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#ik its going to hurt
torntoshredswithin · 10 hours ago
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beaversatemygrandma · 28 days ago
Guess who’s getting their license next week?  It me. Most likely if plans work out correctly. I passed a whole class like three years ago now and just never took the test. I started driving again this week and i was able to pick it back up very easy and actually drove on the highway today It was also raining the whole time and i couldn’t see Shit. ouo  Everything was fine though. Even if i was going like 60 in a massive minivan lol 
my bf’s mom also treated us to dinner after that, so we went to pickup food from a pub in town and when we got there, the first thing we saw was like five cops, two of the cars with lights on. And for some ungodly reason the cop talking to the employees was wearing a cowboy hat??? Like in all seriousness and without a mask. I would’ve asked for a new cop. Send him back. I’d like to speak to his manager and go full karen on his ass.  Me and my bf walked in to find a FULL restaurant, maskless people Everywhere. Including like three on a dancefloor right next to the doors. The place was packed and in full party mode.  The employees were saying something about pressing assault charges and just rushed us past the doors and didn’t even ask for a name for the order or anything and just let us leave. It was correct thankfully. But what kinda chaos is going on in there??  Is that Allowed???  No. Actually. A lot of that wasn’t and was very sketchy. I entirely sanitized myself upon getting home.  I swear FL still isn’t open 100% yet but i guess that place is and i hope the two girls working were okay because that was just intense.  I got some good carolina bbq tho 
#fun day tbh#im feeling chatty because the brain juices are flowing after driving around town#i used to not like driving big cars#i still dont really#but that wasnt too bad#after practicing in that van i think going back to a sedan will feel great#mostly because i wont have to rely on a backup camera because i can't see through the back window#also i came home and my throat started hurting#so im a lil anxious even tho that means literally nothing#i was carrying the cat around before we left so its likely that#but hell that was a chaotic scene to just stroll up on#fl is still mostly closed right??#ik this county has the lowest numbers in the state but that is again fl#fun thing about that whole situation was that my glasses were fogged up the whole time because of how chilly it is#usually the fog goes away after a sec and i can just ya know not breathe for a second#but this time no not at all#i was BLIND for those few minutes#i had to take off my glasses to read our order and even then it was hard because Im virutally blind#the bf handled it all thankfully#also very excited about getting a car soon#im doing that after i pass the test#ik i will because the proctor isnt even going to be in the car just watching from the sidelines#I wont get points taken off for not doing a full body turn to look behind me#i hate doing that because everytime i do the FULL TURN i pull a muscle#im tiny and i can barely see over the seat okay#mirrors and a glance from the side is enough#and seeing how out of shape ive gotten this past year id pull a muscle again and ik it#i also hope theres no issues is moving counties after getting my license#bc my mom is the county above and im likely moving back there by the end of the year#address changes are gonna be fun.. ugh
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