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#ik i called Pal an aunt robot but
kingdom-of-unity · a month ago
Pal goes soft af for Aaron when Katie leaves. Katie just says “Those three will need a big sister without me around :)” in a sweet sort of way to hopefully make Pal feel a little less anxious, and Pal just IMMEDIATELY made it her goal to protect Aaron, Eric, and Deborah with every inch of her being. The twins (i like callin Eric and Deb twins) are annoying, sure, but hey, they’re doing their best and are very sweet, they deserve some big sibling guidance. Pal would willingly teach Aaron how to fight if some kid was bothering him, or she’d fight the kid herself. 
Despite her big-sister energy, she refused to use the mom and dad labels, the first time she does, it’s on accident, and nobody in the house lets it go. 
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