queencirilla · 8 hours ago
every day people continue to ignore the eternals (2021) and every day i am expected to just be okay with it
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winterseige · 6 months ago
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"The joke at Marvel is that the reason why I made Eternals is so I can go online & read the fanfiction about my own movie. I'm also going to write some on AO3 and put it up with a different name." - Chloé Zhao
interview here here
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eternalssource · 3 months ago
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Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) dir. Irvin Kershner Eternals (2021) dir. Chloé Zhao
Tumblr media
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pineappletheatrekid · 4 months ago
Sometimes all family is is a surrogate mom with 5 minutes of screentime, a woman with super speed, her telepath boyfriend who is also a cult leader, a Bollywood star, a 7000 year old child with repression issues, the goddess of war, the hero that the first narrative in human history was based on, a matter manipulated who turned a god into marble, her ex-boyfriend who tried to destroy the planet, and a guy who can build anything but really just wants to be with his husband and kid. And that's enough 😌.
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924inlegend · 4 months ago
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#When bae saves your life and almost gets cornered by a Deviant only to turn it into a tree #Terrified
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sersi · 8 months ago
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💗 Ikaris looking at Sersi 💗
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oceanspray5 · 3 months ago
Can't help thinking about the major differences between the three Eternals couples and how, in a way, they're all both parallels and foils for each other.
Sersi and Ikaris are the main couple of the film but the fact that they don't work together is also plain. I mean everyone points out their lack of chemistry but I can't help but feel like that was the point.
They're a classic case of "love isn't enough". They love each other. Practically flaunt their relationship in everyone's faces when they're together because they're that wrapped up in each other and don't care about anyone else. But it's not enough. At their core, Sersi and Ikaris are very different people and motivated by very different things. Eventually those things get in the way and they have to let each other go. They simply don't share enough common ground in terms of ideals to make things work which is why ultimately they break up. Sersi isn't even all that sad about the separation and we know it's been a while so obviously that's the reason but even so, there's an acceptance in her even when she meets Ikaris again. It's an acceptance that things are over and that they're better off that way too.
Sersi loves the humans. Is practically one of them, that's how much she loves living among them and being with them. They fascinate her and she respects them undlessly. Ikaris couldn't care less. He sees them as lesser or expendable. He can tolerate being around them for Sersi but it's not enough for him to change his views on them. He loves her so he does this thing for her except it's not something as simple as sharing a hobby. To Sersi these humans are important. To Ikaris they are not. There is a fundamental divide between ideals here that love simply cannot bridge. They have love. But they do not have understanding. Sersi is unable to understand Ikaris loyalty to Arishem. Ikaris is unable to understand Sersi's love of the humans. And even without understanding, they do not have respect for each others choices, not because they don't want to, but because their choices are on such opposite sides of the spectrum that reaching a middle ground is impossible.
At the end they reach a point where they respect each other but the love they have has changed. They cannot walk the same path and so they turn away from each other and go to walk their own.
Tumblr media
Then we have Druig and Makkari.
In a way they're closest to Sersi and Ikaris. Druig is a lot like Ikaris in how stubborn he is and how strongly he stands his ground. But he's a lot like Sersi too in how much he loves the humans and values them for their humanity. Makkari is also Sersi. She loves the humans too. But she loves what they create more and like Ikaris she cannot understand them in why they destroy what they create. But Makkari not understanding the humans doesn't lessen her compassion for them. And Druig not trusting the humans to their own devices doesn't lessen his respect for them as a whole.
In their case, love is enough. Because they have common values. They can weather a separation that comes from a disagreement on this fundamental ideal because they share enough of their other ideals to make it work. Makkari doesn't believe the humans should be controlled. Druig agrees to an extent. It's why he doesn't take over the whole world as he tells Sersi. But he needs his peace of mind and to do that he does control some of them. Makkari respects that is his decision even if she doesn't agree with it.
Everyone says they're best friends to lovers which is true. They are. They know each other inside out. They know each other's highs and lows and support them through it (the "Stay strong" scene). Their relationship is still new in a way or hasn't even really begun which is why they're still playful and childish with each other. They're youthful in their love because it's what they both are. Playful and mischievous. Both like teasing and tricking and playing around. Their personalities mesh in that way as well. They have their differences, but they accept those about each other. They don't just have love. They have understanding and respect for each others choices as well. That's why they work, unlike Sersi and Ikaris. They're able to reach a middle ground even with their disagreement. They have taken the time to grow in themselves apart form each other and come back together when they are ready to grow together. They respect themselves and each other enough to understand that they needed that time apart and once they have come into themselves enough, they are ready to prioritize their relationship together. If they had not done that they would have crashed and burned.
Tumblr media
And finally we have Gilgamesh and Thena.
These two can be juxtaposed really nicely with Sersi and Ikaris because unlike those two who are married in name, Gil and Thena are married in action. The whole "In sickness and in health" vow is reminiscent of their relationship because Gilgamesh spends his entire time on Earth after their mission caring for Thena. He says he would "do it again, on every planet." meaning he does not regret it and even if it is difficult (because caring for an ill person is always difficult) he thinks it is worth it. That their relationship is worth it.
Thena and Gilgamesh are two people who love each other, understand each other inside and out and are on the exact same page. She's a warrior goddess and he's a warrior god. Their specializations/powers are matching. They are in perfect harmony even in battle and afterwards they help dust each other off and walk away from the wreckage.
Gilgamesh holding his hand out for Thena after they finish fighting off the deviant in the beginning of the film is very gentlemanly behavior which kind of parallels with Ikaris' propriety in approaching too, further drawing out both the similarities and differences between them.
Gil and Thena are the actual married couple. They have spent every high and low together. They are not just best friendsike Druig and Makkari but they are more because they have grown together and with each other and accommodated each other's growth. We don't see it but it's woven into that relationship. They are strong alone but together they are unstoppable. Their every move is coordinated because they have known each other so long they are so finely in tune with each other and so even if they aren't married in name, we can see they are married in actions.
Tumblr media
The Eternals are split into Thinkers and Fighters and its important to note the dichotomy of these in the couples too.
Sersi and Ikaris are a Thinker and Fighter.
Druig and Makkari are a Thinker and Fighter.
Thena and Gilgamesh are Fighter and Fighter.
Drukkari and Ikersi are the same in this regard. They're not exactly on the same page with each other however, as mentioned earlier, Drukkari have an acceptance of each other's choices that Ikersi do not have. This fundament difference in how they go about their relationships is what makes them last. Gilgathena tho, are the exact same category. They're both Fighters, representative of them being on the exact same page completely.
All three couples have their differences from each other but all three also draw remarkable similarities as well which contrast each other enough to act as foils.
Which is why, it's easy to see that Sersi and Ikaris are the couple who tried but couldn't make it work, Druig and Makkari are the couple who know how to settle their differences enough to make it work and Thena and Gilgamesh are the couple who have already withstood the test of time to enforce the strength of their relationship.
I just think it's beautiful that, whether intentional or not, for all the different types of love discussed in Eternals already, there's this clear contrast in all types of romantic love depicted too.
The wizened love that depicts constancy and a long age spent together.
The playful intense love that depicts youth and freshness but something you build to last.
And the worn and weary love that was once bright but now weathered to a good friendship and deep respect but can be nothing more.
Anyway that's just something I had in mind so I wrote up this little think piece. Wouldkbe to hear other opinions on this as well.
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siempre-bucky · 4 months ago
imagine orla falling inlove with jack or maybe an ikersi child. 😚🙏🏻
Dad!Druig x Reader
requests are open
Tumblr media
I could totally imagine Sersi and Ikaris co-parenting a son together, they tried to make it work and had a son 16 years ago
then the whole trying to destroy humanity thing happened
but over the years Orla and their son Apollo developed a close bond
and when he asked out your daughter, she knew she couldn't go asking Druig for permission
"Mom I need to ask you something," Orla was so nervous when she sat down across from you
"What is it, baby?" Your eyebrows were raised with concern
Orla hid her hands in the hands of her large sweater for comfort
she took a deep breath, "Apollo invited me to the museum and to a movie tomorrow, and I really, really wanna go," she let out quickly.
you smiled softly and cupped her face
you and Sersi had a years-long bet that this was going to happen
"He asked you on a date?"
Orla nodded shyly
"of course, you can... we just won't tell your dad. Yet."
Druig had never liked Apollo
well, he only disliked him in association
being nearly killed by being blasted into a volcano would put a sour taste in your mouth
"I don't like that kid," he told you one time after visiting Sersi and Dane's new place
"He was just being polite," you groaned
"I hate teenagers," he grumbled
"We have one of those."
"I know, but Orla's perfect."
"And Apollo?"
"The kid of the guy who tried to kill me, destroy the world, and who tried to get you in bed with him more than once."
You kissed his cheek, "They're both good kids."
he tolerated Orla being friends with him, attending the same school, but he drew the line at anything more
Orla hated lying to her favorite person in the world, but it was better if he didn't know
she was apparently destined for a Romeo and Juliet type romance
and after their first official date, you and Sersi were already on your couch waiting for you to tell them everything
"How did it go?" Sersi was the first to ask, "did he behave?"
"He was...perfect"
Apollo was everything good in the world
he inherited Ikaris' height and strong features
but he inherited Sersi's love for humans, her kindness, and her soft brown eyes
he was the boy parents hoped and wished for
the two Eternals squealed and giggled at Orla's dreamy smile and blushing face
"I'm glad you had a good time, my love," you told her happily
As the three of you gushed on the couch Druig sauntered in, looking at Orla suspiciously, "Ladies..." he greeted, "What's all the squealing for?"
all three of them looked up at Druig with worried faces
"Just an actor I like, dad."
Druig hummed and continued to walk out of the room
it went on like that for a few months
Orla and Apollo would date in secret, avoiding telling their fathers
Making up lies and hushed phone calls
Until one night when Druig walked into Orla's room to collect the headphones Rory was too afraid to get himself
That's when he saw it
Outside the window, Orla had her arms wrapped around Apollo's neck as he flew them towards the house
they were way too close to be just friends
he didn't know how to feel as he saw them together
he was angry because he didn't like the kid, and because his daughter hid the fact she was dating the son of his enemy
but he was more disappointed Orla didn't feel comfortable enough to tell him she was seeing someone
it was like the universe was playing a sick joke on him
the teens didn't notice the Eternal standing in the doorway until they climbed in through the open window
"Dad!" Orla shrieked as she took a step away from the poor boy next to her
Apollo was scared shitless as Druig stared at him with all the rage in the world
"How long has this been going on, Orla?" Druig seethed, blue eyes flashing between them
"Three months," they said in unison, both highly embarrassed
"Three Months?" Druig shouted in disbelief
Apollo stepped in front of Orla
"Druig. I know you don't like me, and I know what happened between you and my dad," he spoke, trying to hide the fact he was super intimidated even though he was much taller
"I'm sorry for what happened back then but please, please don't be mad at her for this. I really like your daughter."
"You like him?" Druig asked her
Orla nodded
"And you like 'er?"
Apollo nodded, looking down at her with a soft smile
Druig's face softened when he saw the smile she gave Apollo
his little girl was happy
and in reality, he wasn't anything like Ikaris. He was a good kid
just like you'd been telling him...they're both good kids
he hated when you were right
"Just... use the front door next time," Druig smirked
Orla beamed and took Apollo's hand in hers
"Thanks, dad."
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manikas-whims · 3 months ago
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Eternals: The 500 Year War
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1038276637 · 3 months ago
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Eternals(2021) dir. Chloé Zhao
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musenilla · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
They could've had it all 😩
Practise art of them!! I literally love them so much its getting unhealthy, anyways enjoy these eternals fan arts,,
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curiousgalacticsoul · 3 months ago
What actually happened with Ikaris:
>> Ajak tells Ikaris everything (the truth about the upcoming Emergence on Earth in few thousand years) as a secret much before, in 575 B.C Babylon!
>> Ikaris is shocked & shattered to know that the humans they've been told to "protect" from deviants are destined to die
>> it gets hard for him to live with them knowing the truth as they continue loving humans & their world (Druig wants to bring peace & harmony; Phastos wants to help them advance as a species & oh! his dear Sersi! She wants to be with them, be a part of them & spread love)
>> Ikaris knows the longer he'll stay with them all, esp. with Sersi, the harder it'll be to keep the secret a secret, & once they all know, esp. Sersi, she'll be devastated knowing what's going to happen to Earth, to humans, & that they won't be able to do a thing until their team leader commands. So, he leaves.
>> leaving Sersi wasn't at all easy for him, that's the last thing he ever wanted. But he didn't want to hurt her, couldn't see her getting devastated, so he leaves her with a heavy heart. It was very dificult staying isolated, away from them all, from her, all these centuries!
>> now in present day, Ajak suddenly tells him they all should stop the emergence as after exploring human world & loving it, she wants to save it.
>> so, if they had to save the Earth, what were all of Ikaris' sacrifices for!? Leaving all his family? Leaving Sersi, the love of his life!?? Staying in isolation? Living with the truth every single day as it kills him? Everything to waste? Of no use? His sacrifice, his patience, his tolerance, his loneliness? For nothing? He would've rather lived a happy life then with Sersi if Earth was going to be saved
>> this is why at this point, Ikaris couldn't afford to be emotional, to be loose and weak & decides to let Emergence happen. 'A loyal soldier' was rather more of a convincing excuse to hide the real reason - his sacrifice of giving up life with Sersi will go to waste if he helps Emergence delay.
>> Emergence wasn't a villainous act from cosmic pov, it was a natural process (had happened many times in past & will keep happening again in future), so supporting that plan didn't make Ikaris a villain or a bad guy at all! He knew he would die too.
So please STOP calling him a straight up villain of the movie. It's so sad to read all such things on Tumblr & mostly Instagram. If anything, we should feel bad for him, sympathise with him & understand that he had to carry the burden of Ajak's secret!
What would've happened if Ajak had never told Ikaris the truth? Imagine....
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mel-street · 6 months ago
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i just think that drukkari having 82 more fics on ao3 then the main couple despite only having 2 minutes of screen time is absolutely hilarious 
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winterseige · 6 months ago
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“He’s incapable of relating to humanity unless he’s with Sersi. He misses seeing the world through her eyes because he’s floating while her hand is on the ground, not grounded enough to be human.” - Chloé Zhao on Sersi and Ikaris
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starliteonearth · 6 months ago
Ok no but Ikaris following Sersi around the village and trying to learn the language and how to cook and plant and shit because he wants to understand the things and the people she loves even though he’s awkward and bad at them like it’s the little things bitch, the little things 
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924inlegend · 4 months ago
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Ikaris/Sersi + Their Wedding 🥺
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sersi · 6 months ago
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Gemma Chan and Richard Madden on the relationship between Sersi and Ikaris
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aarnodorian · 3 months ago
Y’all ever think about your OTPs and just
Tumblr media
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where-theres-smoak-2 · 6 months ago
Eternals Spoilers Ahead!!
So I am feeling the need to pick up my shield and defend my beautiful ship of Ikaris x Sersi. I’ve seen quite a few comments about this screenshot:
Tumblr media
People talking about the body language in it and how it shows that the relationship is toxic. Whilst I appreciate that everyone has their own opinion that they are entitled to and that people interpret things differently, I am going to politely explain why I strongly, very strongly disagree. 
Firstly there’s the issue that this is a screenshot from a scene that doesn’t even make it into the movie and therefore we don’t know the context of the scene. The other is like I said its a screenshot which can be very misleading. Here is a gif from the same scene. 
Tumblr media
I’ve seen some people saying that in this moment Sersi is looking scared or nervous and this is because Ikaris is showing intimidating body language and to be honest when I read that I was just like what? I mean follow Sersi’s eyeline, she is looking directly at his lips, as he pulls her closer and their bodies press together her mouth opens slightly. Our girl isn’t scared or nervous, she’s horny. This is what you call sexual tension, its a classic ‘oh are they about to kiss moment’ and its very clear from the direction of her gaze that Sersi wants him to kiss her.
 Also I find this idea that Ikaris tries to intimidate or dominate Sersi really funny because anyone who has watched the movie knows that man is a bumbling awkward fool whenever he’s around Sersi, I’m sorry but its true, he’s about as far from intimidating as it gets, my dude isn’t even smooth he’s a tongue tied lovesick mess about 90% of the time that he spends with her. I mean look at the way he looks at her:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Does this guy look intimidating to you because he just looks like a guy who is head over heels in love to me. There’s also this narrative being pushed that Ikaris was angry that Ajak didn’t choose him instead of Sersi and that he kept undermining Sersi’s leadership. Again really don’t agree with that and I do think this is being wildly misinterpreted. If there was one thing that was as important to Ikaris as the mission it was that he didn’t want Sersi to suffer with the knowledge of the emergence, he says to her ‘I wanted you to leave this world in peace, without knowing about the emergence. But I failed. I wish Ajak hadn’t chosen you.’ Ikaris was so determined to make sure Sersi wasn’t burdened by the knowledge that he even went so far as leaving her. Ikaris wasn’t angry that Ajak didn’t choose him he was angry that she had chosen Sersi, but not because he didn’t think Sersi would be a good leader or that she was less than him but because Ajak choosing Sersi ensured she would find out about the emergence and that would break her heart.
As for undermining her I don’t see that either. Sure he makes suggestions on what they should do next but he always defers to Sersi. For example when they are in australia with Thena and Gil and have just found out about the emergence Ikaris says they need to go and once everyone is back together they can decide what to do about the emergence, but then a nods at Sersi making sure that she is ok with that and deferring to her as she is the leader, she nods back agreeing with his plan. The same thing happens later when Ikaris tells her he is worried about Arishem finding out she is trying to stop the emergence, after she explains that she believes the violent cycle has to end he nods, once again deferring to her. It’s actually the other eternals really that undermine Sersi’s leadership by constantly bringing up or joking about Ajak not choosing Ikaris indicating that they all assumed that Ikaris would be the new leader if something happened to Ajak. Both Kingo and Sprite turn to Ikaris when they don’t agree with Sersi, they want to know his opinion showing that they value his opinion over Sersi’s. In this moment Ikaris says that Ajak chose Sersi and that it was Sersi’s decision. Sprite outright said at that point that she didn’t care who Ajak chose that Ikaris should be the leader. So whilst yes some did undermine Sersi’s leadership it wasn’t really Ikaris. He does go against her at the end but that is because he believed in the mission not because he thinks he is better than Sersi or doesn’t think she is leader material.
As for the screenshot that started this all I feel like there are alot of other screenshots that can be used to represent the ship for example this one from their wedding day:
Tumblr media
or this one where they are just about to kiss at their wedding and you can see the smiles on their faces:
Tumblr media
Or if you really need to use one from a deleted scene either one of these:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So in conclusion, I love Ikersi and I think they have the softest, sweetest dynamic and I really hope they release some of their deleted scenes.  
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manikas-whims · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Majority of the people after watching Eternals
this is a joke, take no offense
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