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The Laterals Magazine (Miglė Kriaučiūnaitė)
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dr4kenlvr · a year ago
dating baji keisuke
pairing: baji keisuke x gn!reader
genre: fluff, slight bickering but that's normal in relationships no?,
a/n: yes nana is in love with baji <3 read tokyo revengers guys! i went a little crazy but- it's baji so it's okay.
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dating baji keisuke has to be one of the most chaotic, fun-filled, and loving experiences on earth
like his relationship with the toman founding members, he views you as his treasure and he would put his life on the line if it meant you would be alive and well
baji seems like the kind of guy who would rather have you far from the gang in order to ensure your protection
he's a bad bitch and the guy can fight thats for sure, but he can't always be near you especially when things get hectic in toman
he'd rather have you at home, and he can visit you whenever
despite that, he would love for you to meet his close friends!
baji believes that getting along with your s/o's friends is a good way to build trust, and to simply spend more time together <3
so you bet he's gonna try to get along with your friends too
if you're a studious person (good job! <3), baji's gonna ask your ass for help because we both know he needs it
whip his ass into shape because he's got a science test coming up LMAO
if you're not so studious (that's okay <3), then cue the half-assed study sessions
he would ask for a break every 10 minutes because 'chemical formulas are making his eyeballs melt'
he's so dramatic i can't
now, considering his violent nature- baji will beat bitches up it's called for, even if someone looks at you weirdly he won't hesitate to call them out
"the fuck you lookin' at turd?!"
"you look like literal dog shit, shut your ass up."
you laughed out loud at his vile words before telling him to quit it and move on
when you two have time off of school, clubs and the gang (LMAO), baji would take you on rides around the city!
spontaneous rides are his fav, he'll text you to get ready to go at 10 PM when he's already outside your house
(will leave in respect if your family won't allow you out so late)
when you two do go, it varies what ya'll do from getting take-out yakisoba to trying to save a cat from a tree
speaking of cats, when you go over to his place (his mother adores you), stray cats are often seen roaming his room
the two of you love to take care of them together; buying them food, rubbing their tummies, and even showering them
baji can't thank you enough for coming over to take care of the cats with him
he seems like the kind of guy who would love going to bed holding you in some way, shape or form
spooning you? yes. spooing him? of course. you lying atop him? go for it. him lying atop of you? more often than you think.
just having you with him through the night makes him feel loved and so warm inside
sometimes a cat will join ya'll and he'll tear up from the cuteness ngl
if you slept over, baji would 100% follow you into the bathroom and while you're brushing your teeth, he'll wrap his arms around your waist and slump his head atop yours
has a cute morning voice, and he's whiny
if you often tie your hair or if it's at a length that can be tied at times, baji'll keep a couple extra bands on his wrist to lend to you whenever you need
likewise, you do the same because his weave breaks all his band elastics tbh
whipping it and shit in every fight
at times when he comes over to your place injured, you scold him, telling him that you don't want to see him like this ever again
he knows he's capable, telling you these scratches and bruises are nothing to him
you two bicker over this quite a lot, it's one of the only thing you two fight over
you know that his affiliation with toman is built from love and trust, not fighting and drugs
it's one of the many reasons why you haven't tried to get him out of it
he loves his friends so much, but he also loves you
baji doesn't want to argue with you any longer, so he does this thing where he holds your hand, rubbing his rough fingers across your palm before mumbling a soft "m'sorry."
you forgive him, only because you know he's sincere with his words despite getting in fights all over again
you love him, what can you say?
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Yuzu being cute and doing H&E moves backstage 💜
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Salt‘n‘pepper perfection.
Tyler Hoechlin at HowlerCon. IB‘s insta.
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ɞ Liam on the Jools Holland show •21.05.22• ɞ
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cassiopeiachase · 4 months ago
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Just a little sketch of the fabulous Juliet Butler.
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loobs-ki · 5 months ago
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will forever defend this precious girl
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montliyets · a month ago
genuinely so terrified of what fatphobes are going to say about penelope’s sex scenes next season
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caroandcats · 3 months ago
Eddie in therapy!! Looking rough!! Being snarky!! But doing the work to get better!!
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Bonus AOS Jim Kirk ✨✨✨
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via scuderiaferrari instagram story, 20.05.2022
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The family stuff in this episode was just beautiful
[Bad and Crazy, Episode 10]
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things-in-the-walls · 11 months ago
Holy shit when Madeleine Hyland does that with her voice
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i’m experimenting 
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cassiopeiachase · 6 months ago
Ok No1 appreciation post. the kid is so pure and adorable. He's genuine and sweet and his opener when meeting people is “I love everyone so no need to feel threatened”. Like???? I just want to acknowledge him. He's way too good for this world.
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