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#ikevamp headcanons
stray-authors · 4 months ago
🍷Gothic Ikevamp🍷
Leonardo Da Vinci 🕯
-Leonardo can’t sleep. His light is always on. He tries to close his eyes for even a second, and then it just shoots open again. He’s been doing this for centuries now, and he’s forgotten what sleep felt like. He’s afraid.
-MC goes to peek into his bedroom. His light is on. She closes the door the moment she sees Leonardo’s eyes bleeding from lack of sleep and him crying out in pain, trying to muffle his voice. Never again.
Arthur Conan Doyle ☕️
-Arthur always smells like blood. When he opens his mouth, it reeks of the metallic aroma. It always does. No one bothers to speak to him. Except Theo.
-At night, you should always ignore the wails and screams from his door. Blood pours out to the outside. Sebastian sighs, and puts a rug over it like always. He has headphones on, so he doesn’t hear Arthur’s screams.
Vincent Van Gogh 🌻
-Vincent doesn’t know who he is painting. His chair has been empty for years since he came. It moves, and that’s when he knows. They’re back, and they want a portrait. His wrist is sore, and his eyes are tired. But he has to keep going.
Comte St. Germain⏳
-Who does Comte come to meet? No one knows. Sebastian asked one time, and that was the first time fear was evident on the count’s face. Comte warned him to not speak of it again. He didn’t.
MC 🌹
-There are questions that must not be asked in the mansion. It is an unspoken rule. MC can only hope that they know what must not be asked.
Napoleon Bonaparte 🦅
-Napoleon sleeps a lot. It’s rather comedic that his habit of kissing anyone when woken up was applicable to anyone. He’s dreaming of Josephine. He wants to go. That’s why he sleeps so much;everyday he hears the voice of his past wife. And he doesn’t want to hear anyone else’s.
Isaac Newton 🍎
-Isaac once almost bitten MC. MC knew he was aberrant, but he looked nothing of a vampire nor a human. His teeth were long and sharp, his wet tongue whipped around wildly for blood. His skin was deathly pale, and his cherry blossom eyes were like that of a dead man.
-MC still remembers that night. They remember how Comte and Leonardo stabbed him violently until he stopped moving, the floor flooded with crimson blood. Sebastian told her to go to sleep. The next day, Sebastian told them to take Isaac’s snacks up to his room.
-There he was. Sitting by his desk, tinkering with Leonardo. MC was terrified. Isaac and Leonardo ask why they look so pale. The two men forgot. MC should too.
Dazai Osamu 🖋
-Every morning, Dazai sees his manuscripts done and his hands covered in ink despite his not writing last night. He reads the papers. It’s an entirely different plot from his original one. He looks over at Bunta, who’s looking out the window. The writer hopes he was sleep-writing, or it was just a prank. It has to be.
Jean D’Arc ⚔️
-Nobody asks about Jean’s eye. Sebastian made the mistake of accidentally peeking in. The knight’s eye had blood pouring out of it. It was like his eye was just pulled out, and yet it smelled like rotten flesh as he stared up at the moon. He didn’t feel the pain? Sebastian left the question unanswered as he swiftly left.
Theodorus Van Gogh 🐶
-Theo stares at the new painting his brother made. It was covered in black paint all over. He shrugs and tucks it carefully under his arm. He shouldn’t throw it away. Gods, he doesn’t want to feel ‘true’ pain ever again. He hopes, and hopes that Vincent doesn’t feel that sort of pain.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 🎹
-Mozart gets letters. Letters of praise from his recent going to a party, just a month ago. He looks over at his piano. It is dusty, and untouched. He hasn’t left the mansion in years. He reads the letters. They aren’t describing him.
William Shakespeare🎭
-William left the mansion in hopes of leaving the horrors behind as well. A stupid decision, he realizes. The voices are louder than ever, never ceasing.
Sebastian/Akihiko Satou 🖤
-Sebastian owns a journal. One day, while he was out, Arthur peeked into the diary curiously. What he saw were the many secrets of each resident, some scrawled out and some in bold. He looks at his side of the page. He was pretty sure he didn’t tell Sebastian any of the information written. And he was damn sure the butler wasn’t there in his room last night.
MC 🌹
- MC always looks inside Comte’s room. Specifically the hourglass. They look at the door. It was scratched, with rusted handles. They look down at their hands. Their hands were bloody and heavily bandaged from all the efforts to open the door. They look at a calendar. It’s been 2 years. They don’t trust Comte at this point; the hourglass’s sand didn’t move an inch for 2 years. Comte was lying.
They have to kill Comte to get out of this hellish manor.
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Imagine if the suitors went to the beach for a whole day in the modern world...what crazy crap do you think will happen
Here are a handful of crazy and/or cute headcanons that came to mind! :D
-Mozart swatting away seagulls because HE IS TRYING TO EAT IN PEACE
-Jeanne watching him, MC offering him two water guns with a silent nod (sunglasses on, we’re going full meme)
-Jeanne then proceeds to shoot at them (no gulls were harmed in making of this promotional video) and his aim is impeccable it would be disturbing if the thwarted squawking wasn’t so funny
-Little kids start swarming around Jeanne asking how he’s so amazing and wanting to play team battles, inviting him to join
-Napoleon encourages him, and even Mozart joins in despite not liking getting wet very much (he wants Jeanne to have some positive fun times bc he BIIIIIIIG depressy)
-In the end they both admit to having fun, and one of the kids even teaches Jeanne a special ten step handshake (Jeanne has no idea what that was but the kiddo was smiling so he figured he’d go with it)
-Dazai, alternatively, gathers the fallen gull army and becomes their god with a singular cylinder of Pringles. No I will not elaborate--THE SEA GULLS GOT HER!!!!!!!!
-Spends most of the beach day wetting his feet in the tide pools and talking very earnestly to the gulls about this new thing he learned about called tax evasion while people pass by this fucker in full kimono at the beach and are convinced he’s lost it
-Dazai is very much not sane but we knew this already, offers sea shells to little kids that ask him what he’s doing and tells them to listen to the secrets bird friends can tell them
-If Dazai sounds like an Animal Crossing Villager, that was entirely by accident but remains no less true
-Surprising absolutely no one, Arthur suggests volley ball after watching people play and invites some pretty ladies to join him
-Arthur ends up needing two more people to play, so he invites Vincent and Theo (Vincent is so excited about trying something new that Theo can’t say no despite wanting to make a volleyball-shaped crater in Arthur’s face)
-The funniest part about the volleyball game is that not only is Arthur a shit player (CANON WEAK ARMS FOOL) Theo destroys with his spikes, and Vincent’s reach is insane--the two brothers end up becoming the talk of the beach
-I just laugh imagining Vincent sincerely complimenting people around him and the ladies swooning because he’s just so nice and pretty is he even real
-Men aren’t happy about that^TM but at the sight of Theo’s defensive glower they keep their malicious traps shut--which turn on whichever girls weren’t interested in Vincent jahkslgjh
-**Kaguyasama narrator voice** Today on Arthur Shenanigans: Arthur loses
-Poor Isaac is hiding under the umbrella clutching sunscreen bc HE IS A PASTY BOY HELP HIM
-MC brought a few of the newest Maths/Physics books in her time for him to read, and while he doesn’t enjoy the intensity of the sun--not like vamp weakness, it’s just the strain on his body (too many stimuli too many people too much noise) that makes him tired and ultimately thirsty bc aberrant. But the change of scenery's not so bad.......
-MC laughs when she gets out of the water and the salt dries visibly on her skin, Isaac’s eyes bug out and he asks if it hurts (startles when Leo flicks sea water at him and asks how on earth they got in the water when it’s so cold!!!)
-Leo chats with him and he likes being able to draw theorems and the like in the sand, it’s like one big chalkboard (until a kid tramples across them in the middle of writing, POPPYCOCK!). Isaac ultimately has fun but prefers to stay inside poor bub
-Leonardo, surprising no one, falls asleep in the sand the second he gets there HE IS HOME (Italian beaches, amirite)
-MC decides to, after a point, bury him fully in the sand for shits
-Comte notices and aids in her shenanigans from his beach chair, snickering the whole time
-When the two are satisfied they go for a swim together, trusting Leo to look after Isaac if need be (even if he’s a mummy rn)
-Comte is relieved to hear that she knows how to swim, but also watches carefully and doesn’t let her drift out too far by keeping closer to the shore himself (riptides!!!! can be!!!!!!! dangerous!!!!!!!!!!) if he had his way (he would never impose but he worries ;-;) she’d be wearing floaties SAFETY FIRST
-They splash at each other like maniacs and chat amiably until they start swimming away as fast as possible when Leo wakes up, laughing
-How do we know that Leo woke up?
-Because he sat up ramrod straight and a tower of sand fell. He then proceeded to jump up and sprint to the water despite Isaac’s startled cries about being careful, and swam after them like a shark to get his revenge (it was like something out of an anime s2g)
-Mostly just tugs on MC’s leg, picks her up in the water, and yeets her across in retaliation; really harmless, she’s cackling the whole time
-Dunks Comte’s head in the water while he’s being scolded, and MC has to de-escalate their increasingly dangerous shenanigans before the life guard comes after them LMFAO
-They concede only bc MC looks sad/worried abt being kicked out, and agree to keep things fun FIGHT TO THE DEATH LATER TONIGHT
-Napoleon goes for a nice long walk along the shoreline and climbs the rocks if he finds any til he gets to the top (he does not go to his happy place HE GOES TO HIS HIGH LONESOME PLACE) wishes that Jupiter could be here to enjoy the brine
-Our boy Napoleon is simply just vibin he loves the beach. A little further off the sound of people is p muted, it’s just the crashing waves and crisp smell of salt, the light breeze ruffling his hair 
-Sebas is absolutely watching through binoculars and writing down how majestic Napoleon is while making sure no one gets lost/wrecked as he takes notes
Bonus: since volleyball games can often happen back to back on a sizable beach, the boys^TM were playing and Arthur called out “Theo duck!!!!” and just as Theo was saying “Are you fucking kidding me did you really think I’d--T H W A C K” Theo gets nailed in the back of the head (Arthur later died after being put in a headlock)
Shakespeare didn’t feel like playing volley ball and didn’t have much else to do (can’t swim and has no interest), so he just sat back and tried to throw Theo off his game as much as possible 
Por ejemplo: Theo misses a serve and Shakespeare just “For never was there a story of more woe; O bard Alexa, verily, play us Despacito” “SHUT THE FUCK UP”
Jeanne also gets hit by a stray volley ball, but when Vincent said “Oh no, Jeanne, duck!” he has one of either two reactions: 1. Boulevard of Broken Dreams plays obnoxiously loud as he dodges inhumanly fast 2. he quacks, gets nailed, and doesn’t react because he doesn’t have any brain cells to damage
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janumun · a year ago
Ok, could I please get headcanons for Theo and Arthur finding out that their MC is pregnant? How are they through the pregnancy and how do they feel about being parents? Also could you include how Vincent feels about being an uncle?
This ask is so cute, I’m rolling. I tried to keep these strictly fluff and failed. So, this is somewhat angsty (?) and fluffy. Here you are and I hope you like these!
Theo finding out MC is pregnant
Tumblr media
The long days of feeling sick. The urge to rush to a bathroom after being unable to stomach your dinner, hurling out the contents in wretched gasps and vomits, tears streaming down your face as you sit there on the tiled floor, sobbing and shaking.
Were you dying?
The thought comes unbidden to you, terrifying in the intensity it hits you with. You’ve never been this sick a day in your life. And hence, you slip out in secret, not wanting to worry Theo yet, to see a doctor in town.
They take a short history, perform an abdominal exam and run some tests. And when the doctor comes up to you, a smile on her face as she congratulates and informs you of your pregnancy –
It feels as if the breath has been knocked out from your lungs and you’ve suddenly been plunged into the depths of the sea. A whole myriad of emotions are streaming through you at the moment: relief, intense joy you’re going to be a mom! , apprehension, terror, anticipation. It’s all too much to take in at once. So, you thank the doctor and return home as soon as you can, lost in your own thoughts.
You’ve worked yourself up into a real frenzy over the next matter of days. Theo has never struck you as a man who’d want children. What if he doesn’t want this baby? The thought has you terrified and sad and hurt, yet you’re determined to see this through, with… or without him.
You’ve become so withdrawn and scatter-brained, you don’t notice the way the frown on Theo’s face is starting to look deeper, a perpetual scowl on his face. What are you not telling him?
He hesitates however, not wanting to push you to tell him what’s going on with you, until you nearly trip and hurt yourself, sending the glassware smashing onto the carpet in the dining hall, one night during dinner service.
Theo’s shooting to his feet to tug you away from the wicked looking glass shards, lest you cut yourself on them.
“Come, hondje.” He’s growling in your ear in a way that lets you know he won’t brook any arguments.
“But I – Ah!“ Sweeping you up into his arms, he’s striding out of the room to carry you back.
Once you’re safely in your room, he’s setting you down on the bed with far more care than he did when flinging you out of the dining room.
“What’s wrong? Are you not well somewhere?” 
When you refuse to speak for the longest time, he’s turning away with a quiet sigh, telling you to rest up for the night.
Before his steps freeze mid-stride, once he hears your quiet sniveling. Were you crying?
He’s whirling around fast, coming back to lean at your feet, to get a better look at your face as you messily wipe at it, the tears falling unabated nonetheless.
“I’m pregnant,” you blurt out. Just like that.
There’s complete silence for a while, the only sounds in the room being his quiet intake of breath and your sniffles.
“You’re… pregnant?” He asks again, not sure if he can trust his ears.
You repeat yourself more firmly this time, before launching into an explanation of how you’re not sure if he wants this child, how you’ve been crying yourself to sleep not knowing if this will somehow end up destroying your relationship. You tell him of your intention to raise the child even if he does not want it and Theo’s just agog at how much you’ve managed to work yourself up into a state like this that you’re breaking down under the pressure.
He’s awkwardly enveloping you in a ferocious hug mid-tirade, crushing your bodies together while he uneasily paws at your hair in an effort to calm you down.
A baby. He hasn’t thought of having one, together, if he’s being absolutely honest about it. But the thought isn’t an unpleasant one. It makes him… happy, somehow.
“You’re one dumb hondje if you think I wouldn’t want tiny rascals of us running about the place. Though, I’d prefer if they were more like you.” The second part of his sentence is uttered on a low, gruff whisper, not without its share of Theo-esque affections, and just like that, the dam of emotions you’ve been keeping inside, so tightly coiled, unwinds. You’re launching a teary assault onto his chest while he holds you secure.
Kissing your hair, petting and pulling at your cheeks, a silent apology for having made you so anxious, for not having discussed matters of family with you beforehand.
Never mind. It has happened now. And he’s here with you every step of the way.
Theo’s one over-protective daddy and partner.
For the entirety of your nine months, he’s not letting you lift anything heavier than a handkerchief, that too, even at the best of times.
Oh, you’ve got work to do around the house, do you? No you don’t. You’re staying in bed, nice and put, except for when you go out on walks and for meal times and if Le Comte and Sebas have a problem with that, they can just go fu–”
You’re out walking the long hallways in hopes of calming down your sense of unrest when you happen to glance into the library on your way, to see Theo dusting at the shelves, coughing as he does so.
He has taken over your chores, whatever he can fit into his schedule, along with his own work and the sight has you wanting to burst into tears while simultaneously tackling him onto the ground in a hug.
But you know he’d hate knowing that you know, so you let him keep up his careful kindness, smiling as you slip away from the library.
 The soft soothing sounds of his voice, so unlike how he usually sounds, pull you out of slumber one night - 
It had been a long day, despite you having been in bed for the larger part of it, but you’ve been so tired recently, falling in and out of sleep.
You wake up in the middle of the night to light petting caresses against your now visibly bulging stomach and the sounds of quiet, hesitant whispers.
“Do you like sweets, kid? I’ve got a few treats I want to share with you. Hah, we’ll probably have to wait for you to grow up a bit, wouldn’t we?”
A hushed laugh, warm and affectionate.
“I hope you’re like your mother, strong and loving. So beautiful. Unlike me, twisted man that I am.” A self-deprecating gush of air leaves him on a muted bark, before he’s settling next to you.
Eyes still closed, you’re reaching for him in an embrace, tightly curling yourself around him.
“I think you meant, arrogant and domineering but also the kindest, most caring dad.”
You feel him break out into an exasperated grin, annoyed that you heard him talking to your stomach like a mad man. “…Shut up.” He’s pulling you closer to bury his face into your neck.
Bonus: Vincent is all surprised, happy laughter when he learns that you two are expecting.
“That’s great news!” He’s taking your hands into his, warmth and sunshine in his gaze and smile, eyes sparkling as he turns them on Theo.
“Haha, I feel like I’m going to be a grandfather, Theo!”
Theo’s all huffs and sulky shoving hands into pockets, turning away, but he’s so pleased Vincent is as happy as he is for you both.
The only thing as amazing as being able to share this experience with you is being able to share this with Vincent as well.
“You mean uncle, brother.”
Arthur finding out MC is pregnant
Tumblr media
Trigger Warnings: Mentions of death during and after pregnancy, sickness during pregnancy.
You’ve both been trying for a while and when you finally find out you’re pregnant –
Arthur’s working away at a manuscript, all sharp focus, glasses propped up on his nose as his pen flies across paper, getting down all his fantastical adventures. The mug of coffee you brought him just this morning, empty and set aside.
You stand in the doorway to just stare for a while at his figure. He’s just so handsome.
When he finally puts his pen down, you make your way into the room to throw your arms around the unsuspecting Arthur, making him let out a pleasant startled sound.
“Why, if it isn’t my sweet darling! Here to work my fatigue away with a nice, quick romp in the sheets?” He’s already reaching to pull you onto his lap, assaulting your face, your neck with kisses, naughty hands already reaching for your clothes before you’re slapping them away, mid-laughter.
“Arthur, no! I have something to tell you.”
His eyes widen curiously, taking in your appearance you seem different and his mind is already putting two and two together when you break the news to him. He’s lifting you up into his arms with a jovial cry. “By Jove! I could kiss you right now.”
Setting you down on your feet after a few dizzying rounds in the air, he’s taking your hands in his, before pulling you to his chest. “Thank you, thank you so much…” Voice tender, he’s burying himself into the crook of your shoulder, overwhelming emotions starting to sink in while you merely hold him close, your own smiles wide on your face.
Arthur’s a doctor himself, and in addition to regular visits to an Ob/Gyn clinic, he has taken it upon himself to check up on you daily before the two of you retire to bed.
“Arthur, I’m fine.”
“No can do, my love.” He’s humming to himself as he takes your blood pressure, checks your temperature and respiratory rate. He’s pulling your eye lids up to check for signs of anemia, jaundice. Checking your feet for any swelling.
“Hmm, you’re a little colder than this morning. Come now, let’s get you wrapped up, nice and cosy,” he says as he’s already pulling you down onto the bed, firmly pulling the covers up to your chin. And when you try to protest, he’s shushing you up with a firm finger to the lips.
“Hush now. Doctor’s orders.” He grins before slipping in next to you.
Arthur’s cheerful and lively throughout your pregnancy, praising you, how positively glowing and beautiful you look with each passing day and joking about how it’s such a shame the two of you can’t get frisky for a while, now that you have that swollen tummy to care for.
He’s maintaining that good-humored façade because he does not want to worry you but truth be told, he’s terrified. Arthur has witnessed so many deaths during his lifetime that it’s left a stigma on his soul. He’s well healing by now, but looking at you, he can’t shake away the sinking feeling in his chest. 
The sick pregnant women he took care of during his life, the way many of them died during pregnancy, some of them dying during child birth. Children not surviving, dead infants in the arms of weeping mothers; it makes him desperate to protect you round the clock, compromising even sleep to watch over yours, in case something, some force comes to take you or your child away.
He knows his thoughts are not rational but he cannot help it and despite his infallible mask, you notice something’s wrong.
You’re coaxing him gently to tell you what’s wrong, why he seems so on edge the closer you get to the end of your pregnancy and when you’re not daunted despite all his attempts to keep you from worrying, he finally lets go, giving words to the fearful thoughts that plague his daydreams, his nightmares and you’re reaching out to grasp him tight, to stop his trembling that started somewhere in between his tale, stroking his head soothingly as he clings to you, whispering how he could not, would not live without you.
And you assure him, you’d be there. You won’t leave him. And you don’t, continuing to hold him through the night, for as long as it takes to settle his demons, letting him fall into far more peaceful slumber than he has, in weeks.
Tumblr media
End Notes: Oct 2020; there are quite a few changes I would now make to Theo’s headcanons, having completed his route. 
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candyflossclouds · a year ago
Headcanons: Ikevamp Suitors’ wallpapers of you (NSFW)
Consider this as my Christmas present to you! Merry Christmas! ✨
Thank you @plumpblueberry and the two other anons who requested for this! 💕
Napoleon Bonaparte -Lockscreen: Cupping your face with your gloves, you pouted at him when he took this picture. You were in front of a Christmas tree in town, snow fluttering around you. (I’m sorry, I’m really feeling the Christmas mood atm skdjfdsk ) -Homescreen: Sitting on a throne-like chair, legs spread wide, naked except for his cape that you draped over one of your shoulders.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart -Lockscreen: You’re wearing a sheer robe with high heels on, a glass of wine in hand, leaning against a wall, legs crossed. You’re staring somewhere else. -Homescreen: You’re lying on his piano bench naked, one hand sweeping your hair backward while one hand rests on your stomach. One leg is propped on the bench. The shot was taken so that the piano is in the picture too.
Leonardo Da Vinci -Lockscreen: You’re lying on your stomach on his bed, naked. One arm propping your chin up, you’re staring at the camera. Your lipstick is smeared due to the making out from earlier. This was taken from a near distance. -Homescreen: Taken as he fingers you, both of your hands fondling your breasts, mouth open as you gasp. His two fingers are half-buried in you, the visible part of it glistening with your juices.
Arthur Conan Doyle -Lockscreen: You wearing a maid themed lingerie. The picture was taken from the top, the top of your breasts fully visible. His cum splattered on your breasts, there’s some drool and cum at the corner of your mouth, since this was taken post blowjob. -Homescreen: A dildo on the floor, your hands are in front of you as you lift yourself up and down the dildo. Hair is swept to a side so your face is visible. The dildo is glistening with your juices.
Vincent van Gogh -Lockscreen: In the sunflower fields, wearing a white short dress that barely reaches your mid-thighs, you’ve spun around to meet his gaze, your dress fluttering around you, smiling widely at him. -Homescreen: The only clothing item on your body is Vincent’s scarf, you’re sitting in a bed, white sheets strewn around you. Originally he took this for his art, but it was too tempting for him not to set it as his wallpaper.
Theodorus van Gogh -Lockscreen: Taken from the side, you’re naked, and you’re wearing dog ears as an accessory on your head. An anal plug with a dog’s tail in you. You’re kneeling on the floor, hands supporting yourself on the bed. Head turned to the side to stare at the camera. -Homescreen: Naked, on your knees, collared and leashed. You’re kneeling in front of him, hickies peppering your neck and shoulder area, your head resting on his thigh with a pleading look.
Osamu Dazai -Lockscreen: Wearing his yukata, halfway undressed, face turned to the side, eyes closed. The yukata is sliding off your breasts. -Homescreen: You’re facing away from him, your bare back in view, sitting on his bed in a w-sitting position. Hickies and bite marks trail from your neck to your butt.
Isaac Newton -Lockscreen: You’re playing with Harry, one finger booping his nose, smiling. The only thing on you is his button-up, which is only buttoned up until your breasts, so some cleavage is showing. -Homescreen: One of his hands is fondling your breasts, you’re moaning his name, eyes looking elsewhere as he takes this picture.
Jean d’Arc -Lockscreen: He has you pinned to the ground with his sword pointing at you after a spar. You’re sweaty, hair messed up, some sticking to your face. You’re panting, looking up at him, your sword fell out of your grip. -Homescreen: On your hands and knees, your eyes glazed over, some tears on your face from how good he fucked you from behind. You’re looking over your shoulder at him. He took this from behind you, your juices and his cum dripping out of you slowly, onto the bed.
William Shakespeare -Lockscreen: Wearing formal attire, sitting in a chair and smiling at him, even though you are handcuffed to it. -Homescreen: A red bow tied around your hands, tied to the bedpost. A vibrator buried in you, your head tilted back from the pleasure, cursing and crying out his name as he controls the vibrator. Besides the red bow around your hands, you have another ribbon on your thigh.
Comte de Saint-Germain -Lockscreen: Sitting in his armchair, one of your legs crossed over the other. You’re wearing lingerie. Hair and makeup has been done beautifully. Both of your hands are resting on the armrests. You’re staring straight at the camera, with an eyebrow cocked. -Homescreen: Bent over his desk, hands gripping the edge of it tightly, you are looking over your left shoulder at him. Your hair is in a bun/tied up. If you have short hair it will be left untied unless you are able to tie it up. Cheeks red, mouth hanging open. His cum is dripping out of you, your legs are spread wide open.
Sebastian -Lockscreen: Only with his shirt on, you’re sitting at a table with your coffee in front of you sleepily. Head resting on one of your hands. -Homescreen: Sprawled out on his bed on your stomach, head resting on your folded hands, you’re looking to your left. Your legs are in the air, swinging back and forth. Naked except for a pair of black heels.
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delicateikemenmemes · 5 months ago
this was supposed to be a shitpost about how isaac thinks in cursive, shakespeare speaks in cursive, and dazai alternates between speaking in comic sans and in wingdings. but the i got too genuinely invested in this so have this post instead
i don’t see him having a super fancy handwriting bc he prefers practicality over fanciness so i can see him having something that gets its point across simple and clear like:
Tumblr media
something neat but also with ✨ flair ✨ like
Tumblr media
the bigger the loops are, the worse his mood is 💀 (no matter what, his loops never touch,,, two ships passing in the night)
i don’t remember if his handwriting is ever canonically described but i imagine it’s like a scrawl bc you know him, he doesn’t really give a fuck. and he’s got a lot in his head that he needs to get down on paper ASAP so he writes like this:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
most of the time, it’s loopy and pretty while still being readable bc he wants to put on his best front for everyone. unlike mozart, his loops don’t depend on his mood—he goes for CONSISTENCY. that said, when he’s sleep-deprived from writing all night, his handwriting does a full 180 and becomes the most unintelligible shit that even he can barely decipher 
Tumblr media
his handwriting is cute and simple. he tried cursive once with arthur’s coaching and theo’s eyes nearly bled out when he tried reading the note his beloved broer had left for him. RIP theo’s eyes 😔
Tumblr media
i imagine theo’s handwriting is a little like a scrawl too bc he’s a busy man, lots of clients to see and plenty of letters & proposals to write, so he writes fast. HOWEVER he makes sure it’s still readable unlike leo’s chicken scrawl so that’s what his handwriting looks like
i know dazai writes in japanese BUT if he wrote using the english alphabet, i bet it’d be something really pretty and elegant like this:
Tumblr media
nice big loops, long swishy tails, all fun and whimsical to hide the true pain deep inside him 😔
something simple bc he doesn’t have the time or fucks to give about having ‘pretty’ handwriting; all he cares about is having his SCIENCE down in clear black & white before him. most of the time his handwriting is literally some CALIBRI shit like this
Tumblr media
of course if he’s in a rush then his penmanship would look like calibri on crack. otherwise it’s nice and neat, nothing too fanciful, so it’s easy for him to reread his notes later
if/when someone teaches jean how to read and write...... well let’s call him being able to read a good first step. having legible writing can always be worked on in time to come
Tumblr media
help this looks like a kid trying to be eDgY by scrawling like a fake murderer’s note or something 💀💀
Tumblr media
nothing but beautiful cursive for shakesy-boi, a man of class and elegance. this really doesn’t require any explanation; just LOOK at the way that egg looks 👀👀😩
comte de saint-germain
Tumblr media
were you expecting anything less?? he is a classy gentleman, so he’s gotta have the handwriting to match but sadly not the wardrobe to match 💀 compared to the others with cursive penmanship though, his is more... controlled, i would say? bc he’s carefully crafted this ‘kind gentleman’ persona and he desperately wants this to reflect in his handwriting too
Tumblr media
if he ever writes using the english alphabet, this is what it would look like. he’s got 10 residents’ every action they make and every breath they take to record down in his stalker diary, so he’s not gonna give a fuck about neatness as long as he’s got everything down and HE can read it later. in fact, it’s all the better if others can’t read it so he doesn’t have to..... answer to them.
my writing masterlist
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shookspearewrites · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Hey there @crunchy-cloud, thank you so much for requesting! I really loved writing this, I hope you enjoy it ^^
-JJ x
Vincent Van Gogh:
Oh goodness his cheeks are little strawberries, he’s never blushed this much in his entire life. How can a woman be so breathtakingly beautiful like you are? Vincent feels like the luckiest man on earth when he looks at you.
“A-angel, dearest,” He stammers as you show up in his room, sans most of your clothing it seems, the exposed skin of your legs glimmering in the sunlight, “Where have your clothes gone?” Vincent will pull you into privacy in his room and drape his jacket around you, fearing that you’ll catch a cold. When you tell him that you feel most comfortable just walking around in his shirt and some undies, he’ll damn near faint because you in his shirt is honestly the cutest thing he thinks he’s ever seen.
Lovely sunshine painter man will be so concerned for your modesty and honestly, though he hates to admit it, a little possessive - he certainly doesn’t want any of the others to see you in such a state of undress.
He’ll paint you wearing his shirt. He’ll sketch you wearing his clothes. Vincent adores you and he will always remind you that you’re his muse, his favourite thing to paint. Especially since you look so irresistibly adorable in his clothing.
Arthur Conan Doyle:
“Oh what do we have here~?” He’ll muse as he watches your gorgeous figure, your curves accentuated by his shirt which hugged your body. Arthur’s eyes will not leave your behind as his shirt rises up just a little more than is appropriate before he steals you away to his room.
When he gives you a pair of his trousers to cover “Your lovely little bum, bird”, he assumes everything will just be normal and fine for the day. He was very wrong.
Arthur damn near spits out his coffee when he sees you wearing his slacks for the first time - No wonder why women in this time didn’t wear them given how sinfully attractive they made you. He thinks that you’re the most beautiful creature on this earth regardless but, he’ll have a harder-than-usual time controlling himself around you whilst wearing those things.
Theo will have to pick Arthur’s jaw up from the floor as he just can’t take his eyes off of you. You’re just so irresistible.
Will definitely ask you to wear his clothes around him more often, but of course, in private.
Napoleon Bonaparte:
When Napoleon finally wakes up to find you missing from your shared bed, he’s confused and annoyed - Where could you have gotten to, nunuche? Its not until he realises that your clothes are neatly folded on his chair that he starts to panic though. You’re absent and naked?! The fear is real for Monsieur Napoleon.
He’ll hear you giggling from la salle along with another voice which sounded a lot like Jean - At this point Napoleon is sprinting towards you, praying that you are decently dressed and thinking of the right words to scold you with if you weren’t.
But when he sees you in a full, identical rendition of his clothes, his words die in his throat. He feels like he’s been blessed on this day - watching you delicately duel with Jean like you’re just learning for the first time, and in his clothes nonetheless? Napoleon’s heart melts then and there.
“Ahem -” He announces his presence, a steely look on his face despite the warmth in his chest:  A look that almost causes you to drop the sword in your hand.
“I’m sorry, Napoleon! I’ll not take your clothes again - eek!” Your rambling is cut off when he hoists you up in his arms, smiling brighter than ever,
“You look cute in my uniform.”
Le Comte de Saint Germain:
There is no way in hell Comte is letting you out of his sight when you wake up in his room wearing just one of his shirts after a peaceful sleep in his bed. “How are you so cute, ma Cherie?” He’ll ponder, stroking your back as you gaze at him in a warm cuddle.
Honestly, he’s not let you leave for at least an hour, and you had housework to do, “Comte, please let me get to work-”
“Ah-ah, my pet,” he’ll silence you, “You are not leaving my sight today. After all, you have no clean clothes in my room, I can’t have you walking around like this when I could have you all to myself.” Comte is rather playful as he looks you up and down, a smirk on his lips as you wriggle in his hold.
When you insist that you have to leave to work and put on a pair of his trousers to be decent, he’ll stare at you for a while even after you’ve long left the room - Safe to say, Comte is entranced by you wearing his clothes.
He’ll insist on taking you shopping to have some nice tailor made trousers for yourself. And its the 19th Century, most tailors will downright refuse to make a woman trousers unless your darling Comte spends an awful lot of money - He wants you to be comfortable and confident. After all, his lady must have the world if he can provide it.
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incorrect-ikevamp-quotes · 8 months ago
Hi! I love everything that you write and heh I am a fan! 😄 tbh this is my first time requesting something on Tumblr! If you don't mind and if I am not being a bother...can you write about how the guys would react If MC suddenly starts making meme references? I don't know how I got the idea but I am REALLY curious. And love you! :D
Hiya! Tyvm for the kind words, and apologies that this took a while! I hope you have the chance to enjoy it regardless ❤️❤️❤️ Love you too, sweet pea! I promise to get to the next request you’ve sent ASAP~
Aight but this would be hilarious because the range of the reactions is just ungodly. I will be putting this under a cut after Napoleon so I don’t clog up everyone’s dash, but all the suitors are included below otherwise! 
Comte is the one that recognizes a few, but didn’t really stay in modern times long enough to be as well-versed as a Gen Z kid might. Regardless he finds the wittiness and absolute chaotic fuckery to be delightful, and will 100% support the harmless nonsense. It never fails to get a laugh out of him
Mozart that first day be like: “Buzz off MC I hate you” MC, because she likes swinging bats at wasps’ nests: “Well that’s not very cash money of you” Mozart: ?????????? Comte, giggling in the bg like the secret fae he is This one’s just because I’m petty, but after the events of Comte rt I just imagine them encountering Vlad again and MC’s just “I lived bitch.” while Comte is flipping him off behind her lkjahgkjhdsg
Comte @ Leo when he finds the latter under his desk: Had it not been for the laws of this land, I would have slaughtered you.  MC: wheezing from the hallway as she’s about to give him his letters
MC: So how was your day, honey? Comte: Good, good--briefly had to go beastmode upon the punk that pilfered my lint roller MC, biting her lip to keep from laughing: So does Leo still have his kneecaps? Comte: for now.
Comte, @ literally anyone upsetting the MC: I won’t hesitate, bitch
Comte: Be careful with my emotional baggage, it’s designer
MC: What if I was evil and ran towards you at very fast speeds Comte: My arms are strong, I would catch and hug you
Leo and Dazai are the ones that don’t have a single reference point but are filled with so much dumbass chaos energy that they just. Understand immediately???? Nobody knows how or why, but they just catch on so fast--adapt the language in a matter of weeks. Never underestimate the power of combined boredom, depression, and humor
I swear to god I just see MC taking them their Blanc/Rouge and being like “here you go sir, one enslaved moisture” and they just go fucking hog wild from day one. MC starts impersonating Theo when he leaves the room around Dazai, like fake deep voice “you all only hate me because you do not like me and I am mean to you. grow up.” Or like the MC meets a baby on her travels with Leo around town and she holds them and says v seriously and sagely “So you are Baby? I have heard tales of your exploits.” and Leo about loses his shit right there. They both think MC is the funniest person alive--they’ve never been more eager to throw a ring at someone in their entire life.
Also a bonus for my beloved Dazai:  MC, facing even the slightest inconvenience (like dropping her fork) in the most dramtic voice possible: Life is not daijoubu. Dazai: wheezing
MC, after watching Theo turn down a woman at the bar in the meanest way possible: bro quit letting the darkness consume you u r scaring the hoes Dazai, literally rolling around on the ground, half-drunk and dying:
MC, walking alongside Dazai and stopping to stare at her reflection in the River Seine. Dazai’s expecting some sad or twisted shit, since people often feel comfortable talking about those things around him, but instead she just: “Oh, it’s you. The source of all my problems.” And he about falls into the river from shock HAHAHA
At this point don’t be surprised if his next book is about an absolute madlad woman similar to MC
Napoleon finds it to be a delightful quirk more than anything? He doesn’t really understand it, but he finds it funny when they change their voice for effect or speak in exaggerated tones. If it’s just comprehensible enough for an outsider to understand--or Sebas gives him context--chances are it’ll send him into a laughing fit
For this one I just imagine MC singing that Ratatouille meme song obnoxiously bad while cooking, and Napoleon and Comte are just so wildly amused by it bc it makes zero sense and it’s only vaguely French at this point
MC @ Napoleon while they’re cooking brunch: Can I offer you a nice egg in these trying times?
MC, conflicted because she’s tired and wanted to sleep in but also got to see Napo’s cute sleeping face for a few hours: For my next stunt, I’ll wake up at 5AM on the day I can sleep in. Sebas: Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise MC: early to bed and early to rise makes me a massive bitch Napoleon: laughing in agreement
Isaac is the type to be bewildered and concerned at first (especially when he hears the more nihilistic ones hoOOOoooOO BOY) but eventually begins to understand it’s some bizarre attempt at humor (that hurts Zack baby). While some part of him laments that it reminds him of Dazai and he’s secretly jealous of how she and Dazai bond over it, he will sometimes join in the chaos when the mood strikes him and he’s feeling mischievous
Isaac: How are you feeling? MC: Oh, I’m not Isaac: seconds from dialing 911 Isaac: Are you okay? MC: Oh yeah dw I just suffer from that syndrome where your neutral expression makes you look like you’re an angry serial killer Isaac: say sike rn
Isaac, tutoring MC and correcting something:  MC, muttering while redoing it: The risk I took was calculated, but man am I bad at math. Isaac: unable to help a laugh
One time MC was avoiding Isaac for fear of hurting his feelings and he just confronts her like: Isaac: back by unpopular demand, me! What’s wrong, MC pls MC was so hecking proud of him
Isaac, telling MC about a recent discovery he learned at uni from another professor: bones typically heal stronger after they’ve been broken--so long as they’re set properly, of course MC, looking him dead in the eyes: So what you’re saying is that I should break every bone in my body until I become superhumanly powerful? Isaac: please do not, no
Mozart and Jeanne are just. Totally lost. Why are you talking like that??? Why are you making “crab hands”???? They don’t understand. Maybe never will. They reach a point where they just kind of laugh and shake their heads, endeared by the oddity after they’re used to it and have determined it isn’t a threat/insult. 
MC: It’s a cold and it’s a brooooken, Waluigi. Waaaaluigiiiii...waaaahluigi..... Mozart: surprised, then starts snickering and playing along on the piano
Arthur, asking MC very personal questions out loud because he is an idiot sometimes: Soooo MC, are you a top or a bottom? MC: I’m a threat. (If he asks a second time, the response will be “Wouldn’t you like to know, weatherboy.”) Jeanne, fighting a smile:
MC, about to punch an asshole: Your free trial of being alive has ended Jeanne, seconds from laughing for the first time in 100 years:
Also, because I genuinely can’t help myself. You know that knight meme like “Parry this you fucking casual.” I cannot stress enough that it is literally the personification of Jeanne’s entire character. I’m not even joking.
Arthur and Shakespeare are utterly fascinated by the rapid evolution of wordplay and the sheer hilarity. They will ask all about these so-called “memes” and ask for examples of them if MC can show them (either somehow accessing her phone or drawing them). MC draws Arthur the knife cat meme and he about a s c e n d s at the hilarity of it all, points and yells THEO IS HOLDING THE KNIFE. He is correct. They will be delighted and follow along eagerly, and--god forbid--will make their own based on late 19th century struggles.
Is this where Shakespeare got the idea for “What, you egg? stabs him” and “You are a saucy boy.”? I’m too scared to ask. Don’t even get me started on “The Fool jingled miserably across the floor.” That one is just too on the nose...
I can’t even imagine what would happen to Shakespeare if MC like translated vines and memes into Ye Olde English around him. Imagine she’s at one of those noble balls and hears rumors of these two guys living together and they’re so obviously gay and he says “And those gents w’re roommates.” And in the most false surprised tone ever MC just replies “oh mine own god, those gents w’re roommates.” Imagine having a wife that’s just as hilarious as you are and hits you with all the force of a bag of wet mice every time you speak in retaliation, he’s going into palpitations.
Every time Arthur does smth stupid MC just: “I Pretend I Do Not See It.”
Vincent is tickled pink by MC’s penchant for finding joy and/or amusement in nearly everything they do, and he smiles gently when he sees them muttering and laughing to themselves. He wants to be able to join them in what they love, but he has a harder time following along and understanding the darker humor sometimes. Mostly gets confused??? Please give him the easier ones to mimic and laugh when he tries--or just include him in your jokes MC. He’s babie your honor...
But he also. Will not. Stand any kind of self-deprecation or borderline verbal self-harm. He’s usually very easygoing and calm, but for whatever reason that stuff makes him go deathly quiet and upset.
MC, after something goes horribly wrong, hugging Vincent: Oh Vince, we really in it now Vincent: giggling a little despite his worries, relaxing
MC: Theo stop simping for Vincent that’s my job
MC, when Theo leaves the room and she gets Vincent all to herself: The evil is defeated.
MC: And this is where I would put my will to live...if I h a d one! Vincent: ;-; MC: oh shit, oh fuck, I was only kidding Vincent wait (MC was subsequently lectured and loved on for many hours)
Theo is conflicted because on the one hand, he loves to see you smiling and having fun. On the other, you’re clowning as hard as Dazai and Arthur and he can only handle so many monkeys in his circus. Most of the time he will roll his eyes and be the straight man of this comedy, but you might find him cracking a smile--or accidentally letting a chuckle slip past his lips now and again.
MC, after meeting Theo: I’m a nice person, but I’m about to start throwing rocks at people.
Theo, those first days: Oh? You’re approaching me? Instead of running away, you’re coming right to me? MC: I can’t beat the shit out of you without getting closer.
Theo: Every time I ask MC to explain “vibe check” to me she hits me with some kind of improvised weapon
MC, after the “incident” (you know the one): This year, I lost my dear lover Theo Theo, in the distance: QUIT TELLING EVERYONE I’M DEAD! MC: ;-; sometimes I can still hear his voice...
Sebastian is last because oh boy. OH BOYYYYY I LOVE HIM. Okay so the way I see this happening with Sebastian is just. So wild. Because at first he’s t r y i n g so hard to be the proper butler man. He does not meme. But then he starts to drift closer to what Niles from The Nanny was, where he’ll quip and joke in private or when the situation is just beyond the amount of absurdity he can handle without making a snarky comment. Everyone in the house can’t fathom how Sebas and MC got so close so fast, but there are points where they’re just “Are they even speaking English anymore???” It’s 11 times funnier than normal because Sebas almost never smiles or laughs when memeing, the deadpan quality of his playing along sends MC every time
Has ABSOLUTELY said “HEY. PANINI HEAD. ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME???” jokingly when MC made a mistake in the kitchen. They laugh about it for y e a r s
MC: I can’t date someone who keeps a lamb as a pet, that’s so weird Sebas, brushing Lotte in front of MC: MC: MC: Okay, I will make an exception because she looks very polite
MC and Sebas, fully aware of the fame some of the men will reach in modern times: We will watch your career with great interest.  (I s2g that’s like half of Sebas’ rt right there I’m crying)
Sebas rt with Lotte be like that 500 dollar Mareep meme: “sometimes a family can be just a boy, his gf, and their 500 dollar two foot tall Lotte”
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discoten · a year ago
!_MC With a Child_!
Tumblr media
!Hallo! So I haven’t played Napoleon and Leonardo’s route asksnfjdjdkd. The only ones I’ve finished are Mozart, Vincent, and Arthur lol. And don’t worry about too much interacting so much , it makes me happy to know people read my stuff 🥺💕💕💕
And yea, I don’t think I can do the new characters justice, no matter how cute Charles is 🥵
Napoleon, Leonardo, Arthur, Theo, Comte
Throughout your entire stay, you had seemed worried or jumpy. The only time you weren’t was when you were with him
He thought you just liked his protection tbh
The time you two spent together meant the world to him
And you’d be lying if you said his presence didn’t distract you from the fact your little girl was stuck in France with her grandparents; wondering if her mom would ever return
But you’d be lying if you thought that leaving the man you had grown so found of would be so easy
Napoleon always wondered why you looked so sad whenever you two walked in the market. Or why you never visited the training school with him. Or how your eyes always seemed vacant when sweeping the halls
The final few grains of sand in the hourglass steadily approached the bottom. He knew it was selfish of him, but the feeling deep in his heart convinced him to ask you anyways.
“Nunuche,” he said when you brought him his meal
You looked at him puzzled, not saying a word. “Have you ever thought about... staying here?”
You turned to the side, placing the blanc down shakily
“No- I,” you had to take a breath, “I have someone waiting for me in my time.”
His heart dropped, a lover?
Looking at him, you knew what he was thinking. “It’s my daughter, not some lover. Lord knows he wouldn’t miss me,” you mumbled that last part bitterly
“Tell me about her,” he said, surprising you
And for once in your time staying in the mansion, you found someone to confide in. You spent the rest of your nights staying in Napoleon’s room, describing your daughter with so much compassion and love
He felt so much guilt basically asking you to leave all of that behind
Napoleon spent an entire night apologizing to you, saying sorry after sorry in hopes you wouldn’t feel any dislike towards him
That night you kissed him, interrupting his apologies and ceasing all of his guilt
You loved him, yes; but your daughter meant the world to you
On your final day, you walked hand in hand with him as you moved towards the rest of the residents
And then Comte surprised you, baring the news that Napoleon had asked for his permission to leave with you
Eyes widening, you turned to face him. “It was rather surprising, but the Comte allowed me. All I’m asking is that I get to spend as much as my life with you.”
You left with him that night. Saying goodbye to all of the residents, saying hello to your new life together
All you had to do was explain to your parents and your daughter why some strange man was with you after you went missing for a month
But that could be dealt with later 🤷‍♀️
He had asked it so casually. With you resting on his side, reading along as he turned the pages at his own pace
“Cara Mia, you should consider staying in this time”
Tracing a finger along your jawline, you didn’t look back at him the love struck way he had anticipated. You looked at him hurt; he didn’t like seeing you that way, especially not because of him
You breathed in heavily, tears threatening to roll down your face. “I have a son needs me back Leo. I can’t abandon him to spend the rest of my life with you.”
You left without a word, leaving the room in a hurry
It seemed as though you went out of your way to avoid him after that. He tried stopping you, attempting to strike casual conversation. It never worked though, and you spent your last few days either holed up in your room, briefly conversing with the other residents of the mansion, or confiding in Sebastian
Leo didn’t know what to say or what to do. When it was time for you to go back, you looked at him one final time and gave him a kiss
As the rest of the residents got their hugs and tear filled goodbyes, he stared at you bewildered
You left without a word to him. No words of goodbye. Just a single kiss and you were off
You belonged in another time with the one who deserves you the most
And maybe that’s what kills him. Maybe if he had thought about what he had said, Leonardo would have ended his time with you on a good not
But you were never his, and now you were gone
So like I’m basing some plot points here off Arthur’s route. It’s been a while so some stuff may have been moved around lol
He found out about your son when you told him you weren’t a virgin anymore
With his talk about ruining your innocence and such, you just had to set the record straight
To be short, he was surprised
That didn’t stop him from hanging around you though. You two went around the town solving mysteries, and you genuinely looked like you were having fun
That is until you and Arthur stumbled upon the case with all of the orphans being trafficked by their caretaker
You were in shambles. You cried while Arthur was passed out, worrying for your son, worrying for Arthur
What if the same thing that happened to those orphans happened to your son when you dissappeared, you thought
It was irrational, you knew that. You knew that your son was with your parents at the time, you knew he should be safe. But what if he wasn’t?
When Arthur woke up you weren’t there. Sebastian had told him that you were in your room crying
Then he tells you about his doctor days. How he watched countless people die. How he watched that one little boy die. You two stayed in your room all night crying
Because of this, I genuinely believe Arthur wouldn’t ask the MC to stay with him. Arthur understands the worry someone has towards a child and how heartbreaking it can be to a parent to know you’ll never see your kid again. I cannot imagine him asking MC to stay with him if she has a child
He’ll look at you and your relationship, whatever is was at the time; and accept it. He’ll try and make you happy for the last few days you have in this time
And when it’s time to go?
He’ll send you off with a kiss and a flirtatious remark. When you give him a massive hug for it, that’s enough for him
Whatever Arthur feels for you at the time, any prospect of a continuing relationship dies as he knows he can’t possibly ask you to stay with him in the past
When you comeback, your little boy hears all of the adventures and mysteries that a playboy author and their sidekick solve together
Theo gets so conflicted
On one hand, he loves you too much to just let you slip away like that. You’re the only one besides his brother who he can love purely
On the other hand; Theo knows what it’s like to love someone unconditionally. How could he ever ask you to leave your daughter behind for him? Would he ever do the same for you if he had to decide between Vincent and you?
So despite being your kind of boyfriend but not really in a relationship, he attempts to ignore you on the upcoming days to your departure
It’s Vincent that explains to you what’s going on
You walk into Theo’s room and he tells you to get out
You don’t leave, instead sitting on his bed beside him as you begin to slowly lean your head on his shoulder
“You shouldn’t be doing this.” Theo couldn’t even muster an insulting name in his confliction
You look up at him, “but I want to”
“What about that kid of yours,” it’s your turn to stay quiet now
Theo’s the one that starts up conversation. “I think it’s best that we break up,”
It takes you everything in your soul to agree. With one final night spent together [having sex lol], you two end your relationship then and there
Vincent watches you two drift apart the coming days. He sees the tiredness in Theo’s eyes and your constant aversion to talking to the Van Gogh brothers
He doesn’t know how to fix it, and neither does Theo. So he tries to consol you two separately. Talking with Theo during the day, attempting to casually converse with you while you work
Vincent, the day before you’re supposed to leave, yet again asks you to check up on Theo. This time, he’s in the library
Theo on the other hand, gets a request from Vincent to retrieve a book for him. You and Theo see each other and are about to leave before you realize the doors are locked
With no other choice but to stay together until Sebastian or someone else opens it, you two are forced to talk things out
You explain that you love him, but you can’t possibly stay because of your daughter
Theo understands, and says he loves you too; he just can’t find it within himself to leave Vincent behind
The next day; when you’re supposed to leave, Theo kisses you and gives you a toy for your daughter
Your last words to him are, “Do me a favor. Love yourself just as much as you love Vincent and me”
He tries so hard to fulfill that promise, but his life is just empty without you in it
Comte already knew lol
He had discussed this with you when you first arrived. How you and your son were visiting the Louvre [is that the one from the game??] on holiday, and how worried you were for his safety
What he didn’t know is that the father was completely missing from you and your child’s life
Big daddy Comte being the biggest daddy that he is decides to take you out every day to purchase gifts for your child
If not for them, to take your mind off of the worry
It gets to a point where you two are going out every other day to shop for your son
Is this healthy? Comte asks himself. No, not really. But he doesn’t know how to do anything else because he’s the reason why you can’t see your son
Through his guilt, something else blossoms
When he looks at the way your eyes light up when talking to him, when you happily approach him, something he hasn’t felt in years starts to blossom
He doesn’t ask you to stay with him. Instead, when the time you have to leave comes, you ask him to go with you
Because you bought too many toys and you need help carrying them
Because you want your son to know who’s been taking care of his momma the entire time
Comte almost cries right there
He can’t leave, but he makes a promise with you. Every other time the hourglass flips, he’ll visit you and deliver you and your son one of the toys you and he bought together
When your son asks you about the strange man who’s been giving him toys and playing catch-up with his momma; you tell him it’s a guardian angel
Comte definitely cries right there
I hope this was a good enough thing hshsjskw. I really like reading angst but I’m not that good at writing it lol. I changed up the prompt a bit [ofc I did I’m that bvtch] just do the scenarios wouldn’t be the same. Also I’m not that good at writing for Leonardo dejejsmrkd but my favorite to write was Arthur’s uwu
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janumun · a year ago
May I request Napoleon NSFW headcanons? Keep it up with the amazing job!
Tumblr media
Yes you can most definitely request the world for Monsieur de Wahaha! I’ve also had this anon ask in my box for ages, just… collecting dust (my time management skills are horrible lol)
Here it is finally and I hope you like these headcanons for our Midnight Emperor.
(Skipping Theo again, since I have another, different request for him already that I’m working on Theo Dad sob he’d be so good. I might try writing HCs for him later at some point, if I get a request in for him.)
Napoleon Bonaparte
Tumblr media
 Never try to disturb Napoleon’s slumber unless you’re prepared for the consequences
“God, Napoleon, please wake up and have breakfa-” You’re in the middle of pleading your case, your other endless chores at the back of your mind when a hand is reaching out from beneath the dark thick cocoon of warm blankets to seize your wrist in a vice-like grip.
You’re screeching even as you’re dragged into his waiting arms, flipped over until you’re lying underneath him. Your hands are reaching to slap themselves against your mouth but he’s faster, reaching to pinion your arms underneath his, before laying a flurry of deep wet kisses across your mouth.
When he finally lets you up for breath, gasping and quivering in his embrace, you’re turning your fiercest glare his way. “Hey! You weren’t asleep at all.”
A beautiful grin, dangerous enough to have your heart somersaulting at the sight, spreads across his face. 
“I am awake now, yes and will be taking breakfast in bed, tesoro.” He whispers playfully, even as he’s ducking his head to take your mouth in a searing kiss, hands reaching to pull your shirt up and above your head, discarding it somewhere amongst his messy sheets, to work on messing you up instead.
 Sex with Napoleon is happy, hot and mischievous.
You’re moving to plant kisses across his shoulders, his neck, even as he shakes in your embrace. “Snrk… tickles.”
You’re offended. Here you are, trying to act sexy and this dummy is laughing because it feels ticklish?
You’re moving to thrust your hips onto his cock, successfully earning yourself a shuddering moan.
“Mm… you are without mercy.” He’s lifting himself off the bed to stare into your eyes, cupping your cheeks in between warm hands, his gaze even softer. “Won’t you forgive me for my rudeness?” A peck to the cheek. Your nose. Your lips.
One test propel of his hips has you gasping as he smiles at you victoriously. “Come, nunuche, let us dance.”
He’s flipping you over in bed amidst shrieks but a swerve of his hips has him buried to the hilt within your warmth, silencing your token protests, dissolving them into sensual mewls instead.
Napoleon’s desire to sink his fangs into your soft pliant flesh is increased ten-fold when things start getting hot and heavy.
“Mm…your scent is driving me to madness” Sharp fangs, deadly, waiting to pierce, are tracing the taut pull of your neck against his mouth, hot plumes of breath branding against your quivering flesh as he moves to sink himself within you, wrenching a well-earned moan from your lips.
His fingers stroke the wetness in between your legs, coaxing it onto his fingers as you writhe and grind against his clothed arousal. Your legs are spasming around his hips as you come with a cry from just that one bite.
Napoleon moves to pull himself off of you, tongue slipping out to lick at the red that still streaks his lips and the sight somehow is so incredibly hot, you’re mesmerised, parched as you stare back at him.
“We’re not done yet, come to me. Let me coax your pleasure now.”
 The Conqueror’s favourite position: his lady astride him as she rides his cock to her pleasure.
His fingers sink unforgivingly into the swell of your hips, teeth in a crushing grit as he moves to guide your ride above him. You’re a glorious vision: ass pressing into his palms, his cock entering and leaving the tight wet haven of your body however you please it to, your combined arousal dripping down and mixing at the fine dusting of hair at his pubic region. Your breasts, raw from his earlier ravenous bites, a mirror of his own body, scoured with passionate red.
His hands spasmodic in their grip, he’s groaning out his release into you, hot white spurts, until you fall to collapse against his chest.
Fencing practice has more than once cough turned unprofessional
“Napoleon, En Garde!” You’re thrusting the foil his way, determined to disarm him this time.
But Napoleon is quicker, ducking out of the way, foil whipping towards you instead, with preternatural agility and you’re shutting your eyes on reflex, moving to block, before your weapon is plucked out of your hand, strong fingers curling around your forearm instead, pulling you to the ground underneath, until you’re staring up the dull end of Napoleon’s foil, an amused smile on his face, just on the verge of breaking into a laugh. “That is not how you deflect, nunuche.”
You scowl at him, good-humouredly, before he’s squatting down by your side to shove his index between your furrowed brow.
You’re swatting his hand away, pulling yourself up, using his shirt as leverage to plant a kiss on his lips, in revenge.
You feel his grip go slack before you’re reaching for his foil, cunning as a fox, smacking it right out of his flaccid grip.
“Hah. Take that!”
“Snrk… that is not how you… haha… disarm your opponent, nunuche.” He’s shaking his head at you, mirth in his jade eyes.
“And neither do we throw our fencing partners to the ground, ‘Monsieur Napoleone’,” you retort huffily, earning full blown laughter in response.
The sound of his chortling is so infectious, you’re joining him soon after, until tears are rolling down your cheeks at his antics. He’s such a dummy.
You open your mouth to tell him so before you feel the warmth of his tongue, sliding past your lips, making you let out a startled moan. You’re gripping his arms, his shoulders as your kisses turn heated, his hands petting you suggestively over clothes, before he’s withdrawing away on hot breaths.
“Truly, I am no match for you, chouchoute.” He murmurs before he’s sweeping you up into his arms to finish what you two started. In his chambers. 
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delicateikemenmemes · 11 months ago
educating jean about gay (male) sex (racy + crack warning)
the following headcanon is brought to you by a combination of a conversation i had with my bro-est of bros @smartass-hoot and my usual chaotic crackhead energy lmao enjoy 
(TW: mentions of homophobia)
SCENARIO: MC’s phone is somehow still working, so she’s taking a break from her chores by reading some yaoi in the dining room. jean happens to walk past while she’s reading a steamy scene. 
jean: “mademoiselle, what is that image you’re looking at?”
MC, going bright red & desperately trying to hide her phone: “uMMM NOTHING NOTHING AT ALL YOU SAW NOTHING YOU SWEET SUMMER CHILD.”
jean: “were those two men engaged in some kind of dance?”
jean: “you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. it was just a question out of curiosity. if it would make you feel better, i can ask the others instead.”
MC, panicking: “wait no i’ll explain it!”
MC explains the concept of homosexual relationships & the barest details of sex between people with dicks to jean bc she’d rather the information come from her than another less savoury source (read: arthur). she doesn’t go into the technicalities of the actual deed bc she still feels dirty being caught reading a sex scene by jean of all people, so she’s just like “there are some people who are attracted to others of the same gender”. she’s nervous about his reaction since jean is a devout christian/catholic boi & she doesn’t know what kind of attitudes he was raised with in his time. but she didn’t need to be worried.
jean: “i see.”
MC, blinking: “wait, that’s it?”
jean: “is there anything else i should be saying?”
MC: “no… it’s just that even in my time, there are some people who have... less-than-nice things to say about people in same-sex relationships. they call them ‘sinners’ and discriminate against them, often on the basis of religious beliefs.”
jean, genuinely confused: “that doesn’t make sense. it’s not any of their business who other people want to love. those people who discriminate against others based on such a thing are the ones who are sinners.”
MC is so relieved she could cry or hug him or both. instead she just thanks him and leaves to continue with her chores and to flee the shame of being caught.
that’s when several other guys enter the room (this is where the crack comes in lmao you’ve been warned):
dazai: “my, my. we just saw toshiko-san skipping out of here looking positively over the moon. what were you talking about with her, jean-kun?”
jean, with a completely straight face: “sex between two men.”
theo, choking: “WHAT now?”
jean: “sex between two—”
theo: “yes, yes, i heard you the first time. but WHY would you and hondje be talking about that?!”
jean: “i saw her reading an illustrated story about two men having sex. i didn’t know what it was, so she explained it to me.”
(MC i’m so sorry the guys are NEVER going to let you live this down)
arthur: “oh? how interesting. turns out the sweet little dove has a naughty side too! if only she would show it to me~”
jean: “but there is something bothering me.”
theo: “what, the idea of two guys banging it out?”
jean: “it just sounds—painful. apparently it hurts for women to be penetrated by a man, especially if it’s their first time. so i can only imagine for men it would be—”
arthur: “whoa, whoa, whoa! first things first, it generally only hurts for women if her lover is unable to pleasure her. if you’re able to please your lady during foreplay, the actual deed shouldn’t be painful for her. in fact, it is quite pleasurable if you can find the right spots. the pretty skirt i was with last night—”
theo, smacking arthur upside the head: “shut up, you rotten klootzak. no one needs to hear about your late-night escapades.”
jean, still a Confused Boi: “so if a man is able to please his male lover during the foreplay stage, then—”
theo: “OKAY WE NEED A DAMN TIMEOUT. jean, this is going to be a very crude and simplistic explanation, okay? the reason why sex generally isn’t painful for women if they were pleasured during foreplay is because their body naturally makes them wet down there when aroused. this helps to reduce friction during penetration so it doesn’t hurt. that’s how the female body works. but the male body doesn’t do that.”
dazai: “indeed. a biological failure on evolution’s part is that men are still not self-lubricating despite a number of them being interested in being penetrated by other men.”
jean, growing even more confused: “self-lubricating?”
theo: “i wouldn’t call it that, but yes. so if a guy’s going to have penetrative sex with another guy, they’re going to need a lubricant. it’s a substance you use to reduce friction. most people use spit. in hondje’s time they’ve probably invented something better and more sanitary.”
dazai: “ah, during the edo period in japan, men used clove oil. of course, should you not have access to clove oil and you don’t wish to use spit, there is an alternative.”
theo: “… why am i getting a bad feeling about this?”
jean: “what alternative?”
dazai, still smiling serenely: “m i l k.”
theo, slamming a hand down: “okay, NO, discussion over—”
jean: “milk?”
dazai: “yes. it is a smooth fluid, is it not? that makes it perfect for lubrication. you just have to take care to make sure it doesn’t dribble out. or, well, you should keep some nearby just in case.”
theo: “what the actual hell are you—”
arthur: “i don’t normally agree with you, dazai, but for once i concur.”
theo, a hair’s breadth from losing his temper: “arthur, seriously, shut the FUCK up before i—”
arthur: “why, put some cereal in that ass and call it breakfast! now, that’s what i call foreplay!”
MC rushes back to the dining room in a panic after a loud roar of fury shakes the entire mansion. she finds arthur and dazai sprawled on the floor with bumps on their heads, theo breathing heavily like he just went berserk (which was exactly what happened), and jean muttering weird things under his breath. she thinks she heard something about “ass” and “foreplay” and “breakfast” but she honestly can’t be certain.
the aftermath: 
deeply traumatised, theo absolutely refuses to even look at milk and cereal for the next two weeks. one time sebastian is serving cereal for breakfast and theo nearly flinches himself out of his chair. concerned, vincent asks if he’s okay. theo would do literally ANYTHING except ruin his beloved broer’s innocence, so inside he’s just like 
arthur & theo would tease MC about her ‘interests’—except every time they try, they find jean growling in the shadows with his hand on his sword. he can’t forget the sadness in MC’s eyes as she was explaining homophobia to him, and so he will defend the mademoiselle and what she believes in with everything he has. eventually arthur & theo give up, deciding it’s not worth the trouble after all. and the entire time MC’s just like:
Tumblr media
jean also clarifies with MC about what kind of “lubrication techniques” they use in the 21st century. he is categorically relieved to learn that they, in fact, do not use milk as lubrication, and neither do they put cereal in their partner’s rear ends. he doesn’t mention that bit to her, though. after witnessing theo’s distressed reaction that unforgettable day, jean thinks it’s something that could potentially taint the mademoiselle’s innocence (lmao), and that is the absolute last thing he wants to happen.
as for MC? she decides it would be safer for everyone in the mansion if she read her yaoi in the privacy of her bedroom from now on.
the actual conversation that inspired this was a lot simpler lmao it was just like this:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
rules + masterlist
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Ikevamp Suitors with MC!Baby Headcanons
Ikevamp Suitors with their baby bean! c: (MC‌ as momma!) Ungodly long because I’m me, naturally (literally Why Am I‌ Like This), and includes all twelve suitors!! Please enjoy everyone, there are no heavy spoilers listed here (Dazai and Shakespeare are a little different bc their route stories reveal differences that are kind of crucial to fatherhood e.g. not stabbing people where they stand for fun–so fair warning, but nothing specific to the MS!)
Headcanons for each under the cut! (Get some tea and pop a squat, this is gonna be a ride chirren)
Their son is a looker, with his father’s emerald eyes and MC’s lovely hair. Most of the other guys in the mansion can’t help but coo at the sight of him, he’s one of the cutest looking kids they’ve ever seen!‌ He’s a v shy kiddo, but he will often be toddling right behind Napo, clinging to his cape to steady himself. Napo’s heart melts at how much his son wants to be like him, but he expressly keeps the kid away from any kind of swordsmanship until he’s at least a young man. (He doesn’t really want him engaging in that stuff beyond self-defense, and his boy grows out of the hero worship eventually. From time to time they still spar as a kind of father-son bonding, but it’s mostly playful–just the two of them showing off and trying to one-up each other).
Not quite as outgoing as his father, he actually turns out to be something of a scholar (side eyes Sebas) and looks up to his Uncle Isaac a great deal. Sometimes when Napoleon was on guard duty in town and MC‌ was working, Isaac would takes the little tyke to the courtyard to look at the stars. The kid’s fondness for reading started with those astronomy books, and ever since he’s been nothing short of enthralled. Reading also makes him feel close to his mother given she would read to him endlessly as a kid too, and he would often see her writing in her journal. (Now and again he would catch her scribbling while peeking through the door, watching before calling out to her–or even plopping down until she was finished. One time Mozart saw him sitting in the hall and walked over to investigate, and he was impressed by the kid’s consideration. Welcomed him to listen to his music anytime since he was so well-behaved.)
Addendum:‌ aight so I‌ was showing this to my wife/fellow mod at her prompting and we have been wheezing for almost 48 hrs now because 1. she is apparently in love with Napoleon’s son (and he remains her favorite of the entire list) 2. I asked her if she wanted to name him, to which she replied…I‌ was going to type it out but honestly, it would probably be faster to just add the images:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And for those of you wondering?‌ Yes I came up with several chicken nugget pick-up lines as a result, but I’m mortified by all of them LMFAO:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mozart has an adorable little daughter he names after his late sister, and the baby girl looks just like him!‌ As she grows older though, it becomes more than evident that she takes after her mother in terms of her facial features and attitude. Endlessly curious and entirely unfazed by animosity of any kind, she follows each of the men around and asks them questions. (She scared the living hell out of Isaac once, and the shriek that was investigated was not hers). Despite Mozart’s trademark frosty exterior, he is nothing but gentle and patient with her–melting into a smile, voice soft whenever he addresses her. Explains carefully that he will be practicing for a few hours, but as soon as he’s done, they’ll do anything her little heart desires (has regretted that bc…carriaGE RIDES SCREAMS. Tries to put on a brave face but one time she grabbed his hand and nodded sagely, her only explanation being ‘it’s okay I‌ think the horses are big and scary too, don’t worry.’ Mozart is torn between being mortified, utterly amused, and impressed with how mature his kid is…He worries they don’t support her enough and as such she feels the need to compensate, but she really does just take everything in stride!)
That being said, the years spent coloring and reading in his piano room have given her an exceptional musical ear. When she was little, he would guide her hands over the keys whenever he had time to spare, teaching her short songs and encouraging her to practice. He would never force her (he understands music isn’t everybody’s thing) but she proves incredibly capable when she grows more and more interested in developing her own talents. For one of her birthdays, Comte buys her a piano of her own to practice with (Comte that is a child, good lord. I‌ can just imagine Mozart’s prideful ass trying to refuse and Comte like. That is my grandchild. Be happy I’ve restrained myself–spoilers, he has absolutely not restrained himself, but I’ve digressed enough haven’t I?)
At first she’s a little unnerved about living up to his legacy, and I’m gonna be honest–the prospect of that hurts him a great deal. When MC‌ notices his lack of inspiration, his odd silence at the piano, she asks him what’s wrong and they have a heart to heart. MC‌ encourages him to talk to his daughter, and they do–he explains that he’d never want her to necessarily be like him, it would mean an erasure of her personal talent and vision. He wants her to make music that speaks to her and makes her happy to write/play–he doesn’t give a damn about fame or perfection. (MC‌ secretly tells her daughter that her father has had a lot of trouble with musicians that were intimidated by his work, since she knows Mozart would never want to burden her with that). Their daughter just hugs him and apologizes for worrying him, and he’s just relieved he was able to get through without overshadowing her life. She later writes a duet for them to play together, and it’s a stellar start to her career as a composer (Comte 100%‌ intimidates society into accepting her work bc she is sincerely talented and misogyny?‌ don’t know her).
Surprising no one, a son born to Leonardo da Vinci can only end in a partner in crime and a lot of MC grief. The two are rascals and thick as thieves from the getgo, and Leo lives to entertain his kid. Kid has wavy brown hair and Leo's eyes (MC gushes abt it to no end and--even though he'll never admit it--it brings him a great deal of pride.) Given he's a free spirit by nature, he can often be seen all over the mansion--tickling his kid in the courtyard, picking him up and out of the fountain to dry him off (CHILD PLS WHY YOU GON CATCH A COLD), stealing Arthur's pens at every opportunity (Live footage of Leonardo: i do not see it i am not looking), playing hide and seek in one of the living rooms. Literally name the shenanigan and they've probably done it.
The only person this kid respects is le Comte, because as much as Leo ROASTS the man he tells his kid that should he need anything and he and MC aren't around, Comte is absolutely to be trusted. At first, when the uncharacteristically shy little face peers over Comte’s door he blinks. Leo's son? Not causing harmless trouble?? But when he notices the kid looking a little lost on his own, he invites him inside warmly. Shares the candy he has hidden in the drawers (and just has Sebas buy more when they start disappearing faster than usual in the future).
MC worries sometimes, but Leonardo proves more than capable of balancing fun with responsibility. While he seems carefree, he's always paying close attention to his kid's conduct, and pulls him aside if he does anything worthy of more intense concern (for instance, one time he tugged on a girl's hair after watching another little boy do that, but bc the kid's a little stronger than others she started crying. Obviously his boy didn't mean to hurt anyone, but Leonardo pulled him aside and explained--equally firm and gentle.)
The kid grows up to be a HEARTBREAKER. Tall and well-built, smart (Leo can make just about anything a mental exercise and keep it fun, this kid is clever--exceptional analyst even if a little less well-read), and an exceptional speaker. Articulate, smooth, and sincere he gives Arthur a run for his money when he's grown up (much to the British man's horror). Cue Leonardo’s longest yeah boi ever as MC smacks him upside the head
Also a son, but he's the spitting image of MC. Wavy hair and chocolate eyes, Arthur feels a great deal of relief when he's born (he is not cursed with gestures to himself). Regrets that line of thought immediately because...his relationship with his son is...rocky. MC would never let it escalate to hatred, but given Arthur's penchant for chasing novelty his kid doesn't see him all that much after a point. (This is also probably because Arthur genuinely doesn't want to mess up an innocent kid and doesn't feel deserving of being a father, so enjoy that heaping helping of the sads™ before I go on.)
One day when he's writing with the little tyke playing with blocks in the background, he doesn't realize the kid’s crawled away. It's a little while before it hits him in his fervor, and he drops everything and goes searching for the little guy. The story circulates around the mansion for DAYS because he finds Jeanne carrying the kid and talking to Mozart. He gets mega jealous and takes the kid back to his room, but the kid fusses and cries the whole way there.
Unfortunately the little guy takes these episodes the wrong way and becomes pretty shockingly invested in just about anything other than literature (I’d be proud of his spite if it wasn’t sad to watch). Isaac tutors the kid happily because of his shocking aptitude with numbers, Mozart offers him the violin in the practice room, and Napoleon offers to teach the kid sword practice/self-defense to let off some steam. They all offer him help when they have time to coach him, and he proves to have single-minded focus; though he struggles with more abstract art styles and doesn’t like reading (he gets fidgety). Improves exponentially in his hobbies of choice, doesn't talk much other than to ask for an explanation or a utensil (sometimes is a sarcastic little shit, but a lot of the men find it funny–[ah, youth, I too remember when I‌ was a little shit]). This kid can go at a task for hours, but Napoleon always keeps a close eye to make sure the kid's eating (they would rather not die by MC's hand). MC tries to tell the kid that his father means well, but he tends to go silent. Will be civil, but it's clear he doesn't identify with Arthur very much. (Theo loves him because the kid has a sharp tongue and he’s not easily led.)
Comte and Leo are surprisingly good at calming the kid down when he’s particularly moody, and so MC and Sebas just start calling them the teenage-whisperers.
Tl; dr: scully you're not gonna believe this but historical figures kidnapped my son (Angst was inevitable, a moment of silence for Arthur taking the L)
Next up is Vincent! (Aka oh dear, oh dear gorgeous):
To his absolute and utter DELIGHT he has a little girl with curly flaxen hair (like sunshine) and MC's eyes. Says flat out when she's born that she gets her cuteness from her mother, and MC is just ugly sobbing (as one does in proximity to Vincent).
He will always have a little fingerpainting set (he makes sure she can’t reach for anything that could be potentially toxic, given kids often stick anything in their mouths at a young age) for her to join him if she wants to, and she loves her father's presence so much that she just sits there for hours and doodles as he concentrates intensely. During his breaks he will gush about her work and encourage her brightly, sometimes even painting with her to show her new techniques to try. They'll also take walks to make sure she's getting proper exercise (and him too really; so much of looking after her really helps him look after himself too) and time outside (as long as she's with her papa she's ecstatic!!!!!) Very, very shy unless she's with Vincent, Theo, or MC. (She warms up to the others as she grows up, it just takes time).
I MADE MYSELF CRY OKAY BUT LIKE. WHEN SHE FIRST SEES COMTE SHE SQUINTS A LITTLE BIT BC HE'S THE ONLY OTHER BLONDE IN THE HOUSE. SO SHE'S LIKE. ".................similar to papa, and nice like papa, 11/10 will allow to hold" so he's the only one that can carry her without her bursting into tears. He rubs it in Leo's face for YEARS. PROUDEST GRANDPA he literally will not take no for an answer, buys her little outfits that make her look like even more of a cherub than she already did. (God help the man that ever tries to marry this girl when she’s older, Comte and Theo will prbly kill him first RIP)
When she’s older she’s a fairly average girl, sweet and softspoken, pretty well-adjusted to the expectations of a lady. That being said she’s no pushover; she just has a good, optimistic heart. Tends to be very positive like Vincent, and prefers to steer away from malice or harsh conduct. (She’s literally the only one that can calm Theo down from his shitfuckery, she is the Theo-whisperer–Theo would rather die than upset his niece, she looks too much like Vincent). Loves baking and writing, both having been learned by her mother’s side (she still paints with Vincent though she has no desire to sell what she makes, she just does it bc she enjoys it c:) The first time she makes pancakes for her Uncle Theo he bursts into tears and Vincent has to console him LMFAO (everybody laughs abt it and makes fun of Theo forever RIP x2)
Also has a daughter, with the same light hair and eyes as him. Being a father does a number on Theo. He had always been the younger brother growing up so this is a pretty big milestone for him, and he takes it very seriously. He sees it as a kind of rite of passage, a means by which he can make Vincent proud–show him all that he’s learned. (Vincent is proud of him regardless of course, and tells him there is no greater joy than to see Theo finally living for himself and making a family of his own. Yes Theo cries.)
That being said, despite Theo being her father their little girl is always popping by Vincent’s studio to hang out with him for a bit. While Theo does lessen his workload to spend time with her, he also takes on enough so that she can spend some time with her uncle (Vincent would probably feel bad/in the way otherwise). She brings him snacks sometimes at MC’s behest (”Uncle Vincent is very talented but he forgets to look after himself sometimes, can you bring this to him for me?‌‌ I’m trusting you with this very important mission.”) She thinks his work is dazzling but is too nervous to paint herself, and he doesn’t pressure her.
Grows up to be pretty interested in art and art history, is fond of paintings, music, and theatre. A lot of growing up was listening to her father talk about it so passionately that her curiosity was inevitable, and she wanted to be able to contribute/understand. She began reading (with Leonardo’s help “hey there piccola, whatcha lookin’ for? try…this one”‌) and didn’t really stop since. Likes to bond with grandpa Comte by going to operas, shows, and art galleries together, and she always comes back with insight to offer to her father about new artistic developments. (She tends to be very uncomfortable accepting extravagant gifts of any other kind, so Comte is more than happy to escort her/spend time instead. They also share a kind of humble, pensive sensibility that makes them get along well.)
While Theo regards her burgeoning expertise with cool enthusiasm, you best believe this bitch is SCREECHING with joy on the inside. Someone who gets it!!!!!!!!!! My own kid!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will support her love of art without an ounce of hesitation, they get along well (though when they disagree, usually about something unrelated to art, MC‌ or Vincent has to bridge the gap between them a bit). Like Theo, she’s not one to waste her time with people who will not listen or don’t want to. She’s pretty headstrong, and while that stubbornness did prove a bit troublesome when she was younger, it eases into a kind of grounded self. She doesn’t pick fights as much anymore with people who disagree, but she’s still equally immovable unless you have a strong argument to offer. Very independent and keeps to herself, sometimes the men of the mansion worry about her and offer her company (DON’T BE LIKE US SWEET BABY CHILD MAKE FRIENDS AND L I V E)
Also has a daughter and she’s sweet as sugar, with MC’s hair and his lovely eyes!‌ She was cooing and gurgling with laughter from the moment she was born (when the crying phase ebbed), and Isaac is filled with relief that his aberrant nature didn’t cause any undue harm during conception. Isaac is very excited to be a father, but also lowkey (highkey) terrified of the prospect. He tries to take Napoleon and Leonardo’s advice to heart, that the best anyone can do is be there for their kid as much as they can.
He’s a little unsure of himself, but given MC‌ knows the drill with his anxiety she guides him through it. (”Hold the baby like this to support her neck. There now, look at that smile!‌ She probably recognizes your voice.”)‌ The first time the baby curled a little fist around his thumb his eyes got misty. (Yes Dazai and Arthur make fun of him but he’s so engrossed he just doesn’t care. He–they–made this little bundle of human. She was theirs, and they were hers. Despite being Mr.Math Brain this is honestly pretty life-changing for him, he takes it very, very seriously and v emotionally.)
As the little tyke grows older the hilarity ensues. This little kid is brimming with energy, unable to resist the zoomies and gives her poor father a run for his money. He would never discourage her for being as she is, he just frets over her safety (despite the sturdy edge her lineage gives her). She seems afraid of nothing, always twirling and humming and reaching for her father’s hand. She’s a bit of a dreamer, so while she does reasonably well in school she doesn’t much like being shut-up inside. The only time they have ever seen her sit still was when she joined her mother to garden, methodically watering and weeding, listening intently to her mother’s quiet directives. For whatever reason this hobby really sticks, and one of the ways the residents know she’s approaching is when the smell of flowers permeates the air.
Dazai and Arthur adore her because she’s an innocent agent of chaos, and they find the irony of her painfully cynical shut-in realist father uproarious. There is no end to the laughter in the mansion, but Comte always silences the mockery when it goes to far. He understands how stressful it must be for Isaac, and asks the little one if she ever needs help or escorting to where her father is. Would often indulge in her creative games (“The floor is lava, you say? Oh my, then I‌ suppose I‌ must tread quite carefully. I‌ don’t suppose you might show me the way?”) In the rare moments her spirits are down and she doesn’t want to bother her parents, she finds him and his heart nearly rends apart in his chest every time. (“What is it, mon ange, what’s wrong?”‌ “Papa looks mad…” “I’m sure he’s just worried about you, little one. Dry those tears, I‌ promise all will be well.”) Comte always buys her rare flowers when she’s sick because he knows how much she hates being stuck inside, and puts them in a little vase by her bedside.
When she gets older, she spends most of her time as a florist, selling flowers in town (Napoleon and Jeanne often stand by, and even Leonardo will watch from afar when they’re not on duty and she assumes herself ‘alone.’ They don’t tell her because they don’t want to infringe on her autonomy, but they also don’t have the heart to leave her unprotected with Vlad at large). She surprisingly shares Isaac’s extreme self-awareness; she hates burdening anyone. So even if she disguises her distress well, it’s still there. Even if her head seems to be in the clouds, she’s actually quite perceptive–and takes her father’s requests for caution seriously. She loves her parents very dearly; her mother was always a source of delighted support, and while her father may be different from her she has never once questioned his deep love for her. Her memories are all filled with his bewildered and tender smiles, the warmth of his hand in her own or his arms around her. Isaac could never dream of asking for a better daughter, and honestly she feels the exact same way about him.
Bloopers that were removed:‌ After a week of chipper daughter “are we sure this is my kid she is way too happy to be my kid”‌ “scandalized gasp Isaac–”‌ “‌im just saying if im not actually her father i wont be mad–”‌ “‌OF COURSE YOU’RE HER FATHER, STOP THAT!” (he’s mostly kidding he’s just shocked is all)
Jeanne (I am so sorry this one got so out of hand it’s long why am i like this the Jeanne stan inside of me is painfully obvious):
Has a little boy with his dark hair and icy blue eyes (Jeanne explains to MC‌ that his own mother had eyes like that, so it’s probably a lineage thing). They’re both p shocked but no less endeared by their baby, and he’s a pretty quiet little bub. Doesn’t cry much, mostly stares or opens+closes his hands when he wants something. At first they were worried he might be mute (cue Jeanne blaming himself), but after a little while of MC‌ reading to him he starts to develop the skill just like any other child (she knows they can’t understand at a certain age, but the familiarity with her voice and language is the goal really). The kid startles them because he goes from pointing for things to “hey mom, can I‌ have some water?” “of course sweeti–HUH!?” In that way he bears a striking resemblance to his father; tends to be incredibly quiet but when he does speak the effect really ripples (his life is v, v internal but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on in his noggin). He also has a very pleasant voice, calm and even–everyone is a little alarmed by his maturity.
Best friends with Cherie. The little tigress fully understands that this new, fragile creature is a member of her streak (family, in other words). Whenever Jeanne or MC‌ have to attend to/retrieve something for a moment, Cherie curls around him protectively (Arthur made the v, v fatal mistake of trying to reach out to the kid under her surveillance). As a baby she would often curl up at the bottom of his crib and purr when he kneaded his hands in her fur (much like kittens do), and ever since they’ve been absolutely inseparable. Jeanne is always warmed by the sight of them together, even though MC‌ is on the edge of a heart attack sometimes LMAO (let the record show that Cherie has never done anything dastardly, she only licc her new friend)
Mozart finds the kid pretty fuckin astounding. Now and again Mozart will babysit the boyo, and of course Mozart is happy to oblige (children no, Jeanne’s child yes). Since he’s usually practicing he’ll invite the kid in and the kid just sits right down next to him on the bench. Silent. And watches. Mozart’s p relieved given it lets him work without much interruption, and he’s always happy to take the kid outside for a walk and show him the flowers in the garden on breaks. Will make him special hot cocoa in the colder months, and let him pet Schelm. One day, Mozart runs out of paper while he’s writing, so he gets up to retrieve some and comes back to see the kid playing what he was playing weeks ago without a single error. Hand placement perfect–even the fucking dynamics were impeccable. He almost drops the package of paper and is just staring, utterly bewildered, until he starts laughing and ruffles the kid’s hair. He was sure the kid was capable but damn was this a way to prove it. He’s literally the kid’s number one fan right behind Comte, it’s utterly hilarious.
Speaking of Comte, thus begins Jeanne’s GRUDGING truce with the man he does consider the father he never had, but also a v naggy father. Will lay down any misgivings to ask for advice now and again, especially when he feels like he’s not much of a parent. I‌ mean all he’s ever really known is fighting and war–he only just started to learn to read and write and H‌e doesn’t want his son to end up like him, ill-adjusted to life and distrustful. Comte is torn between being v touched/thrilled that Jeanne would come to him for help, and being heartbroken that he thinks he’s a shit role model for his son. He takes the time to ease his doubts on more than one occasion, telling him that while his son is very curious and takes in what others have to teach him, there is absolutely no doubt he looks up to his father the most. To be a father is to be an irreplaceable presence in a child’s life; all his son needs is somebody that cares and supports him as best as they are able. It’s the intention that will stick to a child’s psyche much more powerfully than any amount of fancy words, the time spent together adds up immeasurably. As if on cue, Jeanne’s kid peers into the doorway of Comte’s office and toddles over to his father, hand curling around his cape. He doesn’t say anything, just leans against Jeanne’s leg. Comte smiles as if to say “you see?” and Jeanne relents, thanking him softly. He can be heard speaking quietly in the hall, lifting up his bub into his arms as he keeps walking. “I’m glad you found me. Shall we go see maman? I’m sure she’s missed us both today while out with Sebastian, hm?”‌
The only time they’ve ever seen the kid mad is when Dazai and Arthur took their jokes on Isaac a little too far. They were just saying the usual nonsense, pushing the guy’s buttons, but Isaac took it particularly hard that day for whatever reason. Napoleon/Leo/Comte weren’t around to de-escalate, and the kid is sitting next to Jeanne and watching this shit go down. He sees how Isaac just stalks out of the room, lifts up an apple, and throws it straight at Dazai’s head. MC‌ is apologizing about it for hours, but the two are so startled they’re more entertained than concerned. (If you’re wondering why Jeanne isn’t mentioned, it’s because he half-heartedly tells him not to do things like that but internally is like ‘BUST HIS HEAD’ because he also thought Dazai pushed a little too far). When Isaac finds out about it later that night from Sebastian, he asks the little kid not to do things like that anymore. The kid asks what he can do to make him feel better then, and Isaac is torn between being amazed and being mortified (EVEN THE ACTUAL BABY OF THE HOUSE WANTS TO BABY HIM. FOR FUCK’S SAKE.) He’s tinkering with something on his desk there and the kid starts helping him with his tools seamlessly, and so he says that if he wants to cheer him up, then to come on over and make stuff with him now and again. Which is where their surprising friendship begins (he loves his Uncle Isaac v much ;-;).
As he grows older most people have no question at all that he is Jeanne’s son, there’s only a slight difference in their temperament. Where Jeanne can be a bit more prone to physical reactivity, Jeanne’s son has a kind of owlish stare to him. He will watch and wait until he deems it necessary to speak, swift and sure and certain when he feels the time is right. Whenever his father is struggling to find words or needs something written down neatly, his son will take over without another word. (His son finds a number of books about Jeanne’s historical life and–while he doesn’t bring it up directly–he feels a great deal of compassion. Wants to help his father as best he can, and never really sees any of his ineptitudes as shortcomings. Jeanne protects him and his mother so fiercely, and treats them with such fond gentleness that he just wants to be there for him too.)
The kid is astoundingly talented. He spent most of his childhood following each of the great men like a shadow, watching their work intensely. He’s something of a prodigy (completely unintentional, they all just gave him a few pointers and he ran with them). He’s a gifted illustrator, avid reader, exceptional musician, and very good with his hands (loves to help Isaac piece together new inventions; the two get on like a house on fire. They pretty much make up their own language since they move so fast mentally. Watching it is hilarious. “That piece.”‌ “Hm?‌ But–oh, that’s brilliant, yes.”‌ “More heat?”‌‌ “Hmm, yes I think that might expedite the soldering, please do.” It’s like they’re in their own little world. No Jeanne is not jealous–he is a little jealous).
My favorite is probably his following Comte around though. Now see, this kid is ridiculously capable, but one of the few places he really struggles? Social niceties. People outside of the mansion find him a little unnerving because of how quiet he is, and he has trouble speaking up sometimes–he just doesn’t see the point unless it’s something vital. When he starts ghosting Comte a lot (let’s say at about 8-9 yrs old), the man is a little confused but would never pressure him away. Just offers him snacks and tea to make sure he’s properly looked after, and talks to him even if he doesn’t respond beyond a nod or shaking his head.
“Grand-père?” Comte nearly fucking has a heart attack when the kid first talks to him (AND HIS FIRST WORD WAS GRANDPA WHERE’S HIS HANKIE), eyes wide. But he relaxes in a heartbeat, smiling again. “Yes?” Swallowed by the armchair, the kid scoots forward. “How do you do that?” “Do what?” “You’re…so good at…talking. But I…I don’t really get it, especially at school. Do I bother you?” Comte has to restrain about every single cell in his body from denying it vehemently, and walks over to pick up the little guy, settling him on his lap in the armchair. “Not in the slightest, enfant. Everybody has their way about them. For instance, Mozart and Vincent can be rather quiet, but do you ever doubt that they care for you?”‌ The kid shakes his head. “You see?‌ We all have our ways to express such things, there is no wrong way. What matters is being sincere, and mindful of their feelings, oui? While you may be different, that makes you no less precious to us all.” The kid brightens and nods, and hugs him. Needless to say Comte is ready to throw down for this kid in milliseconds. The kid just reminds him so much of what Jeanne could have had if he hadn’t been buried under so much loss, abandonment, and violence in his own time. Nothing makes him happier than seeing the father and son get along so well.
Comte: what’s better than one princess?‌ TWO PRINCESSES HAHAHAH Narrator voice:‌ Comte was, in fact, having the time of his life
Righto!‌ On to Comte. The first time they have a child (lmao lbr there will be several but I‌ am short on time so we doin 1 for now) she’s a beautiful baby girl. MC‌ laments that she has her “plain hair and eyes”‌ but Comte is beyond taken with the baby, refuses that line of thought immediately. He can think of no greater blessing!‌!! But the resemblance does such a number on his heart, he didn’t think he could love MC‌ more until he saw the echoes of her every single day in their daughter’s face. Is the most attentive father a child could wish for, consistent throughout. Poor baby cried a lot at night when she was little, and he would always coax MC‌ back to sleep to soothe their daughter–murmuring or singing softly, rocking her. He was no stranger to all-nighters, and he’d much prefer to let her mother sleep as much as possible–especially so soon after the baby was born.
As she grows older, she and her father are virtually inseparable–all you have to do is lean to the right or left a little bit and you can see her hiding in his long cloak. He will absolutely coordinate their outfits every morning, they match!‌ MC’s heart warms to see him such an excited and devoted father, she hugs them both (Comte holding their daughter) while holding back tears a lot since she knows its something he’s always wanted. Comte can deny her virtually nothing, so sometimes MC‌ has to step in and mediate a little bit. Tries to teach her the value of things, but even so their daughter isn’t spoiled–she has a surprising gravity about her. Whether she adopts it watching her father or it’s a natural temperament, she has a very clear awareness about her. She’s talkative and friendly, and seems to thrive just about everywhere she goes–she is followed by gaggles of kids at school, and she greets everyone in the mansion on sight (remembers their names and talents fast, asks about them. Sometimes the men do double takes bc they’re like. JESUS MC WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU YOU SHRUNK–oh. wait. that’s their kid, right, sorry little lady)
Leonardo is her favorite person in the mansion and Comte hates it. Conflicted because he absolutely trusts his old friend but at the same time. HE WANTS TO BE THE FAVORITE. He gets his revenge by telling her to call Leonardo grandpa (nonno) since he’s a fossil, TAKE THAT. Anywho, Comte essentially does the same as Leonardo; tells his daughter that should she need anything and maman and papa aren’t home, she is to go to Leonardo for help. Leonardo is all sighs yare yare. responsibility w h y. But in all honesty he loves the little tyke for all his complaining, would do anything for her. Most of the time when they chill together they can be found sitting against a bookshelf (chair?‌ this is Leonardo, smh the floor is free real estate) and she’s sitting in his lap while he reads to her. His laughter will often follow her skipping into the courtyard, hands deep in his pockets as he saunters after her. Promises Comte not to smoke around her, and remains true to it when MC‌ explains that it can do real harm (by virtue of research in her time). He grumbles about it but in all honesty would never jeopardize her health. He will often go to the other men with her in tow to get in some good bonding time with her Uncles. She’s particularly fond of Isaac, mostly because he’ll talk to her about stars/astronomy endlessly–and Leo will supplement with engrossing myths and legends of old about the heavens. More than anything she loves stories, and she’s always fascinated by the ones people older than her tell. It makes her want to see the world someday, makes her wonder what kind of stories she’ll be able to hear and tell when she’s older.
She also hilariously takes a liking to Jeanne. The double irony of it (the fact that he doesn’t really do well with people who are bubbly/sociable/popular and the fact that Comte is always seeking his positive recognition too) makes everyone laugh. He’s pretty bewildered by her interest and dogged pursuit, but Napoleon tells him it’s just harmless curiosity–she just wants to know more about him. At some point, he yields, and they are the cutest pair ever. She’ll be tugging him by the hand to see the new flowers “she and maman planted”‌ and he’ll have the slightest of color on his cheeks, stumbling after her. (She doesn’t really take no for an answer and he can’t very well refuse a child in good conscience…he blames Comte–mutters about underhanded tactics). MC‌ still remembers catching them red-handed in the kitchen, reaching for hot cocoa when she expressly told her daughter no more sweets for the day. It was equally hilarious and exasperating. Jeanne also lets her pet and play with Cherie, though he’s always extra careful and attentive in these instances.
Mozart automatically approves of the kid for liking Jeanne, and her excellent manners put her in his good graces immediately. She doesn’t show much interest in the piano, but the first time she heard the violin it was apparently life-changing. She begged Mozart to teach her, and he obliged at the unprecedented enthusiasm. Given her determination and careful attention, she does very well. Comte doesn’t know about it until Mozart asks him to come see something in the piano room. Confused but curious, he makes his way over at the requested hour and hears the violin from afar. Assuming it’s Mozart, he’s surprised at the simple tune until he arrives at the door. He startles to see his daughter playing so carefully, so earnestly. He stands there frozen for a while before gathering her into his arms tightly, whispering how proud he is. Later that night MC‌ finds Comte in tears and she rushes over to him, trying to find out what’s wrong until he explains. (Brief aside: Just to make it clear bc this was only in one event story, Comte learned how to play the violin at a particular emotional low. He was desperate to find some way to connect to humanity, to find a way to understand and remain tethered to them despite the nature of what he is, and as such he learned how to play the violin to bridge that gap. It holds a great deal of meaning, and seeing his daughter find a similar fascination in the instrument–find something that tugs at her heart just as it did his–is utterly moving for him.)
One of their biggest concerns is her protection (given Vlad and the harm that can sometimes be directed to ppl of noble lineage), and so a lot of them nurture some basic skills that could be potentially helpful. Napoleon, for instance, teaches her horseback riding (she’s v driven, so he competes with her as to who can ride the fastest–no children were endangered in the making of this promotional video, he always went much slower than usual and raised the speed incrementally). Jeanne teaches her self-defense, and uses a wooden knife (after Comte lectured him for using a sheathed one) to teach her how to disarm attackers and turn the tables. While Comte can be a little overprotective, he gives in to his daughter and MC’s coaxing–better that she know how to fight in a safe setting then be forced to learn under duress. He’s reasonable when they talk him down he just hates the prospect of any harm coming to her whatsoever; it’s the only thing he gets really touchy about. That and he operates on the principle that he will literally eviscerate anyone that tries to hurt her (idk what to tell you boys he just ain’t playing LMAO).
By the time she’s a young lady, she’s a lot like Comte himself–social butterfly, but at home she’s just herself. She’s very self-driven and can often be found seeking out new skills to master, a busy little bee. Not especially ladylike really, mostly just behaves as such to make her life easier after her public debut. She thrives inside and out, but she’s happiest with her family. She loves her parents very much, and easily forgives Comte when he frets a bit more than usual–she understands that he’s genuinely worried. She and MC absolutely tease Comte from time to time, and he’s always like Top Ten Anime Betrayals.
Dazai and MC‌ have a son that looks just like him, and MC is delighted while Dazai is torn between pride and concern (MY CURSE W H Y ARE CURSES GENETIC SAY IT AIN’T SO–somebody get Isaac and the Punnet Squares I can’t go while I‌ hold him down). That being said, Dazai’s entire experience as a father is being once again torn–between delight and fear. He really does care, and he steps up, but that doesn’t mean the guy isn’t plagued with concern.
It’s not really the kid that he’s worried about so much as his impressions on the kid. He spent a good part of his life running away from the things that made him happy, convinced he wasn’t good for much of anything at all. What if his kid picks up on that? What if he avoids all his problems, evades instead of facing them?‌ What is he going to do if his kid has to face similar trials in life?‌ Sure it sucked for him but who gives a damn--the thought of this bub going through something like that though?‌ He never knew a heart could hurt so much, never knew how a parent could be cruel when all he wants is to bundle the kid up forever. MC‌’s spends a lot of nights bringing him down from those harried thoughts. The other men also take notice of how he’s trying to learn some things from Sebas, how he’s a great deal more serious than usual when he isn’t lingering in MC’s room as she recovers from it all.
It’s one night on the balcony that really snaps him out of it. MC and the baby are asleep, and he’s just looking to the sky. He knows full well his answers aren’t there, but he’s too weary from overthinking to care. Isaac shows up and manages to surprise him, and the smaller man is quiet at first. After a moment, just as Dazai is about to start teasing him half-heartedly, Isaac tells him flat out that he’s wasting his time with his kid. Dazai is pretty unnerved by that line, but Isaac continues. He says that to be worried about a moment that may never come is a waste of damn time. Focus on the here and now. Breathe. We won’t let anything happen to the little tyke, he’s never alone. For the first time in a good two weeks Dazai really does breathe and seem to find himself again, and tells Isaac that his advice is so good he should listen to himself too. Isaac snaps at him without venom and retreats back to his room, but needless to say Dazai is always popping in with the kiddo from then on to say hi to “Uncle Isaac”.
The kid grows up to be amiable and fond of people (even a little silly), with a heart just as big as his father’s. Despite Dazai’s worries that this might make life hard on him, the kid knows how to ask for help–and even when he doesn’t, all the men of the mansion are ready to guide him at the drop of a hat. He finds his father’s brush/ink technique fascinating (as a kid asked him to draw all the time) and he spends a lot of his time reading up on the where his parents came from, asking Sebas tons of questions. (Made rain ghosts as a kid with his okaa-san and otou-san, and wondered why other kids didn’t, etc). Doesn’t mind being different, makes lots of friends given his easygoing nature. (Comes in through the window once when the door got jammed and everyone started cracking the fuck up because Isaac: THE APPLE DON’T FALL FAR FROM THE TREE AIN’T THAT RIGHT DAZAI GET FUCKED)
Shakespeare (or as I‌ like to call him Spooky or Spookspeare):
A baby girl with stunning red hair and MC’s eyes is born to this unlikely pair, a miracle beyond Shakespeare’s remote imagining. After so many years of feeling like he had done nothing right in this second life, the first time he sees the little sleeping face in his wife’s arms he’s just lost. MC‌ beckons him over, and when he can feel his legs again he obliges. Even so he’s afraid to touch either of them. It’s a pretty tender moment for the little family, and MC‌ has to do a lot of coaxing to get him comfortable with the idea. (don’t be suspicious, don’t be suspicious, don’t be suspicious is the internal monologue from outside as Comte stands guard over the room to make sure nothing goes awry what with Vlad at large).
Honestly if there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s the sweetness of watching this guy turn over a new leaf. Every day (when he isn’t writing in the attic or directing plays in town) he can be seen with his little princess, the little bub in his arms soon slung over his shoulders (she tugs on his hair sometimes but honestly?‌ worth it he don’t even care if it means she keeps giggling). The little tyke seems to love being outside for whatever reason, so he’ll take her to the gazebo and tell her stories–some made up on a whim, some classic fairy tales, and some legends of old–and do all the dramatic voices and silly sound effects. Think how parents like wiggle their kids’ arms or bounce their leg (with the kid in their lap) really fast to simulate something ‘scary’. He just has a grand old time with it, and will often bring toys along with him in a little satchel/bag for her to play with as he goes on.
Her favorite person in the mansion is Vincent because he’s the only one in the entire mansion that Shakespeare will make sustained eye contact with. She’s seen the way her father relaxes in his presence, how a slight smile is more prone to find his features. Many a time the playwright invites Vincent to their little story time dates, and sometimes they even join Vincent in his studio (Vince insists he doesn’t mind the background noise, the cherub of a kiddo is more than welcome). Theo doesn’t like it one bit but the kiddo automatically wipes out his defenses with how sweet and perceptive she is, reminding him of Vincent when they were young. Will snap at Shakespeare’s teasing when Theo starts bringing candy for the kid despite their longstanding enmity. She finds Comte to be a curious presence, often watches him with awe because of his quiet grace and the way he mirrors her instinctive good will. When Shakespeare encourages her to talk to him if she needs something, that he’s her grandpapa, her eyes get wide and then she toddles over to hug Comte whenever she sees him from that point on. (After she almost tripped in her excitement the first time, Comte always meets her halfway with quick strides when he spots her. He also spares no expense to create a library with age-appropriate books as she’s growing up).
His daughter doesn’t necessarily cling to him as she grows older, but she always likes to talk to him and ask about the work he does. Wants to know what he’s writing, how the performances are going–maybe ask for a bedtime story if she’s really feeling in need of good papa affection. Shakespeare always obliges, but finds himself wondering how she never seems to sense or note how broken he is. It takes MC many, many years to help ease the nightmares–to remind him that he’s still healing, and that there’s nothing wrong with that, that everyone is proud of him for working at it every day. She has to remind him that recovery isn’t a one and done sort of deal, and that no matter what he’s done it’s okay to accept this soft epilogue. What matters is that he isn’t hurting people anymore–and most importantly he isn’t hurting himself as he once was either. (He donates a lot of the proceeds from his performances, and he’ll often take in kids with potential to get them off the streets. He’s trying to atone in small ways as MC‌ has advised him, and let it accumulate to something greater. He eventually finds that she’s right–helping people slowly while he’s trying to recover himself does turn out to be the best approach.)
The little girl grows up to be interested in theatre and literature given so many years of listening with rapt attention, but she’s also surprisingly pragmatic. She helps negotiate budgets and set placement for Shakespeare’s theater when she gets older, and she loves being the backbone of a troupe–being the one to make sure everything proceeds without a single hitch. Shakespeare is nothing less than impressed, and encourages her to learn whatever she likes (she tried acting but uh……….it was NOT her strong suit to put it mildly;;;;).
Sebastian and MC‌ have a son with her lovely hair and his slate gray, arresting eyes. A v handsome baby, the two are delighted from the getgo. Now it’s time for me to ruin (or improve) everybody’s life. Sebastian has to return to looking after the mansion pretty quickly after the kid is born and MC’s out of commission for a good while. As such, when he has the bub he creates a makeshift version of those slings/bags people wear to carry their babies. Once he’s sure the kiddo is secure on his back, he gets to work. They’re pretty lucky since the kid doesn’t really seem to mind some of the noise that comes with staying beside his father, just falls asleep to the acute sound of his heartbeat in that proximity. Sebastian will often bring the baby to MC to feed him (and bring food for her too), and those moments are surprisingly tender. While he does love seeing new facets of the great men–and he has no intention of giving that up–he doesn’t mind missing a thing or two if it means having this warmth.
One of the harder things for him as the kid’s growing up are the protective impulses and the insecurity. It’s not that he doesn’t trust the men (okay he doesn’t trust Dazai, Arthur, or Shakespeare with small children but to be fair he has decent reason for that)–to the contrary; he just worries about extenuating circumstances even though he tends to keep it under wraps. He’s very good at concealing his distress, and he finds points to relax and reassure himself when they’re all together and well. As to the insecurity, he truly does feel that his talents can’t remotely measure up to what they’ve all accomplished–no matter how much they call him a ninja butler or they laud his incredible aptitude. He tends to keep all of that inside (SAY IT WITH ME KIDS. R E P R E S S I O N) so nobody really sees it unless they go looking. He knows he’s inevitably, probably going to lose his kid to the wonders of what the other men can teach him, so he’s just cherishing the time they do have for now.
When the kid starts on to toddling, he has a pretty natural curiosity–but obeys his parents when they ask him to either stay close or let them know if he’s chillin with a guardian. The kid takes an acute liking to Theo to the man’s ample surprise, but Theo sees no harm in humoring him. Let’s him ride on his shoulders (he remembers how much fun it was when Vincent gave him piggyback rides) and nyooms him all around the house. Vincent often joins in by virtue of how fun it looks, and everyone finds the sight adorable. (One time when Arthur asks the kid jokingly why he bothers to go after mean-faced Theo for fun, the kid answers with no hesitation that Theo reminds him of papa. They all go a little quiet, and even the hardest of hearts in the room melt a little.) After that, all the men of the mansion inexplicably claim they have somewhere to be for a few days (they all schedule something fake or just take some time) so Sebas is pretty bewildered to find the place empty for once in a great long while. Only Comte and Napoleon stay behind for the sake of looking after the human family (precautions mostly, that and the two coordinate the cooking to give the three a rest).
The two parents, not thinking too much about it, spend the time they now have together. They spend most of the day reading/writing together in the library, they go outside and garden for a bit, and MC‌ plays what she can remember on the piano to their kiddo’s delight (Sebas wipes down the keys when they’re done so Mozart won’t kill them). All in all it’s a pretty relaxing day, and Sebas ends up a little surprised their kid didn’t get bored/irritated with the sudden quiet. Kiddo falls asleep beside him on the bed quickly after dinner and he just tucks the tyke in, (he always was a sleepy boyo and Sebas is a little endeared by how he resembles Napoleon in that way, Sebas pls).
From time to time the men in the mansion will do that to grant them a break from working, and Sebas is increasingly surprised by how…cool his kid is with it?‌ He expects impatience to well up eventually but it never comes, and so he tentatively asks his kid if he’s having fun. Kid’s always chill and replies without any wavering in his response, so Sebas just kind of squints. MC‌ notices pretty quickly and has a little heart to heart with him, tells him that their boy is happy to be able to see him and spend time with him and ask about his life. He’s curious just like any other kid, and loves his dad. There’s no need to be self-conscious. Sebas is pretty heartened by this, and the insecurity ebbs the more he sees that his son really does love him. No matter how old he gets, the first person he’ll ask for help are his parents, and then he’ll go to Comte or Napoleon (as he was directed to do if they weren’t available when he was young). His kid even asks him about things that are way too specific to his past working there, and it’s only then that he realizes the men gush to the boyo about all the times Sebas was there for them. Honestly, he’s touched–and no less surprised by it all. What was he even worried about?
Their son grows up to be a fairly normal young man. Very good at cooking thanks to Sebas and Napoleon, and he likes to assist Theo in his work from time to time. Does a lot of research into linguistics and art history specifically, but can be found reading books of all kinds–growing up around MC and Sebastian (who are both very well-read). Loves learning about other cultures and languages, and the way they intersect–finds the diversity in the mansion fascinating.
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juminly · 11 months ago
Hi Juminly :) How would the Van Gogh brothers and maybe even Arthur if you don’t mind, react to a shy female!future s/o (like they are still friends, still didn’t realize their feelings I guess) who initiates and holds their hands for the first time? Thank you x
Love the prompt! Thank you, anon💜 
Scenarios of Vincent, Theo and Arthur with a shy s/o who holds their hand for the first time
Vincent Van Gogh
He never felt the need to be physically close with anyone. But with you, it was a different case.
The first time you hugged him, he wondered why it didn't last longer. 
Baby boy always looked at your hands, wondered how they would feel in his. He knew lovers always held hands but couldn't friends do it too? 
This angel always wanted to hold your hand but whenever you were out together, even when just taking a stroll, it came naturally to link your arm with his. 
He wanted more and he had tried to many times. And he failed. Whenever you were in town, he'd chase to hold your hand in his but you'd somehow escape from his hold as you would excitedly window shop or run after the smell of something that's scent was so heavenly, you wouldn't be able to resist it. 
You were always a bit too shy to hold his hand to drag him by the hand where you wanted, so linking your arms was always what you would do. 
One day, you decided to wander around l'Avenue de l'Opéra and came across a violinist, playing a piece that sounded so beautiful yet bittersweet. The musician was playing and smiling down at a baby bassinette basket. 
As you approached the basket, finding a puppy and kitten cuddling (and the puppy seemed to be protectively looking after the feline). 
Your hands just instinctively reached out for Vincent's, squeezing it as you weren't expecting to come across the most adorable sight you've ever seen. You had a soft spot for animals and unshed tears were burning in your eyes. 
While you were too preoccupied by the cuteness of the little fur babies, a wave of warmth spread through Vincent's chest as he felt the softness of your hand in his. 
The small prickling feeling in his chest was not like anything he ever felt before. It wasn't painful, it was nice and he wanted more of it. 
A brilliant smile had stretched on the angel's face and he murmured to himself softly: "Finally".
Now that he held your hand for the first time, don’t expect him to settle for anything less. He sees absolutely no reason why he can’t hold his friend’s hand. 
Every time you would blush or shy away from holding his hand, Vincent had the most serene (and unapologetic smile) on that beautiful face of his.
Theodorus Van Gogh
You have been bestowed the great honour of being one of his favourite people. 
You had no idea about that but everyone knew and teased Theo about it. He would just brush them off and run his foul mouth as usual, to cover up for him embarassment. 
Being literally the only person he enjoyed drinking with at the bar (aside from Arthur) was very telling but you thought nothing of it. 
Theo's excuse was that you were a lightweight Hondje and someone had to look after you. And Arthur was untrustworthy. Not that he actually believed that but he had to come up with some sort of excuse to spend time with you.
Being quite shy, Theo noticed that once you had some social lubricant in you, you loosened up a bit and he was too curious about you not to take up the chance to get to know you better. 
One on one interactions were much easier for you since it allowed you to feel more comfortable and less shy. 
Things went from just taking you out for drinks from time to time to weekly bar hangouts (dates) to meeting up at the bar day after day. It became like a ritual for the both of you and getting you away from the rowdiness of the mansion helped you relax.
You actually had absolutely no idea that all the drinks you were served at the bar were watered down (way more than you actually thought). Theo had given clear instructions to the barman to always serve you watered down alcohol since your hangover recovery was atrocious and too long. (he hated knowing/watching you suffer like that... even if it was just a hangover)
Pretty boy thinks he can handle his liquor very well and drinks more than you. 
Little did he know, his footsteps would usually be just a tiny tiny bit unstable as you walked the streets to find a carriage home. One night though, his strides were definitely a bit wonky. 
To keep him from actually tripping, you reached out for his hand and pulled him towards you. 
With the liquid courage in your veins, you teased. "I didn't know you were a clumsy drunk, Theo."
He was too busy trying to get over the drumming of his heart in his chest and staring at your hand in his. 
Not able to formulate a sarcastic reply, he just went with a dry "Sh-shut it, Hondje". 
Wait, did he actually stutter? 
It was really dark but the man was definitely blushing. 
The guy couldn't stop thinking about how soft your hands felt and how small they were in his large hands. It aroused in him emotions that he never felt before and one of them was possessiveness.
It was strange to him but he just felt the need to keep you close. 
He was a sly man, covering it up by clearing his throat and squeezing your hand in return. 
"Don't let go, Knabbeltje. Your balance is worse than mine." 
Lies, Theo. Lies, you tall handsome tsundere.
Your balance is not worse than his. He’s just making up an excuse to keep holding your hand (And he’ll keep using it until he mans up and makes you his!).
Arthur Conan Doyle
Playing games was no fun if you played them alone. Arthur liked company and especially yours. 
You were a shy and sweet little thing and he wanted to eat you up. Literally.
But he was holding himself back because he was a complete gentleman with you. He didn't fail to notice that you were either too uncomfortable being around him because he flirted with you too much/hard or that you blushed and got too flustered around him to actually be able to function properly. 
He began to lay off on all the flirt flexing and he saw something in you. (He told himself that it was just the writer in him itching to see what kind of material he would get inspired with by being with you.)
Once you got over his flirtatious side, you discovered that he was actually so much fun to be around. 
You were his partner for a reason.
After a long day of playing detective, you treated Arthur to some crepes from a shop that you had come across while going grocery shopping with Sebastian the other day. 
Taking a stroll through the city, you always happened to find yourselves walking by La Seine and it basically became your spot. 
There weren't many people usually this time of night and Arthur was always glad to be there with you. It wasn't safe for a cute young lady such as yourself to be wandering Paris all alone.
Talking the night away, discussing everything from the little cases you handle to how things were back in your time, you found yourselves at the famous Pond des Arts. 
You told him about the love locks and how lovers would often be found there, holding hands, kissing and attaching their own padlocks and throwing the key in the river. 
He wanted to do something like that with you... he couldn’t explain why he felt that way but he just wanted to have that with you. (Boy is in love ~) 
He was definitely intrigued by the idea and deep down, he thought that it was a shame that the tradition didn’t exist yet in the Paris they lived in. 
Not knowing or understanding where you got the boldness from, you took Arthur’s hand shyly and led him over the bridge. “Love is not only between lovers, but also between friends. Next time, we’ll get the padlock and be the first people to ever put one on the bridge”. 
Soft boy couldn’t believe his eyes or ears but his heart definitely heard it loud and clear. He looked like a little boy who just got the candy he’s been begging for.  
His fingers were slightly shaking (how adorable is he?) so he laced his fingers with yours, trying to find some composure and comfort through your touch. 
He wanted more but for now, this is more than what he would ever dream of. It was a sliver of happiness that he didn’t know he would ever feel. 
“Will you let me kiss you too, then?” 
Cue: you not functioning anymore. 
Come on, Arthur. Don’t push it.
Believe me, after tonight, he’ll be writing about you every single day (more than he already has been). 
Hope you enjoyed this 💜 Please feel free to leave comments/feedback! Masterlist
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janumun · a year ago
OH MY GOD THOSE PREGNANCY HEADCANONS WERE AMAZING!! When you get the chance do you mind doing the same for Vincent! Because (IRL Vincent van Gogh fangirl here 👀👀) it's shown (historically at least) in some of his letters to Theo that Vincent really craved having a wife and children but could never make it happen. So sweet sunshine boy would be so happy and grateful, I think! Okay I'm done talking your ear off now! Thanks!! Love your work!!! 💙🌻
My doors are always open for precious angel Vincent talk. I think I didn’t care much either way before Doctor Who hit me with their Van Gogh episode and then I died a slow, weepy death. 
Vincent and children though (!!!!!!) 
Here you are. Happy Reading!
Vincent finding out his MC is pregnant
Tumblr media
 Vincent is so overwhelmed, he’s struck speechless when you break the news to him, somewhat apprehensively.
You’ve been married for a while now, and while you both haven’t properly talked of having children yet, you haven’t been using contraception either.
And now here you were, breaking the news to him, all of a sudden.
The longer Vincent remains silent, the greater your mounting anxiety becomes worse. You notice the fine sheen of fluid in his eyes a second before it trails down his cheeks to drip onto his paint streaked fingers. Suddenly, he’s crying, big angelic tears and you’re downright panicking now, distressed hands fluttering around him as you try to figure out why he’s so sad.
You’re just about to backtrack in your heartache over your husband crying when Vincent moves to wrap gentle arms around your body, tear strained face sinking into your tummy as he whispers in fits of sobs and laughter. “Thank you… thank you so much.”
“I’m going to be a father? Haha, I can hardly believe it. Thank you for loving me, thank you for loving me so, thank you –”
Vincent insists on painting you throughout the various stages of your pregnancy.
He has loved having you as the subject of his paintings even before you got pregnant and he didn’t think much else could give him as much joy but oh, how wonderfully wrong he was.
When your eyes meet from over his canvas, the rosy glow diffuse and dainty across your cheeks, the steadily growing bulge of your stomach turning you radiant in his eyes with every passing day, it’s too much to take. Vincent is gasping softly at the sight, a happy, grateful smile taking his features as genuine as the praise that naturally flows from his lips.
“My wife is the loveliest thing to have ever existed. You honor me with your love every day. You make me so happy.”
These paintings, he keeps hung over the walls of his room, there are so many, you can’t even catch a glimpse of a single bare strip of wall now. You’re all smiles in his devoted works, in some, your laughter so brilliant, Vincent feels himself smiling along whenever he chances a look up at your content face, his heart lighter and his world much brighter.
 Vincent is super attentive to any and all of your needs.
“Do you think the baby is cold?” He asks in all seriousness, moving to warm his hands with small puffs of breath before placing them against your bare belly, lightly rubbing circles into the skin. “There, does that feel better?” Baby blues, bright and as warm as the hands on your skin are staring into your eyes anxiously and you melt under that gaze, smiling as you nod at him.
Vincent also just loves to sit at your side quietly, talking to the child in your stomach.
When you asked him once why he likes to talk to the baby so very often, he replied, all solemn, “I want them to know I’m their father. They’re going to recognize their mother because they’re growing in you and they recognize your warmth. I should work hard to make them recognize me as well. It’s father-child bonding!”
You’re bursting into laughter, moving to kiss the top of his head in love and appreciation.
Your child is going to have the most amazing father in the entire world.
Vincent has always been a dreamer.
You often catch him zoning out, sitting out on the balcony or in the gardens, staring into space, lost in his own thoughts.
Vincent’s picturing what the baby is going to be like, whether they’ll have their mother’s lovely smile, how chubby their cheeks will be, whether their eyes would be yours or his.
He often worries because he has heard some babies cry more than most and he wonders what your baby is going to be like. He’s fully determined to do all he can to make them laugh though, if they are indeed a noisy little angel.
He’s going to doodle small colorful flowers on the back of their hands (it always makes you laugh when he does that!), or perhaps carry them to all his favorite flower fields across the city. He’s going to coo them to sleep although Vincent doesn’t consider himself a very good singer.
He’s going to do everything he can to keep their cries from tiring you out too much in your post pregnancy period, and he’s determined to let you recuperate well. He’s also very excited to meet the baby. He already loves them so very much.
But Vincent reckons he’d have to ask for your help and disturb your rest every now and then, when he’s at a loss or when the baby needs to be fed.
Vincent feels a happy smile spreading across his face.
He can’t wait for your family to grow.
Bonus (after the baby is born)
Theo is having a staring contest with your baby boy, squatted down to his eye level and they’ve both just been silently… staring at each other for a long while now; sapphire edged scowl meeting open-mouthed, wide-eyed stare.
Theo is the one to speak up first. “Kneel, kid.”
And your baby immediately goes down on all fours, gurgling and laughing, happy cooing sounds directed Theo’s way who wears a smile of smug satisfaction.
He did not just make your baby do a dog trick!
“Theo.” Vincent is calling out from where he’s helping you prep dinner ingredients at the kitchen table, smiling wanly as he shakes his head at him.
“Your kid is one obedient little runt, brother. I like him.”
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crimson-snowfall · a year ago
Hi! I love your blog sm!! Can I please get hcs how would Theo and Napoleon(seperate) reacts when their s/o enter their room accidentally and see them naked? owo NSFW if you don't mind! Thank you
Okay I’m not that good with smut yet so this won’t be that detailed but it’s certainly NSWF-ish enough I guess?
[NSFW] Ikevamp HC request: MC walking in on them naked (Napoleon & Theo)
You were caught completely off guard because normally Napoleon would still be asleep around that time.
Napoleon just took off the last piece of clothing from his body when you came in. Both of you were equally surprised when it happened, but naturally the emperor recover quickly.
You promptly apologized as you overcame the first wave of shock and were about to leave the room when Napoleon pulled you in, locking the door behind you.
“What’s this, nunuche? Leaving without even a single good morning kiss?”
The two of you have been together for quite some time already but you still haven’t gotten over the waves of embarrassment when you see his well-toned body.
“Napoleon… I thought you were still asleep.”
Your lover smiled a litte from your embarrassed state, but he’s not one to keep on teasing. “Well, I’m not… but waking up early certainly comes with its own surprises.”
Napoleon gestured to his painfully hard erection, and you were kind of glad his back was turned against you when you entered the room. Who knows how loudly you would’ve reacted if that was the first thing you saw?
He pulled you into one, long passionate kiss before making quick work of your clothes. Then he turned you on your back and pinned you against the door.
“N-Napoleon? Are we really–mmmm!” Leaving you no room to protest, he left a trail of hot kisses from your neck down to the middle of your back, before a pair of strong hands gave your butt a strong squeeze.
“You smell much nicer in the morning, nunuche,” Napoleon’s words were a mere whisper as he breathed on your neck as he showered it with kisses, “you smell so nice I bet you’ll wear my scent better if I ruin you here and now, against my door.”
That was all the warning you got from your aroused emperor before he plunged his erection deep inside you, and you thought your lips were gonna bleed from how hard you had to bite down just so you wouldn’t end up a screaming mess as he took you relentlessly from the get go.
You wanted to tell him that his room is literally in the middle of the mansion so people would be passing by from both sides, but alas, your dear emperor thinks nothing of it.
“Moan for me, nunuche. Let them know you’re mine.”
Instead of getting to tell him that everyone already knows you’re his with how many times he’s did you against furniture on various places in the mansion, all you could do was obey as his length teared deeper into you.
You ended up sleeping in for the rest of the day with how much Napoleon has exhausted you. The knowing looks the other residents gave you during dinnertime pretty much told you that they heard everything, just as Napoleon had intended to.
It’s been only a week since you officially got together with Theo, so you still haven’t gotten over that stage of admiring his naked body when you walked in on him.
“Oi hondje. What’s that look for? I just gave you your treats last night.” While that may be true, it’s been two hours since you returned to your room to get a fresh change of clothes and relax your sore muscles a little, and by this time you would’ve expected him to be all dressed up and ready for breakfast.
Peeling your eyes off his body which you thought was probably sculpted by the gods of the heavens above was nearly impossible, and before you knew it, Theo was next to you, towering your little form.
Theo had a smug smile that suited him very well as he lifted up your chin to meet his deep blue eyes. “Like what you see, hondje?”
You didn’t say anything, but perhaps in Theo’s eyes you were practically drooling like a mad dog. He carried you off effortlessly and threw you on to his bed, where you landed with a gentle thud.
“If you want me that much, then I guess you have no qualms about having each other for breakfast then?” He ripped off your clothes with his vampiric strength, but Theo gave you no time to protest about it as you immediately find him between your legs, digging in on his prized personal pot of honey.
The slick movements of his tongue was mind numbing, and you only realized that the contact was gone when he switched placed with you and you’re now on top of him.
“Ride me, hondje. Ride your master good… and I just might give you more treats for dinner.” He rubbed his erection against your wetness and placed your hands on where you wanted it the most– his deliciously beefy abs.
You rode him with reckless abandon, ignoring the soreness still present on your limbs from last night. You just can’t pass up on the opportunity to have more of him, so you did him as if your life depended on it, until your body couldn’t take it anymore and you collapsed on top of him, a shivering mass of pleasure-addicted hondje.
“What a naughty hondje.” Theo smiled in satisfaction and took charge from there, taking you firmly but not so much as to minimize the strain on your body, after all he had promised the night to you.
You still tried to work afterwards, but Theo said he can’t possibly let the other residents seeing you walk around with a limp. “It’s more appealing than you think, hondje.” And because Theo found it appealing, it sounded like a promise that there’s more limping mornings to come for you if you so wished for it.
Tumblr media
So anyway I’m in a bit of a rush when I wrote this on my phone so I haven’t been able to proofread at all so pardon any typos as always and thanks for your patience!
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ikemen-imagines-and-art · 6 months ago
[⚜️IkeVamp⚜️ Scenario/Headcanon] Reactions to Reader Calling Them Cute
🦅 Napoleon 😴
He sort of blinks first.
“Cute? You think I’m cute?”
He then smirks at you and lifts your face by your chin before you can confirm that that is indeed what you think.
“Are you sure you want to begin this game right now?”
Expect an avalanche of kisses.
“There, touché~. Oh and by the way, you’re cute too~”
🎶 Mozart 🎹
Cue him giving you the side glare.
“Are you saying this because you want something out of me?”
When you say you aren’t, he just makes a “tch” noise and gets back to writing his new music.
But of course you don’t miss the soft pink coloring his cheeks.
😘 Leonardo 💤
He smirks at you.
“Hmm~? Where is this coming from all of a sudden?”
He pulls you in his lap and snuggles you, making you flustered.
“May I remind you how adorable YOU are~?”
He teases you with compliments, making you blush at every word.
🎨 Vincent 🌻
His eyes widen a bit and he smiles.
“Aww thank you~ So are you! Adorable even~!”
He then gives you a smile that’s brighter than a thousand suns.
You literally feel love and positivity radiate from him.
He also pinches your cheek gently, and chuckles when you blush.
🧳 Theo 🖼
He raises an eyebrow at you.
“Hm? Cute? I’m not the dog here.”
He follows that up by poking your cheek.
“What do you want from me, a treat? Is that why you’re showering me with flattery?”
He follows that up with a boyish smirk that makes you melt.
Before you can say anything, he sweeps you in his arms and takes you to the bedroom where the cuddles commence.
💋 Arthur 📖
Arthur gives you that somewhat unreadable gaze.
And then makes you practically almost swoon by following that up with a charming smirk.
“My my~ Is the little bird trying to serenade me with her song~?”
Yes, yes you are trying to serenade him with your song.
What happens after this is all up to you~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
🍎 Isaac 🍏
He almost chokes on his apple pie
You’re almost scared by his outburst but then begin to laugh, repeating yourself.
He calms down a bit.
“O-Oh. W-Well… thank you I guess.”
He remains red faced for hours and, unfortunately, is the subject of teasing during the entire time.
🖋 Dazai 🎏
His initial reaction is similar to Napoleon’s where he just blinks at you.
But he follows that up with this adorable playful grin.
“Why, aren’t you a flatterer~?”
He then embraces you.
“But I think you’re the cutest one here~ And I want to prove it to you.”
He proceeds to tickle you mercilessly, enjoying your laughter while chuckling at the cute scene.
⚔️ Jean 😢
His eyes widen in shock at your words.
Like, he actually felt time stop for a split second.
“I’m… what…?”
You repeat yourself and he says, “Mademoiselle… why do you say such things?”
You can sense the disbelief in his tone and explain, insisting that you mean what you say.
It takes some time to convince him, and you feel at ease when, despite the long silence, he nods, a faint blush on his cheeks.
“I… hm. Thank you, (Name).”
⏳ Comte 💛
He has a slight look of surprise at first, but follows it up with a smile.
“Wow, that was slightly unexpected but thank you, (Name)~ You flatter me~”
He proceeds to tell you that you look dazzling today, to which you smile and thank him.
It’s a short and sweet exchange that leaves both of you feeling happy, and it ends with a kiss as a sweet cherry on top.
💁‍♂️ Sebastian 📔
His first reaction is to give you a slightly confused glance and then laugh.
“Where’s this coming from?” He asks.
You pout and blush and he chuckles, reassuring you that he’s just kidding and that he appreciates the compliment.
He then suddenly kisses you, leaving you a flustered blushing mess, and Sebastian definitely feels proud after that.
🎭 William 🔪
“Hm? Cute, you say?”
He chuckles before standing from his desk, making his way towards you.
“But my love, I can never compare to you~ Your large doe eyes, your lush lips, the way your hair frames your lovely face… it makes me want to hold you and never let go~”
His palm caresses your cheek.
Soon, you’re in his warm embrace, listening to his heartbeat.
And as he said, he doesn’t let you go anytime soon.
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kashimalin-fanfiction · a year ago
IkeVamp Suitors: Modern Day Date Nights
Tumblr media
Characters: All Ikemen Vampire Suitors!
Overall Rating: General
Tagging: @shrimpalompa (Thank you for the art you give the fandom! Your IkeVamp Moods are a Mood™)
•  [Here’s where I’d put links… if Tumblr allowed them. Please click on my blog to view more of my work!!] • Requests are Closed, but Commissions are Open! •
Tumblr media
Napoleon: He’s going to take you to a concert or opera! Napoleon is a huge fan of classical music, having refined his tastes to the point that he tells you he enjoys Italian operas more than German or French ones. When you actually attend, you can tell that he is holding back his opinions and feelings about the performance. The works that you see are ones by older composers – but you have managed to drag him to some concerts that consist of works by all twenty-first century composers or are made up of all modern works. He will find himself enjoying them by the end, trying to talk to the performers afterwards about their interpretations of the work… but that does not stop him from getting the kisses you promised him for attending.
Mozart: He is a composer on the contemporary music scene. Mozart writes works that are not as modern as some of his peers, but he gets commissions for major symphony orchestra and top tier soloists from around the world. A wealth of opportunities are at his fingertips, and this most recent one was an acceptance to be an artist-in-residence at a museum. This grant – which allows him to live at the museum and take inspiration from the art displayed there – gives him access to the museum after hours. He invites you to stay with him some nights, and the two of you explore the museum with only security for company.  Lengthy discussions are had about the different works on display, discussing their significance for when they were made and their impact on society today. Mozart swears the ideas he gets are better when you are around and is happy you are there with him.
Leonardo: Despite his terrible dancing, Leonardo has a lesser skill still – one that has created a distrust of icy surfaces. You have seen him suffer a couple spills while walking in the wintertime, hitting the ground and hurting his back. So why do you drag him to the ice rink? In order to help him stay on his feet when he slips! Leonardo will drag his heels and refuse to step onto the rink until you promise to make it up to him when you get home – and then clings to you or the wall when his feet are actually on the ice. The difference in height and stature makes people stare at the two of you, and Leonardo will fall a couple times, inadvertently taking you with him. When your time on the rink is over and his feet are back on stable ground, he will mutter that you definitely owe him kisses when you get home.
Arthur: It’s time for a Sweets Tour! When Arthur hits a block in his writing or when you get a craving for something with sugar, the two of you will take a car ride. Whether you hit up a popular bakery, get soft serve, or hit up a food truck that is serving an exclusive dessert, you’re always on the prowl for some sort of sugary goodness. Impromptu dates are very common, especially when one of you gets an e-mail or read an article about some hit new attraction that needs taste-testing. You will both get different flavors in order to try the different kinds, and there are times when you find that you like Arthur’s treat over your own and ask to trade!
Vincent: A staple of your relationship is having picnics. Whether in the park, at the beach, or nestled in the woods, the two of you take the time to carry a blanket and basket out and set it up. There is something very peaceful about having a picnic and watching children play with their parents, or seeing people make sandcastles on the coastline. Vincent loves to experiment with new recipes, packing the basket in secret so you can’t see what he’s made until you’re settled in. The catch? You also have these picnics in late fall and during winter. While those picnics are closer to home, a nice thermos of hot chocolate and warm desserts make for a fun, quick meal before the cold forces you to move around and have a snowball fight to stay warm!
Theodorus: Theo finds himself out for dinner many nights of the week, whether having a celebratory dinner with a new artist who just sold a major work, or meeting with an art gallery curator. This is what makes your homecooked meals so special – they are private, intimate, and allow him to enjoy a quiet evening in with you. Theo is the perfect partner to your cooking, flipping through recipe books over breakfast in the morning and picking up the ingredients on the way home. He will taste test anything you hold up, and wash the dishes after with no complaint, no matter how many you ended up using. And what happens if Theo has time in the morning to enjoy a breakfast that isn’t a banana or cereal? You will make pancakes while he’s in the shower, and having him step up behind you and shower the back of your neck with kisses makes it worth it.
Dazai: A walk. Yes, you heard that right – Dazai enjoys taking walks with only you for company. They are spent holding hands, with elbows linked, or just walking in step with each other. Others might think this to be absolutely boring, but you find that Dazai makes them special in their own way. In one instance, you stopped on a bridge over a river: a parasol over both your heads, and a family of ducks swimming underneath you. In another, you might happen upon an interesting restaurant, one tucked away on a side street you would never think to travel down. His aimless wanders have no destinations, but you are more than happy to follow him.
Isaac: It’s a surprise when Isaac asks to go to the arcade. You asked if he was more interested in figuring out how the machines work, but it turns out that he enjoys playing them just for fun. He finds that there is nothing more satisfying than getting that high score, and you can’t help but stare when you see the smile on his face, lit up by all the screens. Once in a while, you will pop a kiss on those adorable lips, which never fails to embarrass him. When the two of you compete against each other, he actively tries to not beat you. He thinks he’s being sly while doing so, but you can always tell – his swerves into the line of fire are more aggressive than they need to be.
Jean: Jean is not one for going out in public and for making huge declarations about your relationship. Date nights are not out and about – they are in and comfortable. One of your most recent ideas has been “seasonal celebrations,” where you enjoy the current holiday by doing something together. On Valentine’s Day, you stayed in the kitchen all day, using chocolate molds and melting milk, dark, and white chocolate to pour inside. The two of you made your own chocolate boxes and gifted them to each other, eating them after dinner. Near Halloween, you carve pumpkins and set them on the step, lighting them one evening to enjoy. But his favorite so far? A slow drive through town to see everyone’s holiday lights – because your face lights up just as brilliantly as they do.
Shakespeare: Due to his love and appreciation for any kind of scented product, going on a date with Shakespeare will involve a slight detour to a beauty shop or a candle store. You will cycle what kind of place you stop buy – in order to let the seasonal scents or product displays cycle out – but when you stop by, you will always walk out with something. The two of you will circle the whole store twice, opening any jars that catch your eye to check out. If you like it, you will hold it out to the other – if not, it gets sealed back up and goes right back on the shelf. Shakespeare finds a great joy in picking out perfumes, spraying them on your wrist and breathing them in, wondering how they blend with your natural aroma. If he loves it, a small kiss will be placed to your wrist before he asks if you can buy it. You both buy the smallest bottles or the tiniest candles available so that they don’t pile up at home, but the journey to buying them is what you enjoy most.
Saint-Germain: You’re in a book club for two! Since Saint-Germain travels a lot for his job, often flying home in the middle of weekends to spend a sparse twenty-four hours with you, the two of you make sure to find a day or two each month when you are both off work. On these days, you discuss the book that you have been reading over the past couple of weeks. He has introduced you to historical novels and plays, which are always more interesting than you give them credit for. After a while, these book club dates started becoming more important to the two of you, and you started making themed foods to enjoy for lunch. The personal library in your house only grows as you buy copies of the titles you enjoyed.
Sebastian: Taking community classes together! The two of you have attended several cooking, art, and language classes in your area – among many others! While you take some solo, Sebastian interested in keeping up with his kyokushin karate and you with some extra language courses, you will take as many together as possible in order to have that consistent day of the week that you spend in each other’s company. If one of you is naturally better at the class, it is not uncommon for them to help out as you practice at home, whether it’s Sebastian making sure you are trying out new cooking techniques, or you making sure that he’s using the right tools for that week’s art assignment. Bonding time is always appreciated, and these community class dates are a staple of your relationship.
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delicateikemenmemes · 11 months ago
Hello! What do you think about doing headcanons for a MC waiting for sexy times until after marriage? And what the reactions would be from Arthur, Leonardo, Napoleon, and Mozart Love you! ❤️
hey there! ngl i find it hilarious that i, a blog primarily dedicated to meme-making and shit-posting, got a genuine request for a HC that had nothing to do with my crack shitposts 😂 but i like writing too, so i’ll give this a shot! ❣ shoutout to my buds @nafeary @writer-akihiko & @juminly for helping me with these 🥰❤
(if anyone else is thinking of sending a request like this, please stick around till the end bc i’ve got some stuff to clarify ^^)
before i continue on to each suitor, i’m gonna define the parameters of physical intimacy with all the suitors since the anon didn’t specify what exactly they meant by ‘sexy times’. intimacy with each suitor is basically nothing below the waist or underneath clothes, and biting (for those of them that do bite) is done VERY occasionally bc MC is worried doing it too much would cause both of their self-control to slip (plus MC would need time to replenish her blood stock anyway so they shouldn’t be doing the Big Succ too often). MC occasionally sleeps with them in their bed (like the innocent type) but nothing beyond kissing & cuddling happens. the reason why MC would rather wait till after her man puts a ring on her to have sexy times is entirely up to you.
now on to the HCs:
this isn’t too much of an issue for napoleon bc he drinks his Respect Women Juice by the pint.
he respects your decision without question. in fact, he’s quite impressed by how you stick to your convictions & beliefs, even though in the time you came from people had far more casual attitudes towards sex. and he falls even deeper in love with you bc of your strength in your convictions. 
mostly, he’s just grateful to you for loving him at all and showing him what a simple, peaceful life is like, especially considering the strife you two had to get through to even get here in the first place if you know you know
he doesn’t have too much trouble holding himself back from biting you, since the one (1) time he did bite you was after you were abducted and he got stabbed several times, so yeah, not exactly a pleasant memory associated with that bite despite the physical pleasure it brought.
though he does get worked up at times (especially when you two have a particularly steamy make-out session), he’d rather focus on enjoying the simple random acts of intimacy he shares with you instead of longing for sex. 
seriously, the littlest gestures make him melt—you greeting him when he returns home with a hug, tip-toeing to kiss him on the cheek when he swings by the kitchen to embrace you from behind (the fact that you have to tiptoe to reach him is the cutest damned thing he’s ever seen), you petting his soft hair as this lazy former emperor your wonderful boyfriend snoozes in your lap. this man is super touchy in the innocent sense (and also in the not-so innocent sense once he puts that ring on you ahem), so please keep running your hands over him; it ruins him. (but not too much bc he doesn’t want to lose control.)
one time he does come close to snapping? the both of you are up in his garret once more, making out with you straddling his lap. you start to feel something brush against your inner thigh, and perhaps against your better judgement you decide to mess around with him a little just to see how he’d react. 
as he deepens the kiss even more, you run your hands over his broad shoulders, his defined jawline, and ‘round the back of his head to tug lightly on his hair. he’s groaning into your mouth, his hands tightening on your waist. delighted, you continue tugging, eliciting more groans from him.
“nunuche... what do you think you’re doing?”
innocently, you bat your lashes at him. “i don’t know. what do you think i’m doing?”
his jade eyes darken, and his jaw clenches. “you said you wanted to wait until we were married before doing anything of that nature. i want to respect your wishes, but if you’ve changed your mind then i’m more than happy to take you right now.”
whoops, looks like you took the teasing too far; you can feel it against your inner thigh too. sheepishly, you clamber off his lap and murmur an apology. he huffs something that sounds like “yeah, that’s what i thought” under his breath.
(but then he pulls you in for a cuddle and kisses your forehead, so it’s safe to say you’ve been forgiven.)
when he’s feeling extremely riled up and he’s worried about his self-control slipping again, he’ll grab jean from wherever the hell he’s hidden himself and drag him off to spar. it’s a good thing for him that jean isn’t the type to tease, bc the bulge in his pants and his flushed cheeks are rather hard to miss (forgive the pun).
this isn’t a problem for mozart either, since he’s a good catholic boi and intends to follow the letter of God’s word down to the last brush stroke. (i don’t think his religion was ever brought up in-game but IRL mozart was brought up in a devout catholic family so we’re going with this, aight?)
however, this means he also gets intensely guilty for thinking horny thoughts of you on occasion. that time you accidentally dropped something in front of him and bent over to pick it up? girl, you have NO IDEA the things you were doing to the poor guy.
and him not exactly being the king of communication, he storms out of the room in a flustered mess, afraid he would snap and attack you in a fit of lust. it took the combined efforts of sebastian & jean who happened to see him headed towards the entrance to keep him from going MIA again.
“we are NOT having a repeat of that, herr mozart! there is only so much of you vanishing without a word she can take! in fact, there is only so much of that that i can take!”
“mozart. if there’s a problem, talk to the mademoiselle. you would just break her heart if you disappeared again.”
mozart grumbles under his breath about the meddling butler and his arguably more meddling friend, but secretly he’s grateful. he remembers how torn-up his liebe was the first time he did that, and the guilt of nearly causing you the same pain a second time threatens to swallow him up. 
so he heads up to your room to apologise & explain what happened earlier. you listen with an open mind, and then thank him for being honest with you once he’s done (you have to reinforce him for trying, alright, since this isn’t something he’s used to doing).
after some discussion, the both of you come up with a code to signal to each other when things become a bit ‘too much’ (or in mozart’s case, if his friend downstairs is starting to make an unwelcome appearance).
your love becomes even stronger after overcoming this hurdle. you two don’t use the code too much as time goes on bc you’ve become accustomed to what the other is comfortable with. though one morning you have to sneak out from his arms bc his morning wood was pressing against you and you were starting to feel... temptations. he’s miffed when he wakes up and finds you not in his arms, so you have to make it up to him with some hot chocolate and lots of kisses (he is one spoiled genius pianist lmao).
when he does get overly horny, he vents on his piano—mostly playing whatever comes to mind and on occasion, accidentally creating some sultry tunes that makes your face burn hotter than a volcano when you pass by his piano room while doing your chores. (hmm imagine what mozart could create if you introduced the saxophone to him? *insert careless whisper, mozart rendition*)
when will this man NOT take the opportunity to tease you? (“sure i can’t convince you to change your mind, cara mia?”)
but it’s all just teasing, bc at the end of the day he loves you dearly and wouldn’t dare do anything to make you upset.
after all, never in his long & painfully lonely life did he ever imagine someone loving him the way you do, and that’s all that truly matters to him. he will gladly wait till he’s made you his wife to make love to you as you deserve.
though he probably toes the line a couple times bc he is HORNY af. he’s so smitten with you, and poor guy’s probably been touch-starved before you arrived (if we’re not assuming he & comte had a... thing in the past), he needs to be touching you in some way whenever you’re together.
if in the heat of the moment he nearly forgets himself and his hand is sneaking its way under your skirt, he’ll hastily pull away and apologise. might even take you out somewhere nice to make up for it, if you’re not busy with chores. and if you are, he’ll help you out (gotta make use of your boyfriend’s height to reach those high places, after all) and then take you out.
the one thing that can calm his raging hormones down? his cigarillos. so if you catch him smoking, you can safely assume he was feeling especially horny earlier.
when you two have been together for several years, leonardo’s going to start thinking of marriage. given his family situation, marrying you is going to be a little complicated, but he doesn’t care—all he wants is to be with you for the rest of your life. so he goes & pesters comte about booking a church and getting his family off his back.
(let’s be real, he threatens to elope with you unless comte got to it at once. and though comte takes shots back at leonardo masked under his usual gentlemanly manner, comte agrees, bc he doesn’t want to miss out on the wedding of his dearest friend and the woman who’s also become quite dear to him.)
he makes sure EVERYTHING is in place—the ring, the venue, your gown (that he designed himself), the food, the after-party—before popping the big question to you. only leonardo & his endless reserves of big dick energy confidence would have the entire wedding ready before formally proposing to you. i say ‘formal’ bc you two have talked about getting married before, so you know he’s going to officially propose with the ring on bended knee, just not when. you say ‘yes’ with the most beautiful beam he’s ever seen and a few tears glistening in your eyes—the most breathtaking sight he’s ever seen, and that’s saying a lot coming from him. in that moment, he’s never been more convinced that he is the luckiest being alive.
practically bursting with joy and love, he thrusts the gown at you and says sebas will bring you to the church. at this point you can’t even be shocked that you’re getting married right away, bc you know your man and that he loves to go above & beyond for you.
BEWARE: once you two are married, you’ll hardly get a moment of rest. leonardo needs to bang practically every night for the first, like, month or so of your marriage to satiate his appetite. you’ll be very busy during your honeymoon, not even able to walk in a straight line some mornings. (hint: he is every bit as big and skilled you think he is, and then some more  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
there’s a misunderstanding at first. the poor guy’s demons have come out to play, whispering to him that no matter what he does he will never be good enough for you, or that you don’t want to have sex with him bc of his history with, like, half the women in paris, among other aspects of his past.
he doesn’t want to say it, though, bc he hates looking uncool in front of you. 
so instead of communicating his problems, he spends the next few days lavishing you with gifts and attention in hopes of proving himself to you. when you enter his room while he’s working, he drops pretty much everything and sweeps you out for a shopping trip.
seriously, is he trying to buy you the whole of paris or something? (you know if he could he would; he’d give you the world, the sun, moon, and stars, anything your pretty mind could ever dream of bc he loves you that much.)
at first you’re a little bemused, but you don’t mind the pampering. it’s just his way of showing his love, after all, and you’ve come to accept it after your initial bashfulness.
but after a while, you start to get a suspicion that he’s been neglecting his latest manuscript. you sneak into his room to snoop one evening while he’s out drinking with theo—and sure enough he hasn’t made any progress since the last time you checked, which was a few days before the Great Pampering started.
you decide to wait till the next day to talk to him about this bc he was more than a little buzzed when he and theo came tottering back home from the pub. it takes some prodding and your best puppy eyes, but eventually he relents.
when he finally tells you what’s been bothering him, you can’t help but giggle. seriously? he nearly wrung his wallet dry all bc you said you wanted to wait till you two were married before having sex. you have to quickly quiet your giggles though, bc your poor boyfriend’s looking like a puppy that got its tail trodden on.
you hastily reassure him that your wish to wait has nothing to do with him—it’s all you. you explain to him your reasons, and make it crystal clear that you love him and do want to have sex with him eventually.
he’s so relieved he could cry, but that would be uncool (or so he tells himself), so instead he throws his arms around you and gives you the biggest kiss on your lips. 
after taking your breath away, he presses his forehead against yours and whispers, “oh, thank heavens. i love you so much, my sweet dove. i love you, i love you.”
he’s definitely more than a little embarrassed about misunderstanding you and overreacting, so he makes some dumb joke to cover up like, “well, since you want to wait till we’re husband and wife before we make love, why don’t you meet me in the church in a couple hours? i promise i’ll give you a night to remember after that. many nights, in fact~”
(he doesn’t actually pull a leonardo though don’t worry)
in a bit of a strange mind-fuck, he also ‘makes’ you bet him that he wouldn’t be able to control himself, just so he can counter-bet you and say he could and he would.
“what, you need to make this a game just to keep yourself in line?”
“of course not, my dear. whatever your choice is, i’ll respect it. but the bet does make it more fun, doesn’t it? and when i win, i want to claim your body. for seven days and seven night straight at least. we’re not leaving my room till we’re both satisfied.”
the idea is so tempting, a part of you just wants to throw yourself at him and have him take you here and now. he sees that, and his eyes gleam with amusement. but you’re going to stick to your convictions, no matter what your body wants, so with a grit of your teeth you agree to his terms.
(it’s a long game spanning several years, which he ends up winning obviously. but honestly? you’re not terribly upset about your loss. and with how good he is, it feels like your victory too.)
so that’s that! thanks for sending this request! i had fun writing this :)
though i think i should clear something up: i’m NOT a writing blog. well, not exactly. i’ve written stuff—both crack & serious—but i wouldn’t say that’s the main thing i do here. i post writing stuff on occasion bc my imagination runs wild, and i’m too lazy to create & run another blog just for writing (this is already my so-called ‘side’ blog). so if you guys just want headcanons about a certain scenario with some characters, there are a bunch of other great ikevamp writing blogs out there (i gave some of them a shoutout at the beginning of this post—do check their stuff out 😍). personally, i don’t really take ‘requests’ bc that’s just not my style; that’s not how my inspiration works. of course, if it’s something you’re dying for me specifically to write, please feel free to slide into my inbox :-) but i don’t make any promises bc, like i said, my writing brain functions on random independent bursts of inspiration. (though if it’s a meme you want, then it’s a meme you’ll get 😉)
btw it’s not my intention to make you feel bad, dear anon! i’m just saying this for the benefit of others in case they see this and are thinking of asking me for HCs too. i’m honoured that out of the many writing blogs in the fandom, you asked me for my take on this scenario ❤ 
rules + masterlist
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crimson-snowfall · a year ago
I like your HC about the drunken MC:) May I get the HC for Theo and Isaac if they were the drunken ones and find their MC in bedroom after drinking with Arthur (Theo) or Leo (Isaac) Hope you understand what I mean, english is not my mother language
Sorry this took long, I expected the first week of uni to be chill but hecc no it wasn’t ;w; Mentions of sex ahead but nothing too detailed as always
Ikevamp HC request: Drunk!Theo and Drunk!Isaac
You giggled as you heard Theo cursing from the hallway. Arthur must’ve won in their little game that night, and you could hear the flirtatious author teasing and taunting your lover, aggravating him further.
You opened the door to find Arthur about to knock, supporting a very drunk Theo on his shoulders. Usually it’s the other way round, but Arthur got particularly peeved the other day when Theo brought up about how Arthur is such a terrible drunk. Tonight’s incident must be his revenge.
Arthur was obviously drunk himself but not as drunk the angry drunk beside him. Once the two of you have finally set Theo down on his bed, Arthur tried flirting with you. He almost landed a kiss on your forehead when a pillow came flying to intercept and landed square on his face.
“GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE BEFORE I KILL YOU WITH MY BARE HANDS, YOU FUCKING KLOOTZAK!” Your lover was fuming with rage, while his friend seemed to be out of sorts from the impact of the pillow.
With that, you hurriedly ushered Arthur out of the room before he does anything to further enrage angry drunk Theo. Sebastian happened to be passing by and volunteered to take Arthur to his room.
Theo has calmed down a little now that his nuisance of a friend is finally gone, but he is still evidently upset that Arthur tried to make a move on you, in front of him no less. The moment you were within his reach, Theo had you pinned down on his bed, smothering your forehead with fiery kisses.
“Hondje is mine. Won’t let that bastard’s stench cling on to you.” Theo then proceeded to kiss every inch of exposed skin on your clothed body, and when that wasn’t enough, he began taking off your clothes.
“…Theo, he didn’t even get to touch me.”
“Don’t care. I want you.” The movement of his hands as he stripped you were rather erratic, so you helped him before he gets too impatient with the buttons of your blouse and rips it off, just like last time. “How did you end up this drunk anyway, Theo?”
“Don’t know, don’t ask,” was all he said in response before his mouth crashed against the bare skin of your chest, hungry for your flesh. Soon enough you smelled of Theo and his alcohol.
After licking you all up, he switched places with you, straddling you against his hips. “Take lead, hondje.” Theo commanded in a husky voice, eyes dark with drunken lust.
Theo rarely gives you the opportunity to be in charge, so that night was a golden opportunity, and you’re not about to mess it up. This time, you’ll make him feel so good that he’ll be compelled to let you take charge more often.
You fucked Theo so good that the next morning he woke up hungover with pleasure, and he could still feel you on his skin even though you weren’t exactly next to him.
He walked over to you by the mirror where you were fixing your hair and embraced you from behind, planting a kiss on your nape.
“Who told you its acceptable to have me wake up without you in my arms after spending a night with me, hondje?”
You only turned around and kissed him good morning on the lips in response. A smug smile formed on his lips as he breathed in your scent.
As much as Theo would want to keep things that way, he figured it would be too much to have you work around smelling like him and alcohol… and the lovebites on your neck are more than enough proof of who your master is.
The two of you still have an hour before breakfast, so he took you to the thermae. “It’s a master’s job to bathe his hondje, so come with me.”
Isaac absolutely detests drinking alcohol because of his abysmal tolerance. However, if there’s one person in the mansion aside from you that he can’t just bring himself to say no to, it has to be Leonardo since Isaac idolizes this man a lot.
Leo promised that they won’t be drinking anything hard. True to his words, the liquor didn’t emit any strong odor and the alcoholic taste was rather faint in contrast to its surprisingly sweet flavor.
Normally it would take Isaac just a couple of drinks to start feeling tipsy, so he took a few more drinks, relishing the flavor without any apparent signs of the consequences yet. Leo just watched on in mild amusement.
Isaac was enjoying the feeling of drinking and not showing any signs of intoxication that he might’ve drank too fast and eagerly for his own good. By the time the sudden intoxication kicked in, he had about twice as much as Leo had.
“A fine bottle of sweet liquor, but I’m afraid you mustn’t have too much in such little time,” Leo took the glass from the dazed Isaac’s trembling hands, before taking him up to his room.
You just finished sorting through the books Isaac left earlier when the pureblood invited him for a drink when you heard a knock on the door. You opened it to see Leo supporting your half-asleep lover on his shoulder.
Isaac is fairly lightweight so you had no trouble taking him from Leo and leading him down to the bed yourself. You sent off Leo with a few words of gratitude for looking after your lover.
You just finished tucking the sleepy drunk in his bed and were about to leave when he pulled you down next to him. He had the familiar reddish tint on his cheeks that matched his hair, and the expression he wore at that time made him look rather vulnerable.
Isaac wrapped you in a tight embrace and nuzzled against crook of your neck. “Stay…” he pleaded you with his soft voice. Of course, you obliged and voiced your agreement by returning his embrace and with a kiss on the top of his head.
The two of you stayed in that position for a while, with Isaac licking and kissing your neck and every now and then, but never biting down like he normally would when he’s giving your neck some attention.
When he finally pulled back, Isaac had a dreamy look in his eyes as he looked at you.
“You know what… I think I never told you this before… but… you’re so beautiful.”
While Isaac wasn’t very good with expressing his emotions, you were pretty sure that at least at one point he has called you beautiful. Perhaps it’s a side effect of the alcohol? This wasn’t the first time you tended to a drunk Isaac though, and the last time he basically turned into a giant blob of sex hormones and did you until he himself passed out from drunken exhaustion.
“In fact… you’re so beautiful… I had to look up on the skies to make sure that the universe is still there…”
“Because you’re… more beautiful… than all of the galaxies combined. Ridiculous it may seem… I thought that the universe… may have taken human form.” His speech may be sluggish, but your lover sure isn’t holding back from dishing out sweet words. Considering the sweet scent of his breath, did he perhaps turn into a giant ball of fluff this time? Or is this him being honest with his feelings as a typical consequence of drunkenness?
Isaac cupped your cheeks affectionately and squeezed it softly. “Beautiful. Lovely. Tasty. You’re the goddess I want to… believe in. What more… can I ask for?”
His sudden change in behavior is starting to get to you and before long you were redder than an apple, not being used to showered with such tooth-rooting sweet words.
Isaac went on for another half an hour praising you and confessing even his naughtiest thoughts about you, and halfway through you just ran out of words that you could just nod in acknowledgement of his words as you repeatedly attempt to hide your face on his chest, only to have him sabotage your attempts by capturing your lips in soft but warm kisses.
Isaac eventually fell asleep, but he kept you locked up in his embrace, and his sweet words and naughty confessions kept you up half of the night. When you asked him in the morning whether he recalls everything he said last night, he grew incredibly flustered and went silent for a whole minute, averting his gaze but still not letting you go from his embrace.
Finally, he spoke in a barely audible whisper, growing redder with each word. “Whether I was drunk or not… I think I meant most of the things I said last night.”
Tumblr media
If I’m not mistaken, “klootzak” means “asshole” in Dutch
Last three requests to be posted within this week or until next next week, I’m still working on the last 2 fics of my fic series for this month so yup
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shookspearewrites · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Y’all know that I’m a sucker for domestic fluff, huh? 🥺 Thank you so so much for this super cute request, my dearest anon!
- JJ x
Leonardo Da Vinci:
He is the most gentle, caring father in the world and completely ready to take on all of the challenges of fatherhood. Leonardo’s been preparing for the baby’s arrival since the moment he found out he was going to be a papa - He handcrafted wooden toys, a cradle and other bits of furniture for the nursery.
Leonardo has never held a baby before his own so he’s confused and doesn’t know how to do it but, he kinda figures it out with a little help for le Comte. And once he does work out how to properly hold his daughter, he’s never letting go - Leo can be seen all over the mansion with the baby in his arms. 
He read once that skin to skin contact is vital in a new-born’s development so, it becomes a regular occurrence for Leonardo to start napping shirtless with his little girl taking a nap on his chest with one of Leo’s big hands resting gently on her tiny back.
Often finds himself caught off guard by how small his daughter is: How she can only just wrap her tiny little hand around his ring finger, how her button nose is actually button sized and how short her arms and legs are. Leonardo notices it most when holding her clothes, mostly her shoes and the pantaloons she wears underneath her dresses.
Hands down, he is the most protective father around. He has his daughter in sight at all times and if he must leave her even for a minute, he recruits either le Comte or Jean to make sure his precious little girl is alright. 
Leonardo named his daughter Antonietta.
Le Comte de Saint Germain:
Comte will be in floods of happy tears for at least the first 2 weeks of twins’ lives honestly, he is overjoyed and feels so very blessed to have these two little angels in his life.
Immediately buys them some sweet little matching outfits in various colours, styles and fabrics - Definitely has the most stylish children in Paris. He’ll spend all of his time just caring for them, watching them, reading to them, the pair are almost never out of sight. He does have to enlist Leonardo to help him out because twins are a handful.
Comte will often take the babies to the music room if Mozart isn’t in there and play them gentle piano or violin music. He also sings them old French lullabies from when he was a child, hoping to fill them with rich culture from an early age + he just loves to comfort his kids. Nothing brings him more joy than the smiles and giggles that his precious children make when they’re happy and peaceful.
He can’t really work out a great schedule for the twins very quickly but if he has to keep himself awake with coffee just to care for them, then so be it. There will definitely be nights where he just doesn’t sleep but, he doesn’t care as long as his kids are happy and healthy.
Comte carries the pair around the mansion teaching them different words in French, English and Italian. Once they’re developed enough to support their own heads (sit upright without someone supporting their necks/heads) Comte will have one of them on his shoulders and the other on his hip like a koala whilst he carries them around. 
Le Comte called his son Adrien and his daughter Odette.
Theodorus van Gogh:
Theo is a great father, no doubt - He was a father in life so, he’s got a bit of experience. But, every time that he looks at his son, he is stunned speechless by this beautiful little boy that he cradles in his arms. 
He takes to parenting like a duck to water: He’s organised, he’s got his son on a great sleeping and eating schedule in a matter of days after his arrival and he’ll even manage to keep a good work/home life balance. Seriously, Theo is a machine of a man when it comes to fatherhood.
Theo will speak to / coo at his baby at every given opportunity, interacting with him as much as possible. He reads him old Dutch stories that Vincent read to him when they were kids and honestly tears up a little when he notices how much the baby looks to him with his big blue eyes and caramelly brown hair. He’ll tend to speak to his son in Dutch but of course, he won’t forget to teach him French and English too - The little boy speaks three languages by the time he’s 2 and a half! Though, Theo will be unbelievably annoyed when his son’s first words are “Uncle Arthur” but, his annoyance melts away instantly when he sees the darling boy’s bright smile.
When his son can sit up on his own, Theo will let him take little rides round the gardens on King’s back which is the cutest sight on this earth. When the little boy gets too big to ride on King’s back, Theo will let his son ride around on his shoulders whenever he pleases. Honestly, Theo is so wrapped around his boy’s little finger.
Will very sheepishly ask Vincent to paint a portrait of his precious little boy, and if he agrees, Theo will hang the portrait up in his room as soon as it’s done so whenever he’s busy with paperwork at his desk, he can see his beautiful son to give him some more motivation to work quickly. Sometimes he just caves in and gives up on his work for the day to take his little boy out to town to get cake.
Theodorus' son is named Valentijn.
William Shakespeare:
He is a little hesitant at first; Afraid to even hold his perfect baby in case he accidently hurts her. It definitely takes him a while to adjust to having this new little life to look after please give him a hand and a massage he’s stressed
William will read his daughter stories and plays and sing her old English folksongs to settle her when she’s crying or to get her fall asleep in the late hours of the night.
Shakespeare often leaves the baby with Puck when he has to pop out of the room for any longer than a minute or so. She often snuggles up with Puck which Will finds to be the most adorable sight in the world. He’ll teach her very early on to pet the bunny gently, showing her how to whilst reminding her, “We must beest careful with those smaller than us, mine darling daught’r.”
Always holds her like she’s a precious porcelain doll and gazes at her with such awe and adoration, his heart warming whenever she giggles so sweetly. Will loves to boop her little nose because it makes his daughter squeal and giggle to no end.
He makes all of her clothes for her until she’s about 8 years old - Shakespeare is excellent with a needle and thread and choses the best fabrics in Paris for his darling daughter’s clothes. He’ll make her a lot of clothes in the style of his time period: Beautiful Elizabethan dresses with matching coats and shoes (as well as clothing more suited to 19th century Paris too.) William definitely makes the pair of them matching outfits and styles her hair back into a ponytail with red ribbon like he does with his own - They are the cutest father-daughter duo in the country!
Shakespeare named his daughter Eleanor.
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writer-akihiko · 5 months ago
I can’t tell if ur open for Ikevamp requests but ima try anyway😅 I was wondering if you could do Mc as a descendent of one of the boys and them watching Mc falling in love with someone
This work is labelled as #slightly not family friendly because of implied innuendos
This work only includes the boys who have canonically had a wife. Also, Reader’s ethnicity is still your ethnicity, but there might be parts mentioned where you, Reader is also part [ethnicity] of a certain suitor.
I was so glad to bring back the IkeVamp Wife AU [although, it’s not in angst form this time] and this gave me some wholesome family prompts to write! Thank you for always sending really interesting and nice requests to me.
IkeVamp Boys + Descendant!MC 
Napolean Bonaparte
You did know that Napolean was one of your ancestors, well, at least on your European side
At first you were uncomfortable so you disclosed it to Comte
Sooner or later Napolean found out, and he connected the dots himself since you reminded him of his wife so much
From that day on, Napolean acted as an older brother to you, making sure you're comfortable in the mansion
The other residents were mostly aware and if they weren't a flirting mistake could lead to overprotective brother Napolean
You were fine with being referred to as his sister or cousin on occasions where it was difficult to explain your familial relationship with him
Additionally you had also gotten close to Jean, Napolean's sparring partner and close friend
Napolean could see the romantic shyness that bloomed around you two
Once you were gone with Sebastian, he confronted Jean
"Do you like YN?"
Jean himself was at a loss for words. He wanted to say yes, but he also didn't want to burden Napolean with a son-in-law such as him
"Jean, I believe that you're a wonderful man for her, but it's YN's decision to accept you as her partner."
Napolean's pep talk to Jean got Jean to confess to you
You two had a very loving and healthy relationship, and Napolean himself had the liberty of walking you down the aisle
"Jean, YN, I wish you the greatest happiness."  
Arthur Conan Doyle
He had this odd feeling about you, because he wasn't his usual flirtatious self around you
Instead, you two would engage in deep thoughtful conversations
Comte eventually dug up some records because Arthur felt like it was a mystery the he couldn't solve
After the revelation of you and Arthur being related, he treated you as a sibling to him
He did become a little overprotective in terms of you travelling outside, but he trusted the residents enough so that you could go out with at least one resident accompanying you
He loves to spoil you most of the time with whatever money he had left to spare
He also loves to take you to town just to see your eyes glimmer of the town
Theo would also accompany you two much to his reluctance
Well, Arthur deduced that Theo was reluctant following you two because of himself but he caught Theo's glances to you
A small drinking game exposed Theo's feelings towards you, particularly about how adorable he thought you were
"Well Theo chap, you're a good man I'll give you that. I'll tolerate you being her lover."
Theo was unfortunately too drunk to remember his confession, so matchmaker Arthur sent him with you in your pretty outfits he got for you on a date errand
Theo eventually got together with you, and Arthur didn't mind much except when you two were being a tad bit too loud for his liking
"Theo you better not be ravaging her too much!"
He eventually gives you two privacy
As a whole, he may not agree with Theo on certain things but he'll let it slide since you were so happy with him
He was shamelessly bawling uncontrollable tears at your wedding
Dazai Osamu
Oh? What's this? You say that you're his descendant?
At first, Dazai seemed quite nonchalant about it, but you felt like something was bothering him by how brash he was with you
You decided to ask him then. "Dazai-san, did I… offend you?"
He shook his head. "No, although I'm afraid I accidentally offended you. If you remember our family history…" He drifted off. "I was a horrible person to your ancestral mother. Please accept my apology."
You smiled. "That's all I needed to hear."
Dazai took on the role of a more caring brother than he'd like to admit
You two weren't necessarily close together, but he does like to take you on mini-adventures
It's either that or he teases Apple-kun, which you had to witness
Ah, but what's this? Apple-kun isn't blushing at his teasing, but he's blushing… at you?
What a turn of events!
Of course Dazai goes to Arthur and tells him of his interesting discovery
Needless to say the teasing does escalate than Isaac would prefer
"Oh, so you took a liking to my pseu-daughter? Apple-kun, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree~"
"Okay fine I like YN! Now please stop it!"
Right on cue, Arthur brought you to the parlour where Dazai was teasing Isaac
You were blushing for sure, so you called out to Isaac.
"Isaac? Do you mean it?"
Dazai himself couldn't help but chip in. "Apple-kun, I don't mind you wooing my pseu-daughter but I don't know how to feel if I got apples as grandkids…"
After rescuing Isaac from his intense embarrassment, Dazai and Arthur left you two lovebirds alone
Theodorus Van Gogh
What's this? +1 big sister?!
Is this heaven?
Well, that's how he perceived it anyway. He was glad to see how his wife handled herself, but he did admit a tiny regret of his where he left her behind
He now has a new sibling, and he does spoil you and Vincent very much so
You turned out to be slightly concerned of his syrup consumption
On days he was busy, you would accompany Vincent to visit William
He was not happy when William shows up at the mansion's door with a bouquet of flowers addressed to you
"Fine, I shall take my leave," Will said
He did not expect William to climb the rose wall
"YN! YN I'm here for you~" He said, waiting for you to open the balcony door
"Will! What are you doing?!"
"Theo won't let me see you through the front door~"
Theo ran out the front, threatening to throw a brick at Will for his attempts at wooing you
He didn't threaten he just grabbed the nearest brick and hurled it at William
You were a little worried about Will, so you decided to pull a power move
"William! Will you go on a date with me?'
Despite his bruised shoulder from the brick, he tosses you the bouquet with a grin on his face. "YES MY LOVE I SHALL!"
In the end, Theo was in tears on the ground
"Now now Theo, YN can choose her lover for herself…"
"Broer! Our precious zuster…"
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
He had the suspicion about you the moment he saw you
Comte's introduction of you only confirmed it
He had this soft smile around you, and would always go out of his way to make sure that you were comfortable in the mansion
You would always help him clean up in his piano room and he'd always tell stories of his married life when you were around
He was fairly quiet with other residents however, and you somehow understood all his moods
You did meet Jean and befriended him. Mozart was usually busy with his compositions, so he makes Jean accompany you
You didn't spend most time outside, so most of the time you assisted Sebastian with the chores
From his balcony view, Mozart could see the way you two were enjoying each other's company
He summoned Sebastian to his room once, and asked him.
"What do you have to offer YN?"
"Herr Mozart are you alright?"
He looked Sebastian up and down, slightly scrutinising him
"If she finds interest in you, I'll allow it."
You were a little surprised to walk in on those two, although you had to admit that you were blushing when Mozart confronted Sebastian about your relationship
"I have no idea what you're talking about Herr Mozart."
Sebastian saw your head peak through the door
You walked in, taking Sebastian's hand in yours and looking at Mozart
"Mozart, we're um.. Childhood sweethearts," You explained. "Even in the future. We broke apart ever since Akihi- I mean, Sebastian left with Comte but we have gotten back together."
Mozart was quite stoic at this revelation, but he certainly shed a few tears when Sebastian told him of his plans to marry you
"I'll… I hope you're good to her Sebastian."
Comte Saint Germain
Comte himself knew who you were, but he wasn't sure if you yourself knew
He had a chat with you, briefly explaining your family history
"Your grandfather, a dhampir, married a sorceress, your grandmother. Your grandfather was my grandnephew… Such a shame he passed so early…"
"Does this mean I have any special abilities?"
He shook his head, quite doubtful. "The humans that married into the branch of the family decreases your chances. You might live a little longer in human years, but I'm unsure if you're semi-immortal like your grandfather."
You didn't keep this a secret from the other residents, but you were also new to the mansion
You worked diligently in Comte's stead, handling the household affairs and sharing chores with Sebastian
Leonardo would often chat you up in return for him to share his knowledge of the vampire world
Comte didn't like that you were getting close to Leo, for many reasons
Leonardo was genuinely interested in you, so he disclosed his awareness of Comte's dislike to his attempts at charming you
You had to admit that Leo was quite an amiable man and you would consider a relationship with him
You appreciated Comte caring about your well-being, but you did want to stay with Leo
"Comte, I love him and nothing can change that."
"Well said cara mia…"
He wasn't happy about it, but seeing you happy gave him enough reassurance
"Leo, if you hurt her I will shoot you at your wedding."
"Oh, so you approved our wedding! How wonderful!"
"Sebastian! Fetch me my gun…"
William Shakespeare
He was a little surprised when Comte introduced you to him
You wanted to live with William as it comforted you with the thought of a relative being nearby, no matter how many decades you two are separated by
You would praise him daily, especially in his writing and he would tell you stories of his life before he was a vampire in return
When a knock on the door was heard, William left you, and with him he brought a gentleman named Vincent
Well, it wasn't any regular Vincent! It was Vincent Van Gogh!
You were a little nervous being in the presence of another famous historical figure…
William left to fetch some tea, but late on you found out that Vincent was an angel
Vincent himself found you to be quite charming and elegant himself, so when William returned, he asked William if he could paint a portrait of you
You did agree to being a model for Vincent, but you wanted William's approval since you'd be going out more often
"As long as someone accompanies you to the mansion, and as long as you take Puck with you to play with Brush. I'll allow it," He said, patting your head
He did notice you returning with a romantic grin on your face, and he was quite intrigued about it
"YN, do you like Vincent?" He simply asked, grinning
You turned away, muttering a slight 'maybe'
He decided to call on Vincent at the mansion, and the residents were having breakfast at the time
"Vincent! My friend… I have news for you!"
Theo and Leonardo weren't happy at his arrival, so William made his announcement quick
"YN is interested in you, so please court her wholesomely!"
With that, he ran off but he still relished in the sound of Arthur spitting out his coffee and Theo choking on his pancakes
Vincent took up on his offer, and you two lead quite the quiet, peaceful relationship
William was eccentric enough, so you two were glad to lead a quiet life
William did try to make your wedding quite jubilant, but he also couldn't help himself from acting a tragic scene when Vincent claimed you as his bride
"Should you stop him?" Vincent asked, as your guests watched on as William blurted out his sonnets of sorrowful marriage
"I'll leave him," You said. "He doesn't truly mean those words… I think."
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