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#ill be back

Not dead, just been unmotivated and had a rough start since the new year. I hope everyone is doing well and I’m honestly surprised some of you still stick around. Forever grateful, thank you

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I fucked up yesterday. Lost almost 6k and on the other account I lost another 2k. Got to stop staying out all night and waking up at 2-3pn.

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pats my pockets.where is the uzui fancam

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not to be super desi on main but

karte toh hai sath safar,

faasle hai phor bhi magar

jaise milte nahi kiss dariya ke doh kinare

milte bhi hum milte nahi

khilke bhi gul khilte nahi

sheeshe ki ek diwar hai jaise darmiyaan



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Probably about to lose my phone service in a minute. I need to make this last post for a while meaningful.

Russia’s big beefy tiddies

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Lets have a break from tumblr.

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So uhhhhhhhh takin’ another break so soon. I’ll be creating content quietly but not posting it until I’m fully back. Expect more reblogs from my TL and like… tiny updates, but I’m not answering dms or having too much conversation in general aside from asks.

Rumors like that are awful and inflammatory to someone’s character. Had I been more stupid and gullible I would have caused real harm. I know this isn’t my fault that this happened, but it still happened. And it brought up bad memories. So yeah, I’m having yet another little break. Barely even a full day into being “back”. Be patient with me, lovelies. <3

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Creator burnout is real. And it sucks.

On a completely unrelated note, imma try to get the next chapter of the da au out by the end of the month to celebrate the one year anniversary, but I’m making zero promises.

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“i know where youre heading, goose, and it’s miles aways, so why dont you just stay and hang around for a bit

pls, ill watch over you”

“wait right here, boy, ill be back for you, i promise before the sun gets up, i promise it won’t be too long, i just got things to do

and they dont involve you”

and just like a shooting star, you blink and it’s gone


Originally posted by post-web

but like in all honestly,

i hope youre hurting , i hope your new boyfriend treats you horribly, i hope your car gets a flat and you forget your jacket and its cold outside, i hope you burn yourself eating a hot pocket, i hope youre always the ugliest in your group, i hope you’re a sad bitch instead of a bad bitch, i hope you never find love too,

i hope one morning the sun gets up

and i open my eyes to you

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logging off cos im bad with resisting the urge to look at spoilers and theres the possibility ill watch wandavision, and with it coming out tonight (!) i just dont want to risk it. so. im not ignoring you if you message me on here and i dont respond - just a heads up 😂🥰

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We need to talk.

Guys i may not be on for a while and I’ll miss all of you guys very much but for now I just need a break to see where I’m at in life

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hi im sorry again but idt i can message people on discord again fhdjcjhd

this yime from school circumstances and the fact im too tired to do it anymore ekdhbkwns

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I will not be posting a video this week. 

I should be back next week.

Love u guys. :)

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notifications are going off so i can watch sad-ist in peace bye motherfuckers 😘

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