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#ill leave now

Dear Player,

Please stop using level 2020 for exp grinding and move on to the next level. This level has dragged on long enough and you’re not getting any more exp.

Sincerely, a teenager

P.S. I hope you die during the bossfight

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you got webby, uh… looks at smudged writing on hand

handy, bluey, and… aparagus

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Launchpad: I dunno man, I just feel like the glasses makes my face look weird
Drake: Nah, bro your face is fine
Launchpad: Are you sure, bro?
Drake: Totally bro
Launchpad: But not as good as yours
Drake: Aw come on bro, no one’s face is as nice as yours
Gyro: I am literally the straightest person here

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I’m finished chapter 15/16 and over started chp 17 and all I have to say is:


Bakugo? More like BakuNOMORE

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Nicky: [to Nile] a good romance starts with a good friendship.

Joe: and a bad romance starts with “ra ra ah ah ah. ro ma ro ma ma.

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Me: *sitting in the passenger seat, enjoying a lovely, relaxing drive, windows down, nice breeze blowing*

Intrusive thought in my brain: hey… what if you just… threw your phone out the window

But like, why?

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@actually-juno-steel I’m sorry but I had to turn on the lamp the dark was making me anxious

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kyle from ac is my birthday twin and hes a good rock n roll wolf boi…thank u world

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still can’t believe George Lucas and Disney combined only made 7 main sky walker movies?

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Not to be annoying or anything but…….. I WANT A ZACH HERRING ANON SOOOOO BAD

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I have it by stephen king on my bedside table just in case I need to defend myself in my sleep

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You’ve heard of 8 bit Ryan,


but have you heard of

8 bit disqualifin’

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has anyone taken the finger food thing and made a meme with bill

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Am I the only one who has this strange inkling that Chase Devineaux is a sequestered decent chef? He is French after all, it is possible people and I’m here for it.

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ok so one of marty’s favourite headspace things is summoning lollipops and im just saying him having one of those and doing like that Hentai Trope™ where hes being super lewd about it just to embarass redd sjjxxnnxnx

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I’m sorry for existing. I’ll leave you alone from now on. You’ll never have to hear from me again.

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