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Dad!Druig Headcanons
Tumblr media
Druig is absolutely in love with your daughter when she’s born
He didn’t think he could ever love anything as much as her, besides you
Druig wrapping her in a dark red blanket that is too long and trails behind him as he walks around the house with the baby
You two come to name her Gaia, after her almost immediate love for the earth and nature
He is always the first one up with her when she cries at night
You find your husband walking through your gardens at night showing your daughter all of the plants to try to soothe her
Phastos teaching Druig how to change a diaper
Family picnics in a field
Druig making and placing a grass crown on her small head
The giggles Gaia makes from the tickling sensation on her head from the grass
Gaia crawling around just to grab the grass with her small hands
Auntie Sersi
Druig reading Gaia’s mind whenever she cried so he could help take care of whatever she needed faster
Gaia’s face getting dirty with all types of berries after a snack, and discovering her father also had the matching mess on his face
“Why are you laughing at me? What is it?”
Gaia joining in laughing at Druig even though she has no clue what’s happening
Druig always protecting his girls
He always feels more comfortable when Gaia’s cradle is in your bedroom for the night
Druig falling asleep with Gaia on his chest
Gaia’s first words
“Come on! Say mama,”
“She’s gonna say dad first. I can feel it.”
Of course, she said dada first
You cooking with Gaia strapped to your chest
You sneaking Gaia extra small chopped up vegetables as you add them to the food
Druig coming up from behind you and wrapping his arms around you and Gaia on your chest, resting his head in the crook of your neck
Having a set of on call babysitters
Maybe minus Thena
But Thena is Gaia’s favorite Auntie (Don’t tell Sersi)
Sprite creating illusions for her and playing best with Gaia out of all of the eternals
When the Deviants return, Druig sends you two off to a secluded island
It hurts him so badly leaving you there, but his main motivation was to save you two
He was gone for three months
There was never a moment that Druig didn’t spend thinking about you two
He missed Gaia’s first steps
It broke your heart when she would keep asking for him
You would just hold her tiny body against yours trying not to cry, just hoping Druig was safe
Gaia would struggle sleeping on this island
She usually needed a walking around the house and a song from her dad to fall asleep
Druig would never admit to you that he ever actually sang to her, but you would hear his slight hums from down the hallway
When he returned you and Gaia were playing on the beaches.
You scooped her up and ran to him, getting your feet wet in the water
You held Gaia as you kissed your husband, she grabbed a handful of Druig’s hair and started pulling.
You all sat together one last time on the island, feeling whole once again watching the sun set
You were holding Gaia’s tiny hands as she marched around the beach, attempting to walk far enough to her father
She almost made it, falling at Druig’s feet
He picked her up and showered her with small kisses all over her face
“Daddy missed you, baby.”
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i think your requests are opened so, can i get a druig x female!reader where it’s an enemies to lovers kinda thing… i do want some angst…
thanks!! have a lovely day/night <3
thank you SO MUCH!! this is my first request and i hope you like. can ask more if you want!!
invisible string.
summary: you and druig always picked on each other. and after centuries you knew that this was something else.
warnings: enemies to lovers. angst. fluff
word count: 1.1k
Tumblr media
you were sitting on the grass with a book and an apple in your hands. it was a warm and chilly day, no fighting with the deviants or training with all of your group.
not that you didn’t like spending your time with them - you actually loved those moments - but you were always so talkative and full of energy that sometimes you needed to recharge your social battery.
“hi” sersi’s voice was soft but it scared anyways. “sorry, didn’t want to interrupt.”
“no problems, sit here” you pointed to your side and gave her an apple. the tree at your back was filled with them. you heard she puffing. “are you okay?”
“yeah. it’s just ikaris. he left all those years and now he’s confusing me.” she said with a sad expression.
you always told her not to trust in ikaris. actually you loved him at the beginning, but he appeared in london out of nowhere, saying ‘i came to check on you because of the earthquake. the deviant is news for me.’ your powers could sense lies and he was definitely telling one.
“i’m team dane. and because of that i guess that you know what i’m going to say.” you said, closing your book. “sorry, sersi, i think you should forget about him. but you know that our mind does not rule our heart.” your friend laughed.
“if someone was listening to this and didn’t know you, they would think that you have a love life.” you laughed as well.
“thanks arishem that no one was listening” you winked. “it’s getting late.” you said looking to a beautiful sunset in front of you, it took your breath away.
“you can stay there. i know how much you like connecting with the nature” sersi said already leaving.
you wish you could just stop this moment. but even an iphone couldn’t capture what you were feeling. the wind in your hair. the smell of grass, sunflowers and apples. the stars shining upon you… but of course he had to interrupt.
“beautiful view.” you rolled your eyes, trying not give to him the power of ruining this pretty moment. “did you miss me?”
ugh. of course not! he was always picking on you. trying to control your mind. being cocky. and trying to be better than you.
“oh, druig. i was appreciating this view but then you happened.” you stood up to stare his annoyingly beautiful face.
“sorry, love. but i thought you would like some good company.” he smirked staring at your mouth. you could hear your own heartbeat.
it was your first time seeing druig after centuries. you denied going to his new ‘home’, it wasn’t comfortable seeing him again. “i see that all these years were good for you”
“i wish i could say the same, druig”
but you both heard a loud noise and people screaming. you looked at each other, knowing what have arrived in amazon - the deviants.
you started running and druig controlled human’s mind just to start shooting at the huge monster in front of them.
you were a magician, meaning that your powers could confuse his mind, changing his feeling and the sight he was seeing. with that he wouldn’t be so agitated. an easy way to stop the animal.
it was all so quick. sersi turned him into a huge tree. thena appeared with gilgamesh dead and you couldn’t help but cry. the deviants are getting stronger and killing your family. that made you feel more angry and thirsty for revenge
“we can’t stay here anymore”
after that fight the eternals went for phastos and, finally, makkari.
“i’ve missed you so much” you signed to her receiving a tight hug and a bright smile.
“not as much as i did” she signed back.
“ok, guys. now we have to plan what we’re going to do” ikaris said, and you rolled your eyes.
“i need to control a celestial mind” sersi said and phastos showed golden bracelets explaining that you were going to use for absorb each other’s energy.
while this explanation, druig was by your side. he was extremely close and you could feel his breathing. “you look so pretty when you’re concentrated.” he whispered in your ear.
“and you look so pretty with your mouth closed” you said but you couldn’t avoid a tiny smile on your face. he was messing with your heart and he knew that.
after the reunion you and druig went to eat something. “you know, i’ve missed you in my life” the boy said, and you thought it was another joke, but he looked so… lovely. “and i know you did as well”
“ugh, in your dreams, druig” you rolled you eyes, trying to be tough in that situation. but you know you’ve missed him. you actually love when he’s around you, touching your skin, picking on you. he didn’t do that with anyone else.
“no, y/n, really. let’s stop being so cocky with each other. i passed all those years in amazon trying to forget about you, but i couldn’t” he said, getting closer. “when i saw this smile again i knew that i couldn’t avoid this awkward feeling… i guess that is love, the humans call it like that.” you laughed softly. “since arishem brought us to life, i knew that we had an invisible string tying you to me.”
your eyes were wide open, your cheeks were red and you were wordless. “dru…”
ikaris interrupted you by entering in the room, burning all phastos’s work with his eyes.
“what the fuck are you doing?” you asked terrified.
“he lied to us” sersi entered in the room, crying. “he already knew about the emergence. he killed ajak”
“what?” you exclaimed, walking to him. “no, you didn’t!”
“y/n” druig tried to hold you, but nothing could stop your urgency to punch his face. but, ikaris was faster than you and punched your stomach.
“touch her again and you’ll die.” druig said controlling his mind.
ikaris’s mind was stronger so he pointed the laser in your direction but druig placed his body in front of you, felling on the ground by your side.
“you’re not going to hurt your family.” kingo said forcing ikaris to fly away.
you looked to druig and saw a deep cut in his shoulders. “no no no” you said in disbelief, your eyes watering. “i’m so sorry.”
“i’m fine, honey, i’m fine” he said smiling while you put his head on your lap. “i saved you” he smirked.
“yeah, you did.” you laughed with tears falling down your cheeks. “nothing and no one will cut our invisible string. i love you, dru” you said, kissing his cheeks.
“i love you too, darling”
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Little things they do to make you know they like you
Druig x reader , Thena x Reader , Makkari x reader
A/N: i rlly love these kinds of things pls .... LIKE THE SUBTLE THINGS PPL DO WHEN THEYRE INTO U its just so JSJSJJSJ anys enjoy hihi also thena in that gif CHUFFUICJFF
CONTENT: just fluff heh
Tumblr media
he always eats in the movie and its just so adorable
so i feel like he'd be the type of person who'd share his food and steal food from you often
its kind of your thing yk
you both try your best in stealing each other's food
one time you're talking with Sersi about the festivities, eating a local delicacy in your hands when Druig suddenly sneaks up behind you and grabs a bite before running off. You and Sersi can only stare in disbelief.
or that other time Druig was enjoying a meal with Makkari, the speedster already noticing your presence but can only prevent a smile from forming as she let you do whatever you needed to do. You immediately grab his plate before running off behind Thena. Druig marches after you, playfully trying to grab you from behind the warrior.
There are also times where he just slides food towards you or when you're near him, he'd just hold a piece near your mouth and its basically just him feeding you
people look at you like wow you're still not together after being this cringe
likes to mess with your hair
lowkey bullies you cuz he likes you but like not that extreme where u hate him or something
when its just you both, hes just very touchy
he gives long hugs and buries his face on ur neck cause its comfy
tells u its a recharge
unknowingly brushes off any dirt on you or fixes ur hair like its an instinct and goes ??? when people look at him with a knowing expression
when its a bad day and maybe you're the type of person who likes to vent, he's a really good listener
if not he just leans close to you or just sticks w you to let you know he's there
smiles a lot when you're around him
people KNOW he treats you differently
when he wants to get you a gift and the person who's lucky enough to get stuck with him (its mostly Makkari) will have to hear his endless "will Y/N like this? or this or this" "this looks like it'll match with their eyes but what about—"
yeah.... really talkative about you
likes to poke you in the most random of places
yeah hes like that
you get annoyed but he just calls you beautiful and then you're all lahdkfkfkdjamsmxkskkskcjf
hes very creative
you can have like a list of the different pet names he called you over the years
but eventually just sticks to hun, love, beautiful
people always think you're together but yeah no
i mean theres something but yk gotta go w the flow
in the end its druig who finally asks you out
Tumblr media
sugar mommy slash j
she always gives you stuff and you'd ask why and she always says it reminds her of you
but sometimes you're kind of scared fbi or cia would burst through your door bc most of the things she'd bring you looks expensive
Makkari assures you its not
but with Druigs tales about Makkari stealing stuff you're kinda skeptical about it
but nonetheless you have a cabinet in your home filled with the stuff she gives you
those are definitely artifacts worth billion of dollars if found
likes to bring you to places that are like hidden gems
you dont know how she found the place but its beautiful and shes beautiful and you're in love
likes the hidden romance between you two
the brush of hands when walking past each other, the lingering glances, inside jokes
y'all tryna be like romeo and juliet or smn EVERYONE KNOWS OKAY.
you guys leave post it notes or letters for each other when y'all are busy
Makkari just puts a post it on your mirror before going to wherever and it just puts a smile to your face
"Morning, my moon. Have a great day today :)"
Makkari reads a lot and likes to talk about it so whenever you guys hangout she just talks on and on and on and on and you're there like :)
always goes to you first
its either you or druig
you're attached to the hip..... Kingo is always tryna know if y'all r together or smthng
y'all r so fun together i swear
yk the bring me game
yeah but make it extreme
you ask her for something and just for the laugh of it she runs to the next country to get it for you
and you're like where is it this time
back to the artifact things, Makkari is usually pretty strict about her stuff and no one not even Druig can freely touch it or smn
well except you
this one time the eternals visited the two of you and they were talking about one of Makkari's artifact heists and you're like oh this one ? then proceeds to hold out said item and they're like WAIT PUT IT BACK W— and Makkari enters the room, stares at you before smiling
spoiled i cant
in the end you both ask each other out at the same time and its funny and u end up laughing abt it for days
Tumblr media
sorry shes just rlly beautiful
anys if you've read my one shot of her joining a hunt tysm
but basically she shows off whatever she's able to kill
ITS KIND OF ????? but like hear me out
Thena takes pride in her skills and whenever shes able to use it, she shows off her work
like for example, if you're an eternal, whenever she'd kill a deviant, she'd walk over to you and tell you what she achieved and you'd give her a praise and she melts.
also for like survival purposes and she brings home the results of her hunt, she just smiles at you expecting you to praise them
you had to give her a lecture that she shouldn't do that anymore cause poor animals
very protective
both of you were doing groceries and someone managed to knock a couple of items off the shelf and she just summons a spear, ready to attack. the person almost died of a heart attack and you had to lecture Thena again
craves for your attention
just .... stares at you bc she can't find it in herself to tell you what she wants
you're confused at first but then it just clicks
thena is a v cute cat
Unintentionally sticks herself to you
Thena does not know personal space when it comes to you
She doesn't even notice it herself
you almost die from the shock when Thena suddenly appears next to you, very very close to your face
tells you everything
if you're curious about stuff, she tells you with no hesitation
however if its info from someone she trusts for example you'd want to know something about Gilgamesh or Druig or any of the Eternals
she'd try to give info but not fully disclose stuff bc she stays true to her word
Allows you to rest on her lap or lean against her
she is surprisingly comfortable to lean on
you'd fall asleep easily and not get disturbed bc she's on protect mode and glares at people who are too loud
she wants to try stuff for you
she stuck her hand in a toaster once bc she wanted to make you breakfast and you just screamed in terror
never again
anys shes the one who asks you out and u just kiss tf out of her
posted anotha one. TY FOR THE LOVE ON MY TWO WORKS. ill be posting more hehe hoped you enjoyed this lol
- artem
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Sersi: Druig won fair and square. Even Ikaris admits it.
Kingo: Where is Ikaris?
Thena: Still in the showers. We think he’s trying to drown himself.
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1038276637 · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Richard Madden as Ikaris in Eternals (2021)
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beananacake · a day ago
The Accidental Princess (Part 7)
Prince Kit x Reader
Synopsis: A contract has been found, after twenty years, bearing your name and the Prince Kit's... bound in matrimony
Chapter Summary: Kit spends time with Chelina and finds inspiration about his feelings for you.
Word Count: 9.7k words
Warnings: period-typical misogyny, i don't know how military works so if i get this wrong, im sorry, badly translated Spanish sentences, that's it?? (if you see anymore, please tell me)
A/N: Hi guys! For someone who's lost interest in writing this, having written 9.7k words for this chapter alone makes me sound like a liar lol. But this is just more of downtime because the last one had been full of action, in some ways. A very big thank you to the people who are still reading this. Also, I think we're nearing the end. I have a feeling it might end by Part 10, so hang on! As always, thoughts, reviews, comments, suggestions, requests (and reblogs) are very much welcome! TAGLIST IS OPEN for this story! Not beta'd, we die like men (2). Please enjoy Part 7 of The Accidental Princess!
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 |
Tumblr media
Kit had seen in your eyes that you loved him. Words were not needed when he had asked you that question because the look in your eyes, the heartbreak in them, spoke volumes more than any words could. And it angered him. It angered him that his own father would prevent you from speaking of your true affections.
You had been quite the expert evader since that night in the garden. He had been sure that when he had seen you sat in the courtyard or in the library, when he’d make his way to you, you’d simply vanish. It was like you were a figment of his needy imagination, always just at arm’s reach to entice him but if he made a move to come closer, you’d just disappear. He blamed himself for that.
He hated his circumstance with a passion. Loathe that he was born a prince and that his life had been planned since his conception. Angered that he would have no choice of a bride because if he had chosen any less than a princess, it would be the wrong decision that would impact the future of the kingdom. And exasperated that he had to think not of himself but the kingdom that he would soon lead. All his life he had been a prince, defined by the headpiece and the power that came with it and not the man who wore and wielded it.
He knew he would have given crown and country to just be a man of no consequence and be free to love you without constraint. He had no brothers nor sisters and his cousins would inherit the throne should he think to abdicate. Louis would be king, and Kit would be free to love you. But then, Louis would have to be schooled on how to run the kingdom. While he had no doubts his cousin would make a good king, he wondered if he would be as capable as him, who had been taught by the land’s best masters since the moment he could speak.
But Louis had no designs on being king. Of that, he had told his cousin years past. He had even hated being duke because he did not want to be saddled with the responsibilities that came with the title. And now that he was, Kit noticed the tiredness on his usually jolly older cousin. If he had been king, it would very well have sucked the vivaciousness from him. He would not want to pass this torment to his cousin. As much as how he wanted circumstances changed, this was his cross to bear. He was the prince of this realm, and he was to become the king of it.
Kit walked down the hallways aimlessly. He had forgotten how he had been like before he started spending most of his time with you. He knew he had businesses to conduct but he had finished the night before those ones that needed his immediate attention. He had also finished his training with Captain Thibault yesterday. The time for hunting had passed. And truly, there was nothing to do but to just be.
He heard music coming from the parlor and headed there, knowing he’d find his betrothed. Princess Chelina had regaled him with pieces from Zaragoza the day after she had arrived. She was an accomplished guitarist, having played different pieces from memory and had adapted some of the kingdom’s folk songs to fit her instrument.
He entered the parlor, listening to the princess’s rendition of another folk song as he strode to the opposite side of the room. The princess was there, accompanied by her maid. His father and the Grand Duke were not present, perhaps already in the Great Study. Louis had left for Granville for business some time yesterday. You were most likely walking about the palace grounds since the summer sun was high and the weather beautiful.
He peered through the window, looking down the gardens and finding you talking with the gardener. You had been friendly with the staff of the household. He was proud of you for it; you did not discriminate people according to their status. You treated people with equal regard, may they be peasant or prince.
Kit turned from the window and to the princess. He watched her dexterous guitar playing, entranced at the way her fingers plucked at the strings. The princess played very well, there was no doubt about that. In fact, the princess was an accomplished musician, expert also in the pianoforte and the harp. She had given them a show of her talents a few days past, even going so far as singing an aria. While she could carry a tune, he did not find himself to be truly engaged with the princess. His cousin, however, was truly enthralled with the performance.
When she finished her piece, he clapped.
“Good morning, Your Royal Highness,” Princess Chelina greeted. She rose from her seat and curtsied. “I confess I had been quite engrossed in my music that I did not see you enter the parlor.”
He nodded once in acknowledgement of her greeting. “Forgive me for not announcing myself. Have you been playing for a while?”
“I have. I have found pieces of your kingdom’s music from the library and adapted it to my guitar. Would you like to listen to another?”
He had been ready to decline, wanting to just watch you from the window, but he remembered the words you had told him before. While he had not resigned himself to his fate just yet, he knew you were right about spending time with Princess Chelina. Sooner or later, he would have to get to know more of her.
“Please,” Kit said as he sat on the sofa opposite hers. “I would be delighted to hear you play.”
The princess smiled, arranging herself in her seat as she propped the guitar on her lap. She shuffled through the papers in front of her, looking through them purposefully.
He watched the princess, examined the way she handled herself even in the most mindless of tasks. She held herself with an air of regality, self-assured in her movements. Even as she riffled through the sheet music, she did not second-guess herself. It was a trait of a queen, to be sure of one’s actions even in the most menial of things. She and you were the same but she lacked a certain… je ne sais qoui about her that he found in you.
Heavens, Kit. You’re in love with Y/N and not with Chelina. Do not find fault in her simply because she is not the one you love, Kit berated himself. He ought to be friendly with his betrothed. It was not her fault she had been chosen by his father to be future queen of the kingdom, instead of the one he loved.
He heard the first few strands of a lullaby, brows drawing closer together at the familiarity of it. His governess had sung it to him when he was younger. His mother also had, one time, when he had been too young and too afraid of the passing storm. It was a lullaby that calmed him, and he never quite forgotten how it went. He only did not remember what it was named.
Princess Chelina’s fingers plucked and strummed at her instrument. She looked deeply engrossed in the music, even going as far as closing her eyes as she played on. Kit was as carried away as the princess was with the music. She played passionately, presumably feeling each note her fingers touched. She looked quite fetching as she focused on the music.
It was a shame, then, that he did not find her exciting as a whole. Even as he tried to convince himself to try and even admire her, he could not do it. It was only you for him, even if the world said it was not meant to be.
When the last notes ebbed away, the princess looked at him with a courteous smile upon her face.
“That was beautiful, Your Royal Highness,” Kit commented, smiling as his memories faded with the music. “It sounds familiar to me, but I could not name it.”
She picked at the sheet music and read the title out loud. “It is called ‘Lavender’s Blue.’ It is your kingdom’s folk song, I believe. I do not remember having learned this in my home country.”
Lavender. It was the title of the lullaby that calmed him. It was also, coincidentally, your favorite flower. Why, why must everything remind him of you? You were inescapable.
He cleared his throat. “Ah,” he said as he nodded. “I see. Thank you.”
“It is a beautiful song.”
“It is.”
The silence that reigned in the room was painful and long. Kit had no more words to tell. The Princess Chelina had no more music to play.
Was this how his marriage to her would be? No words? Nothing more other than pleasantries and compliments? His parents never ran out of topics to converse about. With you, he had no need to think of one after starting because conversation flowed easily. With Chelina, he had to think of common ground for them to talk of but even then, the conversation was stilted and, quite frankly, boring.
He rose from his seat with the idea of finding some other useful employment in his mind when the princess called for his attention.
“How far away is Granville?” she asked. Her eyes held an unusual sparkle in them as she looked at him.
He raised a brow, caught surprised by her question. “A few hours’ travel from here, Your Royal Highness."
"Shall we go? I would love to see your cousin’s estate. I have heard it is quite beautiful.”
There was excitement on her face, something he had not seen before on the princess. Normally, she was quite reserved. Seeing this certain emotion on the princess made Kit think it was not the estate she was eager to see. After all, he had caught her glances at his cousin.
“When would you like to leave?” he asked, already nodding to one of the footmen.
“Can we leave as soon as the carriage is ready? I would not want to waste daylight.” She passed her guitar to her maid and straightened her skirts.
He hummed in surprise. She seemed quite eager to see Granville. “Very well,” Kit acquiesced. “I shall have to inform the Grand Duke that we are to leave.”
She smiled at him gratefully. “Thank you, Your Royal Highness.”
Once all permissions were given—with the express command that you were to not join them—and the carriage readied, he and the princess were on the way to his cousin’s grand estate.
“I wonder how it is like,” she mused. “When the duke spoke of it, he says it like it is heaven on earth. Miss Y/N says the same of it.”
Kit’s ears perked at the mention of your name, disregarding the rest of her statement. “You had talked to her?”
Chelina cocked her head to the side, small smile playing on her lips like she knew a secret he did not. “I had been with her to the square the day before. There was conversation while she showed me the place.”
“I see.”
“She spoke little but she is a very amiable person. I believe we are friends. Or I would like to think so. She is reserved around me. Perhaps I would need more time to talk with her so I may convince her of a friendship.”
He only nodded.
“She is quite personable around the duke. I think they make a fine pair. I told her of such.”
He raised his brow at that. You had told him that Louis was merely a friend, and that he did not admire you in the way you had with him. His stomach dropped at the thought of Louis suddenly considering you to be a candidate as the future Duchess of Granville. Although Louis had told him that he had no plans of marrying any time soon, the closeness you and he shared, especially after Kit had confessed his feelings to you and you had not told him of yours, was alarming.
Had he looked into your eyes too much and, maybe, his own love convinced him that you were in love with him? That he only saw a reflection of his in yours because he had been too blind to allow any other answer?
“But I believe she said his heart has been taken by another.”
His heart gave a sudden violent thump in his chest. “Taken by another?” So it was not you. The relief that washed over him was as blessed as rain during drought.
Chelina gave a delicate shrug of her shoulders. “I had tried prying the name from her but she says she does not know who. I don’t believe her. She’s rather coy when she answers.” After a moment of silence, she asked: “Is your heart taken, Your Royal Highness?”
“I beg your pardon?” Kit blurted, then promptly apologized. “Forgive me. Your question surprised me.”
“I do not find it surprising at all.” She gave him another of those small smiles of her, this time it seemed to stem from her amusement. “Am I to believe you find our arrangement more than just for alliance?”
“Your Royal Highness—”
She held out a hand towards him, stopping him in his wake. “Let me just say that I am all right with whatever answer you give. If you are uncomfortable with admitting your truth, then allow me to tell you of mine first. I know there is little affection between us. I do not hold you in any regard other than respect. If you do possess any love towards me, then I am sorry to say that I cannot return it.”
He let out a breath, wetting his lips as he considered his answer. Chelina was gracious to let him know her sentiments on their match, but it was not princely of him to blatantly admit he had no feelings towards her.
“Princess,” he started. He looked into her anticipating eyes, seeing how different they were from yours. Yours held wonderment in them and were as warm as the hearth, inviting and calming. Whilst the princess’s eyes only held him with that calculating look of hers. They were warm too, but it lacked the comfort that you seemed to exude.
Chelina cocked her head to the side, waiting for him.
He cleared his throat. “I respect you as well, princess,” was all he said before he leaned back on his seat.
They were silent for a while, just admiring the countryside on the way to his cousin’s estate. The princess proved to be a surprise. He had not expected her to be thus as she always had been quite aloof inside the palace.
She bore a lot of admirable traits about her. She was capable of handling businesses when he had shown her one of his ledgers. Her visions were similar to his, as well as her plans for the country. He was yet to tell her of his mother’s proposals, but he knew she would have input in those as well. His father and the Grand Duke had chosen well for him and the kingdom, even if she was not the one he would have chosen for himself.
“Are you close with your uncle?” Kit asked after a while, catching Chelina’s attention.
“My uncle?”
“The Grand Duke. I confess I only heard him speak of you when he suggested I take you as a bride. He had not talked much of you or his sister, your mother.”
It took her a moment to answer his questions. “We are… not especially fond of each other. My mother rarely speaks about him and when she does, it is only to tell that they are brother and sister.”
“She holds no affection for him?”
“Perhaps only that of sisterly regard. I do not think they grew up rather close with each other.”
“And by extension, you are not close with him.”
She nodded.
“Have you ever talked with him even before he suggested we wed?”
“I have not.” Her delicate brows furrowed on her forehead. “He is an absentee uncle, even during feasts and celebrations where he is invited. I do not remember seeing him in any of my father’s or mother’s birthday feasts since I had been old enough to attend.”
“Has he any faults against your mother for her not to speak of him?”
“If he has, I am unaware of it. I had only met him once before and even then, he did not speak much with me.”
Kit nodded. He looked at the princess, regarding her quietly. “He shall be the only kin you will have in the palace when we are wed.”
“I have resigned myself to that fate.” She said nonchalantly. “There is nothing for me to do but to accept it.”
“You do not wish your circumstance changed?”
The sigh that left the princess was filled with lament. “I do but there is little use to hope for it to be otherwise.”
He looked at her curiously. “What would you have done differently if you were given the chance?”
“Well,” she started. She licked at her lips before continuing. “I would not wish to be born a princess.”
Of all the answers he was expecting, that was not one of them. He thought she would say she wished to be betrothed to someone else or something akin to that. He had not realized that the princess longed for the same thing as he did.
“I love the life I was given but I would want to be able to handle my own fate, even if my prospects are limited because of my gender. It is rather hard when my life has been planned for me long before I was born. My current circumstance does not give me leave to see the world for myself.”
He nodded in understanding. In all the times he had spent with the princess, he had not expected that she shared the same sentiment as he did about his destiny. It must be harder for the princess because she wanted to explore the world. Kit could do so if he wished; he need only ask permission from his father and he would be given the chance to see the world that laid beyond his kingdom. He had not thought this much for the princess. She seemed too accepting of everything that he failed to consider that she had hopes and dreams for herself.
“And if I were not a princess,” she went on, drawing Kit out of his silent musings. “I would be free to love the one I love. That is the one thing I wish for the most.”
“Yes,” Kit found himself agreeing.
“But this is the life I am born in. There is no changing my circumstance. If I were to try and love someone not of my stature or below my position, the repercussions shall be great but at least, I shall be with the one I love.”
“Are you willing to take the risk for such love?”
The smile that graced her face was now sorrowful. “If I were, I would not have agreed to be betrothed to you.” Her eyes flicked to his.
Kit gave a singular nod.
“And yourself? Are there things you wish to change?”
“You and I are quite similar in that aspect, princess. I wish for the very same; to not be a prince and to love freely and without constraint the lady of my choosing.”
She nodded. “It is a sad predicament we are in, Your Royal Highness.”
Kit did not offer more of his sentiment, finding what he said to the princess enough. There was no need to elaborate what he felt because, surely, the princess felt it too. They both sat in silence, contemplating on the new truths that were revealed to them.
“Granville is beautiful,” Kit said after some time had passed. “I had spent some time growing up there. During summers, when father has finished his business, he would bring me to see my cousins.”
“Is it only beautiful in the summer?”
He shook his head. “It is especially beautiful then. Words do not do it justice.”
“Even the duke said so. He says it is an experience worth having, to be in his estate.”
“Granville is one of the kingdom’s old duchies, and also the most bountiful. I am not knowledgeable of its history. Perhaps when we arrive, I can ask my cousin to tell you of it.”
She smiled gratefully, nodding her head. “Thank you.”
“Now, if you were to look out, you would see his seat.” he said as he pointed at the edifice ahead of them.
Chelina ducked out of the window and he heard the gasp from her when she saw Rideau Hall, the seat of his cousin’s dukedom.
The carriage moved forward, providing the princes with a better view of the stately home.
“Oh, it is magnificent!” she exclaimed.
Kit smiled. “Like heaven on earth.”
Rideau Hall looked as though it hovered above water, an illusion made by elevating the man-made pond from where the house stood. Even Kit was awed by its splendor despite having had visited multiple times before. There was something about Rideau Hall that was breathtaking. Was it the palatial house or the fountain that shot the water up quite high or the expansive emerald-colored land it sat on? Whatever it was, it had the princess tittering in excitement.
“I have never seen anything as wonderful as this!” she cried out passionately. Then she looked at Kit with an abashed expression on her face. “Forgive my giddiness. I’ve only been surrounded by palace walls most of my life. Granville may look like a palace but it is more beautiful. In fact, I believe it is more beautiful than your home, Your Royal Highness.”
The prince gave a small chuckle, relenting because he shared the same thought. When the carriage stopped before the Hall itself and they had alighted, Chelina went on about how she would have loved to explore all of it.
Kit offered his arm to the princess and led her in the house, following the housekeeper towards Louis’s study.
“Where is your favorite place here, Your Royal Highness?” she asked as she looked upon the murals on the walls.
“The hunting grounds, I believe,” Kit answered. “Game was always in stock. If it wasn’t, I would be in the billiards room with my cousin.”
“Such manly sports. I wonder if the parlor has a pianoforte,” she wondered out loud, stopping when he did in front of the study.
“If I remember correctly, there are ten throughout the Hall. Perhaps more now. The duke’s sisters are lovers of music. I believe the duke is, as well.”
The footmen opened the study, revealing Louis talking with his steward. When he had seen his unexpected guests, he immediately scrambled from his seat and made his way to them.
“Cousin! Chelina—I meant, Your Royal Highness!” Kit said as he bowed at the two royals. “I did not receive word you would be visiting my humble abode.” He looked up to grin at the princess.
“Humble, Your Grace?” Chelina teased with a charming smile at the man, breaking free from Kit’s arm. “I would not call your seat humble. It looks far from it.”
Kit nodded at his cousin. “Louis,” he muttered. “The decision was quite spontaneous.”
“I see.” Louis’ eyes were kept trained on the princess, who had now blushed under his stare. He was still smiling at the princess even while addressing his cousin. “Is my dear Y/N with you?”
Kit shook his head. “I was told she could not come,” he said through his teeth.
“Is that so? I must admit I miss her already despite not being away for long. I hope she is well in my absence?”
Kit cleared his throat, feeling it tightening. He hooked a finger on his cravat to loosen it. “Yes, she is. And yes, it is unfortunate she could not come.”
“It’s no matter. I shall see her again upon my return.” Louis finally turned to his cousin with a smile.
Chelina looked at the duke’s table before regarding the man. “Were you busy, Your Grace? We do not wish to impose. I only suggested a trip because there had been nothing to do in the palace.”
“I am quite done with my work. My steward is leaving with the last of my orders. I am free for you to use—Uh, use as a guide, of course. I am free to be the guide to your future home—my home, I meant. Dear me, what are these words I am saying?” He gave a nervous chuckle. “The study has become stuffy as of late. Let us head out and into the gardens for some fresh air.”
The duke offered his arm to the princess, who gladly slipped her hand on the crook of it. Kit had never seen both his cousin and the Princess Chelina in such exuberant spirits. He was amused at his cousin for being flustered, having never seen him be such before. The princess did not seem to mind that the duke was stumbling at his words. Kit noted the blush that showed upon her cheeks and the twinkle in his cousin’s eyes.
Interesting, he thought to himself. He knew the princess was smitten with his cousin. He did not know it went both ways.
Louis led them down the hallways of Rideau Hall, speaking of the décor and the paintings that were hung. Chelina had clung to his arm and hung on his every word. Kit did not mind it; he was glad the princess was not as bored as she had been back in his palace.
“It truly is like heaven on Earth,” Chelina noted once they had exited at the back.
“Rideau Hall has been in my family for generations.” Louis beamed. “It is quite like no other. I am proud to own the most beautiful estate in all of the kingdom.”
“I am, too.” The princess sighed. Then she looked at the duke, eyes wide in surprise. “I meant to say, I am proud that you are proud of your estate, Your Grace,” she mumbled, flustered. “Surely, how can I be proud of something I do not own?”
Truly interesting, Kit thought with a sly smile. The normally-poised princess had become a simpering mess all because of the duke. It did not seem to bother Louis that the princess was being informal with him.
He followed behind them, letting his cousin and his betrothed go on with the tour.
“The gardens are a thing of beauty. I myself am not knowledgeable in their names but I can admire them for how they look.” Louis said as he led them on a path. “My gardens are different than that in the palace. My mother thought a natural-looking garden was more fitting in the estate than the ones she grew up with in the palace.”
The prince looked out to the gardens, finding a variety of plants and flowers all over the place. His mother had loved this place as well but not as much as her private one in their home.
“And over here, we have a sort of a waterfall.” The duke brandished a proud hand towards the cascading structure. “I believe one of my ancestors thought the area bland and decided to build one.”
“It’s beautiful. Where do you get the water for it?” Chelina asked as she examined the structure. There had been no water source near it, only verdant lawns and full trees.
Kit peered at the structure, remembering when he and his cousin were young and how they played on the waters.
“There is a pond up above in the hills. They have constructed it in a way that it flows down the cascades without needing any human intervention.”
On and on the tour went, with Louis telling the history of the place and adding some anecdotes of his younger years with his cousin. There were even whispered conversations that Kit was not privy to. He allowed them to have this time for themselves. After all, his cousin was their host and he would not attempt anything towards the princess that would harm her. Not that Louis was a danger to her. He was more irritating than injurious.
Kit had never seen the princess be so animated; she talked excitedly of the place and asked about anything that took her fancy. She was particularly happy to see the instruments in one of the studies, to which the duke had asked if she wanted to play a duet.
“Oh, I would love to!” she exclaimed with a dazzling smile.
Kit stood by in amusement, watching as Louis and Chelina settled for a piece for them to play. It was obvious that the duke had feelings for the princess. He had showered her with his attention all throughout the tour, answering all of her questions and inquiries, even of the smallest thing in his house. When she had asked about one of the paintings in the gallery, he had readily given it to her. It surprised Kit; Louis was known to keep his collection close to his chest, not even showing his most favorite pieces to him. The simple act of the duke gifting a painting to the princess only cemented the fact that he was smitten with her.
The princess, on the other hand, looked as though she truly belonged in Rideau Hall than she did in the palace. She came alive here; face lighting up with joy. It had also been the first time he had heard of her laugh when Louis told a joke.
“I hope you are a better partner in playing duets than Y/N,” Louis said.
“Does she not play well?” Chelina asked as she settled herself beside the duke.
“She plays as though her hands are being chased by a phantom, speedy and thus out of tune.”
The princess chortled. “Oh! Do not say such mean things. I shall have to tell her you have said that so she knows you have slandered her. I do not think she would appreciate you talking like that of her.”
Louis chuckled along with her. “She knows of it. She knows she plays horrendously. I’ve tried teaching her before, when she had visited Granville, but her fingers only trampled with mine.”
The smile that graced the princess’s lips was affectionate. “You are quite close with her, are you not, Your Grace? You speak too liberally about her.”
“She speaks rather liberally with me as well. We are each other’s greatest friends.”
“And only that?”
“I believe so, yes. We are often in each other’s confidence. I dote on her so and she does the same with me. I call her my pet.”
“Do you love her?”
Kit turned to his cousin abruptly, at the same time Louis did to him. There was a challenging glint in Louis’s eyes as if urging Kit to speak up. He knew, Kit thought, his stomach dropping. His cousin smirked before answering.
“I do,” Louis replied. “But not in the sense you’re thinking of, Your Royal Highness.”
Louis started playing the pianoforte, speaking above the tune. “I love her like a sister and not. She is the other half of my soul in every way but one.”
“And in which way is she not your soul mate?”
The duke played on. Kit watched quietly, waiting for his answer.
“She does not hold my heart and I do not hold hers.”
That seemed to satisfy all of the princess’s inquiries because she started to play alongside Louis. Kit released a breath he was unaware he was holding.
They played three sets of duets, each jollier than the other. Kit took to looking about the room, opening drawers and reading books, and he found a cache of letters in one of the small boxes on the table. He took one out, noting of the dried lavender attached to the wax seal, and read through it. It was nearly impossible to get through the first few lines. It was mostly gibberish, the first line’s thought not connecting with the second. Two separate inks had been used: one ink was darker than the other. It had been signed with your dearest pet. And, oddly enough, it also smelt like you: lavender and lemon.
He replaced the letter in the box, returning to his seat, and watched until his entertainment ended their playing. Chelina’s cheeks were rosy whilst Louis’s face was flushed. They both looked at each other with adoration in their eyes. It dawned on Kit that they were not only infatuated with each other. They were in love.
Much like you and him.
What a comedic turn of events it had been. For Kit to be married to you but also be betrothed to Chelina, whose heart held Louis’s, who was also your greatest friend and his cousin. There must have been a divine being laughing down at everyone’s predicament. No better entertainment it was than to see four individuals be unknowingly connected with each other.
“Will you be staying the night, Cousin?” Louis asked an absent-minded Kit, who only looked at him in question.
The duke repeated his inquiry, to which the prince shook his head in answer. “I’m afraid I only asked that we leave for a day trip. We would need to return to the palace tonight”
Louis looked at over at the window, seeing the setting sun. “You best be on your way if you want to return before dinner.”
“You’re not returning tonight?” the prince asked, making his way to Chelina to help her from her seat.
“I shall be in the palace tomorrow, Cousin. Do not miss me overmuch,” Louis grinned. “The next time you visit, I shall show you my tenants. We have a celebration for the end of the harvest and they shall be holding a feast. You shall be our guests of honor.”
The princess smiled as she stood. When she faced Louis once more, the change on her face was immediate. The joy in it was gone. In its place was an expression similar to pining and sadness. “I thank you for showing me your home, Your Grace. Its splendor is unmatched. I am already longing to return even before I leave.”
The duke took her hand, placing a delicate kiss upon the back of her fingers. “I will be waiting for your return.”
Kit did not miss the similar look of sadness on their faces.
“Vuelve a mí tan pronto como puedas, Don Louis,” Chelina murmured softly.
“No hay nada que desee más que estar contigo, Señora Chelina.” Louis said before he dropped the princess’s hand and straightened.
Kit did not understand what had transpired but he knew it was something heartfelt because the look that washed on the princess’s face was a mix of devotion and sorrow. The duke escorted the princess to the carriage, kissing her knuckles as he bade them a safe journey back to the palace.
The travel was spent in contemplative silence; both their moods subdued over voiced and unsaid confessions. Even throughout dinner—where you were not present, much to Kit’s disappointment—there were no words uttered from both the prince and the princess.
The next day, Kit kept himself busy. He spent the better part of his morning training with Captain Thibault to improve his swordplay. He tried keeping his mind from you and of what he had discovered of his cousin and his betrothed but he could not. It was also made apparent in the way he wielded his sword against the Captain.
Thibault’s sword parried Kit’s, prompting the prince to retaliate. He jabbed its end against the Captain, who then used his lance to shove it off his chest.
“I have taught you more than just jabbing,” Thibault called over the loud clanging.
Kit only grunted in frustration. He had gotten better in his swordplay but with all of the distraction in his head, his movements were only as good as a newborn foal trying to stand.
He thrust his sword towards his friend, only to have his sword flung from his hand and the Captain’s against the side of his neck. Kit groaned.
“Wake up, Your Royal Highness. You’re in a daze.” Thibault said as he patted the prince on the shoulder with the fuller of his sword.
“I’m sorry,” Kit murmured, shaking his head.
“You have been off since your Mother’s feast.”
The prince sighed. “I can’t stop thinking about—” He was close to saying your name but he paused. The Captain was unaware of the situation and with the many ears about the training grounds, it was best he kept you his own secret.
But Thibault seemed to have caught on, being that he was Kit’s friend growing up. “Miss Y/N?” he asked casually, giving his sword to his awaiting footman.
Kit looked at the Captain in surprise, not thinking his musings had been quite obvious. “Yes. Y/N.” He said with a sigh of defeat.
“I must say, I haven’t seen you this smitten with the other ladies before.”
“That is because they are not her.”
Thibault’s brows lifted, amused at his prince and friend. “And, pray tell, what is her and why are they not such?”
Kit sighed again. He thanked and waved his footman away. “It is a complex explanation, Thibault, and one I must keep in strict confidence.”
“If you do not share it, Kit, how may I be of help then?”
He considered sharing it, even before the situation had gotten more complex. Surely, Thibault would understand. He had known the prince since he was young, had played soldiers with him in the garden. If there was one person Kit could trust, it was the Captain of the Guards.
He looked around the grounds, noting the waning number of soldiers. Thibault seemed to have nodded them off the place. When it has been cleared and the doors closed for privacy, Kit turned to his friend.
“What I am about to tell you must be kept a secret. You shall not tell anyone of it, or else it shall endanger Y/N."
Thibault’s brows rose once more. The gravity in the prince’s face made the captain nod. “Of course, Your Royal Highness.”
Kit inhaled deeply. “Y/N and I had been married for twenty years.”
“I beg your pardon?” Thibault sputtered.
Kit recounted what had happened that faithful day twenty years ago, putting great emphasis on the fact that you did not mean to snare him into marriage, that it was only a matter of friendship that you had wanted but you had unknowingly trapped the both of you in matrimony. He told of how he recently found out for himself that he had been your husband for most of his life. Your presence in the palace was only for the divorce and that Kit did not realize he would fall in love with you more than he would his fiancée. He even spoke of what he had found out about Louis and Chelina.
Thibault listened carefully of what he was told. When Kit finished, he looked at his friend and nodded gravely. “To reiterate, you are married to Miss—I meant, Princess—Y/N while also betrothed to the Princess Chelina. The Duke of Granville, your cousin, is in love with Princess Chelina. He is Princess Y/N’s dearest friend, and is also your cousin. The Princess Chelina is betrothed to you but is in love with the Duke of Granville? And you are very much in love with your wife. Well, it is certainly a… plight.”
Kit paced across the training room, shaking his head and his hands. “It is,” grumbled Kit. “Every day, I find myself falling more in love with Y/N and not with Chelina.”
“Grumbling about it will not help,” Thibault remarked. “Nor would pacing.”
He stopped and stood before his friend. “What must I do then? I love Y/N, I yearn for her. I know I will not forget about her for the rest of my life.”
“What has the king said about this?”
“He is adamant about the divorce. He will not have it any other way.” Kit growled in aggravation. “Have you seen Y/N at Mother’s feast? Have you seen how she danced and talked with princes and nobles? Why, if we are not desperate for an allegiance with Zaragoza, her diplomacy and the way she engaged the royals and nobles in talk would surely make my father consider her suitable.”
Thibault nodded. Before he could have a say, the prince went on.
“You have seen her in the square, haven’t you? When I first brought her there? Did you see how amiable she was towards the citizens? She knew she is a princess and yet she treats the others like her friends, and not her servants. You saw how freely she gave her compliments and how she remarked upon everything her eyes landed on. You saw that she is good and kind and charming. She is the perfect princess for the kingdom.”
“Then fight for her.”
Kit looked at his friend, brow raised at his suggestion.
“Fight for her, Kit. You have given me reasons to see why she is the suitable future queen. Have you given the same ones to your father?”
He shook his head no. “He would not listen. He has made up his mind. He and the Grand Duke only want me to wed a princess, not someone common like Y/N.”
“Perhaps it is because they had not seen you this passionate about her.”
“Any talk of her, Father will immediately cease.”
“Then try harder. You love her, don’t you? You would do whatever it shall take for her.” Thibault placed his hand on Kit’s shoulder, squeezing it. “She is your princess, Kit. You are her prince.”
That seemed to placate the prince into consideration. “What of my engagement to Chelina?”
The look on the Captain’s face was wry. “I think she would thank you for a broken engagement. She would then be free to love the Duke of Granville. He owns the biggest duchy in the kingdom, does he not? Granville’s riches can rival that of a smaller territory. And if their love affair ends in marriage, then you would still have an allegiance in Zaragoza through your cousin.”
Thibault’s words rang through Kit’s mind as he walked down the hall to the Great Study. If the Captain believed in you to be the kingdom’s princess, then it would be easy to convince his father of it. And his reasons were sound. His father had been present in the feast and surely, he had seen how you had interacted with the people. It would be apparent to the king all of Kit’s evidences as to why you were the perfect princess for him and had the makings of a future queen.
He entered the study, going to his father with purposeful strides. The king sat behind his busy table, seemingly drowning in work from all of the affairs of the land.
The king looked up and held out a piece of paper.
“Have you any idea of this, Kit?” the king asked.
He frowned, looking at the paper his father held in his hand.
“I don’t believe I had, Father.”
The king frowned. “Are you panting, my boy? Go have some tea. What had you been up to?”
“Have some tea.”
“I had just returned from training. I already had some.”
“Humor me, Kit. Have some tea. It is a rather invigorating blend. I find it brings up my spirits.”
Kit huffed, plans waylaid even before he had the chance to tell his father of it. He went over to the other table and poured himself a cup. If he started on talking about you, his father would immediately put an end to it. Perhaps if he were to listen to his father first, then he would easily slip in his plea about you.
“What does the letter say, Father? Is it a concern I shall have to see to immediately?”
“It is from Prince Frederick. He wishes to commence a partnership with us.”
Kit sipped the tea, finding it refreshing with its hints of lemon and mint. “A partnership? He penned the letter himself?”
“A partnership for trade. He writes that he has found products in our kingdom that could not be found anywhere else. He would want to broker a deal with us before any other kingdoms could do so.”
He went to his father and over his shoulder, he read the letter. It was an informal proposal for a trade partnership but he had seen contracts signed by the prince and of his father to know that this was indeed a genuine letter from the Prussian monarch’s son.
“He also asks that Y/N’s father be the emissary of our kingdom to theirs.”
Kit frowned. “Specifically him?”
“Yes.” The king said as he read over the words once more. “Did he not dance with Y/N during the feast?”
He set his cup down on the saucer gently. It was his time to tell his father of you. “Yes, he did.” And he was an admirer of hers as well, Kit thought surly.
The king folded the letter and placed it under the books before he looked at his son. “She has danced with the Prince of Prussia and the Prince of the Two Sicillies as well as a handful of powerful lords.” He noted absently.
So, his father had noticed you during the feast. “Yes, I had watched her do so. Father—”
“How is the Princess Chelina? I had heard you brought her to Rideau Hall yesterday.” He suddenly asked.
Deuce it, Kit thought sourly. He missed his chance. “Yes, I did. She wished to see Granville.” He brought his cup to his lips once more to cover his frown.
“And her thoughts?”
“She finds Granville exhilarating.”
The king nodded at his son’s hand, towards the cup he held. “How do you find the tea?”
Kit raised a brow at the direction of where the conversation was going. “Quite refreshing. Is this a new blend?”
“It is Miss Y/N’s.” he replied.
There you were again. As he was about to tell his father of you, the king carried on.
“I specifically requested Cook to bring her blend of tea instead of the usual one the Grand Duke brings for me. This, I find, is quite stimulating.”
He sighed inwardly. Patience, Kit, he told himself. He looked at his father over the teacup. “You do look quite well, Father. Have you had the physician visit you?”
“Yes. He said there is marked improvement in my health.”
“Is that so? Has there been any change in your diet?”
“Only the tea.”
Your blend of tea. His father had been sickly when you had arrived but in the weeks since, you had somehow restored his health just with your mere tea. You had given everyone hope and yet you deny yourself of it. Kit knew he must make his plea to his father known.
“On to the matter of the prince’s missive,” the king started.
Kit sighed, placing his cup down on. It was hopeless. “Yes, Father? Did he say which products?” he relented.
He walked back to his desk, drawing to him his business papers from the day before.
The king produced a strained sound from his throat. “It appears he has found our precious stones.”
Kit’s brows flattened across his forehead. “Mother forbade the export of those stones. How did he learn of them?”
“They are available for sale in the square but surely, the merchants would have told the prince that they cannot be brought across the borders with the purpose of selling them without having told us.”
The prince looked at his father. “If they had not, they would have offered to tell. Otherwise, each stall and store selling the stones should be given a copy of the decree. It should be hung within immediate sight of the customers for them to read.”
Upon his mother’s marriage to his father and at her proclamation as queen, she had been given all of the islands separate from the mainland and the mountain ridges of the kingdom. Included in these landforms were every bounty found within. Recently, they had discovered the mines, which held all of the kingdom’s precious stones. And Queen Amalie, intelligent as she was, decided on using it as a trade item for other more territories since she knew the stones would not be found anywhere else.
Kit shuffled through his papers, plucking that of his mother’s proposal and read through it. She had owned the mines, and all other parties interested in purchasing them, she had turned down. Kit did not know why—she had not written it in any of the papers—but he promised to himself that he would see to his mother’s plans, come what may.
“Do you not think this is the perfect opportunity for us to reconsider the offers for those mines? The Grand Duke thinks it wise that we do,” the king said.
He looked up to his father. “You wish to sell them? But they’re mother’s.”
“Why, yes, of course. In exchange for more products from other countries.” The king sighed. “And your mother is gone, Kit. You know the ownership of those lands has returned to me.”
“I do not think it a good idea, Father.”
“We wouldn’t want our citizens to starve. The war has depleted us of our resources. I heard news that our poorest citizens have to ration their grain for the remainder of the year, even perhaps until the next.”
“I know of that but selling the mines would create a solution only for the foreseeable future.” He said. “What happens next when the coffers run dry?”
“Then we sell more of our other products. If that will not suffice, we can turn to Princess Chelina and the products her country may offer us.”
“We cannot be dependent on them.”
“We are not being dependent on them. With your marriage, her dowry should also allow for you to own lands in Zaragoza that you may use accordingly. We shall plant and use the produce from there.”
Kit frowned. “And if the yield is not as expected? What then? We sell our forests next?”
The king raised a silver brow at his son. “That is not what I meant, Kit. If we sell the mines—”
“If we sell the mines, we will have money for the next decade, yes.” He said with a nod. “But if we do not and instead, create more jobs with the use of the mine, it shall fund us for more.”
He watched as his father considered his words. The king only shook his head. Kit returned to the proposal in his hand, sighing. His father had to see reason. Selling of the mines would not be beneficial to the kingdom, even if it would bring about riches.
His father rose from his seat, heading towards the table that held the tea set and Kit remembered why he was in the Great Study. He was to fight for his love to be with you. How else should his father consider you suitable for him than to tell of your accomplishments?
“Father,” Kit tried cautiously. “Have you considered Y/N’s connections?”
“Connections?” The king poured himself another cup of your refreshing tea.
“Yes. Two Sicillies is a powerful territory as well, with more trade routes as they are nearer to the sea and is not landlocked. Y/N is friends with Prince Giacomo. She already has a connection that Princess Chelina does not have.”
His father hummed as he returned to his seat. “I see.”
“And?” Kit prompted.
“And, what?”
“Is that not enough for you to consider that we remain wed?”
The king’s silver brows flattened as he looked at his son. “You are to marry a princess. She is not—”
“She is, now that she is married to me.”
“We have talked about this. You are to marry the Princess Chelina. It has already been decided. There is nothing you can do to convince me or the Grand Duke otherwise.”
“Even if Y/N is friends with princes and nobles?”
“That makes her a capable diplomat. Not a princess.”
Kit sighed. “Father.”
“What does she have to offer the kingdom? Nothing. Just her friendship with the countries.”
“And have you not said that that is as important as owning vast lands? Her connections would make it easy for us to garner more since she is no ordinary emissary. She is their friend and friends would trust their other friends’ judgement.” He told the king.
He walked purposefully to his father. The king only looked at his son from where he sat.
“Princess Chelina is a princess. Yes, she is at an advantage compared to Y/N because of her status but consider how many travels Y/N has compared to her. She has seen firsthand what it is like in other kingdoms, had sampled their products and been with their people. Y/N can help us with our plans for the land.” Kit said.
The king looked at his son, fingers steepled before his mouth. “We are already in alliance with Two Sicillies, that is why she is friends with the prince. What we need is more infantry that will help us in times of war.”
“The Count of Blois’s earldom is a reserve for the military.” Kit stated. “So is the duchy of the Duke of Kenilworth. Prince Giacomo has an armada. They are all friends with Y/N.”
“They are not from our kingdom.”
“No, they are not, but we would want their allegiance with us should someone wage war on us again.”
“Then her father can persuade them for us, when the time calls for it.”
The prince huffed. “Father.”
“Do you not see? Even in Y/N, we already have a powerful alliance. Her friendship with these nobles would benefit us. She does not need a title.”
“Ah, but a title is what is wanted, Your Royal Highness,” spoke the Grand Duke from the entrance of the Great Study.
Kit grunted, turning to the man. He raised a brow at the noble. “A title is hardly wanted or needed if it does not work in our favor, Grand Duke.”
“Aragon is a great and powerful country. It is coveted by many kingdoms for its bounty and army.” The Grand Duke told him and bowed before the monarch. “Your Majesty.”
The king nodded in agreement. “The Grand Duke is right, Kit. And it is your title that enticed Aragon into letting them agree on a marriage contract with you and Princess Chelina.”
“Was it my title or was it the Grand Duke’s persuasion, Father?” Kit asked, looking back at the king. “You hardly made choices without the Grand Duke’s approval.”
“He is my adviser. I trust his judgement. He has not failed us.”
The Grand Duke preened at the king’s words.
“You did not need an adviser when mother was alive. You were sure of your decrees and proclamations. You had no problems deciding on your own and now, you trust the Grand Duke’s judgement more than you do yours.” Kit said.
The king sighed. “I am an old man, Kit. My health is waning. You are far from ready from taking over the throne, especially when this is how you think. The Grand Duke shall be of great help to you.”
“We hardly had any new proclamations since mother’s death, Father. She did not need any advisers to tell her on which issues of the kingdom needed attending to.” He walked over to his desk and held up his mother’s proposals. “She knew this would usher us into garnering more alliances and trade since our yield had lessen in the last two years. She did not turn to your adviser for any help when she had drafted this. It is near perfect.”
“And yet, it is not passed.” The nobleman said nonchalantly.
The contempt Kit felt at the man for speaking against his mother was unlike any other. It bubbled at the pit of his stomach and attempted to add more vitriol in his already acidic words. “My mother died before she had the chance to do so. And if we are on the subject of my mother, she has passed many laws and decrees long before you arrived and certainly even after you had. How about you? What have you passed that had benefited the kingdom?”
“Kit.” There was a warning edge to the king’s voice.
He ignored his father. His eyes were still set on the Grand Duke, who squirmed the longer Kit watched him. “Do not speak of my mother as though she had no contribution to the land. She has done more than you had, even when you had arrived to help my father.”
“Kit. That is enough.”
Kit sneered at the nobleman before turning to his father. “All I am saying, Father, is with his niece, we are only getting one alliance. With Y/N, her friendship can assure us of more.”
“What self-respecting royal would like to be connected with her? A diplomat’s daughter? A commoner? No one will ever think of allying themselves to someone with the likes of her. Y/N Y/L/N is of no consequence.” The noble scoffed.
The prince fisted his hand, ready to pounce at the man for disrespecting you. “Take care of your words, Grand Duke. You are speaking about my wife.” he said, tone angry and authoritative.
“I’m sorry? Did I hear it right?” a voice said from the door.
Kit whipped around, finding his cousin looking at them with the most perplexed expression on his face.
“You’re married to Y/N?” Louis asked.
Tumblr media
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supercap2319 · 21 hours ago
Golden Light & Shields Chapter 3
Ikaris x Male Reader
A/N: Chapter 3 is here. Writing helps with the stress of school lol.
Tumblr media
The next morning was spent on what to do with Ajak. She had her color back but was still weak from having her energy drained by the Deviant. There was debate on whether to leave her here on her farm, or take her with them to Mumbai, to Kingo. “She's been injured. There's no way we could take her,” Sersi said.
“That's true, but we can't just leave her. That Deviant followed us here from London and could come back and Ajak won't have the strength to defend herself,” Y/N protested. They all turn to Ikaris. He looks at them confused. “What?”
“You’re the leader now, Iceberg. It's your decision.”
Ikaris sighed. “We take Ajak with us. It's better she's with us than on her own.”
After packing a bag for Ajak and a quick breakfast, the Eternals and Y/N set out for a flight out of South Dakota, and to Mumbai, India. Y/N’s thankful for his passport and visa. After spending 16 hours and 39 minutes on an airplane, they finally landed in Mumbai. Ikaris and Y/N helped Ajak and carried her stuff as they found a place for her to stay, while they went to go find Kingo.
They found themselves on the set of a movie being made. There was a woman singing about a ‘Nach, mera hero.’ Several women in long dresses dance around with a piece of cloth in their hands as they twirl and move off to the side. The lights turn on in the center of the set are several men dressed like guards, as a man with dark hair and skin is dressed like Ikaris. He and the other males begin to dance to the beat of the music. Y/N and Sersi look on in wonder as Ikaris and Sprite look disturbed.
“That's Kingo, right?” Y/N asks Ikaris, pointing at the man in the middle.
“Yeah, that's him,” Ikaris responds.
“Why is he dressed like you?”
“No idea.”
They continue to watch as the men dressed as guards move off to the side as the women take center stage and begin to dance as Kingo walks around the side. A man comes up to them. “Welcome. I am Karun Patel. Kingo’s valet,” Karun says. “It's truly an honor to be in the presence of the great Eternals and a mighty Avenger.” The final dance number is coming up as Kingo and his leading lady continue the last part of their dance, red and white petals falling on them as they stop and so does the music.
“Cut! Okay, everyone, that was good. But we could do 10% better,” Kingo says. “That was beautiful. Very, very, good. Really so good.” He takes notice of Ikaris, Sprite, and Sersi.
“Ahh, my friends from college are here.” He hugs Ikaris. “Hello, boss! Perfect timing. Welcome to the set of…” He speaks in Hindi. “Legend of Icarus. I'm playing you! You like the costume?”
“We need to talk,” Ikaris says as Kingo keeps talking. “Tell the director I have some notes for him–”
“–We need to talk to you in private,” Y/N interrupts.
“I’m sorry, but who are you?” Kingo asks, looking at Y/N.
“My name is Y/N Maximoff, an active member of the Avengers, codename: Prometheus,” Y/N said.
“Dude, you're an Avenger? Do you know Thor—of course you know, Thor. Why would you be an Avenger and not know Thor?”
Y/N chuckles. “Yes, I know Thor quite well.”
“Awesome, the name’s Kingo,” Kingo held out a hand for Y/N to shake. “Nice to meet you, Kingo. Ikaris has told me all about you.”
“Oh, really? What did he say about me?” Kingo eyed Ikaris suspiciously.
“All good things, I promise.”
“We need to talk to you in private,” Sprite says, pointing a thumb at Karun.
“Oh, Karun. He's worked with me for 50 years. I trust him completely,” Kingo says. “Actually, when we first met, he thought I was a vampire, and he tried to stake me through the heart.”
“I have apologized so many times,” Karun chuckled.
“Not quite enough times. Very close, though. I'll let you know. Oh, I have to get ready for the next scene. Come to my tent, we'll talk there. You guys are gonna love the next scene. I come in on a wire 'cause, you know, I can't fly. Wait, are we getting back together?”
“We need to talk,” Sersi said as they followed Kingo to his tent. “I've been waiting for the day the world learns the true identity of the Shadow Warrior—”
“—Ajak was almost killed,” Sprite said.
Kingo froze, then looked at them through the mirror. “What?!”
“It was a Deviant. The Deviants are back. We don't know how many there are. You need to come with us,” Ikaris places a hand on Kingo’s shoulder. Kingo gets up and walks out of his tent, obviously disturbed by the news. He heads toward the exit of the set. He looks at the poster for his movie. “I can't just go. I mean, all of these people depend on me. We just started shooting this movie. It's the first of a trilogy. We just got BTS to do a cameo…”
“Sir, may I say something?” Karun asks.
“Please don't say anything.”
“I think you should go.”
“I just said don't say anything,” Kingo said.
"Life affords no greater duty than to protect one's family!" Remember? It's your favorite line from The Shadow Warrior 2: Voyage of Time. Your family needs you,” Karun reminds him.
Kingo sighs.
That's how they all found themselves on Kingo’s private jet as they headed to Australia to find Thena and Gilgamesh. Ajak was doing better and Kingo was so happy to see her again. It’s been what? 7,000 years?
“Seven thousand years. That's how long the battle between Eternals and Deviants has raged for. You think I'm a movie star? Well, I am. But I am also... an Eternal,” Kingo says dramatically as Karun records him with a camera.
“Kingo, what are you doing?” Sprite asks, annoyed.
“I think we should be remembered, so... I am making a documentary about us. You are about to meet my fellow Eternal Sprite.” Sprite looks at Sersi for help. “Sprite, tell them about yourself.”
“Oh, wait,” she says as she flips Kingo off and disappears.
“I wonder who taught her that one?” Ajak said.
“Okay, well, we'll circle back to her. This is Sersi. Sersi, tell them about yourself.” The camera is on Sersi, who looks uncomfortable. “Uh…”
“We're rolling.”
“Well, uh... I can change a rock into water. Uh, I could turn a rock into wood. Or a rock into metal. Actually, one time, I turned a rock into air,” Sersi states honestly.
“Cut. Um, you know what? Why don't you think about it, and we'll get back to you, okay? Let's go,” Kingo said as they headed to the back.
Y/N’s hand inched towards Ikaris’s drink as he was munching peanuts and wasn’t looking. Just as Y/N was about to grab it, Ikaris grabbed it without looking at him. He turned to Y/N and smirked. “And just what do you think you're doing, hmm?”
“Come on, Ikaris, I'm thirsty,” Y/N said.
“Well, why do you grab yourself a fancy water or soda or something?”
“Why can’t I have that?” Y/N pointed to Ikaris’s alcoholic drink.
“You’re underaged and the last thing I need is a drunk boyfriend,” Ikaris said.
“But I can’t get drunk. Not even Thor’s Asgardian home-brewed liquor can get me buzzed,” Y/N protested. “I’m about to turn 21.” Ikaris gave him a look. “In like a year from now, but the point is I’m an adult.”
“Sorry, Duckling, but this is not for you,” Ikaris kissed Y/N on the cheek and walked and sat down next to Sersi as Y/N pouted.
Sersi was looking down at her phone, texting. “Sprite says you're addicted to this thing,” Ikaris says.
“Oh, this?” She holds up her phone. “Look at this.” She uses an app that changes Ikaris’s face to what he would look like as an old man. “Whoa.”
“You know, seeing as we don't age. I think you look quite good. Don't you?” She takes a picture as they both chuckle.
“Nobody ever wonders how you managed to be the leading man for over 100 years?” Sprite asks Kingo. They were in another part of the plane.
“Oh, I don't know what you're talking about. That is my great-great-grandfather, that is my great-grandfather, grandfather, father, and me. I'm part of the greatest dynasty in the history of Bollywood. Pretty impressive, right?” Kingo says, referring to him in all the posters.
“You abandoned me in Macedonia.”
“Okay, I got sick of moving every five years. People freak out when they notice that you don't... age.”
“I thought we were friends,” Sprite told him.
“Do you know why I love movies? Because of you. I missed sitting in the audience, listening to your stories, watching your illusions. We should've all stayed together. It would have been better that way,” Kingo said.
They make it to Australia as they walk in the Outback, dirt flying all around. A Deviant is dead on the ground. “This is the Deviant you fought in London?” Kingo asks.
“It's different. There must be more out there than we thought,” Ikaris says.
“Oh. Is... Is this a Deviant, sir?” Karun asks.
“It's a beautiful creature.”
“What? This? This? No. It's hideous. You've never had one try to bite your head off. Roll,” Kingo said.
“Oh,” Karun begins to roll the camera. As Kingo narrates what’s going on. “You're about to meet two of the greatest warriors the world has ever known. Thena, legendary, deadly, fashionable,” Kingo says. “And her trusty friend…” He points towards the door. “Door. ... a mighty powerhouse of strength.” Ikaris knocks on the door. “The fearsome Gilgamesh!” Ikaris and Y/N give Kingo a pointed look. No one comes out.
Someone opens the door as Gilgamesh comes out wearing an apron. He looks at Ikaris. “What took you so long?” he waves for Karun to turn off the camera. He looks at Sprite as he walks by. “You look younger today, Sprite.”
“I have the same apron,” Karun notes.
Gilgamesh looks at him. “Who the hell are you?”
“I'm Karun. Kingo's valet.”
“Oh, valet. Like Alfred in Batman.”
“Gilgamesh. The Deviants are back,” Ikaris says.
“No shit. I could have used some help.”
“We were attacked by a Deviant in London, too, and on Ajak’s farm,” Sprite said.
“Ajak’s here?” Gilgamesh asked as the leader of the Eternals walked up to him and smiled warmly. “Hello, Gilgamesh. It's been a long time.”
“Yeah, no shit. What about the Deviant?”
“Ikaris couldn't kill it,” Sersi said.
“You couldn't?” Gilgamesh teased.
“I was distracted,” Ikaris protested.
“Sure, man.”
“It took both of us to stop it,” Y/N said.
“Who are you?” Gilgamesh asked.
“This is Y/N Maximoff. Ikaris’s superhero boyfriend,” Sprite said.
“Boyfriend?!” Kingo and Gilgamesh asked at the same time.
“That's right,” Ikaris said. “Is that a problem?” He brought Y/N closer to him.
“Not a problem at all, boss,” Kingo said.
“He’s cute,” Gilgamesh said as Y/N blushed. “Hey, you guys wanna try my pie?”
“I do,” Y/N said, grabbing the hot pan from Gilgamesh with his bare hands. “It smells good,” Y/N said as Gilgamesh stared at him, shocked.
“Something wrong?”
“Doesn't that burn your hands?”
“Not really. Invulnerable skin,” Y/N said.
Ikaris looks out into the distance at a tree. Sersi follows his eyes and sees a white figure underneath it. Y/N sets the pie down on the table as Sersi begins to walk towards the tree. “Sersi. The attack triggered her. She's no fun to be around right now,” Gilgamesh warns.
They all walk towards the tree, with a woman with long blonde hair dressed in a white dress sitting underneath it. She’s drawing with oils and pastels a picture of a Celestial. It's either Arishem or Tiamut. “Hey, Thena. Look who's here. Give me your hand.” Thena turns around but instead of giving Gilgamesh her hand, she projects a spear made out of cosmic energy as she attacks Gilgamesh, but he blocks it with his own cosmic energy of exoskeleton. “Thena.”
“Everyone in Centuri-Six is going to die,” Thena said.
“Give me your hand,” Gilgamesh says.
“It's too late. We can't save them.”
Thena creates another weapon in her other hand as she takes a defensive stance. Sprite uses her own powers of illusions to create an environment that resembles their ship. “Thena. We came to Earth together on our ship.” Sprite waves her hands and there’s a lifelike illusion of Arishem, Thena, and a Deviant. “You're an Eternal. The greatest warrior of Olympia. The legendary protector of Athens. The goddess of war. Remember who you are.” Thena puts her weapons away as she holds on her hand for Gilgamesh.
He links his hands with hers as her eyes go back to normal as Sprite’s illusions melt away. “Remember.”
Thena smiles.
“Thena,” Ikaris says.
“Hi,” Kingo said.
“Hello,” she says.
“Hey, who's your gardener?”
Ajak steps forward. “Hello, Thena, it's wonderful to see you again.”
“Hello, Ajak,” Thena says, as Ajak pulls her into a hug that Thena hesitantly accepts. They pull back as Thena looks at Y/N. “And you are?”
“Hello, Thena. My name is Y/N. It's lovely to meet you,” Y/N said.
“Likewise,” she smiles as she heads back to the hut. The others follow her as Y/N whispers to Ikaris. “She’s kind of hot.”
“She’s too old for you,” Ikaris said.
“Technically, you're too old for me as well,” Y/N smirked. “Someone’s jealous.”
“I'm not jealous, but let me tell you something. You’re mine and only mine,” Ikaris says as Y/N giggles.
“This is just what you guys eat every day? Yeah, this is amazing,” Kingo said. They were all eating food prepared by Gilgamesh.
“Every day.”
“Thank you for this,” Ikaris said.
“Oh, you're welcome. Help yourself.” Gilgamesh holds up a jug. “This one is a trio of wine, beer, and mead. Made for all the soldiers in the battle of Troy,” Gilgamesh smiles.
“That's so thoughtful,” Karun said. Thena stares at him as she eats a bite of her food. Kingo looks at her. “Should she be drinking?” Gilgamesh leans in close. “No, hers is non-alcoholic. For kids.” Thena takes a drink of her cup.
“I gave you the same thing, Y/N, Sprite,” Gilgamesh said. He begins to chuckle, and so does Kingo. “For kids.”
Y/N and Sprite glared at Gilgamesh. Sprite waves her hand and an illusion of baby clothes forms around Gilgamesh. “I was just kidding. Your is a secret brew Odin taught me as a thank-you after we helped defeat Laufey's army in Tønsberg.” The others began to chuckle at the way Gilgamesh was dressed. He frowns.
“What? Oh.” he looks down and sees what he’s wearing. “I'm a big baby. Very mature. Can you stop? Stop.” Sprite breaks the illusion.
“Speaking of Odin... Thor used to follow me around when he was a little kid. Now he's a famous Avenger and won't return my calls,” Kingo said.
“Really?” Y/N asks him. Thor never told him that.
“Oh, yeah. He followed me like a little puppy dog.”
“So, now that Captain Rogers and Iron Man are both retired, who do you think is gonna lead the Avengers?” Sprite asked. They all looked at Y/N, awaiting an answer.
“Umm… Well, Steve has been training me in more leadership types of roles, but I'm sure someone like Sam, Bucky, or Carol is more qualified than me to lead. Maybe a Young Avengers or something with Peter.”
“Well, maybe I could lead them. I figure I'd be good at that,” Ikaris said.
“Yeah, you would,” Kingo said.
“I could ask Steve and see what he says,” Y/N offered.
“As long as you're by my side, dearie,” Ikaris smiled.
“How are you to them when you couldn't even lead us?” Gilgamesh said.
“Ouch, Gil. Ouch.”
“I'm gonna let that one slide because, you know, you've always been bitter that I can fly and you can't,” Ikaris said.
“Oh, so what, you can fly? I'm better-looking, everybody knows that,” Gilgamesh said.
Ajak was silent throughout the whole meal. It was obvious she had something on her mind. They were all almost together except for Druig, Makkari, and Phastos. Maybe it was time she was honest with all of them and told them the truth about who they really are. “I have something to tell all of you,” she said.
“What is it, Ajak?” Sersi asked.
Y/N looked at Ikaris worriedly. She was going to tell them the truth. Ikaris’s face was unreadable.
“What's been happening to the Earth? These earthquakes. I know what's causing them.”
“What?” Sprite asked.
Ajak looked the other Eternals in the eyes. “It is a side effect of the Emergence.”
“The Emergence?”
“It is time for you to learn the true purpose of your mission. You were sent to Earth to bring forth the Celestial Tiamut. Every billion years, new Celestials must be born. Arishem planted Celestial seeds into host planets across the universe,” Ajak said.
“The planet Earth was chosen to host the Celestial Tiamut. In order to grow, Tiamut needs vast amounts of energy from intelligent life. The Deviants prevented this by consuming humans until the Eternals eliminated them. Now, the human population of the planet has reached the required amount. The Emergence has begun.”
“You knew the truth, and you didn't tell us?” Sersi said.
“It wasn't just Ajak who knew Sersi,” Ikaris said. “Y/N and I knew about it as well.”
“You both have been lying to us?” Sprite asked.
“It wasn't a lie. Just a secret we couldn't say,” Y/N told her.
“Right, because that's so much better,” Kingo said.
“But... Everyone on Earth will die.”
“Right, but we won't let that happen,” Ikaris said. “That's why I came looking for you, Sersi. To find you and Sprite.”
“What about our home on Olympia?”
“There is no Olympia. Your true home is the World Forge. It is here that Arishem built and programmed the Eternals,” Ajak said.
“Everything dies except us because we were never alive. Why don't we remember any of this?” Gilgamesh asked.
“Because your memories are erased and reset after each Emergence,” Ajak said. “Arishem created the Deviants, and he lost control of them. He built and programmed us, the Eternals, to be synthetic beings incapable of evolution, to correct his mistake.”
“So, you're saying we're basically fancy robots? And our past memories are stored somewhere in space?” Kingo said.
“And Arishem made the Deviants,” Sersi said.
“I'm sorry, Thena. You tried to warn us,” Gilgamesh said.
“The last time Arishem reset your memories, something must have gone wrong,” Sprite said.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, that's what Mahd Wy'ry is, isn't it? All this time, Thena was remembering all the other planets we were sent to and everyone dying during the Emergence,” Sprite said.
“Exactly,” Ajak said.
“I thought we were heroes. Turns out we're the bad guys,” Gilgamesh said.
“You’re not the bad guys, Gilgamesh. Just misguided,” Y/N said.
“Why should I believe anything you say?” Gilgamesh looked at Y/N. “You're a liar.”
“Leave him alone, Gil,” Ikaris said.
“Or what, Ikaris?” Gilgamesh said.
Ikaria got to his feet, eyes glowing gold as Gilgamesh summoned his cosmic exoskeleton.
“Stop! Both of you!” Ajak said. “It's understandable that you feel angry and hurt, but if you want to be mad at someone, be mad at me. Not at Ikaris or Y/N.”
Gilgamesh huffed and dropped his cosmic exoskeleton.
“Every time innocent lives have been sacrificed for the greater good, it turns out to be a mistake. We have to stop the Emergence,” Sersi said.
“Sersi, we have no right to stop the birth of a Celestial,” Kingo protested.
“Maybe you don't, but I do,” Y/N said. “I protect this planet and if there’s a way Tiamut can emerge without destroying the Earth, so be it, but if not I'm not going to let him destroy everything I care about.”
“We just have to delay it until we figure out how,” Sersi agreed.
“Could Druig control its mind? Maybe put it to sleep?” Gilgamesh asked.
“"Put it to sleep?” Are you serious?” Sprite said.
“Gilgamesh asked Druig to put me to sleep once,” Thena said.
“So I could take a vacation to Fiji, you know?” Gilgamesh said.
“We’re talking about a Celestial, okay?” Kingo said.
“We have to try. Come on, we’re not gonna let everyone on Earth die, right?” Y/N asked.
“Right,” Karun said. “I’m human. I’m a little biased.”
“The world is ending. You need to go home,” Kingo says in Hindi.
“And do what? Watch TV?” Karun asks Kingo.
“He’s got you there,” Y/N said.
“When I could be with the Earth’s original superheroes and its latest as they try to save the world?”
“Fine. If you want to, stay,” Kingo says, taking a drink of his mug.
“Thank you very much, sir.”
“Gilgamesh, could you please get rid of the saliva beer?” Kingo said.
“I thought you liked it, man,” Gilgamesh said.
“We need to go. Now. Find the others,” Ikaris said. “Once we’re all together, we’ll decide what to do about the emergence.”
They all journey to the Amazon in search of the one Eternal who might be able to put Tiamut back to sleep. Druig. They’re deep in the forest and find a small village with a bunch of people and animals like llamas. A little girl walks with her parents as she waves at Y/N, who waves back.
“Buenas Tardes,” a woman says as she passes by Kingo.
“It’s very nice here, sir,” Karun says.
“Don’t be fooled. Ignorance is bliss,” Kingo warns.
“Oye, estamos buscando a Druig. ¿Está aquí?” Sprite asks a man if he knows where Druig is.
“Sí. ¿Cómo conoces Druig?” He asks her.
“Somos amigos… De la universidad,” Y/N said.
The man turns to Y/N and Sprite, his eyes glowing eerily. “Hello, Sprite.” A man walks out of a little building as the people of this village gather behind Y/N, Karun, and the Eternals. “I missed all of you,” Druig smiled. “Please, make yourselves at home.”
They all follow Druig inside the building and tell him everything that’s going to happen. Druig stands in front of them, searching their eyes and maybe even their minds for any indication that this is a trick or bad joke. He looks at Ajak.
“You’ve given me a lot of bad news in one go, my lady.”
“Will you help us?” Ajak asks.
“I am glad that…”
Sersi’s phone begins to ring, interrupting Druig mid-sentence. It plays Juice by Lizzo as she tries to turn it off. It’s Dane calling her. She puts it on silent as she blushes, glancing at Ikaris, who smirks.
“Hey, what’s your service?” Kingo asks curiously. “I’m not getting any bars.” Thena hits a sleeping Gilgamesh awake.
“Do you all remember this forest?” Druig asks. “Beautiful.” He walks around the room. “It was the last place we all lived together.” He stops in front of Thena and Gilgamesh. “I’ve protected these people for 20 generations now from the outside world and from themselves.” Kingo tells Karun to stop rolling the camera as Druig comes up to them.
“Your kind, my friend, you will be responsible for your own extinction one day,” Druig tells Karun. “Don’t you think?”
“I think we must learn from our mistakes and do better, sir. You must not give up hope,” Karun tells him. Druig’s eyes flash gold and there’s a humming sound as Karun’s eyes flash the same color as he throws the camera against the wall. Druig is controlling him. Y/N speeds over to him and pushes him against the wall.
“Let go of him, now,” Y/N demands.
“You’re gonna have to make me,” Druig grins at Y/N. “If you wanna stop me, you’re gonna have to kill me.”
“Oh, don’t think I won’t,” Y/N warns.
Druig’s eyes flash again and Y/N can hear a buzzing sound in his head. Druig is trying to mind control him. Druig frowns as his eyes go back to normal. “That’s not possible.”
Y/N grins. “Sorry, but I’ve had my mind controlled by my sister once and wasn’t a fan of it. She forced me and Ikaris to play house in a sitcom show, so don’t think that’s going to work on me.” Y/N lets Druig go and he lets Karun go as well.
“I’m sorry, sir,” Karun said.
“Don’t apologize, it’s not your fault,” Kingo said. “You are not a God. You know that, right?”
“How ironic. Kingo, the movie star,” Druig said.
“I’ve directed some things, too.”
“Oh, yeah? Like what?”
“Some Internet content.”
“How many views?”
“I don’t do it for the views,” Kingo said.
“He’s wasting our time,” Ikaris says, walking towards the door.
“We need him,” Sersi said.
“Ikaris,” Druig walks up to him. “I missed you. Are you gonna charm me or threaten me like your boyfriend over there?” he points to Y/N.
“I mean, there’s a third option, if you prefer that,” Ikaris says evenly.
“It must be heartbreaking to find out that your boyfriend is just as evil as his sister. A destroyer of Worlds,” Druig says, grinning at Y/N’s shocked face. “I may not be able to control your mind, but I can read you like a book. And let me tell you, Y/N. You’re very open about it.”
“The only evil one here is you, Druig,” Ikaris says angrily. “A spoiled and selfish brat.”
“Sticks and stones, Ikaris.”
“Druig, this is serious,” Sersi says.
“I’ll tell you what’s serious. I’ve just been told I’ve been sent on a suicide mission for the past 7,000 years, and that my entire existence is a lie. So, excuse me for not giving a shit about your plan right now,” Druig says as he walks out the door.
“Druig sucks.”
“He does, sir.”
Ikaris and Y/N flew high above the clouds in the night sky. Usually Y/N love to fly, it always made him feel better and cleared his mind, but tonight his mind was elsewhere. Ikaris sensed something was off with his young lover.
“What’s wrong, Duckling?” He asked.
“What?... Oh, it’s nothing,” Y/N said.
“You sure?”
“Actually I’m not okay. What Druig said—”
“— Druig is a down right bastard,” Ikaris said. “Don’t listen to him.”
“What if he’s right?” What if I really am evil?”
Ikaris shook his head. “That’s nonsense.”
“Is it? Agatha told my sister she would destroy the world as the mythical Scarlet Witch. And told me I have that same darkness inside me,” Y/N says. “She said I’d either use my powers to protect mankind from her, or help her destroy it.”
Ikaris was silent for a moment and Y/N was afraid he scared him off. That’s when he spoke. “If that was true then why would you risk coming here to help us stop the Emergence?”
Y/N looked at him. “Because it’s the right thing to do.”
“Exactly, Y/N,” Ikaris said. “Because your heart is pure and you would rather sacrifice yourself for those you love. That’s not what someone who’s evil would do.”
“But I—”
“— No but’s. I don’t care what an evil witch or a bastard Eternal says. I know you better than they do. You're not evil.”
“Are you willing to bet your life on that?” Y/N asked him.
“I love Ikaris,” Y/N said. It took a second for the
Avenger realized what he had just said. “Wait— That’s not what I—what I meant was—”
“I love you too, Y/N,” Ikaris smiled sweetly. “I always will.” Ikaris leaned down for a kiss and before Y/N could meet him, something hard and heavy slammed into them as Ikaris let Y/N go as he fell to the ground below. “Y/N!”
The last thing Y/N saw while he was plummeting to earth was Ikaris being carried away by a Deviant.
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lonelydarlings · a day ago
I'll Be Seeing You pt. 6
I’ll Be Seeing You
Druig x Eternal!Reader
Inspired by “I’ll be Seeing You” by Billie Holiday.
Sorry this one is so long, it sort of got away from me. I hope you all enjoy!!
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five
You walked into your room with a large smile plastered to your face. Your heart practically soared from the day’s happenings. So many emotions hand flown through you. You were just thankful that Druig was alive. Seeing him near deaths door was truthfully a memory that would be burned into your mind forever. Shaking the thought, you hummed lightly as you cleaned yourself up. Satisfied with your work, you quickly made your way to the lab. Druig was already waiting for you, his armor complete and showing no sign of the days earlier attack.
“It’s about time. I thought you got lost.” He joked, taking a bite from an apple he had found on the table.
“You’re already eating? Dru, we’re literally going to the village for dinner.” You laughed as you made your way over to him.
“Okay, so? Just call it a pre-dinner snack.” He smirked though a full mouth.
“You’re ridiculous.” You laughed, shaking your head. “Now come on, we’re already late.”
The two of you made your way to the exit, talking casually about the day. Stepping into the twilight, you surveyed your new surroundings. A large stone bridge took form before you, small torches of light burning along it’s edges. Stone temples lined the forest to your left and right. You stood in wonderment as you took in the view.
“It’s beautiful here, don’t you think?” you asked softly, mouth agape.
“It is but I wouldn’t get used to it.” Druig said, falling in step beside you. “Ajak says we won’t be here long. These people need help fending off Deviants. Once we clear them all away, we’ll be heading somewhere new.”
“Did she say how long we might be here?” You asked, tearing your eyes away from a smaller temple to your left.
“No. I suspect Arishem will let her know when it’s time.” You could sense the slight irritation in his voice. You suspected it was from the day’s events, brushing it off.
Coming to the end of the bridge, a dirt pathway led you into the village where the path widened. A few villagers milled about, casting their eyes down at the sight of newcomers in their home. You waved slightly at a group of young girls playing outside of their home. One waved back, smiling a gap-toothed smile back at you. Moving along, you began to notice the destruction from the Deviant attack. A small smattering of buildings had been leveled, young men and whom you suspected were their fathers were doing their best to clean up in the late afternoon sun.
“How many were lost in the attack?” you asked, taking in the scene before you.
“I’m not sure.” Druig just shrugged, sadness tainting his eyes.
Continuing down the small road, you began to smell the spices of fresh food. Following your nose, you made your way to a large stone building in the town center. Beautiful vines covered the front of it, pink and yellow flowers dappled the greenery. The building rose high into the air, four spires coming to a point on the ends and middle. Two guards stood on each side of the large wooden doors in front of you. They each stepped forward to open the doors for you and Druig to move inside the building. Coming into the open room, you heard laughter coming from the hallway to your left. You followed behind Druig as he began to make his way toward the noise. You were greeted by a long table covered in lavish dishes, spilling over with fresh fruit and vegetables. The food smelled heavenly, and you began to realize how hungry you had become. You could see your fellow Eternals sat around the table, enjoying their dinner. Ajak was at the end of the table, speaking in hushed tones with the leader of the village.
“There you are! We’ve been waiting for you.” Ajak stood, gesturing for you and Druig to have a seat. “This is Y/N. I believe you met Druig this morning.”
The leader of the village smiled in your direction, bowing his head.
“It’s an honor to meet you, Y/N.” he said, smiling kindly. “I am glad to see you up and about, my friend.” He said, directing his attention to Druig.
“Thank you, sir. We appreciate your kindness.” You bowed your head before smiling back at the man.
“I saved you a spot, Y/N.” Phastos called, holding up a drink. You took it, thanking him. Druig made his way to the opposite end of the table, pulling up a chair beside Makkari.
“I’m glad you’re here, Phastos.” You said, your mouth watering from the smell of the food in front of you.
“Well, a good friend told me I should leave the house every now and then.” He smiled before taking a sip from his drink. It was good to see everyone together. You loved small moment like this. These people, this family meant everything to you, and you couldn’t imagine your life without them. The rest of the night went smoothly, joyful stories full of laughter filled the air. These people had graciously accepted your presence, knowing you were there to help keep them safe from the terrors that roamed outside their village gates.
“So, Y/N. You and Druig?” Phastos asked casually.
“What? No way. We’re just friends, that’s all.” You said, casting a glance in Druig’s direction. He, Makkari and Kingo were in deep discussion over who would win in a sparring match between Gilgamesh and Ikaris.
“Yeah, two friend in love.” Gilgamesh chimed in from the other side of the table.
“No, guys, really. We’re just friends and that’s it.” You said, pushing your plate away.
“Y/N, Thena and I are friends. You and Druig are another story.” Gilgamesh said with a shrug. “You’re just too stubborn to admit it to one another.”
Gilgamesh had a point. You and Druig had never really acted on your feelings until now and as much as you knew how deeply your feelings ran for the man, you couldn’t be sure how deep his were for you. You loved all the people sat around this table and you knew they loved you in return. Was Gilgamesh right? Did Druig’s feelings for you go deeper than what you felt for the others. You wanted so badly what Sersi and Ikaris had but you felt like it was just wishful thinking. Trying to bring your focus in, you decided to change the subject.
“Sprite,” you called to the farther end of the table. “I think it’s time we repay the wonderful people of this kingdom for their kindness. What do you think?” you smiled toward the girl, watching her face light up.
“It seems Y/N would like to give you a gift as a token of our immense appreciation.” Ajak said to the village leader. “Sprite will join her and together, they will tell us a story. Gather your people so they may all partake in this wonderous exchange.” The leader bowed gracefully, turning to speak to one of his advisors.
“We’re not finished with this conversation, y/n/n.” Phastos said, giving you a look.
“Am I dreaming, or did you say you wanted to hear one of my songs earlier?” You gave him a cheeky grin before moving from your seat. Making your way to the far end of the table, you stopped beside Sprite. She was sat between Thena and Ikaris, slowly casting small gazes to the man on her right.
“Sprite?” You said, bringing her focus to you.
“Yeah, sorry.” She said, casting her glance down before moving from her seat.
“So, what did you have in mind?” She asked, a curious glint in her eyes.
You leaned down and whispered in the girls’ ear. Her eyes began to sparkle with delight as she listened to your idea.
“Should be easy enough.” she said, crossing her arms.
Everyone rose from their seats at the table, a few of them bringing their drinks with them.
“I’m telling you, Druig. Ikaris would crush Gil. No offense.” Kingo said, shrugging in Gilgamesh’s direction.
“None taken.” Gilgamesh slurred slightly, pouring himself another drink before following Thena from the room. Everyone else began to trickle out giving you and Sprite small words of encouragement as they did so. Following behind them, a small tingle of nerves began to build in your stomach. For some reason, you were nervous tonight. Gilgamesh’s statement from earlier still rang in your ears.
You’re just too stubborn to admit it to one another.
“Focus Y/N, Focus.” You thought to yourself.
You walked slowly behind the others, trying to distract yourself from the earlier conversation. Maybe you should talk to Druig about how he felt. You had waited for so long for him to open up to you but was an admission of love the second day into, well, whatever this was just too much too soon? You shook your head, pushing the thoughts to the side. You could think on this later, right now you had a job to do. You filed in behind your family, following as they made their way into a large open room. People from the village had gathered there, some faces you recognized from the earlier walk with Druig. Smiling, you waved at the young girl from earlier. She smiled back, grabbing her mothers’ tunic and tugging lightly.
“That’s her, momma. The one I told you about earlier. I told you she was beautiful.” The little girl said, turning her gaze back to you.
“Yes, she is very beautiful.” Her mother smiled down at the girl before turning her eyes back to you.
“As are you, dear one.” You knelt down so you were at eye level with the small child.
“She’s been talking about you all afternoon.” Her mother smiled again, the lines at her eyes crinkling.
“That’s very sweet of you. What is your name?” You asked, taking the child’s hand.
“I’m Shravya.” She said, twisting the hem of her dress shyly.
“Shravya, what a lovely name.” You smiled, squeezing her hand. “I’m Y/N. I hope you enjoy this evening, dear one. You’ll have to tell me what you think after.” You stood, giving her one more squeeze before letting go of her hand. Crossing the room, you took note of the small group of villagers that had gathered in the space. Your family had gathered around, sitting at a large table that lined the far wall. The leader of the village was standing at the end of the table, waiting for you to take your place beside Sprite in the middle of the room.
“Welcome, everyone.” The leader said, gesturing to the people before him. “Please join me in welcoming our new friends to our village. They are here in peace, to help keep us safe from the monsters who come to tear us away from our loved ones. They have prepared something for us all as a gift for our hospitality."
“Ready, Sprite?” You asked, giving her an encouraging nod.
“Absolutely.” She nodded, smiling.
You closed your eyes, letting your power flow through you. Focusing your energy, a scene began to play in your minds eye. Your body pulsated with gold light, filling you up from head to toe. Opening your eyes, you began to sing. The beautiful melody trickled from your lips as the villagers’ eyes began to grow wide. Sprite began to create an illusion of a golden rainbow with small birds flying overhead. One of the women of the group let out a small cry, followed by light gasps of fear. The crowd began to step back, women holding their children tightly as some of the men drew weapons. Quickly, Druig stood from his place. Raising his arm, his eyes glowed a familiar gold color as he soothed the villagers. Faltering slightly, you looked from Sprite and back to Ajak. The woman gave you a small nod to keep going and you did so. Slowly, you watched the villagers eyes return to their original colors. Fear had been taken away as they watched, entranced by the spectacle before them. Sprite now created images of the night sky, followed by more birds. As the song came to an end, she finished her illusion with a small whisk of her hand. Your body returned to its original form as you stood before them, awaiting their approval. You held your breath, looking from one face to another. Finally, your sights landed back on the small girl. You smiled, hoping to ease her nerves. Slowly, she stepped from the crowd and came toward you. She approached quietly, turning to her mother for permission. Her mother gave an encouraging smile, tears glistening in her eyes. Turning back, you were surprised when her timid walk became a full out run. Bending over to catch her embrace, you smiled brightly as she came to land in your arms. The crowd sighed collectively, rejoicing in unison at the sight.
“That was amazing, Miss Y/N.” the little girl said, pulling back from your hug.
“Thank you, Shravya.” You smiled, cupping her cheek.
The night commenced in celebration. The villagers slowly began to mingle with you and your family, bringing small tokens of their appreciation. Plans were made for the next day to begin the rebuilding of the destroyed buildings and talks of a way to better protect the people of this community. Ikaris, Gilgamesh and Thena spoke in hushed tones with the leader and his head of security, mapping out the best places to begin building defense. Ajak also made mention of Ikaris and Sersi’s engagement, prompting many of the village women to squeal with delight.
“We can prepare a proper union in a months’ time.” One woman said to Sersi as she gave her congratulations.
“A month is it, then.” Sersi smiled brightly in Ikaris’ direction as he sent her a small wink.
Many Deviants showed up during the following weeks but the new defense system held up nicely. Phastos had better tracking on the large beasts and could give better warning when they would show up. You had decided to not ask Druig about his feelings, having been caught up in your evening performances that were so lovingly requested by the people of the village nightly. Stolen kisses and lingering touches between you two were all you could manage, Druig having his work cut out for him as news of your arrival slowly spread throughout the Gupta Empire. You spent a lot of time wandering around the growing city, meeting the people, especially the children, sometimes Druig in tow. They had all gravitated toward you and with Shravya’s help, you were able to get them to trust you more and more. You loved this new place. You weren’t sure how much time you had left here, but you were going to enjoy as much of it as you could. Druig’s favorite time was watching you with the children. You doted on each of them fondly, making sure to learn all their names. You had begun to keep a journal, writing down things that had happened to you throughout your days spent living among these people. It had been a gift from a village elder who had made it himself. It was bound in leather with an intricately laced the front and back. Soft pages of papyrus made up the pages, as gilded edges gleamed in the light of your room when you took to your writing every night. Before you knew it, a month had come and gone. There was a wedding to be had and you were so excited! You kept your promise to Sersi, a special song growing deep within you.
“Are you ready?” You asked, helping Sersi straighten the many layers of her wedding dress. She was wrapped in soft layers of silk, a small head dress placed on her forehead. You were dressed in y/f/c, with a scarf draped over your own y/h/c locks.
“I’m nervous.” She stated, a shaky smile coming to her face. She adjusted her necklace, fidgeting with the small rock absent-mindedly.
“Don’t tell me you’re having second thoughts.” You laughed, moving to the back of her and smoothing out her hair.
“Second thoughts?” Sprite said, appearing out of nowhere. She had a hopeful glint in her eyes, but you ignored it.
“No, Sprite. No second thoughts.” You said, not looking at the girl.
Sprite mumbled a low “whatever” before disappearing into nothing again.
“Is she alright?” Sersi asked, turning in Sprite’s direction.
“She’ll be alright. She’s just being Sprite.” You shrugged, trying to keep Sersi’s worrying at bay.
“Besides, this is your day.” You said, turning the woman to look at you. “And you look beautiful.” You smiled brightly at Sersi, wrapping your friend in a tight embrace.
“Thank you, Y/N. You’ve been so wonderful through all of this.” She said, pulling away.
“I would do anything for you, Sersi. You’re my best friend.” You smiled again, happy tears pricking your eyes. Sersi pulled you in for another hug, squeezing you softly. Pulling away again, she gave you a soft smile.
“You’re my best friend as well. That’s why I want you to understand this when I tell you I know your true feelings about Druig.” Sersi began, seeing the look on your face.
“Sersi, please.” You said, taking a small step back.
“No, Y/N. Listen to me.” Sersi said as she took your hand and pulled you over to take a seat on the small bed inside the room.
“I know you love him and I’m pretty sure he loves you. You two have been pining over one another for centuries now.” She said, holding both of your hands in hers. “I think it’s time you told him, don’t you?” You looked at Sersi for a long moment, surveying the emotion in her face. Steadying your breath, you finally let the words you’ve been struggling with flow forward.
“It’s true, I do love him. I have for a very long time. I’m just not sure if love is what he feels for me. I don’t want to tell him, and it push him away from me. We’ve been seeing one another in secret for the last month but I just haven’t had the nerve to confess.” You said, punctuating your statement with a sigh.
“Why would you think that? Everyone has seen the way he looks at you. Druig certainly isn’t the one to show emotion but when you’re in the room he cant keep his eyes off you. Can’t you see that?” She asked in somewhat disbeleaf. “Why didn’t you tell me any of this?”
“Because,” you said, taking one hand and rubbing your face. “We were in a new place, everyone had other things that were more important. Plus, I didn’t want to take anything away from you or Ikaris. You two had just gotten engaged the night Druig and I spent together. I didn’t want to make this about anyone else.”
“Oh, Y/N.” Sersi said, patting your hand. “That doesn’t matter. What matters is your happiness. Love can be a hard thing to find in this world, especially for us. Finding it in someone who knows everything about you, every one of your secrets, and can accept them fully without question is a rarity. Don’t let this slip away from you. You owe it to yourself and to Druig. Arishem knows he needs to hear it.” Sersi punctuated her statement with a laugh.
“You really think so?” You asked, biting your lip nervously.
“I do. Promise me you’ll talk to him?” She asked, rising from the bed.
“Okay, okay.” You threw your hands up in defeat. “But only for you. And after the wedding.” You said, crossing your arms.
“Deal.” She said, laughing. Just then Makkari appeared beside you.
“Ready?” She signed, a large smile on her lips.
“Yes, I’m ready.” Sersi let out a breath, followed by a smile. “I can’t believe this is happening.” You grabbed her hand and walked with her to the door. Two women were waiting there, followed by Ajak.
“Sersi.” Ajak said, placing her hands on each side of Sersi’s face. “I’m so proud of you. You and Ikaris will make a beautiful couple.” Ajak began to choke up slightly, dabbing the edges of her eyes with a bit of her scarf.
You found your way to the rest of your family. They were stationed in an open area decorated immaculately for the occasion. The same flowers you had seen the first night you arrived were placed here and there, along with large pots full of bright orange ones. Candles lit the altar where the wedding would be officiated. A man wearing robes of white and red stood there, awaiting the couple. You took your place alongside Kingo, giggling at his silly demeanor.
“I love weddings.” He said, choking up.
“Here they come!” Ajak said, not hiding the happy tears slipping down her face.
Sersi and Ikaris made their way toward the alter, followed by a group of onlookers and friends from the village. They each had rings of flowers around their necks, Sersi’s green stone necklace accentuated perfectly by the flowers. They approached the alter, the villagers moving away to give a view of the couple. Ikaris and Sersi took turns saying their vows, each bestowing words of love and appreciation for each other. When they were finished, the officiant turned to each of them. “May the gods hereby bond you in matrimony. Congratulations.” He stepped away from the couple as they embraced one another. You sighed with happiness, joy overflowing at the scene before you.
“Now we celebrate!” Ajak said, coming over and taking Ikaris and Sersi by the hand.
The reception was held outdoors, lit by the hanging candelabras and glow of the full moon. You enjoyed your night, dancing with your friends as the people of the village played music. You found your way to the drinks, taking one for yourself and downing it quickly.
“Enjoying yourself?” Makkari signed as she came up beside you.
“I am. You?” You smiled over the edge of your drink.
“Very much. Although, Kingo is getting a little out of hand. I think he’s had one too many.” She signed back, a smile on her face. “He’s telling the story of the time he “almost died” back in Babylon.”
“What a big baby.” You rolled your eyes. You took a moment to take in the scene before you. There was Kingo, like Makkari said. He had a group of men around him, wrapped on every word he was saying. Sprite was helping him out, using illusions to portray the scene. Thena and Gilgamesh were seated at a table, Thena laughing lightly at something Gil had said. The bride and groom were in the middle of the room, noticing nothing but themselves. Ajak was seated with the village leader, looking like their discussion was very serious. Then your eyes came to land on Druig. He and Phastos were standing in a corner off to themselves, both looking equally uncomfortable.
“So, Phastos,” Druig said, grabbing a pear from the table beside him. “Make anything interesting lately?” he asked casually, not revealing his true intention just yet.
“What do you mean?” Phastos asked, casting a glance in Druig direction before taking a sip from his drink.
“I don’t know, I was just wondering if you had made anything new. Like trinkets or something.” Druig said, letting his gaze fall on something in the distance.
“Trinkets?” Phastos asked incredulously.
“Yeah, you know. Like jewelry. Maybe bracelets,” he paused, turning to level his gaze at the taller man. “Or rings.”
“Jewelry? Why would I make –“ Phastos let his thought trail off. A cheeky grin took over his face. “Why, you have someone in mind?”
Druig shifted his weight from one foot to the other. “It was just a question.” Druig said, rolling his eyes.
“If you wanted a ring for Y/N, all you had to do was ask. I can make you something.” Phastos shrugged, taking another sip.
“Too late.” Druig said under his breath.
“Did you just say “too late”.” Phastos sat his drink on the table, turning to look at the man. “What does that mean?” Phastos paused, realization setting in.
“Never mind.” Druig said, pushing off from the wall he was propped against. Looking around the area, he let his eyes fall on your form. You were still wrapped up in your conversation with Makkari. It was nice to know she had kept you distracted like he had asked. Making his way across the floor, he came to a stop in front of you.
“Y/N, would you do me the honor of dancing with me?” He asked confidently, extending his hand.
“Sure that’s a good idea?” You asked, casting a look between him and Makkari. She only smiled back and nodded.
“Go, please. I’ve kept you long enough.” She signed, pushing you toward Druig. Laughing lightly, you took his hand as he pulled you onto the floor.
“Why would it be a bad idea for us to be seen together?” Druig asked once he had you in close proximity.
“That’s not what I’m saying, Dru. You know that.” You said, swaying along with the beat.
“I’m not sure I understand, can you explain it to me a little more?” he grinned, pulling you closer. “I thought you said we could tell people after the wedding. If I’m not mistaken,” he pulled your body flush with his, brushing his lips across your ear. “It’s after the wedding.” He whispered, sending a chill down your spine. A deep blush crept across your face, noticing how your fellow Eternals were all now watching. Pulling back, you let a flirty smile spread across your face.
“At least let this night end first. This is for Ikaris and Sersi, we have all the time in the world.” You let your lips brush softly across his, making his eyes go wide. Pulling back, you grinned up at him.
“I told you. Trouble.” He laughed lightly, a cocky grin on his face. You continue to dance, relishing in the moment between you two. You were sad when the song ended but you knew what came next.
“I have to go.” You said, parting ways from the man in front of you.
“Leaving so soon?” He mused, pulling a giggle from your lips.
“I’m not going far, I promise.” You pressed a quick kiss to his cheek. Sersi approached you from behind, tapping you on the shoulder.
“I’m sorry to interrupt but it’s time.” She said, passing a knowing look between you and Druig. You smiled back and nodded. You glanced back at Druig, mouthing a quick “sorry” in his direction. He only grinned, shaking his head. You followed Sersi into the middle of the room where she took her spot beside Ikaris. A semi-circle of people had come to enclose you, all the wedding goers watching with rapt attention.
“We want to thank you all for coming to our celebration. It means the world to have you all here.” Ikaris said, motioning to the crowd.
“As promised, Y/N has agreed to sing a song for us as to commemorate the night.” Sersi said, smiling in your direction.
“Thanks, Sersi.” You said, smiling back at your friend. “Thank you all for being here. Seeing these two together, finally, after all this time brings nothing but joy to my heart. As a gift to you, I give you this song. As requested, it is a song of love. Of full hearts and togetherness, for all of eternity.” Ikaris and Sersi moved to the edge of the group, giving you the floor.
Feeling the familiar glow of power, you let it surge through you. Your body radiated glowing energy, causing some of the by-standers eyes to go wide. Slowly humming, you began to let the melody take form. Swaying your body back and forth, you let yourself get lost in the music as it flowed from within. The sweet serenade moved across the floor, landing softly on the intended targets. The song spoke of tenderness in love, one that bound souls and would span lifetimes. Druig watched in awe at your glowing form, letting himself get lost in the ideas he had played over and over in his head. Sleepy mornings, late night talks. Long walks just to enjoy each other's company. Comfortable silences and raging fights that would end with you in his arms, both of you apologizing for whatever stupid thing that had caused it. This was what he wanted. A forever with you. The song came to an end as he drifted back to reality. He slowly moved his hand to land on his pocket where he had placed the small box earlier in the day. It was now or never.
Letting your power come back to you, you slowly opened your eyes as the song ended. You looked from Ikaris to Sersi, both in a soft embrace as they listened. You smiled at your friends, so happy to see them together. When she was sure it was finished, Sersi rushed to pull you into a hug.
“That was so beautiful, Y/N. Really, you didn’t have to do all of that for us.” She said, soft tears trickling down her cheeks.
“Hey, you ask and you shall receive.” You said, laughing lightly. She hugged you again, thanking you once more.
“Thanks, y/n/n. I think it was perfect.” Ikaris said, bringing you in for a quick hug as well.
“Thank you all for coming to this marvelous union.” Ajak said, stepping from the throng of people and into the middle of the room.
“Our beautiful Y/N has brought a wonderful end to this day.” Ajak turned to you, grabbing your hand.
The people of the village slowly began to trickle back to their homes, Sersi and Ikaris behind them. The rest of the team began to gather their things and make their way back to the Domo as well. You smiled to yourself, beginning to make your way in the same direction when a hand came to your wrist.
“Y/N,” Druig said, closing the distance between you. You could feel his body heat radiating into you. “Would you mind taking a walk with me? I want to show you something.”
Tag List: @release-your-sweets, @matchat3a, @tanyaherondale, @tired-night-owl, @80strashbag, @thatblackravenclaw, @vinvantae
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imdoingsortagay · 2 days ago
The Eternals when you ask for $5
A/n: https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdr6AKRx/
This TikTok is the only reason I’m writing this 😭. I was in the parking lot waiting to be called in for dental work and this popped up and so I thought “ hey why not write my own version “. Also, I’m gonna exclude sprite in this one
No spoilers for Eternals if you haven’t seen it
another thing I'd like to add the bold part for the dialogue for Makkari is how I'm formatting it for sign language but I'm gonna try to research an article on how to do it!
Like and reblogs are greatly appreciated !!!
Sersi :
She is the sweetest person ever and you can’t tell me otherwise. You only wanted to borrow $5 for some snacks and had told her you’d pay her back when you could but she’s always so sweet and caring.
“ Why are you giving me $20 sersi? I just wanted $5”
“ Maybe In case you wanted more stuff when you got there y/n”
She’s too pure for this world
You don’t know if she even has money, to begin with, but it’s worth the try to ask.
“ thena can I ask you a question?”
“ nope “
“ you don’t even know what I’m gonna ask “
“ nope “
The lady has to be fully convinced to give her money so you could get snacks. You think she’d give it to you but she also has to maintain her horses and stuff.
" Can I have money for snacks ajak? Please ?"
" isn't there snacks for you here honey? "
" Fruits and water but I also want some chips from the store if you would please give me the money"
" I have to have money for the horses y/n sorry about it "
"Ajak, I'm only getting a bag of chips like you 'll still have money to spare for the horses"
About 10 more minutes of convincing and she ends up giving you the money. She also has you bring back the change from the money. It was only a couple of cents, IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE
(Bolded to show Sign Language)
You don't know her that well because you usually talk to others but it wouldn't hurt to ask her and you did so you
"hey, Makkari can I ask you a question?"
" Sure what's the question?"
" do you by chance have money so I could buy some snacks "
" You need money to buy snacks?"
" How else would you buy snacks, I mean unless you make like snacks with the food you have"
"y/n, give me about 1 minute"
She ends up speeding away and unsure as to where or what she's even doing in the one minute she's gone. You hope to the universe that she didn't ignore you. Though the universe proves you wrong and she ends up coming back with 2 bags full of an assortment of snacks that you are unsure as to where she even got them or if she even paid.
You asked him one day for snack money and he only did it because of sersi. She was standing a couple of feet away from both of you and gave you 10 more bucks to make it seem like he was a nice dude.
the next time you asked him he said no
" lkaris can I borrow $5?"
" No y/n"
" you gave me almost $20 the other time and I know it was because sersi was close by, cmon dude"
" no "
" what if I tell her you gave me the money to impress her huh? "
He was too afraid of what that would do to her opinion of him and ends up giving you more than what you asked for that day. You either finesse or be finessed.
like everything in his existence, he has to film it for his social media account. in his words, he has to " keep the fans happy". What could have been an easy 5-minute task ended up taking you an hour because he kept taking too long recording
" why do we have to film yourself giving me money kingo?"
" for my documentary and socials"
" god your dramatic"
It was risky asking him after hearing about what he did with the Eternals and even what he did after Ajak had let them go. When you did ask him for the money all he did was say nothing and ended up leaving for a good 30 minutes somewhere like Makkari did.
And the man ended up coming back with 2 bags full of snacks, good snacks too.
" How did you get this ? "
" Mind control the guy to give it to me "
" This was easier"
He didn't seem like the type to even carry cash on him, especially since he's very keen on technology so you're not surprised when he says no to borrowing cash.
in a twist of events though, he ends up offering to have some delivered since it means you don't even need to go to the store. It was a bit pricy but you still got snacks either way.
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incorrectdrukkariquotes · 23 hours ago
What if the Eternals were in Infinity War?
tony: *looking at the sky* uh, guys, i don't think that it is danvers
carol: it's not me, i'm still in the spaceship
t'challa: so, who is this?
*while with eternals*
ikaris: ha, destroyed bitch
druig and kingo: *singing* never gonna give you up! never gonna let you down!
thena: *killing some outriders without breaking a sweat* this is so easy
makkari: *punching thanos nonstopping* the hell is this bitch
phastos: *looking at Ebony Maw* and now that i'm thinking, you are a bITCH
sprite: *sees peter parker* the fuck a kid is doing here?
ajak and gilgamesh: *drinking and chatting while killing part of the army* and then he was like 'it's part of the evolution' and i was like 'the fuck not'
karun: *with a camera* we are getting good fighting scenes, sir!
sersi: *looking directly at the avengers* you don't wanna know
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moviesframes · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Eternals (2021)
Directed by Chloé Zhao
Cinematography by Ben Davis
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ambitious-witch · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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that-bi-multifandom-mess · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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atomwritez · a day ago
i’m sorry you’re having a rough night, i hope tomorrow is better for you! <3 here’s some fluffy comfort things i think about regularly
Ikaris and back hugs — he always finds himself just giving you a firm squeeze and maybe swaying side to side
Ikaris and forehead touching — this is the typa thing that has me on the floor in seconds ✋🏻 he’s just so gentle with it and U G H it shatters my heart
Makkari and forehead kisses — 😭 she just gives me that vibe. she’ll cup your cheeks and press the sweetest kiss to your forehead it’s not even funny
Druig comforting you </3 i couldn’t think of a specific thing here bc i can see him doing it all. firm, long hugs, kissing your head, etc
sorry for this being a little long
— 🍄
these are all so cute. thank you <3
in my kitchen at home, we have a back door that leads to the deck and sometimes, i like to stand by it with a mug of coffee and just look outside. so imagine standing and looking out as snow is falling, and ikaris just comes up and hugs you from behind, his chin resting on your shoulder as he sways you back and forth, careful not to spill your drink.
the forehead touch makes me so soft. i imagine you've had a long day, and let's just say you dropped a tray of cookies and that was the final straw. you fall to your knees and just start crying, it was the final straw. ikaris hears and comes hurrying to see what's wrong, and his heart breaks when he sees you. he quietly walks over and kneels in front of you, his hand cupping your cheek and his forehead resting against yours. it helps ground you and calm you down, and the cookies are soon forgotten when all you can feel is him.
as for makkari, you could just be sitting and reading, cooking, watching the clouds, anything. she'll come by and cup your cheeks and kiss your forehead at any time, for no reason. she just loves the way your face lights up when she does, and the way you sometimes hide your face after she does it, too.
and my other beloved, druig. you just come home stressed after a day of nothing going right, and you're about to crack, it's gonna happen. but before you can do anything, he can just sense it, and he has his arms tight around you. he's rubbing your back and kissing the top of your head, reassuring you as you start to cry.
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alwaysseva · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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pedropcl · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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daisy-johnson · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
when you love something, you protect it
(2021) dir. Chloe Zhao
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peachy-ash · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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annielovebug22 · a day ago
Can we talk about how amazing eternals is? Like my brain is not ok.
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incorrectdrukkariquotes · 2 days ago
sersi: *after seeing druig and makkari* druig and makkari, druig and makkari
kingo: oh my god
kingo: it's okay, calm down
kingo: i know! i know!
sersi: WAIT, YOU KNOW?
kingo: yes, i know and phastos knows but ikaris doesn't know so you have to stop screaming
sersi: yeah, okay, uuuuh
ikaris: what's happening?
kingo and sersi: aAAAAAAAAAA
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