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ellabellabus07 · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Definitely my new comfort movie - the family vibess
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bloodydilf · 6 months ago
Thin Walls.
Tumblr media
pairing: druig x reader x ikaris (no established relationship, he's just there as a.. witness??)
tags: 18+ only (minors DNI), thigh riding, slight exhibitionism/voyeurism situation (ikaris is hearing everything), dub-con mind control, dirty talk, cocky!druig, like one swear word djbdjd
note: the idea was better in my head tbh,, it's like once I write it down it sucks 🙈
Tumblr media
druig has you perched on his thigh after you've been begging to be touched.
you did everything to get his attention: wore revealing clothing around him & the eternals, slipped innuendos into conversations, made him jealous by spending time with ikaris–the one person he had issues with.
it's safe to say you got what you wanted. but it wasn't enough.
“it's either my thigh or nothing, sweetheart. you want to act like a needy bitch, you're gonna ride it like one.”
he had his back against the bed's headboard,, hands on your waist, guiding your hips to rut against the hard muscle.
“that's it, darlin', just like that.”
the denim jeans he wore rubbed you just right. he'd bounce his leg just to hear you cry out.
you were desperate to get off; your hands gripped onto his shoulders tight, swiveling your hips until your muscles ached.
loud moans and whines fell from your lips, so you tried to muffle them by pressing your mouth against druig's shoulder
until he said “no, no, I wanna hear those pretty noises.”
“but druig–”
his eyes would glow gold, any protests would die on your tongue.
“I'm sure ikaris wants to hear how good I'm making you feel too. Isn't that right, brother?”
with your human hearing, it was impossible to hear ikaris on the other side of the wall, soft curses and ragged pants.
it was no surprise to him that druig knew he was listening in.
with eyes clenched shut, he bucked into his slick covered hand,, raven locks plastered against his sweaty forehead as he tried to hold back a throaty groan.
druig could hear the effect you had on ikaris, giving him the option to gloat:
“if only you could hear what he's doing right now, my love. I bet he wishes his hand were your tight hole. too bad he has to settle for himself.”
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buckyhoney · 7 months ago
i'll never forgive marvel for making me crush on not only 100+ year old men, but now 7000 year old men
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fic-finders · 3 months ago
What’s your favorite fics to read over and over again
wow ok this is going to be a lot so sit back, relax, and enjoy the fics lol
(I feel like there is more but I can’t find them)
Bucky Barnes
Oral Fixation by @boxofbonesfic
Body talk by @boxofbonesfic
Merciless by @buckycuddlebuddy
At Least I’ll Have Me by @buckyxplumsss
There Has Been a Misunderstanding by @touchstarvedirl
Through the Year by @punani
You’re a What Now by @floatingpetals
To Build a Home by @fanficimagery (warning! you will fucking have a mental breakdown reading this. I sobbed for days)
What the Fuck Did You Do by @sunmoonandbucky
Clockwork by @aries-writingblog
Tell Me Which Is Worse (Living or Dying First) by @nightowlwriting
Torture by @just-dreaming-marvel
The Old man’s Grocery Order by @yarnforbrains
Something More by @tellmealovestory
It’s a Deal by @justreadingfics
Harmless by @shurisneakers
To Be a God Or a Hero by @spiderbitchspiderbitch
Nostalgia for the New by @real-jane
Appointments by @buckycuddlebuddy
The Price of Truth by @cloneswars
All That’s Best of Dark and Bright by @ursulaismymiddlename
3B by @softlybarnes
Bad Match by @justreadingfics
Your Hands Have Made Some Good Mistakes by @thenhewaswrongaboutme
In The Embers by @foreverindreamlandd
If I Could Fly by @buckyys-doll
None Like You by @bonky-n-steeb
Maple Syrup Memories by @kinanabinks
Spill It by @adrinktostopyourthirst
Couldn’t Be Me by @drunken-imagines
I Won’t Give Up by @christycurlswrites
It Never Ends by @chouettedubois
The Mess by @sanguineterrain
Henry Cavill
You & I by @buckyownsmylife
Command and Obey by @wanna-do-bad-things
Dumbass Cat by @angelic-kisses13
Achey Thighs by @jadegrey711
Leave Me, but Don’t Leave Me by @buckysgoldenheart
For Auld Lang Syne by @daydreaming-in-letters
Toss a Coin to Your Witcher by @mel-the-fangirl
The One With the One Night Stand by @angywritesstuff
The One With the Advent Calendar by @angywritesstuff
Geralt of Rivia
Sorry Not Sorry by @thefanbasewhore
Vixen by @c-a-v-a-l-r-y
Leaving For Good by @cap-n-stuff
Jasker’s Plan by @anna-pixie
Sex Pollen by @clareguilty
A Jealous Man by @cap-n-stuff
Found by @kh-ael
Maneater by @thewritingdoll
Henry!Sherlock Holmes 
Jealously by @cinebration
Emotionalism by @cinebration
What I mean by @cinebration
Impressed by @cinebration
It’s Alright Darling by @thebadboyfanclub
The Only Women by @writingfortoomanyfandoms
Richard Madden
Or Else My Heart Consealing It Will Break by @rocketrhap3000
Eternal(ly Yours) by @ikaris-whore
Fighting Temptation by @ikaris-whore
Snapshot by @beananacake
Regrets by @girl-of-many-fandoms
Try by @thatfangirl42
When You Love Something, You Protect It by @ashc-from-ao3
Dead By Deviants by @starshipsofstarlord
Cruel Lover by @defaulttwig
Savior by @beananacake
Wayward Devotion by @ava-kedavra
Chis Evens
The Prenup by @vannybarber
Ransom Drysdale
Say It by @stargazingfangirl18
I Trust[ed] You by @likeahorribledream
The Assistant  by @trillian-anders
A List of Authors Whose Masterlist is Something I Binge Frequently 
@agentofbarnes Masterlist
Zee’s AUs literally bring me to life. My favorites of hers is; The Barnes au, Hacker’s Heart au, Dewdrop au, and Young & Free au! But every single work in her masterlist is amazing and a must read!
@angrythingstarlight Masterlist
I fricking love Star’s writing! The amount of feels she makes me feel when I read her writing! My personal favorite is her Biker au. I love how everything connects with each other and the plot! The plot is amazing!
@wkemeup Masterlist
Ok, listen, call me overdramatic but Kas’s writing is a work of art. The way she develops characters, plots and how she connects everything together is amazing. You get sucked in the world that she wrote and can get lost in there forever. My personal favorites are Graveyard & Sacrifice,The Witness, By Any Other Name, Delicate Edges, Suburbia, Behind the storm, and that is just naming a few.
@pellucid-constellations Masterlist
Kathie’s writing style unique, I can read a fic without looking at the author’s name and know its her. Kathie has drawn me in with every single work she put out. It’s so hard to choose my favorite but I love it when she writes for college!au bucky. Everyone must check her out, literally reading her masterlist is part of my daily routine.
@metalbuckaroo Masterlist
My goodness, where do I start? Darcy first grabbed my heart with her series Sweet Pea but once I started I could not stop. Her writing is fun, entertaining, wholesome but she can also break your heart in a dozen of pieces; like with her two parter (soon to be three) fic For the Best. Another fic that I normally read first when I binge her masterlist is The Bet.
@babyboibucky Masterlist
Bee is an amazing writer. She almost always have the holy trinity (smut, fluff, and angst) I love every piece of writing she has done but my personal favorites of The Match and Project V.
@babycap Masterlist
Devon has amazing writing skills. I love how she takes shows/movies or books and create her own little story with it. She goes in depth with all the feels and makes me honestly tear up at times. Some of my favorites are Not Other Shade of Blue, Security Deposit, and Just a Glimmer.
@littlefreya Masterlist/Drabble Masterlist
I’m new to the Henry Cavill plus his characters fandom but one of the first writers I have ever read for Henry was @littlefreya. Her writing is fun and exciting. I always look forward to read her stuff. Plus her smut is a A+, in my book. I don’t think I can choose my favorites as I love everything on her masterlists.
@mcubrunette Masterlist
Almost immediately after I watched eternals I went and search for Ikaris x reader fics. Thats went I read Fly Baby for the first time and was memorized. Since then @mcubrunette has added more fics and I have been loving every single one. If you want your heart to squeal, this masterlist is the one for you.
@cruelfvkingsummer Masterlist 
I fricking love Tia’s blog! Not only is her writing amazing but I am in love with her theme! Her masterlist is unique and really fun. But her writing is where its really at. The way she writes her story lines is phenomenal and I look forward for more to come.
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beananacake · 5 months ago
Marvel, Chloe, Mr Feige sir, is there any way we can get a copy of Kingo's documentary (that was filmed by Karun throughout the movie) of the Eternals? Raw footage is fine.
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girl-of-many-fandoms · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ikaris x Reader
Summary: The reader and her son were out playing when a familiar face returns into her life.
Warnings: angsty
I should be studying for my bichem exam but I can't get enough of these Ikaris fics, he's taking over my life right now
Part 1 Part 2
"Mommy look!" Luke, your eight year old called out to you; already on high alert you flicked my head in his direction as he continued
"It's Superman, mommy it's Superman!" confused as to what he was talking about two people that you never thought you'd see for another millennium sheepishly waved
Ikaris and Sersi
"Luke, he's not Superman buddy" walking over you tried your best to avoid eye contact with the man before you, pulling your son closer to your side
"But he can fly and shoot lazer beams out of his eyes, remember, we saw him on the news" you were about to respond when Ikaris beat you to it
"I don't wear a cape" your eyes flickered up to his scrunched up face and Luke sighed before returning to his swing set on the other side of the yard, leaving the adults to talk
There were so many things that needed to be resolved between you and the male eternal being; all of which was supposed to be water under the bridge by now but you were still holding on to that grudge
"Sersi, Ikaris" his name rolled off your tongue with venom dripping as if it was poisonous, it was
"Y/N" he spoke up but you focused your attention on Sersi
"It must be the end of all of humanity for you two to show up here" she half smiled knowing that you were purposley ignoring the man that you've loved practically all of eternity
"It just might be" picking up on the serious mood change you invited them into your house and sent Luke to freshen up before dinner. You had ordered pizza and sat around the dinner table to eat as if it were some type of family visit
Technically it kind of was but to Luke it was just mommy's friends that came over for dinner. Your son laughed as him and Sersi continued to pull funny faces at one another from across the table. You felt a heated gaze on you; Ikaris
Excusing yourself from the table you walked over to the kitchen to refill your drink, heavy footsteps followed after you
"You can't keep ignoring me" standing on the opposite side of the kitchen island his blue eyes bored into yours as you took a sip of your soda. Rolling your eyes, you were going to make your way back to the table when he stepped into your path, blocking you from escaping his demanding presence
"Why don't we just skip to the part where you two tell me what's going on so you could leave me alone for the next millennium" to say you were annoyed would be an understatement, you were fuming
"Something's wrong Y/N and we need you" scoffing you moved to get past him but he wrapping his fingers around your wrist and you hated the way his touch sent shivers down your spine after all these years
"I wish I could help you but I have a son who needs his mom" his hold on you losened; instead of letting go completely he interlocked your fingers together, whatever rage you had slowly faded as he pressed your foreheads together
"I need you Y/N" and cue the anger. Snapping out of the trance he manages to get you in everytime, you ripped your hand away from his and quickly put distance between you
"Now you need me" remembering the two individuals that sat in the other room you tried to keep your voice down
"Don't Ikaris, you left me. No explaination, no letter, no nothing! You took what you needed and left in the middle of the night, leaving me to wake up the next morning with the taste of you on my lips from the previous night and a cold bed" it took everything in you to not knock him six ways from Sunday
"You think I wanted to? Ajak had mentioned that I was weak whenever you were around and she was right"
"So that gave you the push you needed to take off? Her telling you that I made you vulnerable made you leave?" unbelieveable, he'd rather use that as an excuse than admit that he has commitment issues
"Yes" you calmly placed the glass on the counter then swung and decked him in the nose, he groaned and regrouped himself not phased by my fist colliding with his precious nose
"I deserved that"
"Oh you deserve much worse"
"Mommy?" Luke poked his head in from the doorway and your lips quickly turned up into a smile
"Honnie why don't you show Sersi your dinosaur collection, I bet she'll love it. Mommy's catching up with Ikaris, we'll be out shortly" perking up he took off down the hall to retrieve his prized possession
"I'm sorry, I know I hurt you-" scoffing yet again you cut him off
"Hurt me? You crushed me, for an entire millennium I wandered this earth searching for any sign of you before I finally gave up. I found a decent human and we started a family" his jaw clenched and unclenched many times as you went on about being with another man and loving said man enough to procreate
"Now, out of the blue, you showed up at my house, demanding that I give it up and follow you God know's where. That's absurd"
"His father isn't alive anymore, he can stay with his grandmo-"
"How do you kno- how long have you been watching me?" his words had taken a few seconds to process before hitting you in the face. By the look on his face you could tell that he had in fact been keeping tabs on you
"How. long. Ikaris" hot tears stung your eyes, defeated he propped against the counter
"I never stopped looking out for you after I left, I needed to know that you were safe" that felt like a punch to the stomach, all that time he was close by and still out of reach; and he never tried to reach out to you sooner
"I was safe with you but that was a long time ago. You said it yourself, my son doesn't have his father and I am sure as hell not leaving him unprotected from whatever this is to fight alongside the others especially you Ikaris" the tears were on the verge of escaping down your cheeks but you weren't going to cry in front of him
"Thanks for finally deciding to swoop in for a visit but I need you to leave, now" exiting the kitchen Sersi could tell that you weren't going to leave with them so she said goodbye to Luke and walked out the door, shooting you an apologetic look as she by-passed you at the door
Ikaris paused in is tracks to kiss your cheek, droplets of water fell onto your face, right where his pressed against yours. Ikaris was crying, he tried his best to put all his pent up emotion into that one kiss hoping that you could tell how much he regretted his decision to leave you behind
His eyes were glossed over when he pulled away, he kissed your temple one last time before heading out the door. It was your turn to cry as you stared at his retreating frame
Even though he had a way of getting under your skin you'd be lying if you said that having him so close to you, having his lips pressed against your skin didn't feel like heaven. You missed him, every annoying and infurriating part of him
"Mommy, who was he to you?" Luke pulled you out of your daze, wrapping his arms around your waist. Dabbing away at your eyes, you smiled down at him
"My first, true love"
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lenasvoid · 7 months ago
literally me every 10 minutes refreshing my homepage for new eternals fics
Tumblr media
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fanficsonthebrain · a month ago
Tumblr media
The end of 2021 got away from me and apparently so did January & February so here’s my big update of all the lists I’ve updated in the last 4 months! As always recs are welcome and I hope you have a wonderful day/night and find something new to read and new authors to spam with love! ❤️
★ Find my main masterlist here 💕
★ Everything I recommended in September + October + November 2021!
Characters included under the cut:
Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Peter Parker, Stephen Strange, Ikaris, Druig, Makkari, M’Baku, Johnny Storm, Ransom Drysdale, Ari Levinson, Nick Fowler, Chris The Destroyer, Andy Barber, Spancer Reid, Penelope Garcia x Derek Morgan, Chris Evans, Richard Madden, Benedict Bridgerton, Colin Bridgerton, Anthony Bridgerton
★ These are the lists I’ve added to/updated from Dec 2021 - Mar 2022 ⬇️
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes
Bucky x Reader + Part 2 + Part 3 
Chubby!Bucky x Reader aka. Baker!Bucky, Librarian!Bucky, Alpha!Bucky
Misc!Bucky x Reader aka. Baker!Bucky, Lumberjack!Bucky, Vampire!Bucky, Roommate!Bucky, College!Bucky, Demon!Bucky, 40s!Bucky, Construction Worker!Bucky, Stripper!Bucky, Florist!Bucky, Neighbour!Bucky, Mafia!Dilf!Bucky
Mafia!Bucky x Reader & Mafia!Dilf!Bucky
Biker!Bucky x Reader
Dad!Bucky x Reader Part 1 + Part 2 
Alpha!Bucky x Reader
Mob!Bucky x Reader
TFATWS!Bucky x Reader
Bodyguard!Bucky x Reader
+ Stucky x Reader aka.Mafia!Stucky
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers
Steve x Reader
Mafia & Mob!Steve x Reader
Alpha!Steve x Reader
Biker!Steve x Reader
Misc!Steve x Reader aka. Neighbour!Steve, Chubby!Steve, Lumberjack!Steve
+ Stucky x Reader aka. Mafia!Stucky
Tumblr media
Peter Parker 
Peter Parker x Reader
Tumblr media
Stephen Strange
Stephen Strange x Reader
Tumblr media
Ikaris x Reader
Tumblr media
Druig x Reader
Druig x Reader (x Makkari)
Tumblr media
M’Baku x Reader
Tumblr media
Johnny Storm
Johnny Storm x Reader
Tumblr media
Ransom Drysdale
Ransom x Reader
Tumblr media
Ari Levinson
Ari Levinson x Reader + mafia!Ari & biker!Ari
Tumblr media
Nick Fowler x Reader
Nick x Reader
Tumblr media
Chris The Destroyer
Destroyer!Chris x Reader
Tumblr media
Andy Barber
Andy Barber x Reader
Mafia!Andy x Reader
Tumblr media
Spencer Reid
Spencer Reid x Reader
Tumblr media
Penelope x Derek
Penelope x Derek
Tumblr media
Chris Evans
Chris Evans x Reader
Tumblr media
Richard Madden
Richard Madden x Reader
Tumblr media
Benedict Bridgerton x Sophie
Colin Bridgerton x Penelope
Anthony Bridgerton x Kate
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maudeeloise · 7 months ago
One Way - Druig
Pairing : Druig x immortal!reader, Ikaris x platonic!reader
Warning : angst, slight fluff, mind control, spoiler, ikaris being an asshole
A/N : First of all, we can all agree that Druig is hot😩. Second of all, I don’t hate any of the characters, it’s just an idea I’ve had in mind which I wrote and became this.
Tumblr media
part 1 // part 2 // part 3
Druig and Ikaris never got along, especially when there was you around. It wasn’t like the two had feelings for you. Ikaris and you had known each other longer, but there had never been any romantic feelings involved. Both of you were just close friends who loved spending most of the times together.
Everything changed when Ikaris introduced you to the Eternals. He never had any intention to do it, it was an accident. You both were in London and Deviant happened. You met Sersi and Sprite and he was forced to get yourself involve into his world.
At first it was all great, you got along with them fast, especially Sersi since you had interest in nature. The journey led you to meet a specific ‘friend’ of his. Druig.
Since the very beginning, Druig had his attention stuck on you. He always stole some glanced towards you every now and then. It slowly led to Ikaris being protective of you. However, it didn’t stop Druig from flirting with you. You, on the other hand, couldn’t help yourself but felt flustered every time he was around.
You didn’t take that seriously, especially when Ikaris kept reminding you that Druig was just being Druig. Even though he knew he wasn’t. Druig wouldn’t flirt with anyone unless there was feelings involved, but you didn’t know Druig, so you just trusted your friend.
As time went by, Druig’s attempt to get you close to him increased. He started to get physical in a romantic way. He would wrapped his arms around you or play with your hair. Sometimes he even kissed the back of your hand or cheek or forehead, anywhere but your lips.
Ikaris watched the two with full of range. He wasn’t jealous, he was just protective. Maybe a little jealous. You used to give your full attention on him, now it was shared with someone he didn’t get along with. Ikaris didn’t stop telling you to distance yourself from Druig for the sake of yourself.
“I mean it, Y/N. He would just leave you one day like he did once with all of us. Thanks to his pride.” You rolled your eyes at him.
“We’re just friends, Ikaris.” Your hand flew to his arms to get his full attention. “Stop worrying so much.”
Did that stop Ikaris from keeping you away from Druig? No. In fact, he had more ideas in his mind. Some were pretty brutal. However, he never thought the risk, the risk of betraying you.
It was one random day. You and the Eternals were hanging in the domo. To be more specific, you were ‘flirting’ with Druig and Ikaris was watching the two of you at the other side of the room. He hadn’t left his eyes from you since he entered the room.
You were laughing and smiling over God knows what Druig were saying. Druig’s fingers slyly moved to bring a strain of your hair behind your ear. You stared at him as a blush covered your cheeks.
Ikaris’ jaw clenched tightly. His eyes drew holes through Druig’s head, mentally. Slowly your laughs died down and you both stared at each other deeply. It was almost like you and Druig against the world.
Druig slowly leaned in and you followed his action. Right when your lips were inches away, Ikaris shot up and walked towards you. He pulled you by your upper arms, forcing you to stand up.
Just like that, the three of you were the center of the attention. No one dared to comment on anything as they watched the scene. The tension in the room were thick, it made you anxious.
“Ikaris.” You started, but the man just clenched his jaw tighter. His eyes never leaving Druig who glared at him the same way he did.
“Ikaris, let’s just go.” You tried to pull him away, but he tighten his grip, making you wince.
Druig stood up right away. He took your arm that was held by Ikaris and tried to seperate it, but Ikaris was quick to push him back with full force. Druig stumbled back, his back hitting the wall which cause a loud thud.
Druig walked towards Ikaris the second he got his balance back. Ikaris finally let you go and pulled you behind him. Their pride got the best of them and you knew you couldn’t stop them, especially the fact that you didn’t have any ability other than being immortal.
Ikaris’ eyes glowed as Druig ready himself to threw a punch towards his opponent. Right before they got in contact, the others were quick to pull them both from each other. Seperating them far enough from each other.
“Don’t go near her ever again.” Ikaris pointed at Druig, his voice stern.
Druig scoffed. “And why is that? Are you jealous?”
“I mean it.” Ikaris growled. You stepped back in surprise. He had never raised his voice whenever you were around.
“Aww, you are. Aren’t you?” Druig scolded from across the room. “It’s not really my fault that she chose me. Maybe you were just some boring old man who doesn’t have a sense of humor.”
“And how do you know she chose you? What if she just felt bad for you.” That hit you and Druig hard.
You stared at Ikaris in disbelief. Ikaris knew you had feelings for Druig, even though you never told him. He was friends with you long enough to know you like the back of his hand. It was quite obvious for him though.
“I guess there’s only one way to find out.” Druig smirked and turned to you. His eyes glowed as your eyes turned the same shade.
Suddenly you felt your whole body went numb. It was like you didn’t have any control of your body. Your mind went blank and out of nowhere words came past your lips. “I love you, Druig.”
Your eyes went back to normal once the words left your mouth. Druig turned to Ikaris as a smirk played on his lips. Ikaris didn’t seem surprised at all, he was too focus on fighting the urge to kill Druig.
“Why would you do that?” Your soft voice caused the two to turn to you slightly. The smirk that was once on Druig’s lips fell into a frown once he saw your expression.
“Y/N-“ Druig called softly.
“Don’t.” You stopped him from going any further. You looked back and forth between him and Ikaris. “Please, leave me alone. Both of you.”
With that you turned on your heels and left the room. You didn’t even thought to take a glimpse of them one more time. You just walked further and further away, soon out of the domo.
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vintagelucystark · 7 months ago
•One taught me love:
Tumblr media
•One taught me patience:
Tumblr media
•One taught me pain:
Tumblr media
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clints-lucky-arrow · 7 months ago
I think my brain is doing some weird stuff because right before I fell asleep last night all I could think about is Druig and Ikaris railing me because they want to see who could do it better since they hate each other so much... Ik very random and I think I'm going to restart my brain rq
HOLD UP. I like your brain! 😍 Thank you for sending this in. And might this be dream-accurate in any way? 👀
like this. || druig x f!reader x ikaris.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
WARNINGS: 18+ ONLY. Explicit Sexual Content. MFM Threesome Elements. Vaginal Sex. Competition. Slight Exhibitionism. Voyeurism. Vaginal Fingering.
A/N: As I have said before, I don’t take requests - but my inbox is always open for naughty thoughts about characters. Something may spark a drabble, but there are never any promises!
Tumblr media
"All those special powers," Druig laughs - low and mocking, "and yet you still can't make her moan like this."
His cock slides in and out of you. It's easy when your cunt is already so wet. Already well-fucked and used, by the very man that sits just off to the other side, watching impassively as the telepth takes you - bent over upon your knees, face and hands pressed into the mattress below. The ornate mirror in-front shows as Druig lifts his hand to mouth, spitting delicately on two fingers, before reaching underneath your waist to rub them against your clit.
Such a sensation on your nerves has you mewling. Despite Druig's teasing, Ikaris already made you come. Over and over, until you were panting and sweat-slicked. However, this other man is already edging you over that peak again, and doing so quicker than the previous.
While one hand continues to rub that swollen bundle of nerves, the other slides up the front of your body. Druig barely pauses to cup and squeeze your breast before his hand wraps around your throat - just under your chin. Another whimper leaves your lips as he forces it to tilt up. An angle perfectly constructed so that you have no choice but to look Ikaris in the face. Your eyes are heavy-lidded, body trembling as the slow plough of Druig's cock sends waves of pleasure right through your cunt.
"You're a right bastard, Druig," Ikaris growls.
Still, his rapt gaze can't quite draw away from you. From the way that you arch, and how your mouth opens so willingly as Druig slides his index and middle finger just past your lips. Caught in the cage of his arms, something in you gives. You come hard - sound stifled by the digits between your lips. Behind, Druig groans softly. The pace of his hips increase as he rolls them slightly faster, still simultaneously rubbing.
But infront, Ikaris's eyes darken. Before you know it, his hands seize your forearms. Druig's grip rips away from you - the throbbing girth of his cock sliding free in an instant. There's no time to mourn the loss. Not when your knees slide along the bedsheets, and then Ikaris is above, pushing you down onto your back. His strong body covers yours.
Unable to help yourself, your legs wrap greedily around his hips. White teeth clenching into a snarl, he enters you in a smooth thrust. Your toes curl, heels pressed against his lower back. Behind, Druig only chuckles. When your eyes roll back, you can see that his hand is stroking down his shaft.
"Oh," the telepath murmurs, shifting closer to watch. "So we're getting competitive now?"
Tumblr media
Likes, comments, and reblogs are much appreciated!
Check out the rest of my content if you want more Druig! I have yet to do anything for Ikaris apart from this. He’s hot, but I also despise him.
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ava-kedavra · 7 months ago
Wayward Devotion part one: reunion
Pairing: Ikaris x Reader
Summary: What do you do when you’re attacked by aliens and a Clark Kent wanna-be swoops in to the save the day only to find out you’re married to him but have no recollection of it? You’re not quite sure, but you’re eager to find out.
Words: ~1200
Warning: some angst, and a few swear words? oops
“What the fuck?” You say bluntly. 
You can’t help but swear when there’s a random guy flying above you with laser beams shooting out of his eyes. 
“Get out of the way!” A girl from behind tries to turn you around from the fighting above you, but you’re trying to figure out what that creature is and who the guy wrestling with it is too. 
One moment you were grabbing the coffee order Rhodey had placed for you and the rest of the Avengers to celebrate Friday, the next you were knocked over by what you assume is an alien. 
At least you don’t think you’ve seen something like that on Earth. 
The girl finally breaks you out of your stupor and has you face her. It’s a teenage girl. No older than 14 you’d suspect. 
She freezes up when she looks at your face though and says, “Y/N?”
You’re not surprised she knows who you are given your position and you go to shake her hand, but she doesn’t respond. You don’t blame her, that might be weird given the circumstances. Do kids still shake hands these days?
“Get the civilians out of here!” The man above you screams as he literally tackles this alien to the ground whilst his eyes seem to burn its skin. Does it even have skin?
“I’m not a civilian!” You shout back as you grab the shoulders of the girl that tried to get your attention.
“Are you okay?” You ask her, but she’s still in shock at your face. You try to push her along and see another woman running in your peripheral vision fighting with laser eyes. 
“Sprite!” The woman with black hair shouts and this finally gets the kid to snap out of her haze. 
“Look!” She points at you and you raise your eyebrow looking over to the two people down the road right next to the now dead alien.
There’s a black SUV barreling down the road and you see Sam above you with his wings spread wide. 
He drops in front of you, “why is it so hard to get coffee?” 
He jokes and you laugh with him, even though you’re unnerved by the way the three people are looking at you.
“”Fridays, am I right?” You say dryly. 
The woman down the street is running towards you now though and Sam spreads his wings to shield you.
“She helped defeat it,” you say, moving out to the side of his wing. 
Sprite runs down the street past the black haired woman as Wanda, Bucky, Rhodey and Peter all jump out of the SUV. You see Sprite trying to get the man at the end of the road to move, but he just stares at you silently. 
“Couldn’t wait for us?” Bucky jokes as he looks over at the alien, kicks it to make sure it's dead, and walks with the rest of the group towards you. 
“Is he okay?” You ask the raven haired woman, pointing to the man, “he just shot laser beams out of his eyes like Clark Kent.” you explain to Sam.
“Well that’ll be fun to explain to news circuits,” Rhodey mutters and you agree.
“I just wanted coffee,” you say softly and Wanda nods agreeing with you.
“Y/N,” the raven haired woman says, “is it really you?” 
You look to the rest of your group and back to the woman, you nod. 
She runs up and hugs you so tightly you nearly fall over.
“Ikaris!” She shouts, letting you go, but wrapping your arm in hers, before walking down the street to the man clearly in shock.
He’s still staring at you and you have the admit he might have a more intense stare than Bucky when you take his favorite cereal.  
The rest of the Avengers follow you down the street as Sam starts assessing damage of the attack. You know you’ll have to give a statement and figure out why that thing was after you, but right now you’re more intrigued by the man in front of you.
“Ikaris,” Sprite nudged his shoulder, “say something.”
“I don’t understand what’s happening,” Peter whispers to Wanda, who's tilting her head curiously. 
Her eyes begin to glow and she’s reading his mind before she can help it. She gasps out loud and you turn to her, “Wanda, what’s wrong?” 
She’s staring at Ikaris now, who’s out of his funk, but your eyes are on her. 
“He knows you, Y/N, I-” she starts, baffled “you’re-”
“My wife,” laser eyes finally speaks and you turn back around to see him closer to you. 
He takes hold of your hands, squeezing them as if to make sure they’re real. There’s tears in his blue eyes. 
“It’s-” he chokes up, “it’s been centuries.” He says it with such raw emotion you nearly believe him.
He suddenly lifts you up in the air and spins you around, laughing and kissing your cheeks, before putting his forehead against yours, gently setting your feet back on the ground. 
“I knew we’d meet again.” he whispers against your lips and you finally pull back from him, startled at the affection.
You awkwardly chuckle at his confused gaze, “I’m sorry, but I think you have the wrong person.” 
“Impossible,” he says immediately. 
“What the hell did I miss?” Sam asks, walking onto the scene.
“Clark Kent says Y/N is his wife and he hasn’t seen her for centuries.” Bucky states bluntly.
“That’s Superman?” Peter asks. 
“I’m not Superman,” Ikaris states, “I’m an Eternal, sent here thousands of years ago to protect against the Deviants,” he looks over to you, “just like you were.” 
“I’m not even 30,” you say defensively, taking another step back, “and I really don’t think you have the right person.”
“But it’s you,” the dark haired woman says, “it has to be.”
“Sersi is right,” Sprite says, “I knew the moment I saw you.”
“As did I,” Ikaris states. 
With his gaze on you, you don’t doubt him, but still it’s a pretty crazy scenario.
“The question is, why was that thing attacking Y/N?” Rhodey cuts in and you’re thankful for a chance to look away from Ikaris. 
“Let’s go debrief at the compound, there’s too many eyes here,” Sam states and that’s when you realize there’s a group of people down the block pushing against a police barricade. 
You go to hop into the SUV and are surprised to see Ikaris trying to climb in next to you. 
“Can’t you fly?” You defend weakly as you slide into the backseat together.
“You can too,” he counters, “but I’m not letting you out of my site again.” 
“I can’t fly,” you look at him confused, and you’re sure your faces match.
“Yes you can,” he states as if it’s the most obvious thing in the World.
“I think I’d know if I could fly,” You say with more sass than you’d meant. 
He doesn’t respond, but instead looks at you with such sadness you felt as though you could cry.
He gently touches your cheek, but you don’t pull away.
“Oh Y/N,” he says softly, “what did they do to you?”
You turn your face away and look towards the window, hoping he’d get the hint to leave you alone. Thankfully he does and the rest of the ride to the compound is silent. 
link to part two
part one done! reposting because I didn’t post it right the last time. playing around with this idea because I’m bored and wanted to write about ikaris. I don’t really know how to use tumblr well so if I can I’ll make a masterlist, but don’t be disappointed if I can’t figure it out. also have exams coming up for school so I won’t have a set schedule or anything while posting this. anywaaays look forward to some #softikaris and #confusedy/n because that’ll be coming real soon! 
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achaoticeternal · 7 months ago
𝗿𝗲𝗺𝗲𝗺𝗯𝗲𝗿 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗶 𝗹𝗼𝘃𝗲 𝘆𝗼𝘂
Request: hi! can we get a druig w mahd wryry ! preferably w drama and hurt/comfort thank you!!
Summary: When Druig develops mah'd wryry, you make the choice to stay by his side, for better or for worse. Word Count: 1.7k Warnings: angst, brief mentions of rape, mental illness A/N: Reader has electrokinesis and can read minds. I listened to "I Gotta Have My Baby Back" by Ella Fitzgerlad to capture this.
Tumblr media
"Alone in a tavern people all around / Laughing and dancing, paintin' the town," You sang while combing your fingers through his hair, letting your nails gently graze his scalp, "Jukebox is playing songs about you / Songs with memories making me blue"
Druig was nestled in between your legs, relaxed as he read one of the books you bought for him the last time you traveled outside the village. He looked peaceful as his eyes skimmed across the pages, absorbing every word and sometimes mumbling quiet thoughts. It was a sight that warmed your heart. As he read, you would draw shapes and letters on his head or shoulders as you continued to hum the familiar tune.
It had been a rather peaceful day in the commune, none of the villagers knocked on your door for any reason and you had convinced Druig to take a day off himself. You could just sense when Druig held too much weight; whether it came from the natural ability or just knowing him. But it was definitely a much-needed day of rest, even if he didn't originally completely agree with you. It was a good thing that you could be rather convincing.
You sat up, causing him to also sit up and scoot back towards your warm body. Two arms snuck around his waist as you hugged him, resting your head against his back, "how is your book, dear?"
"Much better than the Odyssey," he chuckled to himself, before his tone became more teasing, "and far more enjoyable than those cheesy romance books you used to read."
"Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters had fantastic works. It's just some of the more modern works that concern me for the humans," you giggled as you inhaled his scent - mahogany, and lavender, "Remember that I love you."
Druig and you had settled in at Ajak's house, thirty years since the two of you had last seen each other or any of the others. However, Ajak had contacted you in a panic which was a rare occurrence. You sought out Druig to join you, hoping that it may patch up old wounds. Yet when you arrived, the most shocking news surprised you. Apparently, some of the townspeople had spotted 'monstrous creatures' whose description was eerily similar to a Deviants.
In the room, you were also joined by all your friends except for Gilgamesh and Thena... for obvious reasons.
"It's good to see you all," Ajak spoke up, "before we leave this place I do need to warn you all. The city and many of the surrounding settlements have been under attack for months now. You may want to intervene, but remember that we only want to track and kill this potential Deviant."
Traveling across the hills, the group took cover in shrubs and trees when possible in order to avoid any unwanted conflict. Families and tired travelers had past by you claiming to be headed towards the castle as a last line of defense. As you kept on the pursuit, you passed a town that had clearly been attacked and looted - a devastating sight. Druig had fallen behind a few steps, his brows furrowed to reveal his heartache for the town. You fell back away from Makkari to join him, taking his hand in yours. It was all the support you could offer him at this moment as you trekked onward.
At one point, the group stopped by Ajak's command, "Makkari, Kingo, Ikaris, and (Y/N) - go forward. The rest of us will stay here as a support and an extra line of defense for the villages."
You squeezed Druig's hand and offered him a smile, "Be right back."
"See you then," He smirked and winked before allowing your hand to fall from his.
Walking with the others, Kingo gave you a strange look, "since when have you and Druig been buddy-buddy?"
"You are oblivious," Makkari signed, Kingo's reaction to the news causing you to laugh.
The four of you had found and defeated a smaller deviant that you had found in a cave, dragging in bodies from one of the towns. Now you were headed back and were in eyesight of your friends who cheered at the true final victory.
Giving hugs and sharing congratulations, you went around until you spotted Druig who stood at the peak of the hill. You sprinted up to him to see what he was looking at, and what you saw broke your heart. A village burning as men grabbed at whatever they wished or snatched at women who begged to be left alone. It was quite the opposite of the festivities behind them.
"Ajak wouldn't let me at least stop them from pillaging or the harm caused to the women or children," he mumbled, jaw tight in anger.
"Oh, my dear, I'm so sorry that you have to see this. I- We'll go back to the commune and everything will be-"
But before you could finish your sentence, Druig's eyes glazed over with a hazy gold that didn't resemble the usually metallic shade. He struck you against the chest, sending you flying back. Faintly, you heard marching growing near the group.
"No, Druig," Ajak gasped as she spotted his figure glaring down at you. He threw a punch at your head, knocking you out cold, then raised his fist again. But before he could, Ikaris grabbed him around the waist and tugged him into the sky.
Druig struggled against Ikaris but freed himself. He began to hurtle back to the ground, but Makkari snatched him and threw him to the ground. The others were occupied with the villagers under Druig's control, attempting not to hurt them but trying to push them back.
As the fight continued, you sat up to see Druig fighting off Makkari and Ikaris with a sword and shield, paired with his abilities. It was messy and heartbreaking when you realized what had come over him - MAH'D WRYRY.
With all the strength in your body, you pulled yourself up from the ground, tumbling towards the fight, "Stop! STOP!"
Makkari spotted you and ran to your side. She picked you up and ran you back towards the battle. Placing you a few feet away from Druig, she caught Ikaris' attention and signed for him to drawback.
You approached Druig cautiously from behind and tried to look into his mind. But no matter how hard you pushed, there was a mental block, similar to Thena's when you tried to help her. You failed her then, but you refused to fail Druig now.
"Druig," you called out to him. Swiftly he turned, swinging his blade and halting it in front of your throat, "Druig, my dear, you know me."
His eyes, still frosted over, darted across your face to examine your features. Still, he held his stance. You raised your hand and pushed the sword away from your neck, "Druig, I need you to come back to me. I need you to listen to my voice."
Slowly as not to alarm him, you raised your hands up to the sides of his face. You traced his jaw in an attempt to soothe him, "Druig, remember that I love you," You spoke softly before sending sparks of electricity into his body. He dropped to the ground; sword and shield now strewn at his side.
Below, the villagers all snapped out of their trance. Sprite made quick work of making the scene disappear before they could realize what had truly happened.
While the team played damage control, you aided Druig's unconscious body. First checking his heartbeat and then taking his head into your lap. You combed through his hair as a tear fell from your cheek to his.
"What do we do now?" Makkari signed to Ajak, as the group stood around you.
The Prime Eternal stepped toward you, concern evident on her face, "I can offer you what I offered to Thena, thirty years ago."
"Maybe he would be nicer if we-"
"Don't you dare finish that sentence," you shot a glare towards Ikaris and Kingo, livid that they could even consider that, especially now.
"No, no. I will take him back to the commune and care for him there. I can make sure that nothing bad happens to him, but please don't take away his memories," you begged Ajak with a strained voice.
It had been five centuries since you had last seen your fellow Eternals. Yet, your decision to stay with Druig never wavered as the love you felt for each other only grew. He was grateful that you fought for him when others weren't as willing and in return, he made your own little paradise in the Amazon.
Not every day was easy, and the effects of the disease took a strain not only on Druig's mind but his body and spirit too. Yet you wouldn't trade anything in this world or the next to reverse your decision.
"How are you feeling today, dear?" You asked, handing him a cup of tea and a small platter of berries.
"I don't feel quite myself today," He frowned, setting the items down on his bedside table.
"That's okay," You smiled, taking a seat next to him on the bed. He snatched your hand in his own and pressed a soft kiss to your knuckles.
"My love, why do you choose to stay by my side?" He raised a brow, "I know I'm not the most pleasant to always be around, but I guess my looks do make up for it."
You giggled at his teasing comment, "I don't stay here. I live here. With you, the person I desire most in this world."
He smiled softly, and you returned it, grateful that he allowed himself to be vulnerable around you. It didn't seem to matter the conditions of your livelihood, the two of you belonged together despite any challenges and that is what love is supposed to be.
"(Y/N), my love, thank you for everything you do."
"You don't have to thank me, Druig. All you have to do is... Remember that I love you."
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buckyhoney · 7 months ago
@ dane whitman becoming the black knight:
Tumblr media
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fic-finders · 4 months ago
Looking for good enemies to lovers fics, please help
Hey anon sorry for taking so long to post this but enemies to lovers is one of my favorite tropes and there were so many fic that I have read with that trope I wanted include. 
Enemies To Lovers Fic Recs
With the Snap of a Finger by @babycap
Goodbye by @lovelybarnes
Salt the Earth by @mallowswriting
The Mess by @sanguineterrain
Harmless by @shurisneakers
Cheek to Cheek by @wienerbarnes
Bad Match by @justreadingfics
Still You by @marvelyhp
Ashens by @allandoflimbo 
All Bikers are Hells Angels by @sweet-barnes
Snow by @delaber
TFATWS: The Star-Spangled Man by @malum-forev
No Such Thing by @sanguineterrain
The assistant by @trillian-anders (5 parts but all with different titles)
Crisis of Lust by @rocketrhap3000
Choice and Chance by @constellationsolo
Of Love and Flames by @winterlves
Savior by @beananacake
Late by @buckysgoldenheart
Way Down We Go by @writersblog20
Geralt of Rivia
The Death of Me by @write-ur-wrongs
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beananacake · 7 months ago
Richard Madden
Tumblr media
Snapshot (completed/on-going)
(Richard Madden x Reader)
Synopsis: Your story time Twitter thread of how your grandparents thought you were dating Richard Madden becomes viral and you get the chance to meet the man himself.
Bonus Content 1 & Bonus Content 2
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
One shot 1
One shot 2
Headcanon 1
One shot 3
Headcanon 2
Tumblr media
Savior (completed)
(Ikaris x Reader)
Tumblr media
Cover by the lovely @mentallyscreamingsincebirth
Synopsis: Ikaris has felt a hum for millennia and he's never questioned it, until he found the source
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6*
Part 7
Part 8*
Part 9
Part 10*
One-shot: Dear Diary
Tumblr media
The Accidental Princess (on-going)
(Prince Kit x Reader)
Synopsis: A contract has been found, after twenty years, bearing your name and the Prince Kit's... bound in matrimony.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
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mcubrunette · 7 months ago
Are You Ready?
Pairing: Ikaris x Reader
Summary: Reader is nervous to confess to Ikaris that she wants a baby but when she finally gathers the courage to do so, Ikaris gets right to work.
Word Count: 4.4k
Warnings: Smut (18+ Mature Audience Only), baby-making, swearing
A/N: I’m just trying to give the Tumblr people more Ikaris smut.. idk if this is good but maybe it’ll be good enough ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tumblr media
The sun beamed down on me as I knelt in the dirt. I was trying to navigate the tomato plants, plucking the ripe red fruits to be placed in the basket beside me, while also trying to avoid the prickly cucumber plants which were trying to overtake the entire garden. 
I paused to take a breath, leaning back to glance up at the sky. The sun was all alone in a sea of blue, not a cloud in sight. I leaned back on my ankles as I reached up to pull my hat up so I could swipe away the sweat which gathered on my forehead.
I couldn’t help but pause to look around at the land which surrounded me.
Ikaris had built this cottage for us in the middle of this enchanting forest. I truly felt as if I lived in my own magical world out here, with a charming prince to go along with it.
The cottage sat in the middle of a large round clearing of the forest, with plenty of green grass which almost screamed for children to run all over, tumbling around and giggles that could be heard for miles.
We’d been married for three years. I couldn’t help myself. Everywhere I looked, I imagined how that scene would differ with a miniature version of Ikaris fluttering about- and him alongside them no doubt aiding in causing trouble.
I sighed to myself. Our life felt so perfect here on our own. I was too nervous Ikaris wanted to remain just us two alone, and would reject the idea of any additions.
I shook my head to rid myself of those thoughts. As I went to grab for the cucumbers again to pull them away from the tomatoes, I was interrupted by a voice behind me.
“Getting all sweaty and dirty without me, Love?” I heard my husband speak behind me.
I couldn’t help the smirk which appeared on my face in response to his cheekiness.
“Well you could make yourself useful and get down here and help me, get dirty alongside me” I replied, finishing my sentence looking up at him with a wink.
Ikaris stood there, I could tell he was peering down at me even though his eyes were hidden behind a pair of dark shades. He wore a white wife-beater and light brown cargo shorts, and in his hand he held a mason jar mug filled with ice water.
“I think I will reserve just being the refreshments caddie for you, Love. Does that work for you?” he asked, now pulling down his shades just enough so I could see him staring with that gleam in his eye.
“Yes, I think that will work just fine for me” I said, not being able to resist ogling my husband who just looked so angelic standing in the path of the sun. The subtle sheen to his skin along his biceps just screamed for me to take my tongue along it.
Before my thoughts could progress to anything dirtier than that, Ikaris was squatting down next to me and I was handed the glass. Now quite wet from the condensation due to the contrast in temperature.
“Here you go darling, don’t want ya getting dehydrated and passing out now do we?” 
“I suppose a trip all the way to town for heatstroke would not be an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon would it?”
“I’m actually more concerned with you passing out and squishing the tomatoes. You know those are my favouri-whOa” he was cut off by me attempting to push him over into the dirt.
“Hey now Love, you know I’m only kidding”, he leaned down to kiss my cheek, as a sign of asking for forgiveness.
“I know” I replied, turning my face now so I could return the action with a kiss to his cheek as well. Then finally I had a chance to actually have a sip of the water, which felt so refreshing after more than a couple hours in the sun.
“Well I’m about to start working on dinner now, should be ready in about an hour okay?” he asked, and to which I hummed an “okay” in reply.
“Don’t stay out here too much longer now” he warned, “that sun is a killer today and I really don’t want anything happening to you” he told me, locking gazes with my own so I knew he meant it.
“I've only just got to finish with this tomato plant and I’ll make my way back” I assured him.
Ikaris took that as good enough assurance that I would be okay and began to make his way back to the house with the now empty mug. 
As I resumed my pruning, I couldn’t help but wonder to myself what it would be like to see Ikaris not only so protective over me, but also a little one of our own.
I made my way inside the house through the back mudroom. Slipping off my gardening sandals, placing my hat on the hook and gloves in the basket to be washed later on.
I walked into the kitchen, placing the basket of vegetables next to the sink for me to wash.
“Ahh, there you are, Love” my husband appeared from inside the pantry, carrying out an armful of ingredients I knew belonged in my favourite meal.
He paused next to the sink to peer into the basket, “very nice collection so far” he nodded in impress, “can use some of those for a salad to go along with our meal” he suggested looking up at me for confirmation.
“That sounds great” I agreed, “I’m just gonna head up and rinse off this dirt first before dinner” I nodded towards the stairs, already making my way towards them.
“Sure no problem, dinner should be done when you are,” Ikaris assured as he began to set up a strainer to wash the veggies.
“Dinner was absolutely delish babe” I told my husband, reaching up to grab his shoulders from behind so I could pull him down for a kiss on the cheek, while he was in the midst of washing the dishes.
I grabbed a towel to assist in the drying and putting away of the dishes.
“Any plans for what you want to do tonight, Love?” Ikaris posed the question towards me. Before I could reply he was already suggesting, “could watch a movie, boardgame, puzzle, oh actual-”
“I was actually thinking of going for a swim tonight” I interrupted his suggestions.
He stopped his washing of the plate in his hand and looked up at me.
“You know it’s just been so tiring working in the garden all afternoon and I really could use some.. relaxation” I explained, trying to put as much suggestion as I could into the last word.
“Uh.. um yeah, that sounds good to me Love” Ikaris nodded, now moving to wash the dishes at a slightly faster pace.
We finished putting away all the dishes, so I went to change into my robe.
Ikaris was already waiting for me at the back door, in his robe as well, towels in hand for after we were done.
Hand in hand we walked down past the garden, past the open field, into the forest. It would be a surprise to anyone who came to our home, that just mere meters into the forest and hidden from sight, there was a smaller pond area, which we had surrounded in rocks so it felt almost like an in ground hot tub.
As we approached the edge I looked over at Ikaris, “you wouldn’t mind would you?” I asked, nodding in the direction of the water.
“You think I’d make you get into anything less than steaming hot water, darling” he scoffed, and moments later his eyes glowed. In only a second long blast, I could already see the steam which now arose from the water.
“Shall we milady?” Ikaris asked, drawing my attention back to him to find his robe already removed.
Standing there is all of his glory.
“We shall” I confirmed, removing my robe now as well and hanging it on a nearby branch.
With my hand in his he led me to the water, stepping in himself first so he could assist in lifting me in and settling me in the water. 
The warmth of the water instantly soothed my aching muscles. I couldn’t help but close my eyes and tilt my head back at the relief.
I was pulled out of my trance however, by a gentle tug at my hand. I opened my eyes to see Ikaris now sitting on the side, water just below his shoulders.
I made my way over, choosing to sit beside him for now.
I rest my head on his shoulder, staring off at the short length of the pond and past it into the forest.
Once again, I couldn’t stop the thoughts racing through my head, the images of a potential future.
Ikaris tossing a little girl up in the air so she could fall and splash into the water. The little girl appearing back out of the water with a huge smile as she begged her father to do it again. 
Ikaris chasing around a little boy through the forest, hiding behind trees so he could surprise the little boy with a ‘gotcha!’ before grabbing the boy and spinning him around while simultaneously tickling his belly to elicit those sweet sounds of laughter.
Ikaris runni-’SNAP’. 
I was pulled out of my thoughts by the sound of fingers snapping in front of my face.
I looked over at Ikaris in surprise, a concerned look on his face stared back at me.
“What’s going on, Love?” He asked quickly., “Is it the water? Is it too warm? God you were out in the sun all day I should ha-” 
“Ikaris!” I interrupted him, “I’m okay” I assured him.
I could tell he was not convinced.
“Love you completely zoned out for a solid minute. Are you sure everything is alright?” he pressed. “Are you sure there isn’t something on your mind?” he inquired.
“Uhh” I didn’t know how to respond to his direct question, I didn’t want to lie.
Ikaris began to nod in confirmation to himself, “okay something is definitely on your mind. Can you tell me what it is darling?”. He shifted his body so he was now completely turned towards me, while I for some reason couldn’t bear to even look at him.
As if he could sense my hensitency, Ikaris drew his hand up to gently tug at my chin in order to turn my head in his direction.
“C’mon Love, it’s me. You know you can tell me anything” he whispered in my ear.
I shook my head at him as I shyly looked up at him and said, “I’m just scared you will say no”.
He paused for a moment before asking, “will you be harmed in any way?”
“Will I?”
“Will anyone?”
“Well then I most likely won’t say no-oH actually if it abou-”
“I want to have a baby” I finally got out, looking up at him with I’m sure a surprised expression that I actually got the words out.
There was a moment of dead silence, where only the forest sounds could be heard.
And then, there was laughter, from Ikaris.
I immediately began to pull away so I could run back to the house in shame, but before I could make it any further than standing, my arm was tugged back and I was pulled onto Ikaris’ lap, straddling him in the process.
I still couldn’t bear to look at him, tears starting to form in my eyes, thinking how stupid it was for me to bring this up.
“Whoa hey now, what are all these tears about?” Ikaris cooed at me in concern, hand lifting up to brush my cheek.
“You laughed at me” I snarled, giving a faint push to his chest to try and push myself away, but his arm was wrapped too tightly around my waist for me to budge.
“Love,” he sighed, “I wasn’t laughing at you.”
I finally looked up at him now, silently requesting for him to continue.
“I was laughing because I have been waiting for you to utter those words for years now and I couldn’t believe I was finally hearing them”.
I was too shocked to even reply to him.
My next reaction was to begin pushing at his chest again, and yelling out, “you have wanted a baby for years?! Why haven’t you told me this before?
He seemed surprised by my reaction now, “I thought it was your choice love, it’s you that has to carry the child for nine months, I don’t deserve to make the call when you are ready to do that” he explained.
God, I love this man, and I do not know what I did to deserve him.
I couldn’t help but lean down to rest my forehead on his shoulder and let out a loud groan of annoyance. Annoyance that we both have both been wanting this for so long, yet neither of us mentioned anything.
Hands grasped at my shoulders now to push me back so Ikaris could look me straight in the eyes.
“You really want to have a baby?” he asked, just to make sure.
“Oh Ikaris” I sighed, hand going up to his cheek, “I really, truly, want nothing more”.
And with that I leaned in so my lips could meet his.
His arms were both on me now, one arm around my waist pulling our lower halves together, his other hand now up behind my head running through my hair to pull us closer there as well.
My hands began first running up his chest, around to his back, and up his neck until they reached their final destination in his beautiful luscious hair.
I could feel his length now beginning to harden against my stomach, I instinctively began to roll my hips forward, trying to get myself any possible relief.
My right hand I ripped from his hair so I could plunge it into the water and grasp onto his solid member.
“Oh god!” Ikaris cried out when my hand first wrapped around him, throwing his head back and detaching our lips momentarily. 
I took that as an opportunity to now lean forward and lick a strip up the side of his throat, sucking harder once I reached my destination, the spot in the crook of his neck which I knew was his weakness.
Before I could continue further, the hand in my hair pulled me back so that Ikaris’ mouth could meet mine once again.
Then I was being flipped around so that I was now sitting on the stone seat and Ikaris stood before me now, looking down.
“You’re so beautiful” he whispered, shaking his head as if he couldn’t believe that the woman before him was real- or his.
He leaned down to capture my lips with his again, wasting no time sliding his tongue to entangle with my own. His hands now placing themselves on each of my thighs in order to push them apart.
As we continued in our heated makeout, his hands began to creep up further until they reached the apex of my thighs.
In a flash I was pushing away from, “wait wait wait” I called out.
Ikaris looked down at me, scared he’d done something wrong.
Before he could question I clarified, “I would rather us not conceive our first child in the pond, do you mind taking us home?” I asked.
Ikaris smiled down now, knowing everything was indeed alright before replying, “anything you want, Love”.
In a flash Ikaris was standing up, pulling me with him, swooping me into his arms bridal style,  and I was in the air before I could even say a word in protest.
Though, not that I would have put on much of a protest. He knows how attractive I find it that he can fly so effortlessly, even whilst carrying me in his arms.
In a matter of seconds we were standing on the balcony of our master bedroom, Ikaris hand in mind to guide me to the door and tugging it open for me to enter first. 
I walked in and paused once I got to the foot of the bed. I could feel Ikaris behind me, having now closed the door, his breath tickled the back of my neck.
“Are you sure you’re ready for this, Love?” Ikaris whispered behind me, one last confirmation.
I looked back at him to whisper back, “I am”.
In a fury his lips were attached to mine, hands grasping at my waist to push me back towards the bed. 
Ikaris lifted me up onto the bed and I began to crawl myself backwards until I reached the pillows to lean back on. Ikaris followed suit, crawling up onto the bed until he hovered over me.
His hands moved down to my thighs, then looking down at me he asked, “spread your legs for me babygirl, wide as you can, can you do that for me?”
As I could do was nod in reply, as I moved my thighs as far apart from one another as I could.
Ikaris leaned down now to look closely at the mess which was already appearing between my thighs.
Before I could tell him to do something, anything, Ikaris was on me in an instant, dragging his tongue completely through my folds, trying to taste as much of myself as he could.
I threw my head back and let out a moan in pleasure. Ikaris hummed in response, indicating his pleasure in my noises, before continuing his devouring.
My hands reached down now to grasp at his hair, his head, his anything I just wanted to try to pull him closer in any way possible.
“Ikaris! Please babe.. please.. I need more..” I begged, I couldn’t help myself, trying to get out what pleas I could while thrashing around in an attempt to find relief.
In answer to my prayers however, Ikaris plunged a finger into me right as he focused his tongue right on my clit, eliciting a loud moan from me of my husband's name in response. 
In an out he plunged his finger, I could hear the noises of my wetness already, combined with his moans of pleasure like he was in the midst of a five-course meal. The vibrations of his moans added to the sensory overload.
“Are you gonna come for me, babygirl? Are you gonna come soon, tell me?” he asked, though never lifting his head for a moment in the process.
“Yea-yess” I moaned out, thrashing around now, pushing the pillows all around me.
“Cum now.” Ikaris demanded, plunging in a second finger at that same moment, tongue instantly back working at my clit, and I was gone. Release washed over me, my thrashing around ending as I rested back on the remaining pillows in relief.
My rest however, was short lived. In an instant Ikaris face was above mine. He slowly leaned down to capture his mouth with mine, allowing me to taste myself on him.
He pulled apart and looked down at me with so much love in his eyes and said, “are you ready to make me a daddy, Love?”
And with tears threatening to fall at the idea of him soon potentially being a father, I didn’t even try to get out words, only nodding and pulling him back down to entangle our lips together again.
Without detaching his lips from mine, his hands reached down in order to grasp at my thighs and push them up and outwards even more so than before. 
I reached down to grasp behind my knees in order to hold them there while Ikaris reached down to stroke himself a couple times, covering himself in my essence which remained on his hand from moments earlier.
“Look at me, Love” Ikaris demanded, I held his gaze with mine as I felt him slowly ease his hard cock into my awaiting cunt.
It didn’t matter if we’d been together for years now, every time the initial penetration felt just as tight as the first time.
Ikaris leaned over to lean his forehead against mine as he slowly pushed himself inside, until with an inch left to go in slammed himself in the rest of the way, causing me to let out a guttural moan in pleasure.
“God, always so fuckin tight” Ikaris grunted, through gritted teeth.
“Please start moving” I begged Ikaris.
With pleasure he did. Beginning to thrust his hips in and out, starting slow them letting his primal instincts take over and he began to thrust like a machine.
My hands let go of my knees, flying up to wrap around his back, no doubt leaving scratch marks as I tried to pull him in as close to me as possible.
That’s when Ikaris then grabbed for my knees, pushing them up even more now to where he could rest them over his shoulders.
The new angle made it feel like his cock was tearing all the way down into my cervix, as close as he could get in order to aid the chances in conceiving. 
All I could do was moan out his name repeatedly, all different variations of the same word, Ikaris.. IkArIs... Ikariisss.
I knew I was nearing climax again so I began to warn Ikaris, “I’m.. I’m gonna cum soon.. I’m close again” I whined out to him.
“Yeah you gonna come again for me? Okay, let’s help get you there why don’t we?” Ikaris cooed, then took one of his hands down to rub at my throbbing clit again, the final touch to push me over the edge for the second time.
Ikaris slowed his thrust slightly because he knew how sensitive I would be after coming now for the second time. 
As my shudders of pleasure began to go away, I was able to open my eyes enough to look into my husband.
“Good for one more?” He asked, trying to make sure he wasn’t pushing me any further than I wanted to.
I nodded in agreement, while also giving verbal confirmation, “I’m ready. Let’s make you a daddy and me a mommy” I said, a look of determination now on my face.
The determination then spread to him as well as all of a sudden Ikaris backed away, my legs falling down to the bed. In a split second I was being flipped onto my front and hips pulled up and back for me to arch my ass up to him.
I turned my head to look back at my husband, he continued to stroke himself as he lined himself up, looking down at me and saying, “let’s make a baby” and thrust his cock into me.
A cry erupted from my mouth as I leaned forward to hold onto the pillows in support as Ikaris rocked into me from behind.
Ikaris then shifted so his upper half now leaned over me so he could whisper in my ear.
“God you’re so sexy, Love”
“You’re gonna be the best mom, Love”
“Our children are gonna have the best parents, Love”
I was overwhelmed between the emotion surrounding the potential of parenthood, and the overstimulation my body was currently experiencing.
“I’m not gonna last much longer” Ikaris gritted out behind me,
“I.. I need help” I got out through the short breaths I could take as Ikaris knocked them out of me.
Ikaris was on me in a second, hand going back down to rub at my clit, and mouth at my ear to provide what he really knew would do me in, dirty talk. 
“You gonna let me fill this pussy up with my cum, babygirl?
“God I can’t wait to see you all swollen and pregnant with our child”
“I don’t think I’ll be able to keep my hands off you for the whole nine months”
“I will keep filling you up with my children for as many years as you want, I will never stop wanting to fuck you, and never stop wanting to love you”.
By the time he finished his last sentence, and with a flick of his fingers on my clit, I was moaning out his name as he moaned out mine. My pussy exploding over his cock, his cock emptying into me. 
With a few more thrusts to try and push his cum as far into me as he could, Ikaris collapsed on top of me, and me onto the bed.
For several minutes we just layed there, both too exhausted to move for the time being.
Eventually, Ikaris did roll off of me, over to the side of me, his cock now finally slipping out. I couldn’t help the whine which left my mouth at the lost feeling of fullness. 
A kiss was placed on the back of my head before Ikaris' hands gently moved to take a hold of my shoulder so he could roll me to lay on my back. A pillow was placed behind my head as I relaxed into its comfort, I could feel sleep calling my name.
“Here, Love” Ikaris voice awakening me some more, “lift your hips up for me” he said as he knelt before me on the bed, pillow in hand. I did as he suggested and he slipped the pillow under my hips.
“I heard that’s supposed to help promote conception, better chance of my swimmers making it into your uterus and up to your ovum” he rambled.
“Where’d you learn that?” I asked him out of curiosity.
He looked at me sheepishly, “I may have looked up some stuff in case you one day decided you did want to have kids with me.
I thought my heart could not have melted anymore this evening, but here my heart now layed as nothing more than a puddle.
I reached up to grab his face and pull him down to me for one more searing kiss for the night.
I pulled our lips apart and he rested his forehead on mine as I whispered, “I love you Ikaris”.
“I love you more than you’ll ever know” Ikaris whispered back.
And as I drifted off into sleep, all I could think was how much I couldn’t wait to raise my children with this man.
Drop a ❤️ if want husband!Ikaris or dad!Ikaris
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winterlves · 7 months ago
Of Life and Flames
Ikaris x Female!Reader
warnings: explicit sexual context, smutty smut, angst(?), fluff, very ikaris-centered, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it)
summary: He hated everything you represented. He supposes that’s why he couldn’t stay away.
Tumblr media
The first time he sees you, it’s on television. 
You arrive on Earth the very same way your brother did those few years ago. You come with buzzing unstable energy, burn marks scorched into the soil of Central Park in an intricate, circular pattern. A symbol that he’s seen the God of Thunder leave behind from his own sudden arrivals. You're crouched, hair falling over your face as the people surrounding you at the time move away. He can see them panic, and silently, he’s reminded once again of human fragility.
Had they been closer, they would’ve died. 
(He tries not to remember Sersi, and the love she holds for them. Love that he knows will be her inevitable undoing.)
It’s during a celebration of Loki’s failed attempt at invasion that you come.
The camera tries to catch of glimpse of your face, but it’s not until you look up that anyone can really see you. But when you do, Ikaris feels himself draw in a breath. He stills on his couch with the remote in his hand cracking under the pressure of his grip. Still, he does not turn away.
Still, he looks at you.
You’re beautiful, but it’s not your bone structure, or even the shape of your form wrapped in a silk chiton that makes him pause. It’s the brightness of your eyes, and the warm smile on your face when you gaze back at the people staring at you reverently. You look ethereal. Like one of those goddesses he’d watched sculpted into stone back in Greece millenniums ago.
More so when flowers begin to sprout from around you. It’s only when you move forward, grass and flowers following each step you take, that he notices your bare feet.
It hits him then.
________, the Goddess of Life.
You turn to the camera.
If possible, your smile grows warmer.
He hates you on principle.
You’re a constant presence on Earth.
No matter how much Ikaris avoids any sightings or news of you, you somehow weasel your way into his notice. It grates on him. You’re impossible to escape from. Often times you accompany your brother to functions, but with Loki on surveillance back to Asgard, he’s left a few months ago.
The latest he hears of you, you’ve convinced Tony Stark to build a greenhouse in Manhattan.
Ikaris takes a sip from his beer, studiously ignoring the two patrons beside him talking about your latest sightings. The bar is subdued tonight, but he doesn't mind. He prefers it this way, even when his thoughts and persistent guilt tend to surface during his most vulnerable hours.
“Never seen you before.” Ikaris blinks, and looks up. A woman stands before him, pretty with dark curled hair, and eyes the same shade as the moluccella laevis you’d grown in your hand during a sighting. He immediately banishes the thought in his mind and returns his focus at the woman patiently waiting with a smile.
“You wouldn’t. I’m not from here.”
“Visiting then?”
Ikaris pauses,
“Oh. A girlfriend maybe?”
If he squints, the woman might look a little like Sersi. At one point, that would’ve been enough to persuade him into a night of senseless fucking. Now though, he can’t find the will to. He’s already decided accepted that whatever the two of them had, was long gone. Especially when she’s been steadily seeing someone else for the last few months.
“Yeah. A girlfriend.”
Luckily, that’s enough to deter her judging from the small frown on her face. Ikaris gets up, throws a few bills on the counter and excuses himself to step around her. He makes his way toward the door, drowning out the words the same two patrons from earlier said about your visit to some museum. 
He meets you by accident.
He’d gone to the Metropolitan Museum to reminisce. One of his paintings had been displayed in an exhibit and he couldn’t help but feel the urge to see it again. It was the one he’d painted from his recollections of Olympia. Back when he was still under this illusion it even existed. A time before he knew the truth.
Back when he didn’t feel like a stranger in his own skin.
He’d been staring at it, lost in his memories when someone stepped beside him. 
“It’s beautiful.”
Ikaris startles, and he turns to the side only to find you.
His mouth parts the tiniest bit but you’re gazing at the painting with a smile playing on your lips. He feels his heart tighten.
“One of yours?” The question makes his eyebrows rise. He blinks again, but you’re content not looking at him. Ikaris slowly looks away from you, but he finds it difficult not to glance back as though you were a fragment of his imagination. For all that he’s tried avoiding even the sound of your name, you somehow managed to find him.
“It’s an old painting.”
He tells you curiously, 
“It’d be impossible for me to have painted it.”
You hum,
“Hm, right.”
It annoys him how you don’t believe his words. You don’t try to hide it. The disbelief and humor on your expression has him grinding his teeth and flexing his hand.
“Can I help you, miss?”
He doesn't mean to sound so exasperated, but his frustration both at your presence and himself for feeling flustered of all things, makes him want to cut his visit short. This was not what he expected when he decided to go to the museum.
It’s when he asks this that you finally look at him.
He wishes you didn't.
You’re staring at him the way you would at a confusing problem. The clarity in your gaze, the tilting of your head and the way you seem so intrigued raises alarms in his head. But for the life of him, he can't bring himself to walk away. He doesn’t understand why he can't tear his eyes from yours or force his legs to move.
“I’m sorry if I’m making you uncomfortable.”
You tell him, and you do sound it. You sound apologetic but somehow that makes it worse.
“You’re not.”
You are.
Your lips quirk into an almost-smile,
“Well, even if I don’t, I must apologize. It’s just- It’s not everyday I meet someone more antiqued than I am.”
At this, Ikaris can’t help the way his expression changes. His brows draw together,
“Yes. You know, old.”
It’s the start of a terrible friendship.
He learns that you have a horrible sweet tooth.
He learns of your tendency to get into trouble.
He learns of your inability to draw something other than a stick figure, no matter how hard you try.
He learns of your short temper.
He learns of jealousy when you tell him about Fandral.
He learns the taste of your lips.
He learns that no matter how hard he tries to push you away to leave him, you won't listen.
He learns that underneath it all, he doesn’t really want you to.
He learns love.
He learns that Sersi might be right.
He hated everything you represented. 
He supposes that’s why he couldn’t stay away.
You were life, the beginning of all things, whereas he was death, the end of everything. 
You arch your back, pressing yourself further into him when his rough, calloused hand reached out to cup your breast. He runs the flat of his thumb over your nipple, teasing it as you groan into his mouth. The tight, wet grip of your cunt pushes him to the edge but he sustains. He has you flat on your back on his desk. Your thighs are pressed to either side of him with one of his hands capturing your wrists above your head.
It feels like too much. It always does when he finds himself buried inside you.
Too much but too little all at the same time.
He’s selfish when it comes to you. You make it hard not to be when you give yourself to him so freely.
You’re whining, moving your hips against his, and urging him for more with the look in your eyes. It’s unfair, he thinks. It’s unfair that this desire to keep you is so overpowering that he’s willing to drop everything to stay by your side. It’s a dangerous thought to have.
You’re dangerous.
The hunger he feels for you is never-ending. He’s never known desire like this before. He’s not sure if that’s a good thing. This obsession can't be good. He knows he’s defying all that he’s meant to be by indulging in this. 
By indulging in you.
But in the face of it all, he finds he can’t care.
Not when he has you begging in his arms all desperate for him.
Ikaris sucks in a breath when you come on his cock for the third time with a pitched, tired moan.
He groans, drawing his hips back before thrusting forward without restraint. The power of his thrust makes the desk creak, but he knows you can take it, knows you want it like this and prefers it when he’s rough and senseless. He fucks you through your orgasm and he listens to the strings of yes, Gods yes, Ikaris that he pulls from you. 
You’re beautiful like this.
Flushed, exhausted, desperate but so fucking warm that he can’t help but take more from you. He wants to drink you dry, to get as much of you as he can and settle you somewhere inside him that can’t be taken away.
“That’s it, flower.” You tell him you hate it when he calls you that.
Its adorable that you think you can lie to him.
“Take what you want from me.” Ikaris moves the hand on your breast up your chest, over your collarbones and just above your throat so he can wrap his hand around it. Your breath hitches, and your eyes roll back when he holds you there.
“Ikaris-” The way you say his name all stilted and breathless sounds sacred. Like a worshipper paying homage to their God. It’s ironic to think of it that way when he’s so wholly yours. He worships you, even if it seems to be the opposite.
Ikaris drops his forehead against yours, pounding into you as hard as he can without breaking the desk supporting you. He kisses your mouth once, twice, his fingers angling your jaw to move you the way he wants you to. This hunger runs deep, and he can't even envision the day where he’s had enough.
He whispers, relishing the way your walls ripple against him when you come again. Ikaris feels himself nearing his end, and pulls away to get a better look of you. You remain splayed under him, breasts bouncing with every thrust of his hips, lips parted as your soft breaths get pushed out of you and heavy, lust glazed eyes looking back at him. It’s not until you say his name and smile that he feels his balls draw up, and a shiver run through him.
“Ikaris,” You murmur, 
“I love you.”
But he does.
He really fucking does.
He loves you so much that his need for you runs deeper than the need to fulfill his purpose.
Ajak told him he was created to serve Arishem, and once, he would’ve agreed.
Now, he believes differently.
He was created to serve you. To love you. To be everything you wanted and needed as long as he could have all of you in return. Because no matter how much he’s willing to give, he won't settle for less. He needs all of you in the same way you have all of him.
Ikaris captures your mouth in his just as his hips stutter to a stop. He spills inside you, filling you with everything he was and more. He doesn't draw out of you yet, wanting to stay there for a moment longer.
You don't mind.
You never do.
I like feeling you inside me, Ikaris.
“I love you.” He whispered against your lips. So quietly that you might've had to strain to hear him.
But he knows you heard it.
You wouldn't smile at him the way you did now if you didn’t.
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When can i find a hot, immortal willing to drop everything for me?
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girl-of-many-fandoms · 7 months ago
Regrets // 2
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ikaris x Reader
Summary: Ikaris returns to have a much needed conversation with the reader
Warnings: 18+ ONLY! Minors DNI, sexual content below
Part 1 Part 2
Also note this is the last part to Regrets!
It's been two days and you can still feel his touch and his lips on your skin, his voice replayed those four little words on repeat like a damn broken record
"I need you Y/N"
You needed him, you craved him, but, him leaving you the way he did a thousand years ago still infuriated you
It was relatively quiet morning as Luke was at school and wouldn't be home until later this afternoon, leaving you to lounge around the house. Releasing a small sigh, you were about to head to the kitchen to find something to nibble on while watching re-runs of the show you loved when the sound of the doorbell filled the house
Spinning in your tracks, you headed for the door and opened it
Should've left it closed
"What are you doing here?" Ikaris stood on your porch, hands in his pockets, a determined look on his face
"Can we talk?" The thought of slamming the door in his face was a brief and entertaining one but you opted to not be a bitch so early in the morning
"I told you, I'm not leaving" you were both seated at the dinner table now, since he set foot into the house he hadn't spoken a word, just sat quietly across from you
"I'm not here because of that"
"Incase you forgot, I don't read minds, so tell me why you're here" both your eyes locked for a moment before his dropped to your cleavage that's been pushed up from where you crossed your arms
He had to physically take a deep breath before looking back up at your face. The way he looked at you brought back memories of the countless nights you both spent tangled up together; making you squirm in your seat at the change in atmosphere
"I miss you, I miss us" your heart fluttered but your brain wouldn't allow you to believe it
"You don't get to say that when you're the reason there isn't an us anymore" wordlessly he rose up from his seat and made his way over to you; placing on hand on the teak wooden table and one on the back of your char he leaned in
"You miss me" it wasn't a question, you knew that you did and he knew it too but you were too stubborn to give into him
"You're delusional" his hot breath fanned against the shell of your ear, goosebumps immediately covering your body. Kissing the spot just below your ear Ikaris felt you tense up
"Why must you be so difficult love?" his stubbled jaw burned so deliciously against your skin as he began trailing open mouth kisses down the column of your neck; your body going against every instinct exposed your neck to him even more
"Why must you be such a prick?" halting his antics he pulled back to look you dead in the eyes, anger and lust swirled in his
"For a thousand years you secretly watched me, not once did you bother to make it known that you were there, seeing the hell that I've been through and now; now you expect that one pitiful I miss you is going to get you back into my good grace"
"You have no idea how hard it was for me, looking out for you to ensure that you were safe and that nothing could get close to you to harm you. I've watched you give the love you've always given me to a mortal man, that fucked me up in so many ways but I couldn't do anything but watch from a distance because I couldn't.." his words died in his throat, eyes still staring into your soul
"You couldn't what?"
"I've loved you for over three thousand years & I wouldn't stop until the day that I die" breaking free from whatever restraints that held him back, Ikaris smashed his lips against yours in a brusing kiss; a kiss where you eagerly responded to
His large hand cupped the base of your neck, tilting your head back to deepen the kiss. Your hands fisted the front of his black Henley pulling him closer to you
Teeth and tongue clashed against each other as you both put all of your frustration and pent up feelings into it. With one arm Ikaris lifted you off the chair and placed you on the table; parting your thighs for him to nestle himself
Taking hold of the hem of the thin strap vest you wore, he broke the kiss to pull it over you head, discarding it across the room. You removed his and your mouth watered at the delicious sight of his chiseled physique
He hasn't changed one bit
Running your fingers down down his torso his muscles tightened under your feather like touch. His rock hard cock caused a massive tent in his tight jeans
Just like your vest, he removed your bra and tossed it to the side, sucking your left nipple in his mouth, toying with the other; you forgot how good this felt with him
Gripping onto his hair you tugged eliciting a deep groan from him sending vibrations through your body. While he swapped sides, you undid his belt and the button of his jeans. Slipping your hand into his boxers, you smiled at the feeling of having his dick in your hands
"Fuck" breathless from your hold on his cock he pulled you back in for a kiss while you stroked him
"If you keep doing that I'll finish before we even start" he removed your hand from his pants and pushed you on your back. He effortlessly tugged your shorts and underwear off, leaving you bare and sprawled out before him on the table
Ikaris felt his cock twitch at the sight of your glistening pussy
Oh how he's missed that sight
"Take a picture, it'll last longer" shaking his head he pulled you to the edge of the table as he sat down. Hooking both legs over his shoulder he stared at you as he peppered the inside of your thighs until he finally reached to where you needed his mouth the most
"Oh God" a pornographic moan ripped out as he began to eat you out with his eyes still locked with yours
With every lick of his tongue and suckling on your clit turned you into a moaning mess. Your hips bucked against his face, your hands pulled him closer to You as you chased your sweet high. Running his fingers through your slick he entered a thick digit into your aching cunt, not letting up with his mouth
"Ikaris" adding another finger, he increased his pace, fingertips hitting that one spot that. Your back arched off the table as your cunt fluttered around his skilled fingers, you were on the brink of a release
Standing up he pushed your legs to your stomach, fingers still fucking into you. This position gave him leverage needed to have you seeing stars
"Come for me love" and you came with a cry of his name. Ikaris smiled to himself as he watched you easily fell apart beneath him just like you always did. Holding your gaze, he brought his drenched fingers to his mouth, sucking them clean
You could've come undone a second time just at the sight. Your palm cupped his dick through his jeans ready to return the favour but he stopped you, removing his jeans and boxers himself. Fisting his dick he gave it a few pumps, spreading the pre-cum around his bulbous tip before standing between your legs
"As much as I want your lips wrapped around my cock sweetheart, I need to be in you" running the tip through your slick heat, slowly sank into you, both of you moaning at the insatiable feeling of one another
His dick was massive, it stretched you out so good; you missed feeling this full. He pulled back until his tip was the only thing in before driving it home, his powerful thrusts caushed the table to skid a it on the hardwood floors but neither of you cared
Propping yourself up on your elbows you concentrated your focus on where your bodies joined. You were taking him so well as if your cunt was specifically designed for him. His hard and steady thrusts had your eyes rolling back; the pad of his thumb rubbed your clit and you cried out
"Eyes on me sweetheart"
The sinful sound of skin slapping skin, the table crying beneath you as well as both of your whimpers and moans filled the entire house; you were certain your neighbours could hear you, that's how loud Ikaris had you scream for him
"That's it baby, let them know who's making you feel like this" you gripped on to the edge of the table, knuckles turning white as you came undone on his cock
His thrusts slowed down, letting you ride out your high before stopping completely. Confused as to why he would stop before he came, you were about to ask when he helped you moved you off the table and bent you over it
He thrusted his cock back into your dripping cunt, fucking into like a mad man
"Oh...my..fuck!" this new pace was sure to have to you sore for a bit afterwards
The sight of you throwing your hips back to meet his had him fighting his urge to come right there. Your velvet walls clamped down on him and he stilled his movements letting you take charge
"Shit, that's it sweetheart, take what's always been yours" his raspy voice and dirty talk had you fucking yourself harder and faster on his cock like the slut that you always were for him
That familiar knot in the pit of your stomach started tightening again as he wrapped your ponytail around his fist, pulling you upright. Locking your arms behind your back with his free arm, he pounded into you, kissing and nipping at your neck
You were on cloud nine with all the pleasure he was giving you. Your throat was sore from all the screaming but fuck, it's worth it. Ikaris could sense how close you were as your cunt held him in a vice grip
"I'm gonna"
"Come" with a brutal, final thrust hot spurts of come painted your walls as you came undone on his cock the second time today. He lightly trusted his softening member, mixing both of your orgasms; the mixture of your juices and his seamen leaked out of your hole and down to your thighs
His hold on your hair was removed and you turned your head, kissing his plump, red lips. Still buried in you, he locked his arms around your waist, holding you firmly against him
"I messed up once and I'm not going to do it another time so please, give me another chance" his eyes showed that he was sincere and after the heated sex you both shared, you were willing to give him another try
"Only if I'm on top" sqeezing his semi-hard cock with your walls, he smiled spanking your ass
"Fair enough"
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rustytricycle · 7 months ago
The Girl Who Flew Too Close to the Sun
Tumblr media
Relationship: Dom!Ikaris x Brat!Reader
Summary: Ikaris gets a little too comfortable in your relationship and isn’t taking care of your needs. You have ways of getting his attention. 
Word Count: 3k
A/N: You asked and you have received. This is porn with a plot (mostly porn). It was quickly written and not Beta read.
Warnings: NSFW, 18+, MINORS DNI, unprotected sex, oral (m receiving), cunt slapping, ass eating (m receiving), cum eating, rough sex, over stimulation, forced orgasms, possessive behavior, degradation, humiliation, squirting, facials, pearl necklaces, rough oral, spanking....I think that’s it.
Your content consumption is your responsibility. Don’t click “read more” if you haven’t read the warnings or know you’ll be offended. 
You and Ikaris had been in a relationship for over two years now and shared a flat in London. Your relationship had always had a dynamic where Ikaris was the more dominant force. Perhaps it was due to his age or just his love of control, but you liked submitting to him either way. He did have his strict routines that he’d developed over the centuries and you couldn’t help but be a little bratty and disrupt them from time to time.
A few months after moving in together the relationship hit a rut. Ikaris became lazy and less attentive to your relationship. Worse yet, your sex life had become repetitive and routine. Things continued to progress in the wrong direction and Ikaris hadn’t touched for the greater part of a month. 
You were finally fed up and needed to get his attention. You wanted to feel Ikaris’ touch again- you needed it. And you craved nothing more than him shoving your face into the mattress and fucking you roughly with your ass in the air. 
One morning you woke up and finally decided to push his buttons before heading to work. Every day he would read the newspaper while drinking his morning tea, so you took the newspaper and placed the pages around the flat. He’d need to search around for them and put them back in order. You knew this would irritate him. 
Ikaris’ large book collection was meticulously arranged. He’d developed his cataloguing system three hundred years ago and it hadn’t changed since. So you rearranged two shelves that would be at his eye level. Instead of them being neatly organized the way he liked them, they were now arranged by color. 
You got his furious texts while you were at work and were amused by how easy it had been to set him off: 
Ikaris: Y/N, what the hell did you do to my bookshelf?
You: They look better that way
Ikaris: Unbelievable 
Ikaris: And the newspaper?!
You: You needed some excitement
Ikaris: We’re going to talk about this when you get home 
You were not going to talk about this when you got home. Instead you went to the pub with your friends after work and ignored his angry texts the entire night. 
Ikaris: When are you coming home? Dinner is ready
Ikaris: So you are just ignoring me now?
Ikaris: At least let me know when you’re going to be back
Ikaris: Hellooo?!!!
Ikaris: k
You got home when Ikaris was asleep, not giving him the opportunity to discuss your behavior earlier that day. You weren’t going to let him off that easily either, so you woke up before him again and went to work. Denying him another opportunity to confront you. You had a work event to attend later that evening and so took your dress and shoes with you as well. 
Ikaris: I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately
Ikaris: But we’re gonna talk about it later tonight 
You: The cocktail event is at 7pm 
Ikaris: …
Ikaris: Ok
You showed up to the cocktail event thirty minutes late, leaving Ikaris alone to speak with your colleagues. You knew he hated being left alone at events and having to mingle with humans he didn’t really know. The meaningless conversation annoyed him even more. 
Ikaris: When are you getting here?
You: Omw
You walked up to where Ikaris was standing with your colleagues and gave him a quick and unaffectionate hug. Then you greeted your colleagues and headed to the bar. You decided to ignore Ikaris, knowing he was likely stewing about what you’d said to him via text earlier that day. 
He was stuck in a conversation with one of your colleagues and kept glancing over at you still at the bar. You decided to flirt with the bartender and your body language didn’t go unnoticed by Ikaris. He quickly ended the conversation and walked towards you with a purpose. You briefly looked at him and then went back to hitting on the smiling bartender in front of him. 
“That’s it, we’re going home, Y/N.” He said sternly, “Now.”
You smiled back at him, “No.”
Ikaris clenched his jaw and his eyes turned gold and lit up, “I. Said. Now.”
That was definitely your cue to leave and so you hailed a taxi and headed back to your flat. You unlocked the door and Ikaris followed behind, slamming the door shut. 
“What the fuck was that about?” He said with a low growl, slowly walking towards you with his hands balled into fists. 
“I wanted to talk to someone who isn’t boring for a change.” You teased back at him with your chin out. 
His jaw ticked, as he continued to move towards you, forcing you to move back closer towards the wall, “Boring? Y/N, what has gotten into you?” 
“You know what hasn’t gotten into me?” You sneered back at him, “YOU! That’s what! Don’t tell me, your 7,000 year old dick doesn’t work anymore.”
“Watch it.” He snarled back at you. 
“Now that I think about it, Ikaris, I don’t miss your dick. Your poor fuck anyway!” You spat back at him and pushed him.
He stood there staring you down and you could see his chest heaving in anger. 
“It doesn’t work now, does it?” You pushed him again, Ikaris not moving, “You limp dick old cunt!”
“Why? What’re you gonna do, Ikaris?” You taunted him and pushed him again, “You won’t do shit, just like your dick can’t do shit!” You said as you pushed him again. 
Ikaris had finally had enough and pushed you towards the wall. He grabbed you by the shoulders and his eyes lit up as a warning. 
“Play nice.” He commanded you. You felt your core tingle and your pussy becoming wet. 
He let you go and took a few steps back. “Take off that fucking dress.” 
“No.” You responded defiantly, wanting to rile him up even more. 
He smirked and his eyes lit up again, lasering your dress to shreds. The tattered fabric fell to the floor and your slick began to run down your thighs. 
Ikaris swiftly grabbed you, threw you over his shoulder, and walked over to the couch. He roughly threw you onto the sofa and you bounced from the impact. You tried to scramble away but he grabbed your calf and pulled you over his lap. 
“You wouldn’t dare, you fucking pussy.”
“Tsk tsk, you know to call Sir.” He said calmly as he kneaded the soft flesh of your ass, “Is this what you wanted? My attention?”
He slapped your ass, making you yelp. 
“You’ve been a fucking brat and now you’re going to pay for it.”
“You’re gonna count each time I spank you and if you mess up, Kitten, we’re starting all over.”
You yelped again, “One!” You squealed out. 
Ikaris spanked you again and again. You felt the sting of each strike and the heat of the blood rushing towards your ass cheeks. Tears began to fall from your eyes, but the pain felt so good. You knew you’d have welts tomorrow. 
“Your little ass is going to be sore for a while, Kitten.” Ikaris darkly chuckled as he rubbed his hand over your skin, “You’re going to have trouble sitting and hopefully that will remind you to behave.”
“Yes, Sir.” You replied meekly as he sat you up. “I’ve learned my lesson. 
Ikaris shook his head slowly, “Oh, no. That was just a warm up.”
He threw you over his shoulder again and carried you to the bedroom before placing you on the bed. He stripped off his clothing, exposing his beautifully chiseled body. His large cock stood hard against his belly. The head was red and angry as precum dribbled down from it. 
“Don’t you fucking move.” He commanded you as he walked to the nightstand. He pulled out your collar and lead, along with the large vibrator he often used to punish you with. He walked over and put the collar on you, the word “Kitten” engraved on its gold tag. 
He yanked the lead gently with a smirk, “Boring?” said, cocking his head to the side. “I’m going to show you boring, you little slut. Now open your mouth.”
You shook your head refusing as he towered over you. He grabbed your nose forcing you to open your mouth to breathe and then caught your jaw to keep it open. Ikaris spit in your mouth and you felt the cold glob hit your tongue as it slid down your throat. Just as you think he’s about to spit in your mouth again, he spits on your face instead. 
Ikaris then pushed you back onto the bed and turned on the vibrator to the medium setting before slowly sliding it into your throbbing heat. You gasped at the sensation of being full and grabbed the bedsheets as the vibrations rippled through your cunt. 
“Don’t you dare cum.” He taunted you, “Little brats like you don’t get to cum. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir.” You managed to squeak out as you already felt the pleasure building inside of you. 
“Good.” Ikaris replied before he climbed on to the bed and straddled you. He grabbed you by your hair and shoved his cock into your mouth slowly. 
He slowly began to fuck your throat and you felt the tears run down your face as you tried to breath through your nose. You hollowed your cheeks as he sped up his pace. Drool began to pull out of your mouth and you moaned, kicking your legs as you tried to fight the orgasm quickly building. 
“You like being used like a little whore, don’t you?” He hissed above, fucking your face even faster now, “Is that all you wanted, Kitten?” 
His balls slapped against your chin and his dirty words started to bring you to the edge. He groaned and leaned his head back as he used your throat. You clenched around the vibrator and came, your pussy almost swallowing the vibrator in a desperate need to fill itself even more. 
Ikaris abruptly stopped and pulled out of your mouth. “Did you just cum without my permission?” He chided you, “I gave you one little instruction and you couldn’t even follow that.”
He got off of you and quickly pulled out the vibrator. You whined at the sudden emptiness. 
“Please fuck me, Sir.” You desperately whimpered, “I need it, please.”
He slapped your cunt, making you jump, “After you’ve been brat all day and came without my permission? No, you’re going to wait longer.”
You wanted to cry out of frustration, but you also loved it when he teased you like this. You knew he was going to take his time and it was going to be worth it. 
Ikaris grabbed your lead and layed down on the bed with his legs spread. He gently tugged it and you crawled up to him. You grabbed his cock to begin sucking it again.
“No.” He chuckled, “You’ve already sucked my cock.” He said before pushing your head down towards his ass. 
He spread his legs further and you spread his cheeks open with your hands. You began to swirl your tongue around his puckering hole as he slowly stroked his cock with one hand above you. Ikaris pushed your face into him, forcing his balls to rest against your forehead as you worked his ass. 
He groaned above you as he stroked his cock faster, “God that feels so fucking good.” He started to buck into you, “Finally putting that tongue of yours to good use.”
You felt his body tense up as he started to reach his peak. His thighs quaked and his hand tightened in your hair. Ikaris pulled you up and aimed his cock at your face. He grunted as he finished himself off, the spurts of his hot cum hit your cheeks and he wiped the tip of his cock over your lips. 
“What do you say?” He looked down at you smugly. 
“Thank you, Sir.” You mewled and licked the cum from your lips. 
“Good girl.” He said before he grabbed you and flipped you onto your stomach.
He grabbed your lead and wrapped the end of it around one of his hands. Ikaris lifted your hips up and the hand with the lead squeezed down hard enough to leave a bruise. His other hand grabbed you by your hair to hold your head down. His cum smeared around your face and the mattress as he began to fuck into you roughly. 
“Now you get to cum. He growled while taking on a brutalizing pace. You moaned beneath him as his cock hit against your cervix and filled you. 
“Look at you moaning like a dumb little whore.” Ikaris taunted you, as he continued to plow into you at full force. 
“You think that bartender could fuck you like this?”
He focused on the spongy spot inside of you and your body began to shake. Ikaris was fucking you like he’d never fucked you before. He was going to break your pussy and you knew it. You screamed as you came violently, but he wasn’t done. 
Ikaris fucked you through your orgasm and the room was filled with the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh. 
“Tell me again my cock doesn’t work.” He growled, moving the hand on you hip to play with your clit, “I fucking dare you to say that shit again.”
“FUCK!” You screamed as you felt another orgasm rolling through you. Your legs tensed and you started to fall forward. Your body was turning to jelly, but Ikaris held you up as he continued violently snapping his hips into you. 
“You wanna know what I learned in 7,000 years?”
Ikaris flipped you over onto your back and wrapped one of your legs around his waist and held the other up against your body. The new angle allowed him to hit your pussy deeper. He looked down at you with a wicked smile as your tits bounced with each rapid thrust. 
“Tell me you’re sorry.” He grunted. 
You were crying now from overstimulation, “I’m sorry, Sir! I’m sorry!”
He took one of his hands to play with your swollen bundle of nerves. You felt a pressure growing in your core and as your cunt bared down on Ikars’ cock your eyes started to roll to the back of your head. The pleasure exploded through your body and the pressure in your core released as a rush of fluid spilled from your pussy. 
Ikaris chuckled as you squirted and continued to pound into you. “Don’t you ever fucking run your mouth like that again.” He said with a few more hard thrusts. 
He stopped and breathed heavily, trying to catch your breath. You were blissed out and spent. Your hole was still fluttering around Ikaris’ cock as your body turned to mush. 
“Don’t tell me you’re fucked out already after all that shit you talked about me.” He laughed as he looked down mockingly. 
“I’m not done with you yet, Kitten. I’d like to remind you that your pussy isn’t the only hole I know how to work.”
Your eyes went wide in shock as Ikaris began to coat his cock with your juices. Lined his head up with your tight hole and slowly entered you inch by inch. You squirmed at the intrusion as you adjusted to the stretch. He stilled for a moment so the pain could subside a bit. 
He held onto the leg wrapped around his waist and then started to play with your nub again. You didn't think you were capable of another orgasm again, but he was going to force one out of you. He picked up his pace and you moaned as he massaged the inside of you. You grabbed onto the bed sheets above you and started moaning from the fullness. He rubbed your clit faster and faster as he began to pound into you. He groaned in pleasure at how snug you felt around his cock. His body glistened from sweat, accentuating his muscles. You looked up at him pistoning in and out of you and he looked like a god. 
The sight of Ikaris thrusting into you, with the mix of him working your ass and clit brought you over the edge. Your back curled up from the mattress and you twisted the sheets between your fingers. Your body writhed around as you came around his cock another time. 
“Your ass is mine, your mouth is mine, your pussy is mine. Every fucking hole belongs to me.” Ikaris panted as he chased his own release. 
He pulled out quickly and gave himself a few quick jerks. He aimed his cock at your breasts and stomach and his cum spurted out on you. 
Ikaris fell down beside you to catch his breath. Your body was overstimulated and you jerked when he gently ran his fingers down your arm. 
“Got what you wanted?” He laughed at you as your body was still quaking a little. 
“Yes,” You responded between deep breaths, “And then some.”
“You okay, Y/N?” He said before he leaned over to kiss you softly.
“Mhm.” You nodded, still barely able to speak.
“You know I don’t mean it when I call you a slut and stuff like that right?”
“I know, Ikaris.” You responded before giving him a passionate kiss back.  
You laid there in silence for almost twenty minutes before you decided to get up, your legs wobbling. 
“Where are you going?” Ikaris asked, narrowing his eyes.
“I’m going to clean off and get new sheets.”
“Did I say you could?” He asked smugly, relaxed on the dry side of the bed. 
“Ikaris, you can’t be - “ You responded wide-eyed. He continued staring at you until you got the message and laid back down on the bed on top of your squirt. 
“Good girl. You’re gonna sleep in your mess so you really know to never do that shit again.”
Tag list: @eralen @rededfoxy​
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