of the rare times he tries to get out of his comfort zone because it’s impossible to say no to you when you’re really excited to do something or go somewhere
  • next thing he knows he’s being dragged to the ferris wheel bc you’ve never been on one before and it would be the “perfect ending” to your little carnival date
    • aha,,, “perfect”,,, way to jinx yourself there (y/n) lmao
  • tamaki’s gotta admit, the ferris wheel is pretty relaxing at first
  • after being surrounded by a crowd of people for so long, it’s actually kinda nice to be on a slow ride that takes him away from all that and gives him some fresh air
  • and the view from the top is really pretty ngl
    • “wow,,, i got so caught up in the view that for a second i thought the ride completely stopped”
    • “uh,,,,,,, tamaki,,,, don’t panic but,,, i think it did”
    • “what,,,”
  • tamaki sweetie we just said don’t panic
  • even though he isn’t really afraid of heights, the thought of being stuck so high up turns him into a nervous wreck
  • you notice that he’s a little shaky so you hold his hand and encourage him to calm down
    • “hey, don’t think about it too much, we’ll be fine !! we’ll be going again in no time !!”
    • “y-yeah,,, okay,,,,”
  • so he takes your advice and tries to take his mind off of it
  • but uh,,, now he’s thinking about how close you’re sitting to him and oh my god you’re holding hands
  • it’s far from the first time and you’ve been dating for a while but somehow the thought just makes his face go red skfjdfg
  • it literally takes him until the ride has been fixed and you’re back on the ground to calm down
    • “so,,,,,, wanna go again?”
    • “i’ll pass”


Tenya Iida

  • this may be a bit shocking but the ferris wheel ride is actually iida’s idea !!
  • he knows how uptight he can be sometimes so he figured that taking you somewhere fun would be a nice little surprise
  • and how could you possibly say no to such an opportunity ??
  • so long story short the two of you are now at the front of the line about to get on the ferris wheel and you’re highkey excited
    • “lmao you know what would be funny ?? if the ride got stuck while we were at the top >:D”
    • “thankfully that happens far more in fiction than it does in reality !!”
  • oh ?? does it now ?? >:3
  • so you’re both on the ride and everything’s going great !!
  • iida’s been surprisingly chill on the way up, mainly listening to you babble about how tiny everything looks and how “this is what he sees when he looks @ half of his classmates”
  • but as your cabin approaches the top of the wheel, the ride suddenly jolts to a stop
  • the sudden movement scares you both shitless tbh lmao
    • “what just happened?! is everything alright ??”
    • “lmao,,, um,,,, remember when i made that joke about the ride getting stuck 💀💀”
    • “,,,,,,,,,,,, oh dear”
  • even though iida did get spooked, he manages to collect himself quickly
  • he reassures you that everything should be fine and that there’s a chance that something just got jammed in the system
  • but as the minutes go by iida slowly starts to panic dkfkdkgh
    • “is no one trying to fix this thing ?? i didn’t exactly plan on sleeping here you know!”
    • “hey, chill, we’ll be okay :’))”
  • iida’s a bit stubborn about it, but he eventually calms down and just kinda slouches back into the seat
  • slouching ??? iida ??? never thought i’d put those two words in the same sentence tbh
  • anyways, you kinda just lean into him, and even though he tenses at first he ends up pulling you a little closer
  • and the two of you just kinda vibe like that until the ride is fixed and you get back to the bottom lmao

[ taglist (all): @actually-denki​ | @alright-same​ | @bakusbabie​ | @bokutokotaruwu | @daninaninani | @izuniias | @katsukisprincess | @keigos-dove | @libidinous-weeb | @plusultrawritings | @queen-bubble | @sarcasm-is-my-form-of-attack | @seashellbell | @shigawaki-tomuwa | @sparkncharge | @todobunhon | @yogsibear | @yokikuu | @z-iridest | @zarabubba ]

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Warnings: villains, omegaverse, abusive parent

Tenya Iida had everything anyone could ever want. His home was the largest in the city, his father was the most well-known business man in the state, and his brother was a well-known hero. His family owned Iida Central, the top hero-agency in the world. Homes around the world, billions of dollars, and the most well known heroes as family friends. He had… almost everything. Something his family always gave him a hard time about.

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Originally posted by sairenji

Spin the Bottle: Iida x Reader

You span the bottle then looked to your friends, Jirou and Uraraka for reassurance. They each gave you a wide smile, then Uraraka winked to wish you good luck.

It wasn’t that you didn’t want to play, but rather that you found the idea of kissing someone in front of so many people embarrassing. You only hoped you didn’t get someone like Kaminari who would almost definitely try to French you.

When the bottle stopped it was pointing at Iida. Relief washed over you at once. He was the class president and definitely not the smoothest player in the bunch. You were in safe hands with him.

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Tenya buys you kinda weird novelty socks and laughs while posting pictures of them to instagram. He is NOT pleased when you buy him “big foot” socks and posts a picture of him wearing them. Suddenly Deku posts a video of Tenya holding you upside down and dunking the top of your head (he tries really hard not to get too close to your face) into a tub full of water. He refuses to say if the events were connected.

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Love your work! Could I please request some Iida headcanons? ^-^

A/N: can’t even remember if I’ve written Iida before

Iida Headcanons

  • Obviously a mama bear in the relationship.
  • Communication is key! Sometimes Iida might cross boundaries without meaning to, so it’s important to tell him when he does because he’ll quickly put an end to whatever it was
  • Boy just cares a whole lot
  • Definitely willing to study with you/help you with work
  • Exercise with him in the morning ! It’s a nice way to start the day
  • Iida also likes minimal PDA. Hand holding/hugging is great, he will welcome them always! But he does get shy with kisses
  • At home he’s definitely the kind of “get it all done, then I get my reward” kind of guy. But he doesn’t force this method on you, though he does recommend it
  • You could be chillin on the couch while he’s running around doing his chores (refuses your help because it’s HIS turn to do the dishes it’s not fair if you help) and then once he’s done he’ll come cuddle and relax with you
  • Also! Teach him to relax! Sometimes he does too much at once and it gets him burnt out. Teaching Iida things about moderation and all that will help him greatly
  • Iida probably really likes going on dates and double dates
  • Hanging out with all his friends and his s/o is perfect to him so double dinner dates are his favorite
  • Will he brag about u to his friends…… the answer is yes
  • DONT have a baby with him he’ll be such a good dad
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Can I get a Tenya Iida headcanon on how he handles a break up 😔 I’m in an angsty mood 😬 love your blog btw!

Oh boyyy angst it is. My boy doesn’t deserve to get his heart broken, must protect. Love yaa💖💖💖.


-Even though he was the one to initiate the break up, this man was a wreck.

-You guys are in your third year and things are getting harder by the minute.

-And Tenya being Tenya, put studying above you, constantly pushing you to the sidelines in order to study.

-To be honest, even though it hurt, you understood and decided to ignore his antics and just enjoy the time you got to spend with him.

-Tenya on the other hand, saw things differently.

-He thought that he was holding you back from true happiness with someone who will have time for you and that a relationship is also dragging HIM down.

-So he ends it. 

-You were begging him to try again, to not do this and that you could get through this together.

-That it was just a phase.

-He didn’t budge though and so that’s how he got where he is now. 

-It was 3 in the morning, everyone sleeping soundly in their dorms, but not him.

-He couldn’t get his mind to calm down.

-Every time he tried to concentrate on his studies his mind would drift off to you.

-Call it habit, but he would turn around to say something to you only to see his bed empty.

-His eyes burned and it wasn’t because of the lamp on his desk. 

-His throat was tight and it wasn’t because of dehydration. 

-The lump in his throat was suffocating him, while an uneasiness had recently settled in his room.

-Every time he stepped into the room his eyes would dart to the spot you usually took on his bed.

-Or on the wall near his closet where he used to have some old Polaroids you two had taken.

-He would try to shake the feeling off and try to study, but it always ended in him sliding down his door after throwing a tantrum.

-He couldn’t describe what he was feeling.

-He was sad but also mad you’re smad Tenya  and his emotions were all over the place.

-After a month of this turmoil of emotions, Tenya was finally numb.

-He had become a robot. 

-He would wake up, eat if he felt the need to do so, go to class, train and study.

-His expression wouldn’t change nor did his voice. 

-He was like Todoroki during your first year. 

-Uraraka and Midoriya tried talking to him, to distract him but to no avail. 

-He wanted to cry, he really did, but the tears wouldn’t- couldn’t come anymore.

-He was ignoring you and successfully avoiding you and you seemed to do the same since he hadn’t ran into you ,not once, after the break up. 

-How many times had he seen you come to class with puffy eyes.

-How many times had he barely contained himself from hugging you.

-Kissing you.

-Hell just talking to you. 

-He missed you, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

-In the end, he chose this, he wanted this.

-Now he’s paying the price. 

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Warning: Mentions of attempted rape, vaping, and then kissing~kinda

Inspiration: I’m Yer Dad by GRLwood (idk why)


Originally posted by aishitetsuro

“Get your feet off the desk! You have been here for five minutes and you are already destroying school property!” Oh boy… you recognized that voice. 

Walking into class on your first day of high school at UA, you were met by an unwelcoming yet familiar sight. There stood your long time acquaintance Tenya Iida, yelling at a student who had their feet on the desk. 

As you two met eye contact, you smiled, happy to have something familiar in all of this chaos. Walking in, you walked in Tenya’s directions before a bunch of people surrounded you.

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