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To me, this dissociative identity disorder seems like when you cactus/plant clipping and grow that clipping into a new plant, each time representing a new personality that develops. The trimming of the plant might represent trauma or something that causes a split.

Then, it’s also like when you partition a computer’s hard drive to have multiple partitions. It’s quite interesting.

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So everyone in the house but my dad and myself have fallen ill, they are confined to their rooms, but fuck me is this illness making them so demanding

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The Heart Shows No Signs

The heart, the surgeon says, does not reveal

the small rifts, the hairline cracks which

split the hairline cracks they conceal cops

and robbers in a stretch of skin flaunting

star-scars with show of blood bone

the ledges of what it holds tight in checkmate

moves: bend this and break

fight first and bleed to earn

needle finger wrap caress balm

the salvation of sight Behold what beauty

lasts, what outlasts itself The curtain

calls the ovation Seize the beginning

that ends this way: off center stage above

fractured ribs the heart succumbs in silence

All is dark. Listen a kommos sung solo

It is too late to repair anything.

Ru Freeman

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I havent been in the best health lately and due to that I'm curious since you write the bad boys so well. Can you do headcanons or small scenarios for the kiri boys, how would they be/react if their fem s/o passed out randomly and they find out shes sick ^_^ please and thank you xo i just love your writings

Hanamiya Makoto

  • catches you when you faint, and then proceeds to tell you off, as soon as you regain consciousness, for not looking after yourself better
  • gets grumpy with you for having been eating unhealthy food, for not being hydrated, for not taking any vitamins: the works
  • forces to you to stay in bed till you get better
  • but also will stay by your side the whole time, reading books, checking your temperature, potentially even doing your homework for you

Hara Kazuya

  • bro he’s on it like he’s been to med school and back
  • catches you as you collapse, and lies you down on your back, loosening any restrictive clothing and checking your pulse
  • (maybe being on the health committee was good for something)
  • then, when you gain consciousness again, proceeds to bully you jokingly as to “you fainted from a cold? Weak” whilst also demanding that you go home and don’t leave there till you get better

Seto Kentaro

  • lies down next to you so you don’t look like an idiot lying down alone
  • very unimpressed when you awaken and reveal that you’ve been pushing yourself whilst sick
  • will piggyback you home and proceed to keep you company for the next few days till you get better
  • works as a hot water bottle whilst you sleep off the sickness

Yamazaki Hiroshi

  • that ‘panik’ meme
  • as the youngest child, he knows nothing about dealing with sickness, but that won’t stop him from trying to help you out
  • buys you a lotta food (but nothing junky) and will spoon-feed you if you’re too weak/tired to eat
  • probably ends up catching whatever you have
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Welp had to call 911 this morning since I couldn’t breathe properly and come to find out I’m developing pneumonia 😷

I can’t get tested but they gave me a referral for a site an hour away and idt I can make that

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So.. things have been crazy to say the least. A lot has happened in my life. I am starting to realize that my body is a ticking time bomb. I have Hidradenitis Superativa. I’ve known pain for so long, I’ve become a great actress. Hiding my throbbing pain and putting on a smile has become part of my nature.

I hate it.

I hate me.

But all I have is me.

So I have to make the best of it, and learn to work with it. Almost like coexisting with myself. How evil.

You can do this Chantel. You have to.

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I’m coughing and have a bit of a rattle in my chest and I can feel my sinuses starting to get some pressure and this morning mom’s bf had a fever 😬

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I was at the hospital

I wasn’t dying but it sure felt like I was

“Come see me”

A small gig, but it meant a lot to you

I was gonna be admitted, my heart wasn’t healthy

“Sure” I said, because you come first in my priorities

I felt the music in my heart, this time literally.

It was too much to bear, but it was you, your music, your moment.

At the time it was over, all I had left was a sharp pain in my chest

That and your smile.

I would do it again just to see that smile.

That night you told me you loved me, “I love you too”, I said.

Of course, we don’t agree in the way out love is felt.

I could die for you, you could watch me die

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Im so glad you’re still accepting asks! Im doing online school right now too and it’s very time consuming :( I read your fics as my study break 鉂わ笍 I was hoping you could write anything with Steve sick with a fever and puking?

Hi, thanks for this request, I love sick Steve! Hope you’re online school is going well, I know it’s a difficult transition, I’m dealing with it myself as well, but we can do this!

This ones pretty short, so sorry about that. Also it’s a non hero verse AU situation. They’re just normal dudes who live together, you can decide if they’re friends or if they’re romantically involved. Hope that’s okay!

Steve trudged down the hallway, feeling heavy and sluggish, like his legs didn’t want to move. He forced himself to turn the corner toward the living room, where he knew Bucky was playing video games. 

“Buck,” he said, the word spilling from his mouth, just before a gush of his stomach contents followed. 

“Shit, Steve, what the fuck?” Bucky jumped up from the couch, pulling his headset off and tossing it onto the floor. He moved to Steve’s side, who was now hunched over, ralphing all of over the floor, to rub his back. Steve’s shirt was damp with sweat, he obviously had a fever.

“Sorry,” Steve coughed between heaves, continuing to add to the mess on the rug. 

“S’okay, just get it all up,” Bucky sighed, shaking his head. 

Steve gagged up another mouthful of sludge, then let out a loud belch, and finally seemed to settle. He remained bent over, bracing himself on his knees and breathing heavily for a moment, before he let Bucky manhandle him upright and drag him over to the couch, depositing him unceremoniously. 

“I’m gonna clean that up, will you be alright for a minute or do you need a trashcan?” Bucky asked.

“I dunno,” Steve shrugged, curling in on himself, eyes drooping shut. 

“Alright, well it’s here just in case,” Bucky said, dragging the can over to sit in front of him anyway. He didn’t want another mess to clean up. He grabbed a blanket off the back of the couch and draped it over Steve, who looked even smaller now than he normally did, all pale and sickly. How this boy managed to get sick so much is something Bucky would never understand. 

Steve let out a queasy sounding belch into his fist, muttering “s’cuse me, m’sorry” after. 

“It’s fine Stevie, your stomach ain’t feeling good,” Bucky shushed him, getting to work on the floor.

By the time he was finished, Steve was fast asleep, curled practically into a ball in the corner of the couch. He had an arm draped protectively over his stomach, which Bucky took as a sign that he should leave the trash can where it was, and sat down next to Steve to resume his video game, making sure the volume was low enough that it wouldn’t wake up the poor boy. 

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Hi World, how are you? I hope you get better than yesterday.

To the World, who has fighting this illness in any situation I hope you get better than now. I know we can survive this situation together, please be patience and don’t selfish to your own self. We can make the world better again after we survive together.

To the paramedics, thank you for helping us. I’m so sorry you have to standing outside to make sure the patient will be healthy again and you can’t stay at your home with your family now. But I know the patient won’t never be forget your kindness to save them.

To the anyone who has helping each other, thank you so much. Saying thank you one hundred times not making the patient or the world getting get well, I say that because I see humanity in your own self.

To the World, please wait for a while. You can heal.

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Last night I was taken to emergency by ambulance from the psychiatric ward due to my chronic pancreatitis and sphincter of oddi dysfunction. I was having multiple attacks which should not have happened. Approximately a month ago I underwent another splenic nerve block on T12 on my spine which leaves me pain free for 3-6 months depending on how I react to the injections in my spine.

This is so disheartening knowing it didn’t work as it is by far the most painful procedure I have undergone and unfortunately I need to be awake during. So Wednesday morning we are trying again at 10.30am! Only two doctors perform this procedure in ACT. So I was lucky to get in ASAP to undergo it again. Not looking forward to it, it hurts like absolute hell but to be pain free for even a month is a blessing.

Fighting our demons through the night together. I am back in the psychiatric hospital after getting pain under control for now. 2 more days! Fingers crossed 🤞🏼

Be strong angels, you have such strength within your souls. Sending all the love my body can withhold to your beautiful hearts.

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Jonmartin sickfic in transcript format. Takes place somewhere between the s5 trailer and episode 161, probably. Some kind of dystopian…domestic…fluff, I guess? 







ARCHIVIST: Really? Now? This? Surely there are more appetizing miseries out there for you to listen in on? No? [HE SNIFFLES AGAIN, WITH SOME EMPHASIS] Suit yourself. This is as exciting as it’s going to get.

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