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WoLtober 2020

Day #3) In the Fields of Lyhe Mheg


Flowers - ‘The blossom of a plant’

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

The breeze dances amongst the flower fields of Lyhe Mheg, carrying the varying scents of the flowers upon it. Pixies and children played in the distance, dancing around the flowers and frolicking through the candied houses and jungle gyms. Katsum watched them with a smile, enjoying the peaceful aura of the pixie’s realm as she continued intertwining the stems of the little light pink and blue flowers together.

“Soooo,” Tyr Beq appeared in front of her, floating there with a sweet smile on her face, a little flower crown of pink flowers on her head, “What’s your mortal like?”

Katsum blinked, “My what?”

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