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Of course I sleep enough !…💤

Por supuesto que duermo más que suficiente !… 💤💤

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Gege, can I borrow a kiss? I promise ill give it back.

Gege, me prestas un beso? Te prometo que te lo regreso.

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Trivial Pursuit

I am insecured with ambitious people, I’d rather have them live a mediocre life just like I do.

This is painful to admit but many of us feel like this most of the time.

To keep sanity in this millenium is no less a herculean task. This will be getting worse in the years to come as competition and rat race to possess the best is daunting than ever before.

Giving rise to Fomo and other related mental issues. We often feel an undying need to get ahead of everyone else. We want a bigger house, a fancier car, luxurious apparel and high-end gadgets. We continuously want more expensive things in life with simply no end in sight.

Do we not have a scope to just be ourselves in our shells and enjoy the little bliss that we actually relish than being a part of this mad race.

We have to maneuver our mind to dump this vicious thought of being the Best which is actually a trivial pursuit.

Srikrithi Bhat, Trivial Pursuit

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Помню как она мне приснилась…

С самого начала маски в руках не было. Были волосы акутывающие все что ты видишь. Они уходили далеко за возможную видимость. Взгляд и улыбка давали понять, что тебя не убьют с тобой будут играть.

На этапе рисования была идея добавить иголку в руку, но я от неё отказалась.


Что вы чувствуете при просмотре на неё?

Надеюсь, сам рисунок вызвал хоть каплю эмоций…

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Here’s a redraw!!!…. this character represent the begining and the current me. This was the first character I posted on instagram and the first character I did with my wacom cintiq (a whole new discovery). And here’s again… one year after I redraw it…. it’s the proof of one year of improvement and progress!! 

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