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Here, have an Eternals shitpost to heal thy soul
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i just think that ✨druig and makkari✨
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cherry blossom
druig x eternal!reader (F)
Tumblr media
summary: after hundreds of years you finally get the chance to tell Druig the most important three words everyone longs to hear.
a/n: y’all better take this character off me rn. asks are open for druig!! not edited!!
‘Are you sure this is where we’ll find y/n?’ Sprite asked Sersi, who was looking down at the messy scribble of directions she wrote on an old receipt— directions that came from the old lady from the small corner shop in the tiny town where you last told Ajak you were. The old lady knew not of where you lived, but of where someone could live without being disturbed. 
So they listened to her directions and the nine of them all struggled to file out of the small shop in an organised matter before they set off to look for you on foot. Sersi and Thena led the way, whilst Makkari argued with Phastos and Druig about using her powers to find you quicker. 
‘You’re gonna scare her if you just show up out of the blue!’ Phastos said and shook his head in disbelief. 
Makkari rolled her eyes and signed, ‘now you’re being ridiculous. She loves me!’
‘She did. We don’t know how she’s gonna react when she sees us,’ Druig said and shoved his hands deeper into the pockets of his leather jacket. ‘It’s better if you just stay here.’
‘You just wanna be the first one she sees,’ Phastos said and scoffed, earning a roll of the eyes from Druig. 
The group walked through the narrow streets of the small town, receiving strange stares from the locals, which was mostly made up of old people. The horribly paved road quickly degraded into dirt and cobble and ran through the avenue of tall trees that stood against the harsh sun, opening their arms and welcoming them into the countryside. They wasted no time in accepting the offer, letting their heavy footsteps march them to whatever lied at the end of the road. 
That’s how they ended up out the front of your old cottage, staring at it in reverence. The personality of it was simple, yet bold with seafoam blue accents, complemented by the abundance of pink that covered the entire property. 
Ikarus bent at the waist and scooped up a handful of pink petals from the dirt. He held them up and let them fall through his calloused fingers, his eyes of curiosity watching each individual petal as it fluttered to the ground with the grace of a diligent ballerina. 
‘I’m positive this is where she’ll be,’ Ikarus answered for Sprite as he straightened up. The others, who had fallen far behind on the man-made dirt road, finally caught up to the three and came to a sudden stop, all in awe at the sight before them. 
‘Karun, are you getting this?’
‘I am! Such a beautiful sight!’
For Druig, it was like a slap across the face. 
You laughed and wrapped the soft blanket around your shoulders, thanking Kingo several times over as you rubbed the fabric between your fingers, quickly deciding the blanket of captured clouds was never to leave your side. 
It was your official, non-official, birthday, AKA the date Sprite had allocated you, and you were drowning in love and gifts from your family. You had already been gifted jewels and items that you knew would one day become prized artefacts if they ever slipped through your fingers and landed in the hands of the advanced human civilization. But there was one person left to give their gift— Druig. 
‘Okay, last but not least, Druig,’ Ajak said and placed her hands on the Eternals shoulders. ‘It’s time for you to give y/n, her gift.’
He turned and gestured to the small covered item on the table in the corner, something that you had never even paid any attention to. Ajak grabbed it quickly, yet carefully, before gently placing it in Druigs hands as he quietly thanked her. 
‘Let’s see what his so-called present is,’ Kingo muttered and looked down at you before realising it was you he had spoken to. He winced as you elbowed his side with a smile on your face, your stare still on Druig, who approached you carefully, his eyes trained on the present in his hands. 
He nodded his head at you, a silent way of telling you to hold your hands out. 
Biting your lip in excitement, you did as you were instructed to and held your hands out, accepting the gift. Druigs hands sat in yours before he parted them and let the gift sit in your two open palms. He reached up and gently tugged the small cloth off of it and stood back, his hands folded in front of him as ten pairs of eyes stared at the present in confusion, trying to figure it out. 
‘What is it exactly?’ Sprite asked as she leaned across the benchtop to get a closer look. 
‘Whatever it is, it’s dying,’ Kingo said and gently ran his finger across along the tallest branch. He snapped his hand back into his chest when you sent him a stern glare. 
You hated the fact that you couldn’t understand what it was- it was a plant, sure, you knew that, but what kind? You stared at the pink glazed pot that is sat in, racking your mind for any significance, and you were just about to swallow your pride and embarrass yourself by asking him what it was when suddenly it struck you. 
‘A Cherry Blossom tree,’ you said and looked up at the others as a laugh slipped past your lips. ‘It’s a Cherry Blossom tree. I was obsessed with them when we went and saw them all those years ago in the Himalayas. Druig, how did you remember?’ She asked him, astonished that he would retain such a small detail from centuries ago. 
‘Wow, Druig! That is so thoughtful,’ Sersi commented, a little surprised that he could be so benevolent considering he gifted her a single hug for her birthday— although it was a big deal, they all knew that was the most they were ever going to get out of him, or so they thought. ‘How did you remember?’ 
He gave a small shrug as the smirk on his face grew, his eyes boring into your own, turning your cheeks as pink as your tree was expected to bloom. ‘I remember the important things, Sersi,’ he said, causing you to look down at your plant bashfully. 
That was the same day you realised your feelings for the Eternal. It wasn’t sudden, but it was instead the slow realisation of everything between you two; the small glances, the constant brushing of the hands, a quip and subtle compliment here and there, the constant teasing and “harmless” flirting.  
Unfortunately, it was also the same day your family and your whole world fell apart.  
The cherry blossom trees were flowering, spreading their petals of light across the large yard that was boxed in by a mature, faded, white picket fence, separated by two large green doors under a white pointed archway. 
Tucked between the hundreds of cherry blossom trees stood your small cottage, the one you had lived in for hundreds of years. Your curtains were open, revealing the contents of your home to your un-invited guests, but you were nowhere to be seen inside. 
Sersi was the one to take the brave steps forward. She pushed open the two doors and poked her head into the yard, worried you were going to turn your back on them and send them away in an instant. Once again, you were nowhere to be seen. 
She led the way to the side gate, along the petal covered path and between the cleared garden beds of disrupted soil. Garden tools sat abandoned alongside the basket of recently picked vegetables. Sersi came to a halt and looked over her shoulder at everyone, wondering if they could all hear the same noise she could. 
Ikarus and Kingo stepped around Sersi and led everyone toward the sound that was travelling from the backyard. The scene playing out was a lot for the eight Eternals, and Karun, to take in. 
There you were, hunched over a small hole in the Earth, a shovel within your grasp as you flung dirt over your shoulder, adding onto the growing pile. Several panels of your fence had been crushed and snapped, garden beds and bushes had been destroyed to the point there was evidently nothing to salvage. Less than six feet away was a large Deviant with two heads and spikes running along its spine. Its two tails still remained twitching, not because it was alive, but because of the knife piercing through the top of its head. 
Sersi took one step toward you before she was stopped by Thena grabbing her wrist. All eyes travelled to Druig, who gently pushed past Karun and moved toward you carefully. 
You sighed and dropped your shovel, wiping the dirt from your face and putting your other hand on your hip. You could feel his presence by your side, something that had become foreign to you. Staring down at the lumpy blanket next to the pit, you sniffled deeply to suppress your tears. 
‘It killed my dog,’ you muttered, not having the courage to look into the eyes that you fell in love with all those years ago— the eyes that plague your dreams. 
‘I’m sorry, y/n…’ Druig said, causing your heart to ache at the sound of his voice. 
You finally built up the courage to look at him. Tears welled in your eyes as he turned to face you slowly, a downcast on his features as he dug around his jacket pocket. The love that was born long before your time and had lived for millions of years with the Celestials remained evident as looked up and let his eyes meet yours. They crinkled in the corner as his lips pulled back into a small smile.  
He held a small photo out for you to take, and you did. Your mouth parted in shock as you stared at yourself in black and white. The image of your metaphorical younger self smiled at you. The photo was worn down on the edges and was beginning to bleed due to its age, but it wasn’t damaged. It was love. Love that fought against the erosion of time and the temptation of others. 
‘Druig,’ you mutter, stunned to silence as he gently took the picture back. He stared down at it with a smile before looking back up at you. 
‘You know that saying, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone?’ Druig asked you, chuckling when you nodded. ‘All I’ve done for the past several hundred years is live in regret, y/n. I should have never left you. The only thing that I understood about any of it was that we would meet again. And, well, I wasn’t sure about my feelings back then, but seeing this-’ He gestured about to the gathering of pink tree’s that guarded your backyard, ‘- seeing you… I love you, y/n.’
The deepest sigh of relief that escaped through your worried expression caused Druig to laugh, but it was silenced by the immediate presence of your lips on his and your arms wrapping around the back of his neck. Drugs lips tugged upwards into a wide smile as you pulled away from one another and rested your foreheads together. 
‘I love you too,’ you whispered through your quiet laughter. 
It was no shock to the other Eternals that there were reciprocated feelings, but several mouths dropped open in surprise at the sudden witness of an intimate moment between two of the most reserved people they had ever met. It was a beautiful moment between two souls, and to be a spectator to it finally collide and bloom was a dearly bestowed upon gift. 
‘Yes, I am getting all the angles, Sir!’
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I want to show some love for phastos BC HE HELD IT MF DOWN that man lost hope but regained it again and is truly one of the coolest characters and one of the smartest and I love to fucking see it I hope to see more of his family in the future films bc he was one of my favorites his small character arc was so meaningful and Chloe zhao did amazing with his characterization love that for him.
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"I could recognize him by touch alone, by smell; I would know him blind, by the way his breaths came and his feet struck the earth. I would know him in death, at the end of the world."
Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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teacup-piglet-official · 7 months ago
Screw it, I love Phastos but all the Eternals are gay now cause why not
Kingo is a chaotic pansexual, Sersi is a slightly less chaotic pansexual
Druig and Makarri are both bi and I love them both more then the other
Sprite is nonbinary and also a queer fashion icon
Thena is ace and her and Gilgamesh are a QPR
idk what Gilgamesh is he's just happy to be there
Ajak is a witchy lesbian aunt
Ikarus is the token straight who's on thin ice
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After All These Years (Druig x Eternal! Reader) SERIES Prologue
Tumblr media
Prologue The First Polaroid
Note: I wrote this reader insert that I want to turn into a series! when I wrote this I mainly wrote it as femReader! Let me know if you want to be tagged in future parts:) Reader has the ability to control plants and other forms of nature grown things:)
Even though you were an eternal things got boring sometimes, I mean we lived for millions of years and just waited for things like Deviants to even have anything to do. And there was downtime every once in a while and everyone used it to their advantage to rest, except Thena of course. Today everyone was doing their own thing and you had hit a brick wall that was boredom, so logically you decided to bug Phastos for the fun of it. His mind was constantly working making inventions beyond the time we were in, he had to have something fun that could help you enjoy your time and keep you out of trouble. ‘’Is it done yet?’’ You ask him.
The glare on his face said it all as he looked over at you, ‘’You wanna build it?’’ He ask you the sarcasm dripping from his voice. ‘’That’s what I thought,’’ He says to you shaking his head and you just give him a grin, ‘’Working on my off day,’’ He mutters. You knew he wasn’t actually annoyed, after thousands of years together Phastos had learned your mind was always moving and he tried to help keep you entertained when he could and although he would never admit it he enjoyed the challenge. ‘’Where’s lover boy?’’ He asks you.
‘’I do not know what you are referring to,’’ You say to him.
‘’Yeah you don’t know what I’m talking about at all,’’ He says exaggeratedly.
‘’Not a clue,’’ You say, leaning back crossing your arms over your chest. Of course you did know but you weren’t gonna admit anything. Druig and you had some sort of friendship or relationship going on but you didn’t know exactly what to call it. You acted like a couple but you weren’t one, and honestly you were too afraid to ask him what you were. It has been thousands of years in the making with him, you had always felt a connection with Druig and he agreed he felt the same thing with you but it seemed like both of you were to cowardice enough to make things official. So whatever this was is fine for the time being, maybe one day things would change and he’d want more but getting him to express it was the problem. Everyone else could tell you were all in, you were always drawing pictures of Druig in your sketchbook, giving him flowers you had grown from the wave of a hand, always looking for him after a fight with a deviant needing to see that he was safe even though you knew he could handle himself.
‘’Alright it’s done,’’ Phastos says, interrupting you from your thoughts. You jumped up from where you were sitting running over to him eagerly as he held whatever he had invented behind his back. ‘’You can use this to take photos of things and once you take the photo it will print it out right here,’’ He says pulling it out from behind his back and in front of you was what would be known in the future as a polaroid camera. ‘’So aim look through this lens here,’’ He says pointing at the small little box near the top of the camera, ‘’You can see what your gonna take a picture of and then hit this button to capture it.’’ He explains to you, ‘’If it’s dark this little part right here will pop up and it lights up like a flash so you can take pictures in darker places.’’ He tells you.
‘’Oh wow Phastos,’’ You say to him, taking the camera from his hands, ‘’This is amazing,’’ You say, admiring it. ‘’Thank you so much!’’ You tell him practically knocking him over, embracing him in a hug, ‘’This is perfect,’’ You tell him gratefully.
‘’Yeah so now you can’t say I never did anything for ya,’’ He says.
‘’Okay pose,’’ you tell him, bringing the camera up to your eye, closing one to see through the small lens. ‘’I have to test it out, may as well make the first picture taken with it the inventor,’’ He groans but stands still for the picture anyway giving you a soft smile and you click the button at the top and you hear a noise from the camera, ‘’Is that it?’’ You ask him. You pull the camera away from your face and watch the picture print out from the bottom, ‘’Where is your face at?’’ You ask him not noticing anything on photo.
‘’It has to develop, give it time,’’ He tells you as you take the picture out of the camera. Phastos comes over taking the photo out of your hand, ‘’This strip right here has chemicals in it, when the photo rolls out of the camera it squeezes those chemicals across the area where the photo is going to show up and once then the chemicals set in and your photo appears.’’ He tells you referring to the large white strip toward the bottom of the camera.
‘’Woah,’’ You say, leaning closer into the picture, noticing Phastos face start to appear. He hands the photo back to you. He also hands you a couple packs to take with you so it’ll last you a few weeks, but you feel like it’ll be more like days you wanted to take pictures of everything.
‘’Alright I have other stuff I have to do, go have fun with that,’’ He tells you. You thank him once again before heading out down the halls of the Domo watching the picture get brighter and more colorful.
As you continued down the hall you saw Kingo walk out of his room, ‘’Kingo!’’ You yell at him and he jumps slightly at the booming sound of your voice echoing in the hallway. ‘’Can I take your picture?’’ You ask him and hold up your camera. ‘’Phastos made it for me,’’ You tell him.
‘’I’ll never turn down a fan,’’ He says, his hands reaching up to fix the sides of his hair so they are smooth, he turns to face you with a smirk on his face and you pull the camera up to your face, smiling at the attitude he gives. The picture prints out and he comes over wanting to look at it as well, ‘’Well that’s a waste,’’ He says, noticing the same blank photo you had moments ago.
‘’You have to wait and then it will show up,’’ You tell him, you hand him the photo of Phastos, ‘’it took a few minutes but it’ll end up looking like this.’’ You tell him.
‘’Let me know when it’s finished I will sign it for you,’’ He says, handing the photo back to you. You roll your eyes playfully and hold the photo in your hand watching it as he leaves to head back down the hall.
You stared down at the two photos, this was no doubt the best thing Phastos had made you and you were going to get the best use out of it. ‘’Thena!’’ You yell out seeing her down the hall.
Hours later you were in your room and you had all your photos set out on the bed. There were pictures of Thena, Kingo, Makkari, Ikaris, Sersi, Sprite, and even Gilgamesh laid out in front of you. You had also taken pictures of your green room and all the flowers in there that you had been growing, you probably had taken about fifty pictures today and you only had one more pack left. Phastos was going to kill you when he found out you went through all of them in less than about 3 hours. The only person you hadn’t gotten a picture of was Druig, you hadn’t seen him all day which wasn’t odd for him some days he stuck to himself more.
An hour later you had almost finished hanging up all the pictures, they had been put on the wall in the order you had taken them, Kingo even stopped by and actually did sign the one you took of him which made it all the better. You had started from the bottom and made your way up for the photos so the last ones you were having trouble reaching, you stood on top of your bed trying to stand on the tip of your toes to put them up. ‘’What are you doing?’’ You hear Druigs voice call out.
You jumped at the sound turning around seeing him standing in the doorway of your room, ‘’Where have you been all day?’’ You ask him, smiling, finally happy to see him. He walks over to your bed sitting on the edge of it, you give up on hanging up the photo in your hand and walk across the bed to the edge where Druig was and plop down next to him, ‘’I missed you today,’’ You tell him.
‘’I had some things I was finishing up,’’ He tells you his hand reaching up to caress your cheek, and his hand slowly moves back to push your hair out of your face. You reach up with your hand grabbing his forearm giving it a squeeze, ‘’What’s all that?’’ He asks you.
You smiled at him eagerly, you had been wanting to show him all day. You ran over to your table grabbing the camera, ‘’Phastos made me a camera so I could take pictures!’’ You tell him, he didn’t even seem to be staring at the camera, just you smiling. You stand up positioning the camera in front of your eye, ‘’Smile please,’’ You tell him. He doesn’t even budge, ‘’Druig,’’ You say sternly, taking the camera down to glare at him. ‘’Act like you like me please,’’ You tell him, teasing him.
The faintest smile made its way across his face and you quickly put the camera back up, snapping the picture of him and it began to print out. You grab a hold of it and walk back over sitting next to him showing him, ‘’It’s so cool,’’ You say explaining to him how it worked. ‘’I took pictures all day,’’ He laughs at that, glancing back down at the picture, ‘’This one is special so I have to keep it in a special place,’’ You tell him. You walk over to the dresser you had in the room and pull out the small wooden little box you kept and slide the picture in it.
Druig looked at you suspiciously, ‘’What’s in there?’’ He asks standing up walking over toward you, your shrug in response. You hold the camera in one hand and Druig quickly but swiftly grabs the camera holding it out of your reach, you leap over him trying to grab it but he just holds it higher and further out of reach. ‘’My beautiful, beautiful Y/N,’’ He says and you couldn’t fight back the smile on your face, roll your eyes at him and look back at him and his amused look. ‘’Smile for me,’’ He says, holding up the camera to his face aiming it at you.
‘’I don’t want my picture taken!’’ You yell at him covering your face with your hands. ‘’I just want to take pictures!’’ You explain.
‘’But you're so beautiful, you deserve to have your picture taken,’’ He tells you, taking the camera away from his face, ‘’Act like you like me,’’ He taunts you with the same line, you roll your eyes and he smiles satisfied. He pulls the camera back up aiming it toward you and you smile for him allowing him to take your photo. He takes the photo and quickly pulls it out of the camera, hiding it from you.
‘’Let me see,’’ You say, walking toward him.
He finally hands your camera back to you and takes the photo hiding it behind his back with a cheeky grin on his face, ‘’I am keeping this one,’’ He tells you as you walk closer to him, his hand slipping behind your back pulling you close. ‘’I missed you too by the way,’’ He says and you slide your hands over his shoulders resting your forehead against his and you both seem to breathe a sigh of relief. You pull your head away from his and stare into his blue eyes, you lean forward and place an innocent kiss against his lips. He raises his hand to your face kissing you deeper before he pulls away, ‘’Stay with me tonight?’’ He asks you and you nod your head eagerly before kissing him once again.
‘’Get a room,’’ You hear a voice from the hallway and you quickly back away from Druig running to the door of your room seeing Sprite walking down the hallway.
‘’This is my room!’’ You yell at her before shutting the door.
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zipadeea · 5 months ago
best parts of eternals in no particular order:
-Lauren Ridloff as Makkari
-Makkari and Druig
-every scene with Angelina Jolie
-the eternals either hating or loving Ikarus, no gray space there
-Phastos’ beautiful family
-Harry Styles
-the fact that Arishem literally backed up the eternals on the cloud
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comfort. druig
word count: 1.6k
requested: uh no i’m just obsessed with this man
warnings: spoilers!! (if you haven’t seen the film yet!!) mention of blood, death, corpse, grief and a bit of trauma
plot: druig knows how to comfort you because he knows you
a/n: oop posting my first druig fic because this man is consuming all of my thoughts atm and i need to get it out somehow!!! i hope you like this as much as i enjoyed writing! lmk what you think pls!
Tumblr media
you were all still mourning the loss of gilgamesh, thena more than any of you. you felt like someone had reached into your chest and had a tight grip on your heart, your lungs, your insides. another one of you, killed by a deviant. you bit down hard on your bottom lip, eyes unable to move from gilgamesh's cold, lifeless body, thena crying over him. you should've done more to prevent this from happening. you all should've done more. you couldn't imagine the pain thena was experiencing. you didn't think you'd be able to function, let alone carry on living, if you lost your person.
speaking of.
"you're bleeding," his frame was suddenly in front of you, blocking your line of sight. his thumb grazed your bottom lip, tugging it out from under your teeth that had drawn blood from the pressure. your eyes slowly moved up from his chest in front of you, and up to his blue eyes.
your tongue ran over your bottom lip, sampling the metallic taste of your blood trickling from the split. he watched you with caution, he knew that expression far too well. he had seen it when you found about ajak, he had seen it when you watched the city of babylon burn, and he saw it now watching your family in ruins.
his fingertips trailed across your cheeks, grazing a few cuts a bruises that littered your skin, before settling into the curve of your neck. his thumb tracing your jaw, his fingertips just touching the roots of your tousled hair.
your eyes glossed over as your mind raced faster than you cared it to. you thought about the mission you were on, a crusade against your creator. you thought about ajak, gilgamesh. you thought about thena, her heartbreak. your mind wandered to the many outcomes of this mission. your mind wandered to druig, the sweat lining his brows, his tired blue eyes, his longing for a second of peace and quiet among this chaos. you thought about losing him, how your insides would simply give up if you didn't have him. you'd be incomplete, a shell of yourself. a version of yourself you didn't want to exist.
"stop," he ducked his head slightly to meet your eyes again as they drifted away from his in thought. you felt his hands either side of your face now, keeping you in his line of sight.
he wouldn't go into detail about how much he was hurting from losing another member of the family in such quick succession. he wouldn't burden you with his fears for your safety, his fear of losing you like he had lost ajak and gilgamesh. only it would feel much worse than this, he was sure. he lived and breathed for you. and what would be much to everyones surprise (but yours) he felt much more than he let on. especially for his family. even the ones he claimed to hate.
druig was the stoic, but brooding and menacing eternal. only you had brought out something else in him. he felt lighter around you. and he'd hate to see what he'd become if he lost you.
"stop putting those thoughts in your head," he mumbled softly to you. his heart tightened watching you mourn for now, and for what was inevitable.
"you're not allowed in my head without permission," you scalded, your frown weakening as his eyes remained stuck on yours.
"'wouldn't dare, m'love," his eyebrows knitted in a frown that was quickly lost. he couldn't be mad at you, certainly not now when you were such a dismantled version of yourself. hurt and discouraged. "i know that face, and i know you. so quit thinking."
"druig.." your voice trailed off weakly, defeated. "i just don't know how we can do this..."
your eyes were pleading with his to understand. but he already knew. he never had much faith in this plan, or it's chances at success. but knowing his usual pessimism wasn't much help to you right now, or at any time, he took a different approach.
"we will," he shook you gently, your sad eyes boring into his and picking him apart. "ok?" he raised his eyebrows. "for gil and for ajak. we won't let ‘em die for nothing."
you watched him carefully, waiting for him to crack, only he didn't. you didn't know how he managed it sometimes. you knew he had an untapped level of anger and frustration inside him, an untapped level of power that he would never unleash on you or anyone. he wasn't the type, despite what people thought of him.
you didn't say anything, only gave him a look. druig leaned closer, his forehead rested against yours, grip tightening on you before he pulled you into his arms.
"you're ok, and i'm ok," he mumbled into your ear, feeling your arms clinging around his torso, desperately holding onto him. "just focus on that for now, ok?"
you nodded weakly, your face smushed against his chest, letting the breath be taken from your lungs if it meant you could stay this close to him for longer. you felt safe for only a minute, protected in a bubble that he'd created. this was the very reason druig had been your person since you'd met those thousands of years ago. he understood you, your thoughts and your meanings, without having to use his powers. and you saw him for what he really was, a caring and gentle being who hated any kind of conflict, no matter how big or small. you accepted each other as you were, and beyond that, you loved one another.
you breathed in his scent, letting him hold you as long as you could without interruption. he kissed tbe top of your head, squeezing you tight for a second before pulling back. his arms still enclosed around you, your hands clinging to his shirt keeping him close.
"y'good?" he mumbled.
"better," your voice still soft. it was true your heart and lungs and insides felt less constrained, and your mind less likely to wander to anything other than the man in front of you.
later that night, you lay in your shared bed with druig after your long day. collectively you and the rest of the family agreed you could all use a break, to try and sleep off the heavy day you’d all had before continuing with the mission tomorrow. druig had joined you in bed after a long night of settling the people of his village back into their routine, reassuring them after a traumatic day.
he had come into the room, shoulders slumped, bags under his eyes and his eyes drooping shut as he walked around undressing himself before climbing in next to you. he had expected you to be sound asleep, exhausted as much as he was. instead, you were wide awake, waiting for druigs warmth to consume you.
which he did, shuffling under the covers to get closer to you, eventually wrapping both arms around you and pulling you tight against his chest. you pressed a soft kiss to his bare chest, curling into his embrace and draping an arm over his stomach.
"i love you," you whispered against his skin, goosebumps forming where your lips touched his chest. "i'd be so lost without you."
"good thing i'm not going anywhere," he mumbled tiredly, resting his head atop of yours, his cheek smushing up as he did. "'fraid you're stuck with me for a long, long time, m'love."
"good," you kissed his chest once more, snuggling your face into it and squeezing him. "that's how i want it."
a very short, exasperated laugh left his throat, his eyelids drooping as he relaxed against you. he could feel the tension he held from the day still, slowly drifting away. "i love you more than i've ever loved anyone or anything."
"good or it would've probably made for a few awkward centuries," you teased halfheartedly, feeling your tire finally catching up with you now that you were safely tucked up in his arms.
"shut up," he mumbled, lips pressing a kiss to your forehead, you could feel the small smirk on his lips. "now go to sleep before i make you myself."
you gently nudged his side, making him squirm a little, releasing a small laugh, which you followed with one of your own. "asshole," you mumbled, scrunching up your nose at him. you'd never take these halfhearted threats seriously. he'd never used his powers on you, and you'd never used yours on him. out of respect and love, neither of you could hurt the other like that. "i'm gonna' tell everyone that you love to cuddle in bed, and curl up like a kitten when you sleep."
he snorted. "fine, i'll tell everyone about your weird fetish for my—"
you nudged him a little harder this time, making him laugh a little more. "the things i have on you, mister," you teased. "you're so lucky that i love you."
"oh, i know, don't worry— i know," he kissed your forehead with a gentle smile lingering on his lips. you were both quiet for a while, just embracing each other while you could. you thought druig had drifted off after while, until he spoke again. "feel any better?" his words were barely coherent, he was so sleepy and comfortable smushed against you, but he had to check.
"heaps," you mumbled in the same tired way. "thanks to you, my sweet."
"s'all i want for you," he said as he drifted off, you followed not long after him.
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illiteratetrashdisposal · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
more eternals tweets
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poseidons-trident · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Eternals x Greek Mythology
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romanxffs · 7 months ago
crying and throwing up at the way makkari runs to druig at normal pace instead of using her super speed after realizing he’s not dead
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warrentrash · 7 months ago
you’re my person
druig x eternal!reader
Tumblr media
summary:  Can I please request where the reader is hysterically crying and the only person who can calm her down is Druig even though they’re not a couple but it’s obvious they have feelings for each other and the other eternals are all like awww 🥺🥺🥺
tw warnings: mentions of violence, panic/ anxiety attack-like symptoms that may be triggering, druig being the loml
a/n: this is rushed because i wanted to write it immediately lol not edited !!
To say you were emotional was an understatement. It wasn't your fault, Mahd W'ryr does that to people. You saw Thena battle through it like the warrior she was, and you saw how supportive and attentive everyone was to the situation, so you knew you shouldn't have been so worried about it. You obsessed over that when the day finally came, that day being your inevitable breakdown, you were going to be in control of it, not the other way around. But when you were hit with an episode, you were hit hard and it threw everyone off guard.
'Do you think that when we finally make it home, you'll grow to miss everyone?' You asked Druig as you both observed Phastos at work.
He hummed and shrugged, looking down at you with an amused glint in his eye.
'Well I sure hope not,' he muttered and crossed his arms, earning a roll of the eyes and a light shove from you. His laugh echoed through the lab, causing Phastos to glare at the two of you through his suspended creation.
Best friends for eternity is what you called your friendship with Druig. Although, as of recent, it had developed farther from a friendship, and closer to a relationship. Neither of you would ever have the courage to voice your feelings. It was a timeless infatuation with one another; like the sun and moon and their endless game of cat and mouse, like the hands ticking on a clock going around and around and around, never stopping.
'I doubt we're ever going to make it home… It feels like we're stuck here until the end of time,' Druig muttered and tossed an apple up in the air before catching it. He looked down at you and stopped mid-bite, noticing you had zoned out completely.
'Till the end of time…' The trance-like way you whispered caused Druig to tilt his head wearily. He was unprepared for you to grab his wrist and chest and toss him across the lab and right into the unsuspecting Ajak, who had appeared in the doorway with Ikarus.
You had no recollection of the attack or anything after Druigs joke, just that you were standing wrapped in Gilgamesh's iron-tight grip as he pinned you to his chest in an attempt to stop your belligerent rampage. Ajak was in front of you with her hands on your cheeks firmly, nodding her head— speaking. You couldn't hear her. The sound of your own cries flooded the room almost as quickly as your tears when your stare landed on Druig, who was cradling his side, wincing deeply. Next to him, Ikarus was holding a hand to his shoulder where the blood seeped through his shaky fingers.
I hurt them, you thought to yourself in disgust. It was a fleeting thought as you hiccupped and your body forced you to inhale deeply- a gentle reminder to breathe.
‘Y/n, I need you to focus on me and my voice, okay?’ Ajak asked. You sunk lower in Gilgamesh's grip when the heavy realisation set in; you just hurt your best friend and wounded another. ‘Breathe, y/n, breathe,’ she instructed slowly as she crouched to your height. Her attempts to calm you down went unnoticed as you began to sputter out an apology. You were spiralling quickly and nobody knew what to do. Thena was always so strong when she bounced back— how do they handle someone so emotional and lethal?
Gilgamesh hesitantly let you go as Druig limped forward, giving Ajak a nod— a silent way of telling her he could help. She stepped aside and gently placed her hand on his shoulder to help ease the pain in his ribs.
‘Y/n? Hey,’ Druig said, grinning a little when you finally tore your stare from Ikarus and focused on him. ‘I’m okay. I’m alright. So is Ikarus, we’re okay.’ He dropped to his knees in front of you, holding his hands out for you to take- something you did without hesitation. Your hands quickly slid up his arms and around his back as he pulled you into a firm embrace. You held him tightly. You held him like it was the rock keeping you grounded to Earth.
Profusely apologising, you squeezed your eyes shut in an attempt to block out the truth; you had hurt your loved ones. Druig nodded his head, his chin digging into your shoulder with each slight movement as he rocked you both back and forth.
Everyone watched silently as your hands flexed open and shut against his back in time with your deep breaths, crumpling his shirt each time. Druig didn’t complain once. He didn’t even think anything of it as he kept encouraging you to keep breathing.
‘You’re okay Hun, yeah?’ He asked you, his smile wavering ever so slightly with concern.
‘Yeah, yeah, I’m okay…’
It seemed to click simultaneously within the minds of each Eternal, all watching in worry when they realised that you and Druig were more than best friends, and had been for quite a while. They had been so blinded by the proposition of Druig not having enough love in his heart to extend to others to see that it already had.
Druig was your person, till the end of your days; till the end of time.
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certaindreamchopshop · 7 months ago
I dunno how anyone else here felt about Eternals, but as far as I’m concerned Kevin Fiege was absolutely right to call it Marvel Studios’ best work, or at least the one he’s proudest of. Chloe Zhao has crafted something truly special, and I was enchanted through the entirety of it.
Tumblr media
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lemonhoneymcu · 7 months ago
Honestly Ik some ppl didn’t enjoy watching eternals it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I started crying in the theatre because I saw two Latinas up there being hero’s and I never had that growing up
and At some point me and my friend started bawling not realizing not having that representation for so long to finally see it got us so choked up and I think that is what makes this film so important for not just us but others as well who finally get to see themselves represented up there.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
These two beautiful ladies truly killed it representing us and I hope to see more of them in the upcoming films <3
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witchychanel · 6 months ago
Phone Names
▪︎The Eternals▪︎
Tumblr media
His phone: my beautiful beautiful Y/N 🥵
Your phone: Mister steal your food 🐿
Tumblr media
Her phone: My treasure 💍
Your Phone: speedy gonzoddess 🏃🏾‍♀️
Tumblr media
His phone: my moon 🌙
Your Phone: my sunshine ☀️
Tumblr media
Her phone: mi amorrr (my lovee) 😻
Your phone: Mami sorry, mommy sorry 🛐
Tumblr media
His phone: the star of my life
Your Phone: my king-go
Tumblr media
Her phone: my goddess
Your phone: my warrior goddess
Tumblr media
His phone: my sweetheart
Your phone: sucker punch
Tumblr media
Her phone: darling 🥰
Your phone: bunny 🐇
Should I do Phastos and Sprite ??
Also Makkari's is named after speedy Gonzales.
And Druig is always eating 💀💀💀
Who should I do next?
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thomaslefteyebrow · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
everything we did, does it even matter?
was it even real?
did it even happen?
you’re slipping through my fingers.
Tumblr media
being alone was never your forte.
spending centuries with ten other immortal beings never taught you how to be alone. their presence was a background noise to help you stay grounded until suddenly, you were swamped in silence as the group separated.
while the others searched for deeper meaning amongst the humans, you searched for a distraction.
for a while, you were content to travel the world. the sights kept you busy and moving until you were too tired one night and stayed the night in a simple village somewhere near athens.
you decided to watch the humans from a distance that night as they celebrated loudly. the way they all laughed as they danced and how they shared warm embraces freely caused a small pang of jealousy within you. before you could stop yourself, you had joined them.
soon, humans were your new distraction.
it was simple enough to catch their attention. from there you would smile sweetly and let your eyes linger until the human would inevitably break eye contact, hands fumbling and face heating up as they get flustered over the smallest things. humans were cute like that.
tragically, they all fell into the same pattern.
you would find a new target, feign an interest for a few weeks, and then have them wrapped around your finger before carrying on. some part of yourself knew that if your fellow eternals could see you now, they would probably chastise you. ajak would tell you to leave the humans alone, sersi would tell you to be merciful with their feelings. druig might even offhandedly comment about how you’re wasting your time on humans that will live for only a small fraction of your life. and if they were there, you might’ve listened. but they weren’t.
time passed and your game evolved slightly into just hookups with various kings and soldiers and celebrities. by 1953, you had almost run out of ideas to stay entertained. until you woke up in the middle of the night to a loud banging at your door.
stumbling sleepily throughout your house, you instinctively grab a knife from the kitchen before swinging the front door open with no hesitation. you were seconds from threatening to remove every finger off the person’s hand when you take note of who is standing at your door.
he smiles at you and fiddles with his hat as he says your name in greeting.
ikaris still looks exactly as you remember him, aside from his lack of armor. now, he’s dressed in a deep navy suit, his sports coat folded over his arm neatly. his loafers are shiny and he shuffles as he looks around at the houses in your neighborhood.
blinking, you apologize before stepping back, “come in, let me take your jacket. if i would’ve known you were coming, i would’ve cleaned up around here.”
you both know that’s a lie, but he doesn’t call your bluff as he thanks you and steps into your home.
that night, you sat next to him on the couch and talked for hours. the sun rose without either of you noticing. you learned about everything he had been doing and you told him of all of your adventures while skipping over your distractions.
when you finally noticed the grumbling of your stomach, you offered to make him a meal. he accepted and it was while you were quietly cooking pancakes, that you finally asked the question that had been lurking in the back of your mind.
“so… where’s sersi?”
you pretend to busy yourself with filling his glass with coffee, but you notice the way his jaw ticks and how his shoulders stiffen at the mention of her name. this intrigues you slightly considering how often you had to watch them put on some lovesick display in front of all the eternals.
when he lowly mumbles that they broke up thirty years ago, you know better than to press for more details. you simply rest your hand on his shoulder comfortingly before pulling away to continue to cook.
his eyes lingered on you for the rest of breakfast and it was making you restless. the conversation felt much more one sided now that he was just observing you with occasional hummed responses.
when you picked up the plates and brought them to the sink to be washed, that’s when he finally spoke up.
his breath was warm on the back of your neck and his stealth in getting up from his chair to stand behind you would’ve scared you if you hadn’t spent so long around him. the feeling of his fingers ghosting from your wrist up to your shoulder causes goosebumps to race across your skin.
“i think i have an idea that we both might enjoy.”
Tumblr media
in the beginning of the arrangement, it was pretty simple. you were roommates with benefits. ikaris picked up some chores around your house and he moved into the guest room, but spent most nights in your bed.
but as time progressed, it started to evolve from that. his touch would linger innocently along your fingertips when you would bring him to help shop for groceries. he would press a quick kiss to your lips anytime you were leaving the house. on the rare occasion that you called the landline from a payphone, ikaris would end the call with words that were too caring to be just friendly.
“be careful, i don’t think i would make it around here without you.”
“hurry home, i made your favorite for dinner and i wanted to play that board game again with you tonight.”
“how much longer till you’ll be here? it doesn’t feel right without you.”
each time you would stutter through a response and quickly hang up, cheeks warm and heart racing. it was an indescribable feeling that you didn’t understand until you saw it reflected in his eyes one night.
you never needed him to confess anything or to label what was happening, you were content with what you had with him. you finally had some background noise again and it was like life felt normal again. when you were alone, it felt like you were tumbling through time blindly and just grappling for anything that would ground you temporarily. being immortal and alone was a tragic feeling.
but with ikaris there, it now felt like time was passing and you were lounging on a boat. the changes around you were merely waves that were soothingly rocking you back and forth. the flashes of attention you received no longer felt like a spotlight and instead sunlight creeping through the branches of a tree.
everything was good until ikaris started hearing rumors about some workers that had been mysteriously killed in alaska. he left you in the middle of the night with a kiss to your forehead and a promise to return soon.
what you weren't expecting was him to bring sersi and sprite back with him along with news of ajak passing away.
it was too much.
your boat was sinking, everything you had built with ikaris was crumbling and rather than him helping you to patch it up, he was following sersi around the home you had spent half a century in.
frowning, you watch him pour a glass of your favorite wine as she begins to plot the next move and how to find the others. his eyes are trained on her lips, he was visibly hanging on every word she spoke.
"i'm sorry, y/n."
blinking in surprise, you turn to sprite. her eyes are studying you closely, watching you with sympathy covering her face. you sniffle and shrug your shoulders, forcing your face into a position of neutrality. turning your focus to your nails so that maybe the sinking feeling in your chest won't be so heavy, you mumble, "sprite, m'fine."
her hand rests on your shoulder and she sighs deeply. you know that back when you were all a group, she had underlying feelings for ikaris that she never acted on. you were never sure if it was because of her appearing young or if it was out of respect for sersi, but you had always pitied her for it. it was weird for the positions to be switched now after so many years.
her voice is soft as she quietly suggests, "maybe you could talk to him? try to figure out what's going through his head? i mean, it's been an overwhelming week."
nodding your head, you bite your lip and hum in agreement.
that night, ikaris offered to help you pack a bag since you would be leaving to go find kingo in the morning. you accepted his help and when you left sprite and sersi in your living room, you caught sprite's eyes and she gave you an encouraging nod.
it was silent for a few moments as ikaris pulled out your favorite shirts and you grabbed your bag from the closet.
you watch him for a moment as he folds them with care and neatly stacks them on the bed that you've shared with him for years. finally, you muster the courage to speak.
"so... you and sersi?"
you cringe at the desperation in your tone and quickly turn to focus on grabbing some socks from a drawer so you won't have to see his face. his sigh is quiet, but it speaks volumes as he breathes your name.
it's too much.
shaking your head, you instantly want out of the conversation as you mumble, "never mind, act like i never said anything."
ikaris grabs your arm to keep you from pacing the room, a habit you had that he always tried to break you from. his voice is low and you can hear in his tone that this isn't going to go well as he asks you to sit on the bed next to him.
the comforter once made you feel safe and bring a smile to your face. now, your knuckles are white as you clutch them desperately, trying to keep yourself grounded. there's a lump in your throat and it feels like you're drowning.
"y/n, i never meant to hurt you. i was lonely and you were too. i'm sorry if you thought this was something more."
there it is.
tears are welling your eyes, but your face remains stoic. your thoughts are so loud and suddenly the background noise is roaring in your ears. what was once reminders of happy times you shared now felt like mocking signs of your naivety. the flowers he had brought you before he left to check on the workers in alaska are dead on your nightstand.
standing, you shake your head and mutter, "i can't do this right now, ikaris."
he rushes to his feet as well, quickly stepping in front of the door and blocking you from leaving. his blue eyes that you would get lost in late at night were wide and you can't read the expression on his face even though you had mapped out every inch of it so many times.
his voice is still hushed, almost like he was embarrassed to be having this conversation as he pleads, "y/n, you can't just leave. that's not fair."
the word echoes in your brain and it feels like you see red. hands clenching at your side, you level ikaris with a glare and snap at him, "what's not fair is using me for fucking seventy years to pass the time until sersi shows back up. don't talk about fair, ikaris, when you know what you've done."
his shoulders droop at your tone. you step away from him, desperate for some space. folding your arms across your chest, you hold yourself as you suck in a shaky breath. it feels like you see him everywhere you look. you had brought him into your house and then allowed him to make changes as he saw fit. the deep green walls that once felt like a unique choice now felt like a reflection of sersi.
it's too much.
you feel sick to your stomach as you finally look up at him again. tears finally break free as you shakily ask, "did it ever mean anything to you?"
he doesn't meet your eyes. a sob breaks free from your chest, the silence is enough of an answer. falling to your knees, you try to suck in air, but it feels like you can't breathe as sobs wrack your entire body.
you don't bother looking up when you hear the door open and his footsteps trail away.
the silence surrounds you once more. there's no background noises now. in between your sobs, you bitterly think to yourself that maybe you were always better off alone.
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chasingstardustandmoonbeams · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Thinking of sending a request? Look here
Kingo x Reader
Tumblr media
“Wait- you’re a what?” *
Are you jealous?*
Time enough at last *^
Gossip column*
Mornings with Kingo*
“I’ve waited so long for this.”*
“Did you just record us?”*
“Stay with me”^
Tentative Confessions*^
“Go back to sleep.”*
Druig x Reader
Tumblr media
Sunsets and Proclamations*
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lovebuckysteve · 7 months ago
Eternals with no context
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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illiteratetrashdisposal · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Eternals social media au shitposts cause I have a lot of feelings
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